Becky; Wishes Or Fate

Wishes, a fanciful subject that most of this world indulge in at some time in their life, for some it is almost an obsession. I wished quite often for lots of things, but along with many others never saw any of them materialize. I am a male, thirty-two years of age, a corporate player in more than one way, and still single. I dated quite often, kissed some, some heavy petting on occasion, but the appeal of a new conquest wore off very quickly for me. I tried to not be a chauvinist, I treated them respectfully, showed them a good time, but never pushed for sex or a relationship. Only one or two dates progressed past the initial one. None made it past the second date, I guess a confirmed bachelor is my destiny.

I am fairly good looking, five foot-ten inches tall, quite trim in stature, and have been told very attractive to the opposite sex. Most of my dates have been acquaintances from the company I work for, but a few have been friends of friends. The only true friend I have is Peggy, a former acquaintance that stayed as a friend after the one date. We often go out together, movies or eating out not unusual for us. There is no romantic interest, a tender hug when one of us is upset the farthest it goes. Friends for seven years now, we have grown quite comfortable with each other.

Then about three weeks ago she disappeared, I called her work, they told me she had quit. I went to her apartment, found it empty and vacant. I was upset since she had not thought enough of me to tell me what is going on. That turned to worry, since I couldn’t find her anywhere. I checked with a couple of her female friends, they also were worried about her, but nothing. Fifteen days later she finally called, apologized for the disappearing act, but something had come up and she had to leave town. She asked me to take some time off work and come see her. Pack a few things and go to the airport, a ticket would be waiting in my name. She will meet me at the destination, and then will explain all.

I tried to get more information out of her, but she successfully evaded all attempts. The ticket is for a Friday flight, but she can change it if I can’t get the time off. I told her I will see what I can do, and call her back. She nixed that plan, she would call Thursday night and confirm or change the flight times for me. If I got the time off, I was to go to the main information counter at the airport Friday and there would be an envelope there with my name on it. It contained the ticket and the boarding pass necessary for the flight. I tried to ask about the secrecy, but she said all would have to wait until I saw her in person. On Thursday she would tell me the actual time of the flight.

She told me she missed me greatly, take care and she will talk to me on Thursday. I set on the couch and stared at the phone trying to figure a reason for any of this. I ended up getting a mild headache with all the brain activity. The next day I asked for the time off, since I had so much vacation time it turned out to be no problem. That was Tuesday so I had to wait until Thursday to find out any more. Time seems to go into slow motion when you are anxious or want to find out something. The two days until her phone call seemed to be an eternity.

I went over scenario after scenario, imagining all kinds of things that were happening to Peggy. She must be in some kind of trouble, for all the secrecy and intrigue surrounding her call to me. Watching a lot of movies, I had an overactive imagination, so seeing her as being kidnapped, being blackmailed, or countless other troubles permeated my thoughts for the two days.

Thursday when the phone rang I nearly jerked it out of the wall, I was so anxious to talk to her. I wanted to be sure she is alright, is she being held captive, is the mob after her, did some relative want revenge for something she did. She is giggling her head off, but waited for me to wind down. Did you get the time off? I responded in a positive manner.

Your flight is at nine A.M. don’t miss it. I asked her what airline, she giggled it will be on your ticket. Again I miss you and she hung up. She is driving me nuts with this whole deal, not telling me anything, I am definitely about to lose it. I made arrangements for a cab the next morning, wanting to be at the airport extra early so there would be no trouble making the flight.

Then I realized just how much I missed her, a real friend that is always there for me, yet I took her for granted until she is no longer there. I didn’t sleep much, but I was ready and outside when the cab pulled up. He got me to the airport quickly and I immediately went to the information desk in the main terminal. I asked if someone had left an envelope for me. She asked to see some ID and then reached inside of a drawer and handed me a large brown envelope. I went over to some nearby seats, sat down and opened the envelope.

A ticket is in it, and a boarding pass for the flight. I looked at the ticket and saw that I would have to change planes twice finally arriving at my destination of Phoenix, Arizona. Since the flight is originating here in beautiful Tallahassee, Fl. I will have to change planes in Atlanta and also Dallas. Trying to find out as much as I can I glanced at the ticket again surprising to find that the ticket is First Class. In these days there is a considerable amount of money spent for that kind of ticket.

Both Peggy and I are far from being rich, even well to do is beyond us. Another question to ponder on my flight out west. I boarded the plane about thirty minutes later, found my seat and settled in for the five hour flight. They were serving breakfast, surprisingly it is palatable for a change. I didn’t fly often, but my job did require attendance at a couple of conventions, usually hosted in one of the larger hotels in Las Vegas. I had to wait for the plane in Atlanta, a storm making it twenty minutes late. I asked when I boarded if I would miss my connecting flight in Dallas, but they didn’t think it was a concern.

When we landed in Dallas, a representative met me and a couple of other passengers and we were whisked away on a golf cart to the connecting flight. The cart pulled up, we boarded the plane and the door is closed behind us. That was close, missing my flight not something I was interested in experiencing. The flight into Phoenix is a little rough, thunderstorms in the area making the plane bounce around quite a bit. The stewardess informing me that is normal for an afternoon approach to Phoenix.

We landed at Sky Harbor Airport, the runway right in the middle of the Salt River. Talk about weird, this is definitely unusual. I am one of the first passengers off the plane, walking down the ramp looking for Peggy. I don’t see her in the crowd, but I do see a sign with my name on it. I tell the young lady who I am and she leads me to a waiting car. She gets in the driver’s seat and drives away from the loading area.

I am informed that there is drinks in the center console and it will take about an hour to get where we are going. Another mystery to be solved, adding to the already long list. I watch the scenery pass by the window, the town of Scottsdale passing through the side windows. Back out in the desert we go through some foothills that surround the valley that the towns are situated in. Another twenty minutes we pass through a gated entrance, the driver activating a remote to open the gate. Through another few hills and then towards a large ranch house situated among some other farm type of buildings. We pull up to the walk leading to the front door and Peggy comes running out of the door. She almost knocks me down as the two of us come together. I am hugged rather intensely, then she grabs my hand and leads me inside the house.

I notice the car drive into a garage and the door closing behind it. Meanwhile Peggy is leading me to a couch in her living room. A living room right out of some architectural magazine. The décor all in southwestern, pastel colors accented with Indian artifacts along the walls. The coup de grace is the end of the living room where an entire wall is devoted to a fireplace. The rock used in the fireplace is all quartz, most of it with a delicate pink color to it.

She gets up and retrieves a soft drink for me, diet as per my usual selection and then sits right next to me. Before I can ask the first question she asks me to shut up and listen to her entire story before I say anything. This said with quite a bit of determination, something I am not used to with Peggy. I lean back into the couch, it is extremely comfortable, and listen to what she has to say.

She starts reminiscing about past events in our life, bringing up significant encounters between us. She makes a point to detail each encounter and a lot of what is said at that particular time. After the first one or two descriptions I figure these are the times I was depressed, and otherwise fed up with the world. She pointed out that I had made wishes each time, she dutifully recording each wish, the date, and the circumstances causing the wish.

I never knew that she cared that much about me to take my wishes and concerns seriously. After revealing the first four wishes she showed me a journal she kept with each wish recorded and a number assigned to it. In all there were fifty five wishes recorded in the journal. As I leafed through it I noticed a few of the numbers circled in the journal, one later in the list with a square around it. I had listened to her intently, but I wasn’t really listening about what each wish was for.

She changed the subject a little asking me for a dollar bill. I looked at her quizzically but decide to humor her. I reached into my wallet and pulled out a dollar bill, then handed it to her. She giggled and placed it in her bra. Resuming the story she had decided to play one of the games that the state used to raise funds for their schools. She used selected numbers of my wishes for the numbers to play. In this particular game everybody that selected three or four of the numbers were automatically entered in another drawing. That drawing selected two of the lucky numbers, the ticket holding those numbers in the correct order winning the grand prize.

She smiled a huge smile and asked if I had figured it out yet. I was a little slow at puzzles, what is going on with Peggy taking most of my attention. Then like a lightning strike I managed to put the pieces together, she had won the lottery. I hugged her, wanting her to know how proud I was of her. The odds in most lotteries many millions to one, in winning any major prize.

She corrected me, we won the lottery. I paid for the tickets but all of the numbers were from your wish list. The prize is big enough we can split it and never be able to spend all of it. She had a friend that did financial advice and she suggested several things to Peggy before she attempted to claim the prize. Of course she took the advice getting a lawyer and a more experienced advisor to plan what to do before claiming the jackpot.

You and I have formed a corporation, where the earnings are deposited every week. The weekly payments are for life, by forming the corporation either one of us keeps the fund and prize intact. Tomorrow you need to sign the corporation papers to make it official. We have two weekly deposits already in the bank, so there is plenty of money to deal with.

So now we come to why you are here, other than the fact that I miss you greatly, you have now the money to make your wishes come true. Since the order of the wishes allowed us to win the drawing, I think you should do each wish in the order that you made them. I tried to nix the idea. “I don’t even remember what each wish was, they were made years ago, I am not even sure that I want the wish to come true now.”

Peggy got angry. “Those wishes are a part of you, and a significant portion of your life you set aside because of a lack of money. They are not idle wishes, but something you desired in the worst way when you made the wish. I will not be a part of your life unless you indulge yourself to see if the fulfillment of the wish might make you happy. Let’s face it you have been miserable, almost to the point of severe depression for all of the time I have known you. I know you have considered suicide, just never had the guts to admit it. You will fulfill these wishes or I want nothing more to do with you. Dinner is in fifteen minutes, I expect you to agree to my demands and be in a better mood before you come to dinner. Do I make myself clear?”

With that statement she left the room. I just sat there, looking at the fireplace, Peggy has never been this determined with regards to anything in all the years I have known her. I did get in a better mood before I went to dinner, I just wish I could remember some of the wishes. I smiled when I set down at the huge dining room table, the lady who drove me here serving the food. I am introduced to Cynthia, the do it all person here. Peggy told me that Cynthia knows about everything and is very discrete.

The dinner is excellent, we chatted a little, then Peggy asked me if I am going to comply or is this my last night here. Put that way, I agreed to comply with exploring my wishes, I just hope to be able to remember some of them. Peggy smiled, you start in the morning at nine A.M. Cynthia will drive you there and wait until you are finished. I asked just exactly what will I be doing, the biggest smile came over Peggy, she picked up my wish book, it is all in here.

“Since you obviously don’t remember them, it will be a surprise. Remember you have agreed to experience each one of them in their proper order, a failure to fulfill that promise will forfeit our friendship. It may sound harsh, but I think there is more going on here than just some numbers winning the lottery. I intend to find out, if there is maybe some prophecy being fulfilled, or maybe just someone receiving what they should have got earlier in life.”

After dinner we moved back to the living room, Peggy telling me about some of her purchases so far. The ranch the biggest purchase, one call to a realtor, later viewed the ranch, and signed the agreement three hours later, never even looked at any other piece of property. Then there is Cynthia, I made a call to an employment agency here in town, wanting someone to help me at the ranch. They sent out three applicants, Cynthia was the last one, every question I asked her was a positive, in fact she had worked for the previous owners four years ago before they got into financial trouble. I have bought four businesses so far, each one a suggestion from a realtor, each one a fantastic deal, with experienced people already in place to run them.

“I took a cab to an auto dealer to find a car, the first one I saw, I asked the price, and I bought it on the spot. When I got home I checked the blue book on the car and the price was ten thousand below the value. I checked the history on the car, and it was one of the last possessions sold of the former owner of the ranch. Now with all of that information you are going to experience all of your wishes that provided the numbers that ended up winning the lottery.”

“The stars, magic, karma, whatever you want to call it, there is so much involved in this that I will risk my friendship with you, to see if there is something special in this for you. For once in your life, a happy ending might be possible.” I tried to poo poo some mystical involvement, but Peggy remained steadfast to her ideas.

We talked a little more, than she told me it is bedtime. You have a busy schedule tomorrow, and you need your beauty sleep. She showed me to my room, then returned to hers. The bedroom was gorgeous, way too feminine for most tastes, but practical too. The large walk-in closet is huge, at least twenty feet long and crammed with feminine clothes and shoes.

A quick fleeting thought ran across my brain, no she couldn’t have remembered that conversation so long ago. Nah, I am just imagining things. I slipped off my clothes and slid under the covers, my boxers the only item of apparel. As I turned off the light on the nightstand, I looked up at the ceiling and saw stars.

A large skylight was positioned directly above my bed, the starry night sky there in all its glory for my viewing. I soon drifted off to sleep, not remembering anything until Peggy shook me awake the next morning. I was disoriented, finally recognition of where I am made it into my brain. She laid a pair of sweats at the end of my bed, told me to lose the boxers, and put on the sweats.

Cynthia is waiting for you, there is a snack in the limo for you to nibble on as she takes you to her appointment. I looked at her, puzzlement on my face, then mouthed the words no underwear. She giggled, telling me to do as she said, Cynthia does not like to be made late.

I took the sweats to the bathroom, then reemerged with them on. Peggy pulled on the elastic on the pants, obviously looking to make sure I had lost the boxers. She smiled then pushed me out of the room, and towards the back door of the house. Through the window I could see Cynthia waiting right next to the limo. Being driven everywhere would take some getting used to, being rich maybe more so.

The drive is about the same as the drive here, her pulling into a parking lot next to a beauty salon. I gulped, Peggy did remember the conversation many years ago. I told Cynthia that I couldn’t do this, but she told me I have no choice. Peggy has left me clear instructions, either you go into the salon, or I will leave you here in town to make your way back home. I am red faced, confused and scared to death. Cynthia calms me down a little. “The salon is owned by the corporation, and you are expected, so be a good girl and get your butt in there.”

I did enter, but didn’t say anything to the receptionist at the front desk. She smiled. “Georgette will be right up to take care of you Becky.” Before I could find a seat to set in, Georgette appeared and led me back to a private room. I was undressed and helped up on a table in the middle of the room. Then she helped my feet into a pair of stirrups at the end of the table and put a strap around the ankle to secure them there. I started to ask what all will happen, but she put a manicured finger to my lips, quieting any questions I might have. Peggy has made all the arrangements, just lay back and enjoy. You will be here all day, so it is imperative that you relax. Peggy will be here tonight to pick you up so there is no need to worry.

I figured I was committed to whatever is going to be done, I definitely did not want to jeopardize my friendship with Peggy, so I laid my head back and zoned out. I was aware of what was being done to me, soon realizing that I would indeed be a different person leaving the salon tonight. That was made obvious as my male parts were glued to my groin and a false vagina glued to cover any hint of a male lower anatomy. I was next separated from my body hair, every last follicle quickly destroyed by a white cream. From my neck down clear clean skin was all that is visible.

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© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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