April; A Female In the Land Of Enchantment

It seemed like I had been on that stupid bus for days, but in actuality I had only been in transit to my new home for twelve hours. When the bus stopped at my destination I was shocked. It was a gas station/store in a wide spot on the road. The sign above the gas station said welcome to Datil New Mexico. The driver said this is where I get off, fetched my meager suitcase for me and then continued his way down the road. I was left standing there, in a daze. I looked around there was no people visible, no vehicles, absolutely nothing. There was some music coming from the store, so I wandered over in that direction.

The place looked like it had been built with scrap from anywhere and anything, the corrugated metal roof in three different finishes with quite a few panels covered in rust. The walls were covered with particle board, or a piece of plywood likely salvaged from the dump. There were no windows in the building, a screen door with the screen having numerous holes in it and only attached on the top and bottom of the door. I wandered in, looked around and made it over to the counter, a term I use loosely. It was another piece of plywood set on top of two piles of empty milk crates.

I asked where there was a phone, the lady behind the counter apparently spoke no English, so I attempted to describe what I was looking for. I mentioned my name, somehow that was the magical keyword, she reached down below the counter and picked up what looked like the top part of an old phone, the type that went out of production years ago.

She said some words in Mexican, then waited to talk to someone else. A flurry of words then followed, my name mentioned in the midst of those words. Then the phone was handed to me and a friendly voice spoke to me in English. She said that someone was on their way to pick me up, a rain storm taking out one of the bridges on their route to town, thus causing them to take a longer route to get there. I looked out the screen door, it this was town I wonder what my new home would look like. I handed back the phone, a few more words were exchanged and then the lady behind the counter went to an ice chest over in the corner and removed a drink for me.

Then back behind a curtain and soon I was handed a burrito, the smell emanating from it really doing a job on my reluctance to eat anything coming from this place. The smell won, I took a bite expecting to die a horrible death, but the beans were so good, oozing with a hot sauce that was tasty but not a burn your throat into oblivion hotness. I quickly reached for the drink, chilled as it had set in ice water, it also was just right to go with the burrito. I was pointed to a chair over in the other corner, so I made my way there and finished my tasty meal.

There were no convulsions or sudden need to use the bathroom, so I figured I had dodged the bullet this time. I leaned back, then before I knew it I had dozed off. The lady shaking my shoulder in an attempt to wake me up, pointing to a vehicle right outside the screen door. I was a bit lost finally finding my suitcase and then making my way to the door. I used my years of taking Spanish in school, to say gracias to the lady, a huge smile lighting up her face. Three years of Spanish language and I had only remembered one lousy word. I am surprised I even remembered it.

The vehicle outside was a beat up Ford pickup, probably older than me. I threw my suitcase in the back, not an easy feat for me, then opened the door to slide into the passenger seat. I was greeted by a lovely smiling face, a young woman, about my age, was taking in my appearance, a huge smile appearing on her face. As soon as my door was closed we were off, apparently one of her prior lifes was driving in NASCAR races as we tore off down the road. I was hanging on with both hands, but was at a disadvantage as there were no handles on the inside of the door or nothing to grab a hold of on the dash.

We came to a junction of the road as she stopped for a minute, she told me to move closer, she undid her seat belt, encompassing both of us within her belt and hooking it at the center belt receptacle. I looked at her, now I was right next to her, our thighs touching and my face a bright red bordering on fire engine red. Apparently there was no seat belt on the passenger side of the truck. She placed her hand on my thigh and tore off down the road. Several times it was touch and go, as I came close to peeing in my shorts at her driving antics. When I managed to look at her again during a short straight stretch of road I saw her smile and also became aware I was holding her one arm tightly both of my arms wrapped around her arm in a death grip.

She told me to close my eyes, it would be less nerve wracking on me, we still had about thirty minutes to go to reach the house. I did and it was better, although I still held on tightly to her arm. We splashed through a creek, water splashing all over the truck. My eyes were suddenly open, wondering where we were at and where the water came from. I saw the creek to the side of the road, and then off in the distance a huge home nestled among some beautiful trees. I was later to learn they were Juniper trees, the predominate tree around these parts. It was only a few minutes later when we pulled up to the house.

The sight I saw as various people exited the house was breathtaking. An older woman, probably my aunt and several young ladies all exited the house. Dressed in jeans and flannel shirts they were gorgeous, all with bouncy curly hair and very much looking like young ladies. The curly hair was not the only thing bouncing as they came up to the truck something a young male usually takes note of.

My door was opened and I was extracted from the truck, one of the young ladies grabbing my suitcase from the back of the truck. It was all I could do to carry it and get it into the pickup bed, but she removed it like it was a loaf of bread. I was dragged to the house, then into their living room a young lady on each arm. I was introduced to everyone, these young ladies were all her daughters, as I received hugs and kisses from everyone. I was asked how my trip was, and if Consuela had fed me at the store while I waited. I groaned at the memory of that burrito, my aunt smiling at the obvious answer to her question.

My suitcase vanished upstairs somewhere, and the girls headed off to the kitchen to finish dinner. My aunt took my hand and led me upstairs to my bedroom, pointed out the bathroom and told me to take a shower and then dress in some fresh clothes and join them in the kitchen. I stripped off as she left the room laying my clothes on the bed. I did notice there were two beds in the room, wondering if I would be sharing the room with someone. Maybe she has a son working somewhere and he will be my room mate. I made my way to the bathroom, running the shower till the water warmed up then entered.

The warm water felt good, as it cascaded over my body. As I finished I decided to shampoo my hair since the shampoo was sitting on a shelf under the faucet handles. It had a pleasant smell, probably a shampoo made for a female. I rinsed off, then dried my body in the large bath towel. I dropped the towel down the laundry chute, then went to the bedroom to get some clean clothes. I did smell quite lady like, even my hair had attained a shine and fragrance that was not common for a male.

I found my suitcase on my bed, opened and gasped. It was filled with all things frilly and female. I looked to make sure it was my suitcase, the tag on the handle had my name on it just as I had written it at the bus station when I left home. I searched the whole case, down to the last garment hoping to find at least one piece of masculine clothing. Absolutely nothing that would be considered even ambiguous, each piece more feminine than the last. I had to wear something to go find my aunt and ask her help. I looked for a towel, but then remembered I had dropped it down the laundry chute. One lonely wash cloth was on the towel rack, I doubted it would cover much.

A thought materialized for a second, could have Mom known that I was dressing in her clothes from time to time. Surely not, I was extra careful to put everything back just as I found it, trying to cover my tracks well. Mom never said anything, so I presumed she never knew I was into her lingerie every once in a while. I did find a large sleep shirt, cotton and from the looks of it, it would come down to my knees. On the front was the words Mommy’s little Princess. That would not do so I turned it inside out, then checked my appearance in the mirror. Not the most masculine image, but at least I was covered. I made my way downstairs then to the kitchen. As I entered everybody turned my way, my resulting blush I am sure most entertaining for them.

In a squeaky voice that I had no idea where it came from I asked if anyone had seen my clothes. Belinda smiled and told me to follow her. She led me to the living room and to the fireplace that had a nice fire in it now, and pointed to it. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out, the purple from the hoodie I had been wearing a clue as to where my clothes were now. Right there in the fireplace, most of the material now engulfed in flames. I tried to look at my aunt, to get some type of explanation only to have her help me off with the sleep shirt, turned it back the right way and then slide it back over my head.

She called for Nancy, one of her daughters to come join us, then told Nancy to take me to my room and instruct me in the proper clothes for dinner here at my new home. I was led away, while I tried to stare at my Aunt not believing what had just happened. My one set of clothes now destroyed, and my choice for something to wear is now limited to something for a female. As we headed back upstairs I was literally in a daze, not at all sure what to make of these latest developments. Maybe I should have spoke up, but what would I say to them. The female clothes in the suitcase are presumably mine, although I knew nothing about them. Now with my one set of male clothes gone, it was female clothes or nothing. With five females in the house, I did not want to go naked, no telling what would happen, even if I ever gathered enough courage to do so.

As we re-entered my bedroom, she went through my things now spread all over the bed, picking what I would need to look presentable. I just stared at her, surely she doesn’t think I am going to wear these clothes. Well stupid question as she raised the sleep shirt over my head then handed me a pair of panties. Then in quick succession came the bra, some stockings and a garter belt finally a dress with a full skirt and a fitted bodice. If I hesitated in putting the items on, she would get involved making sure I did it right and they fitted properly. She zipped me up making sure the dress fit properly, then sat me down at a vanity that I had not noticed before.

She instructed me in brushing my hair, then handed me two scrunchies to use to secure the ponytail she had me do. One at the top of the ponytail and the other at the end of the ponytail. A little lipstick to my lips and she pronounced me adequate for my first dinner. I was handed some flats, typical style, with a rounded toe showing most of my foot. A perfect fit, the image as I walked by the mirror now feminine, I was escorted back downstairs, then to the kitchen. All the time I was trying to figure out why this was happening to me and why I was putting up with it. Seeing my male clothes being destroyed in the fireplace kind of left me at wits end.

I got some satisfied looks from the others as I entered the kitchen. Then was handed silverware and told to set the table. There were six chairs at the table, since my Aunt had four daughters and now me as a guest I figured that made up the six places for dinner. I set the six place settings then returned to the kitchen. I was handed plates next, so I returned to the dining room placing the plates at each setting. From past lessons courtesy of my Mother, I figured out the larger plate was the dinner plate, a matching smaller plate for a salad and then an even smaller one for dessert. I placed them in the appropriate places then saw a tray of glasses at the other end of the table. One small glass and a larger glass for each place setting. I surveyed the table, trying to make sure I had everything in its proper place.

About that time Belinda came in, checked to see how I had done, a huge smile now on her face. I was hugged then sent to the kitchen to help bring in the plates of food for dinner. There were tacos, burritios, chile rellenos, and tamales plus the sauces necessary to make them delicious. I actually forgot how I was dressed after I sat down at the table, then after being corrected on how a woman sits in a dress, had to perform the task again. I must have passed this time because the plates of food were now coming my way. I wanted to take more than one of each, but remembered my manners and only chose one each of these delicious goodies. The food was so good there was no talking at the table, only a few moans and the sound of silverware. The moans were mainly from me, my stomach thought it had died and went to heaven. If I thought the burrito that Consuela had served me was good, this array of goodies would top that easily.

There was some talk after we had all finished, then Katie her oldest daughter came around and gave everyone a glass of wine. It was a sweeter wine than any I have had before, but a perfect compliment to the soapilias that were served next. You bit off an end, leaving a pocket inside the sweet bread like treat. Honey was squirted into the pocket and then you took another bite. I was in heaven, I have no idea how I got there but hoped to stay here forever.

After everyone finished we took our dishes to the sink, and I was handed a towel to dry as Katie did the washing. Laney put them up in the cupboards as Melissa cleaned the counters and put up any left over food. I will be helping at every meal just like the others, a statement delivered by Belinda. Although we do dress down if we are working, to eat here you have to be dressed in a dress and heels, the heels a requirement as soon as you get used to wearing them. The only exception is breakfast. However, on Sunday that is also a meal that requires proper dress.

Now you and I need to cover the rest of the house rules, then the girls want to spend some time with you to get to know you better. I was led to the living room and shown to the sofa. I tried to sit the right way, smoothing my skirt before I sat down. Every once in a while I think why am I doing all of this without complaint or protest. Then the image of my male clothes in the fireplace flashed before me. I have no choice any more, for some reason it is either dressed as a female or naked. The naked part still bothers me greatly, five gorgeous females and me, nothing good can come from that. The fact that I have been accepted as a female looks and action wise is also a prime consideration. Maybe someone will fill me in on what is going on here, confusion and frustration reigns at the moment

My aunt became serious, took my hand and had me sit closer to her. Belinda was always the more focused of Mom’s sisters, doing the best with her life so far and definitely the one to be looked up to when there was advice needed.

Your Mom and I have had several long talks about you, and several decisions have been made about your future. That is why you are here, she loves you so much, but your dressing in her clothes has thrown her for a loop. So you and I are going to explore this fascination you have, and either cure you or convert you to the female way of life. I don’t want any words of denial, several things had been planted to make sure that you indeed were dressing in her clothes, we even have a list of the items that you seem to be the most fascinated with. We are all female here and so will be you in a couple of hours. You will cooperate fully or we will help you, either way the female you will be present. Your male image and presence locked away for the foreseeable future.

Like I said cooperate and things will be fun, resist and you will still be dressing as a female but too the extreme, I am sure the girls will have a lot of fun at your expense if you want to go that route. You need to pick a female name for you alter ego, be sure you pick one you can live with, once christened it is yours for the duration. Incidentally your suitcase as you have noticed has only female clothes in it, your Mom having fun picking your wardrobe for you. In a house full of females it is not safe to be male and naked. I will not be responsible for their actions. All of my daughters know the reason for you being here, and are fully informed. I might suggest that you cooperate, otherwise I have little doubt that you will be starting over as a baby girl, a couple of them already have it in their mind that you will make a cute baby anxiously awaiting the chance to change your diaper and feed you a bottle.

So pick a name, the girls will help you make the transition starting tonight. Incidentally, you room with Laney, she is next to the youngest and also the most wicked in her thoughts and actions. I would be careful if I were you around her, otherwise your changes might come faster than you expect and last forever. The girls are waiting upstairs in your and Laney’s room so head on up and good luck. She giggled and I tried to get the lump in my throat to move before it cuts off my air. I ended up coughing several times, it did move eventually but reluctantly. I climbed the stairs slowly, wandering about interacting with her daughters. She made them out to be a handful, a handful to anyone trying to deal with them.

As I entered my room, there were four gorgeous females in nighties sitting on the bed and smiling. Laney jumped up and dragged me over to the group. Way too many hands appeared and soon I was stark naked, with my hands trying to cover my groin. Katie moved my hands to the side, telling me rather strongly to keep them there. Nancy and Melissa attacked with electric shavers and soon I was hairless from the neck down. My little fella was sacred to death, keeping a low profile by trying to shrink to nothing. Even when they were shaving around him he remained flaccid, probably shaking in fear.

I was then laid on the bed and two humongous blobs were glued to my chest, not realizing until they removed their hands that I now was sporting two quite realistic breasts, seemingly a perfect match to my skin tone. Each one of my hands was placed on one to hold them in place as the glue dried. They moved lower and soon I was encased in a belt that went around my waist, with a strap hanging down from the front. My male thingy was placed in a pocket on the strap and the strap was pulled up tight to my groin and fastened to the belt in the back. I heard a click and realized I had been locked in a chastity belt, my groin now looking exactly like the girls, smooth and flat.

I was instructed in how to use the bathroom as a female, sitting to pee and then wiping to remove any extraneous moisture. I will be unlocked once a week to be thoroughly cleaned, then locked back up again. When I date it will ensure my virginity, since several young fellas are interested in dating a gal from the city. The strap had a hole for other bodily functions, I just had to be a little more careful when I had to go.

Story Incomplete At Present

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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