Rhoda; On The Fast Track

Although we have been married a few years now, there has always been a few matters of contention between us. We got along sexually, which I guess is where a lot of marriages fall apart. We experimented a lot, trying new and different positions and ways of making love to each other. We dabbled in bondage a little, but neither of us felt it offered us anything to make it worth adding to our normal routine. Gina was the aggressor in the relationship, usually on top and always the one to initiate a session of making love. I did my best to please her, though often had to please her in ways that a male usually does not indulge in. I guess I got pretty good at it, as I was able to give her an orgasm with just my mouth on her pussy. I think she was happy with my efforts overall, even though my attempts at normal intercourse were often disappointing for her.

We both had fairly good jobs, earning hefty salaries and moving up the corporate ladder quite quickly. I was in marketing, in charge of a department of over fifty people. I got along with everybody I worked with, a friendly atmosphere prevailing. It seemed that my bosses were happy with my department, in board meetings I always received a few accolades on our effort as a department and what we had accomplished. A female V.P. in my division though always questioned my numbers, and if the company should be satisfied with them. So far she hadn’t managed to get anybody else to listen or back her in her attempts to discredit me.

Gina handled a production department of over two hundred people. According to her she was fair, but insisted on the best from every one at all times. She was climbing the corporate ladder faster than I was, but I chose to think it was her gender that allowed her to fast track rather than her skills. In discussions between us it boiled down to gender over basic knowledge and skills.

Although the topic came up often the outcome always remained the same. Another few weeks passed then we received notification that the company Gina is employed with just bought our company lock stock and barrel. Quite a surprise, raising a lot of questions about our future employment. In a lot of companies a married couple working for the same company is frowned upon. As of yet no word from the new management team if anything was going to change because we were married. There were a lot of changes implemented, as the same departments in each company were merged together. In the marketing department I now had a staff of a little over a hundred people, having to decide and substantiate if that many were needed to handle the work we had. I was working quite a few extra hours, deciding what changes to make and if I really needed that many employees to handle the marketing of our products. Of course, there were new products to take into consideration, but also quite a few that were similar if not identical.

Gina had life a little easier, although her production staff nearly tripled, there was very little overlap in production of the same product, so elimination of employees would not be necessary. Apparently her way of handling production was just right for the new employees as her production figures for the company that ended up buying us soared. It did not go unnoticed as she spent several days at the new corporate headquarters meeting all the executives and being questioned about her management methods and skills.

My female nemesis was also making inroads in the new company, her ideas, especially regarding marketing and sales being looked into by the new company executives. Much of our executive management had resigned, not seeing a friendly environment there for them. A few of them found jobs immediately with other companies, a couple just retiring, figuring it was the right time to do so. Unfortunately for me it left me without a lot of supporters for my way of managing people and doing my job.

Gina and I talked it over almost every night, the days activities and what may be coming down the road. It always changed the next day since so many different people were involved and everybody had a different take on what should be done and how it was to be accomplished. Three weeks later some stability resurfaced as a female CEO emerged as head of the combined companies. She had held the position of CFO in the acquiring company and had wisely let everybody make their move, then fall flat on their face. She selected the best from the lot and formed a new management team. She had the support of the chairman of the board, her managing the finances in the past always impeccable and above board.

Each department head was summoned one at a time to be questioned and briefed on possible problems and solutions to their area of responsibility. Gina had hers the day before, telling me a little about what was said and about the new CEO. She manged to get through the meeting unscathed apparently since no changes were implemented in her department.

My meeting the next day did not fare as well. Kayla the V.P. who had criticized me the most was present, although at first she remained quiet. Then later after we had covered all of the areas of contention she made her move pointing out my weaknesses and lack of significant numbers compared to other similar companies. I guess that their current marketing department head being ready to retire is the only thing saving my butt at the moment. After spending an hour being quizzed and questioned, they sent me to the outer office so they could talk privately. Kayla remained with them causing my fears to escalate. Finally I was summoned back, everybody gone but the new CEO. She had me sit next to her on a couch at the rear of her office and asked me point blank what I had done to Kayla for her to despise me so much.

I didn’t quite know how to answer that, but decided to just be honest. “I have no idea why she hates me so much, but this has been going on for several months. I have tried to stay focused on my job and not engage her on any topic. The management of our company has always backed me in the past, but I presume that is now changed.”

“What we have done is to split the marketing department in half, Kayla getting your old department and you inheriting the acquiring companies department. That should level the playing field some. Now to make things a little fairer Kayla is no longer a V.P. Of course she was livid about that decision but she was told if she feels so strongly about this, here is a way to prove her theories. After a couple of months we will evaluate each department and see whose department is performing the best. That should settle this dispute about whose managerial styles are the best and most productive.”

“Kayla had sulked around the office for a few minutes then brought in the gender difference between you two. I had an idea she would try this and had made some additional plans to handle this possibility. This is the part I am not sure you will accept. Practically it would not be possible to make Kayla a male in appearance so, that leaves you as a female in this new scenario.”

I gasped and nearly fainted, moaning no over and over.

“I thought that might be a problem for you so I consulted your better half and we came up with a plan. It actually handles two problems. You will come to work in a few days as a female, transferred in from one of our subsidiary companies. New name along with a different look, so no one will be able to recognize you. Of course, Kayla was ecstatic about you being transformed into a female, but we have threatened her with immediate dismissal if any word leaks out about this. As far as others are concerned the company is moving you to one of our other companies for your part of the deal. The other problem that it handles is that as far as the company is concerned you are no longer a married couple working here.”

“I might mention that your beloved is out now acquiring you a new wardrobe, so expect the unexpected later today. I have never seen a female so excited about this as she is. I understand you have a few appointments later today and in the morning so please clean out your office, since for the time being you will be working at the acquiring companies offices. I have faith in you so don’t let some material things disrupt your life, enjoy and prove to me and others that you have the proper managerial style and attitude for this company for the future.”

I received a hug from her and was sent on my way with a huge smile on her face, while my face looked sad and pathetic. I did clear out my office, taking my personal things and placing them in my car. I did run into Kayla in the hall, she looked about as bad as I did, but when she saw me she smiled and greeted me.

“How are we doing Ms. Walker, are you having a good day so far?” I ignored her and continued on, not wanting to stoop to her level to respond to her dig.

I did wonder how I got railroaded into all of this, not even getting a chance to say much in my defense or about the plan I seemed to be signed up for. Then there is the matter of my wife, who not only sold me down the river but is out now purchasing me a new wardrobe. I wonder what her part in all of this will end up being. Nothing to do but return home and see what all is planned for me. I did remember about some appointments that I seem to have this afternoon and tomorrow morning, and then there is my wardrobe that my darling wife is out acquiring for me. I made the trip home, putting my personal things from the my office in our library. I got a call from my wife, giving me an address to go to, and then asking for Janet when I get there.

She did tell me she loved me, just to accept things as they come along, and she will make sure I am rewarded for my trust and faith in her later.

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