Candy; A Soap Opera Star Is Born

“Quiet on the set!” The director yelled, as I focused my camera on the action, making sure I had the actors in the middle of the screen. The director had me pan back out some, those directions delivered to me through my head set. We were filming the latest episode of the soap I worked on, my job as a cameraman, one of three employed by the production company.

I guess I should use the proper terminology now, a soap or soap opera, now called a daytime drama. We filmed the same day as the telecast, only much earlier in the morning. This was done so that breaking news stories could be worked into the script. It added something to the tale, making it seem like it was happening right now in the present, not set in some other era or time.

It seemed to be working, our ratings were consistently high, and we had a list of advertisers waiting to sponsor the show. We usually arrived at five A.M., the writers having the new scripts ready to be looked at. Then we did several run throughs of the new script, getting everybody their proper positions on the set. The cameramen were behind the camera during all of this as the director gave instructions for proper camera angle and distance. That way when it was time to do the actual filming, we kind of knew where we should be and what shot he wanted.

I always mouthed the words along with the actor or actress. Once I heard them, I could remember them with no problem. My memory was excellent, described as eidetic to me by a college professor, the whole day’s script so easy to remember. There were teleprompters on the set, but a lot of the actors would just look my way and read my lips. It was a widely known fact, so most everybody took advantage of it from time to time. I guess I was a frustrated actor because I would also mimic some of the actions as the drama played out in front of me. A lot of times, once we had the camera set, it did not require hands on until we switched to another angle or panned out, so I added hand movements to my mouthing of the words. The crew was used to my antics, so I was mainly ignored, unless they needed some prompting.

I had gotten the job as a fill in for a cameraman that had gotten sick. He never came back to the show, his health not allowing it. I was very thankful for the opportunity and did my best to keep the job. I lived alone, a small house that used to belong to my parents, now my home. My family had a larger home when we were being raised, five kids and my parents requiring a much larger home to raise us in. Once we were all at college, or working, my parents bought a smaller home, easier to maintain, their reason for the purchase. After a few years there, the lure of a more moderate climate made its intrusion, and they joined the senior migration to Florida. Up to the move, their home had been in the L.A. area, but farther out near Palm Springs. Winters were okay, but summers were horrible, not unusual for temps to be in the hundreds. Then, you have the brush fires, most years as the dry weather and heat set in. More than enough reasons for them to justify their move.

I had a sixty minute commute every day, but allowed for possible traffic problems, leaving at three each morning. I lived between Barstow and L.A., out enough to miss some of the smog, but close enough to commute. The home was nestled in a little valley among the foothills partially isolated from the mayhem of the Metro L.A. area.

When I got to the studio, I turned on all of the cameras, allowing them to warm up, then, grabbing a copy of the script, I kept busy until the rest came in. The only others to show up this early were the actors, makeup and wardrobe requiring the extra time to get them ready.

Because of the unusual hours, we filmed four days a week, then took a three day weekend. This meant that we had to film two episodes on Thursday. Everybody grumbled about it, but put up with it. The extra-long weekend was worth it. The whole crew, actors included, had been with the production company for four years now, veterans of the weekly conflict. We all worked together well, used to each other and our little idiosyncrasies.

The week had been a hard one, last minute changes had lengthened the hours we had to put in, Monday, we were five hours past normal quitting time, Tuesday only two hours. Wednesday was absolutely horrible, the delays, equipment breakdown and short tempers made us have to shoot the episode live. By some miracle we did get it done with minimal errors, the collective letting out of the breaths we were holding by everyone, quite noticeable.

Then, we remembered we had two episodes to film tomorrow, the sad faces reappeared quickly. Several of the crew were calling it the ‘week from hell’. I knew the director was getting grayer each day, I am sure he will have almost white hair if this continues. I didn’t even take time to eat on the way home, just to be out of there, felt so good. I dragged my weary body into my home and collapsed on the sofa. I was out like a light, dreaming of a nice meadow with birds chirping and a slight breeze smelling of wild flowers.

It was a little past ten P.M. when my phone woke me. It was the director, wanting me to come in extra early, there were problems, and I might be able to help. He suggested that I be there by two A.M. and then hung up. No reason given for the early arrival. Just what we needed, more problems. I used the bathroom while I was up, then turned on the news for a minute before heading back to bed. The third story was about one of our female co-stars who was hurt badly in a car accident a couple of hours ago. She was taken to a hospital, listed in critical condition.

I wonder what Phil, our director is going to do to replace her. The one gal that had filled in some in the past, was out on maternity leave, in fact she had given birth just two days ago. I set my alarm and crawled into bed. It seemed that I had just laid back on the pillow when the alarm went off. I dressed, a little more comfortable than usual, figuring today was going to be another extremely long day. I made the commute, entered the studio to see more than half of the crew there. I looked around as everybody focused their attention on me. I glanced at my watch, a little past one in the morning, now I was worried about what may transpire today. I stepped back some, then I saw the producer heading my way. She grabbed my hand and I was dragged to her office.

We didn’t see much of Gloria, she was more of a behind the scenes type of person than direct in your face. She kept the show running smoothly though, never letting things go without making corrections or replacing, whether it be equipment or production people. She was fair, even if you were on her bad side, but driven to excel no matter what the cost. As I was dragged by the set, I noticed three new cameras, the one that had failed on Monday now replaced along with the other two.

When we got to her office, we were joined by Cynthia, head of makeup and wardrobe. The door was closed behind me, and I was pushed down in a chair in front of her desk. With Cynthia standing behind me, with her hands on my shoulders, I should have known things would go downhill from here.

“Cory we need a big favor from you, and it has to be this morning. You know Sarah was hurt badly in a car accident last night, it seems she will make it, but she is lost to the show for at least six months, maybe more. We have been searching for a replacement all night, so far we have come up with nothing. Even if we do find an actress, learning the lines and acting like the character may be too much to expect. Julie is having trouble with her baby, so she can’t get away for at least a few days. That leaves us with you.”

I started to get out of the chair, but Cynthia pushed her hands down on my shoulders preventing any escape. “I want you to go with Cynthia and let her do her magic on you. Then, if you look good enough, I want you to do the first run through to see if this might possibly work. I know I am asking a lot, but if successful, I will make sure you are well rewarded. All during your time here, you have pitched in and helped, your off set scripting help has saved many a show. Now, for all of us, I ask you to try this, if you don’t, we will probably lose millions, and the show ratings will suffer, causing even more worries. Losing Sarah sure to cause a ratings drop, since she is one of the most popular on the show. Please, just try it.”

Both of them stared at me, I gulped and nodded, and before I could say anything, I was dragged out of my chair and headed to wardrobe, my hand firmly held by Cynthia. There was no chance to escape even if I wanted to. Through the door to the wardrobe department, and within minutes, I was naked. Cynthia apologized for the rush, but the sooner she could get me ready, the sooner I could be in front of the camera to see if this crazy idea had any chance of success.

I turned quickly, feeling several pair of hands attacking my body. Armed with electric shavers I was soon without any body hair. A lotion was spread over my now smooth skin, then, I was handed a pair of panties. I couldn’t get my mind to kick in, way too much happening, nothing but fog occupying my head. A bra was slipped around my chest, and fastened behind my back, then two grapefruit sized objects were inserted into the cups. Then removed, and adhesive added, then re-inserted. The cold adhesive making me shiver. Next was a corset, laced very tight around my stomach and lower chest, the resulting flabby flesh pushed up to my boobs or down to my hips. The fake breasts now most impressive on my chest. Then stockings pulled up my legs and attached by garters to the corset. My feet were slipped into heels and the ankle straps affixed.

I was given a robe and moved in front of a makeup mirror. Another lady, Michelle started putting my hair in curlers after soaking the hair in setting lotion. If only I had not grown out my hair, my efforts now seemed right for the show, but maybe not for me personally, particularly today.

Cynthia, meanwhile, attacked my eyebrows, leaving very little of them. Then, makeup was added, too many different types to remember or keep track of. From the few glances that I got when Cynthia moved to the side, I knew I would look like Sarah when they finished, or a very close twin.

The lipstick was the last item added, as they helped me up and had me walk back and forth to get used to the heels. I am sure they were both surprised at how little trouble I had in walking with them on my feet. But not as surprised as me, this is the first time I have ever had any female clothes or heels on, not even at Halloween. The dress for today was a simple shirtwaist dress in a calico print. Off white in color, with a green and pink print. It was a polyester material making the full skirt flow around me. It did have long sleeves with a cute cuff at the wrist.

I was handed a script for today, and led to the set. I was to walk around getting accustomed to the heels, as soon as I walked on to the set, I received quite a bit of applause. I blushed red, but tried to stay focused on what I was supposed to do. I made the rounds of the set, receiving lots of smiles as I did so. At one point, Gloria came and appraised me, then went to find Phil. Shortly, I noticed a lot of activity around the set as everybody started taking their positions. I presume we will start our run through shortly.

I had read most of the script, I knew the teleprompters were there if I need them, so I assumed the opening position. My nerves were strung so tight, if one of them snapped I am sure someone would be hurt. I flubbed my first line, my voice not wanting to respond to my mental commands. Phil with a big smile called over Jake, Sarah’s lover on the show. He whispered in his ear and then Jake walked up to me. Before I knew what was going on, I was being passionately kissed as he held me tightly in his arms. It was not unpleasant, and definitely not anticipated. He withdrew and then we started again. I found my voice, and I said my lines correctly this time.

I am sure I would need therapy shortly, a kiss with a male and I am miraculously in character.

Another stop, and Cynthia approached with a spray bottle. “Open your mouth and take a deep breath. As I did so, she sprayed my throat, the spray seeming to penetrate all the way down my throat. She backed off and we continued, this time, my voice was sufficiently feminine. I only missed my lines twice, just one word changed. I doubt if our audience would know I had made a mistake. When Phil called a halt to the proceedings, I received a standing ovation. It lasted way longer than I was comfortable with, I knew why I received the applause, now the crew saw a possible solution to the problems that had materialized last night. One more run through and we were ready to film.

It felt so different to be on the other side of the camera, a side I had never experienced. The two run throughs had relieved some of my nervous tension, it was still there, but manageable. Then, Cynthia pulled me aside, hair still needed to be completed and my makeup repaired. After the hair was released from the curlers, and teased into the desired style, I was checked from head to toe. Everybody agreeing that I was the best I could be, I was taken back to the set, now ready for the cameras.

The show went off without a hitch, the sigh that I released showed my gratitude that it was finally over. Then, my world was shattered as I was handed another script. Gawd, it was Thursday and I had to do another show. Back to wardrobe with the new script in my hand. While Cynthia did her thing, I read through the script. In this episode, I was at a dance with my lover, my hair up, and in an off the shoulder dress that was way too short. The heels got higher, but the dramatic effect of the makeup made the most difference. My lashes seemed to almost cover my eyes, but fluttering them seemed so cool. A different lipstick, darker and more sensuous.

My mind kept going back to how I was now in front of the camera, dressed as a female with breasts, and wearing heels. I tried to block all of that out, if I started thinking about all of that, I would never get through the day. Phil decided to film after only one run through. I did make it without further difficulty, in fact, the only mistake was when my lover flubbed one of his lines. He blamed me, since he usually looked my way, to read my lips on the line he should have remembered.

I found a quiet corner, parked myself, and let out several deep sighs. It had been a tough week and an even tougher day. I managed to help the production company get through this crisis, I am sure they will be able to get a replacement before we start again on Monday. I laid back against a stack of props and closed my eyes, none of this had really sunk in yet. The biggest realization is that I am now an actress on national TV, a show watched by millions. What a screwed up life I have walked into. Fatigue was setting in now, several yawns in the last few minutes, I knew I needed to get out of these clothes, and get home before I zonked out.

Good intentions don’t always materialize though. Gloria found me, and once again, I was in her office waiting for her words of wisdom. Well actually not, I was trying to stay awake, and at the moment fighting a losing battle. The yawns and slowly closing eyelids making quite an intrusion in my new life.

“You saved our butt today Cory, for that, myself, and the crew are very grateful. I want you to stay at my house for a couple of days, less of a commute and will give us a chance to talk about the future. You blew everyone away with your stage presence that, along with your memory, makes you a perfect fill in for Sarah. I know you don’t want to hear it right now, but please stay with me, and let’s talk about it, both the pros and cons.”

I yawned again, I guess that is my answer. I will never be able to stay awake long enough to get home. She led me to her car, and we made the thirty minute drive to her house. I had been here before, for a cast party several times, each time the beauty and the size of the place made an impression on me. I was led straight to the upstairs bedrooms, she carefully helped me undress, handing me a large t-shirt to wear over my female figure. The breasts had to stay on, no solvent to get them off. The corset was loosened, but she suggested that I get used to it since it would be an essential in any further portrayals of the female me. I let out a low moan, further portrayals, gawd what have I got myself into. After several makeup wipes were used on my face and one more long drawn out yawn, I was more than ready for dreamland.

I am sure I dreamed although I couldn’t remember what they were about, From the way my sleep shirt was wrapped tightly around my body, it must have been quite a dream. I went to the bathroom and then wandered downstairs. The clothes that I had worn yesterday were missing this morning. I was not fully awake, but managed to find the kitchen. Gloria was there, and when she saw me, got me a plate of food from the stove. I was starved, then came to the realization, that I had no dinner last night. The sleep was worth it though, I felt much better today; once I wake up, I will probably feel great. Thankfully, she avoided any more talk of me filling in for Sarah.

Then, she led me to her office, helped me to sit on a love seat in the corner by a bay window. She sat right next to me, almost thigh to thigh. She showed me newspapers with reviews of yesterday’s show. All were quite complimentary of my portrayal, suggesting to the producers that I be kept in the roll permanently. I tried to hold back the tears that were waiting to flow from my eyes. All too much, and way too soon for me to be able to handle. She told me several daytime talk shows have also praised my work, and have asked for me to make a personal appearance on their show in the near future.

“None of us saw this coming, we were just looking for someone to fill in until we could find someone else. Then, a certain young actress spread her wings, and now we have everybody’s attention. First, we need to get you into the screen Actors Guild. Second, we need to get you an agent/manager to help handle requests for appearances and commercials. Third, but most important, I need to get you to sign a contract with us. I am aware that all of this is overwhelming, but taking advantage of it now, will mean a much more enriched life in the future for you.”

I have submitted your application to SAG yesterday, that way both you and us will stay out of trouble for doing the show without being a member. A prospective agent/manager is on the way over here to talk to you. She is super in her job, and watches out for her clients. She is also trustworthy and you can confide in her without fear. Once she gets here, we will talk, and if she is acceptable, then we will negotiate a contract for you with the show.”

“Now one more thing, everybody has presumed you are a biological female. On you SAG application, I used the first name Candy and your last name, if that is okay, I will get you a history that corresponds with that name, so that anybody looking into it, will find what you want them to see, and nothing else.

There is a national chain of salons that converts males into females. The owner is a trusted friend, and if you pursue this, she can make your body correspond with the female gender. Nothing is permanent with the treatments, but it would take a doctor to be able to tell that you were not born a female.

There will be no problem with the crew on the show either, once I make my announcement, Cory will cease to exist, vanishing as if he never worked here in the first place. I am not worried about the show if somehow it leaked that you were a male, but am concerned of how that might affect you. Being on the front page of the Inquirer every issue, is usually not something to look forward to.

“Okay, I am still hopelessly lost, but it somehow seems to make sense. Until I can figure this out I will trust your judgment. Please allow me some time to get used to the predicament I find myself in. Remember I was a cameraman until yesterday, a lowly insignificant individual doing his job so that he could eat.”

Her doorbell rang and her maid let Melanie in, then led her to us. I was introduced as a prospective client and we talked for quite a while. She impressed me with her candor, her sense of humor and her attitude. She had already researched me, what I did before the change and my antics on the set. She watched a tape of the first show I was in, complimenting me on my work, since I was just thrown into the fracas with no advanced warning or preparation. I asked her to be my agent if she could see her way clear to do so. She accepted and then started in on Gloria.

The first figure that Gloria stated, caused my mouth to spring open, I didn’t think anybody made that kind of money. Melanie got up, took my hand and led me to the door, my mouth was still wide open. I looked at Melanie thinking that she is crazy to let that offer pass by. But before we got to the office door, Gloria had already raised the offer. I started to speak, but Melanie told me to shut up in a rather stern manner. I backed away a little, but did as she requested. In awe, I listened to the two discuss my proposed contract, Melanie did have my best interest in mind, getting me more money, a fully paid for wardrobe and any beauty treatment that I deemed necessary, paid for by the company. I also got a small percentage of the company profit, along with a fee for any and all personal appearances that the company required of me.

I felt sorry for Gloria until after we had signed a tentative agreement, when she told me that she thought the contract was very fair, I might have even been a little more generous if necessary. This said as she looked at Melanie with a smirk. Melanie just giggled, remember that when we get the first ratings on the show with Candy in it. If we get a five percentage point increase, we renegotiate the contract. She returned the smirk, they hugged, then I got hugged and Melanie made her way out.

My only thoughts were gawd, how did I end up here doing this. I needed time to digest all that had transpired recently so I spent a lot of time just roving around Gloria’s house. Even out to the pool area, I found a lounger in the shade and parked my butt on it, then laid back and relaxed. We had a nice dinner, some grilled chicken and an avocado salad. So good, I might just have to buy into this whole scheme if the food is going to be this good.

We talked after dinner about the show and her friend, she suggested that I visit her tomorrow, it will probably take them two days to do their magic on me. That way, come Monday, I would be ready to step into the roll. I was reluctant, the money is phenomenal, but becoming a female full time maybe not what I imagined for my life. I did agree to talk with her friend, but no promises after that. That is one thing Melanie had insisted on, a way out of the contract if I decided this in not what I want in life.

The next day, the ratings did come in, Gloria receiving the preview that morning over breakfast. I had been woken early, my appointment at the salon was for nine A.M. After opening the email, she squealed, then she got up off her chair and attacked me. I was hugged, kissed, and generally mauled to death. In the past, she has always appeared to be so refined, conservative and almost emotion free. This is not the Gloria that I was looking at right now. She was almost bouncing up and down as she held my hands in hers. You are such good luck for the show, our ratings are just out, the show has had a fifteen percentage point increase since your first appearance. That is unheard of in the industry, then she ran back to her computer and scrolled down, looking for comments from some of the poll participants.

Wonderful actress, her portrayals so real.

I could feel the emotion as she talked to her lover, pure unadulterated sex.

Her facial emotions were so realistic, definitely living her lines and not just reciting them.

I used to watch the show every once in a while, now I will watch every episode.

When she kissed her lover, the screen on my TV just melted. It was so hot.

I tried to tell Gloria that most of that could be said about any of the female actresses, but she pointed to the screen. Comments about the new fill in for Sarah on Life in the Suburbs.

Candy Cane is her name and this critic thinks the whole show should be planned around her. I have no idea where they found such a talent, but they better not let her go. The show was a fairly good entry in the daytime drama category. With Candy as one of the stars, it is at the top of the group, even good enough for the show to be moved to prime time. Daytime Productions should lock her up at night, she is worth everything they are paying her and more, much more.

I just sat there, my head in my hands, my mind totally fried. This has got to be some dream, this just doesn’t happen overnight, at least to this magnitude. My upset life was interrupted when Gloria reminded me that I had an appointment this morning. She helped me find some clothes and her driver transported me to the salon.

It was all cloak and dagger as I was delivered to a side door of the salon, then escorted into a private office. The lady waiting for me was a goddess, nearly six feet tall and a figure to die for. I managed to find the chair in front of her desk, that in itself a miracle. She handed me some iced tea, I took a sip at first, but since it was so good, I drank over half of the glass.

She mentioned what her salons could do for me, and that all services would be handled in private away from any prying eyes. She told me they had looked at the video from yesterday, also talked with Cynthia as to what was needed for upcoming shows. Their procedures would take most of today and tomorrow, but I would be assured of passing any close scrutiny of my body, the end verdict would be that I would be deemed one hundred percent female.

I looked at her hoping somehow an answer to whether I will do this will magically appear. She smiled, asking me to trust her, it seems that your success yesterday points to a hidden side of you that has not seen the light of day. Try it for awhile, I think you will find the life of a female satisfying and rewarding. I nodded my head, still not sure about any of this but knew lots of people were depending on me to keep their jobs. I swallowed hard, trying to screw up my confidence a little then had to sign a stack of treatment authorizations before they could proceed. I got a long tender hug from her, it felt so good, then one of her techs appeared gathering me up and leading me away to a new life.

The rest of that day passed in a huge blur, as I was transformed to an unbelievable looking female. My body hair was treated, now I will have a smooth hair free body for the rest of my life. Then my male sex was glued to my groin and a very realistic set of female lips was placed over it. When the tech told me I could have sex as a female I almost lost it. Then one of my forgotten dreams from last night flashed in front of my eyes, my male lover smiling as he slipped his penis into my warm moist slit. My body shook a little at the thought as the tech gave me a knowing smile.

I spent way too long attached to an intimidating machine, its purpose to suck an impressive set of breasts out of my body. After six hours one look at my chest and I would have to say it was quite successful at that task. My body seemed alien to me now, nothing between my legs and two wobbly masses on my chest making their presence known at every step I took. I got a bra soon thereafter, a welcome addition to help control my wobbly masses. A new corset was added next shrinking my waist by five inches while adding to my bosom and my now obvious womanly hips. It did make normal breathing a little difficult, but not impossible.

I now found it impossible to bend over, the corset keeping my body rigid. More restrictions on my new gender thus impeding putting on my heels and stockings. Maybe if I wear the corset long enough my body will conform to the new shape imposed by it and I might eventually be free of it. Such a ridiculous thought. It looks like the stars have suddenly aligned, Candy is now a star in her own right. Bras, corsets, dresses and high heels to be the norm now. And to think I used to be a lowly cameraman, now no telling what may be in store for me. A soap opera star was born today, Candy is her name.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2020 Fran Cesca Walker

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