Renee; Slow Trip To Femininity

Annabelle and I were heading into our fourth month of a relationship. She had made the initial overture to me at a school dance for Valentine’s Day. I was bored, nothing to do except homework, so decided to go to the dance, intending to maybe find someone and share a few dances with them. The homework was difficult, and my mind was not ready for additional stress. So, going to the dance and maybe have a little fun. It was a school mixer, most people showing up without dates.

I made my appearance checking out what was happening. The band they had hired was good, playing a lot of pop songs from the seventies. I danced a few numbers, but no one seemed to be that good, or interested in dancing. I was getting ready to leave when several females entered the gym. One was an attractive brunette, very tall with a nice figure. I hung around the refreshment counter watching to see what they were going to do, hoping for a chance to ask her to dance.

On the next song the band had played, she walked directly over to me, took my hand and led me to the dance floor. It was a slow song and she grabbed my hands, pulled me close to her, and we started to dance. It was another minute, when I realized she was leading, and I was doing the female part. I just danced with her, not saying anything. Three more dances, all slow numbers, she then returned me to the refreshment counter asking, “What are you drinking?” I responded, “A diet coke,” she left me returning with the drink, and then handed it to me.

She asked my name, what year I was in, did I live on campus, all the things that a guy would usually ask a girl. I was confused, I should be the one asking the questions, not the other way around. I dumbly answered her questions, not knowing how to handle her forwardness. I had never experienced anything like this before, not having any idea of what to do or say. Suddenly realizing, I never did get my game on as they say, just responding to her questions and desires. We danced quite a bit more that night, her always leading and me following. I never tried to reverse that, I am sure any normal male would have made the effort, but I just followed along.

As the dance was ending, she asked me to dinner, my nod the only communication of my acceptance of her invitation. We took her car, while leaving mine at the dance. I was taken to a burger joint a short distance from the dance location. It was frequented by a lot of the students, good food and reasonable prices. I was guided into the restaurant, with her hand on my back like a male would guide a female.

She pulled out my chair for me, and I sat down. She asked me what I wanted and ordered for me; while I sat there quiet and docile. I never questioned her, or even tried to order for myself. Our food was delivered, and she asked about my studies, did I have roommates, did I like my courses, again, just things that a male would normally ask a female on a date. Then, it hit me; she was treating me like a date, her date! So after three hours of dancing, eating out, all I knew about her was her name, Annabelle.

She had covered most of my life, my interests, my friends, everything and yet, I had no information about her other than her name. She paid the check, helped me up, and opened the door on her car for me again. Back to the dance venue, so I could pick up my car. Again, she got my door for me, then, the door of my car. I was leaning back against my car as she gave me a searing kiss. She took my cell phone from my pocket, and entered her number while noting mine. Another kiss, then, she helped me into my car. As I started my car, she told me, “Be ready Friday night for a movie and pizza, I’ll pick you up at your place.”

I drove off, bewildered, confused, and half conscious. Still in a mild shock, I barely made it too my apartment, my nerves were shattered. I entered, going straight to my bedroom. While laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, I tried to figure out, what the hell happened tonight? No revelations, my behavior was totally unlike me. I eventually fell asleep, my alarm waking me the next morning. I had some homework due today, so I got up showered, and dressed, then tried to get it done in time. I did manage to complete the assignment with a few minutes to spare. While doing the assignment, I forgot all about last night, but after the last class of the day, it all came back to me in spades.

When troubled, I like to run, the exercise helping me to focus on important things. I ran for over an hour, the only thing accomplished, was I lost some weight as I sweated. Back to the apartment, a snack and more thinking. What happened last night was so unlike me. In previous dates with females, I was the aggressor, made the decisions and lead in any dancing. Shit, I realized I haven’t had any training in the female role in dance, how did I know what to do. Then, as I thought back, I hadn’t said ten words to her other than answering her questions of me.

Next day, more of the same, running for two hours, the same result nothing! I was barely able to concentrate in class, all of this craziness occupying space that should be used for my studies. Later that night, Annabelle called, telling me she would pick me up at seven, then, to the pizza place for a bite, with the movie starting at eight-thirty. I agreed, never voicing any of my thoughts or concerns for the last few days. It was like she had some control over my mind and body, everything I did, was as she wanted.

On Friday, I was able to concentrate on my classes some, but the date tonight was in the back of my mind. I cut my last class, wanting to get to my apartment, and get ready for my date. I wanted to look nice for her. As I entered the apartment, I made my way to the bathroom and started the water in the tub. I got out of my clothes, and slipped into the warm water. Having added some bath salts left there from the last occupant of the apartment, the water smelled nice. I soaked for a while, then got out and dried off.

I approached my closet, looking at the contents for something special for tonight. Finding a pair of pants, tighter than I like to wear them, but they made my legs and butt look good. The shirt was a silk shirt, a gift from my mother that I have never worn before. It seemed right for tonight somehow. It fit tight in the chest, with a scoop neckline. Mom swears it is a men’s shirt, but I have my doubts.

After I brushed my shoulder length locks, I decided to leave them down instead of my usual low ponytail. I checked my face, it felt smooth, my few whiskers deciding to stay hidden away. Finished, I grabbed my cell phone and keys, went outside and waited on the porch for her to drive up.

It was only a few minutes before she arrived, I walked out to the car, and waited for her to get my door for me. I sat down in the passenger seat and swung my legs into the car. As I did it, why I did it that way, flashed across my mind. I have never entered a car that way; that is how females do it. Then, I remembered that I had forgotten my wallet, no chance to change my mind tonight. If I did, no way for me to get home.

We drove to the bigger pizza place in town, the place obviously very busy. She got my door again and guided me into the restaurant. She held my chair, I gingerly set down in the chair and she pushed it in for me. I did notice quite a few eyes watching her get my chair for me.

She ordered the pizza and drinks, with me only nodding my approval of her choices. I only ate a couple of slices, my appetite not what it used to be anymore. I sipped at the drink with a straw, not wanting to get my silk shirt stained. The napkins came in handy, wiping the pizza sauce off my cheek before it could drip on my shirt. She paid the check, then we headed to the movie theater. She bought the tickets, then a popcorn and a diet drink for me. The tickets were for some chick flick, Annabelle insisting I would love the movie.

I was guided to some seats near the back, where she held my drink, as I set down. We nibbled on the popcorn as the trailers for future movies played on the big screen. I sipped on the diet drink occasionally, then, the feature movie started. I leaned my head over to Annabelle’s shoulder, letting it lay on her blouse. A quick glance at her chest showed slow and deep breaths. She leaned down to my face and kissed the tip of my nose, causing me to giggle nervously.

Instead of sitting up straight like a guy would, I wiggled a little, getting more comfortable on her shoulder. I stayed there for the entire movie, weeping in the appropriate places. I did sit up after the tear session, but she pulled my head back down, leaning her head against mine to encourage mine to stay there.

As we left the movie, I was draped on her, both my arms holding her arm close to me. I received several kisses, her instigating the kiss each time. Lots more looks from our fellow movie goers, I was aware of it, but did not let it bother me. As she drove me back home, I was again reminded of my feminine behavior tonight. Nothing like this has ever happened to me, maybe it is a spell she has cast on me. Whatever it is, it has succeeded. She walked me to my door, another kiss, this one pure lust. I was trying to get my key in the door, but was not even close to the hole. She took my keys and opened the door for me, a small kiss on my eye and I was a goner. She walked back to her car and drove off. Like a lovesick idiot, I stood in the door, breathing hard with my eyes closed savoring the feeling of the kiss.

I did make it to my bedroom, slipped out of my clothes, falling head first on to the bed. I propped up my head with my arms, then folded my legs back toward my butt. Closed my eyes, replaying the events tonight in my head. I actually enjoyed the evening with her, the movie was okay, but being near her the fun part. I was treated like her girlfriend all evening, not once did I question the actions or how I was treated. She even told me that I smelled good, those few words sending lovely chills through my body.

Saturday, I lazed around the house, I never did much anyway, so it turned out to be a regular weekend day. At lunch time, I decided to improve my appearance some. A haircut, maybe even a color change, might just be what I needed to get out of my rut that I seemed to be in lately. I had a feeling that Annabelle might like it too, so I headed into town to see what I could get accomplished. The salon near the mall looked positively packed, so I went to a place I had seen in my travels, on the other side of the town. They looked crowded too, but there was empty chairs in this one. I walked up to reception, asking if I could get my hair colored and cut.

Sure, no problem, was the reply, and soon, a gorgeous technician came to get me. I was taken back to her station and sat in her chair. I explained what I might want and she listed my options that could be performed. Instead of a new color, she suggested highlights that would change my appearance without getting caught up in keeping my dyed locks roots from showing. I agreed as she held different colored swatches of hair up next to mine. I opted for the honey blonde highlights for my brunette hair, as she got right to work. Hair washed and conditioned, then a special conditioning treatment prior to the highlights being applied.

As my hair was separated into smaller sections, the dye was applied to the hair section and then wrapped in foil to keep it from dying the rest of my hair. I did look quite the sight with my hair full of foil pieces. Under a dryer for it to process, then back to the sink, so it could be washed out. Then, she asked what kind of cut I wanted. I had been looking through the hair style magazines as my highlights processed, and had several pages bookmarked. I showed her the ones I had picked, she asked me if I was sure. When I didn’t respond, she told me that any of the cuts would give me a quite feminine appearance. That is fine with her if that is what I wanted. I was quiet for a minute, then pointed to the style that I liked the most, for some reason it just screamed me.

A few minutes later, my hair was cut in that style, and she was using a blow dryer on warm and a pick to arrange my locks into the style. I was watching her intently, knowing that I would have to perform this function myself in the future. She asked if I wanted to try it myself, I quickly agreed. She wet my hair again and handed me the dryer and pick. It took me several attempts, but I managed to duplicate the style eventually.

I tipped her ten dollars, asking her if I need further help, if she could furnish it. She retrieved a price list of offered services along with a business card with her number on it. I leaned closer and gave her a hug, it just seemed the right thing to do. I paid up front and looked at the mirror near the front doors, a pretty female, at least from the head up was the image I saw. I smiled, can’t wait to see what Annabelle will think of my new look.

Well, if you are reading this story, you already know what Annabelle’s opinion will be. Yes, she loved my hairstyle, wanting to know when I was going to get my ears pierced. With that thought now entrenched in my mind, it was only a few days later when I did get my ears pierced. Twice, studs in the top hole and a large hoop in the lower hole. I loved the feeling of the hoops as they brushed against my neck during the day.

The next weekend was a repeat of last weekend, only this time dinner was at a Chinese place just off the University campus. It was the first time I had eaten there, the food however was just short of fantastic. She insisted I eat with chopsticks, eventually feeding me bites during the meal. I was hopeless with the two little sticks, if it was up to me to feed myself I would have starved. Another movie followed the meal, this time an animated flick, cute and comical. I got assaulted in the car and then again when I got home. That is the second week in a row when she picked me up at my apartment, just as if I was the female in the relationship.

Tonight I was determined to ask her what is up, why she is treating me like a female. On the porch, after she had opened my door for me I managed the question. Her answer surprised me, “You are the female in this relationship, so what is the problem.” I just stood there, not having the slightest idea what to say in response. I got another kiss, this one while she was holding the sides of my face. When the kiss ended she had to steady me, I was swaying badly, the kiss affecting me that much. Another peck on the lips and she was gone.

All day Saturday I tried to figure out what is going on. I was being treated just like I was a female, but had no idea why. I was even helping the situation along getting my ears pierced and hair highlighted. Annabelle never asked me to do this, it was just something I automatically did when in her presence. Now though my normal male persona was adrift, one look in the mirror and all you see is a female. I was never a jock, with narrow shoulders, and soft features on my face I was at best androgynous, now with the earrings and highlighted hair a female is the only logical conclusion you can come up with.

The dating continued same as before, with me firmly in the role of a female being courted by her lover. I did start wearing makeup some, had my nails done and started wearing breast forms in my new bras that I purchased. Of course, panties to match, although I did not give in to buying and wearing a dress yet. I was taken out every weekend, even a few dates mid week. I received flowers several times and a box of candy for Valentines.

By now most of my fellow students presumed I was female, long highlighted hair, makeup, breast forms, and now high heels seemed to shout female to any close enough to me to hear. The high heels made my legs look so good, although I was not wearing dresses, the leggings I was now wearing looked so much better with my feet in heels. Annabelle was appreciative always complimenting me on my looks. I was getting kissed passionately every time she returned me to my apartment, The kisses were divine and so looked forward to.

At our six month anniversary I was asked to wear a dress, she was taking me to a very ritzy restaurant, legging or pants on a female not allowed by their dress code. The salon helped me find the perfect dress, and new underwear to make the dress fit appropriately. While there I had my hair styled differently, all in curls piled up on top of my head. A more dramatic makeup and nail extensions with a pink polish made the female presentation complete. I was nervous, hoping Annabelle would be impressed with my looks.

She picked me up in a limo, rented exclusively for this evening. The meal was delightful, my new corset hampering my appetite somewhat. An ice cream sundae for dessert covered in chocolate and cherries finished off the meal. Then she got down on her knees and presented a gorgeous engagement ring to me, sliding it on my finger while asking me to marry her. I of course, said yes, there is no other response possible with as much as I love her and want to take care of her.

It has been a slow trip to femininity, but one that I willing joined, my lover deserves a perfect female and I will try my best to be that for her. From that first dance it seemed we were meant for each other, with me as the female. So lets make it so.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2020 Fran Cesca Walker

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