Sydney; Stand In Wife

Sis worked for a security company doing certain surveillance jobs as requested. Most of the time it was just following someone and making sure they did not get them selves in trouble. Most of the people she was paid to keep track of were fairly high profile, so were instant targets for news media and other individuals who had varied and nefarious reasons to exploit those people.

Quite often I got invited along, two people out wandering along not standing out like an individual would be. In this particular case me being along saved the day. I liked to dress all femmy, not quite sure what group of people I would be classified with. I don’t think I was transgender, I still appreciated my time as a male. Maybe somewhere between a tranny and a crossdresser. I loved the clothes, makeup, heels, okay I loved every bit of being a female. Tonight I was dressed from the skin out as a female, a way too tight sweater dress what someone might see. It was one of my older purchases, one that I adored and found any excuse to wear it often. My makeup was daytime appropriate, having just applied another coat of lipstick to my lips. Riding along with Sis allowed me to get out without all the stress of going clubbing.

Her current assignment was a CEO of a prominent company who had been in the news a lot, not all of the publicity in his favor. It was thought he had gathered a small pact of paparazzi that were just looking for a chance to take a few pictures, then exploit the story, or better yet make one up to suit their needs.

The CEO was typical member of the male gender, instead of laying low and waiting for things to blow over he continued in his ways of late, almost inviting trouble to find him. The company he worked for hired Sis’s company to shadow him, and try to minimize any potential scandals if possible. The company’s financial status was far from perfect right now, changing a CEO would only add to the disaster that loomed over them.

I had been out with her several times in the last few days, as we followed him around, noticing the pact of scum that had been following him at a distance. It was obvious he was totally unaware of the scum, not even realizing we were a constant companion to his travels along with the others. Sis perked up when he drove to a motel on the edge of town. When he pulled in to the parking lot and drove to the back of the motel she knew what he was thinking about doing. It was a motel known for being used when a prostitute is being met for a rendezvous.

She parked a few spaces from him and told me to approach him, pull him into a hug and whisper in his ear they he needed to drive you back home, the photographers were already parked out front waiting his next move. She would meanwhile handle the prostitute and make it seem that he was just meeting me for a secret rendezvous.

I got out of the car and made my way to him quickly putting my arms around his neck and hugging him tightly whispering that he needed to take me to my place. That part went according to plan, however the next part was not. He presumed me to be the prostitute and kissed me on the lips in a very passionate way. I tried to push him away but he was so wrapped up in the kiss, that I found it impossible to get him separated from my lips. Then we have the secondary problem, his erection quite noticeable and tenting his pants to obscene proportions. The sweater dress being so tight, his erection more then just felt as it pressed into my skirt. He pushed tighter to me as his erection pushed deeper into the skirt as I tried to get his attention.

Finally what I had said initially sunk in and he broke off the kiss and looked at me with pleading eyes. I mentioned that the press was out front waiting for him, we needed to hurry. I hung on to him as I encouraged him to head to his car. As he opened his car door I slid past him into the front seat, keeping me in front of him for most of the time. I told him where to take me, but that was changed a few minutes later when sis texted me. She wanted him to take me to his home, and to stay there until she called. No visitors, no phone calls and stay put were given in a straight forward manner as she told him directly, then promptly ended the phone call. It took him a few minutes for all of this to sink in, but eventually headed to his home. As we pulled out in front of the motel he saw all the press standing there, several of them inquiring at the office as to what room he had rented. He swallowed hard, but was able to concentrate enough on his driving to get us out of there. I looked behind us, not seeing anyone following us so maybe we made a clean getaway. I knew once the press found out he was not there, some of them would head to his house, looking for him.

He parked in his garage, and closed the garage door with his remote. I saw him let out a breath, apparently all of this had gotten to him and he was visibly shaken. I suggested we get inside, Sis would probably being calling soon on his land line. We ended up in his living room, after a few minutes of silence he asked who I was and if I was hired by his company. I told him my sister was hired by them, to keep an eye out for him, exactly what she had done tonight. When she calls she can explain everything else to him. After a few more minutes he swallowed hard again and apologized for kissing me at the motel. I smiled, told him it was okay, and then made him blush when I told him that was some kiss.

A few minutes later Sis called and they talked for quite some time. Several times he looked my way, I figured the conversation at that time was about me. After about twenty minutes she asked to talk to me and he handed the phone over.

Sis told me that several of the press had already showed up at the house, parked in the driveway of an abandoned house a couple of doors down and across the street from his house. When she drove by she noticed a dish set up by the side of one car and a camera on a tripod next to it. The camera had a telephoto lens mounted on it, the dish used to listen to conversations anywhere in the house. They were still setting up when she drove by the first time so probably nothing was heard when we first got to the house. On the phone conversation right now she was using a scrambler that emitted a tone that masked most any conversation as far as the listening dish was concerned. Once the phone call is over we had to watch what was said, staying away from any windows and doors. I was to play his wife, his real wife leaving him several years ago and has not been heard from since. We were to sleep together in the same room and interact with each other when getting ready for bed and in the morning as he got ready for work. She was sorry that I got involved in this but until tomorrow she had no way to tidy things up. I was cautioned again to watch what we talked about, if anything was talked about make it about the marriage. I handed the phone back to the guy and she told him the same thing and then hung up.

There was quite a bit of eerie silence, neither of us not knowing what to say. He got up and reached for my hand, then led me to his bedroom. He showed me the bath, and then a closet that held a lot of his wife’s clothes. He told me to look for a nightie and he would take a shower to let me have some privacy. That last said in a whisper in my ear. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. He stared at me then melted a little giving me a tender hug. He headed off to shower and I looked in the closet to see what his former wife had left. It was apparent she left in a hurry, since there didn’t seem to be anything missing. The closet was full, high heels on the floor and underwear lined up in clear plastic boxes on shelves at one end of the closet. I found a nightie, after undressing I slipped it on, it was a little tight in the waist but otherwise if fit pretty good. I found clean panties and put them on. Then a robe to minimize the sexual aspect of the nightie. The nightie was far from matronly.

I decided to play the wife part for awhile, going to the kitchen and seeing what was available to make for a snack. From the amount of pizza in the freezer he must like pizza. I found a smaller one, started the oven and placed it inside. There was tons of tea on the counter almost every conceivable kind represented. I chose one that I liked to drink and made up a pitcher of it. I found some cookies in the pantry and some containers of pre-made icing so I iced a few cookies planning to slip them in the over after the pizza came out warming them a little so they would taste like fresh baked.

I walked around the house looking at everything, trying to see what he was like. You can often tell what a person is like by looking at how they live. After my tour I checked the pizza then sat on a bar stool by the serving bar, from the few crumbs left on the counter most likely where he ate all the time. I cleaned the counter and found a couple of glasses for the tea, having to wash them also since they were far from clean. I set them on the counter and turned to the door to see if he had finished his shower. He was standing in the door frame smiling at me, then walked over and hugged me giving me another kiss on the lips, He did tone it down some from the kiss at the motel though.

I pushed him back a little, this was progressing a little farther than I intended, and much faster than I could handle. I took him to the bar and pushed him onto one of the bar stools. I shook my finger at him, as he smiled and reached for me again. I evaded his hands and walked over to the oven to check on the pizza. I turned the oven off, a few minutes more in the warm oven and it should be ready. I retrieved the glasses, filled them with ice then poured the tea. As I placed them on the serving bar, I had to dodge his roving hands once more. I took out the pizza, cut it into pieces and placed it on the counter. Then I placed the tray of cookies in the oven, with the oven door slightly open. They would be warm but not hot.

I found my bar stool and moved it a little farther away from his, smiled and parked my fanny on it. I reached for a piece of pizza took a bite and savored the taste. He obviously bought the better brands, since this one was superb. I had found some Italian dressing and sprinkled a little on the pizza as it was cooking, it blended the flavors better and enhanced the taste of the pizza. I guess my husband had finally relented a little taking a piece of pizza for himself and letting out a moan of pleasure at his first bite. He got up and moved his stool closer to me and finished his first piece with his other hand on my thigh. He definitely has a one track mind, maybe he will eat most of the pizza and take a nap. At least I can hope.

We watched what we said to each other, in case we could be over heard. The cookies were also a hit, I manged one, while he ate all the rest. After the pizza was consumed I wrote on the pizza box, that we should go to bed, but nothing but cuddling allowed. I warned him I had a black belt in Karate and I would stop any effort on his part to use his do hickey where it was not wanted. He smiled and crossed his heart. He wondered off to the bedroom trying the hurt puppy dog look and I cleaned up the kitchen. When finished I went to the bedroom, slipped off my robe and climbed under the covers. A bath or shower would have to wait until tomorrow while he is at work, at least my body will have some clothes between the two of us. He did go right to sleep, this time it was my turn to let out a huge sigh. He was good the next morning as he got ready for work. I did get a kiss on the lips and then he was gone. When I was receiving the kiss I noticed his crotch, his organ once more inflated wanting to stab something.

Sis called a little later wanting to meet me at her beauty salon, she had made appointments for us and we could use the time to discuss what next as they made me pretty. Her words not mine. I arrived but did notice that I had a tail, the press must be getting desperate to end up following his supposed wife for a story. Sis was already there, her hair in curlers as I was taken to a station to have my hair washed and conditioned. Once that was handled she grabbed my hand and dragged me to their lounge, where they had soft drinks and some snacks for their customers.

Sis explained that the press had already made some inquiries about his wife, even dragging up a picture of her from the newspaper files. Luckily, I looked enough like her that my role as his wife should not be questioned. As far as sis could tell the wife had found someone else and they were living somewhere in South America. The information from a school chum of the wife, who still kept track of the husband for the ex-wife. Apparently she had asked for a divorce, but he had ignored her request and never replied to any of her emails. So I will need to be the wife for awhile while Sis tries to get the press off his case. She is hoping that things at his company will smooth out a little, thus reducing his status as an integral part of any story.

I asked her how I can control his horniness, since anytime he is near me is ready to stab something. She thought for a minute, then a huge smile came over her face.

“Yep that will be a perfect way to combat his lust and take the pressure off of you.”

I looked expectantly at her, waiting for her to tell me what she had come up with. Then the three words that immediately sent shivers through my body were voiced.

“A fake vagina. I know the salon can handle that procedure here and now. So by the time you get back to your home you will be ready to handle any and all expectations made of you by your husband.”

I didn’t faint but it was close as I wavered a little between consciousness and out to the world. I did manage to ask why me.

“Look you enjoy dressing as a female, now you can experience the other part of being a female. It is not all clothes, beauty salons and shopping. So you get to do what most housewives do every day, and maybe learn something about the superior gender. Besides you don’t have anything else to do, this will keep you off the streets and out of trouble. You will also learn that women are the superior gender, a simple thing like getting sex and he will do anything you want. Now let me arrange your sex change, then we will have time to do a little shopping before you head home to your hubby. Just think a warm stiff penis slipping into your moist vagina and the fireworks starts.”

She played with her phone for a minute then a smile appeared on her face. Yep they can work you in right now. One hot moist pussy coming up.

“Oh gawd, did you have to go into detail. Surely you are kidding me.” Just then a tech comes and gets me, taking me to a private room in the back of the salon. As I am led away I looked back in hopes of being saved, she just smiles and goes back to reading her magazine. The area around my male organ is thoroughly cleaned, then he is glued back between my legs. I now have a flat front like any other female would have. She lifts up a silicone vagina and then positions it over my male organ, making sure the tip of my penis is in the right place. Then it is glued down to my groin, and some more permanent makeup used to blend it in with my natural skin. Just like that I am a female as far as genitals is concerned. I looked down there again, and my mind has already succumbed to the lure of a female vagina, picturing a male organ sliding into the warm moist slit. The tech wanted to know if I wanted to try it out, but I refused, I am sure it will get a work out soon enough. Back to the lounge, then both of us are placed under hair dryers so that our locks can dry.

Our hair styles are brushed out after the curlers are removed, then a touch up of our makeup and sis gives me a tender hug. As she walks away she turns and says have fun, but please keep the noise down. I make my way back home, noticing that the group across the street has grown some. Potential stories must be at a premium right now.

I let myself in then walk through the house seeing what this housewife needs to do, to fulfill my part in this scenario. I find some meat in the freezer, from the looks of it no telling how long it has been there. I decide to cook it up, maybe a slow cooker might be best since I have several hours yet before my hubby gets home. Sis had postponed the shopping trip to another day, since she received a text message that needed to be looked into. So cooking something for dinner and cleaning up around the house will have to do for my afternoon entertainment.

The meat turned out to be okay, then I added potatoes and some onions. The juice off the meat will make some tasty gravy, and round out the dinner offering. I made some more tea, this time another variety from his large selection. I decided I needed some different clothes for dinner, maybe if I am the aggressor in the romance department it might throw him off his game. I found some lounging pajamas, thin lacy and downright obscene. If they don’t arouse him quickly and make him stiff he is already one foot in the grave. I did smile some, this just might be fun.

I heard his car in the garage and ran to the door, wanting to give him a wifely welcome. As he came through the door I wrapped my arms around his neck and planted my lips on his. I did catch him by surprise as he didn’t know quite what to do. He finally gave in and returned the kiss our tongues actively in pursuit of each other. As he backed off he took in my appearance his penis quickly rising to attention.

Before he could plan an attack I led him to the table and pushed him down in his chair. Poured him a glass of tea over ice, then went to the kitchen to retrieve the food. His eyes locked on my tush and what he could see through the pajamas. It took me three trips to get the food to the table, his eyes never leaving my body. I kind of liked the attention, making me feel wanted. I dished out some of the food on his plate, then some on mine. Meanwhile he had taken a bite of my offerings and let out some type of moan/groan I presume in appreciation of what I had made for him. I knew he was having trouble, deciding whether to watch me in the pajamas or eat some of the delicious food. I didn’t make it easy for him as I was constantly adjusting the top over my breasts or moving an erstwhile breast back into the built in cups of the top. Each time I looked up his eyes were glued to my breasts, once he almost spilled all of his drink down his front while watching me move a breast back into place. When his eyes finally left my body his drink was nearer his ear then his mouth. Yep this is fun.

I received his help clearing the table, although I had told him I could handle it. Lets face it now that the food is gone he can spend all his time ogling my body. As soon as I declared the clean up complete he grabbed my wrist and led me to the living room. He sat me on the couch, then attempted to park his body as close to me as he could. He whispered in my ear, that dinner was delicious, but the way I am dressed far exceeds any dinner. He wants to be good, but it is so hard. He did place my one hand on his penis, there is no doubt of his arousal.

We chit chatted keeping our voices low, just barely above a whisper. I decided to tell all, it is not fair for me to deceive him, even if the original reason for the masquerade was to protect him. After I had told him I was a male underneath all of the feminine clothes and padding he pulled back a little, carefully examining me for any tell tale signs of that fact. He leaned in closer and kissed me on the lips, putting as much passion in the kiss as possible. When he broke off the kiss I had to compose myself, my breathing ragged and my heart rate soaring. His whispered response, nope you are female and lets not bring up that subject again. The cuddling, kissing and romantic adventures continued for at least an hour. Then he decided we needed to move our activities to the bedroom.

Like last night he was a gentleman, taking his shower first while I prepared myself for bed. Makeup removed, hair in a braid and a new nightie and I joined him after using the bathroom. I was pulled closer and held tightly. He thanked me for the wonderful dinner and for being so nice to him asking if I was available to fill the job permanently. If so he was ready to sign a contract. I looked at him to see if he was serious, receiving a kiss on the end of my nose as his arms engulfed my body and held it tightly. Before long he was asleep, leaving me quite a bit to think about while being held in his arms. That familiar feeling of something poking me in the butt was back though, a little harder and stiffer than last night. I too nodded off sleeping soundly until he kissed me on the lips as he left me on his way to work.

I laid there, that is two nights in a row of him treating me like a treasured commodity, even though I had divulged to him that I was male underneath the clothing. He was treating me like a wife, maybe I need to look into his former wife, why she left and what king of a person she was. Time to call Sis, let her gather up the information for me.

Of course Sis gave me grief, accusing me of falling for him, lot of giggling from her in that short conversation. She did find out about his wife, sending me an email with a whole history of her and their relationship and eventual parting of the ways. She did it in her usual way, an email leading to a file on her website with all the info spelled out therein.

She was apparently a gold digger, hitching her wagon to an up and coming executive and riding along till the wagon was ripe for plucking. About the time she was thinking of taking him for every penny she found an admirer, this one richer in many ways. She left her current husband wanting to not miss out on this new boyfriend. He lives in Argentina and along with being wealthy owns a considerable amount of land. He was heading back down south and invited her to go with him. She has indeed asked for a divorce several times, but James has left any requests unanswered. So far no lawyers have been consulted, but it is inevitable at some point.

I resorted to cooking another pizza for tonight, this one an extra large with everything on it. I hunted through his cabinets for something to add to it, making an okay pizza spectacular. More Italian dressing, some green olives and some almost out dated Parmesan cheese. I tried a bite after it had cooked, luck was with me, this one tasting better than the fist one I had fixed.

I met him at the door again, this time in a pencil skirt and lacy blouse. My bra showing through the blouse. The requisite passionate kiss and then led him to the kitchen. I will have to watch myself, these kisses are getting to be habit forming and so enjoyable.

My offerings food wise were quickly consumed, he even helped me straighten the kitchen and wash the dishes. He had been a little quiet tonight, like he had something he wanted to bring up but did not know how to do it. Finally I told him to spit it out, at the worse I will find something heavy and throw it at him, at the best he might get a kiss. I sat back letting him squirm trying to get comfortable and able to discuss what he wanted.

He surprised me my telling me that his divorce is final now. “She signed the uncontested divorce papers just yesterday. Her boyfriend wanted to get married, so to be able to do so meant she had to get a divorce. Now for a few things you probably are not aware of. Your sister and I are old school chums, even living together for a few months in an apartment shared among six people. When the press started following me I contacted her, needing her help in how to deal with them. We shared several dinners as we tried to figure what could be done. Then she came up with the idea of getting the two of us together. She has been thrilled at how successful it has been, now considering her hand at match making as a profession.”

“When I made the comment about making it permanent I was serious, I would like you to marry me and become my wife. Since then you have shown me what married life could be like, something I never experienced in my earlier marriage. I do love you from the fist kiss at the motel I have fallen for you, never wanting to be without you in my life. I have an engagement ring for you, hoping you will accept it and agree to be my wife.”

He reached into his pocket and retrieved a gorgeous diamond engagement ring and slipped it on my finger. I was already shedding tears, mouthing yes and trying to keep the tears from my eyes so I could look at the ring. I sensed the time was here for a kiss, grabbing his head in my hands and kissing him hard on the lips. He tried to take control, but this was my kiss and I was controlling the action. It lasted forever, I was not even letting him have a chance to take a breath. Tongues met and exchanged fluid, but the lips was where all the action was. When I finally did break the kiss, I giggled some, he had more lipstick on his lips then I usually had on my lips. He looked cute in lipstick, so I leaned in again and sampled the merchandise.

When things returned to normal, what ever that is he suggested a trip to Vegas, not wanting to waste any time and take a chance on me changing my mind. I don’t think he has to worry about that, but I am not going to tell him that. We were on a flight the next morning and were married and back home that evening. He kept asking about a honeymoon, I just shook my head no, our bed will be sufficient, he just needs to stay in it for the duration. Other than a few snacks that is where we stayed, seven days of married bliss. On the last day he was having trouble getting it up, informing me he had to go to work so he could rest for awhile. That night I used up his one day of rest and more, suggesting he eat more carbohydrates and protein so that he could please his new wife.

I did deal with Sis, finding her a stud of her own, then arranging for them to be locked in his home for the long weekend. I received no complaints from either of them, plus if sis wanted out she had a lock pick in her purse.

It started as a stand in wife, but ended up a permanent wife for my husband. Luck, maybe fate, but I will happily settle for either.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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