Carla; A Female Promotion At Work

Believe it or not I have a college degree. Born with the name of Carl Sanders, now twenty-five years old, still living in my hometown of Prescott, Arizona. Even though I graduated college, jobs and planned careers have evaded me. So far, my college degree has only landed me a job at the local grocery store. Even worse, it is only as a cashier.

When I attended the local university I had grand plans. I would get my degree and then work my way up the corporate ladder to management. It was five months to the day after my graduation before I even had a job offer. The offer is to become a cashier for a local supermarket. My resume was never looked at, I rang items through a register and made change for several transactions that was my test to see if I could perform the job. I passed and was offered a job at the minimum hourly wage plus fifty cents.

There would be a 90 day probationary period, then a six month contract after that. If I worked out the contract would be renewed for another six months. After two years, a week vacation would be offered and we did get free uniforms. That last part, one of the benefits they were most proud of. I took the job, since I had accumulated a huge student loan debt, and my savings account had been depleted by college expenses. Real life had made its presence known, dreams and future plans chucked in the waste basket for a while.

I could have moved to southern California and probably got a better job, but the living expenses over there were outrageous. I decided to play it safe and stay home, maybe get some of my debt paid down and some money saved, then try my luck elsewhere. The job was not that bad, it was easy for me, and the hours were reasonable.

My uniform consisted of black pants and a teal colored shirt. Black and teal were the colors used in their advertising and in some of the decorating in the store. Kind of dreary, in my opinion, but the whole chain was kind of dreary. The chain was not the largest in the area, nor the cheapest, but we carried a lot of items that other grocery stores would not carry.

After I had been there for several months, a grocery chain from California bought us out, lock stock and barrel. The new corporate leadership visited us the first week, promising lots of changes and a more dynamic approach to selling foods. Over the next two weeks the store is repainted, new gondolas, and all brand new coolers and display cases. Our registers were updated, more computer than register. All the items we sold now were scanned, a fact that I was pleased with. That allowed me to process my customers faster, and severally limited any price checks we had to put up with.

They had instituted a low price guarantee, if one of our competitors was selling it cheaper, our computers matched that price. The only requirement is that the price be an advertised price, either TV, radio, or newspaper. That brought us more business, our customers loving to save money.

Our new corporate colors, in fact the new décor colors for the store were peach and burgundy. They told us our new uniforms were ordered and on the way, probably one to two weeks before we received them. I was not looking forward to their arrival, those two colors not really considered masculine in my opinion.

From the start the front end manager and I had not get along. I am positive the only reason I was still here is my speed and accuracy. To this day I have never been short in my drawer, a feat not often accomplished in today’s world. The female manager, Sandy, was the one to interview and hire me, so he had no say in that decision. Since the new buy out she is now a regional manager of ten stores for the chain.

The day had come, when we finished with our shifts and had cashed out our drawer, Gary our front end manager handed us a box with our new uniforms in them. We had to sign for them, and agree to wear them on our next scheduled shift. I didn’t think much about it, signed the sheet and headed to my car with my box.

A couple of the other cashiers stopped me, asked me to look in my box to see what kind of uniform I received. I sat the box on the hood of my car and proceeded to open it. When I pulled out the packing my face went red. There in all its glory is a female uniform of skirt and blouse three sets to be specific. I checked the box, written in small print was the words female cashier, large size 16-20. I started to return to the store to straighten this out, but Barbara stopped me.

A couple of weeks ago when the uniforms were ordered they overheard Gary tell the uniform representative that he had all female cashiers. After the uniform rep left, Gary said to a fellow male employee, that will fix the little fairy, for once I will get my way and his ass will be out of here. Barbara had heard him say those words, then stepped out of the bathroom right next to him. He of course stuttered, then quickly scurried back to his office. The other male employee leaving the store very quickly.

The girls were not sure that it would make it through corporate without being corrected so they didn’t say anything to me. Since it managed to make it through the main office, it might now be a problem for me. They had an idea, but wanted to talk to me about it, but not in the parking lot. They offered to buy me a late lunch, since we had started at seven that morning and had just punched out at one.

We drove to a restaurant that we sometimes ate at, the girls company always welcome. We found a booth, settled in and then ordered. Barbara started the conversation. “Carl since you signed the uniform receipt, that same receipt states that you will wear the uniform on your next scheduled work time. That is tomorrow along with us starting at four P.M. If you don’t show up dressed in the uniform, I am sure Gary will try to fire you for it. This isn’t the first time he has squared off with you, and I am sure it won’t be his last, unless we can catch him at this tricks in front of the district manager. I am sure Sandy will back you up, but we have to show her what Gary has been trying to do to get you fired.”

“I suggest that you go into work tomorrow in the uniform that alone will get his goat. Work your shift as you normally do, then wait to see what Gary will do to embarrass or humiliate you. I am sure he will try something before the shift is over. Meanwhile we will let Sandy know what has happened so far, and let her handle Gary when he sticks his foot in his mouth.”

I was not sure about this, wearing a female uniform that is obviously very feminine in both looks and design is a little out of my comfort zone. I could see what might happen if I didn’t wear the uniform, but if I did there were also many risks, maybe too many to do so.

“We will help you with your uniform, applying makeup, helping you with your hair, thus guaranteeing a female presentation. That way he can’t accuse you of disrupting the work place, his comments will be the only things disrupting anything. I know this is not something you want to do, but until we get him out of here he will be a problem for you and somewhat for us. He has bothered us before, a few gropes that are not appreciated, and some comments that are just short of harassment.”

“All of the cashiers support you, you are the best with customers, and your speed has handled many a logjam at the registers easily and quickly. You treat us all with respect, something that very few males do in this company.”

I didn’t know how to respond, the girls were right, it would remain a problem until he was fired or quit. Dressing as a female cashier, in front of everybody was a little farther than I wanted to go. Barbara in particular managed to convince me to try it tomorrow, then we would see what happened before making any other decisions. The girls agreed to meet me at my home tomorrow at noon that would give then four hours to make me presentable.

Sleep that night was sporadic, the situation tomorrow quite often interfering with any attempt to get some rest. The girls showed up an hour early with some takeout to nibble on. I was relieved of any body hair, the legs and under my arms the main target. I complained about the underarms, the girls just saying that no female wanted hairy armpits and they were whisked away. The blouse on the uniform was long sleeved so my arms were okay as they were. They had brought several items of ladies lingerie, so I tried them on to see which fit best.

I was nervous as all get out, this was nerve wracking. To put on the uniform at home one thing but to wear it to work and in front of customers a totally different task. Once my stomach got to the point that I had to use the bathroom, lunch and breakfast not staying with me. They gave me some ginger ale to drink and that helped some, soothing my upset tummy.

I wasn’t keeping track of time, but when one of the girls handed me a purse after I had on all the parts of the uniform, I figured that my time was up. As I was being led out of my home, the sound of my door closing and being locked made me realize my worst fears were here and now. I rode with one of the girls, I am sure that was intentional to make sure I wouldn’t just drive off. We got to the parking lot, one girl on each side of me and we went in and straight to the female locker room.

A couple of the other ladies were already there, they complimented my looks and wished me well. I was made to fix my lipstick, then we walked out and punched in at the time clock. Garry heard the noise and came out. He looked around for my male self, then looked at each of us. When his eyes zeroed in on me he smiled a huge smile. “Well what have we here, a new girl coming to work? Let’s put you on the service counter today, honey.” That said with a very sarcastic voice.

“Yes, Mr. Whitney I will go there now. The girls chuckled, but Gary fumed. The service counter is the hardest job, customer complaints and requests, price checks, refunds, all very frustrating. He had done it on purpose, he knew that Sandy had told him months ago that I was to be kept on a register, far more valuable there than anywhere else. I wiggled my ass a little as I made for the service counter, I am sure that it wasn’t sexy, heck I could barely walk in the low heels, much less wiggle my ass while wearing them, but never the less I tried to be sexy. I have no idea why the sexy walk had entered my mind, I suspected that I am quickly losing it.

As I was to learn later my walk did have the desired effect, words said in lower tones calling me every name he could think of. Barbara had held back to see his reaction to me, recording all of it on her cell phone. I relieved the lady on the counter getting a hug from her in the process. I started waiting on customers, shortly I sensed him watching me even though I did not look his way. I was polite, courteous and cheerful to all my customers. All of them leaving the counter satisfied and happy.

I presume since he was not getting any reaction from me, he moved me to an express register for customers with less than ten articles. For me that was even more fun, ringing them up, bagging their purchases and giving them their proper change. The register was cash only, credit cards taking longer to ring through. I noticed him talking to a few of my customers as they left the store, then seeing Sandy enter the store. Gary was talking to a lady, his back to the entrance door, so he didn’t see her enter.

I presume Sandy had been contacted by the girls, I hope they conveyed to her why I was dressed as a female. Sandy walked up to my register, watched for a minute to two and then left to go back to the offices. There had not been a manager appointed yet at this store, the two assistant managers and Gary filling in the schedule so all hours were covered. I kept working the express line, then Gary came back by and moved me back to the service counter.

The line had gotten longer, several people wanted money orders and one was complaining about some meat she bought that had turned bad. There turned out to be six customers in line when I arrived. As Gary left he was smiling, he figured I wouldn’t be able to handle the line quickly giving him something to write me up for. He had done that in the past to other employees, the females in question deciding it would be better if they didn’t work there so no complaint was ever filed.

In fifteen minutes I had the line cleared up and was restocking the registers with bags, a normal job when the service counter was caught up. Gary was quite upset and had again started talking to my customers as they left. I got several looks after he talked to them, I figured he had told them I was a male, and that was their reaction. I had noticed Sandy walk out ahead of a couple of the customers Gary too busy to notice her movements.

She reappeared about ten minutes later very disturbed. She grabbed Gary and told him to go to the manager’s office. He was surprised to see her, mumbling to himself several times. She got one of the girls to relieve me and headed me in the same direction. When I got there Gary was sitting in one of the chairs with a smile on his face, figuring that he somehow got the best of me. Sandy showed up a few minutes later after talking with Barbara. As she entered she closed the door ensuring some privacy.

“Gary can you tell me why Carl is in a female uniform?” He was quiet, trying to figure out what to say. He tried to say it was corporate’s fault, he ordered the right mix but this is what they sent.

“Then can you tell me why the uniform rep told me that you ordered all female uniforms?” This time no comment was forthcoming. “When I came in I saw Carla was working the service counter, a job I specifically told you she is not to be assigned.” The wink at the name Carla was cute and hinted at further mischief on her part.

Still no comment, so she changed the game a little. “I talked to a few customers outside the store, ones that you had already talked to. They told me that you had identified Carla as a male and asked if they were upset at being helped by a man dressed as a female. Now since Carla is wearing a uniform that you ordered, and is doing what the sheet that you had her sign last night stated maybe you can explain why you would be quizzing our customers about her appearance.” Gary never said a word.

Since you won’t respond to my questions I think that a little payback is in order. “In you locker you will find an identical uniform to Carla’s, either put in on and come back her for my inspection or I want your resignation on my desk within twenty minutes. If neither of the two things happen I will help Carla file charges against you for sexual harassment, a case I am sure she will win. Now get out of here.”

He reappeared a few minutes later, handed her his resignation and quickly left. On the way out he hissed at me. “I will get you for this, one way or another, you will not escape my wrath.” Sandy picked up the phone and told the party on the line to come in. A police officer walked in and placing Gary in handcuffs. He read him his rights as Sandy took a tape out of the recorder on her desk and handed to the officer. Gary might have been better off keeping his mouth shut, now charged with a crime, instead of just losing his job.

I smiled and got up to return to work. Sandy asked me where I was going. “To work, even a district manager should be aware of the need to keep our customers happy.” I tried to wiggle my butt a little as I made my exit, Sandy giggling a sign that I needed a lot more practice. I finished my shift, the remaining time on the express register. Even though we had a ten item limit on this register I took anybody with less than a cart full of groceries.

Sandy had a meeting she had to attend, so had to leave early, As she was heading out the door, she asked me to continue as Carla until she got back, one or two days at the most. I agreed, but wondered why continue the charade. That night as we clocked out all of the girls wanted to know the details of the meeting in Sandy’s office. I begged off, that will have to come from Sandy. I got lots of hugs that evening, I am grateful for the attention, but didn’t see any real change between the girls and me.

They were surprised when the next day I appeared in my uniform again. Again a lot of affection, glad that I was doing this, and hoping management would be appreciative of my actions. When that was being voiced, I couldn’t but wonder what they meant. I was doing my job, even though in a female uniform, and that was all. Two more days in my new uniforms, plus the addition of some new female undies, that I had to purchase, when I got a call from Sandy. You can’t wear the same panties two days in a row, you know.

I was scheduled to work from opening to noon, Sandy wanted to be sure I would be there, she had some things she wanted to discuss with me. I figured it had to be about Gary, we hadn’t heard a thing since his arrest. I worked my shift and then as I was getting ready to head home she appeared in the locker room. Come on with me, we are going to get some lunch. I grabbed my purse, and followed her. Yes, I was carrying a purse, since there are no pockets in the uniform, I had no way to carry my keys and wallet otherwise.

We walked a few blocks to a new restaurant that had just opened, past a line waiting to be served at their walk up deli counter and were seated at a table by the front window. We ordered some sandwiches, then two diet cokes. We nibbled for a while, neither one if us ready to start the conversation.

“So Carla how goes the job. Are you happy working as a female?” I gave her a funny look, but just set there. I wonder where she is going with this line of questioning. After quite a few minutes of silence I figured I better answer her question.

“The job is fine, since Gary has left things are quiet. Working as a female is not much different than as a male except for the clothes. The skirt is a little breezy at times, the breasts get in my way more often than not, but overall things are good. The girls and I have worked out a system, the lines at the checkouts have been a lot less recently, and we are proud of what we have accomplished. So yes, I am happy.”

Sandy smiled but was trying hard to stifle a giggle. “That’s good, you are now our new front end manager, effective today, and all the girls will now report to you. I would prefer you to stay as Carla, a much more effective employee than Carl was. Plus her beauty adds to the stores décor. I have talked to the girls, they are unanimous in their agreement, Carla is here to stay, and Carl has resigned and left.”

“Now as to your salary, here is a figure I have in mind, it will allow you some margin to fill out your wardrobe and save a little for special things. The contract is for a year, renewed automatically unless that employee has some sort of discipline notices in their files. You will carry keys for the store and help open and close it as needed.” I looked at what she had scribbled on a piece of paper and nearly fainted.

She took my inability to speak, as me being not happy about my salary. “You drive a hard bargain, I will add ten thousand to that figure, but not a penny more.” I set there dumb founded, trying to figure out what just happened. I was making no progress at all.

Good that is settled, incidentally your new uniforms will be her tomorrow, we like our managers to look a little nicer. Your pay will reflect the change this Friday, maybe you would like to take a day or two off to get your hair styled and get appropriate accessories for your new job. Here is a place that I have heard great things about, I have taken the liberty to make you an appointment for tomorrow at eight in the morning. Keep up the good work and I will see you in a week or two. Give me a hug, I have to get going.”

Hurricane Sandy left as quickly as she had arrived, damage strewn all around the store, myself the most affected. Well, what do I do now? Being a member of management now, changes a lot of things, but the real changes are yet to come in the days ahead. Female 24/7 first, not an impersonation anymore, but a lifestyle. I can’t figure it out, everybody is alright with me as a female, the girls, my so called friends among the leaders in my transition. Sandy never did ask if I really wanted this, just went ahead and did it. Doesn’t the victim get to choose her fate?

That last thought causing me to stop and think. I just thought of myself as a she, a couple of days in a skirt and blouse and I have changed genders in my mind. I know when I am getting dressed before my shift, each time it gets easier, sometimes not even thinking what I am doing as my underwear gets put on. Being that the underwear is panties and a bra, that is a most remarkable feat.

The money is not anything to sneeze at, but the sacrifice on my part probably canceling out the generous amount of the raise. All these thoughts and more wandered through my mind as I walked back to the store and my locker. As I came in there were smiles on every female up front, a couple that didn’t have customers congratulated me, the rest giving me a thumbs up.

Somehow they had already found out about my promotion. I went looking for Bob and Jim the two assistants to see when I would be required to work. They were in Sandy’s old office. I waited till they finished their conversation then asked when they wanted me to work. They were printing out the next week’s schedule so I was given one. I looked at it, seeing no problem I asked about the safe combination and that also was given to me.

Jim was more of the outgoing type, asking me if I was going to continue to dress as a female. “That is Sandy’s request, so I will try it until her next visit, then talk to her about it.”

Bob spoke up next, his statement shocking me. “From what we hear you are going to be the next manager here, a promotion that both Jim and I readily endorse. The only reason you are not one now is that you need a little more experience in certain areas, that experience you will be getting in the next week or two.” Although the schedule shows you working tomorrow, Jim and I will cover your shifts, we understand about a females need to look good, so take the day off and get all prettied up.

I stared at them, why are you treating me this way, a lowly cashier until today and you are treating me as an equal. Those words were not spoken just run through my mind. I think Jim sensed my uneasiness. “Look you have constantly shown us your skills, your dedication to the job, and your treatment of your fellow cashiers. The way Gary was handled, an excellent example of your control of a situation, you never argued with him, but allowed him to hang himself, with no interference from you.”

“When we get swamped with customers, we never have to worry with you up front, whatever needs to be done to handle the situation gets done and quickly. Both of us would love to work alongside you, it would be a pleasure. We have conveyed this with Sandy, her only reaction a smile. Now get yourself beautiful and we will see you the day after tomorrow.”

I had performed my job that day, though in my mind a different struggle was occurring. Everybody sees me as a female, at least it seems that way. Since no one has said anything I apparently look like one, but to be one from now on what is the deal here. Sandy requesting it, the girls all for it, Bob and Jim even allowing me time to get prettied up, something seems out of sync, off the rails, or some other phrase.

When the crowd picked up, as I was getting ready to leave I jumped on a register and soon we had the backlog caught up. I made a change on the schedule in the back to allow another one of the girls to work tomorrow in my place to do the same as I had done today. I mentioned it to Bob and Jim, there response why am I telling them this, it is your job, so do it. I talked with Yvonne to make sure she was available and then left. I only lived about three blocks from the store, so most days I walked. I had, however, taken my car when I worked the evening shift, conscious of my new appearance, and not wanting to take any chances.

As I walked home there were lots of brain activity going on. Maybe too jumbled to remember clearly, but every once in a while a clear thought would stay put long enough for me to register its presence. I wish I could have talked with Sandy more, her reason for me working as a female hard to figure out.

I was at the salon the next morning, a few minutes earlier than my appointment. I was taken back to a separate room right away by my stylist for today, Gina was very personable, getting me something to drink and going over what Sandy had chosen for me today. I was shocked at the detail that Sandy had went to. No doubt, I would definitely be seen as a female after these treatments. Gina wanted to know if I wanted to change anything or was ready to embrace the whole shebang.

I thought about it for a few minutes, but for some odd reason it sounded like the right thing to do. When Gina came back from taking a phone call, I told her to go ahead, just nothing that couldn’t be reversed later if I wanted. Very quickly I was stripped from my clothes, laid on a table and a cream smoothed over my body to remove all my body hair. Front side first, even my male groin got covered in the cream. While the cream was doing its job, my nails were worked on. Filed, cuticle removed, with extensions added there was no similarity to my old stubby broken nails when she finished. A bright burgundy nail polish after a base coat made them shine, a perfect complement to the store’s uniforms. Hair washed and conditioned, then set in curlers. I did get a feminine cut, even without curls my image now female. I was given lessons in makeup, mainly just an everyday look that accented my feminine features while hiding my few male ones. My new hair style would be fairly easy to recreate every morning, with a once a week appointment to keep it perfect and easy to manage.

Then the biggie, Gina showed up with two breast forms, perfect in looks and way too big in my opinion. Before I could figure out what to say they were glued to my chest, now the image in a nearby mirror female as befits Carla. Gina assured me they would stay put, the glue even safe to take a shower with. They transmitted some touch to my real nipples, so I would be more aware of them on my body.

In their clothes store next door I found a few things I just had to have, and some more heels, appropriate to wear to work and comfortable. So with my new purchases I walked out to my car and headed home. I noticed a different feeling as I made my way home. I presume the breasts making the most difference. Nothing felt as foreign as before, the clothes, even the breasts quickly just some things to wear so I could perform my job.

Walking to work the next morning I was happy, even humming a tune I had heard that morning on the radio. I put my purse in my locker and clocked in. I went out to the floor to see if all of my cashiers had shown up and was mobbed. I had to get them to their registers since we had a couple of customers approaching the front with their items to check out. It never eased up from then on to early afternoon. The majority of the time I was on a register or helping out at the customer service counter to keep things moving smoothly.

I did catch myself rubbing my new breasts with my arms as I was bagging some groceries. I corrected my arm movements to allow for a little more space between my appendages and my arms when doing things. Other than that the morning went along smoothly. I handled some difficult customers trying to pull a fast one on the store, wanting a refund for merchandise but didn’t have a receipt. No problem I gave them a store credit for future purchases, but when used it would require a manager’s approval. They left quickly, not very happy at what had transpired. Jim had watched from a distance but stayed out of it, a huge smirk on his face as the customers left the store.

So as my shift was coming to an end who should show up, yep Sandy walked in. She walked around the store checking n things then called Bob, Jim and I into the manager’s office. As we sat down in chairs in front of her desk she smiled, noting my new female looks as she did so. Well we have some things to discuss so lets get to it. I am going to do things a little different here than in the past. Bob will be grocery manager with regards to items coming form our warehouse. That leaves Jim with all the rest including food vendors, bakery deli and pharmacy. Now We need to have a spot for Carla, so customer service, cashiers and employee scheduling is now her area, Bob and Jim to furnish her a list of who and what times they need help. If an employee needs to be warned or corrected that is Carla’s responsibility. All three of you are key holders, but need to have someone appointed to handle your job when you are not scheduled in the store.

When I have trouble with the store’s operation I will be talking to all three of you, so be warned. Now do any of you have any questions? Good now get to work. We all got up and walked out heading to our areas of responsibility. I did get hugs from both Bob and Jim complimenting me on my looks and my new additions to my job description. Then they left to get to work.

Sandy gave me a hug as he left a little later, telling me that I looked quite pretty, maybe you can catch some good looking guy for a boyfriend, you know there is more to being a female than dressing in skirts and using makeup. I was beet red at her remark, but it did register deep down somewhere.

I guess when I had to wear the female uniform because of Gary, it was a turning point in my life, since then everything has been much better, a bright future is ahead of me, one that I can’t wait to experience.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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