Alicia; Oops Suddenly A Female

I was headed to the mountains for some well-deserved rest. My scatter brained uncle had a luxury cabin up there and I had managed to persuade him to let me stay there for a couple of weeks. He had earlier in the month rented it out to a movie crew to film an adult fantasy film for one of the cable channels. While I was up there he wanted me to check to see that they had not trashed the place. It was a full day’s drive up there, since I had not got started as early as I planned, I would not make it there today. I found a motel to stay at, had a nice dinner and then went right to sleep. I was up with the birds, dressed and finished the drive to the cabin. I purposely skipped breakfast, I had things for the refrigerator in an ice chest and planned a nice lunch, then a walk around the surrounding area.

Off the main highway on a small dirt road that led to the cabin I noticed a lot of recent tracks on the road. It had rained a few days ago, any old tracks should have been erased by the rain. I didn’t think too much about it, more anxious to get to the cabin. I made the last turn, the road dropping off into a small valley. Right in the middle of the valley was my uncle’s cabin. It looked so good nestled among the pines with rays of sunshine peeking through here and there. I drove up to the cabin, parking behind the structure like my uncle advised. I got out of the car, then headed to the front door on the other side of the cabin. As I approached the door, I thought I heard some voices, so I stopped. then after not hearing anything more for a minute, used my key to open the door.

I took one step inside before I was grabbed from behind and a cloth held over my mouth and nose causing me to pass out. Waking up I found myself strapped to a chair, naked as the day I was born. I looked around seeing several females getting things together, the room I was in looking like a beauty salon. My girlfriend being a habitual user of one back home, I often picked her up there so I was familiar with how they looked. I tried to speak, but found not a word coming out. My tongue was locked in some contraption and my mouth seemed jam packed full of some substance. I struggled to get up, finding the straps holding me to the chair were very secure, since I was not able to move my arms or my legs any. I tried whimpering, moaning, any sound possible trying to get people’s attention. Everybody ignored me as they just continued prepping whatever they were working on.

One female came around behind me and started working on my hair. She was adding something to my head, I could feel heat then she would do it again this time in a different spot close to the first place. When the other two females turned around they were each holding a cup that they settled on my chest, pushing hard to get the cup secure. Apparently the cup had some type of adhesive applied to the edges. When they pulled up on the cups a little to test their bond the cups remained securely attached to my chest. Hoses were attached to the cups and a pump was turned on sucking some of my flesh into the cups. Every so often a mist would spray on my flesh inside the cup, then nothing for a while.

My nails were worked on next, the one female that had helped with the cups doing the work. The other lady had moved between my legs which were spread wide and anchored to a stirrup like attachment to the chair. I tried to move my fingers, but they were encased in something that kept my fingers still and unable to move.

I closed my eyes in frustration, why won’t anyone help me, surely I have not done anything to deserve this kind of treatment. The frustration was so intense I even cried a little, it has been years since I had felt the need to vent, but what is happening to me has me scared to death. I can’t see any reason to do this to me, and who are these people anyway. I finally gave up, unable to move even a finger I was helpless and so frustrated. I laid there staring at the ceiling wondering what else they were going to do to me. I lost track of time, I reasoned I had got here about ten A.M. but had had no idea how long I was out and how long I have been strapped to this chair. My butt was getting sore, so more than a few hours, that is for sure.

The female working on my hands was apparently done so she moved to my feet. Soon the same type of apparatus was installed down there, my toes now unable to move even a bit. The female that had been working on my groin was apparently also done, so she came to work on my face. I had no idea what she had done with my male member, one minute I could feel her touch it the next no feeling at all. I briefly glanced at my chest, I had been ignoring it hoping that what I thought was happening was just my imagination. I tried again to move anything desperately, those cups on my chest now looked like tits, very large ones. I promptly fainted, this cannot be happening to me. Right before I passed out I thought I heard voices again, from right outside the cabin, loud voices.

When I came to again, a gorgeous female was standing over me with concern written all over her face. I was still gagged and tied down, so there was nothing I could do. She leaned in closer and tried to explain what happened. They were filming a scene in which one of the male stars gets captured by a group of females wanting revenge for something he did earlier in his life. The actor playing the male lead was supposed to be coming down the road just as I did. I parked where they had planned and walked around to the front just as the scene was supposed to unfold. My reactions were according to the script to the minutest detail. Even the fainting in the chair after looking at my new breasts. They knew they had made a mistake when the real actor showed up four hours later, having a flat tire on his way here, his excuse for not showing up. There was no cell phone signal so he couldn’t call and tell them of his delay.

Now for the hard part, since we have so much of your transformation already filmed we would like your permission to continue with the scene. You will be paid well for your time and the damage we have done to your masculinity. There are only a few more parts to this scene, then we will release you and work out what to do next. I can’t take out your gag yet, since it is set up on a timer. Please blink twice if you will permit us to finish the scene. I closed my eyes, at least in real life they are not out to get me. I blinked twice, even if I denied them the right to finish the scene I will need their help to get this reversed.

I closed my eyes, some relief now possible. Everybody vanished then the three females came back and finished the job. My eyebrows were eliminated, from the pain when she jerked the cloth strip away, I doubt if there was hair left on either of them. My face was finished, the one gal carefully applying makeup to all the pertinent spots. My ears were played with, they would get warm, and then I felt something inserted in them. Whatever was inserted in then would sway back and forth brushing my neck every once in a while. My legs were released from the stirrups, than something was strapped to the back of my legs, keeping my toes pointed straight down. I felt a shot in both of my calves, then nothing.

The female working with my hair was now apparently done, my chair set more upright then she cut and styled my hair. As she was finishing she sprayed the hair generously with a solution then using a blow dryer with a huge diffuser dried the spray on my hair as she had styled it. Apparently I was done, at least as far as the scene was concerned. That might be truer than it sounds, I began to wonder if any of this can be undone easily.

I was released from the chair after the forms were taken off my legs and the hoses released from the cups. One glance and I was stunned, the cups were full and now looked quite a bit larger than I first figured. A pair of heels was slipped on my feet and the straps buckled. The same gal that had talked to me earlier came over along with another lady I have seen somewhere. I was handed a robe and taken to a bedroom at the back of the cabin.

The lady from the film company introduced herself as Melissa, the other lady was Dallas. As soon as I heard the name I remembered the commercials for the salons, with her picture alongside the picture of the salon. In fact my girlfriend was a customer of their salons. We set at a table that had apparently been brought in for just this purpose. Once I set down I was looking at the damage they had managed to create on my body. My hair was now part way down my back and very curly. My nails were super long, painted a very bright shade of red. The heels I was wearing were very tall, much taller than my girlfriend wears. The fact that I was able to walk in them amazing me. I tried to say something the gag still locked in my mouth. Melissa told me it would be another hour before it releases. I was handed a pad and a pen, to communicate my concerns.

Dallas started the conversation telling me about the procedures that were performed on me. Even though the film company had discovered their mistake, no one told the salon’s people that a mistake had been made. The final things that were done to me now semi-permanent, taking months to be able to be reversed. I closed my eyes, this can’t be happening to me, surely they can do something.

Dallas told me that the salon would make the changes back to my masculinity as soon as feasible, most likely in three to four months. To do anything before then would be risky, possibly affecting my long term health. Dallas suggested that I come with her selecting a wardrobe suitable for a few weeks. Then just take one day at a time to see if this was livable with. Melissa said they had one more day of filming, then they would be gone. If I felt up to it I would be included in the last scenes, none of those scenes involving any more changes.

After my gag was removed, it took about an hour before any intelligent sounds emanated from my mouth it was fifteen minutes before I could even move my tongue. The gag had been very effective, pretty much stopping any movement of my tongue and jaw.

When I could squeak a few words Dallas dragged me out of there, and into her car. In a matter of minutes we were headed into town, a little over an hour trip. She kept a steady conversation going, almost making me respond to her. It eventually worked, by the time we reached the outskirts of town I was much more relaxed and actively joining in to the chit chat.

She accepted part of the blame for what was done to me, but they had already had several communication problems with the film company before my arrival. Now the mistake with me to add to the other problems. We ended up at one of her salons, about an hour away from the cabin. Several of their technicians put together a wardrobe for me, mostly dresses with some skirt and blouse combinations. Several pair of heels, since with my leg tendons being shrunk that would be all that I can wear. With more than a few bags of clothing she took me to dinner, where we talked about the upcoming few days. She suggested that I participate in the last days filming, my pay for that would be quite substantial.

Along with the pay would be a sum to offset what they had mistakenly done to me, a figure that Dallas had suggested would be some compensation for the mistake. If they balked at the figure Dallas told them that I would be offered the services of their attorney free of charge to take the matter to court. Dallas for their part in the mess would also issue a check to me, plus free clothing and beauty services for life if I desired it. I smiled, my girlfriend would be happy with the beauty services that is for sure.

After dinner I was taken to a hotel, a suite for the night and then she would personally take me back to the cabin for the last filming. I am sure she just wanted to be sure nothing more happened to me. The salon had contracted to supply all beauty services for the filming including my transformation scene.

She helped me to my suite, bringing some of the clothes she had picked out for me. I was instructed in how to remove some of the makeup, the rest is semi-permanent and will have to fade away with time. She told me she would help with my hair in the morning, then her techs would finish the job once we got to the cabin. I was handed a nightie, then hugged for quite some time. It felt so good to be held in a caring embrace. A kiss on the cheek and she was gone.

I took a shower, making sure I didn’t get my new coiffure wet. Then donned the nightie and almost came soon thereafter. I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing, thinking that I knew who might be calling. I knew the explanation would take quite some time, so got comfortable and answered the phone. The third sentence in I managed to tell her that I was now as pretty as she was, but she still had to love me just the same. I managed to fill her in on all of the happenings in between her giggle fits, then she surprised me wanting me to take a selfie and send it to her. There was silence for quite some time, her request for me to send another selfie, this time holding my hand up with my fingers displaying the number of cats I had back home. This time I giggled, she doesn’t think the picture is of me, that I am trying to pull one over on her. I did so, then she told me she would be at the cabin first thing day after tomorrow. I was told she loved me and she hung up. So much for chatting for a while.

The stress of the day finally caught up with me, I was soon counting sheep and forgetting about everything that happened today, well until I tried to roll over on my stomach, my new breasts making that position very uncomfortable. I had set the alarm on the phone so that I would be up and dressed when Dallas showed up. I was up, but she was still early, she made sure I looked presentable as befits a movie star, her words not mine and we drove back to the cabin. When we arrived they were already set up, five large trucks parked outside the cabin. Apparently yesterday they had dropped off the equipment and parked down the road, allowing for the filming of my car pulling up to the cabin. Today all the scenes were to be filmed inside.

My makeup was done heavier for the filming and I was given a change of clothes. Apparently my character was quite the slut, judging from the clothes and the parts of my new body that were peeking through. Luckily no dialogue for me, just saunter in, make my presence known and kiss my boyfriend. I almost choked when I was told my part in the scene, but the director hustled everybody into their positions and shouted action. Before I could come to my senses, I was being kissed passionately, I presume any adult film would have lots of passion. My boyfriend apparently really got into the role as his penis swelled in his jeans pushing against my skirt. It was huge, from the size of his erection that was quite apparent. After we broke the kiss he just walked away, his erection there for all to see.

I sat and watched the rest of the filming, with Dallas sitting next to me. Then it was all over, people coming out of the woodwork to pack everything up so they could leave. Melissa approached with a sheepish look, now comes the hard part for her. I was handed a check, my eyes almost popping out of their sockets, Dallas lightly kicked me to get me to not say anything. She took the check, facing Melissa wanting to know if that was what they figured my life was worth now that they had messed it up real good. I saw her swallow hard, but Dallas kept on. She handed the check back to her, telling her that our attorney would contact theirs, this is not settled, believe me.

Melissa tried to shove some of the blame on Dallas and her techs, Dallas took out a check for more than what the film company was offering and handed it to me. This is our token settlement, although we did not make the mistake. I suggest that you go back to your bosses and get real. She walked away a few feet, calling someone on her cell phone. Isn’t it amazing there was no cell service yesterday, but today it magically seems to be working. Dallas was leading me upstairs to where the bedrooms were as Melissa caught us half way up the stairs. She talked to her bosses and they will triple the amount on the first check, if I will sign a waiver relieving them of any future blame.

I was raising my hand to accept the settlement when Dallas told her to forget it. A check that has not been issued yet is worthless and signing such a wavier is ridiculous since she has no idea how this will affect her in the future. Meet us later today at the hotel in town, bring the check in the proper amount and a limited acceptance of responsibility for this mess. The settlement will be for the original mistake the acceptance of responsibility for anything above and beyond normal gender behavior. That along with a clear statement that the original mistake is solely your companies fault will be sufficient. Now if that is acceptable meet us at four o’clock in the restaurant. Dallas turned back to the stairs and I was dragged along behind her. Melissa told us that she would be there at four.

I am sure my mouth was open in awe, none of this had even entered my mind, yet Dallas had come up with everything and almost demanded Melissa and the company agree to her requests. I was returned to town, the hotel suite mine to use for however long I wanted. Dallas had called my girlfriend during today’s filming today advising her of the hotel she could find me at this afternoon. As we walked into the lobby I was attacked, then stared at, then the attack was continued as my lips were smashed against hers. It was so passionate, the feeling of kissing with lipstick on so erotic. Much better with Gina then with the guy in the film.

Dallas excused herself, telling me to call her with anything I might need, she would handle Melissa, getting the settlement on paper and the necessary agreements for me to sign later. If it was agreeable she would treat my girlfriend and me to dinner tonight at seven P.M. I managed to tell her that would be fine between kisses, but all that came out was garbled words. With a smile and a wink I gather she did understand my acceptance of dinner. I led Gina to my room, or at least tried to get her in that direction. It seems she is quite taken with my new appearance and wants to intimately examine all of the nuances of my changes.

I did finally get her to my room, only to be dragged to the bed in it and pushed landing on my back. She was on top of me immediately giggling and trying to get her tongue down my throat in between giggles. I just laid there, all of the feelings washing over me so delightful, something I have never experienced before. We did make it to dinner, or should I say the dinner made it to us. Dallas was nice enough to have dinner delivered to our room. I managed a few bites, but the majority of the food was cold before we got a chance to eat it. It was still very good, and helped to replenish the calories we were burning. I never knew kissing, cuddling and body exploration could be so exhausting. I did find out it was very pleasurable.

For the next few days we stay holed up in the hotel, we must have used up a whole tube of lipstick trying to keep our lips moist. Even though I was wary of going to the cabin again, we did go later in the week mainly exploring the woods around it. A delightful stream was one of out favorite spots, a pool in between two out cropping of rocks a perfect place to spy on some trout, and partake of the sound of the water pouring over the out croppings in mini waterfalls.

We found sustenance somehow, having to hold ourselves to one meal a day. Too many things to explore and a relationship to develop anew. Sometimes fixing something at the cabin, more often though at the hotel dining room in town.

Dallas did come through, the movie company agreeing to all of her demands, a check made out to me for the full amount. I doubt they will make any money on this particular venture. Back at home Melissa decided that I was to be made not available for any more ventures, asking me to marry her a day after we got back home. I was to be the bride. Although she conceded to wear a dress for her part of the ceremony too. It was a quickie, the license in the morning and before a justice of the peace that afternoon. I received an engagement ring, plus a wedding band with a threat from her that they were never to be taken off. I received another ring also right after the ceremony at the hotel we were staying at for our honeymoon. We won’t discuss it and where it is located on my body, although it does fit snug and tight.

Of course, we are both regular customers of the Turnabout Gurl Salon, our VIP cards getting us preferential treatment and free services. I have taken advantage of most of their services, now as female looking as modern science can provide. Everything done to me shouts female, from my hair to my toes. I still think back to that fateful day. A big Oops changed my life that day, but my destiny made it so. Thank you.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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