Irene; The Step Maid

I was a little apprehensive about going home this time. I am very thankful for finally escaping from this damn school. Even a little proud of graduating tenth in my class, although I doubted anyone else would lend any significance to the feat.

The school was a boarding school, nestled in the mountains in the northern part of Arizona. It was far from any civilization, the nearest town about seventy miles away. No school uniforms thankfully, but the curriculum was very unusual. Oh we had the usual math, English and a foreign language to learn, French by the way in my case, but the other areas of study were far from anything a normal school might teach.

The reason I was in this school was because of the woman my Dad married shortly after my real Mom died in an auto accident. Prior to this school I was in a normal boarding school, in Southern California. I don’t think either of my original parents knew how to deal with male children, the boarding school life one that I was immersed in since the second grade. My sisters did not share my fate, they got to stay home and attend a regular school.

While at the school in Southern California I did get to see my parents at Christmas, and for two weeks during summer recess. Mom always too busy to spend much time with me and Dad too wrapped up in his business. I did get to spend time with my sisters though, an enjoyable time had by all. We did things together, shopped for presents for each other during the Christmas break and usually spent some time at the beach during the short summer recess.

I grew up realizing I was always going to be on my own, so I withdrew physically from showing any kind of affection with others. I resorted to reading and using the internet for my enjoyment, finding out that the normal female oriented romance novels appealed to me. Not for me identifying with the heroine, but for the amount of love shared among the characters. Soon I was fantasizing about being in a loving family, with a Mother and Father that actually wanted to spend time with me and love me. When Dad sent me an email about remarrying a younger woman I was heart broken. I then came to the conclusion that my real Mother meant little to him, the wedding was only four months after she died in the car accident. I was later to learn he had been with this woman for over a year his marriage meaning nothing to him.

Then two weeks later I was transferred from my current school to this one, never even getting to go home between the transfer. The new school seemed nicer in a way, but a lot stricter. It was in a valley nestled among the towering peaks nearby, laid out beautifully on a pristine campus. I got off my bus one afternoon and was attending classes the next morning.

I was puzzled by the classes I had to attend, mainly ones involving keeping up a house, cooking and how to dress while doing this. I excelled in the regular subjects like French, English and math, but suffered in the other classes. Since I really didn’t have much choice in the matter, I finally relented and tried to do better in the other subjects. I hoped the year I had left of schooling would pass quickly, then I would be of age I could do what I wanted. I knew my father had set up a trust fund for me, available to me on my eighteenth birthday, a date I had circled on my calendar. That date would be three days after I graduated from this school.

I had already ruled out college, not wanting to spend any more time in learning anything. Even the thought of spending four more years in some dorm made me sad, I need to find someone to love and in turn be loved back.

I did eventually learn what the new school wanted me to. I could clean a house better than most of my fellow students and could cook most any dish from memory, never needing a recipe to do so. The dressing the part was another matter, but I did put up with having to wear an apron for any cleaning or cooking tasks that was assigned to me. I conveniently over looked the other requirements for dressing appropriately, figuring they did not apply to me. Quite a few of my fellow male students did have to dress the part, wearing a maid’s dress and using makeup. I presume it was never brought up to me since my family did not furnish me uniforms or makeup to use. I never put much thought into what the others had to do, just figuring it was a weird school, at least they would know how to take care of themselves if they did not marry. I did figure out they were being trained to be maids, how that will work out with their family an unknown quantity.

A couple of times I almost had to borrow one of my fellow students dresses, since my clothes were getting thread bare from being used for years. My pants were already showing my ankle, my growth spurt making them look ridiculous on me. Since we were always doing something either cleaning or cooking I didn’t eat much, my appetite never amounting to much. I guess that was good in a way since my shirts and pants waist wise still fitted me properly, although having been bought new over five years ago. I had already thrown several pair of pants and quite a few shirts out since they had virtually fell apart while I was trying to put them on. I had mentioned to my family that I could use some new clothes but my numerous requests fell on deaf ears.

I managed to complete the year somehow with only a couple of more classes today, then I was finished with this place. I made my way to my room after finishing my last class, only to find the head mistress waiting for me. I noticed my closet was empty, even the shelves with my underwear were obviously vacant. She told me to undress and take a bath, then dress in the clothes laying on my bed. I saw a garment bag laying there, a smile lighting up my face. Maybe someone got me some new clothes. She told me to hurry, so I wouldn’t miss my bus into town.

I quickly undressed and went to take a bath. The bathrooms in our rooms did not have showers, so a bath was the only way of cleansing ourselves. I hurried, wanting to get out of here as soon as possible. Out of the bath, the scented soap still lingering on my body, a smell I had gotten used to over the year. I toweled dry and rushed to the bed to open the garment bag.

Once open I stepped back, a pair of panties, a bra, a slip, and a dress was the only things in the bag. Oh there was a pair of high heels in the bottom of the bag and a scrunchie pinned to the dress. I looked for my old clothes, but they were missing along with the head mistress. I looked to see if the head mistress was still around, even calling out to her. No answer, so I decided getting away from here is more important than what I would be wearing.

I dressed in the clothes, the classes I attended in dressing the part of a maid supplied the know how to get the right piece of clothing on the right part of my body. I looked around my room, my laptop was the only thing remaining of mine. I grabbed it and saw my bus tickets laying on top. I looked at the clock on my bedroom wall and hurried out front, I knew the school bus would be leaving soon and I didn’t want to spend any more time here. The female clothes felt funny, the silky feeling doing all kinds of things to my over stressed mind. The skirt in particular was short with petticoats underneath to make it stand out. The dress was a fancy maid’s dress, why I was given it to wear home baffled me. I hurried out the door and the dorm just barely catching the school’s bus.

As I set in one of the seats toward the back of the bus I suddenly realized I was out dressed as a female, on my way back east with no other clothes available. Once on the bus heading home I knew it would be a day and a half before we arrived at my home. Well too late to do anything about it now. I wonder when I arrived if any of my family will be waiting for me at the bus station. On trips home in the past for Christmas or summer vacations I was not always greeted at the bus terminal, often having to take a cab to get home. I then realized I had no money or I.D, just the bus ticket and my laptop.

I kept thinking about escaping the school, that alone keeping my spirits up. I made the connection in town, surrendering my ticket and took a seat on the bus. I received several careful inspections by the other travelers, not often you see someone dressed as a maid on a bus. At least, no one set next to me on the first leg home. Other than being hungry the trip went fairly fast, as the bus pulled into the small town I used to call home. I had managed a few short cat naps from time to time, but was still tired. With only my sisters as close family I doubted I would settle around here, too many sad memories to bear.

Surprise surprise my step mother greeted the bus, taking my hand and leading me to her car. I had received a picture of her early on so I knew who she was. A new Toyota in white with leather seats greeted me. She clicked the locks and I entered the car as carefully as I could while trying to keep modest. She complimented me on my appearance, especially my waist. I kept quiet, I am sure she has an agenda to inform me of, so I will remain quiet and see what develops. As she drove off she asked me if I was hungry. My stomach answered much to my embarrassment. She asked if I had not eaten something on the trip here. I curtly answered I had no money to buy anything to eat. She looked to see if I was kidding then she asked if I had opened my laptop on the trip. I told her no, while I reached for the laptop and opened the case. There laying on top of the keyboard was two crisp twenty dollar bills staring at me. I turned many shades of red since I had presumed the worse and in turn she had seen to my basic needs.

A few minutes later we pulled into a restaurant’s parking lot and she turned the car off.

Come on let’s get you something to eat before you blow away. I looked at my clothing, the slips underneath my maid’s dress keeping the skirt flared up. She arched her eyebrow’s up, reminding me that I had made the trip across the country in that dress, and lived to tell about it, a little more exposure is not going to kill you. I eased myself out of the seat and followed her into the restaurant. When we were greeted by the hostess, I was hoping she would request a table or a booth apart from the others. Nope she pointed to a table right in front of the dining area, visible to everyone in the restaurant.

A waitress showed up handing us menus, and took our drink orders. Connie, my step Mom told me we had lots to discuss. She suggested that I listen to all the facts, then after thinking about what I had heard for a while, then ask pertinent questions with some discussion to follow. I nodded my head but she insisted on a verbal response. Yes, I understand was voiced, but I could not keep eye contact my eyes focused on my dress and a slight blush coming to my face.

The waitress returned and Connie ordered for both of us, some salads with meat and cheese, and an assortment of salad dressings to place thereon. After the waitress left my step mom started her spiel. At the time I thought of it as a spiel, something made up to make her point salient.

Your Father is currently serving a prison term for embezzlement in the state correctional system. Since there were many charges leveled against him, his chance of getting out anytime soon are pretty slim. His courting and subsequent marriage to me was another attempt to cover his losses, I only escaped with minimum losses since I had checked him out before marriage, and found a lot of things that were of concern to me. All of my wealth and possessions were put in my Mother’s name, thus he was unable to latch on to any of them.

As soon as he found out about my precautions he quit coming around, I presume spending his time wooing some other source of financial wealth. We never did obtain a divorce, he was too busy trying to seduce his next victim. It all came crashing down on him when an audit of his company accounts revealed a shortage of almost a half million dollars. He was arrested and after several days of interrogation revealed all of the other funds he had stolen and then lost in some utterly stupid financial moves. Since he did confess to the crimes, there was no trial, the judge passing sentence a few days later.

All of this transpired about the time I pulled you from the boarding school in California and placed you in the one in Arizona. That was done because he had lost all of his personal money, including money set aside for your schooling and your trust fund. The school I transferred you to is one operated by one of my friends, so there was no tuition necessary to be paid. I did check on you often, the head mistress giving me reports on your progress including pictures as you progressed in your studies. Of course, I took in your sisters, since they also had no funds for schooling or anyplace to live now. Your old house was sold off to cover court costs and some personal monies that he had stolen from individuals he had duped.

Our salads were delivered and she paused in her story. The salads were good, since my hunger was intense I consumed all of mine over the next thirty minutes. I did use proper table manners, eating slowly and savoring every bite. My one hand remained in my lap where it was supposed to be, a smile on Connie’s face when she saw my actions. After the dishes were carried away, she resumed her story.

I admit not sending you new clothes or money for you to purchase some, wanting to see how you would handle the situation. You did so well, not bitching or complaining but adapting to what you were left with. My friend, the head mistress, felt so sorry for you, almost giving you a full set of maid’s clothing so you would not look so pitiful. I must compliment you on your resolve and determination, admirable to say the least.

Now we arrive at your future. Do you have any thoughts on the matter, I am all ears if you have something you would like to do or pursue. I sat there wondering what I could do or pursue to make something of my life. With my trust fund gone, I really did not have any options left. I did not want to depend on Connie for clothing, somewhere to live and money for essentially everything since I did not have a single thing to my name. I looked down at my maid’s dress and thought why not.

I cleared my throat and asked if I could work for her as a maid. I am sure your friend can attest to my skills, and maybe you could find it in your heart to furnish somewhere for me to live as part of my wages. I am trustworthy, have had all of my shots and can be an asset to any household. Surely a large house such as yours could use experienced help. I saw her smile, then she grabbed the check, paid and we left. She took my hand making sure that I kept up with her as we made our way to her car.

The remainder of the trip was fairly short, about fifteen minutes in length. When she pulled up to the house I swallowed hard, looked out of the window again then back at her. Her smile was ear to ear now, a giggle or two intermixed every once in a while. We parked in front of the house and she came around to get my door for me. I was helped out, then taken into the house. I kept looking around then back at her, I had no idea she owned anything this big. It was a presumption on my part when I asked if I could be her maid earlier.

I was shown in to the parlor, then over to a love seat near a writing table. She sat down at the table and took some paper and pen and wrote down my request and her response to it. It turned out to be a contract between her and me, about my employment with her. She listed what I would provide and what she would compensate me for those services. She looked over what she wrote, then at me, finally deciding what she had written was adequate. It was handed to me along with a pen to look over and sign if I thought it was fair.

I made it down to what I would receive in wages, then promptly fainted. I came around to find that I was nestled in her arms with my face a few inches from her bosom. She was running her fingers through my hair and pulling me closer for a hug every now and then. When she saw that I was back among the living she giggled, wanting to know how much she would have to increase my wages to make me accept the deal. I just stared at her, leaning over to the table and finding the pen to sign the contract. I reached up to try and hug her, but she had the advantage and was gripping me tightly in her embrace. I tried to get up, but she wanted me to lay still and listen to her for a minute.

“The third floor of her house is designed for housing any domestic help she might employ, several bedrooms and two baths along with lots of closet space. There is an elevator that goes directly to the kitchen, so having to climb stairs will not be necessary.”

“I will mainly be responsible for her care, helping with clothes, baths and normal female maintenance like nails and hair care. She already has a maid for my sisters, so I will be spared that duty. I will need to share in cooking the meals with the other maid, but she has a service for cleaning the house and maintaining any of the outside grounds. It will be 24/7 every day, normal work hours during the day and on call for late evenings and nights. When she is out of town I am free to do what I want, the chauffeur will be able to take me anywhere I might desire. There will be times I have to accompany her on her trips, so a passport will be needed to be obtained, that to be handled in the next few days.”

“We need to see to your looks, I can’t have my personal maid looking so dowdy, I think a few things to give you a female figure, then a new hairstyle and some lessons in makeup might be called for. Other than that I am thrilled that you have decided to be my maid. I will have to admit that the thought had crossed my mind often when you were attending the boarding school. I didn’t want to force you or influence you in any way, a decision like this has to be made freely. I think we can have a nice relationship as maid and employer and also enjoy one as mother and daughter if you would be so inclined. That last part only between the two of us. I care for your sisters, but I do not see them as my daughters. They are too much like your father, uncaring and manipulative. I laid there for a few moments then reached up and pulled her close to me trying my best to hug her with all of my being. Between the two of us we managed a tender hug, lasting for quite sometime. Maybe just maybe I have found someone to love and in return to love me.

A little while later I was shown to my room, the larger of the rooms on the third floor. I was quite impressed, a queen size bed and a separate sitting area by the window. An en suite bath, with a huge tub. At the other end of the bath a built in vanity with a large mirror for my makeup and hair needs. One whole wall of my bedroom devoted to a walk in closet, already having a few maid’s dresses hanging there. I looked at her, did she presume I would choose to be a maid, or was this all planned somehow. I received a smirk in return, then she walked in one end of the closet and opened a drawer and removed a gorgeous nightie for me to wear tonight, then back to the closet and pulled out a matching robe to be worn over the nightie. She suggested that I change then come to her room on the second floor. I was holding the nightie in my hands when she left the room, all of this a little much since I had only arrived a few hours ago. I did surrender to the nightie, shivers encompassing me as it slid down my body. What a delicious feeling it provided.

I did get the nightie in place, delighting in the feel of it on my arms and body. Then the robe after that making me feel so warm and cozy. I looked for some slippers, not finding any but did find a pair of heels, with a moderate heel. They fit perfectly, a smile coming to my face, Connie apparently had this planned for quite some time, everything just too convenient for random luck. I made my way down the stairs, needing the practice if I am going to be wearing heels all the time.

Her bedroom was the larger one on the second floor, decorated to be a feminine delight, the main centerpiece a canopy bed right in the middle of the room. Lacy curtains on the windows and an even bigger sitting area in the corner of the room. She was sitting at her vanity brushing her hair as I approached. I held out my hand for the brush and took over the job. I brushed slowly making sure to run the brush through the entire length of her hair. I saw her close her eyes enjoying the feeling of having her hair brushed. In the boarding school it was one of my favorite things to do to brush someone’s hair and to have mine brushed in return. For an eternity I brushed and she purred, for that is what it sounded like as she enjoyed my ministrations.

I stopped, laying the brush down and started rubbing her shoulders, working out the knots I felt in her muscles. Now she was moaning at my efforts, with me giggling a few times as she strung a few moans together in some sort of sentence. When I felt I had them all removed I moved my attention to her face, using some cleanser to clean off all her makeup. Again the eyes closed and quaint little sounds coming from her mouth. I found some moisturizing cream to finish the job, applying it and rubbing it in.

I stopped for a minute to see what else I could do for her, only to be dragged to her bed and placed in the middle of it, sans the robe. She scooted in next to me and held me tight, not allowing me to move or escape. I whispered that I needed to head to my room, if there isn’t anything else I can do for her. She placed her finger on my mouth, telling me to shush. She pulled me in a little tighter and was soon asleep. I was able to make her happy with my efforts, to show my love and caring for someone else. For once in my live I seem to be loved in return, what a wonderful feeling. I closed my eyes too and was soon lost in the pleasant feelings of a delightful sleep.

She wouldn’t let me out of her sight for the next week, we did things together, things that a female does to make her feel pretty and attractive. I received those same things back in return, although she does admit that she is not as experienced as I am in doing nails and makeup. I guess I had picked up more from my classes in school than I realized since all of this came so easily to me.

Then on the Monday of the following week, her chauffeur brought her car around and Connie and I departed the house. I had been attired in one of my other maid dresses, one that was in between being a maid’s dress and normal feminine wear. I asked where we were going but her finger on my lips stopped any further questions. When we pulled up in front of the salon I swallowed hard, She had mentioned making me look less dowdy, but I had conveniently forgot that part of the conversation. Well I guess the time for those changes has arrived. I was instructed to enter and tell them that Irene is here for her appointment.

I never connected the name Irene with me until one of the gals came and took me to the back. I thought I was just announcing that Connie was here for an appointment. Duh it takes some people a lot longer to figure some things out. Irene and Connie are two distinctive names, not easily confused.

Several techs entered the room, apparently all of them to work on my dowdiness. Let’s just say that I severally doubt the word dowdy and me will be referred to in the same sentence ever again. Ears pierced, body hair removed, a female appliance applied covering my male genitalia and two perky breasts added to my former flat chest. Irene is now here for the duration, the breasts in particular pointing out that fact, sucked from my body I imagine they are mine for quite a while. Then they started on my hair, a cute pixie cut for now, until I can grow out my hair longer. It was five hours later before I received any clothes to wear, the underwear to come first.

A pair of panties first then I was fitted for a corset, a cute lacy piece of fluff that absolutely took my breath away. Not for being nice looking but for the way it engulfed me in its evil embrace. After it was laced up properly. It took me thirty minutes before I could resume breathing in a somewhat normal manner. It was not the corset that gave way, it was my body that had to adjust. Short breaths and often, if I wanted any air at all. I pleaded and begged for some relief, even an inch would be most welcome. Their only reply is that tomorrow it could be taken in another inch, maybe two. I tried to let out a groan, but that was even not to be. My maid’s dress again for the trip home, much looser than on the trip here due to the corset.

Of course, Connie was ecstatic at my new looks, her hands going to my breasts immediately. Back home and I resumed my duties as her personal maid. In the morning I was to see to her dressing, even selecting her clothes to wear was one of my responsibilities after she informed me of what was on her agenda for the day. Then seeing to the maintenance of her room, linens changed, clothes seen to and all straightened as needed. After the first week the other maid handled breakfast and lunch when there was someone home, and I cooked and served dinner every night. That change was made after Connie took a bite of my first offering. I was proud, a way to show my love and caring for her, a delicious meal served properly and eagerly consumed by her.

On occasion one or more of my sisters would be there for dinner, but most of the time they were at a friend’s house or out on a date. In our limited conversations with each other they were looking for someone to marry, there ticket out of here. Although Connie gave them a roof over their head, nothing more was offered to them other than a small allowance for their basic needs. When they complained she pointed to me, telling them they could work for her as maids to make extra money for whatever they wanted. No one took her up on her offer, they wanted the easy way, to them that meant getting married and acting as wives. I pity anyone that married one of them, all my sisters were looking for was someone to take care of them and who they could eventually fleece for their money. On several occasion they actually stated those words, not ashamed of their beliefs or behavior in the least.

It wasn’t but a few weeks later when I went to my room to find my closets and dresser empty. I made sure they were not hidden in the room somewhere, now worried if I had done something wrong and was being evicted. I was never one for having any self confidence, so as I made my way down to her room I was almost sick to my stomach in worry. I knocked like I usually do when her bedroom door is closed then entered. Connie was hanging something in the small closet nearest the bathroom. I noticed a new dresser there to the other side of the closet, one that had not been there until now. I walked up to her and curtsied. I manged to get my question out, although it was barely heard, a combination of me being nervous and my all of a sudden squeaky voice. She made me repeat the question this time loud enough for her to be able to understand it.

“Am I being let go for some reason, my uniforms are missing from my closet and my dresser with my dainties is empty. What ever I did I am so sorry. You can dock my pay, or even not pay me, but I need you in my life. Please keep me. Please……. Connie pulled me closer to her, then both hands on the side of my head as she leaned in and kissed me. I absolutely melted, then started sobbing uncontrollably. She held me close letting the tears ease, then stepped aside letting me see inside the closet she was standing in front of. There were all of my uniforms, neatly lined up. Right next to them was my going out in public clothes, ones that I had not even realized were missing.

I giggled, then attacked her kissing and rubbing and squeezing her getting her to giggling, then outright laughter. Once calmed down some she told that my sisters were moving out, they had found an apartment that one of their boyfriends had and would share with them. Connie had no problem with them moving out but wanted them to realize once they did there would be no returning back here. She gave each a check for a thousand dollars, but reminded them there would be no more in the future. So plan ahead. The girls were so happy and almost ran out of the house. There maid was packing for them now and the boyfriend and some of his friends would be by later to pick up the boxes.

“So my dear daughter it is just you and me now. The sister’s maid will stay on to help keep up the house, the two of you now responsible for its cleanliness and tidiness. The service I had in the past now terminated. So let’s get that makeup repaired and get to work. I expect something special for dinner tonight, so we can celebrate, then a night of cuddling and kissing culminating in a late brunch maybe. Then an afternoon shopping for my maid and daughter.”

Just think what might of happened if I had not offered to be her maid. But then again I think she had it all planned in advance anyway. Either way I am so happy a caring mother to her daughter and a career as a maid. A wonderful life indeed.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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