Fifi; Life As A Showgirl

I was in trouble big time. A first year college student that got arrested when trying to break in to a girlfriend’s house over the holidays. I was promptly bailed out, but my parents who lived in Las Vegas were flying in for the arraignment. I spoke to Mom over the phone offering no reason for my arrest after repeated attempts for her to understand what in the hell was I thinking. Since I was not forthcoming with any information she hung up on me, although she did have an attorney post my bail.

How could I tell her that Stefanie had drugged me and dressed me in some female clothes, and was using the pictures to blackmail me? I had dated her once, but never did call her for another date. I know that pissed her off big time, she was definitely not used to being rejected by any male. Once she found out I was from a wealthy family, I think she figured I would be easy prey and maybe a source of some income.

She caught me after one of my classes and asked me out to have a drink with her, just to talk she reiterated. I had no wish to go with her, but her long standing girlfriend was a different matter. Since they all stuck together I told her I would love to but not alone. I waited for a minute as she was trying to figure out why I wanted someone else there. When I asked for Suzy to be included she smiled, telling me to be at the local student hangout at seven tonight. She would even pay for everything. All I could think of was being there with Suzy, so I missed the look in her eyes when she quickly agreed to my wish.

I walked into the place a few minutes early, Suzy meeting me right inside the door. She told me the place was too crowded so she suggested her place. I was immediately for that, agreeing as she called Stefanie and told her to meet us there. It was about a three block walk, Suzy leading me by the hand the whole way. When we arrived Stefanie was waiting outside on the porch. Suzy opened the door and we all entered. Suzy got us some drinks as we settled down in her living room. I was nervous, extremely so and downed my drink in two gulps. The room began to fade, and I was soon out to the world. When I started to come around, I felt a restriction around my chest and cool drafts over the rest of my body. As my vision became clearer I gulped swallowing whatever was in my throat. I was dressed in panties and a bra, the breasts that were in the bra looking very realistic.

There was a computer on a nearby table with a picture of me on the screen wearing nothing but the bra and panties. I started to get angry, they can’t do this to me. Stefanie told me to keep my mouth shut and she would explain what will happen to me. We have a lot of pictures already of you in frilly underwear. We will soon add some with you in dresses and skirts. I suggest that you cooperate or I will see to it that your pictures are displayed over every social media site in existence. Of course, a set sent to the university and your parents also.

What followed was the longest three hours in my life. I was dressed in every conceivable outfit a female might wear, even makeup applied and my hair put in a ponytail. Never enough to disguise my real identity though. The male me always showing through all of the pictures.

As my male clothes were returned later I was informed of the fact that I would donate a hundred dollars a week to Stefanie out of the goodness of my heart. That donation to be hand delivered every Monday at her apartment on campus. Failure to do so and by Tuesday morning my female self will be all over campus. I never dressed so fast in my life, a couple minutes later I was leaving her apartment building. When I got back to my apartment and inside the door I fell back against the door and broke into tears. Oh gawd what am I going to do now?

After a couple of weeks of this, I decided to try and retrieve the pictures, I could see this getting worse as time went by, eventually more money would be demanded and I would never be out from under her control. The Monday meetings were always stressful, her hand extended for the money as soon as I entered her apartment. She made small talk I guess to prove she had no guilt in what she was doing, suggesting anytime I wanted to borrow a dress all I had to do was ask.

It took me a couple of weeks to work up the nerve to get my pictures back. I tried to keep track of her habits and her coming and goings. She and her friend often visited the mall, maybe the best time to get my pictures back. A couple of days later I overheard them talking about going to the mall in a few days, figuring the time to do something is now. I was sure she was keeping the pictures at her parent’s house, way too many people in and out of her apartment on campus. On Monday I overheard her talking about her parents going to a party later in the week. I guess I was just plain lucky as Stefanie met some of her girlfriends at her parent’s house. Now I would not have to worry about where Stefanie was at as I broke into her parent’s house for the pictures. I watched from down the street as she and her girlfriends left to go to the mall, then shortly thereafter her parents leaving carrying some covered dishes presumably for the party.

Thinking that since she was at the mall with her girlfriends, and knowing her parents were at a party across town, a perfect time to break in and retrieve my pictures. I found their sliding glass door to the patio left unlatched and entered. I did find the pictures on her computer in her bedroom, erased them and carefully left the house. I had no idea they had an alarm, the first indication was the blinking of the control box by the patio door. Something I never noticed as I entered the house. The alarm had been triggered, the police waiting outside for my appearance. I was handcuffed and read my rights, then taken to jail. I was to be arraigned in the morning, allowing my parents time to fly in from Las Vegas.

Mom was always in charge of discipline in the family, coming to see me right before my hearing. I clammed up, not wanting to tell her why I had broken in to the house. At the hearing I pleaded guilty, there was no way I could do otherwise since I was caught red handed. Since it was my first offense, I was released in my Mother’s custody, but had to report to the court once a week by video conference to make sure I was behaving and gainfully employed or enrolled full time as a student in school.

Mom stopped the school part immediately, since I was uncooperative she would not spend a dime on furthering my education. I was packed up and returned to Las Vegas with her and Dad. During the time she was packing up my things and the flight back to Vegas I don’t think Dad said five words to me. We never were close, but we did talk about my goals and ideals. I could see that I had violated that arrangement, now he was leaving everything up to Mom to straighten me out. I had to stay with my parents at their home, Mom not allowing anything else. Of course I complained, but until I could find a job and pay my own rent I will be staying at home with them.

It was a couple of weeks later when I still hadn’t found any employment that I was enrolled in one of her classes at the casino she worked for. When she told me I was going to be in her class I had a fit. Mom trains females to be showgirls for the many different casinos in town. Of course I refused, Mom can’t do this to me. Well it turned out she could, if I refused I would be taken into custody and spend five years in jail, my choice.

I was an unhappy camper when I had to appear for my first class. Mom had sent me to a local salon, where my hair was cut and shaped into a quite feminine style. Then dressed in a leotard and tights and sent to my first class. There was no attempt to make me look female other than the hairstyle. The other students had quite a laugh at my embarrassment the first time I showed up for class. Quite masculine except for my hairstyle and choice of clothes.

Since it was a beginning class, most of the focus was on getting into shape. I barely managed to drag my butt home after the first class. I hurt in places I was not sure existed, I did make it to my bed before I collapsed, not to be heard from again until the next morning. When the alarm rang I ignored it, since I didn’t set it in the first place. That didn’t fly with Mom, I was yanked out of bed then escorted to the bathroom to do my morning routine with Mom in attendance. Then straight out to her car and to class. No breakfast not even a chance to get a drink. It was our morning break at a few minutes after ten A.M. when I could finally get a coke from the machine, excuse me a diet coke since we were all trying to get in the proper shape for a showgirl, diet drinks were the only allowable drink.

It was five weeks later before I could actually get through the entire day of classes without collapsing immediately afterwards. She made sure I was singled out of the group to show the rest how to do a certain routine or exercise. Quite often I had to do it numerous times before I finally got it right myself.

During that time Mom saw to it that my image was slowly feminized, all but breasts, hips and my male groin. It was especially embarrassing when I had to do the video conference every week usually dressed in my tights and workout gear. There was never outright laughter, but the smirks of the clerk of the courts at the other end were quite obvious.

Then the teaching turned to doing some of the routines that were basic to most of the shows that lined the strip. Some basic dancing but mainly learning to walk the stage elegantly with a huge headdress and associated feathers and other décor that a Vegas showgirl has to wear. It was humiliating as Mom always picked out the most feminine outfits for me to wear. I complained often with Mom offering me the choice to either keep learning in the class or spend some time in jail. Well after a few nightmares concerning other inmates and me I decided the classes would be the better choice.

I had been in heels for almost a month, a requisite for any Las Vegas showgirl. Even at home I was wearing them since it hurt my legs to walk without them. I have been back to the salon every week, something girly done to me on every visit. Ears pierced, eyebrows arched, even some lipstick used on my lips that made them plumper with continued use. The last visit I was subjected to lash extensions, my lashes now quite visible even to my own eye. I never wandered from home much, I was afraid of others reaction to me, my image in the mirror quite feminine. The problem is the feminine look was not supported by my body image. Like most males I was straight up and down, no curves, not even a pot belly any more, the exercise eliminating any extra fat on my lean body. But since I was denied a feminine figure it was obvious to anyone that I was a male underneath the clothes, makeup and feathers.

Several of the girls had finished the class, now working as showgirls on the strip. I wondered what my fate would be, dancing somewhere or a perpetual student in her class. The last couple of classes we have had visitors sitting in the seats down front watching the goings on, probably looking for new showgirls for their shows. As the girls went to get changed I saw Mom and several of the ladies talking and pointing in my direction. One of the ladies I recognized, Marilyn, a longtime friend of Moms. I finally made it to the dressing rooms, always waiting till all the girls had changed and left before I entered.

Mom came in right as I was shedding my leotard and tights. I looked up at her, she smiled then took my hand and led me back on stage. Besides my heels, I was only in my gaff, a small treat that Mom allowed me to wear to keep from showing all my male parts to everyone. It was weeks into the classes before she allowed this small favor. Marilyn came up to me and gave me a hug. Then she carefully looked me over. I do mean looked over. She spread my butt cheeks a little, looked at my underarms, then ran her hand up and down my leg. I had learned to never make a comment in front of Mom, usually regretting any attempt to say anything in her presence. At home it was different, but this was not home.

Marilyn nodded her head to Mom and I was taken back to the dressing room and slipped into a robe. Mom set in front of me and waited for me to give her my full attention. “Marilyn is interested in you for one of her shows. There is some things you need to know before you audition for her.”

“Suzy and Stefanie did get caught shortly after you were arrested, doing what they did to you to others. When questioned she admitted blackmailing you and taking the pictures of you dressed in female lingerie and clothes. That confession sent both her and Stefanie to jail for several years. The judge in your case rescinded his sentence, you have been free for several months, the clerks and the court keeping the video conference going as a favor for me.”

“Now let’s talk about you and me. For once in your life you have a purpose in life, having applied yourself to something you are exceptional at. Of all my students you have turned out the best, excelling in everything you attempt. Is being a showgirl wrong for you since you were born male. I don’t think so, I have never since such grace, such feminine movement in any of the showgirls I have trained. I have withheld procedures to make you look the part, to see if your resolve will get you through the embarrassment and humiliation I have dumped on you.”

“Now you have a chance to turn your talent into a nice living for you, even enough for a family if you so desire later in life. Marilyn has seen you before today, this last visit just to meet you again and make the proposal. If you decide to continue in this vain the salon will make the last changes so that you appear to be a natural female. This includes breasts and a vagina and some additional waist training for a few weeks. The show that Marilyn is hiring for is exactly the routines that you have been doing for almost six weeks. So now it is time for a decision. Back to your old life or take the new life that is being offered to you today.”

“If you decide to pursue this career would you please consider using my stage name from twenty years ago? It is French and out of date, but cute. You have to promise not to laugh but I was once called Fifi.” I smiled then pulled her into a hug whispering in her ear that I would be delighted to use her name, then asked if I did would she consider me her daughter. That was all it took, we hugged and cried for ages. I finally realized Mom cared about me, wanting me to excel in something instead of the go nowhere lifestyle I had been indulged in so far. Maybe what she was suggesting would be the best for me, if I am truthful with myself I do enjoy being a showgirl, something I think I am good at.

The hugs ended and she wiped my tears away with a tissue, then out to her car and to the salon that I normally visited. As soon as we pulled up in front I wondered what new taste of femininity would be thrust on me. Mom conferred with my technician then left me there, partially naked and very alone. But with the knowledge that there might be some light at the end of the tunnel, some way to make something of myself even though it might be in the female gender. Then I remembered her telling me that breasts and other parts of a female figure were next to be obtained. A huge sigh as the last of a breath I had been holding escaped my lungs. From now on it seems Fifi will be the sole image I will present.

The techs started working on me, the cups attached to my chest the first step in that process. Hoses were connected to the cups, then a pump turned on sucking any available tissue into the cups. It was relentless in its action, five hours later the cups were almost full. I had done a lot of thinking as the machine sucked my breasts from my body, the realization that I was now female in almost all ways, a profound one. No part impersonation for me, it was female now 24/7 for the future. I guess the breasts could be removed, but since it was my tissue, surgery would be most likely required.

I had been so concerned about my developing breasts I missed my male organ being glued to my groin and a most realistic vagina placed over it. They had sprayed a numbing agent on the area before they started, my feet being released from the stirrups causing me to look down there the shock of no male penis caused me to faint. Later, I remember being told it would happen but selective memory in this case placed the knowledge somewhere deep in my mind. Only the shock of it not being there, causing my fainting.

I was given some dreamy clothes to wear home, after donning bra and panties. The panties fit snugly, now that there was nothing to prevent their caressing my new vagina fully. The biggest difference was the bra. My new breasts were quite heavy the bra cupping them tenderly making them feel much better. I realized at that moment that I would be wearing a bra now for the rest of my life except when I am on stage. I looked for a mirror, wanting to see what the changes did to my image. I took in a huge breath as my eyes focused on my new image. I was gorgeous, all of the changes adding to the overall appearance now, no doubt left of my gender. I wondered what cup size I now sported, they seemed much larger than some of the other showgirls.

It was not uncommon for the star of a review to have breast enhancement, but as far as I knew I was just to be a dancer in Marilyn’s show. I need to ask someone, surely I would not be placed in one of the leading roles so soon. I manged a little sleep that night, tomorrow my audition for Marilyn’s show. With her already seeing what I looked like I am sure the audition was just a formality.

I was up early and dressed in some sweats, then waited for Mom to come and take me to Marilyn’s casino. After the incident back east my driver’s license and car were taken away and no mention had been made of when or if they might be returned to me. I was dropped off in front of the casino as she wished me luck. I found my way into their theater, and headed up to the stage. Marilyn was there, gave me a hug and had one of her assistants take me back to a dressing room. Another lady came in and helped me undress, saw what might be needed and left to obtain those items. I was kid of surprised to be dressed in a costume, usually auditions do not require that much detail. It took the lady almost an hour to get all of the costume on me. If I say it like that it seems that there is lots of clothes to put on, in actuality some nipple covers, a covering for the vagina and a huge headdress is all that I am wearing. The headdress is over three feet tall, the cap holding it on my head fits real tight, with a transparent strap going under my chin. From the audience the strap is not seen, just the cap and the feathers adorning the headdress. I am helped into some heels, adorned in diamonds and feathers to match the headdress. Those in turn match my pasties and vagina covering. I am helped up and out to the stage where Marilyn checks me out. She has someone take a bunch of pictures of me, then goes through what I will be doing on stage. It is essentially the routine I have been practicing with a long slow descending of a staircase at the start of the routine. Going down stairs with a headdress on and in six inch heels is tricky but I managed it today. I was out front all the time wondering why I was doing this instead of doing the routine as part of the chorus girls. I didn’t know of any chorus girl having to descend stairs as part of a show.

They took lots more pictures of the routine including descending the stairs. It took me that long to realize I am the star of the show, not a lowly chorus girl. I looked over to Marilyn for some explanation, but the huge smirk is all I received back. I found a place to sit, with the heels and the headdress I didn’t have many options to be sitting and comfortable. She came over later after getting all her assistants to do as she wanted, then sat next to me.

Well Fifi you are now in the big time, They are putting your name on the marquee out front now, the full page ads run in the newspaper starting tomorrow. You have a suite in the hotel to live in, and a salary of five thousand a week to start. That can be adjusted once your name becomes better known. Five evening shows a week plus a second show on Saturday night. One matinee performance on Wednesday for the older tourists. Sunday we are closed.

I have assigned one of my girls to be your dresser, she will also handle makeup and hair. I prefer the headdress to be woven into the hair thus eliminating the need for a chin strap. It does take longer but the effect is much sexier. You start tomorrow night, giving you some time to settle into your room. Meals will be furnished either in your room or at one of the many restaurants here at the casino. Welcome aboard, I am sure we will have a long and beneficial relationship together. I got a hug, then the lady came to help me get out of my costume. It felt good to have some clothes on again, a rare experience for a Las Vegas showgirl.

Two hours later I was taken to my room, and a dinner was delivered there for my enjoyment. I did pinch myself a couple of times that evening, making sure that all of this was not a dream. The pinches hurt, so I guess it is real, my life as a showgirl now underway.

Story Complete For Now

©2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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