Stormy; The Bare Essentials

It was our companies New Years costume party. Kind of a tradition, since this year will be the thirteenth edition of the affair. Over the years the party has changed quite a bit from scary monsters and witches to famous movie stars. This year Monica, the CEO wanted a more lighthearted theme since with the virus, the depressed economy and so many people unemployed anything to help people forget for a while would be welcome.

For several days a possible theme was tossed around the executive offices. The one that ended up being adopted surprised everyone. Since the majority of the employees were married Monica suggested that the theme will be come as your spouse. No elaborate costumes, just dress as your spouse would for their job, if possible in their clothes to save on expenses. She knew there would be some exceptions and that was fine with her, but she truly wanted us to try and hold to the basic idea of the party. Monica managed to get some of our customers to donate some prizes, most of the prizes turning out to be quite significant. The grand prize worth almost five thousand dollars. That indeed get the creative juices flowing, now almost every employee talking about the contest and what they were going to wear.

Quite a few guys seemed reluctant until the CFO, a male named Terrance announced he was coming as his wife, who is employed as bar maid. Even showing a few pictures of him trying on her outfit. That loosened up the other guys, if Terrance could join in like that, they would also try to get in the spirit.

Now we come to my part in this party. My wife owns and runs a strip club. Left to her by her mother when she retired to spend some time traveling the country. Her mother started out as an exotic dancer, quite popular and well known. She handled her career with care saving all she could for later in life. That allowed her to buy a strip club just before she stopped twirling her tassels. The club prospered under her tutelage allowing her to raise Bess without any help from her good for nothing husband.

Bess has done quite well managing the club, guiding it through three additions to the club. Her stable of girls numbers fifteen strippers now, all considered the best at their occupation. It is quite popular in town attracting couples as well as young males. Her girls are quite good dancers, and of course their bodies are well endowed. The stripping is tastefully done, no farther than pasties and a g-string, but you will never here a complaint from any of her customers about their attire.

About a week before the party I was summoned by Monica to her office. I was pretty sure what she wanted, so was expecting the meeting. I came in and set down in front of her desk, yep I think I was right since she has this smirk on her face, and was giggling at the same time. I just sat there making her go first. I could tell she was getting frustrated, already a few minutes into the meeting and she had not got a chance to kid me about my costume for the party. I decided I should go first telling her I was coming as a young female executive, so there.

“No. No that is not allowed. Your wife is an executive true, but first and foremost she is a stripper. So that is how I expect you to show up for the party. I have hired a band for the party and have requested several songs that can be used to strip to in their play list.”

“Now since that is settled, your number one client has found about the party and has invited herself. To keep the playing field level I have found out what her husband does for a living. I couldn’t have planned this any better, he is a high school PE teacher so shorts and a t-shirt plus sneakers will be her costume. Since she has quite a rack, this should be quite interesting. Then to see her ample hips in a pair of short shorts might be even better. ”

“I am sure you are aware of her often outlandish demands, so in the interest of keeping her business please agree to any of her demands. After the party we can negotiate the demands away like we have done in the past.”

I still did not agree to come as a stripper, using the phrase we will see. Since my wife and Monica are friends, I am sure their will be added pressure put to me to assure Monica’s wishes are fulfilled. That night at home the screws were put to me, Bess wanting me to come to the club right after work for my stripper training. That thought barely audible due to her giggling and laughing at the look on my face. I tried to tell her I only had to dress as a stripper, not become one for the party. As you can figure out, that statement was ignored, now Bess along with Monica wanting me sans clothes for the party and ready to twirl my own tassels.

Since I had to live with Bess, I decided to humor her and go to the club after work. As I walked in the side entrance I heard a bunch of high pitched squeals and am attacked by a flock of bouncing breasts and naked flesh. I am led to the middle of the stage and stripped down to my shorts. With so many pairs of hands there was no way I could fight them all off, nor did I want to. I did not want to be naked around them but to have that many girls doing things to my body did feel wonderful. Bess decided I needed to be brought back down to earth as she walked up to me, grabbed my shorts and yanked them off, then held a pair of panties up to me dangling from her finger. Since junior was starting to stir, I grabbed the panties and slid them up my legs. I just stood there trying to get my heart started again and enough air to my lungs for a few more minutes of life. Gawd they feel so good.

For the next three hours I was shown part of their routine and then tried to duplicate what they had shown me. Of course I had to have some female clothes to remove, so a bra, slip, dress, garter belt and stockings were added to the pair of panties I was already wearing. It wasn’t really dancing, but more like moving to the music so that a piece of my clothing could be removed in a seductive way. The girls moved more seductively than I ever could, but they had fun teasing me and helping me to learn the routines. Bess meanwhile had been seated at one of the tables just off the stage area appraising my moves and what needed to be done to make this more realistic.

According to her my waist was too thick, a corset would be needed to correct that deficiency. Then we had my stiff movements, so a pair of really high heels were added, confident they would help me move in a more sexy manner during the routine, once I learned how to walk in them. So for the rest of the week I was encased in the corset 24/7 and had high heels on my feet unless I was in the shower or was in bed. Since I still had to show up for work, that meant the heels would be visible to all, where as the corset could be covered up with a baggy shirt or jacket. Monica would come by my office frequently to admire the heels and when caught out in a hall way she would follow me doing swishing noises as I made it to where I was going.

I did my best to limit those excursions, for one thing after having the heels on for an hour or two my feet let me know about it, my toes squashed into the toe of the heel and my calves throbbing from the strain of being stretched out. According to Bess a six inch heel height was necessary to make my movements more feminine and sexy. I somehow doubted the validity of that statement

I had no idea stripping off my clothes could be so exhausting, but was more then ready when it was time for the club to open and my practice session to be over with. I now had to make my way home, the corset trying to cut me in two and the heels making walking almost impossible. Bess would show up later, checking on whether I still had the heels on. The corset not a problem since I could not reach the laces and even if I did the leather laces making it hard to undo the knot that they were tied in. She would undo the corset for me before she returned to the club, but only to see to my hygiene and to tighten the laces even tighter.

When she had been given the club to run we had talked about a schedule that would satisfy both of us. She opened the club at five, then came home to eat dinner with me around seven, then back to the club around eight and stayed until the club closed at two A.M. I had changed my schedule at work to come in later and work until seven or thereabouts. One of us would pick up something to eat on the way home, so taking time to cook something would not cut into our together time. On Saturday she worked straight thru from opening to closing. Sundays the club was closed so that was our day to do things together. The schedule allowed us both some private time, and we made sure to not waste any time that we were both together.

I knew Bess was making a lot of plans, her phone calls from home paused when I was in the vicinity. I am sure nothing was arranged that I might look forward to. By the end of the week I was managing the heels with ease, although once off I wished they were back on when I tired to walk anywhere without them.

Finally the day before the New Year’s soiree arrived, Bess taking time off from the club to accompany me to my appointments. When she dropped me off at her beauty salon I knew that today would be a disaster, at least, for me. Her excuse for not coming in with me was she had to pick up my costume for the party. I groaned, with one room at the club devoted to costumes for the strippers, why did she have to get a special one for me.

In the salon they went right to work, informing me of their agenda and having me sign permission slips for the procedure. I should have taken time to read each one thoroughly but was more interested in getting this whole fiasco done and over with. I was treated to get rid of any body hair, that is anything below the top of my head. Once that was completed they moved to my groin, making junior invisible. In his place was an exact copy of Bess’s cute vagina, I just wish it was not on my body. They did look at the next item on the paperwork, then consulted someone on the phone, then left me for a few minutes before pulling a large machine into the room. The cups hanging from hoses attached to the machine were glued to my chest then the pump was turned on. As soon as some of my flab on my chest was sucked into the cups I promptly passed out. When I came around I looked around to see what had been done, then my eyes focused at the cups on my chest.

They were half full already, the pump relentlessly adding more flab to the cups every minute. I knew I would need breasts for my portrayal of a stripper, but thought maybe just something glued to my chest might be sufficient. Apparently that would not be sufficient.

Another one of their techs was working on my nails adding long extensions to each fingernail. I always loved when Bess got her nails done like this, but it did not happen very often, since she had told me it is very hard working with nails this long. From the length of the nails the tech was gluing to my fingers these seemed even longer than what she had applied to her fingernails.

The pump was still doing its thing as my hair was washed and conditioned, the tech cutting it into a feminine style, even wet and with nothing else done to it, the look was sexy female. Curlers were added and a hair dryer was wheeled over to dry my hair. The heat from the dryer lulled me to sleep, Bess kissing me on the lips brought me back to consciousness. She had that evil smirk on her face, never a good sign when it is displayed. I looked at my chest, the hoses from the pump were removed and the cups now full to overflowing. It looked like there was even extra flab seeping out from under the cups, the cup too full to allow anymore inside the cup.

Then I looked at the mirror on the wall in front of me, fully made up and I looked hot. My hair framing my face with curly tendrils around my ears and a slightly curly bang pulled to the side of my forehead, held there with a barrette. I just stared, never believing I could be made to look so sexy, now adding in the fact that I had to strip before my fellow co-workers, a situation I was not looking forward to, but obviously at this late stage probably unavoidable.

Bess did eventually gather me up and took me home I did notice bags in the car, I presume my costume for tomorrow night. I doubt I could get any more humiliated a former male looking the part of a stripper and sexier than his wife. A fact she informed me of as we were leaving the salon. I thought for sure we would head home but Bess wanted to stop in at the club and check in on the girls. I was dragged in with her the girls all open mouthed as they saw me for the first time all made up with a new figure to boot. The show was about to start so the girls hurried to get ready. Leaving me and Bess alone. She wanted to stay through the first show to make sure everything was going to plan. So she stepped out to the car to get her bags, wanting to make sure my costume fit perfectly. In one of the dressing rooms she undressed me then tied a scarf around my eyes.

For the next thirty minutes she worked on getting the costume on me, making sure I knew she was there, her little brushes over my nipples impossible to ignore, I didn’t think I would have any feeling in the breasts but I was getting turned on as she touched them often getting my costume the way she wanted it. It felt like my nipples were sticking out a mile and hard as a rock. Since junior was tucked away, I had some feeling down there but nothing happened that was visible.

Finally after an eternity she removed the scarf and I stared at the image in the mirror in front of me. I looked exactly like a male’s first wet dream, breast, hips sexy hair and made up like a goddess. The costume was so small, a piece of material here and there, covering the nipples and a larger piece over my vagina. The pieces over my nipples and vagina were gathered silk, pink in color and attracting the eye to the parts it was covering. Although they did cover the nipple and my slit, there was not any extra material used, leaving the breasts and even part of my puffy lips below in full view. There was other material to the costume, all of it flimsy allowing anyone looking to see right through it, a sort of camisole that hugged my body tightly. Several large scarves completed the look, tied around my wrists, waist, and a huge one round my hips. Those to be the ones I would strip off doing my routine. With all of the scarves I looked dressed, but each scarf shed my nakedness became quite apparent. I saw Bess look toward the stage, signaling someone with her hand.

My music started, the one I did my routine too as she dragged me over to the side of the stage. I was kissed passionately and pushed on to the stage. The audience laughed a little at my entrance, but I felt every eye in the place on my body. I guess the training kicked in as I started my routine, slipping off a scarf and letting it trail behind me. I stepped down into the audience running one had through some male’s hair or touching his arm. I wrapped one of my scarves around a guy’s neck then pulled him toward me before I pecked him on the cheek. The audience went wild, my goose pimples sprouted all over the place, I am sure my nipples were showing through the flimsy material covering them, as hard and pointy as they seemed. I liked this, no I loved what I was doing, all of these guys lusting over me.

Then I saw a couple over by the side of the stage, the female in the couple looked embarrassed so I made my way over to them. I had one scarf left so I used it to entice the guy, giving him a peck on the cheek then pretending to notice the female for the first time. I ran my fingers through her hair, then around her ear, then down the side of her face. I could feel her waver a little, a blush coming to her face. I started to step away, then turned quickly taking her in my arms and kissing her hard on the lips. Pulled back licked my lips then did it again. The crowd roaring, but the female’s hands were already reaching up to keep me from withdrawing. I moved away, shaking my long nail at her and mouthing no no. I finished the routine and stepped off the stage. I heard the applause, but it never seemed to stop. Bess stepped out telling the crowd I will be a regular performer, but had other commitments tonight and tomorrow. It was few minutes later when what she said sunk in, tomorrow night, other commitments, a regular performer what is going on?

I was hugged and congratulated by all of the girls, wanting to know where I learned to do all of that. Meanwhile Bess was on her phone again, up to no good without a doubt. I snuck back into the dressing room and sat down, the adrenaline finally leaving me. I did wonder where all of that came from tonight. I hadn’t even dreamed of anything like I did tonight. I guess part of what I did was something I saw on the internet, since some of what I did was from an image that briefly flashed across my mind.

Bess came in, pulled me to my feet and kissed me harder than I had kissed the female in the audience. I was also warned if I did that again with females in the audience she would see to my castration. She held me tight to her, it felt so good to be in her embrace and so comforting. The next act ended and she went back to the stage. She talked to a couple of the girls, then handed them a piece of paper. After giving them hugs and kisses she returned to me and dragged me to the car, even though I am mostly naked. As we left the club I failed to see the sign that the club will be closed tomorrow due to a private party. A quick drive home and I was led right to our bedroom. I complained I was hungry, she just swatted my butt to get me moving quicker.

I was thrown on the bed and she was all over me, rubbing and pinching, and groping me in all the usual female spots of arousal. Believe me I was aroused. I know she had at least three orgasms, as her groans and outright screams of joy kind of obvious. I was higher than a kite, but no release of any kind seemed possible.

I was later to learn that was a falsehood. She rested for a while while I just laid there staring at the ceiling. Then I felt her mouth on my right nipple as her hand was squeezing my left nipple and rolling the nipple between her fingers. That continued for a few minutes then she bit my nipple a little and I felt a release like never before. I was suddenly out of breath, my breathing ragged and my heart rate soaring. I managed two words. Oh gawd.

I didn’t remember any more that night, finding myself still in my costume when the alarm rang. Bess up tight against me her arms around me in a death grip. Till she released me I was not going anywhere. I immediately thought of having to go to work until I remembered the party tonight. I closed my eyes again and was soon lost in my dreams.

Bess handled lots of phone calls during the day, way more than she usually received at home. Any time I was near she always stepped away. I could her her talking but unable to understand what she was saying. She kept me in my costume and the heels most of the day, as we did a few things around the house. Let’s face it I was hugged, kissed and groped every minute I was within her reach.

Finally it was time to get ready for the party, so I was undressed, her having way too much fun as she was doing it. Then a different costume showed up, this one like the other except it was encrusted in diamond like stones. One look in the mirror confirmed that absolutely no one would be able to miss me on the stage, unless they were totally blind. I wondered about the makeup since it stayed perfect all day, unlike what Bess normally wears. She did have to straighten a few curls of my hairstyle, but the image in any mirror was all Stormy, a name Bess started using for me since this morning. Bess dressed in one of my suits, but the way that it conformed to her body it had obviously been altered to fit her like a second skin. No makeup and her hair slicked back into a low ponytail. Not unlike what I usually use for work. I was helped into her car, after I was covered with all of my scarves for my act.

Then Bess drove us to her club. I turned in my seat to stare at her, she just pointed to a sign at the front door, closed tonight for the Highland company New Years party. I let out a low groan, but had to get out of the car because Bess was threatening to strip me naked right in the parking lot. As I was led into the club I saw all of her girls dressed as waitresses and a huge buffet set up in the lobby of the club. I was positioned at the door, my job was to welcome all of the employees. The band was already set up and playing a few tunes. I immediately thought of what my part in this would be tonight, not particularly liking any of it.

So who do I see coming in the door first, yep Monica all smiles and smirks. I was carefully scrutinized, from head to toe, an even bigger smile after checking me out. Monica’s husband was a lawyer, so a three piece suit was her costume. Not the most flattering costume for someone like Monica. It was her idea for the party so she has no one to blame but herself.

I did welcome everyone my face never fading much from a reddish blush. One of the last ones to show up was Donna, my number one customer that I was responsible for. She did look awesome in her tight t-shirt and painted on shorts but the sneakers made the outfit almost comical. A size too large and not the pristine white I might expect of her. Her husband did look pretty good in one of her dresses, he had obviously taken advantage of a beauty salon, his hair and makeup quite dramatic.

I mingled for awhile giving everyone a chance to kid me about my costume, but was surprised at all the compliments I received instead. I avoided the buffet, if I have to do my routine I am sure nothing I ate will stay down. My nerves are frayed and my emotions are bordering on extreme overload.

Sure enough Bess heads up to the stage to introduce me for my act. The music starts up and I tried to lose myself in the routine. I don’t even remember what I did at first, but I did notice every eye on me in the crowd. I did my thing with the scarves, having fun doing it to a few on my co-workers. No kissing tonight, although I did spend sometime messing up Monica’s hair and playing with her vest, watching her squirm and wiggle trying to avoid me. I didn’t forget Donna, rubbing her upper arms as if I was checking out his muscles, and running my heels up and down her bare legs. Again the squirming and wiggling trying to avoid my actions.

When the band stopped playing I was by the curtain, peeking around it and giggling. I stepped behind it and removed the cover over my nipples, then threw it onto the stage. I covered my breasts and ran out to recover it my breasts bouncing all over the place. I stooped down letting my breasts hang free for a minute then held up the covering over my breasts and ran off the stage. Lots of applause, cat calls and calls for more from my co-workers. I doubt any relationship I had with any of them would be the same after tonight.

I found a loose dress to wear, actually a mini dress that hung loose but only covered me to my upper thighs. I rejoined the party and tried to play down what I had done. Donna came up to me suggesting that I make a career of being a stripper, my comment in return, is I am thinking of doing just that. Monica was unusually quiet the rest of the evening, although her and Bess spent quite a bit of time together. The prizes were awarded, although I had exempted myself from any prize, the ones receiving them quite happy and thankful. I was glad they went to people who could really use the prizes.

The party broke up, I was again posted by the door, everyone telling me how much they liked my routine, several mentioning that I should take up stripping for a living. When it got down to Monica, Bess and me I told them I needed to talk to them. Bess smiled asking me if she could make a guess at what I wanted to talk to them about. I figured she had sussed out my intentions so I let her guess. She looked at Monica informing her that I had resigned effective immediately. Then she told her she accepted my former position at the company, but wanted a raise before she started work. All of this said with a straight face, but maybe a hint of a giggle in there somewhere. Monica accepted my resignation and welcomed Bess to the company. I got a huge kiss from Monica, with tongue and she then left.

Bess was not to be out done, her kiss passionate and long, with me having to pause a minute to get another breath before the kiss could be continued. Bess eventually coming up for air to inform me that I was now the owner of the strip club and also the head liner for at least a year. The year would be necessary to satisfy the ads that she had contracted for. Those ads naming Stormy as a headliner, here for a limited engagement. At home I would be expected to take care of her and provide free entertainment as needed. Also lots of sex and kissing.

Well, I guess things have changed tonight, new figure, new career and a new life. Proudly only the bare essentials needed.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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