Harper; P.A. To The CEO

A leading company had just recently opened a regional service office in town. There were several hundred of the local residents hired to fill the positions, luckily one of those selected was me. They had transferred in supervisory employees; the secretaries, the phone and email support people all to come from our town. We spent two weeks training in all of their procedures, all of us receiving the same training. Then their experienced people selected from us, who will be slotted into what jobs. Of the two hundred plus new hires, about twenty of us were male, the rest all female.

I had majored in business management, but truthfully most of my training qualified me to be just a fancy secretary or PA. I could type seventy words per minute and was well schooled in any business related software. There were a few management classes in my curriculum, but most of those only dealt with getting along with fellow employees, and delegation of duties. I am sure if I pursued a higher degree, more of the actual management of employees would have been covered.

I thought I was a fairly typical representation of a male, five-foot nine inches tall, with a small frame. My hair is fairly long, I planned to get it cut before the interview, but got called in sooner than I had expected, so the opportunity never presented itself, I told the lady interviewing me that I would gladly get it cut, but hadn’t found the chance to do so. She told me that for the training period, it is not necessary, once I am assigned a position, if it is required I would be told.

I lived alone in a rented apartment several blocks from the company. I planned to walk to work most days unless the weather is inclement. Most of my experience up to this job is in the fast food business, these days there are just not that many jobs in business, especially in a small town like this. For some reason me and the fast food companies just don’t mesh well. The longest I managed to hold a job in that industry is three months.

I have a girlfriend, the relationship now about four months in duration. She is employed and doing quite well for herself, already promoted twice in her eight months working for a similar business. I basically have no hobbies, although I do a lot of reading of whatever I can lay my hands on. Our dates are quite mundane, usually a meal and a movie, then back to one of our apartments to talk. We had both decided early on to keep our relationship sex free, until we are sure of our feelings for each other and have our careers somewhat settled. She had made a lot more progress career wise in that regard then I had.

It turned out that my immediate supervisor’s name is Sarah, head of all the people assigned to their offices. To start with she had me filling in here and there, as she found the best fit for employee and job. Two weeks after the training had ended I was getting worried, still no permanent position for me, the most I stayed at a position is two days. I tried to bring it up to her several times, but she evaded the question with ease. Being new I tried not to push the issue, so I remained silent and did the best I could at each assignment.

Then one Friday afternoon I am called into her office. Since that is not an everyday occurrence I am worried, no make that scared to death. Still no permanent assignment and now called into my boss’s office on a Friday afternoon. She had me sit and then started asking questions of me. All of the questions were related to my different assignments and who I had worked for. I answered truthfully, hoping anything I said about who I worked for would not get back to them. This questioning went on for quite some time, eventually concluding after five. She asked if I had any plans for this evening, with me responding in the negative.

She suggested we adjourn to a local restaurant that is just blocks from the company headquarters, her treat. I felt a little better, now not so concerned about me being fired, but still had a bad feeling about what the eventual outcome of this meeting would produce. We walked to the restaurant, got seated in a semi-private table and ordered our meals. She started the questioning again, wanting to know about my history, my college, and my interests. I started giving her what is on my resume, but that is not what she wanted. She wanted to know what my parents were like, who I had for friends in college, and what I did to relax, when I am not working. My girlfriend was included in the questions, how long we have dated, what she was like and what we did together excluding any mention of sex. Those are the things she wanted to know and for the next three hours I supplied her with as much as I could coherently put together. She made very few comments, listening to what I had to say, then seeming to mull it over in her mind. My curiosity is getting the best of me, finally I asked her what this is all about.

She suggested we head back to the office, and continue our conversation there. We walked back to the offices, as she led me straight to her office. We settled in some chairs with her glancing at her notes. She picked up on my last question, addressing it first. She smiled. “It took you long enough to ask that question, but then we don’t know each other very well, yet.

She had a proposition for me, she needed a secretary/PA/assistant, the name is not important. This individual needs to be well rounded, knowing some about lots of things and able to think and perform miracles as needed. I have watched you from the first day, you are as close to that individual as we have at our disposal. The few things that you do not know I will teach you, but I need a maximum effort from you at all times if I am to put you in this position.”

“The salary will be quite adequate, but if I ask a special favor you need to do all in your power to accomplish it. In a few days I will be promoted to CEO of this division, responsible for all operations in this office. You will need to be dressed more businesslike, a suit would be a better choice for most days. Let’s leave your hair at the moment, I have another idea there, but I would like a week working with you before I bring it up. That means do not have your hair cut until I tell you do so, is that clear.” I stammered a yes, then am told that a low ponytail will be adequate for the time being.

I wondered about her request that I not cut my hair until she told me to, an unusual request of a boss. I knew I would have to shop some, my meager two business suits, outdated and well worn, definitely not appropriate for a PA to a CEO of a business.

“Your salary is initially set at sixty thousand dollars a year, but after a couple of weeks and you get used to your new duties I am sure we can improve on that. The work is Monday through Friday from eight in the morning until six at night. There will be a few occasions where a dinner or late business meeting will be necessary, maybe even a few Saturday mornings, but I think those occasions will be few and far between.”

“Do you accept the position as offered?” I had my mouth open, the salary still stuck in my throat. I nodded my acceptance, she giggled then told me she would see me bright and early Monday morning. “Her new office is the only office on the third floor of our building, I am to make myself comfortable and start setting up operations when I arrive Monday AM.” She came around the desk, gave me a big hug, than a kiss on the cheek. Then she surprised me when she addressed me as Harper her girl Friday, till Monday then.

She left me standing there, confused and lost. I made my way to my last assignment and recovered my things from the desk I had been using, then wandered out of the building. I drove home in a daze, surprised I hadn’t accidentally hit someone, since I had no memory of the drive home. Since the offices were within walking distance of my apartment I planned on walking to work in the future a much safer option, at least, as far as other pedestrians are concerned.

Up to my apartment, then into my bedroom so that I could get into some more comfortable clothes. Dressed in some sweats, I made my way to the kitchen to make me a sandwich from last night’s meatloaf. I grabbed a package of chips then made my way to the sofa in front of the TV set. I often eat when I am nervous or flustered, believe me I am both of those. I turned the TV set on, but I doubted that I could tell you any of the shows that were on that night. Replaying in my mind over and over is the conversation that Sarah had with me.

About ten o’clock I decided to turn the set off, and make my way to my bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep, promising myself to do a little shopping tomorrow for some new clothes. Luckily I didn’t remember any dreams, although the next morning my mind felt that it was in constant turmoil, during the night, processing the previous afternoon’s happenings. I called my girlfriend, Hayley for some help, she worked for a competing company in a similar job to mine, so she knew better than me what might be appropriate attire for my new job.

We agreed to meet at the mall, around noon and she would help me pick out a couple of outfits for next week. The trip to the mall was uneventful, I had only one thing on my mind, to find some business appropriate clothes for next week. We met at the food court, grabbing a soft drink and talking for a while.

Of course, she was thrilled that I had found my way into such a good job, kiddingly asking me if I had to sleep with Sarah to get the promotion. From my reaction, she saw that the comment hurt me a little, I would never treat Sarah in such a disrespectful way. She latched on to me, telling me to ease up; I am only kidding, more than one secretary has had to do something she would not normally engage in to get somewhere in a company. We had fun that afternoon as I finally relaxed some. She suggested that I buy slacks and matching jackets to wear instead of men’s tailored suits.

My figure or lack thereof didn’t fit any normal male physique. The one or two male suits I possessed had to be altered quite heavily to even come close to looking appropriate. Since I had only the weekend, there is no opportunity to alter anything for Monday. Hayley took me into the ladies section and picked some slacks that would fit the bill. Then she led me to the male section and picked some equivalent men’s slacks and had me try on both pair in the dressing room.

Just as she had predicated, the ladies slacks looked and fitted me much better. The only difference is the type of material and the location of the zipper. The material although being softer, still looked the same from a distance, plus the cost was three dollars less per pair. She picked five pair, mostly in tans and brown, with one black pair, then on to the jackets. Again the same routine, one female jacket and one male jacket, then again to the dressing room. The male jacket almost swallowed my body in its entirety. She went to the display to get two smaller sizes, both had the same effect, just not as severe. The ladies jacket fitted much better, actually enhancing my look without swallowing it. The broader lapels and the tapered waist not that noticeable unless you are looking for it.

So now I was ready for my secretary’s job, even to the point of having the proper female clothes to perform the job. Much lighter in the wallet then when I arrived I had five outfits for next week, I just hope Sarah doesn’t make the connection that they are female clothes.

Hayley dragged me to the accessories, and picked a small bag for me, something for me to carry since the pants and jackets have no pockets, but not a purse that would hang on my shoulder and be quite obvious. Along with my other purchases were several blouses, mostly white and very plain, the main difference is the dart for breasts that is not found in a male shirt. I would be wearing a jacket all the time, so the dart should not be a concern.

Sunday we spent some time together, made a meal for us and watching a rented movie. I retired early, wanting to be there at work promptly to get things set up. On Monday I was up early, dressed and walked to the office. I entered the office showing the security guard my badge and made my way to the third floor. I checked out the offices, looking to see what is in the desks, then stocking them with some basic supplies that had been delivered earlier by persons unknown. I set up her desk first, then checked her phone making sure it is hooked up. Up until this time we had used offices down on the second floor, so this office is all new. I straightened up her office making a list of items she might need, to make it resemble a CEO’s domain. I then returned to my desk, which is situated directly in front of her office, to accomplish the same. At fifteen minutes till nine she entered the office and smiled at me.

“I can see you have everything under control, would you mind coming into my office and we will plan our schedule for the day? I think we need to have a little decorum here, so please call me Ms. Samuels and I will refer to you as Harper if that is alright with you. When we are out of the office, or in private Sarah is fine with me.” She told me how she preferred her day to be handled, it would be my job to get it to work out that way. I was given all of the other executives and their titles and job descriptions. Unless I ran into trouble or someone that didn’t want to cooperate she wanted me to handle things myself not bothering her with details.

She approved of my attire, quite professional in her opinion. She asked if at a later date I might concede to take the feminine look a bit farther, I nodded my head, but I am sure my blush was far more noticeable than the nod of my head. I knew then by her comment that she recognized that I was wearing women’s clothes. She asked what kind of money I spent on the clothes, her idea is to have a clothing allowance added to my salary, since my looks are important to the company. I didn’t see how my looks were that important, but you don’t argue with the boss. I told her what I spent for the five outfits and that my girlfriend had helped in their selection.

She wanted a staff meeting tomorrow, in the conference room next to her office. She handed me an agenda to be covered in the meeting, and left the rest up to me. I formulated an email to all of the pertinent parties, telling them of the time and location. After sending it out I went to the conference room to see what would be needed to make it functional. I made a short list, then contacted our operations manager to see about getting the needed items. I don’t think he is too happy with me, I made my list known, then waited for him to notify me of their conclusion. The requests was for additional chairs, a side table for refreshments and one for a copier, fax, and phone extension. I noted that I also need the two devices, since our office had nothing but the phones.

On the way home that night I checked out a few places where I could get some pastries, or donuts. I had found a coffee machine in an employee’s lounge that is not used, so I appropriated it for the conference room. I came in extra early, the staff meeting not until ten AM, but I had a lot to do to be prepared to the degree that I envisioned. I had stopped and picked up some pastries, at the local bakery, the sample that I had partaken of quite delicious. The coffee is next, I had selected a better blend than what is normally used around the office, not that much more expensive than what we were paying for the mediocre stuff.

I went over the agenda, making an outline, naming employees that would be affected by each topic, then a summary of what is to be discussed. It turned out to be ten pages, I hope Sarah approves since I have not been told to do this. I made a copy for each participant, then a copy for Sarah’s desk so she can review it before the meeting. I laid a notepad and pen at each chair, also a name tag of who is to sit where, keeping the upper level management people near Sarah at the head of the table.

Sarah came in at nine AM, left her purse on her desk and went to the conference room. She returned shortly with a huge smile on her face. I told her the pastries are in a box on one of the tables, coffee would be started thirty minutes before the meeting and an outline of the meeting is on her desk for approval. She hurried to her desk, then came back promptly and kissed me right on the lips, asking for my forgiveness in her response, but I had exceeded any expectations she had by leaps and bounds. I smiled, then asked if she desired anything else. She did ask permission to clone me, for the benefit of the company.

The meeting went well, most of the executives were amazed at the setup, everything tied in and business like. Sarah had predicted the meeting would take at least two hours, but in ninety minutes it was concluded. Everybody stayed and talked a little, I used that opportunity to type up the notes of the meeting, then made copies. As each participant left the conference room I handed each a copy including Sarah.

The senior level managers were the most astounded, I knew it wouldn’t take much, I had worked with most of them as I moved from job to job. When all had returned to their offices I laid a follow up sheet on Sarah’s desk naming the projects discussed today and the action required from her managers. I specified the date she had named and then outlined memos I would send when the time approached.

She was reading this as she sat in her desk, the biggest smile on her face. “Well, I have decided you are permanent now, there is no way in hell that I am going to let you out of my sight. You name your own salary, and I will assure you get it. I do have one request. It is a biggie, I would be happier if you were of the female gender in this job, for a lot of reasons. It wouldn’t take much to get you there, I think you will like it, but that is just my impression of you.”

“I know you have a girlfriend, so why not take her out tonight and ask if she might be alright with you in skirts all the time. Then tomorrow we can talk this over and see where we might go with it. The dinner tonight is on me, here is the corporate credit card of which you are an approved signature thereon. Now I am sure you have work to do so quit wasting my time.” Her smile at that statement lit up the room, so I mocked curtsy and made my way to my desk, closing her door as I left. I could hear giggling from the room, but got to work anyway.

The day progressed like I thought it would, after handling the staff meeting everybody had projects to do, so they stayed out of mine and Sarah’s hair. I made sure everything was secured, and left a few minutes early. I had an idea of what to do for tonight, but wasn’t sure if I should act on it. I thought I knew Hayley pretty well, but this is kind of left field thinking. I went to where we had bought my female clothes and looked for a dress. I wished I could get Hayley’s input on this, but then if I did there would be no need for a dinner tonight to explain what might evolve on my job.

I found a conservative looking brown lace sweater dress, I even went to the trouble of trying it on in the store. Surprisingly no associates made any remark, I showed them the dress and they showed me a dressing room to try it on. It fit good, the design of the dress implied a little bust line, which made the dress look really good on my somewhat masculine looking body. I purchased it, then ventured to the cosmetics aisle to get a couple of things.

I ended up getting a makeover, free with a minimum purchase. I asked that she keep my look low key, since I was a secretary in a large business. When she finished I looked quite female, but none of the makeup was obvious or standing out. I called Hayley and asked if she could join me for dinner, she agreed and I told her I would pick her up in about twenty minutes. “We will be going to Luccis so dress properly.”

I figured I would have to wait, since she is like most females and always slightly late. As I pulled up to her apartment she came bouncing out, opened the passenger door and took in my appearance. She had set down in the seat, so I figured she wasn’t going to scream and holler. “You bought a dress without me, boy that is going to get you in the doghouse for at least a week. It does look good, but I am still hurt. Did you do your own makeup, it looks real professional?”

“I didn’t get a chance to buy the dress with her, because the reason for the dress is why we are going out to eat tonight. I have some news to tell you, news that I hope you can live with. The makeup was done at the store I bought the dress at, no chance to go home and do it myself.” By that time we were at the restaurant. I parked and then we walked to the entrance. Hayley was interested in the purse I had, I pointed to a lack of pockets and it was on sale, so I had no choice. She giggled but soon we were led away to be seated.

We ordered the drinks, then after they were brought to us we ordered our entrees. As we waited for our food, she wanted to know why her boyfriend looked more like her girlfriend. I told her what had happened from when I got there until leaving that night. She took it all in, with no comment. The appetizers were served and as we nibbled on our selections I was getting more worried. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea to show up dressed as a woman, her silence not good at all.

She made me suffer by keeping her look stern, finally she started her questions. “What do you think about being a female secretary, I want the truth not what you think I want to hear?”

“I like the job, and I love working for her. She gives me guidelines and then turns me loose. I am not sure why she prefers me to dress as a female, a question I should ask her. I like the clothes, I don’t think I would have any trouble doing what she asks, but it is still an unknown. She was the one that suggested dinner, so that I could ask you about how you feel. For a regular female to have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend would probably end the relationship. I don’t think I am any different dressed as a female than when I am dressed as a male, but that is solely your decision.”

“If we are to have a relationship, you are the one that will have to put up with me, I do want it all out in the open from the start, you deserve much better than me, so if it is hard for you to accept, than we can go our separate ways. From what little I know about it switching back and forth will probably not work very well, so you are going to have to deal with a female from now on at least in appearance. I hope you can, I do love you and wish to live my life with you, but the money, the benefits, and the clothes are too good to pass up at the present time.”

“Well it was a surprise to see you in a dress, but sitting here looking at you now, I can see what she is focusing on. A very efficient PA who looks mostly female, in a position that is largely inhabited by females. A male PA may take away some of her power as a CEO, since the topic of conversation will always be on his sex and not on the job at hand. As for me I am not sure about all of this.”

I let out an audible sigh, the thing I was most worried about and she has told me she has doubts now. The appetizer plates were cleared away and our entrees was served so the conversation stopped for a while, we ate in silence, each of us focusing on our thoughts. Dinner seemed to last forever, I thought the end of the evening would never come. Since we hardly talked I realized that I had killed off any chance for a relationship. At least, now I would have more time to concentrate on my job. No relationship, no time needed for dating and socializing. We drove to her home in silence, I had no idea what to say to her. As I got her car door for her I was getting ready to give her a hug and goodbye kiss when she took my hand and dragged me into her house. I was set on a bar stool in the kitchen and handed a soft drink.

“Now listen to me young lady, we are a couple and how you dress never will affect my opinion of you. How you could think that just because you look sexier than me that I would let that interfere is preposterous. I said in the restaurant that I was not sure of my thoughts on this, not that I wanted to live separate lives. Now if you have so little faith in our relationship that you let anything and everything come between us, maybe we should reconsider. Do you love me as I am? Is what you are presently doing making you somewhat happy? If the answers are yes, then shut the hell up and lay a wet sloppy one on me.”

I did and it lasted for quite some time. Dressed as a female the kissing is so much more sensual, I literally melted in her arms even if I originally initiated the kiss.

“I do insist on one thing though, I get to be the dominant partner, you will be the submissive one, always a girly gurl to the extreme. In fact, I will call Sarah in the morning and inform her of that fact.” These new young secretaries need to be put in their place immediately. I did insist on a few guidelines for our new relationship, making it a little more equal with respect to the two of us. I did have to remind her that I would have a larger salary then her and most likely look better than her. That was definitely the wrong thing to say, I was rubbing my arm where she clobbered me hard.

“You might think it, but it would be wise to not voice those thoughts is that understood?” I nodded my head trying to soothe my arm at the same time. We did agree on equal treatments between the two of us, what is good for her is good for me and vice versa.

Sarah was early, already working when I arrived. I told her of my decision, but found out she had already talked to Hayley first thing this morning. I asked what was discussed, but was told that it did not concern me, Hayley just informing Sarah of what I would be doing. I was handed a list of things I needed to take care of, then told that I had an appointment at a salon this afternoon. It would be quite lengthy, Hayley to pick me up around ten P.M. I just stood there trying to make sense of all of this. Sarah cleared her throat, “I think you have work to take care of young lady, I suggest you get to it.

I wandered back to my desk, soon immersed in what Sarah wanted done today. A couple of her executives finished what they were assigned, a copy of their report was laid on her desk, another copy sent to the concerned parties, one more copy filed in the appropriate file.

I found out the salon is only five blocks away, so I walked there after my afternoon break. As I entered the salon, the décor and opulence of the place almost took my breath away. Everything was so feminine, from the paint on the walls to the large pictures of what they can do for their customer. After looking around for a few minutes, I presume I am in the right place. Most of their customers seem to be males, although in several instances that fact is in doubt.

I was shown a stack of papers, authorizations for the work to be done on me. I read them and then signed each, although a few of the treatments did leave me slightly concerned. I was then asked to undress, and soon was slathered in a cream, its purpose to remove all of my body hair. Then right to the next step, laid on a table and my feet place in stirrups extended from the end of the table. A half hour later, I was female in appearance down there, my male organ glued to my groin then covered up with an obvious vagina of a female.

From there she moved to my lack of breasts, the one thing I did have some concern with when reading the authorizations I signed. I guess the tech has sensed my hesitation so she explained what she was going to do, laying a breast form on my chest to show me the size of breasts I would soon be sporting. They could be removed later if I changed my mind, but she thought that once I got used to the weight and feelings I would be happy to have them on my chest. She glued the forms that would shape my new breasts to my chest, then attached the hoses that would suck any errant tissue from my chest into the forms, that plus the fatty substance that she injected into the forms giving me two perky C cup breasts, functioning nipple included. As the pump made slow progress in making breasts where there was nothing before I had plenty of time to think about all of this. Looking down often at the emerging breasts, I decided they would be alright, the sensation of having significant protrusions on my chest already changing how I thought of them.

While the pump sucking any loose flesh into the cups droned on, my eyebrows were shaped, my hair washed and conditioned then cut into a very feminine hairstyle. They used a curling iron to add some bounce to it but doing it myself every day should not be much of a problem. My nails were next, soaked, cuticles removed and then shaped into neat ovals. Since I had left them untrimmed for several weeks the length was appropriate for a secretary’s nails. Too many coats of polish followed both clear and a soft pink, the result was nothing like a male would wear at any time in his life. My ears were pierced twice, a pair of studs and a set of hoops, the earrings of choice. I actually turned my head a couple of times to get a better look at my image, feeling the hoops swing against my neck.

Makeup next, first put on one side of my face, then I had to duplicate it on the other side of my face. It did take me several attempts to get it presentable, but to be sure appointments were made early each morning for me to stop by the salon so they could correct any deficiencies.

The pump working on my lack of breasts finally shut off, one glance at the former empty cups and I had little doubt about my new gender. The cups were full to overflowing, so that along with my new vagina guaranteed any one looking at me would only see a female. A fairly well endowed female. Dressed in a business skirt and jacket combo with five inch heels I was deemed ready for my first day at work dressed as a female. Can’t forget the stockings, nude in color and attached to a lacey garter belt the garters of it slipped through the leg holes on my panties. Of course a matching bra, underwired and determined to make my newly acquired assets seem even larger then they were. All of this followed by a gorgeous high heel with five inch stilettos.

Since I had walked to the salon for my afternoon appointment I wondered how I would get home, since it was now almost eight P.M. and the office would be closed. Dressed as I was, I was not looking forward to walking home. I walked to the front of the salon figuring I could call for a Uber ride home, but setting in the lobby waiting for me was Sarah. She smiled while she took in my appearance, carefully scrutinizing every inch of me. The resulting smile apparently a smile of approval at how I turned out.

I was dropped off at home with her telling me she would pick me up in the morning. I started to protest but one look from her and that was decided for me. The next morning she was early coming to my door to make sure I was up and getting dressed. I invited her in as I still had to put on my jacket and do something with my hair. Sarah meanwhile was checking out my apartment.

When I was ready, I walked to the door, Sarah meeting me there. She wanted my apartment keys. Shaking her head at how dowdy it looked. I handed them over to her, not expecting her to do anything with them, maybe she wanted to have someone look at the apartment for ideas to make it less dowdy. Once at work I had plenty to do, so was kept busy. I did notice a steady stream of employees passing by my desk, kind of obvious since we are the only ones on the third floor. I am sure they are checking out the new secretary, quite a change from the one before. I ended up having to work late, the workload from yesterday still having to be caught up. Sarah had left earlier, a problem at one of the other branches. She did tell me before she left that Hayley would pick me up tonight at seven, so have you work concluded by then. It had been a couple of days since I had seen Hayley, so I am sure there will be an inspection especially of my new equipment. I was ready when she came by but not ready for the greeting I received.

She took my head in her hands and tried to kiss my lips to oblivion. I swear I could see stars as she finally broke off the kiss. I was dragged to her car, having to almost run to keep up with her. She had her Indy hat on tonight, driving like a woman possessed. The trip to my apartment performed in record time, even though it was really not that far. Then pulled out of the car and hustled up to my apartment. She had my keys apparently as she unlocked the door and pushed me inside. I was trying to look at the apartment since it looked so different and smelled heavenly. Hayley was only interested in getting me out of my present clothing.

We made it as far as the new couch, a string of my clothes along the way. Pushed back onto the couch and she was on top of me in a heartbeat, her skirt pulled up to her waist. She lowered her body onto mine rubbing her groin hard over my new vagina. I definitely could feel her rubbing, also some moistness leaking out here and there. Meanwhile her lips were on mine her tongue exploring my mouth in a very passionate way.

I should point out her hands were busy getting my nipples hard, the feelings that generated swamping my now frustrated mind. I presume she had an orgasm, since she arched her back up high, then collapsed on top of me. I hugged her hard, savoring the feeling of being desired, hoping it was mutual. I snuck my hand in between us staring to massage her breasts and nipples, her moaning increased exponentially. An hour later we managed to move apart, still with ragged breathing and heaving chests.

A nap was needed as both of us cuddled on the couch, as close as we could get to each other. She was the first to have to use the bathroom, although I was only a minute or two behind her. As I followed her to the bathroom I latched onto a robe to slide over my naked body. From the few glances I managed I realized my apartment could no longer be considered dowdy. Everything was new, curtains, furniture and even the rug had been changed. As soon as Hayley vacated the bathroom I slipped in, then remembered I now had to sit. Hey it was only my third time with the new genital configuration. Once out of the bathroom I was trying desperately to have the robe cover more of me.

Hayley asked me if I liked the apartment. There is no way anyone could not love the apartment, so cheery, and yet so feminine. Sarah had arranged everything and Hayley had supervised the changeover. I did notice that the closet had only female clothes in it, my male clothes nowhere to be seen. I imagine getting rid of my male clothes was mainly due to Hayley, the residual smirk on her face as she saw me looking for anything masculine to wear, a dead give a way.

The décor matched my new gender, and definitely could not be considered dowdy. I guess this is the last piece of the puzzle to be fitted in place, Harper is now gender female both in clothing and in how she lives. To think a few weeks ago I was worried about getting fired and now a P.A. to the CEO. Happy you bet.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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