Tina; A Model For Beauty School

Julie had worked to support me as I went through college, I now had my degree in computer science and had found employment as a tech working from home helping people with their newly purchased software. I liked the part about working from home, now I would be able to keep the house up and provide money for Julie to get her degree. To my surprise and her families she decided to take vocational courses to become a cosmetologist. We talked several times about her desire, but she was adamant that this is what she wanted to do with her life, One of her friends had taken the courses and was now working as a hair stylist making almost as much as I was and that was with my degree.

We had a fairly normal relationship, indulging each other on what we desired romantically. Julie always appreciated her breasts being played with while I wanted to cuddle all the time. I loved to hold her tight to me, my arms around her with my hands massaging her breasts. That is till her nipples got sore and she laid on her stomach to keep them out of my reach, thus allowing her nipples to rest a bit. In that position I would run my fingers up and down her back ending up on her shapely butt making circles around her perfect rear and slipping in to her pussy if she spread her legs a little. That is if I was allowed to play. More than once I was accused of having a one track mind, truthfully she was probably right. We did refrain from doing actual male female sex, desiring to wait until later in life after we married.

She picked one of the better schools for her cosmetology training, its tuition was a little higher than some, but they guaranteed job placement when she graduated. Julie picking this career choice saved me quite a bit of money, money I had set aside for her degree. Instead, I put it into a separate account for our first house. We were living in Julie’s parent house now, which was vacant as they joined the migration to warmer climates for the winter, eventually deciding to live there year around.

Her first few weeks were normal school type of study as she had to learn all about the human body that they would be working on later. It seemed she became a little disappointed since she wanted to get to the fun part right away. She persevered though and soon she was able to do the fun part as she calls it. They worked on each other at the school, doing hair, makeup, and other basic beauty services. When they were not doing beauty services on each other there were using a dummy head, where hair styling and makeup could be practiced on. For manicuring they had a dummy hand for that purpose. There was always homework though, Julie was supposed to work on setting her hair each night in different styles, then brush it out and take a selfie of the completed style. That way they would get experience in the many different hairstyles that females take advantage of sometime in their life.

After a night or two of this she decided I would be a better candidate to do her homework on. She wanted me as her model (dummy), I of course complained, told her no but she was obviously not listening to me. I resisted at first, not wanting to volunteer to be partially feminized every evening. She wore me down eventually agreeing to pay me an hourly rate for the time she worked on me with a myriad of different beauty treatments. I was not concerned about getting paid to be feminized but I wasn’t going to just agree without a concession of some kind. Incidentally, I never received a dime for my hours as her beauty school dummy, conveniently forgetting her previous agreement with me.

She cut my hair several times, nothing drastic, but if I didn’t do anything to the style but wash out her efforts it remained firmly in the realm of a feminine hairstyle. Many nights she set my hair in curlers, then I had to sit under a dryer for the hair to dry. It got brushed out after the curlers were removed, then countless pictures were taken with her new digital camera. I hoped she was only sharing them with her class, but knowing my girlfriend that was only a hope.

Makeup a couple of nights a week and on occasion receiving a manicure with extensions. Of course, polish too. Some of it remaining on my fingers for several days, since nail polish remover didn’t seem to faze the layers of polish that she applied. The extensions were under the polish, so guess what. I had long elegant nails to go along with makeup and often a hairstyle to boot. Of course, lots of pictures to show her instructor.

She seemed to forget about the last set of nails she had applied as she never did get around to removing the nail extensions or polish, choosing to instead work on my hair more or makeup in the ensuing evenings. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the nails, so my responses to customers about their software questions suffered, the nails affecting my ability to type very fast. The questions I had to respond to were in a live chat. Unbeknownst to me my boss had seen my slower than normal responses on her daily report and decided to come to my house to see what the problem was. My usual one minute responses were taking several minutes, thus affecting how many calls I could handle in a day. I answered the door bell, thinking it was a door to door salesman or a religious advocate.

Surprise, Glenda stood there taking in my appearance. She was familiar with my male appearance as we had to train at the office for several weeks before we were allowed to work from home. She got the biggest smirk on her face, asking if I was going to invite her in. I led her to the den, where I had my computer. She helped herself to a chair in front of my desk and watched me try and handle the next few chat sessions.

I knew I was red faced, sitting there with long polished nails, a curly hairdo that just shouted girly girl and a feminine face, although I had managed to get some of the makeup off earlier. Eyebrows highly arched above my eyes and lips that were still puffy and pouty due to the lip plumping lipstick Julie had used on me last night. She watched as I made it through three customers, then used her laptop to remove me from active associates available to help customers.

She suggested that I reveal all, she was dying to hear the why and how of my dual life. I finally found the words to tell her how I had been recruited to be a model for Julie’s efforts to become a cosmetologist. She giggled quite often to the predicament I found myself in, even laughing a couple of times when I told her of having to go to the grocery store wearing some of Julie’s clothes since I couldn’t get my makeup off on that particular day.

After I finished she sat and pondered what to do with me if anything. She had noticed on the couple of customers I had just handled that the nails were not as much of a hindrance as before. She accessed her laptop again, going to my personnel file and changing a couple of things. She double checked the information then hit submit. Her big infectious smile back on her face as she told me that she had changed my gender to female, thus allowing for a longer response time to software questions. Females often took longer to formulate an answer to a query, thus the reason for her changing my gender with the company. Now my response times fitted into the expected time frame for a female.

My mouth was suddenly open at that revelation, she just smiled reminding me of the monthly meeting at the office that I dress accordingly, a nice dress and heels would be appropriate to wear for the meeting in her opinion. She got up, came to give me a hug and walked out of the room, with me trying to catch her and get her to change her mind. At the door she told me the meeting had been moved up a little, next Wednesday at eight A.M. Be sure you are prompt, I will need to introduce you to my boss during that meeting. Now I have activated you back as a live chat associate so I am sure you have work to do now. She turned and left me standing there, mouth open and at a loss of what to do or say. My computer pinged, so I had a chat session to attend to. I signed on and was kept busy for the remainder of the day.

When Julie came home from her schooling she had her instructor with her, my complexion turning more to the reddish color as soon as I saw she had someone with her. Surely nothing more could happen today, a bad day now suddenly disastrous. I was introduced to her as the instructor carefully looked me over, especially my eyebrows lips and fingernails. Apparently Julie got passing marks on all three. Since my hair was down to my shoulders and in a quite feminine style it was also deemed sufficient.

They talked a little between themselves, while I was just trying to shrink into the woodwork. Hugs were exchanged, with me getting a hug too. She left and Julie squealed, apparently what happened was something she had asked for. In between hugs and kisses I think I heard her say that I had been approved as her model (dummy) for her license exam, scheduled for next Tuesday. Oh shit, next week is now shaping up to be the week from hell. Tuesday at her beauty school and Wednesday at my monthly work meeting. I just hope after the two meetings there will be a Thursday for me.

Julie had requested using me to show her skills, since I was available and she was used to working her magic on me. This is something not often allowed but the instructor saw a lot of potential in Julie and agreed once she had a chance to see what I looked like. My hair had to be long enough and my nails and face had to be ambiguous enough to be a blank canvas for her work.

I found a chair to plop my butt in and held my head in my hands. I was trying hard not to cry, but the moisture dripping on my hands belied the truth of the situation. Julie eventually came over to comfort me asking what is wrong. I told her of my boss showing up, of my change in gender as far as the company is concerned and about my monthly meeting next week where I apparently am expected to appear in a dress and heels.

I was expecting some sympathy but instead got dragged to her vanity where she cleansed my face and applied fresh makeup, all the while I was trying to get her to stop. Into a pair of her panties, then into one of her dresses as she zipped me up. Then a pair of ladies flats and dragged out to her car. The mall coming into focus about twenty minutes later sent chills down my back. I doubted I looked very much like a female yet I was out in public dressed like one, about to be led into the mall. Julie told me we were shopping for my meeting next week, something daring and revealing would be best. I tried to remind her that I was a software consultant not out to find a husband or a second career.

Then of course, you have to have heels, at least five inches in heel height and a perfect match to your dress. Once we have found your dress we can see to your figure, something to fill out the dress properly while keeping your virtue intact. I wasn’t going to respond to the virtue remark, that better left untouched.

Oh gawd, how do I derail this runaway train?

We trekked up and down the mall looking for a dress that was daring, but would protect my supposed virtue. Needless to say I had to try on way too many dresses, getting the idea that my soon to be acquired figure is going to be on prominent display whether I wanted it to be or not. She finally agreed on a dress, two hundred and fifty dollars of my hard earned money being used to buy the dress. Since most of my new figure would be left exposed, that made the dress quite expensive per square inch of material.

Then the search for high heels to match the dress, an ivory pair with burgundy trim matching the dress perfectly, using the same colors as in the dress. I almost had a heart attack as I saw the height of the heels, almost five inches ending in a stiletto heel of no more than a quarter inch pad. Since it was deemed that I needed the practice, I had to wear the heels out of the store, my first few steps so comical. I did mange to learn to stumble along in the heels, shorter steps and allowing a gentle sway of my behind helping in the process. Well lets just say that continued practice would be necessary to keep the laughing and giggling to a manageable level from anyone watching me try to walk. The heels were another three hundred, a steal according to Julie. I remembered my last pair of loafers were sixty-five dollars, I guess the engineering in the heels makes the shoe cost more.

All total for the dress and heels most of my earnings for the week. Then we have my need for a figure to fill out the dress still to come. We headed home but made a turn a few blocks from our destination. Into a parking lot with a huge beauty salon at the rear of the lot. I shrunk down in my seat, wanting to have nothing to do with what might happen here. I was dragged out of the car, the heels I am wearing keeping me from being able to resist her efforts. Into the salon Julie telling the receptionist I had an appointment for their basic figure makeover. I was taken back to a treatment room and divested of my dress and panties. The heels however stayed on.

First task is getting rid of my body hair. When Julie had worked on me in the evenings she had used Nair on parts of my body, but today it would be necessary to rid my body of any hair below the hair on top of my head. It took the tech about an hour to clean off what was left of my body hair, while the cream she had applied to my face was left on longer. When the face cream was removed my body was barren, not a single hair follicle left anywhere. Incidentally that included my eyebrows. One look in the mirror and Tina seems here to stay. That is the name Julie often called me when she was practicing on me at home.

I kind of zoned out after that, I know my hair was worked on, from the smelly stuff worked into my roots it suggested that I will now have hair of a different color. I think I had my ears pierced, at least it felt like it. Then they moved between my legs, as my groin was cleansed thoroughly I was shaking in fear. There was not much I could do, my feet in stirrups and secured there. When they moved the stirrups wide apart I knew what they had planned would change my life more than what I might be able to handle. Since Julie had arranged for this, I presume she was taking Glenda literally about the change in my gender. I closed my eyes, hoping for some divine intervention, but alas my guardian angel was occupied elsewhere or out on a damn break.

As my feet were released from the stirrups, a quick glance down there showed my groin now sported the same look as Julie, a cute slit surrounded with two puffy lips. I guess we do not have to worry about male/female sex, since there is no longer a male available. I hoped closing my eyes again for an extended period and all of this would just seem like a dream. Well my eyes opened wide immediately as two cups were glued to my chest. As I was trying to figure out how to ask about this in a nonchalant manner hoses were hooked to the cups and a pump turned on sucking some of the flesh on my chest into the cups. Well that did it, my mind shut down and I fainted.

When I came to a little later there was a wet wash cloth over my eyes, blocking my view of what is happening. I left it there, what I can’t see can’t be happening. Sounds good in theory, but not practical in real life.

I heard Julie’s voice, thrilled that she was here, my salvation to escape this scenario. So what does she do, she walks up to me and pulls on the cups attached to my chest trying to stretch out the flesh therein even more. When the pump cuts off a little later, she helps to remove the hose and starts playing with the nipple on the cup that formed my breasts. A glance at the clock on the wall showed that four hours had passed, then another look at the cups on my chest. They were full, topped off with a very realistic nipple, identical to the ones I often played with on Julie.

I didn’t faint this time but probably wished I had, since my mind had ceased to work, no thoughts possible as I just stared at the wall across the room. I followed Julie as she led me out of the salon, then to her car and the remainder of the trip home. When she parked in the garage I just sat there, the earrings swaying against my neck and the new weight on my chest trying to influence my thoughts. I did notice that the hair color change was all that had been done to my hair. I presume Julie will handle anything additional tomorrow. She helped me out of the car and led me inside, I could hear the sound of my heels on the concrete floor as we crossed the garage floor.

Well, things have certainly changed, no doubt the next two days will bring about many more changes. Julie could see I was lost, swimming against the current about to drown. I was hugged and kissed often that evening, even fed dinner one bite at a time. I was not really hungry, but Julie insisted I eat something, she wasn’t going to put up with an anorexic model at her school tomorrow. I know she helped me into bed, but I don’t remember when or how.

I was a little better the next morning, managing to slip off the nightie she had put on me and getting a pair of panties and a bra on. The bra did require some extra finagling since it was the first time I had to put one on. It did feel better to be wearing one though. Julie gathered me up after slipping a dress on me, and the matching heels. No makeup or anything done to my hair, that would be her job once we got to the beauty school. I was escorted in, her one hand on my arm making sure I was headed in the right direction. A stop so the instructor could see my looks before anything is done to me. A picture from the front, side, and back was taken, visual proof of my starting appearance. I did get to see the front shot, I definitely will not be entering any beauty contests. In fact I will have to watch looking in any mirrors, I just might break one with my hair all mussed, and bits of leftover makeup from yesterday around the eyes. Not a pleasant sight, Julie will definitely have to work miracles to make me look anything like a female.

She started, working with my hair first, washing and conditioning then setting it in curlers. This time there seemed to be more of the curlers used than when she had done it at home. I had no idea of what she had planned, every time I had asked yesterday she just smirked and ignored the question. I gave up after a while, my time as a beauty school model is front and center. Once all of my hair was in curlers she started on my nails, removing the cuticles and then adding extensions. I was shocked to see the length of the extensions, my nails now extending past my fingertips by almost an inch. In our sessions at home she has added extensions to my nails but never this long.

Next she started adding layers of polish to the nails, each coat processed under a UV light. The cumulative effect will be very hard to remove. Even with straight acetone it will require hours of soaking to get the polish off. My nails did look quite feminine, the long oval polished nail making my fingers look longer, almost delicate now. I did briefly wonder about getting the polish off for my job, but quit that thought as it was sure to cause a headache if not a migraine.

Julie worked on my eyebrows next, removing what few I had left form her experimenting at home, now I had even less. I swear there was not more than twenty little hairs left on my eyebrows and that is a total of both eyebrows. I closed my eyes, I have confidence in her getting her license, but the collateral damage done to me seems excessive.

Makeup followed, each product application done with precision, something different that what she had done in the past. I was later to learn the makeup she used is semi-permanent, almost like a stain soaking into the skin so that it will last for months. Finally I was moved under a hair dryer so that my hair in curlers could dry properly. I just sat there, thinking of all that had been done to me today, trying desperately to think of how to handle the repercussions of her efforts.

No conclusions reached, actually not even an idea on how to handle the problems this is sure to cause especially concerning my job. I haven’t escaped this situation yet and I am already worried about tomorrow. Glenda had already seen me in feminine mode, but to meet and interact with her boss as one seemed daunting.

Julie took out my curlers after she deemed my hair dry and brushed and pinned it into a bridal style, all updo and curls with pearl looking hair pins to help hold the style intact. Her instructor came over to appraise my finished look and passed Julie with flying colors. Of course Julie was over the top escatic, hugging me and kissing me passionately. Some of her classmates giggling and laughing at her antics. Needless to say my makeup job was temporarily ruined, her lip prints smudged all over my face and neck. I did say her lip prints, my lipstick still perfect.

I was proud of her, she had worked hard to get to this point, already having several offers of interviews for a job with some of the most prestigious salons in the country. Everything finally wound down and we left for home, Julie still bouncing off the walls and I just tired and pretty, My last look at my image as we left the beauty school showed one very feminine female that would be considered pretty by any body’s standards.

When we got home I changed out of the dress she had me wear and then slipped on a nightie, my male pajamas nowhere to be found. I headed for bed, but was way layed by Julie as she led me to a chair in the corner of the bedroom. I was pushed into the chair, then she gathered a bunch of pillows and wedged them all around me to support my body and neck. I sighed, one more penance during my sentence as a female. I did manage to get some sleep, but it was a little here, then awake and then dozing off again. Far from restful.

Morning did come and Julie was still hyper, waking me up. Then into a bath with highly scented water. She proceeded to wash me, while I bitched and moaned about the fact. She ignored me finished washing me then dried me off. Dragged to the bedroom and dressed in some fancy lingerie I had never seen before. Panties, garter belt stockings for the lower half of me, while the top half had a short corset cinched around my waist with half cups supporting my breasts. A slip then a suit with a pencil skirt, I immediately protested, the skirt restricting my movement drastically. Of course I was ignored as she zipped up the skirt and fastened the two buttons on the jacked of the suit. No blouse to be worn with the jacket, my cleavage and hint of my slip visible in the vee of the jacket. Heels buckled to my feet and then she touched up my hairstyle, also checking my makeup before I was hauled to her car and drove to work. I was handed a purse at we pulled up, then she wished me good luck and pushed me out of the door.

I was going to duck into one of the other offices, since I suddenly developed cold feet, not really wanting to do this. Glenda showed up, latching on to my arm and leading me to the meeting room. Oh crap, I guess I am stuck, already seeing my eventual downfall once her boss sees me dressed as a female. Oh well the job was nice while I had it, maybe I can get a job as a hooker if I can’t find any thing else. Nope that won’t work, my clothes are all wrong for a job as a lady of the evening.

We entered the meeting room apparently the last two to arrive. I was taken to meet her boss right away, seeing someone new to me. Glenda previously had a male boss, very tall and very intimidating in his actions. Everyone I knew in the company was afraid of him, not wanting to do anything to endanger their relationship with him. Glenda seemed to be the only one who had the nerve to stand up to him, none of us knew just exactly how she had come to be able to handle him, but were very envious of her.

The lady she was introducing me to seemed nice, her smile very engaging. Then just like that Glenda went to talk to someone else leaving me with Gwen. She made small talk with me for a couple of minutes, then grabbed a hold of my elbow and led me to a separate room. I was shown to a sofa and she sat right next to me. Gwen quizzed me on answers that I would give a customer when helping them with their software, carefully listening to my responses. This went on for several minutes, I answered the best that I could but wondered why she was questioning me instead of presiding over the meeting as Glenda’s boss usually did. I was asked about my outfit, where I had obtained it and if I dressed like this all the time. I made the mistake of telling her that my girlfriend helped me purchase it, and no I usually did not dress this fancy. The next question baffled me for a moment, she wanting to know if I could dress like this all the time if required. I didn’t take the time to think about the answer so just blurted out sure if it is required.

Apparently that ended the question and answer period as she led me back to the meeting room. I headed to the seats in front of the podium but Gwen held my arm and led me up to the podium instead. Oh crap was my first thought, what have I done now. Then I immediately thought of being outed to all of the rest of the technicians as a male and what the company thought of anybody that actually engaged in that type of behavior. Glenda came to stand next to me, holding my arm, I presume to make sure I would not wander away. Gwen started the meeting while I just stood there almost sick with worry.

The lady is actually the COO of the company, technically Glenda’s boss but several layers up the management pyramid. She turned to Glenda and introduced her as overall supervisor for all computer software support. Of course everyone applauded, Glenda was well liked and deserved the promotion. Then Gwen asked everyone to support Tina, their new head of technical software support. I looked around, for this Tina person but no one stepped forward. Then Glenda whispered in my ear that I was Tina, causing me to gasp and almost faint. If it hadn’t been for Gwen and her holding my arms I probably would have. I did hear some applause, then Gwen covered some more mundane aspects of the meeting, three more modules of software that will be added to our roster of supported software. Tina will get with each of you to teach you the basics in the next couple of weeks. It will be done via live chat, a much better use of time and resources. With that she ended the meeting.

I was congratulated along with Glenda by most of the techs, none of them wanting to get on our bad side. Whether no one caught on to my new female look, or were just too afraid to mention it I will never know. Eventually everyone left except for Gwen, Glenda and me. Glenda gave me such a smirk but laid it all out in plain easy to understand English.

You have a job here for as long as you wish, a job as a female that is immaculately dressed at all times and responsible for forty -five software technicians. You are responsible for their interaction with our customers, and the end result the complete satisfaction of our customers. I expect a visit from you each week in my office at company headquarters where we will talk about any problems and how you have handled them. I insist on a drop dead look, since you represent our company.

Now a tech from computer hardware will be by later today to install you new computer. With it you can listen in to any tech as they help their customer and then message them if something needs to be corrected. As far as pay goes, if you are deemed presentable all the time you will draw twice what you are getting now, plus we will pick up all of your beauty salon treatments. Clothes, however, are your responsibility entirely.

Now, one other matter to discuss. The company has need of a spokesperson for what we do, one that will appear in ads that the software companies are required to run, stating what we do for customer support. The logical choice is standing before us, so a simple yes or no is all we need. I managed a huh and Glenda quickly added, that will be fine. Welcome Tina, to Consolidated Software Support, our prettiest spokesperson in quite a while.

Now you need to get out front, Julie is waiting anxiously to see you and you have quite a bit to tell her. After the tech comes by to install you new computer this afternoon, maybe a nice meal out might be appropriate for you significant other. I will see you online tomorrow morning at eight AM, be sure you are dressed nicely.

Just like that I am a female, a supervisor and now a company spokesperson. It all started when I became a beauty school model, no telling what will happen next. Incidentally, Julie was thrilled with my news, she has accepted a job as a cosmetologist at the same salon I was taken to for my figure makeover. She assured me I would have twice weekly appointments for my beauty needs, rubbing her hands together in anticipation. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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