Tempest; A Step in the Right Direction

I was stuck in this ridiculous party for at least another hour. It was a surprise party for my eighteenth birthday. I could have missed it completely if I didn’t have to come home to get my notes for my research paper I was doing for school. The meeting with my faculty advisor was in the morning and I wouldn’t have time to retrieve them before the appointment time.

I had dodged the bullet earlier today when Mom insisted I show up for dinner. I had an idea this is what she had in mind, so I made excuses. Now as I entered the house, the trap closed and everybody sang Happy Birthday. There was Mom and Dad, Aunt Greta, and two female nieces waiting with smirks and smiles. The meal was one of my favorites, the cake was better than last year, the icing in particular quite delicious. Now we are at the point of opening gifts, so lame, but a necessity to be able to end this charade.

Mom and Dad got me gift certificates, at least I will be able to get what I wanted later. I didn’t recognize the store though, after I get back to the dorm I can look it up. Aunt Greta did the same I think, hers enclosed in a sealed envelope to be opened later. She indulged in the mysterious often, none of the family able to figure her out. The nieces gave me CD’s, actual artists that I loved to listen to. I guess not too bad for a birthday. Lots of hugs later everybody left, I helped Mom clean up the kitchen a little, Dad never giving her a hand when there is lots to do, so I helped every time I had a chance. After that was concluded I gave her a kiss and gathered my things and headed back to the dorm.

I was lucky, the school I chose to attend was just far enough away from home that living in the dorm made sense. The savings in gas and time more than exceeding the cost of living in the dorm. The fact that the dorm was coed a fact not missed by my naughty mind. There was a monitor on each floor, so outrageous behavior was not tolerated. There were to be no sharing of living accommodations, in other words two genders could not be in the same room at any time. It was strictly enforced, after one warning if caught again it was instant expulsion. Several had already tested the waters, now forced to attend other schools.

The monitors made spot checks to see that we were adhering to the rules. If our door was unlocked an inspection could be made at any time unannounced. If locked a knock on the door and we had to open it within a couple of minutes. The rooms were designed where there was no hiding spots for a body of either gender. The beds were mounted on a solid base, the closets had see through doors of glass and the bathroom was open to the room except for where the toilet was. There, it was just a curtain that could be pulled closed to allow a little more privacy.

Like I said the rooms were apparently designed with this in mind. We had several lounges on each floor where we could gather to talk to our dorm mates. Luxuries like stereos, big screen TV’s, and comfy sofas adorned each area. Mini refrigerators were supplied, a selection of drinks and juices supplied by the university. No alcohol allowed anywhere in the dorm, another instant expulsion if found on our person or room. One idiot tried to disguise his stash in soda cans in the refrigerator, he was made to drink all of the soda cans then they packed up his things and threw him out. We watched from our rooms as he laid there drunker than sin, before the campus police came and loaded him into their car.

Everybody got along pretty well, they did do some screening matching like personalities on each floor. I was one of three males on this floor, all the rest of its inhabitants were female.

The gals in rooms on each side of me were particularly friendly, we ended up doing a lot of things together. When they went shopping I was always invited along, I would often go to just get out of the dorm some. Because of my class load I felt I was a prisoner in my room, doing an endless stream of homework that never seemed to end. I was determined to graduate in three years, mainly because of the expense of school. My parents were footing the bill but I knew they had borrowed heavily to allow me to go to University. Knocking off a year would save a lot of money.

When I got back to the dorm I prepared my notes for my meeting the next morning, made sure my homework for later classes was completed and then crawled under the covers. The whole birthday thing had worn me out, so it was only a few minutes until I was sound asleep. I woke the next morning before my alarm could do the job, a trait that I was glad that was ingrained in me at an early age.

I laid there wondering about being a year older, I didn’t feel older, but somehow evaluating my life up to know I found I had very little to be listed as accomplishments or even desires that I wanted to experience. Oh I was a good student, my parents loved me and supported me in most any endeavor I wanted to try. I had yet to find the right girl for me, in fact I realized that I was not searching very hard for her either. I did have fairly good health, some sinus problems from time to time, but other than that I was fairly healthy, about the right weight for my height and not butt ugly.

I got chatted up by the girls often, I guess there was some attraction there. I never treated them rudely, in most cases there was just not any connection with them. My female dorm mates on either side of my room were perfect examples. They were pleasant, easy to talk to and interesting, although easily considered to be babes by any male. Great friends to me but nothing more. We often talked for hours, but a recap of the conversation would result in ninety-eight percent pure drivel.

Time for day dreaming ran out, I got dressed and headed to my meeting and then to my later classes. It was fortunate that I had retrieved my notes yesterday, the whole meeting with my faculty advisor was spent with them. The university was trying a few experimental classes for advanced students where we could do some research, write a paper on it and get class credit. My thing was psychology, so my paper was about how our desires shaped our lives. I had done all the research, now just needed some everyday examples and then write the paper. My advisor agreed with me that I was on track, everything I had done so far leading up to my paper’s logical conclusion.

I was all smiles as I left her, now to kill three hours and then two classes later I could relax with some tacos and then crash in the dorm. I went to the student union, much closer than the dorm to chill out for a while. I had my laptop deciding to look up the store that my gift certificates were for. Surprise would be the word, since they were a chain of women’s fashion stores. Maybe Mom had Dad got the certificates and he didn’t realize they only sold women’s fashions, he can be so dense at times. Okay I can ask for a refund and then go shopping somewhere else. Then there was Greta’s sealed envelope, she can be so dramatic at times, but she is one of the few that I feel actually cares about me.

I retrieved the envelope from my book bag and opened it, then took in a sharp breath. It was a gift certificate for ten thousand dollars. I looked at it several times to make sure I counted the zeros correctly after the one. Then I read the note attached. There was a catch involved, something that Greta had done in the past with several gifts she had handed out to others. This one was a doozy though. To get the ten thousand dollars I had to go to a salon in town and have my nails done, not just a simple manicure but extensions and bright red polish with nail art. The salon was paid for and I would have to call to make an appointment for the nail treatment. After completion of the task they would hand me a charge card for the ten thousand dollars so that I could spend it anywhere I wished. I re-read everything again, yep it clearly stated all of those things and I had read it correctly.

I decided to call Greta and ask why, I was curious if she had a specific reason for her actions or was she just winding me up. I thought she liked me, but now there was some doubt. I was sure to be ridiculed with feminine nails almost anywhere I went. I doubted they could be hid, probably exactly the opposite. I know I was instantly transfixed when a female came by with long polished nails, my attention focused on her until she was out of sight. Now I would be the instant attraction, not sure I wanted to be in that position though.

I got her on the fifth ring, her giggling when she saw her caller ID. Before I could get out my question she told me nothing changes, to get the money I had to get the nails and keep them polished and nice for three months. Everything will be furnished by the salon, all paid for in advance. She changed the subject and asked how I was doing. Just like that she was through talking about my dilemma. I answered her than asked if she wanted to see them if I worked up the nerve to get them done.

Of course, I want to see them and I know for sure you will opt for the procedures. A little birdy has given me information that leads to that conclusion. Be good and drop by after your procedure, I will even treat you to a meal if you do. I wonder who is her little birdy.

I hung up, not the information I was seeking, but apparently all I will be able to obtain. I spent another hour trying to figure out what to do, then had to head to my next class. I attended that one and the one following but I doubted I heard a word that was said. Both were lectures today, the material I could gather from my textbook, but the lectures are always informative about what the professor was going to test about later. Maybe I can borrow some notes from other classmates.

All my mind could focus on was the long elegant polished nails that I might soon possess. Closing my eyes I could visualize the long talons, with a cherry red polish as I tried to get my hands to do the simplest maneuver. I had observed many females after acquiring the long nails in frustration as they had to learn to use their fingers in new ways, the long nails keeping them from doing anything as easily as before.

I did make it back to my dorm room, kind of a wasted day, but so full of surprises. I thought a call to my Mom might shed a little light as to why my gift certificates were to a women’s boutique/fashion store. I had to wait for her to come to the phone, since she was preparing dinner. I asked what she was fixing Dad, then listened as she named all the dishes he would get tonight. My stomach rumbled, her description making me hungry.

I finally got around to asking her about the gift certificates, her simple reply was that Greta told her it would be needed. I asked her if she had ever shopped there, she wasn’t familiar with the stores, the nearest one was just a few minutes from the University though. So they had bought the certificates on line, an easier way to make the purchase. Again Greta at the heart of the problem.

I spent some time with the girls in one of the lounges, of course Suzy was doing her nails that night, even her polish was a Cherry red, just like my vision. I watched as her fingernails transformed from plain to gorgeous. Apparently she did this often her skill much better than most females. My other neighbor in the dorm wears polish too, but her nails are never this good looking, neat but stubby a good description.

Still undecided I retired to my room and took a long hot shower. It did help some, I felt refreshed afterwards. I slipped on a t-shirt and lay in my bed. Then I remembered that I have an assignment due tomorrow so I grudgingly got up and started on the assignment. My focus is still off, an assignment that should only take thirty minutes took me over an hour to complete. Then as I looked it over I discovered four mistakes. So back to work and another hour and it was finally done.

This dilemma that I am faced with is screwing up my life. I doubt I would use the ten thousand on something for me. A better use that would benefit both me and my parents is to pay my university expenses for next year. Expenses that are due by the fifteenth of the month. The amount should handle them easily, easing the burden on my parents and making me feel much better. But and it is a big but, the nails are so feminine and I will have to live with them for three whole months, that is ninety long lingering days. I am sure those days will be fraught with frustration, humiliation and other assorted problems yet to be identified.

Two more days passed with me waffling back and forth. The money was certainly a draw, but the image of my hand sporting gorgeous nails cooled down that thought. Of course, to keep my mind focused on the nails Suzy was changing her polish daily always when I was in the lounge. At least it seemed that way. Then Beth my other neighbor showed up with extensions and a vibrant pink polish with nail art. Suzy and her had exchanged stories about long nails, it seemed it was a boy magnet have long nails have boys interested in you. Then Beth made an appointment to get hers done the same way, after she saw what Suzy’s looked like. I am sure Suzy’s new boyfriend might have also influenced the decision, he was a real hunk.

It seemed everywhere I turned the subject was long nails everyone getting a set for their very own. Finally after I almost flunked a pop quiz that was given in a psychology class, I decided I need to give in and have them done, then my mind can concentrate on classes and not on whether to get feminine nails or not. I made the appointment the next day, figuring if I had them done late Friday I would have all weekend to get used to them. As I put down the phone I thought of Greta, she has wreaked havoc on my life and I haven’t even been around her.

Classes were as usual, but my mind was still focused on the nails, two more tests popped up, hoping that I somehow managed to pass them, I knew it would be close. After my last class I drove to the salon, parked in their parking lot and entered. The receptionist greeted me and asked me to follow her. She knew my name and I hadn’t said a word to her. Back in a private room she asked me to remove my long sleeve shirt and put my fingers into the two bowls of liquid on the manicure table. Left in only a t-shirt I did so, the warm silky water instantly soothing me some.

My tech for today was Heather, she introduced herself and started setting things up for me. One hand was removed from the liquid and dried off, then she asked me to read and sign the consent form. It was fairly simple, that I wanted the nails and that I realized they would be with me for quite some time. There was a time frame mentioned, varying according to the type of nails I was getting. I didn’t look back to the top of the form to see what type was listed, just wanting this to be done and over with. I skipped to the next part, about what it would take to remove them, briefly scanned the text, then took the pen and signed the consent form. Heather made sure again that I wanted the nails, according to her just the way the salon operated.

I watched as she gathered up her supplies, the extensions alone laying on the table were most intimidating. Then a Cherry Red polish was set there, I had never told the salon when I called what color polish I wanted, then the bottle of the Cherry Red polish just appeared, just like in my vision. There was many other bottles of polish there also, a topcoat, a base and a sealer. She turned on a UV light and she seemed ready to start.

My hand was removed from the solution I was soaking in and she cleaned around the edges, according to her she was removing my cuticle, making my nails look more refined and professional. Then she filed them into ovals, I had let them grow some so they were past the end of my fingers by a quarter inch, but still considered normal for a male. As she finished each nail an extension was picked out to match the width of my nail. As she held them in place I suddenly was aware of how long they were going to be. The end of the extension was way past my fingertips, I groaned there being no doubt they would be noticed by everybody who looked my way.

After both hands were completed she started gluing the extensions to my fingernails. The glue was put on the extension and also on my original nail. She allowed it to get tacky then pressed down on the extension. After each extension was added my hand was put under the UV light for a minute or two as she worked on the other hand. Finally after all were in place another stint under the UV light. I was mesmerized as I watched her do the work, my hands now looking quite feminine. In casual conversation she told me that the extension was permanent now, bonded to my original nail like it had grown there naturally.

With that revelation I took in a deep breath, my breathing became rapid and my face turned a darker red. She noticed, then reached over and pulled the consent form back in front of me, pointing to the part that described about the nails and how long they would last. I closed my eyes, after reading part of it for the first time, the last few words caught in my throat. The nails are a special hardened plastic and cannot be cut or filed.

My breathing did calm down some, too late to do anything about any of it now. I watched as she finished her work, every layer of polish baked under the UV light to ensure its durability. She did have a polish remover that they used at the salon if I wanted to change colors to match an outfit. My mind did kick in at this time, why now and not earlier a mystery. I would be wearing female clothes most likely, my nails leaving no doubt as to the gender of the person underneath. The reason for the gift certificate at the unknown boutique here in town, and I walked into all of this willingly. Gawd how can I be so dumb? Don’t answer that.

Then one last polish, a clear sealer over all of the above. I had been quiet up to now, but wondered about the sealer that had just been put on my nails. I wasn’t ready for Heather’s reply. It keeps the polish from being taken off for any reason. We have the solvent to use to remove it that is why you have twice weekly appointments for polish changes to match your clothing choices. Figure on about an hour for each polish change. Of course it will help to plan your clothing choices ahead, to minimize the number of changes necessary. All of your appointments are paid in advance, so no need to worry about that. We are open late until midnight, so a last minute appointment to accommodate a date for an evening out can usually be accomodated.

A date no that cannot be happening. With long exquisite feminine nails and most likely matching clothing, it implied the date would be with a male, with me his feminine girlfriend. Well that line of thought was giving me a headache, so I got up and made my way to the front desk. I signed for my services, then briefly looked at the charges displayed on the ticket. I never got down to the prices, my eyes glued on the name at the top of the ticket. Tempest, the name written there. I closed them and then opened then to make sure I had indeed read the name listed there correctly.

I knew what I had to do, Greta was going to get another visit and soon. I made my way to my car and headed to her home. I was angry, confused, and totally lost at what to do. She apparently had the answers I needed, since it is obvious she had master minded all of this. Somehow she had made it irresistible to accept her gift, then trapped me securely in her web. The polish that could not be removed without a visit to the salon a prime example. I parked in her driveway and approached her door. She opened the door, her smile lighting up the neighborhood. I was taken to her living room, where she had a tray of beverages laid out waiting for my arrival. She was obviously expecting me, and was ready for my arrival. First my nails had to be looked at, she complimenting me on their looks. I started in right away asking where all of this was headed and if I had any choice in the matter.

“You are in control, I have just furnished options for you to embrace or reject. You didn’t have to get the nails, but I knew you would think of your parents, feminine nails a small price to pay for their financial well being. Now that you have them you need to decide if you are going to take the easy way and dress as the female that you looks confirms or are you going to hang on to that masculine image and get bullied and ridiculed. For your entire life you have embraced the male image, but I have seen that is was only surface deep. Underneath it you are miserable, always have been. You fight it constantly, trying to fit in, only to find yourself further and further away from any happiness. You are alone the majority of the time, never interacting with any of your fellow students. Your two dorm mates the only ones that have seen part of the real you. Now I have things to do and you need to make some decisions. I love your nails, and I think if you will drop your defenses you do too. Give me a kiss and get out of here.”

I did and a big hug to go with it. I then realized I hadn’t said a word other than my opening question. I had drank half of my glass of soda and I was now closing the front door behind me. So much for getting the facts I needed. According to Greta I had all the answers I needed, I just had to embrace them to move forward. As I was driving to the dorm I realized she had not denied anything that was done, she had just placed things there for me to either reject or embrace. A little smile appeared in the corner of my mouth, my lips twitching some too. Aunt Greta did see things that others did not, always has. Her plans though to handle these observations were works of art. Our government had nothing on her as she devised, implemented, and saw each part of her plan to a successful completion.

In the back of my mind I knew I would eventually play into her plan, but being young I would resist some, maybe if she was not sure her plan was foolproof I could have a little fun of my own. Time will tell.

I did eventually make it back to the dorm and part way to my room before Beth and Suzy found me. I had my hands in my pockets trying to get to my room unnoticed. Well that would not work for them, each grabbing a hand and removing it from my pocket, then inspected my new nails. I tried to move the two to my room since I was gathering a crowd, everybody wanting to see my decidedly feminine nails.

Jolene our monitor for this floor steered my threesome into her office/room then closed the door behind her. She went right to her desk and started filling out some paperwork. I tried to get loose from the girls, fearing I was being issued a warning for what I had no idea. Finally I managed to free myself and make it to her desk. She slipped the paper in front of me asking me to sign it. I picked up the pen, as I was trying to see what I had done wrong. My eyes got big and I almost choked as I read the contents of the paper. It was a change to my original application for a room in the dorm. This one was changing the gender on that form, now as far as the university was concerned I would be considered a member of the female gender. My female name of Tempest was listed on the top of the form, I have no idea how she knew what it was. As I thought for a minute, an aunt of mine has been very busy, another part of her plan now obviously completed.

With a smirk on her face she reminded me that my boyfriends were not allowed in my room, and that me visiting other males in their rooms was strictly forbidden. Beth and Suzy were laughing so hard as they dragged me out of there and to my own dorm room. A few stragglers were still in the hall, wanting to see my new nails. I slowed down and held out my hands so that they could get a good look. At the back of the group I noticed Kevin, one of the few males that I had interacted with before my impromptu switch of genders. After the other females left me alone, Beth and Suzy also saw Kevin and left us alone. I tried to catch Suzy’s hand, not really wanting to be alone with Kevin. She giggled and easily escaped. He approached, took my one hand, holding it tenderly as he looked at the nails.

“They look very nice and suit you, maybe you and I can grab a soda sometime at the student union. It will be nice to just sit and talk some.” I didn’t respond, but I also didn’t say no.

How about tomorrow evening about seven, a few tacos and a nice cold soda, then we can discuss the problems of the world?” I nodded my head in the affirmative, then thanked him for being nice and fled to my dorm room. As I entered my room I just realized I had agreed to a date with a male, not even two hours after getting my feminine nails. Oh gawd, what now?

Beth and Suzy had been listening at the door, so when I entered I was mobbed. Both of then shouting time to shop. Then I realized we were all in my dorm room, a previous no-no that now seemed so surreal, since we now are all females, at least, as far as the university is concerned. I was just dressed funny for a young coed. Believe me I wasn’t feeling very masculine right now.

Suzy ran to her room returning shortly with a frilly blouse. My top was removed, then the blouse slid over my head. Beth, meanwhile, was taking a hair brush to my hair, my elastic that I used to hold my ponytail nowhere to be seen. Just like that we were out the door, down to Suzy’s car and headed into town. I wasn’t paying any attention to where we were going, but when we pulled up in front of the store I had the gift certificate for I knew I had been had. Neither of them had heard about the gift certificates from me, so my crazy Aunt strikes again.

I tried to head to where I saw some pants, the colors of the garments hanging on the rack definitely not masculine. Suzy intercepted me, now I was standing in front of a rack of skirts, short skirts. I reached for a tan skirt, kind of plain and a tad longer then the rest. Well that was not to be, as Suzy jerked out a bright red one, than held it up against me. It did match my nails, but just seeing it had me blushing an even brighter red. I got a frown when she jerked up my pant leg, my leg hair apparent to all. The skirt was handed to Beth and Suzy dragged me to the back of the store then through a door there.

Surprise, surprise it led me right into the salon where I had just had my nails done. I was led up to the receptionist and Suzy made several requests for me. I was led off by another tech, I presume my body hair to be done away with now. Indeed my guess was right, losing all my clothes I was slathered in a cream, then made to wait until it had done its job. There is not much that is more humiliating than standing naked in a room, covered in a whitish cream for thirty minutes. I did spend a lot of the time looking at my nails, well to be truthful admiring my nails. They were mine now, for the foreseeable future. When the cream was wiped off, my body was smooth and the skin so sensitive.

She left leaving me naked and vulnerable, then another lady appeared, helped me up onto a table and laid me back. She laid some blobs of tissue on my chest, from my viewpoint I could not make out exactly what they were. I knew they were heavy, and very squiggly. She marked the proper location and then applied some liquid to the back of the form. The light came on upstairs, these are breasts and soon to be a part of me. I tried to say something to deter her, but before I could get out a sentence the first one was glued to my chest. I closed my eyes, sighed and felt the other one soon in the appropriate place beside it.

Decision made, dress and assume the female life, with nails, boobs and no telling what else I was sure to fit in easily. After the boobs, a silicone vagina was used to cover junior, who ended up being glued back between my legs. Now I was the right gender and had the necessary body for the red mini-skirt. That and three others were picked out, then a couple of risqué blouses, according to Suzy perfect to entice Kevin to make a move on me. I stood there, as the clerk took my purchases off the gift certificate. Way too much happening for my feeble mind to grasp, the only thing managing to get through the clutter and confusion was I had a date with a guy, a nice looking guy who apparently likes me some.

Greta was getting her way, I had friends, maybe even a boyfriend and was out shopping in full female attire. All of this only a day after I made the fatal mistake of opting for the nails so that my parents would have it easier. Easy for them, a nightmare for me. Is he going to try and kiss me? Am I going to be putty in his hands? Is it going to go farther than just a kiss and some groping? Oh gawd, now what am I going to do?

Of course, I needed underwear too, a pushmeup bra, a thong, a garter belt and sheer stockings that being the edict from my roommates. With help like theirs, I definitely didn’t need any enemies. A lingerie store right down the street from where we were was the next stop, my so called buddies quickly gathering the necessary items for my seduction of Kevin, with as brief and sexy as the items were I don’t doubt my ability to seduce him properly. I was just not sure that I wanted to seduce him, acting like a female for less than twelve hours not necessarily a precursor to seduce and capture. Surprise, surprise the other store that I received a gift certificate for.

Finally dressed appropriately and the proper female equipment installed we headed back to the dorm. For the next three hours I was coached in the proper behavior for a young woman on the make. I tried to decline the instruction, even stomped my foot several times, but the lessons continued and when time to hit the sack I was declared ready for my seduction, The girls insisted I was a female in an earlier life, my lessons absorbed easily and quickly. I was handed a nightie, somehow it had made it into the pile of clothes that I had brought home. I was given a quickie lesson in skin maintenance and then hugged and kissed as they left me to my thoughts.

Believe me I had lots of thoughts, mostly revolving around Kevin. I liked him, but underneath all of this disguise I was a male, hence a relationship with Kevin shouldn’t be. As I drifted off to sleep, I felt his kiss on my lips, and I just melted into his arms.

From the state of my sheets and blankets the next morning sleep was not peaceful, I ended up having to extricate myself from them to hastily make my way to the bathroom before I made a puddle in my panties. Of course, I now had to sit to potty, that taking a few moments to figure out, as I looked at the toilet, a time remembered when I didn’t have to squat to pee.

I decided a shower was in order, the warm water hitting my new equipment almost taking my breath away. Life as a female will not be boring, that is for sure. I washed my hair, it just seemed to be the right thing to do. About that time my two advisors knocked on my door, then let themselves in. I was appraised, then as one made my clothing choices for today the other called the salon for a hair appointment. Then as I dressed, we were talking about what I would wear for tonight, some ten hours away. Apparently these things must be planned, the right clothes, the right look hair wise and of course the right makeup all carefully planned for seduction. I kept telling them I did not want to seduce Kevin, but those statements were totally ignored.

Several times I closed my eyes and could feel Kevin holding my hands, then quick little kisses to my face and neck. According to the girls I was moaning as I day dreamed, their giggling having me doing the same a few seconds later. All that was said was that I have it bad, they did insist that I include them in my wedding plans or they were going to hurt me. I had to sit through three hours of makeup application, doing my face, then taking it off and doing it all over again. They spent a lot of time on lipstick application, according to them the essential element in seducing the male of the species. Right before I needed to head to the salon to get my hair done I was pronounced skilled enough to handle a basic seduction.

They accompanied me, to make sure I didn’t chicken out or get lost between the salon and the dorm. I was washed, curled and styled, the last few remnants of anything male obliterated from my body. We made it back a few minutes before seven, Kevin waiting for me in the hall outside of my room. I told him I had to change clothes quickly then we could leave. From the moment he saw me his eyes never left my person. I was embarrassed a little, something I used to do to females now I was on the receiving end. I was carefully scrutinized from head to toe, a smile appearing on his face.

Beth stayed with Kevin to keep him occupied as Suzy came with me to help me dress. Fifteen minutes later I was ready, a fresh coat of lipstick as I stepped out to meet Kevin. I got a wow from him, making me smile, all of that work and stress, not a waste. He took my hand and led me off to his car. I was helped into the front seat and then after he got in he pulled me a little closer to him. According to him I had to use the center seat belt the one on the far side of the car sometimes not functioning properly. I smiled, it was corny but the fact that he wanted me closer to him did make me feel special.

We made our way to the taco place, he found out what I wanted then placed an order for both of us. We sat there for an hour nibbling and talking about the world in general and us in particular. Then he suggested a drive out in the country, he knew of a place where the lights of the city were visible, where we could sit and talk some more. I agreed but I doubted we would be doing much talking.

He was very much the gentleman, not pushing things but encouraging a more intimate seating arrangement. We did talk a little, but the kissing was by far the better part of the time spent there. The view was spectacular, but I think I actually looked at it only once. I was more interested in the lips of Kevin and what he was doing with them. After two in the morning he suggested we head back to the dorm, I was already laying my head on his shoulder, content to smell him and nestle into his embrace.

The kisses back at the dorm as he led me to my room were the best of the evening. It took him almost a half hour to kiss me goodnight, not that I am complaining. It was a magical time, one that I would like to repeat many times in the next few months. I finally entered my room, then fell back against the door as it closed. Oh gawd, what a wonderful evening. I decided I needed to email Greta, a short message to let her know how I am doing.


You were right, I am having fun, maybe we can have lunch tomorrow, I have a lot of things I need to thank you for.

Your niece Tempest

So my first day of classes as Tempest was surprisingly mundane. No shocks of seeing me dressed as a female, not even an undue amount of attention. I was looked at, mainly the guys who had their eyes riveted to my looks, well actually to two mounds on my chest. I got some looks from the gals, but more of a check her out, from a competition standpoint. I seemed to be more relaxed in female mode, able to concentrate better and actually comprehend what the teacher was saying. This last class a prime example. Usually a class in which I took a few notes, but nothing more. As I was putting my notepad away I counted fifteen pages of notes, quite a change from before. The lack of note taking in the past probably the reason I was only getting a C in that particular class, maybe I can improve on that now.

I was still getting used to the new body parts and the way my clothes now fit and affect how I act. My walk was maybe the most pronounced change, now I am walking slower, my hips undulating in my skirts as I now take shorter steps and focus my gate on an imaginary line in front of me trying to keep my heels right on the line. The high heels might also have something to do with the change since the shortest heel I have is almost four inches high. I do love them though, my calves look so delicious in the heels, so toned and tight. When I hit my stride my thighs touch as I am walking the stockings making swishy noises as they rub against each other. That sends all kinds of feelings to my mind, feelings that I don’t quite know how to handle yet.

After my second class of the day I met Greta at a deli a few miles from the university. We had both eaten there on occasion so when she mentioned it I quickly agreed. It turns out she was waiting for me, managing to get us a table on the terrace. I walked up to her and hugged her, leaning into the embrace. Greta pushed me back after a couple of minutes, wanting to survey her new found creation. I was closely looked at, she reached up to push a stray hair that had fallen from its place. We sat looking at the menu for a minute, then ordered when a young man came to take it. I was aware of his interest in me, his eyes never leaving my chest. It must be hard to write when you can’t see the notepad you are writing on. He was back instantly with our drinks, both of us noticing that I had received the large drink when I had ordered the medium sized one. I giggled at his sudden interest in me, but touched his hand to tell him thanks. He went to place our food order, but doubted his feet touched the floor as he made his way to the back.

“I see you have finally given in and accepted your fate, for that I am so happy for you. Now tell me about Kevin, is there a future there for you two?” I raised my eyebrows, at least what was left of them, then smiled.

“Yes, Greta he is very nice and treats me well. I need a little time to get used to the fact that a male likes me for myself, my feminine self so don’t expect miracles this early. We have several dates lined up, I intend to see him regularly, if he sticks around.”

“This lunch is so that I can thank you for manipulating me into this scenario. You had definitely missed your calling, I did hear that the CIA is always in need of supervisors for their operatives, I am sure you could easily qualify. I never saw the things that happened to me as your plan fell into place. I am most grateful for what you have done for me, I just wish I had some way to pay you back for your generosity.”

That moment the food was delivered, my infatuated waiter almost spilling mine as he placed it in front of me. He was actually shaking as he got the plate down and ran back to the kitchen. Greta giggled, you have no idea of your power over males, your Kevin doesn’t stand a chance.

We ate in peace, then a waitress came to get our plates and leave us a check. I inquired about our waiter, she just smiled telling us that he needed a little time to compose himself. Then she laughed and took our plates away.

We sat and talked some more, Greta seems to be interested in what I am studying, suggesting a couple of other pursuits academic wise that might fit with my new gender better. After listening to her ideas they seemed more logical than what I was pursuing now. I presume more of her grand plan for Operation Tempest.

As we were getting ready to leave, taking a minute to check our lipstick she handed me a stack of envelopes. I took them but stared at her. She giggled, telling me to just do what is listed in each envelope, I am sure you will see the reason and logic eventually if not right away. I have given your Mom and Dad all the funds they borrowed for you college education. Since they are so proud, it was done as a lottery win, so that there would be no hard feelings for accepting the money. I had purchased a lottery ticket for them and switched it for one of theirs that they buy every week. For a small fee it was a ticket that guaranteed them the exact amount they had borrowed for your college education. I doubt either you Mom or Dad will connect the similarities.

Now for you one of those envelopes contains the needed funds for the rest of you time at University. I expect great things from you and for your own good you had better deliver on that expectation. You know my capability, I might have to have things done to you if you disappoint me, so don’t.

There is a few surprises in the envelopes too, so be prepared. You do have a standing appointment for beauty services every Tuesday and Friday, a necessity to look your best. With your abilities and your looks I know you will do well in life. One of the things I want done is for you to find someone else needing a little guidance in life and pay the favor forward. That way life in general and your life in particular just gets better and better.

The last request is not negotiable. I need to be included in your wedding, since I am getting older every day, some degree of urgency is necessary. Now give me a kiss and go see that hunk you are seeing. I was crying as I hugged her, she has been so good to me, I just hope I can make her happy in the life and person I became. I did sneak the check out with my purse, paying it at the front register before she could get to me. As she came up to me to protest I kissed her on the tip of her nose and ran out the door. The last words I heard was Tempest get your butt back here. Yep today has been a good day, a truly wonderful day in fact.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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