Felicia; Sharing Her Clothes

My girlfriend and I were headed to Florida for Spring Break. The college we were enrolled at was not one of the show up and we will let you graduate ones. The teachers were top notch and homework was too be expected at every class. So a chance to get away for a while and relax was something we were definitely looking forward to.

At college we shared an apartment, one way to keep expenses from getting out of hand. We have had sex once or twice, but sex bunnies we are not. Now kissing and fondling I doubt any couple could hold a candle to us. We each had a little money that we managed to squirrel away from the money our parents furnished for our education. Instead of flying down to Florida we took the bus, it ate up almost a day of our vacation but saved us almost three hundred dollars. The best thing was it came as a round trip package. So getting back to school was assured. We traveled light, Suzy with two medium suitcases and me with one small suitcase. I often kidded here about why she needed so many clothes, assuring her that I loved her naked as much as fully clothed. I usually received a sore arm in the exchange, but it did not keep me from saying it again every chance I got an opportunity. She just will not take a hint, even though it is voiced often.

The bus ride was uneventful. Leaving early on a Friday evening and getting into Ft. Lauderdale the following morning about ten A.M. A Uber ride to our motel and we would be set. While Suzi used the restroom I stood by the side of the bus to retrieve our luggage. Suzi’s suitcases were right inside the storage compartment but mine was not visible. I stood there as the rest of the passengers got their luggage, the compartment now empty and no sign of my suitcase. The driver suggested I file a claim at the agent for the bus line, that way I could get my suitcase sooner. I took Suzi’s suitcases with me and walked over to the station office. I told him my luggage was missing and he filed out a form for me. He did call the station where we had switched buses to see if it was sitting there. It wasn’t so somebody from the bus company would call me if and when they found the suitcase.

Suzi tracked me down, I explained what happened and we called for a Uber to get us to our motel. The ride to our motel was short, we paid the driver and then registered at the motel. It wasn’t bad, nice and clean and only three blocks from the beach. We found a nearby restaurant after settling into our room, had something for lunch and then back to the motel. No call on the luggage, Suzi doubted it would show back up. She flew quite often to see her parents and has missed a piece of baggage on more than one trip. We discussed the best way to handle the problem, even the bare essentials on clothing for me would eat up a lot of our cash that we had set aside for the two week vacation.

Then I saw a smile come over her face, I immediately scooted back on the bed and ended up on my butt on the floor. Suzi giggling away at my reaction to her wicked smile. She took my hand, to keep me from running away, telling me that we would share her wardrobe on the trip, saving our cash for what we had intended, mainly eating. I immediately told her no, but like most females she used logic, whittling down my protests and stating the obvious. Buying even the basic male clothes and we would end up not being able to stay as long or eat as good.

As my pants slid down my legs I swallowed hard, knowing that she will probably get her way, I have in the past seldom been able to refuse her requests of me. Naked she handed me a pair of panties, telling me to do the opposite of undressing her, then the bra followed as she wanted to know if I need help with the clasp at the back. She was giggling away as that last line was spoken. When I looked at my chest, there was now breasts there, the bra pulling what little flab I had on my chest together. Nothing compared to the size of Suzi’s but still more than a male should have

A crop top and a way too brief pair of shorts completed the outfit, then she took a brush to my hair placing it in a higher then normal ponytail then securing it with one of her ribbons. The fact that I shaved my body for the swim team now playing against me. Some lipstick to my lips and she dragged me to the motel door. I wedged my feet trying to keep from being pushed out into the cruel world, but she handed me a pair of flip flops, kissed me again and before I knew it we were outside the room, the door now closed and locked, the keys now in her purse. She took my hand and led me down the sidewalk to the beach. My head was swiveling right and left to see if anyone was staring at me.

As we passed a shop window I stared at the image I saw in it. Next to Suzi was another female, not a raving beauty, but a female none the less. She saw what I was looking at, smiled and told me to talk a little quieter, almost a breathy type of talk and smile a lot. About fifteen minutes later we were at the beach, Suzi laying two towels down for us to lay on. From her bag she removed some sun tan lotion and had me coat her body with it. That temporarily took my mind off the obvious, me dressed as a female and on the beach. She did the same to me, then laid right next to me, our bodies touching from the chest to our knees. I was once again fixated on everybody around us, fearing some male coming to hit on Suzi and discover my disguise in the process.

Sure enough a male approached, but instead of focusing on Suzi he was asking questions of me. Gawd, now what am I going to do. Suzi to the rescue telling him I was extremely bashful, maybe try again in a few days, once I get used to the attention. As he walked off I was staring at Suzi trying to burn holes in her body. “Why did you tell him that, gawd I don’t need him coming back to see if I am over my bashfulness.”

“Well you could have told him, you do have a voice and I am not going to bale you out all the time. Before you get any ideas you are not going to hold up in the motel room. On the beach with me or next to me in bed, that is the only two positions I will allow. Now give me a kiss, we need to cure that bashfulness so we can have some fun. It was such a kiss, I am sure half of the beach’s occupants were focused on the steam coming from our passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss I quickly looked around at the people near us, all staring at us and huge smiles plastered on their faces. Suzi giggled then leaned in and kissed me again. I pushed her away, my face now a bright shade of red, probably the deepest red known to mankind.

Luckily for me no more male admirers came around. Although I kept a keen eye for anybody getting near us. After our beach tanning session Suzi wanted to snack a little. We found a beach bistro, carefully arranged tables around a small building where they cranked out their goodies. Some onion rings with a ranch sauce were just right. I actually dropped by guard down some, kind of getting used to the clothes and so much of my skin on display. We walked back to the motel and took showers to get all the sand off, then slipped on some of her nighties. I wanted to watch some TV to try and forget the situation I found myself in, but Suzi had other ideas. I was tackled by her as I tried to make my way to the TV set, ending up falling on the bed. Suzi quickly got on top of me, using her mouth to probe mine while her one hand was manipulating my nipple. In the past I had very little feeling in my nipples, even sucking on them did not do much for me.

Today however was different. I know not the reason but the nipple she ended playing with was rock hard and extremely sensitive. Within a matter of minutes I was moaning and wiggling trying to evade her actions. Well that only made Suzi more determined as she slipped the nipple in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the nipple then nipping the end of it with her teeth. That was the key to the fountain, my back arched and I had one of the biggest orgasms I ever had shooting sperm into my panties. So what does Suzi do, she reaches down and slips her hand inside of my panties getting a handful of my cum in it then proceeds to feed it back to me. I refused at first, but when she held my nose closed until I opened my mouth, I got everything she had scooped up. She then kissed me hard, while still holding my nose closed forcing me to swallow.

Well girlfriend we are now ready to head to the beach and find us some studs, a blowjob or two and we will never have to pay for a meal again on our break. I shook my head back and forth to make my distaste known, but Suzi caught me licking my lips and swallowing so that excuse went out the window.

She held on to me all night long, wouldn’t even allow me to change my panties. The next morning she dragged me into the shower and washed me thoroughly, shaving any hair I might have been able to emerge from my body. Then doused me in her perfume, and eased me into fresh underwear and a dress. I looked at her wondering about the dress, her only remark is I needed a more feminine hair style and my ears pierced.

So off to a beauty salon, a branch of the same one I have seen at home. I was deposited therein and she left me after telling the receptionist what needed to be done to me. Well so much for not spending any money on me. My hair was washed and conditioned and then cut into a feminine style. Since way too many curlers were used, the presumption that I will now have a curly hair do is correct.

While my hair was drying my ears were pierced, three new holes in each ear. The gal that did it wanted to know if I wanted my nipples pierced, my hands going up quickly to protect them, The holes were lasered in, so there would be no healing period required and I could add what ever earrings I desired at any time. The curlers were removed once the hair dried, a most feminine hair style now visible on my head. Time for Suzi to reappear as she saw me and attacked. Then she saw the new holes in my ears and took some earrings she had in her purse out and slipped them into my recently added holes. She did ask me why I had decided on three holes, she just wanted me to have one piercing, but is thrilled I decided on two more. I got a stud, a hoop and a dangly earring in each ear. That along with my hair style left no doubt about my gender.

With my look now feminine she paid the bill and dragged me off to do some shopping. I was hoping she might have been talking about some more male looking clothes, but no she was looking for bikinis. As we walked along looking in the shop windows she explained she had brought only two bikinis with her, one to wear and one being washed. Her cup size was more generous then mine, so wearing hers would look out of place. I tried to convince her that a brief pair of shorts and a crop top would be enough for me, but she vetoed that right sway. Since that statement didn’t get me anywhere I mentioned about the money, telling her that buying me a bikini would cut into our stay, she just giggled. While you were being made beautiful I called your Mom and explained your misfortune. She wired me some money to use for you, with the condition that on the way back to our college we stop so she can see her new daughter. I have already sent her a picture from yesterday, so she is anxiously waiting for a face to face meeting with Felicia. I hope you like that name, Felix just doesn’t work dressed as you are.

Well that revelation took out any resistance I might have had, so after three hours of shopping I had three bikinis, each one scandalous. I tried to pick out ones that covered a little more, but Suzi nixed then right away. The briefest one was just two little patches of material over the nipple and a little larger one over my groin. The problem with the bottom half of the bikini was not the coverage but the narrow piece that ran up my butt crack. When trying on the bottom she had pushed junior back between my legs while popping my balls back where they originally came from. Surprisingly I looked good in the bikini, Suzi getting me a lacy cover up to wear to handle my bashfulness. The cover up would go with all three bikinis.

I brought up about spending the money Mom had sent her for male clothes instead of my new hairstyle and bikinis. She smirked, but then Mom would not get to see her daughter and I would not have a girlfriend to share our spring break with. I groaned but let it drop, too late anyway to do much about it. A curly do and pierced earrings already pushing the envelope towards the female gender. Of course, once we finished our shopping it was time to head back to the motel and change to try out the new swimwear. Once devoid of my dress and panties she laid me back on the bed, playing with my little thingy. The ice she held against it shrunk it to nothing in a flash, she popped my balls back up into my body and then proceeded to glue junior to the underside of my groin. I tried to get her to stop, but she was on a mission and my masculine bulge was the target. She held it there till the glue was dry, then held a mirror down there so I could see. One look and I lost consciousness.

Coming around she was holding me in her arms, running her fingers through my hair and kissing my face. I looked up at her wondering why she was doing all of this to me. She gave me another little smirk then explained. I love the new Felicia, holding you like this and kissing you is heaven on earth. Dressed in you bikinis I am soaking wet down there, more so than when it was Felix and me. Felix is okay, but Felicia really rocks my boat. So you need to accept your female side so we can move on, lots of things to do and so little time to do them in.

“Let’s get your bikini on and head to the beach, We have lots of guys to tease, then back here so that I pop that virginity of yours, then cuddle and kiss all the rest of the night.”

I wondered about her popping my virginity then looked over to her open suitcase seeing her dildo right on top. Oh gawd.

She did mange to get my bikini on me, having way too much fun doing so. Then before I could figure out an excuse to keep from going out I was standing outside our motel room in just a bikini and a way too brief cover up. The motel room key safely nestled in her cleavage. I reached over to snag it but she caught my hand and wagged her finger no, before breaking out in a giggling fit. I had to hurry to catch up with her, not wanting to be left alone dressed as I was.

Once at the beach, it was time to apply sun tan lotion again, this time her rubbing the lotion on me was so erotic, my little nipples so hard and pointy. So Suzi kept it up determined to get them bigger and harder. When we first got to the beach it was quiet, the hordes of spring breakers not out yet. By the time we had covered our selves in lotion the beach was full. So started the parade of guys looking at all of the girly sights to be seen. I hoped the sights either side of us would be adequate for them , but no they seemed to zero in on us. The first group came up and tried to engage us in conversation, both of them mainly looking at me. I looked to Suzi for some help in sending them on their way, but she just smiled and pointed at me. The one guy was persistent, even after I told him we were not interested. I imagine the stress of the situation was what kept my voice high and breathy, but I sounded like a female. So go to plan B. I lifted up some and leaned over Suzi, meeting her lips in a most passionate kiss. I got wrapped up in the kiss, not seeing the two guys walk away shaking their head. I looked around the area once lip lock was broken seeing the adjoining females smiling and giving me a thumbs up gesture.

Unfortunately it wasn’t but fifteen minutes later that we were accosted again as two more lotharios asked if we needed anything. This time I was a little more sure of myself, telling them to buzz off. Suzi meanwhile choking and trying to giggle at the same time. I did lean in for another kiss, any excuse to sneak one greatly appreciated.

So for the rest of spring break I was in a bikini during the day and dresses in the evening. Suzi cut our number of meals down to two, supposedly for the sake of our figures. A snack around lunch time near the beach and salads in the evening at a nicer restaurant. I did lose some weight, now my bikinis looking even better on me.

My breasts seemed to be getting bigger, so I made a point to ask Suzi about that, she just responded that it was the bikini top that was performing that miracle. As the strings were tightened around my chest the cups of the top pulled what little loose flesh that was on my chest into the cup. Since it was there every day, the flesh remained in the shape of a breast. Yeah sure, I suspected it was the little pink pill that she had me take every day, a vitamin pill she touted. I think the little pill was a birth control pill having a mild hormone effect on me. I didn’t argue or protest, the female lifestyle was already ingrained in me, so having breasts was not a big deal to me.

How many males that you know check their lipstick hourly, and have deep tan lines showing the distinct outline of a too brief bikini? I would doubt if the number was significant.

The two weeks of spring break eventually ended and we had to head back to college. I did forget the little side trip to my Mothers, until the bus pulled into her small town. There standing in the waiting area was Mom, with a huge smile on her face. She was on my side of the bus, with me clearly visible in the window. When I stepped down off the bus I was engulfed in a tender hug that seemed to go on and on. Suzi had arranged an overnight layover for us so my Mom could visit with her daughter. We were taken to her house, fed and then shown to our bedroom. We changed clothes while Mom was making us some tea. Back to the living room, as Mom was taking in my appearance in the outfit I chose to wear. We talked and talked, with both of us eventually agreeing to return at the end of the school year for an extended stay. I was hugged tenderly, not realizing until now how much I missed her hugs.

The next morning we said a tearful goodbye at the bus station and continued our journey back to school. Once back in our apartment I realized how much things were going to change. As I hung our clothes in the closet Suzi was taking all of my male clothes and packing them up. I made no comment about what she was doing until the next morning when a thrift store truck was seen pulling away from our drive. I rushed to the carport storage area, then sighed, my boxes of male clothes were now gone.

I went back into the apartment and sat by a window staring out at the view of a park in the distance. I decided I needed to see my image now in a mirror before I decide anything else. I slipped off my tee shirt and lowered my shorts to my ankles. I stared at the reflected image for quite a while until Suzi came up behind me and reached her arms around me to hold me tight. I swallowed hard, turning around and asking her if she might want to join me in a shopping spree. Well that was a no brainer as she squealed and headed to the bedroom to change clothes. We spent the rest of the day shopping, spending the money Mom had given me to buy some clothes appropriate for my new gender.

I never looked back, loving being a female. It started out sharing her clothes, now it is sharing our clothes.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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