Golden; Woman Of The Year

First there was the phone call from her informing me that she would be an hour late. She did tell me not to fix dinner as she would pick up something for us on the way home. This is her women’s business meeting day, so it must be some meeting to cause her to be late.

Katie, my wife, was one of the founders of the group almost ten years ago, and has served as President of the group on several occasions. All of the ladies are business owners or head of companies doing business in the area. To join you have to be referred by a present member and then approved by the nominating committee. The group along with promoting females to start businesses or advance in the business world also helps them prosper. They constantly network among themselves sending others to the appropriate place for help. The group does a lot of community services, in fact, they are quite a force in our little section of the state.

I briefly wondered what caused the delay today, but then remembered I had some left over work from today at the office that needed to be finished and faxed back so that my secretary could get it typed up and sent out first thing in the morning. My company had just bought a smaller upstart business, and were in the process of getting all the licenses and permits sorted out.

It is a shame how many businesses are started only to fail during the first year. Most of this due to poor planning and not networking within the community. The idea for the business could have been a winner, but a lack of follow through doomed then from the start. Katie’s business women’s group provided that encouragement, and assistance to get things moving. The females they offered help to accepted the help, eagerly taking the advice and implementing it, watching as their fledgling upstarts started to flourish.

Just like the business we just had taken over, started by a male, adequate financing and a terrific idea, but he reached out to no one for help, so it barely existed for a few months then died when adequate sales could not be found. When we bought it from him, it was found out he never approached anyone for help or advice, thinking his idea was so good it needed no help to succeed. We bought it for a song, started doing things he should have been doing from the start and in less than a week sales have doubled.

Most of the businesses I now owned were such, new upstarts that eventually failed. I carefully picked the ones with some potential, then corrected the faults till they took off. I found and trained managers to run each business, then let them loose. In my experience a female manager turned out to be a wiser choice since they sought out help from me and others to get ahead, where a male seemed to be to proud to ask for help. My choices were correct, all of my businesses now flourishing.

I heard Katie’s car pull into the garage, then went to the kitchen to layout some silverware and plates to eat on. She came in, placed the takeout on the kitchen bar, then hugged me tenderly, kissing me firmly on the lips. I raised my eyebrow at her actions, then she moved to my ear, her lips and tongue embracing it and sending shivers all through my body. Oh gawd, what have I done now, or maybe something I haven’t done was the problem.

She broke off the attack on my body and set out the food to eat, then retrieved a pitcher of green tea from the refrigerator for our drink. I had rounded up a couple of glasses and headed for my seat. I noticed the plates had been moved, now both in front of her seat. She grabbed my hand and led me to her normal seat and then pushed me down on the chair. She made sure she had everything then set in my lap twisting her fanny to make sure I was aware of her being there, and seeing if she could get junior motivated some. She did have him energized, now the problem was what I had done or not done that is causing all of this preferential treatment. Not that I am complaining, but this happens so infrequently, I must have failed miserably in something.

She had positioned herself so she could feed us, a bite for me than one for her. Then a pause and a sip of my green tea as the glass was held up against my lips. I tried to raise my hands to feed myself, but they were routinely placed by my side and told to keep them there. Of course, a kiss was offered every now and then, along with a repositioning of her butt on my lap to make sure junior was aware of her presence. I tried to find out what this was all about, but my questions were left unanswered, a smirk usually left on her face as she totally ignored my requests for information.

Once the meal was finished, she grabbed both sides of my head, holding it firmly as she proceeded to check out my tonsils, ones that had been missing for years. I was definitely turned on now, junior making sure his presence was known to her. She cleaned up the few dirty dishes and silverware, while making sure I did not get up from her chair.

Back again, her twisting her butt several times as she got comfortable on my lap. She mentioned that junior seems to be enjoying himself, but she needed me to listen very carefully to what she has to say. All of this as her arms were around my neck and her hands in my hair twisting and pulling little tufts of it.

“The meeting today was to select a woman of the year, someone who exemplifies what the group stands for. In the past several of her long time friends have shared in that honor, including Felicity your main rival in business. Lots of names were brought up today, each doing some of the things that her group stands for, but no clear cut winner in the group. Incidentally, several of your general managers were among the nominees, something you should be proud of. Debate went on for over an hour, then Felicity startled everyone by suggesting someone that had not been brought up before. She first listed the nominees actions over the past year, each action supporting one of the founding principles of the group. I listened to her words and a smirk came to my face as she went on and on. She concluded her presentation by informing the members that the nominee would first have to be inducted into the group, then after that had happened she could be nominated and then elected to be the woman of the year.”

A name was mentioned and there was a sudden hush in the room, several seconds to the nomination were quickly voiced, then a vote was called for and it was unanimous. We will have a new member of the professional woman’s group, one that I am quite familiar with. The talk around the room was boisterous, several disappointed they had not thought to bring this person to light earlier. During all of this Felicity was staring at me, seeing if I was going to put the kibosh on her pick. Once she mentioned your name, the smirk on my face was visible from ear to ear. Darling, welcome to the Suburban Professional Business Women’s Group.

It took me a couple of minutes to digest what she had said, namely that me a male was now a member of a women’s group and apparently the leading contender for their Woman Of The Year Honor. I calmly asked her why she didn’t stop this from happening, her giggly response did not make me feel any better.

“I happen to agree with them, you are our best candidate for the honor, everything you do fits right in with what we try to teach our members to do in the community, it is just wrapped up in a slightly different package than one of our normal members. You network with others to get ahead and you appreciate the female work ethic, since every one of your upper level managers are female. You have donated time to almost every charity fund drive and serve on the board of our school district. You spear headed a food drive to help the church that feeds the poor, and often go there to help cook and serve. None on this is asked of you, you just see a need and work to fill it. So yes, I think you are our woman of the year, maybe the most qualified in recent years.”

“The girls that run your companies, all members of our group I might add, have pitched in and got you an appointment at the Turnabout Gurl Salon. That way the apparent incongruity between you present image and the Woman Of The Year can be straightened out before we have the presentation dinner for the award.”

In discussions after the meeting I was surprised that some of our members thought we were a lesbian couple, you being the more masculine of the happy couple. Once that was brought to light, they were dumbfounded sighting many examples where you appeared female both in looks and actions. Even a few of my closest friends had doubts about you being a member of the male sex, your typical ponytail usually done up higher than a male wears it and your use of my scrunchies to keep it in place pointing to the fact that you are a female at heart. Then we have your walk, about as sexy and feminine as any woman, in fact many of my friends have asked me countless times how you manage such a sexy walk and you are not even wearing heels. When you speak another fact emerges, the voice of a female. Unless the person is looking at you they hear a female, even some that are aware of your looks see a female instead of a male.

“Look Katy there is no way I can do this, I am sure you electing a male for a usual female held position will cause you all kinds of grief. What will happen if the press gets a hold of this, embarrassment for me and ridicule for your group. Just pick the next best qualified and be done with it. I am sure I can live without receiving this honor, what I do in life I do because I want to. I see a need and if I can help fill it I either do it myself or see that it gets done. If more people would do that it would be a much nicer world out there.

“Now did you buy some dessert or do I need to whip something up?”

I didn’t see the punch coming, but my arm sure felt it. I have to cut done her use of the gym in town if this keeps up. I got a solemn look from her as she walked to the bedroom, I just hope she forgets about all of this. I did make something for dessert, some Jello pudding with fresh sliced fruit and a sweet sauce to go over the end result. From the amount Katy consumed it must have been alright.

The next couple of days passed without any mention of this absurdity. I figured I had dodged the bullet and relaxed some. Big mistake on my part.

It was early the following morning when Katy asked if I could come down to her office, one of my managers was being rewarded for her effort to help the local day care facility raise some funds to remodel and update some of their furnishings at the house they used in town. Katie had been the one to help raise the funds for them to buy the house in the first place a few years ago, so a favored project on her part. Jenny my manager of an insurance agency loved to do things like this, so I was glad to help in rewarding her for her hard work and effort. I arrived a few minutes early and entered Katie’s office. Like her usual award ceremonies there was a small buffet in the outer office, drinks on another table and several tables set up for people to sit and nibble. Jenny was there already surrounded by members of the women’s group. There was a plaque on the table at the head of the room with Jenny’s name on it. The women’s group along with giving a plaque also gave out a cash incentive, some thing to maybe spur further involvement in the community. Even though I was not a member of the group I always contributed to the pot, since it benefited the community as a whole.

I guess I was lulled into a peaceful existence, not expecting anything to happen to me. I had managed to talk to Jenny some, congratulating her on her efforts and reward. Then I noticed several other of my female managers enter her office. We chatted, nibbled on the food and generally had a good time. Bethany, the first of my employees that I promoted to a manager position approached me asking me if I could come by her office to discuss something that was bothering her. Along with being my first manager she was also the most dedicated and caring. I told her sure, just let me know when you are leaving. She suggested that I ride with her to her office, then she could return me here after we had discussed the problem. It was a half hour later when the party broke up my wife assaulting me as she gave me a passionate kiss and groped my body in a most unusual way. Bethany was right there to lead me away suggesting next time we get a room. Of course I blushed red, but was still led away. In her car and the short ride to her office. As we got out of the car I was led next door instead of into her office, her assuring me that the problem concerned this business. The business was a salon that had opened a few months ago and was quite a hit among the ladies of our little town. For some reason I failed to connect the name of the salon with an earlier conversation between Katy and me. When I was taken to a room in the back to find all of my female managers standing there with huge smiles on their face, I knew I had been conned. They each helped in removing a piece of my clothing, gave me a hug and walked out.

Stacy the youngest of my group told me how it was going to be. We have your clothes, your money, credit cards, and even your cell phone. This is going to happen, so relax and enjoy. If you are still upset afterward you can fire all of us, but seeing you as you should be will be worth it for us. I have special permission to kiss you from your wife, who couldn’t be here right now since she is busy throwing out all your male clothes at home and hanging your new wardrobe. If you give any of the girls here trouble we will leave you here for the night, the salon girls anxious to feminize you, so even more time for the process will be appreciated by them. I heartily suggest you comply, I would hate to see you in diapers and sucking on a baby bottle if you give them any trouble. Incidentally that is after they have erased any masculinity from your body.

She reached up holding my face with her hands as our lips touched, as she pressed tighter and her tongue invaded my mouth. The kiss lasted longer than I expected, as she pulled back, licked her lips and then grabbed her cell phone and called my wife. She thanked her profusely for the chance to kiss me, wanting to know if a deal could be worked out for more kisses later. She then handed the phone to me as my wife told me to be good, if you behave I will be by to pick you up at ten tonight. If not it will be a long lonely night for you. She made kissee noises and she hung up.

Well with that kind of persuasion I guess my fate is sealed. I laid back on the table and they started on me. I tried to figure out why they were so adamant to getting me to look like a female. I guess they were right about how I wore my hair, the sexy walk was just how I walked, nothing contrived or done on purpose. I thought of how I might look as a female and had to ditch that thought immediately since my mind was now going along with that line of thinking. I was aware of them doing something between my legs, but my male organ had already decided they were up to no good and had shrunk trying to hide in his camouflage. Too late his camouflage was being removed by another tech using a sweet smelling cream spread all over my body. I felt a spray on my groin and then nothing. When the lady that was between my legs moved alongside of me holding two fairly large cups that looked like breasts I raised my head to see what they had done to junior to find him missing, a cute slit surrounded by soft lips the only thing left. It did take me a minute to realize what that implied and I promptly fainted as the two cups she was holding were glued to my chest.

When I did return to the land of the living the first thought that entered my mind was woman of the year, yep I am now firmly in that gender. My thoughts were mixed up over the next few hours, the incessant pulling of my flesh into the cups on my chest was still there sprinkled along with things being done to my hair, ears and then makeup on my face. At eight-thirty the damn pump making breasts on my chest cut off, as I let out a huge sigh. I had purposely not looked at the filling cups, just too much too handle right now emotionally. The hoses were detached from the cups and I was helped to sit up. They helped me into a bra, to support my new breasts, a requirement from now on. Then pair of panties was slid up my legs, the silky texture doing a job on my sensations. Goose bumps popping up everywhere.

A pair of heels and then a dress was slipped over my head. I felt the zipper being inched up my back, several more huge sighs erupting from my mouth as it rose up to my neck. A glance at the mirror across the room and I had to lean against the table for support. The person known as Golden was now unequivocally a female, in fact an attractive one from first glance. Oh shit, along with looking like a woman I now will have to deal with men as a female would. Why me?

Katy to the rescue, as she took hold of me and woman handled all the way to her car. All of my new appendages were squeezed and otherwise groped. Yes, even down there as she scooted her hand under the hem of my dress in search of my new female sex. Yep it was there as her finger explored the opening then withdrew so that she could concentrate on her driving, it being imperative to get me home so a closer examination could be performed.

Let’s just say it was a long night, the sun rising in the east before I was able to close my eyes and grab a cat nap. I called my secretary telling her I would be late, but instead of understanding she insisted I get my butt to the office and now, since she had not been able too view the new packaging for her boss. I looked down at my body seeing a most feminine body encased in a sexy nightie, that was far from conservative.

I had to dress myself, my closet now had only a females clothes to choose from. So had to look to find what I needed to be presentable. When I sat at Katy’s vanity I looked in the mirror and groaned. My makeup was still almost perfect, and my hair only needed me to run my fingers through it to be acceptable. I imagine my makeup was different than Katys since hers often smudges from kissing or eating a meal especially her lipstick.

I made the trip to my office knowing that sooner or later I would have to face the world looking like this. Molly, my secretary was out from behind her desk in an instant grabbing my hands and appraising the merchandise. I received numerous hugs, along with numerous compliments about my appearance. Then just like that it was back to business mode, as she showed me to my desk with numerous piles of papers each dealing with a different subject. She went through each pile then when she got to the biggest pile she told me it was responses from the community about my dressing and acting as a female now. I was told there was one hundred and fifty emails from community leaders, friends and business acquaintances about my gender change. To sum it up the main sentiment expressed in these emails was its about time. So I suggest you get busy, each of these emails needs to be responded to, thanking them for their thoughts and expressing your continued dedication to the community. I got another hug and she left me to my task.

I am not sure what to think, but it seems this is now my life, a most wonderful life filled with love, friendship and caring.

I did get elected as Woman of the Year an honor I am very proud of. I just wish Katy would ease up some with the nightly show of affection I do need some beauty sleep now and then.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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