Dale; Gender Change Required

We had just been assigned a new supervisor at work, her name was Kelly Walker. She was transferred here from the main office. Our old supervisor had retired, having recently achieved twenty five years with the company. We all wondered what Ms. Walker was like, an inquiry to a few employees we dealt with at the main office yielded very little information on her. They did tell us she was in her late twenties, and had progressed up from a new hire to supervisor level in less than eight months. She was strict but fair, demanding a full day’s work in exchange for a steady job, free from fear of termination. She tolerated very little gossip or talking while working, job first then at break or lunch an employee could talk and gossip all they wanted.

The first few days she made the rounds introducing herself to each of us and checked in on what tasks we were working on. No comment on how we were performing the task for most of us, just observing what we were doing. We noticed she had our personnel files with her as she made the rounds, referencing them quite often as she talked with each employee and making notes therein.

It turned out I was one of the last employees to be checked out, I presume since I was a male she was just being courteous handling all the females first. She did spend longer with me than the others, always going back to my personnel file often to check the information out, then making copious notes in it. She seemed to like how I handled my work, complimenting me on my organization and work habits. I smiled, it is always nice to receive compliments, especially from a new supervisor.

It was quiet the next couple of days, her working in her office, only interacting with us if we ran into a problem we couldn’t handle. Then the next morning I was summoned into her office. I was told to take a seat, then she retrieved a huge folder from her file cabinet and placed it on her desk. This was three times the size of my personnel file, from where I was sitting it looked like my name on the top folder. I swallowed hard, maybe I am in trouble here, although I have no idea what about.

She took her seat behind her desk, then mentioned she was recording our conversation, a copy to be placed in my file after our conversation. Another gulp, now she has me worried. I was shown a slip of paper acknowledging my receipt of the company personnel manual and stating that I had read it and understood all of its contents. I looked at my signature in the bottom line of the form, remembering signing it when I was hired a little over a year ago. She wanted me to repeat I did read the manual and understood its contents without any doubt. I did so, my voice a little shaky since I could not figure out where she was headed with this.

She smiled at me, again complimenting me on my work and how I performed my job. Next she did ask a few personal questions about my home life, if I was married and if I had any children. Those questions were prefaced with a statement that I was not required to answer, it was just her trying to find out a little more about me.

As it looked like she was concluding the meeting she handed me a sheet of paper, labeled first warning on violation of dress code. I stared at it, then read the full complaint. A copy of my employment application was attached to it with the box noting sex(gender) as female circled. The complaint was detailed, noting that I had willfully disobeyed the dress code for quite some time, it just coming to her attention when she took over the department. I swallowed hard, then leaned back in the chair almost falling out of it. I stuttered a response, but I doubted she understood my words as I didn’t even know what I was trying to say. In essence the warning required me to dress appropriate for the gender shown when I was hired. A failure to do so would result in immediate termination.

I finally manged to get out the word mistake, but since she had already given me a copy of my employment application with the gender box marked female along with a copy of my I.D. attached to it, I doubted she believed me. The picture on the I.D. was a female one, the likeness leaving very little doubt it was me, the gender box also marked female.

I just set there, trying to figure out how this had happened. My head was drooped, not wanting to look at her, fearing she was waiting for a response from me. She cleared her throat, asking if I denied any of the information placed before me. I looked at the application again and the copy of my I.D. shaking my head at what was obviously written thereon. I was sure it was fake, since I clearly remembered filling out the application when I was hired, but it looked real enough.

I remembered I had I.D. with me, quickly pulling out my wallet then removing my driver’s license out of its holder. The number on the license matched the number on the copy lying in front of me, the only difference was the picture. The picture on the license looked a little less feminine, but still not clearly a males. I looked at the gender box on the license and it was blank, so it did not prove anything. I them remembered getting my license renewed just last November, so the copy in my file was off my old license, not the new one. Since they shred the old one when they issue a new one, I still had nothing to prove a mistake had been made.

She let me have time to think, while she looked at some more things in my file. I didn’t know how to respond to her, since she seemed to have all she needed in front of her. She cleared her throat, and suggested that I listen carefully to what she had to say.

“From this day forward we need you to dress according to the dress code for females, since you have willfully disregarded it for quite some time. If indeed the application and I.D. are all fake, I have no choice but to terminate you immediately and will most likely demand you reimburse the company for all your wages since you were hired. This is because you obtained the job fraudulently with fake information, a federal offense.”

She allowed me to respond, but my tongue was caught in my throat and my mind was pure mush. Reimburse them all of my wages, that would be impossible, but the likely hood of being terminated with cause had me speechless. I started to say something a couple of times, but a coherent sentence could not be put together.

I presume she felt sorry for me, telling me to take the rest of the day off, then call or email her before five to let her know what I was going to do. If she didn’t hear from me she would make out the termination papers and calculate the amount of wages I would be expected to pay back, emailing both of these papers to me. She waited for me to say something, but with no words emanating from my mouth she dismissed me. I rose from the chair as she placed in my hands the warning about adhering to the dress code, a copy of my application and the copy of my I.D. that was in my file, then pointed to the door. Just like that the meeting was over, my life now shredded beyond belief.

I left the office depressed and frustrated. I picked up my things at my desk and left the building. I think several fellow employees had said something to me as I left, but nothing had penetrated my mind. I made it to my car, got in and just sat there. It was like a surreal movie, things that should be impossible suddenly there and clearly real. I have no idea how long I sat there, but an urge to use the bathroom kind of brought me out of my trance. I drove home, a thirty minute drive from work, then entered the house. First stop the bathroom, then after that was handled a trip to the kitchen, for some coffee, hoping that the caffeine might make some sense of this afternoon’s events.

After the third cup of coffee, I gave up, none of this is going to resolve itself. I found the papers she had given me, looked them over again, with the idea of filing them away. I doubted I will still be in their employ a week from now. I had thought about quitting, but was not even sure that it was possible without more consequences being dumped on me.

At the bottom of the first warning on violation of the dress code she had written a business name down and a phone number. It was in her hand writing, just like in the other paperwork she had furnished me. I looked them up on the internet, pausing after I read what they did. Why she would provide that business name puzzled me for a while. My curiosity was piqued so I called them and asked a few questions. The lady who answered the phone was very helpful, suggesting that I come in, where they could explain better what they did and how it was done. She would be there until nine tonight, and would like to meet me and talk a little more about my situation.

I was still depressed, although the phone call did shed a little light on my problem. What the heck, it will only be my time that is wasted if nothing comes form this. If something is not worked out I might have a lot of time to waste in the future.

I drove over to the salon, as I parked in the area next to the salon I was impressed at the size of the place. I did enter the salon, but was watching the goings on rather than listening to the receptionist. She seemed quite intelligent calling another lady to come to the front. Jill introduced herself and grabbed my hand and led me to the back. I followed along, not knowing what was happening as we passed through the salon. Many things caught my eye as we went, but my mind was not able to process but a few of them. I was shown to a seat in an office and she set next to me still holding my hand.

Over the next half hour she managed to find out what had happened, telling me that they could help if I wanted to adhere to the dress code. I asked about the cost, she made a call to someone else and shortly another lady showed up. Jill and her conferred for awhile, as Jill filled her in on what had happened to me. The lady wrote something down on the fact sheet that Jill was filling out on me then hugged me and walked back to whatever she was doing. Jill looked my way, telling me that the basic transformation would cost me nothing, clothing would be discounted fifty percent and the only requirement of me for the future would be a weekly appointment at the salon to maintain my image. That would run somewhere around fifty dollars a week depending on what I had done. I had her repeat that last statement not believing what I was hearing. Jill said if I agreed all would be put in writing in plain easy to understand terms.

I asked again about the gender change, Jill suggesting they do a scan of my body, then she could use their software to show me what I would look like as a female. I hesitated but she had already risen from her chair, helping me to remove my clothes. Too much happening for me , mind in partial meltdown, emotions almost to the sobbing stage, I just stood there and watched as I was being undressed. Jill moved me in front of a screen, then turned on a machine that carefully scanned my body, the image appearing on the screen behind me. After it was done scanning I was offered a robe to slip on, my male clothes suddenly not to be found.

She punched in some options on her computer and my image changed with each new option that she entered. I sat in a chair to the side of her desk, amazed at what I saw appear on the screen. When she finished her options, I was staring at the screen, a quite attractive female the only image I saw. She handed me some papers to sign, explained what they were for and suggested that I give it a try. From what you have told me you have nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain. I did sign the authorizations, not really aware of what I did, but knowing that without this miracle I was in trouble and that is with a capital T.

Jill grabbed my hand again, pulled me into a hug and told me to relax, let them do their part. Then do what I feel I need to do after I see the results. I did stick out my neck, emailing Kelly, that I would adhere to the dress code as of tomorrow morning and thanking her for the advice.

Jill saw that I was taken care of, each step performed with care and attention to detail. Body hair the first to see its demise, followed by a similar treatment to my facial hair requiring one further treatment later to make that change permanent. The they moved on to my hair, which was washed and conditioned, then set in curlers. Back to a table, my feet secured in stirrups as my male organ was disposed of. Luckily it was not removed, just glued down to my groin out of sight. A vagina cover was glued over the top, making me look anatomically correct for a female. I wondered if that change had to be as detailed as it is, surely just wearing female clothes would be enough to satisfy the dress code.

Next was the addition of breasts, two very realistic breast forms were glued above my nipples. Their seams camouflaged with a concealer cream making them look like original equipment. I looked at her then at the breast forms, wondering about the size. They looked huge to me, way larger that I suspected I would need to portray a female of my size and height. Jill just smiled, yes they are proportionate for your size, besides the fullness will help make your clothes look better on your figure. With the body additions handled she moved to finish my makeup, then removed the curlers and brushed my hair into the style she had cut into it before she shampooed it.

From the neck up I was female, way too much female in my opinion, but female none the less. I was stood up and a corset was fastened around my body, then tightened up giving my straight up and down figure some curves. Panties were next, fitting snugly where there had been protrusions before. A bra for my breasts, since she had glued them on I had noticed how heavy they were, the bra helping to support them and keep them in a perky configuration for my figure. A slip was next, the dress she had selected requiring one to be worn. Then the dress, I should call it what it was a dress but with a jacket making it look like a skirt suit. My ears were pierced, and a lovely set of earrings were affixed to my ears, the short dangly bit enticing my ears with there gentle movement.

I was given a couple of outfits to start my wardrobe and some underwear for the next few days along with a nightie for tonight. She made me appointments for each morning for the next few days so that the salon could fix anything that I couldn’t get quite right about my appearance. Another hug, a bill for my clothes and a card reminding me of my appointments and I was off home. I felt better as I left the salon, I kind of liked my appearance since it was not comical like I had first imagined it would be. The clothes were still a little much to handle, but they did feel good on my body. The heels that I was given, was another matter though, making my legs look good in their stockings, but almost impossible to walk in. Jill assured me I would get used to them quickly, then most likely not go anywhere without them in the future. I doubted that.

I stopped to get some take out, not a word said by the people at the drive in windows except to welcome me and thanking me for the order. I made it home, laying the food on the kitchen counter, anxious to see myself in the bedroom mirror to see if I really looked that good and realistic. In front of the mirror I turned this way and that, appraising my looks seeing if there was any flaws in my appearance. I could find none, so I reluctantly left the mirror to eat my food. I had been given makeup wipes to use to remove my makeup and moisturizing cream to use afterward. I had also been give makeup to apply in the morning and instructions on its use, but doubted I would be very successful at that task. I did get the makeup off and used the cream on my face, hands and arms as instructed.

I might be able to do the hair, some brushing and most of it should fall back into place. Makeup was another matter, I doubted I could duplicate the look if I took all day to do it. Thus the appointments to help me correct any deficiencies. Another look in the mirror, even without makeup the image was still all girl.

I was pooped out after all that had transpired today so was fast asleep as soon as I laid down in the bed, maybe tomorrow might be better. Before my eyes closed I hugged my body in the covers, a warm feeling of contentment spreading throughout. A most unexpected feeling.

I was awake early the next morning, knowing I had lots to do and no real experience doing them. I managed to get my hair looking alright but after the third attempt of getting my makeup on I gave up. I dressed in my new clothes, then headed for the salon. I decided to skip breakfast, since my stomach was rumbling, my nerves on edge. The salon corrected my faults, hair just needing a few brush strokes and they did my makeup for me. Since I had a few moments to spare, they took it all off and had me do it myself. Ir wasn’t as good as they had done but passable. I then drove on to work, arriving a little early actually.

Kelly saw me enter the offices, smiled and returned to her own office. I did get some looks through the day, but nothing was said to me and all of the looks were followed by huge smiles. The work was no different. By lunch I was not aware of how I was dressed, the breasts did get brushed by my arms a couple of times, the nipple on the breast from getting hard and pointy. A bathroom break took quite a bit more time, lots of clothes to remove or lower and then more time to wipe the moisture that seemed to spew everywhere when I peed.

I completed the day, even enjoyed the pleasant feeling that seemed to accompany me during the day. As I was getting ready to leave, after turning off my computer and straightening my desk Kelly asked me to come to her office. My mind started envisioning lots of bad things happening but I did make it t her office. I sat in a chair on front of her desk and placed my hands in my lap. She observed me for a minute then took out that huge file of mine from her desk. She opened it about half way, then asked me if I could do what I did today for the foreseeable future. I told her I presume so, other than the clothes, makeup and hair it was no different than any other day.

Well I am leaving tomorrow to go back to home office, my job here is completed. Tomorrow when you come in move your few personal things in here, since you will be taking over for me. Of course as a female, since the company needs more females in supervisory positions. You will be making thirty thousand dollars a year, a one week paid vacation and a clothing allowance of a third of your wages for the first year. After that clothing will be your responsibility. Now do you have any questions for me, if not good luck and welcome to the female gender. I got a hug and she left taking her briefcase with her. I sat back down in the chair, wondering just what the hell happened. I got up and sat in her chair, my file still spread out on the top of the desk. I looked at the sheet that was on top, noticing my new salary and the bit about the clothing allowance. Then one line below it, a gender change required.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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