Bella; For The Good Of The Company

A week after the incident there were still repercussions popping up in the executive level of management at where I work. My immediate boss had written a memo and sent it to all of his fellow male executives. What was said in the memo you never say in public, much less put it in an email and send it out, even if it was only sent to a few fellow male employees. He addressed the coming secretaries day, an unofficial event that our company had honored and participated in for several years.

The email wanted no male executive level employee to participate, and to not even acknowledge the day existed. It went on to say that any female in a skirt and heels could do a secretaries job, the only reason they were here is to make the office more pleasantly interesting and attractive. Several of the ones he sent the email to chimed in by return email adding to the insults and agreeing with him wholeheartedly. I shook my head and deleted the email immediately. I guess he was not aware that all emails get monitored and copies kept by the IT people.

Nothing happened that afternoon, and I drove home trying to figure out why he had risked everything for such an absurd reason. A lunch and or dinner paid for by the executives was nothing in the scope of things, no matter what his opinion was of his secretary. I knew his secretary Sylvia well, she had been my secretary before she got transferred to his office. She was efficient and saved my butt on more than one occasion. I debated calling her at home, wanting to make sure she knew not all of the upper level executives shared in her bosses opinions.

When I showed up the next morning, a team from security was escorting the person in question from his office, his protests and cussing kind of comical in my opinion. As I arrived at my office, my secretary handed me a note. I was to head to personnel right away, for a meeting with one of the human resource people from the parent company. I turned around and headed in that direction, knowing that the email had been detected and probably shared with most of the higher ups at our companies parent headquarters. As I entered the office I was immediately taken to a side room and given a test, to be taken right away. The stack of test papers was quite impressive, I sighed knowing that my whole morning would be consumed taking the test.

I had a pretty good idea what the test was for, to see if the opinions of our former fearless leader were shared with the executives under his control. It did take me most of the morning to complete the test, it was one of those tests where there were no right or wrong answers, but in taking the test it could be ascertained where my opinions were in the areas of gender, job descriptions, and management duties and responsibilities. After completing the last question I doubted there was any cranial matter that had not be wrung out of me. I handed her the test and she had me sit as she evaluated my answers, looking up at me from time to time. I was sent home after she had looked over my answers and told to be here bright and early tomorrow for another meeting this time with the owners of the company. I knew then and there that lots more changes were in the works, if the owners were already involved.

In the scope of our company I was a vice-president of consumer affairs. Fancy title for handling anything that no body else wanted to deal with. I did most of the press conferences, dealt with the regulatory agencies and smoothed over any ruffled feathers with regards to our customers. The company manufactured and distributed several lines of products aimed at treating a lot of ailments that the general public normally encountered during their lifetime. These were not drugs per say, but products that have been used for hundreds of years to treat a lot of ailments. Some were herbs, that the Chinese have used for decades to soothe and heal a multitude of minor ailments. A few were from our pioneer days, elixirs as they were known back then.

Nancy, my present secretary was invaluable to me, since during a normal week I handled hundreds of emails, inquiries and formal requests for information and clarification of what we touted in our product advertising. I respected her and tried to show her how much I appreciated her help on any given day.

I reported to the HR office right away, where I was steered into an adjoining office. I was the last participant to enter, now five of us were sitting around a conference table. I was introduced to the owners of the parent company and our new CEO, all female. Julie the spokesperson for the group informed me of what actions had been taken while I was off yesterday afternoon. Everybody involved in the email debacle had been let go, leaving me as the only surviving male in executive management. I was thanked for my attitude and gender related beliefs.

They felt things were now under control, but still wanted to make a statement about respect for the female gender and their jobs as secretaries, and other non management positions. Since the majority of the employees of the company were female they thought that a profound statement was necessary to show the female workforce they were appreciated and respected in their duties. To achieve this it was suggested that a male from the executive level be transferred to a secretary position and work there for awhile, learning what the job entails and experience first hand what a female goes through to perform her job and stayed employed.

I squirmed in my seat a little, not wanting to be involved in this meeting any more. I had a good idea what I was here for, and I was not comfortable with it. The fact that I was the only male left in management kind of pointing out who they had in mind for this task. We talked about some other changes that are to be implemented, mainly pay rates for secretaries and job duties in the future. My eyebrows went up a little some of the changes quite drastic, although probably necessary since the fiasco. Everybody but Julie left the office leaving only Julie and myself. The owners in particular very nice to me, shaking my hand and giving me a hug as they left.

“I think you have figured your role in this scenario, a new position as a secretary to your old job, Nancy being promoted to Vice President of consumer affairs until we see how things go in the coming months. You will need to help her as she assumes your duties, your profile determined from the test you took assuring us that you will willing do so.”

“Now for the difficult part. I do not want you harassed or make fun of as you handle the duties of a secretary. Since it is literally a demotion, other employees might decide to tease you, or try to humiliate you. For that reason I want you to apply for the job as if you never worked here. Of course, you will be hired and placed in your new position as an administrative assistant to Nancy.”

“I am releasing a memo informing all employees that a token employee of the male gender has volunteered to assume a female role to experience what a female is expected to do to keep employed and perform her duties. He will experience all things female and do his job as the company dictates. No mention of your name will be used, as far as the rest of the company is concerned you have been transferred to the company headquarters for rehabilitation. I will keep your pay the same plus give you an additional clothing allowance for new clothes and beauty treatments. Think it over for a few minutes then let me know your thoughts on the matter.”

I sat there for several minutes while she was apparently working on the memo she will be sending out. I could see where her plan might be of benefit, but was not sure my part in this was something I wanted to indulge in. I cleared my throat trying to get that huge lump in it to go somewhere.

“How long will this be for?”

“As long as necessary to impress on the employees how serious we are in this matter. I do plan on updates to your struggles letting everyone know that there is a male trying to experience what a female does every day. No names or situations where an employee can discern who you are or what job you are doing.”

“What if I can’t be made female enough to pass?”

“We have contacted a salon to make the transformation and they have assured us you will pass easily. They have seen a picture of you from your employment files and will have no trouble getting you to look like a natural born female.”

“What about my parents, I do still live with them, although they are often gone for several months traveling?”

“I will speak to them if you want, and explain what you are doing and why. If there is a problem we can make other living arrangements for you.”

“I guess I will try it, but do reserve the right to back out if I do not look the part. I want as few people as necessary to know what I am doing, since this is not something I am comfortable with. I presume Nancy will have to know, I have no trouble with that but other than you I would prefer no one else be informed of this scenario or my identity.”

“I agree. Even the HR person interviewing you will not know, as we are transferring your new employment file down from the parent company with the recommendation you be hired for this position.”

“You have an appointment this afternoon at the salon and will be staying with me for a couple of days as I talk to your parents and you get settled in your new identity. Here is the address of the salon and the name of the technician that will be working on you. Everything has been paid for and you will get the first part of your new wardrobe also today. I will pick you up at the salon later, then we will go out to dinner.”

“I presume since all of this has been arranged a head of time you knew I would agree to do this. Someday you need to confess to me how you knew I would agree to this crazy plan. Not today though, my mind is about to shut down with all of this, I need to relax and try to retrieve some sanity if there is any left to retrieve. Till later tonight.”

I got a hug and she told me that a cab is waiting downstairs to take you to the salon, her smile now ear to ear with a few giggles thrown in for good measure.

“Oh, your new name is Bella, so relax and have some fun.”

I gave her a scowl and ventured forth as she giggled some more as I passed through the door. Finding the cab was easy, but the ride was far from pleasant. I was almost sick with worry, why I agreed to do this, an action I never would have even attempted to try a few days ago, weighing heavily on my mind. Maybe I have slipped a cog, gone crazy in management talk. The symptoms are there, just no one around to make the diagnosis.

The ride took less time than I anticipated, as the driver pulled up in front of the salon. I tried to pay him but was told it was all handled including a tip. I got out of the cab and before I could get my bearings a lady was holding my arm and leading me inside. Probably a wise idea since the notion to try and make a run for it is very strong right now.

I was taken to one of their treatment rooms and asked to remove my clothes, Another huge sigh as I shed my pants and slacks. As my underpants slid down my legs, she helped me up on a table so she could begin my transformation. She did go over what was to be done to me, and asked me to sign the permission slips. With a shaky hand I did sign, but the uneasiness I was feeling was making my stomach rumble.

Vanessa, my tech in this transformation saw my anxiety, suggesting some herbal tea to help me cope. It would not put me to sleep, but would make things easier to accept. I gladly agreed, since all of this seemed to be getting out of hand. I knew that I had agreed to be a part of this, but had not really thought about the end results. On the trip over here a lot of possible scenarios came to mind, causing a huge spike in my anxiety. The tea did help, while I was aware of what was being done to me, my mind was accepting that it had to be done and necessary for the transformation. Well accepting may be too strong a word, more like going along with things for the moment.

Why I had agreed to this plan, relinquishing twenty seven years as a male in the process is beyond believable. I remembered my agreement to this but still could not figure out why I had went along with this crazy scheme. Surely a lone male experiencing what a female does everyday would not mean that much to a normal female. But then again, no telling what a female thinks, although I might be experiencing all of that and more very soon.

Vanessa saw that I was relaxing some so she started my transformation. A cream was spread all over my body, my body hair is its target. Left on for a while and then wiped off, no more body hair now and in the foreseeable future. I was never fond of what little I had, although it had taken years for what little I had to amount to much. Next she spread my legs, placing my feet in stirrups, as she moved to the next part of my gender change. I was soon to be given a pussy, my male organ glued back between my legs and covered with a very realistic looking vulva, known as a vagina to most people. When she finished down there and I got my first look, I almost fainted. Vanessa informed me of my need to sit to urinate in the future and the proper way to wipe, a necessity since my pee would spray out instead of a stream like I was used to.

It took me a while to absorb that information, I can see life as a female is going to be much more difficult than I imagined. While I was trying to get that info processed I missed cups being glued to my chest and a pump sucking some of my flesh up up into the cups, the suction furnished through hoses attached to the cups. As I became aware of that suction, I looked down at my chest and fainted. The cups were huge, upon awakening the cups were still there, now even more of my flesh was slipping into said receptacles. I kind of zoned out, not wanting any of this but apparently immersed in this scenario up to my neck.

My ears were pierced, the laser warming my ear lobe then the tech slipping earrings into the hole. No further treatment on my part necessary, the holes will not get infected and they will never close. Another tech had come in and started working on my nails, cleaning and doing something around the edges of the nails. Extensions were added converting my short stubby nails into long ovals, that screamed female. Many coats of nail polish were added, now the resulting image was a pale pink nail glistening in any light and oh so feminine.

They worked on my hair next, shampooing and conditioning it then adding a smelly substance to the roots first, then to the rest of the hair. I will now be a redhead, supposedly a perfect hair color to match my greenish eyes and coloration. An hour for that to process, then rinsed out and curlers added. Once all my hair was in curlers, a stint under the hair dryer, the machine sucking my flesh into the cups on my chest following me where ever I went in the salon. While under the hair dryer my toenails were polished to match my fingernails, now a look at my new figure showed only female characteristics, the former male ones now missing. I did wonder about going back to my male persona later, the breasts being sucked from my body, kind of suggesting that it would not happen.

Of course, makeup to enhance my female image. I really didn’t think it needed much enhancement but it was done anyway. The machine that had been sucking my tissue into the cups finally shut off, the damage having already being done. The cups were full, even a bit wobbly as the hoses were unhooked. I received a shot in each nipple, right through the hose attachment, the tech assuring me they would be quite realistic, just like a natural born female’s breasts. That information was not necessarily what I wanted to hear.

My hair was taken out of the curlers, brushed into a way too feminine hair style and then protected with hair spray. My makeup was checked, then I was taken next door to be fitted for my wardrobe. I soon found out that only skirts and dresses were allowed, all business professional, of course. I will leave the description of the underwear for later, lacy, sexy and way too brief.

Laden down with bags of clothing and underwear I was pronounced done. I would have an appointment each morning for a week before work to make sure my hair and makeup were perfect. I was later to learn I would be doing it myself, with some instruction from then. As I made my way up front, teetering along in the four inch heels that had been slid on my feet I saw Julie waiting for me, that damn smile of hers even more radiant.

I was apprehended and helped to her car, my numerous bags stashed in the trunk. She decided on dinner out, my mouth open immediately in protest. She told me to get used to it, someone as pretty as me needs to be seen, if I didn’t want dinner she knows of a night club where I will be appreciated far more that at the restaurant. I decided the restaurant is okay after all. I have no idea what I ate, too concerned at who was staring at me. I was taking the last bite on my plate when I finally realized that no one was fixated on me, one quick glance to take in my looks and then they returned to their own meal and life.

The ride to her house was brief, her telling me that she had talked with my folks, my Dad still in shock, but my Mother anxious to spend some time with her daughter. Mom assured her that once my Dad got a good look at me he would be putty in my hands. I tentatively had a shopping date with her tomorrow after I had practiced my feminine movements, another salon appointment right before to make sure I looked my best.

Once at her house I was shown my bedroom, and she helped hang my extensive wardrobe in the closet, the underwear in the dresser that was furnished. We went back to her study, to talk about my new work at the company. As far as she is concerned my looks are more than sufficient to pass inspection, and I seem to have the behavior down pat. She is amazed that I can handle the four inch heels as good as I am, since she even has trouble in heels that high.

She asked if I wanted to start work right away or did I want a couple more days to get used to the clothes and new body. I thought it over for a few minutes, then threw caution to the wind and said I will go in tomorrow. I did ask her to kind of keep me out of the limelight, till I got used to things. She let out a sigh, Nancy had already asked for help, hoping I could come in sooner. I smiled, maybe this won’t be as bad as I think it will. I helped her make dinner, then did the dishes as she put things away. Her boyfriend was out of town for a week, so it was just the two of us. We talked for a couple more hours, then went to bed. I was shown my night wear and she helped me clean off my makeup. It did take me a considerable amount of time to find a comfortable way to lay, my new breasts not conducive to the way I used to sleep. I did end up sleeping soundly, a lack of pressure that I usually experienced from my job absent.

Julie went with me to the salon, while my hair and makeup were straightened out, although I was complimented on my efforts today. My eye makeup needed to be redone and a couple of minutes with a brush and my hair style was good as new.

When we arrived at the office Nancy welcomed me with open arms, giving me quite a hug. Julie went on to her office, giggling away. I spent the time showing Nancy what she needed to do to correct her little problems, then made myself comfortable in my new desk. I organized myself, getting everything set up so I could handle the duties of a secretary. Since I was once in Nancy’s current job I knew what needed to be done and quickly got to work doing those things. I caught myself thinking of how much better this was over my old job, the time constraints and the decision making no longer making my life miserable.

I was not happy in the effort needed to go to the bathroom though , a now major trek, then taking three times as long to complete and return to my desk. The ladies bathroom on the main floor and at the other end of the building. I had to advise Nancy in a couple of other matters, but she picked up things quickly, with me never having to tell her something twice. I was glad to see the end of the day, grabbing my purse, touching up my lipstick and closing my desk drawer. Julie had been standing in the doorway with a huge smile on her face. Her only remark to me you are such a girl.

The evening was the same as yesterday, but I did get to bed earlier. I noticed the breasts were not as much of a problem as last night, I presume I had gotten somewhat used to them and adapted my movements taking them into consideration. The next morning I did manage a satisfactory job on my hair and makeup, so a salon visit before work was not necessary.

Nancy was doing much better today, so I had very little to do in that regard. I caught up on my work, then did a little research on a report that Nancy would have to submit the first of next week. I just did the research, leaving the actual writing of the report to her. In the past, Nancy had done the same for me when I had a major report to finish and submit.

Julie checked on me often, every time she showed up I was fixing my makeup, causing to break our in a giggling fit. I never did see a progress report from her on the lone male executive that was doing a secretary’s job, but then I never asked her about it either.

At her home we were into the third week, Julie liked having me stay with her, every time I mentioned about moving back to my apartment she nixed the idea. I liked the company, I had often been lonely in my apartment never dating much and never friendly with anyone enough to do things together. Then one evening she had opened a bottle of wine, wanting to share it with me. After a few glasses, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips our lipstick getting smeared real good before the kiss was over. I looked at her with lust, I guess I had always pictured her as a romantic partner, just never had the guts to do anything about it. Well, that night was a turning point. By the time we had wore ourselves out our makeup was in shambles and a look in the mirror caused both of us to break out in laughter.

Later that week I moved the few possessions that I wanted from my parents home into our bedroom, the two of us sharing a king sized bed. Mom does get to go shopping with me at least once a week, and Dad is quite proud of his daughter.

We don’t do the deed every night, cuddling is just as enjoyable and much easier on our hearts. I eagerly wake up every morning, do my bathroom things then rush to me dresser looking for the perfect bra and panty for the day. Since all of my underwear is in sets it is not hard to find something acceptable for the day. Then a garter belt to hold my stockings up and then the hard part. Picking a pair of heels to match my suit form my over two hundred pair of heels, nothing less than three inches in height. Finally the suit skirt, followed by a blouse then my suit jacket. A look in the mirror than if I don’t change my mind a few minutes at my vanity as I fix my hair and do my makeup.

Of course, I had to have a much bigger wardrobe, a secretary to an executive in our company needing to look business professional all the time. The closet in the guest bedroom at home now filled with lots of business suits, every one essential to my presentation as a secretary. At least, that is my story and I am sticking to it. Twice a week appointments at the salon, so that my feminine appearance is always perfect, even if they don’t do much during the appointment.

I never did return to my old job, Nancy doing a terrific job in my place, her secretary at her beck and call anytime she is needed. I am not sure my transformation and job as a secretary was good for the company, but it certainly was essential for my well being. A lover, a secretary’s job, beautiful clothes and heels, what more could anyone want out of life.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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