Alexis; Pageant Queen

It’s amazing how a day that started out so wonderful could turn into such a disaster. My name is Alex, a very thin junior manager in a large corporation. Standing only five-foot-nine-inches tall, and weighing one-hundred-thirty pounds, I barely made a shadow when the sun shined on me. You might be wondering what my size has to do with my problems on this disastrous day.

If I had played football, lifted weights, or did anything athletic, some of this might not have happened. Unfortunately school, both high school and college were a disaster. I participated in sports, mainly a bench warmer, and the one to hand out towels in the locker room. Nobody wanted me on their team, my selection guaranteed a loss for any team I was on.

My thin figure and lack of anything muscular played into the hands of those who sought to make changes in my life. The events of the day would affect me in a manner not particularly favorable for a male. An email received later that day would have a profound impact on my life. Angela my P.A. the first to notice the email and then pointing it out to me. “You have to read the email that Cindy sent you,” Angela announced as she entered my office. I brought up my email account, read the message, and then laid my head on my desk.

“She can’t be doing this to me again; it never ends, why won’t she leave me alone?” I managed to get out as I banged my hand on the desk. I looked up at Angela, the tears already forming in my eyes. I was afraid of where this is going, some past experiences seemed to be due to repeat themselves.

“Don’t you realize that she loves you, she just has a funny way of showing it?” Even though Angela might believe in that statement, I would never succumb to that idea. I knew that Angela was aware of some of my past history, gossip around the company always very thorough in these cases.

“You don’t make people you love suffer through all kinds of hell. At least in my case, it is something I have had experience with. I just hope the outcome this time is palatable.”

My life up to now has been so-so, since I am basically shy, no make that reclusive. I feel that I don’t fit in, either with men or women. Since I can hardly talk to a female, dating has been a rare occurrence. The total of three dates since I graduated college a sad commentary on my social life, add in that there was never a second date with any of those prospective girlfriends, and you realize how dismal the dating scene is for me.

My main involvement in life has been my job, the one that I have been working at for six years come this July. I was hired straight from school, a management trainee position for several months then a P.A. position after that. Most would see the PA position as a demotion, but since it was to the CEO of the company I didn’t see it that way. Thinking back on that time I would have been better off refusing the promotion and stayed as a management trainee. Hindsight is always better and always correct.

Since I am now twenty-seven years of age, I feel that life has passed me by. The fact that it has taken me six years to obtain a position as a department manager might indicate a few of my problems. That small amount of progress doesn’t say much about me as a person even less as an executive.

I wile away the hours alone at home, reading almost anything I can find on the internet, a pathetic way to spend my time, I know. I am curious about things, wanting to know all about people and their activities, but actually talking with them is impossible. I just clam up, nodding my head, but not involving myself in any discussion. The visualized life I see on the internet, almost becomes real, a more desired life than the one I actually have.

Any interaction with people has always been difficult for me as I just can’t vocalize my thoughts. My ideas are very good, but unless they somehow escape my mind, they die there trapped in their own prison. My lack of advancement at work is likely a result of my inability to communicate. In fact, if it was not for Angela, my P.A. I doubt I would be where I am now.

Rereading the email for the fourth time caused me to tremble with fear. “Of all the times for Cindy to pester me, why does it have to be now?” that said, the tears that had been leaking from my eyes, cascaded down my cheek. Cindy has once again invaded my life to humiliate me.

As I thought of my hobby the troubles seemed to fade a little, dispersed by my dreams and thoughts of dancing. The gentle sway of our bodies as we execute the steps to a Strauss waltz, help me to disassociate myself from the problems of the recently received email. Unfortunately, the dance comes to a close and the reality returns with a vengeance. If I could just make these moments last longer, what a difference it would make.

My one true love is my dancing, I had joined a ballroom dancing group many years ago and have stayed with it ever since. The group meets once a week, forty-two members in all, to share our love of dance. My partner Jennifer and I are fairly good at it and have won several local competitions in the last few years. Yes, I have been able to talk with my dance partner, one that I have been dancing with for seven years. The talk is all dance related, such as a new student, a different take on a type of dance, or some upcoming competition. This part of conversing I could handle since it pertains to my world of dancing, connected but disassociated.

There again the communication is only on a basic level, only what is needed for the dance. For some reason, the dancing allows me to be a different person, not outgoing, but I least I can interact with the other dancers. I presume the dancing allows me to be somebody that I am not, one that is not inhibited by my fears. Maybe the fear is the real problem, not knowing what other people would think of me. It is like wearing a gag all the time, you want to put forth ideas, but something keeps all that vocalization trapped and unable to surface.

I know that this is not much of a life, but as insecure as I am, other activities including women, scare me. Jennifer, my dance partner for most of those years, understands me. We get along well, with her being the dominant lead in our partnership. Her control of our relationship started on day one; I was new to the class, but she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor, and we have been partners ever since.

Since we have the most experience now, we end up teaching most of the new members how to do the different dances. I teach the women, and she does the men, with us dancing both the male and female parts as we do the instruction. It has made our dancing so much better, as we switch effortlessly between the two roles, at least, it is for her, I sometimes still catch myself leading when I am trying to show them how to follow. Still, my vocal interaction with the new students is very limited; I end up showing them instead of telling them.

When I tried to teach a lady how to do the waltz, a prime example of some of my difficulties came to the fore. She is in her twenties, went dancing a lot, but never really danced as a couple. The only close dancing she managed to do is when they played a slow song and her and her partner held each closely and swayed to the music. On this occasion, I am trying to show her how to follow the male lead. I started off leading, showing her with my body where she is supposed to go.

It didn’t go well since we almost tripped each other as our feet got tangled up. I slow walked her through the steps with me doing the female’s steps, then to the music we started again. I was trying to lead, but she had mastered the male part somehow, and quickly I switched to following. Fifteen minutes later we left the dance floor, not once did our feet meet or get tangled and she led throughout the dance. Jennifer came over and congratulated her on mastering the waltz, but wondered if her boyfriend could follow. The girl blushed but quickly replied that he better since I am not going to do the female part.

Afterward, Jennifer told me that I danced the part to perfection and suggested that in our next competition that I wear the dress, we would be sure to win with me dancing the female role. I blushed, but Jennifer just smiled. “We have to get your dress altered in the next week or two, so we will be ready for the next competition.” I never know if she is kidding, but I did receive a cheek kiss in the confusion.

At work, I can manage people, but on a personal level, I retreat into my shell. Maybe the fact that I am their boss allows me not to be myself. Although I can get things accomplished by my employees, there is very little vocalization between us. Most of my employees seem to like me, but it is not a close or friendly relationship between us. I tend to handle any interaction with my employees with emails, or notes, but seldom find the time to talk with them. Other than seeing their name on a payroll sheet, I doubt if I could call any of them by name other than Angela.

Our company is quite large, with me managing a department with thirty-five female employees. As is common with a large corporation, quite often, a rivalry exists between the many individual departments. Sometimes this rivalry becomes very aggressive. Of course, the corporation fosters this scenario since it helps create teamwork within each department. A kind of us against them scenario. Today is one of those days when the aggressiveness threatened to take a life of its own.

Recently the home office of our corporation had involved itself in quite a few fund-raising events for charities. The latest is a part of the fundraising events for the Society for Cancer Research. The local corporate division had some running events (a marathon), a womanless beauty pageant, and a cookout planned to help raise money.

It was some wise guy’s idea at corporate, to have all the departments compete against each other to make it more interesting. Each department, seeking sponsorships for the employees participating so that contributions could be made to the corporation’s charity efforts. Since this is Wednesday and the fund-raising events are this Friday, a sure-fire assurance that most of the other departments would fail to make much of a showing.

Another example of corporate hierarchy jumping on the bandwagon, but not having a clue about what is going on. My department is not in the corporate division, but, of course, they are our bosses. When the first memo came down in this morning’s email about the participation, I became more than a little apprehensive. Re-reading the email, I figured we could have a cookout or maybe a couple of the gals who routinely ran, could do so for our department. I dismissed the beauty pageant immediately. Since I am the only male in my department, and the womanless beauty pageant would require a male to participate, I am definitely not willing to go that route.

After the ladies checked-in and read the posted email, the talk around the office is boisterous. I heard lots of ideas aired, and I did leave it up to them to decide. That is something we were taught in management, to include them in the decision-making process. The fact that I am not shoving my ideas on them allowed them to see that their participation is important to the company and me.

At the mid-day break, the consensus seemed to be favoring the cookout since several of my employees are accomplished cooks. They had gathered a few recipes that sounded promising and even picked a couple of the ladies to represent the department. However, several of my ladies and Angela were adamant about me volunteering for the beauty pageant. According to them, I am a natural, a natural at what is my worry.

“Alex is a prime candidate for the beauty queen, and you must let her have her chance. A trim figure, long hair to die for, and the cutest cheeks and nose that any female would be proud of.” Just where Angela got that idea, me a prime candidate for anything is a little absurd. The look I gave her, implied that she should be quiet, I definitely didn’t need this kind of talk around the other employees, no telling what she might get them to decide on.

The email received shortly after the break, however, changed everything. The start of my disastrous day had begun. Only hours before I had noticed that for the first time in months that my department is current in our workload. In my years with the company, this had been accomplished only twice before. Until the emails, I am feeling pretty good. I am proud of my department but also confident that my leadership had produced some tangible results. Among the various other departments in the company, there are few if any that are current in their assigned duties, making our situation unique.

That moment of success is sure to be negated, maybe even eliminated by the afternoon email. The email I mentioned earlier is from the CEO, challenging me to enter the corporate division’s womanless beauty pageant, not my department, but me (Alex). The sender is the woman that had hired me many years ago, who is now CEO of the corporate division. Ms. Johnson, Cindy to me, is always very savvy in her business dealings but never misses an opportunity to put another feather in her cap. I always suspected there is more to her attitude towards me than just making her look good; I guess I am just easier to humiliate than the others.

In her email, she offered to double any sponsor ships that I might gather, a move that would help her image as a corporate player but insured my participation in the pageant. At times, she seemed to treat me like a friend but never misses an opportunity to push all my buttons in the wrong way. I could visualize her sitting in her office after sending the email, grinning ear to ear.

This is not the first time; she has placed me in a very uncomfortable position. I couldn’t decline since that would show that I didn’t support the corporate objective. The fact that it is for charity would make me look much worse. I quickly came to the realization that Alexis, my female persona is going to be around for several days, and Cindy will be laughing her head off. In private, she always called me Alexis when we are working together. Alexis, my female persona was created by Cindy when she was obviously bored in her own dealings. The name Alexis, implying that I am more like a female than a male. My name being Alex just didn’t seem to matter to her. She never used the name Alexis in public and never in a nasty way. I am sure she is aware of the sexual harassment aspect of this. Along with the name is the female pronouns quietly whispered to me as we did our work. Just her way of keeping me off balance, always leaving me undecided as to what I could do.

When I received the promotion to head this department, I was thankful to be out from under her control some. My boss, being between Cindy and me. Still, Cindy managed to hunt me out, and the button pushing continued. The womanless beauty pageant being the latest attempt to make me squirm. Might I add that she has me squirming quite a bit right now.

Her corporate division has several entries in the beauty pageant, one a young man who is supposedly on the fast track to better things. He works in her office as a PA doing her bidding, actually my old job. I guess his entry into the pageant is part of her personal requests of him. Her offer to double my donations, based on me placing higher than her entries in the contest.

Cindy is not poor by any means, her job just a hobby, an activity to keep her involved, something to keep her occupied. She is very good at manipulating people, always able to bring out the best or worse in them. If she gained a little enjoyment from their efforts, what more could she ask? Although her indulgence is usually a little humiliating for the person involved, I knew of several other instances where she took advantage of other employees, but I seemed to be her favorite target. At all times, her intervention is professional, but the results of her actions were usually detrimental to the employee.

After my initial management training, my first assignment was working as her PA. Of course, her job was not as a CEO at the time, but a division head in marketing. She had me doing everything a secretary would normally do, plus quite a bit of her work. If I came with a good idea, she would use it. If the idea is a success, she claimed it if it flopped, I am left holding the bag.

The job itself was not that bad, I had no trouble handling her requests, but quite often she would take any opportunity to make me look less than masculine in my co-worker’s eyes. Her favorite trick would be to involve me in some personal discussion among women, and then twist it around so that I am voicing a feminine viewpoint.

She would whisper in my ear that Alexis would think the same way, and then I would blush, but not defend myself. If any of the women asked me if that is how I felt, I would just nod and look down. Hence, I became a less than masculine male in everyone’s eyes at corporate. Nothing really blatant, but after a while, I imagined most of the females thought I was either gay or a sissy.

Then Cindy got promoted to CEO and I went along as her PA. But life as her PA remained the same for me, doing so much of her work, getting trapped in her conversations with other female employees, I learned a lot, mainly what not to do. Although I was subjected to all her little games, she was a very effective CEO, the company doing quite well under her leadership.

I was often included in the female groups, going to lunch with them and even to a couple of girl’s nights out. It got to the point of several of the female employees asking what I thought about some fashion, makeup, or jewelry. I tried to avoid the discussion, but they wanted to know my opinion, it was like they saw me as a female. I never dressed other than as young male executive, but still, their opinions of me changed over the years. Fortunately for me, when I got promoted some of that opinion got left behind at the corporate office.

The email in question had been sent to my whole department, so moments after reading it, my employees are formulating how they are going to make me over. The discussions quite enthusiastic, with me realizing that my fate has been removed from my control. I no longer have a say in the matter. An hour after the last email, there is no talk of a cookout, or participating in the marathon, all minds focused on my involvement in the beauty pageant.

Angela had come into my office before the lunch break, making me aware of the employee’s decision. “You know everyone is so enthused about you participating in the pageant. They are sure you will win and glad that Cindy volunteered you.” Just great, now of all times for them to get behind some company idea, and I will be the one to pay for their enthusiasm.

If I placed in the competition, our department would gain attention in the corporate hierarchy, always a goal of my employees. Corporate did stress employee involvement in everything, so all of my employees are now committed to my success in the beauty pageant. Often, I had a very bad opinion with regards to our corporate hierarchy, Cindy in particular. This situation validated my opinions in spades.

The Department of the month was one of their earlier attempts to get employees involved more. For the department to gain attention the employees would make suggestions to make their jobs easier, or to replace an outdated procedure, even ideas to change working hours or conditions. If a lot of their ideas are utilized; the department will get recognition, and the feeling would be left with the employee that what they did made a difference. Thus, most of my ladies are anxious for me to enter the competition, making the department look good and reflecting ultimately back on them.

I should have avoided lunch today, me being in the same room as they were made it easier for them to focus their attention on me. In the cafeteria, they asked me if I would yield to their decision on my participation. It seemed the decision that I am dreading has now been made for me. I tried to skirt the issue (no pun intended), but every objection met with a solution. I tried the no experience at anything like this excuse but found out that Angela, my PA had a sister with a beauty salon.

I pleaded no talent but, ultimately reminded of my ballroom dancing. It is a no-win situation, and Cindy has managed to get me into a humiliating situation once again. Finally, I agreed to participate, receiving hugs from everybody. It was more like surrendering than willingly agreeing to the idea. I wonder if Custer felt this way right before the end.

Back in my office I confronted Angela. “How am I going to do this Angela, I am already tense as a bowstring, and we haven’t even started?” I plopped my body down in my desk chair and stared out the window. I decided it couldn’t get much worse, but on second thought it might be better to not go there.

“You will make it although you feel it is the end of the world; I doubt that a beauty pageant will ruin your image to the point that it can’t be fixed.” I am sure Angela might have thought it, but I am the one that is going to be a male in a dress, not her. I let out a loud moan, maybe some mysterious ailment will latch on to me, causing me to be exempt from the contest. I know a dream, not even a realistic one.

It was left to Angela, to plan the steps to make me a serious contender. Her sister, owning a beauty salon in town, thus making her a logical choice. The salon already has an exclusive clientele, including males that wished to be feminized. The fact that the salon has an equal amount of females that took advantage of the salon’s services is a tribute to their skills. Angela is left in charge of my transformation since she often helped her sister with some of the feminizing treatments. How convenient that my PA had connections with a salon that made males into females.

Angela is a classic beauty, her appearance is always flawless, and she is confident in her actions. We got along good, her confidence and my ideas are a perfect match. I am always looking for some better way to do things but had trouble communicating my ideas to my employees. Since Angela is so confident, I normally left the implementation of my ideas to her, a task she is imminently qualified to handle. My department had managed to change several things that the company had us doing, all of them so far quite successful, saving both time and money. The ideas were mine, although Angela had added a slight variation to a couple of them to make them more mainstream.

All I had to do is explain things to her, and she would make sure they are properly implemented. Her ability to start a conversation with anybody her biggest asset, making it so easy for her. Over the years, I have managed to be able to interact with my employees, but barely. Most often I fell short of an easy and comfortable relationship though. I didn’t even know how to get a conversation going; my usual stunt would be to jump in after the conversation started, thus avoiding the initial reluctance I always had.

Cindy has been prepping her contestant for several months, but we have only two days to get prepared. A fact, that I am sure Cindy is well aware of in her planning. A little fun for her but no way for me to be a serious contestant. This day being Wednesday, with the contest going to be held Friday night at a local hotel. Angela went online to get the rules for the contest and find out exactly what is involved.

She entered my office just before quitting time and asked if I had a few moments. I told her sure, but I am more than a little afraid of what she has found out. I am very apprehensive about the contest but know I couldn’t back out now. I am almost paralyzed as she tells me what she has learned. My involvement is going to be anything, but easy for me.

“The pageant is a typical beauty contest, consisting of a talent, swimsuit, and evening gown portions. If you have any hidden talents besides the ballroom dancing, I suggest you speak up. Otherwise, the dancing is you best option. All of your employees are looking forward to seeing you dance, your tales about your dancing piquing their interest.” Angela is waiting for my response, but I am still trying to figure a way out of this ordeal. Eventually, she decided that ballroom dancing, especially with me in a gown would fit the pageant perfectly.

The fact that I am most often the male lead would cause me to have to make several adjustments, not an impossible task, I just needed to practice a little. My teaching at the dance group would give me some of the needed experience to dance the female role, but teaching a little and competition are two different sides of the coin. But then in a womanless beauty pageant there surely isn’t much serious competition between males wearing dresses.

Hopefully dancing the female part in a gown would cause me very little trouble. Then I thought about the heels, and I knew that my involvement just became almost impossible. I could probably adapt to the female part fairly easy, but dancing backward in heels might be the deal breaker. I have never had a pair of heels on my feet in my life, well let’s just say it has been a while, and now not only do I have to walk in them I had to be able to dance in them.

“You know I will need a partner in this, don’t you, someone, at least, skilled in the basic waltz. Then there is the fact that I will need to dance in heels; it has been years since I have had a pair of heels on my feet. Face it, Angela; this is not going to work since I am doomed from the start.”

With a great big smile on her face, “Oh, just when have you had heels on in the past, this part I want to hear about? Come on you can tell me, I promise not to tell too many people about your escapades in femininity.” I ignored her comment hoping she would soon forget the slip of my tongue.

I am not looking forward to this at all; things seemed to be getting worse by the moment. She told me she had already gathered me some sponsor ships including where I could get my bathing suit and evening gown from for the competition. She asked if I had anything personally scheduled for tomorrow or Friday, and I replied no. She has cleared my schedule at work for both days.

Since the contest is only a couple of days away, she told me that we have to get into this quickly. She had called her sister, and I am expected as soon as I could get there. As we left the office, I am hugged several times and receive many good luck wishes from my employees. I felt more like a lamb being led to slaughter, a very nervous little lamb.

Soon Angela and I are driving over to her sister’s salon. The drive is about thirty minutes in length, mainly due to rush hour traffic. My insecurities are taking over, my confidence gone, what little confidence I had managed to put together. I am starting to cry, yes, me a business executive is just about in tears, this whole pageant is scaring me to death. Why did Cindy have to implicate me in this pageant, her effort to humiliate me always coming at an inopportune time? But then, when would be a good time to enter a womanless beauty pageant.

Angela noticed my tears, putting her hand on my thigh to comfort me. She figured this might happen, but wanted me to try to get through this. She felt that the pageant would bring forth many revelations, changing how I perceive myself. She added it would be a change, maybe one that is a long time coming. That statement confused me, what change is she talking about.

That thought bounced around a little and then it is gone, back to my predicament and the emotions that go with it. The tears never totally stopped, but I was able to compose myself some, hopeful that it would be all over, in a couple of days. A lot of the females in the office called it leaking, not an outright cry, but tears sliding down a cheek and a quiet sob here and there. Believe me; I was leaking quite a bit at the time.

As we pulled up to the Turnabout Gurl Salon, I hoped the name is just a catchy name and not a statement of how I would look after the visit. On tonight’s agenda is getting measured, and some of the foundation pieces are to be fitted. Good thing, I have nothing planned for tonight. Unfortunately, that is the case most nights, too shy and lacking any confidence in myself, I am often alone lacking any female companionship. It is, however, more along the lines of no friends, male or female. In my apartment complex, I didn’t even know who my neighbors are, we passed in the hall, but I never spoke to them.

Since I don’t drink, that also cut into my socializing time. At first, when Cindy hired me, the males in other departments would invite me to go out with them drinking after work, even though I was a P.A., secretary in laymen’s terms, the invite still extended. I declined several times with the invites not coming my way anymore. I didn’t trust myself since I couldn’t communicate with anyone and I felt that my not drinking would make me a social outcast.

As we entered the salon, Angela told me to please trust her. She knew that a lot of the things that I would be experiencing would be so different from what I am used to. She had found out that Cindy had not taken advantage of a transformation salon, and she is sure that her sister could turn me into a guy’s wet dream. That analogy is not what I am hoping to hear, but shrugged my shoulders, telling her to proceed.

The name of the salon should have sent me running since Turnabout Gurl Salon does not bode well for a male entering a beauty pageant. The salon is absolutely gorgeous inside, definitely fitting the name. Different shades of pink and rose decorated the walls, intermingled with portraits and photos of beautiful and feminine women.

I think the most noticeable feature is the smell of the salon, a mixture of perfume, shampoo, and as I am later to find out the solution used for a permanent. Then the smell of flowers wafted through my nostrils, several places in the salon had large bouquets of flowers situated on tables and counters. The fragrance of the flowers mixing with the smells of the salon, not unpleasant, but definitely not what I am used to. The flowers are actually real, not plastic look-a-likes, but real honest to goodness flowers. It is not a place where a male would feel comfortable. Yet, when I looked around, I noticed more than a few males are taking advantage of the salon’s services today.

The salon is quite large and still had several customers taking advantage of their services at five-thirty in the evening. The stations are almost new and seemed to have any tool of the beauty industry available. Angela’s sister came over to greet us, examining me from my hair to my toes. I am requested to turn around, even to walk to the end of the salon and back. I am extremely nervous as I walked back and forth, is my walk effeminate or do I walk like a stevedore.

Maria smiled at me, “Converting Alex to Alexis is a piece of cake. Her facial features are feminine, the hair is to die for, and with a few enhancements, we are looking at a beauty queen.” I couldn’t see how it would be possible to change me into anything, other than a caricature of a woman.

Angela’s sister, however, had other ideas. She is very beautiful and confident, just like her sister Angela, maybe a little more so. Maria obviously possessed the skills required to make anyone look fantastic, especially herself.

I have seen a lot of beautiful women, Cindy, and Angela among them, but Maria excelled in a beauty that is flawless, a notch up from your everyday look. The best phrase to describe her is she is put together to perfection. Her clothes are coordinated, with the style and color flattering to her body. Her hair framing her face, the curls adding to her feminine look, but not taking away from her face. Not a hair or eyelash out of place on her head, the makeup superb, because it looks like she is not using any.

She led us back to a private room where she told me to remove all my clothes. I could tell Maria is strictly business as she approached me holding a measuring tape. Her next move surprised me as she grabbed me and gave me a tender hug, whispering into my ear “Everything is going to be alright, Alexis will be out and about in no time.” She held me for several minutes rubbing my back as she comforted me. I felt better but still scared to death, my male member still trying to recede into my body for protection.

Then back to business, but not before she passionately kissed me on the cheek. I smiled, realizing that she is a friend, not an enemy. Yes, I am still leaking tears at this time, scared of all that is happening, but unable to see any future that didn’t include failure. She measured me everywhere including a couple of spots that I didn’t think needed to be measured. When it came to my hips, I had not removed my boxer shorts, but Maria had them off in no time.

The lack of any type of masculine figure made it easier for Maria, I never played sports, so my shoulders are undeveloped, and my arms lacked any definition since I hardly exercised. Dancing has been my sole type of exercise for quite some time, it has helped keep me trim and fit, but not a masculine type of fit. My facial features are more along the lines of a female than a male, with high cheekbones and a button nose. All of these attributes are now a great embarrassment to me. Somehow though I didn’t think that Maria could turn this skinny as a rail male into a female beauty queen. The numerous pictures on the walls of some of her customers seemed to hint that it, indeed, is possible.

“It is not fair, you both have clothes on, and here I stand naked and cold, add embarrassed and surely you have a little pity for me,” I said almost in a whisper, but it sounded a little whiney as I heard it escape from my mouth. Maria noticed my red color, with Angela telling her that I blush well for a female. “Pity no, all I see is an underdeveloped female that is suffering from a little embarrassment, but looking forward to her future,” Maria stated with her hands on her hips to emphasize her words.

“I am not that female, and how you can say that I am looking forward to my future is ludicrous. Cindy will prevail in her endeavor, and I will be the laughing stock of the company, and probably unemployed shortly after that.” I added a couple of more tears rolling down my cheek since it became apparent that I wasn’t far from breaking down in an avalanche of tears.

“Well let’s get you warmed up, lay down on the examination table, and we will get you settled in. Put your feet in the stirrups there so I can get to your legs and groin. Can you handle some pain, for the sake of being beautiful?” I told her yes, it would not be a problem, although tears were falling quite freely and I was shaking. She started applying some hot waxy like substance on my legs, making sure it is evenly distributed over my leg. She then applied a cloth strip to the still hot wax and yanked it off.

I nearly launched myself into orbit. I tried to raise off the table and soothe my aching legs with my arms attempting to reach and protect the area. I had almost hit Maria, as I attempted to protect my virgin legs. She looked over at Angela and told her to get the straps. I tried in vain to convince the girls that straps are not needed, but my reaction to the cloth strip being removed convinced them otherwise.

A strap is then placed around each ankle, wrist, and around my waist, securing me to the table. Maria left the room for a minute and returned holding a white mouthpiece in her hands. She asked me to open my mouth, and then inserted it, and told me to bite down on it. I bit down on the mouthpiece then tried to open my jaws, discovering that I had now lost that ability. She smiled, telling me that the mouthpiece would whiten my teeth. As I mumbled something unintelligible, she told me that it would also quieten my screams. I stared at her for minutes, trying to get her attention, this is not what I had in mind, for one thing the waxed areas were throbbing where the hair had been jerked out, the second was I had totally lost any kind of control on my transformation. Secured to the table and unable to speak I had no way to stop or slow the process.

For the next sixty minutes, every hair on my body except on the top of my head is removed. That included my genital hair and my eyebrows. Of course, my backside is handled in an equally efficient manner soon after the front is finished. Several of these areas are quite painful, even with my mouthpiece; I made quite a bit of noise. When I did get a glance at my now hairless body, I am amazed, just removing the hair had made my body more feminine. I was never really hairy, but my smooth slightly red skin made a drastic change in my appearance.

“Wait until you see how your legs feel when a breeze wafts over them, even better when encased in stockings, a true feminine delight worth all the pain and aggravation. Welcome to the sisterhood Alexis.” I am sure Maria is attuned to her feminine sensations, but there is no appreciation of anything female as long as my hair gets yanked out, especially when the perpetrator is smiling.

Maria spread some soothing cream all over my body telling me that it would help prevent any hair regrowth. I don’t know if that was my intention any time in the near future, but my guaranteed silence again made sure that any comment that I might have thought is left unstated. The cream did manage to soothe the pulsating pain from my body. My skin felt soft, her arms rubbing the cream in just slid over the smooth skin. It was a heavenly feeling, I forgot all about losing control, even wondered why I was against this since the feelings drifting back to my mind are so delightful.

After a few minutes, I managed to compose myself enough to look at my naked body. It looked so much smaller, but the main difference is how feminine it looked. When you remove every hair on your body, the subtle curves of your body seem to become more evident. I have always been thin, but now I seemed to exude a certain look that is not in the male spectrum. The skin felt super sensitive to every touch, even a breath of air caused goose pimples. Maybe Maria is right about the sensitivity of the skin.

Next, she went to the boxes along the walls, selecting several of them and opening the lids to compare the contents to my skin tone. After she had made her selections, she measured them against my chest and my crotch. I realized, too late, that I am going to acquire the prominent curves of a woman quite soon and for apparently more than a day or two.

The breast forms are laid on my now smooth chest, and she marked the location of each with a pencil. Then the adhesive is smeared on the back of the forms, and on my chest between the marks, she has made. She allowed them to get tacky and then pushed them down to the proper spot. After releasing my hands, she placed each of them on a breast, telling me to keep the pressure up until they set.

“I bet you didn’t think you would get any tittie action today, but there are lots of surprises yet to come, maybe even a little pussy if you are a good girl.” Said Maria. I groaned loudly, but that is after the redness spread from my cheeks to the remainder of my body.

The mouthpiece and my inability to speak is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. I now have breasts, a well-endowed rack, as they refer to it, and I am stunned. Then suddenly I realized I am holding my breasts, one in each hand. I tried to let them go like I had touched something hot and burning, but my hands are again returned to my breasts.

I am on a runaway roller coaster, and there seems no way to get off. Funny thing, in the back of my mind, I am not sure if I want off. The smooth skin looked good to me, and the breasts felt right somehow, as they stared back at me from their position on my chest. Now those thoughts scared the shit out of me. Why did my breasts seem to be in tune with my body?

Maria continued her assault on my masculinity, as she focused her attention on my groin. I knew what is coming, at least, I thought I knew what is coming, but when she pulled that fake vulva out of the box, I fainted. From biology in school, I knew what a female vulva looked like, but the actual idea that it is to be a part of my body is almost too much to comprehend. I mentioned that from school I knew what one looked like, yes I have to admit that I had never seen a female naked, myself. My few dates never got that far, hell I was lucky to kiss them much less look at their naked vagina.

I awoke to Angela rubbing my arm and trying to calm me down. I breathed a sigh of relief because Maria is no longer holding the cache in her hands. I found out the reason since it is already on my body. When I raised my head to look down there, nothing of what I used to possess is there, just a slit situated between two very feminine lips. I could see no seam lines, nothing indicating that what I am seeing is fake.

The fact that I had to look between my breasts to see my groin did not help the illusion. As that thought ran through my mind, another one tried to pass it. Then my eyes focused on my breasts, no sign of a seam is showing as they looked real. Maria smiled, seeing what I was looking at, then placed her hand on my left breast. I felt it, impossible as it seems the twin globes on my chest seemed to be real; that thought causing some panic as my blood ran cold, all of a sudden.

My mind is trying to recall, that she had indeed glued them to my chest. She caressed my nipple, causing emotions that threatened to exceed my ability to handle them. She never did explain, but my mind is on overload as it attempts to figure out what is happening. Then nothing, as she reaches for the straps on my body.

They release the straps on my ankles and waist, helping me stand up. The weight shifting on my chest causes me to grab hold of my breasts to stop the movement. It felt like I have two five-pound sacks of flour attached to my chest, although the constant movement was more like water rolling around. The weight is quite a bit more than I imagined would be there. Maria handed me a bra and showed me how to put one on. Like most men, I should have had at least some experience in removing a bra, but I lacked that basic skill also.

After several attempts, I managed to get it on and am comforted as it supported my breasts, easing the weight of them pulling down. It suddenly occurred to me that I had thought of my new appendages as my breasts. Maria adjusted my bra straps, showing me how to situate my girls in the cups comfortably. That is what my Mother called her breasts, her girls. All through the action of putting on the bra, I felt the lace on the cup caressing my breasts. I felt them nestled in the cups, being supported by the bra.

I figured that I am losing it, imagining that my fake breasts actually could feel someone touching them. I stood there just trying to get my head around the fact that I am now a female in all physical appearances. I looked in the mirror several times, to see if the next time would reveal my old masculine image, not a chance.

I desperately wanted to touch them again, but if it confirmed my suspicions I really didn’t want to go there. How can they be real, I am sure she glued them onto my chest, but they seemed to be calling out to me, nestled in the comforts of my bra cup.

Next is a pair of panties that did not look like they would cover much up. I managed to slip them on, and the sensation, as the nylon slid up my legs is to die for. The panties, a bikini type I am told, with a white satin material trimmed in lace. At least, they made me feel that I was somewhat covered. Without my male equipment, the front of my crotch is all girl. Smooth and only two slight mounds surrounding my new pussy are all that showed through my panties. I am stunned at how the panties fit my new configuration, smooth and caressing every new curve and bump of my lower anatomy.

I started to reach for my old clothes, but Maria told me with my enhancements that they would no longer fit. I tried again for the pants, but Angela pointed to my hips, shaking her head at my attempt. I looked down at my hips, and now suddenly noticed that I am the proud owner of a very plump set of hips. Along with the application of my vagina, hip padding was also added to my body. Another quick look showed a gentle curve out from my waist, then tapering back to my thighs. I turned a little to get a better view of my behind and found quite an addition to my rear. The panties are stretched tightly over my new assets, covering but doing nothing to hide them.

“Once the local anesthetic wears off you will be able to feel the extra padding that you now possess.” Apparently, the anesthetic used is necessary to be able to rearrange my male equipment without causing me any undue pain. The fact that my male equipment is no longer there, that pain in itself enough to cause distress. Just looking at my flat front in my panties is causing my pulse to increase. Not because I am getting excited, but now the little male confidence I once possessed has been stripped away.

As a male, it is funny that once my symbol of masculinity is removed or hidden, my confidence and personality wilt away. With my shy and reclusive personality, the change is even worse. For some reason, I reached up to touch my breasts, looking for something that defines me as a person somehow. It’s like I have no gender at the moment, definitely not a man, but looking like a woman. For some deep dark reason the female image felt right, a comforting feeling in a way. Maybe, as far as gender is concerned I am a female now, the figure in the mirror reinforces that fact, and it is just the mind that has not accepted that fact.

I am handed an obviously female pair of jeans and I slipped them on. They fit like a second skin, taking me several minutes to get them over my hips and adjusted around my waist. I had to look away since I am apparently arousing myself. Not a full-fledged erection just some tingling and mild pressure. The new equipment package that I am now wearing keeps that a secret that only I am aware of.

Although my male clit is trying to get erect, the sleeve inside the false cache keeps it flaccid and soft. But the tingling continued as it tried in vain to make itself seen. I used the name that Angela is now calling my former male equipment, since it is essentially now, only a female erotic spot. There are stirrings in my male groin, but that is all it turned out to be. The female in me is gaining a foothold, wanting to grow and experience life.

The blouse slid over my head, emphasizing my new chest appendages. It is a silky type material, somewhat stretchy, in a pale pink color, but apparently a size too small for my body. The way it formed to my new body shape made it apparent that every little detail of my bosom is now obvious to anyone looking at me. The clothes that I have just slipped on are so erotic, the silky material sliding over my bra, making me tingle all the more.

Maria applied a little makeup to me, mainly some lipstick, eyebrow pencil, and a little mascara. Next, a wig is lowered onto my head, and spot glued to keep it secure, in a couple of spots. I have been watching my transformation in the mirror, and there is no sign whatsoever of my previous male self. Maria told me that that is all for tonight, but starting at seven the next morning my further transformation, and my classes in femininity will resume.

I pointed to my mouthpiece, and she smiled as she shot a liquid into my mouth, that caused the teeth to disengage from the mouthpiece. Angela offered me a glass of water, and I eagerly accepted the drink. My mouth is dry, all of that screaming has made me very thirsty.

With a regained ability to speak, I had been planning to take all of my frustration on the two women, but I changed my mind, a woman’s prerogative. I know that Cindy will have her fun with me one way or another, and with the image reflecting from the mirror, I see a chance to maybe even up the score. Maybe, just maybe, I could win the contest and sidetrack her entry. I never considered the fact that if I win, I have partly established myself as a female, not just in the contest but throughout the company. I am sure my participation in the contest is already widely known, a win will guarantee everyone’s knowledge of that fact.

Both women were staring at me waiting for an outburst to surface, but even after a few minutes, it never came. Maria and Angela are surprised at my calm and lack of comment, asking if I am alright, and I told them I couldn’t be better. “I thank you, Maria, for all your help, and I will see you in the morning.” Of course, I received a hug, lasting a little longer than normal, and a cheek kiss from Maria.

Angela and I walked out to her car, but I am conscious of her staring at me. I am sure that she is concerned about me, knowing how withdrawn I am at work most of the time. As we approach her car, I pulled her aside. “This is really not something I picture myself doing, but with the way things have progressed, I seem not to have many options open. Maybe with you and Maria’s help, I can win the contest, that way I would be helping the company, maybe ruin Cindy’s attempt at embarrassing me.”

I received one of the biggest hugs; then she drove me home. She felt that this experience is also shedding light on a side of me that I have buried under the male Alex. The fact that the hug felt so good, as Angela and I exchanged something in the embrace, added something to the situation. It is not remotely romantic, just a sharing of something between us, maybe a coupling of feminine spirits is a more accurate description of our embrace. The fact that our breasts were smashed flat as she hugged me, a different feeling, but one that I could get used to.

I had looked in the mirror as we left the salon, a quite attractive young woman in the reflection. She is still unsure of herself in the heels that were given to her to wear, but not as unsure as she should have been since this is her first time in them, well second time if you count a teenage excursion. The taste of the lipstick as I ran my tongue over my lips is new and different, but quite pleasant.

As I blinked my eyes I noticed my lashes much more prominent than before; it is like looking through a fringed curtain. Then as I swing my feet into the car, the fabric of my jeans sliding over my panties almost caused an accident, it felt so good. I don’t know if it is just the clothes I have been given to wear or all female clothes, but the feelings are so erotic, each touch or brush of a hand making me shudder.

Getting used to these sensations and feelings might require more than a little effort on my part. Everything is more sensual, more noticeable, and definitely more intoxicating. Just entering the car compares favorably with when I masturbated, I wonder about kissing and foreplay with a female. Then I quickly dismissed that since this is only until tomorrow night and the ordeal will be over, I hope.

We have decided, that it might be better leaving my car in the corporate parking lot since my appearance is female, and my driver’s license is male. If stopped, there might be some questions that could not be easily answered since it is not Halloween. She walked me to my apartment and waited for me to enter. She suggested that I just sleep in an old t-shirt tonight, dressing in the same clothes in the morning, for the trip back to Maria’s Salon.

“Angela, I can’t thank you enough for all you help. You and Maria have given me hope when I didn’t think there was any. Before you leave if it isn’t too much to ask can I have a hug?” I am quickly engulfed by a torrent of emotion, hugged like a teddy bear, and gently kissed on the cheek. I returned the hug, feeling wanted for once, a very pleasant feeling. What a profound reaction that hug had on me, I actually felt like I belonged to something, not isolated and alone, and surprised that I wanted it so bad.

I made my way inside and locked the door to the apartment. As I am leaning against the door, suddenly an awareness of the changes that have occurred this evening made its way to my brain. I had boobs, a vagina and dressed as a woman. I am no longer a male, possessing a certain kind of freedom that is not shared by the female population. Vulnerable is a word that comes to mind, something that I have not felt before. It is a scary feeling, leaving me nervous and a little shaky.

I am subject to a lot of very scary things that is a normal part of life for a woman. I stood there against the door for several minutes as I tried to figure what has happened today. The feeling eventually subsided, as I hugged myself touching my breasts in the process. The sensation is special, a warm glow emanating from my chest. The feelings of vulnerability are still there, but not right in front, more to the back and slightly hidden. I know come tomorrow I will be looking around a little more as I make my way to Maria’s salon.

I am aware that I have been volunteered for the womanless beauty pageant by Cindy, had numerous changes to my body that are added to make me appear as a woman. Yet, the most radical change is the perception that I am a woman and subject to treatment as such. That realization had a profound effect on me for some reason.

I never associated being female with being a second-class citizen, as some males viewed women. I did know that woman and men are treated differently by society. In all cases the treatment is not equal, in some cases, it is lopsided favoring the male. I am now, at least for a little while, in the female category, wondering just how difficult it will be to cope. I wonder what I will be giving up in male privilege to portray this female for a few days. The thoughts still continued passing through my mind.

I managed to get to my bedroom and start removing my clothes; the slacks and blouse are the easiest. I ended up deciding to leave the bra and panties on, knowing that the jiggling of my breasts would distract me far more than the feel of the bra. The panties left on, hopefully, would keep me from being aware that I no longer had a male appendage, well maybe not since it felt so different and empty down there.

Yes, it is still there, hidden away and no longer visible, with some of the feeling in my groin and hips slowly returning, just as Maria has said. I am quite aware, that I now had a very significant ass shaped by padding, but normal looking just the same. I did spend a few moments staring at my image in the mirror, a very different presentation than my former being. A female image reflecting by the mirror, a very pretty one that would attract a lot of male attention.

I wondered how a female handled all the attention they received from males. It seems that the female body is designed to attract attention from the other sex. A woman’s breast a normal target of wandering male eyes. Then add hips, long sleek legs, long flowing hair and you have pretty much guaranteed a males favorable reaction. Now picture me with all of this and suddenly I am the pursued instead of the one doing the chasing. Yes, me doing the chasing, what a joke, my present image signifying the fact that my chasing days are over, at least, for a while.

I managed to find a t-shirt large enough to slide over my breasts, the image in the mirror showing that I am still a female, even though, the t-shirt is a basic male piece of apparel. I walked out to the kitchen to get something to eat since Angela and I had only a yogurt while Maria was doing her transformation on me.

At the salon, I wasn’t that hungry since my mind is occupied with other matters. I found some leftover pizza in the fridge and made some tea, trying to find something to take my attention away from the obvious. The tea is a blend designed to aid in sleep, maybe if I fall asleep quickly my mind will relax and I will not dwell on the day’s activities.

I even managed to do the dishes from a couple of days ago, wondering just what possessed me to do such a foreign task. I cleaned up the mess that I had made tonight, something I had not ever done in the past few months and headed for bed. I always tended to put off until tomorrow what I could do today, a single males twisted take on life.

As I snuggled up under the covers trying to hide my new figure from my eyes, I wondered what tomorrow would bring. Surely there couldn’t be much more that is possible in my transformation then what I had already experienced. On that note, I slipped into oblivion, the tea helping me relax and my mind slipping into sleep mode. I sincerely hoped all of this would turn out to be a bad dream, but reality made me face the fact that it is probably the new normal.

Morning came way too early, with me feeling that I had just gone to bed only a few minutes ago. When I glanced at the alarm clock, I am surprised that it is already six o’clock. As I got out of bed, I started to the bathroom, but glancing down at my new equipment, I decided a cover up of some kind would be appropriate, somehow the t-shirt was not enough. I grabbed my robe from my closet door and hurried to the bathroom. It was like if I covered it up it, the changes would not be as visible.

As I made my way to the bathroom, standing in front of the toilet, trying to figure out how I am going to pee. It finally came to me after several blond moments, and I sat to relieve myself. It is not as easy as before, any clothes in the way needed to be removed, and the spewing everywhere seemed to make it all that much worse. The experience etched in my mind for a while; that is for sure. I wiped like a female would I did miss the shake it and leave of the male person. I should say that I attempted to wipe like a woman would since I have never seen how a female handles her toilette.

As I looked in the mirror, I am still a female in looks, although my makeup is slightly smeared, and my wig more than slightly disheveled. Next is my face and teeth. The washcloth, doing nothing to remove my makeup, but I can brush my teeth and use some mouthwash. Every time I looked in the mirror I see my new image, still not totally believing what has happened, and definitely not knowing what to do about it.

There is a knock on my door, and I know that Angela is here to pick me up. I let her in and apologize to her for not being ready. “I brought you some facial wipes that will remove your makeup and some moisturizer for your skin. Necessities for your femininity.” I used a couple of them on my face, applied moisturizer, and then headed to my bedroom to get dressed.

Within five minutes, I managed to get dressed, but I am looking in my floor length mirror when Angela peeked in the bedroom door. Looking at my hair, I asked if she could help me with it. “I can’t bear the thought of going out like this,” I know, definitely a girl thing. Giggling, she grabbed a hairbrush from her purse, leading me to a desk chair to sit. She brushed my hair for several minutes, putting in a style that is loose and very comfortable. No hair accessories just brushed out in the style that the wig is cut in.

She giggles at my concern that something has to be done with my hair before I can face the world. She looked at my image in the mirror, asking me if I had ever done this before. I emphatically denied any previous dressing as the other sex, but her smile and giggle seemed to indicate that she has other opinions. Even without makeup, my current looks put me in that feminine aura. After the brushing, my hair did look much better, now I am content with my feminine presentation, at least, enough to allow me to get to the salon.

The trip to the Turnabout Gurl Salon is quicker this morning since we are ahead of the day’s normal rush. During the trip, I asked Angela what it is like to be a woman all the time. “I know the clothes are different, makeup, jewelry, but how do you handle the interest of males.” Angela giggled a little more, “It is just the same as any other person, except that with being a female there are considerable more challenges applied to the task.”

“Coming to work is the same as most of the other employees, fixing dinner is relatively the same, ferrying kids to activities is similar, but how people treat you and how you are perceived as a female is vastly different than men. Dressing as a female is much more complicated, then with the addition of makeup, and you have started to realize how things are different. But the deal breaker is your treatment as a female versus most men.”

“Most men treat you like a sex object, never allowing for the fact that you might be just as intelligent as they are. When most men talk to a female, they are staring at their breasts, not their faces. Males are visual, they see someone attractive to them, and their focus turns to meeting them, talking with them, and maybe getting a date with them. The other parts of a female, her mind, her interests, her hobbies all take a back seat to her looks.

Then the really big difference is the emotions and feelings. Women see things differently, quite often this is a result of how their hormones affect their everyday life. Quite often the emotions and feelings come to the surface causing great happiness and bouts of crying, often within minutes of each other.”

She is sure that I would understand more after my incursion into the world of females. She assured me that there are exceptions to this, but life doesn’t seem to embrace many of these exceptions.

I asked her to stop at a convenience store since I was starving, and I presumed that the day would be a long one. I had nothing to eat at my apartment this morning, both Angela and I had looked to see if we could round something up, but Alex never believed much in breakfast, so the search came up short.

I went into the store, only realizing after I entered the store that my dress is a female. The clerk behaved in the typical male manner, his eyes never leaving my breasts during the transaction. Talking about a change in perspective, this one is a doozy. Standing there with his eyes glued to my boobs, a very disconcerting feeling. The trail mix nutrition bar instead of my usual fried pie, a concession to my new gender.

We arrived a little after seven with Marie waiting for us. I am led to a chair right away, and Marie used something to release my wig, and then it is set on a stand on the counter. Marie started holding swatches of hair against me, trying to match my hair color. She found what she is looking for and returned the other swatches to the counter. Angela wondered off to work, telling me that she would check on things at work then return to the salon for lunch.

About that time, another of Marie’s stylists came in and took over. My real hair is about collar length, maybe a tad longer but I had lots of it. Every time I got a haircut, they would have to thin it out. Cheryl, her assistant, sectioned my hair and used a clip to secure each section out of the way. Next, she pulled several strands off of the swatch that Marie had matched, and using a gun like tool, secured them to my own hair.

She told me that this would require several hours for me to tell her if I needed a drink or have to use the ladies room. I wondered if the hair extensions are necessary but decided that the best approach is just to go with the flow and see how I turned out. That doesn’t mean that I have any fewer butterflies in my stomach than at any other time of this crazy scenario. Since I had a lot of hair to start with, the extensions are adding a lot of volume to the mix. Unfortunately, a lot of weight appeared with the additions.

As I watched Cheryl apply the extensions to my hair, she tried to start a conversation. It is chit chat, nothing of any importance, but something to occupy the time. The conversation between us, seemingly muting some of the differences between our personalities. Cheryl seemed very outgoing, interested in other people and what they are doing while I am reclusive, not knowing how to share my life with someone. By the time she had finished my extensions, I am chattering away like I have been doing it all my life.

I noticed my face seeming to change before my eyes, the longer hair framing my face, changing my appearance. Now my face seemed to have the classic oval of a female. No, I didn’t know that until Cheryl pointed it out to me. Finally, about nine-thirty Cheryl finished the extensions. Marie had been keeping an eye on me, so when Cheryl finished she came over.

She combed some of my newer longer hair, this way and that to see what looked best. Finally, she decided, telling Cheryl to add strawberry blond highlights then a permanent using the largest rollers to add body. Cheryl gathered up the chemicals, offering me a chance to use the bathroom if I needed. I told her I was alright for now. It took her about thirty minutes to add the foil strips and get me ready for the dryer.

As the highlights processed, I tried to analyze my reaction to all of this. I should be screaming my head off at what is being done to me. The thing that puzzles me the most is I am just sitting there allowing all of these very feminine things to be done to me. I know I am in the pageant, hence the need to be feminine in appearance, but all of this just seems to be an overkill.

Surely you don’t need hair extensions to below your shoulder blades to enter a womanless beauty pageant. If that is true, you didn’t need a false vagina for it either, but wiser heads are prevailing, at least, I hoped so. The contest is less than a day away, and all of this seemed much longer lasting. I didn’t know, though, so I kept quiet, hoping that in the end, it would work itself out. It ended up being a leap of faith on my part, I trusted Angela and Maria to do the right thing for me, I had to since there are no other people to trust.

In the back of my mind, I know that some of these things would be with me for quite some time. No eyebrows are the first thing to come to mind. When I say no eyebrows, I did have a thin line that arched up over my eyes. The highlights would have to be colored over or cut off, with the permanent also falling into this category. Not to mention the extensions, according to Cheryl over five hundred strands of hair were added. Then I thought of my breasts and vagina, hoping that somebody had the solvent for my new assets since they are secure and quite noticeable.

Cheryl came over to check my hair, pronouncing me ready. I was brought back to her station, and she removed the foil, and I got my first good look at my new color. The word feminine is not an adequate description of my hair. The strawberry highlights seemed to scream for attention. “Well, that hair color will let me blend into the background quite easily, surely nobody will notice my hair color now.” Cheryl giggled, obviously not totally agreeing with my statement.

There is no way for anyone not to notice me. I tried to mention this to Cheryl, but somehow she did not see a problem with this. Her response is to wait till we get your curls done, and you will be hotter than hot. That statement is scary; a woman might want to be hotter than hot but a male dressing as a female, not so much.

After she had rinsed the highlights off, she applied another conditioner to my hair and then started winding my hair on the largest perm rods she had. It took her over an hour to get all my hair in the perm rods. When she allowed me to take a look, I giggled at my reflection. That super-hot woman is almost comical with all those curlers. A cotton strip applied around my head to stop the chemicals dripping onto my clothes, and then she proceeded to apply the permanent solution to my hair.

During all of this Cheryl has kept up a steady conversation with me. I often did not respond, since my mind is not focused on the conversation, but what is being done to me. First, the hair color and now the permanent making the gender changes seem much more than just a temporary condition. Under the dryer again, warm heat only, for a little while then to the shampoo sink to get rinsed off. The neutralizer applied next, and then after twenty minutes she removed my curlers.

My hand went to my face as I could see nothing but big bouncy curls all over my head. I thought the highlights made the most difference, but this is much worse. Cheryl told me that Maria would do the next part of my hairstyle. While I am waiting for Maria, my eyes are fixated on the image of myself in the mirror, the image of an Alexis is all that remains. Alex is long gone, lost somewhere between entering the salon that first night and the present.

I had to wait a few moments as Marie finished with her customer’s hair, and then she walked over to the chair, I am sitting in, having this huge smile plastered on her face. Her first comment is the real me is starting to make her presence known. She did ask me how it felt to be exotically beautiful. I did not comment, but a petite little giggle did manage to escape my lips. I giggled, just like a female would, but to my thinking it is an action that suddenly seemed natural to me.

She started rolling my hair in gigantic plastic rollers with the rollers stacked one on top of another. Another twenty minutes later, she finally finished and put me under yet another dryer. It is a slightly warm heat, but it takes over an hour to dry my hair. I did develop an appreciation for what females go through to look exotically beautiful; I never had any idea of the procedures that enhanced a female’s beauty, at least until now.

When I looked at the clock, it is now almost noon. She left the rollers in my hair but taken to a small table in the back where Marie, Cheryl and Angela joined me for a belated lunch. Salads and fresh fruit, being the bill of fare. After the lunch, I am allowed to rest for a few minutes as they both had other customers to do.

Except for when I was under a dryer, Angela stayed with me, keeping me talking about anything and everything. Quite often I am lost in thought, but it did help keep me calmer and more relaxed. We talked about the pageant, what type of dance I wanted to do, and about my clothes. Angela is excited when it came time to discuss the clothes. Somehow she had obtained sponsorship from a prestigious dress shop in town, with them furnishing my costumes for the pageant. It never occurred to me who the sponsor is, but there is only a few dress shop in town other than the mass marketers.

At fifteen till one, another of her assistants came in, and after checking her appointments, I am ushered off to the nail station. Her name is Mandy, and she will be doing my manicure and pedicure. My feet were placed in a mini whirlpool bath while she picked the extensions she was going to put on my fingernails. The length of the extensions is over an inch past my fingertips. “Surely those are not going to be left that long; I won’t be able to do a thing with those on my fingers.” Her response is that I would get used to them after a while.

I thought of work, with those talons on my fingers I doubt if I could use a keyboard for anything other than to look at. My fingers seemed to thin visibly as the extensions were added. Making my hands look that much more feminine.

I should mention that Mandy was giggling when she made that statement about the length. I swallowed real hard several times, during the forty minutes that Mandy took to apply the extensions. In the end, she did trim an eighth of an inch off the length, better, but still in the realm of impossible to do anything with. After all were in place, a base coat, and three coats of fingernail polish were applied.

The color is Delicious Pink, shining brilliantly after another layer of high gloss topcoat. During the time, my fingernails are drying my toenails received the same treatment. How any person, looking at their hands and feet, seeing beautiful long nails topped with feminine polish, could imagine that they had ever been a member of the masculine gender?

As Mandy is finishing the manicure, I had used one hand to see if I could do anything with those nails. After almost poking my eyes out as I scratched an itch on my nose, I decided that it would be best to wait a while before I tried to check any further dexterity with the new nails. The length of the new nails plus the pink polish made my hands stand out. I looked at my nails several times as they are being done, mesmerized by their appearance. My fingernails definitely did not belong to a male, but I guess with all my changes and enhancements they are not on a male’s hand anyway.

Back to Marie’s station and my hair is unrolled from the curlers. Big bouncy curls are the result. Marie first manipulated them into an up-do, tight on the sides of my head and then cascading from the top of my head in an explosion of curls. Angela got a couple of pictures; then Marie took down the up do, helping each curl reform down the strands of hair on my shoulder.

Wave upon wave at the top of my head, and then curls bouncing on my shoulders at the ends. With the highlights, it was a totally feminine dream hairstyle. Marie even showed me a magazine put out by the Turnabout Gurl Salon, showing the same hairstyle on the cover. She indicated that the magazine was published by the parent company every month, to give the franchise owners the latest trends and styles in fashion.

“Goody, I am now sporting the latest trend in hairstyles, but trend or not it is way too overboard on the femininity meter. I am proud of my new hairstyle, in fact, I think I look better than the model that sported the hairstyle in the magazine.” I guess the sarcasm is a little bit of Alex that is trying to surface. As I felt the hairstyle with my hands, Alex is sent to detention for a much-needed rest. Maybe his attitude will be better after he has had time to think this through.

Next on the agenda is dressing up in the costumes that I will be wearing during the contest. Marie and Angela helped me with removing my clothes, which at the time only consisted of a bra, panties, and my slacks. I had removed my blouse earlier so it would not get wet as my hair is being styled and permed.

I felt very vulnerable in my nakedness, the breasts and vagina seeming to remove any confidence that I had as a male. Again that feeling that I had last night, as Angela left me at my apartment is back. I am dressed as a woman seemingly subject to the desires and wishes of a male. Somehow adding those boobs and gluing that vagina on just removed any masculine aura of self-assurance that I had, substituting the vulnerability of a female in its place. The goose bumps are there to prove it.

Maybe there is an assurance that makes a female feel confident in herself, but I have yet to discover it. Looking beautiful does make a woman feel confident, but it is a different type of confidence, one that misses out on the superiority that a male sometimes feels as he goes about his life. All of my thoughts are iffy, not the sure things that I used to experience as a male.

Two little patches of fabric over the nipples and one slightly larger piece at my vagina with a few cords holding things together is the sum of my new bikini. I questioned Marie about it, since any beauty contest I have ever seen always used a more modest one-piece bathing suit. She responded that this is not any ordinary beauty contest, but a challenge among corporate divisions to determine who is the prettiest. We are not judging beautiful women; we are finding the prettiest male for our beauty queen. What is customary does not apply, but the contestants that can manipulate those choices to achieve victory are the real winners.

A one piece bathing suit will get noticed, and a very skimpy bikini will assure that person a win. With the bikini fitted to my body, skimpy is not the word I would have used to describe it. The top consisted of two small patches of fabric, held together by gold cording. I am blushing all over as they looked at me; the clothing left so much of me exposed. Marie came over and led me to a mirror. As she turned me to face the mirror, I am aware of a gorgeous woman staring back at me. As I twisted this way and that to get a better look at myself, the subtle movements of my breasts in the top added to the illusion.

I am finally able to vocalize a few of my thoughts, telling Marie that is no way that I could wear this bikini. “With that little piece of nothing Alexis has the swimsuit competition wrapped around her little finger. There is not much a genetic girl could do to negate that bikini; it is pure unadulterated sex.” Maria giggled as she finished that statement.

”Why won’t you listen to me, ninety-five percent of my naked body will be exposed. No change that to ninety-nine percent, those three little patches of fabric doesn’t cover much at all. Do you honestly expect me to parade down the catwalk with this little bit of swimsuit on? People will see me, all of me.”

Marie just turned me around and made me look at the image in the mirror. She pointed to the image, tell me what you see. My head drooped down, I am doomed, the image in the mirror is me, a gorgeous female looking like she just stepped off the beach. Nothing more is said from Marie or me.

Angela handed me a bottle of water, watching as I downed it in a most unladylike manner. They helped me remove the minuscule pieces of clothing and led me to another room towards the back of the salon. It had a dais in the center of the room and wardrobe racks around the entire perimeter of the room.

Dress after dress is lined up around the room. Several of the dresses infringing on the room itself due to the voluminous skirts. I am helped onto the dais with Marie stepping up with me. She attached some padded cuffs to my wrists, then pulled my arms over my head and attached them to a cable hanging from the ceiling. Angela hit a switch on the wall, and I was pulled up further till only my toes are touching the dais. Again I should be screaming at this point, but other than realizing the predicament I found myself in, I am silent. I don’t know if it is the situation or the clothes, but I felt submissive and docile, especially now as I am almost naked. It is like I am outside my body looking at what is happening, but unable to change the outcome.

Marie is handed a fairly stiff garment, and she fastened me in it. Too late, the realization hit me, that I am now to be corseted. The laces straightened at my back and then tightened some. I am allowed to get comfortable, and then the tightening is resumed.

Angela retrieved the mouthpiece and asked me to open wide. I hesitated and then Marie bared down on the laces and as I started to protest Angela shoved the device into my mouth. Angela reached over and pinched my nipple, and I bit down on the mouthpiece, guaranteeing my silence for the near future.

Again I felt the pinch, realizing I needed to ask Maria how this is possible. How I could feel the pinch from a glued on breast form, the sensations making the breasts seem real somehow. The tightening went on for a good hour with my constant mumbling about the corset being too tight the only sound in the room. The mouthpiece is making my protest much easier to put up with since it guaranteed my mumbling is at a livable level.

I whimpered loudly, but Marie just continued pulling on the laces. Finally, she seemed to be happy with the results and stopped. The laces were tied off behind my back, with the surplus laces stuck in the back of the corset. As tight as the corset is, I am sure that there would be no places for the laces, but never the less it was accomplished. I felt like my body had been melted and then poured into the corset, my small amount of fat pushed down to my hips and pushed out the top of the corset making my breasts, even more, prominent.

Stockings are attached to the eight garters hanging from my corset. The stockings are seamed up the back, apparently silk from the feel of them. They felt so sensuous; that my legs quickly sprouted goose bumps. My feet are slipped into a pair of gorgeous heels. The heels are about four inches high, with straps that fastened around my ankles. My first thought is they expected me to dance in these heels since most ladies dance heels have ankle straps. I am quite sure that would be impossible, following instead of leading and perched on stilettos to boot.

The corset is squeezing the life out of me by its constant grip on my body, but nothing is done to ease the situation. They finally let me down, so I could stand, and for the first few moments, the pain is almost unbearable. With my hands above me and my body somewhat stretched, the pressure of the corset is bearable, but as soon as my arms lowered the pain intensifies significantly.

Allowed to stand on something other than my toes, all of that body mass has to go somewhere, the hips and breasts the only option left. The corset did not yield, and I almost fainted. When I am more aware of my surroundings, both Marie and Angela had a hold of an arm. I desperately wanted to sit somewhere, but when I started to slump down into a nearby chair, I quickly decided that standing is not that bad. After fifteen minutes of slowly wlking around the room, with the girl’s assistance I am finally able to stand by myself.

I am trying to talk with my mouthpiece (gag) still in place, but Marie seemed to know what I was trying to say. Before I complained too much, I should wait till I could look at my reflection. A mirror is wheeled in front of me again, and I am speechless in more than one way. My waist is pulled into almost waif-like proportions, and the image in the mirror is truly that of an hour glass figure.

They talked to me, as I was apparently being allowed to get used to the corset. When my breathing returned to a more normal rate, they led me back to the dais and helped me stand on it again. I immediately looked to see if they are going to string me up again, but it seems that I have been laced tight enough for their purpose. Breathing still required very shallow breaths, although more breaths are necessary than usual.

I saw Marie and Angela struggling with a very voluminous dress as they headed my way. It took both of them to spread the skirt open so that I could step into it. They held my hands as I stepped into the dress and then they began working the dress up my body. My body lost in the many folds of the dress. Marie got the dress past my waist and fitted my breasts, in the cups of the corset, at the front of the dress.

As she smoothed the dress over my bodice, I felt Angela start to zip up the back of the dress. It is a very snug fit, and as the weight of the dress becomes apparent, hanging from my enhanced figure, I know there had to be a lot of fabric in this dress. Of course, it is pink with skirts that seemed to add five feet to my shadow. The material is satin, with a very delicate lace overlay. It fitted tight in the bodice through the waist then flared out from my hips to almost Cinderella-like proportions. There are at least four petticoats, built into the dress, helping to hold the dress skirts wide and voluminous. It swished as I tried to take a few steps, the heels causing my walk to wobble a little.

Marie moved the dais to the side of the room, then played with a stereo on a shelf, at the back of the room. Suddenly a Strauss waltz came over the speakers, and Angela walked up to me, asking if she could have this dance. I am very skeptical I could remain standing, much less dance in this dress. She took the male position, and I assumed the female position after I remembered just what that entailed.

She led off as she slowly moved me around the room. We are not yet with the music, but I am sure that she wanted me to get used to the dress and shoes. Then all of a sudden she moved a little faster, causing me to step into the pace. I wasn’t consciously thinking what I was doing, as she spun me around the room. The heels did not cause me any trouble, in fact, they were wonderful. I loved the way the dress swirled around me as we made our way through the waltz.

Somehow, the dancing is like I have been doing it all my life. I have seldom danced the female part, other than showing someone a few basic steps when teaching them a new dance, until now. When the music ended, she picked up my hand and kissed it, telling me how much she enjoyed the dance. All the vibrant colors of blushing are now to be found on my face. Too many crazy thoughts are running through my mind, with the lack of being able to speak, a definite plus.

The thought that surprised me the most was the awesome dance, and I wanted to do it again, to experience the thrill of being swept around the room to the music of the Strauss waltz. Never in all of my previous ballroom dancing did I feel so engrossed in the waltz and the music. Yes, I love to do it again and hopefully soon.

I did notice that the corset no longer felt like it was choking me. It was still very tight, but not uncomfortable. I found out they had taken a video of me dancing with Angela, and Marie played it back on a computer monitor in the corner of the room. I would have been open-mouthed if my mouth functioned. While watching the video, I was astounded at how feminine I danced. They were a couple of awkward moments when I first started, and that only confirmed that I was not used to dancing the female part.

I did make the necessary adjustments, with the rest a well-done execution of a Strauss waltz. Marie looked at me, informing me that the talent portion is now a lock for me. Her compliment that my dancing is the best she had seen in years made me feel good all over. The realization that it is the female role, that I am being complimented on, not so good. While dancing, I never even thought of how I was doing it. The steps, the feel of the dress, the height of the heels just seemed not to matter.

I expected that this is all there is to the transformation. I had the body of a female, the hairstyle of a female, and unbelievable costumes, what more is necessary. According to Marie a lot. They helped me remove the dress, and I am given a pencil skirt, five-inch heels and a very tight fitting silk blouse to put on. I am led to another room with a table and chairs, a staircase on one wall and a love seat with a coffee table on another.

I am shown how to glide in my tighter clothes, sit at the table without just falling back into the chair. The first time I attempted to sit the corset made its presence known. It is several attempts later that I actually got my fanny on the chair. The lessons in walking continued for at least an hour. Then the stairs, up in as graceful a manner as possible, then down without looking at my feet. Not an easy feat to accomplish in heels. This task also lasted for an hour. I was surprisingly able to walk across the room, excuse me, glide across the room, after all of the training.

Marie is pleased with my new skills but had other training in mind. They did remove the blasted mouthpiece, once again I could voice my opinion, but surprisingly, there are no words of protest coming from my mouth.

My voice is the next thing they worked on. She has me talk in a slightly higher tone, with a more breathy voice than before. I would get into the voice then lose it later. Marie kept up the instruction, also adding in a more feminine vocabulary as she went.

Mixed in with the vocalization is more gliding and stair climbing. Marie finally let up when I glided across the room and arranged my rear end on a chair with a most feminine effort. Without thinking of what I am doing, I automatically behaved as a woman would.

After two hours of constant vocalization, I am able to keep the voice without interruption. I am told not to drop the voice until after the contest. Continued use of my voice in the feminine range would make it easier to maintain. Use of my hands is added to my training as I am shown how to add hand movements to my vocalization. I noticed that my conversations were becoming more animated, spontaneous, with even the subject matter reflecting my dress and persona. According to Angela, I sounded just like a woman.

Marie refreshed my minimal makeup, and then they planned to take me out for a while to see if anybody can recognize that I am a male. To my surprise, I am taken back to work and right up to my department. It was right after the break about three fifteen when we entered my department. I am told just to go along with the story they are going to tell the women of who I am. I am introduced as a friend of Marie’s visiting from out of town.

The women in my department asked Angela how Alex’s training is going and if he has any chance in the pageant. Angela is able to keep a straight face as she told them it is slow going, but there is hope. In fact, that is why we are here. Alex needs some rest, so I decided to check on work.

Asked if I had seen Alex during the training, my nodding that I had. They wanted my opinion on Alex’s training progress, and in my best female voice, I told them from what I had seen he seemed to be almost passable as a woman. The women were pleased that Alex is a contender, the talk among them light and cheerful. Angela told everybody that we have to get back since our student has a lot more to learn.

As we were getting ready to leave, Angela got a phone call. She is quiet, and I could barely understand the conversation since I am only privy to half of it. She agreed to something, then hung up. I am pulled into my office as she shut my door. She said that was Cindy’s personal assistant, and they had called an emergency department manager’s meeting to handle an issue with several of their customers.

It was in twenty minutes in Cindy’s office, and all managers were to attend. The slumping of my shoulders conveyed my thoughts on the matter to Angela. Now she could ridicule me in front of my fellow employees, and there is nothing I could do about it. Angela hugged me telling me that I have nothing to fear.

The actual trouble is in another department and involved a procedure that the company had used, in fact, they had made it mandatory. She reminded me that I had stopped the use of it several months ago, long before corporate had become aware of its proclivity for causing problems. You have nothing to fear, you are a young and intelligent female that has got it all together and will go far in the corporate environment.

Besides, nobody will be able to keep their concentration with an exotic beauty in the office with them. She had me redo my lipstick and then head up to Cindy’s office. Her last words to me were now is the time to pay her back for some of her earlier actions, without fear of reprisal.

The walk to her office seemed much longer today, although the nearer I got, the more confidence I gained. Angela is right, I could and would handle this as a female, a female on a mission. I did check my makeup as I entered the office, making sure that I am truly an exotic beauty. Cindy’s PA greeted me and asked what he could do for me. I told him I am Alexis, a department manager here for the meeting.

I received several glances as he tried to place me and then how to handle the situation. During this time, several more of my fellow department managers entered the office. Cindy came out to see what the problem is, and I gave her a hug and cheek kiss. Her expression is priceless; her mouth is open, and she is stuttering as she gazed at my image, I politely asked her if I could join the meeting and walked into the office.

Of course, all the guys rose from their chairs as I entered, and I walked to the front and sat in the chair next to Cindy. In past meetings, I always sat in the very back as far from her as possible, but Alexis decided to take the bull by the horns. I smoothed my skirt and daintily placed my ass on the chair. I made sure that my back is straight and that my new appendages are on prominent display.

Her PA entered the room carrying refreshments and pads and pencils. I am served first, and I caught him ogling my breast from above and behind me. He handed me a pad and pencil, but I politely refused. He didn’t know what to do but eventually moved on to the others. When he left Cindy called the meeting to order, explaining what the meeting is about, and the trouble that this procedure is causing.

Two of the department heads were singled out for their participation in this matter. She is not subtle about it, telling them that it has to be handled and corrected immediately, or their employment is at risk. She went around the table questioning each department head about their use of this procedure and what ticking bombs are left out there to blow up in their face. She left me to last, apparently wanting to embarrass me the most.

When she asked about my department, I responded that we stopped using that procedure forty-two days ago. I heard the several intakes of breaths around the room since normally there is never any resistance to Cindy in her meetings. Rather than bringing up the fact that you are not doing something, you just laid down and let her walk over you whether you are right or wrong. She walked a little closer to me and asked what caused me to stop the use of a common company practice.

She just got through telling others that the procedure is not to be used, but now she is going to go after me for not using it. I swallowed hard since this might mean the end of my career if I stood up to her. I calmly told her that I had ascertained that the procedure is likely to cause trouble and had told my associates to stop using it. She switched tactics and asked me if I had thought it might be wise to notify corporate of my intentions.

I smiled and asked her if I could use her laptop for a minute. She slid it over, and I assessed the company email system, looking back for the email that Angela had sent. I found it and brought it up for all to see. There at the top of the email was all my department associates and cc to my boss, to corporate and Cindy in particular. She read the email that states that I am ceasing the use of it immediately, the plan that I have replaced it with and the note to Cindy that it is my suggestion that corporate stop using the procedure also.

One of the other department managers wanted Cindy to introduce me to the others since I am a new face to them. I thought they just wanted to know the name of the female that put Cindy in her place; that is if they could remove their gaze from my breasts. Cindy smiled, and I knew that I would get repaid for my antics now. But the ax never fell, she introduced me as Alexis, a new department manager with the company.

As the meeting broke up, several of the male managers came over to me and introduced themselves to me. I knew them all having worked with them for several years, but no one put together the pieces. I am also aware that for the most part their eyes are still focused on my bosom. As I am getting ready to return to my office after the meeting, Cindy asked me to stay for a while. After everyone had left her PA asked her if she needed anything else, she replied no, and he left closing the door as he exited the room.

Cindy smiled at me, her unnerving cute smile that implies that she has you in her clutches. She commented that Alexis has matured quite a bit and even has become quite the bitch. That surprised me; she seldom resorted to name calling since she knows how to wield her power over everyone to keep control. I smiled back telling her, that I was just pointing out the fact that I had followed all the rules, but it is obvious that no one paid any attention to what I said or did.

In the future, she would not make that mistake again. She relaxed a little, complimenting me on my appearance, even bringing up the fact that all of my fellow male colleagues had not put together the pieces of the puzzle. She hinted that I would have to be careful since dating fellow employees is frowned upon within the corporate structure. I thought she was serious until I saw the grin she sported.

She returned to the business mode and asked point blank when I developed the backbone to stand up for myself. For some reason the answer that left my lips is something I had never dreamed of thinking, much less saying. I told her when I gained the boobs and when my bulge became a slit things just seemed to evolve. I asked if I am still employed, a serious question since in the past if one of her managers acted as I did, they usually were not with the company for very long.

She simply replied that it had taken her years to bring this side of me out, she is not going to toss me out now. She came around the desk and gave me a hug, a signal that the meeting is over. I was relieved that I have escaped any retributions so far, but with Cindy, one never relaxed much. I thanked her for not embarrassing me in front of the others, although they would soon see me in all of my feminine glory whether I wished it or not.

As I was turning to leave she reached out to give me another hug, but instead pulled me closer, and then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It was not a friendly peck but a passionate kiss between two lovers. It had seemed like forever before I came up for air. My hands were sweaty, my heart was racing, and my face felt like it was beet red. Words were trying to get together in my mind, but the goo kept any from surfacing. That’s right the goo since my mind just melted when she kissed me.

I looked over at Cindy, but instead of explaining herself she just kissed me again. Now there is definitely no chance of coherent thought coming from my mind, much less being able to vocalize that thought. Yes, I had returned the kiss as passionately as I could. She ushered me to her door, apologizing for her lack of control but telling me that I had to get out before I am ravaged. I left the office in a mindless state, totally unable to even ascertain where I am or what I am doing.

As I went by her PA’s desk, he mentioned that I might want to fix my lipstick before I returned to my office. It was a duh moment until I remembered that he is a contestant in the pageant too. I smiled and thanked him as I made my way to the ladies restroom. I fixed my lipstick, then made my way back to my office and Angela.

She noticed my look and steered me into my office right away. She wanted to know what had happened, but I still couldn’t function in a coherent manner, I told her I would tell her later back at the salon. Marie had shown up after using the ladies and saw my condition. She just smiled but offered no further comment.

We were getting ready to go back to the salon when Marie told all of my employees that maybe they could solicit a few more sponsors since things are looking good at the moment. They agreed and were starting back to their desks when Angela told them that Alexis, your contestant, is standing among them. The sudden revelation did distract me from my plight, but I did not need any more attention at the moment. What you need and what you receive are usually two different things.

It took a couple of them a few moments to make the realization that I am their boss, but shortly after that, I am group-hugged by everyone. The questions are never ending as they wanted to know all about my transformation. I answered as many as I could, with both girls also answering questions. Finally, Marie told everyone that I did indeed have some more training, with only part of one day remaining they have to get back to it.

We left my office with smiles on all three of our faces. I had passed with flying colors, in front of my closest friends and employees. That phrase caught in my throat, my closest friends and employees. I realized that I did view my employees as friends. The fact that I talked with them and answered questions after my identity is revealed showed another benefit of my transformation. Alexis is not shy, eager to talk and be a part of conversations, not anything like her counterpart.

That was new to Alex’s vocabulary, the word friend never applied because he never allowed himself to get close enough to allow friendship, yet he now considered his employees his friends. They seemed to look up to him, not like their boss, but someone doing something special for the better of the majority.

Then there is the matter of Cindy, my nemesis for years, who had just swept me off my feet. How can you hate someone so much and then suddenly return their kiss with as much passion as they are bestowing on you? What had happened in the meeting, after I had faced her down, and why am I still employed with the company? With my head hurting, way too many questions to answer, I did what any red-blooded female would do and started crying. It took them a while to get me soothed down, with all of the highlights of the manager’s meeting seeing the light of day as I eventually calmed down.

We grabbed a bite to eat at a mall restaurant and then went back to the salon. I didn’t think there is much more to do, but I had that thought before, with it proving to be wrong. I found out there is one more dress for the pageant, an evening gown, to be tried on. I removed my skirt and blouse, and Marie helped me change stockings to a darker color. Angela brought out the dress, hanging it up on a rack next to where we are.

Marie removed the hanger, helping me slip into the dress. It is very form fitting, and it required a little work getting it past my hips. As it is zipped up, I felt the dress conforming to my curves. I looked in the mirror to see every nuance of my figure obviously highlighted. It is an almost sheer material, with metallic brocade like pattern throughout the material.

Unlike the dress used for the dancing, this dress hugged my legs almost all the way to my ankles. On top, the dress barely covered the half cups on my corset. In fact, at the moment, one breast is starting to spill out of my corset cups. Marie told me that when I wore it for the competition, I would have to use some glue to keep my girls in their cups. The slit up the side, barely allowing me to move in the dress. It is tight, showing every curve from my breasts to my ankles. Angela and Marie agreed that was the perfect dress for the evening gown part of the pageant. After removing the dress, a robe is provided to cover my underwear.

Now for makeup and lessons in applying it myself. Marie moved me to one of the styling stations, on the counter in front of the mirror is an awful lot of makeup, jars, tubes, in an infinite amount of combinations. She showed me how to pick out my colors and shades to make myself look beautiful. Then starting with foundation, she instructed me in the art of making less look like more. Several times I had to start over, no slack given me in this lesson. Finally, after the third application of foundation, I managed to get it applied as she wanted.

Next is eye liner, very difficult to handle and not poke out your eye. A thin line running along the eyelid, extending past the end of the eye making my eyes more linear. Then some eye shadow going from dark to light near the eyebrows. Today’s colors a dark pink to a light rose color, added with a light touch and then blended with a makeup brush. Then three coats of mascara, each one allowed to dry before the next coat is applied.

Next, I am taught how to apply blush, starting on my cheekbones and feathering up to my ear. Again a light rose color feathered with a makeup brush hardly noticeable until some light is added to the face. The blush made my face look narrower, and more of a classic oval, the desired shape for a beautiful female.

Then the lips, she had me use a lip plumper, then as it is helping to make my lips more kissable, she has me use a lip liner in a burgundy color to line the shape of my lips. A couple of times I went outside of the normal lip shape, making my lips more into a cupid bow shape. Then lipstick applied with a brush, filling in between the lines. The total effect is amazing, never would I have thought that so little makeup could transform my face into that of a gorgeous female.

I stared at the image for several minutes, lost in the thought that it is me that is looking back from the mirror. Marie stood behind me, with her hands on my shoulders. “You did a very good job on your makeup, one that you should be proud of.” Most of my transformation is now completed; all my clothes have been tried on, so my teachers pronounced me ready for the pageant.

We decided to call it a night, Angela waiting to take me home. Marie told her to go ahead since she wanted to talk to me before tomorrow. She told Angela that she would take me home when the time came. Angela agreed, picking up her purse and then leaving. As she is leaving, she told me that she would pick me up in the morning.

After Angela had left, Marie told me to come with her to her upstairs apartment. We gathered our things, heading up the stairs at the back of the salon. Her apartment is very cozy, a living room with kitchen in the back of the apartment and a bedroom with bathroom in the front. She made us some cocoa, and we headed to the couch in the living room.

I remembered to sit properly, getting comfortable and then telling Marie how much I appreciated her help. She stared at me for a while not saying too much to me. She looked like she decided something in her mind, and I was soon to find out what she has decided. She asked me why I had been so quiet yesterday and today.

“I am usually quiet and only talk when I have something to say. The experiences of the last two days have left me speechless, especially when you have resorted to the use of the mouthpiece.”

Marie told me that she suspected it is something more. I wondered if she has figured it out or is she just guessing what might be the trouble. She told me that she is going to tell me what she thinks is going through my mind, and she wanted me to listen to all of it before I made any comment. I agreed and shifted on the love seat since I am now uncomfortable about how this might be developing.

I liked Marie, but I didn’t feel right about sharing my true feelings about this transformation. I took a deep breath, trying to relax a little. She started out with the fact that I made a very attractive woman, even sexy by some standards. I am also a natural at behaving like a woman. She is sure that my quietness is in response to the fact that I liked being a woman. I have exhibited a kind of peaceful acceptance of the changes that no normal male would be able to accept.

The fact that I am so quiet is because that I did not want to slip up and admit that I truly loved being a woman. She paused, looking deep into my eyes as I am sitting next to her on the love seat. I have stiffened as she told me what she thought is the trouble. Marie has noticed my change in posture and smiled. I am sure that she saw the admission of guilt that I am exhibiting. She has nailed it on the first guess, with me not knowing what I could say to her.

She waited for me to respond, telling me she has all evening. I became flustered, confused and scared to death about how I could admit that I liked what is happening to me. I did what any normal female would do and broke into tears. It almost felt like I was developing as a woman, frequent crying spells, emotions all over the place, just like a female goes through as she becomes a woman. I felt so lost, since this is the real me inside this feminine looking body, and I never wanted to go back to being a male.

How could I tell anyone about the real me? I would be socially ostracized, for this is not what young males do in modern society. Marie held me for a while until I managed to calm down. My chin lifted up until I am looking directly into Marie’s eyes. She told me to give her honest answers to her questions, a simple yes or no is sufficient. Then asked if I liked dressing in women’s clothes.

“Yes.” The next question is, do you like doing things that women normally do? “Yes.” The next question, are you happy that you are in the pageant. “Yes.” Marie paused then told me the next question is for the grand prize. Do you want to continue with living as a female after the pageant is over is the final question? “Yes, I so want to be a female.” That answer smothered in another outburst of tears.

It must have lasted for quite a while as Marie’s shoulder is wet when I finally managed to stop the river of tears. She held me for some time after I quit crying, just running her fingers through my hair. It felt good and is soothing in its own way.

Finally, I pulled back and told her I am sorry for being such a cry baby. She told me that I had agreed to the become a woman program, not the big baby program. However, if I wanted to add that to my studies, she could give it to me at a discounted price. She looked around, mentioning that I think I have a diaper here somewhere. I responded that I didn’t think that would be necessary. I beamed a smile with those statements. In fact, it turned out to be more of a giggle, imagine that, me giggling like a woman again. I wonder if it will become a habit in the near future.

Marie suggested that I drop the quiet act, behaving like a female from now on. “What do I do about everything else, my job, my family, what will they think of me?”

“Well, the best way to find out what they think is to tell them,” Maria answered quickly like she normally does, so confident of her actions and words. I swallowed hard, easy to say but very difficult to do. She picked up a phone and asked for my mother’s number.

She told me to invite them to the salon early, but not to tell her anything over the phone. Be sure to tell her that we have to leave, to go to the hotel a few minutes after lunch for the pageant. Marie dialed the number then handed the phone to me. It rang a couple of times, and then Mom answered it. I had to concentrate real hard to try and talk in a lower tone.

Mom even asked me if I felt alright since I didn’t sound that good. I told her that I needed to talk to her tomorrow and if she could come to a friend’s business fairly early in the morning. She asked if there is anything wrong. No just some things I need to tell you about. I could hear my sister in the background asking Mom if I am alright.

I let out a heavy sigh, knowing that my sister would want to come also. Before Mom could ask, I told her that sis could come to if she had the time. I gave her the address and told her I would be there until lunch. Mom told me that she had tried to call me at work, but they had told her I was out working on a special project. Yeah, I guess this could be called a special project. Sis said hi to me, and then I told her that I had to be going.

My sister and I were fairly close, at least for a brother and sister. There were two years separating us in age, with her the younger of the duo. In childhood, we fought like cats and dogs, but after I had helped her with a math class during her senior year, we dropped the hostilities and became friends. To her, I am her BFF, and I guess at this moment that might have some truth to it. We often talked on the phone, and we tried to have lunch out at least once a week.

We kept each other up to date on what is going in each other’s life, and also what is happening in Mom’s life. Sunday was our day for spending time with Mom. She would go all out in fixing a Sunday dinner, with Sis helping in the preparation and my part cleaning up afterward. Then tea in the dining room, as we covered what all is happening in everybody’s life.

Again, my hesitation in being able to open up to people, including my own Mother and Sister. I live quite close to them but only see them maybe once or twice a week. Even at the Sunday meal talk is restricted to recent happenings and never about feelings and emotions, although I know both Sis and Mom quite often worry about me.

Mom is a self-made entrepreneur, who runs a chain of dress shops in town. Very ritzy, very upscale clothes in an elite feminine setting, her boutiques are as girly and feminine as possible. There are sitting areas among the clothing racks, all done in French provincial, large spacious private dressing rooms; walls of mirrors throughout, all bare walls covered in gorgeous brocade drapes. Of course, tea and wine served all day long.

The displays of mannequins enhanced with yards of lace draped over the dais and reaching the ceiling. Satin bows are attached where appropriate, to enhance the feminine feeling. With the mirrors catching all of this feminine finery and reflecting it over and over again, anybody would think that they fell into an elegant ladies’ boudoir. Sis helped some in the boutiques but mainly helped Mom with the ordering. All the ideas, and the hard work to get it started, though was all Mom.

In a way, I am glad that this is coming out, but what Mom or Sis would think, worried me. Although I was never a macho male, I was also never a feminine male. Now to go straight to being a woman is maybe a little much, even for my family. I loved them very much and felt that the feeling is mutual. The doubt still existed as my imagination got a little carried away, ending up with the scenario of Mom disowning me and throwing me out.

This evening one of the things that we discussed is Marie’s business. She had bought a franchise from the Turnabout Gurl Salon after graduating cosmetology school. She more than anything else wanted to do her magic on people, other than little old ladies, coming to the salon for their weekly wash and set. The Turnabout Gurl Salon chain already had a reputation for turning males into females, so Marie thought it would be a perfect fit for her.

They had their own line of prosthetics that could be used to make the conversion much easier. Incidentally, I am wearing the latest models, these up to date models having touch added to the realistic looking forms. They also breathed just like real skin, avoiding the need to be removed to let the skin refresh. Their adhesive is from the space program, lasting until removed.

Just recently, they have added clothing and lingerie to the mix, assuring one-stop shopping for their customers. She assured me that the business is very lucrative, with her planning her second location within the next few months.

As we talked, I felt a camaraderie with her that I have never had with anyone else. She made me feel comfortable with myself, encouraging me to yield to my desires, instead of bottling everything to portray a male image that I am supposed to conform to. I was able to escape the Alex mindset, opening up to all things feminine and converse about them without hesitation.

Finally, after two in the morning, we headed to the bedroom after she helped me remove my makeup and put up my hair. I am handed a nightie and led to the bed, Marie’s bed. I hesitated, but she kissed me on the cheek, just telling me to get in bed. We did, and before I could count to ten, I found myself fast asleep. Dreaming of clothes, makeup, and sexy hairstyles, I slept soundly.

The next morning is more than a little scary as I eased myself out of the bed. I quickly ran through my thoughts trying to ascertain why I was lying in Marie’s bed with boobs and a vagina. Then all of yesterday’s memories came flooding back including the fact that Mom and Sis are coming to see me.

Marie tried to reassure me that my Mom would still love me even though I am now temporarily her daughter. I listened, nodded my head as if I agreed, but still the doubts lingered in the back of my mind. We ate a breakfast of melon slices, some toast, and a glass of Orange Juice. Then donning a robe I am led down to the salon. Marie helped me with my makeup and brushed out my hair after she had used a curling iron to refresh my curls.

Next is to replace my corset, she had left it on me last night but had eased the laces a little so I could sleep better. Today a fresh one with a much longer profile. She outdid herself tightening the laces getting my waist down to twenty-one inches. I was originally almost twenty-eight inches in the waist. This corset went from my below my bust to slightly above my groin. The dreaded mouthpiece was not needed today; I am not sure why, either I am over my emotions or the desire to be a sexy female is the driving force.

Over the corset, a skin-like cover that matched my skin color to perfection is added. It is very stretchy and fit perfectly. The edges glued down, and makeup added to cover the seams. Once on you could not tell that it is not my skin. The fake skin added so that I could wear the bikini and still look naked underneath. Imagine wearing a corset so that I could look better in my bikini. I felt like a stuffed piece of meat in a vise.

I did receive a bra if you could call the lacy next to nothing material a piece of lingerie. It barely cupped my breasts, then surrounded my chest and fastened behind my back. The ribbon straps were there, but I wondered about the ability of them to hold anything up. I guess it is more an item that should be there although the corset is holding my breasts in their comfortable cups. Next, a skirt, although there is not much to it since it ended way above my knees.

The blouse followed an almost sheer fabric, with yards of lace as trim. These are both in an ivory color, with the fake skin covering the corset, the lacy bra, clearly showing through the blouse. I felt that I was still naked, even though partially clothed. Earrings, a necklace, and some bracelets finished out the ensemble.

You can’t forget shoes and Marie did remember, an ivory pump with four-inch heels. I managed a glimpse in the mirror, not my idea of the best outfit to be wearing to tell my Mom that I wished to live as a female. I looked way too convincing, nothing there to say or even insinuate that I might be anything other than one hundred percent female.

Angela is the first one to appear, complimenting me on my figure and appearance. She informed me that when she went to pick me up this morning imagine her surprise when I was not there. I blushed, but then she revealed that Marie had called last night telling her that I am with her. I gave her the standard cheek kiss greeting, thanking her for the kind words. She talked with Marie quite a bit, and on more than one occasion I thought I heard her mention my old nemesis, Cindy. While there were talking, Marie has me practicing my female voice. She didn’t want me to use my male voice at all.

At about ten thirty Mom and Sis came into the salon. I was frozen with fear as she hugged Marie and Angela like they were old time friends. Wait a minute, how did they know each other. Mom is the first one to approach me. She walked up to me, standing directly in front of me and leaned in to whisper in my ear.

Her comment is you look absolutely ravishing Alexis. I stood there with my mouth hanging open trying to see if I could catch a fly or two. Sis walked up next to her, reaching over to help close the offending aperture. Her comment is I see that I now have competition as to the prettiest in our family. Mom looked over at her and said that the competition between sisters has already been decided, Alexis is drop dead gorgeous. Sis pouted but conceded that she, indeed, had lost the competition.

I still had not uttered a word. My Mom and Sis had accepted me as I am, without a disparaging word. I almost pinched myself fearful that this is a dream, and I would soon wake to find out that nothing of this is true. Mom grabbed my arm and led me over to the love seat. I am set down, and she filled me in on several things she is sure that I knew nothing about in this grand plan of theirs.

One, all of my clothes and lingerie came from her dress shops, with several of them made to order for me. Second, she had made a contribution to my pageant (in my name) in the amount of twenty thousand dollars. Third, she has a position available for me with her business as Alexis if I wanted to pursue it. She wants both of her daughters to be a part of her business.

I hugged her feeling the tears welling up inside. Marie took my hand, squeezing lightly, warning me that if I ruined my makeup, I would have to fix it. I managed somehow to keep it in control since I was not that good at makeup application. Several minutes later I am able to say a few words and on hearing her new daughter’s voice, I received another hug and kiss.

Marie asked me to show them the album that she and Angela had made of my transformation pictures. I was embarrassed, but Mom leafed through the album taking note of every picture. It was nearing eleven when another guest entered the salon.

Cindy was dressed to the nines like she usually is but was looking around the salon. She gave hugs to Marie, Angela, Mom, and Sis. Hey, wait a minute, I think I smell a rat. Cindy sashayed over to me, placing both of her hands on the side of my face and leaned in.

She turned my head a little then planted the biggest kiss on my lips. To say it was erotic would be an understatement, I had to break the kiss because I couldn’t breathe. I took a breath but am kissed again as she used her tongue to probe my mouth. Finally, Marie suggested that would have to do for now since we had to get going.

Angela interrupted Cindy’s continued survey of my new persona as she asked Cindy point blank if this would affect my employment with the corporation. Cindy looked over at Angela but answered definitely not. Cindy did point out that she had challenged me to participate in the pageant. Marie asked if she could interject that Alexis has almost thirty-five thousand dollars from her sponsors.

Cindy swallowed hard but did acknowledge that she would meet the terms of her challenge with a smile. The wager and pageant are going to cost Cindy a chunk. Mom interjected that Alexis had been offered another job just this morning, and the decision which one to pursue has not been made yet. Cindy acknowledged Mom but asked that Alexis listens to all offers in their entirety before making a decision.

Cindy is sure the corporation would not want to miss out on such a talented person. I think part of that is the result of the manager’s meeting yesterday. My head is almost to the bursting point since I didn’t think I could take many more compliments or offers of employment. To think I was stuck in a rut as a male, but change gender and now the world seemed to be mine for the taking, go figure.

Marie reminded everyone that the pageant is still on the schedule and that the winner had to get over to the hotel to get ready. I gathered my things, a purse and a sweater to keep me warm, and we headed over to the hotel. Angela and Marie went with me, with Mom and Sis telling me that they would be along shortly. Cindy announcing that she would drive her own car there.

The dresses had already been transported to the hotel earlier that morning. I signed in at the reception area and told where to go to get ready. The pageant is being held in one of the ballrooms, with the contestants using one of the meeting rooms as a dressing room. We found out from the coordinator of the contest that the talent portion is to be first, followed by the bathing suit competition. The evening gown competition is last with the winners announced after that.

The meeting room had been divided into ten dressing rooms, with the drapes, often used for conventions. As I changed into the dance dress, I suddenly realized that I had no idea of who is going to be my partner in the dance. I questioned Angela, but she told me it is a surprise, and I would just have to wait. Maria worked her magic on my hair, checked my makeup, pronouncing me ready.

During this time, the other contestants had entered the room. According to Angela, there was only one contestant, Cindy’s entry that is a serious contestant. Most of them had made an effort but were still a male in a dress. Several of the contestants came over asking when our entry is to arrive. Angela giggled; Maria broke out laughing, and I turned red in the face. Finally, Angela pointed to me, informing them that I am the entry.

The one remark that stuck with me was; I didn’t think the contest was open to real women. After all had been explained to them, they went back to their dressing areas shaking their heads. Cindy’s entry had stopped by to say hi, and complimented me on my presentation. He asked if Cindy had seen me yet, with me responding that she had indeed seen me dressed a couple of hours ago. He told me that unless I did something out of character that I am the obvious winner.

Although Cindy had got carried away with his feminization, he is only interested in raising money for the charity. Apparently, his sister had breast cancer a couple of years ago, with the disease nearly killing her. For some reason, I gave him a womanly hug, telling him that I would donate a thousand dollars in his name. I could see a tear come to his eyes, and I am thanked profusely.

Maria did tell him that I had raised over thirty-five thousand for the charity, with Cindy’s pledge to double any monies that are donated in my name providing I place higher than her entrant. He was quite surprised but is appreciative of my participation in the pageant. Cindy arrived a few moments later, and he returned to his dressing area with her. After a few words between them, Cindy left the area. That surprised me since she has been so involved up to that point.

The talent portion started, with a couple of lip-syncing numbers, several piano pieces from a couple of the contestants, a guitar number, and finally a ventriloquist act. I moved up to the side of the stage, waiting for my cue. Still waiting for my dance partner, I looked over at Angela, but she mouthed the words, he will be here in time. I was sure to lose this portion of the contest if he didn’t show up.

As the music started for my dance, I looked around the room in a panic. Then from behind the curtain a few feet from me, a short man appeared. He swiftly stepped forward, gathering me in his arms and swept me out onto the stage. All I could think about was he is an exceptional dancer. Only once during the dance could I closely look at his face, it is familiar, maybe a little effeminate, but his technique in dancing is faultless. I was floating on air; the feeling when Angela danced with me is back, and I am lost in the moment. Usually, you look at your partner during a dance, but my emotions being as they are, I just lost myself in the dance.

The dance ended all too soon, and to quite a bit of clapping, I am led from the stage. When we got off the stage, I turned to look at him a little closer, and then realized who she is. Yes, a female, and one that I knew for years. It was Cindy in a tuxedo, with not a stitch of makeup on, and her hair slicked back into a more masculine style. She reached for my hand and brought it up to her mouth, kissing it delicately, then thanked me for the lovely dance.

It took me quite a while to gain any semblance of what had happened, but by that time I am being helped out of my dress, and helped into the bikini. I tried to ask Angela how she had arranged the dance, but she told me it would have to wait until after the pageant.Although I had worn the bikini several times before, it still felt that I was nearly naked in the suit. The corset is under the cover up of the fake skin, but looking down at my body I still blushed red at how little of me had anything covering the tits and bum. Maria has changed my makeup, keeping it more natural, and, of course, less of it.

My hairstyle is a curly ponytail, more befitting the swimsuit and the beach. When it is my turn to walk the stage, I heard the several noticeable intakes of breath, then a more rousing applause. I was later to learn that of all the entrants I am the only one to receive that much attention. Yes, I was very nervous, nothing prepares you for walking in front of lots of people nearly naked.

The next portion is the evening gown competition, requiring Maria to redo my makeup, and then turn my hairstyle into an up do. Removal of the second skin had to be accomplished so that my breasts could be secured to the dress. Another amazing thought to add to the library of firsts today, my breasts needing to be attached to my dress so that they would not fall out. The corset has to be changed too since the dress required that my breasts be unencumbered. The new corset was shorter, stretching from my hips to just below my breasts. It did, however, feel just as tight as the first one when they had completed tightening the laces.

The dress required some help to wedge my body into the lower half of it, and then to my embarrassment, my boobs are glued into the cups of the dress. That is an experience in itself. Maria and Angela applied glue to my breasts, and I felt them do it. Then the dress is pulled into place, and my breasts aimed into the cups, and then pressure is applied so that the cups of the dress are firmly touching my breasts. The dress is not altogether as warm as I would have liked it, and I got goose pimples from the coolness of the fabric.

Once the dress is situated, I am made painfully aware of why that action was needed. My nipples are barely covered above the minimal neckline of the dress. Without the adhesive, they would be subject to exposure, worse yet, possible escape. Although the breasts are fake, I could feel them as they moved around inthe cups of the dress, the adhesive the only thing keeping them secure.

Walking the runway in that dress with my breasts moving along to my movements is quite an experience, very erotic, and sensual. When the M.C. called my name, I did make my way down the stage and back. Again more applause, even a few wolf whistles came my way. The audience is admiring how I looked and showed appreciation for how pretty I am.

We are all called back onto the stage after the other contestants have done their evening gown portions of the pageant. As we stood there, we are reintroduced to the audience and then waited as the judge’s votes are tabulated. The M.C. came back to the microphone with the votes.

First, though he went through what each contestant had managed to raise for the charity. The other contestants had done well each raising about five thousand dollars for cancer research. Cindy’s entrant had managed to raise a little over twenty thousand dollars for the charity. Then he came to me; he suggested that I receive a standing ovation for my tremendous effort for the corporation’s charity drive. “Alexis has raised over forty-five thousand dollars for the Society for Cancer Research.”

The applause is deafening, and I am ecstatic. The M.C., our corporate president, told everyone that during the actual competition, ten thousand dollars had been donated on my behalf. I guess that I am expected to say something to the audience, but I am only able to get a faint thank you, from my lips.

After quieting down, he opened the envelope and announced the winners. Actually, as far as he is concerned each contestant is a winner for their commitment to the pageant. He read the name of each contestant as the finishing position is announced. Cindy’s entrant won second place, and that left me the winner.

There was a lot of applause, as my name is announced then I am hugged by Maria and Angela as I am lead up to the MC. A sash is placed across my chest, a crown on my head, and to my surprise, Cindy came on to the stage handing me a bouquet of roses. She leaned me slightly back and planted a wet French kiss on my lips.

The crowd roared, but lost in my thoughts; I heard very little of the applause. Where did that kiss come from, we have been bitter rivals for years, now suddenly in the last few days, there is something more. I had to make the walk across the stage as they played some song. My mind still not registering all that has happened today. Cindy grabbed my hands and led me from the stage. When I returned to the dressing room, Mom and Sis hugged me enthusiastically. They congratulated me on my victory, with me receiving both hugs and cheek kisses from each.

Cindy pulled me aside, asking me if I would consider a date with her tomorrow night. Again I am puzzled, but I did nod my head in acceptance. Actually, I am bewildered by everything that had transpired. Cindy dancing with me, oh that was so wonderful. Then the kiss at the end, as I closed my eyes I could still feel her lips on mine. In fact, the other two kisses in the last couple of days from Cindy have certainly confused me about our relationship.

All of this can’t be real, just too much to consider, and definitely not anything I could explain. I didn’t think I could get all the additions off of my body, so I told her it would probably have to be as Alexis. She smiled that cute little smile of hers, replying that will be perfect. She would pick me up at seven P.M. at my apartment. The appropriate dress is formal, be sure to wear something gorgeous. She has a meeting to go to about the charity affair, but she will see me tomorrow. Of course, I received another kiss one can’t say goodbye without a kiss.

After Cindy had left Mom and Sis returned, inviting me out to dinner. Angela has a previous engagement, but Maria is free. So the four of us headed out to dinner. Since my outfit is over the top dressy, we headed to a fancy restaurant in the old part of town. I brought up the fact that it usually required reservations ahead of time to get in, but Mom said that there would be no problem.

When we arrived, I found out why, as Mom had stated, she had made reservations. We were escorted to a private dining room usually used for parties. A waitress arrived and upon seeing my sash, congratulated me on my victory. I was red in the face again, as I had forgotten to remove the sash and crown. I quickly handled that task, then scolded everyone for not telling me of my indiscretion. Smiles from all concerned told me that they had enjoyed my embarrassment.

The dinner is magnificent, with the Chicken Cordon Bleu to die for, not just any restaurant meal. We chatted for quite a while, with all topics covered. Sis wanted to know about the kiss that Cindy had bestowed on me. I really could not tell her much about it, other than it felt really good. Yes, I was blushing when I made that remark.

Maria asked me if I didn’t have something to tell my Mother and Sister. I gave her a stern look, but it faded since I knew that it has to surface. I stammered for a while, not knowing how to start telling them that I am going to continue dressing as a woman. Finally, Maria felt sorry for me and just blurted it out. She told Mom that I am going to stay as a woman full time. Mom interrupted, telling all that she has known that she had two daughters since I was a child. Another round of blushes appeared on my part, and then I broke into tears. When in doubt, crying does have its advantages, as I sobbed on her shoulder.

We discussed how she had known about me, particularly why she has never mentioned it to me. Since she is sitting next to me, she reached over giving me a hug because you needed to figure out if this what you really wanted. Although I saw signs, once in a while, I was beginning to think I would be an old maid before you finally saw the light. I hugged her back, trying to control my tears, but failing miserably.

Eventually, I did manage to recover a little; then Mom pursued the job offer that she had previously mentioned. She wanted me to supervise her shops, and get them more up to date including setting up a company website. I knew she has excellent managers in each shop, but couldn’t see why she needed another supervisor to oversee them. She has been watching over them for years with no problem.

She informed me that she and my sister were going to set up a separate company to make custom made dresses for her shops. Since a third of their business is custom orders, it is the next logical step. There is also the contract that has just been negotiated this week for custom dresses for the Turnabout Gurl Salons. That alone would require a minimum of fifteen hundred dresses a year.

Mom is going to handle the startup of the separate business, with Sis ordering the fabrics and materials for the dresses. Since both of them would be busy, they needed the other daughter to start pulling her weight and look after the shops. I guess I am the other daughter now, a position I would welcome with open arms.

Maria asked about my present job, would I quit or keep with it. I told her I didn’t know at the moment, but I would discuss it with Cindy tomorrow night. Several eyebrows inched up, and Sis was the first to nail it when she asked if I had a date tomorrow. Again the blushing, I was not aware that any one person could blush as much as I had today. I nodded, and the first thing that everyone said in unison was I would have to go shopping.

Maria told me that she would take me back to the salon and help me get undressed, then Mom said she would pick me up at 9 A.M. Nothing is said about where I would be spending the night. I presumed at Maria’s since Mom is picking me up there. Mom wanted to make sure that I have just the right dress for my date, a necessity for my future significant other.

I suggested that I could just wear one of the gowns that I have worn for the competition, but that quickly got vetoed. A woman never wears the same dress two days in a row, a sacred rule among females. We eventually finished our girlish chit chat and left to our separate destinations. Maria had asked me on the way to her car if I am enjoying the experience. I sighed telling her that it has been the happiest part of my life up to now.

She assured me that there would be many more happy times, but I really doubted it. Surely nothing could compare to what I have got to do in the last few days, especially, as I am still dressed as a female with no end in sight. As we are pulling into her parking lot, she asked again, about the kiss that Cindy had given me, this time, she wanted the truth.

I looked her way but, shyly avoided eye contact. I told her it was very sensual, very erotic, very puzzling since Cindy and I had been at each other for years. I should rephrase that, Cindy has been at it, with me trying just to survive. Maria smiled, assuring me that she would keep my secret.

I asked what secret, her reply is how my toes curled, the rapid breathing and my legs giving way. A sure sign of falling in love between two people. I know, here comes another blush, probably a new world’s record for one day. My attempt to hide the obvious seems to have failed. Maria and apparently others have seen the signs.

Marie helped me with the dress since the first task is to get the dress unglued from my breasts. She used a solvent on a rag and dabbed at the edge until the dress is loose. The proximity of her hands and the touching of my breasts, as they are separated from the dress, made me squirm and wriggle. I noticed I was breathing a lot heavier than normal after those encounters.

Marie left to get us some tea, and I finished removing my clothes. It felt good to get out of them for a while, but standing at the mirror, looking at my reflection made me somewhat sad. When I turned around Marie is watching me; her only comment is you have really got it bad. I asked her what she meant, but her only reply, the tea is ready. I found the nightie that I had worn last night slipped it on and went to find Marie. We met up in the living room, with both of us finding a seat on the couch.

She asked me if I missed my women’s clothes that bad. I told her that they now seemed a part of me. When I looked in the mirror naked, I see a plain woman, but feel deep regret that she is not dressed in fine clothes, hair done up, and with makeup. I know I have only been doing this for a few days, but I feel that I should have been doing it my entire life.

We talked about Cindy some more, with me filling her in on all the situations that she had maneuvered me into over the years. I told her that I felt that I owed her since she was the one that hired me. Marie listened to all of it, then told me that I should be receptive to what Cindy might bring up tomorrow evening. She could be wrong, but she thinks Cindy has always thought of me as a romantic partner, just not knowing how to approach the subject.

I gave that look of total confusion, she smiled, then said one word. Lesbian. I tried to figure out what she was talking about when the light switched on, and realization finally came to me. Cindy wanted me as a woman and lover, not as a man and lover. That idea might take a while to absorb and process. Maybe the sensuous kiss at the manager’s meeting was a clue to her feelings.

Shortly after that, we made our way to bed, with me soundly asleep in minutes. I guess beauty queens do need their sleep to maintain their fabulous looks. Yeah, sure. I dreamed all night long about Cindy, even a dream in which I am the bride, the new wife of my former tormentor. I do remember that the wedding dress was exquisite, of course, made for me by my Mother.

The morning came all too soon, I performed the maintenance of my new female body, then put on a little makeup. I waited to ask Marie what I should wear before I got dressed. I slipped on a robe, then proceeded to the kitchen. Marie is just coming back from the salon but had apparently already fixed coffee.

We talked for a few minutes, and then after she had suggested an outfit for the day, I returned to the bedroom and got dressed. I managed the rest of my makeup, but Marie did help me with my hair. A high ponytail, with a lace scrunchie, made for a cute look.

My outfit ended up being a detailed pair of jeans, with a burgundy silk blouse. The heels were burgundy pumps with five-inch stiletto heels, with an onyx cabochon inside a delicate light tan porcelain rose on the toe. The outfit is comfortable, but practical since I would have to try things on today. I say that with my tongue firmly tucked in my cheek, five-inch heels comfortable, Nah.

Breakfast was English Muffins and O.J., although I seemed stuffed after only a few bites. When I mentioned it to Marie, she just pointed to my corset giggling. I had not taken it off last night, and that tickled Marie’s sense of humor. As we got ready to go down to the salon, I was caught by Marie spending too much time in front of the mirror. She ended up pushing me out the door, telling me that I looked beautiful. She is giggling at the former male that is now firmly entrenched in the role of a female.

Mom is prompt, coming into the salon a few minutes before 9 A.M. Although I am dressed in jeans and a blouse, she wore an ivory two piece suit. Her blouse is a pale pink complimenting the ivory color of the suit. The skirt is knee length, although it is more of a pencil skirt than a regular skirt. She wore three-inch heels, a pump with a rounded toe. She asked if I am ready, and we headed off to shop.

She drove to her larger store, parking in the front with the customers. As we walked to the door of the store, I am aware of the clicking of our heels as we made our way. I smiled at the comforting sound, wishing I had made an attempt to find my feminine side a lot earlier in my life. As we entered the store, we were greeted by the manager of the store.

I was introduced to her as Alexis, her daughter. I had met Cynthia a few years earlier on one of my few visits to this store. Cynthia smiled at me, telling Mother and me that she had selected two racks of dresses that might fit my needs. We were escorted to the back, to one of the dressing rooms, where my sister waited for us. I got a womanly hug and kiss from her as she appraised my wardrobe choices for today.

Mom saw what she was doing, telling sis that I am still the prettiest daughter, just to accept it and move on. That got giggles from everyone, including Cynthia. Cynthia leaned over to me, whispering into my ear, that it took you long enough to realize your true gender. She welcomed me to womanhood, also stating that she is looking forward to working with me in a professional capacity.

I gave a dirty look over at Mom, but she just smiled as she walked over to the rack of selected dresses. I tried to corner Mom to find out what she had told Cynthia, but Mom is only interested in finding me a dress. Between the two of us, we picked about fifteen dresses to try on. I stripped down to my corset and panties and started through them.

I did mention that my corset is still on. However, it made the dresses look so much better than without it. The corset felt like it is a part of me after wearing it all day and night. When I consciously thought about it, I did feel the restriction of the garment, but otherwise, it just isn’t there. I went through most of the selected items, settling on three that I thought are appropriate and flattering. I asked Mom to help me pick the best one, but her solution is just to buy them all.

he cut off the tags, then handed them to Cynthia. I am complimented on my selections, as they are handed to me in the stores dress boxes. I turned around to leave, but both Cynthia and Mom called me back. I am informed that to wear one of the selections; it would require a strapless shelf bra or a different corset with cups. So back out to the displays, picking up one of each to try on.

I did enjoy life as a woman but having my breasts in a minimal holding apparatus is something quite unnerving. You did notice that I used the phrase my breasts. Due to the fact that I could feel things through the breast form, it was erotic, sensual, and scary. What if I leaned over, and one fell out. I would die from embarrassment. Now for a male that just started dressing a few days ago, this line of thinking was really upsetting to me. I wanted the femininity, but then the reality scared me to death. Yes, I embraced the femininity, but I wanted to be the perfect female, not just a male dressing as a woman.

My thoughts are brought back to the present as Mom dragged me out of the store. I ended up choosing the corset with cups for the dress if that one ended up my choice for the evening. We grabbed a bite to eat at one of the bistros a block from the store. Chicken and avocado salad is my choice with a salsa type of dressing on the side. Iced tea, our choice for drinks. The new type of diet required to maintain my female figure is actually very good, salads in particular.

After the lunch, she led me up another block to a converted warehouse. Some of it had been completed, but the renovation was still going on an addition that had been added to the original warehouse. The outside had been refaced with a brick veneer making it look like a large brick house. On the completed side, there was an entrance door with key card access.

Mom swiped a card, the door opened, and we went inside. There was a long hall extending a hundred feet straight back. There were doors every thirty feet on both sides. The first door on the right is entered, and Mom told me that this is where my office is. There is a receptionist desk at the front, and then three doors behind and to the sides of the reception area. Mom’s office is in the center, my sister’s to the left, and my office is to be the one on the right.

She herded me to the door, and I stuck my head in, and then am pushed the rest of the way in by Mom. The office is gorgeous, a truly feminine example of decorating. The walls a light apple green, the curtains of a sheer ivory material draped to the side and held there with green apple bows. Pictures were hanging on the walls in tan and gold frames. A lot of Mom’s designs are featured in the photos in those frames.

Then my eyes focused on the picture behind my desk. It was of me in the evening gown from yesterday. I looked over at her and reached out to take her hands. I burst into tears and cried on her shoulders. Eventually, I was able to compose myself, dabbing at the tears and mascara running down my cheeks. I asked her how she managed to get a photo enlarged in such a short time, and then why is my picture here.

She answered the last question first. She had always been proud of me, but my efforts and my appearance at the pageant showed to her that I had finally accepted my true gender. She has known that I had been fighting the feelings for years, but neither she nor sis has been able to get me to embrace my demons. I am told that the whole pageant was only a vehicle to get me to dress like my true self.

The charity benefited greatly, and the corporation made itself known as a caring company, but the best benefit was that Alexis finally realized that she is the true person. I asked about Cindy challenging me to be a participant. Mom just smiled, telling me that you were so worried about doing the right thing that a lot of things were slipped past you.

The fact that Cindy had always cared for you, just not as Alex being the obvious one. I was informed that she is and has been in love with Alexis for years, ever since you were hired. You have been oblivious to the fact that she has done things and put you in situations, to try to get you to emerge from your cocoon, but you were stubborn to the core. I sat down in one of the chairs at my desk, with my head in my hands trying to see how I had missed all of this.

I felt a hand on my shoulder rubbing me, making me relax a little. I am then asked if I would accept her offer of employment. I nodded yes because I was too choked up to say it in words. She encouraged me to stand than sit in my chair behind my desk. As I sat down, it somehow felt right.

I looked at the desktop seeing a picture of Mom and Sis in a heart shaped frame. Then to the side a picture of Cindy and me dancing at the pageant. I started crying again. For once in my life, things seemed to be going right. Mom’s only comment is that I needed to start using waterproof mascara. It is then suggested that I accompany her.

We left my new office and proceeded down the hall past several more doors until we came to the last door. Mom swiped the key card, and the door opened. Mom informed this was my new residence. I blindly moved forward as I tried to understand what she had said. I think I heard her tell me that this is my new residence, my apartment.

This can’t be true; it just can’t. I must have stood there for quite a while as I pondered what is happening. When reality returned, I found Mom seated in one of the chairs in my living room. She told me that she was glad to see me return to the living. I looked at her and asked her what she had said when we entered the room. She smiled; this is your apartment, why can’t you believe what I am saying.

I told her that we had never been that close as mother and son, and suddenly I have a job, a new apartment, and goodness knows what else. I would like to know why the change. She paused, then confided in me that, the difference is that you have become the woman you have been meant to be. She has watched me become more depressed each and every year, more miserable, desperately lonely, just to name a few.

She will not reward destructive behavior. The pageant changed all of that, you smile, you are looking forward to life for a change, and you finally have allowed the people that love you to enter your life. I am told that she can reward this type of behavior, and she will, whether I am comfortable with it or not. I am asked if I was going to look at the rest of the apartment, or just stand there. I moved forward taking in the striking beauty of the décor.

The kitchen is off of the dining room, slightly behind the living room. It had all the modern luxuries, plus some new things I did not even recognize. The décor was shaded in yellow, with all the appliances in stainless steel. There was an island counter in the center of the kitchen, lit with overhead recessed lighting. The dining room and the kitchen are bigger than my present apartment. Incidentally, it is all furnished with the most breathtaking pieces of furniture I have ever seen.

We moved through another short hall to the bedrooms. The master bedroom was out of this world. A canopy bed, queen size, occupied the center of the room. Three dressers were situated along different walls of the bedroom. Two twin vanities with lighted make-up mirrors were along one wall. The seats of these were cute, fluffy pillows decorated with lace and ribbon.

On one of the dresser walls, is a door leading into one of the biggest walk-in closets I had ever seen. The closet measured fifteen by thirty, lined with racks along both walls. At the end of the closet is floor to ceiling shoe racks. I am impressed, no just plain awed at the sight of all of this.

Then we stepped into the bathroom. My God, what a room. The fixtures are all ivory in color. The walls a pale pink wallpaper with delicate burgundy roses scattered throughout. It had a gigantic tub, the kind with footed legs, an enormous shower, and twin sinks flanked by oak storage cabinets. All of the lighting is recessed except for twin canopy lights, one over each sink.

What made everything jump out at you was the floor? It was fabricated of stainless steel floor tiles. They somehow had been polished almost to a mirror like finish. When you looked into the bathroom, all you saw was reflections from the floor, the mirrors over the sinks and the two floor to ceiling mirrors each side of the door. I would be almost afraid to use it, for fear of spoiling some of its beauty. I looked over at Mom; I told her it is beautiful; the whole apartment is awesome, but why me.

I was told that sis and her at matching apartments in the complex, have had them for four years now. On your Sunday visits, you just entered from the outside entrance. In fact, your apartment was built at the same time, but a certain son was stubborn, trying to be something he isn’t. Finally, after years of frustration something had to be done. That is when all of them got together, to forge a plan to bring a wayward child back into the family.

I am told in the last six years a certain son has only been to see her on Sundays though the distance between their apartments is only ten blocks. She told me that those Sundays were some of the toughest she has had to get through. Watching her son becoming more depressed and withdrawn every week. Hints, suggestions were made but never taken to heart.

Finally, Cindy came up with the plan to have the womanless beauty pageant. It was announced, but you still would not reach out. She had to challenge you in front of your employees to get you to commit. It was decided that the pot had to be enlarged to assure that you would not be able to weasel out of the contest.

The money was for a good cause, so both Cindy and I decided to sweeten the pot. Of course, I had my seamstresses working on your dresses for several weeks before the contest was even announced. I was in awe, all of this being done, and I was clueless about any of it. I inched my way over to Mom and then in my most feminine voice asked if she could forgive me.

She agreed, only on the condition that I stayed as a woman from now on. No exceptions, no excuses, Alexis from now on. I agreed, although I am crying buckets, as the words left my mouth. We hugged, as she just held me whispering in my ear and running her fingers through my hair. When I managed to get my emotions under control, she suggested that I might want to get ready for my date.

I mentioned to her that Cindy was going to pick me up at Marie’s. Her smile is back, pushing the shopping bags that we had picked up at the boutique for me on the bed. Most of your makeup is in the bedroom vanity, the rest in your purse. You have time for a short nap if you like, but you should take your shower now. Towels are in the oak cabinets, a nightie is on the dresser, with a few snacks in the refrigerator if needed.

Cindy will be here at seven sharp, so don’t dawdle. I received another hug, and she was gone. I just stood there, dazed and confused. Way too much data to be processed. Like a dream, only when I pinched myself, it hurt. I guess that this is my new life, I am happy for once, and so thankful that everyone has persisted in making me aware of who I really am.

I spun around the room taking in all the decor, then headed for the bedroom. I set at one of the vanities, removing my shoes and hose. Then stood to remove my pants and blouse, following with the panties and corset. The corset took a bit of an effort as the laces had been knotted, in the back, to keep them from loosening. It did feel real good as the corset fell to the floor. I rubbed the sides of my body as the blood in those areas returned to a more normal flow.

I padded off to the bathroom, opening one of the oak storage cabinets to see what was available. They were fully stocked with everything a woman might desire in her beauty regime. I selected a shower cap, a towel, a pair of heeled mules, and some heavenly scented body wash. The shower was my next destination; it took me several minutes to figure out to turn the water on. It is set on pulsating jets; the feeling of the pulsating water hitting my body is awesome.

After a few moments, I had to turn it off and figure out how to pick a less invigorating spray. It turned out to have a touch screen panel mounted above the door to select different sprays, pressures, and temperatures. When I turned the water back on, it was heavenly.

I must have been in the shower for at least twenty minutes enjoying the water cascading over my body. The body wash is also fantastic, a Hyacinth and Sweet Pea scent, but compared to the shower, it came in a poor second. I did remember to wear the shower cap since I didn’t have Maria to repair any disaster that I might have created by myself.

I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself off. Yes, I did remember to pat my skin and not rub. I padded back to the bedroom, picking a pair of panties out of today’s shopping. Ivory in color, with burgundy lace accenting the leg openings but made out of silk. If you have never worn silk anything, you don’t know what you are missing.

The corset is next, also in ivory with burgundy accents and garters. It clasped in front; that is easy, but pulling on the laces is more difficult. I sat there for several minutes trying to figure out how I could get my corset laced up. I remember seeing something from old advertisements about a manual contraption to lace a corset.

I remember the lady holding a post on the bed as she is tightened up. I looked at the bed, then over to the wall and saw a box attached to the wall with a cable and hook hanging from it. I walked to the box, seeing a remote on top, and picked it up. I pulled on the cable, and it unwound from the box. I reached behind my corset, hooking the laces to the cable. I then walked back to the bed post, grabbing a hold of the bedpost with both hands and pressed the start button on the remote.

A motor came to life and shortened the cable. It would run for a minute, and then stop, after fifteen seconds it would start again. This action continued for several minutes. As the corset became tighter the rest in between became a little longer. I was having a little trouble breathing, but looking down at my figure I continued. I finally pushed stop on the remote. I reached behind to tie the laces in a temporary knot until I could see if it is tight enough.

I let go of the bedpost, turned and walked a little way to see how uncomfortable the corset is. It seemed like I could stand the tightness, so released the temporary knot and tied the laces in a stouter knot. I wound the laces around my waist several times then tucked them in the back under an edge of the corset. I could only take short breaths, but the feeling of tightness is very pleasurable. I put my foot up on the bed, as far as I could get it, and attached my stockings to the garters. Not an easy feat, getting the stockings on my legs is the first problem, then up to be attached to the garters another difficult task. The corset being so rigid making life complicated.

When all of the garters had been attached, I stood up and slipped my feet into the stiletto heels. The high heel is burgundy in color with gold trim. The heel of the shoe is what made the shoes fantastic, fully five inches in height in a stiletto shape not more than a quarter of an inch in width. I am not sure that I could wear these all night but loved the look of my legs while wearing them.

Luckily they did not have straps, or I would never have been able to fasten them. With all of that completed, it is time for my hair and makeup. I knew this was where all of my time would be spent. Maria had made it look so easy, but with my skill level I had to fight to get it looking passable, I managed to do it, but lots of frustration and time were spent in the process.

The makeup was first, when I opened the vanity drawer, there was all of my cosmetics that Maria had used to make me feminine. Luckily I had paid attention to what she had done to transform my masculine features to their feminine best. Foundation is first, as I dabbed the foundation on my face, and then using a sponge began to blend it in.

Next is a powder in the same shade to set the foundation. So far, so good. My eyes were next as I used eyeliner, and then some shadow in several different shades of pink, blending from the darkest at my eyelids to the lightest at my pencil thin eyebrows. Mascara followed as I put three coats on each lash. The bottom eyelashes received some, but just enough to heighten their appearance. Next some blusher on my cheekbones leading toward my ears, making my cheeks seem larger and higher.

Finally, my lips, as I lined the lips with a darker, almost burgundy liner, then a rose pink lipstick applied with a brush. I would apply some lip gloss after I tackled my hair. Of course, I used a tissue to remove the excess, and then reapplied the lipstick again, blotting it only very lightly. As I looked at the reflection in the mirror, I was proud of myself. I looked pretty good, considering that this is the first time that I had applied my own makeup.

Now for the hard part, the hair. I had watched Maria as she did the different hair styles in my hair, but watching and doing are not the same. I was trying for an up-do since that was the most feminine style that had been created for my hair. I brushed the hair up using some pins to secure it and then began to form the curls around the brush.

My permanent helped since the curls almost formed themselves. Getting the brush out was a task, since every time I tried to remove the brush the curl was pulled out. I ended up brushing the hair up a section at a time and then grabbed the section as I removed the brush and used my fingers to roll the curl. Maybe this is not the preferred way, but it did work for me.

It took me a lot longer than Maria, time spent on the hair was almost fifty minutes. I finished my hair; then looked in the mirror, somewhat pleased with my appearance. It showed that Maria’s hand in matters was not there, but in my slightly biased opinion, I am quite attractive. I just hope Cindy is impressed.

Whoa, that thought suddenly sprang from the innermost recesses of my mind without any warning at all. Why would I be concerned about Cindy liking how I looked, I am still a male dressed as a female. I will have to think that through, a little later.

With hair and makeup completed it is time to slip into the dress, add accessories, purse, and await my date. The dress I had decided to wear was probably the most daring of the three that I had purchased. It was an evening gown similar to the one that I wore for the pageant, but a whole lot more. A black silk creation that hugged the body very closely from my knees to my bosom. There was an almost transparent overlay that swirled around my body, showing the tight fitting dress, but softening the overall look.

When I say it hugged my body, I was not kidding. The tightness of the dress hem made it very difficult to walk in. I would not be hurrying anywhere tonight. I added a necklace with a single pendant that nestled in between my breasts, chandelier earrings that touched my shoulders, and a ring all in a lovely ruby color.

From the look of the stones, I imagined they were real rubies; Mother never allowed the stores to carry fake gemstones. A black leather clutch purse finished the look, and I am ready, I think. I walked out to the living room, heading for the kitchen bar that shared a wall of the living room. As tight as the dress is I figured that I could not sit down without a lot of effort, so the bar stool at a more convenient height is my target.

I eased my body onto the stool, looking for a clock to see how much more time I had to kill. It turns out; only a few minutes remained before the clock would strike seven. Cindy is on time, at precisely seven she knocked on the door. I meandered over to the door since that was about the only speed that I could achieve in the dress. Opening the door, and seeing Cindy my mouth opened as if I am trying to take in a huge amount of air all at one time.

She was dressed to the nines like me; only her dress is floor length. Black like mine, also in silk, also hugging every curve. I did manage to get my mouth closed, but could not come up with something to say. Cindy solved the problem by stepping closer and kissing me on the lips. I unashamedly leaned into the kiss pushing my lips against hers and trying to get my tongue inside of her mouth.

She stepped back, asking me if I was glad to see her. I nodded and resumed the kiss. Definitely, something had changed between us. Due to a lack of breath, I had to break the kiss, to get much-needed oxygen to my lungs. I dragged her into the apartment, finally asking how she is. She figured I already knew since I had made a medical examination of her at the door. I giggled, looking at her smeared lipstick, figuring mine looked as bad or worse.

I suggested we fix our makeup, leading her off to the bedroom and the vanities. We set as carefully as we could, obviously both of our dresses restricting movement. After we repaired the damage she told me we had reservations at eight, and we had to get to the other side of town, so we needed to get going. I grabbed my purse, remembering to put the lipstick inside. I knew that it would get refreshed or replaced many times tonight.

We left the apartment but turned left outside the door. I mentioned to Cindy that we were headed the wrong way, but she just dragged me along. When we got down to the end of the hall, she opened the door, and we were on the street, with a limousine waiting there. The chauffeur held the door and Cindy, and I entered the limo as gracefully as possible.

As I looked back at the door, we just left, I recognized it as the building that Sis and I came to every Sunday. I had indeed, been here several times, not knowing that it was where I would eventually call home.

The limo pulled out into traffic and shortly pulled onto the freeway. Thirty minutes later we left the freeway and down about three blocks it pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot. It was nestled along the river with the part of the restaurant built on a pier hanging over the river. The parking lot was narrow and long as it hugged the river.

The limo dropped us off at the entrance, as the doorman held open the door for us to depart. Cindy and I held hands as we entered the lobby. The host greeted us, with Cindy telling her that we had reservations. As soon as he heard her name, the help became more intense, as he personally took us to our table. It proved to be directly overlooking the river, and city. A truly spectacular sight.

Our chairs were held for us, and two waitresses appeared to deliver menus and take our drink orders. The service was fantastic as we had the same two waitresses all night long to serve us. Cindy had ordered their largest chicken salad, telling me that we could share. She suggested that I order an appetizer so that we could split it.

I decided on the onion rings, remembering that Cindy always ordered those when we had lunch together, back when I first started. Cindy ordered us tea to drink. The restaurant had a reputation for exquisite tea, serving over fifty different types of tea. She had asked our server to choose one that would complement the chicken.

I was expecting a small salad like you would get with dinner, but when the salad was brought out, I saw why she ordered it for us to share. The bowl is the size of a dinner plate, with sides three inches high. It was filled to the rim with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, celery, onion and covered in chicken. The chicken was not processed but looked like it had been cooked on a grill, then sliced into slivers that looked so delicious.

Another plate is set with it holding small miniature bowls containing salad dressings. There are ten to choose from, leaving no doubt that a suitable dressing for the salad could be found. We started with the salad, with me trying, at least, half of the dressings to find one I liked. Unfortunately, they are all good, so I ended eating some salad with each dressing.

About halfway through the salad, our onion rings are brought out. The plate of rings is the size of the salad and heaped even higher than the salad; in the middle of the plate is a bowl of dressing to dip the onion rings into. To say it is good would be a gross understatement. The dressing dip is similar to a ranch type but significantly stronger. It had a little sweetness to it, but pleasant.

I would probably have been able to eat more salad if I hadn’t tried to eliminate the entire plate of rings. Cindy kidded me several times that she is glad, that she had something else to eat, or she would starve to death. We both broke out in giggles each and every time she mentioned it.

The tea that was chosen for us is delightful, a rich blend of leaves that is aromatic and slightly stronger than usual tea. It is not bitter even though it had that full-bodied taste. After the food had been dealt with, a plate of delicious butter cookies was brought to us. They were so light, but full of flavor, as we consumed them in a matter of minutes.

Our teacups were filled up, and we are left alone. Although we had a beautiful view of the river, and city in the distance, we are somewhat secluded. Cindy took my hand, holding it in hers, telling me that she is happy, knowing that I had found the new me. Since the pageant, she has seen me often smile, a feat that never occurred in the Alex years.

Now about us, I am told that I needed to listen to all she had to say, but keep my comments to myself until she is finished. In all the years that Cindy has known me, she has loved the person that I am now portraying. She admitted to being a lesbian and has always been one. When we first met, she was sure that I was a female at heart, but for some reason, I was stuck in the male persona. She had tried countless times to shake the tree, to get the female inside loose.

At times, a glimpse would be seen, but soon the real me would retreat to the shadows. Two years ago she met my mother and sister at a charity banquet, and they became good friends. You have been the topic of discussion many times, with everybody seeing the real you, buried in that male facade. Finally, the frustration of all concerned became evident, and it was decided to force the issue, probably the only way things would get handled.

She sent out the memo mentioning the plans to raise funds for the charity. I got the idea from our corporate holding company in England, where they were holding a womanless beauty pageant as their only event. They had over two hundred entrants in their pageant. The first memo, suggesting that all departments participate in one of the planned events you didn’t even read. The second one, you did manage to find after I had sent to each and every one of your employees.

I hoped you would see a chance to let the girl out, but you tried to push your employees into one of the other events. So, I sent the direct challenge to you, leaving you no option but to comply. I had met with your employees in the few days leading up to the direct challenge telling them what I thought about you and getting their support. They all agreed, after hearing some of my thoughts, that you were a female at heart, just too blonde to admit it.

Angela brought up about her sister, and we made appointments that day for you. I managed to find several employees in other departments willing to suffer a little ridicule to make the contest seem more genuine. I even paid my PA a considerable bonus, to enter the pageant and make a real attempt to win so that we could get you to go the whole route.

All of this to try and get you to embrace the real you, I might add that you were either very stubborn or very naive in these matters. The amount of money and time spent to get you to realize your true being is quite substantial.

You have a large support group, just wanting you to be happy, but for some reason we had to hit you over the head repeatedly, to convince you of this. Everyone loves you, most of all by me. I want you to be happy, and if you will say yes, I want you as my bride. I want Alexis, not Alex, for that, is who you are.

You have employment here at corporate as a consultant. Your ideas are good, real solutions to problems that are prevalent in a corporate environment. You will work two days a week, either here or abroad, with a salary twice what you are presently making. That will leave you time to take the job offered by your mother, but still, leave time to be my wife. I want us to have children; I will have them, but you have to raise them being their Mom.

If you say yes, and I hope, dear God that you do, your apartment was built with the idea that we would live there. You have three extra bedrooms leaving us plenty of room for our children, plus your mother and sister want to be able to babysit on occasion.

I tried to insert something into the conversation, but her look told me I better wait. She got up out of her chair, coming next to me, bent down on one knee, not easy with her choice of dress. She removed the ring that she was holding in her hand and placed it on my ring finger. It is gorgeous, a diamond and ruby ring that just glowed with the light reflecting off of it.

She leaned a little closer, asking me if I would become her bride. Tears are running down my face, I was choked up, my throat is dry, and I had to go the bathroom, but I managed a squeal telling her yes. Yes, I would be proud to be her wife and care for our children. Then off to the side, I heard the music starting to play, she had the restaurant’s musical group to serenade us.

It was a truly wonderful evening, we stayed until they were closing kissing and cuddling at the table. I would zone out for a while thinking of Cindy and being her wife, the fantastic feelings as those thoughts made it through my muddled mind. Back to the apartment, and a night of pure bliss. Why oh why hadn’t I seen the light and become the female that was inside me? Oh well, now that I have embraced that female, I am never going to be anything else. A woman, a pageant queen and a wife, it can’t get any better than this.

Further comments were waylaid by her hands on my breasts. Whatever I thought of to do to her were lost in my mind, the proposal and the kissing pretty much had rendered my mind useless. So I forgot about whatever she mentioned last and just settled into my embrace with Cindy laying my head on her shoulders every chance I got.

We kissed, kissed some more, only pausing as the air seemed full of emotions. We did manage to dance a few slow dances, with me hugging Cindy as tight as I could. It felt so good, to be held, to be loved, to feel for once that this is the real me. We stayed at the restaurant until they threw us out a little after two in the morning.

The limo is waiting for us, and we went back to my apartment, correction our apartment. We stayed up the whole night talking about us, the wedding, our work and finally as the sun is rising in the east, we dozed off in each other’s arms on the couch. About ten I managed to pry myself loose, the need for the bathroom, suddenly a top priority.

Ever since Maria had covered up my male equipment, I have had to sit to perform basic functions. It was weird at first, but now almost normal. There is that question mark when I first enter the bathroom when I have to pause to contemplate the correct position to assume, to perform my task.

After finishing, I remembered the previous night, smiling to myself with thoughts of all that had happened. I often looked at the ring on my finger to remind me that this is not a dream. I am going to live the rest of my life as a woman, marry Cindy and become a wife, but still have a professional life to experience.

With that out of the way, I headed to the kitchen to see if the makings for coffee are present, Mom is very thorough what I need is in the cabinets’ right where it should be. I added water and coffee to the pot and turned it on. The coffee is an off brand that I favored, the smell from the coffee maker making me crave a cup right now. I found some fruit in the refrigerator, cutting it up and adding it to the Danish cookies on the counter.

It wasn’t long until Cindy made her way to the kitchen, the coffee smell getting to her as well. We snacked on the fruit and cookies, sipping the coffee as we slowly progressed up to speed for the day. I know for me, it always took me, at least, an hour and two cups of coffee before my mind started functioning.

Since it is the weekend, there was no agenda to accomplish. We decided to shower; together I might add, and then dress casually and just lounge around. Yes, my mode of clothing is still as a female, a nice pair of slacks, and a silk blouse with lace all over it. Cindy had picked it out, saying that she liked me a little on the girly side. After the stress of the pageant, it felt good just to relax for a change. We talked about what we wanted out of life, with Cindy revealing that she had managed to get most of what she wanted from life, as soon as I accepted her proposal. For me, it is a different matter.

Up until a couple of days ago, I hadn’t realized what I might want from life, but the pageant had filled in quite a few of those blanks. I loved being a woman, the feelings, the life, the experiences so good. I am lucky since I can pass without difficulty, being aware of a lot of people that wished they were female, but lacked the attributes that allowed for an easy transition.

Today being Saturday, we would normally not have to work. Cindy had made prior commitments to the company for the other events that were being done to raise funds for the charity. She asked me to come with her, but for some reason I just wanted to be alone, to think, and to savor the memories of the last couple of days. Cindy got dressed, then left, but not before giving me a passionate and romantic kiss. In her words something to remember her with, as she left I was still savoring the kiss.

It might be worth marrying her just to be able to experience those kisses. I checked out the apartment more thoroughly, going from room to room taking in the beauty of it. Mom came over later, wanting to know what I was going to do today. I responded that my goal is to be a female today, to enjoy every moment of it then maybe a little shopping later in the day. She suggested a late lunch then maybe a trip to a couple of her stores, so she could fill me in on what I would be doing for her.

That sounded good to me, and we agreed to meet at her apartment at one o’clock. She hinted that I might want to dress up a little, maybe a nice business suit with corresponding heels. That way we could partake of some better restaurants. I guessed it had more to do with the fact that she wanted to introduce me to my new job, unofficially of course. I spent the next hour picking up things in the apartment, doing the few dishes that we had, and being a lazy female.

It felt so good to be able to enjoy the real me, instead of pretending that I was a male. I dressed for my adventure with Mom, knowing it would be indeed an adventure. I started off with a very ruffled blouse, in pink followed by a burgundy suit with a pencil skirt. I loved the look, but it is short and very tight. I imagined it would cause problems as I tried to maneuver in it, but I liked the look, and I decided to wear it anyway.

My makeup had to be redone since I had only put on a minimal face this morning when I awoke. I made a point to go slow and make it as perfect as possible. My skills are still a little on the weak side, but I managed to make myself look attractive. The hair took a little longer, but I managed to do a respectable job without curlers and time under a dryer. I changed purses, made sure I have everything then headed over to Mom’s apartment.

She was ready for me, grabbed her purse and we headed out. I found out that there is a garage at the end of my apartment that is accessed by another door from the hallway. We stepped into the garage, and there were four spaces, one unoccupied presumably for Cindy’s car and the rest all having BMW’s in the spots. Mom walked over to hers, clicked the remote access and we slid into the seats.

She hit the remote, and the garage door opened, allowing Mom to back out. It turns out the doors opened around the corner from the entrance to the apartments. As we backed out, I noticed the custom plates on the two remaining cars, one with my sister’s name on it and one with Alexis written on it. I took in a sharp breath, looking over at Mom for some clue about the car.

All I received was silence. I finally asked her why one of the cars had my name on the license plate. Nothing, not even a word was spoken. I decided I wasn’t going to get an answer, so I quit asking. We pulled up later to one of my Mom’s stores on the south side of town. It was smaller than her first store, but because of the area it is in, it always did well financially.

We walked in, with the manager coming over to Mom right away. I wandered away looking at the store and how it was set up. Like all of her stores, it had a very feminine décor, well-lit, and tons of merchandise. I looked at the clothes and watched customers as they shopped the store. It is almost an hour later when Mom and the manager, Sheila found me in the lingerie portion of the store. I am introduced to Sheila, and then we went to the manager’s office.

Mom told Sheila that I would be her new supervisor since both she and sis are going to focus on other matters. Sheila seemed to accept this, asking me what things I would do differently to increase sales and make for a more satisfying shopping experience. I contemplated my possible responses, before opening my mouth, making sure that they seemed logical and pertinent.

I suggested that she use the tie in displays to promote things that would go together nicely. For a strapless evening gown, maybe several strapless bras would be appropriate. For most suits, a corresponding match in shoes would be suggesting that that shoe would match the suit to a tee. Then I suggested that the front display area is used for items that are radically different from other retailers.

Instead of trying to push the same items we should promote the items that we have exclusive rights to, thus giving us an edge in the market. My next suggestion is that they use a male mannequin to display lingerie and dresses on. Before I got into why Mom is smiling from ear to ear, Sheila, however, is a little surprised but waited for my explanation as to why. There is a very large market on the internet for female clothes for the male of the species.

Without putting up signs telling them we will sell a dress or lingerie to a male, we just let males and their spouses know that that possibility exists and we have no problem with it. Sheila then smiled, then suggested that we set a display up now since she had an old mannequin in the back of the proper gender. We adjourned to the back room and after a couple of minutes, she retrieved the mannequin.Sheila had one of her associates remove a female model from the display area, and we searched the store for some appropriate attire for our new model. I found an LBD in a feminine style, but not over the top. Sheila found some 4-inch heels to go with the dress, they had an ankle strap with a bow on the vamp. Mom rounded up a matching purse plus stockings that went with the shoes.

We dressed the mannequin in the back, then loaded it on a dolly to move to the display area. The store was nearly empty at the time, so several of the associates came to see what we were doing. The display area is at the front of the store, visible from the street. Since the store is nestled among several nearby restaurants the traffic on the sidewalk is fairly good.

The mannequin face is definitely masculine, the wig, a man’s hairstyle in a fairly short length. I informed the associates that when asked about the dress, just show the customer to the rack where they could find the dress. Do not mention that we are suggesting that a male dress in these clothes but a male in this outfit would look surprisingly good. The dress hung a little loose in the bust area, and the hips were not there, but otherwise the dress looked good. I added to my list of items to start carrying, breast forms, gaffs, padded panties and a wider range of corsets.

I didn’t have to wait long, a couple of ladies entered the store with their eyes glued to the display. They checked out the mannequin, then asked where the dress could be found. An associate took them there then assisted them in finding the right size. They bought the shoes and the necessary unmentionables. The sale is over three hundred dollars when completed.

They were making comments to the associate when paying for the sale, then after she pointed in our direction they walked over to us. She complimented Sheila on the display, telling her it is very eye catching. Her husband dresses on occasion, after seeing our display she decided to get him an outfit for his wardrobe. All of this time the companion is staring at me, apparently trying to place where she had seen me.

Sheila thanked them for their business but nicely pointed out to them that the idea for the display is mine. The companion finally put it all together and asked if I had recently won a womanless beauty pageant. I told her that I am guilty as charged and asked her if her husband worked for the corporation. It turned out that he did, and she had seen me at the pageant.

Because the pageant was in the evening, there was a large number of employees and their spouses in attendance. I guess I am easily recognizable, noting that this lady remembered me. Both ladies complimented me on my appearance, especially my dancing. In fact, they had signed for dancing lessons at the club in town, the one that I had been a part of for years. I guess some good came from my pageant entry. I happily told them that I would see them at the next meeting of the dance club since I am an instructor there.

Since I was still dressed as a female after the pageant, one of the ladies asked if was going to continue dressing. I nodded my head yes, her reply simply that I was apparently a female at heart, and it would be for the best. They loved the suit that I was wearing, complimenting me on my taste in clothes. I told them I am the new supervisor for my Mom’s boutiques, hoping that I would see them and their spouses frequently at the stores.

One lady raised her eyebrow slightly at that statement, and I told them we would welcome their spouses anytime either in male or female mode. They smiled, and I gave them both a hug before their departure. Both ladies turned to my mother and complimented on her daughter’s grace and manners. They left, and Sheila thanked me for showing her new ways to increase sales. I suggested that she remind her associates that however the customer is dressed he or she is a customer first and that we should be proud that they have chosen our store to shop at for clothes.

As we are leaving another lady entered the store and walked up to the male display. Since Sheila is up front, she asked the lady if she could help her find something. The lady calmly asked if she had the dress in a size 10 and a size 18. Sheila led her to the rack and pulled the two dresses from the rack. The lady said that she would take both, and she wanted the underwear and stockings to match.

With regards to the shoes, she needed a size eight and a size 12 if available. Sheila had the size eight but told the lady that she would have to order the size 12. She would, however, have them shipped directly to her postage prepaid. The lady was a regular customer but wasn’t aware that she could get clothes for her husband here too. She told Sheila she would be back more often and asked if they would be expanding their line of female apparel in larger sizes.

We slipped out the door but talked all the way to the car. Mom is ecstatic, a whole new market for clothes suddenly available for her boutiques. She told me that her sister and she would see to it that the new clothes that they are going to make would take into consideration their new client base.

Mom wanted to stop a one other of her stores, and we soon pulled up to the parking lot. We made our way to the store and her assistant manager came out to greet her. A smile appeared on my face when I saw that they had been working setting up the male mannequin in their front display area. The speed of communication between the stores was very fast today, apparently.

One customer looked a little puzzled until they slipped the dress and heels on the mannequin. She smiled but complimented the girls on their actions. Then I heard Mom take a sharp breath and proceeded to hug eagerly another woman that appeared from the back. She asked the lady what name she preferred, but a red face and downcast eyes were all the response she received. The assistant manager seemed to be a little embarrassed about the ladies appearance.

I managed to put two and two together since Mom had mentioned a month or two ago about them hiring a male manager for one of her stores. I was surprised since male managers in ladies boutiques are rare. If my guess is correct, this new lady is the male manager that took the opportunity to slip on ladies clothes for whatever reason. I wasn’t sure if he is trying to support the new idea, or if he is like me and decided to push the envelope.

I walked over, and Mom introduced me as the new supervisor. He had decided to be called Robin in his new persona. A quick glance at the assistant manager showed that there might be some bad karma between the two. I asked both of them to come with me to the office, telling Mom that I would be a few minutes. I am sure she wanted to accompany me, but if I am going to supervise her stores, there was no time like the present to start. I noticed several glances between the two as we headed to the office.

I asked them to take seats, and I assumed the manager’s chair behind the desk. I asked them what is going on between the two and why wasn’t everyone focused on their jobs of selling ladies clothes. Robin started off, telling me that she had got a call from Sheila with the new idea. The manager’s quite often shared ideas, and also the likelihood of a visit from Mom.

He thought it would show support if he donned a dress for a while to see what it is like, maybe helping him connect better with his female customers. Sheila apparently forgot to tell him that the new supervisor is also touring the stores. He apologized profusely for his actions, telling me that it would never happen again. He hinted that his assistant Julie was concerned that his actions would affect sales negatively and had asked him not to put on the dress.

Julie is next and confirmed that Robin was correct, that she felt it was out of line for a manager to dress as a female in the store. She has nothing against Robin that said with a giggle; he is a hard worker and super friendly with all customers. After she is finished, I let them stew for a while rubbing my hands together like I was in thought. I asked them if they liked the idea about the male mannequin, both of them nodding their heads in approval.

Then looking at Julie, I asked what the difference was. She is silent; then the light came on, she got my point. I told her that times are changing, Andre Pejic is a good example. The women’s clothing industry top model is a male. There is a vast market out there in the next few years for companies with some foresight and conviction to make substantial dollars. I suggest that if Robin will appear as a female, tastefully dressed, of course, what better advertisement could we have.

Julie was still in thought, but I suggested that both of them take a few days off, visit a salon that I know of and get some female pampering. I called Francine and asked if she could squeeze a couple of my friends in for a day of pampering at the salon. She asked their names, and what they wanted to have done. With regards to Julie, I suggested the new promotion that the salon was running on increasing their femininity. With Robin, I asked that all the services be explained and whatever services he chose be honored.

Francine had no trouble with that and told me to tell them that they both had appointments tomorrow morning at seven A.M. That surprised Julie, her mentioning that she never got into her salon that quick. After saying goodbye to Francine, I turned to the two of them and asked if it was common knowledge about their relationship. They looked at each other, then down at their feet. I was right, they is more there than meets the eye.

If Julie would accept Robin, I suggested that he go for the complete package, including boobs and vagina. I sensed a yearning in Robin that needed to surface before a love could blossom to its maturity. Julie was shocked a little, but receptive to my ideas. I asked her what she knew about me. She told me that the scuttlebutt among the shops was that a daughter that had strayed away from Mom and Sis had finally returned to the fold and is joining the business.

I smiled, then asked if she had ever met or been introduced to Alex, her son. She remembered at a Christmas party a few years back that she had met Mom’s son, but didn’t think much of it since he was shy and very withdrawn. I smiled, as Robin let out a gasp and quickly covered her mouth. Robin had put the puzzle together and knew who I was. Julie looked at Robin, and then the light came on and she gasped as well.

Sometimes a little push was all that is needed to start the ball rolling, the mannequin a good example since I am sure that any of the stores that had a male mannequin had it on the floor sporting a dress and heels. Maybe Robin would open up and be her true self, and if Julie could see what once was hidden, she might like the new female even more.

I thanked them for their time but told them not to be late for their appointments. We went back out to the shop where things were quite a bit busier than before. The dress that they had put on the mannequin was in the hands of several of their customers, including one male. The associates were courteous and helpful but didn’t call any attention to the fact that the dress is on a male model.

Mom is beaming with pride, at the business, and at Julie and Robin, who had together taken over the service counter and are ringing up the sales and bagging the purchases. She gave me a smirky smile but suggested that we be on our way. In the car, she asked what all I had done, but my only reply is doing my job.

However, I told her that a wedding might be in the future between a couple of her employees and that Robin’s employment file might need to be updated to the right gender. She told me that I am amazing to have accomplished all of that in such a short time, but it only proved that her choice of me being in the business is profoundly right.

We headed to a restaurant that Mom knew nearby, that she used frequently, but I had only been to once. It served European dishes, a little Greek, some French recipes, and some Italian dishes that didn’t have pasta in them. As we are seated, I found out that Mom is more than a frequent visitor since she has her own table near the courtyard garden.

They brought wine to the table and some delicious rolls that tasted superb when covered with the garlic butter that they served with them. We nibbled, then talked, no rush just enjoying life a little. When the waiter showed up to take our order, I told him the rolls are delicious, and he beamed. It turned out that he was the owner of the restaurant. I asked him what is good, and with a suppressed giggle, he said that they are no bad choices here.

I picked the Greek salad with marinated olives while Mom ordered some Italian tomato soup with squash. Our orders are quickly served, and they were scrumptious. Especially Mom’s Italian soup. The chunks of tomato are large and barely cooked keeping their texture intact. The squash was diced and apparently stir fried with lots of spices. The tomatoes and the squash were combined just before serving and were absolutely divine.

Needless to say, I ate more of her soup than I did of my salad. A minute or two lateranother bowl of the soup is delivered to me since my taking over of Mom’s soup is noticed by the owner. As the owner brought us our check an hour later, Mom introduced me to him. His name is Antonio, maybe he is an Italian, he seemed real nice and especially courteous to Mom. I wonder.

He was told that I would be doing her job now as she moved up to other things. I was assured that my table would always be waiting, and he would make sure that some of the soup is cooking on the stove. I had grabbed the bill and am amazed at how reasonable the meal was. I had paid more for lunch for myself than what he is charging us for this meal. Mom gave me a knowing smile and suggested that I give him a fairly good sized tip to compensate.

I paid the bill and left him a twenty dollar tip as we made our way out of the restaurant. We both got hugs at the door as he stated that he finally got to meet the beautiful daughter. I gave Mom a stare since there was a little more involved here that just good food. On the way to the car, I asked if there was any hanky panky going on I needed to know about. Her reply is not yet, but you never know. I glanced at her noticing a bigger than life smile before she gave me a little wink.

As we are heading down the street toward home, she mentioned that she needed to check out one of her competitor’s store, one that she hadn’t checked recently. We pulled into their parking lot and made our way into the store. There is a considerable difference between this store and one of Mom’s. Merchandise was limited, and the items are spread on the rack to make it look like they had more fashions than they actually had.

The selection is not as good as ours, but the brands were popular, and the merchandise is current as far as fashion and trends go. The stores needed painting, and the interior is drab and lifeless. I made my way around the store while Mom went the opposite way. Never once was I approached by an associate, and there is no help at the dressing rooms to monitor the clothes being taken and tried on. I went up to the counter, asking one of the clerks if they were anticipating any new shipments in the near future.

She emphatically told me no, there would be no new shipments. I gave them a puzzled look, and the other associate politely told me that the company is in a financial crisis, and there are no funds available for new fashions. I thanked her for her politeness and headed to the door. Mom is waiting for me, and we made our way to the car. I asked her who owned the store, and she responded a Samantha Collins, she started the business at the same time as her but has had trouble hiring and keeping good employees.

Mom mentioned that she had five stores, three of them in excellent locations, but never has got them to a level that they were serious competition. She asked why I wanted the information; I just smiled asking where I could find Ms. Collins. Mom said she was usually at her first store, a store that she managed and had an office at. I asked her what she knew about Ms. Collins, was she personable, and what skills she possessed.

Mom told me that they went to school together, taking the same classes and graduating with the same degree. She isn’t sure, but she thought that Samantha’s main problem is who she hired, she had heard that she mainly hired friends from school, a practice that does not work well if you also have to manage them.

I asked Mom where the store is at, with her asking if I wanted to be dropped off there. I told her that I would be a while, maybe an hour or more. I found out that the store is not far from the apartment complex and warehouse, she could drop me off, and I can call her when I wanted to be picked up. I agreed, and we headed in that direction.

When we arrived, she reached into her purse and handed me a checkbook, told me that I was an authorized signature on the account and what the balance was as of now. These are discretionary funds, not day to day operating funds. She smiled but told me to be cautious and sure before I made a commitment. I think Mom was thinking the same as me, but I am a little more forward and adventuresome than her.

I hugged her then got out of the car. I made my way into the store and walked around. The merchandise levels are about the same, maybe a little more at this store, supposedly one of her better stores. I looked through the merchandise, even found a dress to try on. As I made my way to the dressing rooms, a woman asked if she could help. She looked about Mom’s age, was friendly and very chatty. I asked to try on the dress and am led to a changing room in the back.

I tried on the dress, walked out to the mirrors to look at how it fitted and then went back to change into my own clothes. I noticed that the stockroom is almost empty, every piece that they had to sell is on the floor. I walked back out front, told the lady I would take the dress, and she led me over to the checkouts. I paid cash for the dress, trying to engage the lady in conversation.

I asked her how business has been; she said good, but it could be better if she had the means to get more merchandise. We talked about the dress that I had bought, the manufacturer, and how the sizing was off from other designer’s clothes. She invited me to her office and when we arrived she offered me a coke or coffee. I asked her if she had a diet coke and she retrieved one for me.

She smiled at me, asking if I liked being a female. I paused, not knowing where this is going. She informed me that her nephew was in the beauty contest with me, in fact, he is Cindy’s contestant. I smiled back, telling her that I liked it so much that I was going to stay one. She asked me how my Mom is doing, and what I had in mind with my visit to her store. Apparently Samantha is very observant and much more intelligent that I had given her credit for.

I decided to be blunt, telling her that I wondered if she might be open to someone wanting to buy her out. She responded that the thought had crossed her mind, but she didn’t want to part with her baby just yet. If I am not too nosy, I asked her how long she thought she could hold out. Without a smile, she told me probably not much longer. At present things are breaking even, but if she sells much more, it will look like she is closing the stores.

I hesitated for a few minutes, then asked her to listen to a proposal that I have in my mind, and see if anything sounds good enough that she might be interested. She nodded her head and sat back in her chair. I told her what I had noticed at the other store; she tensed up when I told her what the one associate had said, but did not respond.

I asked her if we took over the stores for her, maybe closing any unsuitable stores. Then restocked them properly and started advertising again, I would handle the associates making sure they were treating the customers in an appropriate manner, letting ones that did not conform go, and rewarding the ones that are making that extra effort. To all concerned it would be an outright sale of your stores to our company, but you would be kept on as a fashion buyer of any clothes that were not made by my Mom’s company.

Your salary would reflect your present level of pay plus two thousand a month, an additional bonus each year to compensate you for your interest in the business. We will reimburse you for all the pay you have not drawn this year bringing you current for the year. That way you would not have lost out on your investment and hard work for the years you have spent to get the business going. The plus for us is not having to front the purchase price up front for the stores. She said go on, smiling a little. I asked her if she is leasing the stores or if she owned them outright.

She told me she owned two of the stores outright and is leasing the other three. I asked if she had any outstanding debt, but am told that the inventory is paid for, her employee’s salaries are current, but the withholding and tax deposits were one week behind, and there is no money at present for the utilities. She did have some money set aside for her next payroll or whatever came due first. I asked about insurance, and she told me that it is due at the first of the month.

I asked when the last time she took any draw on her salary was. She informed me that she had yet to take one this year. I was quiet for a minute, then asked if anything that had been said is of interest to her. She told me that all of it sounded good, as I noticed a tear or two slide down her cheek. If she had enough help, I suggested an early dinner or snack where we could talk a little more. She agreed, and we headed back to the front of the store.

She made some arrangements with her employee’s, and we are soon headed to a restaurant in the mall a few blocks from her store. As she drove, we talked a little about me, how I got into the pageant and what I liked about being female. No earth shattering facts, just an easy conversation between two friends, yes I thought of her as a friend, a fellow female that is struggling to make ends meet in an unfriendly world. When we arrived, she confided in me that things had progressed further than she would have liked.

She was lost as what to do, the last of her personal savings used to buy merchandise. Unfortunately, it is not enough to make a difference, so she only ended up prolonging the inevitable. I reached over to take her hand, telling her to join us and let’s see what we can do to correct things.

We entered the restaurant and were seated promptly. We ordered some appetizers to nibble on, a quesadilla and some onion rings plus iced teas to drink. We chatted about her stores, which ones that were profitable and ones that never materialized as she had thought. Each of her managers was discussed, she had indeed hired a lot of her school friends, and she admitted that was a big mistake. They listened to her but often manipulated her requests to better suit them. It made for hard feelings and, of course, the loss of sales. They did okay managing people, but the employees never made any extra effort in anything they did.

We discussed keeping her choice of name for the stores, but she had no special attachment to it, so all of her stores would change the name. She liked the fact of being a fashion buyer; that was one of the original reasons for getting into the business in the first place. We had annihilated the appetizers without even realizing we had done so. I paid the bill, and we headed back to her store.

When we got back, I asked her what draw she would have taken if there were funds to do so. She went back to last year’s records and showed me what she had written for her wages. I used her calculator to figure what that would be for this year, added the increase and wrote a check to her. I noticed tears freely rolling down her cheek, so I leaned over and gave her a hug. I scribbled an agreement on a piece of paper and asked her to read it and then sign if she agreed.

It was a simple agreement to take over operation of her stores, bring up inventory levels and manage employees in the future. All sales would be deposited in our accounts; we would pay all bills, employee wages, business expenses, insurance, and federal deposits. She read it over and then signed, letting out a sigh of relief as she did so. I told her that I would need her help in the next few weeks before she assumed her fashion buyer position exclusively, as we made the changes and restocked the stores.

Tomorrow we agreed to tour the stores and inform the employees of the changes, evaluating each store, and making any changes that might be necessary. I suggested that we withhold any decisions on closing any stores till we see if added inventory and enthused associates might turn things around. She expressed doubt about whether I could get some of her associates enthused, but I assured her that is my job now, and I would handle it.

I asked her what she wanted for the two locations that she had purchased. I also offered to lease them from her if she didn’t want to sell them. She thought for a minute, then stunned me when she told me that she didn’t want to sell them or lease them. She smiled then with a giggle, replied that she wanted to trade them for a percentage of our business. I looked disappointed, then managed a small smile. I asked her what percent she had in mind. She thought it over then asked for five percent, I reached out with a pen and paper, then scribbled on it what I could offer.

I had written three percent, she then had the look of disappointment, but quickly smiled and told me that would be fine. I giggled a little, then told her I was going to give her five percent anyway, so now she was a shareholder with eight percent of the yearly bottom line. She squealed loud enough for a couple of her employee’s to come running back to her office. She apologized, then sent them back to work. We exchanged cell phone numbers, then agreed to meet at noon the next day, here at this store.

I called Mom and told her I was ready to be picked up. She paused, waiting for me to tell her what I had done, but I steadfastly remained silent. She told me that I was a bad daughter, apparently learning a little too much from my sister. She giggled and told me she would be there in fifteen minutes. As I disconnected the call I briefly looked at the time, it had been three hours since Mom had dropped me off. Boy time flies when you are having fun.

I waited outside the store for Mom; she was prompt, and I scooched into the seat. I looked over at her and told her that she might want to expand the custom order business again since she now owned five more stores. She corrected me, as she was pointing at me, you now have five more stores to handle. Sis and I have decided to leave the ownership and operation of the retail stores solely in your hands. She giggled a little too much; this apparently delighted her, as she interacted with her new daughter.

Finally, seriousness took over, and she asked what I paid for the stores. I told her the amount that I paid for Suzanne’s back wages, and eight percent of the profit at the end of the year. She smiled, and then said what else. There was nothing else involved; we take over possession of the stores tomorrow. She pulled into the first parking lot she could find, turned in her seat, stared into my eyes, and wanted the truth now. In fact, start at the beginning and do not leave anything out.

I told her what we had discussed and what we had decided on, showed her the piece of paper with the scribbled agreement, and told her that Suzanne and I would be touring the stores tomorrow. She just sat there with her mouth slightly open. Before she could close it, I used my finger to push up on her chin. She started giggling then laughing outright, telling me that she would have castrated me years earlier if she had been aware of my abilities in female mode.

We continued home, and as we pulled into the garage Sis came running out, she wanted to know what I had done, apparently the two of them had been talking while I was wheeling and dealing. We went to Mom’s apartment and settled on the couch. Mom handed me a set of car keys telling me that I would most likely need them now. Before I could ask about the car, Sis wanted to know what I had done. I started to tell her what I had done, but Mom interrupted, telling her that the custom business would need to open at full capacity right from the start and that she needed to start ordering materials tomorrow.

Sis was lost, she didn’t know what I had done yet, and now their plans to open the custom business slowly in stages was changed. Mom summarized it in a few words, your sister has bought five new locations for less than what I pay you a year. Remember when I tried to buy Suzanne out a couple of years ago, well my new daughter has managed to do so at a tenth of what I had offered her. Plus she has her onboard as our new fashion buyer.

Sis just sat there, with her mouth open, and yes Mom and I reached over to push her chin up to close it. All three of us broke out in giggles, then laughing, and then we hugged each other. It couldn’t get much better than this, I thought. We discussed the business, their new custom design segment, and life in general. Then Mom asked when Cindy and I were planning on getting married.

I stuttered a while, then told her that we hadn’t set a date, but I thought Christmas would be nice since that was only two months away. Mom insisted that I choose a wedding dress soon, it would take at least a month to make, and then alterations would be needed and then the final adjustments made. She informed me that Cindy and her Mom had already selected a design, and it was nearing completion.

Cindy and I had discussed having a double bride ceremony, but it was a brief conversation, and we hadn’t decided on anything yet for sure. After meeting Cindy’s mom during the pageant, I had an idea that our two Moms were the driving force in the wedding planning, not Cindy and I. I told Mom straight-faced that I just wanted a simple sheath dress, maybe Ivory in color, and knee length. I received the evil eye, a weapon that she had used many times before in my life, and then was told that I would wear a traditional wedding dress, in white, and with a full skirt.

In case, you think otherwise remember that I can still paddle your butt if needed. I broke into giggles, then stuck my tongue out at her, then ran to my apartment before she could catch me. I could hear her yelling my name as she chased me. I reached my apartment and locked the door behind me, safe for a while, at least, I think so. I really missed this part of our relationship, except for a few years during early childhood, I resisted any display of emotion or love, mainly because I was so miserable in my own life.

Alexis is happy for a change, after so many years it is about time. I sat on my love seat, thinking of all the things that I had missed out on in life, determined that I would take full advantage of any opportunities that came my way in the future. That would start tomorrow with the five stores that I had purchased. I made some notes, things I wanted to find out about, questions that I wanted to ask the employees, and financial figures that I needed to see and look at.

Shortly the phone rang, my love had been thinking of me and decided to call. I had to tell her what I had done today, but she wasn’t surprised about any of it. I was informed that the beauty pageant that had been done to get me to declare myself female had raised over seventy thousand dollars for the charity, a figure that they were thrilled about. Cindy asked what my plans were for the next week, was I going to work at corporate or the dress shops.

I told her that I would work at the company for several days to help everybody make a smooth transition without me, then spend my time at the dress shops. We talked about whether I would keep working at the company; Cindy thought I might like too, but I was anxious to get into the stores and see what I could do. I was like a kid in a toy store, the retail sales, the fashions, and the employees all appealed to me, and I wanted to see what improvements I could make in them.

Samantha’s stores, in particular, had lots of potential, and with her helping me there would be no limit to our progress. Cindy and I agreed to have dinner at my apartment tomorrow tonight, with wedding plans the prime topic of conversation. Then I jotted down a note to get something for dinner, maybe soup and salad with all the trimmings, these two young females do have to watch what they eat to preserve their figures, especially if they have to fit into wedding gowns.

I did go back to Mom’s apartment later to find out about the car. It was paid for, had company insurance, and there was a gas card in the center console, with my birthdate as the pin number. We had kidded a lot when I first told her about the new stores, so I asked her if what I had done was upsetting her. Her only remark was I just wish that you had seen the light years ago. So much time wasted as you wallowed in your own self-inflicted hell. I am extremely proud of my new daughter, and maybe if the powers to be, see their way clear, I hope my daughter will bless me with grandchildren.

I was crying as I left to go back to my apartment, but it was a good cry. The tears finally subsided a little and I got ready for bed. I removed my makeup, did my hair in a sleep braid, found a cute little baby doll nightie to slip on and within minutes of laying my head down on the pillow I was asleep. The next morning after using the bathroom, I set at my vanity trying to remember if I dreamed last night. I had a lot of pleasant emotions wash over me, but none seemed like a dream.

In a way, my new life is a dream, an apartment, a new car, a job that I just adore, and a lover that adores me. What more could a girl want? I managed to get dressed, wearing a suit today, must look professional you know. It was a tan blazer with a pencil skirt that only reached my upper thighs, maybe a little much, but I loved it and since I was now my own boss I made the decision to wear it.

I had decided to go to the corporate offices first, check in with the people that would be training to take over my duties, maybe see if Cindy still loves me, and then after lunch meet Samantha and tour the new stores. When I arrived at the corporate offices, I was acknowledged by almost everyone. I received a greeting, often with a hug, and even a few cheek kisses. I was congratulated on my pageant win, asked where the two dresses came from, and complimented on my dancing.

I am sure there will be quite a few new students at the next dance club meeting, coming up the first of next week. That will keep me and Jennifer quite busy teaching them the steps needed to do the different dances. Where Alex had been lonely and bored, it seems that Alexis’s life is quickly proceeding in the opposite direction.

My office is pretty much as I had left it, lots of memories of Alex, miserable and alone. I checked in with the people that would soon manage my employees, most of them quite capable although overlooked as far as promotions were concerned. Of the six people that would share in what I had done for the company five were female, one a male. The male was the youngest member of the group, maybe twenty-two or twenty-three years old. According to Cindy he was a lot like me, maybe another pageant is in his future, you can never tell.

The females were quite experienced, obviously passed over before because they were female. They were excited about their new responsibilities, so I pointed them in the right direction then stood back. A couple of them wanted to know why I didn’t tell them exactly what to do. I smiled, informing them that was now their job. Check out their information, run it past another colleague if necessary, but if they feel confident in their ideas run with them.

If you goof, learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same mistake twice. You will get the credit if you do well, also the blame, if you goof, but great managers learn as they do, keeping an eye always on improving and utilizing new methods and technologies. One gal, in particular, was way above the rest in her thinking and behavior. Once I had laid out their jobs, she stepped in helping organize their efforts. She knew her own mind, wanting to get things rolling, but also wanted the individuals to confront the tasks as a group, not splintered off in different directions.

I left her to it, vowing to check back with her before I left for the day. My next stop was the office of my beloved, her secretary waving me in as she was talking on the phone. I stood in front of Cindy’s desk waiting for her to see me. She was also on the phone, so I patiently waited. Finally, she looked up, spotted me then made her excuses to whoever she was talking to. I met her half way as we locked each other in a passionate embrace. It had been only a day ago that I had seen her, but it seemed to be an eternity. We heard the door close behind us, her secretary giving us a little privacy.

We checked each other’s tonsils, then exchanged tongues for a while. Cindy wanted to know how my group is doing, I filled her in on my observations, then told her that of the group Patricia is the most experienced, making her a likely choice to fill my shoes. The others had a lot of promise but needed a little battlefield experience to shape their minds. I also told her that Jeremy, the young male might need a pageant in his future to help him face his true reality.

We giggled, but then Cindy got serious, you are going to leave me in the lurch, going off to sell dresses and lingerie aren’t you. I tried to hedge the fence a little telling her that I would be near if she needed me, but she pretended to pout, I finally get you straightened out, and you go off to play dress up.

With my hands around her neck, I whispered to her that I met this real hunk, who swept me off my feet. He is not super macho, but he is able to ring all my bells anytime. I will give you his number so if you need me real quick, you will be able to locate me, I will always be by his side, someone that loves me so much deserving all of me all the time. Kissee, kissee again and then I headed back to my trainees. Angela had made it in, taking some time off to make up for the time she spent on the pageant. She is also watching the trainee’s riding herd on their behavior.

Angela had been offered my job first, but she had declined, never telling anybody her reason for refusing the position. I had an idea but wanted to wait until I had been out with Mom to see just how much I would be doing with the shops. I asked her to accompany me to the conference room since I wanted to ask her a few questions. She followed me in, taking a seat at the head of the table. I sat next to her, reached out for one of her hands, holding it securely in my hand.

I asked her if she missed me, she smiled, it has only been a day since the pageant had ended, but yes she did miss me. My next question was would you come work for me, as my assistant? Her launch from her seat to my neck apparently answered that question. I was being hugged, almost strangled, and kissed on the cheek all at the same time. I suggested with those actions; I presume your answer is yes. I started to mention salary, but she told me it didn’t matter. I asked her if she would accompany me on a tour of stores that I had bought, ending up at Marie’s later tonight.

Her head was nodding, so I called Marie, asking her if she would consider dinner with myself and Angela tonight. We agreed on a time, and I dragged Angela up to Cindy’s office. As we entered the office, Cindy smiled, and then told me that she knew what I was doing, just take her, but if you mistreat her, you will have me to answer to. I think Cindy knew that eventually Angela and I would be back together, the company’s only chance to keep her employed there was if I stayed on in my new corporate position. Cindy also knew that I loved my dresses too much, and now with more stores to play with, I was in a feminine heaven.

We met Samantha at her base store shortly after noon; I asked the few remaining questions I hadn’t asked yesterday. I made sure she hadn’t changed her mind about the deal, she was happy now, feeling that a big weight had been removed from her shoulders. We went over the plan for letting the employees know the changes that were coming, analyzing each store for traffic and product, and deciding what needed to be done to bring the stores up to speed so they could be productive.

After a few nodding of heads in agreement, I started. I placed a sign in the window stating that we would be closed for twenty minutes, locked the door and asked the employees to gather around. Except for one store, all of her employees worked this day and time so we would be able to meet them and tell them of the upcoming changes.

After all had been gathered, I told them that Samantha had sold her stores to me. New merchandise would be here before the end of the week, renovations to the stores would start tomorrow and continue until the stores were up to my standard. There will be some changes though in how we do things. All customers will be greeted as they come into the store, if you are with another customer, you will still greet them and tell them you will be right with them.

All customers will be waited on whether they are male or female, in a courteous way. No talking behind their backs, definitely no attitude, and no refusal to get them what they might want even if we do not stock it. I asked each of them while I was getting their names if I was understood. On the positive side of things for them, I will be evaluating each of them over the next couple of weeks and will be giving raises to associates that practice this policy.

As the merchandise hits the stores, there will be some overtime available as we get the merchandise out on the floor. From now on ideas and suggestions will be entertained, and if we implement any of your suggestions, there be a bonus for it. Everybody still has their jobs at the moment, and will keep them if my original thoughts are practiced.

Now you need to know a little about me. I am a male living my life as a female, I have lots of ideas, am stubborn on the basics, and my other business is your strongest competitor. These shops will excel, and be integrated into my other business. The name change will be handled as soon as we can get proper signage. Samantha Collins will help me in the transition, and then will become the fashion buyer. Angela Williams is my personal friend and will handle all of the financial matters that pertain to the businesses.

Now are there any questions. I had been watching the faces of the employees, my being a male living a female got the biggest reaction. The manager asked what I would prefer to be called, I responded Alexis. He was going to say Alexis what, but I told him just Alexis. One of the other employees asked in a whispered voice if a male wanted to buy a dress, what should they do. I smiled and told her to sell it to him, then ask if he needed shoes or lingerie to go with it. There were several whispers among them, so I decided more information needed to be furnished.

I told them of the male mannequin at one of my other stores and the comments and sales that we had while setting up the display. There were several open mouths, so I reiterated that on this there would be no comprise. If they have the money we will sell it to them, if they want to try it on we will show them to a dressing room. All of this to be done in a courteous manner with a smile on your face.

If you can’t handle this basic request, there is the door. No one moved so I told them that I would presume that was an acknowledgment of my policy. I told them that when we open the doors in a few moments that we start cleaning the store from top to bottom, no area to be left undone. If I am satisfied upon my return, I will see to it that everybody gets additional time on their checks. Now one last time, any more questions?

No response so I unlocked the doors and let in a couple of waiting customers. I took the first one and Samantha the second. We showed them what they asked for, then helped them find accessories to match. Although the selection was limited, they were able to find something that they wanted. We both told our customers that more merchandise would be in before the end of the week and invited them back.

I noticed the manager and a couple of the associates were setting up a display in the front of the store, and lo and behold a male mannequin is brought out and placed in the display. The other associates were rounding up a dress, stocking, and heels to dress the mannequin. I smiled looking over at Samantha. She was standing there with her mouth open, watching the associates set up the display.

The young associate that had asked me the question came by and gently pushed Sam’s mouth close, causing an outburst of laughter. I had mentioned that in the story about the other store. She blushed, then giggled too, the whole group was working together for a change, taking a suggestion and implementing it. Then Angela surprised me by placing a sign near the base of the mannequin stating that custom orders were also available up to size XL at a nominal charge ready within a week.

I filled in the associates about the custom order business and promised them an order form tomorrow to use to get the requested items. This would include accessories and, of course, dresses, skirts, and blouses. I did mention that wedding dresses were also available with a 30-day turnaround on the order.

I took the time to give a hug to every employee, asking them to try it for a week before they condemned it, and I would see them in a couple of days. Several more customers had come in, and the associates approached them immediately. Samantha grabbed me as we left the store, telling me that was the most amazing thing she ever witnessed. Angela told her just to watch; there was a lot more where that come from.

As per her normal behavior, Angela had toured the store making notes of what had to be done to bring the store’s appearance up to snuff. We talked in the car on the trip to the next store, with me telling Samantha that one of her first concerns tomorrow morning was to get merchandise headed our way.

I asked if she was familiar with the labels that Mom carried in her stores. She told me that she was, that she originally used them until cash became a problem and she had to step down a little to maintain an adequate inventory level. I told her to order heavy, letting Angela know the amounts, and she would be sure to get them payment right away. Also notifying them of the new arrangements and adding these stores to our accounts.

We drove to the next store, parked and noticed a lot of activity in the front window. We set in the car for a minute watching the associates setting up a male mannequin in the window. Samantha is certainly surprised at the activity; we hadn’t even talked to them, and they are working together to build a display. Her one-word remark, amazing.

As we entered the store, we were greeted by several sales associates, all of them wanting to know if they could help us. Then they noticed Sam, and they figured out who we were. The manager came up to me, introducing herself, then took me to each associate and introduced them. A couple of other customers came in behind us but are helped before they could get five feet into the store. I was impressed, they got the word and were acting on it before I could tell them what I wanted. As we went from one employee to the next, I introduced myself, learned their names and asked them a little about themselves.

The assistant manager came up to us, we were introduced, and she handed Angela a list of repairs needed for the store. She informed us that an hour a day had been scheduled to clean the store, after closing each day, with every employee including the managers scheduled to participate. The manager who had been listening to her talk asked if there was anything else they could do. I told them no, that were acting on what I had wanted, just keep up the work. We left, returned to the car and drove to the next store.

On the way, Sam was asking how I was able to get them to cooperate so easily. I asked her if she had ever had a talk with her employees like I had at the first store. She sighed, no I didn’t want to offend my friends. I told her she just identified her biggest problem. When people know what is expected of them, and they can see a chance for a reward, either financial or just someone telling them they did a good job, they will usually respond in a positive manner. When they see the results of what they are doing, they become even more energetic in their actions. Then they get a raise or a pat on the back, and they swell up with pride. The pride that they are doing something right and that things are going to get better.

When we arrived at the next store, the last scenario was repeated, new displays, associates cleaning, and customers being waited immediately after entering the store. I watched as a young man approached the counter with a couple of dresses in his hands, the manager running the register asking him if he had found what he was looking for. The customer told her yes, and thanked her for letting him browse without hassle.

The managed surprised me by asking the customer if he would like to check the fit before he left the store. The customer was also surprised, but whispered yes, if he could. She led him to a dressing room, hung the dresses on a hook and asked if he needed help just to ask. She left him there, introduced herself to us, told us she would be right with us and went to look for some shoes.

She returned with several pair of shoes, a belt and a couple of scarves. She knocked on the door and passed the items in mentioning that they went well with the dresses, then returned her attention to us. She informed me that she would introduce all her associates as soon as she finished with her customer. The list of repairs were up by the register, the rest of her associates were in the back cleaning, and her assistant is cleaning the bathroom. Before I could say anything she informed that she had volunteered for that particular job.

While we waited, Samantha was walking around the store shaking her head. The other associate that had been on the floor just finished her customer and approached Sam. There were hugs exchanged, and then the associate apologized to Sam for taking advantage of their friendship. Another hug and the associate returned to help another customer.

The customer that the manager had been helping came out with all the items in his hands told the manager he would take them all, and they walked to the register. I could hear him ask the manager who I later learned that her name was Nancy if there were any TG friendly places in town to get his hair done. The manager looked over at me, I walked over, pulling a card out of my purse, and handing it to him. I told him to ask for Maria, if he didn’t mind could he give me his name I will call ahead and tell Marie that he will be calling.

He asked if there was much of a wait, I picked out my phone and dialed Maria’s number. When she answered, I asked how busy she was. She remarked that someone had been referring customers to her, and she was getting busy. I asked if she could squeeze in a good friend, she said of course. I handed the phone to the young man and told him he was talking to Maria. I heard one side of the conversation, he was asking what she could do, and apparently she had told him to look at me, he did, and then I could see the realization appear on his face as she told him about me.

About ten minutes later he handed the phone back to me asking if I was really a male. I told him yes at the moment, but soon to be a female if things work out. He thanked me profusely, then grabbed me in a hug. He apologized, but I told him he had nothing to apologize for.

The manager led us around the store, introducing us to everybody, then took us back to her office. She told Samantha that she was extremely sorry for not being the kind of employee that she should have been, but recent events have shown her the error of her ways. She looked at me asking if I could give her another chance. I asked her if the way she handled the male customer was genuine or just an act to impress us. She giggled it was genuine, her younger brother is a transsexual, she knows how he feels, but has also abused that relationship, needing to apologize to him tonight after work.

I told her then I think we will keep you, but you need to make sure your associates follow the new guidelines. She smiled I don’t think I will have any trouble doing that, since my meeting an hour ago everybody but one had been quite enthusiastic about their adoption of your policies. I asked about the one; she told me that she no longer worked for us. I asked if it was going to be a problem, she told me her file was thick with minor infractions, so no it would not be a problem.

The trip continued, each store ahead of us, new displays being setup, a list of repairs ready, and excellent customer service. Samantha was shocked, to say the least, her years of fighting to get the business going and associates helping in that totally reversed in less than four hours. As we dropped her off back at her car, I told her the emphasis needs to be on getting merchandise into the stores.

Order enough to fill the stores, get it shipped in by air freight, the sooner it gets here, the better. She brought up about the money needed to handle this size of an order; I told her just to get it here, and I will worry about the amount. I suggested that she start out with a supplier that both she and my mother had used to buy merchandise from, have them call me for authorization to add these stores to our account. By the time you get to the other suppliers, the word should have spread.

I got a big hug from Sam as she left us, with her whispering in my ear that she considered herself lucky, that I had taken the time to talk to her that day. I simply replied that it would work out for both of us. Angela and I talked in the car as we headed over to Marie’s, I asked her to find people to do the repairs and remodeling and get them started as soon as possible. As of tomorrow morning, I wanted her controlling the money flow, from the new stores and Mom’s original boutiques. I received a kiss, not you’re normal female to female kiss, but with passion. I kidded her that I would never wash that cheek again, as she hit me in the shoulder. Remind me not to get into a fight with her, she can hit pretty damn hard.

When we got to Marie’s, she was waiting for us, and we went upstairs. She had cooked, the aromas filling her apartment were almost sinful. It is obvious that she can do more than just style hair. We enjoyed fried chicken with fresh corn on the cob, and then chocolate cake smothered in a homemade pudding with a delicious chocolate sauce over both. I knew that I would have to start exercising some or I would shortly be able to fill in for the Goodyear blimp. As we were sitting in her living room enjoying some coffee, I asked her if she thought any more about expanding her salon franchises. She told me that she had talked with Francine, the owner and had tentative approval for two more salons. I asked her if I could talk to her, I had an idea that would like to run past her. She dialed the number on her cell phone, greeted Francine and then handed the phone to me.

I told her who I was, that my Mom had worked a deal with her for custom dresses, but I had something else in mind. Before I could say anything more, she congratulated me on my pageant win, asking if I was enjoying womanhood. How did she know, but I wanted to stay on subject. I responded that I was indeed enjoying it, but I asked if Marie could extend her franchises more if the right deal came along.

Francine was giggling, I was not sure why, I was trying to be serious, propose my idea and see if others thought it was of any value. Francine finally is able to control herself, asking what I was proposing. I told her that I had twelve locations in the metropolitan area, each in a fairly good area with a good customer base. All of the stores are large enough to house a mini beauty salon, offering some of the services of the larger salon, but more convenient to the local communities.

I could hear Francine talking to someone else explaining to them what I was proposing, but nothing is said about their identities. Francine was quiet as she thought out what her response is going to be. She asked me what type of deal I was proposing. I told her that I would furnish the space, insurance, and payroll for the salons. Marie would be the franchise holder if she couldn’t handle the fees I would lend them to her. She would supervise the salon employee’s and what services are offered at each salon. I interjected that I thought manicures and pedicures would be especially popular in the mini-salons.

Francine giggled a little, then asked what I wanted in the deal. I told her I wanted ten percent of the gross, and for that, I would also throw in free advertising. Her giggles were outright laughter now, I couldn’t see anything funny about it, but I wanted this too bad to let it slip through my fingers because I couldn’t control my mouth. Everyone quieted down, too quiet, but I finally broke the silence asking her if she might be interested.

She hemmed and hawed a bit, then asked if that was the best deal I could come up with. I was surprised at her reluctance to the deal, but I guess she didn’t make it to where she is unless she was all business. I told her that I could maybe lower my percentage a little, but I needed a concession to do so. She giggled again, then asked what the concession was. I told her for lowering my percentage to eight percent I wanted a two percent interest in her company. Well, she was laughing really hard after that statement.

I would sure hate to go up against her in the day to day business. She told me that she needed to think it over for a few minutes, she would call me back in about an hour. She asked for Marie to be put back on the phone, so I handed the phone to her. Marie listened, then repeated that I was there with Angela, from where I used to work. Then all she said was okay.

She hung up, then went ahead with our discussion before the phone call. I asked Marie if what I proposed was alright with her; she just nodded her head. For some reason, Marie was suddenly quiet. I asked her if Francine agreed did she have the money to buy the additional franchises. She told me it would be no problem although there was no enthusiasm in her voice.

I figured I had overstepped Marie’s acceptance of the deal, and then when I looked over at Angela, she had the biggest smile plastered on her face that I had seen in a long time. I didn’t know what to think then. The conversation centered on the repairs for the new shops with Marie mentioning several contractors that did excellent work that she had used in the past. It was about forty minutes later that Marie had a knock on her salon door. Marie left to get the door, and then I heard several people coming up the stairs. As they came into the room, I think I recognized Francine from Marie’s description of her.

Then behind Francine is Mom and sis. I got up and hugged everybody, and then we all sat down in the living room. This is not what I was expecting, although very curious about why Mom and sis are there. I knew of the deal between the Turnabout Gurl Salons and Moms’ custom order business, but I thought that had already been completed.

I patiently waited for someone to fill in the many blank spots in this puzzle. Mom started the conversation off, mentioning that I had been busy, the new shops and now further expansion. She left it flat, not approving or disapproving. Francine intervened asking me to repeat my proposal. I restated the proposal, without any embellishment since I was not sure how to take this interest from my family and Francine. I hoped it was a genuine interest in making a deal, but all of a sudden I am not so sure, that is the case. A lot of my confidence and drive suddenly leaving me. She thought it over for a while; Marie was still talking to Angela about contractors, and Mom and Sis were talking about the increase in production to handle all of the new outlets for the product.

All conversation stopped, silence creeping back into the room. Unfortunately, all eyes were on me, and I noticeably withered a little. Finally, Francine told me that she would take the deal, with one stipulation. I was happy for the deal but somehow very uneasy about the stipulation. I looked her straight in the eyes, but I soon had to turn my face away. The game has been lost; she is obviously more focused than me, able to see through me, exposing my inner soul.

She stood up, walked over to me and grabbed my hand, she pulled a little as I rose out of my chair and led me off and down the stairs to the salon. When we reached the salon, I was invited to sit in one of the chairs and she sat facing me. She stated that she had been informed that I was engaged and soon to married, I confirmed that fact with her. She knew Cindy from previous fundraising efforts for charities. The question of who will be the wife in the marriage is asked; I responded that position would probably be filled by yours truly.

She asked if we were planning on having children, I told her that we have had that discussion, but nothing had been decided yet; Cindy agreeing to carry them, with me the obvious choice for the Mother. She asked when it got to that point what about the businesses, was I going to quit or continue with them. I told her that I saw no reason not to continue with them, Angela and others are quite capable of helping run the shops. I told her that I could easily handle them and children. A nanny might be required to help at times, but I am sure Mom and sis might also be persuaded to assist without a lot of arm-twisting.

I asked her what all of this had to do with the deal. She smiled, then laid it all out. She informed me that my Mom’s statement about early castration was indeed very relevant. Since I have become Alexis, things have changed so much that concerned friends of Alexis wish to ensure I follow the proper path. The way you take on the world to advance the business is wonderful, but a little slowing of the pace is also necessary. You’re Mom and I think you should be immersed a little more in femininity, a non-surgical castration of sorts.

The salon has sponsored research in a lot of areas, where research has delivered to us some devices that allow a more realistic immersion into femininity. If you want this deal, you will have to submit to these devices so that we can be assured that you will use a female approach to matters of business in the future. We have informed Cindy of this decision; she has also signed on to this approach wholeheartedly.

They are not permanent, but will stay intact and viable for a period of two years. There is a side effect of one of the devices, but all concerned feel it best that you find that out on your own when it happens. Now do you want the deal or do you wish to withdraw your proposal. I tried to find out what I had agreed to, but any attempt I made to find out was answered do I want the deal or not. I lowered my head and said I want the deal. Then to my frustration, she told me that after Cindy and I had our discussion about our lives, our marriage, and our future plans, we would meet again.

At this meeting, the details of my agreement would be stated. If I agree to undergo the changes, the partnership and deal will start then and not sooner. There will be a contract, detailed as to what I have to do and also the details of the partnership. I could sign that when the changes have been scheduled. It is a take it or leave it decision, no more negotiating. She thanked me for the chance to get to know me a little better and can’t wait for Cindy and me to firm up our wedding plans. I tried to turn the tables on her a little asking her if she would be one of my bridesmaids. She smiled you won’t be able to keep me away; I just love weddings. Well so much for that maneuver.

Cindy and I are cruising north toward Oak Creek Canyon, our destination on the two-day hiatus from our work and families. Our wedding plans, where we will live and what we desire for a family are topics of discussion on this weekend away. Both of our Moms had their ideas for our wedding and lives, but not necessarily the same as ours.

The dinner that we had a week ago to discuss the wedding and our future raised more questions than it answered. The resulting wish to still talk about the wedding plans had upset both of our Moms; they figured we would end up not going with their wishes. You know a daughter’s mom starts making plans the moment the child is born, part wishful thinking and part wanting them to have something special that they missed out in their life.

As we neared the cabin, a recent acquisition by Francine, the surrounding scenery seemed to be nature’s attempt to create the perfect landscape. A truly magnificent blend of rock and trees, with almost every color imaginable represented in the palette of canyon and sky.

When I mentioned that Cindy and I needed to get away for a day or two to talk over our future Francine told me that we could use her cabin. She had recently purchased it, had it remodeled, but had yet to get to use it. I told her that would be perfect if it is alright with her. Since I am now among the elite beauty queens, she would be proud if I would take advantage of her offer. Both she and Maria are giggling at the time that is said.

I had packed some food, snacks and enough staples to fix several breakfasts and dinners. That way we could avoid traipsing into town to eat our meals. I also hoped the experience of fixing my spouse meals will help prepare me a little for married life.

The A-frame cabin is situated in a side canyon a little ways out of Sedona. It is on a side of the canyon on a little plateau of land about halfway up the canyon wall. It took us twenty minutes to drive the four miles from the turnoff, the road a myriad of switchbacks as it worked its way up the side of the canyon.

We stretched our legs after the three hour trip from Phoenix; we admired the spectacular view of the canyon from the porch of the cabin. Cindy carried our bags indoors while I handled the groceries. The electricity turned on courtesy of a neighbor who lived a little further up the road.

The inside of the cabin is just as impressive as the outside, a loft bedroom overlooking the living area. The kitchen and a bath directly underneath the loft, and a half bath at the rear of the bedroom in the loft. Far from a little cabin, the living room almost twenty-five feet long and as wide as the cabin itself. The furnishings were all new, most with plastic covers to keep them from getting damaged. The Early American décor of the furniture, blending with the rustic look of the cabin.

All along the side of the cabin is a deck on pillars stretching the entire length of the cabin. It faced east offering a spectacular view of the canyon, with built-in furniture for sitting and cooking spaced along its length. The cabin shielded the porch from the afternoon sun, making it an excellent spot for afternoon and evening entertainment.

After I had all the groceries put away, we chose a couple of chairs on the deck to watch the changing colors of the landscape as the sun started setting in the western sky. After an hour gazing at the colors of the sunset on the canyon walls, a little discussion on what we came up her for seemed relevant. I suggested that we take turns stating all of our wishes and desires, and our future goals. A joint decision is made to start at the wedding and then go from there. We had decided to each share our views before any discussion, and Cindy had the honor of going first.

After we had both stated our views, we then would talk about each facet of the plans, with neither of us telling the other no to any part of it. In another words, all decisions would end up being a compromise of our wishes until both of us are happy with the decision.

Cindy is in favor of the two bride ceremony, part as a concession to her mother, and part as she sees us as two females joining in this marriage. Her Mom had found a minister that marries couples seeking something different than the conventional ceremony. Two brides will not be a problem as long as we obtain a marriage license. In this state it is possible for same-sex couples to marry, but since I am technically still a male that is not relevant.

She is aware that I will be a working Mom. The dress shops a terrific opportunity for me, and a welcome addition to our financial security. She loves the apartment that Mom had built and hopes we can raise a family there. She would like at least a couple of kids, someone to spoil, to teach life to and maybe pass a little of our wealth to at a later date.

Her family has some connections in the medical technology fields in Europe that have discovered something that might benefit our particular situation. She would like to withhold that information until I get a chance to talk to Francine, who also has some possibilities. She wants me to be the mother in the marriage, raising the children and caring for them. Of the two of us, she considers me the better tempered and more the caring type of person. Cindy looks at herself as the provider in the relationship, keeping her wife’s and children’s needs handled in a satisfactory manner.

I ended up mulling over what Cindy had said; we do agree on most of the items discussed, but with regards to my true gender, there might be a problem there. She finally asked if I am going to participate in this discussion or just sit out this round.

Thinking about what she has said, I think it might have been better if I had gone first, rather than following her lead. I added my own two cents worth on the topics of discussion. I agreed with her on the two bride ceremony, but wanted a custom set of vows that expressed our relationship more accurately. I wanted our relationship referred to as provider and wife if specific words are necessary. The old man and wife references are outdated and do not fit our relationship. I want to be her wife, to take care of her, to love her, to raise her children and to cherish her for the rest of my life.

Although she had not stated a preference of where we could be married at, I wanted a spot that combined the beauty of our relationship and the beauty of nature at is best. This cabin an exceptional example of those attributes. Here two of nature’s disciples could join with nature in a perfect union where love and caring would make a difference.

The next part might have far-reaching results, maybe even a deal breaker. I want to be rid of my male organs before any marriage occurs. I feel that my whole life has been wasted due to their presence, and the sooner they are removed the sooner that I can embrace my true gender. I want my sperm saved; our children need to be a product of ourselves, not as a result of other factors. I know I have lived as a male all of my life, but now that I have tasted the other side, I want nothing to do with the male sex anymore.

The need for a vagina would not be the determining factor here, though if I had one I am sure that I could find a use for it. That statement mixed with a giggle as it escaped my mouth. Twenty-seven years is enough as a male since the only true happiness I have experienced, occurred in the last few days. The happiness, of me, finally finding out who I am and the knowledge that my nemesis Cindy is actually in love with me made a lot of that suffering worth it. If only you had beat some sense into me shortly after you hired me, things might have turned out different.

Now to children, my love for you is of such a magnitude that I will do all in my power to make you happy. If I go through the standard channels for transgendered individuals, I will have to live as a woman for a year, and secure psychiatric evaluations before the gender reassignment can be performed. That makes that path a less than ideal option if we plan to marry soon.

If you will carry the babies, I will handle the rest, I have read that breastfeeding is possible for a male providing the necessary hormones are supplied in sufficient quantity and allow the breasts to develop before milk is needed. After my SRS there might be some possible expansion of my mammary glands, so we are not far off from our goal. Whether I can get the surgery before our wedding day is the big question. Most likely an alternative behind the scenes method will have to be utilized to get what I need and want.

Since both of our stomachs were growling, we decided on a break for some nourishment before we resumed our discussion. Cindy headed upstairs to unpack and take a shower while I headed to the kitchen to rustle up some food.

I decided on some stuffed hamburgers with all the fixings. In the burgers are ground round, cheese, onions, bell peppers, Worchester Sauce, and Bar BQ sauce. Seasonings included chives, savor salt, and garlic. The burgers are broiled in the oven with the buns being added a minute or two before the meat is finished. Sliced tomato and two different types of lettuce are the final additions. Mayonnaise, spiced mustard, and ranch dressing are available for the buns.

I had warmed some frozen French fries in the oven earlier and kept them warm in a crock pot. After the burgers are taken out, the pot is reinserted for a couple of minutes to assure that the fries are hot. Doing the fries this way they are less greasy, an important consideration for two females that had to fit into wedding dresses soon.

The meal quickly disappeared, since paper plates are used, cleanup is fast. A walk around the surrounding acreage is next, one to see what is available and two, to settle our stomachs. Out the back of the cabin, the land slopes down some to a spring coming right out of the side of the mountain. As we walked around a little, the native squirrels were letting us know of their displeasure in sharing this area with them. I had grabbed a piece of bread as we left the cabin, so when I broke into pieces and threw it next to some trees, the squirrels decided we were not that bad.

As we headed back to the cabin Cindy mentioned that either her connections or Francine’s could probably handle my extraneous organ before the wedding. The rest she agreed to suggesting that we live in the apartment that Mom had built during the week and then have a getaway house or cabin for the weekend, maybe a three day weekend a couple of times a month.

Another hour of discussion and we had agreed on most things pending what Francine could and would do. Then if all else falls through, Cindy will ask her connections to see that I am castrated. The end resolution is a two bride ceremony here or somewhere similar, a honeymoon away from all somewhere in Northern Arizona. We decided on Christmas Eve, around sunset, to us the perfect combination of our love and nature’s beauty for the wedding date. I wanted Maria from the salon, Francine, and Sis to be in my wedding party. Cindy had a brother to be in his. Of course, our Mom’s would be the mother of the brides.

We spent the rest of the weekend walking the woods, enjoying the cool mountain air and doing naughty things in the bedroom. I managed not to poison Cindy, the meals I prepared consumed with gusto. Even though she claimed to like my cooking, I am still not sure how genuine that comment is. Regretfully, we loaded the car, cleaned up our mess and drove back to Phoenix. Arriving a little after midnight, Cindy decided to stay with me in the apartment to make sure that I didn’t get lonely.

I checked with Angela as soon as I was dressed and ready to tackle the world. Two of the stores had contractors there doing our work lists, the other three stores scheduled for later in the week. The first shipments of clothes were scheduled to hit the stores tomorrow, with several more to follow in the next few days. I decided to tour all the stores today, checking in and making sure things were progressing as I wanted.

By lunch, I had visited all but one of Mom’s original stores and three of the new stores. When I talked to Mom about what Cindy and I had decided she was happy, but reminded me that I had to get fitted for my dress. I kidded her, asking how I can get fitted for a dress that I have not yet picked out. Her simple reply is you picked it out; you just don’t remember what it looked like. I agreed to the fitting later this afternoon at the new warehouse where she and sis were setting up the custom order business. I knew what Mom would pick out would be spectacular, but sometimes a girl just needs to exert her prerogative.

Late in the day, I called Francine and told her that Cindy and I had decided on a Christmas Eve wedding, two brides, and yes, we both wanted children. Cindy to be the provider and me the dutiful wife. I am going to continue with the dress shops, but can’t see them expanding much more. I reminded her that I wanted her as a bridesmaid, she needed to get with mom for the fitting of the dress. She asked if Maria is going to do my hair and makeup, I told her that I wouldn’t let anyone else do it. She suggested that I get everything in order, then come see her tomorrow after lunch at Maria’s Salon. Don’t plan on anything else for the next few days, you will be incapacitated. I tried to ask, but am told to behave, and she will see me tomorrow.

The secrecy about what is to be done worries me a little, but I guess I have to trust someone. I doubt that Cindy, Maria, or Francine would do anything to hurt me, but the worry is still there. All during the fitting, I try to pry out of Mom what is planned for me, but she won’t budge.

The dress is gorgeous; there must be a hundred yards of material in the dress alone. I will be sporting a long veil flowing over the enormous skirt. Ten petticoats alone are needed to hold the skirt out, yet the bodice is skin tight over the corset that I will be wearing. I was shown the corset but did not have to put in on today. Mom did, however, warn me not to eat much between now and the wedding, the corset will go on, no excuses. Whether it fits comfortably or takes three hours to get it laced up is up to me.

The corset was heavily boned, although the exterior material is lace, I doubted it would feel light and lacy after it is on me. It had cups for my breasts and stopped slightly above my groin, although there was another piece lying beside the corset, I wonder where that fitted. Laying on the worktable the waist of the corset tapered in severally from the bust and hips. I can’t see it being comfortable at all.

Mom stated that Cindy likes me super girly, so there will be several parts of my outfit that might seem extreme, but being a good wife, I will make the necessary adjustments to please my hubby. I frowned and looked at Mom, what adjustments are we talking about here. The biggest smile came to her face, but not a word escaped her mouth. God this is frustrating, everybody is in on this but me, and no one is talking.

I covered a couple of more stores that afternoon, then decided to swing by Maria’s. I felt that I had stepped on some toes, suggesting things that she might not have wanted to do. I needed to fix that, she is too good a friend to be treated this way. I walked into the salon; she is finishing up a customer, so I find a chair and wait. Looking around the salon, I see that she has made some changes. Some different equipment and a new sectioned off area at the back of the salon. There are lots of crates in the room, apparently, they have not set the room up yet.

Maria finishes the customer and then comes and sits next to me. She asks how the dress shops are going if I have found any more stores to buy. I take that moment to apologize for making the proposal to Francine without asking her first. “I was out of line, like putting the cart before the horses, it always turns out bad.” She smiles but cautiously asks if I have changed my mind about the deal. If getting the deal damages our friendship, then I will pass on the deal. Your friendship means more to me than any deal.

I get a big hug, she loves the deal, and Francine will cover any franchise fees for me on the new mini-salons, but Maria wants me to be sure, real sure that this life of a female is what I want in the future. I look a little puzzled but try to assure her that I am positive. We talk about some of the locations, the managers and how the mini-salon concept might work to be the most efficient. Francine has her feelers out for qualified manicurists, and Maria will start interviewing next week. I asked Maria to be truthful; I presumed her quietness last time was because I had overstepped her wishes. I needed to be sure that is not the case; I want nothing ever to come between us.

She let out a big sigh no that was not the problem. I love you as a BFF, and I just want you happy, just be sure this femaleness is what you want down the road, be very sure. I tried to get more details, but that is all I got out of her. I left around eight and headed back to my apartment.

Before I could drift off to sleep, I received a phone call from Francine. She asks how goes the battle. I told her everything seems to be doing fine. She amended her request of me for tomorrow, be at the salon around eleven and no lunch. She will handle lunch arrangements. In a more serious note, she emphasized that I had not made Maria mad or hurt, Maria is a very loving female and cares for you as her BFF, maybe even as her sister. In fact we all do, you are a special person that deserves the best. I try to get back to the higher percent for the deal, but Francine tells me to wait till tomorrow, I might not be that eager when I am informed of the details of the deal.

I planned to finish the tour tomorrow morning, then eat some lunch, then head to the salon. I didn’t feel that hungry, so I passed on nourishment. I did call Angela, to check in. The first store’s repair list is finished and the second will be done by lunch tomorrow. Sales are up at all the stores, and she heard that the first shipment of clothes made it to one of the stores at ten to five. The manager and employees were so excited that they all stayed to get the merchandise on the floor. The rest of mother’s stores have the male mannequin in place and are astounded at the sales resulting from it.

Two of the new stores have expanded on the idea, showing a male and a female couple dressed similar in female clothes and report sales are brisk. One store complained that they had to change the clothes twice on the display because they sold out of that item. Robin and his assistant had their day at the salon, now all of mother’s stores have female managers, and the couple is quite content in their new relationship. Angela added that Robin is quite attractive, a fact that many complimented on today.

Angela reminded me that I will be out of commission for the next few days, she will keep a light on in the window for me, but all will be fine until I return to the fold. I head over to Marie’s salon, a little apprehensive about what might happen. The proposed deal coming to mind, but I wonder at what cost to me. The things that Francine has hinted at maybe a little more serious and long lasting than what I have experienced so far.

I take it for granted that my image is female now, the image in the mirror every morning only confirming that fact. The breasts are real to me, the lack of a penis never really bothering me. It is like it never existed, the last twenty something years of my masculine life just a blur. I love the clothes, the makeup, but the best part is being me and having a career that excites me to keep it going and grow it into something bigger and better. It is somewhat like a really good game of Monopoly, buy up property, charge rent and build your mini empire.

I arrive at the salon and see that Francine’s car is already here. My nerves are showing as I make my way inside. I notice my hands are a little sweaty, and stop to wipe them on a towel at one of the stations. When she sees that I have arrived, she takes my hand and leads me to Maria’s office. As we pass the new room, I notice that the crates are all unpacked, and the equipment is all set up. In the center of the room is a chair with lots of wires and tubing leading to the machines.

We enter her office, and she asks me to sit down. There is quite a bit of paperwork on Maria’s desk; I presume most of it is having to do with me. Francine wants to make sure that nothing has changed. Do I still want the deal, the mini-salons, and a percentage of the business? I answer yes to all, so she proceeds to tell me my part of the deal.

She explains that my member had been glued back into a position that hid it somewhat from view and then a prosthesis added to give the illusion of a female’s vagina. Since I am now to be an integral part of the business, and since it is an all-female sorority, some changes have to be made to assure that my sex and actions match my behavior. To do this, we have a new procedure that makes a sex change semi-permanent. It is state of the art, and accomplishes the same as SRS surgery, but is still reversible at some later time.

The machine will be adding a skin layer over my own outer skin after my male equipment has been forced up into my body. The skin is not removable till a reasonable amount of time has passed, from our testing that period is approximately two years. The new skin is bonded to the original so that it appears normal. There is a pocket at the bottom of the graft that allows a vagina-like opening so that you can take an object of your choice for enjoyment.

Your breasts will be treated with a chemical that will slowly convert the fat to breast tissue. The only way to remove them after a couple of weeks will be surgery. There are a couple more side effects, but all concerned think that that information should be withheld until after your marriage. Since we will be locking junior up for quite some time, a sizable sperm sample will be taken to keep on hand should you later wish children of your own.

Now to the deal, Francine told me that she will honor my original requests as to percentages that never was a stumbling block. They will not prevent further expansion if I deem it necessary, but there are some restrictions on my part. If either Cindy or I get pregnant no working after the fifth month for either of us. I didn’t know how to take the part of I became pregnant, since that is a physical impossibility. I smirked a little but Francine met my smirk with a big satisfying smile. She continued, Monday thru Friday only at the business, eight hour day, no weekends unless some special event.

Angela and others are actively involved in running the business from the start. If you and Cindy have kids, you pull back from the business ten hours a week for each child, no exceptions. Four kids, you handle the business from home, do you understand the rules.

I sit there not knowing exactly what to say, all of it makes sense, I have an idea there is a little more involved in the skin graft, but asking will probably not get me any more answers.

Francine tells me that a decision is required now. No thinking it over, all of it or none, no picking and choosing, you take the whole deal as is, or you walk away empty handed. In case you are wondering, I have the contracts here already signed by your fiancée, your Mom, your sister, Angela, Suzanne and myself since I will have a say in this partnership. I was literally sweating a little and I think Francine could see it. “Well, I don’t have all day, what is it going to be?”

I swallowed hard, told her that I will take the deal and within fifteen minutes she had me in the room with the machine and partially naked. She did have me sign the contracts and Maria to witness them. Before she grabbed my hand, she offered me one last chance to change my mind, wanting to be sure that I knew what I was letting myself in for.

She made me tell her all of the side effects and results of the treatment. I was made to tell her in my own words the earliest that I could change back, and there was still a couple of side effects possible that were not disclosed at this time. Then she reached into the top drawer and removed a tape from the recorder. Proof of your willingness, I will make sure you get a copy of this tape and of each contract. When and if you have doubts, you were warned and chose this method willingly of your own free will.

I am laid back in the chair and hooked up to the machine. A cylinder is inserted in my vagina near the end of my penis housed within, and a vacuum is started. Then Cindy walked in and asked if she could help. She sported a smile that unnerved me, I am being milked for my sperm and she is standing over me holding my hand. I know there has to be something else involved in this scheme, but I can’t figure it out. About the time a coherent thought entered my mind my first orgasm hit and the pump grabbed all of it and wanted more.

Cindy placed my hand inside her blouse to allow me to play with her tittie as the pump brought me to another shattering release. I tried to tell her that is enough, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She leaned down and whispered in my ear that we needed enough sperm for at least five babies maybe more, now lay back and let me help you relax. She slipped her hand inside my bra and started playing with my breasts and soon load three flowed through the hoses. I pleaded with her that is plenty, but she laid a wet sensual kiss on my lips to stop the protest.

About that time Maria came in to assist, taking each of my arms and legs and placing them in holders at the top and bottom of the chair. The straps were tightened, and she turned up the suction of the machine. I pleaded, but apparently I was deemed too loud and a gag was placed in my mouth, Cindy showed it to me, then told me to be sure that none of the sperm housed in the dildo didn’t get into my vagina, then smiled and asked if I was on birth control pills. At that point it became too much and I fainted.

I am not sure if it is because I am tired or the multiple orgasms that I have endured. Cindy’s last words are also worrisome to me. How would my sperm get into my vagina, then I remembered that the pump is pulling the sperm out of my vagina through the dildo inserted therein. For the next few minutes I am in and out of consciousness as all of this plays through my mind. I am not sure what is real and what is imaginary. When the lights went out again Cindy was still holding my hand. I do remember seeing several people doing something in my groin area, at least I think I remember something.

When I awoke the next time my head is a lot clearer, and the dreaded pump is not attached to my vagina anymore. My head is propped up so that I can see down there and my legs are elevated high in the air with a cushion underneath my butt to be sure it is elevated. I look at the arrangement, but can’t figure out why I am strapped down this way. Since I am still gagged no questions can be asked of anyone.

Cindy is gone and the only familiar face I see is Maria. She come over to the table that I am on and ask how I feel. After she removed my gag, I am able to tell her that there is a dull pain in my groin, but other than that I feel fine. I ask why I am this way nodding my head to my legs and butt. She smiles asking if I have heard of a woman who wants to get pregnant keeping her feet elevated so that the sperm can more easily find their way to the egg. I give her a quizzical look, not understanding what she is saying.

Then it suddenly makes sense. I am this way because they want my sperm to find its way to an egg so that I will be pregnant. As that sinks in I fade into oblivion. Later when normal services resume I look around for someone to ask the fifty million questions I have. Francine walks in with a lady doctor who I am introduced to. Her name is Jennifer and she has developed the process that allows males to conceive and have children. She checks me over carefully, nods to Francine and leaves the room. Francine sits down by the side of the table and holds my hand. We have tricked you in a way, this is a side effect of the procedure that we kept from you.

Jennifer had made an insertion into you groin and tapped a blood vessel to feed and nourish you uterus that has been surgically glued to the front of your body. The piece of skin holding the uterus is grown in a lab with stem cells removed from your body earlier. Your body will not reject the uterus, and as time goes on and your baby develops, the uterus will also grow feeding the baby nourishment to keep it healthy. Most likely after another day your sperm will find the egg if they haven’t already done so and you will be pregnant. Cindy’s eggs were put into the uterus before it was attached, you might have more than one baby, but so far that has not happened.

Before you bounce off the wall we warned you, you need to have something to keep you grounded and kids will do that. Since you are such a caring and supportive person you were elected. It was a unanimous vote by the way, with only one vote missing. Since your vote doesn’t count anyway you will soon be a mother. You can still do your dresses and play with the stores, but you will have someone depending on you for love and caring, that someone your baby. Everybody is ecstatic about your pregnancy, your Mom can’t wait, and of course your wife is so proud of you.

I got to do the duties today because everybody is busy with things, Cindy is in Europe with a corporate meeting, and your Mom and sister are trying to get the custom order business going since they are now three hundred dresses behind and the orders are pouring in. You see whatever you touch seems to take off including your desire to have children. Maria will stay with you, you have to stay bottoms up until tomorrow so that we are sure the sperm are able to find their way to your eggs.

Welcome to motherhood and to your extended family. Now that you have signed on the dotted line you have more aunts and mother-in-law’s then you can shake a stick at. I think when you mind catches up with what has been done you will see that we have your best interest at heart even if we played dirty. I will check on you later, Maria is just in the next room and your love will be back in the morning about breakfast time.

Alexis’s life now seems complete, wife, business woman, mother, pretty good for a pageant queen.

Story Complete For Now

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