Lesley; A Conspiracy Of The Highest Order

As soon as I entered my office, my secretary told me that the owner of the company wanted to see me as soon as possible. While not an everyday occurrence it does happen a few times a month. I gathered a few things that I might get questioned on and made my way to her office. Her office was located in an adjacent building, part of her holdings, but separate from the company that I was COO of. I have been in that position for three years now, just now getting a handle on some of the things I inherited.

Since her door was open I walked in and was getting ready to sit in the chair in front of her desk. She told me to remain standing, she had something she needed to read to me. I stood there, slightly alarmed, this is not like her.

Ms. Parker

As per your request we have investigated the funds that have been tampered with and come to these findings. The funds have been moved offshore to a foreign bank account, kept there for three months gaining interest, then redeposited in the company accounts minus the accrued interest. The funds were re-deposited before the end of the quarter so they showed up on the quarterly profit and loss sheets. The lack of interest for the company has been hid somewhat by the losses the company has suffered over the years. Now becoming a little more apparent since the losses have been almost eliminated.

The offshore account is under the name of L. Walker, the statements we managed to obtain copies of show the deposits and withdrawals that correspond with the dates of the missing companies funds. There is a connection to the name of the account holder and the one who monitors those funds in our company. I leave the resolution of this situation in you hands.

M. Benson Head of Safe and Secure Security

No matter what she said I sat down hard in the chair. L Walker is me, and I missed catching this myself. I had no offshore accounts, and if I did I would not move any funds there to gain interest in the position I am in. That would be utterly stupid. Susie smiled at me as she saw my mind working through this revelation.

“So unless you can replace all of the interest that you have siphoned off, I suggest that you work for free until the funds have been replaced. Or we can go the other route and I can call the police and have you arrested for embezzlement. Your choice. If you choose to work it off I can’t have you in your present position, that would be kind of stupid on my part. So we will have to find somewhere else for you. It will probably have to be under a new identity unless you want to explain to the employees why you are no longer COO and dressing differently.”

“So you think I am guilty of this, it seems so from what you have said? I would never do anything like this, I can’t believe you don’t believe me.”

“I am just stating the obvious, the account is in your name, there is considerable funds in it, and the last quarters money from the company was traced directly from that account as it was re-deposited in the company account. From what we have found out your name is the only name on the account, the signature on that account is yours or a very good facsimile thereof. What else would I think?”

“Now do you have the funds to reimburse the company for the lost interest? If the account is yours all you have to do is transfer the interest out and back to the company. If for some obscure reason you can’t access that account then you need to write the company a check for the lost interest or work it off here as we discussed earlier. I do need a decision from you, as I have to make this good one way or another. We have a shareholder’s meeting coming up next week and I need everything to appear normal for that meeting.”

I looked at the summary sheet she had laid before me, the lost interest was listed at $185,000.89. There was no way I had that kind of money. I tried to get her to see reason, but she just pointed to the facts laid before me and said nothing. I guess it was down to who was bluffing, would she indeed call the police and have me arrested. I knew she was shrewd, but I doubted she was vindictive. But there was enough of a doubt for me not to take a chance. I swallowed hard, told her I would work it off till this got straightened out, but I was not guilty of any of this and had no access to any offshore account.

Then I got the next shock, I would be working in a secretary position in my own office, my current assistant being promoted to my present position temporarily. Suzie told me she had contacted my wife and filled her in on my escapade and told her of my new position within the company. She would handle my transformation to the female gender, and see that I am appropriately dressed for work on Monday. I was assured after my treatments I would not be recognized as my former male persona. Not even your assistant would realize you are Les disguised as a female.

Another shock soon followed as she told me I would be getting four hundred fifty dollars a week before deductions, she had boosted my pay from the rate normally given a starting secretary. I didn’t even want to think of how long it would take to pay the interest back, this situation only getting worse by the minute. When things are not going your way, there is always hope that some miracle will occur to save you, but any good karma was non-existent since in walked my wife. I was taken a hold of and dragged out of her office, my attempt to say something, stopped immediately. The slap across my face brought me to tears, it was not that hard, but mentally it was devastating. Dawn didn’t believe me, already had me convicted and was passing out sentence.

I was taken to my old office and told to remove any personal items. My assistant was in the next room and most likely aware of what was happening. No words were exchanged and as soon as I had my few things we left. Since my car was a company car the keys were left on my desk and Dawn led me to her car.

She drove off, heading away from our home. I gave her a puzzling look, but her scowl directed at me ended that quickly. We parked near a salon and she turned in her seat to address me. You will enter on your own accord, ask for Kay and she will see to your transformation. After you are in the right gender for your job as a secretary, a wardrobe will be picked out for you, approximately two weeks worth. They will then call me and I will come and pick you up. Suzie has graciously picked up the expenses here today, a fact that you need to thank her for come Monday.

I need your wallet and keys to the house, neither of which you will need in the future. I will be taking you to work and picking you up afterward for the duration. You will have twice a week appointments here at the salon to keep your appearance appropriate, other than the salon, work is the only other place you will be out in public. The rest of the time will be spent at home, where you will assist me in taking care of the house and making meals. I removed my keys and wallet and handed them to her and opened my car door.

Now get in there, or I will drag you in there by the ear. I still can’t believe you tried something like this. I am very disappointed in you, you are not the person I married and fell in love with. I can’t believe you don’t just transfer the interest money back to the company, surely that would be preferable to working it off. Do you have any idea how long it will take you to pay it back at the salary you will be making, then to have to pay for your new clothes and salon appointments on top of everything else? I do wonder about your intelligence, this is one of the dumbest things you have done.

I was so confused but got out of the car and walked into the salon. I don’t think I could be any more depressed than I was, my whole world coming apart right in front of me. The receptionist had to ask me three times my name, finally I muttered Les, as she found the name Lesley and my technician was Kay. I was taken to the back, undressed and my male clothes left with her. I just stood there, not knowing what to think or what to do. Kay soon entered and explained what she will be doing on my behalf. I thought of refusing all of the things she talked about, but for some reason that thought never saw the light of day. The fact that I was naked in a beauty salon, with no way home, or any funds to change any of this did enter my mind, if only briefly.

I gave out a huge sigh, but succumbed to my apparent fate. Quickly with an application of a cream over my body what little body hair I had was now gone. It is apparently permanent, I will never have to worry about body hair again. That revelation not exactly what I wanted to hear. After the body hair was wiped off, a soothing cream was rubbed all over my skin, making it softer and smelling like a field of fragrant flowers.

Then right to the crux of the situation, my lack of breasts and a vagina. Laid on a table and strapped down my legs were spread wide apart and my penis was glued to the bottom of my groin. Then a very realistic vagina just like my wife’s was glued on top hiding any semblance of a male body laying there. Just like that I was no longer a male, that single action devastating my thoughts.

Two good sized plastic cups were glued to my chest directly above my nipples, then hoses were attached and a pump turned on sucking some loose tissue into the cups. A fatty substance was added to each cup and quickly absorbed into the skin. I just laid back, closing my eyes hoping all of this was somehow just a bad dream.

I felt my fingernails being worked on, but refused to open my eyes. Whatever I saw would just add to the worst day of my life. I doubt I could handle much more. I just laid there letting her work on me, oblivious to what exactly she was doing to me. I know my eyebrows, ears and my face were some of her targets, but I realized I would be leaving the salon as a female, probably a fairly good looking one by the amount of time she was spending on me. Under a dryer for quite a while my hair probably in curlers since it felt like my hair was wrapped tightly around something. My face getting makeup was her next step, I could feel each cosmetic as it was applied, knowing that a little more of my masculinity was slipping away one bit at a time. That is if there was any left to slip away.

I smelled like a female, I could taste my lipstick on my lips and feel the curls bouncing around my face and shoulders. The earrings that were swaying against my neck and the necklace laying against my chest were now quite evident to my senses.

After way too many hours of relentless pumping the machine shut down and the hoses were unhooked from the cups. As she was unhooking me I could feel her hand brush against my new breast sending shock waves all through my body. Oh gawd how am I going to be able to handle all of this. I was stood up and then handed some lingerie to put on. Panties first and a matching bra which she had to help me put on. They felt good on my body, the panties caressing my now flat front and the cups of the bra supporting my now sizable breasts. A sweater dress was slid over my body, something simple for my first female clothing.

Before I could take this all in Dawn was standing before me. I was ashamed at her seeing me this way, my head drooped with my arms behind me. Her husband now more feminine than her. She put a finger under my chin and lifted till I was looking in her eyes. Then leaned in and kissed me, holding my head in her hands so that I couldn’t evade the kiss. Then just as quickly as I was kissed I was removed from the salon, to their clothing store next door. I didn’t want to be seen as a female so I had the brakes on trying to keep from it happening. Dawn had other ideas, and what she wanted was what she got.

She picked my clothes for the next few weeks, while I had to try them all on for proper fit. I noticed she was picking only skirts and dresses, all in quite feminine colors and fabrics. I guess her way of punishing me for my supposed actions.

I was still trying to get my head around being accused of this crime, but nothing made sense. I supposedly had an offshore account in my name but I couldn’t access the funds in it. Then being forced to pay back the lost interest, either out of my funds or to work it off at some ridiculous secretary’s salary. Nobody was interested in my explanation, only in my agreement to work as a secretary to pay back the interest. Unfortunately my mind never did make any other conclusions as the mini-skirt was slipped up my legs and zipped up. I immediately tried to pull it down some to cover some of the vast areas of my legs that were left exposed. The blouse that was slipped on was just about as bad, a see through lace material that only muted the outline of my bra and breasts.

I looked at her with panic in my eyes, surely you don’t expect me to go to work dressed like this. A huge smile appeared on her face and she added two more mini-skirts and lacy blouses to my pile of clothing. My original sweater dress also made it to my stash of clothing along with two others in a similar style.

Panties, bras, slips and silk hose were added to the pile before I was helped in finding the appropriate shoes for my outfits. Thirteen pair of heels in assorted colors were added to the collection of clothing. I winced at the number of shoes, thirteen never a lucky number for me, but realized it fit nicely into the worst day of my life.

With a rack full of feminine clothes picked out, Dawn seemed happy with the choices and we checked out. Then on top of everything else she paid for my clothes with my credit card. I was taken home and made to pack up all of male clothes in boxes to be given away on Monday. Then I had to hang all of my new clothes in the closet, after putting all of my lingerie in the nearly empty dresser. I tried several times to reason with her, her raising of her hand as if to slap me instantly made me shut my mouth.

She had me vacuum the living room as she fixed us some dinner, I let out a moan as I was allowed to sit for the first time in hours at the kitchen table. My feet from wearing the heels were so happy, Dawn did giggle at my antics, but that was the only break in her stern exterior.

We ate in silence, with me not knowing what to say and Dawn absorbed in her own thinking. I had to do the dishes and clean the kitchen since Dawn did the cooking. I was shown how to do laundry for the future, having to change the clothes to the dryer and fold and put them away after they dried. All of the clothing was Dawn’s lingerie by the way. I realized as I was folding them to put in her drawer that I will be doing mine soon too. I was shown my nighttime beauty regime, something to be done every night no excuses allowed. I was given a nightie to wear, now completing my switch over to the female gender.

One day a COO and the next a company secretary and housewife, what a trip it has been. She laid next to me on the bed, pulling me tight against her, but that was the extent of any intimacy. I had to get up several times to go to the bathroom, having to wake her and beg to be let go. Once done and back in bed I was engulfed in her arms again even tighter and held close to her body. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much, realizing that I was severally frustrated, and unlikely to see an end to the frustration anytime soon.

I managed to slip out of her arms the next morning and take a shower. Once my nightie was off I was harshly reminded of my new status in life. I washed everywhere but tried to not touch my nipples and my vagina. It just seemed wrong to have them on my body, my breasts jutting out obscenely and a slit where there was once a penis. It did not escape my thinking that I will now be sought after, now possessing what most males eagerly seek. After I exited the shower I stood with the towel wrapped around my breasts and cried. Why me, I had no desire to deal with the male of the species, trying to do my job and protect myself from their advances.

Dawn swatting my butt hard stopped my introspection, telling me to hurry and get dressed so she could get me to work. She had to help me with the bra and then show me how to get stockings up my leg without putting runs in them. Then the high heels followed by a mini-skirt and blouse combination with a matching blazer to finish off the outfit. The blouse white, the skirt and blazer a shade of pink. She told me to leave the hair and makeup, she was dropping me off at the salon and they would see to those items. You need to pay attention they will do this three times then it will be your task everyday after that. From the salon you can take the bus, a fifteen minute ride to work.

It seems to get worse every minute, now having to ride the bus dressed this way. Before I could start crying I was yanked out of the house and into her car. At the door to the house she asked where my purse was, with me having to go back to the bedroom to gather it up. I opened it in the car, finding a lipstick, some tissues and something thicker wrapped in paper. There was a small change purse with some coin in it for the bus trip and a five dollar bill for lunch. I was told she would pick me up promptly at five fifteen, if I was not there I could figure how to get home by myself.

In the heels it was all I could do to walk to the car, then later stumble into the salon. I felt like I was on stilts, the skirt not helping any as I felt I was nearly naked below my waist. I was taken right away, in less than fifteen minutes my makeup was done and my hair brushed back into the style they had created yesterday. I barely made the bus, the driver seeing me running after it and stopped. I dropped my fare in the receptacle and found a seat near the front.

The bus ride was short thankfully, then I had to walk the remaining two blocks to work. I entered the business then headed to my former office. The desk out front had a Lesley name plate on it, making it official. I let out a sigh, then set down behind the desk putting my purse in a drawer and signing on to the computer. I read the new company emails, the one about my departure and my assistant now a temporary replacement the hardest to digest. Ms. Parker came by to make sure I showed up, handing me a few things to do and then telling me that Jason my boss would not be in for a few days, while he attended a company training session out of town. If I had any problem I was to call her and she would see that I received the necessary help.

I started on my work, trying to keep busy and not think of the situation I was now faced with. I knew if I had time to think of everything that had happened I would ended up breaking down in uncontrollable sobbing. The work was easy, a lot of the things I had done before I was promoted, just taking a few moments to remember how I had done it in the past. I did notice a few emails for Jason that raised some questions, making a copy of them and sliding them into one of the drawers of my desk for later perusal.

I did make it to lunch time, deciding on not going out to lunch just visiting the break room getting a soft drink and some peanuts to munch on. I did visit the ladies room, a now twenty minute task that I used to handle in a few minutes. Getting the few clothes I had out of the way so I could go was the first hurdle, then sitting to pee and the subsequent wiping needed to be able to put my clothes back the way they were the second. Thinking of having to do this for the foreseeable future was so depressing.

I returned to my desk and started on the afternoon tasks with a huge sigh. At three thirty those were completed and I had a few moments for myself. I researched a few things on the internet, things that had seemed suspicious on the few emails I had made copies of. They didn’t answer any of my queries but did hint of other nefarious things that shouldn’t have been present in any inter office communication.

A last minute request of one of the executives delayed any more research for a while. I was finished with it a few minutes before five and suddenly remembered that I had to be outside and waiting for Dawn or I would be left here on my own. I barely made it, having to run in my heels as Dawn started to pull away from the curb. She did stop, that evil smile on her face once again. I was panting from the physical exertion, it taking more that several minutes to get my breathing under control.

Once home I was tasked with getting dinner fixed, I wanted to change out of my work clothes, but Dawn just handed me an apron and pointed to the kitchen. I checked the refrigerator looking for what I could put together for dinner. There was hamburger meat, so I decided on meatloaf for dinner. I made us each a salad, mixing in a variety of fresh vegetables into said salad. I cleaned up the kitchen some while the meatloaf was cooking, trying to make cleaning up after dinner easier for me. I even washed the few dishes from breakfast and our morning coffee cups.

Dawn seemed to like my impromptu meal taking several helpings of my offerings. I smiled if she keeps this up I will have a more feminine figure than her. I meanwhile only picked and nibbled, the salad was tasty but decided on only one piece of meatloaf. It was like my body was already adapting to its new configuration.

Since I finished a little earlier, I found a soft spot on the living room sofa and parked my touche there. I was tempted to slip off my heels, but was afraid that would not sit well with Dawn, so I forced myself to be content with just being off my feet. I closed my eyes thinking of the last two days and all the things I have experienced. From the shock of being accused of stealing money from the company to all of the new additions to my body and the subsequent feelings that went along with them. For better or worse I decided that my situation was not that bad, if I could just figure out why it was me that was singled out to experience the fall out from my supposed actions.

Dawn came in later, set next to me and started getting romantic with me. I reminded her that I no longer had use of my male organ, so sex of any kind was definitely not on the menu. Her smile got larger, as she reached through the front of my blouse and massaged my breasts, specifically my nipples. It didn’t take long before I was moaning and trying to twist out of her embrace. Then in a sudden move she pinned me to the back of the sofa and kissed me passionately on the lips. I don’t remember a kiss like that between us in the past, when she squeezed my nipple again as her tongue probed my mouth I lost it, coming just from stimulation of my new breasts. She smiled and pulled me from the sofa, leading me to our bedroom. I followed along not knowing what was going on. It was all wonderful and so erotic and not really possible. At least, that was what my mind was trying to convince itself of.

I ended up taking a shower a little after two A.M. then collapsing on the bed. The only reason I managed to get to sleep was that Dawn was taking her shower. I felt her slide in next to me, and pulling me tightly into her arms. After that I remembered nothing.

The next morning was ridiculous as we both had to get dressed and ready to leave in less than twenty minutes. If it was not for the salon appointment I would have been very late for work. Ms. Parker checked in on me again, then handed me a list of things I needed to perform for her today. It was quite a list. Everything from getting her lunch to typing up several reports for the shareholder’s meeting. I did finish right before five, then had to rush to get to the lobby for my ride. This time Dawn was waiting for me, even though it was nearing five thirty when I left the lobby. The smirk was there though, I wondered what she really thought of my supposed actions, maybe she is just using things to get her way.

I managed a repeat of yesterday for dinner as their was some meat loaf left, with some beef gravy and fried onions a tasty meal, at least Dawn thought so as she took three helpings. After we had finished our meals I decided to ask her what this was all about. There are too many assumptions that do not make any sense, and my fate seemed planned way too well for something spur of the moment. I laid out all of my suspicions, then stared at her. Her eyes looked down, not wanting to keep eye contact with me. Now I knew there is more to this than just what has happened so far. I kept up the relentless stare trying to bore holes in her, as she wiggled and squirmed next to me.

She finally whispered that she could not tell me anything now, I will have to wait for awhile. I started to ask why, but she just placed her finger on my lips and smiled. I tried three times to phrase the question differently trying to get any response from her. Each time I was shushed before I got all of my words out and told to be patient with her. All in good time was her final reply to my puzzled face.

To take my mind off of things she leaned and gave me another toe curling kiss, I could feel my thoughts melt away, bliss and yearning for more now the only activity up above. From kissing to the bedroom again, this time it was early morning before I could gather any coherent thoughts, only to be pushed out of bed having to get ready for work. I managed to avoid the salon this morning, my efforts to style my hair and do my makeup passed inspection. I can’t say I missed the bus ride, dressed as I was left me very uncomfortable among the other bus riders, especially the males. I felt like I was being ogled constantly, something I was not used to and hopefully I would never be comfortable with.

Dawn dropped me off in front of our offices and I made my way to my office. Put up my purse after repairing my makeup and signed in to the computer. Checked all of the emails for the office including ones for Jason making copies of each and filed the duplicates. Keeping a copy of all of his emails seemed the right thing to do after the two suspicious emails the first day. Each day after catching up on my work I researched a little more about his contacts and activities. There was just something that didn’t feel right about all of this. Suzy kept me busy, things she needed or some correspondence for one of the other executives. Luckily for me I didn’t have to interact with the other executives, all of that done through Suzy.

I had made some progress in my investigation of things associated with Jason, but still no absolute proof of his involvement in all of this. Unfortunately, he will be back next week and I will have to deal with him too along with my other duties. Another of the suspicious emails arrived the next day, now I was sure he has something to do with me being framed for the embezzlement. Proof still eluded me, but I was not going to let up on this.

One day at lunch I decided to skip getting something to eat and spend the time going through Jason’s desk and filing cabinet. If asked I will just say that I needed some figures, supposedly here in his desk. I did find a slip of paper tucked inside of an envelope at the back of a drawer, behind a lot of correspondence. Since I had been going through his desk piece by piece I stumbled on it. Anybody else looking through would just see an empty envelope. I made a copy of the things written on it, then replaced everything just as I had found it.

If it was the information on the offshore account and the passwords necessary to access it, Jason is a lot dumber than I thought. Even hid like it was to keep it at work and in his desk shows quite a lack of intelligence. I was definitely smiling later that day when Dawn showed up to pick me up.

I kept quiet, not revealing anything that I had found. Dawn’s fascination with me continued after dinner, my nipples sore and swollen from her playing with them. I am sure the lack of sleep is not helping matters any, quite often I would almost nod off at work, while I am sitting at my desk.

The next day I followed through on my information transferring all of the money in his offshore account to a new one set up specifically for that purpose. Since he will be back tomorrow, his reaction should be interesting. I had a spring to my step as I headed out of the office for my ride home. Even grabbed a hold of Dawn in the car and laid a wet passionate kiss on her lips. Maybe my ordeal will soon be over, then I can return to the male me. On the ride home that thought was being mulled over by my mind, the way my breasts were created leaving a considerable amount of doubt as to if that was even possible. Then there was the notion did I want to revert to my male persona, Lesley quire comfortable in her new gender, maybe staying a female might be better.

I pushed Dawn to take me in early, wanting to be there to see Jason’s reaction. When he first came in I was scrutinized carefully, a smirk showing on his face at my appearance and position as his secretary. He went to his office closing his door as he entered. I heard a gasp and he left the office in a hurry, his face twisted in anger. I had no idea where he went, he was in such a hurry and obviously in quite a bit of distress.

I put the next part of my plan into action sending an email to him telling him the funds have been returned to the company, and his involvement made known to the authorities. To keep from being arrested it was suggested that he confess his involvement asking for some forgiveness, telling everybody he was just testing security measures with regards to the funds.

There happened to be a police officer in the building on another matter, so when Jason reappeared he panicked and headed to his office almost in a run. He accessed his emails again, sending off two right away. I had set up his email to send me a copy on anything he sent. I looked at the emails smiling, he was about to have a meltdown, questioning the bank of his offshore account about their procedures and where the funds disappeared to. They responded a few minutes later telling him the funds were transferred back to the states to an unnamed account. The person doing this had the account number and all of the correct passwords, so they put through the transfer.

He holed up in his office for quite some time, apparently deciding whether he should run or confess. A quite submissive Jason left his office telling me he was going to see the CEO. I patiently waited for the shit to hit the fan, he might confess but the money was still missing. A little later I saw him being taken to the police station for more questioning, a bigger smile could not have graced my face.

It was after quitting time, but I hung around, waiting to be summoned by Ms. Parker. I had moved the funds back into the original account, making sure every last penny had been accounted for. Dawn came in to the offices when I was not outside for my ride, checked on me then wandered off. I think she got a text from Ms. Parker since her phone made that noise when an incoming message arrived. Now things are getting interesting.

I patiently waited, it was thirty minutes later when Ms. Parker and Dawn approached my desk. I smiled and asked what I could do for them. My smile gave it away, I presume, both of them wanting to know if I had anything to do with Jason confessing. Another smile and a giggle, who me. Dawn promising to see to me as soon as she could get me home, Ms. Parker wanting to know where the money was. I calmly asked her if she had checked the account it was missing from. She went to my computer typed in the account number and password and lo and behold the money was there, every last penny of it. I gathered up my purse and asked Dawn if she was going to take me home.

The two ladies hugged each other, then Dawn grabbed my wrist and yanked me out of my office, now apparently in a hurry to get me home and seen to. I smiled, a whole night of being loved and cared for, what more could a female want out of life. I planned to not come into work tomorrow, after I rested up I deserved some salon time, made to look beautiful and pampered my first priority. Then to decide if I will come back to work as Les in my old job or stay as a secretary, right now the secretary position was looking quite good. Less stress, and lots of time to keep my lipstick freshened and my nails touched up. Since the conspiracy has been cleared up I doubt I would have much to do. Then home to a loving spouse, it can’t get much better. A perfect scenario in my opinion.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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