Jessica; Life With Boobies

I was counting my tips that night, my station cleared and all my tables spotless and set up for tomorrow’s business. We had been extremely busy the last few weeks, waiting on our last customers well after the normal closing time. Tonight was no different; we had managed to get the last customer out the door at eleven-thirty, a full two hours after our regular closing time. The last hour, we also cleaned up and got ready for tomorrow’s business. I always stayed and helped the girls clean their stations as well as mine, just what I normally do every night that I work.

My name is Jess Patterson, a twenty-five year old male who stumbled into this job over five years ago. Janelle, the owner, had started the business on a shoestring, back when that was actually possible to do so. I was one of her first employees, waiting tables for her and cleaning up after the restaurant closed. She was able to find a cook who is fabulous creating dishes that are imaginative, flavorful and colorful. The word quickly spread, we had started to build a reputation, and soon, we had new customers to go with it.

She hired more wait staff, and the business slowly took off. Everyone she hired was female, not many guys wanting to be a waiter. The few that did, tended to try out for the fancier restaurants, they figured their tips would be greater there. It wasn’t a meteoric rise, just word of mouth with more customers showing up daily. Back then, life wasn’t a fancy existence for me, work, chores around the apartment, shopping for groceries, sleep, then back to work. At that time, there is definitely no hint of the changes to come later in my life.

The waitresses and I often talk about why we have been so busy lately. The restaurant we work at is in a college town, one of the few that the students seem to support. Our clientele is mixed, a blend of college students, a few young adults and quite a few business people. The building that houses the restaurant fairly large, but that is the total of all its redeeming qualities. Otherwise plain, a concrete block facade, with barely enough parking for the size of the restaurant. Luckily most of our customers come with someone, making it possible to live with.

The food we serve is excellent, a wide range of dishes available from burgers to fajitas with a few Italian dishes thrown in for good measure. The girls and I thought the steady rise in our popularity was the cute uniforms the waitresses wore, although the food is a close second.

The girl’s uniform is very similar to a Lolita dress, very short worn over a ruffled panty with lots of lace around the low cut top. Add to that black hose, attached to a garter belt, that peeked out from below the skirt, and a pair of five-inch stilettos and you have most male’s fondest dream. Since I was the only male server employed by Janelle, I managed to get by with a skin tight pair of pants and a shirt with lace trim. I say shirt, but in reality, it was a blouse that is a little large so that it doesn’t hug my masculine body.

I say masculine body, I did have the appropriate male appendage, but the rest of my body was hardly that of a normal male. I did not have large shoulders, arms or hands, but a reasonable male beard, and have always wore my hair fairly long. Presently a little below my shoulders, always worn in a low ponytail.

As one of the original employees, I am excluded from the costumes. The dress of the waitresses developed after my employment, much to my relief. Since we are, relatively, all of the same age, we shared interests and ideals, often talking as we cleaned up after a day’s business. Janelle had found out that the businessmen and male college students preferred a little eye candy with their meal. The food was good, but the sights cinched the deal on where to eat.

Everybody dressing up one Halloween gave her the idea. One of the girls wore a similar costume to what they wear now; her tips were very good, and so, Janelle offered the girls a choice. She would buy their costumes if the girls would wear them. The girls couldn’t wait for their version of the costume, excited and eager to be eye candy for our patrons. I am sure the prospect of better tips influenced that decision quite a bit, the girls are not naïve.

After the costumes had arrived, the girls asked where my costume was, but I think most of it was said in fun, so the conversation never persisted. The fact that that there were no more male employees hired after me to wait tables, assured that I was an exception. Over the years, I became quite proficient in my duties, greeting most of my customers by name, remembering their usual orders and performing my tasks in an efficient manner. I know the customers preferred the cute costumes that the girls wore, but if I am assigned their table, I was tolerated, hopefully, because of my striving to meet their every need. Of course, they could still look at the attractions but from a little farther away.

If one of the girls was falling behind, I often pitched in to help her catch up; this trait endeared me with the other waitresses, and more than once, I received a hug as a sign of their appreciation. We pitched in to help each other quite often, especially clean-up after the restaurant closed.

The current group of wait staff has been together for seven months now; we worked as a team including sharing tips. The girls realized that I contributed much more to the pot than their efforts, and were thankful that I insisted on sharing with them, anyway. All of the wait staff was making a killing from their tips, in addition to their minimum wage. Usually, I averaged between one hundred fifty and two hundred dollars a night in tips. We averaged forty tables a day, a few less if we worked the lunch shift only. Not every table tipped well, the cheapskates pulling down the average for everybody. I also benefited from a higher base salary since I had been with the owner, since she started the business.

Janelle Porter is a great boss to work for, pleasant and very personable. If it didn’t need fixing, she stayed out of it, allowing us to do as we wanted as long as the job got done correctly. The girls became my responsibility somewhere in the years that I worked there, but other than the occasional new hire, things stayed the same. We worked five days a week from ten A.M. to closing with four hours off mid-afternoon. Usually, we closed at one-thirty and reopened for dinner at five-thirty, the business not supporting staying open during this time. The schedule allowed us each one day off a week, a necessity to get laundry, grocery shopping and other essentials performed. Since most of our business is students and businessmen, we stayed closed Sundays.

The girls loved the time off during the day; they shopped or ran errands during this time while I usually hung around the restaurant, reading a book. I am an avid reader going through three to four books a week. How I got hooked on romance novels is a mystery, but the girls loved to kid me about what I liked to read and how girly it is.

Janelle tracked me down before I left that night. “Jess, can you come to my office before you go home?” I nodded my head then I followed her to the office, and she closed the door after me. I sat down in the chair in front of her desk, as she dragged another chair next to me. It is a little unusual for her to be here at closing but not totally unheard of. She has always been very direct, never using a hundred words to handle what ten could do adequately.

“I have sold the business to a corporation; they intend to merge it with one of their chains. They have been after me to sell it for several weeks, and I finally gave in.” I could tell making that statement bothered her the large sigh at the end of the statement a clue.

“I am happy for you; were you trying to sell the business or did the offer just pop up,” a remark she was not expecting from the look on her face. “Is the business not doing what you expected of it?” I replied, figuring that might be the reason she sold the restaurant.

“Actually, the business performance is beyond all expectations; in fact, that one reason is what stimulated the offer.” One of her old time college friends is an upper-level manager in a chain of young adult restaurants, and she had mistakenly told her how well the business is doing. Shortly after that, her friend and the CEO of the corporation came to see her; in fact, they were two of your customers that particular night. After a little chit chat, they made an offer for the restaurant that is quite unbelievable.

Janelle paused in her telling of the story to remind me that she had started the business with only a forty thousand dollar nest egg, of which she paid seventeen-thousand for the property. “Of course, it is worth quite a bit more since real estate values in the last five years have doubled and tripled. Well, my old time college friend offered me two hundred thousand dollars for the place, everything included. I turned that offer down, not really wanting to sell my baby. Over the next week, several more offers were made; I finally, accepted the last offer. When you are offered three hundred thousand for what I started on a shoestring, you have to stop and think carefully before you turn it down.”

I let out a long sigh; I knew now why Janelle had sold the property. “Notwithstanding the real estate appreciation, that is an incredible amount of money for the place. I am happy for you; have you decided what you are going to do with the money yet?”

“I have always wanted to be in the fashion business, not as a designer but the owner of a ladies boutique, and now I have no excuses.” I wished her well, knowing that she would not need it; she is level-headed and understood what has to happen to make anything a success. She reached out to take my hand, holding it with both of her hands tightly, as she told me the next part.

She asked if I am familiar with a chain known as Boobies; I had heard of them, a frequent topic of conversation among young males. I told her that it had been a topic of discussion among some of my friends, asking if they were the ones that bought the restaurant. The parent company of Boobies had bought the restaurant, intending to make this a member of that chain. I told her that it would do well, their costumes being a more feminine and revealing version of what our girls wear.

She looked at me, shaking her head. I didn’t know if I said something wrong, but as I normally do, I apologized even if I hadn’t made a faux pas. She asked me why I haven’t asked about my job with the new owners. I gave her a funny look, then responded. “It isn’t relevant to the conversation.”

Shaking her head again, she told me bluntly that it mattered a lot. “The deal has a clause that you are to be kept in employment until you choose to leave of your own accord.”

“It is not necessary to put that in any contract; I was just an employee doing my job the best way that I could.”

Another shake of her head, but a little more forcibly she told me that it is necessary, “I will not abandon a friend whom I feel has earned more than a goodbye handshake, who more than contributed his abilities and efforts to make the place successful. Besides, after you waited on them, they were hooked on your abilities and skills. They watched you help the other waitresses that night, plus keeping your customers happy and wanting for nothing.”

“I doubted that a male would fit the new image, especially since my lack of boobies would make me stand out.”

Giggling, Janelle told me that the discussion about me that night went on for several hours. I tilted my head a little, questioning what she just said. She removed a card from her purse then handed it to me.

“Take this card and go the address written there tonight; it is a club, private but quite ritzy. The card will get you in without paying cover, and she wanted me to observe the show and return tomorrow to talk with her and her college friend Sharon before deciding anything.”

“I want your assurance before you leave that you will go tonight.” While I couldn’t see the point, I finally agreed. I was puzzled about what seeing a show had to do with me losing my job after five years. But, I felt that I owed Janelle something for all she has done for me, so I told her I would go over now. I slipped out of the restaurant quickly before the girls could ask me anything about what we had discussed. Janelle, asked me to keep our conversation confidential as the rest of the employees would not be told until the deal became public in three days. I guess I should appreciate the fact that I was considered a friend and told earlier.

I drove to the club, a nondescript building with no exterior sign and only a lighted entry for a door. The door was a bright pink that sparked some unusual thoughts about the nature of their business. I showed my card and was escorted into the club, then taken by a young and beautiful woman to a private table near the stage. The server was also breathtakingly beautiful; she obtained my preferred drink, and then, I sat back and watched the proceedings.

The club was packed; all the tables are full, even the bar. All of the females serving drinks are gorgeous and quite proficient in their jobs. I noticed a bouncer or two seated around the room, keeping their eyes on the women, making sure all the customers were polite and kept their hands to themselves. Then, the lights went down, and the show started. I was expecting a strip show or maybe female impersonators, but the acts were professional, and all of the performers were drop dead gorgeous.

There were three separate acts, two singers and a comedienne, all female with all the material quite mainstream and absolutely no sex to it. I thought for a minute the singers might be lip-syncing, but the voices were real, quite talented too. I applauded loudly afterward, since I enjoyed the show quite a bit.

In fact, I was aroused once or twice as one of the girls would come to my table to rub my arm or give me a little kiss on the cheek as she worked the audience. Once, after my drink was refreshed, my server asked if she could sit at my table for a minute or two. I got up and pulled out her chair for her then settled back down in my seat.

She told me she was on a break; the management wanted the girls to mingle with the customers between their breaks. She asked what brought me to the club, and how I had heard about it. “My boss has sent me to see the show; I am not sure why. But I found the show quite entertaining.” The look that appeared on her face when I said that made me wonder if she knew something I didn’t. She asked if my boss is male or female, and I replied that she is female; she nodded her head as if that was the answer that she was expecting.

“How long have you worked here; is the work enjoyable?” I thought keeping up the conversation might be better, but was leery of asking a too personal question.

“I have been an employee here for six years, couldn’t be happier and would not trade the job for any other. During that time I have been able to buy myself a home, and recently a new car from what I make at the club.”

“Can I inquire about a personal matter?” with an instant smile appearing on her face. That was the nicest lead into that question that she had ever had. I turned a few shades of pink and red as I figured that my question was one she is quite often asked. Her statement made me aware that she knew exactly what I was going to ask.

“I am only a waitress; the club does not allow sex or meetups with customers either in the club or afterward. My job is a salaried position, plus I am able to keep any tips. The club frowns on tipping, but some customers insist, so they look the other way. I work seven days a week from six P.M. till two A.M., with three days off every ten days worked. I get free beauty services both hair and makeup every week, and all of my clothes are paid for by the company.”

Thinking about it for a minute, I could find no fault with her deal; it is definitely a win-win proposition. She glanced at her watch, a very delicate Rolex and told me she had to get back to work. She did ask where I worked, telling me that she will drop in and visit. “I would be delighted to wait on you at the restaurant; maybe we can find some more time to talk.” I had divulged that I was on the wait staff at the restaurant and gave her the address earlier.

I made my way home, delighted to have been able to experience the show, but not any closer to why Janelle wanted me to see it. Since several more hours had been added to my normal schedule, I was fast asleep as soon as I lay down on the bed. Tomorrow was my normal day off, but I was going in, because Janelle had requested that I join her and her friend. For what purpose, I hadn’t the slightest idea, but I was sure things would be divulged at the appropriate time.

Janelle called early the next morning asking if I could join them for lunch at the restaurant; I agreed since I seldom got to eat there except for an occasional snack here and there. I dressed a little classier than usual wearing a light blue pair of slacks with a pink polo shirt with a Victorian lady silhouette on the chest. I don’t have any idea where I had obtained the shirt, but for some reason, it was one of my favorites. The silhouette was only three inches high but had been embroidered on by a professional; the detail in the Victorian lady was intricate, showing great skill by the creator.

Checking myself in the mirror before I left, I saw a young male, five foot eight inches tall and weighing about one hundred forty pounds. My dark blonde hair in a low ponytail behind my head. While definitely not a hunk, I thought I looked quite handsome in a boy next door type of way.

I drove to the restaurant, greeted by Annette at the door. She usually filled in for me when I had a day off, to help seat customers and keep an eye for possible problems. I was shown to the table, Annette pulling my chair for me before taking my drink order. I thought she was just playing around, so I didn’t respond to her courtesy. Janelle and Sharon joined me, both of them helped by Annette to their chairs. With a twinkle in her eye, “What can I get you ladies for lunch?” I glared at her, but she kept a straight face while she took our orders. As she is collecting our menus, “thank you ladies, for your order.” Janelle apparently found this humorous, since she had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Sharon asked if I had made it to their club last night. I told her that I did, enjoyed the show very much and complimented her on the professional behavior of her staff.

“Who waited on you last night?” she asked.

“Lorrie was my server last night, a most beautiful and personable young lady. Her service was perfect and prompt.”

Sharon smiled a little too large; I was beginning to suspect something but had no idea what it was. She changed the subject then, to the proposed deal, “What do you need to stay on with the new owners?” Our voices were in a lower tone, and then nothing when one of the waitresses was in the area.

“I figured that I would not fit in with the Boobies theme, since my lack of a figure would make me stand out among the wait staff.” She smiled but left my statement unanswered.

“What kind of wages are you taking home now, and if I can guarantee to double that would you be interested?”

I told her sure, but I couldn’t see a way to make me fit into the new theme. “A male in a restaurant that is built around the image of young women with Boobies is a no-no.” She agreed that a male would be a detriment to the cause, but they had something else planned for me. I tried to figure their angle, but a tall person, flat chested and no figure just didn’t seem to fit into their plans. Our meal was served, and talk stopped for a while; the meal is excellent, and since I didn’t have to serve it and clean up afterward, it was especially good.

Annette got in one last crack about my sexuality. “Thank you ladies, for eating at our establishment; I do hope your meal and service was adequate.” I whispered to her that I would get even, and we headed back to Janelle’s office. She giggled but told me that changes were in the air, a new and better life for some. That puzzled me.

We got comfortable in Janelle’s office, and the discussion continued, “Would you accept employment with us at double what you are making now?” I was quiet for a minute or two, then nodded that I would as long as I didn’t have to prostitute myself to accomplish it. Sharon smiled, then asked if I saw any signs of anything illegal or provocative at the club last night.

I laughed out loud and answered, “Illegal? No; Provocative? Yes! Just about everything and every employee could be described as provocative. If they weren’t, there was a failure of design. I know what you mean, and I have to agree that there was nothing to apologize for or be ashamed to admit one’s participation in.” However, from what Lorrie had mentioned, I was surprised that they could provide the level of service and entertainment on what I saw there. Sharon asked if at any time the cover charge was mentioned last night; I shook my head no. Then, I was astounded when she told me it is two hundred dollars a person.

“The club is very private, a waiting list of more than three hundred people wanting to buy a membership. The guests get all their drinks provided at no cost along with free appetizers. As a member, they get a discount on the cover charge based on the number of times they use our facilities in a month’s time.

This restaurant will be in the Boobies chain, but a full-service unit, not like most of the other units. No entertainment like the club and, of course, no cover charge. The people holding memberships at the club will receive a percent off at the end of the month for any purchases here though. Of all the Boobie’s, only forty-four are full-service restaurants. The rest only offering drinks, appetizers and of course the cute costumes.”

I was intrigued but still didn’t see where a male fit into the scheme of things, then an alarm sounded, and I began to see an image that scared me. I pushed back in my chair trying to get a little more distance between Sharon and me. She giggled but reached out to take my hand, squeezing it slightly. “Hear me out before you make any snap judgments.” I nodded in the affirmative.

“Janelle and I want you to go to an appointment we have set up for you, to let you see what you will look like as a female. We both think that you will be pleasantly surprised at the results, maybe even consider taking the job after you see what you will look like.”

“The appointment is for this afternoon, in an hour at a salon that does all their hair and makeup for our staff. Nothing permanent will be done to you, and everything will be explained to you as they go along. Then, I would like you to return to the restaurant as a customer this evening to see if anybody recognizes the new you or thinks you are a young man in a dress.” I started to say no, but then, Sharon told me that Lorrie would be there having her weekly appointment, so we could talk afterward.

I had a sudden revelation; I couldn’t be sure, but what if Lorrie is not a female. Nah, it couldn’t be, she was every inch a young female both in looks and voice. Nah, no way she could be a he. Janelle leaned in and asked if I was going to try the transformation today. I nodded no, but she leaned in and asked if I would try it for her. I was still wavering then she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

“Please try it for me.” I melted a little and told her I would try, but do not expect me back at the restaurant after the transformation. I doubted that I would look anything like a woman and am not eager to show all my friends what I do look like after the transformation.

Then why I had allowed myself to be swayed, came racing through my mind. One cheek kiss from Janelle and I went to pieces, so much for self-control. I was now extremely nervous, even a bead of sweat appearing on my forehead. I did finally remember that I had accepted, a trial run so to speak. I made no promises for after the transformation, going home to, lick my wounds might be a better idea.

Janelle is happy now, offering to drop me off at the salon. I accepted her ride, but on the way, I realized that I now have no way to get home without getting a ride with someone. Maybe Lorrie will give me a lift home if I beg enough. The ride over to the salon was quiet, as I was trying to figure out how to cope with this.

I was never a masculine male, either in appearance or actions. You will not find a macho male, a he-man serving food in a restaurant no matter how desperate he may be; it just isn’t in the cards. The amount of walking as I wait on my tables is the most logical reason for my low weight and trim figure. I mentioned a trim figure like I actually have anything other than a straight up and down body, not flabby, no curves and no fat.

Janelle tried to reassure me that I was doing the right thing by trying the transformation when she dropped me off. She is sure that it was out of my comfort zone, but the advantages were numerous if I could accept that I might be able to pull off the disguise. Besides, she thought that I might enjoy being a member of the opposite sex for a while. I gave her a hug as we parted but promised nothing. “I insist that for this leap of faith that you are asking of me, you owe me big time, maybe even your first born child.” That is a standing joke since Janelle has always been a lesbian and isn’t particularly interested in having children, now or later, especially if a male is involved in the equation. She is not shy about it, but also does not flaunt it with others.

She told me to call her when I was finished, that she would come and pick me up; she really would like to see the new me if I would be so nice to allow her a sneak peek. I told her if I lived through it, she would be my first call. I received a sensual kiss, although not on the lips, definitely not a sisterly or friendly kind of affection, though.

I let out a big sigh and made my way into the salon. Why I am doing this still puzzled me, a favor for Janelle, yes, but at what cost to me. I then partially realized how I felt about Janelle, for the first time since I started working there I acknowledged a romantic interest in her. Maybe me as a female fits in with her romantic aspirations. The kiss that shattered my mind, causing me to agree to this stupid stunt now. Jess being converted to the female sex so that I could work as a female, how absurd. I thought about not going through with it, but I did tell Janelle I would. Step by step I approached the door, swallowed and then entered the salon.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the Turnabout Gurl Salon is not what I would have imagined. The place oozed femininity, from the décor to the cute outfits the stylists wore, there was no doubt that this is the ultimate in feminine fashion and beauty. The receptionist asked my name, then called a stylist to lead me to a treatment room. Felicia was going to be my stylist apparently, another totally awesome female, lacking in nothing that makes a female gorgeous.

As we entered the treatment room, she asked me to remove all my clothes so she could see what needed to be done today. Another sigh, then I started to remove my clothes. I have never been shy, so when I was down to my boy shorts, I just let them slide down my legs. She walked around me, looking to see what she had to work with, then asked me to get up on the table at the back of the room. She took a couple of minutes to explain what she was going to do, then asked me to think about the choices that would be offered me in the next few hours.

“Waxing of your body hair is a given since not much can be done until you are smooth and hair free. Your choices are mainly in how your female body parts are to be added and for how long they would remain a part of your body. They could do forms, glued on that would be able to be removed with the proper solvent, or they could give me realistic breasts that would stay with me until I had them removed.” I started to ask for the forms when Lorrie poked her head in the door.

“So we meet again,” she commented, but quickly closed the distance between her and me giving me a toe curling kiss. Her excuse is since we know each other, a level of friendship exists that has some privileges. I am still speechless, naked on a table deciding on whether I wanted temporary boobies or more permanent boobies. My mouth was shut down due to an erotic overload, and I was shaking, really nervous about all of this. Lorrie asked Felicia to give us a few minutes; Jessica needs to hear what I have to say. I did perk up when I heard her call me Jessica, a brief thought surfaced, a lot of people seem to be in the know about my transformation, at least, a lot more than I am aware of.

After Felicia had left, Lorrie laid it out. “All the girls at the club are male, most of them living as females due to the need to stay in character. It is a fun life, completely different than anything you have experienced as a male. It has its drawbacks, but the money more than makes up for it. The corporation protects their employees to the max, also pampers them to the point of excess. Sharon has mentioned a little about you, your skills, your leadership, and wanted me to talk to you and answer any questions from someone living the life.”

I was still speechless. When I began to speak, I could be barely heard as I had almost lost my voice. She giggled. “You have to get it together; you’re ruining your reputation that Sharon and Janelle have built up for you.”

I swallowed hard, then took a deep breath as Lorrie took my right hand and placed it on her breast. I tried to remove it, but she held it there asking me if it felt false or fake. I managed a pathetic no, then she moved my hand down to her pussy, rubbing the back of my hand over her lips. I shuttered at the feeling as the back of my hand moved over her pussy, I must be going crazy, Lorrie is a male, and she has the most realistic vagina I have ever felt. You have to realize that the part I am rubbing is through the thin fabric of a lacy pair of panties, a very thin fabric not hiding much.

I know, I probably haven’t seen many vaginas in my life, felt even fewer, the sad part is that is a truer statement than I wanted to admit to. I never was good with the girls in a relationship. I could talk, even flirt with them easily, but once it moved to the level of a date, I was frozen with fear. Even my Mom is aware of my feelings, silently giving up hope to be a grandmother, knowing me all too well.

Lorrie finally released my hands, making me face her as she asked me what I was afraid of. You have a chance to experience life as the other sex, all expenses paid and ending up with a job that financially is to die for. Take the opportunity, live a little, maybe you will convert to the dark side, find a husband, and be a loving housewife to your spouse. You never know until you try. Felicia broke up the conversation, telling me that she has to get started so she can finish today, I have a new young female eager to spread her wings, but she needs help.

Lorrie told me that she would see me after the transformation and compare bodies. “Whoever has the best-looking body gets a free dinner from the loser. “I agreed since I am sure that Lorrie has the better looking female body. At the club with that cute little costume and now in the salon cape, all the parts that I could get a glimpse of shouted gorgeous female.

I presume that Lorrie’s talk pushed me to a mentally unstable state because I stupidly told Felicia to do what she thought best, just not anything that is not reversible at some later time. I got a big smile from her, but my sudden leap of faith caused my stomach to erupt, having to rush to the bathroom to find a place to deposit today’s lunch. After things had settled down, I returned to the treatment room, totally unaware that I had gone to the bathroom without a stitch of clothing on my body. It wasn’t that far to the bathroom, but there were more than a few smiles as I headed back to the treatment room.

So now I had an uneasy stomach with no clothing to blame, a face permanently red from embarrassment and a mind that is in a liquid state at the present. Felicia calmed me down, as she rubbed a wet towel on my forehead to help settle my nerves. I later found out that she used a numbing cream on my body as she waxed me so that I wouldn’t get upset again. For that, I was extremely grateful.

After the waxing, breasts are next on the menu, a funny looking machine with two fairly large cups hanging by hoses from the apparatus being pushed into the room. Felicia glued the cups to my chest centered over my nipples. Then two huge syringes of fat were added to the cup swirling around within the cup. The hoses of the machine were hooked to the cups and the switch on the machine started to suck my flesh into the cups. I was later to learn that the cups would remain on till they dissolved in a couple of days. Then to my surprise the cups started to vibrate sending all kinds of feelings through my soon to be breasts.

Within four hours, I had two very voluptuous breasts protruding from my chest, a scary proposal if they stay this large. The thought that they are a part of me not to be removed without lots of intervention made its way across my mind. Maybe this is proceeding too fast, I started to say something to her, but her hands on my male equipment stopped that thought. Another application of the numbing spray and all feeling in my groin stopped. I saw her working there, rearranging my private parts, but between the suction of the machine and the image of my breasts through the cups, my mind switched off, and I fainted, again.

“Welcome back honey, you need to calm down, soon you will be a beautiful woman, so be proud and secure in that feeling.” I had awaken to her wiping my forehead with the moist towel, looked again at the flesh in the cups than lifted my head a little to look at my groin. Too late, a slit with a small triangle patch of pubic hair was all that resided in that area now. I flopped my head back down on the table, my mind trying desperately to rationalize my situation. I am a female, at least visually, and there is nothing I can do about it. It was like I had been castrated without my permission, put out into society and told to function. I realize that no one actually castrated me, at least, I hoped not, but the feeling of nothingness is still there.

Felicia offered me a cape after she turned off the suction on the machine. The hoses are detached from the forms, but the cups were still there filled with my flesh. She returned a few minutes later with two syringes and injected the contents of one in each breast right through the nipple. I started to ask what the shots were for, but just let out a big sigh. Too much too soon, I just shuddered, the question never making it out of my mouth.

Looking at the cups, there was not any space that is not filled with something of mine. They looked so big, almost too much, but then a thought occurred to me, they are perfect in size for a female employed by Boobies. According to Felicia, I am now a 40 D in bra size. Something I have longed for since puberty, I don’t think so.

Moved to a styling chair in the next room, several of Felicia’s fellow stylists descended on me. One started on my nails; one is working on my toenails, with Felicia and Sally each taking a side of my hair. They were adding extensions to my hair, about twenty-four inches in length, a shade lighter than my natural hair color. I have always been a dark ash blonde with regards to hair color and wore my hair in a ponytail to keep it off my neck and face. After twenty minutes, I could see what the effect of two different colors would look like on my hair.

It made my hair look like it is frosted, a beauty treatment that most of the girls at the restaurant had done to their hair at one time or the other. It always seemed to make them more feminine in appearance; I was sure it would have the same effect on me.

Extensions are added to my nails, now about a half-inch past my fingertips, then both my nails and toenails were polished in a deep red/burgundy color converting my semi-male hands into the nails of a goddess. Felicia’s words, not mine, I am not sure what a goddess’s nails look like so I couldn’t make any comment. They did fascinate me; I am caught looking at them several times, my fingers splayed as I admired them.

The manicurists had finished with my nails long before Felicia and Sally were done with my hair. To pass the time I stared at my hands, unable to focus on anything else. I knew the length would be a problem, several of the girls have had extensions added and it took them several days to adapt to the change in length. Their major complaint was that they found themselves dependent on others for a while, till they got accustomed to the new appendages.

Finally, they completed the extensions, a full three hours after they started, but the effect that the extra hair had on my looks was unbelievable. There was no Jess left, even with no makeup there was not a thing masculine about me. I swallowed hard a couple of times, trying to clear my throat and figure out what I was going to do. I knew my life would now change drastically, being a friend to most of the female wait staff had taught me that life for a female and male were miles apart. The male side of me is gone, and I knew nothing of the female side except what my friends and co-workers had hinted about in conversation.

As I set up straighter my breasts came alive. Their quivering masses, causing me to put a hand on each to settle them down. The plastic breast cup was already soft to the touch, but full to the brim with my flesh. I guess one gets used to them eventually, but at the moment, they occupied all of my limited mental capabilities. Then I moved my fingers a little, and the nipple hardened, and I removed my hand like it had touched something hot. The resulting jiggling is only making matters worse. Felicia watched and smiled at my actions. “I will get you a bra soon, and it will help with the jiggling. Your new appendages are real, the nipples will get hard just like a normal female and you will be able to feel any touching of them by others.”

Felicia then went to work on cutting my hair blending the two lengths and creating a feminine style for me. It is layered somewhat, but the longest strands reached below my shoulder blades. She is good at what she does because an even more feminine image appeared when she finished. Makeup is next on the agenda after she plucked my almost non-existent eyebrows to two pencil thin delicate arches. Glued on lashes came next, adding over a hundred separate lashes to my existing ones. The length of the lashes are longer. As I looked through them, it seemed like I am looking through a curtain of lashes, in actuality I am.

Felicia added a cream to my beard area before she plucked my eyebrows and added the lashes. As she wiped the cream off forty minutes later, I was told one more application in about a month would eradicate any beard I might have leaving me smooth and totally hair free.

Then Felicia appeared with a gun like item and pierced my ears twice in each ear. Studs in the top hole and a dangly earring in the bottom hole, the bottom earring brushing against my neck causing me to lose concentration. One look in the mirror and Jess was finished. It was a thorough job, not a trace would be available for someone looking for him.

With that completed, the actual makeup is applied. As she went through her makeup kit, I don’t think she missed many products. I sat in the styling chair, dumbfounded by the image in the mirror. Jessica is here to stay; I don’t think a search for Jess would ever find him, he just disappeared from sight. Then sans cape, I was led naked to another room, where a variety of clothes are assembled, apparently for me. She made some measurements of my new figure, and I am handed the appropriate items to put on.

Suffice to say I was soon outfitted as a young business woman in short order. I received all the appropriate lingerie; bra, panties, waist cincher, garter belt, ultra-sheer stockings, and a lacy camisole. A pair of four-inch heels with ankle straps were slipped on, they looked good on me, but I felt my head was in the clouds as I now towered over six feet in my shoes. A gorgeous dark brown business suit completed the look, a linen and lace concoction with a pencil skirt that was inches above my knees. It screamed female, the jacket fitting tight in all the proper places, with a v-front showing some of my cleavage. Felicia touched up my makeup, straightened a couple of wisps of hair and pronounced me done.

Felicia went with me to reception, a couple of pictures taken for their records, and I was given an appointment for a week from today. This I found out was going to be my standard weekly appointment to keep me looking feminine and beautiful. The receptionist wanted to know if I wanted anybody called, I had planned earlier to avoid the restaurant and head home, But I wasn’t sure I could even handle a cab ride home dressed as I am. I asked her to call Janelle, then sat patiently in one of the chairs in reception to wait for my ride.

During the wait Lorrie came out, they had just finished her weekly appointment and took one look at me, wow they did a job on you, I guess I owe you a dinner now. We stood side by side by a mirror in the lobby, two very attractive females were looking into the mirror, one with her mouth open and the other with a large smile plastered on her face. “I will treat you to dinner at your restaurant tonight after I run a few errands.”

As Lorrie was leaving, Felicia handed me a purse, my ID, wallet and keys in the purse along with the cosmetics that she had used on me. I looked inside seeing all of the above, some tissues, and compact with a mirror, essential for making repairs. I let out another long slow breath, so much to deal with now, but then I am a female, so it comes with the territory.

Twenty minutes later Janelle walked into the salon, looking around for me. She looked twice at me but never connected the dots. I stood up, and she twigged to my identity. “OMG I can’t believe how good you look. Here I thought I would be getting a girlfriend, but instead I have to worry about you taking over everything. You are seriously hot, and I am not kidding.” This is after a head to toe assessment of my changes. She couldn’t believe how I turned out; she confided in me that she knew I would pass, but never thought I would be such a babe, her words.

As we headed out she asked if she could make a stop on the way, it was obvious she was not through with her appraisal of my looks, as every stop light I received another look, another peek at the new Jessica. I had just nodded my head, words still hard to get past my deep burgundy lips.

Again I nodded yes, and soon we were parked in front of an empty store. I presumed that is where Janelle wanted to set up her boutique. It is a good location, lots of traffic and centrally located among other female destinations. She asked me if we could look inside, so I made my way out of the car as gracefully as I could and waited as she opened the door.

I told her we could look if I could keep from falling on my face with these heels. It is a struggle to keep upright in the heels, several times I had to catch myself, one foot getting tangled with the other. The shifting weight on my chest added to the difficulties I am encountering. It is like trying to balance something new with the old.

The store is spacious, with a bigger than normal back room. In the front retail area, there are several skylights lending a bright and cheerful appearance to the inside of the store. I looked around, wanting to know if she had thought how she wanted to lay out the sales floor. She gave me a sideways look and asked what I thought?

I looked around again, showing her where I thought the registers should be. “The front entrance should be a raised display area set off from the racks of clothing by mobiles featuring distinctive clothing and unusual clothing. I would put the change rooms in the front retail area so that it would be easier to find matching items or accessories for the outfit they were trying on. Shoes should be right behind that with the shoes sorted by sizes so that a woman could quickly find what she was looking for to match her outfit.”

“I doubt you will have many customers at a time, so personalized service would better suit your needs. Maybe a computer set up with additional selections that could be ordered for the lady that required something different or trendy.”

“The side walls should be totally mirrored, affording the customer an unobstructed view of how they look as they shop. Maybe shelves of accessories or a particular shoe scattered amongst the mirrors. For the back room, I suggested an area of exotic lingerie, fancy dresses, and a wedding area for the prospective bride. Maybe a couple of beds for sitting with negligees and other fashions for the bedroom scattered around. Several vanities scattered throughout the store so a female could sit and freshen up her look, maybe even carry a premium line of cosmetics with an expert to advise and perform makeovers, at least, during higher traffic times.”

When I finished, I looked over to Janelle trying to see why she had not commented on anything I said, and her mouth was wide open. Her comment was where did that all come from; I was embarrassed, here was a male giving advice to a business woman about how to set up a ladies boutique. She grabbed my hands, telling me that she loved the ideas, but wondered where the insight came from since she knew that I am a male, at least on the outside. Those statements now put that observation in doubt.

You were describing the store as a woman would have designed it, suggesting things that she would want to have to enhance her shopping experience. “I guess it was the hours in the salon, my male mind must have dissolved and been taken away when they applied the nail polish and makeup, or maybe when I fainted.” Hearing this we both giggled. “OMG, now I’m giggling like a girl.”

Janelle looked at her watch, announcing that we had to get to the restaurant because all the girls want to see you before they have to start working. I let out a low growl, Janelle swatting my hands; “the girls are looking forward to seeing you as you are supposed to be. Don’t turn them away, they love you and do care about you far more than you think.”

She locked up, and we made the remaining part of the trip in about ten minutes. I slid out of my seat when we got to the restaurant and followed Janelle into the dining room. I heard a chorus of OMG’s as I entered the room, then had to steady myself as I am hugged from every direction possible. Then they would pull back to get a better look, then assaulted me again with hugs and kisses. I guessed I am a hit as a female but wondered about me being able to live the life of one.

A barrage of questions asked the most prominent being am I going to be a female at Boobies. I looked at Janelle; she smiled mentioning that she had already told the girls a week ago, needing their help to get me transformed into the body of a female so that I could still work here. Then I thought back to Annette’s remarks about the ladies, and I knew I had been duped. I was dragged bodily into the girl’s dressing room, stripped and then unceremoniously helped into one of the female uniforms.

I repeated to them several times that it is my day off, that I had things to do, but as you can tell I am totally ignored. Once I had on the proper uniform, I am led to the floor, assigned an area to wait on. Annette accomplishing that task, filling in for me as she usually does. She sported the biggest smile as she gave me the area I would be responsible for working.

After much discussion I gave up, deciding to work a shift as a female, a long-standing wish of several of the girls. I was given a name tag, with Jessica boldly imprinted in gold. Since the name tag is there waiting for me, this was not a spontaneous happening. It had apparently been planned in advance. A lot of my old customers are seated in my area, and the only remark received was this uniform looks much better on you than the pants and blouse. Then, of course, Lorrie came by, giggling as she saw me waiting tables. I apologized to her for not being able to have dinner with her, but she assured me that could come later, now she will get a chance to evaluate my skills as a waitress. She did take the time to scan my outfit and make comments on how sexy I looked in it.

Very shortly we were inundated with customers, and it turned out to be nearly closing time before I was able to take a break. My feet hurt, my body ached, and I had several pinches on parts of my body that I never received as a male. I got a chance to talk to Lorrie for a minute, but she promised to come by tomorrow to talk. I guess my skills were adequate since she left me a twenty dollar tip. I did receive a tender hug and cheek kiss when she left. It felt right somehow.

We managed to get the last customers out the door, started cleaning the place up, and finally I changed back to my original outfit. I am sitting in one of the unused offices, counting my tips when Janelle stopped by. She asked how I did, I hit the total key on the adding machine, then re-entered the figures and totaled it again.

I was shocked; I had cleared almost two hundred seventy dollars tonight. I thought I had exceeded my usual fare, but an unwritten rule of any waitress is never to count your tips until you are done for the day. I guess there are advantages to working as a female, a substantial advantage. Janelle drove me to my apartment, only a few blocks from the restaurant, but now a no-no to walk the distance for an attractive woman especially after dark and alone. I invited her in for some coffee and to talk a little.

I am sure she has some questions, but my hard drive is already filled with questions for her. We sat in the kitchen at my breakfast nook, the bench cushions soft and comfortable. Once I had the coffee made and poured we got into our discussion. She wanted to know how I felt with the transformation, and then about working the shift as a female.

I tried to be truthful, explaining that the changes in my appearance were confusing to me. “I should be shocked, repulsed, and angry, but I don’t mind the changes, I kind of liked the look, and it is apparently opening doors that have been closed for years, even if I don’t want the doors opened. I am not sure if I can work as a waitress for Boobies, using my breasts to further my financial gain doesn’t feel right. But the jury is still out on that matter.” I stopped, I just referred to my appendages as my breasts. My mind has ceased operating, at least as a male, I am now thinking like a female.

“Working the shift was fun, but more than once I found myself thinking what am I doing dressed as a female flirting with and waiting on the male of the species. The heels were alright, but very quickly led to quite a bit of pain. I am not sure if the pain from the heels was worse than the embarrassment of the short skirt, the clingy top of the dress or the shaking of my tits as I waited on my tables. Then there is the nails, several short stabs of pain as I hit something with my new nails before I should have. At least I managed not to break any, quite a feat for this former male.”

“The only thing that saved me was that we were so busy that I had no time to think about things until the shift was over. Then when I counted my tips that changed everything. I didn’t think that any amount of money could make me do something I was not keen on, but that amount of money in tips, in such a short time made me stop and think. Now, I am not so sure of my conviction.” Janelle giggled quite a bit but suggested that maybe Jessica should decide what to do. I gave her a funny look; then we talked about her shop for a while.

We discussed what type of clothes she should carry, and what group of females she should focus on to make her shop profitable. She and I both agreed that the working class female was the one that needed help with obtaining clothes. She would often pay a higher price for an item of clothing, but usually, the selection available for her to pick from was limited. She disdains the quality and choices in the mass merchant stores at the lower end of the spectrum, and she can only dream of the designer boutiques at the upper end, but the very few in between is a forced compromise between her pocketbook and her dreams.

Since it was getting late, I offered her the use of my guest bedroom, so she wouldn’t have to drive home alone this late at night. We adjourned to my bedroom, and I found us a couple of large t-shirts to wear as nighties. My usual attire of boys briefs maybe not such a good idea with a slit and two massive breasts instead of a penis. I made sure Janelle had clean towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste before we headed to our rooms. In a way I am glad she accepted my invitation, I suddenly felt alone and vulnerable for some reason, and her being here made me more assured and peaceful.

I laid down, but there was no way that I could get to sleep. Too many sensations from my new accessories, a sudden loss of something that I had got used to for many years, and lots of decisions to be made that had not even be contemplated. Being pretty much worn out, a troubled sleep finally overtook me an hour later. I knew I dreamed but didn’t remember the significance of any of the dreams. Maybe that is for the better.

I woke about seven with an urgent need to use the bathroom, barely made it in time, and believe it or not tried to stand and do it the way I have for years. Well obviously that didn’t work, so after sitting for a few minutes, my bladder finally released. That was the third time I had used the toilet as a female would, it will take some time to get used to that sensation, a unique and odd feeling, especially for an erstwhile male.

I made a fresh pot of coffee, then scrambled some eggs and toasted a couple of English Muffins that I had in the refrigerator. Janelle wandered in a few minutes later, her look pleading for coffee; once that was handled I put some of the eggs on a plate, handed her a piece of muffin, then the jar of strawberry preserves that I had ordered from back east. No grocery store jelly for me. With something in our stomach, we adjourned to the living room to continue our talk.

“Are you going to accept the position with Boobies?”

“I will try it but really unsure if I can pull it off. This is all so overwhelming, and so many new things to learn and do.” She let out a gasp of breath like she was holding it back in anticipation of my answer. She then asked me if I would partner with her in the boutique. I was surprised since I thought she wanted the boutique to be hers alone since it was a long standing dream of hers.

I love your ideas, have always liked your work ethic, but was unsure that the boutique could make enough initially to support both of us. With you working for a while, that pressure would be off, allowing the boutique to prosper without using all the cash flow.” Janelle had already negotiated mornings off for me if that was okay with me. Wednesday as my day off to do whatever I wanted.

The schedule would allow me to work mornings with her at the boutique, in addition to whatever hours I wanted to on my days off. Her next statement really surprised me, as she wanted me to be equal partners in the boutique. I told her that since I was not investing any capital in the business, I could not accept that. She was putting her money from the restaurant that she had babied for years into this boutique, and it was not fair that I am offered half of the business just because she likes me.

She tried to back me down, asking me than how much I wanted to invest in the boutique. I inquired as to how much of the money from the restaurant she was investing in the boutique, her reply that her best guess was a little over two hundred thousand dollars. That included the property that she is buying, wanting that kept in her name, in a new corporation, as an investment for her later years. The boutique would lease the building from that company that she is forming to keep everything legal and upfront.

She thought that with the property price removed from the startup funds, the investment would be around sixty-thousand dollars. I thought for a minute about the figures, then suggested we do it up right. “I will match your investment in the boutique, but the partnership will be divided 51/49 instead of 50/50 with you having the controlling interest.” She started to argue, but I held my finger to her mouth, either take it or leave it, no more negotiating.

Reluctantly she agreed, although she was still trying to change the percentages to an equal split. I held out, and she finally agreed, we shook on it, but I told her that is not enough. She needed to be protected, meaning the terms of the deal had to be put in a contract, which we will both sign in front of witnesses, and each of us will receive a copy of the finalized agreement. She sighed, but acquiesced to my thinking, still shaking her head. I told her it was just smart business practice, protecting her from any misconceptions or misunderstandings in the future.

Sheepishly she admitted that she had already told Sharon that I would be a member of Boobies staff and that I would also be involved with her business. However, she did not tell her that I would accept the position of manager, her only hearing of that in the last phone conversation she had with her. I glared at her but finally giggled. Everybody seems to be determined to make me a female, no matter what I think. Maybe that is my destiny in this life, the way things are coming together seem to reinforce that specific scenario.

I suggested that we use her attorney, the one she uses for the restaurant to draw up the contract, sooner, rather than later.” After we visit the attorney’s office, we can go to my bank to draw out my matching investment,” I suggested. I briefly considered changing clothes, but looking down at my prominent breasts, that idea seems unrealistic now.

We dressed in what we had worn yesterday, redid our makeup, mine with a lot of help from Janelle. Then after refreshing my lipstick, we left. The attorney is no problem, only having to wait for twenty minutes for the contract to be drawn up. We signed with a couple of the secretaries as witnesses. The attorney also suggested that we form a corporation for the boutique, to protect both of us from unscrupulous actions; we agreed, and those details were included in the contract with the corporate papers to come a little later.

After he found out that I am a male, and what the circumstances were, a suggestion that I change my male I.D. to that of a female, also my social security if I am working under the name of Jessica. He could handle that for me, the proper cards mailed to me within a few days. More and more down that slippery slope to full-time female identity and life.

On to the bank, a simple withdrawal, necessitating only a few moments. Guess again! Because I was withdrawing from a savings account, I had to show I.D., which, of course, didn’t match. After a long explanation, I needed someone to vouch for me that I was who I said I was. Then after the matter was handed over to a V.P. he wanted some proof that I was a male, since all indicators that he saw proved otherwise.

Another thirty minutes and worn and frazzled nerves, Janelle asked if Boobies was a customer of theirs. The V.P. never answered directly, but by his actions clearly demonstrated they were and a prominent one at that. Janelle took out her cell phone, dialing Sharon’s number from memory. After a brief conversation with what was going on, Sharon asked to speak to the V.P. A few words mumbled back to Sharon, mainly yes ma’am, and he asked us to come with him.

We were led to another office on the second floor, into a larger office with a young woman sitting behind the desk. She was on the phone but indicated that we should sit. I was getting extremely frustrated by all of this switching from one person to another, the money is mine, and if I wanted to take it out of the bank, I was going to. Period, end of story. The money I was withdrawing was part of my savings that I had accumulated over the years. I never spent much, just stashing it away for some future desire or project. This definitely qualified for that.

After hanging up the phone, she stood and introduced herself to Janelle and me. Her name was Cynthia Preston, president of the bank. The idiot V.P. that had been giving us all the trouble tried to explain his concerns to her, but after a sentence or two, she shut him up. She told him to apologize for being a jerk, then to handle the transaction as I had requested. I smiled and giggled; he was stuttering words, but he did finally leave to get me my money. She thanked me for being so patient; it was apparent to her that I knew how incompetent a male could be in any job you gave them.

I giggled some more, in fact quite a lot, as the V.P. made his way back to the office. He handed me a cashier’s check, then had me sign a withdrawal slip. He started to leave; then she called him back. It was pointed out to him that he had forgotten to do something; I could see the embarrassment on his cheeks as that got quite red. He was quiet; then she told him that he either apologized to the young lady, or he can pick up his things as he leaves the bank.

I thought it was a little harsh, but he obviously deserved it, at least in my opinion he did. He stuttered the apology, and then Cynthia asked him if he bothered to listen to Sharon on the phone. He nodded that he had, but she thought otherwise. She informed him that Jessica here is the new manager of the local Boobies, with full authority to sign checks and make deposits. In other words, she is an authorized signature on a half million dollar account, an account that is the largest in our chain. Now what part of today’s fiasco should not have happened to a loyal customer and a prominent corporate customer?

You could see his attempt to swallow, he obviously had stepped into it big time and didn’t know what or how to get out of it. She told him to make himself scarce but send in his secretary Betty. He said that he could handle whatever she wanted Betty for, but she just laughed at him. She pointed to the door and told him to get out. Betty appeared a minute later with a huge grin on her face. She asked what Cynthia wanted, and I am introduced to her.

She told Betty that I needed to sign the corporate signature card for Boobies, then she needed to update my personal account with my new name, and gender. She also wanted a flag put on the account that stated that I am to be handled with kid gloves. I laughed at that, but Betty assured me in the case of some employees it was a necessity. Quickly within five minutes Betty reappeared with the cards and a copy of my personal account information. She had changed all the info, but how she had put the flag notice on the card was cute. A notice stated. “If you are not sure of any matter on this account, do not attempt to handle this on your own, a wiser decision is to get help.”

I now had a new opinion of my bank, at least, some of the employees of my bank. I handed over the money to Janelle and then thanked Cynthia for her help. I was feeling better; maybe this female thing was not too bad. Cynthia asked me to stop by periodically to see her, and she will make a point to see me at the restaurant more often. Then a brief, fleeting thought shot through my brain; I imagine she will see a lot more of me in my new Boobies costume. Oh well, you can’t win them all, sometimes not any.

Janelle and I exited the bank; we had still three hours before I started work so a shopping trip would be in order. The mall was not too far away and within twenty minutes we were entering the mall. Earlier at the bank my feet and calves of my legs were aching, now they were sore but livable with, at least for now. There were not many stores we missed that afternoon, and I did find a dress or two that I simply couldn’t live without, a new mantra for me.

I know one day a male, the next a female that has lived her whole life as a member of the opposite sex picking out her new wardrobe. It did not feel awkward, choosing the clothes was fun, and I had no problem deciding what I would buy. I even picked out a few that I would come back and purchase, the time today limited as to what we could accomplish.

She dropped me back at the restaurant so that I could get my car, a necessity now that I am a woman, not to be out alone and definitely not at night alone. That thought added a little harsh reality to the fairy tale existence of the last couple of days. I went home and changed into one of my new outfits, a pair of pants that hugged what little curves I had and a blouse with lace inserts. Not a typical female going to work look, but what can I do.

I arrived back at the restaurant to get changed for my shift, only to find Lorrie there waiting for me. She had come to bring me a Boobies uniform so that I could try it on. She confided in me that they actually had three separate uniforms for their staff. One for the waitresses, one for the greeters, and another one for management. All employees of Boobies that deal with the public are female, and all wear a variation of the uniform.

She asked if I wanted to try it on, so I led her back to our dressing rooms. I used the girl’s dressing rooms since I now had the same body parts as they did. I removed the uniform from the carrier bag and instantly turned red, yes pretty much all over red. Let’s start out with the short skirt, very tight fitting and ending only inches below my new female anatomy. The stockings they used very sheer, the sheen on the stockings shining for all to see.

The item that set off the outfit is the corset that is worn under the skirt, it runs from the lower hip and ends around nipple level on the breasts. It looks lacey and delicate, but as Lorrie is fastening the busk on the front of the corset, it feels quite the opposite. Each corset is custom made for the wearer, this corset one of Lorrie’s old ones. No matter your waist size you have to wear a corset that takes off four to five inches off your waist. It makes the female figure stand out and be noticed, I am sure that is quite true. By the time she gets the laces tight, I am having a hard time getting a breath. Then she has the gall to tell me that it is still an inch and a half from meeting in the back. The tabs for holding the stockings came out from under the corset with the gathered lace making them quite showy.

Lorrie told me that the manager’s costume was the briefest one, especially in the breast area. My nipples were barely covered, essentially my breast just lying in the cup of the corset. For their other waitresses the cups were a little fuller on the corset, actually restrained a little in the cups of the corset. Their skirts were inches longer too, three inches longer to be exact.

The outfit, definitely sex personified, I was wearing it, and it was turning me on, that thought hard for a male to live with. However, none of the resulting actions could be seen due to my new vagina. Lorrie had me move around a little to get used to it, then pulled the shoes out for me to slip on. Five towering inches of heel tapering to a stiletto of less than a quarter of an inch. One strap across the instep and one around the ankle was all there was to hold the shoe on my foot. Lorrie did suggest that stockings and heels are put on first since with the corset on I would not be able to reach them.

Now in my full Boobies outfit, I looked in the mirror, my mouth opened but nothing came out. I was a sex goddess, with an up-do hairstyle and more dramatic makeup I am sure I could talk anybody into anything. But could I walk around putting myself on display like this? Then I remembered the conversation at the bank; I was according to Sharon going to be the manager of this location, no tips, maybe not as good a deal as I originally thought.

I stood in front of the mirror for quite a while as I tried to reconcile my new look. I now definitely fit into the Boobies image, wanton sex on towering heels. Lorrie is looking over my shoulder at my image, shaking her head. Her comment that I was one of the best looking Boobie’s girls she had seen. I am told that I should feel privileged since I was the manager I would be spared a lot of the black and blue souvenirs that came along with being a Boobie’s Girl.

I asked just what duties a manager in a Boobies have to perform. Lorrie giggled, mainly your job is to flirt a lot with the customers, occasionally checking to see if the girls are making their customers happy. If it gets real busy, you help new customers to a table, taking their original drink orders. From what Sharon has told me, you are already doing a lot of that here at the restaurant. On occasion, you might have to settle a dispute, or soothe an upset customer.

Believe me in that outfit; you will be able to influence any man into anything you want him to do. Since most or our customers are male, you will have no problem. Lorrie told me that Sharon has asked a couple of the girls here that are well schooled in the ways of flirtation to give you some lessons in the basics of flirting. Other than that training I am sure you can handle the rest with ease.

Then the girls started coming in for their shift. All of them acted the same. They came in, took one look at me then the OMG’s started. They checked out the details of the costume very carefully, making sure they didn’t miss anything. I was questioned if this was the same costume they had to wear, but Lorrie assured them that there’s was more modest since they had to deal with the customers, and with a costume like this there would be no drinks or food served due to the interest it would create.

The girls presumed that I had accepted the position with Boobies, thanking me for joining in. They all liked me tremendously and didn’t want to work without me by their side. I received many hugs and kisses, many of them much more than friendly gestures. They all wanted me to wear the uniform tonight for my shift, but I nixed that idea immediately.

Our regular costumes were bad enough, with me especially affected by their briefness and obvious sexiness. I am a male and shouldn’t be parading around dressed as a sexy Lolita, then reality sets in and I looked down at by breasts and lack of a bulge in my groin, maybe I am not. Then the realization that with my breasts, a dress or something feminine would be required since normal male clothes would not fit very well anymore. Too many observations that might come true, causing a pain to form in my head.

With me appropriately dressed I began another shift, seating customers and taking orders. The large crowd of people we usually get helping to keep my mind off of how I was dressed and acting. By now the heels were getting easier to handle but still ached. I got pinched four times that night, complaining to the girls when we were together in the back to pick up orders. The first time I had stared at my attacker, not knowing how to react to the pinch. Annette came over and pulled me aside, telling me to just ignore the customer, making a scene usually makes it worse. If he makes an attempt to do it again, just whisper in his ear that any more attempts will result in him being banned from the restaurant. The girls giggled telling me that I was leading the pack on number of affectionate caresses received on any given night. I told them they could step in anytime to regain their title.

The girls did give me pointers on flirting, innocent flirts that would ensure me a heftier tip. They also warned me that I was not to flirt with a man whose is accompanied by his wife since most females will react rather strongly to their boyfriend or husband being flirted with in public. I did try a couple of their suggestions on some groups of businessmen and was rewarded with a fifty and a forty dollar tip for serving their drinks and food.

Surprisingly the thing that I feared the most turned out to be a non-issue. While my voice is somewhat masculine sounding, it is not deep. Wearing the corset and the skimpy dress made me act different, more submissive and docile. I didn’t try and project with my voice, and I let it resonate in my upper throat instead of lower. The voice that emerged was softer, less volume and sounded quite feminine. My vocabulary changed too, I found myself using more the words that the girls used, and every minute it sounded more feminine.

By the end of the night, I finally got used to the jiggling of my breasts, a constant reminder of their existence and their refusal to stay still. As we were clearing off the last of the tables and setting them up for tomorrow’s lunch business, I noticed that I was still able to walk in the heels. I mentioned to one of the girls; she giggled a little too much suggesting that I get a pair of mules for around the house. I gave her a puzzled look, but she explained that my tendons in my legs were shortening from the constant wearing of heels, and soon I would not be able to walk without them. To do so would be inviting sharp and persistent pains in my calves.

I made it home, but still experiencing new things, like driving in heels, and then there are the long nails. Unfortunately, I was getting used to the heels, though after working a shift the pain reminded me that I had indeed worn them. When I slipped them off at the restaurant even for a short period and walked around barefoot, the pain had me quickly up on my toes to be more comfortable. The nails were alright at the restaurant, although I did forget them occasionally, and had the sharp pain of hitting something long before my actual finger got to the object.

Tonight on the car door, a prime example. After I had made it into the apartment, the first thing I did was recline on the couch. Working as I do on my feet for extended hours, it really feels good to sit down and relax. I had grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge before I sat, thus allowing me the pleasure to remove my heels for a while. There were definite disadvantages to living as a female, but for the second night, I had made over two-hundred dollars in tips. That figure is after being shared with the girl’s pool of tips. For that kind of money, I could learn to put up with a lot.

I had been formulating quite a few questions for Sharon about the new job, and I had decided tomorrow to confront her. I did remember the uniform and the way it accented my body; I tried to imagine myself actually working as a manager in that uniform. The thought that stuck in my mind most was the jiggling of my breasts when I tried to walk in it.

Imagine me, a guy’s most erotic and wettest dream in that costume trying to do a job as a manager of the establishment. Way too much thought for a late night, I picked up my shoes, made my way to the bedroom on my tiptoes, and got ready for bed. I used the oversized T-shirt again, got to find some time to do some female shopping, a sex goddess wearing male clothes, can’t have that.

After the last two days of activity, I decided to sleep in late. That lasted till almost noon when the dulcet tones of my cell phone interrupted a wonderful dream, at least, I think it was a wonderful dream. It was Janelle; Sharon is with her, and they wanted to see if I had come to a decision yet about the job.

I had told Janelle that I would try it, but she was apparently allowing me to handle Sharon the way I wanted. I told them I would be in as soon as I could put myself together, Janelle giggling at my response. She would have the chef fix us something special.

I hung up and started dressing; it had to be the few clothes that I had picked up at the mall yesterday since I have no male clothes that would fit over my protrusions. The outfit turned out to be a dark blue mini skirt, with an ecru lace blouse. Hair in a ponytail and lipstick and mascara was all I could handle today. Long hours would be needed to learn the new procedures and lessons necessary to portray my apparent new gender properly.

I arrived at the restaurant and made my way to their table. As I came in Janelle had waved me over and gave me a hug as I walked up. Ditto for Sharon, a much friendlier hug than the first time I met her. She spent several minutes taking in my appearance since she had not seen me yet decked out as a female. I am sure that a photo from the salon had found its way to one of her emails, but actually seeing me in person; this is her first opportunity.

She praised my looks, her initial thoughts on how I would look exceeded by my appearance. She mentioned that Janelle had told her of my working two shifts as a female, but she wanted to hear from me if there were any difficulties or troubles. “Not one single problem other than sore feet and legs, in fact, I am seriously thinking of looking for a suitable male, possibly even marriage, and settling down with some children.” Janelle was drinking some wine and in a very unladylike manner managed to spew it all over the table.

Annette is working this morning, walking up to the table with towels to clean it up. She is giggling as she wipes up the mess, and then with a straight face I need to introduce you to my brother, he likes his females busty and tall. Now everybody at the table is laughing and giggling. It eventually calmed down some, Sharon asking if I have decided to take the job. I told her I have some questions first; then I will let her know.

My first question being what exactly is my pay and duties as a Boobies manager. Smiling, she purposely told me my duties first. Your main duty is to represent the parent company in any action with the public. This includes seating people when it gets crowded, settling disputes, and making sure that the level of service is always at the max. Your duties obviously include scheduling, hiring, and performance reviews of your employees.

Also teaching what you do here to the others. If you are caught up, help your fellow waitress with hers. When opening or closing, a job shared by all goes much faster and is not as much work. Working together instead of separately, what you have accomplished here already.

In any interactions with the community you are our representative, which means attending charity functions, Chamber of Commerce meetings, anywhere our name needs to be connected with for business. In this town, Boobies means you, not a distant corporate entity. We sponsor many events both for adults and children, and you would be our go to person for local events.

Finally, we want our customers to feel good about visiting us. Yes, we know we push the sexy part but when you visit one of our other locations you will find a lot of wife’s out with their husbands, enjoying the meal and the ambiance of the place. Something for their husbands to look at, but knowing that the waitresses and manager also participate in all local functions for the community. A big family in a way. As in all our businesses we push the nice to look at, but there is no sex allowed in any form or thought anywhere in or around the clubs or restaurants.

We will see to it that you have appropriate clothing for all your interactions with our customers whether you are visiting the children’s ward of the local hospital or the New Year’s bash at the local country club.

I think you will find that the job is not the forty or fifty hour job that most envision. We want you to work the number of hours necessary to do your job competently. If your local Boobies excels more than we anticipate due to your efforts, you will be rewarded without having to ask.

“Now as to your compensation, since I have told you a few of the duties, what do you think an appropriate salary would be for you?”

I had to pause, thinking about this; it is a leading question that might pin me down to a lower salary if I don’t speak up in a positive manner. If I ask for fifty thousand and they were planning on offering me a hundred thousand. I turned the question around.

“You have seen me work a shift, and what I do, now you tell me how much that is worth to you,” Sharon smiles a thousand watt smile, telling me that she will so enjoy working with me. She removes a piece of paper and pushes it over to me. It has Jessica’s salary and perks written on the top. By the second line, my mouth is wide open, and a couple of tears slide down my cheek. After I have looked it over, Janelle asks if she might look at it. I slide the sheet over to her and the first word out of her mouth is OMG, several more expressed before she got to the bottom of the paper.

I set there quietly contemplating their offer; anybody would have to be nuts to refuse an offer like this. I was at a loss for words, first my transformation to a female, then this. That any company would offer me this type of salary is absurd.

Sharon is still smiling, as she patiently waits for a reply. I figured she had guessed right, that I will take the offer, another Boobie’s recruit. I ask her for a few moments that I need to get some fresh air. It is all good, but such a departure from anything I have done in the past. This is not a costume party, this is living the life of a female 24/7 for the future.

I walk out of the office and out of the front door of the restaurant. Right across from the restaurant is a small city park, so I head over there. I have often used the park to reattach myself to life, it is quiet and peaceful, a really nice place to connect with nature.

I find a seat on a set of swings, push off and swing back and forth. I am lost in thought and do not hear Annette come up. She clears her throat, not wanting to startle me. She has that coy little smile on her face but asks if I am alright. I nod my head, then look up at her. She finds the swing next to me and starts swinging along with me.

Silence permeates the air for quite some time; then she asks if I am aware of how much the girls look up to me. I look over at her, trying to see if she is serious. She giggles, but states that all of them look up to me, you are like a mother to all of us. When we get behind you, pitch in, when you are done setting up for tomorrow you instead come and help us. When we complain about our boyfriends you listen, never making judgments, but hinting that maybe we deserve better than we have.

Several have pushed the boundaries of your graciousness by calling in sick, when they are not. You never complain. Instead, you cover for us never mentioning to any of us that you knew the truth. When you don’t say anything to the perpetrator, the rest of us do. We let them have both barrels, how can they abuse such a person that has been so good to them.

We had a meeting a couple of days ago, just us waitresses and you were discussed in depth. Janelle set in on it although she never said a word during the entire meeting. We all love you, as a Mother, sister, and a few as a big brother. Of course, the ones that loved you as a big brother have changed that to now to an older sister. We will do anything in our power to get you to take the job at Boobies. You are a natural, so confident and assured even as a female. But the big thing to us is that you are a friend, a close relative, whatever, but you are genuine, and we want to be a part of your life for as long as you will tolerate us.

Please allow us to share in your adventures, and we all promise to be good and do a lot better at our jobs, so you don’t have to help so much. She got off the swing and handed me a card, a simple heart on the front with every one of my girl’s signatures on the inside. Most prefixed with the words I love you, Mom. She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left to return to the restaurant. As she was leaving, she giggled don’t stay out too late and get a cold Mom.

With that kind of pressure, I had no chance of refusing the job. In a way I am looking forward to it, something new and exciting even if I am portraying a female to experience the life. I gather myself a little, and return to the restaurant, making a stop in the ladies room to check my makeup. Can you imagine, two days as a female and the first thing I need to do is to check my makeup. With a fresh coat of lipstick, I return to Sharon and Janelle. I sit at the table and lean in to tell Sharon that I will take the job. I just hope you are not disappointed.

I look over at Janelle and ask if she had sent Annette out to persuade me to take the deal. Janelle told me no, the girls love you so much; you mean the world to them, and they knew you were fighting the decision to take the job. After their little meeting yesterday, they came up with their own plan but supporting you in whatever decision you might make.

Of course, they hoped you would take the job; they want to work with you in the new restaurant, all of them wanting to see you in your Boobie’s uniform. I showed Janelle the card, with Sharon looking over her shoulder. Sharon smiled, that is why we picked you for our manager. You obviously connect with people at all levels, even Lorrie shared that fact with us. The stylists at the salon, already your friends, anxious for you to spread your wings.

Back to business, Sharon suggested that I spend a couple of days at the nearest Boobie’s working the floor, getting a grasp of what happens and learning the procedures. She will make the arrangements, tell the manager that you are coming, and make some hotel reservations for you.

“I asked how I will get there, did she want me to drive?” She thought that would be best, but told me to go with Janelle to arrange my transportation. I gathered my purse and Janelle led the way, out to her car and then out towards the bypass around town. The blonde roots are showing as during the trip I never put two and two together. Several times I tried to ask Janelle where we are going, but she said nothing. I presumed she was not going to and remained silent. We pulled into a car dealership, and then around to the side of the salesroom. Janelle got out, came over to my side of the car and extracted me from my seat. She turned me around and then jingled a set of car keys in front of my face.

It took me a minute or two to figure out what is going on, never expecting to get a car as part of the deal. As I looked at the car in front of me, I blushed red all the way down to my toes. A white Trans Am convertible with pink leather seats was the object of my attention. Janelle opened the door and suggested it might be wise to sit in the car since if I had any intention of using the car, being in the car is always the first priority.

I eased down into the seat, the seat fitting my body perfectly and grabbed the steering wheel. Mainly because I was about to bust with excitement. She took the keys she had been dangling in front of me, inserted them into the ignition and started the car. The deep throaty roar of the engine sent small vibrations through the car. It took me quite a while to have the presence of mind to be able to drive home. Janelle followed me home; I don’t think she trusted my ability to find where I lived at on my own. If she knew how excited I am, she wouldn’t have let me drive. I did make it home, and the thrill of driving the car only intensified as I drove it.

When Annette referred to me as their Mom, I was a little miffed. I am not that much older than them, and with this body, I looked quite a bit younger than I am. But now sitting in this car, with the motor purring in that deep throaty noise that muscle cars make, I might just accept that I am their surrogate Mom. I pictured myself in the Boobie’s uniform, driving to work and the looks that I might gather on any given afternoon or evening. Yeah, I am going to be a Boobie’s girl, and I am going to enjoy it, maybe even be a Mom, at least, part-time.

Sharon called me early the next day, having set up my training at the nearest restaurant. Not all of their clubs are restaurants. The basic one’s offers some appetizers, all of them offer different types of drinks and quite a list of pastries and desserts. The one that I am going to spend a few days at is a full-service restaurant, serving thirty different entrees, plus the basic items that the others offer.

Sharon told me one day as a waitress, one day as a greeter and the nest three days as the manager of the location. That seemed like a steep learning curve, and I brought that up in conversation. Sharon told me she will check up on me through the week, but she has confidence in me that I will excel. She told me to stop by the salon and get what is needed to assure your presentation, then head over to my temporary home for a week. She has made reservations at the Hilton for me, and my uniforms are at the restaurant. There will be an envelope for me when I arrive at the restaurant, with a credit card, plus five hundred dollars cash for expenses enclosed.

I went to the salon, had them check me out and give me a couple more makeup lessons. I thought I could handle the hair, it would take me longer, but I think I can make myself presentable. They did make one major correction on my equipment. The false vagina they had first put on had a cute patch of pubic hair. The skirt on the manager’s uniform so short that glimpses of my panties might be seen from time to time, so a new vagina is installed on my body, just two lips and a slit, the rest smooth and barren. All prettied up I made my way out of the salon, a new experience awaits.

Then I drove the hundred and sixty miles to the restaurant. Oh, did I mention that driving that car is so awesome? The car alone almost worth the hassle of maintaining my new identity. When I later checked the contract that I signed, the car is the fourth line on the form, under benefits. Like I said those blonde roots keep popping up.

It is still early, so I decided to check in at the restaurant and see what the setup is. I am seated for dinner, a table for one, thinking I might find more out more if I keep my identity secret for a while longer. Surprisingly I am not the only single female eating here. The service is excellent, the food quite adequate. Personally, I think our cooks are far superior, but I am prejudiced. My server is very personable, starting conversations with me on several occasions. I noticed the other girls are very good but not as friendly with each other as my group.

I had finished and asked for the check. Jenna, my server smiled at me and told me food for company employees is free with the job. I smiled back, asking how she knew. Sharon had called earlier and told them I might try this and to be prepared for it. She asked if I would like to speak to their manager, I nodded, and she took me back to the office. Mary Ann is quite attractive, and of course, her uniform leaves nothing to the imagination.

She greeted me, and we set to talk. She asked if I found out anything, I blushed a little, at being caught, but told her everything I experienced is fantastic. We talked a little about their customers and about the other girls. She has a pretty good group, a couple of new ones that just finished training, but she thought they would come around when that got a little more experience.

She asked if I would work the lunch shift tomorrow, their lunch business is pretty good; sometimes the girls are put to the test before their shifts are over. I mentioned that she was finding out if I could handle the heat, huh, but she just smiled, no I am putting my best waitresses on the floor so that I don’t lose any business. She gave me the envelope that Sharon had arranged for and my uniforms. I had three of each, mine to keep in case I might need to fill in at a later date for one of my girls. Before I asked, she told me she quite often worked a shift as a waitress if it is needed.

She had a society dance coming up Friday night and had two large meeting rooms booked for the same evening. Since she is the President of one of the groups booking the room she asked me to fill in for her at the dance. I had my reservations, but she didn’t so I ended up volunteering for the shindig.

We talked a little about her involvement in the community, she is President of two of the groups, a board member of two local charities, and involved in twelve other groups in the community. She is a member of the PTA, although she has no children and just finished a term as their President. Her local restaurant sponsors fifteen athletic teams in the area with her or one or more of the girls attending every game. Their girls’ softball team won the State championship last year.

She reminded me that they open at ten thirty, and most of the girls are here by nine to set up. I told her that I will see her in the morning, and we exchanged hugs. I drove to the hotel and checked in, then took a long shower to unwind and get my thoughts together. Sleep came fast and the alarm disturbing my peaceful dream is hit rather hard to shut it up. I put myself together, surprising myself with how good I looked. I dressed in the uniform and drove to the restaurant. Even though the waitress uniform is more modest, I still wore a coat over the uniform for the drive to work; the coat helped me feel less exposed. Several of the girls arrived at the same time, commenting on my car.

We walked in together; I put my purse in the manager’s office, and I started right to work. Stephanie is assigning tables today, and I noticed that I got the prime tables. I know I am being tested to see if I am as good as they claim. Within a half hour, I had my tables set up and started helping the other girls. On more than one occasion, their mouths are open in amazement at my actions. Soon two of the other girls are pitching in and by ten o’clock we had all of the tables set up.

At ten-twenty Mary Ann came in, noticing the tables and Stephanie just looked at me and nodded. They indeed had a very healthy lunch business. By eleven, all of the tables were filled with a line at the door. After I had got used to how they handle things, my part of it went smoothly. On several occasions, I helped the other girls when they got behind. I took out food orders and refilled the customer’s drinks up, as a way to get them caught up.

It was three before it slacked up, and as the girls were finishing their customers, I started bussing tables. As I cleaned one of mine, I helped them with one of theirs as I am heading back to the kitchen. By four, we had everything spic and span, ready for the evening shift. Several of the girls saw what I was doing; they pitched in, glad to have help. Back in the dressing room I am thanked profusely, never had they helped one another, and this is the earliest they had finished in over two years. After the girls had counted their tips, I was hugged and kissed repeatedly, they had more in tips than usual, all leaving but quite happy.

Mary Ann caught me at the door, asking if she could see me for a minute. First, she wanted to compliment me; she has never had a waitress that handled her first day as easy as I had. She told me that she might make me leave early since I had already recruited all of her girls to my team. I kept my head down; this is just what I do, I am not trying to make inroads just get the job done with the least effort. She had already called Sharon and told her that if Jessica stayed the whole week, she would have to find another Boobies for her to manage.

She got serious and thanked me for all that I had done. The girls got the idea from just watching you, the same idea that I have been trying to convey to them for months. As she saw them leave tonight they are happy, not an everyday occurrence with the level of business that we sometimes have. I told her that I enjoyed the shift, she has got a good crew; they just need to get together to make it even better.

She asked if I wanted to work the next day as a greeter, I told her whatever she wanted me to do I will comply. She then suggested that I take over tomorrow as the manager, everything but the office duties. Fill in where you want to, but handle the restaurant as if it is yours. I looked at her face to face and asked if she is sure. She smiled you have such natural instincts; you will do well in anything you tackle. As I am leaving she said to be sure to wear the manager’s uniform, she for one would like to see me in it. I am sure that a lot of people would like to see me in it. All of me in it.

I thought all of this through as I drove back to the hotel. If I were back home a trip to the park would be necessary. In the room, I took a shower making sure all of my parts that would be on display tomorrow were properly photogenic. I laid the next to nothing uniform over the chair ready for tomorrow morning. It seemed that sleep overcame me before I laid down, the stress of what I had to do tomorrow making me tired and edgy.

I laid in bed the next morning, staring at the ceiling waiting for the alarm to go off. It finally managed to respond in its irritating way, and I promptly hit it. That act of frustration felt good, but the shower felt better. The uniform requires a lot of patience, lacing up your own corset, not the easiest. I got it as far as I could, then decided to get one of the girls to help me finish the tightening of the corset. I noticed several of the girls did the same thing yesterday. I used the coat from yesterday to wear over it, this uniform requiring it more than the other. I had purchased the coat before I came here to work a few days ago, the lack of a sexy body showing, quite a relief, as I made my way to and from work.

Makeup and hair took a little longer since I am trying for a little more impressive look. I grabbed my purse and coat and left. The drive is uneventful, but the dread of working the shift as a manager still weighing on my mind. I entered the restaurant, the second one there, and looked around to make sure there is nothing that had been left undone.

Stephanie is handling assigning areas and employee scheduling. Luckily everybody shows up, although I did ask her what happens if one didn’t. In most cases the other girls split the tables that don’t have coverage, but it makes for a long and tiring day. She compliments me on my uniform, but also thanks me for what I did yesterday. The girls are very appreciative and got the hints; I think you will be quite surprised today at their change in attitude.

I swear Mary Ann has fortune telling abilities since we were swamped from the time the doors were opened by me. I quickly went to the back where the girls were getting their first customer’s drinks, telling them to stay calm, think before you do something and good luck. I pitched in helping get their drink orders, but I also took the time to talk to the customers finding out if this was their first visit and if they are enjoying their meal. The time seemed to fly; I was just as busy as the girls filling in wherever I could, to help. I made a point to help at the cashier’s while the gal assigned there was helping the girls.

I did notice the eyes of quite a few of the male customers lingered on my breasts, but after a while, I forgot that I am in front of people wearing only minimal clothing. Even a few ladies complimented me on my appearance, telling me that they would send their husbands to view the new manager at Boobies. I did inform them it is only temporary. Mary Ann is still their regular manager. By three, we had got everybody served and out of there. The cleanup almost done and the girls nearly had the setup for the next shift completed. Mary Ann came waltzing in, smiling at everything she saw and hugged me. The hug was a little more intense than just a regular hug, and she held me longer than customary.

I followed her to her office but found her staring at her desk. I had slipped in for a minute and organized her piles of paper on her desk, writing a note on the top of each pile. If it concerned something she might want added I added it up, leaving the adding machine tape on top. There were several notes from the girls, asking for time off, and I had them in order of date wanted off.

She looked at me and then attacked me; “I can’t believe how organized you are.” I was hugged several times more; “I hope you don’t mind me helping, I needed a few minutes to myself, and this is what I found to do. I hope you aren’t mad at me.”

The next day didn’t turn out as well as this day did. Several girls had partied last night and got sick from what they ate. Two were home sick, and one girl is in the hospital for a couple of days as they had to pump her stomach. Stephanie was able to get one of the evening girls to help at lunch, so we ended up only two short. I just hoped that the crowd is less than yesterday. Well, sometimes your wishes are not granted.

“Stephanie give me the tables that do not have coverage and you help with drinks and cashiering.” The crowd luckily did not come all at once, but within thirty minutes of opening, we were jammed. We were so busy, I never even had a chance to use the ladies room. I did spend as much time as possible talking with the customers, both mine and some of the other girls. The workload came in spurts, one minute busy, the next slacked off some. We did manage to get through it all, but there were some tired girls when they left that afternoon. Mary Ann came in as usual right before shift change, but after taking a cash register reading wanted to see me in her office.

She verified that I was three girls short, I told her we got an evening girl to come in to help, so only two girls short. She asked who covered the tables of the two girls. I sheepishly looked down and in a whisper told her that I did. She was amazed but then dialed a number on her phone. It turned out to be Sharon’s number, and she put her on speaker phone. Before Mary Ann could say anything, Sharon congratulated her on the biggest lunch business in the chain.

“You have to thank Jessica, she was here and handled it, also with two girls short.” It was suddenly quiet on Sharon’s end; then she said she would be down tomorrow to visit. She congratulated both myself and Mary Ann on the feat, then hung up. I was expecting something more; I am not sure what or if anything more is necessary. Mary Ann let it drop, and asked me to work the lunch shift again tomorrow, and then the next day I had the ball.

She told me where to shop tomorrow to find a dress, and who to talk to when I got there. Pam would know what would be appropriate for the ball, and find me the accessories needed. She told me that I would be a presenter that night and would need to say a few words, after giving out the award, actually a scholarship for a female high school graduate that excelled in what the company stood for. Essentially community involvement at all levels.

She handed me an info sheet of what the young female has done in her four years of high school; she did exemplify what Boobie’s stood for, her actions and grades just part of it. I noticed that she was from a low-income family, one reason that the scholarship meant so much to her. The info sheet had her phone number, and I asked Mary Ann if I could use her phone. I got the girls’ mom on the phone, “Does Ari have something nice to wear to the affair tomorrow night.”

She hemmed and hawed, I figured as much and asked if I could take her dress shopping tomorrow after school. She didn’t say yes, but I thought I caught a couple of sobs mixed in the conversation. I told her that I would pick her up at school, tell her to look for the white Trans Am with the pink leather seats. Her mother told me, “Ari always wears her hair in a ponytail with lavender ribbons to secure it.” I was given directions to the school and what time Ari got out. I thanked her for having a wonderful daughter and told her I would see her tomorrow.

When I hung up Mary Ann was shaking her head. “You continue to amaze me; nothing seems to faze you, but the clincher is you are the most caring individual I have ever met. It all comes together so naturally, I for one am thrilled that I got to meet you and share some time with you.”

Lunch was busy again, Stephanie managed to get someone to cover for the girl in the hospital, the other two girls were able to return to work, and so, at least, I had a full complement of girls. I talked as much to the customers as possible, taking a pitcher of tea with me, talking to the customer’s and filling glasses. I did notice that there were several single female customers, even though the concept is mainly aimed at males.

I should bring up the fact that we do not serve alcoholic beverages in any of the restaurants. At first, when the chain was launched they served beer. The accompanying trouble that surfaced soon caused them to stop selling alcohol. Instead, we served a variety of expensive coffees and several different types of teas. Of course, soda pop in its infinite different brands also is served.

We were done early for once, and I managed to get changed and at the high school in time to pick Ari up. She is a little shy at first, but after we had talked a bit, she opened up to me. We arrived at a dress shop on the other side of town and went in. Pam is the manager and seemed to pick me out right away. I found out she had dined at the restaurant yesterday, just not one of my tables. She complimented me on my body, I blushed the red quickly spreading. “Are you a Boobie’s girl?” That question surprisingly from Ari. I blushed more than nodded my head. Now she is hanging on my arm like I am her sister, as Pam shows us some of the selections she has picked out for us.

I notice Ari, looking at the price tags, and then picking ones that are cheaper. I watched closely what dress held her attention the most then grabbed it and told her to try it on. She is reluctant, so I drag her back to the dressing rooms and tell her to take off her clothes, and put on the dress. I stand outside the booth and wait for her to come out. She sneaks out, telling me that the dress is too expensive. I look at her, then smile she looks radiant in that dress. I tell her to change back and then help me find something equally glamorous.

We look for another thirty minutes then she walks up holding an LBD that is ankle length. It looks small, but I agree to try it on. Ari seems to favor it, and I am trying to build up her self-esteem. I come out to the mirrors to look at the dress; it fits alright, maybe too well. I swear you could see an M&M under the dress and be able to tell what it is. I only could get the zipper up so far, but Ari managed to get it all the way up after I had inhaled.

She wants me to get it; it does fit my supposed image as a Boobie’s girl, it’s just that I won’t be able to eat anything till after the ball if I expect to be able to fit in the dress. Pam had found us matching shoes and purses; Ari’s with a three-inch heel and mine with a five-inch heel. Pam was all smiles as she handed them to me, maybe a little-wicked streak hiding behind that face. I decided to go all out and paid for everything.

On the way back home Ari is thankful but wants to know why I bought the dress for her. She thinks it costs too much, and she knows her family can’t afford even the shoes for the dress. I pull over into a neighborhood shopping center, park the car and tell her I think otherwise. She practices what our company stands for every day, and I think she should be shown some reward for her efforts.

Now that is handled, do you have underwear suitable for such a dress, and do you need makeup? I can’t have someone on the stage with me that does not exemplify beauty and femininity personified. She giggles but gives me the biggest hug. I notice that there are some tears in her eyes, but she so deserves to be pampered a little. She thinks that she will be able to handle the rest, but thanked me for asking.

One of the things in her file is that she rode her bike to a hospital four miles away and visited the children’s ward every Saturday that she can. A kid like that deserves a lot, more than I can furnish. I drop her off at home, and the expression on her Mom’s face as Ari shows her the dress is priceless. I chat with her Mom a bit, trying to find out how things are in the family.

Her mom just recently lost her job when the company she worked for closed its doors after fifteen years in business. I asked her what she did for a living, found out she worked in a commercial food preparation business. I asked her to come interview tomorrow at the restaurant, no promises, but at least, try it for me. She almost squeezed the crap out of me, with tears running down both cheeks. I wiped her face with my hand and told her she did a super job with Ari; she should be proud.

“I will see you tomorrow and pick up Ari at seven P.M.” She has three other kids so she couldn’t see Ari getting the award, but I told her I would get her pictures. “Be at the restaurant between nine and ten in the morning, and I will introduce you to Mary Ann.”

That evening I reflected on the day’s activities, the look on Ari’s face when I purchased the dress for her worth more than I could put a value on. Then her mother, I saw her house, not the worst I have seen, but far from normal, yet her attitude and her kids, genuine and proud. What Ari does of her own accord to pay back for what she might have gained, so much more than the majority of people these days.

Ari’s mom showed up at nine, dressed smartly in apparently her church clothes. Her Mom’s name is Maria, and I could tell she is nervous to the nth degree. I take her hand and lead her to Mary Ann’s office and introduce her. I let them talk, sitting in a chair quite a ways away from the desk. After the initial nervousness Maria tells Mary Ann what she used to do, a lot of the recipes she used at her old job were ones that she had developed or changed to suit their clientele. In other words, she headed up their kitchens.

I could tell Mary Ann liked her, and soon she was being led off to talk to their chef, Jose. I thought that would go well because he was also of Spanish descent. Mary Ann came back to the office and handed me a bunch of forms and told me to get her signed up as an employee. The outfit that Maria had worked for one of the best in the area, only mismanagement causing their demise. She thanked me for bringing her in, but Jose, her chef, will probably kiss you for your thoughtfulness.

I took the forms and got Maria signed up, getting with Jose to see when he wanted her to start. I did receive that kiss; he is very thankful for my actions. I gave Maria her schedule, then drove her home since she had ridden the bus over here this morning. She assured me that her cousin could bring her every day since she works down the street a couple of blocks.

Mary Ann convinced me to use the Turnabout Gurl Salon for getting ready for the ball; Sharon had already told them that I would be by today. I asked if Sharon is here in town yet, she told me that she is and would meet me at the salon. As I got ready to leave she asked if Ari liked her dress, I stared at her and asked how did you find out. Mary Ann smiled and asked if Pam bears any resemblance to someone I know. Then it hit me; Sharon must be her sister. Mary Ann nodded and told me that Sharon is pissed at me, paying for Ari’s dress with my credit card and not the company card. I smiled back, then received the biggest hug from Mary Ann. “I feel so privileged to have met you, and I hope we can be BFF forever.”

I made my way to the salon, and as soon as I told them who I am, several technicians came to lead me away. In a private room, they helped me remove my clothes and checked me over as to what needed to be done. I had no say in the decisions they talked among themselves and went to get the things they needed. My nail polish removed and a new color put on after checking for the color of my dress. My hair washed and conditioned, then set in curlers and a dryer turned on.

Several were working on underwear choices, then I managed to look towards my side and saw my dress hanging there. I thought it was going to be delivered to my hotel room, but apparently that is not to be. I couldn’t get out from under the dryer, but felt I needed to since my hose and panties are being pulled down my legs. Finally, I just relaxed and let them do their thing.

With all that help, there is no way that I would be allowed to leave until I was at my best. The hair is taken from the curlers, ending up as an up-do with large curls pinned on top of my head. New makeup, more dramatic than daytime looks is added and then the undergarments necessary to make the dress look its best on my body. The limo driver appeared a little later, a gorgeous female dressed in a low-cut LBD.

She introduced herself; she would drive me there, then go with me to the actual ball. She had all three of our tickets, and would act as my companion, a bodyguard, and a P.A. if needed. I was impressed by this gesture and wondered who is responsible. She later told me Sharon is the person responsible for her being there.

We left soon after that, the short drive to the place where the ball is being held pretty much in silence. We did stop and pick up Ari, from her wide-eyed look she was in heaven at being singled out for something, she looked beautiful in her dress, and it made her more confident. Julie left Ari and me at the door and went to park the limo, several minutes later we entered and signed in at the registration desk. As we entered the ballroom the sea of people, there is awesome. We made our way to the refreshment area, all of us choosing soft drinks. My companion sipped our drinks before handing Ari and me one. She smiled asking us not to accept any drink that we had not seen poured into the glass ourselves, no exceptions.

A couple of ladies that looked familiar came up to us and introduced themselves. It turned out that I had waited on them earlier in the week at the restaurant. They latched on to both of us, and we were soon introduced to a majority of the occupants of the ballroom. Along with being introduced most were made aware of my new position with the company I worked for. The ones that had seen me in my outfit were complimentary of my appearance, the males particularly fond of it. I mingled and talked to as many people as possible, not about me, but what they do, their family, their work, and their friends. I learned a lot as I listened to all that was shared with me.

Julie my companion was adept at participating and asked just as many questions as myself. Ari was wide eyed as she stayed close but listened to the conversations. I got a chance to introduce her several times that evening, the ladies that met her complimenting her on her attire and her actions as a young female.

The presentations was soon after the dinner, the food not that good, typical convention fare. As the different awards were being handed out, a female came and got Ari and me for the next presentation. Ari stood off to the side of the stage waiting for me to introduce her. I took full advantage of the place, and time to portray Ari as the young caring female she actually is. When I called her out she was blushing bright red, but I hugged her, then gave her the award. She whispered in my ear that I shouldn’t make it sound so important, but I ignored her. I made sure some pictures were taken so I could show them to her Mom.

Julie took Ari home after the presentations, with Sharon joining me as we walked around striking up conversations with interested parties. Sharon let me know that after the ball things will be discussed in my hotel room about inappropriate behavior on my part. I smiled telling her that I will be a good Mom from now on. She giggled a little too loud causing several to look our way. An hour later Julie returned, telling me that her Mom was ecstatic about the award and the few pictures we could send home with her tonight.

Julie was once again around us both in the remaining hours of the ball. Never far from either of our sides. Once during the evening, a waiter with two glasses approached and offered them to us. I knew from her look that she is suspicious and excused herself to follow the waiter after we refused the drinks. She returned a little while later, minus the waiter, and asked me to accompany her to the ladies room. We entered then found a quiet corner where we could talk. The drinks were spiked, the waiter, when questioned, told the police who hired him, and then was carted off to jail.

It seems one of the males here at the ball is particularly interested in getting you drunk or drugged. I think it probably one that has visited your restaurant and seen you in costume and wants a more personal experience with you. I am going to lay back a little, talk and mingle and let’s see what happens. I swallowed hard, “what do I do?”

“Just talk and socialize and we will see what develops, I am close by, and nothing will prevent me from keeping you safe.”

We returned to the floor and by now the dancing had started in earnest. Of course, I was asked to dance many times over the course of the evening. I tried to be selective, but soon there were too many interested in a dance to keep track of. The feeling of being led around the dance floor, a lovely feeling for a woman. Tonight I felt like that lovely woman as I was swirled and twirled to many different songs. There were several slow dances, the feeling that I should lay my head on my partner’s shoulder hard to resist. I did manage though in the end to keep my head off a welcoming shoulder, although I so wanted to have that feeling, to be cared for to be protected.

The next to the last dance, a male that I recognized from the restaurant, one that I had cautioned for his inappropriate actions to one of the waitresses asked for this dance. I looked for Julie but didn’t see her anywhere. There were lots of people about, so I felt safe in accepting the dance. He swirled me around the dance floor and soon I found us close to one of the patio doors leading outside. He attempted to kiss me on the lips, and I kneed him in the groin, then shoved him back toward the door. He recovered fast and soon I felt him putting something around one of my wrists.

That is all there was to the action as Julie appeared and quickly subdued him using a plastic tie to secure his hands behind his back. Several of the security staff carried him to an office outside the main entrance, and the police were called. After the police arrived they searched him and the handcuff around my one wrist is removed. We both gave statements, and we were allowed to leave.

I waited outside while Julie got the car, although I was never more than a few feet from the doorman outside the door. As soon as Julie pulled up I got in, front seat please, and we headed back to the hotel. When we got there, Julie escorted me to my room, then left. Shortly after that, there was a knock on the door, I used the peephole to see who it was and saw Sharon there still in her ball gown. I opened the door inviting her in and gave her a big hug. She stepped back a little, and I blushed red.

I apologized to her for being so forward, but she held me in her arms and steered me to a love seat in the room. She sat me down, then asked about my evening. She had heard about the waiter and the male that hired him. “Unfortunately, that will be a part of this job from now on. When you get older like me, the male fascination with your body fails, and you are less likely to be in danger. Since we offer a tantalizing view of the female body, a lot of males think that the body should be theirs to have fun with. That is the reason for Julie tonight and any night when you have to present yourself out in public.”

“Now as for the soft and caring hug, I got as I entered don’t you ever apologize for that. That also brings up the subject of you paying for a certain young ladies dress for tonight. Never again on your credit card, she deserves the dress and more. That should be our company’s responsibility. You should cut up your personal credit cards, and use an Am Ex card with an unlimited spending limit that she then gave me. Whether it is for you or for something company-related you will use this card or you can expect being put over my knee and receive the spanking you deserve.”

I giggled at her, “Yes, Mother.”

She informed me that the company will keep an eye on Ari and if she doesn’t receive enough financial aid to attend a college that we will see to it she does. “Now, on to your new job, the restaurant has been redecorated, the kitchen equipment updated and replaced. The girls got a two-day training in new procedures. Incidentally, they miss you, and can’t wait for your return.”

“Now, let’s get down to your record here. I have never been so appalled by one of my manager’s training. You set such an example for any future manager trainee’s efforts that I doubt any could live up to. The present manager here is unsure of her future since you landed on your feet running and excelled in everything you did. The feedback from some of your customers to corporate is even getting me in trouble. I had to explain to our CEO about you and why we hired you, your natural ability to lead, and your down to earth attitudes. Now I am expected to hire only candidates that match your abilities.”

“Even Ari’s Mom called corporate wanting to speak to the CEO of the company. She had nothing but praise for what you did for her and her family. She considers you now a part of the family and you are invited anytime you wish to all family functions. Like I said I am appalled at your behavior, but pray to the goddess every night that I might be able to find a couple more like you. You need to get back to your restaurant by Sunday; your Grand Reopening is a week from next Wednesday, and I am sure with your reputation you can expect every member of corporate at your opening.”

I told Sharon that part of my job, as I see it, is to identify employees who have talent and only need the orientation and coaching to achieve levels of performance satisfactory to the company, then to see that they get it, and the encouragement needed to use their minds and hearts. Sharon replied, “God, now you are after my job” I offered that Annette should be one the first to step up and show her talents. “Why are you telling me all of this, you are the manager, just do your job, if it needs to be done do it.”

Sharon also asked me to see Mary Ann before I leave, to assure her that you don’t want her job. “She has brought it up more than once with me. She has confided in Sharon that she will have to work extra hard to offset your memories with her customers, but she also has said she loves you as her BFF. Sharon told me to unwind and relax and go see what Janelle has accomplished with the boutique, and I am not to set foot in the restaurant until Sunday. Do I make myself clear young lady?”

I smiled, “Yes, Mother.”

I got a big motherly hug, and she was out the door. She had told me she had a late flight out tonight, having to be elsewhere by tomorrow morning. I removed my clothes and slept in my panties and a bra, drifting off to sleep with all of the memories of the last few days playing through my head. The alarm made its presence known; it can be thankful that it was on a nightstand on the other side of the bed, or I may have had to pay to replace it.

I dressed comfortably, then ate a small breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Then I went over to the restaurant to say goodbye to Mary Ann. As I walked in and made my way to her office a lot of the girls greeted me, thanking me for the help and being a friend. I told them to behave, or I would have to come back and straighten them out. I poked my head into Mary Ann’s office to say goodbye. She got up from her desk and approached me. I got a long lingering hug from her; I could see a few tears streaking down her face. She told me to be good and remember her when I was an executive with the company. I giggled and replied, “If that happens, and it probably won’t, I will never forget you.”

I walked to my car, now a few of my tears making their way down my cheeks. I drove back home, thinking about stopping and see what they have done to the restaurant, but remembered my promise to Sharon. I ended up at Janelle’s new boutique, surprised at how much she had accomplished. The side walls are all mirrored, the front display areas set up, and vanities and a king sized canopy bed already in the backroom. She was proud of what she got accomplished, then showed me box after box of new clothing that had arrived yesterday.

Her selections of what to buy were perfect for what she had in mind. I was looking through the boxes picking out a few things, managing to pick out what I wanted to be the girls’ and my official uniform for working away from the restaurant. I asked Janelle if she could order enough of each for all of the girls, I would pay for them all. I asked where the accessories were, and she showed me the boxes of jewelry, scarves, shoes that were yet to be unpacked. I made a few more selections; then told her I needed enough for twenty-three girls and myself. I asked her to order two outfits for me since I will be out more than the girls.

I worked with her all afternoon, hanging clothes and placing them on the display racks. We stopped for dinner about five, then came back to work a couple more hours. When we quit we had emptied over half of the boxes and the boutique is looking good. At dinner, we had discussed how things were going; I reluctantly told her that I might not be able to help as much as first thought. Sharon had kept her in the loop of my success in my training week, telling her that it would be only weeks before I am promoted again. I poo-pooed that thought, I wasn’t even on the job yet as a manager, how can they promote me so soon. Janelle had found a niece recently graduated from college that needed a job and hired her to help.

I looked hurt and suddenly depressed, but Janelle saw through it right away. “You just do your job at Boobie’s, dress fashionable at all times and tell them where you get your clothes. I do not want to find you shopping elsewhere; I might have to hurt you if you do.” I told her I would be by to help tomorrow, right after I perused the changes at the restaurant.

Now that I was making a little more I decided to look for a house to buy. I had a female schoolmate that went into real estate, doing quite well managing to open her own brokerage. I would call her and ask her to look around for something suitable for me. That night as I was doing my female beauty regimen I thought of Janelle. I had always liked her, more than as a friend, but the opportunity never came along to take it further. Maybe, it might be time to see if there might be some interest.

Another morning, but now I had things to do and places to see, and I was looking forward to it. I dressed simply, jeans and a sweat top. The image in the mirror still that of a beautiful female. I have almost forgotten what Jess looked like, recently the reflected image that of Jessica every time I looked. I went to the restaurant, used my key to enter and turn off the alarm. There had been a sign on the front door mentioning the grand opening, and the neon sign over the front entrance had now been changed to Boobies.

The interior much nicer and high end. Linen tablecloths now adorned the tables, mirrors on the wall making the room look larger, all of the chairs had been refurbished and reupholstered with more padding on the seats making for quite a different look than before. I noticed the dishes had all been replaced, and the glasses are now crystal. Instead of the simple light fixtures, we now had small chandeliers situated around the room. The light was still adequate, but the setting was more casual, almost romantic.

I jotted down an idea that had popped into my head, maybe a way to get a few more females to eat at our restaurant. I had no doubt of our ability to get the male customer in, our costumes guarantying that. If I could get the male to bring his wife or girlfriend, that would be twice as good.

The kitchen was where the biggest difference was. All new appliances, counter tops, and holding area were there sparkling in only the way stainless steel could. I looked in Janelle’s old office, now mine I presume. A new computer and a directory for Boobie’s main corporate headquarters were the most noticeable differences. The desk looked just like the old one, but there was something about it that told me that it was a replacement.

That raised a couple more questions, so I called Sharon. She answered right away complimenting me on managing to stay away for a day. I giggled, she must have caller ID since I have not said anything except giggle. I started right away with my questions: what advertising has been arranged, and when does it start? The local radio station and newspaper have accounts set-up, you just needed to call them and arrange when you want the ads to run and what you want in them. She gave me my password to get into the corporate web-site, there you will find suggested ads to be run.

“All of your employee’s records have been changed over and are already set-up on your computer. All that is needed to do is to punch in the hours worked, and if warranted, any pay rates changed. You will find blank daily revenue sheets that needed to be filled out and sent to corporate, either by you or your assistant.” She asked who I had in mind for that position. I told her if it were up to me it would be Annette. Sharon responded it is up to you, go to her personnel file change the job title and fill what you want her paid. You can make her hourly or salaried, most of our assistants are salaried, but that is up to you. She reminded me to make the decision about hourly or salary and then explain everything to Annette to be sure this is something she agrees with before making any changes.

I asked about bank deposits and getting cash for the register. There is a number for an armored car service if it is a sizable deposit. Otherwise, you or Annette can take it there. Never go alone always take someone with you preferably an employee. You call the bank and give them your change order, and they will have it ready when you come to deposit. Sharon asked if I was sitting at my desk. I told her yes. She asked me to open the center drawer and push the button on top of the drawer just inside where the drawer was. I groped around then found the button. I pushed it, and the bottom drawer clicked I reached down and pulled it out, and there was our register money. I now knew this was not the old desk.

Sharon told me that the desk is bolted down to the floor, can’t be moved, and the drawer and desk are steel plated to ensure no one tampering with them. You or Annette should be the only ones who know about the drawer, thus, what they don’t know about won’t be public knowledge.

I told her I ordered some outfits for the girls and me to wear when we are doing community service, and I have a couple of things in mind for later this week. Her reply so, that is your job, I am glad you are up to the challenge. “This confused me, and I asked, “Don’t I need to make you aware of what I am doing?”

“Why do I need to be aware of you doing your job in a proficient manner,” Sharon stated you are the manager of that branch until I remove you from that position. I asked her how do I know if I am doing the right thing. I am so new to this, and this is a lot of responsibility to be on my shoulders. Sharon told me of all her managers the one she has the most faith in to do what is right is the one I am presently talking to. Now that is settled you will have the entire corporate hierarchy at you Grand Opening, your fame has spread to such a degree that I can’t keep them away.

“I know you will be okay, don’t let them intimidate you, and if they get in your way, put them to work. They have come up through the ranks; they might be rusty, but they know the drill. Now hang up and let me talk to some of my managers that actually need my help.” With that, she hung up.

I stared at the phone; I guess I am it with regards as to what happens here at this branch. I jotted down a couple of notes that I wanted to do and then locked up and headed over to the boutique. Janelle was working on unpacking more clothes, so I joined in. As the afternoon wore on, I came to the conclusion that I needed to find out where I stood with Janelle. I had brought some drinks in an ice chest, so I handed her one, and we took a break. I asked her if she had any plans for a spouse in her future. She grinned a little, why do you ask? I just wanted to know what she expected in the person to be her perfect lover or mate in life.

By any chance does this have anything to do with you and me? I swallowed hard, telling myself to speak now or forever hold my tongue. “Yes, it has to do with you and me. I have always had a feeling for you, but as you were the boss and I was the employee, I thought they should stay unspoken. Now I am planning to buy a house, maybe even learn to cook, and I am shopping for someone to share my life with. Do you have anybody in mind that might be interested in that arrangement?”

Janelle walked over to me, reached up and cuddled my face, rubbing her hands over my breasts and kissing my cheek. “I think I might know of someone; I am rather available at the moment. A new young woman in town has caught my interest of late, a corporate climber that any spouse would feel privileged to hook their wagon to.” Her hand squeezing my nipple and her other hand caressing my vagina made me weak in the knees. She steadied me, asking why it had taken me so long to make the first move.

I didn’t know the answer to that, the thought had crossed my mind a time or two, but something didn’t seem right at the time. She asked if I was planning ever to go back to being Jess, my response not unless that is the only way you will accept me. As far as I am concerned, Jessica is the real thing, Jess just a disguise. She stood up on her toes, kissed me on the lips, and then asked if I had seen her office yet. She dragged me to the back of the boutique, to a small office in the corner and pushed me inside. A desk, a couch and a couple of chairs were the only furniture in the office.

“Consider that couch a casting couch and I am auditioning for the part of a loving spouse. Let’s see what you can do.” She was still pushing me backward, and I fell on the couch, followed by her body right after me. My hands found her breasts underneath the sweater she was wearing, and I soon had them out of her bra. Her nipples were already hard, but there is always room for improvement.

It was several hours later before any more clothes got hung up. When I left to go home, she told me that she would review my application later tonight and make an executive decision tomorrow on whether I was to be hired or not. I gave her a puppy dog look; she giggled telling me “Practice on the sad look; yours wouldn’t convince anyone, but when I did a check on your references you came out well. Hopefully, the executive committee will find your application suitable. I decided to help the committee in their decision and gave her a deeply serious toe curling kiss that left her and me breathless. I told her I would see her tomorrow.

The next day I called each one of the girl’s and asked them to come in around noon; I wanted to give them an idea of what I had in mind and begin some preparation for the opening. By twelve fifteen all of the girls made it. Of course, I got hugged, I had to tell them what I had been up to and all the experiences of my training session.

I told them I wanted as many of them as possible to take courses at the college in business management or any business related courses. Since it is time for the fall start of classes, maybe you could make your Mom happy by signing up for this term. “I think it is a given, that what we are all doing is not a long term career. First, the time frame of appearing as a Boobie’s goddess is relatively short. When we are a few years older, we will begin to look like our customer’s mothers, and I doubt if too many of them would feel comfortable thinking of their mothers in the costumes we are wearing. Some of you will meet the right person and establish relationships and families. Believe me; these costumes will not hide stretch marks or make allowances for lactating breasts.”

Now for volunteer work, I would like each of you to spend five hours a week in some community-related project or group. I have ordered uniforms for each of you to wear at these sessions. They are business professional in looks, and I expect heels, makeup, and jewelry at all times. Even if is for a kids baseball game I want you to portray a different kind of Boobie’s girl at all of these functions. The only way to succeed is if the people identify you as a Boobie’s employee without boasting about it. Therefore, I have arranged for each of you to receive a uniform, so we all convey the same message. You’ll recognize them as businesslike and appropriate for a successful young woman business person. Obviously, these are not something you wear sneakers with nor would you wear this outfit to your office without the feminine touches of make-up and jewelry.

We are eye candy when they come to the restaurant, away from the restaurant I want them to see us as young professional women doing our part for the community. Do any of you have any trouble with that? They all smiled at me, then in a unanimous chorus, “No Mom” I smiled back; I really have a good group. I don’t think for a minute that our customers think of us as anything but Boobie’s girls and all the negativity that phrase implies. One way for us to change our reputation and also our own sense of worth is to present ourselves as intelligent and caring women in the community participating in projects and activities that improve the community and needy individuals. The first example that comes to mind is visiting the Community hospital to help out, and to visit and entertain patients who can use a cheery visit.

Now as to the type of community involvement, I am interested in here is a list of all the ones that I can think of at the moment. If you have others, please let me know. As far as us sponsoring kids sports teams, get the information, and I will call and work out something with the parents. Now I would like to have a few volunteers to go the children’s ward with me tomorrow afternoon. I have called ahead, informing them of our wish to visit, and they have checked us out with corporate and several of our old customers. Our uniforms will be here in the morning, so we should be ready to leave the restaurant about three tomorrow afternoon.

I need to see a show of hands for those that would like to participate. I looked around, and every girl had her hands up, I fell apart at the support that they were showing me. Several of them came forward and hugged me, Annette telling me that where I went, they would be there right behind me.

I told them I am going to run some ads encouraging the males to bring their wife, girlfriend, or female associate to the restaurant in the evening. To help promote the Grand Opening I have made up some cards offering one free appetizer when you bring a female friend to Boobies. Our appetizers ran about seven dollars a serving, piled high on the plate a good deal. When you are out doing volunteer work hand out the card to all interested parties. We talked about where to volunteer at, the girls coming up with several good places that might need our help. One of the best was the local soup kitchen trying to feed the homeless. A local church ran it, their members doing the cooking, the serving, and the counseling to help those people try and find some work.

One of the girls knew the pastor of the church, so I called him introduced myself and asked how we could help. He named some things that would be a help, but I could tell he expected very little from us. Too many people offering to help, but not following through on their promises. He hadn’t dealt with the girls from Boobies, though. As soon as I hung up with him, I called our restaurant supply, inquiring about whether they sold to the soup kitchen. It turned out they did, so I asked them to take a week’s worth of food over to them today, no invoice, nothing showing the amount to appear in the order. I also needed them to keep the identity of the benefactor secret. I gave them my AmEx card number and told them to bill the order to the card. I needed an invoice sent to me, with the totals so I could use it as a deduction if needed.

One of the girl’s brother played on a county park softball team. She said there were always short on sponsors, so she called them and about thirty minutes later we were sponsors of a boys and girls softball team. I found out when they played their games and made sure at least three to four of the girls could make the game. The girls were excited at all of the things they were going to be involved in, bouncing up and down as the afternoon progressed.

The pastor called back; he thanked me for the generosity. I played dumb, but he knew better. I asked when we could come and help serve, being sure to tell him that when we were doing volunteer work we were dressed business professional. He suggested Sunday, a lot of the church members wanted to meet us, especially you Jessica. I found out the time and told him we would be there.

I told the girls about the soup kitchen, and they all were going to be there with me. One girl told me she always did what her Mom suggested, and she saw no reason to stop now. I finally got everything wound down and sent them home. I hurried over to Janelle’s to help with the work and got to meet her niece. Bianca is nice, very personable and a hard worker. As I told Janelle what I had started over at the restaurant, she asked if she could come to. I smiled, of course, Bianca wanted to come to so we now had a small army to visit the children’s ward and the soup kitchen.

I was delighted, something good besides jobs and employment coming from Boobie’s to partially pay back to the community, our customers what they do for us as they support our business. I asked Janelle to increase the order for the uniforms; I wanted to make sure we were creating a positive impression, not just some scantily clad females doing something in the company’s name.

After the girls had left, I called the paper and told them what I wanted in an ad running every day from now to the Grand Opening. The base of the ad is from our website, with just the wording changed. It was an open invitation for the female in a relationship to bring her Significant Other to the restaurant for a great meal. He gets to look at all of the pretty females, and because he came with you, a free appetizer is given to each couple.

Then I listed some of the other places the girls of Boobie’s could be found, inviting them to join us in supporting the community. The paper could start the ads tomorrow, and he gave me a free size upgrade because of our volunteer work. I told him we haven’t started that yet, tomorrow the first day at the children’s hospital. I still got the upgrade, more than a lot of other businesses do for the community is his response.

The next day I was apprehensive, I hoped the hospital would welcome us. I had told them of our desire to help, we had been vetted, all of our backgrounds thoroughly checked. I do wonder what they thought when they found out I used to be male. It was never brought up by the people that did the checking or by the administrator. Yet you can never tell these days what people expect of you and how they judge you because of what you do. The girls all showed up on time, and we dressed in the new outfits that I had picked up last night at Janelle’s. As far as I was concerned we looked professional, now to convince some people we cared. Several of us drove, and we gathered in the parking lot before entering the hospital.

I asked for the hospital administrator and spoke to her about us helping, especially in the children’s wards. She looked over the group of us and smiled. She called a couple of nurses to the lobby and then escorted us to the ward. The nurses explained what we could do to help, mostly just talk to the kids, play games with them and help them forget that they are in the hospital. She pointed out a couple of kids that were seriously ill and suggested that we might want to spend a little extra time with them. Since there was so many of us, she asked if a couple of us could help the nurses making rounds, recording data for them and holding the kids hands as they were given shots and pills.

Janelle and Bianca were excited to help, and I often saw them leading a group of kids around the playroom they had in the ward. We all split up and soon were scattered all over the ward. I moved to the seriously ill kids, and Annette was right beside me. We introduced ourselves, found out a little about the kids and played a few games with them. More than once a tear leaked from my cheek when I saw the pain and suffering they were putting up with. We switched around a little, everybody getting a chance to see all the kids. I had planned to spend a couple of hours, but dinner came, and we helped deliver the food and helped the kids eat.

During our stay several parents came over to thank us, their child had told them of our help and playing games with them. The parents, seeing our name badges and where we are from complimented us on our community involvement. Several of the ladies had no exposure to Boobies, so we explained what we did and described our costumes. The ladies smiled and told us they would bring their husbands; the men would enjoy the free looks. All of us mentioned the promotion at Grand Opening and several told us they would be there. We finally left the hospital at the close of visiting hours, five hours after we arrived. I checked with the head nurse asking if we could come back next week, she hugged me fiercely and with tears running down her face we would love to have you back, you all have been so good with the children. As I reflected on today’s activities, I am not sure the kids were the only ones benefiting from our visit. All of the girls were having the time of their life playing and being with the kids.

We went back to the restaurant, and each of us drove home knowing we had helped a little with children that needed it. The next day when I picked up the paper to check for our ad, I read a story on the front page telling of our efforts at the hospital. I don’t remember them taking pictures, but they were there.

I did call the administrator that I had met yesterday and asked if Boobie’s could make a donation to the hospital. They had a building fund for expansion to the hospital children’s ward and their geriatric unit. I told her that I would drop a check in the mail today to help. She complimented me on my group, our help, our professional demeanor, and welcomed us anytime we wanted to visit the hospital.

I called the paper; the ad is three times the size I had requested, and I wanted to thank him for the increase in size. He told me that he had made a mistake in quoting me the prices of the ads. Instead of five thousand dollars for the ad run, it would only be eighteen hundred dollars. I thanked him for the savings and told him I would include the difference when I make the donation to the hospital. He was quiet for a minute then said that would be excellent. He asked me when I got a chance if I could give him the names of all my girls so he could list them with future photos. I told him I would see to it and invited him to the Grand Opening as my guest.

Over the next few days, we helped at the public library, mainly reading books to the young kids after school. Then there was a girl’s club where we each teamed with up a girl and taught them a little about makeup, coordinating their clothes, while we tried to stress good self-esteem. A lot of the girls came from poorer families, the girl’s club the only place they could go after school that didn’t involve their parents paying for entertainment.

A couple of my girls had brought shorts and tees and played some volleyball with them. Everybody seemed to have fun, the younger girl’s sad to see us go. We told them we would be back next week. Later that night I received several phone calls from some of the parents thanking us for taking the time to show the girls a good time. I doubted their families could afford Boobie’s but the good will and the feelings we got from doing it well worth the effort. Two days later, that afternoon at the girl’s club was also included in the front section of the newspaper.

In the next few days, we helped at a garden club fundraiser, a civic club meeting planning a fall dance, and several women’s club meetings. For most of the meetings, I took some bakery treats along to break the ice. We were warmly welcomed, most quite interested in what we do, and a lot of them telling us they would be there for our Grand Opening. We squeezed in another hospital visit, this time splitting up, half of us to the children’s ward and half to their geriatric unit. The kids remembered us, lots of cheering and excitement during the five hours we were there.

At the senior unit, it is a lot quieter, but they really appreciated us visiting. I met someone from the animal shelter, trying to match some homeless animals with some seniors that were living alone. She could only get here once a month; I reassured her one of us would fill in for her when she couldn’t make it. After talking to her for quite some time, I told her the restaurant would pay any expenses they incurred in placing the animals.

One older lady, in particular, playing with a kitty that had been brought in, almost brought me to tears. She hugged the cat as if it was the only thing she loved. A nurse later told me that the family doesn’t have enough money to put her in a nursing home, so she has to live with them. Since they both work to pay the bills, the mother is alone most of the day. She does get a visit from the visiting nurses once a day, but that leaves many hours that she is alone. I gave her my name and told her to have the family call me, and I will set something up to help.

The first three days of our Grand Opening week we all spent in the restaurant. I wanted the place thoroughly cleaned, and everything set for our opening. After we had got the basics done, I challenged the girls to come up with some homemade decorations for the restaurant. We did hearts with little sayings written on them. Big enough to read without cluttering up the place. The sayings the girls came up with quite innovative. Simple sayings like Boobie’s loves our customers, all the way to I love my Boobie’s but my wife says I have to love her also.

The kitchen staff had also appeared and got things ready. Our chef, Juan placing food orders and by Tuesday, all was ready for our opening. I had talked with Annette quite a bit over the last three days; I wanted her to act as manager during the Grand Opening. She kidded me unmercifully about it, the only reason I wanted it that way is so I could see her in the manager’s costume. My reply, yes that’s it.

I got a surprise visitor Tuesday evening when Sharon entered the restaurant. She greeted me and then walked around looking at what we have done. I guess she liked it because she had a big smile on her face the whole time. She checked everything out, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the dressing room the girl’s used, even my office. I left her to her inspection as I had some other things I wanted to do. An hour later she came out of my office and dragged me back to it.

She had found some of the newspaper clipping of our escapades, and seen the schedule I had set for tomorrow. She asked if I really thought that I needed the whole crew here for the entire day. I showed her the ads I had been running, the little promotion I had dreamed up and told her I think so if it is not jam packed full then I will send a few girls home. When I showed her the ads she saw the bill for them and asked if that was just for one ad, I told her it was for ten ads, most of them full page. She sat down in my chair hard. I won’t ask how you managed that, but tell me you have enough food for the day. I showed her the orders we had put in; I think we can handle any level of business that might come our way.

Incidentally, I have several spare costumes and your execs better be ready to work if the business warrants it. I smiled at her, and if you think you are excused young lady you have another thing coming. She grinned, then asked if I am planning to use the banquet room tomorrow, I grabbed her hand and led her to the room, opened the sliding doors and let her look. We had put most of the hearts in here since there is not as much decor her as in the rest of the restaurant. Her mouth dropped in awe when she had been inspecting she didn’t look here.

The girls had been busy setting all the tables up, in every room, so the sparkle of glass and silver twinkled in the lights. She asked about what I was going to do tomorrow; I told her that most of the work is done I intend to go to the beach and get a tan. She looked at me, who is the manager for tomorrow. I replied Annette, she knows the drill and is good at it. She smiled, so you’re ready. “As ready as we can be.”

She hugged me and left, just like that. I made sure everything is finished and sent everybody home. I locked up, then headed to the salon. When I got there all of my girls are getting their hair done, a treat that I had arranged a couple of weeks ago. I had asked them all to wear a high ponytail for Grand Opening, with lots of curls. I arranged with the salon to get a fall that would clip into the ponytail with ribbons and laces spewing from the center.

Unbeknownst to me my fall had a little extra in it, boy did it ever. It took two of them to get it to my chair. Once it was held against my head, first one then the other pinned it to my existing hair. It was not that heavy, but the amount of hair, ribbons and lace spewing from its center was impressive indeed. Since I would have to sleep in it, they brought some plastic wrap and wrapped my whole head to preserve the hairstyle. In the morning, after the few hours’ sleep that I might manage, I would just cut the wrap and I would be ready. I had already prepared myself for sleeping in a chair tonight.

The fall with the ribbons is twenty-four inches long, should make us all look extra classy for the opening. The ribbons and the laces are color coordinated to match our costumes. All of the girls have gone ash blond, as a favor to their Mom, so we will all match tomorrow, the Blonde Buxom Boobie’s Girls. I had paid for all of them to get acrylic nails, not super length but enough to make their hands stand out. We were all wearing five-inch heels too if we couldn’t wow our male customers tomorrow they were only minutes from their grave.

Annette has picked out two girls to act as hostesses tomorrow; both have been with me from the start. They are fast on their heels and don’t get frustrated when a crowd appears. With all of us primped, curled and styled we are finally ready. I gave them all a hug, and we all headed home.

I opened the restaurant at six A.M., giving the kitchen crew a chance to get started. The girls came in at nine, plenty of time to get dressed and on station. The official opening is set for eleven A.M., but I had a feeling we would be busy before that. The company execs showed up at ten, looked around and then went to my office. Sharon had preceded them talking to me a little; I could tell she is nervous. I told her everything would be alright, just sit back, and relax while you can.

One of the head officer’s came out about ten twenty, looked out the front windows then called Sharon over. I knew they were concerned because there are no cars in the parking lot. The one fault with the location is that there have never been enough parking spaces for the restaurant. I had tried to handle that with an idea I had seen used at football games. Sharon called me over and asked if I was not concerned about the lack of cars in the parking lot. Before I could answer her, the first bus pulled up. I told her I didn’t have time for small talk, maybe later.

She and the CEO stood there and watched as fifty people got off the bus. Annette, the two hostesses and I began seating them. As that bus pulled off two more pulled up, they were not quite as full as the first one, but never the less the restaurant was beginning to fill up. The restaurant was licensed for four hundred and fifty-two occupants; I was sure that we would get there with ease. I swung by Sharon and the execs and told them I needed them dressed and ready in twenty minutes. You will find the costumes in my office; please help yourself. Annette will give you your assignments when you are dressed.

I looked directly at Sharon that includes you, young lady, now get. They scurried off as three more buses pulled up, Sharon giggling quite loudly. Anticipating that all the work we did might get us an overflow crowd I had arranged with several businesses to let the customers come to their shops, receive a coupon for that business and ride the free bus to the restaurant. After dining, they could return to the shop, then make their way home. The businesses were tickled to be included, a win-win for both of us.

I also had arranged with a couple of neighboring Boobie’s to borrow some of their kitchen help for the opening. That included Ari’s mom and guess who brought her over. Mary Ann had come to help, the hugs I received from both of them making me short of breath. Mary Ann came right up front after slipping off her coat, dressed for all to see and eager to join in. We had a total of five buses so far, the restaurant about a third full and then three more buses pulled up. Sharon made it out and I was impressed, she had donned a manager’s uniform, looking quite respectful in it.

They started sitting people, and I made it to the back and got a cart of appetizer samples I had Juan prepare. I grabbed one of the other execs, and we moved down the line forming outside of the restaurant. A small paper plate with several different appetizers to keep them occupied while we were seating them, given to everybody. The ladies were interested in the appetizers, the guys interested in looking at the sights. Everybody seemed happy, quite often a conversation would start about our volunteer work, the ladies quite impressed at our efforts. I noticed my corporate helper interested in the remarks. Sharon came out to tell us that the restaurant is full, then three more buses pulled up. I was able to close her mouth, she giggled, muttering about how exciting this was. I asked her to tell Annette to send out our entertainment and more appetizers.

Ten minutes later three of my girls came out with pom-poms in their hands. They moved up and down the line doing little skits we had worked up to entertain our customers. As I was handing out more treats, I listened to the comments from the crowd. Everybody is happy, even a few singing along to the tune the girls were using for their skit. It had been about forty minutes since we opened and now we were getting a few people leaving.

Mental note to myself to get a gag for Annette. As the people were leaving, she told everyone the manager of this establishment is working the line outside, the one with the big hair and ribbons, and they need to take a minute to compliment her on her planning. So now along with everything else, everybody is stopping and telling me how much they enjoyed the meal and restaurant. A couple of the first customers even standing outside watching the girls go thru their skits. They told the other people they didn’t get the entertainment package when they arrived.

I did check quite often to make sure the inside is being handled well; I knew Annette would do me a good job. On one trip to the kitchen, I heard two of the execs commenting to each other about the crowd. But then their orders were up, and they had to keep moving.

It was after three when it slowed down a little; we had seated thirty-three buses full of people and our own parking lot full several times. We rotated thru everybody so they could get to sit for a few minutes and use the ladies room. By five, we were packed full again, and it lasted right up until closing. I had checked with our chef; we did make it only running out of one item during the day. He ordered heavy again for delivery tomorrow morning. About seven, I retired from the front and started helping bus the tables and setting them up again for tomorrow. As each girl closed her section I tried to send her home, they were dog tired, I gave them a tremendous hug, told them I loved them and thanked them for supporting Mom.

I walked around the restaurant after the doors had been closed, and am surprised when I went into the ladies lounge to see all my girls sitting there smiling at me. I got mobbed and kissed and hugged. I told them I am so proud of them, then in a perfectly rehearsed chorus, they all responded. “Aww Mom,” I told them to get home; they had to be ready for tomorrow, and I needed my beauty sleep. All left but Annette. She set down by me and asked if they are going to transfer me out. I told her truthfully that they probably wanted to, but I am not interested in the corporate mumbo jumbo, so other than a few short trips she is stuck with me. The smile on her face said it all, you know I can’t do without my Mom.

Annette closed out with Sharon and two of the corporate execs counting money until twelve. They left to get it into the night deposit, and I got Annette out of there. I got a kiss from her, plus a lot of hugs but her comment floored me.

“Mom you never cease to amaze your other daughters and me. We knew you were working towards this, but what we accomplished today is unheard of. All of us are tickled pink to be related to the most caring, enthusiastic, and successful Mom there is.”

When Sharon and the other execs got back from the bank, we all went into the office and removed our heels. Sharon looked around the group and asked if I had heard what the take was for today. I told her no that is unimportant, my employees and my customers come first. What we did in monetary figures is just icing on the cake. The gal that had helped me most of the day turns out to be their CEO. Her name is Suzanne, a very down to earth lady. She sent everyone to their hotel except Sharon and me.

She set in one of the chairs in front of my desk and asked how I came up with everything. I told her I just put myself in my customer’s shoes. What would it take to get me to eat at the restaurant? If I had to fight a line at a Grand Opening what would keep me there and pass the time so I wasn’t aware of how long I had waited to be seated.

She smiled after this settles down you will be rewarded for your efforts that I can guarantee. Now as to you Sharon, tell me how many more Jessica’s you have hired since finding this one. Sharon looked at her. I don’t think there are too many more are out there to hire. I piped up then train them; it is doable, and you will have control of their progress. Suzanne starts giggling like she said then train them.

Sharon did tell me that we broke every record in the company for a one day take. Not just broke the record but tripled the highest ever one day take at a Boobie’s. The total expenditure for payroll counting everyone but the execs came to only three percent of the gross. Your ads and volunteer work packed the place, she herself, often reminded by the customers of our dedication and enthusiasm in our approach to everything we did.

Suzanne was impressed about the buses; she asked me how much I had to pay to get them. I told we only had to pay diesel and driver’s wages. The owners’ wife is also the hospital administrator; she pulled a few strings, and we got the buses. I would imagine the bus company wrote the whole day off as a business deduction or advertising. The individual stores agreed to pay fifty dollars a bus to the company so they would make a little profit. I am sure the stores recovered that and more in sales during the day.

Sharon had to leave to take a phone call, so that left me with Suzanna. She is very impressed with me, someone that is level headed and focused on what is important, not what the corporate bigwigs want. I smiled, she had just put down their whole corporate hierarchy. I told her I did the best that I could with what is given to me if it produces monetary benefits that is good, but the fact that my group is happy, ready to please our customers, and will not settle for anything but the best for them is a higher priority to me. She asked if after things settle down in a few days if I would be willing to spend a couple of days at corporate to help teach a bunch of know-it-alls a thing or two. When things settle down, I will be glad to make a visit. I got a big hug from her and then she left to head back to their corporate office.

Sharon returned after her phone call, telling me that I wowed everybody. I told her we wowed everybody, no one individual responsible for today. She smiled, your group is fantastic, several times I stood back and watched them, their respect and love for you is so deep, it makes one feel privileged just to know you. She asked why the girls called me Mom. I thought for a minute because I always put them first, helped them when I could and told them often they are capable of moving the world, they just need to believe in themselves. Today they did just that, and the look on their tired faces showed their pride in their work with no job they couldn’t handle.

Just before I turned out the lights Mary Ann called, she congratulated me on our Grand Opening. Mary Ann and Ari’s mom had left late that afternoon. She told me that the talk is all through the chain, that a new, untried manager has beaten the socks off every manager in the chain, including me. I knew you had it in you and the dedication of your employees just made it that much easier. She had to go; she is two down in waitresses and a big party the next day. Just wanted to let you know I love you, and you deserve all the recognition that you are finally getting.

I decided I needed to make a small trip tomorrow, maybe help a friend in need. I headed home, got undressed, set my alarm and crawled into bed. The noise woke me, then I remembered what I needed to do today. I got dressed and took my uniforms with me to the restaurant. Annette was a few minutes behind me. I asked her if she could handle the restaurant today, a friend needed my help, and I wanted to return a favor at the same time.

“Sure Mom, no problem we got this end covered. I take it you are going to help Mary Ann today. I gathered her into a hug and kissed her cheek. Yeah, I need to help where I can, she was nice to me in the past, and favors need to be paid forward as often as possible. She pushed me to the door, telling me to have fun and she would see me tomorrow. I made sure she is alright with this, but she just pushed till I was out the door.

The drive was not bad, me getting there shortly after they opened. I had changed at a roadside rest, wanting to be ready when I got there to work. When I arrived there was a line waiting to be seated, so I bypassed the line and went to find Mary Ann. It turned out she was three down for the day, a car accident taking two of her better waitresses out for the day. I got her to assign me an area, and I started work. I let her hostess know where I was assigned, and she started seating guests immediately, thus relieving the wait to be seated. Since all of my customers came at once, I had no time to rest or slack off. Three hours later we got things under control, and I relieved each one of the other waitresses so they could have a break.

When I had come in I received quick hugs from all the girls, thankful for me being there. It was almost four before Mary Ann could get away for a minute to talk to me. She grabbed me and tried to squeeze me to death; I told her that is no way to treat the help. She told me that earlier I had received a call from corporate, Suzanne to be specific, Annette letting them know where I was at today. Mary Ann told them we were swamped, and she would give me the message later when things calmed down a little.

I reluctantly went to Mary Ann’s office and called Suzanne back. “I see that your true nature has shown itself again. I am extremely happy to have met and talked with Jessica, a truly inspirational female for all to benefit from. I know you don’t want to be involved with corporate crap, so I have decided to come back to see you. I have a proposal that I think you can embrace, maybe even enjoy. I will be at your restaurant tomorrow morning if that is where you will be, and we can talk for a while.”

“I told her that I should be there, this visit a spur of the moment favor for a dear friend,” Suzanne told me she would see me there and hung up. Mary Ann had entered the office and waited for me to finish. “A dear friend huh, well I feel more and more like your girls, a daughter to a wonderful and caring Mom.” We hugged, and she thanked me for coming and saving her butt. I suggested that she keep her employees from driving anywhere, use public transportation instead, giggling as those words left my mouth.

As we went back out front things were quiet, and I got approached and hugged from all the girls. Most of them referred to me as their Mom, seemingly secure in their reference to me. As a group, we bussed all the tables and set up for the party tonight. Two of their three serving rooms were reserved for the parties, so they were assured of another full house tonight.

There evening business is more than usual; I guess because I am here. It seems whenever I work a shift; everybody decides to eat here. Three of four times we were full up, even with a line. The party participants started coming in around seven-thirty and within a half hour, the reserved rooms were full. I worked between the two rooms, doing what I could to keep everybody content. Mary Ann is also doing the same, both of our heels clicking on the tile floors as we scurried here and there.

The evening turned out to be fine; we got everybody served and kept their drinks full. Since one group is all male, I felt more than one set of eyes on my body all night, mainly my significant breasts. For a change, I received no pinches, although I am sure it was on all of their minds. With my heels I am over six foot in height, my makeup a little more intense than usual, I am sure I made an intimidating image to them. I helped them clean up, and set up for tomorrow then went to tell Mary Ann goodbye. She had closed down the register and helped in the main dining room while I had handled the two rooms that the parties utilized.

We hugged, talked for a bit then I told her I had to scurry home, I had a visitor tomorrow and needed to be sure that Annette had the place prim and proper. Mary Ann just smiled, your girls will have everything as it should be; their Mom doesn’t need to worry. She thanked me again for coming, then asked when I will be back. I told her that I had no immediate plans, she, however, thought it wouldn’t be long. I gave her a funny look, she just smiled. “They are going to promote your cute ass to corporate, so be prepared for the inevitable.” I ignored her last statement, not something I wanted to think about today.

I made it back to the restaurant; it is closed now, but I wanted to see if my girls had done a good job. As I toured the place, they had indeed made it spotless. I couldn’t find one thing that needed done. I made a note to myself to thank Annette and the girls for their effort. I went to the office and looked at the receipts for the day, astounded at the figure I was looking at. I went to their time cards and looked to see when they left. All of them had put in an extra three hours to make sure the place is ready for today.

With a few tears, I sat there and thanked my stars for having such a good group, then I smiled, my daughters had made their Mom happy as usual. As I locked up and left the restaurant, I felt so blessed, first Janelle, then the transformation, and finally my daughters. What more could any Mom want?

I got up extra early, wanting to be prepared for Suzanne’s visit. I wore my business suit, today. I intended to let Annette run the show again. When I drove into the parking lot Suzanne is waiting for me. I made the comment that she is up early, she just smiled. I unlocked and turned the lights on, and we went in. We chatted in my office until Annette, and the girls arrived, and I went out to talk to her alone.

I thanked her for all her effort yesterday, telling her that if she keeps everybody again, I would have to take her over my knee. Her reply was I didn’t keep them, they wouldn’t leave until the place was spotless. I tried three times to get them to go home, but they refused. I gave her a big hug, a kiss on the cheek and told her that I appreciated everything they did for me, for Mom. Annette asked why Suzanne is here; I told her I haven’t the slightest. She turned and left to see to the girls. Before I could get back to Suzanne, the girls had already approached Suzanne telling her that they will not tolerate Jessica being taken away from them. That is final, no more discussion about it.

They turned and went to get ready for today. Suzanne smiled but then suggested that we find a quiet place so we could talk. I took her down the street to a fifties’ style diner that did a good breakfast business but is quiet the rest of the day. We seated ourselves in a booth, and she ordered a coffee, and I got an iced tea. She started off the conversation about how loyal my employees were to me. I simply replied they are my daughters, and I am their Mom, what do you expect. Another smile, then she pulled a sheet out of her purse to look at.

I had a bad feeling about all of this; a corporate job seemed inevitable. She asked me what it would take for me to accept a higher level job with the company.

I told her quite a bit. I have no interest in being a corporate player, the crap that goes on in most companies too much to stomach for more money. Then she surprised me; I want you to take a few moments and then tell me what conditions that I would have to meet to get you on board. I took several minutes to get my thoughts together, then made my reply.

“I want to maintain my relationship with this restaurant, no strings attached. It will be necessary to make Annette the actual manager here, a job she is already doing. If I have to travel it is on my decision as to when and where. I want Janelle to be able to accompany me when she desires. I want complete say as to who I promote, discipline, or select for a job. Corporate stays out of it as long as I produce the results desired. I use my methods and procedures in relationship to personnel, the only thing I will not mess with is financial and accounting of the restaurants. Of course, I want more money, but instead of a salary I want a percent of the business.”

“Other than you I want no corporate interference in any of my responsibilities, no discussion on this. If I am being held responsible for things, I want to do what is necessary to produce satisfactory results, without interference from corporate. I decide where I go and what needs to be done, my prerogative and the people that I will be working with. I want email capabilities with any of my managers that I am assigned, 24/7 not just during business hours. Finally, I want the time to enjoy my marriage if I have handled my responsibilities in a satisfactory manner. I guess that covers everything for now, but I do reserve the right to add to the list if necessary.”

Suzanne was quiet; I hope my demands put her off any grand ideas that she had about me and her corporate entity. Then she got a big smile on her face and slid the paper over so I could read what it said. I let out a sigh, everything I had demanded is on the list. The percent of the business is way above what I had been thinking about and asked for earlier. She reached her hand out, welcome to Boobie’s corporate. Your official title is Chief Operating Officer; you now have one-hundred-twenty locations to Mother.

I just looked at her, you have got to be kidding, you can’t do that to me. I know there are managers out there with way more experience and have been with the company a lot longer than me. They will be upset that you promoted some new hire to run the chain. She looked at me and asked if I had accessed my email since I became a manager. I told her no, there were other more important things to handle. She pulled out her tablet and punched in my name. She used my password, one that I hadn’t memorized yet and brought up my email.

She pushed the tablet over and suggested that I read a few of the last entries. I hit the read key and browsed a few of them. All of them thought that I would soon be given the responsibility for the entire chain, one that they welcomed. The second to the last was from Mary Ann. a copy of what she had sent out to all of the other managers. She mentioned what I had done, that I had not been asked to help, but just showed up and pitched in to get the job done.

I wasn’t looking for praise; corporate didn’t even know where I was at until after I had worked most of the day. I didn’t come to boss, just found a spot and went to work. All of her girls loved me, and would do anything I asked without hesitation. Mary Ann considers me her BFF, and of course her Mom, such a caring and loving person. The short time she had trained with us, she had taught the girls so much, about working together, about helping each other, something that she herself had tried to teach for years. Mom can get it done, better and without corporate bullshit.

I looked at Suzanne; then a tear slid down my cheek. She came over and sat beside me, hugging me and comforting me. She whispered even a Mom has to let a few tears pass every once in a while. I finally composed myself a little and asked if it is only her decision about me, or does the rest of the execs agree. She had presented her decision to the Board of Directors, and all agreed on it, even a couple asking why she hadn’t done it sooner.

I asked when the promotion takes effect. She giggled a little, three days ago, you see there is this upstart manager making waves in the corporate structure. She shamed the entire company with her antics, making her the most profitable manager the company has ever had. So since the grand opening, you will share in her earnings. If you check your bank account, you will find your first check already deposited there.

I asked her where she wanted me to start, giggling again; she said that it is not my jurisdiction; the new COO does not allow anyone to meddle in her affairs. I would suggest a certain young female acquaintance of yours that needs some reassurance and maybe a proposal. It might be good to find that special someone a nice house to call home also. I got up, and she put out her hand, I pushed it down, that is not how you say goodbye to your Mom. I hugged her hard and gave her a cheek kiss. She left, and I walked back to the restaurant.

As soon as I entered everybody mobbed me, congratulating me on my new job. Annette answered my quizzical look; the company had just put out an email announcing my promotion and my duties. She showed it to all the girls. I asked her if she could handle the place, I had something I needed to do. She smiled and told me to say hi to Janelle.

I drove over to the boutique parked out front and went in. She and her niece are hanging up more clothes and working on a jewelry display. I told her I needed her for an important meeting right now. No time to waste, and dragged her out of the boutique. As we were leaving, she told her niece to lock up when she finished. I helped her into the car, actually, her first time riding in it. I drove to my restaurant and led her into the lobby. Annette giggled a little and told us to set anywhere we wanted. I chose a dark corner of the banquet room and held her chair for her.

As I drove over to the boutique, I had taken the box out of the glove compartment and placed it in my purse. Jennifer came to wait on us; I ordered for both of us, and then I came around to kneel in front of her. I could see her swallow; she knew what is coming. I took her hand and asked her if the executive committee had made a decision yet. Then I took out the ring, slipped it on her finger and asked her to marry me. She giggled and started crying at the same time. I told her I needed an answer, she attacked my face, kissing me hard and furious while telling me over and over yes. I tried to suck any breath out of her as I kissed her hard, all of those years being frustrated, loving her but unable to show it to her.

Things did settle down a little; I told her she is marrying Jessica, Jess is no longer. That means a lesbian relationship as far as society is concerned. I informed her that she would need to be a perfect wife for me, attending some parties and meetings with me and otherwise exhibiting the dutiful wife to my friends and associates. She will need to travel with me at times; she needs to find someone to run the boutique when she is away. She is nodding yes to all of this and then she asked if they had promoted me. I told her that I now have responsibility for all Boobies locations. She took in one big gulp of air and then attacked me again.

When breathing returned, I gave her my friend’s name and told her she needs to find us a house, suitable for entertaining at times and big enough for our children, our soon to be family. It needs good internet connections and schools for our kids. I gave her another passionate kiss and then asked if all of this is alright with her. Her energetic kiss in return seemed to answer that question, since there were no words escaping her mouth.

I explained my priorities to her, first a house, then a vacation with me as I make my way through the many Boobie’s locations. Visit the locations during the day and loving my soon to be wife in the evening. I noticed that she never left my side, holding on to me tightly, and always looking up at me with eyes of wonder. We stayed the evening, me eventually telling the girls that Mom needed to do some love making, stay busy and leave us alone for a while. Well that worked, not. They never said anything when they came in to check on us, but we were brought lots of water, coffee, tea, several different desserts, and even two glasses of champagne. The giggling as they watched us explore each other’s face and mouth is fairly obvious. I finally took Janelle to my apartment so we could have some peace and quiet. Gee, kids these days, you would think they had never seen two people in love.

When we decided to move our love fest to my apartment, the restaurant had already closed. As we left the banquet room, all of the girls were lined up in a row by the exit. As we made our way to the exit both Janelle and I received hugs and kisses from every one of my girls. They all wanted to see her ring and asked where mine was. Janelle told them that would be handled tomorrow, bright and early in the morning. They all wanted to be a part of the wedding if we would allow it, I assured them that their Mom couldn’t get married without her daughters.

We laid in bed nearly naked and kissed for quite some time. I cuddled her, and we soon drifted into sleep. I awoke to her holding me so tight, like if she didn’t hold on tight, she might lose me. I had to wake her so that I could use the bathroom, a real necessity this early in the morning. When I returned, she is setting on the edge of the bed admiring her ring. I hugged her, asking if she is sure about this before any more words escaped my mouth her tongue is in it, exploring as much as possible.

We sat on the bed talking a little, about a house, about children, about us. I asked her if it had to be a big wedding, she frowned, not for me, but if you don’t include all of the girls there will be hell to pay. They so love you; it would break their hearts if we eloped or had a small private ceremony. I asked her if she could order our dresses wholesale since I will be footing the bill, I wanted to save where I could.

I asked her if the working vacation idea is alright with her. “As long as I am with you. I am happy whether it is on a beach or in the mountains, even a deserted island.” Then I asked what she is going to do for a manager for her boutique. She has an old school friend that shared her desires, a manager of a dress shop now in California that she has been talking to recently. I think if I made the right offer she would take the position. Her husband is getting transferred to this area, so they could pick here to live easily. I told her to make the offer, Janelle paused, and I know she is worried about the money.

I told her that we will never be able to spend all that I am now making, so make the offer. I asked her when she could get the dresses here; I wanted to get married around Christmas if that suits you. She giggled, asking me who is going to be the pregnant one. I smiled, whoever starts to swell up is the lucky one. She stared at me; I know who is going to be the one to breastfeed and change diapers, and it is not going to be me. I left that comment alone; she seemed sure, too sure for my comfort.

The next day I sent out an email to all my managers. I introduced myself and wanted a brief history of their time at Boobies. I needed to know about their experience, their employees, and whether they loved their job. I wanted the truth; I can tell a lie from a mile away. No long dissertations, just one sentence summaries, pertinent facts, and their work schedules. I told them all that corporate bull shit ended several days ago; we are in this together, and that is how it will stay.

Within an hour, I started receiving replies, even a few from managers that were off. Their assistants had received the email and had forwarded it to their home. I did get what I wanted, brief summaries, and an invitation from all of them to visit so we could meet face to face. That is my plan, starting tomorrow morning. There were several that mentioned that they really didn’t love their job, the money is good, but it is just a job. They would be some of my first visits.

Janelle had made the offer to her former friend, and they were going to meet the day after tomorrow. My first visits would be by myself, with Janelle joining me several days later. Of the locations that I had targeted, there were several within driving distance. I set out the next morning in search of those locations. I reached the first location shortly after lunch, grabbed my purse and ventured in. They were busy but were managing to keep everybody happy. I was seated up front and watched as I ate my meal. Another location where the girls did their job, but not ever helping each other. I saw the manager twice, trying to keep everything running smoothly, but obviously struggling with things. I picked out a couple of the girls that were not having trouble and made a note of that. I stayed longer than the normal customer, so eventually, the manager made it to my table. She asked if she could sit down and I nodded yes.

“You are Jessica aren’t you? It is nice to meet you.” I shook her hand, then reached out and gave her a hug. I asked if she could be spared for a while, she nodded and led me back to her office. Before I left, I paid the bill and left a tip for my waitress. Susan is the manager’s name, and she watched me as I did so. She giggled, you are just like they said you would be. In her office, we set down, and I suggested that she tell me everything. She tried to dismiss some of it, but I just smiled and said everything. Start wherever you want and do not leave out anything. She sighed and told me about her promotion, her girls, her customers, essentially everything. I think I saw where some of her lack of loving her job came from but listened till she had finished.

I could tell she felt better, nobody ever listened to her before, or showed any interest in what she was doing, me listening making a big difference. Another example of corporate indifference, make the sales, do your job and keep quiet about anything we tell you to do. We talked for a while, where they were volunteering one of the subjects. She is very sports minded; they had sponsored fifteen teams in a multitude of sports, most of her girls attending every home game. I asked about her sales, she gave me a funny look, surely you can get my sales from the corporate website. I told her I can, but I wanted her input, not corporates on the subject. I suggested that she not mention corporate anymore. As far as she is concerned, they no longer exist.

She filled me in, what their best days were, with sponsoring all the kid’s teams their parents usually ate at the restaurant either Friday or Saturday nights. That is their best day’s business wise. I made a note; then she told me about the other days, the first of the week the weakest sales wise. I asked her how that could be evened out some, she thought for a while then suggested that maybe she could offer a special for any of the parents to eat lunch there during the week, a discount if their son or daughter were on a sports team.

We talked a little more with me asking about the few girls that had done so well on the floor. She wanted to reward their efforts, but her sales were not high enough to warrant much more in wages. I asked her about her assistant, she smiled, a truly remarkable female, dedicated and will do anything I ask of her. She is working the dinner business tonight, maybe she can meet you.

I changed the conversation and asked her what she would change if she could. She started to give me the standard reply; I gave her a hard look, and she giggled, alright I will be truthful. She wanted to reward some of her girls; she wanted to get more involved in community matters, but the girls are already doing too much for what they make in wages. She wanted to redo the décor of the restaurant, too dull and lifeless for her taste, she wanted bright and cheery. Finally, she wanted to help out at some of the other restaurants, to meet people and gain insight into how others handled their problems.

I smiled and asked her to put it all down in writing and email me. She has carte blanche to do as she wants as long as I know ahead of time what she is doing. The interchange of managers is coming up, a new approach for the locations now. I suggested several for her to start, no advance warning needed, make sure your restaurant is handled and just show up. Find where you can be the most help and pitch in to help. She just stared at me, her only comment is really.

I did get to meet her assistant, very outgoing and confident. Susan left us alone for a few minutes and Sally thanked me for turning Susan around. “I have only been here for a few minutes and I can already see a big difference, she was feeling so lost, I have talked to her often, sometimes for hours but the change only lasted for an hour or two. Today I see a changed woman, maybe even looking forward to the next day.” I made a note to myself, Sally had all of the earmarks of a good manager. Once Susan gains enough confidence, she can easily be promoted. We talked a little more, her ideas rally good for an assistant, I asked if I could borrow a few of them, she blushed red, then nodded yes. I gave her a hug and left.

As I drove to the next location, I was thinking of several of the things that had been told me. I presume all of the managers can actually manage, but up to now corporate wanted everybody doing the same thing, and in the same way. What is good for one location probably will not work for the other. No wonder the managers are frustrated and depressed.

Since it wasn’t a meal time I couldn’t sneak to see what is being done and how. I parked in the lot, made my way to the door and entered. I was greeted by their hostess and asked how many in my party. I told her I needed to see the manager on duty. She showed me to a table and left to get the manager. A very buxom young woman came through the kitchen doors and introduced herself. I was about to tell her my name, but she just hugged me, I was hoping Jessica might come to see me. She escorted me to her office and we sat on her love seat and talked.

I asked the same type of questions and like I imagined things here were different than the last one I visited. Her traffic was more business oriented, with their lunches and early dinners their most busy time of the day. Weekends were slow, but Monday through Friday more than made up for it. Their community service was mainly volunteer work, at their hospital, two nursing homes, and several after school programs for boys and girls.

Leslie had already done a few things on her own, repainting a room in the restaurant to freshen it up. She had got the paint donated and her girls did all of the work for free. She did make sure that their families were fed that day, at the expense of the restaurant. I asked about her assistant manager, an older lady according to Leslie, very capable, but feels that her age is not appropriate for working in the Boobie’s chain. Leslie wanted me to meet her, her shift will start in a few minutes.

I told her about helping at other locations, just show up and pitch in. Leslie had gotten us some drinks, and was coming back to the office when her assistant showed up. Very statuesque, at least five ten without heels. Her age can’t be a problem, I doubt if she is even thirty years old. She introduced herself, and joined us in our conversation. She seemed quite capable, her demeanor and confidence about the business showing through. I asked her about her age, and why she thought she was getting too old for the chain.

“It is a young woman’s job, as I get older I feel inadequate, not as pretty and attractive as some of the younger girls. I can handle the work, I even enjoy it, but my appearance is not as attractive to the opposite sex as I would like it.” I took out my cell phone and called the Salon we used back home and asked them for the number of their local salon. She asked where I was and then gave me the number. I asked Joyce what her schedule was for the next few days, tomorrow is her day off, so I made her an appointment bright and early. I told them to give her the works and do not let her leave until it is completed. They were to bill it to my credit card, and send me the receipt. Once they found out who I worked for the receptionist told me that Boobie’s had a corporate account, they could bill it there.

Joyce looked at me, unsure of my actions, maybe this was too much for her to handle. I whispered in her ear, that I was a male, if they can make me look this good, just imagine what they can do for you. Her mouth is wide open, so I used my finger to close it, be prompt and I want a picture sent to me on your phone as you leave the salon. Now that is handled, let’s see what we can come up with to get a little more business.

I asked them to put on their thinking caps, what they could do to get more weekend business. Maybe a promotion for their business customer’s to bring their families for dinner on Saturday or Sunday. That was all it took, within a few minutes they had the discount figured out, how they were going to word the flyer, and what specials food wise they were going to offer. Leslie asked if she wanted me to submit it to corporate for approval. I gave her a scowl, we do not say that word anymore. I am your boss, your only boss, just make sure you plan it out, send me an email so that I know what you are doing, and concentrate on getting your sales up.

I asked Joyce to concentrate on sponsoring some sport teams, and make sure she is there to root for the teams. She gave me a wary look, you want to keep me occupied so that I will not obsess on my looks don’t you? I rose up from the sofa, you got it in one guess, now give me a hug, and don’t forget your appointment. I also hugged Leslie as I made my way to the restaurant. I told Leslie I wanted her to visit some of the other restaurants in the chain in the upcoming weeks, let me know where you will be at, but be prepared to join in and work a shift if needed.

The next few stops were all similar, the managers mainly frustrated at what corporate had them doing. They were in the restaurant daily and could see what needed to be done, but corporate directives moved them further away from a solution, instead of solving it. At the sixth stop, I ran into Mary Ann who had left her restaurant to help in another. How she found out about the manager being severally shorthanded I may never find out.

When I saw the crowd at the entrance I returned to my car and got my uniform. I went back inside and changed in the ladies room. Checked myself in the mirror, can’t have anyone disappointed in the merchandise and returned to the floor. I went to reception to see where they were lacking help, assigned myself to an area and took several customers with me to be seated. That was start of a seven hour shift. Apparently there was a convention in town that started today, two of her girls had sick children, first guesses seemed to be tied to an outbreak at the school, high fever and throwing up the most common symptoms.

Mary Ann asked what took me so long, I giggled but the work load kept me and the others busy for another two hours before it calmed down some. I finally was able to meet the manager, Patricia who looked especially tired. I talked with her a few minute then told her to head home. She broke out in tears fearing the worst. I grabbed her into a fierce hug, you are tired, we got this tonight, rest up and I will see you here in the morning. “If you don’t listen to your Mom I will be forced to put you over my knee and spank you, now get home.” She giggled but one of her other waitresses led her off.

Mary Ann had trained her when she first started, so she knew her well. She had asked the other girl to take her home, knowing that if Patricia was left any choice it would not happen. The rest of us got the place closed down, cleaned up for tomorrow and set back up including their banquet room. With a convention in town we would need all the tables. I had a thought, so I called all of the managers that I had talked to in the last few days and asked them to make arrangements to come tomorrow and help.

I figured a good way for them to mingle and learn something. All of them would be here at seven AM dressed to help. I wonder If Suzanne would approve of six managers helping out in one restaurant. Then I had another bright idea, I called Suzanne’s number, her picking up on the fourth ring. I asked her what she has planned for tomorrow, she told me that she is following a certain corporate official making waves in the system, other than that nothing. Why do you ask? I told her to get her uniforms and get her butt down here, preferably before the lunch rush tomorrow. She broke out in laughter, simply telling me she would see me. As she hung up, I realized I had not told her where here is. Oh well she is a big girl, she can figure it out.

I asked what convention was in town, found out a contact number and called one of their officials. I introduced myself, told them I was with Boobie’s and we were offering a special for their attendees. Buy two lunches and an appetizer and get a lunch free. After I hung up I went to their kitchen and asked the cook if he had enough supplies for a packed house for the next three days. He said almost, but he would place an order to be sure. With all of that handled I checked with all of her help, making sure they could come in. One gal wanted to come in but didn’t have anyone to baby sit her kids. I asked her if she could pay someone, she hesitated, but I knew what the problem was. I went to my purse and got fifty dollars out and took it to her. When I came back she broke out in tears, I told her to find someone to take care of the children, pay them and then come on in to work. All of the rest of the employees had watched what I did, they all came over and hugged both of us, then returned to their tasks.

Mary Ann, and Patricia’s assistant manager and I went to the office. I had her make a new schedule for the employees having them work as much as possible over the next few days. She then went to each employee to make sure the schedule is alright with them. I arranged to get their extra set of keys to the restaurant so I could open early, then sent everybody home. Mary Ann looked at me. “Just think you might have turned all of this down, think of all the fun you would be missing.”

I told her I had six more managers coming to help tomorrow and Suzanne from corporate. She just shook her head, corporate doesn’t stand a chance with you in the middle of things. By the way, if you haven’t been reading your emails, all of the restaurants you have visited have had jumps in their sales, so I am sure Suzanne is more than willing to help out a little. I got a big hug from her, and she told me she would see me first thing in the morning. I checked to make sure we were ready for tomorrow then locked up and left. I had made reservations at the hotel, already, I just hadn’t had a chance to check in yet.

Looking in the rear view mirror I noticed my hair was not as nice as a few days ago, so I called the salon and asked if they could somehow squeeze me in for a styling and makeup. It was already ten thirty, but I had seen my own salon back home open until midnight some nights. I told her my name and that I was an employee with Boobie’s. Well that is apparently the magic word, I was told to come on, they would take care of me as soon as I could get there.

I made my way to the salon, thanks goodness for GPS and entered the salon. The receptionist apologized for not recognizing my name on the phone, but when she entered my name on the computer, a VIP customer popped up. She took my hand and soon three techs were attacking me doing more than just what I had thought that I needed done.

My fingernail polish is removed and changed to a new shade, one that matched my complexion and hair a little better. The toenails received the same treatment, then she filed my heels rubbing in a cream afterwards to smooth any rough skin out. The knees were next, then my elbows, and finally my hands. I felt so relaxed after the massage, I doubted I could stand on my own. One of the techs worked on my face, cleaning off my old makeup and then reapplying it in some slightly different colors, according to her a new line that had just come in. Before she had put the new makeup on she had inspected my artificial lashes adding quite a few new ones to my eyelid. She then told me to close my eyes and sprayed my face with a setting agent that would keep the makeup perfect for several days.

The other tech had been working on my hair, cutting off any split ends, then setting it on curlers. Under the dryer for a while, then back to the stylists for a comb-out. Back in Jess time I would be appalled if anything of this happened to me. Today, I love it all, can’t wait for the next day to see what challenges might come my way and to experience the joys of being a female.

Another forty minutes and I feel like I can take on the world, they really did a fantastic job on me. I think back to my time as Jess, a rather boring and superficial life. Now as Jessica, I look forward to every upcoming minute of every day, happy to be me, happy to be female. As I walk out of the salon, I feel so good, tomorrow can’t be anything but a success, Mom and her daughters will make it so.

I checked in at the hotel, even though it is after midnight. I undressed and took a shower, then crawled into bed, sleep seeming to come immediately, even before my head hit the pillow. Well pillows since with my fresh hairstyle I had to sleep sitting up some. The joys of being a young female.

The alarm is extra noisy, I might have to pay to replace it before my stay is over with. Why is it all hotel alarms are so loud and irritating?

My hair only needed a little light brushing, and then slipped back into the style that that salon had fashioned, a longish curly bob. Dressed in my uniform, I checked the makeup, it is holding up well, all I had to do is freshen my lipstick, actually a little gloss, then out the door. I did wear a short coat, the Boobie’s uniform a little much for six AM in the morning.

I remember back when I had told Janelle that I couldn’t see myself using my boobies for financial gain. Well, that thought certainly changed over the last few weeks, but maybe not as much as my total immersion in the female sex. I now considered myself female, a member of the tit and ass club, and I loved every moment of it. The drive to the restaurant didn’t seem to take long, both Mary Ann and Suzanne waiting for me in the parking lot. As I pulled in Patricia also parked her car, came up to us and gave each a passionate hug. She apologized for yesterday, it just all caught up with her later in the day, and she panicked. I used the keys I had from last night, opened the door and we went in. Patricia got the lights, and each of us started to get ready for today’s business.

I didn’t realize that she had never been introduced to Suzanne, so I made the introductions. She seemed amazed at her being there, dressed to work. Suzanne filled her in a little, Jessica is running the show now, corporate just doing the accounting and counting the money. I interrupted telling all of them we had work to do, no idle chit-chat. Patricia’s mouth is open, me ordering the CEO of the company to get to work. All of the girls started coming in along with the other managers, everybody just finding an area and making sure all is ready.

The kitchen crew had been right behind us, so by ten o’clock we were ready to open. I told everyone of the promotion for the convention attendees so they were aware of what to do. The first hour is a little slow, but by eleven we had a steady stream coming in the door. At eleven-thirty we were packed, even the banquet room is full. When things slowed down a little I noticed Suzanne watching what is going on, she didn’t have much time to observe her section being one of the busiest. At four PM the crowd finally eased off, and we had a few empty tables scattered around the restaurant. Most everybody had worked straight through, not even a bathroom break possible. Occasionally we got a minute or two while we waited for food to be put on plates, but that is sporadic.

We rotated through the girls each of us getting ten minutes to freshen up, then back to the grind. The dinner business is better than usual, Patricia quite surprised at the number of people that kept showing up. The last customer is served at ten-thirty, and we had the restaurant ready for tomorrow’s business by midnight. I had talked to a lot of the people during the day, they are amazed at how good the food is, the female scenery certainly first class according to almost all I talked to.

I knew the business tomorrow would surpass today, once the word spread. I made sure we were ready, checked that everything is as it should be then sent everyone home. Patricia and Mary Ann had just returned from the night deposit box, the smile on Pat’s face saying it all. They didn’t beat our grand opening but did break every other record in the company. As Suzanne and I walked from our cars to the hotel rooms, she asked if it is going as I had planned. I smiled, I don’t plan that far ahead, I just react to what is placed in front of me. I got a huge hug, well the company is thrilled with your reactions, you have suddenly turned a lack luster year into a record breaking sales rout, corporate executives are all studying what you have done, wondering why they never saw what you have obviously embraced.

She invited me into her room for a few minutes, wanting to know a few things that were not obviously apparent to herself and others. I smiled, I have been surprised that the subject has not come up before, I guess everybody too wrapped up in their own lives to wonder about others. She had ordered wine before she left, noting that it is in her refrigerator when she looked. She poured us glasses, then we found some comfortable chairs to park out bodies in. It is quiet for a few minutes, each of us sipping the wine and letting our minds wander.

“It is obvious to her that I have a lot more experience and education than I let on. Sharon has told her of my previous employment with Janelle, why some of this knowledge didn’t come out then. You worked for Janelle as a waiter, where you obviously had the ability to run the whole place. You are now managing multi units and it doesn’t even faze you. Inquiring minds want to know.”

I smiled, then told her the secret. “As Jess, I didn’t want more than I had, being a waiter is fine, doing what I was told just part of the job. Jess is a level headed individual, interested in the status quo, but nothing more. Jessica is a caring person, wanting for all to succeed, not just herself. If there is a way to get to the top, she wants to get there, but she wants all of her friends and co-workers to be there with her. I see my friends finding out things about themselves, able to do things they never thought they could, and looking forward to the future with wide open eyes. When all of that happens the companies they work for climb to the top, not because of some wonderful idea, or new plan, but because the employee is no longer held back, their new found confidence lifting themselves and the company they work for to new heights.”

“As a corporation, executives try to make everybody confirm to some set ideal, Jessica did good by doing this, so now we have to get everybody to do as Jessica did to get ahead. Wrong, Jessica did what worked in that one instance, Mary Ann’s situation requiring a different tactic, Patricia’s still a different response. The places I have visited all have different things going on, so each has a different solution to their goal of higher sales. When I allowed the manager’s to suggest to me some ways to improve, they had the answers all along, just no one allowed them to use them, and definitely no encouragement was given to them to try their ideas.”

“I am sure I will find a manager or two who doesn’t realize what is going on, not involved enough or caring enough to find out. Those I will replace, the rest I am just going to turn them loose, I just hope corporate has enough sense to keep their hands out of the pudding, or they will end up losing lots of good people, first one to be me.”

Suzanne assured me that I have made a believer out of everybody, the contract binding on corporate as much as it applied to me. She asked if I thought that more males would want to make the transformation to female, maybe even a career at Boobie’s in their future. She reminded me of a similar company featuring boobs in their costumes, when all of the equality in employment act first came into being they had numerous applications of males wanting to join their workforce. Rumors still abound where some were hired and underwent the changes to be waitresses, but the company never allowed any real information out on the matter.

I told her if the applicant has the knowledge and the skills necessary to be a Boobie’s manager I would have no problem with hiring them or working with them. She told me when I got around to a couple of restaurants I just might find some applicants already trying to audition for the part. They were treated as trainees at the moment, the company not sure what to do with them yet, but my success has changed the thinking quite a bit on that subject. Several were hired originally for their clubs, but for one reason or another it didn’t work out. They were offered a trainee position at Boobie’s to see if that was a possibility, but the managers didn’t know what to do with them either.

She asked what plans I had to have a group to help in special occasions where the local staff is not adequate to handle the business for a short term. I told her the managers in the area would be the help, each helping out in a pinch, then receiving help when they needed it.

I suggested we adjourn for tonight, tomorrow is likely to be a long day, and I needed her well rested ready to handle her share of the business. “You might think that since you are the chief bottle washer you might get a pass, but I don’t agree. If you work for the company you need to roll up your sleeves and pitch in, whether it is waiting tables, washing dishes, or serving as a hostess. Then when all things are handled you can return to corporate and push some papers around.”

“Remember the overall success of Boobie’s rests with how well the individual units produce, what you have seen so far, is some units realizing that they can make a difference and impress their bosses, Think what will happen when all of the restaurants start adding to the bottom line. At that time, corporate will have their hands full trying to handle the avalanche of paperwork hitting their desks. Until then if you yahoos are away from your corporate desk, you are mine, and I will work your ass off.”

I saw Suzanne swallow hard, but she then smiled “I just wish we had found someone like you earlier, what a difference it has made.”

“Think for a minute, you probably have several people that are capable in your system now, but you never allowed them to show what they could do. So you all need to kick yourselves in the butt, you were the biggest problem at Boobie’s, not your employees.” I told her to get some sleep, and I would see her at six AM.

The next day is a repeat of yesterday, only the lines at lunch are longer wanting to get served. I had Suzanne take some trays of appetizers to the lines, taking with the customers and handing out some food. Just like at our grand opening it worked, nobody left the line because they had to wait to get served. I decided to change the tactic for the last day of the convention, since they would be busy breaking down, I changed the special from lunch to dinner, then added if they had eaten with us any of the last three days, they would get an additional twenty percent off their bill. Since our dinner prices are higher we will still come out ahead. I informed their convention coordinators of the change and made sure we were ready for the business.

We were still busy for lunch, but about three-thirty business started picking up. At five we were packed, with a line out the door. Suzanne knew the drill, she arranged for treats and started down the line. Mary Ann was watching the line grow, made her way to the kitchen and got her appetizers and started from the other end of the line. We were still seating people at ten fifteen, jammed full and most of the help dead tired. Our last customer left at eleven thirty, I told everybody to only do the basics, then get home. I asked for volunteers for tomorrow morning to finish setting up for business, and am surprised when everybody raised their hand.

With all that help I told them to come in when they could, and after they got here I would have Patricia issue a new schedule after talking with them. I received a hug from everyone as they left, even the kitchen help. They knew that their efforts had made their jobs more secure, confident now in their positions. I had walked through the kitchen several times during the last few days, learning their names and telling them how much I appreciate what they do for the company. You can see them swell up with pride, knowing someone appreciated their efforts and took the time to tell them so.

The girls returned from the night deposit drop, Patricia hugging me tightly as they came in. “My restaurant just had the best week I have ever had, and it is all due to you.” I told her she is wrong it is a team effort, and she is the head of that team. I just added my thoughts to the mix. I suggested that tomorrow she talk with every employee, thanking them and finding out a little more about them, about their families, what their husbands do, just relax with them and make some connections.

Maybe next week a get together here at the restaurant for them and their families, maybe on Sunday when we are closed. Buffet style food, everybody waiting on themselves, than after everybody helping in the cleanup. I will authorize the expense for the food, don’t scrimp on what you offer. Once you get it scheduled let me know, I will come and serve drinks as your employees eat. Now get home and I will see you in the morning.

Patricia nods, “yes Mom” and giggles out the door. Suzanne come over, pulls me into a hug, and whispers in my ear that you are the most awesome Mom that has ever worked for the company.

Things return to a somewhat normal routine for the next few days, I resumed touring the branches, meeting the managers and delivering my message. I found that several had already started communicating with some of the ones that I had already visited and were making subtle changes in their management of their own unit. That made me smile, for once they were able to use a little of their own initiative and do things they thought might help them increase sales. Not every idea worked, but they were trying. Now my daily email was loaded, telling me what they were doing, admitting when they made a mistake and telling me what they had done to correct the error.

On more than one occasion, I am addressed as Mom, usually when I asked them to try something for me. “Yes Mom”, became a frequently heard phrase. At the next restaurant on my tour, I ran into Sharon, who is interviewing some new prospects for manager trainees. Since my promotion she has concentrated on hiring employees, traveling the chain lining up interviews of prospective employees, then forwarding their applications to me. She gave me a tremendous hug, somebody would have thought she hadn’t seen me in years from her embrace. I handled my regular duties, talking to the manager, and her employees about their lives and their job. This particular manager seemed to have her wits about her, very intelligent and sharp as a tack.

As we were talking she informed me that her assistant is more than qualified to be a manager, doing an excellent job running the restaurant the majority of the time. The manager had turned over the running of the restaurant to her assistant, so she could help elsewhere as needed and work with her employees making them more aware of ways to enhance their service and customer skills.

I watched as Sharon interviewed several candidates, her smile often focused on me, as she conducted her interviews. We had decided earlier that she would interview any prospective candidates, then forward her recommendations to me, so that I could hire who I wanted. The last candidate was a young male dressed quite nicely with his hair in a low ponytail tucked into his shirt. From where I was sitting I could hear her questions and his responses.

She asked about experience, most of it at a small regional chain, the last few months as a manager trainee. She asked why he wanted to work here, his response quite startling. He heard from one of the girls who worked at this restaurant about the new management, and wanted to be a part of this chain. He told Sharon he would take any position even busboy as long as he could show them his sincerity and his work ethic. Although the candidate didn’t see Sharon look my way, I nodded to her and she hired him. She told him he would work in the kitchen for the first few days, then we would see.

Report to the assistant manager in the morning at seven AM so he could sign his paperwork and be assigned some duties. Plan on working an eight hour shift, but for the first few weeks you need to be flexible as we move you around to see what you are capable of. The assistant’s name is Glenda, be prompt and wear jeans and a t-shirt. He thanked her profusely, telling her that she would not be sorry, then skipped his way out the door.

I chuckled to Sharon as I walked over to the table she sat out, asking what his name is, “His name is Robert, but he prefers to be called Rob. I had already checked his references, he come highly recommended. His last supervisor told me that they sorely missed him, the owner of the chain had come down on Rob pretty hard about his hair, and Rob told him he quit. The owner had insisted he get his hair cut or not show up for work, Rob wouldn’t and that is all she wrote.”

I asked some other questions about him, his family, and the other places he worked at. All the other jobs he walked away from because of people making him do things that he knew would not work. He tried to tell them it needed to change, but after hitting his head against a brick wall he decided that someplace else would be a better use of his time. The next to the last job a good example.

They insisted he treat the minority workers differently than the white Anglo Saxon workers. He told them that is against federal laws. They told him to either do it or they would replace him. He left and three months later the business closed when federal officials raided the establishment and the owners and managers were arrested for fifteen different violations of discrimination laws.

“Are his replies to your questions intelligent? From a distance he seems to have it together, but are his statements well thought out.” Sharon smiled, “let’s put it this way, why I was interviewing him I thought of another person that gave off the same vibes, she is standing before me, my boss lady.”

I blushed a little, Sharon required a lot to impress her, and Rob seemed to have pulled it off. “I have two more restaurants to visit tomorrow, then I am heading back home for a day or two. See how Rob does tomorrow, then tell him I want him to go with me and work at my old restaurant for a few days and see what happens. If he is agreeable tell him to pack a small bag, I will furnish everything else.”

Sharon looked at me and smiled. “You are going to put him in a uniform and on the floor aren’t you?”

“Well if he is going to progress in the company it will not be as a male, so I need to find out if he can handle the female side. No use wasting his time and ours, plus I am interested in how he will react. No advance warning, a visit to the salon, then work a shift as a female. We will see what Rob is capable of.”

Sharon suggested that at my second stop tomorrow I pay particular attention to Bobbi, a new waitress of three weeks. “She might be of some interest to you, not as intelligent as Rob, although that may be just her nerves. The manager had been confronted by an applicant that insisted on being hired. She tried to discourage him, Boobies no place for a male who is interested in advancing. The applicant would not be deterred, wanting to know what would be required to be hired. He had lots of waiter experience, at several fancy restaurants. Jokingly the manager told him to present himself as a female and she would consider his request. Well two days later he appeared as a female, and since his looks were within the realm of a Boobie’s waitress she gave him a two day test trial.”

“The first day he was paired with one of the regular waitresses, he performed well, by the end of the night he was handling all of her tables with ease. The regular waitress helped the other girls, leaving him to handle her tables. He helped clean up and prepare for the next day with no complaints.”

The manager called me and asked if she was out of line in hiring him, I told her I would be by to interview him and we will go from there. The next day I showed up, met the applicant and we talked for quite some time. I asked about his disguise, he had got his sister to help him with the preparations. He confessed to putting the manager on the spot, but wanted a chance to show what he could do.

I approved a one week trial, then I would be back to talk to him again. “His week is up the day after tomorrow, the manager quite happy with his efforts so far. His presentation is a little sub-standard for one of our girls, but his hustle and service is way beyond most of our girl’s abilities. Nobody has twigged to his male persona yet, the girls though have given him a few tips to make his appearance a little more Boobie like. You might like to pull him aside and talk with him, his personality is quite wonderful, always upbeat and perky.”

I told Sharon I would look into the situation, then depending on what I find I might pull him out too for a few days. I got a big smile from her, than an equally big hug. “Jessica you are one in a million, I feel so privileged to have been the one to hire you. Originally I was going to let you do the same thing you were doing in the male version of your uniform. Most all of the girls came to me, wanting me to insist you present as a female. One or two I figured that they were upset at you and wanted some kind of revenge, but every one of them said the same thing. Jessica is the real person here, not Jess. Than in my talks with Janelle the same thing came up.”

“I watched you for several shifts, you were running the restaurant all by yourself, filling in where necessary to keep things running smoothly. I brought that up with Janelle, she told me that you had been handling managerial duties for quite some time, just nobody was calling them that. I decided to change your position to manager and see what happens. Well you embarrassed me to the hilt, making everybody in the company aware of your skills.”

When I had decided to make you manager I told Suzanne that I wasn’t sure of your abilities but wanted to take a chance on you. I am reminded of that every day, the manager that made the chain stand up and take notice, the one that I took a chance on. I will never live that down, but also am very happy that I am kidded on that daily.

“I asked Sharon what branch was the other like minded employee working at.” She smiled he is at the beach location, but not working as a waitresses yet. “He assists as a host, also buses tables and helps in the kitchen. When they have been crowded he assists with drink orders, and brings food out when the girls are swamped. The girls kid him relentlessly about his lack of Boobie’s attire, but he takes it in stride and comes back for more the next day. I originally hired him for the kitchen, but his skills there are not that great. He has the right look, he might qualify for Jessica’s girls too.”

I raised my eyebrow a little, Jessica’s girls, well maybe that is what I will call them. I had an idea, a group of well-trained waitresses to help in the restaurants where needed, so that the other managers could concentrate on their own units. Time will tell if this idea might work out.

I gave Sharon a big hug, telling her I will see her next time and left. The word was already spreading through the chain, their emails to each other telling the yet unvisited managers what they were told. At every stop now I had less and less to do, the managers already implementing what I had told the others they could do. Sales were reflecting that change, now every location is up over last year’s figures. Even the struggling managers were making some progress. I had identified several to keep an eye on, their ability not quite enough to handle the business they were doing. They were trying real hard but were struggling to do so.

I knew I would have to spend some time with them, seeing if I could teach them things that would make their jobs easier. At first I had decided to replace them but their sincere effort to please me made me reconsider that strategy. The first visit in the morning might be one of those managers, she seemed not focused every time I talked to her on the phone, also very unsure of herself since she called me about things she should have handled herself. Surprisingly her sales were not that bad, in line with other similar sized units.

I thought quite a bit that night about Jessica’s girls, each minute of thought brought the idea a little closer to reality. I would have to see what the candidates wanted in life, would they want to constantly travel, working in different locations every few days. Maybe I have put the cart in front of the horse, I am not even sure they would want to work as females all the time, Boobie’s females. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained. Tomorrow might shed a little light on those ideas.

The next morning I was early, waiting on the manager to open. She seemed nice, maybe a little flustered, but talkative and quite cheerful. I watched her as she prepared to open the restaurant, checking on the kitchen, the food supplies, and the tables. She had it all down pat, everything she is supposed to be doing she is performing without fault. I wondered about our conversations on the phone, it seems like two different people. Then something popped into my head. A long shot, for sure, but maybe there is something else going on here.

After her employees started coming in, we adjourned to her office. We chit chatted for a while, then I asked her about her assistant. “Janice, your assistant, comes in at one today, what about you and me going out to lunch a little earlier. I am sure your girls can handle things for thirty minutes, or so. We need to talk over a few things, but not in the restaurant.” She agreed so I watched as the girls started handling customers. It was a pleasure to watch a well-oiled machine perform their duties. I asked later if her assistant knew I was coming, she responded no, I don’t announce corporate visits to any of my employees. Interesting to say the least.

By the time we were ready to leave to go to lunch I had no doubts about her skills, someone is trying to sabotage her efforts, probably for their own gain. As we left her girls were busy, handling a large crowd with ease, almost effortless. We walked a few doors down, a Mexican restaurant with the most heavenly smell coming from within. We were seated and promptly ordered. While we are waiting for our food, I asked several more pointed questions about her assistant, her abilities and how long she had been with Boobie’s. Rachael mentioned that she had been with the company for six years now, quite dissatisfied at being passed over for promotions.

“Frankly she is not qualified to be a manager, her decision making ability quite often flawed, her emotions allowed to influence her decisions way too often. She has her favorite employees, quite often letting them get by with things, while disciplining others for the same action. I asked why she is still working with us. Rachael smiled, “because she does just the minimum to keep from stepping over a line, if caught at something she immediately apologizes and vows to never do anything like that again.” I have a file filled with minor infractions, but most would not warrant dismissal.

“Well we might be able to correct that problem very soon.” Sure enough, ten minutes later I received a call from her assistant. First words out of her mouth, this is Rachael, I have a problem, can you help me. I had put the cell phone on speaker so we could both hear the conversation. I allowed her to state her problem, while the real Rachael was seething across from me. I made a suggestion to her assistant to handle the fake problem then hung up. Our food is served and I had to insist that Rachael take time to eat. She wanted to head right back to the restaurant and fire the little shit.

As we ate I mentioned that I had a steady stream of these phone calls ever since I had been appointed COO. I suggested that we finish eating and then head back, I would handle the young lady. Rachael is way too emotional to do so without making more problems, but I wanted her to watch, seeing that Janice received her just desserts.

I paid the check and we headed back, the plan is for Rachael to call her into her office, ask how the lunch business went and then ask her why corporate is getting phone calls from me about little mundane problems. Then I enter and play the recording from my phone of just a few moments earlier. It went as planned, Janice knew she had been caught red-handed but tried to bluff her way out of things. You can’t fire me for asking simple questions about everyday problems. This was said to Rachael, with a condescending little smirk on her face.

“No, Rachael can’t but Jessica can, I don’t think we have been introduced yet. I am Jessica from corporate, and you best option is to resign, that way you might be able to preserve some creditably in your future job hunts. If you don’t take that option I will fill in the explicit reason you were let go, making everyone aware of your deceit and cunning.” Rachael handed her a blank piece of paper and a pen, both of us staring at Janice. It didn’t long as she scribbled the resignation and signed it. “It might be a good idea not to use us as a reference, I don’t think you would like my opinion of your actions.” Janice quickly left, Rachael had one of the other girls accompany her to her locker, then out the door.

I asked Rachael about a replacement, she pointed to the girl that had gone with Janice, she is more than qualified and anxious to have the opportunity to show her stuff. I gave Rachael a big hug and headed to my next stop. It is amazing what some people will do to try and get ahead, even totally stupid ideas like what Janice tried.

I made it to my next stop shortly after three o’clock. I entered the restaurant and told the hostess one for dinner. I am seated in the main room, a short ways from the front glass. This particular Boobie’s is part of a larger outdoor mall. The traffic past the front windows a steady stream of people, mostly female since the other stores in the mall are fashion orientated. I am promptly greeted and my choice of drinks is quickly delivered to my table. I placed my order, then glanced around the restaurant at the other girls and their customers. The room is three quarters full, pretty good for mid-afternoon.

I quickly noticed Bobbi, she looked alright, but I could see where her features didn’t precisely match her supposed sex. I watched as she handled five tables, keeping everybody quite happy. Every four or five minutes she is filling drinks, a dirty dish had no chance, she is constantly picking up unneeded dishes as she works her tables. She managed to talk them into dessert, offering to describe each dessert for the ones not sure what they wanted. During all of this she handled several more tables while another waitress took a break.

After finishing up my meal, I paid the tab, left a tip and headed to the office. The manager is coming out, apparently being alerted by one of her girls that someone higher up might be checking out the place. I greeted her and gave her a hug. “Your restaurant and your girls are exceptional, my meal is delicious and I couldn’t find anything wrong to wave in your face. Now how can I help you improve that service and food even more?”

“Oh, Mom I have waited so long to finally meet you. All of the girls that have met you say you are so nice. I have responded to all of their emails thanking them for giving me a heads up. I have a list of what I would like to do, do you have a few moments to go over it with me.”

I smiled, just what I want to hear. The list is like a lot of the others, basic common sense, but something they have been denied for so long. I asked her to send the list to me as an email, but I am approving the whole list now. Any further changes keep me informed, and just do them. I asked about her employees and she gave me a quick summary of each, their strong points and their weaknesses. She covered what they did as volunteers for the community, their big deal is providing a meeting place for seven different senior meetups, providing the location, coffee, refreshments and transportation so they could have their meetings.

I asked about the transportation, finding out that she had paid a small bus company to pick up the seniors and bring them to the restaurant for the meetings. The area had a much larger than normal senior population and there was no places for them to meet and spend some time. One of her ideas was to offer a special price for dinner, if their kids brought their parent in for dinner during the week. They even did part of the meetings after church on Sunday, her employees wanting to spend some time with the older seniors, being alone in the world, some being abandoned by their kids, they loved the attention that the girls gave them. On Monday mornings they even had a short bingo session for all who wanted to participate.

I complimented her on her initiative and caring. “Let me know how the promotion comes out, if it works I have a couple of more locations that have larger senior populations. I then asked if I could talk to Bobbi for a while. She smiled and went to the floor, returning later with Bobbi in tow. Bobbi looked nervous, I introduced myself and asked her to sit down, Patty, the manager said she had some things to do and left us alone.

“Well, Bobbi I have heard a lot of things about you, since we are alone I need for you to tell me everything. Your schooling, family, job experience, hobbies, I want nothing left out. Consider this an interview with a very important company, with an excellent job at stake.” She swallowed hard, but I allowed her a little time to compose herself.

She started out with her childhood, went thru her schooling, and then told me about her family. She is very thorough, not missing much that I would be interested in. I must compliment Sharon, her interviewing skills had already withdrawn all of this information already and it is in her file. I wanted to make sure that she had not missed anything. “Bobbi, do you have a car? Her reply, “yes I do, a two year old Toyota.”

I then explained what I am planning to do. “I want some waitresses that are exceptionally trained to go from location to location as needed to assist the managers to keep things running smoothly. You may be at a location for a week, or maybe just a day. You will fill in as needed, hostess, waitress, whatever is desired of you. The pay will be fairly decent and your mileage well compensated for. When not at another branch you will be based at my location. Are you interested in this type of job?”

The biggest smile appeared on her face, her head nodding approval before her mouth could engage. I put a finger up to her lips, there is one condition that you must meet willingly, you must live the life of a female 24/7 while in my employ. I will furnish some basic clothes, and you will have professional instruction in doing your hair and makeup. I expect behavior of a young lady at all times, nothing that would cause a young lady to be embarrassed or ashamed. Take time to think this over, once you start down this path, after your initial test, you are committed for several months before things can be reversed to their current state.

I didn’t have to wait long, the bubbly enthusiasm came rushing out of her, wanting to know when she can start. I gave her the address for my location, telling her to be there the day after tomorrow, at seven AM. Bring nothing but the clothes she is wearing and any personal items that she is fond of. Be prompt and expect the unexpected for the next few days. I will challenge you every way I can to see if you possess the skills and determination I desire. If you pass the initial test, I will allow you a few days to put your life in order then your training will start immediately and you will be there until it is completed. Most likely you will be based out of my town, it is central to most of the Boobie’s locations.

Think about this very carefully, this is not a whim or a lark, once you commit to this I expect you to stay with the job and the position. If you show up, I expect you to follow this through, if it is not for you or you have doubts, don’t bother to come.

I gave her a hug and told her I hoped to see her the day after tomorrow. Her enthusiasm had calmed down some, but I expected her to be there for training. I spent a little more time with the manager, telling her that Bobbi would be assigned to me, to be trained to fill in when needed throughout the chain. I encouraged her to try new ideas, but always to keep me informed of what she is doing.

My next stop is the beach location, actually we have two beach locations, this one several hundred miles further south along the coast. I drove to the town and stayed overnight, planning on being their when they opened. Sitting in my hotel room that night, I am thinking of Janelle. I miss her something terrible, just being around her makes me feel better. I hope she can accompany me on my road trip next week, doing this by myself is okay, but having my future wife with me would be so much better. I fell asleep thinking of her, dreaming of our wedding, and having all my girls as bridesmaids. That will be some wedding.

The next morning I got dressed, ate some breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then headed over to the restaurant. The assistant is opening, I introduced myself, and followed her in. She is extremely confidant, handling things quickly and in the appropriate manner. She had three waitresses call in sick, one where she is having a severe case of morning sickness, the other two where their children are sick and they are taking them to the doctors. She called the manager and told her that she is short help, could she come in early. Then she called a couple of her other waitresses to come in early to help. I asked her about her male employee, could he help.

She giggled. “Yes, he is more than qualified but we have not yet used him as a waitress.” I asked what he looks like, could he make a passable female, or at least an androgynous person to wait on tables. She smiled, probably, but I have never approached him about doing anything like this. “He will be in at ten, maybe you can ask him for me, I need to get the place ready to open and switch one of the girls to be a hostess.”

At nine thirty Peter came in, Beth the assistant sending him over to me. “Hi Peter, I am Jessica, an executive with Boobie’s. Beth is short several waitresses today, and we need you to step in and help out. Have you ever dressed as a female before? Peter face became a big smile, he hugged me telling me he had to go to his car, but he will be right back. Like a flash he was gone, with me giggling at his actions. A few moments later he reappeared, a small case in his hands.

“I presume I can work as a waitress, if so can I have a uniform? It will take me about twenty minutes to make the change, then I will be ready to go to work. I handed him a spare uniform and he took off for the bathroom. I mentioned to Beth that she will probably have another waitress, as soon as Peter gets changed. She marked her schedule, assigning her ten tables, what our waitresses usually handled. When Peter came back out I grinned, this would work well, there is no sign of a male Peter, just imagine what the Turnabout Gurl Salon could do with his appearance.

I asked what name he wanted to use, his choice is Petra. Beth handed her a name tag and told her what tables she had been assigned. She quickly checked her tables, making sure they were set up properly. Then she started helping the other girls get prepared for the business today. I sat back and watched her work, pleased that she stayed busy. Beth opened the doors a little after ten, our regular opening is ten thirty, but most managers start letting people in as soon as someone shows up. Petra approached the front desk, taking the next group and showing then to a table. Then went back for another group.

Beth smiled at me as she set a group down not far from my table. As she came back by, she mentioned that we apparently have a new waitress. In cases like this I usually step in and help, but Beth handled the situation quite well, seeing to it that she got extra help, so I set back and watched the show. Beth had assigned Petra my table, so I would get a chance to see what she can do.

I never wanted for anything, my drink is kept full, my choice of meal is brought out hot, like it was just taken off the grill. About every ten minutes she checked to see if I needed anything, taking my used dishes away as soon as I was through with them. Her other tables never suffered, she even served some food for other waitresses that were swamped. When the crowd eased up she started cleaning tables and setting up for the dinner business. After she had her tables handled she helped the others getting theirs done.

Beth approached me, asking if she could use Petra as a waitress in the future, I told her no I was pulling her to work at my branch, filling in for shortages in the chain when necessary. She smiled, that is good she did fantastic today, if I had known she was that good I would have been using her before today.

When Petra was done I called her over. “You did very well today, I need to know if you would like to work as a female all the time, a Boobie’s female.” I got a big smile, but she wanted a few more details. “The job is as a well-trained waitress filling in for vacancies and where extra help is needed. You will work as a female and be expected to portray that female 24/7. Base salary and mileage will be furnished, hours are flexible, but it will not be the standard forty hour week. Full benefits and you will report to me directly. There is a chance for advancement depending on your ability to manage. Beauty services are to be included, and some money will be set aside for clothing other than the standard uniform.”

She was lost in thought for a minute, then asked when do I start. I gave her the address for my unit and told her tomorrow morning. “Bring one set of clothes, and anything personal you desire. Expect the unexpected, I will challenge you to the limit, I expect perfection and you will be trained to deliver that. I will furnish some place for you to stay until your training is completed, then you can find a place of your own.”

She gave me a hug, a very loving hug. “Is it alright for me to call you Mom?” I smiled of course it is alright. I am fascinated how I have acquired so many daughters and I am not even married, it always makes me feel good, to be cherished as a person that means so much to them. I gave her another hug and told her I would see her in the morning. I made sure that the manager and assistant were alright for now, then made my way back home. From this location, I had a three hour drive, but I had lots to think about on the trip back home.

I was anxious to see Janelle again, and of course I missed my girls at the restaurant. I wondered how Annette is doing, I have confidence in her, but I thought I might have got an email or message from her, but nothing. That morning I had checked the sales for my restaurant, like all the others they were up, so I presumed she is doing what I knew she could do when I put her in that position. The drive seemed to be quicker than normal, I guess I was looking forward to getting home. I decided to stop at the restaurant first, a quick look to make sure all things are running as expected.

I parked to the side of the restaurant, entered through the employee entrance hoping to surprise them, but Annette is waiting there with a huge smile on her face. She takes my hand and leads me to my old office, seating me in the chair. She shows me a screen on the laptop, a copy of the schedule for the next week. I notice three names on the bottom of the screen, then look at what times they are scheduled to work. On all three schedules there is the Turnabout Gurl Salon for the morning hours, then they work the restaurant for dinner. Annette tells me that their appointments are scheduled, the salon wanting to know what I had in mind for my trainees.

“I have found them a three bedroom apartment on a month to month lease, where they can stay until they are trained. I signed for the apartment and have keys ready for them. The power is turned on, all they need is clothes and food. I told Janelle she could expect them shortly after lunch, for a basic wardrobe. More clothes later when they get settled. Is all of this alright with you?”

She had been standing next to me, I pull her down to my level and hug her tightly. “Yes, this is perfect. When have you found time to run the restaurant?

“I have an assistant now and I have been working her hard, but she loves it.”

“Now that is handled we need to walk around the restaurant.” She takes my hand again and we head out to the dining rooms. I notice a different sitting arrangement, the tables situated a little bit different than at Grand Opening. Then we entered the banquet room. I am floored the color of the walls is changed from the light blue to a darker peach. A lot of mirrors have been added to the walls making the room look much bigger. At the head of the room, a short bar has been added, with all of our beverages set up there.

n the past we had to go to the kitchen to get the drink orders, that extra distance and the crowd picking up food orders making for a confusing situation. Now with the bar it would make life much simpler. She handed me a menu, it turned out to be a beverage menu, listing all the drinks we offered plus a lot of new ones. I noticed several different selections of teas, some iced coffees, and some juice combinations. “We have tried this for several days now, the response quite good. Our beverage sales are up forty percent, since you left. I have emailed you all the details in advance of us doing this, but we never received a response from you. I decided it was worth the risk, so I implemented it.”

I smiled, even Annette was taking a step forward in doing her own thing. Her judgment is right on, and she did follow procedures. She grabbed my hand and led me to the foyer, where they had instituted some more changes. The walls had been painted peach like the banquet room, but fairly good sized hearts now adorned the normally vacant space. On each heart is a special, described in detail and with a price on the bottom of the heart. A full color picture is to the side of the description making a nice presentation. On the wall heading into the restaurant, is a bigger heart featuring the daily special. I looked at Annette than smiled, I give her a hug and told her she did good. “As you can see we have been busy, all the girls pitched in on this, we had a ball doing the hearts. Our sales in food are up twenty percent, the daily special has been a hit, selling out that item twice since we started this.”

We walked back to the office and I pulled out my laptop. I checked out my email looking for the emails that Annette had sent me. I didn’t find any there with my regular emails, then looked above the emails folder to find a separate category for emails from my own restaurant. I blushed red, apparently my blonde hair color is affecting my brain functions. We sat and talked a while she asking me how I am enjoying the job. “It is okay, the managers like you are doing miracles with me just watching over the group. If corporate had let everybody loose, things would have been a lot different.”

I asked her how she found out about the new girls, Annette looked down at her feet, not wanting to tell me how it was accomplished. I presumed the other managers had emailed her with the details, but it wouldn’t be a known fact since Annette is keeping quiet. I asked her if she is getting time off for herself, she smiled, I will take some time later. Right now this is so much fun, I don’t want to miss any of this. We talked about her new assistant, a logical choice, since she is one of the original girls that started with Janelle.

We talked about the new girls, Annette wanting to know what I had in mind for them. I told her it is a surprise, but I think they will be embracing their new persona quite quickly. We discussed my presence for the next few days, Annette wanting to know if I wanted to run the restaurant. I told her no that is her job, I will be training the new girls personally, so I will be busy.

I told her that I am headed to Janelle’s and I would see her in the morning. I am hugged, and clutched tightly to her. “It is so good to have our Mom back with us, we missed you greatly, it is not the same without you here.” I kissed her on the cheek, then left for Janelle’s, a few tears dripping from the corners of my eyes. I am so blessed, truly lucky to have this job and my many daughters.

I entered the boutique, then when she saw me, a streak of red is all I saw until I was hit square on. I am kissed, hugged, and generally squeezed to death. I couldn’t get my hands loose to return the embrace, she held them firmly at my side as she squeezed me. I just stood there until she calmed down some, than as my hands are let go I held her head and planted a deep soul searching kiss on her lips, We stayed in the embrace for quite some time only letting each other go when a voice from behind tells her to get a room.

Her new manager is behind her, smiling from ear to ear. After being introduced to her, Janelle leads me to her office, pushes me back on the sofa and pins me there. I am kissed everywhere she can get her mouth on, and licked in a couple of spots too. The goose pimples cover my body and I shiver, the feelings so good. It took her at least twenty minutes for her to decompress enough for us to have a normal conversation.

She wants to know everything that has happened since I left, every little detail. I start filling her in, I get the feeling as I am telling her all that has happened, she misses being the owner of a restaurant. We talk about the girls, and, of course, Sharon her friend. After another four hours, we have brought each other current on what has and is happening in our lives. I had an idea that popped into my brain, maybe I can make a few more changes and please my soon to be significant other. You never know until you make that first step.

We were up half the night loving and cuddling, it felt so good. At last I felt complete, at peace with myself. She fell asleep in my arms, her head on my shoulder and a big smile on her face. I needed to potty, but looking at her happy face was worth a little discomfort.

She rolled over a little later and I made a quickie run to the bathroom. Once back in bed, I spooned her from behind, my arms holding her tight to me. I lay awake for a while, thinking about Jessica’s girls. I could easily picture them as females, sure about two of them, but Rob was still a question mark. I decided I would confront him first, give him the speech and see how he reacts. Then I thought I would do that to the others too. Each one approached, given what I wanted and then let them decide. The other two could perform as needed the first day until I had time to talk with them privately.

I did drift off to sleep eventually, morning coming too early again. I had a mission today, got dressed and then did my makeup. I thought back to my time as Jess, never even dreaming that what I am now doing would be a possibility, especially the female part. I seldom think of my past as Jess now, today a rare occasion. I am much happier now, the work is challenging but so much fun. I snapped back to the present, things to do, people to train. So I woke up Janelle, kissed her hard, a few kisses on her breasts and then headed out the door. I did hear loud protests as the door closed.

I arrived at the restaurant glad to see all of my trainees in attendance. Annette had just unlocked the door and we all entered. Bobbi and Petra were dressed in female clothes, just pants and a blouse. Very much in between the sexes. Rob had on typical male clothes, but very nice and smart looking.

The three gathered around me and I told them a little of what we would be doing. All of them listened attentively, I sent Petra off to help set up the banquet room, Bobbi to make sure the restaurant is ready to open and told Rob to follow me. I lagged behind a few minutes to see if they started right sway. Petra took off to the kitchen to get dishes, while Bobbi started at reception checking for menus and reservations so that their tables could be set aside. Rob and I went to the manager’s office and I told him to set down. I set on the edge of the desk and started.

“What I have in mind for you the three of you is become Jessica’s girls. You will be trained in all facets of the business so that you can fill in where needed, eventually where you could even fill in as an assistant manager. I expect your best at all times and I will get it. This will require you to appear as a female at all times, for that is the nature of this business. The appearance is 24/7 I will not have an instance of the masquerade causing a blemish on the chain.”

I could see a little hesitation so I asked him if he could agree to that. He swallowed hard, yes that will be alright, but I am afraid that my appearance as a female will not be appropriate for the job. I talked to the other two this morning after they arrived, that is what we talked about, both of them already presenting as a female. I have no experience doing this and I don’t think I will look that good as a female. I love the job and would like to excel, I think I can handle the job as a female, but to be able to present an appropriate Boobie image, I feel is beyond me.

“Can you handle the 24/7 living as a female, interacting with males as either a customer or a friend? Maybe even dating one from time to time. In other words I want you to set aside your male life and assume a female one as long as you work here. The nature of the business requires a female presentation, it is what our customers come to see, very few if any males can manage a crew of females, not knowing about how it feels to be ogled and constantly checked out. Ultimately that is what I want for you three, to become managers of you own Boobie’s.”

He was super quiet, then in a little whisper he asked I if was a male? I smiled. “Yes I was a male before, then got talked into this, as you can see it is right for me that is why we are having this talk, I am asking a lot of you, the rewards are many and plentiful, but the commitment is staggering. I will check in on the others, think about this and I will be back in a few minutes. If you want out you will still have your job, but advancement is severally limited for a male in this company.”

Petra had her area all set up. I looked briefly and it was pure perfection. Bobbi had done equally well all of the reservations were marked, reception was as it should be and she was cleaning spots on the floor by hand. I was surprised that she was kneeling as a female, not as a male would tend to do. When I mentioned that we had a service for that, she smiled. “I was done and wanted to stay busy, so sue me.” She stuck out her tongue and giggled. I hugged her then dragged her and Petra back to the office.

When I entered I asked them to get us some drinks, wanting to know Rob’s decision in private. Rob smiled, and cleared her throat. “If you can help me to be presentable I would love to have the job.” She stepped forward and hugged me tenderly, whispering in my ear thank you for the chance, I will not let you down. I told her during the transformation if she changed her mind, we could stop there.

When the other two returned with our drinks, I made sure they were okay with this. It is a big commitment, and I am aware of what I am asking you to do. I am aware since I too was a male once, got transformed and have never looked back. It is not for everybody, but we will see if the female side is right for you. I will furnish letters of recommendation for anyone that decides it is not what they want in life, so you still have options at any time. I will also pay for your change back to what you are today.

Now drink up, you have appointments at the salon in an hour, here is your apartment keys and the address, and you will be off tonight, but will work the dinner shifts tomorrow and the next day after you salon appointments. I want you to go by this boutique after your appointment today and you will be fitted for a basic wardrobe, lingerie and some sleep wear. The salon will furnish proper ID tomorrow so that you can legally drive dressed as a female. Any other questions?

I had so over whelmed them that they were speechless. They slipped out the door, I wonder if they will indeed embrace their female self before this is over. I had a good feeling they would, but you can’t be too optimistic, reality has a way of changing things around. We will see.

I spent some time at the restaurant, talking with the customers, and my daughters as they performed their tasks. I did notice that business had indeed picked up, they even used part of the banquet room today to seat a few couples. The pretty much male only clientele had changed over time, now at least a third of our customers were female or couples. I also noticed that they were spending more time in the restaurant, back when Janelle owned the place we averaged about thirty-five minutes per customer, now an hour was not uncommon.

I also noted that we were serving more desserts than before so I made a trip to the kitchen to see what changes had been invoked. I gave Juan a big hug when I entered, the main reason for our success, ever since he started working for Janelle, so many years ago. After he finally let go of the hug, I asked about the desserts. After part of his explanation, I realized how much I have ignored one of the most important facets of the business, the food. Maria, when she was here helping at the grand opening gave Juan the recipes and even did a few for that day’s dinner business. Both she and Mary Ann had to go back to their own restaurant so nothing much was said about it.

After things calmed down, he tried the recipes and Annette added them to the menu. Now they average about a hundred servings a day, where in the past he would maybe serve ten desserts if it was a good crowd. I made a bunch of notes, to check on the level of food preparation in the other restaurants and look into adding the desserts chain wide. The units that were not full restaurants would especially benefit from this addition.

I kicked myself, focused on people and boobies and I missed a whole section of the business that I should have been zeroed in on. A lot of ideas popped into my head, I need to think this through, than have a heart to heart with Juan again. I did call Sharon telling her I needed her help, this time I am desperate. I got a lot of giggling from her end, then she listened to a few of my ideas. I only had to tell her a couple of the ideas, then she told me hang up concentrate on Jessica’s girls and she would call me back in a few hours.

At the afternoon lull I had Juan come to the office. I told him a few thoughts that I had and wanted his input. He just smiled at me. “Jessica it took you long enough to finally wake up, but I can see that you have fully embraced the possibilities. Maria needs her own place to make the desserts, they can be easily refrigerated and shipped to the restaurants. That was what they were doing at her previous employment.

As far as recipes for what we offer, I doubt that most of the restaurants are doing the item justice. Yeah it tastes good, but it could be so much better. If you could send the chefs here I can teach them a few tricks to make the job easier and also show them a couple of new recipes that would help in their menus. Maria has so many recipes that she developed, they are excellent so her input in this would also be needed. We have been told to offer the same basic menu, but as I am sure you have discovered the tastes of the different areas are not the same. Where we might do well with some Mexican dishes, a place in New Orleans would do better with some Cajun or French dishes.

During all of this I was writing notes furiously, how could I have been so stupid to ignore this whole segment of the business. Sharon called back later, a warehouse that backed up to our property was for sale. It had the basic that we would need, so she had already placed a down payment on it. I giggled I would have to call Suzanne right away, everybody was getting into this in big way. She had fifteen possible people for positions in the kitchen, already interviewed, ready to be hired. Juan had to get things started for dinner, I told him I would get back to him later, then hugged him and kissed his cheek. He was shaking his head as he walked away, holding his hand over where I had kissed him.

I called Suzanne right away, asking her how far my authority went. She giggled what have you done now? I mentioned my ideas and that I had talked to Sharon and she had already found us a place and put a down payment on it. I listened to see if there was any yelling and screaming, but it was quiet. I finally had to ask if she was still on the line. She told me to go ahead it was not a problem but that we had to talk. She would be down there tomorrow morning, make sure that I am there. She then promptly hung up, now I was worried, instant dread of what she would say to me tomorrow.

I called Sharon, not mentioning my conversation with Suzanne, and asked where I could get the keys to the warehouse. If I was going to have to defend our actions I needed to be well prepared. I figured I would take Juan over there and get his reaction and opinion before I talked to Suzanne in the morning. This was not what I pictured in my mind when thinking of the idea in the first place. Suzanne didn’t even say goodbye when she hung up on me.

As I was making my way to the realtor to get the keys, I went around the block to look at the front of the warehouse. It was huge, probably bigger than we needed, in fact I was sure it was way too big. Another problem I would have to have a reason for by morning. I did get the keys, went back to the restaurant and asked Juan to come see me when he could spare a few minutes.

An hour later he came to see me and we drove around the block to the warehouse front door. I unlocked the door and we went inside. There was no electricity, but the skylights provided enough light so that we could see what was there. He smiled instantly, telling me that the place was used in food preparation. He pointed to the large walk in coolers and freezers, also the ovens and stove tops that lined one whole section.

There was a large unused portion to the rear of the warehouse, apparently they had never utilized it before. He asked what they were asking for it, I told him and he smiled, buy it, that is a third of what it is worth. I asked him what he would need to run the place, he smiled Maria is all I need and some people to do as she wants. We returned to the restaurant, Juan back to his kitchen and me to the office. There was an email there from the salon, Jessica’s girls looking quite feminine, and smiles on all three of their faces, they had sent me pictures of my trainees.

I decided to head over to Janelle’s to talk to them maybe taking them to dinner after they were outfitted with their new wardrobe. I walked in the three of them were having a ball, even Rob was quickly going from one rack to another picking out clothes. Got to do something about the name Rob, maybe Robin would a better name for her. I though back to Lorrie, my first encounter with the female life style. I wondered if I could get them in there tonight, I called Sharon, her picking up right away. I need to take my three girls to see Lorrie tonight, any chance I could get in.

“Just show up and tell them your name is Jessica and you are in.” Since I had taken over Boobie’s, Sharon had assumed management of all the other clubs and businesses that the corporation owned.

I was asked if I liked the warehouse, and what I planned on telling Suzanne in the morning. Sharon apparently knew about the meeting, I must be in trouble for her to know about it. “The warehouse is fantastic, just what we might need, I am still working on what to tell Suzanne though.” I hoped Sharon might help me some, divulge my sins or at least offer a possible solution, but no absolutely nothing. She was the one to put the down payment down, but she was acting on what she thought I wanted. Either way I am the fall girl, to be strung up by my thumbs and left to suffer.

It took them longer than I had anticipated to pick out some clothes, all three of them having so much fun. I swear they changed clothes a hundred times. I had them put on semi dressy frocks, short skirts and cleavage showing then we were off. I had listened to them at the boutique, their voices rising naturally as they fawned over the clothes. All three would be fine with their voices. We entered the club, Jessica was the magic word alright and we were seated at a table right near the stage. Lorrie was working her tables and as soon as she saw us she ran across the club and hugged me almost knocking me down.

My girls giggled and I introduced them to Lorrie. I ordered iced tea for everyone, receiving some arched eyebrows from the girls. I whispered they had to work tomorrow, so just enjoy the tea. Lorrie brought the drinks and also two appetizers, she smiled I still owe you a dinner so the appetizers are a down payment. We watched the show, it was different from when I was her before, quite entertaining. Lorrie set with us a while later in the evening, talked with the girls finding out a little about them and what they would be doing.

I cut the evening short and took them home. I wanted to be sure they had what they needed at the apartment, but Annette had already seen to everything. The refrigerator was stocked, the beds made with fresh linens, and an alarm clock to make sure they woke on time. They brought in their bags of clothes from the boutique, and immediately started hanging them. After finishing they all came to say goodbye to me.

I gave them all a hug before I left, receiving another in return. Robin whispering in my ear that she adores her new life and can’t wait until tomorrow. I smiled as I left them, promising to pick them up in the morning and take them to their cars so they could head to the salon for more beauty treatments. The cars were left at the boutique, when we headed to the club. I did remind them that after the salon they would work a full shift as a Boobie’s waitress.

I suffered a little that night, Suzanne and the meeting the next morning occupying all of my mental capacity. Somewhere during the night I did doze off, it was a troubled sleep, not very restful. I was awake before the alarm went off, got dressed and made my way to the restaurant after I had got my gurls to their cars. Sure enough there set Suzanne waiting for me. We made our way inside, I excused myself to check that things were ready for today then returned to the office.

Suzanne was setting in the manager’s chair, maybe I did blow things this time. She waited until I had set down and then asked how I found out about the deal. I had to think real quick, what deal is she talking about? I smiled, a cute impatient little one with a smirk added for emphasis. I had thought I was in trouble for what I did, instead I had caught them at some behind the scenes action that they had not mentioned to me.

“Whatever do you mean Suzanne, surely any deal that corporate might have put together would have been run by everyone as to its feasibility before going ahead. Now what deal are you talking about?” Sure enough they had been approached about buying another smaller chain of restaurants, most of them in towns that we did not have units in. The deal was just offered to them yesterday, my phone call to Suzanne about the warehouse was right as they were talking about the deal. They all thought that somehow I had gained knowledge about the deal and was already ramping up for the acquisition.

Now Suzanne was on the defensive, trying to justify their interest without consulting me. The one that would have to manage these units. I could see a little sweat appearing on her forehead as I asked the next question. “Just when did you figure on telling me about this deal, surely my opinion on whether this could be handled with our personnel might be of some significance to the corporation.” She swallowed hard. Truth now, we didn’t even think about you until you called about the warehouse. I know corporate malfeasance at its worst.

After I talked to you I got with the board, we discussed what we wanted and then I told them I had a meeting with you in the morning about this. I told them I would tell you everything and you would have final say about the deal. I guess we haven’t fully got on board with the new thinking, the old ways still showing up. This time we got caught at it, red handed may I add. I am ashamed that we still haven’t embraced the new thinking, the positions we hold and we are still fouling things up.

I could handle this several different ways, but in the end I just asked who the chain was, how many units and when do we take over. Suzanne just set there, mouth open, not knowing what to say. “Come on answer my questions, I have plans to make and you are holding me up.”

“There are forty-five units, they are a cheaper knock-off of what we do. There are some good personnel, Sharon has been able to look at several of their operations. The food sucks, it is high priced and not very appealing, causing them to institute a cover charge to be able to make any money. Some of the locations are poorly run, maybe by an assistant if that. There has been a hiring freeze for three months now, the parent company obviously in trouble.

We got the deal at forty percent of their valuation, they have tried to get financing but no bank will touch them. When we approached our bank they took one look at our recent sales figures and okayed the loan that is your doing. I should rephrase that, it is the overall healthiness of the company spearheaded by our COO. I smiled Suzanne does get it, just needs to remember what is important.

Now as to when we take over their operations, tomorrow morning at 9 AM if you okay the deal. I had been thinking while she was talking about how I could handle this. I wanted to be the one to see what shape their units were in, too soon to call them a restaurant. I asked her for locations and luckily they were all fairly close to our location, the farthest about two hours away. I was mentally picturing how I could get to most of them, having had my first day’s itinerary laid out in my mind.

Now what do I do for some help. I made a list of the manager’s I had visited that were close enough to come help, then started working on what changes were needed to be implemented right away. The cover charge the first thing to hit the trash can. Then their pricing structure so that they would not drive any more business away. I had zoned out, Suzanne touching my arm bringing me back to the present. She smiled, have you figured out what you are going to do yet. I see the smoke from your head as we speak. First we might need to focus on whether the deal is alright with you. “Yes it is fine, now go somewhere while I get this all set-up and arrange for all corporate executives to be here tomorrow at six AM. I will have a list of what locations they are to see and what we are doing at each location. Now scoot.

I called Annette in and told her what we needed to do. She called in Jennifer to run the restaurant so she could concentrate on the paperwork side of this operation. I got a hold of Janelle, telling her I needed her right away, so get a move on. She giggled and hung up. By noon we had a plan of attack, a list of the personnel at each location and their sales for the last year by month. Annette had a list of what was to be done at each location, the changes we are planning to implement right away and who from the managers and executives would handle each unit. I would try and stay ahead of them, visiting the unit and informing them of what is happening.

About five I grabbed Janelle, and we took off, me still in my manager’s uniform. I had my three new girls with me, planning to have them help me get things turned around. We had time to reach two units tonight and then be at the third tomorrow morning. Even though it was not official, everything had been approved earlier today and papers signed. When we got to the first unit, I walked in, the rest waiting until I had introduced myself and spoke with their manager.

I asked the hostess to speak to their manager and she smiled and hugged me. “You must be Jessica, word is already spreading, we are so glad you are here. Please let me get somebody to take over and we can talk. I stepped out to the car and told everybody to come on in. Janelle and my three girls looked over the place making a list of things that were in short supply or missing completely. When Janelle brought me the list I went over it with the manager telling her what action to take.

The cover charge was dropped immediately and a sign put up announcing all prices were now thirty percent off. She had applications of some interviewed people and I told her to bring her staff up to date immediately. Not to worry about the extra expense now. Uniforms similar to ours would be here as soon as we could arrange it. Tomorrow morning another one of our team would be here to help implement the changes and arrange some advertising for the new units. We had decided to name the units Boobie’s Too, a little differentiation in name but taking advantage of our reputation.

I had furnished a list to each of my follow-up help on what matters they were to see to, and then head to the next location. Terry hugged me as I left, she was so happy to be a part of something better, they had all figured bankruptcy was only hours away. I made sure Terry emailed all of the other locations telling them of our arrival and some of the plans.

We got back in my car and headed to the second location. I was greeted right away, the manager had been called in and was waiting for me at the door. I guess my Boobie’s uniform was an obvious indicator of who I might be. She had got the email from Terry and already stopped the cover charge and had a sign up about the price reduction. I chatted with her while my group made the lists for this location. She was a user of the social networks, suggesting that she make a post about the new name and the changes that were starting right away. She was sure that a lot of their customers used the social sites, she would ask everybody to spread the word.

We still had a little time so we called ahead getting two of the mangers to wait for us. They were thrilled to see us, knowing that they were just hours from a possible bankruptcy. We made the lists, announced the changes and told them help will be here tomorrow morning. I emailed Suzanne, telling her where each executive was to go, including what they were to take care of when they got to the location. I also got hold of each of our managers that I had contacted and did the same for them. The next morning at the first location we visited I was surprised. We were very early, a little after eight AM. The manager of that location was there with several of her employees. The signs were up with the changes and they were making some make-shift signs announcing the new name. The lists of necessities were made, every one of the new restaurants had hardly any food left in the refrigerators, so a call to our supplier got a shipment to all of the new locations that morning. My follow-up help mainly had to arrange advertising, and arrange for some minor repairs that obviously had been left undone for quite some time.

Almost every one we met, was enthusiastic, a necessity if we were going to turn this around. By ten that night I had hit all but ten locations, my assistants had been there though and got things started. Those ten I would hit first thing in the morning. The manager with the social network connections did deliver. Some of the crowd later in the day mentioned they saw the message on the internet, wanted to come in and see what is going on.

That evening I got a hold of Mary Ann asking her to talk to Maria and see if she would move to our location. A few minutes later Maria called, Yes, I will do anything you desire. Just tell me where and when. I mentioned a couple of my ideas and she immediately volunteered that some of her former employees were still without jobs, and she was sure they would move to be able to work again. I asked her to make the calls, I needed to see her the next day at my location around dinner time and we will see about getting things started.

I also picked three of my managers, that I felt were the most capable and had them show up at my location about ten tomorrow. I did spend about an hour on the phone with Annette telling her what I had in mind and asked if she could be at the restaurant at six, we had some plans to make. I told her I needed Juan at nine, maybe he could get one of his better workers to cover for him.

Essentially I broke the one hundred and sixty-five locations into three districts, each one to be headed up by one of my managers. That way there were more of us to see that things got done. I planned on Janelle joining me, with the three managers that would have five of us seeing to the development of the business. I planned on Janelle and me handling most of the new restaurants, since they would need the most help.

I will still lying awake at two in the morning, we had got back about eleven-thirty, said our good byes and headed home. This was definitely a challenge, but also fun. Even my girls were having fun. I did doze off, Janelle in my arms where she should be.

Morning, but I had a good feeling about today. We were at the restaurant at six, everybody I wanted to talk to eager to get started. I handled each group, making it short and sweet. I asked the selected managers to concentrate on the locations I had not visited yet, making them a priority. When I got to Juan and Maria, I told them I needed the operation up and running as soon as possible. Desserts first, so we could start shipments to the restaurants. Then prepared dishes that could be used at some of the smaller locations that didn’t have full kitchens, and the new locations. I told Juan to hire what he needed, just keep me appraised at what he was doing. Any of Maria’s former employees that wanted jobs to be sure they got one.

Then I spent time with Annette, handing her forty-five lists of repairs, additions, fixtures, etc. that the new locations needed. She looked at me, wow you expect me to handle all of this. I smiled. Okay I will take care of it and she booted me out of the office.

As I walked around the restaurant guess who walks in. Suzanne, a little wary, but still manages to hug me. She is checking to see if I was going to let loose a barrage on her, but I had already mellowed a little this morning. She did say that all of the new locations showed some increase in sales yesterday, some only small increases but all did improve.

She did tell me that corporate is now on board with Jessica, she went with the rest of the corporate executives to the airport to fly back, seeing ten of the most tired executives drag their butts on to the plane. They now have got the picture, their fairy tale world burst and reality taking its place. She did comment that Sharon was with her to see them off, telling them to rest up Jessica will be calling again real soon. I did get a tender hug, we are so lucky, a potential disaster averted and now an even rosier outlook for this year. All due to a certain COO spreading inspiration and enthusiasm throughout the chain.

Later today it is back on the road again, ten more new locations to be visited then follow up to make the improvements stick. Janelle will be with me no matter what, I have suffered long enough. I presume the girls too, I can’t train them if they are not with me, although I will have them drive, since I may want them to stay a day or two at one of the locations.

Annette was quick to the improvements and repairs, one week of follow-up by me and every branch I visited had the lists finished. Even a few Boobie’s Too signs were being installed. The new costumes were due to be shipped the first of next week, similar in style, though a different color. I was pleased, progress at last.

Then we have Jessica’s girls. All three were doing fine, filling in and doing a little training in the locations that I had them spend some time with. I never did really have to train them myself, between what they observed and what they presumed they were required to do, there was never a problem. I did get them back to their apartment once a week, for a day or two, but I never heard a complaint or even a grumble. When back in town they went with the other girls to the hospital, or ball games willingly. In fact the three kind of adopted one of the ball teams we had sponsored and tried to attend every game. Of course, Mom had to make adjustments to their schedules to allow that, but I did receive cheek kisses and hugs when I did.

Bobbi and Petra did the best as waitresses, they were so outgoing and bubbly. They made a lot of friends, quite often the two of them and some of the other waitresses would go out after work to party a little. I could tell no difference between then and real females. Their actions and mannerisms identical to a cisgender female.

Robin was another matter. She was good, pleasing her customers, her level of service couldn’t be any better, but after work she was somewhat withdrawn. She loved community service, doing more than the other two, even finding a couple of new places that needed help. She single handed adopted the club girls we had visited once, going every week if I allowed her the time to do so. She did make me curious, so I hand Annette keep track of her while in town, using the excuse that she might need to call her in.

I had been out the whole week visiting the last of the original Boobie’s I had never got to. The first of the pastries from our plant had just started arriving at the branches. I had told everyone to allow a free sample for every customer, since I knew once they tried them we would have no problem selling them. According to Juan, Maria and her fellow coworkers were phenomenal, producing three to four times the volume that he had anticipated with such ease. Right now she was making fifteen different pastries and desserts with ten more in the planning stages.

You have to remember that they were producing enough for one hundred and sixty-five locations, a feat in itself. Juan had not been idle. He had developed ten different frozen entrees. These were intended for the smaller locations that were not full-fledged restaurants. All they had to do was place the item in a convection oven, cook the desired time and then serve. I managed to be in the right spot when the first ones started arriving. I sampled one along with the manager of the location. We didn’t say a word as we were consuming the meal.

It was so good, when I did finish I picked up my cell phone and called the plant. Juan was still there, I moaned into the phone, he started laughing as he asked if I really liked it. I just moaned again. He was always business only, he told me to enjoy it, but he had to get back to work. Then he hung up on me, the nerve of him. Just as soon as I got back he and I are going to have a conference, then I will kiss him and give him a raise. Like I said before I thought I was a natural woman now, doing things just like a female would and enjoying it to the max.

Robin was working that night, I set out in the restaurant watching her and the other girls do their job. Annette was a girl short, the girl’s younger sister hurt in a sports accident. Robin was in talking to Annette and volunteered to stay and handle the shift. It went well, the new entrees and the desserts adding to the sales, now up forty percent at this location.

Annette came by later to sit with me, we talked about Robin and she informed me of her findings. The girl was so dedicated, the local club girl’s manager came to talk to Annette wanting to know how they could repay Robin for all she had done for them. I raised my eyebrows, Annette smiled. “Wait till you her what all our little angel has done for the girls.”

According to the manager she has gotten each of the girls a makeup kit, a set of exercise clothes and a small MP3 player so they can have music when they exercise. At least twice a week if she is in town, she comes to the club and goes through an hour long exercise class, helping with their makeup first, then the class. The first class it was so comical, the girls not used to anything like that, but they tried to not disappoint Robin.

Later that day the manager received many phone calls from the parents, that is all their daughters would talk about, now in the last three weeks she has been able to hold a class, her students in the class have went from twenty-two to sixty-five. With all the girls having the earpiece in the class is quiet, but they work so hard to do as Robin has asked. The manager wanted to try and help some, but when she offered to Robin, she was told that she had it covered. The club girls wants to help her, the class is so popular, and the girls cheer when Robin comes in. When she calls and can’t make it the depressed girls leave. Robin always gives another time when she can make it, the girls glad, but still somewhat disappointed.

“So our little angel has been two-timing us, Mom definitely needs to straighten her out. When I was keeping track of her those couple of days she was gathering supplies for the girls, an exercise store, an electronics store, and a beauty supply. Maybe Mom can think of something to keep our little angel busy, she reminds me of someone I worked with a few months ago, maybe you remember her.” I briefly looked down at my feet, a blush spreading over my face threatening to spread over the rest of my body too.

Another special one, maybe I can develop that caring into something for the chain. I went through the motions for the rest of the day, but my mind always coming back to Robin. Later in the day when I had figured out a way to take advantage of her caring, I started making phone calls. Several had to call me back, they were so busy, but after outlining what I had in mind, I found that I had everybody’s attention.

A call to Suzanne, I needed for her to know what I had in mind, I was doing it regardless of her approval, but wanted her to know what was happening. After I had explained it to her I had another convert. Now to get my little angel in here and bust her. It turns out she was working at Mary Ann’s filling in for a waitress, so I had to wait for her to drive back. I told her she was to report to me, at my office before going home. No excuses just get your butt back her, we need to talk. I am sure it scared her a little, the exact impression I wanted her to have.

Three hours later she knocked on my door, peeked in and asked if I wanted to see her. “Damn right I do, get in here and sit right there.” I pointed to the chair in front of my desk, she set quickly never looking up at me.

“Now it has come to my attention that you are involved in some things that I have not been informed about. Would you care to explain in detail just what you are doing, the why and all the pertinent detail will be just fine. Now start talking.”

She looked up at me, not sure what I was talking about. I think she knew but was still trying to skirt the issue. “What things are you talking about, I have just been doing my job, where you send me, nothing more.” I raised my arched eyebrows, really.

“I have here receipts from four different stores, for items bought by you that are a little suspicious. For instance what would you need thirty makeup kits, forty sets of exercise clothes in girl’s sizes and so many MP3 players. These are only part of the receipts that we have uncovered so far. Now I want a full explanation of what you are doing. I am not mad, but if you will share with me I might be able to help some. Well I am waiting.”

I could see the ease of her shoulders, I must have scared her quite a bit. “I have always wanted to be a female, the opportunity you gave me just icing on the cake. When I used to pray every night to become a female I promised that I would pay it back somehow if it happened. When I went with the other girls to the club. I was amazed at what I saw. So many girls that wanted attention, any show of affection, of caring, they just soaked it up. We did a little exercise class while we were there, fifteen minutes worth. The girls were so out of shape, most of them not knowing even how to do any kind of exercise.”

“After we left I kept thinking about them, how maybe I could help a few in exchange for the gift that has been given to me, a little payback in a way. So I started gathering supplies, the makeup kits were mainly a way to get to know them a little better. While I helped them with the makeup we talked about their school, their home and their family. A lot of their outfits they wore to the club, were so tattered, but it was all they had. So the reason for the exercise clothes. The music was a way to distract them from their troubles, dancing around to the music doing the exercises they forgot about their problems, at least, for a little while.”

“When I was wallowing in sorrow about my life I used to exercise or take long walks, it helped me stay focused on what was important. It helped me stay in shape, keeping the female gender a possibility someday. A few minutes of my time cost nothing, the things I have gotten them only a partial payback for all that I have received. The girls are so much fun, we talk, we dance, we hug lots, they so deserve it. That makes me feel better just being around them. I will work extra, even work my day off, if I can do the class with them once or twice a week.”

“If you are finished now, you have made me so proud doing this on your own, but that is not how we do things here at Boobie’s, Everything we do is as a group, we are all in this together, why should you get all the fun, while we are working and swishing around in our heels. Now as to your punishment for not including us in your project. I have contacted the club girl’s organization and as of tomorrow you are to travel from location to location and set-up similar programs in every town we have a Boobies.”

“Annette has the things you need, a shipment to be sent to every club girls. Set up the program and find one or two Bobbie’s girls to run it in every town. I have here a list of volunteers for every city, you are to get the program started and then move on the next city. After all of them are set up, I want you to oversee the program, see to it they have all they need and make sure the girls are having fun. Find out which of the girls need help and what they need. Then forward that to me. I will handle the rest. Particularly if their parents need a job, we can probably find something for them without much problem.”

“We are not giving out handouts only a chance to improve their situation by themselves. Now do you think that you can handle that for me?” A few seconds later I was attacked, an unprovoked attack no less. Her makeup was already ruined, mascara down to her neck, but the biggest smile that I have ever seen on a young face.

“Yes I can handle that, I am so grateful for your help, the girls will be so happy. I will work so hard to pay you back for all of this, anything you ask I will do.”

Well right now you have work to do, so I suggest that you keep me happy and get to it. I want an email each day of where you are at, any exceptional girls you have encountered and, of course, ones that might need some help.

“Just be happy Robin, the rest will all take care of itself. Now I expect daily reports, the names of the girls in the classes, what town they are in, the names of the people at the club girls. Pictures we will need lots of pictures. We are going to run ads, telling the community what we are doing to help and asking what they are going to do in return. Once you get this taken care of we want to do the same thing with the club boys. Now see Annette and get started.”

She stood there staring at me. “I am not to work at Boobies anymore?”

“Okay you talked me into it, one shift in every town, four hours in the evening, that way you will have to stay in shape to fit your costume. Is that alright?” Again attacked, maybe I shouldn’t ask so many questions. I finally threw her out of the office, I have work to do.

I have every reason to be thankful, everything that has come my way has made my life so much richer, the love and respect that all my girls have for me is worth more than all the money in the world. Then we have Janelle, my reason for existing. So much to do to pay some of this back, but my girls and I will get it done, you can count on it.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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