Geneviève; Maid Extraordinaire

Coming up on Halloween again, I was hoping this one will turn out better than all the rest. My wife of ten years always managed to embarrass me at the party or gala we attended. One of the most memorable was when I was dressed as a little girl in a frock that would look age appropriate on a three year old, then add in diapers and well you can imagine the rest. That was last year’s costume, and to make it worse I had to use the diaper since I was forbidden to use the restroom all evening. I did try and sneak away to use the ladies room, but my wife had been watching and easily rounded me up and back with her

I tried to resist her urging me to dress as she wanted, but lets face it I was putty in her hands. I imagine this year will not be much different. She did tell me she had enlisted professionals for my costume, that way I would be assured of winning the costume contest at our work place. I groaned at that revelation, since I had been hoping to avoid going to the party put on by the company we worked for. All of my friends and work colleagues would see me dressed, with my wife’s twisted take on some outrageous costume for me. Not something to look forward to, especially this year, since last years debacle was still fresh in my mind and I am sure others.

Our company hired and supplied domestic help for the upper class. The pool of help our customers could choose from was now approaching fifteen hundred people, mostly female although we did employ a few males as butlers and chauffeurs. Vanna, my wife did the hiring along with scheduling the appropriate help for our customers specific needs. My part was making sure they possessed the necessary skills for a proper domestic. All of this so that we would be assured of having satisfied customers that will continue to use us in the future.

My skills were taught me by my Mother and sisters. Mom drummed into all of us the ability and the attitude that goes with being a skilled cook, while maintaining a house that was spotless and pristine. Since I was the only male, I seemed to get more than my fair share of duties, but will have to admit I could cook and clean circles around my sisters. Of course, Mom was super proud about that, never failing to mention my skills to any of her friends and to my embarrassment, most of my friends. I was kidded all through high school, and the two years of junior college, before I had enough and quit school. The number of times an apron was tied to or stuffed into my locker was too numerous to count. The name calling and taunts just added to the constant frustration.

One of the few good things that resulted from college was meeting Vanna, my wife. She was in one of my classes and could see I was struggling with the course. The class was Spanish, I could do the basic greetings but anything more than that I was totally lost. After class she offered to help me with the basics of the course, that way I would at least not flunk out. I sensed she had adopted me soon thereafter, as she immediately took over our relationship, telling me when we would date and where we would go. I didn’t mind, I was never good with females relationship wise, I presume if I had not met her I would still be single and lonely. I did pass the course, if it hadn’t been for her I would have never passed the class.

She was the first one to be hired by our present employer, stepping up the chain quickly, eventually managing to get me hired to test and enhance the skills of our domestics. I ran classes every day in cooking and cleaning stressing minimum standards for a well maintained house. Once a week classes in doing laundry, and in pleasing the female customer, who were quite often the ones that hired our help. That included the proper respect to their status, a curtsy when necessary and the proper salutations when being addressed. Then every other week a class in the proper attire for working as a domestic, both everyday and for special occasions. I seemed constantly busy, never having much time for anything else.

Vanna though had plenty of time to mingle with the owners, and her co-workers probably scheming some way to embarrass me further on the upcoming holiday. I had no idea what she had put together, and if told probably would have left the country. It was only two days to the company soiree, and had just found out that a lot of our wealthier customers had also been invited to the party, that fact should have sent warning signals to my mind. I spent the day before trying to figure out how I could evade using the professionals for my costume, but Vanna saw through what I was thinking and just moved up my appointment. Instead of heading home that evening she drove me to the salon where I was then promptly dragged into the establishment.

I did everything in my power to resist, but a few kisses on my lips and a couple of rubs on my male appendage and I was soon naked in one of the treatment rooms. As Vanna and my clothes, ID, and credit cards left the salon I was now trapped. I did as usual and gave in, much easier than to confront the situation and try to reverse it. My previous track record of always giving in will apparently stay unblemished, as usual.

After signing the permission slips for the treatments, I had a pretty good idea what awaited me this year. Another female persona, that is for sure, and much more realistic looking than in past years. I briefly debated refusing to sign, but no clothes and ID kind of changed my thinking. I was sure Vanna would refuse to rescue me from the salon unless I went through with her desires.

It was a little after five when I was dropped off at the salon, and at fifteen minutes till midnight I was finished. I think the word finished was pretty accurate, a natural born female could have not looked better than the image I saw in the mirror. I had breasts, a vagina and long curly hair that was now a light blonde in color. I am sure the hair length had been increased, since it now reached to my waist. Two of their technicians had spent hours weaving something into my existing hair causing the increase in the length. My eyebrows had been thinned, ears pierced and all of my body hair removed. The fact that the removal of my body hair was permanent, making me very docile and compliant. Then my mind recapped how my breasts had been created, sucked from my body for five agonizing hours, something else that now seemed rather long lasting if not permanent.

A robe for clothing tonight as Vanna showed up to reclaim her now greatly changed husband. Lets not forget the heels, a flimsy heel with a five inch height that had two thin straps to hold it on my foot. I was appraised carefully, a smile coming to her face, since I had apparently passed her minimal expectations. I was led to her car, trying desperately to keep myself covered up. My almost naked breasts and vagina making me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. Feelings that a male seldom has to deal with. The robe doing very little to cover me up or preserve any modesty.

My thighs now touched from my groin to my knees, something that had not happened in all my years as a male. I felt like something was missing, one look down at my groin, and I knew things would never be the same again, two puffy lips and a deep slit is all that remained in the area. The heels made it much worse, just trying to walk in them leaving me unsteady and hanging on to Vanna for support.

Whatever confidence I might have had as a male now vanished, I felt so weak, and unable to do anything for myself. Besides what could I do to reverse this, anything with Vanna would require a confrontation, one that I did not look forward to and one that I knew I would lose in the end.

Once home, my robe was removed and I was deposited in our bedroom. She smiled and proceeded to check out all the new appendages on my body. Three hours later I fell asleep in her arms, with her cuddling my body to her tightly. Way too early the next morning I was rudely awoken, the robe returned to me as we headed to the salon again. I complained bitterly about no nourishment, a glass of water all I received while at home. Vanna smiled, after you get dressed this morning there will be no room for any food, mush less anything else of any substance.

Dropped off at the salon, one of the girls taking my hand from Vanna and leading me away. In the same room as yesterday my robe was removed, and a corset put around my torso. It nestled under my new boobs and came to right above my modified sex, a shimmering concoction of lace and unyielding material. The front busk was hooked up and she started pulling on the laces. Over the next three hours every fifteen minutes she tightened it again, till I felt like I wouldn’t be able to get another breath to my lungs. I somehow was able to, with her finally managing to get the sides of the corset to touch and then tied off. A lock was placed in the top and bottom of the lacing area, holding the two sides together insuring that I will stay encased in it till Vanna allows me out. I was shown the locks before she used them to lock me in the corset, two bright pink heart shaped locks with dainty ribbon trim.

Next was some silk stockings, the tech having to help me get them on since I could not bend over to slide them up my legs. I did have to hook the stockings to the garter tabs hanging from the corset, quite a sexy look now reflecting from the mirror in front of me. An utterly ridiculous piece of fluff was helped up my legs, panties I am told, but nothing like Vanna has ever worn before. I guess it covered my new slit, but I felt it accented it more than covered any part of it. The single piece of fabric running up between the cheeks of my butt wedged deep and quite uncomfortable. I am sure the red on my face was genuine, breasts, vagina and a sexy corset doing nothing for this former male who looked more like a lingerie model than a husband.

As another tech entered the room holding a dress, my eyes shot open, gawd I am going dressed as a maid. A very girly one looking at the short skirt and the layer upon layer of petticoats underneath. The skirt stood straight out after the dress was eased on to my body. A myriad of buttons up the back of the dress, would make it difficult for me to get out of it once I was buttoned in. The dress was cut low in the front, my new breasts almost spilling out of the cups at the top of the bodice. Then came the heels, five towering inches of a thin stiletto type of heel, with only two delicate straps holding the heel on to my feet.

I forgot to mention while the corset was being tightened around my body, I received ten, inch long, extensions for my fingernails and several coats of a pale pink polish, the last coat sprinkled with a diamond dust making them sparkle. Of course, the toes matched, just not any extensions. My hair was cut into a female style then wrapped in curlers. A setting lotion was used guaranteeing me at least six weeks of long lasting curls. I did have thirty minutes under a dryer to contemplate all of these changes made to my body, with no solution available other than go along with her and hope I would somehow survivehe ordeal. After the hair was removed from the curlers and styled makeup was next. As they carefully applied it to my face I was told it was permanent, lasting at least three months before it needed to be refreshed. If not refreshed it will still be visible, just not as colorful as when first applied.

Vanna showed up a huge smile on her face at my appearance. I was dragged out to her car, then helped into the passenger seat. The company had rented an auditorium for the party, nothing at the company headquarters big enough to handle the number of expected guests. Even though it was still a few hours to the time of the party that is where Vanna headed off to. I was helped out of the car, Vanna insuring all of my new erogenous zones were stimulated properly as I was helped out.

Once inside I was taken over to where the caterers were setting up, as Vanna introduced me to the group. She announced I would be handling the drinks tonight, taking orders and then serving the drinks to the customers. I gave her a stern look, which does not mean much but she just ignored it and went ahead with her agenda.

A half hour later she pulled me aside telling me that the company wanted to try out a new concept tonight. “A super maid of sorts, one highly skilled in all matters of domestic help. Of course, the fee for such a maid will be quite a bit higher than our regular help. It was decided that I was the perfect one to present this concept, since I was highly trained and knew the proper ways to perform the duties as they should be done. Thus I was converted to the female gender and given the proper uniform for such a maid.

My duties will be to serve all of the customers and employees tonight, just their drinks making sure I impress them with my actions and deportment. She will be around to handle any booking of this new service and quote rates as needed. I started to say something but another searing kiss and my mind was wiped clean.” She had decided I was to be known as Genevieve, not able to speak but very little English, French in origin and still on a visa to this country. So I was to greet them as Oui Mademoiselle or Oui Monsieur. If my response was no Non was to be used. I was given a small tablet, the guest could then write their drink order down if I didn’t recognize their drink at first. I quickly found that a lot of the males chose to write the order down since I held my tray for them to use to write on, my breasts just inches away from their hands. More than once I received a brush of their hand across one my nipples, accidentally of course.

It wasn’t but a half hour later when some of the employees started arriving. I retrieved a serving tray from the buffet table and started making my rounds. I had decided to remain silent about why I was dressed as a maid, letting Vanna spin the tale she wanted circulated. The yarn about me being French and not understanding any English made it easier for me to keep quiet. I got quite a few lusty looks from the male executives, but noticed that more than a few of the female employees were on my side, giving the guys lots of grief. Everyone received a curtsy, and a Oui Mademoiselle or Oui Monsieur as the case required. It was rather easy work, once they had their drink I could forget them for a while while I waited on the new arrivals.

After an hour I caught myself enjoying the work, it was enjoyable and didn’t require much thinking on my part. I should point out that the heels and the damn corset were making things difficult but even they were forgotten by the time that most everyone had arrived. Even with the large crowd I managed to keep up, my serving tray often containing fifteen drinks on each trip. I managed a little people watching, the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of me, a little extra sway of my hips often causing them to spill some of their drink or miss their mouth when trying to look cool. Chalk up a point for Genevieve.

I heard her with a prospective customer refer to me as Genevieve maid extraordinaire. It was after one in the morning before most everybody had left. I was okay managing to make through the evening with few troubles. Vanna was all smiles as she approached me. She jumped up on me locking her feet around my body. She weighs next to nothing so other than trying to keep my balance in the heels I managed to remain standing. I was kissed hard, now I had to presume her idea was an unqualified success, most likely to make my life more difficult than it already is.

The kiss lasted for quite some time, her boss coming over to congratulate her, making her break off the kiss I was receiving. At no time was I spoken to, my apparent position as a common domestic not deserving of any acknowledgment. They talked for a few minutes then Vanna gathered me up and took me home.

Vanna was quiet on the way home, her smile remained but I could tell her mind was savoring the success of tonight. Once home she catered to my needs, making sure I received some nourishment and plenty to drink. I was then helped to undress, everything but the corset. Placed in our bed, a very brief nightie slipped over my shoulders before she helped me under the covers. I was cuddled almost immediately, her quietness continuing on for quite some time before I heard her slow breathing as she went to sleep. I laid there for quite some time, thinking of all that had happened tonight, and what it might mean for my future. No decisions were arrived at, as I also fell asleep.

I was allowed to sleep late, when I did crack my eyes open and managed to look at the time on my nightstand clock I saw it was already approaching eleven o’clock. Vanna was not lying next to me, I presume she is off somewhere working on some new project or revamping an older one, a habit of hers for many years. It wasn’t but a few minutes later she came bouncing into the room and dragged me out of bed. The look on her face told me I should run, another of her crazy ideas most likely to surface. Since I was summoned most likely the idea involved me somehow. Dragged down to the kitchen, and told to sit in my chair. I was served some breakfast, delicious in taste but hardly enough to feed a small bird.

She calmly told me I had resigned this morning, an email to the CEO informing him of my immediate resignation. I started to say something, knowing that quitting that way would kill off any chance for a good recommendation from my employer. Instead I thought better of it and remained quiet, wanting to hear what she had in mind for me. She felt like the idea of Genevieve maid extraordinaire was so good she had decided to start her own company to handle my bookings and scheduling. I looked at her with my mouth open, she has just committed me to being a maid for no telling how long, my fees to be what we will have to live off. The fact that I am a male dressing as a maid not being considered in this crazy scheme of hers. I presume while I am working my butt off she will be talking with her friends, shopping or getting her salon time in.

Since I already had the figure for my new career, it was just a matter of appropriate uniforms and then making the bookings for my services. She had done quite a bit of that last night, having quite a list of ladies wanting my services. I was dressed in the maid’s dress I wore to the party and then dragged with her as she searched the stores and boutiques for more dresses for my job. It was a long afternoon, with me having to try on many possible solutions, then try them on again as they were marked with the alterations that Vanna wanted. Essentially each of my dresses would fit skin tight through the bodice, then flare out to a very full skirt with numerous petticoats to hold the skirt out. Vanna bought eighteen dresses, ten of which were brought home with us, the remainder would be ready to be picked up tomorrow after lunch.

My first assignment was this Friday, one of the wealthier ladies throwing a party for her fellow socialites. I would be cooking food for a buffet, and then serving drinks and coffee later. The lady was expecting fifteen guests and expected the party to last until midnight. I was shocked at the amount of fee that Vanna charged the lady, then the lady had the nerve to tell Vanna that is three hundred less that the last help she had hired for a similar party. I guess if this works out, we will be able to sustain our current lifestyle easily, even with the added expenses for my beauty treatments and my uniforms. I had two days until my first placement, having to spend the time getting accustomed to wearing heels all the time, and that damn corset. By now the nails were no longer a hindrance, but getting used to checking my makeup every few hours did require some time.

On Friday morning I was up early, dressed in my new pink uniform and my tallest heel. I had presumed Vanna would drive me over to the ladies house, but was pleasantly surprised when a limo pulled up outside. It was one of the companies former chauffeurs that had started his own business, Vanna arranging for him to drop me off, then pick me up at midnight. Since he got my door for me at both ends I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek muttering a few words of French in his ear. Even though I am a male I felt his erection rising to the occasion, smiling at the fact that I had aroused him. I was not sure if he realized who I really was and I was not going to inform him of the fact.

I was welcomed at the door by Ms. Franklin, and shown what I was to prepare and where everything was located. As she walked me through the house I noticed a few things that were not properly prepared, a bathroom that was not very clean and the den where the ladies coats were to be placed in quite a bit of disarray. I planned on correcting those faults once I had the food prepared for the buffet. The morning went well, by one o’clock I had all the food prepared, just warming a few of the things needed before I set up the buffet. I took care of the bathroom borrowing one of the aprons in the kitchen so as to not soil my uniform. The den only took about a half hour to make it presentable. I still had several hours so I made my way through the rest of the house checking each room and correcting any deficiencies. I felt like sitting for a while, but knew if I did it would only make my sore aching feet worse. Ms. Franklin had been out doing something, so around two she came back to the house. She smiled at my preparations in the kitchen then headed upstairs to change for the party.

I heard a squeal from upstairs, then another soon thereafter. She entered the kitchen then engulfed me in a huge hug thanking me for all I did upstairs. I suggested she look around on the first floor making sure what I did was satisfactory. She came back a huge smile on her face, then realized the time and the fact she was not bathed and dressed for the party. I suggested I make her up a bath, while she undressed, then making sure her clothes were laid out and properly pressed.

I followed her upstairs, and run her a bath, noticing the bath salts on the edge of the tub and adding them to the water. When she came in I helped her into the bath, then headed downstairs to get the items that needed to be warmed into the oven. Then back upstairs to get her a towel and make sure her hair dryer was laid out and already heated up. I laid a curling iron next to it, not knowing if she used both when doing her hair.

I had noticed that she had not used a salon before coming home. So hung around to see if she needed help with her hair. I had warmed her towel with the hair dryer so I got another squeal when she used it to dry herself off.

She slid her panties on and I helped her fasten her bra. I asked if I could help her with her hair, she nodded yes while letting out a huge sigh. I found out how she wanted her hair, luckily a style that I had taught in the classes for the new maids. With her hair finished I went back downstairs to make sure everything was still progressing.

I set up the buffet placing all the items thereon except for the items in the oven. I had made up some appetizers, although she had not requested any to be served. I heard the doorbell knowing that her first guests had arrived, I let them in, then took their coats and escorted them to the living room. I found what they wanted to drink and returned shortly thereafter. I got the door in between, her guests spread out enough so that I could handle everyone without leaving anyone lacking for anything. With everyone with drinks I brought the appetizers, everyone delighted in what I had made.

I noticed Ms. Franklin look at me with wonder, but a huge smile also on her face. I allowed everyone to settle in, while I finished setting up the buffet. I announced that dinner was served still in my broken French, although this last week I had learned a few new words and gestures. The rest of the evening went as planned, with plenty of time for me to handle the clean up and any last orders for coffee form her guests.

At a quarter till midnight I was putting on my coat when she approached me with Vanna’s bill in her hands. She also had a check in her other hand already made out and signed. I didn’t look at the amount just folded it and placed it in my purse. I did mark the bill paid and wrote thank you in French and the bottom of the bill along with my name. She then handed me a roll of bills that she had kept wadded up in her hand that was holding the bill. I thanked her again and left the house, my limo already waiting for me. Sitting down felt so good, after Henry helped me into the back seat of the limo. I do hope I will be able to make into the house once we arrive.

I didn’t look at the wad of bills in my purse on the way home. I presume a tip for my extra effort this evening. That sometimes is considered bad luck until you are home and settled in.

I was almost a sleep when we pulled up in front of our house. Henry came to my door opened it and then reached in and helped me exit the vehicle. He kept a hold of me as he walked me to the front door. I was going to get my key out of my purse, but Vanna opened the door and attacked me. Henry just smiled and then handed me over to her, I reached back to thank Henry managing to give him a peck on the cheek and squeeze his hand.

Vanna did get me to our bedroom, undressed and into a nightie. I was helped under the covers and was soon asleep even though Vanna apparently had other intentions for me. I was suddenly awakened when my wife plopped her body next to me causing the bed to lurch. She kissed me passionately, wanting to know what all happened yesterday. She had a smirk on her face, apparently knowing some of this already. I went through everything that happened, getting little kisses as I paused trying to remember everything that happened.

Finally satisfied that she knew what had transpired she moved her laptop over so I could see the screen. She had up Ms. Franklin’s social media page, extolling my actions yesterday and highly recommending me to anyone needing domestic help. She included how to contact my agency, suggesting that they not wait too long before securing my services for that special party or get together. Vanna switched to her email account showing that she had forty emails received just this morning wanting to reserve a specific date.

Then she showed me the check that I had received, showing me that it was made out for five hundred more than the bill was for. She next laid the wad of bills that I had received on the bed telling me that there was another five hundred there along with a coupon for a spa day at my salon. My mouth was permanently open, not believing what had happened just because I did my job as a maid for her party.

I was passionately kissed and groped, the first barrage of a soon to be all day thank you for being me. She did inform me that I would never be allowed back into male clothes, so get used to breasts and a vagina, wearing dresses, makeup and high heels. This is your life now, working as a maid then coming home and getting your reward for being a good girl. Plan on being rewarded every night and often until the next morning. All of this is non-negotiable. Just a part of your existence now as Genevieve; Maid Extraordinaire.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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