Dallas; Pony Gurl CEO

Julia noticed the ad and brought it to my attention that morning. It is just a regular classified ad wanting a CEO for an existing company. I read the ad several times, very unusual for a company to be advertising for a CEO, that type of position is usually filled from within the ranks of the company.

The requirements were for a caring individual, flexible and inventive. Must be open to all lifestyles, and tolerant of all types of fetishes. Individual must be able to handle day to day operations of the company, from initially nothing to fully operational. Able to interview and hire employees, and furnish them the leadership to make the company successful. Send resume to the following address, along with a current photo, marital status, and list of references. Salary and benefits furnished proportional to qualifications and abilities.

A bit vague, but somehow interesting, maybe a possibility for me. Julia has been unhappy with my current job for quite some time. I am head of the local division of a multi-national business, with about three hundred employees under my supervision. The pay is decent, but the headaches and subsequent long hours necessary to keep it operational is not worth the trouble.

The root of the problem is corporate, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, but the executive leadership at corporate level has not changed any in the last ten years. A merger in the middle of those ten years didn’t help any, too big to be still using rules and policies that were designed for a business half this size.

“Might be a possibility, Julia, why don’t you dust off my resume, gather my references and send them one of my pictures and we will see where this might lead to. It can’t hurt, maybe I will get lucky and be in the right spot this time and be selected to be interviewed.” I got my present job only three years ago, so my references and resume should only need a little updating.

Julia and I have been married for five years this December, a result of a college romance that lasted for most of our junior and senior years. I specialized in business management, while Julia pursued a marketing curriculum. She has a job for a local retail chain, running their advertising department. She plans the ads, the instore promotions, the entire marketing of their products. The chain caters to the female, mainly clothes, but also some things for the home. Everything they handle is quite feminine, a niche market they found several years ago and have profited from it in the years since.

I had to work late again that night and didn’t make it home till almost ten PM. Julia had kept my dinner warm for me and while I was eating it she informed me that she sent my resume off. I was a little surprised that she didn’t wait for me to look it over, but knowing how much she hated my present job, I could understand her wish to be prompt. She did have a small smile plastered on her face, more of a smirk that would not go away. I was tired, so after helping load the dishwasher we went off to bed. Unfortunately, I was out like a light as soon as I laid down on the bed, the alarm the next morning the only thing bringing me back to the land of the living.

The next few days were a repeat of yesterday, me getting home just in time to eat and go to bed. Finally, Julia insisted that I take a day off, so I made arrangements to take the next day off. I felt a little uneasy taking the day off, but Julia was not to be deterred, calling me three times that day making sure that I had made arrangements for the day off. The last conversation included the words that if I didn’t take the time off I needed to find someplace else to stay. I knew then that something was up, something she was not telling me.

I made it home on schedule, the first time that has happened in months. We had a pleasant dinner, then Julia told me I needed to get dressed in my suit and tie. I gave her a questioning look, but the look I saw on her face made me turn right around and go and get dressed. I came back down to a smiling Julia, who kissed me firmly on the lips then shoved me out the door. I turned to find out what is going on, but she just smiled and told me to get into the limo and go to my interview.

I quickly looked around and a stretch limo is in our drive, with a female driver holding the door for me. Now totally confused, she gave me another kiss, and told me not to mess up the interview, then led me to the limo. I got in with the driver promptly pulling out heading to where I presumed the interview would be held at.

An hour later we pulled into a sprawling ranch house situated on several acres of land. The driver got the door for me and told me to go on into the house, then to the large living room to the right. As I entered I wondered what Julia is up to, this is way too soon for a resume to be received, then scrutinized and an interview scheduled.

The elegant lady that approached me, took my breath away. I reached out my hand to shake hers, but she ignored it and hugged me tenderly. She pushed me back some to get a better look at me, her smile brightening up the entire room. She grabbed my hand and led me to a sofa, told me to take a seat and asked what I wanted to drink. I was speechless, still trying to get over the hug I received. She repeated her request several times, that smile getting bigger every time she asked what I wanted.

I finally came to my senses, mouthing anything, as she made her way to the kitchen. She returned a little later with the two drinks on a tray along with some fresh baked cookies. I looked at the tray, then took the drink she had pointed to as mine. I took a sip, and then I knew that Julia had more to do with this than meets the eye. The drink is root beer, probably a draft one that tasted wonderful. Only a few selected individuals knowing of my fond desire for the dark colored liquid.

“Is the root beer okay, it is a special draft that I have obtained to try and please you?” The smile that went along with the explanation took my breath away. Not in a romantic way, but as if I am in the presence of some person with special skills, able to see through my facade to the inner me. “It is excellent, in fact, the best I have had since I was a child.” My response is tentative, and my voice barely able to be heard. I was still nervous, her mere presence seemed to make me weak and unsure of myself.

She suggested we get down to business. She would tell me about the position, then if I am still interested we would discuss my experience and qualifications. “I have managed to do quite well in my investments, a dream I have had for many years is now within my reach. I have purchased many businesses and also invested in a lot of individuals that seem to have the right idea, just lacking the drive and finances to make it into something.

In some of these businesses I have people that can run that facet of it, but nobody to tie it all together. I am looking for an individual to examine each business or individual and make that segment into a viable and financially stable part of my holdings. I also have a quite substantial list of interests, things that I think will fit in with my overall goals, but have never explored it further as of yet.”

“Now that you know a little of what I want, are you still interested in the job? Take your time, we have all evening to discuss this. The cookies are chocolate chip, I hear it is a favorite of yours.” The cookies confirmed the fact that Julia had set this up, two random elements that just happened to be offered tonight. I decided to keep that information to myself, for the moment. I wondered if the heat that I felt was also showing as a blush. The lady certainly had a way about herself, so confidant and poised in anything she did.

“Since you are not running for the door, let me introduce myself, I am Francine and according to reliable data furnished to me you are Dallas Winthrop. I often do things that throw people off their game, most just by accident, but quite often I learn quite a bit about that person from the unorthodox approach. I see you do not rattle easily, but I must comment on the lovely shade of red that quite often appears on you face. I hope we can be friends, no need for formalities, let’s discuss this business proposition of mine, giving me your thoughts when you feel it is appropriate.”

“Over the years this dream of mine to help males to find their true feminine self’s has occupied a considerable space in my mind, I have added to and changed a lot of the essentials and details of that dream. Most of it has been done while talking to other people getting ideas from each as to a better way to pursue my goals. I have started the salons, a first step towards turning a male into a female. They have done surprisingly well, and are a foundation to all the other things that I have and want to get into. I am sure we can do some of that here tonight. While you are thinking this through, can I get you another root beer?”

I looked at my nearly empty glass and nodded, then handing her the glass so she can fill it up. Talk about throwing people off their game, I am still totally liquid up above, not a coherent thought even possible to be put together by my brain. Already into her desires and wishes and we have barely introduced ourselves. It is like jump in to the lake and hope that there is water in it. I tried to figure out the connection between Julia and Francine, there just had to be something already existing between the two.

Then a few snippets of thought began to cross the vast wasteland situated between my ears. Francine had bought numerous businesses and invested in individuals all on her own without a final goal in mind, but apparently she saw something in the business or individual that sparked interest and she acted on it. While not the best approach to business expansion, it apparently has worked for her. Now she is looking to consolidate all of this into one coherent group. Not the way that most large companies do business these days.

She returned a few minutes later, handing me the glass of root beer. She asked if I had a chance to sample the cookies, I had not managed that so I took one and bit into it. My eyes closed, the cookie just melted in my mouth, and I soon annihilated the rest of that delicious morsel. The cookie helped, I told her I would like to hear more about her purchases if she is so inclined. Managing lots of smaller businesses is way more complicated than running one large one. For one thing gaining some knowledge about lots of things is hard, but to be able to do each segment justice, some basic facts are necessary. It seemed to be beyond my capability, but my interest is already piqued, so I needed to know more detail.

We talked for another hour, her filling in little snippets of what she had invested in already, me adding a few thoughts here and there. Yes, my mind had decided to start operating even though I am still confused and awed by this lady. I yawned once, my body is still suffering from the workload of this past week, she instantly noticed, stopped the conversation and led me back to the bedrooms. I was shown to my room, with an adjacent bath, then from the closet she handed me a silky pair of pajamas. She told me breakfast is usually at seven on the enclosed patio and you will find some clean clothes in the closet and dresser.

I was given a hug, then she promptly left the room. I stood there dumbfounded, I am apparently staying the night, and then looking at the pajamas the male side of me will not be occupying the bed. The pajamas quite feminine, silky and soft, I am sure they will feel delicious on my nude body. I know I enjoyed Julia in similar attire.

I unclothed myself, then took a shower enjoying the pulsating jets way too much. I toweled dry and returned to the bedroom. I slipped on the pajamas, obviously designed for a female, the feel of them quickly making a convert of me. I slipped under the satin covers and was asleep in minutes. I usually dream, but the next morning I didn’t remember a thing from last night.

I reluctantly slipped off the silk pajamas, looking for my clothes from last night. Finding not a trace of them I went to the closet and looked through the selections there. Most were very female in appearance, but I settled on a blouse and pant combination that didn’t seem to scream female. I returned to the dresser to see what my choices were for underwear, sure enough my hunch was correct, panties and a camisole were my only options. There were bras available too, but I decided to pass this time, my flat chest not requiring any support.

I figured this might be a part of the test to see if I am confident enough in my persona to wear female items without concern. After slipping on the clothes, I settled on a pair of ladies flats in a tan color that just happened to be in my size. Funny all of the clothes were in my size too, Francine quite a bit taller and at least a size larger than me, so they weren’t hers. I brushed my hair, my teeth, and made my way to the enclosed patio.

As I exited the house though the French doors, I decided to play the game, not just wait for what is to happen next. I walked up to Francine, gave her a big hug, and then twirled around showing off my outfit. “Do you like my choices, I am new at this, but eager to learn.” The biggest smile came over her face and I am literally squeezed to death in another bear hug.

I am given a plate and shown the choices available to me. There were eggs, sausage, bacon, gravy, biscuits, and even French toast to choose from. I put a few on my plate, then meandered over to the table to eat. On the table there were decanters of orange juice, coffee, and milk to drink. I daintily set down, trying hard to remember how Julia did it, placed one hand in my lap, and then slowly ate my breakfast. I noticed that other employees of Francine made their way to the buffet during this time, including the limo driver.

That impressed me, she didn’t have some inflated ego about who she is, treating everybody fairly and equally. We didn’t talk much, just ate our meal, then when we had both finished she took my hand and we went to her den, where she had a screen set up and a slide projector. I found a seat as she set up the slide show, then she turned the lights down and the first slide came upon the screen. It turned out each slide represented one of her businesses or individuals that she had interest in. I was amazed at the number of slides, recognizing some, but puzzled by quite a few others. Her interests varied quite a bit, but when the stable shot came up, with two girls dressed as fancy ponies, I realized why the tolerance of different lifestyles requirement was in the ad.

There were pictures of Southern Belles, in their gorgeous gowns dancing in a large ballroom, with chandeliers providing the light. Another picture was of some modern labs, with several technicians working on projects. There is a couple of nightclubs, packed with customers, the décor in these clubs far from normal club appearance. Of course there were numerous pictures of her salons, some of them appeared quite large.

When the slides had finished, I asked her what her time table is concerning her business proposition. “I don’t have any, I realize the best way is to review each component separately, then when the bugs are worked out move to the next.” I cleared my throat, asking how much money she has for the projects and the time to make it profitable. She gave me a sly smile and grinned. “I have thirty million dollars set aside, more if needed. Do you think that will be adequate? As for the time, I have no schedule in mind, if you need a year that is fine with me.”

Meanwhile I was coughing, trying to get the thing stuck in my throat to move either up or down. After several minutes of coughing and a glass of water that she had obtained for me, I managed to tell her that it should be adequate. We just sat there for several minutes, with me trying to figure out this lady. She seemed to have it all together, personality, confidence, money, and drop dead gorgeous to boot. Even this morning she is wearing a dress, a summer type with bare shoulders and a flouncy skirt. Both last night and this morning she is wearing heels, at least four inches, even though she stands at least four inches taller than my five foot eight inch height without them. Her makeup is perfect, Julia normally excels in her makeup skills, but Francine makes her look like she is not wearing any. Not plastered on, but just the right amount to accent her features and not look overdone.

“You never did answer me last night before you got sleepy, are you interested in this position? I will level with you, I ran the ad to find some potential people to interview, hoping maybe one out of the bunch would be adequate. Then Julia called me, recognizing the address where the resumes were to be sent to. We were close friends during high school, living in each other’s bedrooms for most of the four years. Julia and I eventually got around to discussing you, her utter distaste for your present job among the subjects. From what she told me about you, you seemed to fit the requirements nicely. I arranged the interview quickly, wanting to meet you myself, to see if you are as advertised.”

“So far you have exceeded my hopes, but then you haven’t said much either. You dressing in the female clothes is a big plus, your entrance this morning, confident and bouncy as a female, also helping matters greatly. I still need an answer to my question, are you interested in this or not?”

“Yes, I am interested in this grand scheme of yours. I am not sure I am the person you need to put this all together though. It will take a lot of effort, resources, people, and hard work to have any of this actually come together in a successful way, much less be profitable.” I might be able to manage the employees and operations once set up, but I am severally lacking in what these different segments require to be viable. I have never dabbled in the things that I saw slides of this morning. Let’s face it, I am a totally inexperienced in anything other than what a male does with a female, and how to put on my suit and tie in the morning before work.”

Francine smiled, pointing to my outfit, and the way I am sitting in the chair with my one hand on my lap. “For someone who claims to know nothing, you managed to look quite respectable without anyone’s help or guidance. When you don’t know something that has come up at work, do you roll over and play dead, I doubt that. You research it, maybe find an expert in the field to pick their brain, then learn what parts are necessary to be able to do your job. What is different about this situation? When some of these lifestyles came up in my business, I didn’t refuse the customer, I learned what the lifestyle is all about, then changed my business to be able to accommodate their needs and desires.”

“Presently at least thirty percent of our business is in these fringe fetishes, and it is growing exponentially. We don’t take advantage of the customer, if it is not in their best interest we tell them so, than make a suggestion that might be more palatable. A lot of our competition in these niches charge four times what we charge to do the same thing. They don’t care about the customer, if they expose them to the public, or if the treatment is not done right, they shove them out the door after collecting their fee. We don’t and the word of mouth is spreading through the groups, more of these niche customers coming to us every day. So are you on board, after we settle on your salary and benefits, or are you out of here?”

“I still have a lot of questions, but yes I will bite the bullet and sign on. Although it has not been specified yet, I presume the job is being offered to the female equivalent of Dallas, not the male one. I also have an inkling that my wife Julia is okay with that, but before I sign on the bottom line I would like to talk with her about this.”

Francine came around to where I am seated, pulled me to my feet, then gave me one of her patented hugs. “I would like to transform you to your female version, I think you will be quite surprised at your looks and quite comfortable in that persona. If that is alright Candice will take you to the salon where they are waiting for you, then she will pick up Julia and bring her back to the salon. When you are femmed up Candice will take you to any of the businesses that you wish, a sneak preview of what you are going to be doing. That will give you time to talk to Julia about the project.”

Mysteriously Candice showed up at that precise moment and I am led off to my adventure. Francine giggled at the look on my face as I am being led off. I didn’t know what to think, I had figured out that me being female is somehow part of this project, but how Julia feels about all of this I am not sure of. In our marriage so far, there has been no dressing up or role reversal, so I can’t see why she would be okay with me as a female. Since the whole thing is centered around a male experiencing his femininity, me experiencing mine is a no brainer. Giving credit to Francine she has not stated that being female is a prerequisite yet, but I had inferred that it would be. As I am being led out the door I realized I never agreed to be femmed up, but apparently on my way for that to happen. The power of persuasion or is that intimidation.

The trip to the salon is way too quick, Candice getting my door and leading me inside the salon. She didn’t stop at reception, but led me back to a treatment room. There is four lovely ladies waiting for me there, introducing themselves as they helped remove my clothes. Shirley, Jenny, Susie, and Daphne are to be my torturers, their words not mine. I am laid back on a table and two of them starting spreading a cream all over my front side, not missing any areas. Susie takes one of my hands and starts on the nails, while Daphne does things with my hair. She seems to be parting it, then something warm is added, then on to another area. After a while I can feel the added weight pulling on my head, since the extra hair is off the table pulling down on my scalp. All of the cream is wiped off the front side of my body, now my skin is super sensitive to the touch, a light breeze causing goose pimples to pop up everywhere. I am still in a daze, my mind still at the point when I came into the room and my clothes were being removed from my body.

I am turned over on my stomach, the cream applied to my backside even between my cheeks. I just lay there, too much happening to register, only a pull on my hair, or a file on one of my nails registering with me. Maybe it is better this way, a total frontal assault on my masculinity, my mind not able to handle all the sensations swamping it. After the cream is wiped off, I am turned back over and two weights are set on my chest. Up to this point my eyes have been closed, too much stimulation for me to handle with my eyes open. I open my eyes and look down, two very large breasts now reside on my chest, where there was nothing a few minutes ago.

The weight is the most noticeable part of this, I wonder if Julia’s breasts weigh this much. Looking from my vantage point I can’t tell if these are bigger or smaller than hers, but they look huge on my body. They are positioned and then adhesive is added to my chest and to the back of the forms. They are situated properly, then pushed down to make sure the breasts are securely situated. I try to raise my head to look again, but Daphne pushes my head back down, as she is trying to work on the front hairline.

I again close my eyes, my mind now totally overloaded, brain functions stopped. They add some concealer around the base of the forms, to make sure that the forms blend in, at least, that is what they told me. Then they move down to my groin, sliding a garment up my legs, then adjusting junior, and I presume some adhesive is added, since I can feel something liquid being brushed around the edges of the garment. Up to that moment junior has been quiet, I think all of the treatments being given me has him scared to death, hence his reluctance to show himself.

I start to say something, but decide to stay silent, I guess any kind of male to female sex is now out of the question. I sure hope Julia is alright with this, I didn’t see any of this happening when I agreed to put my foot in the water. Instead of getting my feet wet, I now have to watch to keep from drowning.

My feet were next, one tech on each foot, filing the nails and cleaning the cuticle, I have no idea what that is, but as it is handled I felt a brush over each nail, with something wet being applied to them. At the same time my hands feel the same brush strokes. I haven’t opened my eyes yet, but I presume I have polish on all twenty digits now. I feel another pair of hands join in adding hair to my head, my mind finally figuring out what they were doing to my head. They can’t be much else they could do to me, most of my male features have been changed, and then I felt something plucking hair from my eyebrows. My large sigh confirming there are still some things for them to play with.

Another twenty minutes have passed, only the gals working on my hair are still busy. My eyebrows feel puffed up, a few twinges still affecting the area. Finally I am helped to sit up, and then moved to a chair on the other side of the room in front a mirror. The image that greeted me is unreal. A gorgeous female is setting there in the chair, the male Dallas gone somewhere. Before I can gather it all in, they start working on my makeup. Then I raise my hands to touch my breasts, the weight pulling down on my chest making itself known. My eyes lock on the red pointy nails that extend at least a half inch past the ends of my fingers.

I start to feel faint but one of the gals sees me fading out and decide that now would be a good time to pierce my ear. As she pulls the trigger, I feel the stud enter my ear that quickly stopping the faint feelings. She quickly moves to the other ear, an identical stud ending up there, the light bouncing off the diamond looking stones. I am torn, not knowing where to touch, my breasts, my nails, or my new earrings. What a quandary, I look again at the image in the mirror, and see Julia standing behind me staring at me. She has the biggest smile on her face, but tones down the smile as she makes kissee faces at me.

She moves to a chair in the back where she can observe my transformation as Jenny starts adding curlers to my hair. When she combs out the hair to wind the curler on, I for the first time notice that my hair is almost eighteen inches long. She is using a large curler to roll it on, almost two inches in diameter. When she completes that task I am moved to a dryer, the heat adjusted and the dryer turned on. I notice Julia head off to meet Francine, then to her office, while her husband is setting under a dryer with curlers in his hair looking like the wife instead of the husband.

When my hair is finally dry, I am moved back to the styling chair and the curlers removed. I presume Julia has this done too, her hair always worn longer and very curly, but since she has weekly beauty salon appointments I never see her in curlers, just the finished product. Jenny styles my hair some then Suzie starts on my makeup, way too many products are used, my male looking face quickly fading from view. I do recognize the mascara and the lipstick as it is applied, two products that Julia uses quite often. When Suzie lays down her last brush, there is nothing left of my male persona.

Next I was led to another room, the salon cape my only covering. I know it didn’t cover much the breeze that affected my legs and body made me squirm and blush as pimples soon sprouted everywhere. Clothes were to be the purpose of this room, a bra and panty handed to me as we entered. I slipped on the panty, the feeling as it eased up over my rear so delightful. I had to have help with the bra, my arms would not yield to the position necessary to get the hook and eye to meet. A fairly plain white blouse is next, although the buttons were in the back, requiring additional help to get them fastened. The pants were plain black, but the feeling of the extra soft material on my legs had me shaking a little as I pulled them up to my waist. The shoes from Francine’s were used, after slipping on a pair of knee-highs.

Julia and Francine had been behind me as the final things were done, the smile on Julia’s face could surely light up a small city. Francine could not be topped, her smile equally bright. She came over, took my manicured hand and led me to her office. Julia hugged me, but no kisses, as it would spoil the makeup. I was handed a thick stack of papers and a laptop. The papers listed her businesses and the laptop had information on each, including their addresses, principals, details about the business and its financials. Francine suggested a nice lunch out, then hit a couple of businesses to get a feel for some of this, then back to her house for dinner tonight.

I briefly looking over the list there are over four hundred different entities on the pages, quite a few of them her different salons, but that left over a hundred of varying other types of businesses. Candice came into the room, asked if we were ready to go, then after appropriate hugs with Francine, Julia and I followed her to the limo. She asked where to for lunch, I looked at Julia and told her to pick. Julia suggested something with a little privacy so that we could talk, maybe some Chinese or barbecue. Candice smiled and we headed off. I am looking at the list, several entries catching my attention. I don’t know what to say to Julia, I feel inadequate now, not a husband but a girly female, breasts and my male equipment hidden under a false vagina.

Julia takes my hand, her other hand under my chin, making me look at her face. “Even though you don’t look like my husband, I love you just as much, maybe more this way. I have always felt that you were hiding a part of you from me, but numerous attempts to get it out into the open failed. If you feel like you can do this job justice, I want you to embrace it and run with it. I think you are qualified, you will need to learn quite a few things, but maybe that exposure will make you a better and more caring lover. I am happy with you as you are, but see that things can be lots better for both of us. I think your current job is a big mistake, the company is so far behind times, you are working yourself to death trying to do a job that is almost impossible with what they are giving you to work with.”

Candice interrupted as we pulled up to a restaurant that served barbecue, her mentioning to us to ask for the sliced pork and beef, the sweet sauce a must for the meat. Their baked potatoes are huge and you get twenty different toppings for them. They serve the best sweet tea in town, the endless glass the best choice for value. She parked the limo and came and got our door, helping both of us to exit the limo. She handed me a phone and a credit card, the phone to summon her after we finished and the credit card to pay for the meal. I quickly looked at the card, it is in my name, and it is a platinum card. Apparently a lot more has been arranged prior to today, a platinum card just doesn’t pop up out of nowhere.

Inside we were seated quickly, my request to be seated in a quiet corner met with no problem. The waitress was there instantly, taking our order and the menus. We ordered what Candice suggested, two humongous glasses of iced tea were brought back within minutes, and few minutes after that our food arrived. I looked at the plate of meat and the potato, it alone dwarfing the plate it set on. I tasted the beef, it melted in your mouth, and then our waitress brought out the toppings for our potato. Two separate condiment trays loaded with every conceivable topping you could think of.

Needless to say we didn’t talk much, the food was way too good. We couldn’t even finish half of it, our stomachs were stuffed, and we had only finished about a quarter of the iced tea. We got down to talking, Julia telling me a little history about her and Francine. They participated in a lot of things as high school girls that I never pictured either of them doing. Nude bathing at a popular swimming hole just a tip of the iceberg. They explored some bondage, even went out to a Halloween party partially bound, both of them having to help each other to get undone after some friends helped in their restraints during the party. A topless beach frequently got visited, along with embarrassing a pesky boyfriend by taking his pants and scurrying off with them during an erotic moment in a park.

But the biggest revelation was that Francine was a male during his freshman year. Julia helped him make a few changes for which he was very grateful, that and Julia’s continued friendship and caring the major reason they were such good friends. They lost contact during college, but got re-acquainted when Francine visited the stores that Julia did the advertising for.

Julia looks at me with love in her eyes, as you can see we were prefect little angels, how can we be anything else. “Now are you ready to have some fun, or are you going to be a stick in the mud.” I was still glancing at the list, while trying very hard to keep a straight face. Their supposed antics I just couldn’t believe, especially Julia having a major part in this. Julia could see I had my doubts, so she egged me on. “Come on pick a business and let’s see what you can learn there.”

I figured that since Candice had done such a good job picking a place to eat at, I would let her pick a place for my initial education. I feared if Julia picked something, I might regret it fairly quickly, so Candice would be my preferred choice. I paid the bill, and signed the ticket leaving a nice tip for the waitress. I opened the phone, and it started dialing. Candice answered immediately, telling us she was about five minutes away. We walked out front and shortly she pulled up, getting our door and helping us get in the limo. She pulled away from the restaurant, then asked where we wanted to go. I told her that she should pick, something other than one of the salons. I had firsthand experience there and didn’t want to be further feminized, if that was even possible at least not today.

She thought for a minute, then turned around and headed in the opposite direction. She told Julia to remove the hood from the compartment in front of her, and slip it over my head. This particular place will be much more fun if you go into this blindly. I looked at Julia, but she is already pulling the hood from the compartment. Before I can protest, she is sliding it over my curls and down resting the lower hem on my neck. I start to mumble, but Julia swats me on the arm telling be to be quiet. I just sit there, not knowing what I have volunteered for, heck I am not even on the payroll yet, or even know what kind of money I will be making.

It seemed like an eternity till we reached our destination. The last part apparently over roads that are not paved. The limo stops and I am helped out, Julia holds me as Candice talks to some people off in the distance. I can hear talking but not make out any words that are said. I am then led into a building of some kind, I feel a temperature differential, but the most noticeable difference is the smell. It smells like fresh hay or grass, my mind already connecting with the picture of the two girls dressed as ponies. Julia leans closer asking me to open my mouth wide, I see the hood raised and feel something being inserted in my mouth. I start to panic, but Julia and Candice calm me down.

My hands are moved behind my back, then something is secured around them, and then they are pushed high up on my shoulders and secured. A collar is put around my neck and fastened and then something is attached to it holding me up on my tiptoes. I try to talk, but the plate that is in my mouth has somehow captured my tongue and I can’t utter a word. My clothes are removed, but I can’t move away and my hands are trussed up behind me and useless. I just stand there, waiting for what is next. Once naked a bundle of harnesses are attached to my body around my waist, my hips, above and below my breasts, each one tightly secured.

I am bent over and my anus is lubricated with the coldest liquid and then a plug is inserted in it till it pops behind my sphincter. I feel hair down the back of my legs, so I figure I just received a horse’s tail. Then each foot is raised and a boot is slid onto my foot. The angle sufficient to confirm that I am now standing on some kind of heel. The other foot is done the same, then my tether is raised keeping me on my toes even more. Finally my hood is removed and I blink a couple of times to get used to the light. I am facing a wall with a mirror on it, tethered high on the wall so I can’t move, but looking quite a lot like the picture I had seen earlier.

They added some ribbons to my hair, then took quite a few pictures of me from all angles. I didn’t have any choice in the matter, so I just stood there absorbing what had been done to me. I always thought I was open minded about things, but this definitely was pushing my limits. I couldn’t move anything but my foot, and that is only up or down. I closed my eyes letting the sensations that are assaulting my body have their way. I saw Julia, Candice and the other lady go off to the other end of the barn, leaving me alone here. The feeling of helplessness set in some, no control over what is happening to me. They returned a little later with a pair of stunning females attired as ponies.

They are attached to chains from the ceiling, same as me, then the girls left again. Both pony girls nuzzled me some, making noises similar to a horse. I looked at each of them, their attire more fancy than mine, their breasts pierced with rings in them and their boots clear glass, showing off their manicured nails encased in the boots. The one laid her head next to mine, making those soft noises as she rubbed the side of my face. They seemed happy and content, their life care free, no worries due to job or relationships.

The girls returned, their hands full of additional items for one of us. We are unattached from our tethers and led to an indoor ring. I am secured with a hobble to keep me from going far and then my tether is secured to a pole near the side of the ring. The two pony girls are led into the ring and then run through their routine. The two ponies were prancing freely, a rhythm to their movements, each step quite high and distinct. With their movements their tails and hair bouncing freely, making quite a show. I could see pride in their movements, they were good and they knew it.

Finally the show is over and they are led away. Then Candice and Julia come to lead me away. Outside is the limo with a horse trailer attached behind. I am pulled up into the trailer and secured in a bent over position with my stomach resting on a bar across the trailer. My bridle gag secured to another bar across the trailer at waist high. One more bar is put behind my ass, wedging me in between the two bars. My legs are each secured to the side of the stall I was put in, then straps are secured around my thighs and hips making me unable to move anything. My mind is trying to figure out what is being done to me. I am in a horse trailer secured so that I can be transported, treated like an animal, with no say in what is being done to me.

I am mad at Julia for letting this happen to me, but also curious as to why she is making me experience something like this. Then the thought enters my mind that they might not let me return to what I was, now a pony girl for life. I panic as to where they are taking me, wondering if I am to be pierced or something worse. I can’t talk, totally secured and helpless. Then a feeling comes over me, I am not human anymore, I don’t have to worry about anything, just subject to what my owners want for me. I am obviously treated well, my situation in the trailer a good example of that, secured so that nothing bad can happen to me. I relax some and I feel the trailer start to move, destination unknown.

The next problem soon materializes, I need to pee real bad. I can’t tell anyone, since there is no one in the trailer with me. I have no voice, but the more I think about it, the more I have to go. It gets to the point and I have to let go, the pee draining out of my new vagina onto the hay in the trailer. I certainly feel better, but the circumstances make a deep impression on my mind, what little there is left of it. I did nothing wrong, that is how a pony potties, but not how humans have been taught to perform that function. Maybe if I could see my penis, or point it, the humiliation would not be so bad, since males quite often pee outside if needed. But a female pony just let’s go, nothing to aim, nothing to wipe with afterward. Then the realization hits me, I am stark raving naked, and out in public, well not at the moment. All kinds of straps surround my body, but not a stitch of clothes. My tail hanging from my anus and my curly hairdo with ribbons added bring attention to me, but still a naked pony girl as far as anyone is concerned.

The drive is boring, nothing to keep my mind from going over my predicament countless times. I hope this is just some exposure to things I will have to be dealing with, but no verbal clues have been delivered to verify that. Maybe Julia wanted a pony and this is her way to get one, as you can see my imagination is running rampant. I have no sense of time, but the trip seems to take forever. Finally we pull up behind another barn, the shadow from the building I can see through the trailer windows. Julia and Candice open the gate, release my bindings from the trailer and lead me out of the trailer and into a barn. Then down a short corridor, and into a stall. The tether from my collar and the reins from my bridle are secured to a hook on the wall, leaving me no choice but to stand there. A set of hobbles are attached to my ankles and now I am royally stuck. I try to get Julia’s attention, she looks at me smiling but doesn’t say anything. Then to my shock Candice uses a bucket of water to wash between my legs to get the pee smell off. I try to stamp my foot, about the only thing I can do but the hobbles don’t allow much movement of my foot, either up or down or sideways.

Candice comes up to my mouth, with a device in her hand and soon releases my tongue from the gag. I can mumble, but nothing coherent comes out of my mouth. Then a feed bag is placed up to my mouth, and secured behind my head. They really expect me to eat what is in the bag, the smell of it is not too bad, kind of like cereal. They turn to leave, closing the stall door and turning off the light. I just stand there, Julia is taking this way too far, maybe she does not want me as a spouse anymore, I am apparently now her pet. The smell of the food finally gets to me, and I try and nibble on my food. I have to lean my head back some for the food to get close enough to my mouth that I can take a bite of it. It is very grainy, so it requires a lot of chewing, reminding me of a cow in a field chewing her cud.

I don’t know what to think, this day has certainly been a disaster for me. From a management prospect to a pony girl in less than three hours, now in a stall secured to the wall eating pony food. Can’t get much worse, at least I hope it can’t. I heard some voices coming and soon the stall door opens and Francine and Julia walk into the stall. I turn bright red, Francine seeing me this way, and nothing I can do about it. She approaches me, running her one hand over my butt and upper thigh.

“Looks like good stock, but it is obvious that she hasn’t had much training. We can handle that, the trainer I use now is quite capable, your pony will be prancing with the best very soon. The first pony show is not for six weeks, so we have a lot to time to get her into shape. Julia is removing my feed bag and quickly adjusts the gag so that it has my tongue secured in its grasp. A couple of tears start to form in the corners of my eyes, I am going to be a pony forever, never to be able to hold Julia in my arms again. Francine tells Julia that as soon as I get real breasts, they can be pierced along with lacing up my vagina once my penis is removed. That way we will not have to worry about the stallions getting her pregnant. The tears are now flowing down my cheeks, Julia asking if I can get permanent makeup, so that I won’t have to worry about mascara running.

Through the tears I don’t see the smile they share with each other, then my reins are undone from the hook, and my hobble removed and I am led out of the stall, then out of the barn. Then up to the back of a house, and into an enclosed patio area. Julia stops and starts removing the numerous harnesses around my body, then stands right in front of me staring at my face. I am going to remove your gag, but if I hear one word from you tonight, it all goes back on and you will sleep in the stall. Is that clear? I nod my head vigorously, then the gag is removed. Francine hands Julia a bottle of water and she holds it to my lips as I greedily drink all that I can.

I am then taken by the arm into the house, straight to the dining room. I am set in one of the chairs, totally lost in what is happening. Julia sits next to me and offers to feed me, if I am a good pony. I start to say something, but remember the threat, and just nod my head. The meal is scrumptious, much better than the pony feed I nibbled on earlier. She feeds me one bite at a time, wiping my mouth in between bites with a napkin. Then a little wine, but I had to drink that through a straw. After the dinner is finished we adjourned to Francine’s office and I am set in one of the chairs in front of her desk. Julia comes in with the bit gag and I am again speechless.

“Well, what do you think about the job and what you will be doing. Julia told me how you pleaded with her to be a pony girl for the day, even offering to do extra penance if your wish is granted. I can understand your desire, I am sure we can get you outfitted more like a real pony girl after you take on the job if you accept. Now as to the salary that I feel would be adequate for you. I suggest that we start at 150,000 a year. As you take on more parts of the project we can increase your pay through bonuses. Of course, you will have full medical for both you and Julia. I have several houses available if any of them are what you can see yourself living in. Those would be rent free, eventually you would own the house of your choice after ten years with the company. Most have acreage, so Julia you would have room for a barn and field for your pony.”

The smile on Francine’s face is from ear to ear, but I can’t figure out if it is because they are kidding or if Julia is serious about me being her pony. The salary is quite a bit more than what I am making now, the bonus making it a really good deal. Julia tells Francine she likes the house next door, if she doesn’t mind us living that close to her. I look at both of them, confusion reigns supreme again in my mind. I look down at my feet, today has been so disconcerting, someone supposedly to be a CEO helpless and totally lost.

“Well are you in this or not, we don’t have all evening to decide if you are going to be my new CEO or are you going back to your old job.” I try to struggle, shaking my head vigorously, trying to convey my wishes to take the job. Finally Francine feels sorry for me, looks at Julia and asks her if she thinks Dallas will take the job. Julia breaks out laughing, yeah, he will take the job if he knows what is good for him. Francine joins in, then Julia reaches over and removes my bridle gag. I sit there, not knowing if I can talk, not wanting to take a chance and end up out in the barn.

Francine looks directly at me, yes or no, what do you say? I look at Julia, pleading with my eyes for her to allow me to talk. She nods her approval, then I yell “Yes” I will take the job. Francine asks if I enjoyed my day as a pony girl, but warned me she wants the truth. I am still afraid of saying too much, Julia’s threat taken very seriously. Julia comes and sits on my lap, hugging my face and kissing me deeply. Julia tells me she wants the truth too, not some fake emotion, but my thoughts as I was treated just like a pony girl would be treated.

“At first it scared me, then I realized I no longer had any control over my body, or what I do. In a way that is comforting, all the worries of life just vanished, replaced with simple things and feelings. I was afraid for a while you had tired of me, soon to be a pony girl forever, but as the day wore on, I kind of drifted into that pony girl existence and felt loved and comforted. I am cared for, and received the necessary things to live my life, a much simpler life than what I live now. I don’t think I would like to live as a pony girl 24/7 but it was different and not all that bad.”

Julia still sitting on my lap twists her ass on my fake vagina, and I feel my male organ stirring some. I ask when I might be able to return to my male self, hoping that is still a possibility. Julia smiles, never again unless you don’t want the job. “Tonight I get to play with my pony girl, depending on how much you please me, I might see my way clear to allow you back into skirts and dresses. Your days as a male are over with, so learn to live with it.”

Francine told me that tomorrow I will return to the salon, a whole day of femininity and pampering. “All the temporary things done to you today will be replaced with treatments more permanent. Everything done to you can be reversed, some easier than others. You will get more realistic breasts, ones than can be pierced if Julia decides to go that route. Whichever house you choose will have an office you can work out of, with Candice available anytime you need her. Julia is also going to work for me, handling advertising for the fringe businesses. To keep things civil she will report to me just as you will, that way there will be no conflict between you two. Julia handles advertising and you handle the rest, period.”

“Now I have shown Julia where you will sleep, providing you are good, but the stall in the barn is also available if needed. I will see you two tomorrow at breakfast, if you are in your stall I will come and visit.” I looked at my feet, hoping there would be an end to my humiliation. There isn’t as I am led to our bedroom. Still trussed up, my hands have lost all feeling now, the plug holding my tail has become normal, so unless I think about it, I forgot it is there. The tail itself brushing the back of my legs is more noticeable though. The boots are removed, although I was still up on my toes, a more comfortable position to ease the ache in my calves.

In the bedroom Julia ties my collar to the foot board, keeping me bent over. She removes my tail, having to struggle to get it to pop out. As it is removed, I feel empty back there, wanting something put back there soon. Julia fiddles with the sleeve holding my hands and it is removed, but my hands still are held up, now apparently attached to my collar, by the feel of it. My hair is put up under a shower cap and I am moved into the shower stall. My tether is attached to a hook above the shower head and once again I am stuck. Julia undresses and enters the stall with me, grabbing the scented soap and covering me with it, as she is doing this she tells me how lucky I am to have such a caring owner, most pony girls have to be cleaned outdoors, and then dry off in the field before being put back in their stall.

Particular attention is paid to my new vagina, her rubbing my slit up and down causing my trapped member all kinds of grief. After she has frustrated me to the limit, she turns on the water and rinses me off. Then she soaps her own body, wondering out loud if her husband will ever come back, and do it for her. I start to say something, but she puts her finger to my lips stopping any reply. After rinsing off herself, she steps out and towels dry, then takes the blow-dryer with a diffuser on it, and aims in my direction. She has fun drying me, quite often making me twist and turn trying to escape the too warm air on my body.

Finally I am released from my position and led to the bedroom and bent over again and tied to the foot board. She reappears with my tail, and promptly lubricates it and inserts it in my rectum with one push. I draw in a big breath as she performs this task, the smile on her face when I turn to look at her really funny. I am then laid on my side and my tether is tied to the headboard. Laying on my back is not possible because of the tail, so on my side the only option. Apparently my time as a pony girl not scheduled to end just yet.

She lays in the bed next to me, caressing my face and kissing my nose. Shortly my face has been inspected as she misses very little of it. Her ministrations leave me frustrated, so close yet I can’t even respond to her. With one hand she rubs my vagina causing great discomfort to my hidden organ. I let out a moan or two, she quickly gets up from the bed and retrieves that damned gag and something else in her other hand. I plead with my eyes for her not to gag me, but I am ignored. I open my mouth willingly, I am just a pony girl, what my mistress wishes for me I must submit to. Quickly I am silenced again, but I do get more kisses, this time the ears her target. I am sure I am leaking all over the place, this treatment really getting to me.

Then I gasp, she is inserting something in my vagina, and it is rubbing my male organ. I roll my eyes back into my head, the sensations too much for me to handle. I want to push with my hips against the intruder trying desperately to keep it still, but the more I push against it the more she pulls back, keeping it right over my organ. This keeps up as she again attacks my face, little kisses and nibbles to frustrate the hell out of me. I am lost somewhere in bliss, not knowing how to get back to the start. I finally just lay there, not responding to her advances. She increases the movement of the dildo, giving it a little twist every few strokes.

The resulting orgasm left me breathless, almost faint. I relax, visibly letting my muscles go from the tightness I had just experienced. It felt like every single muscle in my body had tightened all at once, then this all-encompassing feeling had started at my groin and spread out to every corner of my body. I suddenly am aware of Julia releasing bonds, then she eases the tail out of my anus. The last thing she does is release the gag, cautioning me that any words spoken will cause it to be reinserted. She rubs my arms, the feeling slowly returning to them. It is like millions of tingles as normal function is restored.

She returns to bed, spooning me from behind, whispering in my ear that if I need to potty, remember to sit. Then some more kisses on the ears, a pleasant way to drift off to sleep. “Such a good pony girl, such a good pony girl.” those words are the last I remember as sleep finally takes me away. I remember waking up in the early morning feeling that I had to go potty real bad. For a second I wondered how I am going to get outside to potty, before I remembered that I am now a female and not a pony girl. I made it to the bathroom, set down to do my business. I am still naked, no clothes at all, not even a pair of panties.

I reach down there to make sure the path is clear and feel a string hanging from my slit. I wonder while I have a tampon inserted, then remember when Julia has had intercourse, she frequently used a tampon to keep from leaking if she didn’t want to take a shower right away. I pull the tampon out, that sensation alone taking my breath away. I did like she does and wrapped it in toilet paper, then put it in the waste basket. I had to focus to be able to let go, but soon I am flooding the toilet with pee. I wipe afterwards, then start to rise. I wonder if I will still leak, so I open the drawers in the vanity until I find the tampons and take one. I unwrap it, then insert the applicator into my new slit. My legs are spread wide, both hands between my legs trying to get it aligned and push the applicator. The tampon slides into my vagina and I can feel it swelling some. I wipe again and get up from the toilet, only to find Julia standing in the doorway with a megawatt smile on her face.

I try to wash my hands to hide the red that is slowly covering my whole body. After I have dried my hands Julia takes my hand and leads me back to bed. I am laid on the bed, and she lays right on top of me, her lips finding mine immediately. She wiggles her butt, and her tongue comes into play, probing the depths of my mouth. Unfortunately, for me she falls asleep on me, her mouth still touching mine. I gently roll her off and cuddle her as tight as I can. I am her pony girl and I need to take care of my owner.

Freed from all of my restraints, my mind is still there, feeling the tail bouncing on the back of my legs, my hands secured way up on my back, and my feet in the boots, arched high up and wanting to prance. How something I have never had an interest in has caused such an impact on me. I know tomorrow is another salon day for me, but I wonder when I might return to pony hood. My mind is also working overtime on ideas to further this niche into more mainstream avenues, a part of Francine’s business group. I drift off to sleep eventually, but my mind is still exploring new avenues as I hug my owner and lover.

When Julia woke me the next morning, kissing my nose and licking my ears, I moaned out loud, then in horror quickly got quiet, hoping that the dreaded gag does not get evoked this morning. Julia smiled at me, wanting to know what I really thought about yesterday. “I am not interested in a long winded discussion on the topic, just whether you would want to do it again some time.” My single word reply pleased her. “Yes.”

“Maybe if you are a good girl I can arrange another session soon. But for now you have to get a bath, and get ready for your salon appointment. She helped get the ribbons out of my hair, then brushed out the curls, putting my hair in a bun so I could bathe. The tub is filling, the scent wafting from the tub quite feminine and flowery. I eased myself into the steaming water, any tensions I might have vanishing as my body slipped into the flowery smelling water. I leaned back, resting my head on the back of the tub, enjoying the effect it is having on me. Julia had to ruin it, telling me that I had to get out, Candice will be here any minute.

“I hope you will not be too upset, she had to return the horse trailer last night, so you will have to ride in the limo.” I actually thought about it for a minute, yesterday’s adventures having quite an effect on me. With my eyes closed I could picture myself being led into the trailer, secured and then the journey. I got out and dried off, Julia appearing with a short robe, and helped me into it. It barely covered my butt, was short sleeve and only tied in the front. I looked in the bathroom mirror, shook my head and Julia led me out to the living room. Candice is already there and takes my hand and soon I am in the limo. No breakfast, girly time is more important.

The ride to the salon is brief, I had put all of yesterday’s activities out of my mind, at least I tried to, I had no say in the matter, but I did spend the time working on how I could develop the pony girl thing. I figured I needed a source for the equipment first, then a place for the pony girls to be trained and kept. I knew some would want to do it for longer periods of time, but a lot of executives would only be able to spend the weekend. For those, I needed things that could be easily hid under their business suits.

I felt it would be best to include their wives in all of this, something for the wife to do while her pony girl is being trained and entertained. Some wife’s could be like Julia taking an active part in the adventure, others maybe a more subdued part in the weekend’s activities. If it is all out and above board, the shame would be removed from the equation. Maybe a weekend long social, like at fancy horsing events. Dressed for the occasion, fancy food and some kind of entertainment for the wife’s. For sure some dancing, maybe a live orchestra, maybe a fashion show for the latest fashions, even free makeovers for the wife’s.

At the salon I am grounded again as my robe is slipped off and I am laid on a table, my feet in stirrups at the end of the table. Using a solvent around the edges of my fake breasts, they are removed, the resiliency of the adhesive would never have let go without the help of the solvent. After both are removed the area is thoroughly cleaned, a moisturizer is applied to the skin and let stand for a few moments. I can see the cream absorbed into my skin, then a machine is wheeled over with two cups hanging from hoses dangling from it. They are positioned over my nipples and are glued to my chest, then the machine is turned on and I feel tissue being sucked into the cups.

The suction stopped for a moment, then a vibration starts in the cups causing my tissue to jump up and down in their confinement. The suction returns, the two treatments bringing more tissue into the cups every minute. I laid back on the table, a small pillow placed at the head of it, made for a comfortable place to lay my head. My lack of thoughts were once again interrupted when my vagina panties were removed from my body. I didn’t feel them as the glue was treated with the solvent. My skin felt cool to the touch as the air once again was able to reach that organ. Then everything went numb down there, and I had no feeling at all.

“Well how is Julia’s pony girl doing today? I can see that are things are progressing nicely, so far. Julia is handling some other matters but she will pick you up tonight after you are finished for the day.” Francine is standing there a larger than normal smile on her face. She leans over and gives me a hug, although the cups of the machine are in the way, she manages to get her hug anyway. “Have you any inspiration regarding your first area to tackle, or have you even decided yet? I have a temporary office set up for you in my home until you and Julia get settled. Oh, by the way Julia has taken the pleasure of informing your present employers of your resignation. The phone conversation was quite short, and only a few definitive words were used in its completion.”

I mumbled that since I am already partly trained in one particular niche, that one is probably where I will start. Tonight I need to get with you and find out what already exists and who is presently involved. She told me to go the list she furnished and call the number listed and chat with either of the two ladies that will answer. They can fill you in on what exists and how it is structured. Then you can make your plans and change what you feel is necessary.

I asked her if she is sure about me doing this, I know very little on this subject, but you want me to take this over and work my magic on it. I am not even sure I know of any magic I can use on this, I think you need someone that is more experienced in this particular segment to make any necessary changes. Francine smiled I will talk to Julia, she will just have to be sure you get that experience and fairly quickly, I might add. I groaned, not sure I liked where this is heading.

Back to the present, a tech is working between my legs, but due to the numbness I can’t feel a thing. There is a mirror on the far wall, behind everybody, the image I am seeing of my groin reflected in the mirror is not that of a male. All I see is a slit with a small patch of hair right above it. The fact that I am not wearing the vagina panties means that this is all me down there. I am pretty sure it is still there, the lack of pain and blood indicates that I have been spared the removal of all things male.

Several, several hours later they turned the machine off that has been sucking breasts out of my body, my attention returning to the clear forms, now packed with my own tissue. I close my eyes, me with breasts, and sizable ones to boot. Since it took the machine several hours to create them, I wonder if they are even removable. Francine said that all things are reversible, but I wonder how that would be accomplished, I doubt that the tissue could just be pushed back in. Then piercing came to mind, I remembered the two pony girls from yesterday, both of their breasts pierced with rings inserted, surely Julia would not go that far with me.

I am told that the forms will dissolve eventually over a day or two as the tissue stabilized. A reprieve for another two days, maybe I will be spared the piercing that I am afraid of. I got moved to an upright chair, leaned back and my hair shampooed and conditioned. After that is accomplished it is sectioned and a foul smelling paste is added to some portions then wrapped with a piece of foil. By the time that treatment is finished I have numerous pieces of foil in my hair. I giggle a little at my reflection, although feminine it is quite bizarre to see me so wrapped up in getting pretty.

The tech that surprised me yesterday with the piercing gun returns and I raise my hands to protect my ears. She moves them back to my lap, then adds two more holes to my ears. I receive a long dangle earring in the bottom hole, a chandelier earring I am told, then a small hoop in the middle hole, with my diamond stud moved to my top hole. The smiling lady tells me the laser she used burns a hole through my ear, I will never have to worry about it closing up. At the moment, I can’t say that is comforting to know. Too much to process with not enough time to handle all that is happening.

I am moved under a dryer, with the heat turned down lower and handed a magazine to read. I try to concentrate on what I might do to make things come together for my first target area, but decide I have to wait until I can talk to her contacts to see what is already in place. I thumb through the magazine ending up reading an article on how to keep a lover interested in you. I wonder briefly if that will ever apply to me, Julia seems to have that covered, it seems she has lots of ideas, just needs time to implement them with me being her guinea pig.

When my hair is deemed done, it is back to the styling chair, and the foil is removed. My hair is now frosted, a most feminine look with dark highlights added to my medium blonde hair. A spray of something on my hair and then curlers are added, second day in a row that has occurred. I try to think how much time I will spend in a salon after today, most of this I would never be able to duplicate on my own. I think Julia has a once a week appointment, but I am not really sure. Her hair is not as long as mine now, but since I am not a natural female, there will probably be more to maintaining my look than hers.

My brows are attacked, now only two thin lines above my eyes are left, highly arched and way shorter than before. That probably made more difference in my face than the makeup, now with my minimum brows my eyes seemed to dominate my facial features. She added a clear coat of something to my lips, told me not to wet my lips and not to run my tongue over them. I could feel them tingling, whatever she applied to them seeming to irritate them quite a bit.

With my hair now in curlers, another visit to the dryer, this time for quite a bit longer than last time. Thankfully the heat had been turned down some, I found myself getting drowsy, eventually succumbing to the warm heat on my head and neck. I awoke to someone pinching me, my eyes suddenly shot open, seeing Julia is there with a megawatt smile. As she helps me up and back to the styling chair she gropes my new lower plumbing causing an explosive reaction in me. I actually felt her touch me there, and the feelings that quickly flooded my body with pleasant sensations were more than I could handle. She had to steady me, as I was weak in the knees and stumbling a little.

I was helped to sit back in the chair, but her warm breath on my neck and her touching my ear with her tongue almost caused an accident. Come to think of it, I am not sure I can still perform that way, even though the feelings are coming from that general area. Definitely nothing is showing down there, the whole area still a little numb, especially the area right underneath my slit. I wonder how much different things will be with my new more sensitive equipment, her grope of me earlier left me in shambles. If my breasts are this sensitive I am in for trouble.

I hoped that is going to be the extent of my changes, a few days to adjust to the new me would be most welcome. The curlers are removed, and my hair is styled. I ended up with a curly ponytail, high on my head with curly tendrils right in front of each ear. Some of the hair that would have gone into the ponytail had been left out and placed into springy curls surrounding the ponytail making the style quite feminine. Since I am moved to another room with clothes racks around the edges, I presume that is the extent of my changes for today. The fact that anything masculine had been eliminated from my body, made the changes more profound.

The clothes were all very feminine, lacy and all in pastel colors. The panties were very brief, not covering much more than my slit. The matching bra, pushed up my new assets so that the cups of the bra were overflowing. The band of lace at the top of the cups, added to the femininity, but in my opinion, there is not much more feminine than a full bra cup leaving me a long way from exhibiting anything masculine. I did get a pair of pants to wear, although the tightness of the pants only made my figure look that much more female. The sweater top hugged my new curves, looking down I saw my chest rise up and down as I tried to breathe normally.

Julia re-appeared, hugging me with a vengeance, and then dragging me out to the limo. Candice was at the door, smiling as she took in my appearance. I am helped in and Julia soon follows. Candice steers us out of the parking lot, my eyes riveted to where we are going. I am definitely not wanting a repeat of yesterday, at least not for a few days. Twenty minutes later we pull up to Francine’s ranch house and she gets our door. I ask Candice where I can use an office for a little while and she leads me to one at the other end of the house.

She leaves for a while and I fight with my new nails trying to get my fingers to do what I know they are capable of. I punch one key, then three others activate, my long beautiful nails not helping much at all. Candice appears a short while later, telling me she will be glad to help until I get used to my new talons. I look at them, they are indeed talons and very uncooperative. She sits at a desk to the side and asks me where I want to go on the internet. I tell her to search for pony girl gear and my screen lights up with several choices. Somehow she has tied our monitors together. Her talons are just as long as mine, but she somehow found a way to make them do what she wanted.

I read the descriptions then choose one that I want to visit. Candice hands me a pencil and tells me to use the eraser end to type a short command, letting her do anything lengthier. “Do you want to talk to the ladies at the stables, if so I can get them on the phone for you?”

“Yes, get them on the phone, I have quite a few questions for them.” She walks to her desk, then picks up her phone to make the call. It doesn’t take long until she tells me that both are on the line, on a conference call. I pick up the phone and introduce myself, both ladies know who I am, they helped in my transformation at the farm yesterday. I ask them to fill me in on what is going on, and who is involved.

Maria introduces herself, since she does most of the pony girl outfitting she said she can probably answer most of my questions. I tell her that I am considering expanding the pony girl business quite a bit. “What kind of help and how many do you need to maybe handle up to a hundred pony girls? Most of these pony girls will be of the male sex, converted in the salons to their feminine equivalents. We will be adding more barns and stalls, with as much automated equipment as possible.”

“I am not sure exactly, but figure about one trainer to every ten pony girls. Most of the work is in outfitting the pony girl every morning and securing them at night. If we can save on bath times, and feeding times that level of help should be able to handle the girls. You need at least one helper monitoring the cameras at all times, with the girls trussed up, they depend on us to keep them safe. When we go to shows, you will need additional help to get them ready and present them to the crowds.”

“I am going to read off to you the list of suppliers that we have found and asked who would be your choice for the best to meet our needs. Keep in mind that we are going to get everything branded with our own name, maybe even some custom pieces made for just us.” After listening to her choices she picked two that they have used in the past, their equipment first rate and their service excellent.

“I have made a few suggestions on a proposal when Francine first mentioned this idea, I will send them to you in an attached file to an email. If you have any more questions let me know and I will respond right away.”

“How many pony girls are in the stalls now?”

“We have two permanent residents now, both of them in a caretaker program for the rest of their lives. Three part-time residents, mainly weekends. They are pretty regular, missing very few weekends. However, our waiting list has two hundred and fifty one names on it, about sixty considering permanent residence here at the ranch. We have held off, since we don’t have the help or the space ready for them.”

“To handle this many, especially, for the show circuit we will need some form of transport to move the girls and equipment to the show arena. Figure on a resident vet/doctor to handle any medical problems, with that many pony girls it will be necessary. Also plan on a least six walkers, to be able to get all the girls their exercise every day. A small kitchen to mix their feed, and a few people to set up the meals and clean up afterward.”

Why don’t you come out again for a couple of days and we can show you in person what is needed and how we handle the pony girls on a day to basis. I am glad Julia is not listening to this conversation, otherwise I would probably be a resident by the morning. I told her I would get back with her, I needed to handle several other matters first.

After I ended that call, I phoned the suppliers that Maria had recommended. Both were anxious for our business, so I made appointments to meet one of their sales people at the farm to discuss their offerings. I suggested that they offer a sample of each type of equipment so we could evaluate it after we talked to them. I wanted the items to be tested before we ordered any of it. One company was a little more receptive to labeling all the items with our own name, the other would have to talk it over with their owner.

Maria’s email arrived during the phone conversations with the suppliers, Candice printing it out for me. I reviewed it, the current new additions showing on a plan of the farm. Maria’s suggestions were all good, maybe not enthusiastic enough for what I had in mind, but they could be added to very easily. I jotted some ideas down, then asked Candice to help me some. I mentioned a couple of ideas, then asked her opinion of them. She is reluctant at first to say much, but after a few ideas were tossed around she ended up giving me her three cents worth on the ideas.

Candice’s input very pertinent and insightful, she suggested that the permanent residents be the ones to be taken to the shows, the weekend ponies dressed up, but not involved in the shows. An exception might be made when we hosted a show locally. I asked her to find out when the next show was and get us tickets so we could attend. That smile she displayed, meant some possible mischief, but I am getting excited about all of this, things seeming to be coming together easily for some reason.

Thinking over all we talked about, I agreed with Francine that the show pony route would be the best. It heavily favored the use of the salons in transforming and maintaining the pony girls. It also made their training easier, since we wouldn’t have to teach them to pull a cart. Prancing and high stepping, plus looking very feminine is the main requirement. That many pony girls will require lots of help, I think even more than Maria had mentioned. I knew that a lot of automated equipment would help, but does that kind of equipment even exist. That turned out to be my request of Candice for any spare time she had. I suggested that she check dairy farms, I am sure they had something along those lines already, maybe something that could be adapted to our pony girls.

I knew from my limited exposure to this, that to make the most of our opportunity we needed to make sure we showed to the pony girls that we cared. How they are handled, the best chance to show that caring. It is a fetish, the males in particular wanting to experience the live as a female, but as a pony girl. To most of them that meant being helpless, and submissive to all that are their owners. But if we can show them some love in that process, making each thing that happens to them, special for them, it will guarantee us a long and beneficial relationship.

We would have to bind them strictly, never allowing them to not be submissive to our wishes. They get no choice in their care, but we can also do that with tenderness, making their enjoyment of this fetish special. I had an ideal in my head for the perfect caretaker, now I had to see if that type of person existed.

The one supplier that I had talked to, that is more anxious to sell to us sent us several boxes of gear by overnight express. Of course, Julia and Francine wanted to open it and examine all the gear. It seemed like Christmas as the girls went through the boxes looking at every piece, then at me. I had a bad feeling about that, but hoped they would soon move on to other things. The equipment looked professional, the leather and fittings quite substantial, not cheap and weak. Several pieces were a mystery to us, we couldn’t figure out what they were and how they were used. Soon after lunch the female representative showed up and offered to show us how everything worked.

She is quite impressive, standing a little over six feet high, but still wore four inch heels. Her body is very female, but definitely not puny. I stood in front of her and had to look up to make contact with her eyes. She wanted a volunteer to show how the equipment worked, Julia taking my hand and raising it to show my eagerness to be that volunteer. For the next five hours I experienced each piece and its capabilities, quite often several at once. Francine told her to remove the last gag she had secured to my head, but leave all the other restraints on. Dallas works better that way.

Well so much for being in control. I asked a bunch of questions about minimums, sizes for some of our larger customers and about having our name on the product. She was quite easy to work with, and would provide any technical advice we needed also at no charge. “This is for the show pony circuit, our girls to be entered into every event. We might even host a few shows ourselves once we have the facilities to do so.”

“If that is the case we will offer to sponsor those local shows, paying all the expenses to put them on, just allow us to have our name connected to the show. If you place an order in the next few weeks I will give you a twenty percent discount and pay the freight to get it here.” I told her I would have an order for her tomorrow, but I wanted the shipment held for a few weeks until we get our facilities squared around.

Then I asked about special order equipment made just for us. Her smile very disarming as she walked to her case that she had brought with her. She asked if we had a barn she could use, the equipment much more impressive if shown on a pony and in the natural setting. Julia grabbed my tether and I am being dragged to the barn out back. From the way that I am being hurried outside she is excited to see what Jennifer has to offer. Once in the barn and in a stall I am undressed from the other harnesses and equipment that had been left on me.

Standing naked in front of the three girls, Jennifer removes a hood and slips it over my head. Then several pairs of hands grab me and hold me as I am harnessed into something quite different feeling. Straps are attached everywhere, my arms, my body, my hips and thighs and my legs. They don’t feel like leather, soft but very stout. The saleslady starts at my feet adjusting each strap tighter, also the straps connecting to the next set of straps. Up my body she proceeds, the feeling of being tightly restrained much more pronounced.

Here I am a new CEO of her company being strapped into a network of straps and restraints, maybe a bit much for a normal executive. But since I seem to have been appointed to be the Pony Gurl CEO, a rather normal occurrence from now on apparently.

I am bent over when she gets to my hips and a strap is slid between my legs before the thigh straps are tightened bringing my thighs close together. The strap is attached to my waist strap in the front, then pulled tight between my legs the strap sinking into my slit and butt crack. Then a large something is slid into my anus, and I feel a large tail brushing up against the back of my legs. The strap between my legs is pulled tighter, seating the tail deeply in my anus.

Upward she proceeds, my new breasts getting a strap around their base attached to the rest of the rig I am being put in. A collar is placed around my neck, firmly holding my head so that no movement is possible either sideways or up and down. It clicks shut, I presume it is locked on. The hood is removed than a whole bunch of straps are attached to various parts of my head. The last piece of the head harness is slid into my mouth and then a wrench is used to open my mouth all the way. The bottom plate is resting on my tongue keeping it immobile, the top plate on the roof of my mouth. There are attachments to the head harness hooking to the holes in my ears and attached ear plugs that are slid in to each ear and locked in place.

Then two clamps are attached to my nipples, the pain very excruciating initially. After a few moments it is a dull ache. A rope is pulled up from behind my back and attached above me, then winched up lifting me feet off the floor. Some type of shoe is placed under each foot and they are strapped on. From the angle of the shoe I am standing on my toes, the rope let down I have no choice but to stand there, not able to move a single part of my body.

A mirror is placed in front of me, the image reflecting back at me is pure sex. The straps are topped in pink lace, with a dark burgundy border, making their appearance quite noticeable. The clamps on my nipples are disguised as buttons, the nipple itself in the middle of the button. The mirror is moved to the side a little so that I can see my tail, the hair a match to my own hair and three times the size of my normal tail.

Then the saleslady hands Julia a cock shaped object, pointing to my mouth. Julia approaches with too big a smile, and inserts it all the way on the first try. It is softer than a dildo, but fills my mouth and throat completely. A bottle is attached to the front of the dildo and as it is squeezed, liquid runs down my throat, I can’t even taste what it is. The last part is two round discs that are hooked to the straps and cover my eyes. I am totally deprived of any feeling or movement, I can’t see or hear anything that is around me. I hear a click and my nipples start vibrating, then before I can take that all in, the plug in my rear starts doing the same.

If it wasn’t for being attached to the ceiling, I would be flat on my face, my legs giving out, my body betraying my resolve to be in control. Waves of pleasure wash over me, then before they can fade away another wave starts. My mind just shuts down, too much to handle. I can feel myself sway a little, my feet not supporting my body any longer. After the third or fourth wave I pass out, my body shaking, my nerves on edge, and my mind pure mush.

When consciousness returns I am laying on a sofa, still trussed up, unable to move, see, or hear anything. I feel a few breaths on my breasts, and feel someone playing with the clamps on my nipples. Then a wet tongue starts sucking on my nipple and I feel the waves engulf me again. I scream as loud as I can, but can’t tell if anybody hears me. Fingers replace the wet tongue, and I am kissed all over my face, the moisture becoming cool as the air flows over me. I close my eyes under the discs, and try to focus on anything to make the waves stop. Instead they come faster, and seem bigger as they roll over me. I fear I will drown if I can’t stop them, the intensity of the wave increasing as they come closer and closer together.

It seemed forever before things returned to normal, whatever that is. I was lying in my stall in the barn, still trussed up with Julia sitting nearby with a hungry look on her face. As she approached I feared something new being done to me, but instead I received a sensual kiss then she helped me get more comfortable in my straw bed. She pointed to the camera, she would be keeping an eye on me during the night. “I am afraid this will have to do for your pony girl experience for a while, you have many more facets of Francine’s business to explore, but I will make sure that the barn they are building for you behind our new house will have everything you might desire. I got another kiss, a couple of rubs on my breasts and a pinch on the nipples and she left giggling. I tried to focus on my plans for this part of her business, but the straw was so comfortable and I was trussed up just right, I soon was fast asleep dreaming of being the Pony Gurl CEO.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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