Virginia; Fated For A Female Life

Sis will be heading back to college in the fall, now in her sophomore year, a business major and 4.0 grade average. I can stand all of her other annoying faults, but her school achievements, mainly her grade average has made my life miserable. I am a high school junior, at least I was, until Mom took me out of school. My poor scholastic performance caused me to be removed from school, at the best of times I barely managed a 2.0 grade average.

When Mom was finally able to secure herself financially she made arrangements for me to be home schooled. My freshman year had been even worse and only after considerable studying and a total lack of any distractions I was able to get it up to a 2.0 during my sophomore year. I was allowed one semester in my junior year before the plug was pulled on public schools. For a while she had considered a boarding school, but when she landed that contract for costume design for a large theme park that was quickly shelved. That month a lot of things changed, my schooling the first.

She bought a new house, a little more private with acreage surrounding the house. It has twice as much space as our old house, and a huge basement where she planned to set up her design studio. She has been doing costume design for several years now, a TV series her first break. Then a movie or two, another TV series and just recently the theme park contract. It was a self-taught profession, she had a friend or two that did it part-time and they helped some, but Mom taught herself the rest. She has always been very artistic, dabbling in oil painting, some sculpturing, and many other artsy fields.

When my Mom and Dad first married she was the typical housewife and Mother. Along came my sis Petula, Pet for short, and her life got busy. According to Mother Pet was a handful, always into things and always under foot. Mom took up sewing to save a little money, making clothes for the whole family, though most of the items were for Pet. Doing this she could keep Pet close by to keep an eye on her. If you haven’t guessed, Pet was named after Petula Clark the rock singer.

Things progressed for several years and then Mom got some relief when Pet went to pre-school. This allowed her some more time for herself, so she started going out more. It was on one of these trips she caught our Dad with another woman. My Mom is not dumb, she kept hidden and watched the actions of the two. A week later she hired a PI to get some pictures and more evidence. In the mean time she never let on to Dad what she knew. I got conceived one evening, it was an accident, I knew my Mom was not planning on getting pregnant, that the last thing on her mind. Dad was trying his best to get on her good side probably, as a result of a guilty conscience. A dinner, some dancing, a few too many drinks and whoops, I became a scheduled delivery for nine months later.

The PI delivered with the pictures and evidence, the next day she filed for divorce. She had him by the balls, so to say, he wisely did not contest it, granting all her demands without question. After the divorce she never heard from him again, nor did she try and find him or what he was doing now.

The settlement allowed her to have me without working, up until my second birthday. After that she got a part-time job to make ends meet, her mother babysitting me and Pet until she got home from work. This went on until we entered school. When she was not working, her sole focus was on her sewing that is when she started designing some of her outfits she was doing for others.

When one of us was home she dropped all of that, both of us meant more to her than all the sewing and jobs in the world. It was nice to have a mother that spent time with you, unless you wanted to go play and had not done your homework yet, then a mother like all of the other kids would have been preferred. We grew up close, always interacted with each other easily, Mom helping us with our homework, Pet and I helping Mom with dinner and the cleanup. Mom’s sewing skills steadily improved, her customers increasing each month.

Her first foray into costume design was a result of one of her friends. Jenny had landed a small contract for a TV show. They kept adding more requirements to her contract, Jenny getting Mom to help. It went well for both of them, Jenny got renewed for another season and Mom got her own contract for a knock off series. Basically they were to design and alter the costumes for the characters of the series, keeping to the time period and profession of the characters.

During all of this sis was making my life miserable, getting 4.0 grades on everything she touched. I did my best, but my main problem was I didn’t like school, I disliked learning, felt it was a waste of time and energy. In high school all of this caught up with me big time, my grades plummeted and my teachers were sending notes home almost every week. Does not concentrate, or apply himself, and is disruptive in class were the complaints. I got talked to many times, I can close my eyes and picture Mom and her exact words every time a note arrived. The worst thing about it was the notes were always sent home with my sister.

Since mom never graduated high school, helping me with my studies was a little above her head, she tried often, but realized her shortcomings. Then when she signed the contract with the theme park she knew what had to be done. Once the new house was moved into she hired a teacher to home school me. I had classes from ten to five six days a week.

Lunch was spent studying while munching on different rabbit food. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, lettuce leaves with some dressing, and cherry tomatoes was what I called rabbit food. It required no preparation and was good for me, thus it became my lunch for the future. I pleaded for some kind of substance, but Mom was adamant, anything that might help me concentrate or study harder was employed, a lack of burgers and fries kept away the afternoon sleepy spells, so the rabbit food won out.

Mrs. Grayson was a good teacher, but relentless in her pursuit of me learning what I need to know to function in life. Always next to me as I studied and did my assigned tasks, correcting me on my posture, my daydreaming, and numerous other diversions I tried to use to keep from learning.

Things started to go downhill for me about, two months into the new home schooling. Mom had got tentative approval on the first costume designs and was in the process in making the first of each for testing to see if the wearer could function in them. I got called into her studio before class was to start for me, not unusual, but still rare. I entered a little cautiously, I never felt comfortable in her studio, all of the feminine things laying around the room.

I was directed to a dais in the center at one end of the room. She helped me to undress, I was not happy where this was going, but knew better to question her before I knew what the purpose was. That was something she had ingrained in us, keep any judgment until you know what is going on, then only to ask why. I was given some panties to wear and a chemise that covered up the rest of my body. I balked at the panties but one look from Mom and I slipped them up my legs anyway.

Mistakenly I let out a moan, they felt wonderful as they caressed my nether regions. She smiled but kept handing me clothes. As soon as the moan left my lips I know I had goofed up, she knows now how I feel about them, all the bitching in the world will not get me out of them till she is ready. A corset came next, just the look of it scaring me. She hooked the busk in front and spun me around to start taking up the laces. The scary part came from the length and the stiffness of it. It ran from my upper chest to the top of my thighs.

At one point I started to complain about the tightness, but had second thoughts about that. Mom would probably just tighten it more, so I essentially just grinned and tried to put up with it. I realized I couldn’t bend at all, my body stiff and erect. After she had the corset tight enough she had me stand inside a huge dress lying on the floor. I stood in the middle of the skirt and she helped pull it up my legs, over my hips and then up to my shoulders. My arms went into the two sleeves that hung there, the bodice smoothed over my chest and the buttons done up the back of the dress.

I looked in the mirror across the room from where I stood, marveling at the young lady that stood there in her gorgeous dress. The face looked semi-feminine, my hair still in a ponytail, but I definitely wasn’t seeing a guy in a dress.

“I need someone to wear the dress today, to see if it is comfortable, and can easily be maneuvered in. Since you are here, available and will be otherwise occupied by your studies, you are the perfect choice. Now be a good girl and prepare for your lessons, while I get started on tomorrow’s outfit.” I was going to say something but for some unknown reason I kept quiet. When I protest I never win anyway, so save the arguments for later and just put up with it.

I had to pick up my skirt a little to be able to walk. Mom noticed and retrieved a pair of heels for me. “I am sorry, I forgot your heels, sit down here and I will slide them on your feet.” I sat down being careful to get the skirt straight before I sat my butt down on the stool. Believe me with the corset sitting is a major task now. She slid a stocking up my leg that had some type of elastic in it where it rested on my thigh, than the heel with a strap around my ankle. After getting both on my feet she helped me up and I tried to walk. My foot felt so different in the different position that the shoe held it in, but a few steps and I was okay. I needed to get out of her sight quickly before she can add any more items to my body. I noticed a smirk on her face as I made my way out of her work area, heading back to the room I used as a classroom. The stairs were a concern for me, I had never navigated them in anything but jeans or pants, this was a unique experience, for sure.

My teacher was waiting for me, a smile on her face. Nothing was said to me, I was amazed that she didn’t have some remark about my clothes and how I was dressed. The first time that I suspected that was not a spur of the moment request from my Mother was my teacher calling me Virginia. My real name being Virgil, which I absolutely hated. No hated is too nice a word, detest, loathe, dislike, abhor, simply put I despised it with all of my being. The fact that it was close to what she called me now, more than just a coincidence. I imagine her and Mom have had previous discussions about this. That kind of emphasized the fact that this new way of dressing was not going to be a one off experience, more likely for the long haul.

I did pay more attention to my studies that day, never got scolded about my posture or about not concentrating on what I was doing. With the corset there was no chance for a poor posture, I did squirm quite a lot until the corset relaxed enough to allow me to set without hurting. After a while the clothes became comfortable, the corset the last thing that bothered me. By lunch it was also a non-issue. When I finished for the day, I made my way to Mom’s workroom expecting to be let out of the clothes. Again the stairs, this time much more difficult since I couldn’t see where I was placing my foot because of the skirt. She gave me a big hug, wanting to know how the clothes felt and if I had any problems with then during the day.

“They were fine, after I got used to them, not difficult to walk in or sit with. Am I going to be dressed like this every day, or is this just for today?” I tried to keep a pathetic look on my face, but apparently failed in that regard.

“Mrs. Grayson tells me that you did better today than any other day in the past. Now with that information what would you suggest that I do with you with regards to your dressing?” I knew when I was beat, I had fallen right into her trap, wore the clothes without complaint, then admitted to her that they were comfortable. The fact that I behaved myself a further nail in my coffin. In the clothes I was more attentive and less disruptive, if I only I had thought things through before I sold myself down the river.

“Yes Ma’am, I should wear the clothes every day, at least for school work.” She smiled, let’s get you in this apron, so that you can help me with dinner. I muttered a few words, what I was asking her very embarrassing. I think Mom figured it out, but wanted me to say it out loud.

“Speak up Virginia, what is it you want?”

“Mom I need to use the bathroom, how am I going to do that in this dress?” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She went through each step that I had to perform to do the simple task of peeing. I was red in the face, well truth be known I was pretty much red all over with embarrassment. Even though I was a male she made me wipe as a female would normally do, then I had to arrange all of my undergarments and dress again before I was finished.

I returned to the kitchen to help her prepare dinner, a task that was not as easy as before, the dress making a huge difference. I did get an apron to protect my dress, the fact that it screamed female not lost on me. By the time we set down to eat, I was getting quite comfortable in the clothes, they still felt different, but were manageable. I tried to get her to let me change after the dishes were done, but she insisted that for the few remaining hours before bedtime it was not worth the effort.

I set in the living room with her watching her sew a hem by hand. When she looked up I quickly averted my eyes but it was fascinating to watch her sew that hem. I am not sure what fascinated me about it, maybe the speed of her fingers making the stitches. For a male to be fascinated in what she was doing didn’t say much about me as a member of the masculine sex. She took time and showed me what she was doing and how it was done. She let me try a few stitches by myself, I stuck my finger with the needle, so that ended my career as a seamstress for the evening.

When bedtime arrived I received another surprise. After getting undressed with her help, she gave me a nightgown to wear, I gave her the look, the same a teenager uses on her parents to get their way, but to no avail. As the nightgown slid over my shoulders and down my chest and body a shiver over took my body. Another confirmation to Mother that I am enjoying this quite a bit. As I was lying there deep in thought I suddenly realized that Pet would be back tomorrow. My life would probably be worth very little once Pet dug her claws into me. Her brother in a dress too sweet a prize not to take advantage of it.

She had been a winner in an essay contest and got to spend two days in Washington, D.C. as part of the winnings. She also received five hundred dollars for her college fund. Everything she does adds to my misery, highlighting the differences between us. A few years back as part of the school trying to find out ways to help me get better grades I was given an IQ test. When the results came back I had the same IQ as my sister Pet, so I suddenly lost any way to excuse my dismal grades. It wasn’t that I was dumb, I just refused to apply myself.

I am sure when Sis sees me in the dress, I will be dead meat, the humiliation to end all, ready for her to apply to make my life even more miserable then it already is. I did hear here come in late that night, I pretended to be asleep, the nightie I was wearing not as bad as the dress tomorrow but still bad enough. I tried to stall as much as I could the next morning, being Saturday she had no school. I was hoping she would go to a friend’s house, thus giving me a few more hours of anonymity, but it was not meant to be.

She entered my room a little later, with some clothes in her hands. A large smile accompanied her arrival. She held out the panties for me, not saying a word. I let out a sigh, took them and slid then up my legs. If I would have been dressed in boys clothes it probably would not have been as bad, but I was still in the damn nightie. She reached forward, helping get my nightie over my head and handed me a cami. No, I had no idea what it was called, her reference to how good it looked my only clue as to its name.

She grabbed my hand, led me downstairs and right to Mom’s basement work area. Up on the dais again, a new corset stiffer than yesterdays, a very lacey and delicate looking piece. She tightened it around me herself, making sure the laces were cinched all the way in. This corset had cups for the breasts, and after tightening the corset I found that a lot of my flab was pushed up into these empty cups.

My laziness had also reached in to my physical self. I did nothing besides watch TV or play games on my computer, although I stayed away from sweets I had quite a lot of flab to be dealt with. Another reason for the rabbit food lunches.

Another dress to be stepped into, then she edged it up my body. When the bodice reached my chest area, she enticed it over my new breasts, and buttoned up the back of the dress. Looking down at my breasts they were plainly visible, peeking out over the cups of the corset. From the waist up the entire corset was visible under the thin film of lace in the bodice.

The skirt was not much better than yesterdays, just as long and somewhat fuller. Then she had me step into a pile of lace and frills. She handed me the edges of my skirt telling me to hold them up, while she pulled up the flouncy pile of material on the floor. When I released the skirts, they stood out even further. The pile of material I stepped into were petticoats lots of them now securely fastened around my waist.

I was allowed some fruit for breakfast, along with a glass of orange juice. Once that was consumed I was led to my classroom and taught how to properly maneuver in the dress. This involved walking in the dress, sitting properly, how I moved my hands, and of course learning to dance in the voluminous dress. Don’t ask about the dancing, I didn’t ask myself fearful for the answer. The lessons only stopped as my teacher showed up for my school day. Mrs. Grayson took over and I spent the next seven hours doing my studies. On Saturdays there was always a test to see if I retained any of the information taught me during the week. This week was no different, as she graded the test at the end of the day she had a huge smile on her face.

I had done well, now another reason to keep me in dresses for the future. After school period was over I was helped out of the dress and corset, the panties and chemise remained though. I was given a robe to slip over the underwear, and then we went upstairs to work on fixing some dinner. From that day on I was included in the daily meal preparation, a fact that I was not real happy about. I did like the interacting with Mom, something I have missed for a long time. Another nail added, a couple more and I fear Virgil is history.

I continued to watch her sew after dinner, it was a pleasant diversion for the evening. She taught me several different stitches and let me practice every once in a while. Quite often she asked if I wanted to try hemming a garment, but my male pride kept me from responding positively. That is nothing a male would do, but then looking around the room there was not really any males present.

Each day the morning ritual of getting ready was present. Now I was getting into the corset myself, I just couldn’t do up the laces myself. I wore heels all the time now, six pair lining the shelf in my closet. The corset required the heels to be put on first, otherwise I would not be able to reach them. Mom would let me know the night before what color to wear. Quite often she would take pictures of the dress, my face not prominent but still visible in a lot of the pics.

The new lady wardrobe manager at the theme park, was now a frequent visitor to the house, either dropping off things to be altered or discussing new designs and looks. At first, I was scared of being outted as a male in a dress but she always referred to me as Virginia.

My studies steadily improved, the latest test proving that I was at an A grade in my lessons. Mom was ecstatic, I was however one more step closer to a female life. Dressed as a female I excelled, but as a male I was an absolute failure. I pleaded for another chance as a male, then the first day of April. I was suddenly granted that wish. My male clothes were laid on my bed, plus a schedule for the day. It was to be a test of my resolve to perform as I had been doing, but in the guise of a male.

I dressed quickly, put my hair into a ponytail, and went to my study room. No teacher today, I was to complete all my studies, do the required reading, and then start to prepare dinner alone. I knew I would be checked to see if I had done as instructed, but an hour into the day I conveniently forgot. I logged onto the computer and played a couple of video games, then sent an email to a couple of my old friends, ones that I haven’t seen since I started home schooling.

I did eat my rabbit food for lunch, managed one chapter in the assigned reading, but that was the extent of my studying. I day dreamed for the rest of the day, to my life of old, wishing I was with the gang again and playing the games we did.

Well you can guess how that went over. At the end of the day, I was checked on what I had got accomplished, I had to tell my Mom what I had managed to achieve, each thing not done caused a scowl on my Mom’s face. When I finished I was looking at the ground, I knew I had fouled up big time. I did not realize how bad until I had to carry some boxes to my room and pack up all my male clothes. I thought she was just going to lock them up somewhere but when the thrift store truck showed up the next day and my things were loaded up I truly realized how badly I had screwed myself. Now I had no male clothes to revert to, it will be corsets, dresses and lingerie from now on. A few tears rolled down my cheeks, I had a chance and I had wasted it, now I had only one recourse, the life of a female at least clothes wise. It was a true April fool’s day, and I was the apparent fool of the highest order.

The next morning and my clothes were laid on the bed after I returned from the bathroom. The corset this time was even longer. I had an idea I would not be sitting anytime today, whether I was allowed to or not. I managed to get it around me, the chemise and panties underneath. I got the front busk fastened, but that is all I could manage. Even with the corset laces loose my breasts had reappeared, having nowhere else to go but into the bra cups. I was blushing as Mom came into the room and helped me into my heels. She fastened the strap round my ankle, now they would not be slipping off my feet. They were extra tall, I felt like my head was in the clouds as I stood there.

Then she started tightening the corset, working up and down the laces taking any slack out quickly. After thirty minutes she tied the laces off for now, and pointed to a bar stool near the window of the room. I could only lean against it, the corset would not allow any bending in my middle section. The heels were already beginning to hurt my feet, a fact that Mom was counting on. She moved the drapes back from the window exposing me to the front yard and anybody passing by. She undid the laces and took a little more slack out then tied the laces in a knot and then to the bar stool. She reached down and attached the bar stool to the vent in the floor and left the room. I was trapped in the window for all to see. I guess she is still pissed about yesterday.

Then Pet drove in with a car full of her girlfriends, As soon as she got out of the car she was waving at me, causing all her girlfriends to look my way. The girls all screeched and ran into the house, sounding like a herd of thundering horses as they climbed the stairs to get a closer look. I tried to move some, but nothing was cooperating. The girls all came in and stood around me taking in the sight. There was some giggling but no outright laughing. Pet came up, untied me from the stool, tightened the laces some more and then led me downstairs and out the patio door, my feet trying to get her stopped. Heels are not the best to be wearing while trying to keep from going somewhere. They took turns tightening the damn corset, one of her friends, in particular, really bearing down on the laces. I was having trouble getting enough air to breathe, Pet having to steady me. She took over the lacing, tied it in a knot and then backed me up to a pole holding up the patio roof. Tied securely to it I was left alone for a while.

My feet were killing me but the corset discomfort eased up some. The girls were talking at a nearby table, one gal mentioning there was a new salon in town specializing in making a male look like a female. It is apparent all the rage in other towns nearby, why doesn’t her Mom take me there. Well that caused Pet to smile a big confident smile and she ran off to get Mom. I tried to get the girls to keep quiet about this, I was already dressing as a female I didn’t need any more things done to me to make me more girly. Most of them nodded their head to keep quiet except one. I had dated her as a sophomore and the date did not turn out well. I got mad at her for ordering a more expensive entrée at a restaurant that I took her to and it got quite testy. She called a cab and went home, I had to pay for two dinners, one very expensive, wiping me out of any cash.

As soon as Mom entered the patio, the girl started to explain about the salon, she had been there and they did phenomenal work. Another male classmate was there and when they finished there was no doubt he was anything other than a female. It is a shame than Virginia could not be sent there, a few minor alterations and she would fit right in with the girls. Of course, she is smiling the I have got you by the balls now as she said that. Pet had to put her two cents in, what a wonderful idea. I will even contribute a few dollars to see her get the full treatment. I knew when she said that I was doomed. All the girls ran to their purses and took out some cash handing it to Mom, I could see Mom wavering, all of this heartfelt support for Virginia, Mom handed the money back, no we will use Virginia’s college fund for this, with his grades he will never make it there anyway.

I started to open my mouth in protest, but realized I was vastly outnumbered, maybe later when the odds are better. A quick call to set up an appointment, then up to my room to get changed to something I could go out in public with. Pet drove me to the salon and came in with me. I was all nerves as I walked through the door, the smells and the femininity of the place taking away any confidence that I might have. The receptionist ushered us back to a room at the back and a lady joined us to advise as to what they could do for me. Apparently my looks would be no problem, her only question was how far Pet wanted to go in the treatments. I was afraid of this, if left up to Pet any chance of a return to manhood would be an impossibility.

Surprisingly Pet was conservative in her requests, they decided on the Once In A Lifetime makeover for me, on sale today for five hundred and seventy dollars. I almost choked on that, this is my money set aside for my education here going to turn me into some male’s wet dream. She signed and paid for the treatments, telling me that she would be back to pick me up late this evening. Somehow I missed the eight hours required to transform me into this ideal female. Pet waited for me to get undressed and then took my clothes with her. So much for trying to make an escape. Naked has never worked for me, I guess I am in this for the long run.

They were very efficient, a crèam rubbed all over my body and left on for ten minutes removed every trace of body hair I had. The hair around my male organ was the most embarrassing to lose. Junior was forlorn at the loss of his camouflage, shriveling up to almost nothing. During the rest of the treatments he never did recover, even when they glued him back between my legs before they covered the entire area with a female’s lips and slit. From the moment that was applied to my groin I regretted my lack of studying and applying myself. It had cost me my manhood, one look at my groin and there is no doubt that Virginia is the person here, not Virgil.

Moved to a styling chair, I was still naked except for a cape over my shoulders. I was embarrassed and humiliated as I was leaned back and my hair was shampooed and conditioned. That part was relaxing then two forms were glued to my chest, right above my nipples. Due to the corset wearing, there was already some flesh there, the way she positioned the forms there seemed to be even more present now. Jennifer the one that had removed all of my body hair, attached two hoses to the forms and turned on a pump. On the first cycle more of my flesh was pulled into the cups, naturally looking breasts seemed inevitable.

No time to ponder this development since Janice approached with a gun like object and two shots later I had pierced ears. A stud in the top hole and a larger stud in the bottom hole, to which a long dangle attachment was made. I tried to move my head some, only to feel the dangle part swing against my neck. A pleasant sensation indeed.

I was set up in the chair so they could work on my hair, the pump still pulling on my flesh increasing the size of my soon to be breasts. Jennifer cut it into a style, then added curlers so I would be sufficiently girly for the makeover. A portable dryer was brought over, set up over the curlers and turned on. That along with the breast pump more than kept my mind occupied. Janice started working on my nails, soaking, filing and polishing. Due to the dryer I couldn’t see everything she was doing, but suspected I would not like any of it. Through all of this I was not able to see my image, though I feared it would be quite feminine. Once the hair was dry, she started on the styling of it, brushed, teased it a little, and then volumes of hairspray completed the look.

The chair was laid back again, as she added some makeup to my face. Some mascara, eyeliner, blush for my cheeks and of course liner and lipstick for my lips. Janice told me it was one of their new lines, I wouldn’t have to worry about doing it over, it was good for a least three weeks. Then the chair was turned around, with me facing a mirror now. My mouth opened and I stared at my new image. There is no doubt, I am now Virginia in most every way. I was left that way facing the mirror as the pump kept enhancing my breasts.

I was shocked at first, then as my mind kicked in I realized I had set through all of this not protesting one bit about what was being done to me. The image was attractive, maybe not model like but definitely able to attract male attention. I just sat there, trying to figure out how all of this had happened with no protest on my part. Then I thought about me in the dresses at home, even though I was in a tight corset, it was tolerated, and even enjoyed if I really allowed my feelings to be known.

My studies had improved considerably, because I was focused on my work. Could it be I was focused because I was happy for a change? The life of a female versus the life of a male, definitely it seemed I favored the female side. I enjoyed being around Mom more, helping her with dinner now something I looked forward to. Could it be the whole thing about my studies came down to the fact that I hated being a boy and living as one? I do remember back in school being teased because I wanted to hang out with the girls, quickly abandoning that premise, so that I didn’t get bullied. I missed that so much, they talked about interesting things, they listened to others and they seemed to care for their fellow females. Not like the males I was associated with.

I even liked hanging around Pet, even though she teased me, the interaction between us much better recently. We talked about female things, clothes, singers, even some about boys. The conversation was genuine, not stilted or forced. One more look at my image as she switched off the pump on the machine, my cups runneth over. Yep, I think I might enjoy this, even if I have to admit the truth to Mom. By the time Pet came to pick me up, I had accepted my new life. I even had something in mind for a career.

It was sweet justice when Pet walked past me in the lobby, apparently not recognizing me. I cleared my throat to get her attention, the look on her face priceless. I got hugged tightly, her only words still clear in my mind. “Wow, sis you turned out terrific.” I was quiet all the way home, still putting some plans together if Mom will go with it. The greeting from Mom was equally enthusiastic, her staring at my image intently and small tears escaping from her eyes. I was dragged off to the kitchen to help her prepare dinner, I think she had enjoyed me helping as much as I did.

We got the casserole prepared and in the oven, then I asked her to sit I have a request of her. Her look was serious, I am sure she had no idea what I was going to ask, but her face got that firm expression in case I was wanting out of any of this. I told her I love her, she is right about college and me. I would like to cut back on my studies, enough to get my GED, but then I need a little more time to learn a career. She focused on me. Her it isn’t going to happen stare focused on me, my face already heating up from her intensity. Mom, I want you to teach me to be a seamstress if you will. I love doing the work, just been too ashamed to admit it to you. Maybe if I get good enough you might let me help you in your business. I promise to work hard and learn everything I can as fast as I can.

I had been practicing my pathetic look for several days now, so I turned on the look, looked down at the ground and moaned a little in despair. That did it, she started laughing, giggling and hugging me. Alright Virginia I will teach you, I need someone to leave the business too when I retire, and we both know that your sister will never be the one.

It turns out that her and Mrs. Grayson had already been talking, about me taking a test for the GED the next time it is offered, if I passed that would end my school time. The next day she checked when the test was going to be offered and signed me up. I spent the next five weeks concentrating on the test and the subjects it covered. My teacher was relentless in her coaching, I was quizzed and tested numerous times until I knew the material backward and forward.

I was able to spend the evening learning from Mom, even got good enough to start doing the hems on the dresses myself. Pet did kid me often, such a feminine occupation for a male, but I ignored her. I loved doing it and that was good enough for me. I even started getting paid for doing it that quickly ended my sister’s bitches. I had money to spend on clothes and salon time and she had just her allowance. The first time she groveled to borrow a dress of mine was so comical. I made her go through the whole proposal, which one, where she was going to wear it to, even got her to agree to a fifteen dollar cleaning allowance if not returned clean.

She stood there waiting for my answer, I simply walked into my closet, picked out the dress and handed it to her. No need to ask in the future, if you return it in the same condition as you got it my closet is yours. Now don’t do anything I wouldn’t on your date. She blushed red to the core, paybacks are sweet.

The day of the test I was so nervous, I toned down my appearance some, but still presented feminine. Mom had managed to change my school records to female we think, but never had received any written confirmation of that fact. I walked in and told them my name and was given a testing packet. It was thick, I swallowed hard then looked at the name on the packet, Virginia. Yes, finally that horrid name is history. I skipped to a seat near the back of the classroom, figuring I would be one of the last to finish the test.

All of the work Mrs. Grayson did with me paid off, I was through with the three hundred questions by noon and after double checking left the test with the proctor. She slid a grading sheet over the test and circled the two questions that I had missed. She extended her hand, congratulating me and told me the GED would be mailed to me within a week. I walked the five blocks to the bus stop, I doubted my feet ever touched the ground. After the bus dropped me off I skipped home, another six blocks but so happy. Mom was surprised to see me so soon, wanting to know how it went. I screamed I did it, I finally got that high school diploma, although in the form of a GED certificate. I hugged her tightly, I finally succeeded at something, something that had been making my life miserable for years.

I was told to change, she had a big meting at the park on additional work and then we would head off to celebrate. I changed back into the corset, though it was not required as much anymore, my figure quite female in appearance, narrow waist and quite plump breasts and hips due to the constant wearing of it. I was kind of lost without it, I enjoyed its grip on me, comforting in a way. I wore a long dress, one of the designs Mom and I had been working on for their Wild West Show they were putting together. A modified saloon girl costume, not as risqué but visually interesting.

The trip was relatively quiet, Mom wrapped up in the upcoming meeting and, me still exuberant about passing the test. When we arrived a whole multitude of people descended on us. I am sure Mom was not expecting this much attention. The lady that normally communicated with Mom led us back to a meeting room in their executive offices. Jessie introduced everyone around the table, then the president of the park, Mr. Peterson, asked Mom to look at some costume design sketches. I was behind Mom, not up to the table, just waiting for all of this to be over with. Mom turned around and handed me one of the drawings. Shit, how did my sketches get here?

Well what do you think of the designer of these costumes? We were flabbergasted when these sketches were presented to us, then even more so when we found out who the designer is. Now after due discussion we have a proposal for you two. We want your daughter as a costume designer, and assistant to the head of the costume department. We have a suite of offices and workrooms for your use and as many seamstresses as necessary to produce the costumes. I stood up shaking my head, I have no interest working here if my Mother is not heading the operation.

Mr. Peterson looked over at Mom. “Well Mom what do you say, will you be our new costume department head. She hesitated, I guess not sure about me, the guy smiled another ten thousand a year for both of you then but that is my final offer. I raised my Mom’s hand, we will take it. At this point I was not sure what I had taken, since I didn’t remember what the previous salaries mentioned were. Mom hugged me, whispering to me are you sure?

They talked business for a few minutes while I tried to think who found my sketches and brought them here. Most likely only one culprit and that would be Pet. She had walked in on me a couple of times, and knew they were there. Although I never showed any of them to her. I imagine she had investigated and found my stash, there was enough of them to fill one of the larger art portfolios. At last count almost three hundred sketches. At first I used regular typing paper, but I did graduate to artist sketch pads eventually. The way I drew, the larger size paper easier to use.

I started doing them in school, I sucked at my studies, but I could sit and draw for hours. When I was grounded and confined to my room, this is what I occupied my time with. I was lousy with drawings of people, the sketches were just the clothes no bodies present. There were science fiction outfits, western and turn of the century. Since I was in a severe corset most of the time a whole shitload of Victorian clothes were represented. Most were for females, but I did do one or two for a male. I kept the portfolio in the back of my closet buried under a ton of stuff. I guess it wasn’t buried enough. I do have some questions for my sister, once I get my hands around her cute neck.

The meeting broke up as the executives left to get back to their offices. Jessie laid a stack of papers on the table in front of us. “Please read the application and sign on the bottom line. The new salary will be filled in tomorrow, when you stop at HR to get your badges. If you will come with me I will show you your workroom and offices.”

Mom and I followed, not sure yet what had just happened. Mom’s office was fantastic, she even had a private work area to the side where she could work on designs or problems in the clothes design. My office was quite different, two skylights focusing a beam of light over a drawing board. Another private working area, although smaller than Moms. The workroom was functional, lots of brand new sewing machines of several types on the work tables. Again lots of skylights to allow in the natural light supplemented with rows of fluorescent light fixtures. It was bright and cheery, definitely a nice place to work.

After saying goodbye to Jessie, Mom and I squeezed each other’s hand tightly as we left the park. Both of us wanting to squeal in delight at what had just happened. We were quiet on the way home, but the smiles on our faces were unreal. As we entered the house we both squealed loudly causing Pet to come bounding down the stairs to see what had happened. I caught Pet as she was making her way to Mom, wanting to know how my art work made it out of my room. “I took it out of your room, loaded it in my car and delivered it to the park. You are too talented to do sewing work. Do you have a problem with that?” I looked down she admitted it to my face with no qualms. I hate it when you have a feisty sister, so I did the only thing I could think of and hugged her.

“Thanks Sis.” I still couldn’t look her in the face, the fact that as a male I designed these clothes still an embarrassment to me.

She grabbed both sides of my face making me look directly at her. “Just be the best designer you can be, maybe on occasion I could borrow a dress from you. I am jealous of you, wishing that I could do half of what you can.” She released my head, her arms encircling me in a tight hug.

During the evening we discussed it backwards and forwards. Pet looking over the applications noticed that Virginia was the person hired, a big smile enveloping her face. “Looks like I will have a sister for quite some time, a fact that I am pleased about. Now how about you joining me and my girlfriends at the mall tonight. Some shopping and a chick flick, maybe a burger at the drive-in later. I hesitated, but Mom pointed me to my room, telling me to change clothes. I looked at Pet again to make sure she wasn’t pulling my leg, then both of us ran up the stairs to get changed.

Attacking my closet she laid out what I should wear. An ivory dress with a fitted bodice and a way too short mini skirt, it had been one of my designs that Mom and I had made a sample of. Then she pulled one of my dresses out with a sorrowful look on her face. I could see she wanted to wear it, wondering just how many of my outfits she would want to borrow in the upcoming weeks. I nodded my head and she stripped off her clothes right in front of me. I presume since we were both female, I should do the same.

The ivory dress looked good on me, even if it didn’t hardly cover any of my body. I was caught staring at my reflection in the mirror, any male characteristics not visible. When Pet dressed and stood next to me we indeed look like sisters. She took in her image, then hauled off and hit me on the arm. I looked at her quizzically, her expression serious and solemn. “It is not bad enough that I have to compete with all my girlfriends, now my own brother is prettier than me. Life sucks.”

Being fair to Sis she looked very nice in my dress, just not as fabulous as me. A smile and a giggle escaped and I got hit again. I better learn when to keep my smiles and giggles under control, otherwise I most likely will have a sore arm. Some lip gloss and we were off, meeting her girlfriends at the food court. I was examined closely, several of the girls looked a little jealous of my clothing. We chatted about where to go, soon thereafter I was just one of the girls. It was fun, trying on clothes and shoes for over two hours. On to the movie theater, a romantic comedy playing on the center screen. Pet bought my ticket, so I bought the popcorn and drink. The movie was alright, I even shed a tear or two at the appropriate places. Back to the food court for a snack, some fries and we again split a drink between us.

We parted at the mall entrance, the other girl’s parents coming to pick them up. Pet drove me home, then we went up to her room for some decompression. I thanked her for inviting me, a pleasure to be included in something. We hugged and I changed into a nightie and slipped under the covers.

The next morning Mom and I made our way to the park. Today was get acquainted day, both to the other employees and to our offices and work area. Mom spent time with the seamstresses seeing what they were working on, and what their skills were. I looked to see what I had to work with, and then started on the dress design that Mom and I thought should be the first project. Mom brought me a lady in her early thirties, telling me that Giselle would be helping me with the prototype of each design.

Giselle looked to see what design I had in my hands then asked what material I wanted to use. I was still learning about material, so I just told her something light and airy. She brought some plain white material that matched my requirements and started laying it out on the cutting table. She took the design picture to the computer and scanned it in. Soon some pattern pieces were being printed, and she trimmed off the excess and laid them out on the material.

She saw the blank look on my face, took my hand and squeezed it. “You’re designs are gorgeous, the computer will make the pattern pieces for us. Then we cut them out and pin them together. We fit the clothing to a form or person and make changes in the pieces to make it fit properly. Then after the pattern is set, we scan the pieces back in and the computer will adjust them for each size, printing out a pattern in whatever size we want when we need it. Then we choose the fabric that you want and do a sample in the right material. After approval, the other seamstresses make the item of clothing in standard sizes and then adjust the garment to the person that will be wearing it, making sure it fits them properly.

Since it is your design I made the pattern in size six, that will probably fit you. I presume you wear a corset at all times, your waist is so slender. We will have to adjust the pattern after it is fitted to you, the actress’s waist not even close to yours. Why don’t you slip off your clothes and I will pin the pattern to you, making changes where needed. I did and twenty minutes later I was wearing the dress prototype. It looked good in the mirror, Giselle only having to make allowances for my wasp waist. She told me to stay there as she sewed the material pieces together. I was amazed at her speed and skill. She slipped the dress back on me, adjusted it on my body, and then took a picture of the dress.

I was helped out of the dress, she took my hand and led me to another room filled to the rafters with material. Choose what material and color you want, while I take this apart and scan it back into the computer. Then we will be ready to make a finished sample. It was hard to make a decision, so many to choose from. I found my favorite, then I had to select a color. It was for the Wild West show, so probably some print with a predominance of red in it. I grabbed the bolt that I wanted and went back to my work area. Giselle already had the pattern pieces trimmed waiting for the material. She pinned it on the material and had me cut the pieces out. As soon as I had them all done, she was ready for the last piece.

After adding that she asked me what trim or accessories I wanted. Another room on the other side of the material room had every conceivable type of trim, lace, buttons and accessory that you could imagine. We held up several types of trim finally picking one that enhanced the garment. She had me sew it on the garment, I was a lot slower, but did eventually get it done. She complimented me on my work, every stitch perfect. Still in my underwear the dress was slid back on, then she pinned the waist to make it fit properly.

She suggested that I go show my Mom, while she cleans everything up. I did and was given a tremendous hug. It was right before lunch and the Park vice president came in to see how we were doing, she was surprisingly young for such a position, but very smart. She looked at what I was wearing and smiled. I see Giselle has been helping you, you will find her very capable. I love the dress, I am sure both you and your mother will go far here. The Park benefitting greatly with your presence. How about we go to lunch, just the three of us to discuss what has happened so far. I went back to my office to get my purse and met Mother at her door. Pamela, the vice president grabbed each of our arms and we left.

The restaurant was a few blocks from the Park, a separate dining room for Park employees is where we were seated. The walk to the restaurant a little uncomfortable for me, I was still a male underneath the clothes and very leery of being out in public. Nothing happened, just another female eating lunch was how the world saw me. Pamela was full of enthusiasm, ready to conquer the world or her part of it. She was thrilled at how easy we melted in to the group, confident that great things were yet to come.

The reason for the lunch was she had a couple of ideas that she wanted to share with us. They have always done well with the specialty shows, almost every one they tried has seen universal appeal. She thinks a lot of that is due to the costumes. In their gift shops they have had tried to find and sell related parts of the costumes for the general public. Anything they have tried has sold out quickly, even if the quality was not as good as it could be. Now with a designer in house she suggested that we make some costumes to sell, similar to the ones worn in the park and maybe something original that is theme related. I figure Virginia and Giselle could do the work, playing around with the design as they go to see if something comes up that would be better for the park. Any surplus could be sold in the gift shops, in a specialty area that I want to call Virginia’s Boutique.

I looked over at Mom her smile from ear to ear, I am sure not to get any help from her in avoiding this situation. Since I hadn’t told Pamela no right away, she also has that shit eating grin on her face. I know when I am beat. “Okay we will try it for a month, if it doesn’t work for any of us it stops, agreed.” I never did get a reply to the agreed part, unless they price the designs out of reach I am sure it will work. Pamela also wanted to sell the old costumes at the boutique, a way to recover some of the investment of materials and labor.

I asked a few general questions, if I had to conform to a budget, can Giselle be put on salary, who decides what gets put in the boutique? Pamela answered all. “No budget, yes to Giselle on salary and Virginia decides what gets put in the boutique. I suggested that we spread out the old costumes, not flood the place all at one time. Everybody agreed, we finished up our lunch and I headed back to the park. Mom walked with Pamela, discussing matters that pertained to her area.

I waited for Giselle to get back, told her what we were going to do, and asked if she could be a part of that. The huge hug was my answer I guess. We decided on a couple of design that we might make for the boutique, picking material and colors for them. We managed to get both cut out, using my size six and her size eight as the patterns, that way both Giselle and I could model the design to see what it is like. As we started to sew it together we discussed variations that might make it more desirable or even a future park costume.

The first design was a huge hit, everybody that saw it wanted one of their own. Giselle and I had made over twenty different copies of it in varying sizes before the first one made the boutique. Then within an hour it was sold at far more than I had thought possible. When we sent it to the boutique we had assigned a price to it. Pamela saw the price and had it changed, the boutique manager wanting to know when she could get more dresses to sell.

Pamela had future dresses of that pattern made by Mom and her crew, allowing Giselle and I to focus on new designs. Our second design was ready three days later and was greeted by the same success. It didn’t look like we would ever get around to designing costumes for the park, at the rate we were going. That next Monday another new employee joined our workforce. Her job was to sew the new designs up, or make changes to the original when we found something better to use. Her name was Cindy, quiet and super productive.

At the end of the first month Mom’s seamstresses were making six of my designs, in ten different sizes. The longest the designs stayed in the boutique was three days, mainly because traffic to the park was off on those days.

I kept up the appointments at the salon, my girl time was precious to me. I did have to move the appointments to the early evening because we soon found ourselves very busy at work. It was a hectic life, always something to do, the demands of the park expanding every day. Our department grew by leaps and bounds, both in selling the dresses and in costumes for the staff. As the park drew more visitors, the staff of the park grew along with it. More staff, more costumes needed to dress them for their jobs.

I often lay awake at night thinking of how all of this started, it was probably a quirk of fate that Mom got the job, and that I ended up being home schooled. Looking back I enjoyed those times, although I may never openly admit it to Mom. To be fitted in the dresses and spend the day at my studies wearing all of those wonderful dresses, a dream come true for me. Mom never has mentioned to me about my sudden giving in to wearing the dresses without fuss. I do think she knew how much I liked it, a secret to be kept between a daughter and her Mother.

If I ever have a son. I may have to give him the same opportunity to explore the world of feminine clothes. You can never tell, he may like it as much as I did. I know fate had a lot to do with my life, I so treasure the early days, corseted and encased in beautiful dresses. As fate molded my life, a life I am so thrilled to have and enjoy.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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