Francie; Showing Team Spirit

We had just completed two hours practicing volleyball. I was in my sophomore year at University, a physical education major and now totally pooped. “Jeremy why don’t you join the girls and I at the malt shoppe for some refreshments.”

Cynthia and I were team members, also sharing several other classes in school. She was always trying to get me to join them, the only member of the volleyball team that did not participate in off the court activities. Also the only male in the group. In our bracket there was no discrimination on who could play volleyball, either males or females were encouraged to play, the only thing limiting participation was whether you could make the team.

I was thin and fairly trim, my physique was not adequate for any of the contact sports. My height would make me a natural for basketball, except my lack of the ability to dribble was known school wide. At basketball tryouts every time I had the ball and started to dribble, the ball left the court. After several tries, I walked off the court to a standing ovation. There were glad I acknowledged my inability to do the basics, now they saw a chance that the team might win a game or two this season.

Ms. Sanderson the volleyball coach had watched me make a fool of myself with my attempts at playing basketball and had caught me before I hit the showers and wanted me to come to the ladies gym and try out for the volleyball team. I tried to decline, but her hand around my wrist and her tugging on my arm had me heading that way very quickly. The girls were playing a game, practicing their serves and returns

She had me watch a few minutes and then put me in the game. Forty minutes later I sat down with the rest of the girls, even more tired, but having some love and respect for the game. I was introduced to everyone, now a member of the squad. We all played hard, the love of the game kept us going when the physical limitations had made us pull back. Always being in the right position to set up the ball took some doing, so often after a good game we were winded and breathing hard. I tried not to notice, but the girls breasts heaving trying to get an adequate breath was more than a distraction for me.

I think that was why I shied away after the game or practice, I didn’t trust my lower extremity from making a statement and embarrassing me. The girls were fun to be around, but even in horsing around they did things that caused my red blood male instincts to rise to the occasion. On this day she had finally worn me down, I might get laughed at, but I was needing something cold and wet, one of their malts just might do the trick. We all piled into her van that is eleven females and one lone male. As soon as I was seated way too many females set next to me or on me, their butts and breasts up close and personal.

Bad idea, junior was reacting, no matter how hard I tried to think pure thoughts. The girls didn’t even make a comment, but after we got there Cynthia pulled me aside and wrapped a sweater around my waist to help obscure the offending fella. I got a kiss and was quickly dragged into the place and seated right between two of the most buxom of the group. As I let my butt hit the cushion I was hugged from both sides, one kissing me on the cheek and the other right on my ear. Not helping here girls that only seemed to escalate the rushing of blood to that organ.

At least they let me drink my malt in peace, their arm reaching over to one of the other girls and a brief contact with a breast the only thing disturbing my enjoyment of the cold chocolate malt. Their conversation was so animated and fast, you had to have a scorecard to just be able to figure out what was being talked about. I listened and nodded every once in a while. That seemed to appease them, leaving me to my own thoughts somewhat.

As we left the malt shoppe I was hugged and utterly surrounded by the whole team. I swear each of them had their body wrapped around mine, their female smell even though they had sweated most intoxicating. With hints of many different perfumes in the air, it was impossible to not be aware of being in the midst of eleven females. Again I was thankful for the sweater, hiding a lot of my body’s total disregard for my integrity and virtue.

We went back to the gym, now that it was empty and they took showers. They tried to drag me in, but I was watching for such an attempt and had distanced myself, allowing me enough time to make a getaway. I ended up leaving my school clothes there, where I changed in the coach’s office every day before practice. Maybe Cynthia will see that they get returned to me. Getting them myself would be taking too big a chance. Since making the team, I was now included in study sessions at Cynthia’s house. We actually did study, the study sessions were necessary since to stay on the team you had to maintain a B average in all your classes.

We all had our weaknesses in our classes, mine was math, Cynthia’s was Spanish, and our lead scorer Babs had trouble with English. We each helped the other, where we could, the team coming out ahead in the long run. In these study sessions was where my nickname come about. I was born Franklin Edward Woodward, my teachers loved to use Franklin Edward when I was called on knowing that it irked me. If I made a fuss they would just sneak it in more, so I ignored them. Since I was the only male on a female volleyball team, the girls decided that Francie was a better choice. I pleaded with them to pick something else, when they came up with Edith I stopped my protesting. Francie it is.

Unfortunately for me it was used in a class once and soon I was called Francie all the time in class or away from school. I got bullied a little by some of the jocks, but when we went undefeated in ten games to start the season it quickly ended. The school newspaper did an article on us, each team member received a short biography on our student status and our team position. With my height I played the front line, the girls setting me up and then me hammering it down the throats of the opposing team. At least that was the game plan.

On the team we were pretty evenly skilled, all of us five foot nine inches and above in height. I had a little advantage in height, and I could jump higher than the other girls most of the time. I managed to play a little more than the other girls because I was faster on my feet. That allowed me to move around on the court to keep the ball in play when one of our set ups went awry.

In a hard played game we were all tired at the end of it, leaning over trying to get our breaths. The other members of the team not on the court gave us the support needed for us to keep up the action during the game and helped us cool down after the game, handing us water and towels. Unlike most other university teams of twelve athletes we were a team, our record on the court proving that fact. When a substitute came on the court it was not one that was just filling in, it was a player determined to score and put the game away if possible.

We managed to stay undefeated right up to the playoffs. Every other team in our bracket was gunning for us, the last few matches of the regular season were intense, the score quite often only a point difference at the end. Now since rally scoring was adopted we played to 25, the best three out of five games the overall winner. I remember one match where we went 26-24, 23-25, 25-23, 22-25 and 25-21. At the end of that match we all fell down on the floor of the gym, not having any energy left to do anything else.

Our teammates helping us up after a while and leading us to the locker room. The girls did eventually get me to shower with them, an extremely tight swimsuit worn under my other clothes keeping me modest. I learned to shower with my eyes closed, usually one of the girls would lead me to a locker after wards before I would open them. Of course, I was kidded unmercifully, to them I was just another member of the team. What I had between my legs meant nothing to them. As far as me seeing them naked, they wanted to know why I was so bashful. They all showed just as much skin when they went to the beach in their bikinis.

We entered the play-offs ready to defend our undefeated title. During the play-offs we faced the second place team in our bracket in the first match. I guess we were really hyped up, ready to take all on as we beat them in three straight games. Four more matches to go in the playoffs. We watched the other teams play, there were some talented players here. I did notice I was the only male represented on the playoff teams.

We won our next two matches easily, they were good, a lot better than what we faced in our bracket at home but we were cooking on all twelve cylinders. The next day we watched the morning game, then snacked a little before our afternoon match. These games were definitely not a push over, two games apiece so far and the fifth game 24-24 when our coach called a time out. She just let us catch our breath, no words of wisdom, we knew what we needed to do, it was time to bear down and find that little bit extra to make a difference.

We volleyed twice before it was lobbed up and I managed to slam it down between two defenders. We calmly walked off the court after hugging our opponents. Even I did the hugging, when earlier in the season I refrained from hugging a female, I was hugged back so often I just did it now as a normal thing. Cynthia told me several times everyone thought I was a girl, just flat chested and hated wearing any makeup. Well, my teammates decided they could correct the makeup part. they did not go overboard, just mascara and some eye liner, the mascara applied often during the game. When later in the season Cynthia started applying lip gloss to my lips I frowned but put up with it. It did help to keep the lips from drying out.

We did win the next two matches, now the only game remaining is the championship game. We were scheduled to play a team from the northern part of the state, their height is what makes them formidable. All of the girls six foot or more in height. We switched to a hard serve game, if we could get it through their weak spots we would not have to worry about the war at the net, a skirmish we would have a hard time winning. The idea was to serve hard, the ball just clearing the net and falling rapidly, hopefully fast enough for them to not be able to return the serve.

We had limited luck, they were quick, saving many a ball just inches from the floor. So we had to go to plan B. In this scenario we would keep it airborne along the front net, then when a spot opened up we would slam it in the hole. That in itself is hard to do when a team is limited to three contacts with the ball each serve. So whoever received the serve had to keep their eyes open as to who might be in an open spot to slam the ball back. Then get the ball to that position before the defense changed.

We did win that game and the playoffs, the team was ecstatic the hugs and the towel flicks going on for quite some time. Believe me getting hit with a wet towel smarts, but I couldn’t bad mouth it since I did my share of the same thing. We received the trophy in a ceremony after the game, with a dinner and the official awarding of the trophy scheduled for the next evening. On the ride back from the venue I told them I would pass on the dinner, not having any nice clothes to dress up in. Well that went over big, I was told in no uncertain terms I would be there or else. I backed down hoping to just let it slide and when I didn’t show up it would be over with.

Cynthia and a couple of the girls had other ideas though. The next morning at school I was accosted and one of them stayed by my side all day until we were excused later in the day to get ready for the dinner. Instead of home Cynthia drove me and one other to a salon on the other side of town. I was dragged in and deposited in a chair towards the back of the salon. Cynthia leaned closer and read me the riot act.

“You are a member of this team and what one does goes for all the rest. You will suffer through this and be the good team member we are familiar with. Since you don’t want to dress as a young man for the dinner you will attend the dinner as a female team member. Now keep that mouth closed, nothing that they are going to do to you is permanent. You owe us this, as we have put up with your attitude all season long. Iwill be right next to you all the rest of the day, and if I hear one peep from you I will personally embarrass you in front of the whole school. If you don’t believe me just give me a try.”

I nodded my head, suddenly looking at my feet. I guess I have been a jerk sometimes, this will not kill me, or so I hoped. I conceded defeat and kept quiet and let then do their thing with me. The next two hours were surreal, every ounce of my masculinity was wiped from me. From having all of my body hair removed to having my hair set in curlers, it happened so fast that I really didn’t realize the effect of the changes till I was led in front of a mirror almost three hours later. All that was left was Francie, in a LBD with a scoop neckline, four inch heels, and holding a black clutch purse. I had been given breasts courtesy of some breast forms, the hair style after the curlers were removed was feminine, but the overall effect was just plain Francie.

I teetered along in my heels as we made our way to the hotel where the dinner was to be held. When the rest of the girls saw me I was mobbed, hugged, and squeezed. I had an idea that from now on I would be Francie both on and off the court. We were each introduced and a small biography read about each of us. I am not sure who was responsible for my biography, but I was more than red in the face when they were through reading it. Lots of pictures were taken, the flashbulbs were still popping off as we headed back to our seats.

When the last award was presented, the dinner was officially over. Everybody got up, and mingled. All of the other girls wanted to meet us, exchanging hugs as we met and talked. Finally two hours later we headed home, at least I thought we were headed home. It was decided by all of the girls to have a sleepover at Cynthia’s house, I protested being tired, just wanting to get home and get some sleep. No such luck, I was dropped at Cynthia’s house while some of the girls went to get their sleepover stuff.

I told Cynthia I had to call my Mom, otherwise I would be grounded for life. She smiled, she had already handled the task, Mom not expecting me till after lunch tomorrow. I finally gave in, every excuse I could think of had been tried, nothing working, so I guess it is sleepover time. I was helped to get the dress and assorted lingerie off, the bra and panties remained though. A cute baby doll nightie was handed to me, then when I just held it in my hands several helpful individuals made sure I was encased in it. Even in our nighties we were obviously a team, other than the color of our nightwear we were dressed identically.

We talked about the game, snacked on several types of foods, drank way too much soda pop, then we did each other’s hair and makeup. Since I was so inexperienced I was shown what to do, but still had to perform the services on some of the other girls. They talked about boys, while I remained quiet but thoroughly red for that portion of the conversations. We were in Cynthia’s rec room spread out all over the floor in sleeping bags. I tried to keep some distance between me and the girls, but to no avail. When I finally dozed off at four thirty on Saturday morning I was surrounded by the girls, a lot of them lying right next to me, with their arms wrapped around me. I guess my male apparatus just gave up, he had been aroused for so long, it finally just gave up, retreating to a flaccid state and stayed that way the remainder of the evening and early morning. I did feel cared for as the girls made sure I was hugged and cuddled.

I hoped I would be spared any more embarrassment the next morning, but the girls had brought some short shorts and a tank top for me to wear home. Then they had the audacity to go home with me, to make sure I didn’t sneak in and change before my Mom saw me. Mom was shocked for a few minutes, then I was held in her embrace for at least twenty minutes before she finally let me go to my room.

The girls hung around, Mom deciding to make them lunch, of which I was volunteered to help out. Cynthia did volunteer to help too, sparing me some tasks I had never participated in before. It was almost five before the girls headed to their homes, Cynthia asking me to come over tomorrow morning, she wanted to discuss today’s activities with me privately. I tried to decline, then she told me if I was not there by ten I might experience many unwanted actions if she had to come and get me. I agreed to be there, then I got a kiss on the lips and a groping hug. The kiss ws quite a kiss lasting for quite some time. I still had the bra on, her fingers sneaking underneath and pinching my nipples, making me almost faint on the spot.

The next morning I was very reluctant to leave my bed, but Cynthia’s last remark did make me give in and leave my nice warm bed. I dressed in some shorts, and a boy’s t-shirt and made my way to her house. I rang the doorbell and was yanked into the house as soon as she opened the door. Dragged to her room, after a brief stop to talk to her Mom about me being there and going to be in her room. I was set on the edge of her bed as she stood in front of me and started her prepared speech.

All of the girls had a meeting before the dinner last night discussing me and my relationship with the team. In a unanimous vote, it was decided that I needed to convert to the female gender, both for the team and for myself. Her Mom had a discussion with your Mom and the girls plan was laid out for my conversion and life as a female. Everybody had agreed, that my living as a female was logical, considering my behavior and actions the last few weeks. In more than a few instances my behavior was of a typical female, my appearance at the dinner proving that fact wholeheartedly. I was viewed as a female all evening, even the one doing my biography convinced of my female gender.

She stopped for a few moments to see if I would protest their wishes, but my sudden lack of response telling her everything she needed to know. I was pulled up from the bed and hugged tightly as her hands undid my belt buckle on my shorts, causing them to slide down my legs. My t-shirt was lifted over my head and my underwear followed my shorts to the floor. Before I could defend myself a bra was slipped over my arms and fastened behind me. She made me lift my feet as my male clothes were removed, my shoes joining the two pieces of male apparel. A pair of panties was helped up my legs, followed by a dress that was slid over my shoulders and zipped up the back.

Just like that I was dressed as a female and again pulled into a tight hug. I mumbled a few words, but the kiss she laid on me stopped those utterances too. I sighed, deciding I was now a female in everybody’s eyes so fighting this was not worth it. We spent the afternoon at the mall with all of the rest of the team, trying on clothes and snacking at the food court. An hour into the excursion I was just another female team member, having fun with my girlfriends.

Surprisingly, I never reverted back to male apparel staying a female in dress and actions from that day forward. Mom made sure I got a new wardrobe, taking me shopping for it quite often. We had a lot of fun shopping, a mother and daughter bonding for the first time in my life. I quickly decided I wanted to be her daughter, filling a hole in her life and making mine that much richer.

It was a turning point in my life, showing team spirit just the first step in that change in my life.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

  1. Fran Cesca:
    This was a really nice short sports story with the expected results. I will keep this story and read again at a later date.
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