Charlotte; A Southern Belle

The usual sensual kiss was administered by my lovely wife as she entered the house. Gail is a transformation specialist at Turnabout Gurl Salon in town, a job she has enjoyed for the last three years. “Francine needs to know if you can spare some time tomorrow to meet with her. She has something she needs to discuss with you.” I immediately wondered what she wanted with me, I am not involved with Gail in her work at all, in fact, I have only met Gail’s boss once in the three years Gail has worked there.

“I have some time right after lunch if that is convenient for her.” Francine is the owner of the Turnabout Gurl Salon, a chain of beauty salons specializing in helping males look their feminine best. She calls it a niche market, but from the looks of their salons, it is quite a large niche. Gail has worked for her these last three years; she is her boss and longtime friend.

Gail works on salary, working somewhere between fifty to seventy hours a week, making males and females of all ages into their feminine ideals. The hours she works are up to her if she wants to work more hours she can. Although the salary is the same whether she works fifty or seventy hours, the tips though making a big difference. Sometimes her tips exceed her wages, a fact she is very happy about. The base salary is nothing to sneeze at, with her earning, at least, fifteen dollars an hour even if she works the longer hours.

Recently the female of the species has seen what the salon can do with a male, deciding they should take advantage of the skill of these beauticians, sorry technicians. Thus, the salons are quite busy, both males and females seeking their special brand of magic.

“Do you have any idea what she wants to discuss?” I have met Francine only once, a gorgeous woman that is all business. She has worked her one salon, started over five years ago into a national chain of over two hundred salons.

“She mentioned a new project that she needs a contractor for, something she has had in mind for several years.” She and Gail frequently talked, Francine treating her like a manager of this salon. She seldom used titles in the salon, her evaluation of your skills making the decision of who runs the place. In the three years Gail has been there, Francine has looked to her to manage the salon, although a formal title was never given out. This is just how she runs the salons; the other employees know who the boss is, and obey her wishes without question.

A general contractor is my occupation, although I tended to handle much smaller projects than I imagined this one was. But since she asked Gail about talking with me, I owed it to Gail to see what she had in mind.

I made my living as a general contractor, overseeing projects and getting qualified sub-contractors to do the smaller parts of the total project. I selected the sub-contractor, making sure his work is completed on time and to my satisfaction. In the end, the responsibility for the project came down to me, although I did not perform any actual work on the project myself.

Gail called her, and Francine asked if I could join her for a late lunch at one-thirty. I agreed, and quickly put it out of my mind since I have several inspections first thing in the morning and need to be prepared to handle them, so my current project stays on schedule. The next morning my inspections went smoothly, and I am ready to head to the restaurant shortly before one. I arrived on time and met her in the lobby, where we were shown to a secluded table in one of the side rooms.

Along with her purse, she carried a larger blueprint bag, with a local prominent architect’s logo on the side of the bag. We ordered lunch, and she told me a little about the project. It is something she has envisioned for years and now that she has the finances to handle it she wanted to do it. She had bought the property years ago, at an estate auction, in fact, she was the only bidder on the property. To say she got the property for a steal would be quite an understatement. All bids were initially rejected, but the auctioneer came back to her several days later asking if she would want the property for her only bid. She accepted, and now is the owner of the property.

It is a large plantation on one hundred fifty acres of land, the problem being that the buildings are in poor shape, having been abandoned for almost twenty years. At the time of the estate auction, she had an appraiser go over the buildings checking to see if the basic structure was sound. His report confirmed that, but the buildings would have to be renovated and brought up to code, and rebuilt inside from the walls out. About, this time, the waitress brought out our lunches, so we took a little time to eat.

“If I may ask how your business is going?” was Francine’s question. “I won’t lie to you, right now things are okay, but the job I am now completing is the last larger job I have at the moment. All the rest are just small renovations that help fill in the gaps money wise.”

I told her that this project seemed bigger that I could handle, she conveniently side-stepped that remark, telling me that we would go over the plans and then talk about that. After we had finished our lunches, she pulled out the architect’s plans for the project.

The first few plans of the main building are impressive. It is a rendition on a southern mansion with the columns across the front porch of the mansion. She let me look through the plans answering questions as I looked at the plans. It is quite impressive, a resort and an entertainment venue rolled into one. The plantation had several buildings attached to the main part of the mansion, but all behind the main building. Although the additional buildings were separate, they were similar in architecture and design.

The architect had added several roofed corridors to allow access to all the different buildings without going outside. The corridors are enclosed, blending in with the other designs of the buildings quite well.

One of the buildings is going to be another salon, one a ballroom for dancing and entertainment, one for costume storage, and the last building a restaurant for the guests. The building for the ballroom is quite large, the proposed dance floor a hundred-fifty by two hundred feet in size. The mansion with its large foyer and spiral staircase is to be used as a greeting area, and all the rest of the mansion utilized as bedrooms for the guests.

The mansion is quite large by modern day standards, allowing for eighty bedrooms on the three floors of the building. The living and kitchen areas being converted to bedrooms to get the maximum number of bedrooms. Since it is designed as a short stay venue, there are no baths or showers in the bedrooms. Those are located in the salon since all patrons will be going to the salon to be made over and dressed. The bedrooms will each have a sink and toilet, though.

I loved the design; the architect has done a good job blending the buildings together so that they appear as if it is one large building. There would be quite a bit of work involved from a lot of different sub-contractors since there are lots of different parts of the project. I asked her if she has any estimates on the project from other contractors.

“The only contractor on this project will be you, I have not talked to any other contractors, and I see no need to do so.” I looked at her to see what that last statement implied. She told me the architects had given her a ballpark figure on the total cost of the project, but she wanted someone she could trust to oversee the project. I tried to tell her that the size of the project is larger than I felt comfortable with, and I didn’t want to stick my neck out and bid on something this large.

In most of my jobs, I would make a bid on the needed work, and then any remaining funds left at the completion of the job would be my profit. It worked well for me, but this job is so large and complicated that it would be almost impossible to bid on.

“I will not take a bid from you, since I want you to select and supervise the people doing the work, making sure that the standards of the work are the highest. In twenty years, I want the buildings to be in the same condition as they will be after the renovation.”

I looked again at the plans, selecting the salon for an example. I will need plumbers, electricians, painters, sheet rockers, carpenters, just to name a few. It seemed to me that the project would be way in excess of my abilities, and I tried again to convince Francine that she needed to find someone else.

She took a sip from her coffee, then approached my doubts. “From what I have heard from Gail, you are qualified to do this. I know it is a big project, but I need someone I can trust to put all of this together for me.”

I tried to find a polite way to escape from this. “I told her that I would have to see the property in person before I would go any further.” I hoped that would get me out of this conversation so I could make my excuses another day. To my surprise, she asked if I had anything scheduled for this afternoon. I stuttered no, and she told me that we could leave now; it was only an hour to the property.

She expanded on what she has in mind as we drove out to the property. It has a stone arch over the drive, making the drive look very impressive. Of course, the shrubs and vines growing everywhere spoiled the look, but lots of possibilities did exist. We drove up to the mansion itself, every bit as impressive as the architect’s rendition. I could see possibilities but wanted to check out for myself the condition of the buildings. We got out and made our way to the front door; Francine had a key and after opening, the door swung in.

The spiral staircase is impressive, totally dominating the foyer. I stomped around to see if there were any weak boards but did not find any in the foyer. There was a partially exposed wall leading to the dining room where some damage had been done, exposing the frame underneath. My suspensions were validated, they had used heart pine in the construction of the home, and heart pine lasts forever. It is seldom affected by termites, so the underlying structure should be very sound. I checked the floors, all hardwood, and only the upper layers of varnish were damaged. I should interject that the cumulative effect of twenty years of dirt and garbage is also present.

I walked out the back door looking at the other buildings, to find they were in the same condition. Other than replacing the interior wallboard, mainly for electrical and plumbing access, the rest would just require cleanup and refinishing. I looked at the grounds sandwiched in between the buildings, two magnificent Magnolias centered in the area would make a beautiful focal point for a formal garden. The one Magnolia had a spread of at least a hundred feet from side to side. I made the mistake to say that out loud, and Francine smiled. I knew you are the one for this project, now what do I need to do to get you on board. I tried again to convince her that this is a very complex project, and she needed to get a firm that could properly handle the project.

“I am looking at the only contractor that will work on this project. Now, what do you need to accept the job?”

I didn’t know how to approach the subject, so I eased into it a little to see what she had in mind. I knew that she had been very good to Gail, so I didn’t want to rock the boat, but I was sure that this project would tax my skills and abilities. “Some kind of base salary and the rest would be my contribution to the project. You have been a friend to Gail; I can’t see any need for anything else from you.”

“What kind of budget did you have for the overall project? A simple question from me to maybe change the subject away from me being her contractor. Her smile was disarming, as she kidded me for playing hardball. I denied it immediately as she was giggling without reservation.

She answered the last question first; she has no set budget for the project, but, of course, she would like me to keep an eye on her finances. I have in excess of what the architects guessed would be the upper limit of what the project will cost. So I need to get it done, with an eye out for keeping the cost in line.

Now are you on board yet or do you want something else. I just sat there and stared at her, talking about a hard head she obviously has one and also a one track mind. I didn’t know what to say, so I nodded my head. She smiled, then surprised me when she mentioned that I would not only be overseeing the project, but I will also be the managing director of the venue when completed.

With my mouth open she continued, that the resort is going to be called the Turnabout Gurl’s Southern Belle Resort. All in attendance have to dress like a Southern Belle including the employee’s. That caused a raise of my eyebrow, although she plowed on as if I hadn’t noticed the remark. She has over four thousand dresses already, and more are being made. The outfits and the dresses can be rented or bought; that is up to the individual.

As you progress with the construction and renovation, you need to keep an eye out for prospective employees, and if one should happen to appear you need to hire them. Gail will be in charge of the salon and will be able to make their transformation to the proper gender. The salon will handle all their training and costume.

“I would like to open the week of Christmas, which is three months away, is that possible?”

“If the permit people cooperate, yes we should be able to open for Christmas” is my reply. My mouth is still open, and I was definitely at a loss for what to say. I was still back at trying to convince her to get someone else, but she had already made the decision.

She suggested that we head back to town since I had lots of things to take care of now. I finally had a chance to close my mouth, but any pertinent vocabulary is still lacking.

“Your base salary will be seventy thousand dollars a year; I will get you a company truck to use until the venue is open, then get you a car more suitable for your position. As soon as I could sign a signature card at her bank, I am an authorized signature for the project, she has seven million dollars in that account now, but could add more if needed.” I was flabbergasted; I had only met her once before, and this level of confidence with someone you only met once is unheard of these days.

I tried to get her to reconsider; you don’t even know me or my abilities, but yet you give me all of this responsibility. She smiled then told me that Gail highly recommends you and that is good enough for her. Then as we were returning to the restaurant, she dropped another bombshell on me. I have mentioned that all of my employees dress as a female and since you are the newest I have arranged for Gail to help you make the transition. I made a feeble attempt to protest, but she held her hand up stopping the protest.

“Have you previously dressed and acted as a female?” If you haven’t, you need to try it. Let me know after a week if you are still against it.” Finish up your present jobs and let me know when you will start, and I will start your pay as soon as you start the transformation.

I stood in the restaurant’s parking lot staring at her as she pulled out of the lot. My mother had referred to people like her as a force of nature; I think I have just been slam dumped by that force of nature and not even been aware of it being done. I must have stood in that parking lot for at least thirty minutes when I am finally returned to the here and now by a phone call. Removing my cell phone from my pocket, I saw it is Gail, and I answered it promptly. She was giggling at me, and she couldn’t even see what I looked like or the expression on my face.

She asked when I would be off tonight; Francine has made reservations for dinner for us tonight in one of the better restaurants in town for eight o’clock, a table for two in a private section so that I could explain to my wife what I have signed up for today. I was shaking like a leaf trying to figure how to tell Gail what has happened, but Gail stopped giggling long enough to tell me to relax. Francine had told her everything, in fact, a lot of it planned on before we met. Now try and get finished early and get home, so we can be on time for our reservation.

Now my wife is doing it to me; total confusion reigned, and I lost the ability to respond in any coherent way. I have apparently been set up, Gail knew ahead of time of some of the details but decided to keep that information to herself. Francine has handled the whole thing with only one outcome as a possibility. I tried to get out of the deal seven times, but she plowed ahead, eventually getting me to agree. At least, I think I had agreed, but with all that has been happening, I am not even sure if that actually happened.

I made it home in time, and we dressed appropriately for the restaurant we are going to eat at. I might mention that it is one of the best in town, five stars in everybody’s book, serving southern style cooking at its best. We arrived a few minutes before our reservations, promptly led to our table, on the veranda with a view of their gardens. The hibiscus is in bloom, making the scene quite beautiful and serene. We turned out to be the only occupants of the veranda that night; I wondered how that was accomplished since there had been a line of customers for the restaurant as we came in.

We never got a chance to order; the wine appeared there several minutes after we are seated. A few minutes’ later salads are brought out, with cornbread served on the side. The bread is hot, obviously just taken out of the oven. I looked at Gail several times, to see if this is normal for her boss. She giggled, then told me I better get used to it, this is how she is with everything she does.

As we finished the salads, out entrees were brought out. Fried chicken, green beans, butternut squash, and gravy. It isn’t just two plates with the choices on each plate; no this is plates and bowls of each for us to select from. I counted, at least, seven pieces of chicken, some dark meat, and some white meat to select from. The pieces of chicken are huge, the breast alone taking much of my plate. The drinks for the meal are sweetened iced Tea, absolutely the best I have ever had. Of course, I ate too much, but the food is so good I couldn’t resist.

After we have finished some more wine was brought to our table, a little sweeter selection, but equally as good as the first wine. Gail asked if I was impressed yet, my outright laughter apparently answering that question for her. I asked if Francine is always this forceful. Gail leaned in and told me the sooner I accepted her behavior, the easier it would be for me. She has above average intelligence and uses it to get what she wants.

She looked into my eyes and asked what I had agreed to in my discussions with Francine. I told her how I had tried to refuse the work, but I sensed that I have somehow agreed to be in her employ, and the project is now mine to oversee and run. Gail smiled back, telling me that it would be a big change for me, but maybe one that has been long overdue. I gave her a puzzled look, but she told me just to go along with the daily work and changes and at the end, I think you will find yourself quite contented and happy.

I leaned across the table to give her a kiss, then asked her as long as you are just as happy. Well, that was apparently the right thing to say since I am hugged, and kisses planted all over my face and neck. I am glad that we were the only patrons on the veranda since we are putting on quite a show. Things did calm down a little after that, with Gail going over the parts that had been agreed upon before the meeting with Francine.

I discovered that Gail had been telling her a lot about me for quite some time, about my work, my struggling to make ends meet from time to time and about how I handled problems. Francine had told Gail on a couple of occasions that she has checked with some of my customers on the quality of my work, with me getting only the highest recommendations from all. As far as my work went, I am the only choice that she would accept to handle the project.

Then Gail got suddenly quiet, telling me that she and Francine have also discussed our relationship. I was told that she doesn’t pry into personal matters, but from remarks and attitudes, she has an uncanny ability to figure people out to the nth detail. Gail has never told her more than how I was caring, a romantic lover, and maybe a couple of things that made her peeved in my behavior. It was when they were discussing the final details that something came up that shocked Gail. Francine told her that I am probably a latent transsexual, nothing had surfaced yet to confirm or deny that theory, but from what she has heard from her, it is more than an idle guess.

Thus the change of plans to add a transformation to my employment, where I essentially have no choice in the matter, then see what happens down the road. I was confused. Me a latent transsexual, I didn’t think so. I haven’t ever dressed as a female either partially or completely, how could I be a transsexual. I admit I don’t know a lot about them, most of my knowledge coming from the talk shows, but I am sure that it is not a part of my personality or desires.

I asked Gail if she thought Francine might wave the transformation in my case. Gail emphatically said no, the only way that you will get her to ease that requirement would be if you go through with it, and it becomes obvious that you are not interested in taking it any further. Otherwise, you are now going to be a female, both in looks and behavior. I started to ask about what will be involved, but Gail assured me that she would personally handle my metamorphosis, something she has been looking forward to for quite some time.

I tried to ask her why, but she just replied that some things are best left a mystery until the right time came along. This instance is one of them. She asked when I would complete my present jobs, with me replying that all of them would be wrapped up by Wednesday of next week. Gail then informed me that as of Thursday I belonged to her exclusively. Friday, I could start on Francine’s project since I would be ready to meet my sub-contractors and charm them into doing as I wanted. You will be eighty percent female, but quite passable. I did swallow a couple of times to get that lump that is stuck in my throat to move a little. However, it didn’t budge, maybe twisted around a little, but still firmly lodged there.

The after dinner festivities at home were equally good, with the two of us participating until the wee hours of the morning. I slept in a little, but never felt better than I did that morning. Gail had appointments after lunch, so she got dressed and headed for work. I attacked the jobs that I am finishing, giving a lot of my sub-contractors ulcers as I wanted to know when they would show up to finish their work. The pestering worked and by the afternoon of the next day they had finished. I made my final inspections and called the building inspectors to get the final approval. That was scheduled for Monday morning, two full days ahead of schedule.

In my thoughts, these last few days are Francine’s project. I am constantly running the plans through my mind figuring out who I would use and in what order I would tackle the tasks to be completed. I decided to finish the salon first since it might be the most difficult because of the plumbing and electrical. The ballroom and the wardrobe building would be the easiest since other than refinishing the inside of the outer walls, and refinishing the floors there would be not much required. The mansion would be started right away, but I could not foresee it being completed until all of the other buildings have been finished. The work is not that complicated just so much of it to be done, and it would require the most time.

Monday came and went, my inspector approved my last projects. Later that afternoon I toured one of the projects with the owner, with him obviously quite happy with the results. I had done especially well in my bidding, making more than I ever had on a single project. I decided to pass along some of the extra, telling the owner that I had come in under budget by seven thousand dollars, and I was passing the savings on to him. He was floored, but also quite happy. He asked if I could handle another project for him, but I told him that I have already taken on another project and would be unavailable for quite some time.

He was disappointed but is happy for me. When he made out my final check, he had added back in three thousand dollars of my savings for him to the total. I tried to decline, but he is adamant that I accept. He did insist if I ever needed a job that he is contacted. I thanked him, and I was on my way. The other two projects had out of town owners, so I had taken pictures of the finished buildings and faxed them. Both responded quickly, happy with the pictures and the timely finish of their projects.

It was shortly after two when I received a call from Gail. She asked if I was done yet, I told her that I have just finished; she gave me an address to go to next. When I get there, I am to give a sample. She is giggling as she told me about it, but would not give any more details. I was told though to think of her as I am giving my sample. When I got to the address given I was suddenly red from embarrassment. The place is a sperm bank; I set in the car for several minutes trying to figure out why I am here. I know she had apparently wanted me to leave a sample of my sperm, but what for is the question.

Finally, I managed to get calmed down enough to enter. After finding out why I was there, the receptionist handed me a container, showed me to a private room and told me to bring her the container when I finished. I did think of Gail as I performed my task; I just couldn’t figure out why I was giving the sample. When I returned to the receptionist, she labeled the container and had me sign a couple of forms. That is all there was to it. On the drive to the salon where Gail worked, that donation is all I could think about.

As I walked into the salon, Francine was up front, and grabbed a hold of my arm and led me to her office. She wanted to know if I am finished with my other jobs; I told her that as of a couple of hours ago I am all hers. That pleased her, and then Gail entered the office. I got a big hug, and then the next words out of her mouth was I thinking of her as I left my sample. Again all shades of red appeared, Gail nodded, from the look on your face I take that as a yes.

I was reluctant to ask why I had to give a sample, but Francine is surprisingly the one to answer. “When Gail transforms you from male to female, she hides your male organ out of reach. If you decide to have children at some time, it is easier to use a turkey baster than to go to all of the work of letting your equipment out.”

That suddenly brought up a lot of questions, number one is how we are going to have sex. I should have kept that question for a later time since Francine is here, but I am scared that my sex life is finished before I really got to enjoy it.

Gail answered me, why we make love as two women dear, that not being the answer I had envisioned. I am shaking my head trying to figure out if that would give me any pleasure. Gail came over and set on my lap, twisting a little as she set down. Let’s get junior tucked away; maybe we can find time to try out lesbian sex tonight, and tomorrow you can tell me if the experience is worth it or not.

Francine was giggling as I am led away to one of Gail’s treatment rooms. She undressed me throwing my clothes over in the corner as they are removed. I am helped up onto a table then a cream is rubbed thoroughly onto my body. She had elected to do my back side first, and as she caressed my butt with the cream goose pimples are popping up everywhere. That was not the only thing popping up, but we won’t go there. After thirty minutes, she wiped the cream away. My skin, suddenly more sensitive than before.

She has me turn over, and the front side is handled with the same efficiency. I honestly thought the cream was just a skin cream to soften the skin, but when she wiped the cream off after the thirty minutes on my front side, I noticed the real reason for it. All my hair came with it, leaving me quite bare, and somehow much softer looking. She touched my male organ, the resulting shocks riveting through my body, almost causing an accident.

She giggled asking me if my leaving of a sample was enjoyable this afternoon. I replied yes, thinking of her as I masturbated is quite enjoyable. I also told her that why she is having me do it added to the mystery and enjoyment. With that admission, she sprayed my groin with a cooling liquid and soon I couldn’t feel a thing down there. She giggled again, then told me she has decided to use a special cream on my male appendage, dissolving it over the next few weeks, leaving only a nub to pee out of.

“I always wanted to have a lesbian affair, so now I get the chance.” I looked at her, trying hard to believe that she is kidding me, but the look on her face is stern and unforgiving. I promptly fainted.

As I came around, I quickly raised my head and looked at my crotch. There is nothing there but a very feminine slit. No pubic hair made the slit look more prominent than it actually is. I moved my hands down there to see if it is somehow hidden but never got any further than the sides of the table that I am lying on. The reason is that my hands are secured to the side of the table. I looked around for Gail, but it appeared that I am alone in the room. A voice from a speaker told me to relax, Gail is with another customer and will be back in about twenty minutes.

The voice also told me that I had not lost anything, just a redistribution of assets. I didn’t hear anything for a while, and then Francine entered the room offering me a sip of water. I drank greedily from the bottle, then a million questions flooded my mind. She told me to be patient; Gail would answer all when she returned.

“When you go the job site tomorrow you might get a little more work from your contractors if you cover yourself up some.” I quickly looked down at my body as I lifted my head, but two jiggling mounds on my chest blocked the view. How I missed them when I first looked at my groin I will never know; they seem to be quite prominent. Francine giggled and welcomed me to womanhood.

Then she left me to my thoughts and jiggling breasts. As I attempted to breathe the new body parts jiggled all around. I guess I would soon be wearing a bra, if for no other reason than it will help tame the quivering masses. Incidentally, they did quiver, almost non-stop, whether I was just breathing or trying to move around.

Gail soon returned, smiling as she scanned my body, apparently happy with what she saw. I just sat there in a daze, a new slit, and two major sized breasts are now part of me. I panicked then look again at my new accessories. There has to be a seam here somewhere; I couldn’t just have them appear on my body mysteriously. Since my breasts are the closest, I look carefully for any seam or flap that says they are not a part of me; none are visible. “Oh God, they are really mine.”

“Well, Charlotte you turned out pretty good considering your history.” She released the straps holding my arms, with both of my hands going to my breasts. The jiggling protrusions are too much to handle. My mind in an erotic overload, I suddenly am aware of my hands on my breasts, and I can feel them there.

I look up at Gail, wondering about what has been done to me, then the fact that she called me Charlotte registered in my overloaded mind. Gail could see me getting stressed, then leaned me back on the table, told me to close my eyes and relax and she will fill in all the blank spots later.

She ended up having to put her hand over my eyes before I closed them. She told me to breathe slowly, keep my eyes closed and let her work her magic. She moved my hands from my breasts and gently rubbed the nipples, caressing them until the nipples were rock hard. Then she leaned down and sucked on them for a few moments, first one then the other. I am in heaven, that feels so good, the tingling seeming to spread throughout my body to every nook and cranny.

The tension is building in my body, the nipples getting harder and harder, and then she gently bites the left nipple as she is nibbling on it. My body erupts, I don’t even feel it as she does the same to the right nipple, but the eruption seems to intensify affecting my whole body. I moan and squirm on the table but Gail keeps up the stimulation, I can’t take anymore, but I have no choice. She is holding me still, but the sensations are so intense I am crying, moaning, screaming, anything to get her to stop.

Finally, she relents a little, and I breathe again, but the feelings are still pulsating through my body, and then another eruption followed soon by yet another. I awoke totally disoriented as to where I am and what just happened. Gail is just holding me, cuddling me next to her warm and comforting body. When she sees me start to stir, she kisses my eyelids, first one than the other, and then moves down to my lips. The resulting caress of her lips over mine is so erotic that I lose myself again in my thoughts.

We must have set there for quite a while her nibbling on my lips, my ears, and my eyelids before coherent thoughts materialize in my mind. Gail then starts to tell me what has been done and why.

First, she wants to know if lesbian sex is still taboo or if I might consider an affair with her. I look lovingly at her, then kiss her lips, poking my tongue in to let her know that it has been removed from the taboo list. That resulted in ten more minutes of tonsil hockey before cooler minds prevailed and we returned to the subject at hand.

She started off with the why, although I was ignorant of the telltale signs of my behavior, I exhibited a lot of the classic signs of a gender confused individual. I didn’t socialize or was at ease when in the company of men, preferring to be with females socially. I conceded that point, a lot of Gail’s friends are more interesting than any of my male friends. In fact, I didn’t have any male friends, just contacts with the sub-contractors that I do business with on a regular basis.

Her second point is I have not shown interest in male hobbies, sports, or cars. I never go to any sporting event, have never touched my car as far as maintenance or repair, and have exactly zero interest in anything considered masculine. My running a contractor business the closest that I come to a masculine profession. Another point for Gail, I guess, the things she has brought up just have no appeal to me.

Then we have your romantic side, you are so caring in your lovemaking, withholding your own enjoyment till I have mine. It makes you a romantic spouse, but you are miles apart from a typical male. The way you treat me in bed, I see a female not a male as my lover. A lot of little things, taking your time, nibbling on my body, passionate kisses with no deadline in sight, all things that a female will likely do for her lover. Most males just want to get off, if the female gets some satisfaction that is okay but not on the priority list for a male.

Then we finally come to your attitude, you’re always open to discussion, you hold to your beliefs, but they are there to talk about, to negotiate. You’re gentle in your approach to life and the daily annoyances that you encounter. You yourself, have said that you get your subs to do what you want my pestering them, not ramming it down their throat like a male would.

When we have a disagreement, you talk it out with me, always open to another side of the problem. This a feminine approach through and through. Just face it, other than your prior appearance you are a female.

Now I think you can understand what Francine sees in you, the female side of you is who she wants handling this project and eventually running the venue. Now as to what I want, I want you happy, not hiding a major part of you, trying to be something you are not. Charlotte is who you are inside and who you will be if you allow it. I love you Charles as a male, but I adore Charlotte even more, and Charlotte is who I would like to spend the rest of my life with.

No decisions need to be made yet, try it out for a while and then let’s discuss it later when you have had a little time to experience what it is like for a female in life. She kissed me in a most passionate way; the tingling returned with a vengeance, so much for cool, calm, and collected.

She added a sanitary napkin to my panties before she pulled them up, my apparent recent pleasure now leaking down my thighs. Gail gave me a robe to slip on then moved me over to a styling chair. She leaned the chair back and started shampooing my hair. Another fantastic experience to add to my new persona. She conditioned it, then set the chair up, so she could wrap a towel around my head. After drying the hair some, she started cutting it into a style. My hair has always been kept fairly long usually about shoulder length, but recently it has grown closer to my shoulder blades.

Gail was not cutting much off; I guess getting the split ends off mainly. I noticed on the side of my head she was taking a little more than usual, and then when she cut the bangs, I knew that this would not be a masculine hairstyle. The bangs were longish meant to be swept to one side or the other. When she finished the cutting, she started wrapping the tendrils of hair in curlers, after using a setting gel on it first. She has done this once before for me, a Halloween costume requiring curly hair the reason.

I was one of the lucky ones to spend an hour under a hair dryer with warm heat permeating my curler wrapped hair. Then after being declared dry, Gail teased the curls after the curlers were removed to softer curls that framed my face. There was no sign left of Charles, even with my bushy eyebrows the image reflecting from the mirror is totally feminine.

Then to my horror, my eyebrows are the next target of her attack. I pleaded with her, “I already look like a femme fatale, can’t we leave the eyebrows?”

Her answer was an empathetic no. Turnabout Gurl Salon has a reputation to uphold, and bushy eyebrows are a definite no-no. Some hot wax, a few yanks and now only two narrow arches remain of my once luxurious and prolific eyebrows.

Gail did see my reaction a little later when I turned this way and that to get a better look at my new look. A cute, but knowing smile spread across her face, my obsession about my appearance a dead giveaway about how much I liked it. In fact, when she whispered in my ear, that Charlotte was a very beautiful woman the corresponding smile from my mouth brought it all together.

I looked like a woman, and I liked it, a lot. Consider my appearance a few hours ago and a lot has happened since, both mentally and physically. Gail added a little makeup to my face, some mascara and lipstick and pronounced me ready for the world. I looked underneath my robe and suggested that maybe a few clothes might make the presentation go a little better.

I looked for my clothes; I knew Gail had removed them and threw them over in the corner of the room, but there was nothing there. Gail noticed my concern for my clothes, telling me that they wouldn’t fit with the additions. I gulped, that means I will also have to dress as a female to get out of here.

Gail handed me a bra, showing me how to put it on, that added to the pair of panties already comfortably snug next to my body. A way too tight pair of jeans that I had to wiggle into, a necessity for dealing with sub-contractors I am told. Then a blouse that was so frilly, I wondered what a female that would wear something like this, did for a living.

Francine gave her approval, then handed me a check for my first week’s work. That was followed by a set of keys for my pickup, a credit card for gas and expenses, and an appointment to meet her at the bank in the afternoon to put me on the checking account.

I again asked her to reconsider; this project is way over my comfort levels. Her response that Charles might not be able to handle the project, but Charlotte looks like she could handle it, maybe even take on another just to keep it interesting. She leaned to give me a kiss and a hug, telling me that she would see me at the bank tomorrow afternoon.

Gail gathered her things, some clothing bags and then led me to the parking lot. Right next to her car was a brand new Chevrolet Silverado pickup with every bell and whistle you can imagine on it. The color is white, but with all the chrome it looked like a sparkling diamond. I used the keys that Francine gave me to unlock it; the interior was all leather, both seats, and dash. I did notice some rhinestones scattered through the dash making it a very feminine vehicle.

I was trying to scowl at the vehicle, but the smile that appeared instead made that hopeless. As a male driving, this would be an embarrassment, but as Charlotte, it seemed right. Gail brought me back to the present telling me to remove anything I wanted from my vehicle, that Francine would sell it tomorrow and give me the money for it.

That whirlwind that was Francine had overwhelmed me again. I removed the few things that I had in my car, then handed the keys to Gail to give to her boss tomorrow and slid into my pickup. I had to use the step to get in but then smoothed my jeans before sitting down properly in the seat. I had been given a pair of heels to wear home, but the two-inch heel hadn’t caused me any problems yet.

Gail followed me home, with us both parking in the garage. As she opened my door, I asked her if all females have trouble with the seat belt between their breasts. She giggled, knowing that I have already started noticing things like a female would. We entered the house through the kitchen, making our way to the living room. Gail had stopped at the kitchen to get a bottle of wine from the refrigerator, then with two glasses made her way to sit beside me on the love seat.

I uncorked the bottle, pouring us each a glass, then set the bottle on the coffee table for later. I am still nervous about all the changes, more scared than anything else. I don’t know how to act like a female, although now I look like one.

Gail started the conversation off; you now have the appearace of a female, what you do with it is up to you. Your voice is neutral enough to be mistaken for a woman; you just have to watch your vocabulary and change your inflection a little. Using a sing-song melody as you speak, letting the end of the sentence be more pronounced and that will help your voice sound more feminine.

Your appearance is perfect, the changes I will make in the next few days will enhance that to the point that you will be regarded as a beautiful woman. Since you will be dealing with males, all they will see is your boobs anyway, so any further scrutiny will not occur.

Francine wants you to get started on the project, so you work until three in the afternoon, then to the salon so I can finish your transformation and we can get you some training as a femme fatale. We also have to shop for a wardrobe for you, all of your male clothes will go to charity. I started to protest, but Gail held up her hand, I have seen your reaction today, don’t tell me you don’t like being a female, the smiles and giggling a sure indicator of your approval.

We finished our wine, then cuddled on the love seat for a while. Cuddling is one of the most underrated experiences of a romantic relationship. The joy of being close to the one you love, of sharing the warmth of each other’s bodies, to hold onto your beloved so they can never get away, is the true joy of being a couple. Gail was running her fingers through my hair as I hugged her body around her waist, the feelings that caused in my body, absolutely wonderful.

Since the afternoon setting sun had slipped down below the horizon, we decided something to eat might be in order. Gail sliced some meat for the sandwiches while I selected some lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onion to garnish the Kaiser rolls that were warming in the oven. Adding the proper mayonnaise, mustard, and pickles rounded out the ingredients for the sandwiches.

We nibbled the sandwiches as we drank some Green tea served over crushed ice. Gail asked me if I was still in denial of my femininity. I responded no, it seems that everything that happens points to that direction in my life, but where the initial idea came from was beyond my comprehension. I never realized until today that I have any desire to be a female or, at least, dress like one.

As a child, I never dressed in my sister’s things, had no desire to do so. Halloween never was an excuse to dress as a female, although it was hinted at one year. My oldest sister wanted to go as a cheerleader and wanted me to join in the masquerade. But yet here I am dressed, in the body of a female, although most of it is fake, and as comfortable with myself as if I had been doing this all my life. Maybe the next few weeks will shed some light on this mystery.

“I am really scared about tomorrow, how do I interact with males that I have been doing business with for years?” What if they recognize me, the embarrassment will be the death of me.

Gail grabbed my hand and held on, explaining how she thought I should handle working as a female. You have always been confident and assured in your decisions, wearing female clothes and acting like a woman will not change any of that. Whether you realize it or not, you have the upper hand, by being female you have more control over the male of the species than you think.

Meet them individually, tell them what you want, letting a little of your experience show through so that he doesn’t think you are blonde and have a low IQ. When he starts to express himself or becomes more masculine, take a deep breath letting you breasts move a little, then in normal conversation brush his arm or hand as you explain what you want to be done.

Now you have control, be forceful in what you want, when he suggests a completion date, suggest one earlier. When you’re down to finances, when he tells you his bid, sigh heavily looking away as if that disappoints you greatly. Keep quiet, don’t speak until he responds. By keeping quiet, he figures he has made a mistake, and most likely he will make another lower bid trying to please you.

Any faltering on his part, go back to attack mode. Play with your hair, take deep breaths, run your hands over your hips, and if you need to use the secret weapon, take out your lipstick and refresh the shine on your lips. Mascara too if he is stubborn.

“Now are they any more questions?” I just sat there trying to process all she told me, I remember being manipulated many times before by Gail in exactly the same manner. I stared at her, like now that you have confessed you are in such big trouble, but all she did is pout her lips and break out giggling.

“I am still scared, but I will give it a try. Somehow I don’t think I have the same level of experience as you. Hell, you have perfected your routine on me for years, and I didn’t even realize that it was being done. If I crash and burn, you have to come and drag the remains home.”

She smiled, telling me that just do what feels natural, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Now that we have tomorrow’s affairs dealt with, I am going to take a bath; I have a lesbian acquaintance coming over shortly, a tryst if you don’t mind. I do hope you won’t tell my good for nothing husband about it, we women have to stick together, you know.

Gail was having too much fun with all of this, lesbian lovers, trysts, keeping it a secret from her husband. Then I thought that this might be fun, remembering back to what Gail had done to me in the salon, maybe I can try a counter attack. No, let’s make that a sneak attack in the depths of darkness of our bedroom.

As she went into the bathroom, I quickly undressed, found a baby doll nightie with matching panty and slipped it on. I stopped and thought how easy it was to find the nightie and slide it on my body. Never even a hesitation in my actions, like I had been doing it for years. Next, getting rid of my makeup with her cosmetic wipes, adding fresh lipstick before I left the vanity. Some perfume in all the erotic spots and I am ready.

I head down to the kitchen where the electrical box is and flip the breaker on the bedroom. I giggle to myself as I head back to the bedroom. The hall light is still on so I can see where I am going. I find some of her candles on the dresser, and I light a couple of them placing them in the far corners of the bedroom.

Perfect, just enough light to see a little but lots of shadows in the corners. I turn out the hall light, then position myself in one of the darker corners, not far from the bed.

When I hear Gail coming out, I get ready to make my move. She stops momentarily as she tries to see in the dark. I hear her try the light switch on the wall several times and then calls out to me. I keep quiet, waiting for her to enter the bedroom. She calls out again, then makes her way to the bed, slowly not being able to see where she is going.

When she hits the edge of the bed, I spring out of my hiding spot, wrap my arms around her and lay her on the bed. She is startled, but giggling as I push her hands above her head and hold them there with one of mine. I lean down kissing her on the lips, as she tries to ask what is going on. She gets a word out then I kiss her until she is breathing hard.

Between kisses, I put my lips on her nipples one at a time and suck deeply. As I pull back from that action, I blow my hot breath over the nipple. I can tell from her chest movements that she is well on her way to an orgasm. Back to kisses on the lips with my tongue getting into the action, long wet kisses as I try to use the slickness from my lipstick to slide in and out.

My free hand is roaming down south, finally finding its target. A few perfunctory circles of her clit, then two fingers sliding in as far as possible allow the moans to escape from her mouth. Meanwhile, my mouth is keeping the nipples rock hard, wet and inviting. I notice she is writhing under me, trying to escape the attack on several fronts. She tells me to stop; she can’t take any more, but that is answered with a two-minute long probe of her mouth and more probing of her southern real estate.

I can feel her starting to shake, her writhing getting frantic and then she clinches and tries to arch her back up, even with me laying on top of her. I insert the third finger to keep the others company and nibble on her nipples then bite gently on the right one. She actually bucks so hard that she almost throws me off. Then I stop everything and just hold her tightly in my arms whispering sweet nothings in her ear. It took her, at least, twenty minutes for all the twitches and shakes to subside, but finally, they did.

I giggled a little too much, but what I have decided to do is just so naughty. I start the whole thing over again, starting with the kissing the moving through each step until she is pleading for me to stop.

“Serves you right for manipulating me all these years, you should be ashamed of yourself. Then what you did to me in the salon deserves some payback, so I guess two or three more orgasms are in order.” She gets panicky, telling me no, then she says she is sorry. As I continue to assault her body, she is pleading with me to stop, so I decide to use the handy gag that I possess. I kiss her deeply, my tongue caressing hers as she continues to try and persuade me to stop. All that comes out is mumbles, and then I switch my focus to her breasts and bite gently on the left nipple. She now has two orgasms, her back arching severally as she tries to react. Good only one more to go.

I nibble on her right nipple, pulling it some with my teeth, then bite down again while my fingers are probing her clit and pussy. Well, this time, she manages to buck me off, her reaction so intense that she almost leaves the bed. I roll back over and hold her as tight as I can blowing in her ear and nibbling on her ear lobe. I can see her slowly coming down from her high, but is almost thirty minutes before she has regained her ability to speak.

She faintly whispers in my ear that the first time she has the chance she is going to castrate me. Then giggles a little asking if we are even now. I quickly tell her no, not a chance; she will need further punishments probably for the rest of her life. She kisses me on my neck, telling me that she is looking forward to them; she just hopes her heart holds out.

Sleep soon follows, as we both drift off cuddled in each other’s arms. All through the night, I dreamed of confronting my contractors as I tried to work on Francine’s project. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the end of the dream, just the initial confrontation.

Morning came way too early as usual, but Gail has other ideas as I am dragged from the bed. I look at the clock on the nightstand as I am led into the bathroom. Six o’clock in the morning, oh god, way too early for this nonsense. Gail gets me naked then shoves me into the tub, all the time I am trying to get to the shower. I am told that ladies do not take showers unless they have to; baths are the preferred method of cleansing, preferably with bath salts and bubbles.

I will have to admit that the bath is relaxing, the aroma emanating from the water so soothing. As I stand up to dry off, I notice that I smell like a woman now, in this case, the fragrance of sweet peas permeating my nostrils. I did remember to pat dry after Gail gave me a piercing stare as I started to rub myself dry. I wrap the towel around my breasts as I make my way to the bedroom.

Gail has laid out my clothes on the bed, the lacy pink bra, and the matching panties the most obvious. I manage to get them on, the bra being the more difficult of the two. The panties sliding all the way up to fit snug in my groin, emphasizing the lack of anything masculine. The bra did feel good helping to keep the weight of my breasts from pulling on my shoulders, actually spreading the weight around a little, a better description.

I see a pair of jeans to wear, thinking that thiswill not be too bad, but after struggling to get them to my waist, I changed my opinion. They did fit like they were sprayed onto my body. Although there were front pockets, the pants fit so tight that it would be impossible to get anything into said pockets. I looked at Gail as she passed through to her closet to get her clothes, pointing to my jeans like are you sure about this. Her comment was they fit you good.

I reached for the blouse then sighed, the neckline dipped to parts unknown. I slipped it on, it wasn’t as tight as the jeans but conformed to my curves quite nicely. Gail dragged me to her vanity, applying a little makeup, mainly mascara and lipstick, then put the items in a purse and handed it to me. I glanced into the purse, then quickly closed it blushing at the contents.

Meanwhile, Gail was putting my hair in a high ponytail, with ribbons securing the tail from coming loose. I was pulled from the chair, given a kiss and pushed to the door. I thought I had plenty of time, but after looking at the clock, I noticed that it was already eight o’clock. Boy time sure flies when you are having fun.

I drove out to the property, slowly at first as I was getting accustomed to the heels that I had been persuaded to wear. When I arrived, I drove slowly up the entrance road looking at what needs to be done here. I stop and make a couple of notes then drive up to the house. Sitting in the truck trying to formulate a plan to get things moving I decided on a few things.

With several missed heart beats, I call a couple of my contractors asking if they are interested in the work. I introduce myself to them as Charlotte, a sister of Charles, who will be handling this job. I keep my voice about the same, fluctuating it more than normal. I did try and change my vocabulary using more feminine words and less power behind them.

No comments from them, I invite them out to look at what I want them to do, all of them deciding they will be right out. I am not surprised since Mondays are usually flexible before the tasks of the week demand attention. Also from what I remember most of them were looking at slim pickings for several weeks as far as jobs go.

I am looking through the house making notes when I hear the first truck pull in. I walk out to the front, making a staccato noise with my heels. I think to myself, how girly I have become working a construction job with heels, painted on jeans and a blouse threatening to expose my chest. Oh well, now for the real test.

I almost call Terry by name before I remember that I am not supposed to know him. I offer my hand in the typical feminine limp wrist handshake. “My names Charlotte, did you have any trouble finding the place.” He introduces himself; then I take him where I want the work done. I am watching where his eyes are focused, remembering Gail and my conversations. I push out my chest as if I am taking a deep breath and he quickly catches himself staring at my chest. I don’t think that was his only reaction since he turns side ways and adjusts his pants.

I try real hard to suppress my reaction, but decide to see how effective Gail’s advice is. I show him what I want to be done, touching his arm several times as I explain the job. I then asked when he could take on the work. He stumbles a little. Usually, a sub-contractor has to bid on the job before start times are talked about, my changing of the rules has him confused. This is not what he expects since I have skipped a step. He mumbles a couple of sentences, obviously trying to stall for time.

I lean in real close, where we are only inches apart, and repeat my statement. He finally comes to the realization that he has to answer my question. He mentions that he can start tomorrow if we can come to terms on the price. “What would you bid on this job then” is my reply. He makes a couple of scribbles on a notepad he is carrying then tells me he would do the work for twenty-five hundred dollars. I am still only inches from his face. Our breath is noticeable on each other. I reply that is a little high; twenty-two hundred would be a better figure, and if he can do that I want him on the job tomorrow.

I lean even closer, telling him that Charles had always spoken highly of him; I do hope we can do some business together. I touch his hand as I finish that statement. Well, that did the trick, he agreed to the price and told me he would have a crew on site at eight A.M.

I told him my rules for sub-contractors, namely that he live up to his commitments to me, and upon satisfactory completion of the job I will pay him on the spot, plus a five percent bonus for a speedy completion of the job. Failure to be responsible for his promises will result in immediate termination of our agreement.

We shake hands with me adding my other hand over his as a thank you. Pant readjustment time again for him and then he left. I didn’t have much time to bask in my newfound skills since Pete drove in next. He got out of his truck and headed my way. I took his hand and introduced myself. I was still holding his hand, as he told me his name.

Pete would be a significant part of this project, so we would be talking about quite a bit of money in the next few weeks. I showed him around, explained what I wanted to be done, then told him I wanted each part with a separate bid, and I expected all work to start immediately and be completed within six weeks, no excuses. He swallowed and asked if he could get back with me, I turned to walk away a little, then turned telling him that Charles had spoken quite highly of him, I am disappointed that you don’t want the work.

He was mumbling again, so I took a deep breath, then walked toward my truck. Before I could get ten feet, he had caught up with me, wanting me to wait and he would figure the bids right now. Ten minutes later he handed me a sheet of paper with all the separate bids listed, and time necessary to complete. He was in line with what I had in mind but had padded his time of completion by quite a bit. I asked him to take ten percent off each bid, and one week off the time and he had a deal.

I mentioned the five percent bonus for timely completion and the fact that there might be a couple of more jobs in the deal later in the project. I reached over to take his hand as if to shake, then told him I hoped he could see his way clear to help me with this project. He shook his head that he agreed to the deal, and then I grabbed him to give him a hug, screaming thanks, you have made me so happy. Yep, time to adjust the equipment before he could walk back to his truck.

I am sure he is trying to figure out how much he had screwed himself in the deal, but let’s face it, he got a hug already as partial payment. The rest of the morning and afternoon progressed in the same vain, several more sub-contractors making their bids and all agreeing to start in the morning. I figured I was about ten thousand below what the normal cost of these services would be on the open market.

It was coming up on two o’clock, and I had to head back to the salon. On the way in, I got a call on my cell for me to meet Francine at her bank at two thirty. I arrived a few minutes later, and she was waiting for me. She led me into the bank, and right into an office at the back of the bank. An attractive, well-dressed woman rose from her chair and introduced herself, then pushed a signature card in my direction.

I signed, and then she handed me a card similar to an ATM card and told me I could get cash and account balance anytime I needed it. Two-hundred dollars at other financial institutions and five hundred dollars at this bank are the withdrawal limits on the card per day. I was handed a business checkbook with five hundred checks ready to use. She handed me her card and told me that anything I needed I was to call her. The name on the card was Patricia West, President and Chairman of the Board.

We shook hands then left, me heading to the salon, Francine to do some shopping. I was at the salon on time, Gail waiting at reception to get her hands on me. She led me back to her treatment room, took my purse and laid it on the counter, then pushed me back into the styling chair. I was then ambushed as she vented her passion on me, in a most delicious way. I was kissed in every way possible, as her hands are exploring my cleavage and breasts.

The romantic attention I could get used to; I wondered if it will always be this way. Gail finally relented, placed a cape over my clothes and leaned the chair back to shampoo my hair. I am thinking another repeat of yesterday, wash, and then set in curlers. Wrong, as soon as she finished with the shampoo, she worked in a foul smelling chemical, seeming to dwell on the roots of my hair. After completing that task, she put a plastic bag over my hair, and I was told to set tight as the color is processing.

Oh joy, another step down that slippery slope that is total femininity. When she rinsed the chemical out of my hair and put the chair back in the upright position, I noticed my hair in the mirror. In reality, there was no way that I couldn’t notice my platinum blonde locks; they are obviously an attention getter. Now she repeated the curler portion of yesterday, but the curlers are only half the size of the ones used before. Also, she is slipping a paper like material around my hair before she winds it up on the curler.

I fear that something else is going to be done to me, a new experience, no doubt. When Gail saturated my curlers with a foul smelling liquid, I figured a permanent is in my future. She had slipped a cotton strip around my head to keep the solution off my face and neck, then moved me to another chair while it processed. When she brought in the rolling rack with nail polish on it, I knew that soon I would be sporting talons similar to Gail’s.

My cuticles are cleaned, my own nails rounded off and then she applied acrylic extensions to my fingernails. I took a deep breath when I noticed the tips of the extensions extending past my fingertips by an inch. Gail wore hers this length; it helps her sell manicure services to her customers. However for me, I couldn’t see the need for them. Before I could bring it up in conversation, she explained the need for me to take the girly look to the max.

For one, I would be representing the venue, with groups, with the press, and actively participating in networking with other businesses. This is new information that I had not been informed of. When I mentioned it to Gail, she just smiled, remember when Francine told you that you would be managing the venue. I said yes, but what does that have to do with this.

“Duh, that is what a manager does, handles the press, meets with other business owners, and attends social functions, as Charlotte. You represent the venue. Thus, you are to be immaculately groomed and dressed at all times that includes your time as you see to the renovations. I am sure your subs will appreciate the eye candy as they do their work.”

I shook my head, not an easy feat when your hair is full of permanent solution and curlers. I wondered about the changes she is performing on me, how drastic will it affect my looks and actions in the next few days.

I guess I have cooked enough, she tilts me back and rinses the solution out of my hair, then applies a neutralizer to finish off the perm. The curlers are removed, and I see nothing but springy curls all over my head. The curls are quite large, not like the small curls that were popular several years back. She applies some setting gel to my hair, then uses large curlers to wrap my hair around. They are put in vertical nor horizontal, and I think back to the famous child star with the ringlets of curls.

The heat from the dryer is again permeating my curlers; I think the dryer and I are going steady, with the amount of time I have spent under it yesterday and today. Gail starts again on my nails with a base coat, then three coats of bright red polish, followed by a shiny topcoat. At least as far as my hands go, there is no doubt to their over the top femininity. I splay my fingers to get a better look at them, but the brilliance and color of the polish will, no doubt, bring all attention to my hands immediately.

I also find that my capabilities are severally limited until I can manage to learn to handle them. I know Gail had trouble originally, but now she handles all tasks with ease. I imagine even signing a check is going to be a chore with these talons.

After she had turned off the dryer, she removed the curlers, and my pale blonde locks were now in tight ringlets bouncing all over the place. Some were urged to the top of my head, where they were secured by hairpins, the balance was brushed lightly and left in ringlets all around my head. The style is very feminine; Gail says it is to be the signature hairstyle for the venue. Since I am the director of the venue, it is to be my hairstyle for the future.

She then adds some very fine ribbons, probably silk blended in with the ringlets to add some color to the hairstyle. In this case, the dark red ribbons contrasted well with my pale blonde locks. Since my nails were almost the same color, I am also color coordinated.

I think to tomorrow, facing the crews looking like this. A fairly normal female was the person that the subs met today. However, the female that I see in the image in the mirror is way over the top female. Pale blonde ringlets bouncing around my head, with bright red nails extending the reach beyond my fingertips. I presume I will have to stay away from the crews if I anticipate any work being completed tomorrow. Otherwise, I have a feeling that I will be the only one paid any attention to.

Gail decides that is enough for today, looking at my image I agree. I drive home as she cleans up and then sets up for tomorrow’s business. I look in the rear view mirror several times as I head home, the utter femininity of the image making its presence known. For the first time I admit to liking what I see in the mirror, maybe there is some truth to what Francine has said.

I decide to pick up something to eat, it being after seven, a little late to start making dinner. There is a Mexican restaurant on my way home, who has some of the best tacos and burritos in town, I get a half dozen tacos and two burritos along with the required hot sauce and finished my trip home. Incidentally, the food is not the only thing I got from the restaurant, from the time I entered the place every male eye is riveted to my body. When I reached into my purse to get the money to pay for the food, the male waiting on me licked his lips when he saw my nails and sneaked a peek at my breasts. At home Gail is just getting out of her car as I pull in, smiling from ear to ear.

“Glad you thought about dinner, tacos and burritos sound good. Let me give the little housewife a kiss for thinking about her spouse.” The kiss is anything but little since it is at least a minute before air is taken into either of our lungs. I give her a smile, wondering about this new show of affection when we are not even in the house yet.

Hunger takes the place of romance, both of our stomachs complaining about the lack of anything in them. We put our purses on the kitchen counter, open the bags of goodies, and drool over the smell coming from the bagged meal. I take a bite before even getting around to applying the hot sauce, noticing that when I remove it from my mouth, there is a lipstick smudge on the taco shell. Well, that is a first for me, but the taco is worth it, lipstick included.

Only two days and my life has changed dramatically. General contractor to attractive manager of a business, quite a feat for a lowly male. After a few minutes, we do manage to polish off the remaining food, plus a pitcher of iced tea, necessary to soothe the throat from the onslaught of the hot sauce.

Gail asks if I like the new me, I nod that I like the look but withhold judgment until a few more days experience in the real world. I am sure it is not all about clothes and makeup, flirting and being stared at. Tomorrow should be a real trip, my new ultra-feminine looks and male sub-contractors should make for an interesting day.

We adjourn to the bedroom, nighties the choice of attire after I spend thirty minutes removing my makeup, moisturizing, taking care of my hair, and other necessary female chores. Gail suggests that I have it pretty good since female periods are not on my menu that mention quickly stopping any complaining. I finally finish my nightly requirements and head to bed, Gail already there waiting for me. I am kidded about now being on the receiving end of sex, but she says that she can hold off on that for a few days until my heart gets settled. I immediately wonder what she means about being on the receiving end, then realize that I no longer have anything to use to penetrate a vagina with. I do however have something to accept one, not a comfortable feeling for a former male.

I slide into bed, and the sensation of the nightie on the sheets is to die for. Then Gail reaches from behind me and plays with my new breasts, causing then to get hard, and the sensations quickly spreading all through my body. It feels so good, the tentacles of arousal reaching throughout my body, another advantage of being female. We play, nibble and kiss until finally sleep overcomes us. When I wake to use the bathroom later, I have to untangle myself from the embrace of Gail, having a very firm grip on my body.

I had to set the alarm earlier than I normally wake, so much more to do that when I was dressing as a male. The selection of clothes the hardest, not having a closet full to choose from part of the problem, but then having to pick out something that I thought I could face my sub-contractors attired in. It seemed to me that most of the available attire seemed to accent some part of my feminine body, some maybe a little too much.

I finally decided on a pantsuit, a light lavender in color and very light in weight, the fabric flowed freely over my curves, providing a sensual look to the outfit. I found some pearls to accent the outfit and kept my makeup simple since I would have to maintain the look myself today. I did a ponytail again, although the color and curls made it a show stopper. The same ribbons get added to the ponytail, ringlets of curls escaping at the back and side of the bunched hair. A quite feminine sight.

I wonder how a woman can deal with being desired and sought after all the time. It isn’t just a matter of dressing, to go shopping, or working a job, you have to deal with the continual stares, males trying to get your attention, and then equal attention from other women checking you out. I guess some females that are not attractive or chose to dress in boring boyish clothes, to hide their feminine figures don’t have it as bad.

The hair and figure that Gail has thrust on me make me stand out from all the rest, definitely in the group that gets noticed and talked to. Standing in front of the mirror is not going to get any work done, so I pick up my purse and head out. The drive out to the site seems shorter today, maybe because I really dread being seen and working alongside the men. Things that I shy away from seeming to haunt me and occur quicker and faster than I have expected.

When I get there, the crews are already working, something that has seldom happened in the past. I guess me being a female has something to do with the fact that all the subs are early today and already actively working, a trait that has evaded them in the past. When I park the pickup and get out, every single set of eyes is focused on me; a funny feeling spreads over my body that I can’t describe. Kind of uneasy, yet appreciative of the attention.

A couple of the subs come over to ask some questions, more likely to get a better view of my body. The whole morning is surreal, never in all of my time as a general contractor has so much work been done in such a short time. A couple of the jobs will be completed tomorrow; I had figured at least a week to complete, so the difference is quite noticeable.

Several more phone calls to other subs to get them out here to bid on part of the project occupying my time this morning. One contractor I had trouble with in the past, his quality of work dropped considerably when he was in a hurry, seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of time to supervise his crew. I kept an eye on him as the new subs came to bid on the work. Everyone that I talked to today successfully bid on their part of the job and all but one could start tomorrow. The one dissenting sub couldn’t start until Monday, but he assured me that he would have two crews on the work and would be done in half of the time.

All of the stripping and cleanup work would be completed by tomorrow, so I could get the electricians and plumbers in next. The one area that I wanted some expert advice from is the grounds. I called several nursery and landscaping companies until I found one that sounded like she knew what she is talking about. When she came out, I took the time and walked the grounds with her, pointing out features that I wanted to be kept and enhanced.

Incidentally walking the grounds in heels is different, but Gail keeps reminding me that image is important, so heels it is. We take about two hours to make the rounds; I want to utilize the entire acreage if possible, picturing Southern Belles walking the beautiful gardens of this venue just seems to fit with the concept. We arrive at a price for trimming, shaping up the trees and shrubs, and seeing that the proper fertilizer is applied. Too many years of neglect resulting in the present condition of the trees and shrubs.

I ask about annual and perennial beds to add color to the landscape; that is not a problem, but some type of watering system will have to be installed for these beds. I ask her to pick some locales for these beds so that I can get someone to install the watering system. She makes a suggestion that I use barrels hidden in the area around the bed, with gravity fed drip irrigation hose from the barrels. They could be activated from battery powered solenoids to water the flowers. The barrels can be filled from piping using low-pressure pumps in the ponds and lakes on the property during the night hours.

Other than some electricity for the pumps at the ponds, there would be no other need for power or fancy systems. I ask her if she can handle that, she nods and gives me a quote for that portion of the plan. It is so nice to work with someone that just wants to bid on the work, comes prepared to the meeting and not interested in the song and dance everybody else goes through. The one other significant trait she has is that she can look me in the face and not at breast level, something the other subs have yet to master.

We talk about some trails or paths through the landscape, me mentioning that the paths need to be high heel friendly. She giggles at that, asking how wide and where I want them. I tell her that they need to go to most of the featured spots we talked about, maybe a gazebo at each of the stops to allow a rest before going further. They also need to be at least ten feet wide to allow two belles to pass, and stay on the walk.

She suggests a soil-cement type of walk, fairly economical, and easy to make. The color of the finished product would blend well with the landscape, and it could be installed to curve around the notable featured trees and shrubs easily. I asked her if she knew someone, she did but would prefer to quote me herself, then hire the sub to do the work for her. I agreed one less headache for me.

Finally, I asked her what about a fence around the property. She thought for a minute, asking if I wanted total privacy, or just wanted something decorative. I smiled and said both. She giggled, then said she might have some ideas, but wanted to talk it over with a couple of her friends before she committed any further. I agreed, the fence could be last, but I wanted it completed before Thanksgiving.

She would get with me tomorrow on the soil cement work and the fence idea after she started her crews in the morning. I didn’t even have to ask if she could start tomorrow, she just assumed that I did and planned on it.

After she left I checked on the other crews, they are making excellent progress, a couple of them finishing late this evening or first thing in the morning. I arrange to meet the subs to inspect their work first thing in the morning and write them a check if their work meets with my approval.

I get two more subs late in the day to bid on work, both bidding lower than I expected, but I agreed, never the less. I may be a female but saving a dollar of Francine’s is always my goal. The last thing before I left is to walk around the construction site seeing what still needs to be resolved, what things still needing a little tweaking before the sub finishes. At a little past six, I go to my pickup only to see a car heading up the drive.

It turns out to be Francine and Gail, checking on my progress so far. Gail knows me better than Francine, so she expects a lot done, but Francine is overwhelmed by my progress. As they make their way around the site, I tell them what I have planned and what has been completed so far. Gail just smiles, I have exceeded her expectations like I usually do, so she is quite happy. I ask her what she has in mind for the interior of the salon, she walks back to the car and pulls out a folder and hands it to me.

I open it up, and she has done a drawing of the interior of the salon showing where she wants everything. As far as the wall décor that is up to me, but make sure it is definitely girly gurl. I ask Francine where she gets her equipment and fixtures so that I can order the necessary supplies. She said that the order is ready, waiting only for a shipment date and a destination. I tell her that the salon should be ready next week if I can get the inspectors here on time.

The following week the ballroom and the costume storage areas will be ready, so she can arrange shipment of the gowns and somebody to handle them upon arrival. She smiles that wicked smile that I am beginning to associate with her; you need then to get busy and hire them, so they can get trained and outfitted. The mechanism for the costume storage is up to you, so I suggest that you get busy and arrange for its delivery.

I ask about employees, can they be male or female, yes to that, but all employees will be required to dress as Southern Belles at all times. So males have to be transformed and female have to be fitted for their costumes. Even during construction, they will be required to dress appropriately. The word of mouth about the project and dress will do a lot to promote the venue.

I hesitated to ask the next question, but I did anyway. What about me, surely you don’t expect me to dress as a belle while I am putting together the project. She smiles at me that is a reason for today’s visit. The property next door has been put on the market, a perfect house for the two of you to live in. When you get settled in I, expect you to be in costume at the venue, except for trips into town for supplies or errands. I have had your dresses especially done, some for working around the property but most for your job as manager of the venue.

You will find your work dresses quite beautiful but large, lacey and very showy for your admirers. She winked at the comment about my admirers, yes, I guess the subs will be thrilled to see me in my feminine finery.

She suggested that Gail and I go back to the house to be sure it meets with my approval, and for me to get busy and make any additions or repairs that I deemed necessary to make it ready to move into. Gail drove me over to the house in my pickup, a nice shotgun type design in pretty good shape. It certainly looked large enough for two people. The insides looked to be in pretty good shape, dirt, and dust making it look less than it was.

It had three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room, dining room, and porches both front and back of the house. I figured the appliances needed to be replaced; Gail wanted the hardwood floors left, and we both decided on repainting throughout. Otherwise, the house is in nearly perfect condition. The bathroom fixtures are in surprisingly good shape for the age of the house, both of the bathrooms sporting claw-footed porcelain tubs. The floors of the porches needed to be replaced, I decided to keep with the hardwood floor that is in the rest of the house, then to enclose the porches to make them more livable.

I told Gail it should be ready in three to four weeks, mainly the painting taking the most time. Gail told me that the property came with ninety acres running alongside the original property’s eastern border. I briefly look out the back porch and notice quite a few notable landscape features that will add to the gardens.

We headed home from there, stopping to pick up something to eat at a fast food place. We set in the kitchen eating our meal, Gail watching me closely for some reason. I finally asked her what with the staring, is my makeup smeared. She giggles, then asked if I remembered when this was first talked about and Francine mentioned that you are transgendered. I nodded my head but told her I still don’t see anything in my behavior that yells I am a woman.

The biggest smile comes on her face with that cute little button nose of hers. Well, let’s consider a few facts, shall we. Here you sit with your knees crossed, a female action. Then we have the way you just ate your meal, dainty bites, frequently wiping your face and blotting your lipstick. This afternoon walking through the house you used short steps, your hips undulating as you walked, a female action of which you have had no training in.

Then we have your voice, Francine and I originally planning on shots to raise your voice a little, but right now your voice is at the right level for a female and again no lessons or training. Your inflections and vocabulary are very female for one that had only dressed for two days now.

As we walked around we were watching the crews and their interaction with you, everyone only seeing a female, your mannerisms, the way you play with your hair, and then for the clincher, you stopped and fixed your lipstick three times this afternoon, your mascara once and your purse never left your side the whole time. I rest my case.

I thought back on what she just said, all true, I don’t even remember where I learned to do those things, but apparently I am subconsciously doing them now. Gail asked if I was ready for some lesbian sex, or was I still too bashful in my new persona. I swallowed hard; surprisingly sex has not been on my mind the last few days, the job and my tasks occupying my thoughts.

“If you are ready to go that route, I will try to hold up my end.” She came up behind me, rubbing my back, then reaching around squeezed my nipples. They were instantly hard as a rock; then Gail started running her fingers around the nipple in a circular motion. The moan that escaped my mouth belied my interest in any further activities. I melted into her embrace, mouth half open, eyes closed, savoring the intense tingling coursing through my body.

Half aware of what is happening I am led to the bedroom then stripped of my clothes. The covers are thrown back and together we settled into the welcoming bed. The next thirty minutes were exciting, although I remember very little. I found myself being kissed, rubbed and probed in every orifice of my body.

After breathing returned to a normal level, I looked over at Gail, smiling as always with her dildo in her hand. A quick glance at my new slit, I noticed that my panties had been lost in the melee. Nah, she is just kidding me, surely she wouldn’t have penetrated me with the dildo. Then her finger slid into my moist slit, and the memories returned in spades. I remembered the dildo probing deeper with each thrust. Filling my cavity with a feeling that I can’t describe. Let’s just say that the feeling was exquisite.

Too much too soon, and my mind checked out for a while. I was up and down all night, somewhat restless, but possessing a contentment that I have not had in the past. As I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, I tried to figure why I had assimilated so quickly into the female role. Maybe Francine is right, could I be a latent transsexual not aware till now of my wish to become a female in life? I know I am doing things in a feminine manner, that I have had no training in whatsoever.

I was tired the next morning; maybe two hours sleep all that I managed during the night. I thought about a lot of things, but no decisions or answers to a lot of questions suddenly materialized. I got ready for work, dressed in another outfit that was too feminine, but Gail insisted that the same outfit could not be worn twice in the same month. In the hall mirror on the way out of the door, Charlotte was the image seen, looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

As I pulled up to the job site, all of the crews were busy, but things slowed till I got out of my truck. Since my outfit today was more mundane, work was able to be resumed without every eye on me. Several of the subs had finished their part, and after I had inspected their work, I wrote them a check for their fees. The nails did hamper check writing, resulting in me having to rewrite several checks to get them legible enough to be read.

The gal from the nursery returned, and we looked over the new acreage that was being bought. She had bids for the walkways, a lot less than I anticipated, with the contractor able to start tomorrow. She planned to lay out the walks today, with me walking the trails later to give my approval. The fence idea that sounded the best was an eight-foot high wire fence with evergreen vines planted along the length of it. The vines would have to be watered for a while, but after they got established, there would be no need for additional water. That too came in surprisingly cheap for all the work to build it and plant the vines.

She had brought a crew of workers, and they started at the front gate and made their way to the mansion. From there they planned to follow the proposed trails through the landscape. They had a portable chipper, and as they trimmed the trees and shrubbery, they fed the resulting debris into the chipper, making a mulch that was spread around the shrubs. By late afternoon all of the shrubbery along the paths had been trimmed and fertilized, the paths marked with flags so they would be ready for the soil cementers tomorrow.

Her contractor for the fence made an appearance, measuring distances and seeing what objects or impediments would be in the way. They managed to find survey stakes at all of the corners of the property, so there would be no doubt of the property line. The new acreage had also been staked so the fence would encompass both tracts of property. He would start at the first of next week setting the poles for the fence, the next two days his crew would bring all the materials and distribute them along the fence line.

Later that day I was sitting in my pickup, trying to formulate an approximate completion date. Surprisingly the sub-contractors were moving along at a good clip, three more of them would be done tomorrow, four to five days ahead of schedule. I had called several more contractors on work for the house; they would start the first of next week also. I thought I could see an opening the first of December, too early to commit to it, but a definite possibility.

I drove into town to check a cleaners, their mechanism for moving clean clothes to the counter might be perfect for the costume storage. I found out there is a wholesale laundry and cleaner supply in town, so I ventured there to inquire about their system. They indeed could make a system big enough to handle five to six thousand dresses, by combining lots of smaller systems. I ordered it from them getting them to install it for me at no cost. I imagine the forty-five thousand dollar order had something to do with getting it installed for free.

I tried to think where I could come up with some employees for the venue. I needed quite a variety of skills, from handling the dresses, cooking, serving the meals and general hotel type help. I decided to try a couple of businesses in town who were already doing some of these things. I checked several restaurants in town, but no one seemed to deal with southern cooking, other than the restaurant that Gail and I had dined at. That one is a long established tradition in town and would probably not be interested in adding our venue to its location. I did touch base with them, and yes they were not interested at all.

At the last restaurant I stopped at, the waitress I was talking to suggested a bed and breakfast right outside of town. I drove out there and since it was near lunch decided to sample their wares. I ordered a southern sampler, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, biscuits and gravy. It was quite tasty and reasonably priced.

After the dishes had been cleared away, I asked my server how their business was doing. She confided in me that it was alright, but since they were so far out, a lot of their customers didn’t always drive the extra miles to eat there. I asked to see the manager or owner; I might have a proposition to suggest. She looked right at me; you are looking at her what do you have in mind. She introduced herself as Amy; her husband is David, and they have had the bed and breakfast for ten years now. The bed portion does not do well not much reason to come to the town and stay for a while.

I found out it is a Ma and Pa operation, with the help of their three daughters when the business warranted it. She did the serving, and he cooked the food. I told her we were building a private venue for a company that was to have a restaurant included in the deal. I needed someone to run it, and serve the food. It would be high end, part of the venue’s ticket cost.

She got more comfortable and asked me to tell her more. I figured I better be sure she could handle the cross-dressed customers and told her that all of the patrons of the restaurant would be dressed as Southern Belles, although they would be a male underneath the clothes. She smiled, go on tell me more. I covered everything I could think of, suggesting that maybe the best way to handle this to use her as a contractor to run the restaurant and let her handle everything necessary to run the operation herself. Then I told her that all employees of the venue had to be dressed as Southern Belles at all times. That would include her group, servers, cooks, dishwashers, everyone.

We talked a little more; she asked a lot of questions, some of them I didn’t have an immediate answer for, but I would get back to her. I asked her what she would want to run and supervise such an operation. I had a few ideas about what she might want in expenses, but her answer surprised me. Let’s talk about setting this up as a set fee for each meal. I presume you will be serving all three meals, maybe a bigger shindig on Sunday mid-day. I nodded my head in the affirmative. I will cost the meal out after we have settled on menus, then so much for cooking it, serving it and cleaning up after. That way you will have a set daily expense for the food portion of their stay.

We can handle special meals separately. You furnish the costumes, the beauty services, and provide some basic insurance coverage since we will be working on your property. I will furnish the employees and make sure they are properly trained and supervised. I told her that is a good starting point; I needed to set up a time where the principal of the company could taste their cooking, but I had to arrange a time where they could get over here. She suggested that I come back by tonight at six, she will have a complete meal ready to go; I could take it to them, letting her know tomorrow if it is satisfactory.

I asked about her husband since his cooking would be essential to the deal, how will he take to dressing as a Southern Belle? She smiled and asked me in return if Turnabout Gurl Salon is behind this entertainment venue. I told her, yes; she said my husband is a regular at their salon; I think I can talk him into it. Since we had talked a lot about employees, I asked her if she had any ideas where I could find some willing participants to be employees of the venue. She told me just to run an ad, in the local paper, asking for volunteers to train to be employees of the venue. Then state that all employees will be required to dress as Southern Belles. You will find you all you need within a very short amount of time.

I checked a couple of other places in town, stopping at an employment agency just to see what I might find out. Since they had no customers at this time in the afternoon, I was able to talk to one of the owners. I told her what I was looking for; she never batted an eye when I mentioned the dress requirement. I asked her if she could handle the job interviews for me, checking out each candidate and then recommending who to hire. She could, and soon we had arranged a price for her services. She would run the ad, keeping everything confidential until the actual employee was selected. I gave her a rough idea of what would be needed and told to hire ten percent more, to handle no-shows and people not found out to be qualified for what we wanted.

I swung back by and picked up the food and headed to the salon. I had called earlier and made sure both Gail and Francine would be there. I brought it in and there turned out to be enough food to feed the entire crew and the remaining customers of the salon. Since every last morsel was done away with, I took it that the food is satisfactory. Gail gave me a sensuous kiss and Francine complimented me on my selection. I started telling her about the deal; she stopped me mid-sentence: I have someone that is handling all of these details, you can mention it to her. In answer to your next question the food was superb and your selection as manager of the venue is further validated.

The next morning back out to the site, three more contractors finished their jobs, and I paid them. I can actually write a legible check now, my gorgeous nails keeping the subs attention while I calculate and write the check. Well, that and my breasts, I honestly don’t remember me being so fascinated with a female’s breasts, I guess I need to question Gail on that. The contractor doing the soil cement is making good progress, the landscape crew is done with their initial work, just waiting for the fence to be finished, then they will be back to plant the vines and the annual and perennial beds later in the month.

The costume storage building is being sheet rocked on the interior walls today; then they will texture, paint, the walls, and varnish the floor. It will then be ready for the laundry supply to install the storage system. The electricians are finishing in the salon, the plumbers tomorrow and then the sheetrock/painters the next day.

I called Amy back and asked if I could meet with her again. She asked where the venue was located at, she and her husband would like to come and see the proposed restaurant. I gave her instructions, two hours later they arrived. I walked them to the building, apologized for the construction, but showed them what I had in mind. David had brought a scratch pad and was making some sketching’s of possible interiors. Amy dragged me outside and showed me what she had tentatively come up with as far as cost for the meals. She had it broke down by meal and also a daily figure for all three meals per person. We talked a while discussing different possibilities, she is a very intelligent female, knowing her business backward and forward. David emerged a little later showing me his ideas. A large central dining room, cathedral ceilings with columns around the exterior to give the feel of southern architecture.

He had laid out the kitchen telling me that the aisles had to be much wider than normal to accommodate the dresses, but also suggested that a full height plate glass window is installed between the kitchen and the dining room, the view of cooks in beautiful dresses serving the food should add to the charm of the restaurant. He told me he would prepare most of the food at his place, then bring it in stainless steel pans to keep warm and finish cooking at the restaurant. That way the kitchen could be kept clean and elegant at all times. I asked him if he was going to be at the restaurant or at his place.

He smiled, do you even need to ask that question. The dresses are the main draw, I will be where the dresses are. Amy giggled, you needn’t worry you will not be able to pry him away from here. He had a brother that they utilized every once in a while who is a chef of one of the better restaurants in town, he would love to cook the food. By using the back roads their place was only a mile and a half from the venue, so getting the food here would be no problem. David would cook breakfast here, a nice grill, the only thing needed to be able to handle that task. Lunch and dinner would be prepared off site and brought in.

Amy wanted to know how long the venue customer would be staying, that way they could have something different every night. I told her my thinking would be a seven-day stay, culminating with a ball every Sunday night. All arriving on a Monday afternoon and all leaving Monday morning, maybe a few selected customers allowed to spend two weeks at the venue. The transformations would be completed Monday evening and Tuesday morning, allowing the participants to enjoy the facilities all week.

Gail and I had thought that every day a short visit to the salon would be scheduled for some female pampering, then offer classes in the evening on doing their makeup and assembling a wardrobe. The grounds would allow them plenty of spots to spend a lazy afternoon surrounded by nature and also get their picture taken in a gazebo or underneath a large Magnolia. I planned on roving Belles, who would take their picture at any of the scenic backdrops around the grounds.

Amy told me to name my terms; they wanted to be part of this at any cost. I smiled, you are already, so make the necessary arrangements, tell me what kitchen equipment they want and plan on the first day of operation to be December 1st.

With that handled, I moved on to the ballroom. The sub had just finished sanding the hardwood floor, the walls in this building were stucco, and we could leave them as they were. We had no need for electrical in the walls, and no needed plumbing so we didn’t have to gut the building. I was still looking for some chandeliers for the ceiling but hadn’t found any yet. I told the sub that I would pay extra for him to sand the floor again, I wanted two to three coats of varnish on the floor, the heels of the belles would take a toll on the surface of the floor. He suggested a hard plastic finish after the two coats of varnish, protecting the floor better and when necessary easier to replace.

I cornered the electrician and told him I needed five junction boxes scattered around the ceiling at equal distances for the chandeliers. He asked if I had them already, no I am still looking for some. He jotted down a number and told me to call the lady. He isn’t sure how many, but they were removed from an old mansion and stored away. They are quite large and heavy; he is sure the lady has not sold them, modern houses not large enough to allow such a fixture.

I got out my cell phone and made the call. The lady was surprised that somebody would be interested in them, she still had them taking up a major portion of a barn on her property. She warned me they were huge each chandelier taking one-hundred-fifty light bulbs and extremely heavy. I asked her where I could see one and she had taken pictures and would text the picture to me. I waited a minute, and when I saw the picture, I called her back and told her I would take all of them. She giggled telling me there were ten of them all the same size, eight with clear crystal and two with pink crystal. I asked her if she wanted cash or a check, giggling whatever you want to give me. I found out where she lived and told her I would be right over.

One of the subs that did the sheet rocking had some fairly muscular helpers, and I told him I needed his truck and his men to retrieve some large ceiling fixtures. I handed him three hundred dollar bills; he told his men to come on. They followed me to the farm, and right up to the barn, the lady coming out of the house as we pulled up. I introduced everybody, and she showed me the boxes, the guys helped pull off one of the crate covers, the contents making me swoon. They were more impressive than the picture. I asked her how much she giggled and told me three thousand if I could use them. She was apprehensive, thinking I would balk at the price. I walked back to my truck and reached into my purse and took out four crisp thousand dollar bills and walked back to her.

I handed her the money and told the guys to load up the crates. It took all of the five men to lift the crate onto to the truck. Five is all the truck would handle, so they would make two trips. It was about twenty minutes to the site, so I waited as they left to unload. The lady counted the money, handing one of the bills back. I squeezed her hand no that is yours; they are perfect for my use, and I would pay that much for just one of them. She hugged me; I am just so glad they are gone. We talked until the guys got back, they loaded the remaining crates and drove off. I slipped the sub a couple more hundred, wanting him to be happy, willing to do it again for me if I ask.

This morning another new outfit, this one probably the most daring of the group. I knew if I leaned over there would be good chance that one of my breasts might end up slipping out of my bra. For a former male, that thought really affected me. From no breasts to a good sized rack and now clothes that threatened to expose them to the world. I did stop all work as I got out of my truck that morning, I even got a couple catcalls, although the sub quickly reprimanded them for their reaction.

Things were really coming together; now December 1st seemed a sure thing, the rate that they were finishing their work astounded me. The laundry supply showed up, and before five, they had completed the installation of the conveyors. It officially held six thousand four hundred and fifty-two dresses, of the size appropriate for a Southern Belle. It had a computer terminal that could be used to retrieve a specific dress and bring it to the counter for the customer to pick it up. The owner had come with them to oversee the installation, so I asked him about cleaning the dresses. He suggested dry cleaning; any fancier material could not be laundered; the fabric would damage with soap and water.

I asked him about the means to do the dry cleaning and he had a unit that would be perfect, allowing two dresses to be cleaned at once. The two limitation was because of the size of the dresses. I ordered one, and he would install it for free when it arrived, approximately two weeks. I knew that I now needed some employees so made my way back to town and to the employment agency. She had run the ad yesterday, got two hundred and fifty responses and had been interviewing them the majority of the day. She had fifteen that would be perfect, no special skills, but educated and willing to learn whatever is necessary. The costumes are not a problem, two males in particular anxious to assume the role. She had taken pictures of each, a simple review of questions discussed and their answers.

I briefly looked over her suggestions and told her to hire the whole bunch sending Gail three applicants each day for their transformation and training. The males, in particular, had to understand that this is not dress like a female one day and the next as a male. They had to live the role, at least as far as body parts and hairstyles are concerned. They would all be taught makeup, and how to maintain their hair. The costumes would be still a week away, but after that, a Southern Belle costume would be a requirement at all times. They would all receive minimum wage to start, their beauty services and costumes supplied by the venue. After a 30 day trial period, they would be evaluated and any necessary changes made.

I got the number from Francine to call on getting the costumes delivered and also made sure the salon equipment is on its way. The main house is still lacking a lot, although they had made a lot of progress. Our new house had been cleaned, and the old appliances removed. The painters had started painting the rooms in the colors that Gail had picked; then the floor people would get the hardwood floors prepped and varnished. It took only one day for the porches to be rebuilt, hardwood floors laid and the porch enclosed. I had selected Plexiglas for the walls, allowing a view of the landscape surrounding the house.

I am still getting used to being a female, although every day it gets a little easier. Gail has me stop by every other day for maintenance, making sure the head Southern Belle is always gorgeous and beautiful. Every visit required a change in nail color, both toes, and fingernails. When I first got the nails, I figured it would only be a few hours before I broke one of them, but to this day I remain with the original set. Now the breasts and false vagina seem to be a natural part of me. I always sit to potty, and fix my makeup before resuming work.

The semi with the first load of dresses arrived, and I had it parked by the building we were going to store them in. I had arranged for three to four days to unload it before they would retrieve the empty semi. When they picked it up, they would probably bring the other semi of dresses for us to unload. Francine had the maker of the dresses label each dress with a description, type of dress, size, and color. This I would have entered into the computer as they hung them so that any dress could be retrieved on command. I figured I would need a picture of each dress before it was all over, so arranged for a picture of each dress to be taken before it went into storage. The dresses were all encased in a zippered plastic bag, to keep them clean and spotless.

I had figured that the dresses needed to be kept cool, so had the air conditioning people overhaul the buildings system, making sure it was up to the task. I called Gail she was working on the first three applicants, all female and according to her absolutely enthralled at their new appearance. I was going to use them for unloading the dresses, so arranged with her for them to wear something appropriate until we could get their costumes unloaded and assigned.

The ballroom is now finished, they will hang the chandeliers in the morning, eight of them going in the ballroom, the remaining two pink one’s going in the main house in the foyer. Now that I have two of the buildings completed, I can concentrate on the remaining structures. The restaurant is also finished, waiting on the appliances and the interior décor to be added. Gail’s salon is almost done the equipment coming in this week; she could probably be in it by the first of the week. That leaves just our house and the main house.

I have six contractors working in the main house, finishing each room before they move to the next. Maybe three weeks and that will also be finished. I began to see a possibility for Thanksgiving, maybe a private sneak preview of the resort and a fancy Thanksgiving dinner for all who are invited. I called Amy and asked if she could pull this off, her no problem a quick and decisive answer. She just needs to know how many to prepare for. I told her I would let her know by the end of the week.

As I was getting ready to leave, my two head supervisors pulled up. Both were open mouthed at the progress of things, both of them giving me very enthusiastic hugs. I showed them around and told them what I had planned, opening December 1st. I planned to keep the Thanksgiving thing as a surprise, telling them we would eat turkey there Thursday, just a few of us, not mentioning that we would be open in all of the other facets. I would have to tell Gail later, but I was sure I could lean on her to keep the info private. I suggested that Francine come the Wednesday before Thanksgiving late in the day and stay in one of our bedrooms at the house overnight. That way I could keep some of the other dealings private until Thursday morning.

Gail asked when she could move into the new salon; I responded as soon as the equipment arrived later in the week. Francine asked when I was going to run ads for the place; I told her I had it worked out, and they would start the day after Thanksgiving. I had hoped to invite enough prominent people and travel agents for the sneak preview for the word to be spread without having to run newspaper ads.

Francine gave me such a huge crushing hug as she got ready to leave, you have exceeded my every wish and dream, and your talents are worth very cent I am paying you and more. I just ask that you stay with me for the balance of your life, you and Gail mean so much to me. She looked at Gail telling her to look up and then kissed me on the lips in an erotic and sensuous kiss. “I have always wanted to do that, one more thing that I can scratch off my bucket list.” I just stood there my mouth open, Well, Gail is not to be left out, her kiss taking all of my breath away. Her tongue made its way to all corners of my mouth, probing and searching. When she finished she suggested that I repair my lipstick, it is a little smudged.

As they drove off, I set down hard in my pickup, wondering what that is all about. It definitely is an incentive to please the two of them in the future.

Back to work, I walked through the main house seeing what had got done and what still needed to be handled. I counted forty-three rooms ready to be furnished, that reminding me that I had not ordered furniture for the house, let alone accessories to decorate with. First thing in the morning, a must on my priority list. As I walked back downstairs, I noticed one crew still here.

They were hanging the last of the chandeliers in the foyer. The pink crystal making them stand out like a beautiful stars on a winter’s night. I set on the stairs watching them get them in place and wire up the electricity to them. They had placed a few bulbs in the fixtures to test if they worked, the foreman flipping a switch on the wall and the chandelier came to life. It made the room glow; it now had a personality, a character that was not there before the chandelier came to life.

I quickly made my way to the ballroom; I had yet to see the chandeliers there, the last time I came through there they were just starting to hang them. I pushed open the doors, took a step back and almost squealed. They had left the switch on, even without many bulbs in the holders, they were magnificent. The many crystals reflecting the light from the bulbs, casting small shadows that seemed to flirt over the polished floor’s surface. I can imagine many beautiful females all in fancy dress, swaying to and fro around the dance floor with the glimmering lights from the chandeliers.

That brought another question to mind, how are two ladies dressed in their feminine finery going to dance together. They wouldn’t even be able to get close enough to hold each other. The few movies that I remember seeing showed a male wearing pants dancing with the belles, his legs kind of infringing on the dress, but allowing himself to get close enough to his partner to hold her and lead her in the waltz. That also reminds me that I need music somehow, a good sound system and refreshments to serve during the ball. So many details to take care of, with me planning an early opening, I needed to get busy to assure that all would come together in time.

I decided that the dancing partners for the belles needed to fit the theme. Instead of male partners in typical male attire we needed something different. Pants a must, two partners in big voluminous skirts would not do. Take one partner in frilly breeches with stockings attached to corsets, ruffled blouses dripping in lace, add in feminine makeup, and curly hair piled up high on the head, perched in stilettos and you have the perfect partner for our Southern Belles. A picture of femininity, able to dance with our Belles under the glimmering light of our ballroom. I needed to get with Gail to plan what we need, maybe the spouses of our guests could attire themselves this way if the guests had no attending spouses we would need to furnish the dance partner.

The music is much simpler to handle; I contacted a music store wanting quotes on a sound system for a large ballroom. I figured someone among my new employees would be able to be a DJ when the ballroom is in use, playing different waltzes through the evening. Amy could furnish the snacks, and refreshments for the dance, maybe one employee to serve them. I remembered to ask about some amateur photographers, someone to take pictures of our guests around the grounds, at the ball, or after their transformation at the salon.

The sound system turned out to be a minor expense in the scheme of things, but the speakers necessary to get the full effect much more challenging. I had to get the electricians back to run cables to get everything hooked up and then decided to build a small stage for the DJ to do her thing on; it could even be used for a guest singer if one could be obtained. I called the employment agency to let her know that I needed several photographers to take pictures, then called a photo shop to find some equipment to print the pictures. That ended up at a computer store, buying a commercial printer that would print high-resolution photos from a digital camera.

I seemed to be able to handle the problems as fast as they made their self-known, I think more luck and persistence than any real skill. Day after day things were coming together, I had done some checking around for the names of some influential people in the community, but when thinking of how this tied into the purpose of the venue, I realized I am doing it all wrong. One evening I went in early and spent some time with Francine talking about her customers and the supporting gender groups in the immediate area. I picked up a lot of names, mostly customers who were very active in the TG community, frequent visitors to the salon. I got Gail to get me contact information on the groups, and I started calling as many as I could. I had talked to Gail about how long it would take to transform some of these people to their feminine best, trying to work out the logistics of having a Thanksgiving dinner and preview ball right after. I didn’t give her any details, keeping the day and time a secret.

Armed with as much information as I could muster, I told Amy how many guests, and what refreshments would be needed for the ball. Then I made calls inviting as many as would come to the festivities. Very few declined the invitation, they had heard about the venue some from the salon but lacked any details about what is to be offered. I asked them if possible if they could schedule appointments at the salon before Thanksgiving, easing up on the number of last minute transformees. I did swear them to secrecy if they blabbed I would ban them from the venue permanently. Heavy handed, but I so wanted it to be a surprise for Francine.

The salon at the venue opened this morning, some of the girls from the other salon helping get it set up and stocked. Gail seemed to be excited, new play toys, all brand new equipment and lots of room, she is almost giddy all through the day.

I sneaked over to our house shortly after lunch, to check if they had completed all the work. As I walked through the house, everything seemed to be perfect. When some of the subs learned that it is to be my residence, the quality of the work seemed to go up a couple of notches. I had arranged for a moving company to move our things early tomorrow morning, with Gail at work she will be surprised. A couple of our new employees made available to help placing things as they were in our old house. I knew they wouldn’t get everything right, but Gail and I could adjust things later.

I had told Francine that she is banned from coming to the new venue until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I saw a smile on her face when I said that, she knew I was planning something, so she reluctantly agreed. Then to get even she asked why I am not in costume at the venue. Grinning from ear to ear when she made that statement. I had been putting it off for as long as I could but knew the time is rapidly approaching. I agreed to start tomorrow, knowing that when we went to the house after the day, I could just walk there, not having to drive. I also snickered, everybody including Gail would also be in costume from this day on.

Talking about wearing a Southern Belle dress is one thing but to be encased in one is totally a different experience. As I walked into the salon that morning, I was a little apprehensive; today I would start living the life of a Southern belle for real. I knew that maneuvering around the venue in a larger than real life dress would be challenging, but also realized that the whole venue is based on that premise. Gail had a huge smile on her face as I entered, leading me to a room that had the prettiest dress that I had ever seen hanging on a hook on the wall. I am undressed right down to my birthday suit and then layer after layer of lingerie is added to my body.

First a bloomer style panty, then a chemise is added to be followed with a strict corset all in ivory. The corset looked gorgeous, but after it is cinched around my body, it felt far from being lacy and delicate. For the next sixty minutes the laces were tightened then tied off, then a few minutes later tightened some more. Looking at my image in the mirror I had a feminine figure, almost hourglass, but that didn’t seem to matter to my corset fitters. It had built in cups, my breasts just lying in the cups of the corset.

Then the dress is laid out on the floor, and I had to step into it. As the top of the item is pulled up to my waist, I realized that this is not the dress but only the petticoats. I had been told that in the past a hoop is worn under the dress, but the problems of walking, getting through doors and dancing, it is decided to leave it out, to be replaced with multi layers of petticoats. After securing them to my waist, the dimensions of the dress became apparent. Five foot across from one side of the dress to the other, it is like I am standing in a sea of petticoats.

Then the dress itself is raised above my head and lowered over the petticoats, straightening it out and then buttoning the multitude of buttons up my back. I realize the need for ladies maids; you couldn’t get in or out of the dress without help. A very snug fit, the corset just barely making my figure fit the dress. My breasts perched in their cups very visible, the top of the dress stopping at the nipple line of the cups. The corset is squeezing any extra fat up, helping to swell my breasts to epic proportions.

Gail smiled as she watched me look at my image in the mirror, a beautiful Southern Belle ready for a leisurely day. She came over to whisper in my ear; you need to come here to potty, someone will have to help you, too many layers to deal with. The realization that I had to work in the dress all day came to the forefront. I had thought about it as I designed the site, but being encased in the dress made the point much more dramatically.

I left the salon, doors being held open for me as I made my way to some areas that needed to be checked up on. The looks I received could be described as pure lust, as I walked by everybody is watching me, not an eye anywhere else but on me. I now know why dressing as a belle is viewed as erotic and sexy. It can’t be anything else, with boobs bulging out of the dress and hair and makeup so feminine. The dresses, especially mine, seemed to draw attention to every curve of my body, while making me feel submissive and docile trapped in yards of lace and silk.

All of my work leading up to this, the venue now almost complete, part of my job now complete. A look in the mirror, the image clearly an indication of the part of the job I was still to perform. Charlotte is now a Southern Belle, welcoming the guests to a touch of history. What a wonderful job and life that I was lucky enough to be offered. So if you will excuse me I have still a few things to handle, being a Southern Belle is so demanding.

Most of the day’s activities were meeting the employees that I had not been introduced to yet, then checking to see if everything was ready for our guests.

Later in the day I had to go to the salon, I needed to pee, and there is no way to do so by myself. Gail had researched it more than me and had a gadget that held up the rear of the dress skirt around my shoulders. Then the attendant moved me to a toilet and had me set down. When I finished, I was led to a narrow box and told to stand over it, as I moved over it a fan came on and dried my nether regions. The fan’s air on my female sex is quite disconcerting, lots of erotic feeling suddenly coming from down there. She then had me step forward and helped get my panties back up, then released the skirt. There is so much skirt and petticoats between my hands and the female vagina there is no way I could even reach down there if I wanted to. With the back of my skirts and petticoats bunched up on my shoulders I was sure that I provided quite a sight to anyone looking. Talking about being embarrassed, that is an eleven on a scale of ten, no make that thirteen.

It is a now apparent that the extra bathrooms and baths that had been built into the rear of the salon were needed, wearing such a dress and handling normal body functions would be a challenge.

All the rest of the day I felt I was in a fish bowl, being stared at by everyone. I swear I saw a squirrel stop and take in my appearance, watching me for quite some time. Then with a flourish of his tail he scooted up a tree making all kinds of sounds that didn’t quite sound like a language that squirrels might use. The remaining contractors though were not that subtle, I often thought I could see the drool running from their mouths as they watched what I am doing and where I am headed.

I did remember to order furniture for the rooms, keeping it simple. A canopy bed is a requirement, then a dresser, a vanity, and a wing back chair. I thought of how I am dressed and then ordered some fancy upholstered stools. They were not quite as tall as ones seen in kitchens these days, but if the belle hiked her skirts and petticoats she could sit on one without interference from the dress. After I had made the selections I told them I needed more than one set. When I told the saleslady I needed eighty sets all identical she had to sit down for a minute or two.

I finally got her mind back on the order asking when they could deliver. She talked to her boss and told me the shipment would come directly from the factory and I could have it three days after my payment cleared. I made out the check, and asked her to call the bank as to the validity of the account and funds available. She returned a few moments later telling me that the furniture is on its way and I would have it the day after tomorrow.

The comical part is my driving to the furniture store in the dress, petticoats and skirts everywhere in my cab of the truck. Then walking onto the store managing the door with a huge skirt not the easiest. I got the salesladies’ attention without even trying, completed the deal and even had help leaving the store through the front doors. Back to the venue, spending the rest of the time checking on what I might have forgotten.

I visited each building, asking myself if it is ready to open and function as planned. The dresses were all in stock, the descriptions and pictures all taken ready to be matched to our customers. It turned out that the dress designer had already thought of the problem with two belles dancing and had made some fancy pants, so much lace and trim applied to the pants, they almost looked like underwear, very fancy female underwear. The rest of the outfit would consist of female underwear, mainly a corset that would not have anything placed over it.

Gail had the salon well in hand, transforming new employees to the image of the venue and getting then fitted for their dresses. Once outfitted they were required to walk the grounds making themselves familiar with everything and learn where all features of the venue were located. Then back to the salon where Gail had assigned one of her better managers the job of showing them where they would work and what they would be doing. We decided after the initial orientation that all employees would start on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so that we would be ready for Grand Opening on Thursday. I had to lean on Gail to keep from telling Francine anything, but after she had learned my plan and all the things I had done to assure its success she agreed wholeheartedly.

My next place to check is the ballroom, the electricians just installing the last of the light bulbs in the chandeliers. Even I am impressed at the effect the chandeliers had on the ballroom. The shine off the floor with that much light and shadows off the fixtures made the place almost mystical. I walked through the corridor to the restaurant and then saw the same amazing site. All that needed to be done is the addition of live plants, scheduled for tomorrow morning. The kitchen appliances had been delivered, their stainless steel finish reflecting some of the light through the plate glass windows to the dining room. Amy and her husband both checking on last minute details, both resplendent in their gowns.

That left only the main house and the bedrooms. As I entered the foyer the chandeliers are on, the look quite impressive. I noticed a few new employees at the check in desk, went over to them and welcomed them. Two were females and one a male, although he is obviously trying to emulate the girls. I told him to relax, just let things happen naturally, he smiled and then in a whisper asked if I was really a male. I told him yes, I was a male but each day that became more in doubt.

Satisfied that all was as it should be, I went back to my office to run the next few day’s happenings through my mind. It seemed to all make sense and logically fit together as if it was all planned out to perfection. That did cause me a little concern, unexpected responses can devastate a plan quickly. I made another tour of the grounds later, wanting to make sure I had nor forgotten anything. The contractor that had built the gazebos had done a fantastic job, they were cute and nestled right in among the landscape. Even the fence was completed although it would be a couple of months before the vines made much of an appearance. I ended up at the salon, so Gail and I could walk home together.

We held hands the whole way, everything about this place oozed romance, walking along the paths lined with flowers and its shrubbery landscape put you in the mood, the huge dresses swaying around our legs, our breasts rising and falling as we took short breaths. By the time we reached the house I wanted to ravage Gail, but then thought of all the layers of clothes between my wish and its fulfillment. We entered the house and Gail squealed, seeing the furniture arranged very nicely, even the smell of food coming from the dining room.

I was attacked, it taking quite a few minutes before my body could initiate a thought again. Total meltdown as I was kissed, licked, tongued and groped. I presume from her reaction she approves of all of this. I herded her to the dining room table, helped her get situated, then made my way to a chair. The food looked wonderful as we both dug in, at least as much as our corsets would allow. I am sure both of us will be losing quite a bit of weight over the next few weeks, the corsets just not allowing much intake. What we did consume was so good. My decision to hire Amy and her husband one of my better choices, believe me.

We did eventually made it through the rest of the house, only a few items would have to be moved or changed. It would have to be accomplished when not in the gorgeous gowns, with them on it severally restricted what could be done. We helped each other get ready for bed, a task that consumed an hour and a half. I was nodding off standing up, but Gail had other ideas. A certain individual had to be rewarded for getting all of this accomplished, all I can say is that she succeeded as I was tingling all over and wide awake and this was thirty minutes after she had concluded rewarding me. I love the clothes, the fact of being a female, but still have a lot to learn in handling the emotions that go with it. I was crying, screaming, trying to hug Gail to death as she manipulated me into a ball of mush. Gail did not escape some joy, I saw to that. It was over an hour later when I finally succumbed to sleep.

The next morning Gail handed me a robe that matched my nightie as we made our way to the salon. The robes were quite modest, no cheap thrills for the passersby. There we were both encased in all the lingerie and the dresses for today. One more check around the venue, tomorrow my guests will start to arrive. I know Gail will be quite busy, the rest of the employees and the invited guests all to be transformed. We had decided to pick up Francine at the salon late Wednesday and take her directly to our house. That way she will hopefully miss most of what is going on.

Gail did show me my dress for opening day, just looking at made me more feminine. Then I saw Francine’s, payback is so sweet. Most everybody was in their places as I went to pick up Francine, a lot of our guests had already arrived and were being transformed. I made the drive and walked into the salon, taking Francine’s hand and leading her to my truck. I held her door for her, as she was just giggling away. Straight to our house parking in the small garage at the back of the house. I showed her to her room, her nightwear already lying on the bed. I suggested she get ready for bed, dinner would be served in about an hour, some wine and then an early rise since she had to be a Belle as of tomorrow. Venue rules, if you are here you are to be dressed as a belle. Gail would take care of her transformation, starting at eight A.M. in the morning.

Amy showed up a little later, a delicious feast fit for royalty. Gail right behind her. I got a wink from Gail everybody transformed already, just touch ups and dresses in the morning. Sixty-eight invited guests, from their comments walking around the grounds, a sure fire success story. Amy did a little extra serving some appetizers in the foyer of the entrance hall, and unlimited iced tea to rave reviews.

Francine walked into the dining room, the look on her face quite unusual for Francine. The nightie she was wearing had huge amounts of material, her usual dominance lost in all of the layers of femininity. We set at the table and consumed the delicious food, both Gail and I wearing corsets still. What we managed to eat was so good though. Gail poured the wine, then informed Francine of her dressing as a Southern Belle first thing in the morning.

I had a few figures for Francine about the venue costs, after I had showed her what the total cost of the venue was so far I was threatened with a massive hug, my giggling kind of surprised her, an unexpected reaction from me. The total cost of the venue was only four and a half million dollars. As of an hour ago we were already booked solid till March 1st, I am sure after this weekend it will be for a much longer time period. I explained I had a few dignitaries visiting this weekend, sure their word of mouth will spread quickly.

Somehow I evaded the hug, but tomorrow I am sure I will not be so lucky. We decided to turn in since tomorrow will be a long day. As soon as were in bed Gail was locked around my increasingly female figure, I gave up getting loose after a few minutes, content to be in her arms.

Francine was shook awake, then led to the salon where Gail was ready to do her thing. I am sure Francine was all eyes as they passed so many Belles on the way to the salon. It was our intention to just tell her they were employees in training for the opening. Surprisingly we got by with that explanation, Francine must be in awe of everything a seldom happening occurrence.

I made a few last minute checks, but swung around to the salon often, not wanting to Miss Francine being laced into her corset. Francine’s dress required one of the tighter corsets, both Gail and I smiling at that thought. On the last trip by she was being buttoned up in her dress, a captive of us until we decided she could be released. What is good for one should be shared with all.

The first group of visitors had been fed in the dining room, now the second group including the three of us were being seated. Francine pouted the whole time, the food is so good, but the bite of the corset severally limiting any substantial amount of it being enjoyed. In the Civil War period any female worth her stature in society had wasp like waists, and minimal appetites. Gail took her for a walk around the grounds while I helped everybody get cleaned up and over to the ball room. Then as I saw the two come into sight I opened the doors to the ballroom and switched on the chandeliers. The music started and all of guests came out of the main house awed at the sight and music.

My luck ran out, as Francine caught me before I could escape and I was hugged and squeezed to death. At times like these it does pay to be wearing a corset, a sort of rigid layer of protection against further squashing of my body. I was kissed and could see Gail standing to the side ready to repair makeup as needed. Finally after we were both presentable Gail managed to haul her off for the first dance. Since both Francine and Gail were in huge gowns two of our employees dressed in their tailored feminine costumes danced with them.

I wandered around meeting everybody and asking of their opinion of the venue. I was included in countless pictures, my hair and prevalent breasts quite a hit with the visitors. I had set up a reservation table for both the venue and for the salon. From the lines at both tables I doubt we will ever want for customers. I had set up tables around the perimeter of the ballroom, to sit and relax a little. It was funny to watch the new belles try and maneuver their dresses to get comfortable. Our employees would help, showing them how to accomplish that feat.

I noticed some of Amy’s crew enter, offering our guests nibbles and drinks. This was something we had not discussed, I would have to make sure she is properly chastised then rewarded. I was so lucky when I stopped and talked with her and her husband that day.

I had our photographers taking pictures of the crowd and for any guest that wanted a memento of their visit. As I scanned the crowd Gail came and dragged me to table where Francine was sitting. I could tell she was happy, excited and almost out of breath. She begged me to be let out of her corset. I smiled no corset no dress. No dress you have to leave the venue. I saw that pout of hers, she was enjoying all of it except the tighter than tight corset. She started to say something, I put my finger to her lips, won’t work here I am the venue manageress and what I say goes.

The smile was still there, but her mind was still concerned about the tightness of the corset. We finally closed the ballroom at three A.M. the majority of our guests still participating. I made sure everything was secure then checked the booking figures before heading home. Even I was shocked, booked solid until April 1st of the next year. Gail’s salon booked even longer than the venue.

I walked home, although I doubt my feet were touching ground. Both gals were in their nighties, but were waiting for me. I tried to keep a solemn face, but it is so hard when you are excited. I handed Francine the paper I wrote the figures on, then waited. The two of them screaming and then trying to kiss me at the same time was so comical. It was five when I managed to get out of my dress, get a shower and then dress again to make sure our guests were being taken care of.

I did manage to single out a few employees that showed some management abilities, talked to them telling them we would talk later about a better position for them. About three in the afternoon I managed a few minutes in my office to get a few winks, only to be accosted by my girls again. I had one of the employees drive Francine back to her salon, she had some other prior commitments that she had to see to. I got such a hug as she left, handing me an envelope as she was getting in the car. I passed it off to Gail as both of us were shedding tears as she left. Back out to see how things were going, then finally back home a little after midnight.

I had to wake up Gail since I didn’t want to sleep in the dress, but as quickly as that was handled we were both off in dream land. It was much later the next morning when I managed to drag myself from our bed. Thankfully all of our guests had departed. The first reservations not for a week that would allow me to get things set up for the long haul. I dragged myself through the venue making a short list of what had to be done to make the place right with the world. Some clean-up and basic re-stocking would be necessary. The fact that we sold fifty-seven dresses alone a serious consideration for the future.

I got a call from Francine, wanting to make sure we were up and at em, then asked if I had looked at the envelope yet. When I hesitated she knew the answer. I told her I would get right to it, I just needed to order some more dresses, talk to a few employees and check out the restaurant. When I reached the foyer of the main house I had called a couple of the employees that I saw some promise in, asking them to drop by and talk to me. All said they would come right over.

Over the next couple of hours I offered one the day manager position, then one a night manager position and the last one a special events manager. The last one would see to the proper set up of the ball room for our weekly balls and any special events that we might schedule. I told them I would let them choose their employees, but they would be held responsible for their actions and performance of their duties. Surprisingly two of the three were males, even showing up dressed as females today when I asked them to come in.

I finally made it to the restaurant, to find it spotless and properly set up for a meal. Even the glass separating the kitchen from the dining room was spotless. I must be sure and reward the two of them for their extra effort and caring. Amy in particular a real find both as an employee and a friend.

When I got back to our house, Gail was waiting for me on the porch. I was given hell for not being properly dressed, then she handed me the envelope Francine had given me. I tried to get her to just read it, but she insisted I read it first. A short letter followed by three legal documents was stuffed in the envelope. Essentially Gail and I were now partners in the venture, both of us getting a twenty percent share of the yearly profits with a base salary of a hundred thousand dollars each. I sat down hard, for her to give us all of this on top of what she has done for Gail in the past was too much. I called her on the phone, tried to reason with her, but she was adamant.

I threatened her, but she just laughed at me. Accept it and get on with your job, it isn’t as if don’t have something to do now. I can’t wait to come visit again and get to wear that corset again, it was so much fun. Now hang up and get to work.

Quite often I reflect on the last couple of months, what has happened and what is right down the road. I would never even have imagined most of it possible, but yet it did and turned out so wonderful. Charlotte, a Southern Belle. Happy, you bet.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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