Suzi; Another Dress Code

I have been with the company for six years, having first joined their ranks right after I graduated college. I worked myself up through the company through a lot of hard work and persistence. The business started out selling hair care products, back when that segment of the economy was gaining in popularity. Now we sell a full range of beauty products both for the female and the male including several lines of cosmetics.

Males and females trying to make progress in the business world are realizing how important appearance is in achieving their goals. It started mainly with females, as more ladies challenged the glass ceiling that had been in effect for years. What they ran into was a version of good ole boys club. Now appearance and who you know and were friends with got you promoted, how you did your job was no longer a consideration.

The females in the workforce watched the males protect their turf by promoting and advancing males to any upper level job, whether they were qualified or not. Well if it works for the male it will work for the distaff side of the gender as well. Like their counterparts when a female got promoted she looked to her fellow females when another position came up for filling. It caught on and soon the females had made a considerable sized beachhead and were adding to their ranks daily. Of course, the males seeing what was happening decided they better get their act together, before they too fell to the ever growing amount of female oriented employers.

In companies where the males still held the top positions, new rules and guidelines were passed making it more difficult for the female to stay working for the company. One of their favorite weapons was the dress code. By making the rules for what one could wear to the office more stringent a lot of female employees decided it was not worth the aggravation and quit, exactly what the males desired. Then some employees decided to challenge the dress codes in court, mainly on the pretext that one group of employees could not be singled out to wear a certain type of apparel. The courts backed them up and soon dress codes were made universal, applying to all employees of the business no matter what gender or age.

In the case of our company we had went through all of these scenarios, five different dress codes over the last six years. We had one in effect now, but it was worded very loosely with no one bothering to enforce any part of it. That all changed on the first of July, 2000.

I was one of the first employees to get to work that day, just my nature, not because I had stuff to do or wanted to get ahead. I had trouble signing in so I could access my email and then get to work. Fifteen minutes later I managed to get signed in and the first email was about a new dress code. Okay here we go again, then I saw the previous email. Our main competition announcing that our company has been bought out by them effective six A.M. this morning. Not the best way to find out about your company being bought out.

Our top level management have been replaced or resigned, their management team now in charge. It was signed S. Townsend CEO of Beautiful Female You Inc., apparently our new business name. I was worried since I had just been promoted a year ago to buy and manage the several cosmetic lines we were carrying. I checked with the couple of coworkers that had showed up, they were just as shocked as I was. Natalie my cubicle mate had been reading the dress code email, giggling away at its contents. She had been here as long as I had, so had been thorough the previous dress codes and their eventual demise. With the smirk of all smirks on her face she suggested that I might want to take a look at the email about the dress code more closely.

I opened up the email and read the first three paragraphs and laid my head on the desk and groaned. It contents was aimed at any males that might be working for the new company listing the new dress code for all employees. The all was underlined, with a short sentence following having the dress code going into effect July third at opening of business eight A.M. EST. Any employee failing to comply will be dismissed immediately for cause.

The dress code was very specific; skirts or dresses were to be worn at all times, blouses that buttoned up the back only, heels of at least four inches worn over seamed stockings, mascara and lipstick at all times applied after a suitable foundation, and two sets of pierced earrings, one set of studs and one set of dangle earrings that came at least two inches lower than the bottom of the earlobe. Hair was to be highlighted, and in a curly hairstyle not hindered by any scrunchie, barrette, or any other type of hair accessory. Hair length was to be at least to the shoulder blades, although longer is favored and allowed.

The last line of the code was in bold print. Panties and bras are required, at all times, the bra to be underwired or the push me up style and the panties to be thongs. This will keep reminding us that we are female, beautiful females and of what we sell to help others attain their desires and wishes beauty wise. Then another paragraph of how important the appearance of our employees were to our customers, since Beautiful Female You is not only our name but our goal in life.

Since there were very few male employees left in the company, I doubt if the dress code will make much of a ripple on day to day business. I am sure a few females will be unhappy about a few of the rules but since they dress in variations of these items anyway, not something to get really upset about. I can imagine the talk around the company of the males that choose to remain and their first days in required dress code outfits. A sight to look forward to, that is for sure.

However, in my case the ripple is more like a tsunami. I locked my keyboard and headed to my bosses office. She apparently heard me coming down the hall calling me in before she could even see who it was. She pointed to the chair in front of her desk, now I wasn’t so sure about being here.

Before I could eek out a word she told me it does apply to me, nothing in particular that they are trying to achieve in your case. Ms. Townsend does want her buyers to reflect the company image, so you just happen to be in the right spot at the right time. Now to maybe ease the pain a little in your case she will adjust your salary to help offset the clothes, makeup and beauty services that you will have to have to comply. This is not being done to all males, so consider yourself privileged. Now do you have any more questions?

If not I suggest that you go to this salon and talk to Dallas today if possible. She can help you figure out if this is something you might want to follow through on and advise you on the procedures that are necessary. I was handed the card of the salon, then she waited to see if I had any questions. I just sat there, till she told me to get out, she had other more important things to do besides hold my hand. A huge smile appeared on her face, I managed to close my mouth and then left.

I worked another hour then decided I better see if the salon can help me. Ever since I received the email my mind was trying to decide, do I try and stay or just give up and start all over again? I was afraid that would be the case, starting over somewhere else and having to work myself back up to something worthwhile. The salon wasn’t that far away, but the trip seemed to be like trekking across the country. I tried to picture myself as a female, wearing dresses and makeup every day to do my job. I realized that a real female does this every day, none the worst for doing so. All of the images that managed to materialize in my mind were either comical or just plain laughable. But yet to keep my job I will have to go this route.

I had already heard just before I left the office that quite a few of my male colleagues had resigned, one look at the dress code and they folded. So either I comply or I too will be looking for another job. As I pulled up to the salon, my eyes just about bugged out. The salon was huge, almost as big as our big box grocery store. The solid glass front showed the placed crowded, with numerous examples of femininity everywhere you look. Lots of pink was seen, but the gals that worked there were the real show. Dressed in brief frilly dresses, with their hair piled on top of their head in curls they were easy to spot and admire. The place was packed, females everywhere you look. I walked up to their reception area, asked to see Dallas and the gal made a call, then sent me back to an office at the back of the salon. My head was swiveling right and left as I made my way back there.

About half way there, I noticed that a lot of the customers that I thought were female were actually males. A lot of them had their hair in curlers, or were getting their nails done, even some having makeup applied to their faces. In all cases they looked quite feminine, probably undetectable when they were finished. I almost walked past the office door, a taller female grabbing my arm as I was wandering by. She introduced herself and invited me into the office. She answered my first question without me asking it. Yes, ninety percent of the customers in the salon right now are male, but will be leaving the salon as a female. A few will still look a little masculine, their bodies even when feminized still a little too bulky to make a feminine impression. Most though easily pass as females, some of them working as such every day.

Now have a seat and tell me what can I do for you. I told her where I work, as soon as I mentioned the name she smiled. She reached into her top desk and pulled out a sheet with services and prices printed on it. She asked my name, then consulted another list of employees of my company. Sure enough I was on that list, so she marked the sheet with the prices as all services no charge. Apparently she knew of the changes to the dress code and my name was on a list of preferred employees of the company. I asked a little about the changes, Dallas telling me that I needed to go the route of semi-permanent changes since I will be living and working as a female if I stay with the company.

She confessed she was a product of the skills and procedures of the salon. “Do I look like a male in any way or form?” I sat there with my mouth open, wondering if I allowed this will I look as good as she does. In for a penny, in for a pound seemed reasonable so I opted for the works semi-permanent. My stomach was on edge though, my nerves strung tight and my hands sweaty as I uttered those words. They were able to take me right away, though I was not sure that was necessarily a good thing. Maybe I needed the time to think about this some more. I did call back to my boss, telling her I will not be back in this afternoon, but will be in tomorrow morning fully dress code compliant.

Soon I was naked on a table in a treatment room and my body hair was being removed. They used a cream, after one application I would never again have any hair below my head. After I was smooth all over I realized how much difference just removing my body hair made in my appearance. I now looked like a flat chested female with something stuck in my groin.

That is where they headed next, my feet put in stirrups and spread wide. The tech working on me must have been quite experienced in getting rid of objects in a male’s groin area, for when I looked down there several minutes later it was gone. Glued back between my legs after my testicles were pushed up into my body. I felt her manipulating my male organ but that was it. A very realistic vulva was added over the top. Hairless, so as to match the rest of my body.

Before I could realize how much that one thing would affect me, she started working on my chest, adding two cups centered over my nipples and glued to my chest. Hoses were added to the cups and a pump was turned on causing some of my tissue to be pulled into the cups right away. The pump was persistent continually pulling tissue into the cups.

I closed my eyes and zoned out, thinking of how all of this is going to impact me in the following days. The first thought to stick in my brain was I now had to sit to urinate, that action never thought of when I was considering all of this. Then the biggie made it to my cerebral cortex. A male will want to stick something in it if given a chance. Maybe a chastity belt might be a good investment. I had dated a female back in college who wore one out of choice, not having to worry if a male got carried away during a date. Maybe she has something there. Having breasts the size of the cups glued to my chest was also disturbing. One look at them by an admirer and suddenly the lower orifice might be worth investigating.

They worked on my hair, my nails and ears then finished with a makeup job that definitely finished off any traces of masculinity I might have had. A basic wardrobe came with the works, mainly dresses, skirts, and blouses. Of course lingerie, a bra and pantie set the first item I put on after the hoses were removed from the cups on my chest. Six hours of sucking had produced some significant breast tissue, more than enough in my opinion. Of course, the tech told me that if I wanted larger hooters, the machine could produce some quite noteworthy appendages. Another look at my present size nestled in the cups of the bra and I think not.

After getting dressed in my first outfit, a flowery print sweater dress I thought that they had surpassed what they did for Dallas, I was just as pretty. A very sobering thought. I signed for my services upfront and then made my way out of the salon. I debated going home or returning to work and sticking my foot in the water. I knew I had lots to learn about being a female, and it seemed my only choice was on the job training. The salon mentioned classes but with my work there was very little opportunity to take them. I made my way home, since there was only an hour left before time to quit.

As I made my way into the office the next morning my boss grabbed my arm wanting to see what was accomplished. I got a serious hug, then she excused herself, she had to make a phone call right away, someone needs to see the new you now. I ventured on down to my office, sat in my chair and sighed. It was the same office, but things seemed so different. Looking out of my mascaraed eyes, seeing some of my hair as it swung alongside of my face made everything so surreal. Not much time to further my observations as my boss came barging in telling me that Ms. Townsend wanted to see me right away. Oh gawd no, after I stuck my neck out and got everything semi-permanent and now I will probably be let go. My boss dragged me to her office, I presume I couldn’t be trusted to find it myself. I was pushed into the room, as she made a hasty retreat to her own office.

I stood there not knowing what to say or do. Ms. Townsend turned around in her chair till she was facing me, then smiled.

I quickly sat down in the first available chair, my ex-girlfriend from college had such a smirk on her face. It was a few minutes before any brain function was possible. S. Townsend was short for Sally Townsend, only at the time she just went with Sally Holcomb. Townsend was her mother’s maiden name, a fact that I just now remembered.

She gave me a little time to compose myself, that smirk never leaving her face. I was asked if I had decided on a name yet, I whispered Suzi which caused quite a fit of giggling from Sally. She told me that she had just got off the phone with Dallas making sure I had made the right choices in my gender transformation. I will have to call back and compliment them on their work, you turned out much better than I had hoped for.

Now my mouth was hanging open, the brain managing to fit a couple of pieces together, figuring out that all of this was planned to get me in the right gender. Looking back the plan was well executed, everybody playing their part perfectly. I still had not managed any words other than what I thought my name should be. I was asked if I had plans for tonight, I shook my head no, then Sally came over and pulled me to my feet and leaned in close while she held my head in her hands. The kiss was slow and sensuous, my immediate reaction was it is getting really hot in here. I hesitated in responding to her kiss, but all of my inner feelings were telling me to give in, this feels so good. I opened my mouth and let her tongue in, the heat in the room almost too much. I swear I was dripping from just this encounter, nipples hard and my new vagina moist and twitching.

The kiss seemed to go on and on, but probably didn’t last more than ten minutes. We both broke off the kiss, needing air and something to drink. We did move to her sofa in the corner as she handed me a bottle of water from her mini fridge. She did take the time to explain her actions once she found out that the company she had just bought last night employed her former boyfriend.

“Ever since we parted in college, I have missed you just not in the female / male relationship we tried. I often lay awake at night dreaming of you in lingerie cuddled up next to me in a baby doll nightie. Waking up to my love, then ravishing you till it was time to go to work. When I saw your name on the list of employees I went into action. The change in the dress code, forcing you to either change or be without a job. Both choices would make you vulnerable and maybe receptive to another tryst with me, but as a female.”

“Well my karma must be over the top, I get my female love again and you get to experience the world of females from now on. I hope you still want a relationship with me, I am never going to quit trying to make you see things my way. If you leave and I have to buy another company to get what I want I will do it, but it would be so much easier if you will just surrender and be my wife and soulmate. Okay time for the answer, but first a reminder of my love and lust for you.” I was laid back on the sofa and kissed like never before. I tried to say something to her, but my words were stifled by her tongue in my mouth. She let up for air and I screamed yes, and then pulled her tighter to me.

I will always remember that fateful dress code, actually it was only in effect for two days before it was rescinded. The reason for the dress code now handled. I stayed working for three months, but finally quit, the job during the day and my duties in the evening just too much for me to handle. I was hardly getting any sleep and it was getting increasingly difficult to squeeze in my salon appointments. I love Sally almost as much as I love my salon appointments. As a side note, I now own fifty one different baby doll negligees, but am always on the lookout for more.

I did save a copy of the original email about the dress code, folded up and kept in the bottom of my jewelry box. Something to treasure forever.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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