Rhonda; A Gender Swap Day To Remember

I was at a student council meeting, representing the junior class. There with me was my junior class cohort Sandy Newman. The student council was trying to find a way to finance the junior senior prom this year. Due to cutbacks in the school district, a lot of things that the school furnished were no longer available. The biggest problem was the place to hold it. A few do gooders from among the parents had complained to the school board about the cost of letting the junior senior class use the gym. So to shut them up, in the future any use by one of the classes for a non-school sponsored event would require a security deposit and a fee appropriate to the amount of time used. In this case it would be three thousand dollars for three days of use. One day to set up the decorations, the Prom itself and one day for the cleanup. That really put a damper on this spring festivity.

Now the student council was looking for a way to finance this, exploring any ideas that were brought up. We discussed bake sales, selling magazine subscriptions, and many more ideas that afternoon. Finally one of the senior girls suggested we have a Gender Swap Day, it was already being done in a lot of middle schools and high schools, but not here so far. Still something very different and unique. Then if we did something like this how could we gain financially. The idea was kicked around for a while.

Then one of the student council advisors suggested we ask for donations from local merchants, for prizes for best gender portrayal. If we sold tickets for the day, that would be some income. To win a prize they had to purchase a ticket and participate in the gender swap. If they did a good job, they could win a significant prize, thus justifying the purchase of a ticket for the day. There were over a thousand students within the school, at five dollars a ticket, enough money to finance the Prom and have a little left over if everybody bought a ticket. Then another of the females from the freshman class suggested that on that day we hold a dance, to keep from spending more money, a dance outside with a live band and some drinks/snacks. She thought she could get the drinks and snacks donated, and knew of a band that would be more than happy to play for the dance.

So we had a possible plan figured out, now to get all the pieces together and committed. Sandy and I were in charge of finding some prizes, the more we obtained the better. That afternoon and early evening the two of us started our rounds of local businesses to see what we could come up with. We got the department store in town to donate two complete outfits, one for the female and another for a male. The prize winner could pick clothes from the store for up to three hundred dollars. Not bad for our first attempt.

We got a gaming store to donate goods worth five hundred dollars, a prize sure to attract some of the male participation. A jewelry store gave us a hundred dollar gift certificate and a fifty dollar donation to our quest. All in all we managed twelve prizes worth almost three thousand dollars. Not bad for two amateur fund raisers. As we were heading home, Sandy had us stop at the new Turnabout Gurl Salon in town. They had only been open a few days, but Sandy had heard some good things about them already.

As we entered we asked to speak to a manager and a gorgeous example of a female approached and greeted us. We did our little spiel, then we were invited back to her office. As we walked through the salon my eyes must have been sticking out of my head. Everywhere I looked I saw males being made to look feminine. Back in her office Katy introduced herself and told us briefly what the salon does for its customers. But in our case she wanted us to speak to the owner of the salons. She has programs set up in schools across the nation to teach what it is like to be the opposite gender, something that neither gender fully understands. Those go by the name of Turnabout Gender Swap.

She typed in her computer and soon another lady came on the screen. In the corner of the screen I could see our picture, so I presumed she could see us and talk to us. Katy had us go over our spiel again, telling her everything. It turns out the ladies name is Francine, and she is very interested. Sandy asked if maybe she might want to make a prize donation for the cause. Francine told us to wait a moment, she might have a better idea. We could see her writing some things down on paper, then changing a few things she had written. Finally she cleared her throat and asked us to listen to her proposal.

“If the student will spend a minimum of twenty dollars in her salon for a gender transformation she will contribute five dollars to the fund. But she thinks that a bigger overall prize might produce more results. How about I give you a ten thousand dollar pre-loaded credit card for use anywhere? No, let’s make that two five thousand dollar cards, one for the best male swap and one for best female swap.”

My mouth was open, and Sandy tried to inhale all the air in the room at one time. Francine the lady on the computer giggled at our reaction.

“The success of your efforts will depend on how many students you get to participate. The more that participate the better the pot. For me to see that many become a little more aware of what the other sex goes through will be well worth the money I donated. Since we are dealing with students here, I will make all of our procedures much cheaper for those wanting to see what it is like to be the opposite sex. I am particularly interested in the male learning about being a female, too many males abuse the opposite gender, thinking that they are only good for sex, than walk away afterward. What do you think?”

I looked over at Sandy, she had tears in her eyes, just about ready to start bawling. I approached her and held her hand, and then when she didn’t pull away I leaned in and gave her a hug. I kept it respectful, but soon she was hugging me tight as she wet my shoulder with her tears. I looked at the screen and mouthed thank you at Francine, she just smiled and told me to think about all she said, then come back to the salon tomorrow night after school and we will finalize everything. I thanked Katy and dragged Sandy out of the salon while holding her hand. Sandy was so touched that Francine would contribute that much for our cause, she was talking about it all the way back to the school.

When we arrived back at school, Sandy picked up her car and then we headed home. She was going to email all of the other student council members tonight to tell them what we had accomplished, then we could talk about it tomorrow at lunch. I was proud of what we accomplished, very grateful that Sandy wanted to stop at the salon, who would have figured it would turn out this well. I did a little research on the internet that night about Gender Swap day, greatly surprised at how many schools were doing it and at the results that were shown in the photos that were posted of their special day.

At nearly one A.M. I gave up and slipped into a deep sleep. When my alarm rang the next morning I had to hustle, since I apparently slept right through the first alarm. I must have set a new record as I was out to my car in less than fifteen minutes.

At school we had a few minutes before class, all the members of the student council were congratulating us on our apparent success. Then the bell rang and everything was forgotten until lunch. The academics at our school were heavily stressed, no easy subjects and hardly a day without lots of homework. The teachers stressed class participation, a student could expect to spend at least a few minutes every day in front of the class talking about the homework or the latest assignment.

Lunch finally did arrive, we all gathered around a table in the back of the cafeteria. We went over everything that each of us had accomplished. The drinks and snacks were arranged for and the local police department was arranging for us to use the park in town. It had lots of covered areas and was well lit, even had a sound system strung throughout that the band could hook up to. The school’s teachers were so thrilled at how we were handling things and working through them that they all offered to attend and act as chaperons. With a few police officers in attendance, any parental worry would be handled. At least the cheap stake school board would gain nothing from their stupid rules and fees.

Two more of the council were coming with us this afternoon to talk to Francine about her offer. Sandy had checked out the salon’s webpage, then sent links to everyone so we could also see what they were all about. I hadn’t a chance to see the website yet, but did hear they had over two hundred salons across the nation. Sandy rode with me again this afternoon, thanking me for comforting her yesterday, her emotions so out of whack at Francine’s extreme generosity. I even got a cheek kiss as I opened her car door for her.

We walked in a little after four and were taken back to another office in the very back of the salon. Francine rose from her chair and introduced herself and hugged everybody. It was a warm embrace, delivered by a caring and thoughtful person. We were all seated and she showed us several documents where she had spelled out everything we had talked about yesterday in detail. There were some posters there also, where the services of the salon and the new student prices were clearly listed. The pre-loaded credit cards was there also, everything already laid out. She went over every detail and the services her salon offered. For one day excursions into the other gender they had special packages, complete to allow the student to see what went in to being a girl or guy, but also temporary and easily removed at night. They even included clothes, nothing fancy but dresses for the new females and pants and shorts with a tie for the new males. The new females would have their hair set, makeup and appropriate underwear including bras and stockings.

The new males got a bulge for their groin, beard shadow, and of course a pair of jockey shorts. Sandy and Melissa the two females here today were giggling away. As I looked to David the other male with me he had a look of horror on his face. Francine noticed it too, then asked Katy to take David out and let him see what happens in the salon and if he wants let him experience something for free. A very red faced David was led out of the office by Katy, both of my female cohorts giggling away.

We agreed on everything and Francine signed each of the documents and handed us copies to take back with us. She suggested that the credit cards be kept in a safe somewhere, there was a special pin required but she would keep that until the announcement of the winners. She did ask for the right to take pictures at the dance with the person’s permission. David came back as we were concluding everything, sporting a full face of makeup. Melissa saw him and attacked, the three feet between her and him covered in a nano second. She had his head in a lock and was probing his mouth with a certain something akin to extreme desire. Katy was giggling away, handing David a lipstick so that he could repair his lips. The two went to her car, never even saying goodbye. I wonder if David will be a virgin after tonight.

Francine wanted to talk to us a little more, so she got us some soft drinks and we moved to her sofas. She thought it might be necessary to advertise our dance some, maybe a couple of the students could get transformed to the opposite gender and attend school that way. That way they could answer questions when asked. Especially the males could see that being turned into a female would not be a death sentence. Sandy was immediately for it bouncing up and down on her cushion. Then my mind cleared and I realized that Francine was implying that I make the change to the female gender.

My mind tried to find excuses, what about clothes, my hair is not that long, I don’t have pierced ears, I can’t afford makeup and I have no idea how to apply it, and several other rather assine statements. Francine just smiled I will furnish everything and I sure Sandy will be glad to offer advice as needed. I did notice a wink between the two, it was one of those conspiratorial winks implying they already knew something I didn’t.

It was decided for me, Sandy and I would come in tomorrow after school, to be transformed into the opposite gender. I knew Sandy was all for it, I however had lots of reservations. It is different for a male, to portray a female the ultimate humiliation, beneath a male’s station in life. Francine kept at me, finally I agreed to do it until the dance, some three weeks away. I knew I would regret it, but maybe enough others would join in, so I wouldn’t be the only male doing this. The more I thought about that, I realized I was just kidding myself, no regular male would dress as a female, unless the reasons were many and financially beneficial or someone had a death grip on his penis, especially for a three week period of time.

By the next afternoon I was in full panic mode, Sandy I think sensed my anxiety, never leaving me alone and hanging on to my wrist with a certain firmness. Once at the salon I was taken away by two technicians, my own short walk to the electric chair. It at least seemed so, I just knew the governor was out of town, and there would be no pardon to save me from my sentence.

My body hair was removed, a cream doing the job quite effectively. No area was missed from the neck down. Then breast forms were added, glued to my chest securely. I asked how to get them off, the tech just smiled, they are secure for at least a month, maybe more. That was not what I wanted to hear. I zoned out for a while, not paying attention to what they were doing. I moved my hands down to protect my groin, finding nothing that I expected. My eyes shot open, my hand went to where my penis used to reside finding only a slit, a very feminine slit. Then I noticed my nails, blood red and extending past my fingertips by at least a half inch. I pushed a little too hard at my slit, one finger slipping inside the end of the nail making contact with the insides of my pussy. It hurt and also felt so good. I promptly fainted, way too much info to process, my friend for years now gone, the feelings from being touched there almost sending me off the deep end.

They did my makeup using semi-permanent cosmetics so that I would have an easier time of doing my makeup every day. Hair set in curlers after being washed and conditioned then placed under a dryer for a while. Lots of time to think, the repercussions of this probably will make me a social outcast. A male giving up his gender to become a female that just doesn’t happen. Then what Francine said sunk in. A males attitude that a female is only good for sex, then to be discarded and treated as less than a human being until she is desired again. The only problem I saw, is that I am now that female.

I was given a mini wardrobe, enough clothes for a couple of weeks, with twice weekly salon appointments to keep me looking beautiful, their words not mine. Dressed in a skirt and blouse with several bags of clothes, I waited up front for Sandy. They had finished him first, so he went home to borrow some of his brother’s clothes, something they had arranged for in advance. His brother thought it was a hoot, his pesky sister gone and another bro to hang out with.

When he returned he took a few steps inside the salon, then stopped dead in his tracks. He stood there for the longest time just staring at me. Finally he approached, leaned in and kissed me right on the lips. I stepped back in shock, he grabbed my hand and my bags and pushed me out the door. Led to his car, then into the passenger seat as he made his way to the driver’s side. He headed off in the direction of the mall, I suddenly felt nauseous, but before I could tell him no he was parked and getting my door for me.

Coerced into the mall, his hand firmly on mine rubbing his thumb on the palm of my hand. I finally stopped dead in my tracks threatening bodily harm if he kept it up. All I got was a smile, and then when I was not looking directly at him another kiss on the lips. I will have to concede he has this male behavior down pat, everything I used to do and more he has done to me in the time since we have left the salon. I now know how a female feels when a male comes on strong, and a simple no does not stop their behavior.

Sandy did ease up some, now that I did not have to deal with being kissed and groped I became acutely aware of my clothes, especially my bra and panties. With a smooth front I felt vulnerable, now someone that was desired, not one doing the chasing. I could feel a male organ sliding into my slit, being a female not able to fend off the one doing the deed. I kept my eyes closed, that thought and feelings totally occupying my mental faculties. Sandy squeezed my hand then reached in and hugged me tenderly, holding the hug for quite some time. I think she knew what I was thinking about, several shivers later we resumed our trip through the mall. She made me visit every store that carried clothes for a female, I even had to try on some things, According to Sandy my first lesson on becoming a female.

At school the next day I was treated fairly well by my fellow students, in fact the weird thing was after a few days I was looked upon as a female, even the guys trying to chat me up. The girls treated me just like I was another female, talking about boys, fashions and boys during every break and lunch period. I was dragged with them to the bathroom, like I had been using the female bathroom since birth. I was even transferred to the female P.E. class for the duration of my swap. The experience was certainly different, changing my thoughts on the female gender and even about my own gender. I saw from experiencing the behavior that I used to participate in, that a male does not look at the female as a partner in life, but more like something to be conquered then move on to the next battle. Oh there were a few who treated me like a potential life partner, with respect and caring, but they were few and far between.

The girls, now embracing their male selves put a lot of pressure on the males to join in, live a little and maybe they will get lucky. What the guys heard was not what the girls were talking about, the girls wanted to poke their new appendage into a few pussies to see the boy’s reaction. Anyway by the two week mark about half of the student population had embraced the opposite gender in some form or another. We did sell out on tickets for the dance, ensuring a hefty student fund for homecoming later in the year. Most all of the student body had agreed on not having a prom this swap day dance filling in for that, maybe even better.

Once my Mom had heard what we were doing she insisted that we go shopping for me a dress. Since the dance was not to be inside, a formal evening gown would be too much, but she wanted her daughter to look nice, no matter whether the festivities were inside or out. As far as she was concerned I am her daughter, the third female of her children. We shopped and shopped finally finding something she liked and I could put up with. When I saw the tears in her eyes, I melted, holding her tightly and telling her how much I love her. I didn’t say anything about all the rest of the things she bought for me, to the tune of almost three thousand dollars. As we were driving home she called me Rhonda several times, I soon realized how much this meant to her, something only a mother and daughter can share.

Believe it or not I even got the birds and bees speech, but it was nothing like the speech I received from my father a year earlier. Another mother/daughter moment for sure.

The swap day festivities had grown, several food places arranging for booths to feed the multitudes, two more bands joining in on playing for the dance. An amusement company sent over a bunch of games, that the couples could play, a lot of them dealing with a specific gender. The salon that had given us such great prizes sent some techs over to do free makeovers for anybody not dressed as the opposite gender. By the time the dance was to start it was quite a colorful crowd, everybody having a great time. The dance was to start at seven PM and run until midnight. The bands were already playing to the crowd a little after five PM and stayed playing until two AM.

Even the chaperons and the police joined in dancing often with others and having a great old time. The prizes were to be handed out a little after ten PM, allowing the judges time to select the winners from the now huge crowd. A couple of us had withdrawn from being judged, content to be just part of this awesome dance. Each of the class reps gave out a prize, the winners quite thrilled at being chosen. Then back to the music, and dancing for the rest of the evening.

I know personally I never wanted to wear another high heel, I must have danced with every girl dressed as a guy that evening. They made sure I was groped, pinched and hugged, wanting to be sure I didn’t miss out on any perceived female perks.

Then when the dance ended one of the freshman girls who had arranged some of the entertainment asked everyone to take a trash bag, and walk around the park cleaning up some. As they did that to think of how much fun they had tonight, and how their view of the opposite gender might have changed. Hopefully for the better. Just think how much fun you can have with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you treat them like you would like to be treated. Now we need some applause for the two who have arranged for most of these prizes given out tonight. Would Rhonda and Sandy come up here? Sandy grabbed my hand and I was dragged to the band stand.

As we approached the bandstand the girl that had been talking ripped off her wig revealing Joshua, the principal’s son. The band started playing again and the applause was almost deafening for us. The party goers did grab some trash bags and soon the place was spotless, the filled bags stacked against the curb for morning pickup. Everybody hugged, kissed and made their way to their cars. Lots of new couples formed tonight, maybe something good happened tonight. Sandy found me, taking my hand and dragging me to her car, I was pushed up against her car and kissed passionately, tongue involved for sure. Then she asked if I would come home with her. Mom walked by at that moment, told me to be good and she would see me tomorrow. How convenient for her to be right next to us. Then I saw her walk a few steps further to meet Sandy’s parents, all of them turning and smiling at us as they walked off.

It was a long night, one that I will remember for eternity. She treated me just like a female, a female that is in a loving relationship. I don’t remember dropping off to sleep until nearly seven A.M. luckily it was not a school day. Her parents yelled that it was time for lunch, put on some clothes and join us. Nothing was said, her Mother in particular had a serene look on her face. When I looked over at Sandy I could see why, Sandy was glowing her teeth shining through her megawatt smile, her eyes wide awake and glistening. Her mother asked about my evening, wanting to know if I enjoyed the dance. I had turned beet red thinking she was asking about Sandy and I in bed. She smiled, yes I know you enjoyed last night my husband and I heard you two quite often.

I ran from the room, embarrassed to the hilt, not ashamed about making the noises but at being heard doing it. Her mother caught me in Sandy’s room holding me forcing my head on her shoulder. Nothing to be ashamed of, you two are in love, a wonderful reason to make lots of noise. Now put on some clothes Francine at the salon would like to see you two before she returns to her home out west.

Her mother took us to the salon, I am sure after we talk to Francine they will want us to change back if that is even possible. Sandy’s change back to the female gender should be fairly easy. My change maybe not possible for a while. For some reason I am not unhappy about that. But will it affect things between Sandy and I. I love being a female, there I have said it, maybe not the right thing to admit to, but true.

Francine saw each of separately, Sandy first. They were in there for quite some time, I was beginning to think something was wrong. When she came out I enveloped her in a fierce hug and kissed her on the lips. She wiggled a little, like she wanted out of the hug, when I released her arms that I had held in a bear hug, she leaned in closer, wiggled a little more getting closer and comfortable against my body then resumed the kiss. I felt so loved, happy, and cared for.

Finally she broke it off and told me to go see Francine. I walked into her office, her smile running from ear to ear. I started to sit down in front of her desk. I have some bad news for you, news that will make you hate me. Through a mistake in my directions to my techs here some of the things done to you will require several months before we can reverse them. That means you will have to stay dressed as a female for at least two months maybe more. I have explained everything to Sandy, the love between you two is so obvious, I didn’t want her to judge you unfairly. I do hope you can eventually forgive me for my actions. To make things easier for you I have arranged twice weekly salon appointments so that they can keep your appearance feminine enough to avoid being bullied. Please forgive me for my mistakes, maybe we can still be friends.

I just sat there letting everything she said soak in. Stuck as a female, salon time to keep me looking female, I could not see a down side to this. I eased out of my chair walked over to where she was standing grabbed her in my arms and screamed thank you, followed up by the same phrase repeated many times over. I heard a door behind me, turned just for an instant to see Sandy running to me. I let her squeeze in the hug, as Francine handed me a loaded gift card. I stared at her, she just smiled and mouthed clothes. Since Sandy was taking care of me, Francine managed to slip out, her work done now. One more convert to the female gender, maybe more after Rhonda gets to be included in all of the social circles of a high school. Once others see the happiness a lot more sure to give it a try.

We headed home, my house this time. Mom was thrilled to see her daughter, I hugged her tightly telling her she now has her third daughter, a daughter for eternity if she will have me. I swear she almost broke my rib, as hard as she was squeezing me. With all informed, my love at my side, and my future somewhat planned out I was in female heaven. All due to gender swap day, a day to be remembered forever.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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