Tessie; Goody A New Maid

From the time I got up this morning till now, today has been one shitty day. I ended up having to get my car jumped because of a dead battery. The service I paid for to handle such occurrences taking their sweet time to get here. Thus I arrived late for work missing an important meeting, my immediate boss livid that I had missed it. Then my computer failed a little after eleven A.M. requiring the IT guys to replace the hard drive. Three hours of work that I had performed this morning lost in the process. Then the final touch to my horrible day occurred.

I was called into the regional manager’s office shortly after lunch, and asked to explain why one of my customers had requested somebody else be assigned to their account. According to them I had botched up a request of theirs and then denied any wrong doing. I just stood there not knowing what to say or do. The simple fact that my supervisor had taken over this account a few days ago conveniently not mentioned. It seems that my immediate boss has planned this well, everything pointing to my failing to keep the customer happy. If I told them I didn’t have anything to do with their request I will probably not be believed, since it will be my word against my boss. When in doubt the customer is always right one of our company’s pet phrases, now sure to be my downfall.

Then my boss walks in, and explains to him why I had missed the meeting this morning, citing my explanation of supposed car trouble. The fact that he himself was late for this same meeting also not brought up. They stared at me for a few minutes waiting for me to say or do something. My boss suggested that since I have nothing to say that I be let go, if he won’t even try to explain his actions we do not need him as part of our team. Yeah some team, make the boss look good or you are let go.

I just stood there, mouth twitching at what was happening right in front of me. “I am afraid you leave us no choice, if you will not respond to our questions I will have to presume you do not care about your job here. Therefore we will have to let you go. Clean out your desk, you will be given one week severance pay, but don’t expect a favorable reference from us.” Just like that it was over. A few moments later a member of security took hold of my arm and I was shown to my desk, then after gathering my personal effects I was escorted out the door. As we left my department I noticed a smile on my boss’s face, his plan had worked even better than he thought it might. In the span of twenty minutes my life had been turned upside down. I had worked for the company for six years, all of that gone down the drain to quote an over used cliche.

I made it to my car, then remembered the trouble with the battery this morning. I put the keys in the ignition and tried to start it, the car starting quickly and effortlessly. I hit the steering wheel hard, almost breaking my wrist. Stupid car, this morning when I needed to get to work it wouldn’t start, tonight after a horrible day it started with no problem. I did eventually get home, two hours ahead of my wife. I needed to gather my wits, so I took the long way home. I am not sure why but I did manage to put some things in perspective.

Instead of calling my wife to fill her in on what happened, I decided to convey the bad news in person. Now what to do for two hours till she gets home. I debated on asking her out to dinner tonight, but with my income soon to be missing that sounded kind of stupid.

To stay busy I cleaned up some in the kitchen and living room. I loaded the dishwasher, wiped down the counters and put things up that had been left out. In the living room I ran the vacuum, dusted the tables and arranged the myriad of throw pillows neatly on the two sofas. I even picked up mail that had been looked at and left on a table, putting it in our office/den along with the accumulation of magazines we normally received. I was hanging up a couple of coats that we had used last night and left on the back of a chair when Jennifer, my wife, entered. She stopped and looked at me, then around the living room before taking me into the kitchen and sitting me down at the snack bar. Another look around the kitchen at what I had done then she sat next to me and told me okay out with it.

I started with the stupid car and ended up with me being escorted out of the company headquarters by security. She pulled me into a hug, and made me lay my head on her shoulder. I can’t say I was crying but leaking moisture from my eyes is sometimes a telltale sign. She told me to wash my face and help her make dinner. I got back before she had changed clothes and was rummaging around in the refrigerator when she came up behind me and swatted my butt. I turned in a hurry and was met with a hungry pair of lips searching for something to kiss. As she pulled me closer she told me that you have one terrific looking butt, the envy of every female that wants to look sexy. I ignored that comment, not something a male wants to hear about his butt. I guess with me leaning over to look in the refrigerator my butt was in the proper position to be viewed and appraised.

I ended up doing most of the dinner preparation, while she asked questions on what I was planning to do. I did mention about the one week severance, enough to allow me to pursue something else without any further financial deterioration. She thought I should see a lawyer, it sounded to her that my boss was stretching the truth to get me fired. My only reply was lawyers take money, if I don’t win it will only make matters worse. The likelihood of a lawyer settling anything quickly was also a serious consideration.

She loved what I had managed to put together, a shepherd’s pie that had most of the leftovers from the refrigerator as ingredients. I found some frozen fruit, wrapped them in some pastry dough we had in the refrigerator and then baked them for a few minutes, serving them hot from the oven. The pastry dough was left over from making a cobbler earlier in the week. Needless to say my culinary efforts disappeared very quickly. Let’s just say it was fortunate that I got some the first time around, since there obviously will be no leftovers.

Since this was Thursday I told her I would start looking for a job on Monday, spending the weekend cleaning up around the house to keep from going crazy or dying from boredom. She reminded me of going to her parent’s house tomorrow after work, staying the night and returning late Saturday evening or Sunday morning depending on how long it took them to clean up after the get together. Her Mom was having a dinner party for her closest female friends and needed her help to keep everything moving along smoothly. I told her I would be fine, lonely without her, but I will somehow manage to make it till I see her when she gets back.

The next morning it was weird not having to get up to go to work, another tear or two shed as I thought of what I should have done or said yesterday to keep from getting fired. No matter what I said or did the outcome would most likely be the same. Maybe my boss had it in for me, since I was in the regional manager’s office when I first had heard of the complaint. No matter how much I thought about it, that part of my life is over with. In the future maybe a different job though, I doubt I will be able to get a job doing the same things I was doing before.

I made me a slice of toast then walked around the house seeing what might need to be done. I have always suffered from terminal boredom, usually finding anything to do to keep my mind and body occupied. It was like I was not at peace with the world around me unless I was doing something. Whether it was straightening something or cooking, my mind and body had to be constantly engaged for me to be able to function. After my appraisal of what needed to be done I decided to start in our bedroom, then go from there.

I rounded up dirty clothes, sorted them and started the first load of laundry. Since Jennifer usually did laundry on the weekend there was quite a bit lying around. I checked her closet, making sure there wasn’t any more items that needed to be laundered in there. I straightened up a couple of her dresses on the hangers, and buttoned up a couple of blouses that she had tried on, but put back when the look didn’t suit her. I spaced out her clothes a little giving each item some breathing room. I know a husband arranging clothes so they get some breathing room, maybe it is too late for me already.

As I was moving and straightening the last items in the corner of the closet, I ran into a brief little dress I haven’t seen her wear before. Pulling it out to look at it better it was a maid’s uniform. I did remember her saying she worked as a maid part time to finish her senior year of University. I presumed this was a leftover from that time.

Her Mother’s business until she decided to retire was running a company where she rented out maids, cooks, and other domestic help. When Jennifer needed some extra money for school her Mom got her jobs on the weekend. I always suspected the only reason I was accepted as a husband for her daughter was my super clean apartment, and the fact that I could cook something other than hamburgers. I know the time I had Jennifer and her parents over for dinner when I was trying to convince Jennifer of my worthiness as a boyfriend, seemed to be a turning point. From then on I was included in any things that they did with their daughter.

I looked around the room, to make sure I was alone and held the uniform up against me. There was definitely not any cranial matter used in that action. Alone in the house and I was looking to see if anybody was watching what I was doing. It looked like it would fit, Jennifer and I are nearly identical in size except for her female breasts and hips. Well lets just say her breasts, since her comment last night I apparently had the required female hips in spades. I am a couple of inches taller than her though. I think I weigh less than she does but her weight is a topic that is never discussed in our house so that remains an unknown factor.

With a few beads of perspiration forming on my forehead I decided to try the uniform on. I got undressed and stepped into the short dress, then reached around and pulled up the zipper, not an easy task for a male. The uniform was a little big on me, a fact that Jennifer would have a fit about if she knew. I looked in the mirror on her closet door, twisting this way and that to see if I passed mustard. The dress had a short skirt, ruffled at the hem making it stand out some. I looked at the hanger noticing the little bag of accessories that was attached. I took off the bag and slipped the items on my body. There were wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and a collar all made of stretch lace in a color that matched the uniform. Another look in the mirror, a small smile coming to my face.

As I turned to take one last look I saw the bottom of my boxers peek out from under the skirt. That will never do, so I went to her dresser and searched for a pair of panties to wear. Removing my boxers and replacing them with the panties was easy, dealing with the feelings as the silky panties slid up my legs was a different matter altogether.

As I started to walk away, I wondered if her heels would fit me. I returned to the closet and searched her shelves for a pair that would match the uniform. I found one pair but promptly put them back the heel looked so high. After a careful scan of her shelves of shoes the second time, I removed one of the towering heels and tried it on. They seemed to be the only ones matching the uniform and probably the only ones I could get my feet in. Surprisingly they fit fairly well, but if I wore them today I would have to wear hose of some kind. Oh well, might as well go all out, at least I would be properly dressed for my duties as the maid of the house.

I found a pair of her pantyhose, and managed to get them on without poking holes in them. My male original equipment seemed content to be nestled in the silky panties, never making an appearance while I got dressed in the maid’s uniform and pantyhose. I put my longish hair in a ponytail and used one of her lipsticks to add some color to my lips. I looked over at the clock on her nightstand, deciding I better get to work, fearing my employer for the day will report me back to the agency.

Yeah, besides always having to stay busy, I made up little fantasies often immersing myself in the fantasy. I have no idea why or even when I started doing it. I guess a product of a mind that was not normal. I even talked to myself at times to show how far this had progressed. No I never got to the point of answering myself, at least, not yet.

I made it through the majority of the house straightening and cleaning, even fixed me a salad for lunch. I was proud of what I accomplished a smile on my face for most of the time. I had made a list of a few cleaning supplies I might need, for the future. If I can’t find employment this might become my full time job. I stayed at it, knowing I would be alone tonight, something to do to keep my mind occupied. As I was looking in the refrigerator for something to eat for dinner I failed to hear the door open and Jennifer walk in. I laid a few items on the counter, thinking that I will make myself an omelet. I had the eggs in my hand as she cleared her throat behind me, causing me to drop the eggs on the floor.

She was giggling hard as she took her phone and was snapping pictures of me in the maid’s uniform trying desperately to clean up the mess that I made and stay out of her sight. As quick as she materialized she disappeared with me finding her later walking through the house with a huge grin on her face. Before I could say anything she was calling her Mother, the first words out of her mouth was I have found our maid for tomorrow, then she turned and walked back to the bedroom still talking to her Mother.

“Wait a minute Jennifer come back here. Please don’t tell your Mother how I am dressed.” I knew when the words left my mouth it was already too late. Oh gawd, the humiliation of her Mother knowing about how I was dressed, Then the divorce that I am sure will follow such a revelation.

A few minutes later she came and collected me dragging me out to her car, then depositing me in the passenger seat. As she drove she explained that the maid that her Mother had arranged for broke her leg in a car accident and would not be able to cook and serve. Jennifer had come home to get her maid’s uniform so she could fill in, but I would work out much better. We are headed to a salon that will improve your feminine appearance then over to Mom’s for tonight. Tomorrow you can prepare the meal, then touch up the house as needed. Welcome the guests and then serve the meal. I will help you with the drinks through the evening and will help you clean up afterward.

I have already called the salon, they are just going to do the basics, breasts, hiding my play toy and probably a corset to help with your figure. Of course makeup, a new hairstyle and hair removal for your entire body. That will soften or eliminate that slightly masculine image of yours. Maybe a little throat spray to raise your voice to a more feminine level. You should be done around midnight, meanwhile I will be getting you a proper uniform that fits, probably in pink. Mom always liked pink maid’s uniforms. Then return to pick you up. I am sure we can make you comfortable in the maid’s quarters on the third floor of her house for tonight. I stared at her, me sleeping in the maid’s quarters, surely she is just teasing me.

“Well that is where the maids sleep, hence where you will sleep.”

I did not miss the fact that you are slimmer than me. As of this moment you are in deep do-do, a husband with a better figure than his wife is not allowed ever. Did you hear that last word, Ever? Later, after this is all over we will talk about that fact. Believe me we will talk about that at length, along with several other matters.

I was dropped off at the salon then ushered to a private room where my clothes were removed. Jennifer coming in with me to make sure I didn’t slip away. Of course, as Jennifer left the salon with my clothes, a few giggles escaped as she slipped out the door. I was helped up on a table and my front side was slathered in a white cream. That included my beard area and my eyebrows. I didn’t shave often, maybe twice a week if the weather was hot and humid. I would imagine that fact will only make it easier to transform me into the body of the new maid.

I laid there trying to figure out just what the hell went wrong. For the second day in a row my day progressed from okay to a huge disaster. Since Jennifer has already announced my services to her Mother I guess I am committed to that part. The removal of anything masculine from my image fits in better with the maid’s costume I will be wearing. But still a husband filling in for a maid, something is just not quite right here. If only I had not tried on her old uniform.

As the lady that was working on me wiped off the cream, what little body hair I possessed came with it. Flipped over and the back side was handled the same way. Then two fairly large breast forms were glued to my chest, the lady guaranteeing they would not come lose, even if subjected to a shower. My feet in stirrups and my little friend disappeared under a silicone vagina with two very delicious looking lips. I think my male appendage had figured out what was going to happen, he stayed tight to my body and minimal in appearance, for fear of things getting worse.

Then she turned her attention to my hair, washing and conditioning it, then setting it in curlers. Under a dryer till the curl was set, then she started on my makeup, telling me that she was using a semi-permanent makeup lasting for a couple of weeks, that way I would not have to learn to do my own makeup in the next day or two. I immediately thought of Monday, job hunting with my now curly hair and makeup. My ears were pierced, two holes in each ear, one lower on the earlobe for dangle earrings and one a little higher for studs. I don’t remember Jennifer mentioning me getting my ears pierced on the way to the salon. Oh well too late now.

It didn’t just end there, extensions for my fingernails and a bright pink polish, all processed under a UV light to insure they stay on my nails for the duration. The fingernails were not mentioned either, I presume that fact just slipped her mind.

An ecstatic Jennifer appeared next to me, leaning over and kissing me on the tip of my nose. I was helped up from the chair and wrapped in a light pink corset. I knew what it was, Jennifer having one that she sometimes wore to look especially sexy. I didn’t think that a party for her Mother’s friends required a sexy figure. The two of them worked the laces for an eternity, finally tying them off behind my back. Then an even smaller maid’s uniform then the one I had on when I was brought into the salon was slid up my body. Her recent shopping trip apparently finding my correctly sized uniforms. A pair of panties was furnished for underneath the short skirt. It felt very drafty, there was just not anything there to cover any of my legs and thighs.

Stockings will be expected in the morning, tonight however just pantyhose so that I could get my feet in the heels she had obtained for me. One look at the height of the heel and I let out a moan, surely she can’t expect me to walk in these, much less serve in them. The heel looked to be at least five inches tall and tapered down to a narrow stiletto at the base of the heel. Although similar to the ones I had borrowed from Jennifer the heel was higher and quite a bit narrower.

Back in the chair and my hair was removed from the curlers and piled on top of my head in a semi-turban look with curls and ribbons emerging all around the style. Of course, pink ribbons to match the uniform. Then she produced some metal bracelet like things, in a pink finish that fastened around each of my wrists, my ankles with a larger one for my neck. They clicked when pushed together with no seams or clasp visible for removal later. I briefly wondered where they came from and why Jennifer was putting them on me. I didn’t even want to think what that might imply for my future, maybe if I ignore them they will magically go away later. Yeah I know my fantasies are growing exponentially.

They did not forget my voice, several applications of a throat spray, raised my voice almost to a comical level, but the tech assured me by tomorrow it will settle into a rather normal female sounding voice. I decided not to speak unless spoken to, my suddenly feminine voice really affecting my ability to cope with all of this.

I was removed from the salon and into her car. She drove to her parent’s house, my anxiety mounting as each mile was covered. Finally she parked the car in their huge garage, her Mother out the door that opened into the kitchen to get a glimpse of her new maid. I was hugged to death, apparently she is quite pleased with how I turned out. I curtsied to her then spoke to her like I was her employee. “Ms. Haverty I am pleased you requested me for your party and will do all I can to make it a success. If you require nothing more of me right now I would like to retire to my quarters and slip out of these shoes that are killing my feet.” Those were the hardest words to get out, essentially I accepted I was nothing but her lowly maid. I raised my hand to my mouth, the voice coming out was so feminine, high and almost squeaky. I do hope it does not stay like this, no one will take me seriously sounding like this.

Both Jennifer and her Mother broke out in laughter, but Jennifer was the one to lead me upstairs to the maid’s quarters. The closet door was open, several other uniforms were hanging there and a pair of matching shoes for each uniform on the floor. I was shown where my lingerie was and the in suite bathroom where I could freshen up. I got a quick kiss and Jennifer left me alone. I guess I am officially the maid and nothing more tonight and tomorrow. Oh well, better not put too much thought in what that may mean for me, I am sure some of the obvious conclusions will be disappointing.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, slipping the two torture devices from my feet. I rubbed my feet for quite a while wondering how I am going to put up with the heels all day tomorrow. It was impossible to ignore the fingernail polish that was on my nails, the extensions making my fingers look slender and dainty. The longer nails also playing havoc with undoing the straps on the heels. Yes the polish was pink too, so that I would coordinate. Surprisingly I only stabbed myself five times with my new longer talons.

I managed to get the uniform off, found a nightie and was soon in bed staring at the ceiling. Trying to figure any of this out. I had however set the alarm for six AM, only five hours from now, I might need the time to handle the duties I will be expected to perform tomorrow, the ones I have not been told about yet.

I was a bundle of nerves inside, all of this so unexpected and foreign to me. I hadn’t eaten since lunch, but with my stomach as upset as it is that is probably a good thing. Maybe if I can keep the near panic bottled inside I just might make it through the day tomorrow without coming apart mentally. I know, right now I could close my eyes and scream, probably loud enough to be heard in the adjoining county, my mind trying to handle things but failing miserably. I don’t remember a thing after that, the buzzer on the alarm the first thing I was aware of the next morning.

I found some clean lingerie to wear this morning and looked at the uniforms in the closet. The corset had stayed on last night, uncomfortable at first but eventually forgotten about. I figured I needed something to wear as I cleaned and cooked whatever they wanted for later. I found a light yellow uniform, not as fancy and more utilitarian than the pink ones. I did notice I had a clean pink one for later today to change into. The shoes to match the yellow uniform and I was ready to tackle the day. I was determined to not think about what I was doing and what was to come, just stay busy and hope for the best.

I made my way downstairs, the house eerily quiet. I figured I would start at the front door and then progress to where I thought things would happen. I straightened, dusted and made a note of where I needed to comeback and vacuum when the rest of the house wakes up. Although I had to force myself to tackle the downstairs bathroom, I knew with female guests all the bathrooms would need to be spotlessly clean. That is where Jennifer found me, on my hands and knees cleaning the floor. She pointed to a spot in the corner where I had not cleaned yet, reminding me that it needed to be handled. I looked at her and stuck out my tongue, that getting me a hard swat on the butt, the panties and a pair of pantyhose not doing much to soften the blow.

She left me to inspect the other areas for what needed to be done. I had covered most of where she looked already so she found very little to rub my nose in. I guess she was playing my employer, to make notes to pass on to the agency if my work was not adequate. When she returned she was all smiles. I was taken to the kitchen and shown what was on the menu for tonight. Some appetizers to be ready about four, her Mother’s first guests expected about the same time. Then the buffet needed to be ready about six, with the dining room table set up with plates, silverware and glasses. Her guests would get their own food from the buffet, but I would be expected to get any condiments for them and of course serve them their choice of beverage. Remove empty dishes then serve dessert along with coffee if desired. After clearing the dining room you will serve wine in the living room for those that request it. Then of course clean up all the dishes and the kitchen before you get the ladies their coats and purses as they leave later in the evening.

I looked over the foods they wanted for the buffet, smiling as nothing on the list would be difficult to prepare. I curtsied to Jennifer. “Thank you Miss Haverty for the job, I will do my best to please you.” Then headed to the kitchen to start preparing the food. I turned to see the expression on her face, her mouth wide open an indication of my actions on her. It took me about an hour to find everything and make the initial preparations of the dishes. Later I will only need to cook the items that needed it, the items to be served cold only needing to be put on the buffet table.

I headed to the dining room, set the table for her expected fifteen guests, and then made sure what I needed in serving accessories was ready on the table used to house the buffet. Both of the Haverty females made frequent visits to check on my progress, but left me alone for the most part. Miss Haverty did find the time to swat my butt frequently, with me having to remind her that I would need to report that action to the agency. A giggle and she was off again until the next visit.

I was getting a little hungry but decided to skip eating my stomach still rumbling quite violently. The only thing keeping me somewhat in the game was me staying busy, trying to make sure everything was perfect for tonight. Since this was my first job with the agency, I wanted to make a good impression. Gawd as if all of this is not enough to deal with I am still making up fantasy scenarios in my mind.

I finished all of the cold dishes, and placed them in the refrigerator to stay chilled. The dishes to be put in the oven were already setting on the counter. I had just finished the appetizers when Miss Haverty did another one of her checks on me, the swat on my butt getting my attention very quickly. She held me in her arms, squashing my breasts against hers while kissing me hard on the lips. She whispered in my ear that both her and her Mom are so appreciative of your help, you have turned out far better than any hired help in the past.

But if you want to avoid a bad report on you appearance you might want to fix your lipstick, and get that erstwhile tit back in its bra cup. I looked down quickly, my tits secure in their bra cups as she giggled and waltzed away. I think I heard, made you look as she retreated. I did repair my lipstick though, it was smeared all over my lips, thanks to Miss Haverty. I wonder if is common for the employer to assault the maid this way, surely the agency would not tolerate this.

I still had a little time so I made my way upstairs and cleaned that bathroom too. The inspector made her visit, but this time I was spared any makeup repairs. While upstairs I changed into my pink uniform and the dreaded stiletto heels and touched up my lip gloss and mascara. I checked my appearance then started downstairs.

As I was heading back downstairs I thought about what I was doing. My nerves were a little better, mainly because I hadn’t had time to worry about things. So far things were going okay, maybe I can make it through the remainder of the day without any more problems. I hope Ms. Haverty’s friends assume that I am indeed a female, exposed to the group for being a male and Miss Haverty’s husband might put a damper on the festivities this afternoon and evening.

Now in the home stretch I got everything in the oven, luckily she had two ovens so everything could cook at the same time. I checked everything again, not wanting to forget anything and embarrass myself or my employer. The doorbell rang just after four, so I made my way there greeting them and taking their coats and purses. There was a small den not far from the front door, so that is where their things were put. I showed them to the living room, curtsied and left. Over the next thirty minutes all of the rest of her guests showed up all handled in the same way.

I checked to see if they desired something to drink, took their orders and returned later with their orders, followed up by the trays of appetizers. Every time I entered or left I curtsied after dropping off whatever I was bringing. Several times I overheard some of the conversation, my name mentioned often. I guess Miss Haverty decided an appropriate name for a maid would be Tessie, so that is how I was referred to for the duration of the day.

Nothing was really difficult, since I had planned things fairly well there were no disasters or failures on my part. After I had most of her guests taken care of I went to set up the buffet, the cold dishes and the remainder of the appetizers were placed there first, the hot dishes to be brought out right before dinner was served. I checked in on the group in the living room, making sure no one was needing anything while carrying some empty glasses back to the kitchen.

Ms. Haverty came to tell me dinner could be served after kissing me directly on the lips and thanking me for being such an excellent maid. Another makeup repair then I finished setting up the buffet. When all was ready I entered the living room did a deep curtsy and announced dinner is ready. I was the subject of some tittering among her guests but they did make their way to the dining room. As they set down after filling their plates I asked for their drink choices and then returned with them a few minutes later.

Earlier Miss Haverty said she would help me with the drinks but she never did make an effort to help. I presume since she was paying my exorbitant fee she decided I could handle it myself. The longest one of the ladies had to wait for her drink was a couple of minutes so I presume I handled it in a satisfactory way. I did make sure I waited on Miss Haverty last, the smirk on my face showing how much I was enjoying making her wait for service. Always super courteous wanting to know if I can get her anything else. She was sitting at the end of the table and not in full view of the guests, so her couple of gropes of my butt would not be noticed by anyone. No doubt it will cost me later, but this is now and so much fun.

I did get everyone fed, served the dessert I had made, something different than what I was told to make. I had whipped up a cheesecake earlier, and covered it with fresh cherries in a sweet sauce. After serving everyone it was super quiet, the only noise from the forks scraping across the dessert plates. Even my employers were quiet, not doing much but getting the fork with the next bite to their mouth. I cleaned up after they finished, got coffee for the ones wanting it, then returned to the kitchen to start cleaning up. There was very little noise coming from either the dining room or the living room so I had no idea what was happening. On the couple of trips to retrieve any leftover dirty dishes everyone was quiet as soon as I entered the room.

About an hour later I noticed several ladies heading for the front door, so I scurried to get their coats and purses. As each lady took their things from me I was hugged, kissed on the cheek and thanked for a wonderful evening and some delicious food. I began to suspect something as every one of her guests did the same to me. After all had left I returned to my clean up loading the dishwasher and washing the pots and pans by hand. I had just finished wiping down the counters when my employers came into the kitchen. They sat at the kitchen bar pointing to a seat between them for me to sit at.

Ms. Haverty started it out asking me how much I would charge for what I did this afternoon and tonight. Jokingly I asked if putting up with one of my employers roving hands was also to be figured in. Jennifer went red in the face as her Mom looked at her sternly. “Since you have been so good to me and bought me some nice uniforms and shoes that hurt like hell to wear, there is no charge for today. Maybe if we do this again if I am included in the planning stage things might be easier for all of us.”

“Well for a certain individual I am starting up my domestic help business up again. One employee only, with the one with the roving hands to oversee the operation of that entity. We have decided to charge thirty dollars an hour that is from the time you leave your house till you return. Now for the interesting part, you are already booked up for five days a week for the next six months, several of the ladies planning on more doings as soon as they are finalized I am sure you will not have any time for yourself after all of this is put on paper. I have insisted on a day of pampering each week at the salon, for that there will be no discussion. All of the fees are yours, the business end just so that I can manage the collection of your fees. I will also make sure that your every wish is handled by that dead beat you married, roving hands or not. I do need a decision, a simple yes will be sufficient for now, the proper forms can be handled later.”

I got up, looked at her Mom and said yes, then turned and kissed Jennifer hard making sure her lipstick is messed up good. Now if you will excuse me I need to finish this job, otherwise I will not get paid for this evening. I walked over and started the dishwasher and put the couple of dishes of leftovers in the refrigerator. Meanwhile Jennifer had grabbed my hand and was trying to lead me upstairs, mumbling about a certain maid needing the benefit of her roving hands. In my maid quarters I was undressed and seen to, never did get any sleep that night, not that I am complaining. Come to think of it I never got fed either.

It all started with the words goody we have a new maid.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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