Shawna; A Dress To Start

Friday night again, Mom and Sis were settling into their customary chairs, and I was bringing the snacks and drinks. When I had everything distributed, I found my chair and turned off the stereo. It was Mom’s turn to go first tonight, so she took a drink of orange juice and started. She covered our financial situation, we were doing pretty good considering the situation we were saddled with. Mom still had a few debts to pay off but payments had already been scheduled. The air conditioning unit will need to be replaced soon, and other matters regarding the house were discussed.

Then she filled us in on her practice. She never used the names of her patients, but kept us informed of new pregnancies, births, when operations were scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Then it was open to questions about her part in the family, or requests that we would like to have.

The weekly meeting was a result from when Dad abandoned us. In the following weeks after his departure, we were bombarded with info and situations, that none of us had a clue existed. Mom spent over a year cleaning up all the debts and situations resulting from our Dad’s lies. Sis and I became depressed since none of what he had told us seemed to be the truth.

The college funds that he had set up were not there; the friends of his that were supposed to help us with college admission were nowhere to be found. The nail in the coffin though was our whole life he had told us that Mom was his true love, his everything, his reason for living. It turns out he had a mistress for ten of those years. Unfortunately, for the mistress, he left her in the lurch too.

My Mom was a doctor specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, with her office in a portion of our house. We lived in a rural area of Arizona and her practice had grown significantly over the last few years. Her preference for these arrangements was because she wanted to be able to spend time with her kids, not on the road to some remote office or clinic.

She still had to go the local hospital every so often, but two to three times a week was bearable. Her kids consisted of my sister and me, and we considered ourselves very lucky to have Mom around so much. Since Dad bailed on the family many years ago, it was just the three of us. My sister was eighteen going on twenty-five, and I brought up the rear at seventeen years of age. We were close, much closer than most brothers and sisters, but very competitive with each other.

Mom constantly was getting involved with us settling disputes and arguments. Nothing really escalated to a point that it could be considered a problem, but we were always squaring off with each other. Part of the problem was that my sister was very outgoing and aggressive while I was more submissive, our genders seemed to have no relevance to our behavior or actions.

Sis loved sports and played on every team she could get on while I was a bookworm and preferred social contact. I was friends with several females at school, talking with them about fashion, makeup, and boys. I never did dress as a female and of course, I never dated any boys. Sis and I both had high IQ’s and were committed to our studies earning a 3.9 grade average respectfully.

My sister Susan was always involved in something, most often sports, sometimes the local community theater, but quite often boys. She did not have a steady boyfriend though her regular group of friends included four very interested young men. She managed to keep them at arm’s length although they all wanted more than just friendship.

The exact opposite of Susan was me. Since my Mom was stuck on names with the same first letter, I became Shawn. My main pastime was reading. I devoured anything that was readable, whether it was fiction or non-fiction. It was not unusual for me to read eight to ten books a week. I loved school since I seemed to have this burning desire to learn everything I could. Often I got teased for being so wrapped up in my studies that I didn’t hear the bell at the end of class.

Several girls kind of adopted me as a friend, a girlfriend since we would only talk about things girls talked about. Unless their boyfriends were around, they would seek me out. After Susan had kidded me about being a girl at school, I tried to put some distance between the girls and me. I loved their company but was not sure I wanted to be considered a girl. Of course that worked for ten minutes if that, before the girls had tracked me down.

I confessed my reasons to them and found out that night that Susan had received the wrath from my four girlfriends. They were appalled that Susan would try to get me to abandon their friendship. My girlfriends even talked me into taking Home Economics, a class rarely taken by a male. I agreed because the other option was shop or auto mechanics, and I do not get along with males in general or had interest in either class. In Home economics there was one other male in the class, a French exchange student, who obviously shared my lack of ability with tools. The girls always helped me with my projects in Home Ec. and it was a fun class.

My girlfriends were just that, I never dated any of them, the friendship definitely a girl/girl type of relationship. I did attend the prom, but stag, since several of my girlfriends, didn’t have dates, and they wanted the company. I did attempt to date one of my female friends when I was worrying about being classified as a girl. After I had asked her on a date, it was a while before she stopped chuckling to herself. I got the response that she was not that kind of girl; she considered me a girlfriend, a BFF even, but not in a boy-girl relationship. I was still smarting a little about this since the encounter was only a few weeks ago.

Back to our Friday night family meeting, it was now Susan’s turn. She covered her academics at school, her school activities, her status on the sports teams she was participating in, and who her friends were that she was presently seeing. That was a requirement that Mother had insisted on. It went past just notifying her of their friendship; we were required to bring them home to meet Mother before we could spend time at their house.

Both Susan and I resented this condition at first but warmed up to it as we saw that Mom truly was interested in what we were doing and the friends we were seeing. Mom usually had a dinner at least once a week where we could invite our friends over. She made a point to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Susan ended her discussion with the fact that she had been asked to attend a special set of classes for gifted students at the University of Arizona. It was three weeks long, and if she met all the requirements, she would be given a four-year scholarship to the university. She had already been given several partial scholarships because of her interest in sports. Of course, Mom was thrilled about this and Sis got hugs all around.

I was last this time and after Susan’s announcement I knew I had nothing to compare to her success. My grades were improving, with only the one class in my freshman year spoiling my 4.0-grade average. I told Mom about my participation in several school clubs, and that I had won the school chess tournament. I listed my current friends and what we were doing or talking about.

I did tend to go easy on the fact that we talked about boys and fashions. I got nominated to the National Honor Society, a feat that very few students accomplished. I conveniently forgot to mention what our project in Home Ec. was for this week since I feared the look I would get from Mom and definitely the comment that I would get from Sis.

I did put in a request to be able to attend a workshop at the University of Arizona for several of my classes. It would be three days long, primarily for gifted students, with mathematics and science the featured subjects. It also included my Home Ec. class but I tried not to mention that fact. To my embarrassment, one of my projects in Home Ec. had won a statewide competition.

I was proud of it, but not sure how Mom would feel about it. The fact that Susan would tease me about it was a known fact. To my surprise, Mom asked if that was all I had to present tonight. I immediately was wondering what she knew that I had not discussed. I tried to bluff and told her that there was not anything else going on. She cocked her head and asked again if there was anything else I might want to talk about.

I lowered my head and quietly said no, that is all I have to discuss. Susan raised her hand, and I knew that I was doomed. Mom had insisted that we use proper manners in these family meetings, not just interrupt anytime we wanted to say anything. Tears were coming to my eyes as I tried to figure out what to divulge that Mom apparently knew about.

I ended up saying nothing, but Mom called on Susan. She was almost quiet in her speech as she asked me if I didn’t want to tell Mother about my dress design taking first place honors in the statewide Student Sewing Competition. Oh God, somehow Mother found out about the competition. I can’t now say that I forgot about mentioning it to her.

Almost on cue, Susan asked to be excused so she could go to the restroom, promptly leaving me there to explain why I hadn’t told Mother about the competition, much less about how I had been chosen out of five thousand female students to have submitted the most unique dress design in the state. Mom didn’t really say anything, just gave me that look that terrifies most children when Mothers wants an explanation. It also conveyed to the child that this explanation better be good, real good.

I swallowed hard dreading the upcoming conversation but decided to get on with it. I told her all about the Home Ec. class and how a lot of the projects involved sewing clothes for the student. One of the projects was to design a dress, in a new style or fabric, and then cut it out, sew it up, and then pick the proper accessories for the dress. We then had to model the design, taking pictures of it. My teacher Ms. Watson was ecstatic about the design, deciding to enter it in the statewide competition.

She found out last week that I had won the competition. I reached into my book bag and withdrew the picture of me in the dress and handed it to my mother. She looked at the picture for a long time, then placed it on the coffee table and asked me if I was ever going to tell her about it if Susan had not mentioned the contest. I mumbled maybe if I ever got enough nerve to bring it up. She asked if I was ashamed of the dress and winning the contest. I replied no.

She stared at me for the next few minutes; apparently, she was not going to ask questions, I was expected to divulge all on my own. I took several deep breaths but finally managed to tell her about the contest. I told her that my girlfriends furnished my lingerie, also doing my makeup for me. After I had finished my version of the story, she asked me why I was so ashamed of my project that I couldn’t share it with my family.

I hemmed and hawed, finally managing to tell her that I thought she would be embarrassed to have a son that wears dresses and sews. I also mentioned that I was sure that Susan would see to it that I never forgot if she could get past the teasing. Mom told me she would never be embarrassed by anything that I did. She was proud of all my accomplishments, whether it was winning a chess tournament or a dress design contest.

Susan returned after using the bathroom and set herself down in her chair. Mother looked over at Susan and told her to tell me what she had conveyed to her about the dress design contest. Susan paused a moment, then said that she had told Mother that Shawn had won a statewide contest for dress design due to his involvement in his Home Economics class.

His design, it is totally awesome. The picture that a fellow classmate had shown her was unbelievable. Shawn was not visible in the picture, only Shawna. Somehow you have got to get Shawn to fess up to it; he is really a girl under that facade of Shawn, a girl that needs to be let out. I was in tears by that time, to hear that Susan had treated me as a sister and not teased me about any of it was slowly sinking in. Susan came over to me and gave me the biggest hug, and I, of course, totally came apart.

When the tears finally eased up, I found Mother sitting on the arm of my chair reaching for one of my hands. She pulled it up to her chest and pulled it to her like she was never going to let it go. Shawna, you must never be ashamed of anything you do. Everybody is different in so many different ways; there really is no normal.

If you enjoy something, and it gives you pleasure, then do it. If a male has never done it before, so what. Look at Susan, she enjoys athletics and sports, even though most normal females do not. The fact that she is different is, to her, a badge that she is proud of. I don’t ever want to hear of something that you have done that is not shared with the family. Now, young lady, I think you owe us a fashion show of the winning design.

I tried to make excuses that I didn’t have any lingerie and nobody to do my makeup. Mom just smiled, telling me that my lingerie was in the bag on my bed and Susan would be up in a minute to do my makeup. As I walked to my room I was trying to figure a way out of this, besides how did my lingerie make it to a bag in my room, I had purposefully left it in the Home Ec. classroom in my locker.

I sat on the edge of my bed doing my best to stall to keep from going through with this. The dress design that I had come up with was more than a little revealing, a spaghetti strapped LBD that fit my body like a glove. The cut of the dress was not that much different than a lot of dresses already on the market, but the use of different shades of black satin and the covering of black organza made the dress look like it was covering absolutely nothing.

All aspects of the female body were more than covered but to the casual observer the dress looked like it was transparent. I was interrupted by Susan coming into my room, she glanced my way and told me that stalling was not going to get me out of modeling the dress. Surprisingly, she sat on my bed next to me and hugged me. I was told that I had nothing to fear since Mom was very proud of me.

Susan even mentioned that she was proud of me, but to qualify as the little sister in this family I had to model the dress. She pulled me to my feet and started helping me get undressed. I hesitated when I got down to my underwear, but Susan casually mentioned that she has known that I have worn her panties for years. Why do you think that the prettiest panties are always on top of the pile? I took the strapless bra out of the bag and slipped it on fastening the clasp in the back.

Susan smiled at the ease with which I performed the maneuver. Next, was the garter belt, followed by the stockings. I looked in the bag for my shoes but didn’t see them. Susan pulled a pair out of the bag she was holding, a black patent stiletto with a five-inch heel. I wondered how I was going to get by with this. I have worn heels this high in the past, but to slip them on and walk in them without much difficulty is a dead giveaway to how long I have been wearing heels.

I decided that things could not get much worse, so I would just have to take my chances. I slipped the heels on made my way over to the closet. I had hidden the dress in the back of my closet, so it was not an effort to retrieve it. I undid the many buttons down the back of the dress. It was similar to what a lot of bridal dresses used instead of a zipper. It did add a lot of class to the dress.

Before I slipped on the dress, Susan asked if I forgot something. I briefly looked down at my body and could not see anything missing. Susan pulled a couple of real looking breasts out of the bag she was holding. I had used socks to fill the cups when I modeled the dress for the class. She helped me to place them in my bra cups; the additional weight was instantly noticed on my chest. Fortunately, the bra fit snug enough to hold them in place.

I stepped into the dress, with Susan doing up my buttons for me. She sat me down at my desk and spread the remaining contents of the bag on the desktop. I was aware that a lot of the cosmetics were the same ones my girlfriends had used on me when they helped me get ready for the dress modeling.

Susan retrieved the cosmetics and starting with the foundation proceeded to convert my image to that of Shawna. All of my girlfriends had started calling me that recently, even though I had asked them to cease. To them, I was a Shawna, their BFF, and that was the end of the discussion. It took Susan about fifteen minutes to complete my makeup, and the illusion that Susan had created was far more feminine than when I had modeled the dress in Home Ec.

I told her that I couldn’t face Mom looking this feminine, but Susan grabbed my hand as she led me down the stairs. She did remark that I walked better in the heels than she was able to. I blushed but tried to avoid any direct reply. As we entered the study, she told me to take a deep breath. Before I could release the breath, Mom was hugging me trying to squeeze the last bits of air from my lungs.

Her face was tear-stained, but I soon realized that all three of us had rivers of tears running down our cheeks. After a few minutes, she pushed me back a little so she could see my dress better. She asked me to turn around so she could see the back and then stepped closer so she could examine the details. She wanted to know how I learned to sew so well and how I came up with the design. I simply responded that I like to read a lot, and once the idea popped into my head I searched the internet looking for help in how to achieve the look.

Ms. Watson had spent several afternoons after school helping me fit the dress to my body, but she insisted I do all the work myself. Mom told me she had talked to Ms. Watson several times over the last few months, and they had discussed how I was doing with the project. Ms. Watson had called her when she had found out that I had won the competition. Mom then confided in me that my teacher had been trying to get pregnant and had several appointments with Mom over the last few months.

Susan grabbed one of my hands and Mom the other, and I was led out of the study into her office. I didn’t know what was happening and why we were going to her office. I was led to her examination chair and told to assume the position. I swallowed hard several times, very afraid of what else Mom might know about.

As I sat down in the chair, Susan eased my dress up to my waist, to keep it from getting creased. My panties and stockings, now quite visible. Mom adjusted the armrests so that I was comfortable, but Susan and Mom never did let go of my hands. Then I felt the straps being fastened around my wrists. When I set in the chair when nobody was home, but me, I always fantasized about being stuck in the chair with no way out.

Now I was stuck; my fantasy had come true. Mom was rubbing her hand through my hair as she tried to soothe me. I asked her what she was going to do, but inwardly I was scared to death. Surely she could not know of my hours spent in the chair when she and Susan were not home. I had always thought myself to be a female and since seeing a gynecologist was what women did, I pictured myself being examined like a doctor like Mom.

Putting my feet up in the stirrups was the culmination of my fantasy. Mom gently pulled my panties down my legs then slid them off my feet. Mom smiled at me, asking me to put my feet up in the stirrups. As I placed my feet in the stirrups, they attached the straps around my ankles securing my feet.

I swallowed hard again, I was scared to death of what she was going to do, but also thrilled by being secured to the chair and experiencing one of my fantasies. Susan leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, whispering in my ear that she had to do some studying, besides most women like to be alone with their doctor during gynecological examinations.

I gave her a puzzled look but quickly looked back at Mom as she adjusted the feet farther apart and lowered the support directly below my butt. Essentially my rear end and upper legs were hanging off the table. Next came my garter belt and as she unhooked my stockings she slid them down my legs. I was now totally naked down there as she started examining my male appendages. She pushed and prodded everything that could be done, before spraying a cool spray over my male equipment.

I finally found my voice and asked what she was doing. She set on a stool that she used as she examined her female patients and rolled over closer to me. She motioned to a fixture in the ceiling and told me that it housed a video recorder that was used to document what was done to patients in case a legal matter ever came up with a procedure or examination.

“Apparently, one of my daughter’s is fascinated with being a woman since she has used up much of my videotape in this chair. I decided she needs to experience, first hand, a gynecological examination and maybe we can find the reason that she has still not developed her secondary sex characteristics.”

Mom then sprayed my appendage with the spray again, the end result being that I lost all feeling in my lower torso. She worked my appendage this way and that way until she achieved the result she was looking for. She then took a brush and spread a liquid over the area. Then moved my appendage till she was happy with the result. Then, more liquid on my appendage, with her holding them in place for a while.

I could feel a touch now and then, also when she used the brush, but was not aware of what she was doing. Finally, she was satisfied with her work and held up a mirror so I could see what she had done. I gasped, then promptly fainted.

When I finally regained consciousness, everything was still fuzzy, and I felt disoriented from this world. She gave me a peck on the cheek then held up the mirror so I could see. I felt like I was permanently red from the blush that I knew I was showing. Mom had taken my only vestige of maleness and replaced it with the same appendages as Susan.

Mom comforted me for a while then slid her stool over so we could talk. I was told that since I was showing so many traits of a female, she thought it best that I live the role for a while until I decide if that was what I wanted. She told me that she had just glued my sexual organs up out of the way, forming a slit from the folds of my ball sac.

Tears were starting to leak out of my eyes, but as my hand was held in her hands, I somehow felt at peace with myself for the first time in my life. She told me to smile, then applied another coat of lipstick to my lips. I was told that a girl always feel better when she has fresh makeup on.

She then maneuvered the chair, so I was sitting up with just the edge of my butt on the chair. My wrists were still attached to the arms of the chair but now held to my side but ahead of my body. She undid the buttons on my dress and slid the dress down my arms to my wrists. She then unfastened my bra and removed the breast forms.

She cleaned the chest area very thoroughly, then retrieved a box sitting on the side counter. She removed an object from the box and held it up against my chest. I knew what she was going to do as soon as I saw the breast form, a very realistic looking form, by the way. She marked the location on my chest and did the same with the other form. She then retrieved the brush and brushed the liquid on the form and my chest. It wasn’t until she held the form against my chest that I saw the bottle she was getting the adhesive from. She was using one of the strongest medical adhesives made. A fact that I had absorbed from my avid reading of anything I could get my hands on, including Mom’s medical journals. I asked her how long I was expected to live the role of a female.

Her simple reply was from now on you are Shawna both in mind and physical appearance, my second daughter, and a female. Other than it being totally unexpected the changes to my body weren’t unwelcome. Then I thought about school, crap I can’t go to school like this, I twisted and turned in the chair trying to free myself, but Mother just held me, her breasts pressed up against mine. She told me that I would be going to school like this, I won’t have you miserable the rest of your life because you are too scared to face this part of your life. The changes have already been made in the office and for the rest of the school year, Shawna is expected to attend classes.

I am aware of the possibility of someone making fun of you, but the sooner you face those people, the sooner your life will return back to a feminine version of what you had. The school has a strong anti-bullying program and hidden cameras throughout the school. Someone will be keeping an eye on you, and any trouble will be dealt with swiftly. You have to realize and accept that from this moment forward you are female; Shawn is gone for the future until we can see to what degree you are wanting to be a female.

Since you have been a favorite user of my exam chair, I think you need to experience weekly gynecological exams to make up for lost time. Once the newness wears off, I think you will hate them just as most true females do. Now I want you to go upstairs and straighten your clothes, redo your makeup and get your purse; we are going to dinner tonight to celebrate my other daughter’s first birthday.

After being released from the chair I grabbed a hold of my dress to keep it from falling off and slowly headed up to my room. My breasts are bouncing around on my chest making it a bit more difficult. As I entered my room, I was hugged by Sis. She apologized to me for spilling the beans but did learn in the conversation that Mom already knew about the dress and the contest. I acted so miserably all the time at school, and although it is an unwritten law that sisters are to never help their brothers, she couldn’t bear to see me suffer anymore. I am sorry for ratting on you, but I am so proud of your achievements, I just wish that I had even a small part of your talent.

It took me a while to repair the damage to my makeup, then put myself back together clothes wise. We went to our favorite restaurant, upon removing myself from the car I began to panic, a lot of my school friends came here to eat with their parents and I am sure to be recognized by them. Sure enough the party in front of us had one of my BFF’s from the home economics class. As we stepped up to the line Linda turned and looked my way, then exploded in my direction. I got asked fifty million questions, if I was going to school as a female now, are my boobs real and when I was going to the salon. If I didn’t have a favorite she would take me to hers. I tried to answer her, but their party got seated and we were next.

Before we made it to our table my phone started ringing, I guess the word is quickly spreading, by the start of school tomorrow everybody will know about my new look and sex. I sighed, but eventually answered the phone. It was Beth one of my other girlfriends, I told her I was eating, but that I would call her after we returned home. It was another of Mom’s rules, if we were eating no phone calls until after dinner is finished and cleaned up. Two more phone calls were handled in the same way, now I had four calls to return as soon as we returned home.

Both Mom and Sis were smiling as my focus returned to the meal. “There, that wasn’t too bad, now you are out to the school, so tomorrow you can concentrate on your studies. When you first get there you have an appointment with the principal, then later with your home economics teacher. You will divulge all, your wishes, you getting caught and the fact that you will be living and acting as a female for the foreseeable future. Is that clear young lady?”

I responded, yes Mother, a phrase I used often to convey my agreement, not necessarily that I totally agreed, but I knew I would have to do as she wished to avoid further restrictions on my life. After we got home I did make the four calls, a lot of squeals erupted from the phone as they confirmed my new look for school. It is official, everybody who is somebody knows of Shawna, her fame spread far and wide. I laid there in bed for the longest time, then realized I had nothing to wear for tomorrow at school. Oh gawd, I need to be sick.

Mom came in later to see that I was tucked in, her right as of the new version of the Mother code. I got a peck on the forehead, as I was telling her that I didn’t feel too good. Well that went over like a lead balloon. She calmly walked to my closet, opened the door and turned on the light. A cacophony of brightly colored garments reflected back, I set up in bed then squealed my approval. I ran to the closet and started looking for the perfect dress for tomorrow. Mom gave me that another daughter to raise look, but smiled, then left the room. I am sure she is aware of how long it takes to find the right clothes for my first day of class as a female.

School was a non event, my girlfriends keeping an eye out for me and making sure I was immersed in all things, and not hiding to keep from being seen. I did receive attention form the male segment, but not what I was expecting. I was asked out several times that first day and if I was with the girls I was ogled and chatted up just like I was a charter member of the female gender. When I got to Home Economics the first class of the day I was given information for the trip to the University and the classes I would attend while there.

I found myself on the front page of the school newspaper, now all would know of my winning the dress design competition.

I ceased to be able to slip away to some private space at school, now I was talked to and interacted with everyone both male and female. Before my involvement in the chess club was one of my ways to escape some of the drama of school life. Now I was sought out anywhere I went for advice or simply to be included as a friend.

I learned very quickly that the female gender is what I wanted to be a member of, my male existence not having any thing I wanted to be a part of anymore. It all started with a dress, my resulting life as a female something to treasure.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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