Hannah; Sparkly Dangly Bling

The marriage up to recently had been a normal modern day affair. We were both in our early twenties, a few years out of college, and had just started the career path we hoped would be successful for us. Beth was pinning her hopes on a career in cosmetology, she had graduated top in her beauty school class, now trying to find the proper salon to allow her to showcase her talents.

One of her closest friends, that had graduated a year earlier than her, had went to work for a national chain of salons, their business and ethics one of the best in the field. Beth had already interviewed with them once, they had offered her employment immediately, but since Beth had already enrolled in a cosmetology competition at one of the national conventions in a nearby town she elected to delay the start of her employment. She wanted to see if she could win a trophy or award before starting with the salon chain.

Her passion and love about her hobby was equally as strong. That hobby was jewelry, any style, any kind, she wore it constantly. Her love of jewelry was something she was born with, even when I first met her as a freshman in college she always wore lots of jewelry. I used to kid her about the fact that I could never afford to marry her, I doubt I can afford one set of her jewelry, much less her entire collection. Her jewelry always looked expensive, like it was made with real diamonds, pearls and precious stones. I later found out that in high school, her allowance never could handle her jewelry requirements, so she bought the parts and started making it herself.

She was always complimented on it, all one of a kind pieces, that looked elegant. As her cosmetology career stated to blossom, she eased up on her hobby, too busy to do it justice, then when we got married, the rest of her spare time seemed to vanish. She won numerous competitions, both in hairdressing and in makeup at that convention, also in the next few years at other prestigious competitions. Like her jewelry her awards resulted from her unique designs and her eye for what went together.

I had got my degree shortly after her graduation from beauty school. I was offered employment immediately and promoted twice within the first six months. The fact that I was doing so good, gave me the confidence to ask her to marry me. Of course, she accepted we kind of knew from the start that we were made for each other, if you believe in fate as we do, too many things just seemed to occur, all leading up to a joint union in marriage.

I was now four years out of college, three and a half years since we had tied the knot and my world was starting to unravel. My company lost three big contracts to competitors from China, they laid off a bunch of people, but somehow I was spared this time around. The survivors of the cutbacks had to work harder to cover the work that was left to perform. Then it was announced that all of the remaining employees would suffer cutbacks in their hours worked. I was originally told to work a forty-five hour work week now that had been reduced to thirty hours a week.

With that cutback in hours came a thirty-three percent reduction in my wages. The same workload was there, just less hours to accomplish it and less money for doing it. Beth and I had decided not to seek other employment for me at this time, since any inquiry from prospective employers would alert my present employers that I was looking, probably causing me to lose my existing job. No money is worse than less money, so I waited anxiously.

The first few days off I moped around the house, a small ranch house that we had leased until we could afford and find our dream house. Our dream house, well that might be delayed for quite some time. I checked out a few books from the library to read, hoping that would fill in some of my new idle time. I got through the first one before I decided that idea was not worth it.

I was never the sports type, so playing golf or tennis never appealed to me. The fact that I had very few male friends also limited any interaction with other sports minded males. Up to now I was a workaholic, my job, the major facet of my life. Now with time to spare, and no money to spend recklessly, I was in a quandary as what to do.

I did help some around the house, I managed to get some laundry done even prepared a couple of meals. They were not culinary feasts, but were edible and palatable. Since it saved Beth from doing it she was quite appreciative. I did volunteer to do the dishes every evening, something that was simple, but yet helped her. I received kisses every evening for doing them, a fair reward for my efforts. A reward I looked forward to every evening.

The next week, shortly after arriving home from work, I ended up in our third bedroom. At the time, I was looking for some more laundry to make a load. I noticed the table Beth had set up for her jewelry making, the many small organizers at the back of the table holding all of the parts needed. I set down in her chair looking at several of the pieces that she had almost completed.

I was fascinated at how she had built them, all the rings and clasps used, even how some of the pieces had been glued together to create truly beautiful pieces of jewelry. The glue holding different pieces of beads, silver findings, twisted wire, and even a gemstone or two in a quite attractive but jumbled mess.

Well let’s just say that load of laundry never made it to the washer. I was fascinated and played there until Beth had come home almost three hours later. She finally tracked me down, watched from the door to the bedroom never saying a word. I kept looking at what she had done, then tried to make something similar. She cleared her throat and I nearly fell off the chair. I started to apologize for messing up her stuff, but a kiss soon stopped that remark. She looked at what I had been working on, made a couple of suggestions, and then left the room to fix dinner.

I stood there stunned, not knowing what to do or say. I decided the smart thing to do was to go to the kitchen and help her with dinner. I made a beeline there, set the table and pulled out the fixings we would need for the burgers she was cooking tonight. I made tea, also loading the few breakfast dishes into the dishwasher.

During dinner the subject never came up, she told me of some of the things that the salon was promoting, how much her customer base was growing, proud of herself for being able to make them happy with her work. I listened as I always did, but as I was later to find out, the jest of the conversation had been missed by a country mile.

I cleared the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and started it. I made sure the counters were cleaned, and all containers of food and spices were put back where they belong. While accomplishing those tasks I decided I needed to straighten up what I had mussed up on her jewelry table. I tried to sneak back to the bedroom, for what reason I am not sure, maybe being found playing with the jewelry made me embarrassed. As I entered the room Beth was right behind me, I tried to backtrack but she just pushed me to her chair.

Giving me a kiss and pulling on my shoulders in a downward direction resulted in my butt on the seat cushion. She pointed to what I was working on, made her suggestions again and told me to get to it. “I don’t want to see your cute face until you are finished with the earrings. Okay.” She promptly turned and left. I stared at the table trying to figure out whether she is mad, upset, supportive, or happy. Of course, with females in general and Beth in particular I came up with absolutely nothing, no idea at all on what she was thinking or feeling.

Ten minutes later I decided I would have to do as she requested or maybe face disciplinary actions. The fact that she might punish me for messing up her stuff did make me smile. A few of our bedroom games involved her arresting me for doing bad things and then handing out punishments.

It took me awhile to get back into the mood, but soon things started coming together. Her suggestions were right on, maybe the fact that she has been doing this for years had something to do with it. I finally completed the pieces, made sure they looked right, inspecting them from all sides. The earring that I had tried to duplicate was on a clip base, in fact, I was later to learn a screw on base.

I held them up to my ear to see how they would look, and a funny feeling spread over my body. This was compounded by Beth coming up behind me and attaching the earrings to my ear. I felt her turn the screws as they tightened on to my ear lobe. It was a dangle style earring, the lower strands of pearls and amethyst beads brushing portions of my neck. The ones that I had copied were done in rubies, not amethyst. I was blushing red all over, her presence was not detected until she had started to attach one of my earrings, my wife attaching feminine earrings to her husband’s ears, not your everyday occurrence.

I started apologizing and trying to remove the earrings, but Beth would have none of that. Her hug encompassed my arms making it hard to reach my ears. The kiss that she laid on me shut up the vocalizations. She eased up the pressure on my arms taking a hand and swung the earring back and forth on my ear. It felt good for some reason and I let out a low moan. That was all she needed to confirm her suspicions and I was kissed all over my face, ears included. The earrings swinging back and forth wildly as I tried to escape her attack.

She moved me to the bed in the room, pushing a couple of plush animals to the side and began ravaging my body. I have never seen her like this, I tried to get her to ease up with my hands only to have them swatted away. I resigned myself to suffer the affection she wanted to show me, laying back and taking it all in. Believe it or not I was usually the aggressor in bed, but that evening there was none of it showing. She finally wound down about thirty minutes later, my body a total wreck from her show of affection.

I couldn’t think straight, my mouth still worked, but no coherent words came forth. I kept blinking hoping what I saw with my eyes would somehow change, but it didn’t. Beth’s face had that huge smile plastered from ear to ear, looking at me like I was her next meal. She licked her lips and that action alone sent goose pimples all over my body.

She played with me for quite some time, doing things to my body that I have never experienced before. Believe me, I wasn’t complaining. When it finally registered in my mind that she was treating me as the female in the relationship, playing with my ears, my neck and my nipples, a sudden rush of blood and blush swept over my body. The earrings though were the worse, every swing, kiss, pull on them emphasized the fact that they were feminine and attached to my body. I hated it and I loved it, I should have ripped them from my ears, but instead thought of what a necklace around my neck would feel like to go with the earrings.

OMG now there are two of us, two lovers of all things sparkly, dangly, and wicked. She insisted I wear the earrings to bed, I tried to take them off several times, but my hands were swatted and I am told to leave them alone. I began to feel the tightness of the screw type of closure, but I was told I would get used to it eventually.

I got up early the next morning, today I would be going in to work, so I prepared some breakfast, just some oatmeal and hot cocoa for both of us. It was cool outside, fall beginning to get a foot hold on the weather. After eating I took a bath. The piping to the shower head broke several months ago and we had never had it fixed. So for any cleansing of the body it had to be a bath.

After I got used to it, it was quite pleasurable, but there was an added expense since we went through bath salts and bubble bath at an alarming rate. I dried off and slipped on my clothes, brushed my hair and headed off to the front room. As I kissed Beth to leave she told me to call her as soon as I got to work. I kind of gave her a funny look, but she told me it was important. The drive was not bad today, traffic was minimal. As I reached our offices, I parked in my spot and went past security into the building. I started on my work as soon as I got to my office, since the reduction in hours there is very little talking or socializing since there is so much work to get done. As other employees were coming in past my door I got a few strange looks, but the report I was working on was due by noon, so I continued on diligently.

I managed to get it done and one other by lunch, so I felt pretty good on what I had accomplished. Janet my supervisor came into my office before I went to lunch, wanting to pick up the report that was due. I handed it to her, but she was staring at my face.

She regained her thought process and turned to leave before she turned once more, complimenting me on my earrings. I died an instant death, oh crap I forget to take off the earrings before I left this morning. I am sure it was a funny sight, a male wearing long dangly earrings his face and body a bright red, surely there was no blood left below my neck, all of it migrating north. That would explain the light headedness, and blurred eyesight, possibly even the ringing in my ears.

I immediately reached for the screw on the earrings to undo it, my nervousness keeping me from getting it to turn. Janet stuck her head back in my office door, a smile on her face. “Leave the earrings on, they look good on you.” I started to protest, still trying to get the screw to turn.

“I said to leave the earrings on, that is final. I will be back in a few minutes and they still better be on your ears, is that understood?” She turned and left my office again, which is good, I was shaking and almost in tears. I tried to forget what was happening getting back to work on my batch of reports that were due the following morning. I was able to feel the earrings swinging back and forth, but wondered why I didn’t feel them this morning. Even while I was brushing my hair, the image in the mirror never seemed to let me know that I was wearing earrings. I looked but in my mind they were not there.

There were all kinds of scenarios running through my mind, all of them ending up in me getting fired and losing my job. A few tears did drop from my eyes on my paperwork, I had to quickly wipe them off before they caused the ink to run. I was in a state of limbo for two hours before Janet summoned me to her office. The walk seemed like an exercise in futility. If I hurried I would just get fired faster, if I dragged my feet the inevitable would seem like an eternity.

I knocked on her door, we had open offices now, but I was hesitant to enter without permission. She called me in, had me sit right in front of desk, wanting me to explain the earrings. The reason why, where I got them from, and if I had more or if this was the only pair. I stumbled along, almost to the point of stuttering. It was like I had forgotten how to talk. I am sure what came out was pure babble, she didn’t say anything, which only made it worse. She asked if my wife knew about the earrings, I nodded yes, any further thoughts not leaving my lips. She asked for her phone number and I gave it to her.

I now felt like a child in the principal’s office, my parents being called to explain my behavior and the need to see that it is corrected. Janet and my wife talked for several minutes, I heard Janet’s side of the conversation, but it really didn’t register with me. My only concern was being let go from the company, a nothing now, my wife making all the money and supporting me. That last part the hardest for me to come to terms with.

Janet hung up the phone, wrote a note in my personnel file, then addressed me. I swallowed, the moment I had dreaded now here. I want a pair of those earrings as soon as you can make them for me. I want you to do the work yourself, your wife is busy supporting you, so that is the least you can do. From now on I want you in jewelry every day, your choice, but earrings and a necklace is mandatory, a bracelet is optional as is any other matching pieces.

I have just appointed you as our official morale booster. The ladies sure to be in better spirits with a little fun in their lives and something nice and beautiful to look at to go along with that. Play along with that idea, any further steps along the way will be appreciated. Now get back to work, in two weeks I will have your hours back to forty-five so be prepared.

I finally got up from the chair and headed back to my cubicle. Concern for my job took priority, so I began work on another report due tomorrow. I tried not to think about what I had been told, eventually losing myself in my work. I did notice I was visited quite often that afternoon, supposedly for an answer to what they were doing, but the looks at my ears gave little credence to that theory. At the end of the day, I felt proud, I had finished three reports, two earlier than needed. As I was leaving the building I got complimented on my earrings several times, two more ladies wanting a pair if I would make them for them.

I didn’t know what to think, so I went with the blank mind. I remembered driving home, but not what I saw or which way I traveled. Beth was waiting for me, I got hugged and kissed at the door. I have an appointment for you this weekend at the salon, to get your hair dyed a light blonde, a shade to match you mental prowess. I was going to protest being called a dumb blonde, but it is real hard to talk with someone’s tongue jammed down your throat. By the time it was removed I forgot what I was going to say.

She had picked up some takeout on the way home, one of us has extra work to do tonight, so we eat and then you get to work. As quick as that my life for the next few days was scheduled. The food she picked up was great, I was still nervous, then thought back to the fact that I didn’t have lunch today. I guess the blonde hair idea is valid in my case.

I did everything I could to postpone the inevitable. The kitchen was spotless as Beth took my arm and led me to the bedroom and the jewelry stuff. I was set in the chair, then she had the nerve to tie my apron strings to the chair, keeping me as a prisoner. I was kissed as she went over what I had to make tonight, even had little plastic bags for me to put the finished pieces in. I eventually got my head together and started making the earrings the girls at work wanted.

I made them just like the ones I was wearing changing one of the stones so they would be originals. I made an extra pair in case my choice of stones was not what they would accept. Then I started to clean up and put everything back. My lovely wife had other ideas as she brought a set of jewelry in that she had made about a year ago. She placed a mirror in front of me and had me put on the earrings while she attached the necklace around my neck. Then I had to fasten the bracelet on my wrist and slip the ring on my finger. It looked good on me, I remembered how it looked on Beth when she wore the pieces, but the coloring was perfect for my skin tone, so it was a close tie as to who it complimented the most me or Beth.

Then she had the nerve to tell me to make a set for me, I looked at her quizzically, I can just wear these can’t I. She broke into laughter, no these are mine, you have to make a set for you. Now get to work, or you will miss out on some fun in our bedroom. The set got made, believe me, as quick as possible. I brought it with me, getting a glance at her nude body sprawled out on the bed. I don’t ever remember undressing as fast as I did that night. She did make me go to her vanity and take off the jewelry, before I got in bed. It was four hours later before I got to sleep, a happier face you will never gaze on. It certainly was a long night, kissed, cuddled, ravished, you name it and I experienced it.

The next morning I headed off to work, with several of the ladies jewelry in my purse. I was wearing the set that my wife had insisted I make last night, a perfect match to the dress that she had loaned me. Imagine me wearing a dress and actually enjoying it. The feel of the skirt on my smooth legs so delicious. Of course all the proper under garments to fill out the dress properly, today my breasts only had a pair of enhancers in the cups of the bra, Beth promising me that she would correct that problem this weekend.

At work I was greeted like I had been working there as a female for years. I somehow was given the name of Hannah, and later in the day my nameplate on my office door was changed to the same. I interacted with all, with no comments on how I was dressed or acting. I did my work quickly and effortlessly, the change in how easy work had become not lost on me. Janet checked on me several times, always smiling as she returned to her office. I did get quite a few more orders for jewelry, enough to keep me busy when not at work. Incidentally I wear dresses or skirts all the time now, Beth making sure my appearance body wise matched my new gender that weekend.

After her full day of making me over at her salon, Hannah is now my sole image, all other signs of any masculinity now gone forever. It all started with sparkly dangly bling, and no telling where it will end.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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