Georgia; A Summer With Bikini Lines

Another two hours and school was over for the year. I am glad it is finally over, but the summer plans of my parents was not something I was looking forward to. When the last bell rang I made my way to the school parking lot. While I was only a sophomore Angela, my sister, was a junior and had been driving for two years now. Even though we had a scrappy brother sister relationship she looked out for me and usually gave me a ride home.

She had caught me earlier, telling me she would indeed give me a ride home but that she needed a big favor from me. I agreed, the sooner I got away from this school the happier I would be. Both of us were excellent students both of us with a GPA near 4.0. That part of school was not a problem, the social part was where I failed miserably. Luckily I didn’t get bullied much, height and weight wise I was pretty average. I just never fit in with anybody. I got tongue tied at the drop of a hat, due to my lack of confidence I even had frequent troubles participating in class.

Through two years of high school I never dated, heck I never even asked a female for a date. If I had even got up enough nerve for that, I am sure I would have looked like a dork, nearly silent and babbling incoherent thoughts and words as I asked for a date. I had to wait a few minutes for her to get to her car, all of her friends that were going away for the summer wanting to say goodbye to her. Angela was the exact opposite of me, where I couldn’t figure how to say two words to someone she could smile at them and have them as lifelong friends.

She was the most popular girl at school, class president, played on the volleyball and softball teams. She was quite attractive for a sister, this year trying out for the cheerleaders. She made the squad, and most likely would be Captain of the squad next year when she returns to school. Her real talent though is as an artist. In most any medium she is awesome. If it was one thing I would be jealous of her it would be her ability as an artist. She had already won several local art competitions in the area, her specialty is the human form in all of its shapes and nuances.

I have watched her as she works her magic on a canvas. Sketching it first in pencil, than shading it to bring it alive. The last touch is the color, the painting leaping from the canvas to embrace the one viewing it. I have posed for her several times, the finished product never looking like me. Her intent just to get the hands, arms, body and leg placement down on canvas so her imagination can run wild with the rest of the painting. I presume that is what she is after today.

The times I have posed for her in the past, the finished painting had no resemblance to me, the one she was using as a model. Quite often the paintings were of females, she rarely used a male in any of her paintings. My posing provided the essential body shape, the positions of the arms and legs. Then she would alter the painting making the figure female by adding the appropriate additions, breasts, hair, and clothing.

The one time that she used my present figure just as it is, she was painting a young female wearing her first party dress. Of course, the female was too young to have an actual figure, so Angela painted me just as I am, then added the dress and the feminine face to the painting. Her ability has always amazed me, this particular painting really driving home the fact of her superb talent. I was shown the partial painting of my body in all of its gender neutrality, and then she added the feminine touches to it. The finished portrait she named Georgia, very few people that have looked at it knew the significance of the name, my name is George, the model and inspiration for the painting.

Even though we scrap a lot, constantly going back and forth about things I do love her so much. I have though pulled some pretty mean pranks on her, typical of a younger brother that is awed by his older sister. I have glued her hair together, forcing her to get it cut short for a while. Then there is the time I swiped her bikini top at the beach and while I was running around with it, lost it in one of the waves. It was many weeks before she forgave me for that one, a lot of her male friends were at the beach that day and got some good looks at her breasts. She was red faced the rest of the day, I had humiliated her in front of her friends. The only swimsuit anyone had to loan her was all wrong from the little ruffle at the hem to the lemon green color. Most of her friends abandoned her to save some of their cred, I saw her cry many times that afternoon.

Six weeks later the only thing I heard from her about the incident was one day it would be corrected, she suggested that at that time I remembered what I had done. She would even the score and make things right again. At the time she said the words I was worried, but nothing happened in the following weeks, so I forgot all about them.

I am sure having to get her hair cut short also tried her patience with me, but the cut only made her look more fantastic. To this day she still wears a similar short style. Let’s face it I am extremely jealous of her, everything I am not she does so easily and comfortably.

We finally made it home, it took me two trips to get all of my stuff up to my room, I had loaded most of it in her car at lunch, wanting nothing to keep me at the school any longer than necessary. After I had everything stashed Sis handed me a fresh fruit smoothie and asked if I could pose for her again for a couple of hours. She makes the best smoothies, always making enough for two. I quickly finished it and then joined her on the patio. She has a dais she often uses for me to stand on and was setting up her canvas and easel.

She suggested some more casual clothes even some old tattered ones would do, since I would be standing on the dais in the sun. I quickly changed my clothes, an old pair of shorts and a tank top is what I appeared in when I returned. She helped me up on the dais, wanting me to stand against the pole at the back of the dais. She explained the position she wanted, then suggested that she anchor me to the pole and arms so that I could hold the pose easier. She lifted my tank top and attached a clear strap to hold my waist to the pole behind my back. Then two clear straps attaching my hands to the arms that extended from the top of the pole. She twisted the arms so that my hands were held out away from my body, one pointing up and one curled in front of my body.

She returned to her canvas and started sketching the figure. It was warm in the sun, little beads of sweat appearing on my forehead, slowly dripping down into my eyes. I mentioned that to Angela, she smiled and told me she would take care of it in a few minutes. The other problem I was having is that I was getting really sleepy. I could barely keep my eyes open, several times they would close and only pop open when Angela made a noise. Finally I succumbed to the inevitable and was fast asleep. I am glad I was secured to the pole or I would never have been able to help sis out.

When she splashed the cold water on me my eyes shot open. Sis was standing in front of me with an apple in her hand, a large smile plastered on her face. “Here take a bite out of this.” I opened my mouth and she shoved the apple right in my mouth. My head snapped back with the force, and I found that the apple was stuck in my mouth. I couldn’t bite done since my mouth was open so wide and I couldn’t get the apple out of my mouth because it was stuck partially behind some of my teeth. With my hands secured I was unable to do anything to regain the ability to speak.

“Well that took care of one problem, now as to the rest of the problems. You need to listen real close to me, nod your head if you understand.”

I did and her smile got even bigger. I glanced from her face to my chest, I now suddenly felt something wrapped tightly around my chest. It wasn’t the strap holding me to the pole that was at my waist. I nearly passed out, I had boobs and was in a bikini top. Now real panic showed its ugly face, Sis has somehow got even with me for all my pranks. I closed my eyes, maybe if I don’t look at my new breasts they will somehow disappear.

Angela stepped up close to me, whispering in a lower voice for me to listen carefully. “You are now totally screwed, I have glued breasts to your chest and fastened your male organs up out of the way. You are wearing one of my bikinis, in fact, you have been wearing one for almost three hours. The tan lines of the bikini are now etched on your skin, you have been slathered in suntan lotion making the tan richer and darker. You are still restrained and Mom will be home in a few minutes. After she sees you we will talk about the new plans for the summer or do you want to still go to the boy’s camp. I am sure that can still be arranged, your guaranteed popularity there will make for an interesting four weeks.”

About the time I had fully realized what she had done, out walked Mom. I could instantly tell that I wasn’t going to get any sympathy from her, her smile from ear to ear making that assumption quickly valid. “And who do we have here? You seem to be in a precarious position, I wonder if your sister had anything to do with this. With the way you look, are you sure you want to go to the boy’s camp tomorrow? I know you will be a hit dressed that way, making all kinds of friends. The apple is really cute, but doesn’t it keep you from talking Georgia?”

She grabbed the apple and pulled it from my mouth. It took me a while to get my jaw to function again but when able to move it again I really had nothing to say. My mother was standing in front of me, my body not like anything she was used to seeing and I felt the humiliation all the way to my toes. She continued to walk around me eyeing up the new me. I was still affixed to the pole and arms, so I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt the surge of blood warming my face and body as the severity of what sis had done to me partially registered in my mind.

As I tried to gain control of my mind some, Angela came back into my line of sight. Her and Mom hugged each other, exchanged greetings and then resumed talking about me. “Since she can’t go to the boy’s camp like that, that leaves her with nothing to do for four weeks. Could you get her into the girl’s camp for the four weeks? It looks like she will fit right in and I am sure she will have lots of fun with that body. Her hair needs to be worked on, maybe pierced ears and learn how to apply makeup, but the bus for the girl’s camp does not leave until Friday so there is plenty of time.”

“Dale and I have been planning this second honeymoon for two years now and our children are not a part of it. After the trip we have planned, our children will be again a part of our lives, the vacation we have planned for all of us will be quite enjoyable, maybe Georgia will have more fun this time than in years past.”

I listened to all of this but was scared to death to say anything, for fear that something worse might be decided for me. Apparently none of it involved me returning to the male sex anytime soon. Angela got closer to me smiling. “Well what do you think of my way to get even with you for all of the pranks you have pulled on me over the years. For several months you are now my sister Georgia, the tan lines, the breasts, and the lack of any male clothes will insure you a summer you will remember.

“You may even decide to go to school as your new sex, the breasts might still be attached when school starts. I know the tan lines will still be there. “I do appreciate you posing for me today, the painting turned out perfect. I am sure everybody seeing it in the living room will be equally impressed.”

Mom gave me another few looks then over at Sis. “Angela is going to release you now, you are to go to your room and wait for me to call you to dinner. All four of us will discuss this tonight after dinner and the necessary plans will be made. I suggest you convince yourself to cooperate fully with all of our wishes and conditions for your own good. Remember it was your actions over the last few years that led to this, so the fault lies with yourself.”

Angela did release me as I tried to walk to my bedroom with a minimum of fuss, but the breasts on my chest were gyrating wildly, even though they were in the cups of the bikini. As soon as I entered the room I went to my mirror, three OMG’s spilled forth from my mouth immediately. My breasts looked huge, even more in the image from the mirror then from looking down at them on my chest. The rich moist deep brown of my tan then overcame all of the other perceptions. I moved a strap of the bikini and the pale white skin was a deep and significant contrast to the tan. Nobody will be able to miss it that is for sure. As I turned this way and that way the tan was very even and under every square inch of the bikini was that same stark white skin.

I removed the bikini top, the white skin actually highlighted my new breasts, making them show even more than just being there. A white background to show off the rounded mass with the pink aureoles and nipples. In the corner of my vision I saw Angela standing in the door watching me ogle my breasts. A smile appeared on her face, she was obviously happy for her choice of payback. She strutted in and set on the bed, then waited for me to find a seat too. I chose the chair at my desk, the cold of the wooden chair making me suddenly lean forward some till I became accustomed to it. The suntan I had received was almost a burn, my skin where tanned was hot and light brown in color.

I realized I was naked, and tried to get the bikini top back on. Then I had to get the straps tied behind me, a feat that was very difficult today. I did get it around me, but decided a t-shirt over the top might be even better. I went to the drawer, pulling it out and discovered it empty. I was going to check the others, but then remembered Angela telling me I had no male clothes.

I let out a big sigh, sis really did a job on me. I was smart enough that I knew when I was beaten. She had covered all of the possibilities, each thing she had done was guaranteed to be long lasting and not easily covered or disguised. I decided I need to admit defeat and beg her for some mercy. Mercy that I fully expected to be denied me.

“You have succeeded in getting even, then some. I deserve what you have dished out, and I have learned my lesson. I will abide by your wishes for the summer, I just hope this ends before school starts again. In a way I am glad to get out of going to the boy’s camp. Last year was a nightmare, maybe this is a gift from above.”

Angela stated “You still have to do a few things, you really have no choice in the matter, but I think after a few weeks you might see the wisdom of them. Tomorrow you have a salon appointment, it will help make you fit perfect into the role of a young female. I had heard from the other counselors about your camp last year, no one should have to put up with things like that. Me doing this is twofold, I get my payback and you get a chance to experience camp as it should be. Mom does know a little, that is why you are coming with me this year. The fact that I get a sister and get even at the same time is just icing on the cake for me.”

“As you might have guessed you will be coming to the girl’s camp with me, so when our parents announce it later act surprised. I am happy with my payback, and I will in the future look out for you, and ensure no more long lasting detrimental effects from this. I am pretty sure you will end up with a friend or two, maybe even have a little fun this summer. So relax and enjoy the summer.”

“Now let’s get your top back on properly and go to dinner. Until we go shopping tomorrow you have no clothes, Mom thinks I have them locked up, in reality I have thrown them away. I am going to enjoy getting even all summer, so Georgia let’s head to dinner.”

When Dad got a look at me when he arrived home a smirk came to his face immediately. Like Mom he knew that I had been dealt with, so he made no further remarks. Dinner was excellent as usual, but an unusual quiet fell over the assembled group, each thinking of scenarios and possible solutions on what to do with me. The dynamics of this summer had been changed, very few things that had been planned could go unaltered.

Both Mom and Dad did reiterate that their long awaited second honeymoon would not suffer any changes. This is something that they had been planning for two years, and they were doing it no matter what. Although Sis had told Mom of some of the trouble I had at camp, Dad was not told anything. In a way that was probably better, his direct confrontation on anything that was not as it should be would have made problems if he got involved and then I was sent to the boy’s camp again.

When the girl’s camp was discussed he expressed some concern on the disguise. He did not want me caught, a lone male in a female only setting. But then my lack of anything male functioning was explained and he laughed at my expense. He told Mom that next time he was arguing with her or sis he needed to be reminded of this episode. After the decision was made for me to attend the female only camp, he suggested that I willing comply with all conditions of my stay, otherwise he feared that he would be walking me down an aisle later in life at my wedding, a bride escorted by her father. I did not think that comment was very funny.

I was given one of Angela’s nightgowns to wear to bed, also an older sweat suit in bright pink for the salon appointment tomorrow. I tried to inquire on what was to be done, but got one word answers that told me nothing.

Sleep that night came easily, the stress of my new appearance taking it out of me. Not physically tired, but mentally drained. For a few moments before sleep overcame me I tried to envision what tomorrow hold for me, but I knew little about a female’s time at a salon and even less about them in general. My only exposure is sis and Mom.

Angela woke me up way too early, at least in my opinion, but she was on a roll and a sleepy brother was not going to ruin her fun. Sweat suit on, with no underwear and my hair in a ponytail and we were off. As soon as I saw the salon I had second thoughts, maybe the boy’s camp might be better. I am sure after a good look at me I would be dead meat, the bullies would have a field day with my appearance. The salon though looked like it might achieve the same result, but the punishment would be slow and torturous.

It was no neighborhood salon with a hair stylist or two. Through the double doors, was a huge cavern of extreme femininity. There must have been at least fifty employees working there, easily distinguishable but the curly hairdos and the French maid like costumes. As I looked at the scene ahead of me I instantly blushed red, two steps into the place and I knew that someone looking like a male would never emerge. Angela checked me in at reception, then I got a hug and kiss and she left me.

On the trip here she had warned me that the need to cooperate willingly was essential to her watching over me later. If I made a fuss or rebelled, she would insure that a lot of other things worse would occur and that I would indeed be attending school as a female. At this time it is optional, but doesn’t have to remain that way. As we went in she told me that she would indeed return for me, but not until five that evening. I didn’t ask any further questions, way too scared of the answers.

A minute later a cute female came to escort me to a treatment room. As we went in I was shown to a chair and she sat opposite me. She talked to me for a few minutes. Was I happy as a female, was my sister and I close, do you realize what all is going to happen today. My sudden quietness answered most of her questions and she excused herself to get someone else to talk to me. The two ladies returned to the room, both pulling up chairs so that we could talk. The older lady introduced herself as Dallas, a CEO of the company, wanting me to tell her what is going on.

No response from me, I am not sure what to say or if I should say anything at all. She sits there patiently waiting for me to spill the beans. I let out one of the biggest sighs known to mankind and start to tell her what has transpired. No comments, no additional questions, just intently listening to what I am saying. After a few minutes I realize that I am actually talking to a female and my tongue is not twisted in a knot. I get a few smiles from Dallas and Margie, my original tech as I tell how and why this all came about.

After my tall tale winded down she tells me what is on the schedule for today. It turns out they knew about the why and how already, but wanted me to discuss it with them too. Breast augmentation, cut and perm, pierced ears, corset reduction of the waist, tendon tightening of the leg, and total removal of all body hair. Then to finish me off a new hairstyle and makeup. Then over to the clothing store, and a whole new wardrobe. According to Sis heels are required at her summer camp, so it appears I will be able to fit right in. After today heels will now be a requirement for my dainty little feet.

I just sat there lost in thought, I am sure there will be no George left after all of this. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, my crappy life up to now is nothing to hold on to, so a step in the other direction might just be what the doctor ordered. Sis has already set all of this in motion, so all I am doing is going along for the ride. If that list is anything to go by it will be some ride.

Dallas asks me to sign some wavers that I do understand what is going to be done to me and I am not opposed to the treatments. I surprise myself by thanking her for listening to me, it does feel better to talk it out with someone. I also see that this whole deal is not so much a payback but an attempt to get me out of my shell and back into life. The payback just insures my compliance. When I see Sis tonight I need to show my appreciation. I did sign the papers, hoping I am doing the right thing but deep down there was no doubt, maybe just a little left over male trying to save himself.

Sis’s work from yesterday had to be removed first, ready for today’s treatments. The hair removal is first, as soon as the breast forms were removed and junior was unglued from my groin, I am offered both kinds waxing and chemical removal. I decide the waxing sounds worse after Margie explains it to me so I go with the chemical treatment. That one is the permanent method, a fact that I did not hear in the description of the treatments. Forty minutes later I will never be bothered with body hair again. Smooth and clean, it felt wonderful, but the permanence of it had not made it to my mind yet.

Next is my eyebrows, the removal is to be done by tweezers, the sharp pain as each is yanked from my eyebrow making me aware of how much my brows are being changed. I didn’t think I had that many eyebrow hairs to start with. When I was allowed to see my face after, I realized one more item had been added to my feminine look. Now I sported two highly arched thin lines above my eyes making my eyes so much more expressive and delicate.

My ears were to be the target next, two pops in each ear and I now had pierced ears, the purple amethyst stones catching the light and twinkling in my ear lobe. Both were simple stones, the bottom one had small filigree silver wires twisted around the stone to accent the stone. I reached up to touch them, my fingers touching each stone. It was like I couldn’t believe they were there.

Then next on the agenda was my hair, it was washed and conditioned, then a smelly paste was worked into the hair, mainly the roots. I sure hoped what I thought was being done to my hair wasn’t, but one look in the mirror and I slumped down in the chair. I was going to be a blonde now, the light color of my hair now a precursor of what was to come. A plastic bag was placed over the hair and I set under a dryer blowing slightly warm air over my head to help the dye in its effort to make me a blonde.

After processing the hair color was washed out, leaving my hair a medium blonde, a drastic change from the darker brunette hair I came in with. Another conditioning rinse was applied and then she wound my hair on small plastic rollers. A quick scan of my memory provided nothing then when the rollers were drenched in a smelly liquid it clicked. I was getting a permanent, ensuring me curls all summer. I remembered the smelly solution from when Mom got a home permanent from a neighbor many years ago. I sincerely hoped I would not end up with the frizzy curls that Mom did when she got her permanent.

The smelly solution was washed out, a neutralizer was then added to finish the perm, and then it too was rinsed out. After the permanent rods were removed soft curly blonde tendrils bounced around my face, a blatant reminder of my future as a female. The hair was then set in curlers after she had trimmed my split ends and cut in the basic style. I knew none of this would be easily reversed, the haircut alone having to grow out to be even considered masculine. Once all the curlers were in place I expected some time under a dryer.

Wrong, I was moved to another chair and situated in its embrace. Straps were implored to make sure my legs were not going to move any on their own. Then split wide so the tech could work on my groin. I then realized how detailed this disguise would be, the creation of a female’s sex next on the agenda. I hadn’t realized that it was hinted at yesterday by my parents, the significance of their words ignored by me.

I didn’t feel anything, after a few sprays from a bottle. I had to lift my head to see what she was doing, when she glued my male organ flat between my legs and back quite far, I knew there would be no male present anytime during the summer. A fake vulva was glued over that, now only a slit with two puffy lips were visible between my legs. I was now as far as looks go a female especially in the lower region.

She moved her attention to my chest, as two plastic cups the size of a large breast were glued to my chest right over the nipples. Some liquid was inserted in the cups, then a hose attached to the center of the form. A switch was flipped and a suction started pulling my loose skin into the breast cup. I sure hope it was not their intention to fill the forms to their capacity, if so I will be very noticeable as my rack will be substantial. A portable dryer was wheeled in, and turned on the effect of the warm air on my curlers and the pulsating of the pump on my breasts was too much and I slipped off into a restless sleep. I wasn’t tired or sleepy, just stressed out so much my mind was looking for any excuse to try and forget everything that was being done to me.

When I was shook awake, the pump was still working, the cups now over half full. I guess the intention was to fill the cups to their fullest, as it droned on unabated. My hair was removed from the curlers, tight curls now sprouting from my head.

She moved to my lower legs, strapping a form to each leg from just below my knee to past my ankle. Again straps to hold the leg tight against the form. That left me as if I was standing on my toes, the form keeping my legs that way. A shot in each calf, the muscles tightening soon thereafter. An hour later when the form was removed the lower leg stayed in that position. A brief thought tried to gain hold in my feeble mind, but the breast pump shutting off stole the moment.

I was released from my restraints and I tried to stand up. On my toes was the only position available to me. When I tried to put my foot flat, the pain was severe and pulsating. I tip toed over to the stylist’s chair, so she could finish my hairstyle, not much left of my male persona. Even at this stage there was not a single male feature showing anywhere.

The hairstyle was completed, then some light makeup added to my eyes and lips. I was helped into some pantyhose, then a pair of heels after a cute panty was eased up my legs. Of course a bra was added, since my new additions needed support and a way to minimize the movement of my errant breasts. When I was shown the dress that I would be wearing as I left the salon I let out another huge sigh. A very brief sundress, a perfect addition to my well tanned body as stepped into, the full skirt barely covering my knees.

I was dragged to their clothing store and had to try on and help pick my new wardrobe. At first, I was reluctant to engage in picking what I would have to wear this summer, but soon my eye had settled on some cute things that I wanted to try on. Well it wasn’t long before I was walking through the store wanting to make sure that I didn’t miss anything that I just had to have.

I was waiting for Sis in their reception area, with way too many bags of clothing spread around me. When she walked up to me she was smiling, I got a hug then she looked over the many bags of clothing around me. She told me to take them to the car and she would pay for me treatments. She did help me with the last few bags, since I had already made three trips getting my goodies to the car. As she placed the last bag in the car she removed a lacy negligee from the bag and smirked. I blushed bright red, while she waited for a comment from me. I swallowed and told her it looked good on me and it felt wonderful next to my skin.

“I see Georgia is in control now, welcome to the family little sis.”

Back home Mom was ecstatic about my appearance, telling me that most likely I would be a female from now on, there is no George left either mentally or physically. I gave her a funny look, but she pointed to how I was sitting on the kitchen bar stool, legs crossed and a heel dangling from my foot. She pointed to my hands one playing with one of my curls, and the other laying in my lap. Neither of the things I was engaged in had been taught me or for that matter even shown me. I guess she was tight, so I decided I needed to engage in another action and got up and walked over to her and gave her a big hug, our breasts squashed together as I pulled her tight. I whispered in her ear that I loved her, maybe she could see her way to love another daughter as much as she does sis. I swear I heard one of my ribs crack, but the feeling of her love and her embrace felt so good. That is where sis found us, she had carried the last of my bags upstairs and had changed clothes.

I was asked if I wanted to change clothes, my grabbing myself around my chest right below my breasts and stepping back their answer. They both giggled, knowing that Georgia was now here for the duration.

We left for summer camp that Friday, each of us with three suitcases of clothes. I was a little apprehensive about it still, but remembered last year and smiled, it has got to be better than last year, a nightmare I did not want to experience again or even think about.

From the moment we stepped off the bus I felt better, as I was approached and hugged welcoming me to the camp. I was dragged off to our cabin, five other girls and I sharing it. Within a few minutes I was immersed in the scene, with us hanging our clothes and engaging in conversation about our clothes and if we had any boyfriends back home. I had to tell them I was not allowed any boyfriends yet, maybe I will find one when we vacation later this summer.

From that moment forward it was non-stop conversation about everything and anything. We dressed for dinner, each day having to do so. Our cabin counselor helped us with hair and makeup and zippers on our dresses. I was to find out the mornings would be a regular summer camp, hiking, swimming and games, with afternoons spent indoors learning about makeup, hair styles and how to act like a lady. Our counselors were from a chain of beauty salons, quite skilled and very enthusiastic in their approach to life and their charges.

Since sis was the camp counselor with regards to our morning activities she was busy, we hardly got to talk much much less spend any time together. I knew she was keeping an eye on me, quite often when I would look up from what I was doing I saw her look my way, a big sis keeping tabs of her little sister.

Within a few days of arriving I was assimilated, now no difference between me and the other girls in actions, dress and even in how I talked. My neutral voice now with quite a bit of inflection, and noticeably higher and quite often used at the speed of light.

Each afternoon culminated in dinner dressed to the nines, a dance following twice a week. It was my favorite part of camp, looked forward to with great enthusiasm. I would spend the hour before dinner going through my clothes looking for the perfect dress, wanting to look good for myself and my partner for the dance.

Our partners were from a boy’s camp, one quite different then the one I had attended last year. Although I couldn’t see me dancing with a boy, the first time I was held in his arms that was soon forgotten. By the end of camp I had several boys trying to win my affection each of them giving me their phone numbers and email addresses wanting me to keep in touch. It was a sad moment when we had to get on the bus to head home, but savoring so many memories to treasure in the weeks to follow.

Vacation was alright with my parents and sis, although sis and I usually headed off to do girly things letting the two love birds to continue their second honeymoon. I did find out from sis that I wold be going to school as a female, already enrolled in a girl’s school a few miles from home. When she told me I was all over her leaving lipstick marks all over her face. She was giggling at my antics, but did pull me closer to her for a much needed sisterly hug.

I did have to promise her to pose for her one more time, she wanted to do a portrait of me, this time as the real me, exactly as she sees me in everyday life. I often think back to that fateful day, thanking my lucky stars for what happened and the life I now had. A summer with bikini lines just the start.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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