Cassie; A Makeup Artiste

I originally started out to be a hair stylist. Unlike a lot of male stylists I was heterosexual, even had a girlfriend that has been with me for several years. I have always been talented in matching colors, and in what style looks best on any person. Even before beauty school I was helping female friends with their hair, or with color combinations for their clothes or makeup. Since we had an excellent technical school in the area, I enrolled to become a hair stylist. It was a nine month course culminating in getting my license, teaching all the basics, then allowing us to work on customers to get the practical experience we needed. Of course, we were closely monitored, so that mistakes were not performed on any customer’s hair.

I did well, getting many job offers after graduating. One in particular was a makeup company that had outlets in most of the major malls. We had studied makeup and nail care along with hair styling, it just wasn’t stressed as much. Through my instructor the company found out about my skills and offered me a job with them. I was pleased to be offered the job, but didn’t feel like I could make the kind of money as I would as a hair stylist. A few days later as the classes were coming to the end one of their representatives came to the school wanting to talk to me.

Ms. Stevenson was all business, telling me what my job would be, and what kind of money I could expect to make doing makeup. I was still a little skeptical, so she asked me to indulge her and work one day doing makeup, then we could talk again. It seemed reasonable so I agreed, a time was set up and a location that was convenient to my apartment. I was given the manager’s name and a time to show up. I was told a smock would be furnished, all I need was a black pair of pants and some comfortable shoes since I would probably be on my feet most of the day.

I thought of calling her several times and canceling since I really had my heart set on becoming a hairstylist. An aunt of mine owned her own shop and made fantastic money, more than any of my college friends were making after graduating with a four year degree. That had been my driving force all through beauty school, to follow in my Aunt’s footsteps. I ended up showing up to work the day, not sure how to get out of it or if I really wanted to. It was only for one day, what could happen in such a short time?

The company had a kiosk type of shop right in the middle of the mall. Several stylist type chairs that faced lighted mirrors. Melody the manager was expecting me, showed me around and gave me a station to work at. They had some appointments already, then to drum up more business if two makeup artists were free they worked on each other to attract attention. In beauty school that was a normal occurrence, when no customers you practiced on other students. I often had my hair done in some different color or went home with a head full of curls. I can’t say I especially liked it, but it was just a fact of life for a beauty school student.

I lucked out and got to handle an appointment right away. I was familiar with their makeup line, one of the best in the industry. Once I found out where everything was at I was busy at work. The customer was an older lady and was pleased with my selection of colors and how I applied the product. I sold her the products I used and she left me a tip on top of that. I found out from Melody that I would get a twenty-five percent commission on the product I sold, plus a five percent bonus if I sold her everything I used on her makeover. I suddenly changed my thinking, this might not be too bad as a career.

Three more customers followed one of them had watched what I done to the older lady and wanted me to do the same to her. She had a different hair color so I changed the colors of the makeup to accent that fact and blended it into a total new look. Again a happy customer and a large sale of everything I used. The next two were just ones that showed up, out shopping and decided to stop for a makeover. Both were quite pleased with my efforts and left me nice tips, although they did not buy all the products I used. It was nearing lunch and things were quieter.

One of the other makeup artists wanted me to do her face, since I had such a different take on what went together. I did perform the makeover, she was delighted and quite complimentary. I got another referral by doing her makeup, Ginger said she would pick us up some lunch while I handled my customer. Another happy customer and I sold her most of what I used on her.

Ginger and I took a few minutes to eat, then a lady I had seen earlier came by again. She had watched me do one of the other customers very intently. She asked me if I did males, I gave her a quizzical look, she was definitely not a male underneath those clothes. She was a twelve on a scale of ten her makeup particularly good, almost perfect.

Yes I do makeup on males, do you have anyone in mind. She smiled real big, then handed me a hundred dollar bill. I stared at it, then looked over to Melody who was following the conversation to see if I could accept it. I still didn’t see anyone of the male gender anywhere close, that she might be arranging the makeover for. Melody nodded in the affirmative, then approached the lady to see what she had in mind. The lady pointed to me, have him do his own makeover in female mode, for an evening out. I will buy all the makeup he uses on himself. I looked at the lady, sporting a big smile on her face. Then I looked at the money in my hand and swallowed hard. I sat down in the chair in front of the mirror and gathered up the products that I might need. Since there were no other customers at the moment everybody gathered around me to watch what I did.

I decided to go the whole nine yards, she did promise to buy everything I used. Since I was offered the hundred dollars to do my own makeover I was sure she was not lacking of money. I hesitated about my eyebrows but decided in the end that they needed to be thinned. I took my time, noticing after a few steps I was gaining quite an audience. By the time I had applied concealer, foundation and powder the area around the kiosk was packed. Melody and one of the girls were handing out free samples to interested females, taking advantage of the crowd. I did my eyes next, eye liner, then four different eye shadows blended from dark to light at the eyebrow. Then a set of false eyelashes followed by several coats of mascara, I had already applied some rouge to my cheeks, but I touched them up again highlighting my cheekbones.

I took a couple of minutes to look over my face realizing for the first time that it was quite feminine in appearance. I added lip liner and then two coats of lipstick followed by lip gloss. I was finished and along with the makeover my male image was also gone. The lady bought two of everything I used, making for a huge sale. I wanted to talk to her, but we were inundated with customers my makeover producing many new customers. Melody hugged me, telling me that until they closed at seven everyone was booked up. My next customer was already sitting in my station, eager to be made beautiful. Over the next three hours I received many compliments on my makeover, even another male wanting to arrange an appointment later in the week. Melody had to tell him that I was just here for the day but he could check back in a few days.

My weird customer that had arranged my makeover was back at quitting time as I was getting ready to remove my makeup. She handed me her card, wanting me to have dinner with her tonight, but to leave the makeup on. I looked at the card, her name was Stephanie and she represented the Turnabout Gurl Salons. Even I had heard about them, a national chain that was revolutionizing the beauty salon business. I accepted and soon we were in her car heading down the highway to a restaurant a couple of miles out of town. Our car doors were opened for us and the restaurant door was held open as we entered the place. Stephanie told the Maitre’D we had reservations and soon we were being led to a private table in a separate room from the main restaurant. He held our chairs for us, one of the few times in my life anybody had held my chair for me.

Within a few minutes food started arriving along with a bottle of wine. How Stephanie knew what I liked was anybody’s guess. It was fantastic though, both the food and the service. As I took a sip of wine there was somebody there to fill it back up. Once the main course was finished our waiter was told to hold dessert till later and he filled up our wine glasses and left.

Stephanie started the conversation wanting me to come and work for the salons. Her salary offer had my mouth wide open, then she started on the fringe benefits that I would enjoy if I came to work for them. Since my makeup skills were so good she wanted me mainly for makeup, but for my private customers hair styling would also be allowed. I could work for whatever location I wanted, they would make sure I found adequate housing in the area. Then she stopped and opened up her laptop that she had brought in, booting it up and then connecting to another computer. A ladies face came into view, as she smiled and said hi. “Have you decided yet on joining us, I watched a video of you doing your own makeup, and am so impressed.”

“Incidentally my name is Francine and I own the Turnabout Gurl Salons. I want you to come work for us, and I am convinced after a couple of years you will be living quite comfortably, being able to do whatever you want in life. Now do we have a deal or do I need to come down there and personally persuade you to join us.”

I told her she has a deal, but I would like to meet her personally one day and maybe talk for a while. To my utter surprise she asked about Saturday, seven P.M. for dinner, Stephanie will see to your clothes and hair, and pick you up. I nodded my head in the affirmative and the connection ended. I looked at Stephanie in awe, now I am working for the number one chain of salons in the country and am going to dinner with the owner.

Stephanie got the waiter’s attention and we enjoyed a delicious fried ice cream that was the best I have ever had. Then back out to her car and we drove to one of her salons. We entered the door in their clothes boutique, and she went right to the evening gowns. She asked what size I wore, then my mind finally kicked in. I stuttered a size twelve, then she thumbed through the selections until she found a light lavender strapless dress that was floor length. It looked beautiful, but I was shaking my head about me wearing it. I did not have the body for it, even though my makeup job clearly had put me in the correct gender.

I had dressed as a female before that was why I knew my dress size. It was years ago, while still in high school. Since then I have avoided the temptation as much as possible, not letting myself be put in a situation that would allow it or encourage it. Back then it was something I enjoyed greatly, I feared if I allowed myself to do it again, I may never return to the male gender. Believe me at times it was real hard, especially beauty school. To be around the girls all the time, their clothes, makeup and perfume making it so hard on me. I was tempted many times, especially after some exchange of a beauty service when business was slow. It was like someone had stabbed me with a knife and was slowly turning the blade to make the wound bigger and deeper.

Despite my protesting, I left the boutique with a complete outfit, dress, underwear, stockings and an unbelievable pair of high heels. A purse was added to the mix, then appropriate jewelry including earrings and a necklace. Stephanie added an appointment tomorrow for some basic female body shaping then drove me back to the mall to pick up my car. I tried many times on the return trip to get her to relent, but she stayed firm, it will do you good and also provide practice for when you start at the salon.

Huh, why do I need practice dressing as a female to work in the salon. Then the light came on, the bells rang and I saw my image on my first day at work. Stephanie confirmed it, all employees who work at the salon must present as gender female. For the remainder of the trip I was silent, dressing as a female would not keep me from taking the job, it was just that now I had a logical excuse to do it, my struggling male image probably doomed to the junk pile forever more. Stephanie I think figured it out, suggesting that I just let go, enjoy myself and see what happens. If the male part of me left for the hills, put both feet in the feminine side and celebrate.

The next day at the salon I received glue on breast forms, a special gaffe that hid my male assets and a wax job to remove all of my body hair. I had checked on the internet as to all of the things they offered, now knowing I had escaped with minimum damage to my male persona. It took me all day to prepare for my meeting with Francine, I must have applied and reapplied my makeup a dozen times trying to get it just right. The dress was awesome, hugging my body like a second skin. It restricted my walking, now I had a gentle sway to my walk.

Stephanie was right on time, and we left to meet Francine. Stephanie told me she had flown into town especially to meet me. Then she would fly out tomorrow to head out west to visit her salons out there. According to Stephanie a frequent thing she indulged in. We met her at the fanciest restaurant in town, I presume that was why we needed evening gowns. The meal was delicious, but Francine was interested in me. What my hobbies are, what I wanted out of life, and what area of the country I wanted to settle in. It seemed we talked for hours, the food was good, but the conversation was much better. She is so easy to talk to, like I was talking to a sister or mother.

I wanted to try Arizona, a place I was fascinated with ever since we studied it in school. Francine suggested her larger salon in Scottsdale, that way I would be assured of continually being busy. As soon as I got out there she wanted me to look for a house, she would arrange for its purchase and then I could pay her back eventually. In the mean time I could stay at her house, until I found adequate housing. I tried to convince her an apartment would be adequate, but she would have nothing to do with that statement. It would be a house and that is that.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged as we left the restaurant. Francine to the airport and Stephanie and I to her car. I was literally walking on air, a fantastic job and a prestigious place to work. I did pinch myself a couple of times to make sure I was not dreaming on the way to my apartment.

It was after one A.M. when Stephanie returned me to my apartment. As I was dropped off she informed me I had plane tickets for the day after tomorrow. I pinched myself, all of this happening to me, it must be a dream, but a dream I could definitely learn to live with. I doubted I slept much that night, everything still fresh in my mind and my mind running over everything again and again.

It was late the next day when I was woken by someone at my door. I slipped a large t-shirt over my body and answered the door. Stephanie had a huge smile and several bags of clothes for me. She laid them out on the bed, suggesting what I might wear for my flight. I gave her a quizzical look, but it did not faze her. I will be traveling as a female apparently whether I want to or not. I questioned getting through security, but was told that was already handled. After looking at the outfit again on the bed, there was not any place to conceal anything, even my purse minimal and petite.

I had to try on the clothes to make sure they fit properly, then she suggested a quick trip to the salon so my hair could be made presentable. I agreed and was soon sitting in a stylist’s chair having my hair washed and conditioned. The trip to the salon seemed to take almost no time, I was excited although I tried to not show it, Stephanie kept me talking making the time fly by. I received curlers, and had to sit under a dryer for almost an hour. The heat was on a low setting, from what I had learned in beauty school the curls would last me for months. Considering my new job, a logical treatment for me.

Stephanie did get me back to my apartment, the female me now in full display. I was told an airport limo would pick me up two hours before my flight and given a credit card for anything I might want on the trip out there. Francine’s chauffeur would pick me up at the airport and take me to her home. Dinner would be served after I had some time to freshen up and change clothes. I raised my eyebrow, but Stephanie told adequate clothing would be waiting in my room. I got a kiss and a passionate hug and she was gone. I just stood there, not knowing what to do next, everything has happened so fast and my mind is still back at the kiosk as I was putting my makeup on.

Then I remembered my girlfriend, away on a vacation with her family but due to return in a few days. To come back and me not there would cause lots of problems. I called her cell, then started telling her everything that had happened. Well I had to stop half way through the explanation and send a selfie, her wanting to see the new me. I expected laughing and maybe even an end to our relationship. It was quiet on her end for almost a minute, then she asked where I was flying to. I told her Phoenix, she told me she would send a text message with when to pick her up at the airport there. I was to be in a dress and with a smile on my face. Then she had the audacity to hang up on me. I did get a text message about her love for me, as she deemed my new name to be Cassie a few minutes later, wanting to know what flight I was on and when I was to arrive. Well so much for predicating what will happen now.

I did get to sleep for a few minutes but it was after three when I dozed off. My mind still processing all that has happened to me. As I got up and made my way to the bathroom, the image appearing in the mirror was female, no doubt about that. My arched eyebrows and curly hair leaving no doubt about my gender. It took me forever to dress, and apply my makeup, only the time for me to be picked up kept me from doing it all over again for the fourth time. I made it out the door after the driver knocked, then he held the car door for me as I tried to enter the car gracefully. An hour ride to the airport, then through security. Like Stephanie said there was no delay, not even asking to see my ID. The plane lifted off thirty minutes later, I was on my way to a new job and life as a female. Oh there was some nervousness, I wasn’t really sure what life as a female would be like. I was sure it would be way different than my life so far, that is for sure. I was excited and wondering what new experiences awaited.

As we landed in Phoenix we had to wait as there were several planes ahead of us wanting the same spots at the terminal. A couple of delays weather wise was what caused the backup at the terminal. A long forty minutes later we managed to get to the gate and started to debark from the plane. As we exited into the terminal I saw a sign with my name on it and headed that direction. Several more steps and I was blind sided by my girlfriend who was in my arms and kissing me quite enthusiastically. She hugged me hard, never more than inches from my body. I found if difficult to walk, but I managed somehow. She never did ease up her hold on my body.

The one holding the sign was my driver, sent to take me to Francine’s home. I say driver but that would not do her beauty justice. She was gorgeous, helped me with my luggage with ease and soon we were heading to the limo. Bags that I had difficulty with when I left she handled like they were nothing. It was a fairly long drive to her home, nestled in the desert just north of town, a gorgeous ranch house that seemed to go on forever. I was helped out of the limo along with my girlfriend and taken into her home.

There we were greeted by Francine, Gina hugged and greeted by name. I looked at Francine then at Gina wanting to know how they knew each other. Since Gina never was bashful or shy she had called the salon where I would be working and asked to speak to the owner. It turns out they talked at length, about each other, about me and my new job. Francine told me that they even had a skype session with each other, sharing a few ideas for my new job. Now that little revelation had me worried. Gina has a wicked sense of humor, able to get me into all kinds of trouble with very little effort on her part.

We talked for a while while her driver got our luggage into our bedroom, then had a delicious dinner served on the enclosed patio, the desert backdrop adding to the ambiance of the evening. Since both Gina and I were yawning Francine suggested an early evening, telling me that I would be taken to the salon first thing in the morning around seven A.M. Gina and her driver could spend the day shopping and looking for a residence for me. Gina squealed and I let out a low groan. Francine just giggled, glad that matter was settled so easily. Gina led me off, apparently anxious to see the new me naked. I barely made in inside the bedroom door before I felt my clothes being loosened and removed. She was acting like a child on Christmas morning and I was just a doll waiting for someone to play with me.

I got off pretty easy, since I was asleep before Gina could get up a full head of steam. The times I had to use the bathroom I had to plead with her to let me go, since she had a death grip on my body the whole night. When the alarm sounded Gina kicked me out of bed dragging me into the shower with her. Luckily the water turned cool before I was reduced to a puddle of goo on the shower floor. I guess my new look is something she likes, likes a lot by her actions so far.

I had been told the night before by Francine to just wear pants and a blouse, a cute uniform was waiting for me at the salon. They would make sure my looks matched the uniform, then my first appointment doing makeup was scheduled for three P.M. I wondered about the cute uniform, but after several yawns we had called it a night. The next morning Gina made sure I was waiting for the driver, who would take me to the salon then come back for Gina. I was welcomed once I reached the salon, then taken back to one of their private rooms to be made ready for my uniform.

Several technicians descended on me, my breast forms were removed and two large cups were glued to my chest where breasts would normally reside. I was given a magazine to read, since I will be hooked up to the machine for six to seven hours. It was switched on and some of my tissue on my chest slipped into the cups. All of this so I could do makeup on the salon’s customers seemed a little much. I was still in awe of everything so I kept quiet and waited to see how far this will be carried out.

While I was glancing at the magazine I was given, my male organ was hid underneath a very realistic vagina, I did briefly wonder if that had Gina’s approval, but it if didn’t I am sure Gina will correct the mistake. After an eternity the machine cut off and I glanced down and took in a deep breath, I had breasts and sizable ones, maybe even more that Gina. I had purposefully ignored looking at my chest, hoping that what the machine was doing would not affect my appearance that much.

My hair was pulled into a tight bun, and spayed with a lot of liquid to make sure it stays there. I wondered what look I would have after being dressed in my uniform since the tight bun minimized a little of my femininity. I was sat down in front of a vanity and told to do my makeup, evening or sexy to the max. I noticed as I was applying my makeup that any technician not with a customer was standing behind me watching me apply it. It took me about thirty minutes, then when I announced I was done Francine showed up, checked my image and told me to close my eyes and keep them closed as they helped me into my uniform. I was stood up and then felt several ladies sliding something up my legs, then up my body stopping right underneath my breasts. Yes, I said my breasts.

It was zipped up behind me, now whatever they had put on me was skin tight. My legs were treated to some hosiery, very silky and dainty. They were attached to the previous garment with garter tabs, now the stockings were taunt and felt silky smooth. A high heel was added to each foot than I was eased back on to the vanity chair. Something fairly large was added on top of my head and secured there with pins. I had a bad feeling about this, fearing that I will be not only doing makeup but also a major attraction for the salon. Francine took my hand and moved me in front of a mirror, then told me I could open my eyes.

Nothing in this world could have prepared me for the image that was in the mirror. Even junior underneath his disguise was impressed, making several twitches to let me know his opinion on my new image.

I was suddenly woozy, both Francine and another lady holding on to me tightly to make sure I stayed upright. Of course Gina took that moment to appear, walking through the front door of the salon until she saw me at the back of the salon by a mirror. How a female can travel that amount of distance between me and her in such a short amount of time and then launch herself into my arms, I will never figure it out. Francine was giggling away, and after making sure I was stable on my feet led Gina and I back to her office.

During the walk back there I was trying to figure out how I was going to get out of wearing this ridiculous uniform, and I use that word loosely. Almost transparent with something opaque over my nipples and my female sex. From an inch above my nipples my breast was just lying there in the cup of the garment. Not a feeling that I was comfortable with. Cut up high on my thighs the garter straps the only thing between my garment and the stockings. The heels were tall at least five inches with this tiny little pad at the end of the heel. Essentially I was dressed in sexy female underwear and expected to do my job as such.

The fall that they attached to my bun was fairly huge, curls everywhere with ribbons and lace interwoven throughout. In the back of the fall the curls, and ribbons hung down past my shoulders, the hairpiece alone making me a member of the female gender.

As soon as we reached her office I opened my mouth, but Francine wanted me to listen to her first. For the four appointments you have this afternoon she wanted me to try this, then we will talk about it. I have raised the prices we are charging your customers, still way below our competition plus the fact we are not making them buy our makeup.

So far the only advertisements we have used is a picture of you in makeup, with the words added imagine what he can do for you. As of a little while ago you are booked solid for the next five weeks everyday but Sunday. Now you need to fix what Gina has smeared and get ready for you first customer. Gina got one more kiss in, then Francine dragged her off to keep her out of trouble. I did get my makeup fixed, actually I had to redo my lipstick since she had managed to smear it up pretty bad. There was even a little of the lipstick on my nose. Don’t ask me how it got there. As I was repairing my makeup I kept looking in the mirror at the feminine image displayed there. In all of my attempts to look like a female I never achieved this level of success.

My first customer at the salon was brought back to me. Francine had set me up towards the back of the salon, but up on a raised dais. It had a seat for the customer and one for me that let me swivel around to either side as I worked my magic. It took me several minutes before I got involved enough to forget my uniform a little. My breasts wobbling around in the cups of the outfit kept me very aware of my new figure and looks. The customer was male wanting makeup done so that she could attend a party with her friends. I described what I thought would be perfect and she nodded her head in the affirmative. While I was working on her makeup she was fascinated at my looks, and uniform. Every time I looked to see what she was looking at it was me.

It took me about forty minutes to do her makeup, turned her so she could see her image and she squealed in delight. I got kissed from her, as she looked in her purse to find a tip for me. It was a fifty dollars, I tried to refuse since Francine was charging enough for my services as it was, but she insisted. Her girlfriends had come to pick her up and as soon as they saw her face I heard squeals galore. Francine told me after they had left, that I had five more appointments now, each of them making an appointment as soon as they could get one.

My next customer was a lady in her thirties, who was a bridesmaid at her girlfriends wedding. It was a spur of the moment thing, each member of the wedding party had to find their own dress and handle their hairstyle and makeup. She had been in the salon for an hour, getting her hair in a fancy up do with lace ribbons woven through the back of the style. I described what I had in mind and saw a huge smile come to her face.

It turned out she had watched me do the other makeup on the guy and couldn’t wait to see what I could do for her. As I applied her makeup I saw the attention I was getting from other customers and the salon’s employees. It made me nervous for a minute, then I realized the way I was dressed it would be very unusual if I didn’t get the attention. The lady was very talkative telling me about the wedding and how she thought the marriage would be over in less than three months, the groom already caught in another female’s arms.

Then she floored me by telling me how much she loved my uniform. It is perfect for you drawing attention to you, then your skills complimenting the total package that it provides. I got another tip, this time thirty dollars, she apologizing for the small amount since that is all the cash she had with her. She promised to make up to me next time.

Two more appointments with almost the same results, compliments on my uniform and thrilled at my makeup job. Francine joined me in my work area wanting to know if I liked my uniform. The she surprised me by asking me to do her makeup. Gina and I are going to a concert with her tonight, our evening clothes waiting for us in her office. I was a little jittery as I worked on her makeup, she is truly a beautiful woman. I managed to please her, my take on her makeup quite different then what she normally wears.

I actually got to wear more clothes to the concert, although Gina wanted me to go as I was dressed for the salon. Francine joined me in an empathetic NO. The dresses were gorgeous, floor length and body hugging. Gina and Francine in black and of course I was wearing something quite different a very bright pink. Although the dresses were body hugging the fabric was a type of silk, showing every curve and nipple explicitly. Heels in matching colors and a five inch heel height. Francine’s limo delivered us to the concert and we made our way to the seats she had arranged for. It was a good concert, the music was not overly loud and the fans were there to listen to the music, not make a spectacle of themselves.

Again I got compliments on my makeup, Francine handing out cards with the salon info on it so they could call for an appointment. Her limo took us to an all night restaurant where we enjoyed a nice breakfast. Then we were hustled home where I was put right to bed since I had appointments starting at eight the following morning. I was rudely awakened the next morning by Gina, bubbly and wanting to grab and play with my enhancements.

Francine took me into work and helped me into my uniform. I protested some, but in a way I liked being the center of attention. Yesterday afternoon was magical. Before I had time to think about my feelings my first customer is here. From then on till quitting time for me it was a steady stream of people wanting to be made pretty. My tips exceeded anything I could imagine, each customer so pleased with my take on their makeup. I was handed a bowl of fruit a little after two o’clock by Francine, the only nourishment I was able to get all day. She whispered in my ear that I was now booked solid for six months, a feat seldom achieved by any of her technicians.

After work I was taken by a house that Gina had found for us, my mouth and eyes must have been as big as saucers at the opulence of the place. It was a small place compared to the surrounding homes in the area, but perfect for two young females in love. It was also only a few blocks from Francine’s. I was asked if I liked it, I nodded my head in the affirmative, with Gina giggling away. Her announcement that we will be moving in tomorrow surprised me, but by now I seldom am surprised at how things turn out.

At dinner that night, Francine mentioned that a take off of my uniform will be available starting the first of next week for sale, the advanced sales already numbering in the hundreds. I was also told that a video of me doing selected customers had been shown in some of her other salons, some of their customers making arrangements to fly in to have me do their makeup.

In bed that evening I pinched myself several times, that all of this has happened to me, so grateful that I performed that ladies request that day, to do a female makeup on me, the start of my career as a Makeup Artiste.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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