Vicki; An Extraordinary Scavenger Hunt

My wife often gets carried away with an idea or project. More often than not I end up being a casualty of that process, an innocent bystander no more. This latest idea of hers scares me shitless. We have a circle of friends, thrown together over the years, but now quite close, partaking in each other’s lives quite often. Essentially a neighborhood group, all living in the same subdivision. We often have a big party right after the Christmas holidays, kind of a celebration that we made it through the holidays unscathed. This year everybody decided to have something similar to a scavenger hunt, but to make it more interesting the hunt would be spread over a week’s time.

The ladies went overboard, lists were made up for each participant of both things to be found, and a service to be subjected to. That way a person would have a choice each day after they consulted their list. Since one of the wives is a computer programmer the lists and a program were loaded on USB drives. After installing, the program would each day go through the list and randomly select a twosome for the day. The wife or husband of that person had input on what went on the lists, but lots of things from others were also added making the choices quite frightening. The program would insure that nobody knew what would come up on any set day. The hunt was to be conducted over a seven day period. At the end of the week whoever had the most items or services done correctly would be the winner.

Each of us had to pay a thousand dollar entry fee, so that the prize for winning would be significant enough to warrant the effort. Most of our group were upper middle income so the entry fee was not really that bad, but significant enough to make it worthwhile to enter the hunt. Since the homes in the area sell for 200,000 and up not a real stretch for the entry fee. Most of our group are financially well off, but with kids you never have enough money these days.

They added one other caveat, once a participant started the game they had to continue to the end, or else suffer an undisclosed punishment decided by the rest of the group. Once the choice for the day had been made, then proceed to collect the item or have the service performed, ending back at our base that evening showing that we had completed the task assigned.

Base turned out to be Cynthia’s house, a friend of my wife and co-conspirator of the initial idea. While my wife is beautiful Cynthia is on another plane completely. Most of the guys have dreamed about her, just not something we can talk about. Her house is in the middle of the participants houses, making it the most logical choice. The fact that the guys would get to see her each and every day through the hunt not lost on any of the male participants.

I am sure most of the choices were going to be quite diverse since the group had many occupations and interests. We met the next day after work, to pick up our discs and get them installed on our laptops, chat a little about the upcoming competition and of course ogle Cynthia. It was the guys who did the ogling, I am sure the wives were not oblivious to her beauty or the male attention, but most of the time kept the topic out of the conversations.

Tanya, my wife was giggling most of the time as we walked home, a distance of a few blocks, I imagine the wife’s used their imagination in their list preparation, figuring a lot of the males would get an education in the life of a female in the hunt. For some reason that seemed to be a common topic of the females. I am sure a lot of it had to do with the male’s expectation that they look beautiful all the time, cook the meals and take care of the kids. They wanted us to see their plight, and get off our lazy butts and help them some. I just hoped I would not end up in their crosshairs, when the time came.

The males just wanted time for themselves, no honey-do list, no take out the garbage, just appreciation of their efforts to support the family and keep their masculine image intact. I for one thought that I was not appreciated nearly enough, my ability to keep us in the green, often overlooked by my wife. Although she worked too, her job was not very stressful, while mine often seemed to go from one crisis to another all day long.

When we entered the kitchen, after walking home, she went to the kids’ room to make sure they were asleep, then returned to the kitchen. We have two girls, one fourteen going on eighteen and one sixteen going on twenty-one. Most of the time they were a delight, some normal teenage rebellion episodes from time to time, but usually they corrected themselves before we had to say anything. Both of them were quite attractive, already the boys were lining up to get their attention.

My wife took our laptops and laid them on the kitchen table ready for the morning. We decided to check our choices for the day over breakfast after the girls headed to school. Most of the couples had taken some time off work to be able to do justice to the hunt, others reduced their hours so they would have the necessary time.

We cuddled like we normally do, then slipped off to sleep a few moments later. The next morning Tanya was up before me as usual, always being the early riser. As I made my way downstairs the girls gave me a wave and left by the front door. I gathered my coffee, always a necessity every morning, then some cereal and settled down at the kitchen bar. Right in the middle of my spot is my laptop, Tanya eyeing me carefully to see if I react any to what is shown. I open the laptop, the program runs then brings up the date and my choices for the day. I read the written choices and sigh. Either choice is going to be difficult to find or do.

Tanya looked at hers, but also kept quiet on what they were. I had my input too for some of Tanya’s choices, making my list and submitting it to the group. The program’s random selecting of the choices for the day would insure that my wishes or other’s would all have a chance at being offered.

I eat my cereal in peace, my appetite now has vanished, but my male pride has to prevail. I can’t show any fear or nervousness around my wife, as females can sense fear in males. Once noticed they pounce on it, making the male suffer more as they poke and prod, drawing out the reason for the fear, and then capitalizing on it.

Tanya is excellent at it, practiced over the years and fine-tuned after the birth of our two daughters. Quite often I felt like I was living my life in a harem, everything and every action so female. I tried to remain aloof, frequently visited the tennis club we joined a few years ago. The visits were not to play tennis, I just needed a little time away from all of the estrogen at home.

My two daughters had learned well from their Mother, their every wish granted by their Daddy. Truthfully, I never had a chance to withhold anything from them, their sweetness, coquettish, kittenish behavior usually got them what they wanted with very little resistance from me. Considering their teacher, I am surprised I had any money left at the end of the week. In laymen’s terms I was a daddy pushover.

This morning I needed a little distance from my family while I figured whether I was going to participate in the hunt, or duck out now and take the groups punishment. I decided to go to my office and then decide what I am going to do. I am self-employed as a consultant for big business specializing in mergers. I get called in when a company is considering a merger. I check the companies concerned, analyze their fit with each other and then examine the financial aspect of the merger. My track record in these matters is quite good, hence I am often consulted and have quite a following.

The stress level in this type of job is way up there. A wrong choice, the merger fails and my credibility goes out with the merger. A lot of times, it is the same company that I consulted with before, everything had gone well and they were considering another merger. Still every merger having the possibility to turn into a disaster. More than once, I would tell the parties concerned that the proposed merger is wrong, most head my advice, the few that didn’t usually on the receiving end of a bankruptcy shortly thereafter.

When I got to my office, Sharon my secretary is surprised to see me. I had arranged the time off for the hunt, even I didn’t anticipate going in to my office. She took one look at me, then closed my office door behind her. “You look shocked, can I help any?” We got along well, I think she was kind of psychic at least towards me, often knowing when I was under stress or worried about something. I opened the laptop and powered it up bringing up the choices for the day. I got a giggle from her, wanting to know which I was going to choose. She got a call, left me to my problem. I searched the internet for the item I was to find and acquire. I found the item, a 1916-D Mercury Dime. The first problem it cost over seven hundred dollars, the second was I would have to have it shipped same day air to get it here in time for the check-in. I did call a local coin shop to see if I might just luck out and they would have one, but lady luck had left me with empty hands.

Sharon came back after handling the phone call wanting to know what choice I was going to pursue. I pointed to the service I would need to have performed, then she quietly left the office. This is not unusual for her, she rarely made fun of me, just performed her job to her best ability. Ten minutes later she re-entered and handed me a note with a time and address on it. She quietly told me, “If you want to do this, the appointment is made, her name is Stephanie, and she will handle the service requested. Anything else this morning?” I just looked at her, so business like, like it was nothing to her.

She smiled, “If I might add something, you will look cute, and I will be proud to work alongside you this way.” Nothing more said, I guess nothing more need to be said. I gave her a hug, something I normally did and left the office. The hugging is a byproduct of living in the estrogen environment at home, we all hugged each other, I can’t really say it was something I didn’t like doing.

It took me twenty minutes to get to the address in question, a very large beauty salon. Very expensive given the looks from the outside, but welcoming in a way. The stomach is still upset at having to do this, so I just got out of my car, walked in and told the receptionist that I had an appointment with Stephanie. She checked her appointment book, told me I was early, but come with her.

I was led to a room along one side of the salon, and then inside. It had a table in the center, shelves and cupboards along the back of the room and a loveseat on the wall next to the salon. Painted in pastel colors, a very feminine room, but also comfortable feeling. She asked me what I wanted to drink, then after getting me the drink from a refrigerator in the corner of the room, told me that Steph will be in shortly. She closed the door on her way out, leaving me to my worries and concerns.

About fifteen minutes later Steph came in and set right next to me. She told me that Sharon had talked to her, they were friends for quite some time, Steph always doing her hair. I asked if she could help me, not really sure that I wanted to go through with this, but a necessity if I stayed in the hunt. She took my hand and held it, “Yes, but more importantly do you want to do it. I can do what you ask easily, it will look cute on you, but I sense there is something more involved than just a scavenger hunt request.”

I made up my mind, it probably will cost me more than just a hunt game, but there is more at stake here. A wife’s long standing wish that I have been able to derail up to now. “Yes please, my hair is in your hands.” She rose from the loveseat and helped me up asking me to remove my shirt, since she didn’t want to spill any chemicals on it. I did so, she watching me and my body closely. It seemed she could look through me, deep into my mind and know my thoughts and words before I said anything.

She was also very professional giving me a robe and cape to cover my body and leading me to a shampoo station. Seated in the chair it was promptly laid back and my hair is shampooed and conditioned. The massage that went with the shampoo was divine, almost worth the trip here. Then the chair is put upright again and she ran a comb through my hair. “You know that dying your hair blonde will make a big difference in your looks. You did say platinum blonde right?”

I nodded, “Just go ahead, there is really no way around this, if I want to stay in the hunt, I have to do this. I secretly think most of the wives have sabotaged the contest, I am quite sure I won’t be the only one embarrassed tonight.” Steph applied the solution coating the roots first, then working the solution into the rest of the hair. As the color is processing Steph asked if I needed anything else today. I told her no, but she kept it up. Sitting next to me in the adjoining chair while she waited for the bleach to do its job keeping me company, I think she realized how much this was affecting me.

“Why don’t you let me put in some extensions, your collar length hair would be so good looking with more length, maybe to your shoulders. Then I can cut in to a style for you, one that you can fem up or make into a ponytail for an androgynous look.” I considered her idea, the pale pinkish blonde look will be with me for some time unless I pay to have it re-colored, so why not. I looked at her and said, “Go ahead.” she bounced up and down in the next chair with a big smile on her face.

She ran off to get the extensions, I sure hope I don’t regret this, maybe all of this is my punishment for not letting this happen before now. Tanya from about the time of our first daughter’s birth has wanted me to be more feminine, hair longer, wearing silky tops, tight jeans, even some makeup. I am not sure the reason, never did discuss it with her for long, knowing that a more detailed discussion would result in me caving in some. Once she got her foothold, the rest would come quickly. So I walked away from the discussions more than once, hoping the topic would fade away to nothing. It did fade a little, but never for long, before it was back with a vengeance.

We had a normal sex life, although she was always the dominant one. More than once, I had all I could handle trying to appease her, with me flat on my back and her riding me like a cowboy. It was fun, although when we had normal male on top sex it was never as exciting as her way. As the years passed, I got used to being the submissive one, in fact, I preferred it now.

Maybe all of this is what the wife’s wanted. The couple of husbands that would talk about it, shared the same things I experienced, we were all content to let it proceed as it is. The other husbands too scared to admit their wife’s ruled the roost both in life and in bed, the subtle hints were there, though, for anybody looking for them.

It took about thirty minutes for the hair to process, then she added the toner to make the bleached hair the platinum blonde color desired. When that was completed she added a conditioner to the hair to offset all of the bleaching that had been done. My hair was dried then she brought over the extensions. As she tried the first ones, they were a perfect match to my dyed color. They seemed longer than she had mentioned, but with my hair so pinkish white, I really did not concern myself with the length.

It took her three hours to tie in the extensions, it did look better with the longer hair, but also a little more feminine. Of course, no male in his right mind would have hair this color to start with, so that right away put me in the other side of the gender wall. When she completed the extensions, she started cutting the hair layering it so it would fall into place. She decided bangs would look best, rather than having hair sweep across my face and to the side. I am not sure which was worse, both looked very strange on a male. She gathered it up in a high ponytail and secured it with a scrunchie. As this was being done, she was instructing me in how to do it myself. I thanked her, paid the bill and tipped her, then went back out to the car. I did stop at the mirror they had inside the door of the salon before leaving, my image nothing like it was before the appointment. I tried to smile some that only made my reflection appear more feminine.

I decided that my office was a safer place to be for a while, then maybe I could gather enough courage to go home and face my wife and daughters. As I drove there, I often caught myself looking in the rear-view mirror at my image. As I walked into the office, I took a deep breath, waiting for the remark from Sharon as I walked past her desk. She started to stop me, asking who I was there to see. I couldn’t believe it she hadn’t recognized me.

As I seated myself at my desk she came in, the smile on her face stretched from ear to ear. “Too chicken to go home, huh?” I nodded my head, this is quite a bit more than I was expecting, although Steph was very nice to me. I thanked Sharon for making the appointment for me, I shuddered to think if I had to do this at some other salon, what would have happened. She stayed with me for an hour letting me talk, about this and that, just chit chat, nothing important or business involved. It was her way to let me unwind without being aware of the fact that I was doing it.

When I sighed for the three hundredth time, I decided I needed to head home and face the ridicule that I was sure I would get. Sharon suggested that I let my ponytail down, it will be more comfortable that way. She helped me get the scrunchie out and brushed it a couple of times, the cut that Steph had done falling right into place. She kept the scrunchie, and pushed me out the door after a tender hug.

I drove home trying to convince myself that what I had done today was worth it, then knew that also with the check-in came exposure to the rest of the group. When I got home, Tanya was just coming out of the house, her new look quite startling. When she saw me, I was literally tackled to the ground, her hands all over my face and hair, rubbing it, running her fingers through it with intermittent kisses to my lips. I started laughing, here I was expecting some grief from her, and instead doing this seems to have pleased her greatly.

I was finally allowed to get up, we were standing together, hugging each other, so different now that Tanya’s hair was dyed dark brown, quite a change from her normal ash blonde. That didn’t seem to bother her at the moment, my hair still her prime fascination. I got dragged back into the house, then to the sofa where Tanya again attacked my hair. Several times I tried to tell her she is messing up my hairdo, but more giggling and more hands through my hair was her only response.

It was at least an hour, before she managed to regain her composure. I tried to ask about her dark brown hair color, she just shrugged it off, maybe later we will talk about it, but not right now. It seemed to dull her beauty some, almost depressing. It was not one of the things off my list for her. It was getting time to show up, get our sign-offs for accomplishing our tasks, letting all the others see our new looks. I sure hope Lady Luck is more forgiving this time around, both for Tanya and me.

The assembled participants were awed at my looks, almost as much as Tanya was. Several of the wife’s asked if they could touch my hair, when allowed they ran their fingers through it as Tanya did. The guys stayed on the other side of the room, I had now crossed over to the female side, so further contact with me is now out of the question. They had setup a score sheet, with our task or service listed word for word and our response to it. In case of a tie, how well we conformed to the written word would be the tie breaker.

I doubted if a tie breaker would be necessary, not that many males had entered the hunt. Once the word spread about some of the choices that were being discussed, most of the males decided it was not worth it. Myself and three other husbands, the only four males in the hunt. Lonnie, one of the remaining males was sporting a pair of five inch high heels, with a strap around the ankle that locked. So far he was managing, but he also wasn’t standing much or walking around. I didn’t see the other two while we were there.

The wife’s had all met the challenge, some of the things they had done quite comical. There were a couple of things though like having Tanya’s hair dyed, even one with orange hair at tonight’s check-in. One of the wife’s was now short a considerable amount of hair, the short style definitely not very feminine. Two of the wife’s had actually found the hunt item, much to the surprise of their spouses and others. I imagine that whatever item listed was of the almost impossible to find kind, a way to insure the other choice was selected.

Cynthia now sported a pair of ill-fitting jeans, very rough looking and coarse to the touch, also from the waist a glimpse of a pair of male underwear. They masked her female figure quite satisfactorily, the husband’s fascination with her muted some. The other wife’s had other assorted masculine items on their persons including one sporting a jock strap. No pants and no panties visible only a small item that looked like a male pair of shorts.

We did find out that thirty-one people had entered the hunt, making the pot quite impressive for winning if any of us could make it through the hunt intact.

The walk back to the house in silence, each of us holding tomorrow’s fate in our hands. As we entered the house our daughters made their presence known, shocked at what they saw, Beth going to her Mom and Barb coming to examine my new look.

I could hear the conversation between Beth and Tanya, since Beth is our oldest she is the most concerned with appearance, knowing her Mom hated the dark color hair. Barb meanwhile was exploring my new color and length, mentioning that I had extensions put in. Tanya head swiveled quickly in my direction, apparently she hadn’t noticed the longer length. Now Beth was examining my hair, curious as to why I would get extensions. Tanya covered for me, saying it was on the hunt list, although she knew it wasn’t on the part that she submitted.

I helped make dinner that night, a skillet entrée, quick and fairly easy to make. Of course, there is not much taste to such a meal, but at least it is quick and easy. The girls had homework so they left for the study, the music blaring from the room, before they shut the door. Tanya and I adjourned to our bedroom, I for one wanted to have a long talk with her.

I asked about the hair dye job, as far as I was concerned no amount of money is worth her suffering for some stupid scavenger hunt. I had a drastic look, but my appearance is not as hard for me to adjust to. A female who prides herself on her beauty and looks, a bad hair color could be devastating to her psyche.

Then she wanted to know why I had got extensions, it turned out that her co-conspirator in this hunt wrote the hair dye to platinum blonde task and she knew there was nothing about extensions mentioned. “Stephanie had suggested the extensions, I think she was trying to get me a little more feminine so that the drastic dye job wouldn’t cause me so much humiliation. I agreed to her doing it, I am not sure why, but I do like the look and feel of the longer hair.” I further told her, “Even Sharon at the office had endorsed the new look.” I knew Tanya and Sharon were friends, although Sharon did use her better judgment in what Tanya was told about me and the business. For that I am very appreciative.

We lay in bed cuddling each other, I was checking out her pussy, and she had her hands in my hair. I might have dyed my hair before if I knew she was going to obsess with it this much. We got up around ten to grab a snack, the girls were also raiding the kitchen at that time, so we sat and talked, while stuffing our faces. Actually we were pretty good, some fruit and a couple of cookies each was all we had. The girls were looking at my hair in between bites, so I figured they had something to say. I told them, “Okay, spill it, tell me what is going on inside those cute heads.”

Beth started. “Daddy we have some cute dresses that will just be darling with that hairdo. Would you like to borrow one for tomorrow?” Since I was small for a male, the girls and Tanya a tad large for females, most likely the dress would fit. I looked at Tanya, then surprised all of them.

“Sure, leave me what you think will look good, and I will try it on in the morning.” Beth is open mouthed, “You will wear one of them?”

“Yep I am too tired to try them on tonight, but tomorrow morning I will try them on and pick my selection. In the next couple of days, I will need to get to the mall and pick out some things of my own, so that I don’t have to borrow my wife’s and daughter’s clothes. I will also need makeup if I am going to be doing this full time, don’t you think?”

They all set there wide mouthed, then Tanya told them to get to bed after they lay the outfits on my chair in our bedroom. They both walked out of the room looking between Tanya and me to see if there is any indication of some joke. Tanya kept a straight face until we heard them upstairs. Then we both giggled. “At least we now know what Vicki is doing tomorrow, clothes and makeup at the mall for sure.”

I presume my male name of Victor is now Vicki, maybe something I can live with. Up to now Vic was the name used for me, unless Tanya was pissed off at me, then Victor Edward Martin was used in a rather harsh and firm voice.

We just lay in bed cuddling, no words necessary. The events of the day replaying in our minds, as we slowly unwound from the activities of the day. Tanya mentioned that the coin was available in town at another coin shop for fifty dollars, just not one in good condition. I sighed deeply, but was kissed so hard that I forgot all about the coin in the moments to follow.

I don’t remember what I dreamed, but my mind is constantly engaging all during the night. I woke up several times, my restlessness causing me to suddenly wake up, although I couldn’t remember what it was that caused that restlessness. I do remember touching my hair every time I woke up, well maybe caressing would be a better word. No sure why, it was soothing and comforting, allowing me to get back to sleep.

We woke up later than usual, my first look is to the dresses laying on my chair, the chair where I normally lay my selections of clothing for the next day. After a quick trip to the bathroom, I looked at what the girls had laid out for me, putting the one that I liked the most on the bed. Struggling to the kitchen, in a half stupor, the smell of the coffee the only thing driving me to complete the journey. With a fresh cup in hand I set at the table and opened my laptop. Sadness quickly overcame me, lady luck had abandoned me again.

Tanya returned from the laundry room, sipped her already poured cup and opened hers. Her face also turned sad, I guess luck was evading both of us at the moment. We exchanged laptops, and both giggled some. Hers was that she had to wear a dildo now, at least, eight inches in length 24/7 until the end of the hunt or find a twenty-two centavo postage stamp from Brazil. Mine was to obtain a corset that would take five inches off my waist, worn 24/7 until the contest ended or a 19th Century American Brass Bed Warmer.

Tanya thought she got the better deal, telling me that the corset would be hard to endure, with it that tight. I told her with a mock look of horror on my face, “Don’t you even think about coming near me with that thing between your legs!” I kept thinking, no telling where she might want to stick it. We giggled for quite a while, I guess nerves mainly. I relaxed some, then made a call to my office and talked with Sharon.

I told her the latest and asked her if she knew any places to get what I needed. She said the same place, Stephanie could help, since the other half of their business is clothes, and underwear is an essential part of that. She would make me an appointment for later in the morning, and then email me the time of the appointment. Sure enough an hour later, the email appeared on my computer. Appointment is for eleven-thirty, but the request for me to come without eating anything more is a little unexpected.

I had spent the time looking for the bed warmer, one was in California, but the fifteen hundred price tag was a little more than I wanted to pay. I called every antique dealer in town, finding some Dutch bed warmers, but they were made in Holland and marked so, I doubted I could pass them off as American.

Tanya asked me if I would come with her to get her dildo, after my corset fitting. I was not sure that is such a good idea, no telling what she might want to check before she actually bought it. After much discussion, I finally agreed, but insisted seeing what the dildo might fit in was not to be on the agenda. She just laughed.

I knew since she had helped come up with the idea that she wanted to stay in the hunt, but I worried about her attitude. There were bits of the old Tanya that would peek through every once in a while, but they were minimal. I once again asked her to just drop out, I would stay in the hunt to the end if that would make her happy. I did get a smile, but with giggles escaping from the corners of her mouth, she slowly got out the words not until after the dildo fitting. Images of me being involved in that fitting or in the time after we got home came rushing through my mind, but I chose to ignore them.

That morning I slipped into the dress that I had chosen of the two offered, some sandals and then we headed out. Tanya had lent me a pair of panties, a pair that was literally covered in frothy lace. I was still starving but heeded the warning to not eat anything more. We drove to the salon in silence. I didn’t fear the corset as much as getting my hair dyed, but did wonder what it would be like to wear one all the time. I entered and was taken back to another room through a set of French doors. I saw tons of clothes, rack after rack of them and every color imaginable. Two other ladies came in and padded cuffs were placed on my wrists. They were hooked to some ropes from above and quickly my arms were raised above my head.

My clothes were removed, all of them leaving me quite naked. Tanya just stood there smiling and watching all that was happening to me. No comment from her, I am sure she was about to break out in laughter, but so far she had managed to keep it in. Stephanie walked in carrying several garments in her hands. She laid them on the counter and introduced herself to my wife. They talked about my hair and how much everyone liked it. It was like I wasn’t there in the room. How can you miss a naked male with things poking out and he not be in the conversation?

Stephanie asked her which one she liked the most, I tried to interrupt, I was the one that would be wearing it, didn’t I get a choice in the matter. Tanya turned to me asking what color I liked. Like a dumb ass I told her the ivory colored one. She grinned and told Steph that would be perfect. I was approached and the corset is loosely laid around my body and the front busk is done up. This won’t be bad at all, even if she tightens it up quite a bit I can handle it easily or so I thought.

Then she started tightening it, a little at a time, then rest a while, then a little more. It was starting to get tight, real tight. I protested that was enough, then Tanya read from my laptop. Obtain a corset that would bring my waist in five inches, she didn’t get any further before I was vocalizing my opinion very loudly. Steph picked up a round ball and approached me. Her one hand went to my nose and she pinched it until I had to open my mouth to breathe, then the ball is shoved into my mouth. That stopped the protests and a scarf tied loosely around my head kept the ball securely in my mouth.

The tightening continued, since I could no longer voice my objections I tried to twist and turn to show my lack of enthusiasm to their efforts. As I was wiggling, she would wait until I twisted, then jerked on the laces tightening it even more. Every so often a tape would be taken out to measure the effectiveness of her efforts. Then they would resume their relentless effort to reduce my waist. With my hands above my head they were not of much use in escaping from the ordeal.

It was getting harder to breathe, but at least they now gave me longer rest periods. Then Steph pushed a switch on the wall and my hands raised even farther up until I was swinging freely, my feet not touching the ground. In effect my body was stretched out some, allowing them to get another inch or two from my waistline. After ten minutes or so I was lowered some, but the pain from my waist, hips and chest was even worse. Once my arms returned to normal blood flow they were raised again, the pain easing up some until they continued their tightening on the corset.

I tried to get across to them that corset is too damn tight, but of course no one paid me any attention. Can’t they understand Mmmmph. Mmmmph? Tanya seemed to be enjoying my struggles the most, every once in a while coming over and kissing me hard on the lips after slipping the scarf up on my nose. The ball that had been inserted, going farther into my mouth as her tongue pushed in and sideways. Since the ball is solidly behind my teeth, my own tongue can’t get it out past my teeth, although I have tried.

The last measurement must have met with their approval, since my hands are lowered some and the laces are tied off behind my back. Tanya shows me two locks, one for the top of the corset and one for the bottom. “Once these are locked on, you are trapped until the day after the contest ends, since neither you nor I will have access to the keys. Now I am going to lock these on, then remove your gag. If I hear any moaning or complaining I will dish out some more treats, something that I think you will despise far more than the corset.”

She continued with, “Once your hands are down, you will receive nail extensions, another service that will ensure you stay in your corset until the hunt is over. There is no negotiating any of this, so remember my warning.” My hands were lowered, the cuffs removed and the gag removed from my mouth, along with a quart of saliva. She took a towel and wiped my face then kissed me passionately. Her hands were all over my corset, on my butt, where my breasts would be if I had any. Grabbing each side of my face her tongue invaded my mouth repeatedly, and often. She would ease up to catch her breath then attack again. By the time she had finished I was no longer mad or upset, just trying to get a breath sufficient enough to survive.

She walked me around the salon, holding my hand as if I was going to run away. Even though I had very few clothes on, the panties from this morning and the corset my only clothing. Ever since the locks were put on the corset junior has been subdued, fearing what might happen to him if he reacted. Several laps of the salon and my corset was not as bad, the breaths I managed to take in sufficient to maintain life. The breaths were shorter, less volume, and more rapid, but enough to do the job. I did catch my image in one of the mirrors, the ivory lace corset looked spectacular on my body, a very female figure now residing there.

The cups of the corset had flesh in them, the hip area also bigger than I remembered, but the waist was almost unbelievable, small and thin, sloping up to my breasts and down to my hips. Normal thought processes had not begun yet, the lack of sufficient air to my brain had slowed or stopped most mental activity.

I was helped up on to a bar stool where I could lay my hands on the counter, here I would receive my long nails. A chair was out of the question, my body not able to bend at the waist at all. I thought the nails would be an overkill, I doubted I could get enough air in my lungs to attempt to remove the corset, the locks behind my back the first obstacle that would have to be dealt with. But to Tanya, the excuse was a too good of a one to waste, though nail extensions were a frequently wished item for my body, she hadn’t had any luck in persuading me to obtain them up to now.

I figured I was a goner anyway, let her have her way, at least one of us would be extremely happy. The technician was good, forty minutes later I sported ten perfectly shaped square tipped nails that extended past my fingers by half an inch. Painted in a burgundy red, with a shiny topcoat, they were just short of dazzling.

I once again paid the salon for their services, although my eyes popped out a little at the cost of the corset. It was over three hundred dollars, but when I showed Tanya she told me that for that length of corset, it was bargain. It did turn out that the ivory colored corset was the longest of the ones to choose from, running from my breasts all the way to the top of my thighs. If my luck gets any worse in this hunt, I might as well join the foreign legion.

We made our way to an upscale adult store a few blocks from the salon for Tanya’s dildo. I told her that I would wait in the car for her, well you know how that worked. It was a job to even get into the car, the corset preventing any bending at the waist. She had to drive to the adult store, there was no way that I could manage that. We must have been a sight as she entered the store dragging me behind her. A female with dull drabby hair wanting to buy a dildo, and a ditzy blonde male with a female figure. The lady sales assistant was very helpful showing Tanya her options.

I was shocked when I saw what she had picked out to buy. It was a double ended dildo that strapped to her body with a flexible shaft that would allow it to be bent down so as to fit better in her underwear. Of course Tanya had to try it on, all the time walking around in the changing room with her eyes firmly planted on me. I tried to look the other direction, but deep down I knew that as soon as we got home I would receive that phallus right up my ass. It was all she could do to refrain from doing me right there in the store. I was very thankful for the mini dress I was given to wear over the corset, any covering at all is well appreciated.

I was nervous, but also a little curious about it. Another guy with a penis I was not interested in, but my wife, sporting an erection and wanting to do her husband/wife well that may have some merit. I can’t believe that I just thought that! The bleach she used to dye my hair must have soaked in further than the roots of my hair. Tanya surprised me by wearing it out of the shop. I knew she had to show up at Cynthia’s to get checked out, but I thought she would go home first, before putting it on. I did keep my distance, just in case, I was curious but not anxious to get impaled on it.

The trip home was quiet, although she was constantly looking my way, a smile presently embedded on her face. The girls were still at school, a small gift of the gods. She did everything she could to get me to our bedroom, I did a lot to keep away from that room. In the corset, I knew I was no match for her, once there I would be soon on the bed and something of hers would be buried deep inside me. It is bound to happen, with five days left in the hunt it would be a pure miracle to avoid the inevitable.

When the girls got home from school, I was again the focus of their attention. Barb squealed when she saw me in her dress, hugged me them backed off. Before I could stop her hands the dress was above my waist and she was examining the corset. Beth grabbed my hands, waving them around. “Look at his nails they are gorgeous! Mom can we get nails like Daddy’s, they are so pretty?” Soon everyone was giggling, then both girls looked at Tanya. I was left alone as they approached their Mom, looking over her body very carefully for any changes. Barb found the bulge between her legs first, squealing at the top of her lungs. She helped undress her mother wanting to see it up close, once it was uncovered it rose to the occasion, the girls having a squealing fit. Then what could be done with it crossed their mind and they looked at me, staring more the right term, and the smirks started.

Barb checked it out more closely, finding the lock at the back of the harness that secured it to my wife’s body. There were some whispering between the two, I am sure I didn’t want to know what they were about. Then Barb and Beth shared a few whispers, with Beth asking a question. “Daddy are you a screamer, if so we can play our music a little louder tonight so that you won’t wake the neighborhood?” Now my turn to sport fifteen shades of reddish blush. I never did answer the question for obvious reasons.

Tanya dragged me away for check-in, bending her new appendage a little and getting it back in her pants. I just straightened the dress and it covered the corset fairly well. We walked the short distance to Cynthia’s. Dread of another poor choice tomorrow making my stomach churn. Then, glancing at Tanya and her smile while she was fixated on my crotch; I am not sure what will be worse, picking another something to accomplish or living through what awaits me tonight at home.

Several more had dropped out, female wise. Their choices just too hard to live with. I and the three other guys were still the only male participation left. Lonnie showed up with a curly permanent and pierced earrings, so maybe I did come out better than he did. The other two guys now sporting curly hairdos, but without the permanent. All the ladies wanted to see Tanya’s dildo, they would look at it and then immediately at me. I did receive a lot of hugs that night from the ladies, I am not sure whether it was in sympathy of what might later happen or just enjoying my apparent fate.

We did see what the group had for people that withdrew or never put their toes in the water. I chuckled a little when I saw one of my male buddies dressed on the sidelines while his wife checked in. He was dressed in a diaper, a little girl’s dress, with his hands in mittens. His hair in pigtails, and a pacifier tightly strapped in his mouth. A small sign around his neck proclaimed that he was not an adult and not allowed to play in their games anymore.

As I looked around the room I noticed quite a few dressed quite similarly, both males and females. The look is mandatory till the contest ends, with mittens they couldn’t help themselves or get out of the clothes. Another family member would see to their diapers and feeding them. I decided right then I would suffer whatever fate delivered, as it was a much better choice than being a helpless baby. It turns out that one of the couples had an internet business selling adult baby items, thus they donated a box of baby items for each participant that backed out. They figured that maybe a little business might come their way after a few days in the attire. From a few of the dressed babies they just might be right. I didn’t feel so bad about what I had endured so far, while life changing things much worse were being avoided.

Back at the house, the girls already doing their homework, I was dragged upstairs and promptly undressed. With only a dress on and the pair of panties I was loaned this morning there was little to be removed. Laid back on the bed, she was between my legs like a shot, my legs on her shoulders and her appendage teasing my hole. I closed my eyes, might as well get it over with, the sooner it is over the sooner I can find a corner and sulk.

Tanya surprised me, treating me tenderly, teasing me with the head of her dildo quite often, even rubbing a cream into the hole and surrounding area. Before long I was pushing back against the dildo trying to get it to finish the job it was doing on my psyche. Tanya was giggling, it was fun to her, and she was really into it. With one swift move it slipped into my ass and I cried out in ecstasy. “Yep, you are a definitely a screamer!” Let’s just say that I was on my back for quite some time, I won’t go as far as saying it was willingly, but when she eased up some I just hooked my legs behind her back and tightened my grip on her.

I don’t remember much after that, the damn alarm was heard, I ignored it, and thankfully someone hit it. Then soon after I had to dash off to the bathroom. I immediately noticed that I walked a little differently, I wonder what caused that change in how I walked. I did smile remembering the time we had last night. I slipped on some clothes and headed to the kitchen. Tanya was up already the girls too finishing their breakfasts. I got smiles from all, but thankfully no comments. I was a little hungry, the activity we participated in last night really burning up the calories.

I got kisses and hugs from the girls as they got ready to leave. “Have fun Vicki, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.” The giggles and general laughter easing as the door closed behind them. I looked at Tanya, she smiled and handed me my laptop. I swallowed hard, opened it up and let out a large groan. In defense I asked her what her choice was for the day.

She showed me hers wearing a suit and tie for the duration other than when in bed. She held out her hand wanting to see my laptop. I handed it over then stared at the floor. Have a female sex glued over your male equipment for the duration, with your period starting today and running until the contest is over.

Why am I hated so much, three draws and three absolutely horrid things to perform. It seems they are getting worse, the hair dye job not real bad, but so life altering. The corset worse, only this morning have I been able to breathe in a less that desperate struggle to get breath. The exercise last night a little strenuous, so I was not sure if I would pass out or be able to last through the experience. Maybe having junior glued away wouldn’t be too bad, but to simulate a female’s period, that has to be the worst thing for a male!

I did have some concern for Tanya, a suit and tie so restrictive for a male, for a female it would be much worse. But between the two of us I was getting the worse end of the deal. I made another call, yep they performed that service, two hours and I could be squeezed in. I was somewhat happy until Tanya showed me the conditions at the bottom of the slip of paper. Tampons plus pads for the duration, changing tampons every four hours unless sex was being engaged in. No exceptions whatsoever.

I looked at her with an inquiring grin, her look confirmed my suspicions, and it was one of her submissions. That smile that was plastered all over her face made it plain she was thrilled I had chosen one of hers, maybe the one I chose was her favorite. She would take me to the salon, then while I was being castrated and outfitted with the new sex she would shop for some male clothes. Her exact words with an emphasis on the word castrated. I seldom wore suits, preferring a more casual look thus the need for her to shop. My one church suit would do for the trip to find others, however.

I was dropped off at the salon, the grin on Stephanie’s face telling me that things were now getting interesting. Up on a table, my feet in stirrups and spread far apart. A most vulnerable position to be in splayed wide and my feet held in the stirrups. She was surveying what might be required to make the conversion to the female sex. She headed off to gather her supplies, while I laid there staring at the ceiling. Surely there is some being that will step in and save me from further escalation. Three supposedly random choices and I was almost a female. If this persists by the end of the hunt I will be able to have children of my own. I sincerely hoped that thought was an exaggeration on my part.

Stephanie was playing with my male apparatus, laying it here and there, moving it finding the best place to conceal the little fellow. Tanya’s new male organ was almost twice the size of mine, also much longer. Last night I had proof positive of that in the bedroom. She found a spot to anchor my little fella, and then pulled a cache sex out of a box. It looked just like the real thing, but this one had no pubic hair. Two puffy lips and a deep slit were all that was visible to any casual observer. No, I was not planning to flash anyone that I ran in to. I am sure my wife will make all the appropriate inspections as necessary.

Then I thought of her new dildo, gawd why did the gods hate me so much. Maybe Stephanie can sell me a chastity belt, then I thought of the tampons and pads I will have to wear. I let out a low moan, one that I am sure could be heard in the next county. Stephanie thought she had hurt me, wanting to know where it hurt. I told her the rest that went with the new female equipment and being the helpful person she is brought me a female hygiene kit that the salon sold. It had douche, several different flavors to choose from, tampons, and sanitary pads. The tampons would emit some red liquid after an hour or two to simulate blood flow.

She had to test my new apparatus anyway, so she grabbed a tampon and inserted it before I knew what she was doing. The end of the tampon rubbed against the end of my penis and I came instantly. I was embarrassed, humiliated and anything else you can come up with. Then I looked to the door of the room and there stood Tanya, a bigger smile she could not fit on her face. I was dressed, the bill was paid and I was setting in the car before I knew what was going on.

My special husband, dressed to the nines, in his new suit was behind the wheel heading for home. I knew what awaited me once we got there, just hoped I would live through it. The girls were already home, Tanya telling them they were on their own for dinner. Vicki needed to be seen to. The girls giggled, but Tanya dragged me quickly up the stairs and into the bedroom. I was undressed down to my corset, then to the bathroom. I was set on the toilet and she swiftly pulled the tampon from my new sex. I was made to wipe and she hurried me back to the bed.

Pillows were laid all around me keeping me confined somewhat. Tanya removed her clothes, throwing them over into a corner of the room. Her boxer shorts were slid down and her dildo sprang forward. I closed my eyes, knowing it would happen no matter the amount of protests, I spread my legs awaiting my fate. Apparently her juices were already flowing, she rubbed her fingers over the leakage and spread the liquid over the dildo. I was slowly penetrated, till her entire apparatus was buried in my new vagina. Then she started rocking back and forth, the rhythm of her thrusts making me moan and wiggle to get her to just the right spot. She did hit that spot a few minutes later, both of us orgasming at the same time. She collapsed on me hugging me tightly, kissing me all over my face.

The girls softly knocked on the door, reminding us we had to get going to get to Cynthia’s for the check-in. I found my clothes after inserting another tampon, this time it was a necessary evil since I was dripping cum from my slit. The necessary pad was added to my panties and I was ready for some clothing. Sufficiently clothed we made our way downstairs, both of us getting hugs from the girls as we passed through the kitchen. The girls had made dinner, ours in the oven to stay warm until we returned. The shit eating grins on their faces, though promised numerous comments to come about their frisky parents.

We both were checked out, mine particularly embarrassing as the string from the tampon came into view. If one of the other ladies was checking it may have not been as humiliating but Cynthia drew the honors of making sure I complied with the task assigned. I am sure I saw a smirk as she gazed at my vagina with the string dangling from the slit.

As both of our sheets were marked with the task and successful completion of it, chit chatted with the other hunt participants admiring all the babies in the house. We walked back to the house, pulled our meals from the oven and nibbled on them. I was not as hungry any more since the contest has started. Worry and nerves taking their toll on my appetite. The corset handling the rest.

After doing the dishes, we retired to our bedroom. I knew what Tanya had on her mind, but I wanted to find out what tomorrow might bring my way. I accessed my laptop, but nothing, the stupid computer would not allow the next choice to come up until midnight. Another night of being impaled was on the agenda, I wonder if I was ever this horny with Tanya.

The next morning breakfast, then saying goodbye to the girls, after they teased me about the noise level in the house last night. Powered it up to look at my choices for the day. Another one of her suggestions, my damn luck was horrid. I started crying a little, all of this so drastic for me, before this contest I had never dressed as a female, worn makeup, nothing that would help ease me into this drastic of a situation.

I looked to Tanya to see what her draw yielded, seeing tears side down her cheek. I reached for her laptop, seeing that she had to get a flattop haircut definitely not one of my suggestions. I pulled her to me, hugged her hard and told her I would not allow it. It is your signature, your treasured part of your femininity, no contest is worth this sacrifice. She tried to argue, but I held her face in my hands and told her no. It is diapers and little girl dresses for you, and I will gladly change your diapers.

I made her call Cynthia right then and bow out of the hunt. I made another walk to Cynthia’s to get some diapers and the appropriate dress, a box of goodies for my new baby. I quickly returned to our house, dragging her to the bed. I laid her down on the bed after getting all her clothes off her. I used a little of the baby lotion that came with the diapers to massage her breasts slowly and tenderly. I then got her boxers off applying lotion, then powdered her cute behind. The diaper was placed under her and the sides were brought together and pinned. The last thing was the mittens that would prevent her from removing anything until the hunt was over. While at Cynthia’s I had found a pacifier in the assortment of baby things and had latched on to it. I slipped it in her mouth and kissed her forehead.

All of the fuss over Tanya had made me forget temporarily what my draw had been. Now it all came back to me, I was to receive female breasts at least a D cup in size and glued on so they could not be removed. A shelf bra was to be worn at all times both day and night until the hunt ended. I called Sharon to get an appointment for breasts, also for Tanya to get her hair returned to her natural hair color. I laid in bed holding her like she was my baby, cooing to her and tickling any spots that seemed appropriate. She tried to spit out the pacifier but I persisted keeping it in her mouth. She finally relented and relaxed in my arms. The hunt was over for her, a daily trip to Cynthia’s to show she was dressed as a baby, but that was the extent of her participation now.

I knew Stephanie would be glad to furnish me with breasts, but unlike some of the earlier tasks these would be very visible and scream female. The corset was not always visible, the vagina would not normally be seen, the hair screamed female, but could be worn by a non-conforming male, but breasts, however, not so much. They signify a female is inside and this large of a rack would be very noticeable. Even Cynthia was not quite that endowed.

I eventually dozed off holding my baby in my arms, the smell of the lotion and powder most comforting. Tanya woke a little later trying to get up to potty. I held her until she realized she had to use the diaper. I could see the angst of surrendering to this, but I kissed her face often, holding her tighter till she finally let go. I let her lay there for a while then got up and walked her to the low table next to the love seat. I laid her back and changed her diaper, cleaning her first with a baby wipe. Then lotion and powder and a fresh diaper. Another long lingering kiss and her dress slid over her body and we were ready to leave to go the salon. The pacifier back in her mouth and we were walking to the car. Several times I had to remind her that babies do not talk, forcibly pushing her pacifier back in her mouth.

The drive to the salon seemed to take forever, I was dreading this, maybe even worse than the other things I chose to have done. After parking I made my way into the salon along with Tanya, looking for Stephanie. She found me just as I passed reception. I am hustled off to a treatment room, Tanya to a salon chair a few feet from the room. She was aware of getting Tanya’s hair back to its natural color, another tech to help her while I am being fitted with my rack. I am sure Stephanie is anxious to get me further along the path to femininity. My clothes were shed down to the corset, then I was positioned in one of their treatment chairs.

She became serious as she asked which one of the treatments for acquiring breasts I was interested in. Since my face showed a blank look, she explained each treatment and the all of the nuances that go along with it. All would give me breasts, but how long they stayed with me was the difference. The glue on breast form was the shortest term appliance, their realistic breast procedure lasting the longest. I thought of Tanya, her desire to have me feminine something she has tried for since early in our marriage. The hair was going to be with me for quite some time, I already looked like a female down below, so maybe I should just go for the gold. In a fleeting moment of sanity I asked how long will the vagina stay intact.

“Your vagina, actually your vulva is on there until you ask for it to be removed. The body hair was removed permanently before we added the appliance. It breathes naturally, so no need for it to be removed until you might need your male organ for some reason. As you no doubt have found it is fully functional, allowing you to have orgasms when needed. The realistic breasts have feeling, so that you can feel any touch delivered to the breast, nipple or the breast itself. The only thing they can’t do without additional procedures is produce milk.”

“Now are you through riding the fence, ready to embrace your female self or are we going to prolong this until you come to your senses? Face it you are female inside, have always been, but too damn stubborn to admit it. Why do you think Tanya had been after you for years to quit acting and fem up like you belong? Everybody sees it but you. Your daughters are a good example, offering you their dresses after the bleached hair. You let your guard down and enjoyed the day in a dress. So are we ready to hook you up, one set of D cup breasts or not?”

I signed the form she had pushed in front of me, noting that it did say D cup in size and pushed it back at her closing my eyes. I had done it, gave in to my desires and Tanya’s. After seventeen years of marriage, a glimmer of truth rears its head.

Stephanie goes to work quickly, the empty cups glued to my chest within minutes. The hoses are next followed by her handing me the remote. I am shown which button to push, closing my eyes tightly I push the button, masculinity to be sucked from my body, leaving two perfect breasts in its place.

My mind is going over things during my treatment, finally coming to the same conclusion as everybody else had already made. No matter how much I denied it, I was a female at heart, apparently had been for years. Now that is being corrected, at least in the physical appearance department.

I came back to the present as Stephanie came up to me and was fiddling with my ears. Two pops later on each earlobe and I was sporting earrings. A gift from the salon for being such a good customer. I guess I am alright with that, but am sure I would have preferred a slower easing into the female world. A look to the sofa in the room and there sits Tanya, a big smile behind the pacifier. I am not sure if it because of the breasts or that her hair color is back to normal or both.

A quick look at the forms on my chest and I see am almost ready to join the group of well-endowed females. I am sure they are bigger than Tanya’s that might cause a little hostility from the better half. But then as she is now a baby, so I can just kiss her, change her diaper and put her to bed until she calms down. I often thought of my baby, needing my attention and loving. It is weird, I missed my baby, after this is over I might need to revisit this baby thing, some further adventures might be called for. Although we are only a few feet apart, it seems like a mile. I need to hug her and kiss her so bad.

The machine cycled off, though I could still feel the suction on my breasts. A shot in each nipple was administered and then the hoses were detached from the forms. According to Stephanie the forms will slowly disintegrate over the next few days leaving nothing but soft breast tissue.

A bra was added, a necessity now for the immediate future, the size of my new endowments requiring some support to keep from sagging over time. The breasts fit nicely in the lace concoction that was offered to me. Stephanie helped get them properly adjusted, the touch of her hand almost more than I could handle. Slipping on my clothes again, my earlier thoughts are correct. Nobody is going to look at me and think anything but female. They are quite prominent, not to be missed except maybe by a blind man. I was real glad I opted for one of Tanya’s outfits this morning, a loose fitting shirtwaist dress that is now tight against my new breasts. Of course, the shelf bra is not helping any at all supporting them to the max.

I paid up and headed home with my baby. Once home, I helped Tanya sit up on the couch. She snuggled up to my lap and hugged me tightly letting her head drift down to my breasts. I tapped her on the nose, none of that until we get checked in. I found a harness for Tanya that fit over her little girls dress and attached a leash to it. Than led her off to Cynthia’s. As we entered the house it looked like a nursery, babies everywhere with only five adults in attendance. I glanced around then tied Tanya’s leash to the top railing of her staircase. I got a death stare from Tanya, but with that rouge and lipstick she was so cute.

I made my way over to be checked in, all the adults taking in my appearance. Janice was doing the checking in today. I handed her my laptop opened to my choices for today and she read it then looked at me. She took her hands and touched my breast and then quickly withdrew it. I confirmed her suspicions, they are real looking and permanently attached to my body. “Are you jealous, I know Tanya is?”

She nodded her head, then made a check next to my name, she also marked Tanya as complying with the baby theme for bowing out of the contest. The other gals got checked in to, there penance more comical then serious. One had big bushy eyebrows glued on along with a fake mustache. It apparently tickled her quite a bit as she was constantly playing with it. Another one with a mannish haircut, although in her case it actually looked better on her than her previous style. Janice was attired in a jock strap, her only clothing allowed for inside a house. With her breasts it looked quite comical. On a closer look it was stuffed with something resembling a penis to make it look more authentic.

The last female, Cynthia, had up to now fared better than the rest. One of earlier penances was wearing a tool belt, although heavy it obviously had not affected her much. Today’s task was obviously a different matter, she had availed herself of the same salon as me, her additions were a considerable amount of realistic padding glued to her body. It looked and felt just like skin, so I presumed silicone. She now sported a generous waist and broad shoulders. Her hips and breasts now minimized due to all the padding applied. She was dressed in male shorts and a t-shirt, nothing to hide all the changes to her figure. From her expression she was not too happy with things, I could see another baby taking shape as we stood there.

If I would have quit they thought the hunt could be called off and they would be released from their baby attire. As long as a few of the participants was still in the hunt they would have to suffer. Especially the men, who had shunned me earlier in the contest I would get my revenge three more days pooping and peeing in their diapers, a fitting penance for their actions. I no longer cared about the money, it was now about pleasing my wife and being the inner female I was meant to be. Well, that is not entirely true that much money would buy me lots of clothes.

Cynthia’s grown daughter had taken over the group, since a lot of the couples were both in baby attire they needed someone to change the diapers and feed them. She was a pediatric nurse well trained in handling of children, especially babies. She had recruited some of the other older children to help, the kids having so much fun with their babified parents. Several of the couples had grown children handling their needs, something that the children never thought they would be doing for their Mom and Dad. I might add they were having a blast doing it.

I retrieved my baby Tanya pulling on her leash and headed home. She did get a couple of stares from the neighbors across the street, ones that were not a member of our little clique. She tried to cover her dress, but I slapped her arms back down and pulled a little stronger on the leash. Once in the house I checked her diaper, then went to get her bottle. When I appeared I got a scowl from Tanya. I could tell she was not a fan of drinking milk from a baby bottle. I set her next to me on the sofa, pulled her closer with her head on my lap. I positioned the baby bottle at her lips, but she kept her mouth closed. I tickled her under her arms a little, she opened her mouth to protest and I inserted the nipple of the bottle. Still refusing to take any of the liquid I threatened to tickle her some more. She got the hint and started sucking on the bottle.

About that time the girls got home looking first at Tanya, giggling a little, then checked me out. Beth was the first to zero in on my breasts. She approached gently touching my breast through the dress I had on. My nipple took that moment to enlarge, making itself seen and she then attacked me. Vicki I am so happy for you, finally after all of these years you have finally admitted that you are female. Tanya is our Mom, can we call you Mommy, please let us call you Mommy. I nodded and both of my girls hugged me tightly. I pulled on Tanya’s leash and led her upstairs. “It is well past your bedtime little girl.”

I took my baby to bed, holding her close making her behave. I nodded off to sleep, but my little girl had other things on her mind. I felt a wet lip on my breast, the newness of such a feeling waking me immediately. She had managed to get my dress undone somehow even though she was in mittens and had one of my breasts out to be suckled. There was my baby sucking on my breast, her smile bigger than life itself. I pulled her closer, letting her suckle to her heart’s content. With warm maternal feelings surging through my body, I was soon asleep again.

I woke in the morning, Beth shaking me awake. I saw her smile and looked at my chest, Tanya attached to my other nipple doing her best to get some nourishment or something from my breast. I slid back getting my nipple out of her mouth. Then stood up and checked her diaper. Soaked is the verdict so I led her to the low table and changed her diaper making sure to clean her and powder her before pinning it on. I moved her back to the bed, adjusted her pacifier and she was soon counting sheep again.

I made my way downstairs, made sure the girls had gotten something to eat, then switched on my laptop. My choices for today appeared, five inch heels or an antique porcelain 2.5 gal bucket. Why I even look at the second choice, I will never understand. I am sure the item could be found, but at a price or half way across the country.

I called my office, asking Sharon to come by and baby sit. That got a giggle from her then she asked, “Who she would be babysitting? When I mentioned Tanya she was giggling uncontrollably. “I will be there in twenty minutes.” Sometimes I wonder about her. When Sharon arrived I told her what was to be, no talking from Tanya, she had to use her diapers for everything, and she would probably need a nap before I got back. Oh, her bottles are in the refrigerator. I got a dirty look from Tanya, but I just gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed out.

Once at the salon I tried on shoes, lots to choose from except meeting the height requirements. I found a couple of pair that meet the height requirement and purchased both. They did sell a locking mechanism at the salon it was a clear thin strap that wrapped around the ankle and the shoe right in front of the heel. Once on and snapped close it would be impossible to get the shoe off. I stopped by the house asking for Sharon’s help in picking the proper color and also to check on my baby.

As I entered the house I saw Tanya sitting on the floor with a doll in her hand. She looked up at me, then put her mitten hands up wanting me to save her from Sharon. Tanya’s hair was in pigtails, big splotches of rouge on her cheeks, lipstick on her lips, and a bib around her neck. Sharon was close holding a baby bottle in her hands apparently just getting through feeding the baby. I could tell instantly that Sharon was a frustrated mother to be, having a lot of fun at Tanya’s expense. I got a hug and kiss and she left, promising to be available to baby sit whenever needed.

“Were you a good baby for Sharon?” I got a look and then a little smile, apparently Sharon had taken it further that Tanya was comfortable with but she understood Sharon’s feelings.

I put my new five inch heels on that Sharon helped me pick and then with Tanya in her harness, we left to go check in at Cynthia’s. Her daughter noted my heels on the check sheet, marked Tanya as a baby and returned home.

I made Tanya some lunch, mashed carrots and squash. I set her on a chair in the kitchen feeding her every bite and watching her face scrunch up in disgust. After the nourishing meal and a bottle of milk I took her to our bedroom, changed her diaper and laid down with her on the bed. I held her tightly making her lay still, the warm milk doing its job, she was soon sleeping.

The girls arriving from school woke the baby, she took one look at me and started crying. I had no idea what about. I checked her diaper, then patted her back to see if she had any gas. Tanya was smirking at me, as she used her mittens to try and uncover my breasts. “Why you little minx, even as a baby you are such a manipulator!” I unbuttoned my blouse and lifted one of my tits out of the bra cup. Tanya was right there sucking her heart out. The girls walked in to the bedroom, smiled and left. I heard them in the kitchen apparently making dinner for us tonight.

The walk to the kitchen was not without a struggle. I could walk in the heels but my gyrations as my ass wobbled back and forth were notable. I tried several different motions to try and keep my butt from wobbling, but to no avail. I did hear a giggle or two from Tanya, as she was a step behind me watching the action.

When we got to the kitchen, there was a plate for me and a bowl for Tanya, plus her baby bottle. I saw the look on Tanya’s face but ignored her, sitting at my chair and pulling her to my lap. I again fed her and then gave her a bottle. The girls wanted to know how long baby Tanya was going to be here? I smiled but never did respond directly. Beth took Tanya to the living room to play with her, while Barb wanted to know if I was staying female. Both of the girls thought I would, the real breasts a dead giveaway. I admitted I liked it and they knew Tanya had desired it for a long time. I asked if it would bother them.

“Nope, female seems to set well with you, even Mom as a baby seems to make her happy. Besides we can all go shopping for clothes more often now. You are going to let us use your salon aren’t you? Please. They do such wonderful work there, you can’t be stingy about that, you just have to share.”

I retrieved my conniving baby and led her to our bedroom. I set her on the bed and pulled out her pacifier. Okay, you can talk now, we need to talk about where this is going. She got up and sit on my lap leaning closer to me and said, “I like exactly where we are, especially you. I know you have went farther than necessary for me, I am so grateful. If we keep on like this for the rest of our lives I would be so happy. I would like to be your loving wife every once in a while, but baby time is fine too. As for you, I want you just the way you are, female in all ways. I have a dildo somewhere if you haven’t given it away. A perfect gift for my gorgeous wife” she said with a mischievous smile. “If you still want to work that is fine, but as a female which is the only way I will allow it. You will have to arrange a time for Sharon to babysit me, she has so much fun doing that and I do enjoy her company even if it gets ridiculous sometimes. Now are we through talking, I have breasts to play with and it is getting late?” I just nodded and started my nightly regiment, which looked like it would be my permanent regiment.

Late into the night, I was sucked on by baby Tanya, the nipples were getting a little sore too. Guess this is what real nursing moms go through. Morning again, a fresh bottle for Tanya and my laptop to see what is next. I guess my next choice was a logical extension of what had transpired so far. I called Sharon wanting her to babysit after she got me into the salon again, I wonder if I should just get an appointment every day since I have used their services so much already. I don’t seem to mind going there, it was so relaxing and peaceful.

Sharon was on time, this time bringing a box of goodies for Tanya. I kissed Tanya on her forehead and told her to be a good baby. I got a distressed look from her, but soon Sharon had her in her grasp playing with her hair. I made my way to the salon, walked right back to the treatment room as Stephanie was rolling a cart into the room. I was helped into the chair, then laid back as Steph looked at what she had to work with, she matched colors on me, and amassing the ones she would end up using on a separate tray. She explained what she was doing as each different cosmetic was used on me. There was a mirror over the chair so that I could see what she was doing. The last few remains of my male image vanishing as the lipstick was applied to my lips. Vic was no longer in the picture.

The chair was set back up and a mirror was added in front of me. I was shown how to clean off the makeup, then had to duplicate my new look. I made several mistakes but Stephanie was having a lot of fun at my expense. Two hours later with my arms sore from holding them to my face I finally passed inspection. One more time to make sure I had it right and I walked out of the salon. Steph had set up an account for me at the salon, making it easier for me to use their services. I was pretty sure I would have to continue working, beauty services for four females, let alone clothes, would put a strain on our finances.

As I entered our house, the sight that greeted me was so precious. My baby in pigtails, ribbons hanging from the ties, dressed in an onesie with makeup, of course. Fresh nail polish in a bright pink and footies on her feet. The onesie was adorned with lots of lace and ruffles, Tanya’s face peeking out from all the fluff. As I got closer, Tanya held up her hands in desperation wanting me to save her. Instead I took Sharon to the kitchen to talk with her.

“As you can see I am going to stay in the female role, including at work. Is that a problem for you?”

Sharon just smiled at me and said, “About time you embraced your true nature. I have already changed all your contact information. All your present clients have been updated, Vicki now their consultant. This week you have had five new businesses approach you about their mergers. I have researched them all, the info on your hard drive at work. I have had inquiries from a number of companies also, sent them particulars about your thoroughness and your success rate, but have not heard back from them yet. As soon as you furnish me a picture I will post it to your internet site. The biography already changed. Now go back to your baby, she is stressed out to the hilt, but it is so much fun for me.”

I got a tender hug, this time held for much longer. I took my baby upstairs, checked her diaper and put her to bed. She was so cute in her onesie, I need to shop some more for my baby. I laid down next to her and soon I was also asleep. Barb woke us, I changed baby’s diaper and put her harness on and we left. I did remember to freshen my lipstick and also carry a purse, a necessity from now on. We walked to Cynthia’s house and went in. It was like we were in a baby’s nursery. Diapers all over the place, the babies that went with them scattered around the room. Some crying from a few of the new babies, their children having the time of their lives with their infantile parents.

Cynthia’s daughter came over to me and hugged me. “You are the winner, the last entrant switched to baby clothes a few hours ago.”

I looked around the room, seeing lots of new babies. Most of them were smiling, a few still shocked about being in a diaper and unable to get out. I asked her when she is going to let them out of their penance. She smiled, “Maybe tomorrow on some of them. Their work requiring the appearance of their normal self. A few like my mother not for quite some time. A few of the others feel the same about their parents, so we will see.”

She handed me a Visa, the prize money preloaded on the card. I asked if she needed some money for Cynthia’s clothes, she smiled, “No. I am using Mom’s money so no worries there. Beside we get wholesale prices on the baby goods from Pam and Jim.”

I took my baby and headed home, smiling all the way. When I got in the door I hugged Tanya hard, leaving quite a lipstick mark as a result of the accompanying kiss. I put her to bed, a young girl like her needs plenty of rest. Then I made my way to her vanity sitting down and carefully studying my appearance. There is no masculinity showing anywhere, the rise and fall of my breasts accenting that point. I freshened my lipstick again, then headed to the kitchen to make sure the girls had something good to eat. I received a group hug, both girls holding on to me tightly. They had made a shepherd’s pie so I took a little, making sure that my portion was female sized. After cleaning my plate I made a batch of homemade pudding, using low fat milk of course. I added some raisins and craisins, the two spicing up the pudding some. I mushed up some of the shepherd’s pie and prepared her bottle and headed upstairs. I played with her footie until she woke, then had a spoon of the baby food in her mouth before she could protest.

I played with her spinning the spoon around before heading for her mouth. I could tell she was relaxed, enjoying the company and her mommy. After her bottle, I just held her tight, making her surrender to the warm milk.

I just laid there thinking of all that happened in the last week. I realized Tanya finally got her way; Vicki now here and not going away anytime soon. I was at peace with myself, everything I have suffered through, all the worry about what was to come next, now just a faint memory. I finally dozed off a little after midnight, waking up an hour or two later by a distinct smell emanating from my baby. I changed her diaper making sure she smelled like a baby, not poop. Then returned her to bed, she now was close to my chest and trying to get her mittens to undo my nightie. I sighed, undid the button and offered her one of my breasts. It was quickly taken little slurping noises all I heard until sleep finally overcame me again.

The next morning, I slipped out from under the covers and headed to the kitchen. I was on automatic, taking one of her bottles and starting to warm it in a pan of water. I set at the table and powered up my laptop and looked to see what was on the agenda for today. A full day of female shopping, dresses, lingerie, bras everything. Then it hit me. I had won and this crap is history! I did like the idea of shopping, maybe time to let Tanya be a wife for a day or two. I instantly had withdrawal symptoms, my baby gone for a while. I tuned off the stove and headed back to the bedroom.

I leaned over the bed and pulled her sleeping form up to my face. My lips touched hers, then again this time my tongue makings its entrance to her mouth. I played around a little exploring her opening waiting for her mind to kick in. Finally it did, her arms around my neck pulling me closer and harder to her mouth. Her tongue joined the activity, the kiss and assorted play lasting for quite a while. When I finally broke the kiss she scooted her attention to my ear, slurping up the entire length of it and giggling.

I asked if she would like to go shopping today, well that was apparently the magic word as I was attacked from where she was standing and in one fluid motion, hitting me square in the breasts. It knocked the air out of me, taking a minute to resume normal activities again. She was hanging on to me, her legs wrapped around my body. I eased her down making sure my breasts were still intact. She ran off to the bathroom, I presume a shower to be had, after finishing she came back out looking down, red in the face. I pulled her chin up confronting her square on. I think I knew what the problem was. Sure enough when I questioned her she admitted she no longer had any control of her bladder. I kissed her on the lips and led her to the table we had used for diaper changing.

A new diaper and a plastic panty over that to assure no leakage. I suggested a skirt baggy in the hips for her but otherwise dress as she usually does. I am not surprised when she made to use a diaper for several days that it did lend itself to no bladder control. I can always potty train her when she gets older, I thought with a giggle.

Finding something for me to wear is another thing entirely. I have worn both outfits that my daughters have shared with me, the youngest ones, probably the most obscene since she is slightly smaller than me. To me it was important to show them that I trusted their judgment and caring to even offer me something in the first place. My youngest teased me when she saw me in her dress, “Oh daddy, you are so cute!” Then a huge hug, sorry “Mommy I forgot for a minute.”

I had invited my daughters too for the day of shopping, but had a surprise for everyone. I had called the salon and got all four of us in for a haircut and makeup. They just didn’t know it yet.

We piled into Tanya’s car, the larger of our cars and I drove. Only the second time in heels but I managed to make it. I parked next door to the salon, right in front of a clothing store. We all got out than I started walking towards the salon. The girls had their eyes locked on some clothes in the window of the boutique. I asked them if they were coming, they hesitated then looked to see where I was going. Barb was the first one to notice the name, screamed a typical teenage response and ran and hugged me. I led them in, Stephanie and three other stylists were waiting for us. I went with each of my females, told them what they could and couldn’t have done then left them to decide.

Tanya was almost in tears, I told her stylist that I wanted lots of curls, extra feminine and to not touch the length at all. Maybe some highlights if Tanya would concede to them. I gave her a toe curling kiss and let Stephanie lead me away. I started to tell Stephanie what I wanted but she shushed me and started washing my hair. Just because they work on you every day for a week they think they can do whatever they want.

I gave in, relaxed, and let her do her thing. Everybody was finished before me, sitting around me on neighboring chairs watching their ‘Mommy’ get made pretty. When I first saw Tanya my throat froze. She was absolutely gorgeous, never in all of our time together did she look so beautiful. They used a darker makeup on her eyes and lips making them stand out. If I wasn’t under a dryer I would have been kissing those lips as soon as I saw them. I also saw the tear or two slide down her cheek, she knew she was beautiful and that I loved her so much.

I held my hands out wiggling my fingers calling her over. She plopped down in my lap wiggling her fanny as she got comfortable. Even though my little fella was buried he tried to respond. She laid her head on my shoulder content to just be with me. Stephanie finally finished with me, the mirror showing that Tanya and I had received identical hairstyles, the only difference our hair color. I signed the ticket since I had an account now and we attacked the stores. Next door first then to the mall a couple of blocks further down the street.

I don’t think any of us had as much fun in life as we did today. I made three separate trips to the car putting our purchases in the trunk. We ate at the mall, some salads to fill us up some without making us drowsy. Five more stores after eating, with all of our hands full of bags we made our way to the car. The bags had to go in the car since the trunk was already full. I was pooped, trying on clothes is so stressful, will it fit, is the color right, does it make me look fat all of those thing having to be decided before the purchase?

When we got home the girls unloaded the car so fast, they wanted their new things and right now! Tanya and I found a spot in the living room and took a load off our tired feet. Still not used to walking in heels. As we set down, I didn’t hear a sound from her plastic panties, I got up again and took her upstairs, undressing her and changing her diaper. She lay there smiling at me, as I cleaned her and powdered her. I think she was enjoying me taking care of her. She was indeed soaking wet, as I got ready to pin up her new diaper she looked me in the eyes and asked, “Could you get me my dildo as someone here needs to be taken care of?” I hesitated, but she was probably right. I went to the closet taking it from my hiding spot.

Then she had the nerve to ask me to put it on her. All the time her eyes glued to mine. As I slid it into her she let out a low moan. She was soaking wet, this time it was not from pee. I attached the straps behind her and then she instructed me to get undressed and make myself ready. I was so over the top already, as she is making me get her and I ready. I was suddenly weak, my legs about to give way any moment. I laid down on the bed as she slid a pillow under my butt. I hope she makes this quick, I am right on the edge and horny as hell.

That is not what Tanya had in mind as she played with my nipples making then hard as rocks, up and down my inner legs with her nails, teasing and torturing me to the boiling point. But then moving elsewhere making me so frustrated. From my toes to my ears nothing was left untouched. When she did get to my vagina again, the teasing act of putting it in then withdrawing the tip of her penis and dragging it down my inner thigh was so frustrating and erotic. Finally, she got it to my vaginal lips, I scooted down quickly swallowing the whole thing in one swift motion. I screamed in passion, my whole body tightening not allowing her penis to be able to withdraw. I had my legs behind her keeping her from withdrawing, not even a quarter inch. It was mine and I was not letting go! Our daughters came in smiled and closed our bedroom door immediately, saying, “Mom is taking care of Mommy and we might need to turn up the stereo for a while so the neighbors don’t complain.”

It was indeed a good scavenger hunt, I doubted it would be repeated anytime soon. Tanya got her wish, our daughters got two Mommies and we added to the economy greatly with all of the new clothes, both female and baby items that we bought. I also added a diaper service, probably the only member of our group to have one. Maybe the others will get the hint. I found work much more enjoyable. Sharon was promoted to partner doing all of the research on the mergers. She also baby sitted at least twice a week for my Tanya. When I do the grocery shopping I bought our regular food, also formula and jars of baby food. Tanya hates it, but so do most babies. I don’t think I will ever be able to repay my debt to the scavenger hunt and what it accomplished, most of all my transformation to Vicki.

Who knows what may happen next, day by day, it’s the surprises that eventually get to you. I am sure a lot are waiting for me, and I for one am looking forward to enjoying each and every one of them.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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