Tammy; A Peek Into Something Different

I had been away on a business trip for a week, a long and frustrating week, when I managed to drag my ass back home. I helped organizations and companies set up conventions, or large gatherings. That included how to arrange for the facilities, advertising the event, organizing it including registration and fees that could be charged for attending said event. Essentially everything from the inception of the event until the last attendee left the venue.

Preliminary conversations were handled over the internet, then when it came to actual planning I would usually meet them in person, to walk them through the steps to set up their event. This last trip I had met with three clients, got the first two through the initial steps and most of the paperwork finished. The third one I was still unsure about getting involved with.

One was to be a convention of cosmetologists, actually the employees of a chain of beauty salons. Since there was over two hundred locations, there was plenty of potential attendees. The problem there was staggering the days of the convention so that some of the employees could attend as others kept the salons open. Then reverse the group at the salons so the others could attend the convention. Since a lot of them were from locations in other states, time to get to the venue had to be allowed. The number of attendees would also require one of the larger venues to host the gathering.

There would be seminars to attend, vendor booths featuring the latest in supplies and tools plus contests for the attendees on makeup and hair styles. Cash prizes were being given for best hairstyle and makeup application. They were expecting close to eight thousand to attend during the six days of the event.

The second event was a trade show for fashion accessories. There were several name brand vendors to sponsor the event, but it was open to any vendor that sold items in the fashion accessory line. The idea was that more vendors would attract more businesses, thus a chance for greater sales. It was to be held in the southwest, Tucson to be exact, during the peak tourist season. Hoping that a lot of potential customers would take their vacation in the area, visit the trade show and buy some new lines for their stores. That and the cosmetologist convention were scheduled for the same month, one in Phoenix and the other in Tucson.

The third convention was nothing like the other two. A smaller event I presume, sponsored by two blogs on the internet that had developed quite a following in their years of existence. The event was by invitation only, the invites going out to the followers of the blog. When I was first approached on this one I refused to take it on. I don’t deal with fetish scenes, and this would be considered a fetish by most anyone. Twice I was asked to reconsider, each time a little more money was offered for my help. I wavered a little, it still bothered me but the people I had dealt with so far seemed courteous and quite interested in getting my help. So far the discussions have been by phone or internet, no personal face to face meeting yet.

After the last offer I researched the fetish thoroughly, both at the two blogs that would sponsor the event, plus any other sites that dealt with the fetish. I came to the conclusion that the fetish was indeed widespread, tons of information on the subject, with over one hundred and thirty blogs dealing with some facet of the fetish. There were tons of stories dealing with the subject, and pictures galore of some of the participants. I was still undecided, this was way out of my comfort zone, never has anything like this even been brought up in all my years as a convention organizer.

The gal setting up the cosmetologist convention came to me and asked if I was going to help the blogs with their gathering, I raised my eyebrows a little, what has she got to do with that group. She is very candid, telling me that a lot of the participants in this little group use her salon services, they are not mainstream, but underneath they are still basically members of society, and deserved to be treated as such. They were planning to use the same facilities as the cosmetologists, just one of the smaller areas in the same convention center. This particular convention center had over one million square feet for use, including some restaurants housed in the same complex. The area could be divided down easily, rolling walls put in place after it was decided what area to section off.

I still was unsure, then she handed me a check, made out to me for services rendered to the fetish group. My eyes bugged out at the amount, then hugged me and suggested that I think it over very carefully. If I was to help them she would see that I am looked on favorably for the future. The check is good whether you help them or not, but do consider it for me. She left me there, staring at her as she walked away.

It took me several days to finally agree to help them. On my first meeting with them in person I was surprised by their normalcy. I was expecting flamboyant personalities and characters out of some fetish magazine. What I received was three females and a male dressed in normal business suits, professional in appearance and behavior. We discussed their wishes and I made sure their paperwork was filled out properly and that the hall was reserved in their name. I managed to arrange a private entrance for their gathering, so that attendees would not be seen by everybody attending the other convention.

They showed me the list of prospective vendors that were interested in booths and we worked out what to charge the vendors for space at the gathering. They asked if I could handle the booth requests. I told them I would talk with each prospective vendor if interested. Then discuss access to the hall, set up times and hours that the hall would be open to attendees. It was agreed that I would handle all vendor registration then collect all monies from the rental of booth space, and forward it to them.

When I mentioned I had a mail program, they asked me if I could print and send out the invitations for them. They were charging to attend the convention, once an invitation was obtained they could pay the entrance fee. I almost choked when they told me the amount they wanted for the entrance fee. I raised my eyebrows at the amount, thinking that they will have very few attending at that exorbitant fee. I did tell them that it will be no problem for me to print and send out their invitations, all they needed to do was tell me what was to be on the invitation and who to send them to. We agreed to a date for sending out the invitations, and concluded our meeting. The one lady, a Ms. Sarah Walker would be my contact with the blogs group and we exchanged contact information.

In some of my spare time I contacted their list of vendors, gave them all of the information and discussed whether they wanted booth space or not. By the tenth call I was wondering about this group and their followers. Half way through their list of prospective vendors I had to arrange for additional space for their gathering. None of this was what I was expecting, I had figured a small hall, maybe a couple of hundred attendees and fifteen vendors. Well as of this moment I have a hundred and ten vendors, some requesting as many as ten booths for their use.

I had not received their list of persons to receive invitations so had no idea of how many to expect. From the amount of vendors that wanted to get space I think my earlier estimate was going to be way off.

A couple of days later I was meeting with the cosmetologist lady, since she knew a lot about this group I had a multitude of questions for her. Francine was quite a lady, very personable and confident in her actions and ideas. As soon as we met for lunch, she saw the look on my face, giggling and telling me to go ahead and ask the first question. As we ate she answered most of my questions, her down to earth answers sometimes surprising me.

It turned into a two hour discussion, I just couldn’t see the fascination in any of this, some male wanting to dress as a sissy and be dominated by a female or in some cases a male. I got several inquiring looks from her during the discussion and a few periods when she was obviously deep in thought. Towards the end of our discussion, since she had another meeting to go to she asked if I was doing anything this weekend. I replied no, she wrote down the address of one of her local salons and told me to be there promptly at nine AM and we will expose you to some of this scene, then you can judge for yourself. I automatically shook my head no, but she said she had already extended the invitation and I was committed. If I didn’t show up she would take her business elsewhere in the future. I told her that was blackmail. “Yep, that is what it is commonly called, so I will see you at nine AM.”

I got a hug and she left, giggling and humming a tune as she went. It was familiar but I couldn’t think of the name of the song. I did get the list of people to receive invitations, another big surprise, eighteen hundred names on that list. I briefly looked at some of the names on the list, several names were quite familiar and several also very prominent in the area. I almost forgot about being at the salon, but did show up a few minutes after nine. Francine took my hand and led me back to her office. There I was greeted by several ladies in the salon’s uniforms and Sarah Walker. No words were spoken as the salon ladies started in on me. Sarah and Francine set on a sofa on the other side of the room talking and watching me get naked.

A couple of times I started to protest, the hair removal was one thing but when they glued breasts to my chest I thought that was taking it a little farther than necessary. Francine came over and took my hand, holding it securely in hers. None of this is permanent, so hush and take a peek into another slice of life. Besides if you persist in this annoying manner I may have to gag you. I looked at her, eyes wide and mouth open. She giggled, closed my mouth and kissed me on the forehead and retook her seat on the sofa. Incidentally the breasts stayed on my chest right where they glued them.

I wasn’t sure about Sarah, she did follow everything that was done to me closely, never missing anything that the ladies did. Now with breasts, the next area they focused on was my hair. Washed and conditioned, then set in curlers. Under a dryer to set the curls while they worked on my nails. The massage felt good, each finger getting individual attention. I zoned out a little, it felt so good, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feelings. When my eyes opened I was looking at my hands, each fingernail now jutting out past the end of my fingers by three quarters of an inch. They had been painted a bright pink and I do mean bright.

I was getting ready to protest when Francine walked over and asked me to open my mouth. I did and she shoved something into my mouth forcing my mouth to open wide. I couldn’t expel the object and the only words escaping were gibberish. She made a few adjustments to whatever she had placed in my mouth, now I could close my lips, but still no understandable words. I gave her a death stare, she just giggled, telling me that she had warned me, now sit still or I might have to apply some restraints to keep you still. I gave up, I knew Francine always gets her way, in the years I have been working with her, what she wants always prevails, even if I tell her it is impossible. It gets done her way, which seems to be always the right way, even if I couldn’t see it at the time. I did move my hands to my mouth to try and remove the gag, with the extended fingernails I couldn’t do anything. I looked over at Francine, she smiled and mouthed the words hands down, and sit still.

Once the dryer turned off, I was stood up and the salon cape that I had been wearing was removed. Now naked I was handed some panties, since I had nothing on and couldn’t see where my male clothes were, I quickly pulled them up my legs. With five females staring at you, some covering is better than nothing. A bra was next, fitting my new breasts perfectly. Then a ridiculous looking little girl’s dress was slipped over my head. One of the ladies did up the many buttons at the back of the dress, the dress now conforming to my new figure tightly. It was short, barely coming to the bottom of my panties making me feel very vulnerable and exposed. The worst was how old I felt like in the dress, maybe early teens at the oldest. A look in the mirror changed that, now I confirmed I looked like a four or five year old, a huge one size wise, but not age wise.

My hair was removed from the curlers, now my head was covered in large sausage curls, so feminine the curls bouncing all over the place. Some ribbons were added making my look quite juvenile, well adding to my juvenile look a better description. Lots of hair spray to hold the curls and I was pronounced ready. The question as far as I was concerned was ready for what.

I was looking at my reflection in the mirror when Sarah walked up to me and placed a metal collar around my neck. I heard it click as the two parts came together, an ominous sound if there was ever one. She rook a leash and attached it to the collar and led me from the room. Francine stopped me at the door, telling me that I belong to Sarah until tomorrow morning, I suggest that you do as you are told, otherwise I am not sure I can be convinced to reverse all that has been done to you. Just do as Sarah wants, I think you will find some redeeming facets of this fetish as you call it, besides there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

She leaned over and kissed me right on the tip of my nose, then swatted my butt hard and Sarah pulled me out of the room. I was walked out to Sarah’s car, then helped into the passenger seat. She fastened my seat belt for me, then leaned in and kissed me on the nose. She had taken the end of the leash and hooked it around the head rest, assuring that I wouldn’t be going anywhere, even if I could get the seat belt undone.

I was having trouble not reacting to what she was doing to me, even when she attached the collar around my neck, my little fella decided to energize himself. Again when she did my seat belt and kissed me on the nose, it encouraged further stirrings. I wondered about me being kissed on the nose, them remembered it was usually done to a small child, apparently what I am considered now. I admit with the ribbons and the girly dress I could easily be thought of as one. I doubt if I could control myself if she keeps this up.

We pulled up right in front of the regional mall, I instantly looked at her, shaking my head at what I thought she was going to do to me. I got a smile, as she came around to unfasten my seat belt, untwisted the leash and pulled me from the car. I hesitated but she came closer. Every time you do not do as you are told Francine will add something feminine to your looks. I can assure you it will not take much to put your permanently in the female gender. The leash was pulled taught and I stumbled along behind her, confident that what awaits me will be humiliating and embarrassing, at the very least.

She took her time walking through the mall, stopping at every shop offering little girls clothing, asking if I liked a certain item in the window. Of course I had lots of people watching what was going on, a few remarks but mostly giggling and smirks. Several ladies approached her complimenting her on her sissy, she is so cute. This seemed to go on and on as we slowly made our way through the mall. When we got about half way, she walked into a shop. Of course, since I was on a leash I had to follow. We walked the aisles, her shopping for a frillier dress than what I was wearing now. I knew none of these clothes would fit, so I just meandered behind her. A shop assistant came to help her, wanting to know what she could do to help. Sarah had a dress in her hands, I guess something she liked.

“I would like this dress in her size, pink if you have it. I looked at Sarah, surely she doesn’t expect the shop to carry little girl’s dresses large enough to fit me. The shop assistant told her to bring me to the back, and she would get the dress. They had the dress, oh gawd what am I going to do now? As we entered one of the dressing rooms Sarah turned me away from her and started unbuttoning my dress. Then the shop assistant handed her the dress through the curtain. I was helped into the dress, the pink color and the miles of lace and ruffles on the dress made me swoon. I now was tenting my panties, a most unfeminine action. Sarah noticed but said nothing as she buttoned me into the new dress. This particular dress had a short skirt, just long enough to cover my panties and my erection that was only getting larger and stiffer by the minute.

I was turned so I had to look at the mirror on the dressing room wall, seeing a ridiculous looking sissy, dressed up like I was going to some fancy party. There was enough masculine showing so that I would not be presumed to be anything but a sissy, a very overdone sissy. I figured that since I had tried on the dress that we would be leaving as soon as I was back in my other dress. Wrong the tags were removed and Sarah bought the dress. I was led back out to the front, now carrying a bag with the shop’s name on it with my other dress in it. Then I remembered the name, it was one of the businesses that requested booth space in the gathering I was helping to set up.

Back through the mall, this time stopping at one of the kiosks offering ear piercing, I hesitated again, making Sarah stop and turn to face me. She smiled, I then realized I just had something more added to my femininity when we get back to the salon. She picked out a pair of earrings in their display, then told the clerk she wanted my ears pierced. Once the clerk got a full view of me, she broke out in giggles, holding her hand over her mouth to keep from outright laughing. My ears were pierced, the earrings dangling against my neck as we walked. The little charms at the end of the dangling earring were miniature dolls and hearts a most feminine look for my ears. Then I was led further down the mall, the earrings swinging against my neck as I walked.

I was red all over as I was led along, several teenagers over to the side having a ball at my looks and clothes. One approached Sarah asking if I was for real, an adult sissy out for a stroll in the mall. Sarah smiled. “Yes, she likes to get out often, proud to be seen as she truly is, and looking for dresses that are so dainty and feminine.” She leaned closer to the girl whispering something then the girl got this huge smile on her face. She ran up to me, kissed me on the nose and lifted the front of my skirt. I squealed, the noise coming from my gagged mouth not like any sound I have ever made before.

When she leaned in I was expecting the kiss, but not her raising my skirt. The girl seemed to hold it up for a few seconds, then I saw the other girls break into laughter and giggles. I presume I was seen in my panties with something very unladylike under my dress. I turned red, maybe even crimson as I became aware of what just happened.

We did eventually make it back to her car, I was seated and belted as she drove off. I was hoping for a destination of the salon or her home, but sighed when we pulled up in front of one of the restaurants catering to children. It was a school day so there were no children present at the time, but the idea of me being here was so humiliating. I wondered what I could eat with the gag inserted, I was hungry some, the recent embarrassment not wiping out all of my appetite. Maybe she will take the gag out for a while, while I eat. She looked over the menu, then ordered for herself. I was never handed a menu, so I had no idea what they offered. She addressed the waitress, the sissy will have a warm bottle of milk, large size please. The waitress looked my way and smirked but left to fetch our meals.

In an instant she was back with my bottle, it was huge, holding at least a quart of fluid. Sarah took it from the waitress and placed it in front of my mouth. I knew I was screwed, if I don’t take the bottle I will be made more feminine, if I do I will have to drink it like a baby would, the pinkish nipple just staring at me. I placed my hands around the bottle and lifted to my mouth. I let the nipple slip inside and started to suck the warm milk into my mouth. The gag allowed the warm milk into my mouth while keeping any protests from me mute. I closed my eyes the humiliation of what I was doing too much to deal with.

A male in his twenties dressed as a sissy and drinking from a baby bottle just like an infant. After finishing my bottle I was allowed to play in their children’s area, my leash tied around a teeter totter to keep me from wandering off. Dressed as I was where would I wander off to, I let out a nervous shudder just thinking about being alone dressed as I was.

I tried to not think about my male organ encased in the panties, but knew that my excitement was still visible to any and all. What is wrong with me, everything seemed to be a turn on? Hell I didn’t even know the fetish existed until a few days ago. It seemed like forever that I was secured to the teeter totter Sarah finally coming to me and leading me off. She stopped to pay the bill, of course the cashier made comments about my looks, complimenting me on the very feminine dress I was wearing. More red in the face being reminded of what I was wearing out in public.

This time after a short ride we did make it to Sarah’s home. I was taken inside, helped out of my dress, then placed in a diaper, all the time trying to get her attention to keep that from happening. I looked around the room I was in for the first time, baby furniture everywhere, but sized for babies like me. I presume I was on a changing table, the strap to hold me down so I don’t fall off maybe a clue to that conclusion. I was helped up into a crib, another strap to keep me from running off and then she left me there staring at the ceiling. A few minutes later she returned another bottle in her hands. I was full, knowing very well if I was made to drink this bottle what would happen. I wasn’t thinking clearly so I refused the bottle pushing it away. Then I remembered what happens when I hesitate and quickly reached my hands out to take the bottle. Too late a huge smile on her face now, thinking of all the things I would get to experience tomorrow just because I wouldn’t fully cooperate.

Sure enough half way through the bottle I couldn’t hold it any longer and I wet my diaper. A grown man reduced to a simpering little baby who just wet her diaper. I said her, because I couldn’t think of myself as a he anymore the long fingernails painted in a bright vibrant color, the matching toenails and the hair free body who just a few minutes before had been in the mall in the frilliest little girl dress prancing up and down the main concourse for all to see.

A mobile was turned over the crib and I soon lost consciousness as the little angels flew above my head. Where were the angels when I needed them, did cross my mind before I slipped off into dreamland. I woke up later alone, in the past that was welcome but now being without someone near scared me. I tried to make some noises the gag still stopping most utterances. Sarah did hear me and came to see what I wanted. I reached my hands up toward her wiggling my fingers a little like I wanted to be picked up. I did want to be picked up so bad, to be held and hugged. My plea was heard, but as she reached me she encountered the dripping diaper. I had drowned the poor thing in urine, that’s what happens when I am made to consume two larger than normal baby bottles of milk.

I was put on the changing table as she changed my diaper. For the first time I realized it was a cloth diaper, not a diaper sold in the stores. I laid there making little noises as she changed me, even giggling a little when my butt was covered in baby powder, the whole room smelled like baby now. Then I was taken to the living room and placed in a playpen. Several dolls were added, but I rejected them, thinking twice about that hurried judgment as the smile on Sarah’s face lit up. At this rate I will be gender female and probably for life, all starting tomorrow.

I did play with the dolls, holding them and talking to them like a baby would to her doll. With the gag nothing resembling words came out, just a lot of noises aimed at expressing myself with my dolly friends. Another damn bottle was offered to me, this time I did not hesitate grabbing the bottle and eagerly sucking on its contents. I am sure it will be a cold wet night in the soon to be soaked diaper. I wonder if this keeps up will I be able to control my need to pee, if I ever get out of the diapers. Already when I pee, there is not conscious thought about needing to pee. It just suddenly feels wet down there, as I feel the pee soaking my diaper. I am checked again, the diaper still dry but for how much longer. I found myself back in my crib, the sides raised and the straps secured so that I can’t move or turn over. The mobile turned on, a kiss to my nose and the lights turned out as she left me alone.

I fell asleep fairly quickly not remembering her coming back into the room and giving me another bottle. Apparently I started sucking on it fairly quickly, when I awoke later the bottle was half empty and I felt myself wetting my diaper. In fact it was already soaked, this last just assuring a cold wet bottom for the rest of the night.

A bright and cheery Sarah came into my room, released the straps and placed me on the changing table. I was a little too heavy to lift, but she helped me walk next to the table and laid me down on it. She hit a remote and the table raised to her level so she could deal with the wet soaking diaper. Once she released the pins at the sides it was obvious from the smell that I had also shitted the diaper. Several baby wipes later I was clean again and then the baby lotion followed by the powder. My new dress was next, Sarah wanting me to look pretty for my visit to the salon. I wonder how today will turn out, several instances of hesitation to be dealt with, although spending time as a sissy had already opened my eyes to something distinctly different than everyday life as I knew it.

She placed some lipstick on my lips after brushing my hair and adding some ribbons in it. The look was definitely sissyish as she helped me into the passenger seat in her car and I was buckled in. Still though a somewhat masculine sissy, not blending in at all. At several stoplights I was stared at by other people in their cars, a few even giggling at my looks. I was humiliated, a somewhat normal occurrence since I was taking a peek at this fetish. I can’t say it bothered me that much, but I knew it wasn’t something I would want to do often, at least I don’t think I would.

When we arrived at the salon I was helped out of my car seat and led into the salon. My leash was handed to a smiling Francine and then Sarah whispered in her ear. Francine smiled, then led me back to one of the private rooms. I balked at the door, there before me was a high chair apparently sized to fit me. I backed up some not wanting anything to do with this latest development. She pulled on my leash, smirking when I did not budge. “Well you haven’t seemed to get the gist of this trial, so maybe we need to accomplish a few things to drive home our point. Get up in the high chair now.” That utterance said in a very pissed off voice. I scurried over to the chair and she helped me into the chair. This is a side of Francine I had not seen before. I was buckled in, the strap going up through my crotch to a waist band especially tight as it was secured. Then the tray was slid in place locking my arms underneath the tray and preventing any escape from the high chair.

A small plastic container was brought and set on the tray. In it were jars of baby food and a tiny spoon. Sarah and Francine took turns feeding me the baby food a spoon at a time. After the first bite I wrinkled my nose and tried to expel the mouthful. My nose was squeezed shut forcing me to open my mouth wider and kept that way until I swallowed the mouthful. This torture seemed to go on forever until each jar of baby food was empty. Two smiling faces were seen as they removed the empty baby food jars. The scowl on my face was obviously ignored by both of them.

Another huge bottle of milk was offered to me, as my hands were released by removing the tray. I reached for it immediately, not wanting to cause any more trouble. Once the bottle was finished, I was helped out of the high chair and then undressed. Several of Francine’s techs entered the room, their hands full of things apparently for me.

Now my penance for hesitating was due, Francine had the biggest smile on her face, fun for her, a lesson to be learned by me. I soon realized that living as a female would be necessary for the near future since all of my body hair was now missing. My eyebrows were arched, and several things of a cosmetic nature were added to my face. These I was told are semi-permanent, lasting for several months. All I will need to do is keep lipstick or gloss on my lips and freshen up my mascara. My breasts were upgraded to very realistic, again lasting till the glue eventually dissolves, about three to four months. Another piercing in my ear, this time some cute bunny rabbits to keep with the sissyish theme. The final penance was my feet in a pair of heels, so juvenile except for the heel height. I didn’t have any choice though as the ankle straps were buckled, with my nails I knew I would not be able to get out of them on my own.

I was then handed an invitation for the convention, hand written by Sarah while Francine handed over the entrance fee. With a huge smile on her face Francine said I would be attending as her sissy, a coveted position for me. Think of all the things I can buy for my sissy, you can try them on so that I can be sure I have the right size.

The convention was still a week off, what am I going to do in the meantime. That bit just thought since the gag was still in my mouth, reapplied right after I was fed the baby food. Francine to the rescue again telling me that I would be staying at her house, she always wanted to learn to change diapers, now she will get her chance. She had already laid in a supply of diapers and has plenty of formula and jars of baby food. Think of all the fun we will be having. I moaned, closed my eyes and tried to make this all go away. When my eyes did open again still that smirk from Francine and my future just as she said it would be.

The week with Francine was not as bad as I thought. She doted on me just like a mother, and dragged me everywhere with her. At the salon she had a playpen brought in sized for a large sissy and that is where I spent my days, a bottle or two to handle my hunger and lots of help from her technicians in changing my diaper and keeping my appearance fresh and very juvenile looking.

The convention itself was another matter, everything that could go wrong did. Francine made sure I attended all three conventions so I could see if what I had planned worked sufficiently for my customers. Of course I attended as a sissy, now three weeks in that role. Everywhere I was taken I was the center of attention, getting hugs and kisses from lots of my admirers. My face was red the majority of the time, to be treated as a sissy so embarrassing for me. I would think I would get used to the humiliation but it didn’t happen that way. Each time the blood would rush up to my face and I would get shy and try to shrink away. I was not wearing a gag all the time, but found my humiliation often would render myself speechless, a safer way to handle any confrontation between myself and others.

When we got to the sissy convention Francine shopped at every booth, where I had to try everything on to make sure it fit properly. I lost track on how many things she bought for me, since she had all of her purchases gathered to be delivered to an address that I was not familiar with. On more than one occasion I wondered why all the purchases. I was not planning on continuing to dress and act like a sissy, although it now had some definite attraction for me. I was sure Francine would tire of me being dependent on her all the time, but there was no one else that showed any interest in me.

I spent the better part of the last day of the sissy convention in a huge playpen along with numerous others while our mommies shopped some more. Finally I was led from the convention floor and taken to the salon. I was a little wary of why we went back to the salon, but like usual I remained quiet keeping my fears to myself.

Francine talked to me for quite some time asking me my thoughts on being a sissy. I started to deny I liked it, but a hard stare from her and I was confessing to my attraction to the so called fetish. They would make a few more changes to me this afternoon and then I would be taken to my new home where I would live out my future years as a sissy, with a mommy to take care of me and an aunt to spoil me rotten. She left me alone for a few moments to make sure I didn’t change my mind, then the gag was re-inserted and I was led away for my changes.

Another treatment of my body hair this one now stopping any future growth of hair on my body. I received a permanent, my cute sausage curls now lasting for months, just needing a refresher in a curler to get the shape right. I received long individual eyelashes, each one glued on lasting till the original eyelash falls out. Some more semi-permanent makeup and a longer pair of nail extensions along with a change in fingernail polish. One look in the mirror and there was no doubt of my gender now, although I was born a male that part of my body has been exterminated leaving only a sissyish female in its place.

Wardrobe wise nothing but dresses had been bought for me, the longest one barely covering my panties. Most of the dresses made to be worn with lots of petticoats, keeping the skirt of the dress even shorter that it would be without the petticoat.

Sarah showed up a little later, taking in my updated appearance asking me if I was happy now. I started to blurt out some ridiculous statement but saw the look in her eyes. It was a look of longing, to have a sissy of her very own. She wanted me to be her sissy, to allow her to take care of me and show me off to the world. I quickly put it all together Sarah to be my Mommy and Francine to be my Aunt. What more could a sissy like me want in life.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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