Samantha; No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Mom and Dad are off again to Australia; this is their second trip there. Why they are fascinated with that wilderness, I will never know. Like last time, I begged to be left behind, a month of traipsing around the outback not my idea of a vacation. I have ideas that I want to explore during their absence, some are from several years ago, but never had the opportunity or funds to do so. Maybe this time I will be able to partake of them.

I was left to my own devices, but Aunt Ellen would check in on me periodically to make sure that all was well. Actually, Ellen is not an actual relative. Her and my mom were childhood friends who went through all of grade school and high school together. Since they were so close, they were seen as sisters, hence the Aunt nickname adopted later in life. I am eighteen years of age, pretty much responsible and most of my wild oats already sown at least that is my story to all who will listen. We live on a farm about forty miles out of town, far enough out to be private, but close enough to enjoy the benefits of shopping and movies.

Dad originally a farmer, has leased the land out now, to a nearby farmer, so no farm-related chores are involved now. That done shortly after he officially retired from farming. Believe me, I don’t miss the chores that I used to have to do. I was fifteen when he officially retired from farming. A lot of the more strenuous chores were not done by me due to my age and puny body. But I spent a lifetime, it seemed, driving a tractor and working the fields. I, for one, am pleased he retired from it, not my idea of a viable career. The lease money from the twenty-one hundred acres he used to farm is allowing my parents to vacation pretty much wherever they want.

Aunt Ellen lives down the road a few miles with her husband and twin daughters. Where Mom chose to be a farmer’s wife, Ellen chose to start up her own business. Now that her daughters are through with high school, they are both joining her in her business. Ellen was one of the first to purchase a franchise for Turnabout Gurl, a chain of beauty shops that cater to males that want to be females. I know, a very different type of business these days.

Aunt Ellen took a good sized portion of the regular beauty shop business in town for females since their skill at changing a male to a female is quite remarkable. If they can make a male look like a female, imagine what they can do for a regular female. That statement alone has persuaded a lot of female customers to sample their services, and once sampled they are steady customers from then on. I have been in the salon a time or two, mostly to deliver a message, or pick up something. The degree of business is awesome by any standards no matter what time it is, the salon is always full.

Now with four weeks to have a blast, I wondered what I should do first. I had my list of never experienced things that I wanted to indulge in, but that could wait until the next week. Of course, I had all the latest computer games and had mastered most of them. I should rephrase that, I have managed to play them well enough to gain access to the upper levels consistently. The first night till seven the next morning that is all I did. I took a shower and then, promptly fell asleep after stuffing my face with everything that is not good for me, namely chips and pizza.

I woke around five that afternoon, when Jamie, one of Ellen’s daughters came knocking on the door. Both of the twins are gorgeous, but of the two Jamie is the more outgoing. I invited her in, offered her a coke, and we went into the family room. I could tell she was extremely nervous, not something that I see in her often. The conversation wandered around for a while; I was reluctant to ask outright what she wanted, and she is apparently too scared to ask.

Twenty minutes had passed; I decided to make the first gesture. I told her, “Just tell me what you want; it can’t be that bad, and I promise to consider what you might require of me.” I carefully worded that because of an incident a few years ago, when I agreed to do something before I found out what that something was. Never again, the embarrassment from last time making quite a lasting impression on me.

She told me, “I have to pass my cosmetology final to get my license.” That is not what she is worried about; her grades have been excellent and her work always the top of the class. She continued explaining, “The requirement is to bring a fellow student or a friend to the licensing exam to do the work on. Janice has already got a fellow student to be her partner, but after checking around, no one is volunteering to help me, even Janice is scared of what may happen.”

To help make her case, she said, “In the past, sometimes the examiner makes life difficult for the student, asking for multiple services to test their skills. Well, word has made it to the examiner that I am the top student in my class. In the past, a top student has been picked on with very demanding services and procedures, kind of like you are not as good as you think.” She looked at the floor trying to get enough nerve to come to why she is here. “The leak of my position in class was delivered by the examiner’s daughter but from a previous marriage. That daughter is a fellow classmate, who, I think, is quite good, but has always resented my status and skills in class. Everybody including my instructor expects the worse to be asked of me; this examiner having a record of going overboard repeatedly. I have no fear of doing the work; I just need someone to work on for the exam.”

We sat down on the sofa. I looked at her and felt sorry she was put in this position. She said, “Ellen suggested you, I really would like your help, but I am scared of what he will ask me to do to you. I have even offered to pay a couple of my so-called friends, but everybody is scared of what may happen. I know it is not fair to ask you, but I have no one else to turn to. If I try to go around the local examiner, no telling what I may end up with, plus it takes weeks to get an appointment with another examiner in the next district,” she told me while fidgeting and pulling on her skirt. She was really shaking and almost in tears.

I asked, “When is the exam scheduled?” She looked anxiously at me and replied, “The exam is set for eight A.M. the day after tomorrow, providing I can find someone to do the work on.” I asked her what things I might end up with if the worse happens. She listed dyed hair, the color the examiner picks, a permanent, a wet set, sculptured nails, a waxed body, full makeup, hair extensions, just to name a few. “Mom has offered to undo any of the treatments, ones that can be undone, for free, if you will help me.”

“Jamie, if the treatments are undone, will I still have a few traces of them showing?” I asked. Jamie swallows hard, “Yes there will still be traces of some of the treatments.”

If I will consider helping her, she will pay me, almost anything I ask. She needs her license; there is a cosmetologist competition in one week, and she would like to enter it. The grand prize is two thousand dollars and a year’s worth of beauty products; but mostly she wants the bragging rights of winning the first prize. “A cosmetologist who is highly regarded can get more money for her services,” she stated.

There was an eerie silence as I thought about all the things that could go wrong, mainly to me. I wanted to help Jamie; she has helped me in the past, a big favor in high school, but mostly just being a good friend to me. Janice, her sister, and I were also close, but I felt more relaxed around Jamie, a real down to earth girl that would do anything for me. I asked her, “Jamie, could I think about it for an hour or two; maybe you would like to go to dinner with me? Would you like to do that?” as I contemplated my response.

She let out a big sigh. “At least, you haven’t said no yet.” She gladly accepted, and we went into town to the local diner. They served a wide variety of food, but their handmade pizzas and calzones could not be beaten. Jamie ordered a calzone with sausage and pepperoni while I got a small pizza with everything on it. The pizza was so loaded with toppings that you couldn’t see the crust.

The meal is excellent, and we talked for quite some time about anything and everything. She told me of some of her Mother’s clients, now coming from as far away as three hundred miles. According to Jamie, they were fun to be with and appreciated the things done to them. Ellen got a five hundred dollar tip from one when she did all the preparations for her wedding. The couple a male and a female had arranged for a double bride ceremony, the look of the male bride after Ellen’s services brought tears to the new bride’s eyes, requiring Ellen to redo the eye makeup. Oh wow, I thought to myself! Wouldn’t want to end up looking like a bride.

I could tell Jamie couldn’t wait to get involved in the salon, her excitement and enthusiasm bubbling over as she spoke. I had decided shortly after we got to the diner, but I was so fascinated by her stories that withheld my decision till we got back to the farm.

As we entered the family room of my home, with two fresh diet drinks in hand, she turned to me and asked, “Have you decided yet?” I tried to look pathetic and depressed as I responded. “If you can’t find any other person, I will be your model.” I got hugged so hard, that both of our drinks got spilled, mainly on me. She apologized, grabbing a towel from the kitchen to wipe up as much as she could manage. She set the remainder of her drink down and grabbed my head to kiss me. It was a full on lip kiss that left me breathless. I am thanked again, hugged again, and more kisses followed, but this time on the cheek.

“I presume from your actions that I have pleased you; I just hope that I don’t regret the gesture after your license exam.” What she had told me about the examiner, left no doubt that he is clearly overstepping his authority. In an exam, to determine one’s skill, all applicants needed to be judged equally, all given the same questions or procedures to be done. He has clearly allowed his authority to influence his actions and needs to be taken down a notch or two. I have an idea; maybe I can do that while I am helping Jamie.

Jamie left, clearly happier than when she arrived, telling me she would see me early the day after tomorrow. I needed to be ready at seven A.M., and she will drive me down to the licensing board. As she made her way to her car, I noticed a definite spring in her step, one of her greatest problems solved.

I was never one to try and correct all evil, but this jerk pushed all of my buttons. I went over all my ideas many times, trying to find the right one that would put an end to this bozo. I narrowed it down to a couple that should do the trick. I am sure Aunt Ellen could help me pick the right one.

About an hour later Ellen called me. She thanked me for helping Jamie but wanted to be sure I realized what I might end up with as a result of my thoughtfulness. I told her that Jamie had spelled it out completely, leaving no doubt what I might experience. I confided in her what I had in mind to change the examiners attitude. She thought I may be taking it too far, but applauded me for the effort and thought. She told me to come to the salon tomorrow at closing, and she would provide the disguise required.

I looked through my father’s photographic equipment picking a mini camcorder that could be placed in a purse so that it could record all the happenings at the exam. I found an old purse of Mom’s that would hold it and rigged the end of the purse to allow the lens to show through. The design on the purse a bunch of circles embossed on the leather, the camera lens blending in easily with this background. The videotape would last for two hours, and I had a backup tape to use if needed.

I planned to dress semi asexual, just enough femininity to allow me to carry a purse and give the examiner the idea that I might be gay. I hoped that would let him relax and do his worst, giving me the ammunition to use against him. I had called the state Board of Cosmetology asking a few questions, but not divulging any names or locations. The person I talked to was upset, to say the least at the alleged actions and promised immediate action to handle the situation. I suggested a phone call to her after the exam, to tell her of my findings and she concurred.

I had to peel off my clothes, the dried soda pop already very sticky. I got them in the washing machine, then made my way to bed. I slept well that night even though I was a little apprehensive about the upcoming adventure. I awoke fresh and invigorated, deciding to try my luck at a few of my games. It turns out I had better luck sleeping. Lunch was more snacks; then I reluctantly decided to clean up a little of my mess before leaving the kitchen. The basic premise being if I waited until my parents are scheduled to get back, it might take days before I could return the house to an acceptable level. I knew one of Mom’s first actions would be to walk through the house to see if I had been good.

The afternoon passed slowly, my mind wondering if I was overstepping some by going after this scum ball. Jamie deserved better than to be subjected to a different set of rules just because she is at the top of her class. I prepared myself for the worst case scenario if all of what Jamie mentioned is done to me. I had, at least, four weeks for the effects to wear off a little before I would have to reinsert myself into society. Well, society would not be the problem, my parents would be, that is for sure.

At four-thirty, I went down to Ellen’s salon. I had to wait as she finished her last customer; I looked at some of their hair styling magazines trying to picture what I would look like if one of those styles were thrust upon me. When Ellen finished with that customer, she called me back to her station.

She noticed that I am carrying the purse and chuckled at me. I smiled, then asked, “Could you give me a cute curly hairstyle for my date tonight?” She broke up laughing but asked me again, “What are you planning for tomorrow?” I told her that I wanted to have the examiner relaxed around me, see that I am not a threat so that he will pull out all the stops to keep Jamie from passing. “I know what I am letting myself in for, but this type of arrogance and abuse of power is something that needs to be stopped!” I stated.

She suggested that she thin my eyebrows a little, give me some lip gloss, and mascara to wear tomorrow morning, and a blouse to wear over my jeans. Maybe some gel in my hair, then brushing it to get if fluffier less flat looking. She told me she had Jamie bring in the blouse after our earlier conversation, a feminine blouse that should add just enough to the illusion to make it believable.

It didn’t take long for Ellen to thin my eyebrows, in fact; I am amazed that there is anything left of my eyebrows after her thinning. It did change my facial appearance, from male to slightly female, just by that one small change in my appearance. The hair is the biggest difference, fluffing it made it appear softer, with some small curls appearing mysteriously.

She told me to be sure and tell Jamie about your idea; she likes you so much, she might balk at the instructions if she thinks it will harm you. I told her I would on the way to the exam. I was given the blouse, mascara, and lip gloss, and I headed home. I stopped to get some tacos, a favorite of mine that I don’t get to indulge in often. I ended up dragging my butt into my bedroom a little after ten that night. I did receive more than a few glances while I was in the drive-thru for the tacos, no gender-related pronouns were used, though. I had spent the rest of the time just driving around town, trying to make sure my mind is ready for what might happen tomorrow. I had stopped at one of the parks in the area, watched the sun set and munched on the remainder of my tacos.

I set the alarm for six and was up and showered, dressed and in the kitchen grabbing a pop tart when Jamie knocked on the door. When she saw me, she broke out giggling. She smiled and said to me, “It is going to be bad enough after the exam, and here you go and start it before we even get there.” I grabbed her hand, and we headed to her car. I told her the idea, and insisted that she do everything he insists with no reservations. For this to work, he has to overstep his authority and ask for things that are overboard and ridiculous. I made her promise that she will do exactly as he says no matter what it is. To smile and be enthusiastic and bubbly about everything, no matter what her true feelings are. I received a reluctant head nod apparently that is the best I am getting out of her, she is very unsure about this and looked worried.

When we got to the board office, I reminded her again and made her promise and pinky swear. We entered the office, and his secretary told us to go in, he is expecting us. The rear of his office has a mock-up of a beauty salon, where the test is to be conducted. He told her to look around and see where everything is, and when ready you can start. During that speech he was appraising my looks and what he would ask her to do to me. The grin and smile that is etched on his face did not speak well of what is in store for me. ‘Oh crap!’ I thought to myself.

I noticed that Jamie had used disinfectant on all the combs and brushes then dried them before she said she is ready. He asked her to start by thinning my eyebrows to a thin pencil line arched high above my eyes. He had used a marker to indicate the high point of the arch. Jamie looked at me fearfully but grabbed a tweezer after disinfecting them. She added some wax to a pot to warm up, but not in time to do this procedure.

The little stings as she thinned my eyebrows more, not bothering me, but the image I saw in the mirror would be quite a while before masculine could be used in reference to it. Jamie is pretty fast, shaping the eyebrows as she went. It turned out to be pencil thin, maybe two or three hairs wide at the widest part.

The examiner had been watching and seemed pleased at her efforts, although no verbal responses are uttered. It is obvious the marks he had made were to guarantee that the eyebrow would be feminine. The mark he had placed is high above my eyebrow and more to the right of my natural high point.

The next task for Jamie is to pierce my ears, actually three piercing in each ear. Two in the lobe of the ear and one in the upper cartridge. Jamie hesitated on this one, but my smile implied that she should go on. She marked the spots and then chose the starter earrings to be put into the gun. She carefully disinfected the entire ear, donned plastic gloves so there could be no contamination and pierced all six spots. Two minutes later I am glancing at my new earrings, what Jamie picked out for me looked quite attractive.

When we had come in, I had set my purse on the counter in front of the mirror, aimed at me and where the examiner is seated. Jamie would be in and out of the picture as she worked, but his instructions would be picked up by the camera. After the piercings, she gave me a glance, I could tell that this is bothering her, but to cheer her up I told her that I just loved my new earrings. It was a way over the top voice that I used, so she started giggling and relaxed a little more.

The next procedure that he requested to be done to me was to dye my hair. I figured that was going to be one of the procedures, but was not prepared for him asking it to be a platinum blonde. I noticed Jamie swallow hard, but I reached over to squeeze her hand as she laid the chair back so she could apply the chemicals. I got a small smile in return, but also, her mouthing sorry as she started work on my hair.

I had always associated the lightest of the blondes with females that were less than intelligent; I am sure that is not true with all females, just my twisted take on the color. It took Jamie quite a while to get the hair that light, having to apply the bleach twice to get it that light. When she was finished, and the examiner smiled in return to her work she asked if she could add a tint to the hair, the flat platinum blonde hair color not right for my complexion.

She showed the examiner the tint she wanted to use, and he readily agreed. As she is applying it to my hair, she whispered to me, that I needed to trust her on this. I smiled in return, knowing how difficult this is for her. The color turned out to be a pale strawberry color, but it did look much better than the flat color before the tint.

So far an hour and a half had passed, the image in the mirror feminine but, at least, Jamie had excelled in her procedures, doing everything strictly by the book. Every once in a while, I noticed the secretary come to the door of the salon and look to see what she had done and how it was accomplished. When the examiner had taken the time to go to the bathroom, she told Jamie that her work is excellent and without fault. Jamie glowed when that compliment was expressed.

The next procedure he asked performed was to give me a cut and wet set. He handed her a picture of the style he wanted. I glanced at the picture and turned beet red. There could not be many hairstyles that could be any more feminine that the one he picked. Short in the back, long dangling curls at my ears and the rest piled on my head in a curly up do. I could see Jamie getting upset; this hairstyle would not be easy to hide or undo since there is not much hair to deal with at the back of my neck. I had always worn my hair shoulder length, in fact since my freshman year of high school.

I tried to be brave, but a tear did escape at me losing all that length. I did remember Ellen telling me that I could get extensions added if he required me to get it cut, but I knew that would not be possible when the hair is too short as it would soon be on the back of my neck. I just hope this works, I need for this guy to suffer, and nothing is too bad for him. I shed several more tears as big hunks of my locks hit the floor.

The cut did look good on me, but so different than I am used to seeing. Then Jamie started setting the longer hair on top of my head in curlers. The back is just taped into place tapering radically from the rear top of my head down to nothing at my neck level. I got to sit under a dryer for thirty minutes as my hair is drying. I was angry, not so much for what he had her do to me, but the egotistical attitude he put forth. He is determined to find something to refuse her a license. Jamie talked to the secretary for a while; then she started preparing something on the counter.

The examiner took another bathroom break, and I eased out from under the dryer and changed the tape in the camera. Too quickly the examiner returned, but I had already changed the tape and just returned to the dryer when he reappeared. I had a feeling that she had already done more than most applicants, the creep just trying to find something so he could deny her license.

When I saw Jamie preparing a table over to the side of the room, I figured my next adventure would result in losing all my body hair. While I was not one of the hairy males, what I had I was proud of. Once my hair was dry, she led me over to the table and helped me remove all my clothes. The examiner ogled my body for quite some time before he found some paperwork to work on while Jamie got ready. Jamie made quick work of my body hair, leaving only a heart shape patch directly above my male equipment. She whispered to me that she had a cute pink ribbon at home that would look delicious on my weeny. We both broke out in giggles, getting some attention from the creep and his secretary. Since no other requests came from the examiner, Jamie finished up my hair, pinning the large curls on top of my head and falling to either side of my head. A few curls brushed to the front and secured with hairspray completed the style.

He walked over to Jamie and me looking at the work and then surprised us both by asking her to pierce my nipples. I almost lost it but did barely manage to keep my mouth shut. After the shock had faded away a little, Jamie retrieved a needle, sterilized it and then pierced my nipple. The examiner handed her large hoops to insert in the piercings, and she slipped them into the new hole. As she pierced the other nipple and inserted the hoop, a group of people entered the office.

The examiner turned very pale and retreated to his desk. He told the secretary to issue Jamie her license, then pretended to do things at his desk. Once the license had been issued, and we retreated to the outer office, a woman with the group approached us and wanted to talk with us for a minute. “I am with the state Cosmetology Board and were here investigating some irregularities that were brought to their attention.” I smiled and told her I was the one that had called the office yesterday.

She asked us to tell our version from the start, but I suggested that viewing the tape that I made might be more informative. She was surprised to find that we had made a tape of the exam but thrilled also. She got the attention of one of her colleagues, and they played the tape on the VCR they had in the office. We set in the outer office as they briefly scanned the tape, then concurred with each other as what to do. The examiner was sent home, pending criminal investigations into his behavior.

I watched the secretary smile as he left the office, and then she told the group that she could substantiate any allegations if needed, her boss had been doing this for far too long. The only reason she didn’t bring it up is that he threatened to fire her if she talked. The lady returned to us asking me if any of what was done to me is something that I desired. “No, I was just putting up with the crap so Jamie could get her license and I could get the man fired.”

She got our addresses and told us she would see us tomorrow. She did ask that I leave the results until after her meeting with us tomorrow. I told her no problem. Jamie and I left the office, and as we were walking to her car, I got attacked by Jamie. She is so grateful for all my help and so sorry that I had to put up with all the procedures. Every time I put my hand up to the back of my neck, the reality that I now had such short hair there made another tear appear. I got a kiss and hug from Jamie every time I repeated the action.

She cocked her head a little, telling me that I look quite pretty as a female, maybe I should remain one for a while. My response left her mouth gasping for air. “I told her I thought that I might convert to the dark side since I am obviously one of the prettier females in the area.”

Then I asked, “Could you set me up on a blind date, any hunk will do?” The hit I received on my arm, more likely from an athlete than a young hairdresser. Ouch.

When we got home, I went up to my room and started removing my clothes. The nipple rings the first thing that made for a problem. The left ring got caught on the blouse, with it half off and my hands caught in the sleeves, I couldn’t get the ring free. I had to call for Jamie to come and help. When she entered the bedroom, she broke into laughter. In between fits of giggling, she asked me what I wanted to be done. I was in the process of counting to a hundred to control my temper when she grabbed a hold of the other ring and twisted it slightly. My knees gave out, and I crumpled to the bed.

“Wow that is intense.” She fussed with the stuck ring and finally separated it from the blouse. Even though I could now get my blouse off, I just laid there. The feelings from the first nipple had not worn off yet, and her ministrations with the other ring had set off small bursts of tingling and goose pimples through both breasts. According to Jamie both of my nipples were rock hard. Well, yeah after what she did to me.

I eventually got the blouse off, and Jamie found me a shirt to wear that buttoned up the front. Jamie told me that she had called her Mom, and she would be by shortly after she finished her last customer. She suggested that we order some takeout for all three of us, and then my condition could be discussed and some plan for what to do next. It sounded good, now that the examiner had been punished, all of the procedures done to me, came back to haunt me. When I had a cause, I was able to displace a few of those thoughts, but now, one look in the mirror revealed how badly I had screwed myself.

The delivery guy arrived shortly before Aunt Ellen, and thankfully I didn’t have to answer the door. When Ellen got there, she appraised my looks and gave me a tremendous hug. Nothing was said, but I could tell she is shocked at the degree of my transformation. We ate in silence, and then Ellen suggested that we go to my bedroom so she could see the rest of what the clothes are hiding. Before she followed me upstairs, she sent Jamie on an errand, but I had an idea of what Jamie was going to bring back.

I stripped to bare skin, surprisingly not embarrassed to being naked in front of Ellen. “Well, he certainly had fun with you today” as she shook her head.

I told her, “At least, Jamie got her license, and that makes this all worthwhile.” She worked her fingers through my hair, examined me closely for any signs of masculinity that might be hiding. The nipple rings were looked at closely, at least, she didn’t twist them to see my reaction. Her large sigh pretty much confirmed what I thought; Sam was gone for a while. Jamie returned with two bags of clothes, exactly what I figured she was sent to get.

I suggested we get this over with. “Give me the panties and let’s get started.” Jamie giggle hugged me, and I slid the panties up my legs. Jamie couldn’t have found a more feminine pair; light pink edged with lace they looked good and felt better. Jamie helped with the bra, especially around the rings that were attached to my nipples.

Then a camisole to cover up the top of my torso, again loaded with lace. I hoped she had brought back a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but the dress that she pulled out next fit neither of those descriptions. It fit way too good, hugging my limited curves, but leaving the illusion of a female in the mirror. She slid my feet into a pair of three inch heels, then took a hand and helped me make my way across the bedroom. On the return trip, I was steady enough to handle it myself, much to Jamie’s and Ellen’s surprise.

Ellen suggested we leave everything alone till after the cosmetology board representative came by tomorrow. Dressing in female clothes might be better since my appearance is so over the top feminine anyway. We adjourned to the living room and talked for several hours about the best way to handle things. After studying my image carefully before Ellen got there, I doubted a masculine appearance could be achieved any time in the near future.

Unfortunately, for me, Ellen agreed, suggesting living as a female for the next few weeks might be the best option. Jamie felt bad about what happened to me, several times I caught tears streaming down her face. I told her that the one good thing to come out of this was her getting her license. Now I can get my hair and nails done free since I have a cosmetologist friend at the salon. She giggled, but the tears are still there, and the hug I received is genuine and heartfelt.

We talked into the night, finally giving up around midnight. Jamie asked if she could stay with me tonight, and before Ellen could protest I insisted, telling them both I didn’t want to be left alone. Ellen gave in but wanted both of our words that we would be good. I asked her when I have ever been a bad boy. She just smiled, number one you don’t look like a boy and number two Jamie is the one you have to be careful of. As that last word was escaping her mouth, she took off running for the door with Jamie hot on her tail.

That is something I have always envied in the twins relationship with their mother. It is a friendly banter that accompanies any task or discussion that transpires. Their love and respect for each other clearly shows through all of their actions.

Jamie had bought a couple of sleep shirts for us to wear, both of us slipping into them, then making our way to my bed. My makeup is removed with a couple of wipes, then some moisturizer for my skin added. We cuddled together in the bed, her behind me holding me tight. I had both of my hands on hers as she played with my nipple rings, just light tugs or twisting to make me aware of their presence. Surprisingly, the feelings are pleasant and comforting. Next, I knew it is morning, and a single beam of light had found the one opening in my window blind and made its way directly into my semi-closed eyelid. I had to wake Jamie to get her to release me so that I could go to the bathroom. As our feet and arms were untangled, I had to hurry to make it without dribbling all across the floor.

The image in the mirror as I passed it on my way to the toilet almost made me stop. It is not my usual masculine image but a gorgeous female that is reflected in the mirror. I was able to accomplish my goal, and then after staring at the bathroom mirror for a while, I made my way to the kitchen. For some reason, I decided to have some fruit today, only because Mom had bought it before they had flown from the country. It was good, probably only the second time in my life that I had willingly had eaten any fruit.

Jamie dragged in next, begging for coffee. I made her a cup of instant while I had the coffee pot churning out a decanter full for later. Normal breakfast conversation for a while, then Jamie suggested we get ready for our visitors today. I am allowed a pair of jeans and a blouse over the bra and panties. Jamie added a little blusher, and then some lip gloss, and I presumed I was ready for all.

We didn’t have to wait long; the cosmetology representative arrived a few minutes after ten. She showed us her credentials and asked if she could tape our conversation. She asked me to retell yesterday’s proceedings, in as much detail as possible. She asked Jamie to fill in any information that is pertinent. I went through the day as I remembered it, with Jamie only adding a few thoughts and details. When I was finished, she told us the reaction of the board so far. The examiner has been fired, with details of his actions forwarded to the local D.A. for possible criminal charges to be filed.

The attorneys for the board think he will plead guilty for a deal, a deal that they have specific conditions submitted for him to accept. The secretary filled in a lot of info about the abuses; she had kept detailed records of the abuses, and that is now all evidence for the possible trial. She had me state that the video evidence that I furnished was of my own doing and that I had surrendered the tapes as evidence.

Then she remained quiet for a minute, apparently trying to figure how she could approach the subject. I tried to help, “My only objective other than getting evidence against the examiner was to help Jamie get her license. With that objective accomplished, I don’t want compensation or favors from the board. I was aware of what might happen when I entered the examiner’s office, so I willingly subjected myself to possible unfavorable procedures being done to me.”

She applauded my actions and bravery, but the board feels different about the abuse dealt to you. The first thing is that they are going to upgrade Jamie’s license to instructor. Watching the tapes yesterday proved to everyone her skill, and her commitment to the standards associated with that level of license.

“Now for you, the board has authorized me to issue a check to you for twenty thousand dollars. In return, we want nothing more than a signed statement that you will not sue the board for damages in the future. Now, to the interesting part, are you planning to live the near future as a female or a male?” I responded, “As a female since the consensus of my friends, think that will be the least trouble for me.” She smiled and agreed, stating that, “Everyone thought that after your treatments the video showed only the image of a female.”

She asked if Ellen is relative, I told her no, just a good friend, with two darling daughters. She said the board has contacted her this morning, arranging to pay for any treatments, makeup, and clothes that I desire for the upcoming year. There is no limit on the services or products. Jamie is bouncing around the room, apparently that fact is something she is ready to embrace unequivocally.

She asked if I had any more questions, I nodded no and then she got out the agreements for me to sign. She is thankful that I chose not to sue the state, the examiner had put them in a difficult position, one possibly costing them millions. They still had to settle with all of the other abused people before they could relax. I signed and thanked her for handling the problem.

She left soon after that, and Jamie and I went down to Ellen’s salon. It is approaching lunch time, so we waited for Ellen to finish her present customer, then decided to go to lunch together. Right before we left Janice made an appearance. She walked up to me, carefully inspecting my appearance and demeanor. She lifted her arms and gave me a big hug squeezing the daylights out of me. As we hugged, she told me that Samantha might be a better name to use when I looked this sexy and pretty. Then, “Welcome to the sisterhood” flowed out of her mouth.

Lunch was anything but normal as the girls made suggestion after suggestion on what I should do. I had given up on returning to my male self for a while, the damage done to me making that almost impossible. Living as a girl is not high on my priority list, but circumstances as they are, that seemed my only choice. I had planned to hibernate in the house in the upcoming weeks, making as few appearances as possible in the real world, maybe remove a few things from my to do list in the interim.

Well, that didn’t fly with the group! Ellen suggested that I become a student at her shop in the work-study program she ran. Before I could nix the idea, Jamie had me smothered in a big hug, telling me what fun we could have doing nails and hair. Ellen had her instructor’s license and took in one or two wannabe stylists every year. They worked in the shop doing anything and everything while learning the basics. They had to study the textbook on their own time, but as they learned they were able to work on customers offering services at reduced rates. They were closely supervised, so no purple hair or balding customers were a possibility.

I reluctantly agreed, not my ideal way to spend my vacation, but probably better than staying cooped up in the house. Ellen had talked to my folks making them aware of what had happened, Dad laughing his head off at my situation, but Mom the more caring one asking how I am doing. When they called me shortly after lunch I told Mom I was okay; I didn’t regret my efforts even though I am paying for them now. She asked that I don’t change anything or reverse any of the procedure until she gets back. She wanted to see her daughter in person before I change my mind.

I am not sure about how long I will stay this way, several of the procedures a real trip into femininity. Then in the next few days as I was choosing a wardrobe, and experiencing womanhood from a different perspective Jamie asked me if I wanted to go the extra mile. She thought that I should stick the other foot in the water, to really find out what it is like to be a female, other than in looks. What she is suggesting is for me to live as a girl. Go to movies, date, shop, and otherwise live the life of a female.

She feels that once I see what it is like, I won’t go back. I doubted that, too many years as a male to just shuck it for the opposite sex. She gave me that evil ‘I know better than you look’ so I just had to respond. I told her that what I did for her I didn’t regret, but I am a male, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life as a female. She suggested, “How about the remainder of the time until your parents come back to be spent as a woman 24/7? After that, if I still want to revert back to the weaker sex, she will help and be my steady girlfriend for as long as I desire.” Now that got my attention.

That is something I have dreamed about for years, so I quickly agreed. The thought of Jamie and I being boyfriend girlfriend has long been a desire of mine. I was just never able to approach that subject with her. When a male can see one of his fantasies possibly coming to life all rational thought disappears and stupid things often get done. Later I would look back on this moment wondering if I had any I.Q. at this point in time. Maybe platinum blonde hair does come with a requirement of less than normal IQ. Could the dye used suck out any intelligence I had, leaving me less than smart.

It is decided the breasts of some kind are essential in my portrayal of the female sex, so that is to be corrected the next day. Since Ellen’s shop was part of Turnabout Gurl chain adding breasts would be no problem. I wish I had paid a little more attention when my options had been explained to me, the one I chose not the best for reversing at a later date. Ellen had a wedding to do preparing the bride and bridesmaids at the church where the wedding is being held at. Janice accompanied her since there are eleven females in the wedding party.

That left me with Jamie to do the breast additions. Like I said, I should have listened closer to what I was being told. When the machine was brought in, I should have stopped it altogether, right then. The wayward, soon to be a female girl, had cups attached to my chest, the pump going pulling the extra flesh into the cups.

It was described to me later that a rigid breast like shape had been glued to my chest, right where a female’s breast would normally reside. Then fat injected into the breast like cups and hoses from the machine hooked to each cup. With the machine turned on, a slow vibrating suction started and my tissue was pulled into the cups. Five hours later the machine turned off and the hoses were detached.

I had stayed up late last night trying to think things through and was extra tired. The pulsating of the pump soon had me dozing off, and only the sound of the pump turning off brought me back to the here and now. I looked at the cups; they were jam packed full, with my breasts.

I couldn’t just refer to them as extra tissue since they closely resembled a female’s mammaries right down to the nipples. The nipples were a little smaller but protruded just as much as a females. That statement more from what I had been told, not an actual observation of a female’s nipples. Jamie is ecstatic at the results, going through bras to find just the right one for me. The cups that held the breast tissue was a new innovation of the salon; they stayed on until they dissolved a couple of days later leaving two perfectly formed breasts.

As the hoses were detached from the cups, Ellen and Janice returned to the shop. Ellen took one look and hauled Jamie by the ear to her office. I heard some loud shouting; then Ellen came to get me. She dragged me back to her office and set me in a chair in front of Jamie. She stared at Jamie telling her to get on with it.

“I got carried away with your transformation; I hope you can forgive me eventually. The treatment I performed on you gives you realistic breasts for the foreseeable future. I was way out of line in doing this to you. I knew you didn’t understand the severity of the treatment, but I went ahead anyway. I love the Samantha persona so much; I hoped if you were forced to be her for a while you might learn to enjoy it and not want to return to being a male.” With tears appearing in her eyes, “Please forgive me, you have done so much for me, and I have repaid you in the worst way possible. I love you either way, male or female, but the Samantha image just turns my body to goo. I can’t think of anything else.” To say I was stunned is an understatement.

Ellen sends her home, then sits down with me. “I know she is out of line, but I also see a genuine female when I look at you now. I have ever since you came back from the licensing exam. I am not making excuses for my daughter; you have the right to hate her and me for not keeping firm control of her. Please set here for a while and think about what you want to be done. I will pay for any surgical removal of your breasts, and I will compensate you any way I can for your mental anguish.”

Aunt Ellen continued, “She does love you and always has, just her judgment goes off kilter when she sees you as Samantha. Since that fateful day she has not talked about anything else but Samantha. Her every word concerns you, whether you will go back to being a male or not, the girl is hopeless, hopelessly in love with you, the feminine version.” Now, my head is spinning and I’m not sure what any of my thoughts were at that moment.

“There is pop in the refrigerator; think about it for a while. Let me know what you want and I will set the ball in motion to do your bidding. I am truly sorry for all you have had to put up with, I guess the saying is true, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.”

As she left the office, I let out a big sigh, then leaned back in her chair and stared off into the distance. Maybe, just maybe the answer to all of life’s questions are written there for all to see. I guess Mom is going to be able to see her daughter now, with these boobs I am firmly in the female category. I wonder what she will say to me and if I will be accepted by her. Then there is my father, no comment there, I have no idea what he will say or think about my predicament.

I thought about what Jamie had done to me, all the wrong things for some of the right reasons. I could never stay mad at her for long, the crush I have had for her going back many years. I wished she would have asked first as major league breasts is a fairly severe shock to the system. Eventually, Ellen came back in wanting to know if I had decided anything.

A brush of my arm over the rigid cups was felt as if my nipple had been touched. She smiled, you will eventually get used to the heightened sensitivity, a curse for an established female, much less a new one. She handed me the bra that Jamie had picked out for me, then gave me instructions in putting it on. I felt much more comfortable with the bra on, I also never imagined me saying that to anyone. I gently moved my hands over the cups of the bra, the warmth of the breast radiating through the fabric of the cups. Tomorrow we need to re-insert your nipple rings if you still want them or the holes will close up.

Ellen had sat down at her desk, waiting for me to put some thoughts together. “I don’t yet know what I want to do. Jamie, although more gung-ho than usual, is not the problem here. I can’t seem to make up my mind about how I feel about all of this. I like my look as a female, I think I want to live my life as a female, but there is still that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that all of this is just so wrong. For me to give up on all my years as a male, just so that I can live as a female doesn’t make sense. To continue living as a male also seems like a lesson in futility.”

“I will miss Jamie too much if you keep her from me, I love her, so I guess that now makes us lesbians. I want her back, but I am going to be the one to explain what I want from her in return. She hurt me in a way, not from what she did, but for not asking me first. I have never denied her anything; I doubt that I would have this time. With regards to my future, I guess I will live 24/7 as a female at least until Mom and Dad get back; then I will discuss all of this with them and decide whether to continue. I just hope both are open to having a daughter now.”

Ellen started to smile as I said to her, “I hope you can find it in your heart to accept me for who I am, it really wasn’t my desire to cause so much trouble for you. Please don’t be too harsh on Jamie, I will handle her, and when she asks for you to do my bidding, I want your assurance that you will comply. Maybe this way she will realize how she has hurt me, and we can make a fresh start.”

Ellen called me over, and I sat on her knee at the desk, enveloped in her hug. “Jamie doesn’t realize how lucky she is to have someone like you on her side, I hope whatever you have planned will make her aware of that. If you can confide in me of your intentions, I will be glad to help my wayward child back into the straight and narrow.”

I told her what I wanted to have done to her, then what I settled on for her lesson. While thinking what I might want to do in life, I had read one of their promo circulars, it touted a breast enhancer that glued on over a female’s own breasts to enlarge the cup size. Ellen smiled, that will be perfect. Since Jamie is a smaller more petite female, her size B cups enlarged to a D cup might show her the errors of her ways. I wanted to talk to Jamie alone, then if she agreed to give her a sleeping pill so she would not know what her punishment was until it is too late to do anything about it. That corresponds directly to what she did to me.

Ellen suggested that we add glue over the entire breast, not just at the base of the forms. That way she is stuck with them until the glue breaks down, the glue not assessable to use a solvent on until that time. Ellen made the call, to have Jamie come back to the shop tonight. Ellen informed her that I wanted to talk to her, so don’t dawdle. Twenty minutes later a teary-eyed Jamie found me in Ellen’s office.

She stood there in the door, silent and immobile. I told her to come in and set herself down in the chair. After she is seated, I told her how hurt I was at what she had done to me. Not that she did it, but that she hadn’t taken the time to ask me if I would agree. I told her of some of the things I had considered having done to her. My first thought was to give her a male buzz-cut. Then I had another idea, dye her hair bright pink and give her a tight permanent. From these ideas, you can see how upset I am at what you did to me.

“I will forgive you if you submit willingly to what I choose for you. I want you to take a sleeping pill, to wake up like I did with my choice of your penance. If you agree, I will say no more about it, and we will go back to the way we were before this incident. If you don’t agree, this is the last time I will see you. Now, what is your choice?”

She muttered something, and I couldn’t make out what she said. I asked her again to speak up and tell me what you want. “I want us back the way we were. I know all of this is my fault, and I will accept all of your punishments. I do love you, and I realize how much I have hurt you. Please allow me back into your life, I will try and show you that I can be trusted and that my love for you is unwavering.” I handed her the sleeping pill; she swallowed it, and I led her to the treatment room that Ellen is going to use.

She hugged her Mom, telling her that she will cooperate with anything that I wanted to be done, even if I wanted all of the items mentioned to her. She laid back into the chair and about twenty minutes later she is fast asleep. Ellen had checked the office to make sure we had a clear recording of her agreement to my wishes. Then she removed the forms and the glue from a cabinet placing them on the table beside the chair.

She removed Jamie’s blouse and unhooked her bra. Her nipples became erect due to the cool air, ready for a little adventure. Ellen told me that we could use a remote to turn off feeling to the nipple, another way to make Jamie suffer a little. She coated her breasts, and the inside of the forms then handed it to me for me to push them over the existing breast. The slippery glue allowed the form to slide all the way down to her chest. While I was pushing the other breast on, Ellen is using some heavy makeup to hide the seams. Once finished with her additions her other breast seam is handled and we were done.

Ellen said it would take the glue about three hours to dry thoroughly, so I parked myself by her chair and waited. Ellen checked on us often, while she closed the salon and cleaned up. On one of her trips she brought me a new bra for Jamie, her old one not fitting anymore. We decided to wait until she wakes before we put on her bra, naked the breasts look so much bigger than when clothed.

She did eventually stir, the sleeping pill wearing off finally. She still is quite groggy, her first reaction to being awake is to check to see what has been done to her. Immediately she checks all of the things that I had mentioned doing to her. A big sigh is escaping her mouth when she finds all the same as before. She tries talking her voice still weak and fuzzy; then her arm brushed over her breasts. I helped her to sit up and then she saw what changes had been made. She stared at her breasts, a few tears escaping the corner of her eye. She hugged me, now aware of what I felt like when I woke up. She cried and kept repeating I am so sorry. She asked if any other things had changed, I told her, “No. However, when you look in the mirror or look at your breasts, you will be reminded of what has transpired both to me and you.”

I told her all is forgiven; the adhesive will eventually break down until then you are my big breasted lover. I expect my girl to love me without question and to take care of me. The kiss and hug that was delivered almost knocking me off my feet. She planted small kisses all over my face and ground her body against me not missing many areas of contact. She looked down at her new nipples; I brought her chin back up to look at me, no playing with the new equipment until you prove to me that you love me.

She apologizes again to me, wanting to know for how long is her punishment for. I simply point to my breasts and tell her to make a guess. She starts crying, so sorry for ignoring my feelings and doing what she did to me. I ask her how she likes her new headlights; it took her a minute to realize what I am talking about. She asks why no feeling I told her modern science, now you know how I feel, given breasts and no way to handle them without changing my whole life around.

“I might have chosen the same thing, but it would have been my choice and not what you wanted for me. Now you have larger than normal titties for your size; you can’t feel them unless I let you and you are stuck in them until the adhesive breaks down, no telling when that will be.” Just concentrate on keeping me happy, well provided for, and maybe just maybe I will let you feel your nipples sometime in the next year. She permanently attaches herself to my side and hangs on me. I do forgive her; love can do many things to a person, causing many an unusual response, including me and my sudden desire to live as a female for her.

We did not sleep together that night; I wanted to, but now is not the right time to let Jamie forget her mistake so soon after the deed had been done. Maybe a week, for her to think things through if I can last that long without her in my embrace. Clothes are the order of the day, Ellen carries a complete line at her shop, actually a separate store next to the salon. Ellen advises me of a few things that would look good on me, then just tells me to pick similar items in colors that I like. I find out for myself, the fact that most women know, you have to try everything on to find what looks good on you and what fits. A size ten in one brand a size twelve in another brand, both fitting the same on my body. Jamie comes in later, to bring Ellen her lunch, looks longingly at me, but does not say anything. I break down and ask her to help me pick out some clothes, her mood and smile almost instantly improving.

We go through rack after rack of clothes, me trying on anything that looked like it might suitable for my new persona. I end up with ten blouses, five skirts, and nine dresses. I wanted some pants, but my accomplice begged me not to get any, I relented since the few dresses I tried on felt so good and looked even better. I found a few panties, several bras, and a slip, garter belt and stockings that would go with most of the dresses. Jamie wanted me to get more, but I wanted to wear them for a day or two first to see which ones are more comfortable, before purchasing more.

I had remembered the females in my life complaining about their lingerie, and I was determined to, at least, be comfortable in mine. I started at the salon the next day, sweeping the floor, keeping the towels at each station fresh and clean, also their supplies. As the business slacked off in the afternoon, I was given some nail polish and shown how to apply it. Then I had to practice the rest of the day. Aunt Ellen kept a watchful eye on me and complimented me several times on my efforts.

Jamie had been sent by herself to pick out more new bras, then later in the day she had her first customer. I could tell she is nervous, but shortly after she started, she got into the swing of things. The male that she did her magic on loved how she had styled his hair, setting up a regular weekly appointment for the future. He lived the female role 24/7, he and his wife running a catering business in town. When she came to pick him up, she took one look at his style and also made a standing weekly appointment.

To say that Jamie is ecstatic about this would be the understatement of the year. When she finished with him, she worked on the styles she was going to use for the contest coming up. I noticed her several times trying to adjust the cups of her bra to get more comfortable. The new larger breasts are bothering her, just what they are supposed to do. I did get several very intense looks from her at times; I know she regrets her earlier actions. Most of her clothes still fit her but now were stressing the seams and buttons quite a bit. The items that had fit tight before no longer able to be worn.

The next few days were busy but manageable. She had several more customers, and each one of them made standing appointments for the future. I continued doing nails, mine at first then some of the customers. I received compliments on my work and ended up with several steady customers because of it. Ellen had me practicing adding extensions to my finger nails as the next logical step in my training. Two weeks later I managed to add glamour length extensions to a young male that is going to a fancy ball. He is thrilled with my efforts, and I received a twenty dollar tip. It had taken me a while to get used to working with extensions on my own nails, but once I got used to it, I felt naked without them on.

I regularly dressed as a female, my voice kind of drifted into a higher register, and I actually forgot how to talk in the lower tones. I wore heels every day, even mules at night since my tendons in my legs had started to shrink. I practiced most days with makeup, whenever I had a few moments. I was taught a few more things with regards to nails, mainly other means of attaching extensions.

Then they started me on hair. For the next week, I shampooed and conditioned hair for the stylists, taking great pride in doing a good job for them. I am frequently tipped because I took the time to massage their scalp and head. Several times I managed to get the customer to doze off. I loved the work, deciding after a couple of weeks to seek my license eventually and become a cosmetologist.

The time had flown, my parents were due back tomorrow, four weeks after they left. I was terrified, I thought Mom might eventually accept me, but Dad I was worried about. To leave on a vacation with your son left at home, only to return to a beautiful daughter not exactly what a dad envisions. They landed at the airport, Ellen picking them after their long flight. It was decided that it might be better if their first look at me is while they are at home. I am sitting in the kitchen when they come in the front door, I get up and walk to the living room. Dressed in an LBD with four-inch heels, my hair and makeup perfect with long dark red fingernails extending from my fingertips, a beautiful daughter for her parents to see.

Mom takes one look at me and runs toward me squeezing the life out of me. I am kissed all over the face, pushed back so she can get a better look at me, and then hugged again. I feel another pair of hands on me and look up to see Dad hugging both of us with a few tears sliding down his cheek. I snuggle into his embrace a little more, glad that he has not excluded me. We move to the couch, seated together and communicate the last thirty days activities to each other.

They had a good time in the Outback, but both admitted their concern and worry for their new daughter back home. Mom threatened twice to cut the trip short, to come back and help me adjust to life as a female. Ellen assured her that I was doing extremely good coping, even enjoying the beauty lessons. They decided to stay the full time but vowed any future vacation would be a family affair.

I helped Mom make dinner, a task that I had never entered into before, Mom making sure I felt alright as I helped. I could also tell she loved me helping, we talked some more, just chit chat, nothing important. Often I would catch her just staring at me, like me as a female is something that might cease at any moment. Dad did find the time to talk to me while Mom is taking a shower. He is proud of me for helping Jamie, also proud of me for making something of a horrible situation. I got a huge hug, a few of his tears dripping on my chest.

In the family discussion a couple of days later, I told them I wanted to stay as a female for the rest of summer then maybe seek some medical help to see if this is right for me. I suggested training with Ellen until I was sure of where I wanted this to go, then maybe a stint at a University.

A week later Mom came into the shop, her appointment for a manicure and a hair style. Of course, I was her manicurist, nervous as hell, but I did manage to do a satisfactory job on her nails. Then I washed and conditioned her hair for her, spending extra time on her even doing a second hot oil conditioner on her. As Ellen is doing her hair they talked about me; I managed to hear a few words that were spoken, but most of it is not distinguishable because of the background dryer noise.

At home that night, Mom dragged me to her bedroom, asking if I wanted to go to college or become a cosmetologist. It had always been Mom and Dad’s wishes for me to go to college, the first one in the family to do so. I stuttered but decided on the truth. I love the work; I think I am fairly good, and I want to go all the way to being a professional in the beauty business. Maybe own a shop one day, I have a steady girlfriend that is an instructor, we just might marry and start a family, before you get excited, it would be as two lesbians, my existence as a female too important to both Jamie and me.

What I had said didn’t really surprise Mom, she figured that would be my choice, after watching me at the salon, she thought I had made the right decision. Dad helped convert my bedroom to one suited for a daughter, he even repainted the walls a light pale green color, and bought and assembled a canopy bed for me. A couple of weeks later he started calling me his princess, a name that I am thrilled about. I was so worried that my actions and choices would distant us from each other.

Mom, though was in seventh heaven, the daughter she always desired being delivered to her while she was on vacation. We spent lots of time together, shopping for clothes, accessories, even grocery shopping. Like a good Mom she is teaching me the skills that a female might need later in life. We often talk of Jamie’s and my relationship, although she often inserts her wish that we might provide a grandchild or two for her to spoil in the process.

My training at the salon is going well, I am now working on setting hair, using a blow dryer and curling iron. Quite often, I end up heading home with my hair in curlers, so that I can experience the proper placement of the curlers and then how to brush it out in the morning. My daily regimen now has to take into consideration makeup, picking an outfit, and keeping my female figure enticing.

The secretary, at the licensing board, had been promoted to the examiner’s position, with her responsible for giving me the test. Jamie accompanied me, letting me work my magic on her. To my delight the first thing she requested of me is to dye Jamie’s hair platinum blonde.

Before the year was up, I did partake of most of the salon’s procedures, my femaleness getting stronger every day. I managed to let my hair grow out some, my wedge cut although attractive, just did not make me feel feminine enough. Since I had stayed living at home, most of what I made is put in the bank, Jamie’s income joining mine as we saved for our own house. When I got my license, Jamie and I received several surprises.

Our parents had been working on these surprises for quite some time, my getting my license the perfect time to divulge them to us. It started out at the dinner that we were treated to, after returning from the licensing board. Mom and Dad told us that they were moving to Australia, their house would be a present for us. They had made some friends there and now that her youngest daughter had been taught the essentials of being a female she felt that I could be left alone for a while. I had to promise her that when we got married that she would be able to help pick out my wedding dress. Also when the birth of children is eminent, she was to be notified.

Dad had just finished renovating the house, all new appliances, carpeting, furniture, and painting both inside and out. The times that I was asked about color choices and styles of furniture, were a clue as to what they had been planning on doing. Then Aunt Ellen unloaded the second bombshell. She and Janice had bought another salon, two towns over and they were going to move there and run that salon. It is also part of the Turnabout Gurl chain, a larger and more established clientele, with adequate managers already in place to run it. Ellen could semi retire and Janice could do what she preferred to do best that is just manage the salon.

Where Jamie had been a hands on cosmetologist Janice was never as skilled and confident with her customers. She preferred the management end, while Jamie is the get your hands dirty type. The shop here is to be given to us, for us to own and run as we see fit. She did caution Jamie that I had the better business head, that I should make the decisions and let Jamie do the training and actual work on the customers. Of course, she received the patented Jamie pout for that remark.

Our town is much smaller, the shop here did a lot of business but would never grow to be a large metropolitan salon, in our opinion. The income from the shop enough for us, to provide a comfortable living along with the lease money from Dad’s farm land. Although everybody wanted us to marry, both Jamie and I were committed to a long and exciting engagement. I had asked Jamie to marry me the night I received my license, after the dinner and surprises. We usually slept together, although we favored neither home, my canopy bed usually won out.

I tried to do it properly, getting down on one knee and asking her to be my wife. Not easy with the dress I was wearing that night. She accepted and we played like two newlyweds most of the night. The decision had been made early in our relationship that we would sleep together, but no actual sex until we got married. We each learned the skills to bring our partner to orgasm, but never did my penis find her vagina in that special way.

Part of that can be attributed to the false vagina that I wore, junior safely glued away and not reachable. The amount of abuse we heaped on her dildo, though ensured that we would have to purchase replacements regularly.

We settled into a comfortable life, both of us working hard at the salon. We had two stylists and a couple of part-time stylists when business warranted. I never did don male clothes after that fateful day, quite content to be Samantha for my soon to be wife. Things do change though, several new housing developments sprung up and a boarding school was built. We were now busy all the time, hiring two more stylists, even persuading Ellen to move back and help us.

Two months after the business increased I had an addition added to the salon, and we never looked back. I had enlisted the help of Ellen, and had my vagina unglued so that I could collect some sperm. I was going to wine and dine her than ask her what she wanted, I figure when she is at the height of sexual arousal I will ask if she wants my sperm, then fill her up with a turkey baster. Ellen and Mom will get a grandchild and I will get a baby to nurse and take care of. A win-win for everybody. Well, most everybody. You have to remember that no good deed goes unpunished. Since Jamie gave me my breasts I need something to use them for besides filling my bra and providing entertainment for Jamie. Of course, I have to remember they fill out my dresses wonderfully, a necessity for this female.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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