Noel; Female Personal Assistant

I loved to push the envelope, the more daring and provocative the sooner I did it. I guess part of the fascination with doing things that nobody else even envisaged is my upbringing during my teen years. I had regular normal parents, who worked for the state department as Ambassadors, often bland, never exciting because of their job. Unfortunately, some of the places they were assigned were far from friendly. During one of those assignments, I was relegated to my Mom’s sister since it is deemed too dangerous for me to be with them.

My aunt is not your normal female in any facet of life. When she left college, her first job was as an exotic dancer. Of course, her family was shocked and embarrassed at the choice of jobs with my Mom seeming to be the most affected. Barbie though loved it touring the states having the time of her life. I think Mom secretly deep down in her psyche envied her, later in life I found clippings of ads where Barbie is appearing at local clubs, in one of mom’s journals. Even though she hated what Barbie had decided to do with her life, she followed it closely, maybe a little jealously and envy in there somewhere.

Traveling all the time took a toll on Barbie, she quit the dancer gig after five years, choosing a career in club management instead. She had made enough money twirling her tassels around that she bought five adult clubs in the surrounding cities and intended to make her living managing them. Much to my parents distaste she handled them well, within three years she had six more clubs and built a huge house on fifty acres she had bought. I know it aggravated my dad how she made such a success out of her life, where my parents had to work hard to get the things they had. Well, as hard as any employee for the government ever did.

Don’t get the idea that my parents were poor, they are not, but Barbie’s possessions are always bigger and better, her life more exciting. At one time, she frequently knew more senators and political representatives than my parents. Being customers of the clubs did have some benefits for the politicians, they all loved to spend time with Barbie.

Anyway, their latest assignment is a country torn by political strife, their Marine guard four times the normal deployment for an Embassy. Thus their son sent to live with his aunt until they got back. I was warned of possibly being corrupted by Barbie, dad in particular wanting me to remember my upbringing and not succumb to her evil ways.

Well, life with my aunt is anything but dull. Over the next year, I got a chance to experience almost every lifestyle possible. My aunt considered it being well rounded, educated in what the real world has to offer.

So now approaching college age, I went to a university that is about a half hour away from her home. I had become an adventuresome dresser in my last year of high school, trying several looks, a metrosexual image one of my favorites. A half female half male appearance, wearing whatever clothes fit my fancy for the day. I had a large closet of clothes of both sexes and frequently wore them interchangeably.

In my classes I was tolerated, my name of Noel quite appropriate for either sex. You did notice that I said tolerated, not accepted. I excelled in my studies, a 4.0-grade average, and made a lot of contacts in school; you noticed I said contacts, not friends. One of my female contacts, a recently graduated senior liked my work ethic and offered me a job in the company she is starting. She wanted me for her personal assistant; a do everything coordinator for her new company.

To spend four years in college to become a PA maybe not the best deal, but the salary she offered convinced me to try the job. She had hired three female computer specialists (nerds) that were skilled in web design, her goal to offer a web design company, especially for female-run companies. I was the person to put it all together, handle emails, submit proposals, and coordinate the company’s business dealings.

I still lived with my aunt, much too much of a tightwad to find and move into an apartment. Barbie, quite happy to have the company. We still did things together, when my school schedule permitted it. At first, when I told her about the job, she wasn’t too thrilled but never poo-pooed the idea. I had often been told if you never try something you will not know if you like it. Surprisingly she saw the trouble that would surface later and mentioned it to me. “You know they will think you are a female too, especially with the name Noel. It might cause you some difficulty later, so be warned.”

Becky the founder of the company had the personality, the contacts, and the business sense, her female technicians the ideas and the skill to make the web designs reality. I had not finished my senior year, but the money was just too good to pass up, so I paused my education to take the job. She rented some elite offices in a business park, the computers, furniture, and the furnishings appearing only days later. She had her techs design some basic web presence, then gave me a list of people to send the relevant info to.

For the first week, I was never without things to do. Her list of contacts numbering in the hundreds. I had asked for some information about each contact, to make the email a little more personal, including it in the text. To my surprise, the responses were many and within days I was busy answering individual questions about the possible web designs and what we could do for them. I would get the questions off of an email, then ask one of the techs about what we could do. Then I would draft a response, hoping to get them a little more hooked on us as a possible solution. The third week I was spending more than a few hours after quitting time getting all of the questions answered.

Becky is appreciative, but telling me to take some time for myself when the workload eased some. Since Becky and her techs knew me from school, I continued my clothing choices as before, wearing some makeup on occasion, but a mix of male and female clothes most days. We didn’t anticipate any visitors in the office until things got more serious in the discussions. Into the second month, my efforts started to produce some results, several of her contacts wanting to discuss contracts for web design and maintenance.

Then the day that Becky informed me of some necessary changes in the office. I always signed my name, Noel on any correspondence with our potential customers, so a lot of people were aware of who I was. I received very few phone calls requesting info since email is free and almost instantaneous. Now one of the most promising prospects is flying in to meet with us to discuss signing a contract. Of course, they knew Becky, so that is not a problem. She would introduce them to the designers, Jackie, Sally, and Diane, but there is one person that they wanted to meet and be involved in the negotiations.

That is Noel, I responded that would not be a problem, then she handed me a copy of the last email. I had read it previously but had not noticed a sentence at the bottom of the email. It stated that it would be nice to finally meet Noel, she has been an asset in our dealings, and we want her present at any talks between us. I gulped, that is not something I had envisioned happening.

Becky noticed and asked when I am going to make the switch. I told her that I wasn’t planning on making the switch, I will just tell them the truth, I am sure they will understand. She had me sit down on the love seat in her office and set next to me. “This whole premise has been set up on a female run and operated business. I never thought to make allowances for your name, they saw Noel and presumed that you are female. To change that now, most likely we will lose any chance for the contract. I don’t think I can hire anybody to impersonate you that can learn the details of our dealings you have had with these customers.”

“Most of my contacts are lesbian, or at the minimal bisexual, their opinion of males, not the highest. Most of them have started or work for businesses that there are no males involved with, so I don’t think telling the truth will help. I know you often dress in between the two sexes, but for these negotiations, you need to be totally female.”

That is a tall order; the clothes didn’t bother me, the living as one sex did. I loved the in-between world, where I could dress masculine one day, feminine the next. Having to portray a female all of the time somehow bothered me. “I will do the required change; I assume you want business professional as the dress code. Somehow I will get me transformed into a cute female, I just have to remember to act like one all the time.”

She told me the techs were going to wear skirt suits, in an attempt to show their professionalism. Both of us knew that that would still come across as a nerd. I wasn’t poor by any means, but I knew that good quality female suits were expensive. I thought about getting something off the rack at one of the department stores but decided to opt for nicer clothes instead.

Becky always dressed in designer clothes, so I figured to keep a consistent look I should do the same. She handed me her credit card, told me to get what I wanted, at least three outfits, and charge it. “There is a place that makes gender changes every day, males to females, and if I wanted, I had an appointment there tomorrow morning. We have a week before our visitors, so that would allow you to get into the swing of things.” I did a few mannerisms female, but for this, I would have to be totally believable, probably not impossible but still quite a challenge.

I got back to work, planning on the salon tomorrow and shopping right afterward. Becky told the techs the plan, all of them giggling at my predicament. They said they would get me some ID and a back history for my new personality. I was expecting a fake driver’s license and maybe some facts that coincide with my male life, not near what I ended up getting.

Since I would be out of the office for a day, I got all of my work caught up, leaving about eight that night. After everybody had left their P.A. for the new customers called on the phone. I recognized the number, pitching my voice up a little higher for the conversation. Julie was the head of the company, her PA had been dealt the task of coordinating the trip. We talked for almost an hour, working out details of the trip and where they could stay. I suggested that I could make reservations for them at one of the better hotels. Julie’s PA agreed, and after I had hung up, I made the reservations. I gathered my things and left for home.

On the trip I thought of all the things that would change in my life, doing makeup and hair every day the first on the list. I figured that I would have to get some breast forms or some other type of breast enhancements. I was used to walking in heels, a task that I indulged in from time to time. Depending on what type of prosthetics I obtained, I would probably have to stay in character, switching back and forth not the best idea or the easiest to accomplish.

Then there is dealing with the male of the species. At work, I would be alright, but I knew in other excursions I would be a target. I decided to get some wedding rings, fake a marriage, and use that to ward off the interested males. In school when I dressed more female I received lots of attention, I knew living the female life 24/7 would get me even more.

I dressed in some sweats, figuring that after my appointment most of my clothes would not fit properly. I had lots of female clothes, but not for an endowed figure. I figured I could pick up some when I went suit shopping. I showed up at the salon a little before my appointment, believe me; it is nothing like what I expected. I felt more feminine just standing in the salon lobby; the word feminine needed a new and enhanced meaning. One of the technicians greeted me and took me back to one of the treatment rooms.

My stylist appeared shortly and asked what I needed today. I told her I needed the works when I leave tonight I needed to be as female as possible. She had me undress, looked me over, and then told me it would be no problem. “Is this short term or for the long haul?”

I told her for the long haul. “I do want to keep my little friend, just not have him visible for the near future. I figure that I will need to be fairly convincing since a female’s life is more involved with males than mine is now. If I am discovered it would be potentially dangerous for me, so I need an accurate portrayal of the gender.”

She helps me on to a table at the back of the room and spreads a cream all over my front side, including my groin, lets it cook for thirty minutes and then rubs it off. I regularly shave my body, but this cream left my skin so soft and clear. I am turned over, and the same is done to my back. Then another cream to moisturize the skin. If I used the depilatory cream again I would stay hair free, the cream preventing any hair regrowth.

From hair removal we moved to vaginas, a vulva to be anatomically correct. My feet were placed in stirrups, and the offending item is glued out of the way. Then a very realistic appliance, their words, is glued over the rearranged genitals. Looking down at the area, I had now made the switch, definitely female. From that we moved to breasts, a large machine wheeled in with all kinds if hoses and cups hanging from it. I am hooked up to it, and soon the pump is sucking loose tissue into the forms at the end of the hoses. It turns out it is a slow process, so the stylist works on my hands adding very unrealistic extensions to my fingernails. I told her I was a PA, so the ability to be able to type a letter is still necessary. She assured me that after a day or two I would manage just fine, but the resulting increase in my femininity would make such a difference. I am sure it would, the look of the dark red polish on the nails made my hands look totally different.

Hair is next on the schedule, lots longer hair is apparently in my future, the length of the extensions almost thirty-six inches long. Since my own hair is in the eighteen to twenty inch length, the new additions really enhanced my feminine image. Another stylist came to help, with one on each side of my head, three hours later I had hair down past my shoulder blades, almost to my waist. It is cut and blended with my own hair, then curled on way too many rollers. They showed me how to do the style expecting me to do this regularly; I poo-pooed that idea, having to set my hair on curlers several times a week not going to happen, making an appointment twice a week for that service, the better choice as far as I am concerned.

After working on my hair, she did unhook me from the machine, but still left the cups on my body. The vacuum is keeping the cups full with tissue, what will be my new breasts. I wondered how easily it would be to get these breasts back to a more normal look for me. Sucked from my body I am sure they just wouldn’t blend back in. I quickly gave up that thought, the answer I would most likely not like.

Some heat was applied to the forms softening them some, over the next few days they would totally dissolve leaving me with the two most gorgeous, and natural-looking breasts I had seen on any female. No, I have not seen lots of women naked, but the few that I had seen had nothing compared to the ones now on my chest.

Their quivering made me aware of them immediately, the size of them making a like impression on my mind, I should say what is left of my mind. I know I have often dressed in female clothes, but the breasts really changed all of that. At any time I could remove the clothes, the breasts, however, were attached, very firmly if their weight pulling down on my chest is any indication.

In the next hour or two, I got my ears pierced again, higher up on my ear lobe, was taught some lessons in makeup, essentially just the basics, and then spent three hours on female deportment. Walking and sitting, stooping instead of bending over, and the proper way to keep myself modest in all possible scenarios and situations.

Eventually, the curlers are removed, and my new feminine locks were displayed. It turns out that I am now quite the babe, attractive and when I tone down my mannerisms a prim and proper female. A lot to remember, to keep from embarrassing myself and Becky. I was able to squeeze myself back into the sweats, but in a couple of areas it was touch and go. The top slid over my now very erect breasts, but barely, squashing them a little as it slid down over them. The technician recommended a bra be obtained as soon as possible my new size requiring support. The pants fit fine, but the feeling now that my penis is glued away, very different and unusual.

I know later that I had to go through my clothes at home to see if any of them would be able to fit my new body, the skirts and pants having the most chance of fitting. Shopping that afternoon was an experience in itself, but luckily I was able to find most of my must haves in a fancy lingerie store and an upper-end dress shop at the mall. Believe me, the prices were not low, if I had to continue dressing as a female Becky would have to see to it that my pay envelope was substantially fatter.

I returned to work the next day, although my choice of dress is not like any outfit I had previously worn to work in. The reaction is favorable, the nerds the most impressed with my change. Becky knew I would turn out well; she always checks out everything to the nth degree before she embarks on any project. But the surprise that the nerds had prepared for me was not expected by anyone. I had a new driver’s license in my female gender, which is appreciated since getting to work looking like a supermodel with a male license is not the best option.

Where they went all out is in making a cover story for me. Their intentions were proper, but a little less detail oriented would have been appreciated. They completely wiped out my male identity, all of my school records were changed, my birth certificate, and all my employment records were adjusted to include my new name and gender. My male self no longer exists.

It isn’t that they adjusted my male records, they deleted them and in their place, a female’s were put in their place. I knew that I would never be able to return to the male gender, without another set of fake records to make it possible. The detail that they went to is absurd, memberships in gyms, a member of the National Honor Society, all of my scholarship tests prior to college changed to my new gender. My name on the house that I and several of my friends rented during college is even changed to the feminine version with a Ms. added before my signature. It was so realistic I couldn’t see where it had been added.

A male Noel no longer exists anywhere except between my legs, and I haven’t checked there lately. The fake vagina might be more real than I anticipated. In my medical records, there are even two reports from a gynecologist as to my healthiness as a female.

When Becky came in that morning they had told her of their efforts, proud of their achievements, she just shook her head and dragged me into her office. She apologized for their actions; she wanted only the basics, a driver’s license, maybe a second type of ID, not to the degree that they achieved. I suggested we get through this meeting and then I will figure out what I can do.

It took me a couple of days to make all of my actions feminine. A lot of small things, keeping my appearance up during the day one of the most challenging. Fixing my lipstick, keeping mascara applied and repairing any manicure malfunctions not difficult but getting in the habit of doing them required some attention. Going to the bathroom another big change, from a male five-minute break to a female fifteen-minute break something I was not prepared for. Hell, it took me five minutes just to get the clothes removed where I could go. Then, of course, if they have been removed they have to be put back.

The old adage of when it starts raining it usually pours made its appearance. Three more prospective customers had scheduled meetings, in the upcoming weeks all wanting me involved in their talks. Most of that is due to me handling all of their inquiries with regards to their business. Becky and I had talked it over after all the requests, both of us seeing where we had made mistakes in me handling all of their correspondence and questions. I was the only person that they dealt with, most of them knew Becky, but only had interaction with me.

So lesson learned, but too late to do me any good. Noel, the female PA, is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I was kept busy preparing for the first meeting. The techs had come up with several different proposals, but the way they planned on presenting it lacked any pizazz. I made up charts, graphs of some popular website traffic figures, illustrations of different ways there site could be advertised, and any other pertinent material. I ran search engine results on similar websites to let them know where they might stand in position to their competitors.

The day before the meeting I set everybody down and showed them all of the material. I suggested what they should lead off with, and then how to introduce each segment in the proper order to allow them to see how everything ties together. Becky and the techs were quiet all during the presentation. When I finished, they looked at each other and all at once said that is impressive, you need to run the show tomorrow. I looked at Becky, you are the owner and know most of them; you should do all the talking. She shook her head.” I could never have put it together like you did, you are the only one to handle the negotiations. I will back you up, the techs can answer pertinent questions, but you need to do the presentation and close the deal.”

The techs took some of the material and studied it closer so they could answer questions. Becky dragged me to her office, the first words out of her mouth were I am glad I hired your butt for the job that was fantastic. We talked for a while, mainly about what price she wanted for the work. We set a minimum amount we would take if negotiations became difficult, but she left it up to me to see what we could get for the terms of the contract.

The next morning I dressed in my designer suit with a pencil skirt, added makeup, proper jewelry, four-inch heels, and headed to the salon. I had made an appointment for everything I might need to appear as close to a female as possible. The stylists changed and refreshed my nail color, did a makeup job on me, and styled my hair into a business professional style, whatever that means. I know the image I saw in the mirror looked good and need I say quite feminine.

I made it to the office with time to spare, the clients coming in a little before ten that morning. That was one reason that my salon appointment was at seven-thirty this morning. I greeted them asking if the hotel reservations I had made for them was acceptable. Julie told me they were excellent, thanking me for getting them a discount on the rooms. Becky looked over at me, smiled but didn’t say anything. Julie introduced her two assistants who were currently in charge of their program. Like our outfit they were all young, in their twenties, quite attractive and fairly self-assured and intelligent. I got them coffee or tea and then started the presentation.

By a little after noon I had covered all of the relevant points and suggested lunch. I had made reservations at a restaurant close to the office, but a little upscale. We took two cars to drive over to it and were promptly seated. I had ordered a small buffet to be made available, salads, different snacks, and some raw vegetables. Julie thought that was fantastic, and the three of them eagerly made their way to the buffet. We chatted a little over lunch, but I steered clear of any attempt to pin them down to a deal.

After finishing, we headed back to the office. Everybody got comfortable, and I made my pitch for the contract. Part way through Julie asked me what the cost would be, I stopped and gave her the figure. She looked it over and conferred with her assistants. She asked if we could discuss some things in private, I swallowed hard but quickly agreed. Her two assistants and our techs were asked to wait in the outer office. Becky asked what she needed to talk to us about in private. Julie wanted the deal, the cost not a problem, but she had a condition that had to be in the contract. Looking at me she said you need to be our contact with anything dealing with the contract. “You have impressed my company and me with your every action, and we want assurances that we will deal with you for the length of the deal. I know Becky from school, but you have blown us away with your professionalism and actions. Add that condition and I will sign, I have brought a check for whatever you need up front to get the ball rolling.”

I quickly added the condition to the contract, Becky’s smile from ear to ear telling me she approved. Julie signed and wrote us a check for half of the amount of the deal. When we had their website up and running, they would pay all of the remaining charges except for the monthly maintenance. I gave her a cheek kiss, thanking her for her business. She hugged me tightly, then told me she would see me often in the future. She did mention that two other of Becky’s friends had inquired if they were going to sign with us and she had told them that Noel was the key player, but the company couldn’t be beaten for experience and trustworthiness.

The results were excellent for our upstart company. A five-year contract for a website and monthly maintenance payments for us maintaining it. The added bonus that maybe a couple more would sign, due to this contract made the deal that much sweeter. The downside is that my presence as a female is locked in for the foreseeable future. I am not sure how I feel about that, I used to push the envelope with regards to my appearance, but since this pinned me down to a female business appearance, it is not the same.

I sat in my office for several hours after they had left, wondering if I had made a grave mistake with this project. The techs were off celebrating, their job secured for a while. Becky had some errands she had to run, with regards to some new equipment she wants for the company. When she got back, she sent the techs home before they got any drunker and then joined me in my office. She congratulated me on the way I handled things, everyone dealing with me impressed at my skills and organization.

She asked if I was unhappy with the way things turned out. I waffled a little, it did bother me, but I knew that not much could have been done to prevent it. If I had maintained a male appearance I would have probably left the job weeks ago, her customers not interested in dealing with a male. So I made the switch, a female Noel closing the deals, and gaining new customers. The thing I was having trouble with is the long-term implications of all of this. I just essentially surrendered my male sex for that of a female, 24/7 for as long as I had this job.

Then Becky made it even harder for me offering me a partnership in the company. Since my skills setup the deal and then closed it, I became an important cog in the business. She offered me a thirty percent share of the company, a base salary and a ten percent bonus of the yearly profit figure. My salary set at ninety thousand dollars a year to start, adjusted quarterly if profits looked to be higher than expected. She included a ten thousand dollar wardrobe allowance, knowing that I had clothes, but not of the quality needed for the job. That all sounds like a big portion of the company’s profits, but the deal today was able to reimburse Becky for all she had spent in opening the business and still left some money to spare. I had closed the deal at twice what Becky wanted for a minimum contract amount.

That probably is one of the reasons she is so happy, and definitely, a major reason to offer me a partnership. So Noel is now part of a business, a young professional female earning what I thought it would take years to achieve. I confessed to Barbie that night, told her she was right, but also told her I thought I could live with the lifestyle. We were sitting at her kitchen table, me in four-inch heels and a women’s business suit, my hair and makeup quite professional looking.

She thought the life would suit me, even if I decided otherwise she could always get me employment at one of her clubs as an exotic dancer. After that last statement, she looked at me intently for any reaction. I smiled. “It is a possibility, definitely something I should do while I am young and still able to twirl my tassels.” We both broke up giggling with that statement.

The deals kept coming, I was able to get everyone to sign after our presentation. The one exception was not really our fault. When I researched them they were having a hard time, in the process of trying to get a bank loan to keep them going. When they showed up, the look on their faces said it all. They had been turned down, we talked for three hours discussing their problems and possible solutions. To me it seemed they had just miscalculated the funds necessary to get a business going, they were close, but now stretched out too far to be able to recover. On a hunch I asked the owner to give me all her financial info, what they owed, their receivables and what was in their bank accounts.

I hinted that I might have a solution for her, but I needed the info before I could be sure. When they got back to their offices they put together the info and sent it to me by courier. At this point she had nothing to lose, no influx of capital would probably cause them to give up within a few weeks. During the conversations Becky had been watching me smiling, well a smirk would be a better description of her look, but not saying anything.

I spent the next day going over their financials adding in some potential internet sales after we built their website. It looked good on paper. I spent two more days, carefully checking and double checking my figures. I had some money put away, and I was tempted to stick my neck out. At home, Barbie noticed my head in the files for three days now, so she later that evening made a comment.

“From the amount of time you are spending on those files it must be important. My guess is that you are thinking of investing in some company, just have not convinced yourself yet of the practicality. I have faith in you, count me in for a hundred thousand if you need that much. I will gladly take the chance with you.” My mouth was open as she passed me to go to bed, she reached down and closed it, then kissed me on top of the head.

The next day at work I called Cindy, the owner of the troubled company. I asked her to come by, I had a proposal for her to listen to. When I hung up Becky was in my door frame that smile back again. “You are not leaving me out of this deal, count me in or I will have to turn you over my knee.”

I showed her my figures and how I wanted the partnership set up. Cindy was quite capable, just had underestimated the amount she needed to get going. Our group, would be silent partners in the deal with a thirty percent interest in the company. I did want final approval of any expenditure of over fifty thousand dollars, and first right to buy up the remaining part of the company at their investment amount. Becky was jumping up and down at the prospect. I told her she would have to stay out of the negotiations, since I wanted to keep my partners private knowledge.

Cindy showed later in the day and I presented my deal. Her other partners wanted to cut their losses and bail out. So that essentially ended any future for the deal. I set there for a few minutes, then changed some figures on the proposed deal.

“Pay off your partners at what they invested, but nothing more, then you and I are partners in this, with me holding a fifty-one percent share in the company. That is just so I have some control over what happens and the direction of the company. You still run the day to day, taking a comfortable draw until we can turn things around. From my rough figures I will add two hundred and ninety-five thousand dollars to the pot that will make us almost even in money invested. That is enough to pay off your partners and give you operating capital for a while. The bill for our services will be put off for a month or two, to allow sales to replenish the company funds. Is that something you can live with?” Well the hug and kiss on the face was my answer. She had been afraid that everything would have went belly up and she and the others would lose everything.

I drew up a rough agreement until we could get a lawyer to do the formal one. I wrote her a check for the partners, telling her I would have the rest tomorrow. I figured that Becky, Barbie and I would be equal partners in this, something maybe to invest in for the future. It was a week later when the lawyers got all the paperwork completed and we closed on the deal. Cindy was ecstatic, anxious to get back and get the company functioning. Six weeks later she turned a profit, and from there it was nothing but onward and upward.

Noel stayed as a female, eventually buying out Becky now the business is all hers. Barbie was a silent partner in the business, but couldn’t be happier at the turn of events. I did get to twirl my tassels once, Barbie wanted me to get the experience once before I got too old. I was apparently a hit, even a few weeks afterward customers asking where I was performing so that they could catch my show. I do doubt I will change careers, the lack of clothing as a stripper causing me considerable consternation as I twirled my tassels.

I now have a salon appointment three times a week, too lazy to do it myself. I do enjoy the pampering I receive, that alone worth the appointments. We continued to sign on new customers, now I have five technicians doing web sites for the customers. Every once in a while I think back to how this all started, smile a little, the decision to become Noel, a female P.A., the best decision I ever made.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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