Jules; A CEO Albeit A Female One

It was weird as to how this all got started. I was a mid-level manager in the company, hired just a little over five years ago. We advised customers on ways to market their products, provided marketing tools, flyers, advertising, internet advertising, anything to help them do a better job selling their product. They could hire an advertising company to do their ads, but we were selling them the ability to do it themselves.

The company was an okay place to work for, they did discriminate way too much but had never been caught at it. Since I was a male I had avoided the discrimination so far, but witnessed way too much of it as I did my job. It often was blatant, they didn’t even feel the need to cover their tracks. The main problem was there attitude toward women. As secretaries and PA’s they were fine, but anything higher than that was not to be.

They did encourage all employees to participate in some social functions, mainly dances where everybody was invited. The employees thought these gatherings were pretty great, good food, usually a live band, dancing was encouraged, all in all a great time was had by all. Usually five to six of these dances a year, sometimes a theme, usually just a gathering of the employees and their spouses. I think management actually thought their offerings would offset the many cases of discrimination.

This particular dance was held in the time period around Mardi Gras. Everybody was encouraged to come in costume, prizes were to be handed out for best costume, best couple, most romantic, on and on for a total of fifteen different prizes. The prizes were significant, a high end laptop, MP3 players, blue ray players and several five hundred dollar gift certificates from a choice of several establishments in town. The gift certificates furnished by some of our customers. The gifts more like bribes, take this and forget what has happened in the past. There was a lot of talk about the contest, who they were coming as, things like that.

Right before the dance we had an unexpected visit from the EEOC, a former female employee had filed a complaint about how she was discriminated against, and they were there to conduct a preliminary investigation. Depending on their findings, it would either be dropped or they would conduct a more thorough investigation of the company and its practices.

Needless to say management was scared to death. There was nothing to save them, lots of instances in any direction you wanted to look, all pointing out their blatant discrimination. While there investigators were interviewing some of the employees, the management team spread out trying to cover some of the most blatant instances. Some employees were sent home unexpectedly, so that they might not be interviewed. Management in general quietly disappeared, either in conference or left for the day.

What I did not find out till later was one overzealous team member got into the personnel files and changed some of the employee’s information. He mostly stayed with employees that were no longer with us, changing their gender and their contact info so they could not be easily found. This made us look like we had female management members, just no longer with the company. Any name that was somewhat ambiguous was his targets, a quick change of gender than a few changes in contact info so it could not easily be checked.

Like I said they were quite worried, not just for their jobs, but that they personally would be included in lawsuits against the company. Sam became Samantha, Dan became Dana, and the list goes on. If the culprit making the changes would have paid more attention certain current employees would not have been changed. The EEOC team left later that day, no verdict, but would most likely be back soon. The next day calmed down a little, everybody resuming what they normally did. A smarter approach might have been to promote a few ladies into management positions, but old habits are ingrained so nothing was done. They had been spared the bullet, so why make any substantial changes.

My girlfriend was going to the dance with me, we were encouraged to bring our significant others to the dance if we had any. I left her in charge of a suitable costume for me, she was quite creative, her job is as a window dresser at one of the major department stores at the mall. She decided we would go as twins, both of our heights almost identical, same dark blonde hair and same body shape. Kind of a female figure without much in the breast or hip departments, especially on my part. She had a thirty two inch waist and I had a thirty three inch waist. We decided on a semi-feminine look, flowing pants, a loose fitting blouse that stopped just shy of the waist. She put my longish hair into a high ponytail, a couple of ribbons to match the blouse and some lipstick and mascara. A ladies flat shoe, with a strap over the arch of the foot and we were ready.

Nothing elaborate, but still a costume. She knew if she did more I might feel embarrassed, a person in the management tier looking like one of the regular woman. As I looked at the mirror before we left I only saw the female, the male me so easily obliterated. We had a good time at the dance, dancing with a lot of the other mid-level managers and even some of the females that worked there. I talked in my regular voice, apparently everyone only hearing the voice of a female.

When the prizes were handed out, the winners were quite thankful, the company always over did it, maybe a pathetic way to compensate for being asses otherwise. Susie, my SO and I didn’t win anything that was good in a way, I didn’t want to cause any more attention to myself than necessary. As is customary, the CEO greeted everybody as they left, thanking them for coming, and hoping they enjoyed themselves. He made an effort to ask everybody’s name, shook their hand or gave a hug to the female employees.

I was one of the last to leave, I gave him my name, it didn’t register with him, but I did get the hug. I chuckled some, then I realized that he did not recognize me. He asked what job title I held and who I worked with. With a smile and bright red face I told him my name was Jules Waterson, his VP of corporate marketing. I instantly knew what he thought of me, a vice president in the company and he did not recognize the name, most likely even the position was beyond his grasp. I had been hugged, his belief that I was a female another nail in his coffin.

Suzie and I made a quick exit, I was fuming, five years on the job and he wasn’t even aware of me or what I did. It was early the next day before I came to a more level headed opinion of the previous night’s activities. I went about my job, we were courting three new customers, actually fairly good sized accounts if we could get them to sign. I called them daily answering questions they might have and keeping our name in front of them, I had arranged private dinners with them at the end of the week, to maybe get them to sign with us.

My secretary, Dora, came into the office, telling me that I had a visitor. I kind of raised my eyebrows a little, usually I met very few people here at the office other than employees who worked for me. Then in a lower voice she told me it was Ms. Hanson, Chairman of the Board of Directors. I asked her to show her in and got up and met Ms. Hanson in front of my desk. She took a seat and asked me a few questions, I knew she was just feeling me out. Since it was nearing lunch time I asked her if she would have lunch with me. She gave me a large smile and said that would be wonderful.

I figured something was up, a vice-president in the company does not get visited by the Chairman of the Board unless something major is looming around the corner. I did not want any conversation like that in the offices, better at some place removed from curious eyes and ears. I drove her to a restaurant a few blocks from corporate headquarters, we were seated and placed our orders.

I decided to not waste time. “Ms. Hanson what can I do for you today?” Another smile, then as our drink orders were brought out she asked the waitress to delay our salads for about thirty minutes. Must be serious if it will take that long to fill me in.

“Jules we have a serious problem at the offices. We have connections at the EEOC, we have learned that we are going to be investigated, a full inquiry in about three weeks. A friend of a friend of a board member is the informant, even though the rumor might be somewhat enhanced a little, still a serious problem. The board has warned the present CEO and his counterparts that we are not supporting their anti-female practices. In this day and time it is utterly foolish. They several times have promised to rectify the situation, but continually drag their feet. The board has decided to ask for all their resignations, but we now need someone to step into the CEO position.”

I moved my chair back from the table a little, I thought a reorganization might be in the wind, but me as part of it, no way. She took my hand, before I could withdraw any more, asking me to hear her out. ‘You are the only member of the executive team that might be able to fill in at least temporarily. To keep from every female employee from suing our butt, we want to put a female in that position. If they see we are truly trying to make a positive change there might be some hope.

Now a little bird has informed me that at the dance last night you made quite an impression in your costume. Every employee that I have talked to, felt so comfortable in your presence. You have always handled yourself admirably even in your male persona, never joining in with the asses we had running the company. If you were to consider yourself transgender for the near future, take over as CEO and run the company until we can find someone else to take over, the Board will be forever in your debt. The EEOC will look favorable if we have a transgender employee running the company, almost like having a cisgender female in that position, even though it is a recent promotion.”

“When we looked up your employee files this morning as we were discussing this approach we found that your gender is already listed as female. Another do gooder causing us more trouble than it was worth. We are not trying to avoid any fines or levies against us, the company has certainly discriminated enough. As it stands now the repercussions will cost the company millions to settle up for all of this in the long run. We are just trying to keep things intact, allowing us to rebuild and not declare bankruptcy, the likely outcome if we don’t do something and quickly. If we can keep some of the lawsuits against us minimal or get them to not file them in the first place we have a chance. If not we only have a few months before we will have to liquidate everything.”

“Please consider doing this for us, I know it a lot to ask of a male, but you have always seemed to put the employee first, but with the good of the company still in mind. Otherwise, there will be a lot of people soon without jobs. After we finish lunch, I want you to take the rest of the day off, I would prefer if you are not around when we force their resignations. Maybe talk to any family or significant others about this. I see the impersonation necessary for at least a year, maybe more. After we get over the big hump, if you want out I will do everything in my power to help get you employment elsewhere or here as a male again.”

“Incidentally, the Board is behind you 100 % in this, we really have no other options other than to close the doors and sell everything off. No other management executive will come here, the word is already out through the industry that we are in big trouble. The existing members of the executive team are not qualified to do anything but their present job, even that is somewhat doubtful in many cases. Too many of them were promoted to the position because they were male, not because they were qualified.”

I set there for a minute, the waitress brought our food and we ate in silence. As we were finishing up I had figured what things I wanted from the board if I walked into this. “Ms. Hanson, if I take this I want some control over what happens, I maybe will not do exactly what you desire, but I do have some ideas that I want to implement. With the condition of the company at the present I don’t think I will cause any more harm, if some of my ideas work, we might still make it out of this mess. Anything major or financial I will run by the Board, but I think right now the major emphasis needs to be on the employees and our customers both present and new.”

“I will consult my SO tonight, I do think I will take the offer of the position, but reserve the right to still turn it down after talking it over with my girlfriend. I presume I will start tomorrow, if so I will be here at seven AM ready and dressed to take over. I want my present secretary to assist me, and I will probably change all of the other executive positions in the next few days, naming who I think will do us a better job to the positions. If you like I can call you later tonight with my decision. Do you agree to my requests?”

She got up from her chair at the table and hugged me. “Yes, we will accept your ideas on what needs to be done, at this point it would be idiotic to refuse your requests. I will be waiting, please give me a call tonight, here is my private number.”

I drove us back to the office, Ms. Hanson left immediately and I went to talk to my secretary. I told her a few things I wanted to happen later today, the new customers a priority to make sure we didn’t run them off. I asked her to come in early and meet me at the CEO’s office at Seven AM. I got a squeal and a huge hug and then she went to work. I started to mention keeping this quiet, she just smiled. “What are you wanting me to keep quiet about?” The innocent naïve look on her face, but underneath that a devious smile and smirk. Believe me Dora can do smirk.

As I was leaving the office an army of suits, most likely corporate lawyers entered the office and headed right to the executive offices. All three of the corporate officials were visited by some of the lawyers, at the same time, splitting up as they entered the offices. The CEO the COO and the CFO were targeted, I can’t say I would be sad to see them go. I made a hasty retreat, now to find Suzie and find out what she thinks about all of this.

I messaged Suzie, wanting to meet somewhere in town before she headed home. A few minutes later she suggested Mario’s in thirty minutes. It was a restaurant slash bar that we had eaten at many times, the food is great but the main charm is the different drinks they offered, Along with all the conventional alcoholic beverages they offered premium coffees, teas, fruit concoctions, and even some imported wines and champagnes. I got us a table, Suzie showing up right on time. It was early for both of us to be away from work, so she stared me down wanting to know what was going on. Her eyes are dangerous weapons, her stare can set things on fire, so intense, never blinking, glued to your eyeballs unrelenting and never wavering.

I broke down real fast telling her of the meeting today and what was suggested. I got a giggle or two from her, but she listened until I was finished. “So what you are asking is if I want a lesbian arrangement for the next year? I need to know how skilled you are at eating pussy before I answer that question. I also need to know if we are sharing my wardrobe or will each of us have our own. I take it you will be making more money, then she stopped midstream at the look on my face. You mean to tell me you didn’t discuss money before you decided to change sexes. We might have to go with a lighter shade of blonde hair color before this is over.”

We ordered some bread sticks, a calzone to split, and some coffee latte. I wasn’t hungry, but it was something to ease the nervous tension that was affecting both of us. I told her what I had asked, but completely forgot about the money. She shook her head, but we did resume discussing my gender change. She wanted to know if I was going to go business professional or if I was going to be girly gurl. I tried to get her back on subject, would she be alright being a lesbian with me for a year or more?

After we had polished off the food, she told me she would pick me up an outfit for tomorrow, when we get home we will discuss it more then decide on going female or riding the job out till the company went under. Again the smirk, but no direct answer to my question. I did get a huge hug as she left, she was almost skipping as she went back to her store.

I made a few calls with my cell phone, most of them company related. I needed to find out what was going on and a few opinions on what was happening from some employees that I had a more than passing interest in. The first call was to my secretary, her enthusiastic answering of the phone told me her take on the happenings. Two left on their own accord, the third was physically removed from his office by security. According to her, there was cheering as he was dragged out of the offices. Lots of rumors abound, but nobody is even close to what might happen.

My two other calls to some employees I had done a favor for in the past confirmed the same exuberance from all of the employees. I decided I needed to help Suzie in my preparation for tomorrow, calling her and asking if I needed a beauty salon appointment. To my utter disbelief she told me to be at her salon in twenty minutes. Do as they instruct and she will pick me up there later.

I had dropped her off at the salon many times so I knew where it was. Ten minutes later I was walking in the door. As soon as I mentioned that my name was Jules I was whisked away to a private room in the back. Another five minutes and I was naked laying on a padded table having my body hair removed. They were using a cream to dissolve it, then a moisturizer afterward to soothe and soften the new hairless skin.

The next step was some breast forms, glued to my chest. I was told I would be back this weekend for more permanent appliances, also lessons in makeup and styling my hair. As soon as the adhesive was set, my hair was shampooed and conditioned. Then set in curlers and placed under a dryer. All of this was so new to me, I was fascinated in a way, but the glimpses of my male appearance slipping away did bother me. My shoulder length hair was apparently sufficient for a feminine hairdo. They would fix me up later with a more stylish and longer hair style for work.

Setting under the dryer I wondered why I had walked into this so easily. I considered myself a normal male, at least I hoped I was. But any other male would have stormed out at the first implication of becoming a female for the company, much less to try and run one that is riddled with discrimination problems. Talking about a mine field, this was the ultimate one. Realistic chances of getting through it probably zero. Yet here I was setting in the Turnabout Gurl Salon taking the first steps towards a goal that I doubted I could achieve successfully.

I was starting to get a headache so I thought of other things, of what I would do first to try and stop the company from proceeding to bankruptcy. I did feel bad about the employees, to suffer so much already, and then be told that there was no more employment for them, quite cruel in my opinion. I managed about five things that needed to be done first thing tomorrow morning, those five probably taking up much of the day. I could see many long hours trying to salvage what I could from the company, all to be done in dresses and skirts apparently.

That surprisingly did not bother me as much as I thought it would. I kept telling myself that it was just clothes, actually lying to myself a more accurate assessment. Clothes that I had never wore before the costume party a day ago. At the party they felt good, not alien, just comfortable. An hour into the party I was not aware that they were any different than the clothes I normally wore.

My hair dry now, I was moved to a styling chair and the curlers were removed. They touched up my eyebrows, way more that I would have preferred, their idea of touch up is to remove the offending hairs, apparently lots of offending hairs. She added some basic makeup, more used than when Suzie performed the task, but my look was also a lot more feminine. Then she teased my hair out some forming a cute hairstyle with a few wispy bangs over one eyebrow. The back was curled under, I think she called a modified bob.

Taken to another room I was led into a dressing room, handed a bra and panties to put on, then Suzie walked in with several outfits over her arm. I was embarrassed for her to see me this way, her once male boyfriend looking more feminine than her. She laid the items on a chair, walked up to me and grabbed my face planting the most sensuous kiss I have ever experienced on my lips. When she let go I was breathing hard, red all over my body and my male apparatus trying to bore a hole in her. She giggled. “Not now Priscilla maybe later at home as her hand brushed over my groin.”

Priscilla did get embarrassed and quickly retreated, followed by me having to try on the outfits she had picked out. They all looked good on me, Suzie just saying they would be okay until she could get some altered for me. I paid the bill, looked in the mirror behind the cashier shaking my head at the image looking back. I wondered about the sudden change of attitude, earlier we were going to discuss it more tonight, now I was already in gurl mode head to toe. Suzie had suggested a restaurant to eat at, and that is where we headed to.

We were seated quickly, never referred to as anything but ladies. We placed our orders, then Suzie started in on me. “I know you need to show up at work tomorrow, but you have a long way to go to become my lesbian lover. So as soon as work is concluded, right home and we will start making the conversion. I realize you are facing huge obstacles, but I will allow only an extra hour a day to your normal work schedule. If any more than that I will come down there and see to your punishment right in front of all your employees. Is that clear? I am serious and not kidding.”

I vigorously nodded in the affirmative, I am sure she would, probably enjoy it too. She drove to her apartment with me following her in my car. I did make the call to Ms. Hanson informing her of my acceptance and telling her I would see her at work tomorrow. I carried the two bags from the salon into the apartment, my clothes for the next few days until we could do more shopping. I wanted to change but Suzie would have none of that. The low heels that I had been given at the salon were also to stay on.

I was drilled for the next two hours on how to sit, walk properly, the proper use of my hands and arms, etc. Then a short lesson on makeup, actually the how to keep my makeup looking fresh at work. At quarter past ten, she undressed me, slapping my hands when they got in the way. I just stood there being the new submissive female. If she would have just concerned herself with my clothes, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but I got rubbed, squeezed, caressed, pinched, literally woman handled. I now presumed that I will be staying at her apartment, the new clothes in her closet and the nightie in her hand a telltale sign.

I could tell she was having fun, her groaning and giggling quite infectious. The nightie was slipped over my head, over the bra and panty and I was laid in the bed. She immediately was on top of me, the next forty minutes I remembered very little. But the feelings were so good, erotic, wonderful and any other expletive you might want to use. I fell asleep in her arms, her whispering in my ear, right where you belong in my arms.

Up at the crack of dawn, a necessity according to Suzi. A shower first, with a shower cap to keep the tresses dry and in their original style. Then my skin patted dry and not rubbed was the next change in my grooming. It is so different waking up with two breasts on your chest especially if you have lived your life as a male up to now. Dressed in some of the clothes she had brought home for me. A business suit with a skirt was to be my clothing for today, after I had slipped into a fresh bra, and panties, a garter belt and stockings were added. The sensations were getting to me, Suzi’s help in smoothing things out was not helping me any. Then the skirt was fastened around my waist after slipping it over my hips. A blouse was added, basic white with way too much lace on the collar and cuffs. The jacket finished the outfit to perfection. Some makeup, basic mascara and lipstick after a coating of foundation was added.

A purse to put my things in and I was driven to work. Until I get my driver’s license changed a better idea in case I get stopped. Believe me, dressed as a female for work will take some time to adjust to. I had been an employee for six years, each day arriving in a suit or sport jacket, now heels, a business suit with skirt, hair in a feminine style and makeup felt so different. A former male supervisor, now decked out in female attire not the most comforting feeling for me.

I made my way into the offices and right to the CEO’s office. Dora greeted me with a huge hug while she took in the new look. I tried to keep my embarrassment down and started into my new office. Dora made it easier, going right into secretary mode with a list of things I needed to handle right away. I let her handle the phrasing of the company wide memo to inform every one of the changes in management. I handled the customers, calling each one of them informing them of the changes and that there would be no changes in the way they were treated or dealt with, if anything they would be treated with more respect.

Dora was very efficient, while I was waiting for a customer to come to the phone, I received the email. It was worded very well and even had Ms. Hanson’s signature to it. Once I made it through the customer list I called her back to my office, giving her some of the things I wanted done right away. She is part psychic, since she had a response to many of the things I had stated. When I asked for a meeting of all executive management, she told me it was scheduled for eleven o’clock. The department managers meeting was set for two o’clock. I still had a couple of hours before the first meeting, so I decided to start making personnel changes.

I gave her a list of people I wanted to talk to and within fifteen minutes the first guy was standing in my office. I told him what was going to happen, his choices in the matter, and asked his decision. Most of the guys were aware of the previous treatment of the females so nothing came as a total surprise to them. Several wanted to pursue employment elsewhere, so I had Dora give them a letter of reference. The others were happy to be still employed even at a lower salary and position. I stressed that all of this could change, depending on their behavior and accomplishments.

The executive management meeting was quiet, the word had already spread about the changes I was making, but most were content realizing they still had a job, just not what were used to doing. The absence of the ones that had decided to leave was noticed immediately. Nothing drastic was announced, I did inform the ones that I had not talked to yet I would be meeting with each of them individually at a later date.

I nibbled on a sandwich at my desk as I continued to make changes in management. The department managers meeting was a total different affair. The word of the changes was spreading and everybody in attendance was ecstatic. I stressed that I needed them to do their jobs well, stressing to our customers that we valued their business. As the meeting broke up I received many hugs, the passion involved very re-assuring. There were three male department managers, all the rest were female thus the reason for the hugs I received.

Now that the word had spread through the employees of the changes, I needed to work on keeping our customers and getting some new ones on board. I had Dora schedule meetings with the three customers we were courting prior to the shake-up. I then started some preparations on what we needed to get them to sign, contacting employees that I thought could handle them. Dora managed to get all three meetings scheduled for the next day, spread about two to three hours apart. I had the employee that I put in charge prepare some visual aids, and accumulate some relevant figures on implementation of our proposed program. I prepared a list also in case something was forgotten.

With tomorrow partially planned, I decided to walk the floor, meeting as many employees as possible and discuss the changes I had in mind. If I could get my viewpoint out of the changes that were planned, maybe some of the possible law suits could be delayed or stopped. If they saw change was happening, not just talked about there indeed would be some hope. I only made it to a few employees that afternoon, but they were excited to meet the new me and talked freely about what they had seen so far.

Most of the management changes I made were to the female gender, employees that have worked here years, but constantly passed over for some male that had played the good ole boys game. The males had gone out drinking with the former executives or arranged sports tickets for them, but not necessarily done their job as needed. That would now stop, performance was key to any promotions to be handed out in the future. There were a few males that actually performed their jobs adequately, so I did not replace all males with a female. I did talk with them expressing how things will be done in the future.

The meetings the next day went well, all three customers signed on with us, they were impressed in the changes that had been made, also grateful that for the first time they saw a female in an executive position. One particular company was so impressed they signed as soon as they were introduced to their representatives that would be handling their account, four out of the five representatives of that particular company were female.

Surprisingly I never thought much of how I was dressed during the day, occasionally I would look at my skirt, or taste the lipstick I was wearing, but those instances were few and far between. At quitting time Ms. Hanson came by again, this time I received a huge hug as she greeted me.

“Jules you have already turned things around, the talk through the company is very supportive of you and your actions. We have walked through the offices listening to the comments, all positive. Quite a few have complimented you on making changes so soon, and ones that for once make sense. As far as the board goes you may write your own ticket, but we do have one requirement that we will not budge on, you have to remain in the female gender.”

“As far as I am concerned, it is the right gender for you. Not to downplay your past actions, but the female Jules is ten times better than you old male self. Your actions reflect confidence, backed up by sound decisions and follow through. Plus you are quite attractive, a real catch for some young male or female. Now it is past quitting time, you need to take some time for yourself, thanks to you the company will likely stay solvent, something that has been in doubt until recently.”

I finished up on my notes for tomorrow, cleaned off my desk and headed home, well Suzi’s apartment. I needed to use a Uber tonight, since Suzi would most likely still be working or had just got off. As I entered, there she was standing by the door looking at her watch. I gulped, did I work past my appointed time, maybe running the company will be easier than keeping Suzi happy. I was attacked, groped in all the feminine places, hugged, kissed and in general mauled to death. As she dragged me to the bedroom, I was trying to get my breath, on a couple of her kisses, I swear her tongue was half way down my throat. I was quickly undressed, laid on the bed and smothered with her body. She twisted and turned, causing me do all kinds of maneuvers to evade her. She got frustrated grabbed my groin and then apprehended my left nipple and pulled. I could feel her teeth on my nipple, a theoretically impossible feat for a glued on breast form.

Eventually she wore herself down, hugging me as her head rested on my chest, pardon that should be bosom. We fell asleep that way, the feelings that were coursing through my body helping me to forget that when I got home I was hungry. Not any more, content, satisfied and at peace with the world.

Early the next morning I was pushed out of bed, life is so unfair at times. Suzi is giggling as she ran for the bathroom, making me wait to handle my needs. When she finally exited the bathroom I rushed in, tits swaying from side to side as I raced for the toilet. I left the bathroom a lot slower than I entered, glad that she finished when she did or I might have puddled the floor. I picked out my clothes for the day, Suzi had brought me a couple of outfits but any different choices would have to wait until I went shopping.

That part I was dreading, I have never liked shopping for clothes before, now with all the choices available for females, a much more daunting task. I guess Suzi pictured me always in short skirts, the one for today at least five inches above my knees. When I sat at the breakfast bar to drink some orange juice I was made aware of what I would be doing all day long, trying to get the skirt to cover more. I thought about wearing what I had on yesterday, as I headed back to the bedroom, Suzi caught my wrist and turned me back to the kitchen.

I was handed my purse and led to her car. Another short trip and I was being left in the company parking lot. I did get a kiss before I exited the car, then had to fix my lipstick again, since what I had on was smeared real good. The kiss was not a peck on the lips, believe me. Once her lips engaged mine it was full contact, her tongue also entering in to the fracas.

I walked toward the offices, thinking of what I needed to do today. As I entered past security, I changed my direction and headed towards the second floor, where most of the employees worked. I meandered along, talking with everybody asking what they were doing, and if they had any suggestions. I asked their name, trying to remember as many as possible. Their ideas were surprisingly good, even though they were just doing the work, they could see where some of the things they were doing were counterproductive. I finally made it across the large work area and headed up the stairs.

It was an hour later when I made my way up to my office, Dora waiting inside with emails for me. As I was reading them she told me that the grapevine was especially active this morning, a high level boss took the time to talk with some of the employees, showed some interest in what they were doing and listened to their ideas. I would suggest that you plan a trip to the other offices soon, or they are going to be very jealous. You have five phone calls to make, referrals from the contracts that got signed yesterday, all wanting to talk to us about our services. It might be wise to appoint someone to handle these referrals, giving them the basic info, then referring them to you when they are ready to sign-up.

I looked at Dora, well have you picked out someone yet and explained their duties to them. She smiled, then handed me a sheet with three names listed, all quite capable and ones that were a part of the meetings yesterday. She suggested that all three be utilized, each taking a customer or two to get the ball rolling. She stood there waiting for me to say something. I told her to handle it that is now her job just run things by me so I know what is happening. As she left she stopped, Ms. Hanson would like your appearance in her office at nine if that is possible.

I looked her way, waiting for her to tell me what the meeting is about. Dora just smiled, and walked out of the office. I knew she was aware of what it is about, but I guess I will have to wait until I get there before that info is divulged to me. Time to check my makeup again, it seemed alright, except my lipstick looked worn off some. I re-coated my lips then made my way to Ms. Hanson’s office. Her secretary waved me through and I sat in the chair in front of her desk. Ms. Hanson was finishing a phone call, so I placed my hands in my lap and waited. When she put the phone down I got the biggest smile from her. “I hear from my spies that a certain young female went visiting this morning. The whole place is alive with talk, a CEO actually talked with them, listened to them and called them by name. This same scenario was mentioned to me many times this morning, everywhere I visited.”

I asked her if she had that many spies at the company. She giggled, no but when something so earth shattering occurs, believe me everybody involved wants to chime in. Our lawyers have notified us that seven of the cases against us have been put on hold, their lawyers stating that the employee wanted to wait and see what happens in the next few months. Another couple of cases have asked for extensions, but no reason given.

All of this is due to your actions, which myself and the board are thrilled about. You no longer need to inform me of what you are going to do, I heartily endorse any action or thought that pops into your mind. Now do you need anything from us?

I sheepishly asked what my pay would be, I know wrong time, but Suzi is still giggling away every time she asks what my salary will be. Ms. Hanson looks at me real hard, then asks me what I want for a salary. Oh shit, now I have to come up with something, why couldn’t she just tell me a salary and I would be happy. I hemmed and hawed a little, then she giggles and makes some notes on a paper in front of her. After writing several things on it she slid it over in front of me, as it came into view my eyes went wide.

The first item was they would pay for all of my beauty services and a complete wardrobe of my choice. It would not come from the company funds but from the board members personal accounts. The second item on the list was a salary of eighty thousand dollars a year plus a bonus of ten percent of any profits paid quarterly. She added that the old CEO had received more, but they would make it up to me as soon as things turned around. The third item was total coverage in their healthcare package and a donation to a retirement fund for me, accessible after five years with the company.

I was surprised, much more than I expected on any of the items. I tried to say they were too much, the company’s financial condition more important than such an exorbitant salary. She said live with it, there will be no changes.

Before I left I asked her if I could approach the EEOC and talk with them about their investigation and the different violations that the former employees had committed. She became pensive and stared at me, then deciding said sure, giving me the name of the lead investigator in the case. I smiled and asked to be excused, since I had lots of work to do. As I was leaving her office I heard a few giggles that escaped her mouth.

Back to my office and asked Dora to hand me a copy of all the known complaints about discrimination. She opened her top right hand drawer and pulled out a large file, handed it to me and giggled. I went in and sat down and went over every alleged case thoroughly. In most cases I had already handled the problem, the last four or five I would make a point to handle today.

I called the lady that was the lead in our EEOC case and asked if I could arrange a meeting with her. She agreed, but flatly told me that the investigation would continue no matter what I said. I acknowledged that but I wanted her fully informed on what had transpired and the actions I have taken to correct those matters. We agreed on tomorrow morning at nine in my office, since she wanted to do a few interviews of those not present at the initial inquiry.

As I opened the door to call Dora, the first lady that I wanted to talk to was standing waiting for me. I looked at Dora, she just smiled. I made it through all of the ladies that I had not met with and talked to. All seemed happy with my response and the additional duties I had assigned to them. All in my opinion would be promoted, but I didn’t want to wholesale make changes to all of the male executives, fearing the same type of discrimination suits just from the male perspective.

I was very early the next day, but could not escape the apartment without taking care of Suzi first. She told me I was making progress, but I did need a lot more practice, practice she would make sure I received. I had lots of thoughts invade my mind on the Uber ride to the office, for one thing I needed to get my ID straightened out. When I arrived the lady form EEOC was waiting for me, an hour earlier than we agreed. I found out from Dora she had already interviewed a couple of employees by phone, from the group that started earlier due to the time difference back east.

We set in my office at a table over by the window and I spread out all my files, then went through each one stating who had instigated the discrimination and what had been done to correct it. As we were nearing the end of my list she asked if I could get a couple of the employees named in the actions up to my office. I did offer her the choice of who she wanted to talk to. I agreed and soon there were four of us sitting around the table. Madge the EEOC lady asked them particulars, and if what I said had indeed been carried out. I knew one of the employees that had been called in had been the first one to complain, so I doubted she would back me up. Surprise, surprise she told the lady that she was stopping the lawsuit for damages, and withdrawing her complaint. Madge asked if she had been paid off or some action promised that made her change her mind. Wanda just smiled, no Jules is the reason I am changing my mind, she has one hundred percent employee support, most of us just wanting to stay around and share in the success that we are sure will follow.

As Madge left, she shared what she thought will happen. The inquiry will find the company guilty of discrimination, but instead of fines and judgments a one year probation will be issued as long as you are still CEO. Then after the year if this trend continues we will lift all verbal sanctions and remove the complaints from your files. I gave her a hug and she walked out, a large smile on her face. It was not as big as the one on my face though, I had addressed the problem and managed to get an amicable resolution to the problem. There for a while I was sweating bullets, but somehow I managed to pull it together.

It was a few minutes before five when the entire board entered my office, large smiles plastered on their faces. I was hugged by all, the male members included. Their contact at the EEOC had passed down the verdict, already passed by the full commission. Exactly like Madge had said, I was happy they were pleased, but another matter was occupying my thoughts. Suzi and her time restraints. The other members of the board left, Ms. Hanson the last to remain.

She looked at me, then Dora piped up. She has to be home before six or she will be in trouble with her girlfriend, a girlfriend that means business. Ms. Hanson smiled and asked for her number. I gave her my cell phone with the number on the screen. She made the call, then stepped to the outer office so I could not hear what was said. When she handed me my phone back she said I had a one hour extension and Suzi will pick me up at the front door. Dora handed me a few messages, then told me to get a move on, you have twenty minutes to make the front door. I suggest you make the deadline, Suzi is not one to be messed with especially tonight.

As I teetered on my heels to the front, I was pleased at what I had accomplished today. Then I saw Suzi waiting for me, a big smile appearing on my face. The smoldering kiss that awaited me, was to die for. I was literally dragged to her car and helped into the passenger seat. She did stop to get something to take home and eat, bitching the twenty minutes that it took them to fill the order. We ate on the couch, snuggled close to each other, with some snogging mixed in among the food. I managed to break loose to get the trash to the kitchen, with the few leftovers placed in the refrigerator.

Back to my love, twisting and turning my body till I was as close to her body as possible. I laid my head on her breasts and was soon asleep. I know how romantic, can’t even stay awake long enough to please my love. That is where I found myself in the morning, Suzi pinching my nipples to get me awake. We both took off for the bathroom, Suzi to use the facilities and me to get a shower before work.

Suitably dressed Suzi dropped me off, to start another day in corporate America. Several minor things to handle today, then this weekend the salon to make my changes more long term. I can’t say I am dreading the changes, every day this female life seems right for me, my time as a male the part that was wrong. Ever since I stepped up to management as a female things have smoothed out, like it was supposed to be the path I followed in life. Now that I am on the path I see no reason to vary, a good job, a lesbian lover, and the life of a pretty female, what more could a female want, that female me.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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