Jean; Necessity Of Being Female

I awoke with a start, the images and words seemed deeply ingrained in my mind. I almost never dream, but truthfully I don’t think this was a dream. It was like watching a documentary about some event, knowing that I would be quizzed about its contents after watching it. Surreal yes, the things that are running through my mind totally foreign to me.

I am happily married to Jillian, a college coed that found me during my senior year and pursued me until I agreed to marry her. We shared a class during the fall semester, psychology, a subject that I never was good at. She was almost like a teacher’s pet, always answering questions in the class, always making perfect scores on any test. I on the other hand barely passed, the whole idea of Psychology never making any sense to a biology major. For the first few weeks she watched in silence as I made a fool out of myself, then after class one day she approached me and asked if I would like a little help in passing the class.

A nice way of saying you are flunking the class, you better accept my help or you are going to end up taking the class over again. I quickly agreed and we agreed on a time where she would help me with the class. I did pass the class with her help, but the subject will never be one that I will willingly take part in again. A couple of the sessions when she helped me turned out to be an informal date, we ate out and then went to her place to study. Finally, nearing the end of the semester she asked me point blank if I was ever going to ask her out on a date. My mouth was open, I liked her but felt well out of her league, in fact, I thought the tutoring was more pity for me than genuine attraction.

I asked her out for dinner and a movie the next day, she agreed, then kissed me full on the lips. Well, that killed off any further discussion, since I was now hopelessly tongue tied, besides the blushing had raised my temperature several degrees, and I was starting to sweat a little. She took pity on me, kissed me again and told me to pick her up at six tomorrow night. The date went well, she seemed to enjoy herself, and from then on she always made the arrangements, knowing she would be old and gray if she waited on me to make any further overtures. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her, it was a deep feeling of inadequacy when I am around her. So instead of facing my fear and reasserting my role as a male, I just withdrew more and waited for her to initiate the conversation and arranging any dates.

We both pursued advanced degrees, getting my masters and her doctorate in the next eighteen months. Jillian got her degrees with ease, while I had to struggle. Eventually I made it though, many months behind her in my pursuit of a degree. I had to settle for a masters, that was difficult enough as it was. For a while even that was in doubt for me, but again Jillian to the rescue, helping me write my master’s thesis and prepare to defend it.

When we graduated she asked me to marry her, and three months later we became man and wife. She found employment sooner than I did, but when I finally found a job it was definitely a keeper. I ended up running a lab doing genetic research for a large seed producer, my first successes in their program gaining me national recognition and a hefty salary increase from my employer. She made inroads in her career also, now teaching at a leading university as a full professor of Psychology. We have both been extremely lucky in our careers, but in her case I am sure luck had little to do with her success.

Home life was normal for two professional people, lots of eating out, very little time spent together what with her university meetings and my overtime at the lab. We did spend the weekends with each other, usually just hanging around the house, but sometimes mall shopping, never buying much, but hitting every store in the mall. A dinner out afterwards, relaxing and sipping some wine, unwinding for the week.

My day at work had been the worst, I goofed up on two tests essentially wasting most of my day. I finally gave up and headed towards home. That night I picked Jillian up after her last class, picking up some take out on the way home. The vision that was stuck in my mind from the morning really affecting me, like a compulsion to do the things that rambled through my mind, over and over, never leaving the confines of it, also never fading from my memory. After a disastrous day at work, when I accomplished nothing, I knew I would have to confide in Jillian and see if she could help me dislodge it from my mind.

She knew something was troubling me, this is something we had never done before, especially getting take out to eat at home. After finishing the meal, she dragged me to our bedroom, laid me down on the bed and then cuddled me. I told her I needed help, I had a vision last night, like I was watching a documentary about something and the remnants of that are stuck in my mind and I can’t think straight. I started in telling her some of the things that I remember, then she stopped me midstream.

You had this vision last night, I nodded my head. She asked me if she could hypnotize me to find out where the problem originated from. I wondered why she came up with that suggestion so quickly since I had not even told her all of my troubles. I agreed, she has done it before, when I had a sleep problem and the results were enlightening.

I remember her telling me to relax, then nothing. She kissed me to wake me up from the trance, a novel way for a wife to bring her husband back from a session. I kidded her often if I was the only one she kissed to end a session or if she had a long list of admirers she was keeping from me. She had a serious look on her face when we broke the kiss, so I asked her what she found out. I was told that in the last few weeks there have been more than one similar occurrence, and if all was reported she suspected there would be untold more.

From what I divulged I had an identical vision, and that is what had a lot of people concerned. It is like select people have been chosen to receive the vision, it is downloaded into their brain, eventually causing changes in their personality and looks. She handed me a piece of paper in my handwriting with all of the steps that I was supposed to undertake according to the vision. The page is full, lots of things I am supposed to do to satisfy the vision, before I could read the entries she removed the paper. According to the other reports you will be compelled to do each of these at the proper time, an overwhelming desire to do each of these until they are accomplished.

I want to see if you respond in the same way, the compulsions not life threatening but not mainstream in any way. The other victims to this vision reacted about the same as you, their mind filled with these thoughts, they can’t focus on their own lives, so their normal existence falls apart. You only offered up these thoughts because you were under hypnosis, so now that I know what is going to happen I can help you get through this. I do suggest that you take time off of work, at least three weeks, a month might be better, so that your work will not suffer.

Other people that have seen the vision, completed the tasks detailed to them in about fifteen to eighteen days, so the three to four weeks should do the trick. Keep your mind open the changes you are going to undergo are radical, after this you will not be the same. I will be by your side through all of this, and afterwards we can start over in a relationship based on your new changes.

I collapsed into her arms, all of this so scary. Even though I know what is going on some, my mind is still inundated with these visions and thoughts. Every once in a while a particular snapshot of something in my mind does a freeze frame and I see some indication of what is to come. Believe me the image is even more scary that some of the thoughts. Jillian gives me a couple of pills so that I will sleep some, helps me get comfortable in bed, and then turns out the light.

I found out the next morning she made a bunch of phone calls, lining up services that I would need over the next few weeks. When I get a desire or compulsion call her immediately and she will tell me what place to go to obtain the help that I needed. The other victims had no help, their desires almost causing then to give up on life, several actually did end their lives because it was too much for them to deal with. She made me promise, and I reluctantly agreed.

The scariness seemed to be getting worse, apparently I was not the only one to receive this vision, but so much mystery and unknown surrounded this. The thoughts are still there in my mind, kind of lost in a cloud, I just can’t make out quite what they are. Frustrating as hell, yet they never ease up, always there, never going away.

Later the same day I started to focus on something, I wanted to remove all my hair from my body. Now where that thought came from I will never know. I had never shaved it before, even when I was on the university swim team, I never succumbed to the pressure to subtract a few seconds from my swim times by removing my body hair. By that evening, I was almost frantic to get it removed from my body, pulling at it and trying to yank it out. Jillian gave me something to relax my body, telling me that I needed to call this number and tell them what I wanted. I did so and was given an appointment for the next morning. I instantly felt better, although I was still pulling at it some, a resolution of my compulsion was in my near future.

I had gotten instruction on where to go for my hair removal, and I was actually a little early. The technician took me in right away and soon I was laying naked on a table about to be waxed. She explained the steps, the initial pain, then it should get easier as the remainder of my hair is yanked from its pores. The best part is when she massaged my inflamed skin with a soothing cream. It felt so good.

After the initial outset of pain it did become manageable, allowing us to carry on a conversation as she removed every trace of body hair. I balked when she reached my groin, but the desire overruled my hesitation and I was soon hair free, my little male appendage ashamed and withered as his surrounding hair is no longer present. It felt so different, just rubbing my hands over my smooth skin made me shiver, goose pimples popping up everywhere. The tech then used a cream that would prevent any future hair growth. Another few goose pimples appeared, no more hair on my body, a fact that I felt good about.

When I returned home Jillian was waiting for me, she had some of her undergraduates do her lectures today, so she could be here for me. I had to strip naked as she inspected my body, her few manipulations causing me to rise to the occasion. She wasted no time in taking advantage of the erection, almost as if she expected it to be not available in the future. She was the aggressor riding my erection with great enthusiasm.

After our sexual romp she had fixed us some sandwiches, we nibbled on then neither one of us very talkative. She asked how I felt, I told her that removing the hair made everything better, the thoughts still there but not overpowering like they were yesterday. She told me that is how it would be each time, some notion coming into my mind and taking control of my body until I succumb to it. The night passed without any interference, but the next morning I was awakened with a compulsion to remove my facial hair. Rubbing my hands over my stubble made me nauseated, like I had this infection that had to be removed. Several times I dry heaved in the bathroom, every touch of my beard causing my stomach to erupt.

I told Jillian right away and she had me call the salon. They were able to get me in right away, so I headed there as soon as I got dressed. As I drove to the salon the desire was getting stronger, and as I entered the salon I couldn’t think of anything other than a smooth hair free face. They used a strong cream leaving it on my beard stubble for several hours. As it was killing off my facial hair she quickly removed my eyebrows, I had not requested it, but as soon as it was done my mind entered a blissful state, like I had figured out the next step and had done it before it became an obsession. My face decidedly different looking without any eyebrows.

I missed my work, the days seeming to be longer because I had nothing to occupy my time, so my mind wandered aimlessly, but to my dismay another compulsion entered my thoughts that early afternoon and it quickly became an obsession. I called Jillian, right away, she had a meeting with of her graduate students that day and had to leave me alone. She made the appointment for me calling me back and telling me to go the salon, they were waiting for me.

More nervous that I had ever been over something upcoming, I actually threw up on the way to the salon, a habit here recently. I ended up pulling into a parking lot for a supermarket and upchucking my entire lunch. When I got to the salon, I asked to use their restroom, running some cold water over my wrists and washing my face seemed to help some. When I reappeared I was taken back to another more private room and laid on a table. She removed my clothes from my body, gently and with some caring.

She then slipped a pillow under my head and laid a warm moist cloth over my face. It was saturated in some herbs and smelled wonderful. I drifted off to oblivion, lost to the real world. I was dreaming of breasts, of Jillian and I playing with each other’s nipples, leading up to a total upending of my world. I shook at the wave of pleasure washing over my body. Realizing I had been dreaming as I soon became aware of being helped to sit up.

Looking down I saw the two mounds on my chest, quivering as I took long slow breaths. I realized the dream is now reality, the breasts now mine. I also realized suddenly that six hours had passed since I had come into the salon. A large machine over in the corner of the room with cups hanging from hoses, most likely the culprit in the creation of my breasts. I felt them with one hand, they didn’t seem to be something stuck on me, then I grazed a nipple with one of my nails and I let out a low moan. They are mine and I can feel if they are touched. What am I going to do now, my work, maybe even my marriage shot down in flames?

Before I could go totally ballistic Jillian showed up, paid the bill and gathered me up to take me home. I was in a daze, not aware of what is happening or exactly where I am. Jillian continued to talk softly to me as she got me in her car and got me home. Once in the house I was undressed and laid in the bed, she cuddled me tightly, every once in a while getting me another cup of herbal tea to drink. Apparently I drifted off to sleep, at least what is happening now only a faint thought in my mind.

I awoke the next morning, parts of the vision still prevalent in my mind. She got me dressed, and fed then she took me off to a park we often visited, a pretty lake, some trails with numerous wildlife, and a scenic vista that overlooked the valley below. We came here to unwind, to forget about what is happening and just exist. That is what she hoped to accomplish with me today. I was good for a while then my mind went crazy, I started taking off my clothes, every item landing on the ground helping in making me feel better. Jillian held me tightly after all of my clothes were removed, then as I calmed down some she slipped off her clothes and dressed me in them. She gathered up mine, putting on enough of them to cover up and then drove us home.

No visions that night, I tried to talk to her about what had happened so far, she just hugged me, kissed me and held me tightly. She did hint that there was much more to come, so far the items on the list were accomplished in order, about a day or two apart. Her colleagues told her of even more subjects reporting the same visions, now because it had been leaked to the press some, many more coming forward and seeking help. I was not alone, only a small pawn in this global phenomenon.

The next morning it started again, as I was lying in bed I was trying to remove my penis from my body. I would grab a hold of it and yank, then scream in pain and let go. Jillian quickly took control tying my hands together, behind my back. She threw a robe over my shoulders and got me in the car, a quick trip to the salon and then to a treatment room in the back. I was laid on the table and my hands were secured to the sides of the table. Some pills and a glass of water and I was soon out of it. They performed their magic on me, when the smelling salts was under my nose I immediately woke up. My head raised up looking at my groin to see if it was gone, nothing but a flat front and a cute feminine slit was seen. I lowered my head, and let out a sigh of relief.

I could see Jillian’s face staring at me from the end of the table, her face also showing relief at my reaction. She was afraid that just covering up the penis would not end the compulsion. A smile came over her face, my mind did not see the penis so the compulsion was satisfied.

Jillian left me restrained and asked the technician to do another treatment on me. I heard them talking but not what was said. She gathered what she needed and returned to my side. My hands were released and she started working on them, the nails were filed, after soaking in a solution for a while. She worked around the edge of the nail removing excess skin, then each finger was fitted with an extension making my stubby nails look delicate and feminine. A clear coat, several coats of a deep pink polish, and then another clear coat was applied. As I glanced at the completed nails a feeling of calm came over me, it was like something that I would soon have to be done now completed and over with.

I felt good, walking up to Jillian taking her head in my hands and holding it firmly as I gave her a toe curling kiss. I had to hold her since she had a sudden attack of wobbly legs, making her almost collapse in my arms. I kept up the embrace using my tongue to check out her mouth. I was pleased with my body, and most anxious to show Jillian how happy I was. Maybe this will be the end of my documentary, if so I can live with the changes so far.

As in most scenarios it was not to be. I already had a female body, thanks to the breasts and a vagina. Being hair free except for the hair on top of my head made me look like a natural female, the only thing that was our of sync was my lack of a waist and womanly hips. I was wearing her clothes now, every item of my male attire instantly causing my skin to break out in a rash and itch like crazy. When she caught me staring at my face and rubbing my fingers over my lips she bundled me up and made another trip to the salon. They tried normal lipstick, but my fingers were still trying to rub my lips, the red of the lipstick all over my fingertip. Then she held my hands in hers as they cleaned off the lipstick and another lipstick was placed on my lips. When she released my hands my fingers went directly to my mouth, rubbing my lips intensely. Once I saw the lipstick not come off on my fingers I visibly relaxed. Jillian sighed, then told the technician what more she wanted done to me. An hour later, I now sported a complete face of permanent makeup, good for at least six months before it would start to fade.

A moment later, while I was still free of any compulsion I asked Jillian if she can still stand to be with me. “I know I have changed quite a bit, the male you married not to be found any more. Now in his place there is a person very feminine and pretty, so unlike what I was when you married me. I understand if you can no longer put up with me, I am amazed you have stayed with me as it is.”

She pulled me into her arms, then reached around my back and swatted my butt hard. Since I was only wearing a pair of panties at the time it hurt. I reached back to soothe the sting then looked at her. “What was that for?”

“One more word from you and I will warm your butt for an hour. How you can think that a few changes in you will make me not want you anymore, that idea is so absurd. Did you hear me, Absurd? I kind of like the new curves, especially your breasts. I have my own things to play with now, when we make love to each other. Of course, we will need lots more clothes, lots of shopping in our immediate future. The best thing about your changes is how you are now acting, like the inner female in you has emerged. Things you have had no experience with are performed like you have been doing them all your life. Even if circumstances allowed you to revert back to your former self, I would prevent you from doing so. I have my feminine Jean, and nothing or anybody is going to take her away from me. Get that through your think head dear.”

Since you have read reports on visions from other persons are my changes over with, she smiled, maybe one or two more, you can never tell with these visions. Then she broke out giggling, but as she was trying to control her giggles she reached for me and enveloped me in a tight hug, then squeezed my right nipple. My attempt at a response was instantly quieted as her tongue probed my mouth. I relaxed and melted into her arms, snuggling in tightly with my head on her shoulder. A place I could learn to love for the rest of my life. Her hand never left my nipple, her massaging it felt so good, a kind of calm settling over me as the nipple hardened to the touch.

The necessity of being female now apparently handled, loving, hugging, and kissing soon to follow.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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