Crystal; Thrown Into The Deep End

I never knew my sister was so cunning, here I was at our mountain cabin, with no transportation, only a cell phone and the things she had dropped off for me. The problem was what she chose to leave me with for my stay. Not exactly what I had in mind when I had seen this adventure as a chance to get away from it all to get a better perspective on life.

I really wanted to do something special this year, the year that I graduated from college. It has been a tough year for me, a better and more truthful answer would be it has been four years of hell. I was never a gifted student, I studied hard and could recite it back to make good grades, but truly learning the material quite often escaped me.

My other weakness is my interaction with people; I am kind of shy, wanting to distance myself from any social interaction. I could interact with people in a normal way, but I usually avoided it with a passion. I hardly ever started a conversation or asked a question of someone; I might think of doing it, but when the time came, I would balk, tongue tied to the hilt. This shyness tended to make me more of a loner as time passed.

During my four years of college, I got close to maybe three people. Incidentally, all were partners in labs or class projects. Now that college is out of the way I wanted a little time to indulge myself in other interests. I know a lot of students take a sabbatical or year off from studies, especially after graduation. I needed some time to figure out if anything is to be done with my degree.

The degree is in English Literature, the only subject that I could pass without major effort and sweat. I loved to read, often getting involved in a book and reading it from cover to cover before I put it down. It didn’t make any difference who the author was, as long as the story flowed some. For some reason, I tended to like the more romantic stories, not the Harlequin type, but where the heroine finds love after a difficult struggle.

Consequently, most of my favorite authors are female, their grasp of love and its struggles much better than the typical male author. Maybe my love of the romantic things in life has influenced me to such a degree that I have withdrawn a little from it. What I read in books is not something you find in real life, so settling for what is out there becomes what life is about for me now, sometimes a very disappointing choice.

Like most things in my life, I wasn’t sure how to go about planning my escape from life and where I could do it at. I didn’t want to stay at home, too many old friends from high school. I say friends, but they were more like people that I knew from school. Through my twenty-two years on this planet, I had no real friends, just some people that I knew better than others.

I was born Chris Edward Diamond, but eventually, everybody called me Chrissie. I was quite tall almost five foot ten inches tall, tipping the scales at 155 lbs. My supposedly masculine features never quite materialized as they somehow never found their way to my body. Hence, I was narrow shouldered, with a smaller chest than normal.

The one fault that might be noticed is that I had a very pudgy appearance. The pleasing plump look has been with me for several years. Most of the noticeable fat at my love handles and waist. I exercised some, but none of the stubborn fat retreated, it just stared back at me from any image that I saw in a mirror.

This did not mean that I looked effeminate. I have been told that I am a handsome male, not necessarily macho or exceptional in the looks department. Still, all things considered, I was a member of the male species in good standing, just not in the top fifty percent of the group. Maybe that should be lucky to be in the group at all.

What I lacked in my chest did manage to find its way to my waist and hips, not a bubble butt, but way more than a male should be seen with. My face is rather small with prominent cheekbones and surrounded with more hair than on two normal people. The thickness is the problem, haircuts usually requiring a thinning before they even attempted to trim it.

My parents were away in Europe spending all their children’s possible inheritance after deciding that after the last kid had graduated from college, it is time to have some fun of their own. At home is my older sister, a consultant for small businesses with regards to financial and tax matters. Since starting her own business four years ago, she has done quite well. This last year she hired her first employees and just recently decided to expand again.

It really pisses me off that everything she touches seems to take off, the fact that she had a 4.0-grade point average all during college, just so unfair. She never had to study, barely cracked a book during her four years. Fortunately, for me she had not been interested in dating, keeping my parents focused on her as the sole source of grandchildren. If she had married, I would be the focus of my parent’s desire for grandchildren since I would then be the last one to get married, adding to the potential pool of grand kid producing progeny.

Sis still lived at home, a fact that escaped any reasoning that I tried to apply to the matter. Home being a spacious ranch house in Paradise Valley near Phoenix. Constance, my sister, located her business in the northern suburbs of Phoenix, fifteen minutes from our family home. Since her office is so close, she decided to keep living at home, part convenience, and part the fact that she could always squeeze a dollar till it screamed.

Since I hadn’t decided anything yet, I gave into Constance’s request to come home for a while until I decided what to do. I arrived a few days later with all my worldly belongings, determined to make the visit a brief one.

Once home Sis and I covered all the gaps in our memory resulting from my stay at college. After covering all of my college escapades, she asked me what I was thinking of doing for the near future. “I am undecided since the job market is still very soft. A few companies were beginning to recover, but the majority were still in wait and see mode.” She suggested that I put out a few feelers while I am home to see if anything popped up.

I told her I would, asking if she had any particular businesses in mind. She handed me a list of ten companies that might be worth checking into while I am here. “I will start tomorrow. Meanwhile, do you have any ideas for where I could stay or things to do for my time away from the grid?”

She thought for a minute, then suggested that I spend a few months at the family’s cabin in northern Arizona. The cabin is a fairly good sized house located in the Tonto National Forest. It is not on government land but on a fifty-acre parcel surrounded by the national forest. There were two parcels of privately owned land in the middle of the forest, one owned by my family, and one owned by our neighbors.

Our dads had built the houses shortly after getting married, and we had vacationed in them quite often. It was not a secret that our family’s shared a friendship that has prevailed for many years, not often talked about but never denied. I asked Sis if Becky was going up there this year, our neighbor’s daughter was still here as her parents were sharing the holiday in Europe with our parents.

She told me that she didn’t think so since she was involved in obtaining her cosmetology license. Becky had gone to San Diego for her training and is helping her Mother’s friend at her beauty salon in town for a couple of weeks after she got back. She had not yet applied for her license, wanting to make sure that she had mastered all the material.

The next morning I started on the list of companies that Sis suggested for me to turn in an application. Most of them were electronic companies since a lot of the economy in the Valley of the Sun is computer and electronic technology. At least here, I was greeted in a friendly manner where back east an application for a job was usually acknowledged by a scowl and a grunt.

A lot of the businesses were close to each other, located primarily in the eastern part of Phoenix and the in the corridor of Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler. By four, o’clock I had turned in applications at all of the companies on her list. In fact, I was offered an interview at one of the companies tomorrow at ten A.M. Since my degree was not in electronics or business, the positions that I might be qualified for were in their advertising and promotion departments. Most of these companies did a lot of their own advertising and promotion, in fact, the company that I had an interview with was looking to add to their advertising department.

I don’t think anything will come of it, but it was an interview, something I had not ever achieved back east. I made it back home about five-thirty, the evening rush hour traffic considerably more than I remembered. As I entered the house, Sis asked how I did. I told her of the encounters, and the one interview for tomorrow. She was happy for me, hoping I could find something to occupy my time and thoughts. She is well aware of my brooding nature, the longer I thought about something, the bigger the problem became.

She invited me out to dinner, a Mexican restaurant that is quite popular. Their sopaipillas, a long-time favorite of mine, were to die for. We chatted for a while as we were served, about what I wanted to do, about the chances of me getting a job, about life in general. “I don’t know what I want to do, nothing sounds good, and everything seems out of sync.” Constance told me to see what the week brought, and if nothing materialized she would put together a plan for me, staying at the mountain cabin for as long as I desired.

The interview was alright, the company sounding me out for their proposed job. I think I answered in the appropriate manner, but you never know. I doubted I would be called back, but I had made a genuine effort. The rest of the week meandered along; Sis was out shopping for most of the week buying necessities for the cabin.

I left her to it since she likes to do these things and is much more qualified than I. Since I was home for the week I prepared our meals having them on the table when she came home.

Our parents were to be gone for the entire summer, so she arranged for me to pack all of the gear for the cabin in their car. Then she would drive me up and drop me off. She wanted me to be stuck there so that I would make do with what I had. According to her, it would teach me self-reliance, learning to be content with what I had at my disposal. From the look of what she had obtained so far, I would not lack for much. The thought that I would be left alone without transportation is actually welcome. It fitted my shy personality, alone and unable to get out and mingle with the general population.

The mountain house is not isolated that much from humanity, two or three miles from a small store and other cabins to the south. To the north was another story as it was, at least, thirty miles through the national forest to any kind of civilization. I would have my cell phone and from the past trips, I knew there was a good signal at the cabin.

The house is quite a bit more than a mountain cabin. There is a great room downstairs, along with a kitchen and laundry room. Upstairs is two baths situated between three bedrooms overlooking a balcony that curves around the cabin. Each of the bedrooms has large windows facing some of the most beautiful sceneries in Arizona. In a way, I was looking forward to being up there for a while. At peace with myself and all the time in the world to rethink my life and goals.

Constance said she would be ready to drive me up there this weekend, leaving on Saturday morning we would be there around noon. I had packed everything Sis had obtained for my trip in our parents SUV, their car much larger than hers. She had packed all of my clothes in suitcases; the food was ready to put in the ice chests as we got ready to leave Saturday morning.

She knew I had a laptop so she ordered quite a few e-books for me to read when I desired something to do. The house is furnished with pots, pans, and basic kitchen necessities. There was air conditioning since the summers sometimes got a little warm. The fireplace is the source of heat for the house, with propane the source of energy used for cooking.

She had also got me a lot of old magazines to read when it got boring, in fact, there were three large boxes of them. Like I mentioned before she likes to plan and organize things, and her squeezing that dollar always gets her a lot for the money.

In the few remaining days, I did receive several thank you letters for applying for the job, but no openings were at present available. I sighed a little in disappointment, but also was glad that there was nothing to interrupt my trip. Sis took me out again to the Mexican restaurant again since the absence of good places to eat near the cabin is a well-known fact.

I savored the food trying to keep the memory of it in my mind until I was able to get back. The sopaipillas were just as good as last time, and I even got three to take home with me. A little honey squirted into the middle after you bite a corner off of the puffed up pastry tastes so good. We talked some more as we finished up eating and then she paid the bill. With my doggie bag of treats, we made our way home.

The next morning is all sunshine and noisy birds as I was reluctant to get out of bed. I grabbed the last of my things and packed the ice chests. I got them all loaded into the SUV and then we were off. I am excited as we drove along through the foothills towards Payson. It took us a couple of hours to get there, with Sis getting our breakfast at Mickey D’s in Payson.

Then out of town heading to Kohl’s Ranch, turning north to go up onto the Mogollon Rim. After we had got to the rim, it is only about twenty minutes to the cabin. When we reached the cabin, it is early afternoon, and the tall pines were casting shadows on the cabin’s front porch. She backed up to the side porch that had a door leading into the kitchen.

I turned on the electricity to the rest of the house, and we unloaded the perishables into the freezer and refrigerator. We kept power to them all through the year since it was more economical to do so.

After everything had been put in the appropriate room, Sis took the time to make a late lunch. It was just sandwiches, made with cold cuts, cheese, tomato, onion, and lettuce. She had made a small batch of potato salad, and although still slightly warm it hit the spot. Since I had got a little sweaty unloading the car, she suggested that I take a shower, now that the water heater had a chance to warm up.

I agreed and headed upstairs. Shortly after getting in the shower she came in to get my clothes to take them to the laundry room and left me a robe to wear. I didn’t think anything about that, but looking back, it was the start of my ordeal. I finished the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. Then I reached for the robe, finding out that it was one of hers. It was very girly a light burgundy in color, adorned with way too much lace around the collar, sleeves and hem.

I went downstairs to find Sis sitting in the kitchen. As she saw me, she gave me a little whistle; I am sure to tease me. I pulled up a chair, wanting to ask her about the robe. She grabbed one of my hands, holding it securely as she started talking. I was trying to interrupt, but she placed a finger to my lips to quiet me.

“Your adventure is going to be a little different than you have visualized. I know of your experimentation with mine and Mom’s clothes. Also verified through your computer history your interest in the transgender community. Since you are going to use the time to find the true you, I suggest you start with a desired gender.”

“You have the next six months to live as a female, to experience everything as a natural female. You have no male clothes in the house. To ensure your compliance you also have no money or credit cards to obtain alternate clothing. Plenty of food and supplies are available for you, so you will not go hungry.”

She had the cable turned off, although you have a lot of music, books, and magazines to occupy your time. As she is telling me all of this, I just sat there dumbfounded. At one point, she pushed up on my jaw to get my mouth closed. Unless there is an emergency, she will not come back to pick me up till the six months is up. I was totally at a loss for words.

How can she do this to me, to live as a female for the whole time, this had to be absurd. I tried to focus as she was getting up, asking me if I have any questions. Yes, I have a question, how can you do this to me? As Sis usually does she ignored my question, telling me that she loves me, as her baby sister, suggesting that I spend my time wisely learning to be the best little sister that I can be.

She leaned over and gave me a kiss, then grabbed her purse and headed out the door. The shock is now rampant; she was leaving me like this, expecting me to handle this in a meaningful way. I was convinced that she had flipped out, too much stress in her life. I got up heading over to the door, as she is pulling out. I am alone, now what do I do. I acted just like a little sister would, bursting into tears and sobbing like a distraught child.

Surprisingly this lasted for quite some time, me sobbing on the bed obviously not in control of anything in my life. I must have dozed off for a while; I figured my mind just gave up but was aroused by my cell phone ringing. I didn’t want to answer the phone; I was in no mood to talk to anybody. As I laid there, my mind entertained the thought that Sis is calling to apologize and make amends.

I reached for the phone, said hi and waited for the response. It turned out to be Becky, our neighbor’s daughter. She detected the stress in my voice and asked what is wrong. I nearly opened my big mouth and put both feet in it, before I realized that I couldn’t tell her anything. Here I am naked, in our cabin with no male clothes and no way to get any.

I tried to change the subject, to ask what she was doing and if she is at her cabin or down in Phoenix. I was hoping with all the prayer that I could muster that she was not up here in the mountains. Well, nobody was listening to my prayers that day, she is in Flagstaff at the moment helping her mother’s friend with her shop but was coming to the cabin tonight.

Great, all I needed is her to see me this way. I would be a laughing stock for the rest of my life. I tried to convince her that I am just here at the cabin for a little while, but would be going back later today. Becky then told me that Constance had called her asking her to check in on me while she was up in the mountains.

Thanks, sis, you just took my life from bad to nonexistent. She asked what I had planned for tonight, me replying just hanging around the cabin. Making up a little white lie wouldn’t help any since Becky already knew that I am up here. I was vague, made up any excuse I could think of, but the end of the conversation is that she would be here later and would bring dinner.

Now what the heck am I going to do, I knew that I needed to put some clothes on, but from what Constance had said, there is nothing but female clothes. I hoped that what Sis had stated is a little stretch of the imagination, that she had left me a least an outfit or two that was for a male. I started opening suitcases, searching for anything that resembled clothes that a male might wear.

All I found is lingerie, dresses, skirts, and blouses. Not even a pair of women’s pants, in everything she had packed. Where she had come up with everything was beyond me, and then I remembered how she spent hours going through resale shops looking for clothes. It wasn’t bad enough that she had bought me all of these clothes that I really didn’t want, but she probably had fun doing it.

This wasn’t like when I would dress in some of her clothes, the thrill of wearing something of hers making it surreal. These female clothes are now what I would wear for the foreseeable future. I went back through the clothes in the suitcases and hung them up on hangers, putting the lingerie in drawers. Of the three bedrooms, the only room having a large enough closet is my parent’s room. After hanging up all the clothes, it turned out to be a wise decision since it filled the closet to capacity.

Doing something with my hands did relax me some, I decided to make the best of the situation laying out a sundress and lingerie to put on. For some reason, sundresses were my favorite item of female clothing and Constance had gotten me eight of them to wear. I wondered if she knew how much I liked them.

This one is a light pink print, with spaghetti straps, a full skirt, with a hem slightly above my knees. The bra is a push-up from V.S. that enhanced my slight breasts actually to give me a little cleavage. The matching panties are a bikini, and I tucked before pulling them up my thighs. I had learned the tucking technique from the internet several years ago.

I looked for shoes but sighed when I did not find one pair with less than a three-inch heel. I should correct that statement since there was one pair of boots for hiking, but I couldn’t risk the chance of wearing them and being arrested by the fashion police for violation of fashion common sense, besides they didn’t go with the sundress.

The heels I chose matched the dress to perfection, with a four-inch stiletto heel and ankle straps. I had been keeping my body free from any hair for many months, so my legs looked good in the heels.

After reaching this stage I began to worry again about Becky seeing me like this, but I realized that I had no choice. It is either like this or naked and, in the end, the clothes won. I was sure that I would regret the decision later, but there is not much choice. I found the suitcase with makeup and hair accessories, picking a few items out to finish my transformation.

Since I had quite a bit of time before Becky would arrive, I even did my nails, a nice burgundy nail polish to complement the pink dress. I brushed out my hair, putting into a high ponytail with a scrunchie. Mascara and a little lip gloss finished the effect. Not a high fashion model, but definitely a female image is staring back at me from the mirror.

I picked up a few things as I made my way through the cabin, ending up in the kitchen. I put a nice bottle of wine to chill and put the few things that we had not put up in their respective places. I meandered back to the living room wondering just how Becky would react to me. My cell phone rang again, this time, it was Sis. I was very cold to her; this is not how you treat family, but she wanted to know if I had put any clothes on yet.

I told her I was dressed, but not what I am wearing. She guessed the pink sundress, how she could do this time and time again I will never know. I didn’t verify it, but I could tell she knew that is what I had on. She asked if anybody else called, and I told Becky did. It was silence for a minute while she waited for me to say something. My silence, answering some of her questions I guess.

She just wanted to check on me, she did love me and wanted me to promise her that I would give this life as Crystal a chance. I became aware at that moment that she had found more of my files on my computer since that was what I called myself. A few tears trickled down my cheek, knowing that she did care, just had a funny way of expressing it.

It was about an hour later that a van came driving up the road to the cabin. I took a deep breath, knowing it was Becky; I certainly hoped that she would be alright with this. I decided to meet her at the door, hoping that if she is upset by this, she would just leave. I have never been good with any kind of confrontation, if something came up, I evaded the situation at all costs. We never used the doorbells at each other cabins, we just opened the door and entered.

That was what Becky did; she did stop to take in my appearance for a minute. “About time Crystal finally showed herself” is the only comment from her as she embraced me and hugged me. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I tried to figure out what just happened. Becky had greeted Crystal like it was the most normal thing in her life. She pushed me away a little so she could scrutinize my appearance. Then I remembered that she had called me Crystal, everybody knew all my deepest secrets including Becky.

She used her finger to wipe away a couple of tears, and then pulled me to the kitchen. She had picked up Chinese from a place in Flagstaff, keeping it warm in a thermal bag. I managed to get the plates and remove the wine from the refrigerator. She washed her hands at the kitchen sink and led me to the table. We sat down, filling our plates from the take-out boxes, as I poured us each of us a glass of wine.

She reached over to my face to remove another errant tear or two, and then said grace. We were quiet as we stuffed our faces, Becky was apparently hungry, and I was so nervous about being seen this way that I just wanted to do something with my hands to keep occupied.

Becky admitted being in on the plan to make me face my inner female. She had helped Constance to organize things so that I would have no option but to be the real me. Both of them are convinced that Crystal is the real me, buried in the fantasy world of a male persona, Chris. I asked Becky how the two of them could treat me this way. She giggled a little and asked what way we were treating her that is so horrible.

I tried to tell her that this was not my choice to live as a female, to be cut off from the rest of society, to be isolated just because I had tried some of the sis’s clothes at one time. She gave me a funny look, then proceeded to tell me about what they found on my computer. My quite often statements that I wanted to be a female, to live the life of a woman that permeated my writings.

I tried to tell her that it was just a story that I had been writing, that there was no truth to the remarks. She gave me the evil eye again and asked me if I was that blonde that I didn’t think that my other personal file that was on my laptop would not be discovered. I knew she was just pulling my leg now since that file was protected by three different instances of requested passwords.

I told her that I knew she was bluffing since it would take a real computer expert to break into this file. She smiled but asked me to back up my statement. In fact, she suggested that we make a little bet concerning this file. I was pretty confident since I had changed the passwords again just before sis, and I had left this morning. If she couldn’t get into the file, she would assist me in getting a male outfit to make the six months a little more comfortable.

However, if she could access the file, I would be Crystal without any reservations or exceptions for the entire six months. I thought that she was grasping at straws that my change of passwords would keep her out, so I agreed to the bet. She called Constance on her cell phone and informed her of the bet; then she requested that I tell sis that I accepted the bet and had me state the consequences if I lost the bet.

With all bases covered, Becky asked me to get my computer. I returned from upstairs with the laptop and plugged it in at the kitchen table. After it had booted up, Becky found the file and right clicked on the file to open it up. The file was buried in another folder, with only a series of letters identifying the file. The first prompt came up requesting a password, Becky typed in a password, but the system rejected it. She gave me a dirty look, then thought for a minute and typed in another.

This time, she had guessed it correctly and the second prompt came up. Becky entered another password, and the system duly rejected it. Another few moments in thought and she entered another choice. This time, she had better luck, and the third prompt came up. She looked up at me, wanting to know if I wanted out of the bet, although I would have to concede a few things to be able to escape the consequences of losing the entire bet. My blond roots showed up as usual, and I told her that I would take my chances. She thought for several minutes, apparently trying to rattle me a little.

Then she typed in the word she had been thinking about; I was watching her this time, and she typed in the correct password. The file opened, and I was suddenly sick. Not only was I to be subjected to even more femininity, but this file contained all of my secret wishes and desires. I was literally doomed in many ways. The fact that she had known where the file was stored meant she had been in it before. When I changed the passwords this morning, it only slowed her down.

The file contained a diary of the last three years of what I had done concerning my Crystal persona, and all of my thoughts regarding my alter ego. When I had dressed up at college, what I had worn, what I had done as Crystal, everything about her in detail. Becky looked over at me, simply wanting to know if I was ready, to tell the truth now, or continue with this absurdity.

I gave out the biggest sigh, collapsed on Becky’s shoulder and cried. I felt trapped since now everyone knew my deepest secrets and desires. All the time that I am crying on her shoulder, she is running her fingers through my hair and making cute noises in my ear. Finally, the tears dried up with Becky dragging me to the great room.

She settled herself on the love seat, then pulled me down next to her. She cuddled me and told me that although it seems to be the end of the world to me, it is a chance to become the real me. She informed that she was now working for her Mom’s friend performing remote beauty services in Northern Arizona. She had passed her exams and received her Master cosmetologist license. This meant that she could perform any service, plus teach students also. She loved the freedom to be able to travel through this area and perform her magic on women.

In particular, she is looking forward to one customer, a new client of the Turnabout Gurl Salon, who shows great promise, although a tomboy phase has existed in the past, she is sure she could bring out the girly gurl in this lovely female. I finally realized that Becky is talking about me, well that brought on the tears again. I wanted all of this since it was part of the real me, but too many years of suffocating Crystal by the male part of my persona made it hard to let go.

We talked for a long while cuddled in each other’s arms about everything. No decisions were made, just getting it all out there made it somehow more manageable. The male Chris tried several times to get Becky to help him out, to get him, at least, one outfit that did not have a skirt or dress as part of it. I was listening to the male part of me, a plea for some mercy, all of this just too much for Chris to handle.

Becky informed me that before the six months was up, Crystal would be the most feminine female in Arizona. I didn’t quite know what to make of that statement since Becky’s new skills were not known to me. I did know that anything she tackled as a project she completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

About three in the morning, we slipped into dreamland, still cuddled together on the love seat. Thank goodness tomorrow was Sunday because we obviously would not be able to wake at a decent hour. I managed to get up first and had to make my way to the bathroom quickly. As I walked to the bathroom, I felt the nightie swing to and fro around my legs. That made me smile, but reality surfaced again as I had to remove several pieces of clothing to be able to use the facilities.

I decided to change and headed back up to my bedroom to clean up a little and find something else to wear. Becky soon appeared, apparently having already found the bathroom. She was shedding clothes as she entered and made her way to my closet. Her eyes opened wide as she took in the wide array of clothes available to me. She giggled a little asking if she could borrow an item or two since it was apparent that Constance had outdone herself shopping for my wardrobe. I told her that she could have it all since I really didn’t want to wear girl’s clothes for six months. Becky turned towards me holding a mini skirt and a tank top that would not cover up much of my male body.

I ended up with a black mini skirt, and a red silk tank top for today’s activities whatever they may be. Becky borrowed a tan mini skirt and a yellow cotton tank top to wear. She literally dragged me outside, and we headed down one of the trails between the cabins. She had conceded to lower pumps, yeah three inches, with a more blockish heel. We meandered along the trail coming to one of the benches that our dads had built.

We sat for a while as she tried to get me with the program. She finally got a little testy, telling me that I better accept the new me or it was going to be a long and boring six months. I asked her what was I going to do for six months besides change clothes every hour or two. She giggled mentioning that Constance certainly got you enough clothes to do that without ever wearing the same outfit twice.

For one thing, Crystal has to practice her skills if she is going to be the girl that leaves the cabin after six months. I raised my eyebrows at that but conceded that I might need a little honing of my skills if I was to do anything about my alter ego. You need to walk through the woods, letting yourself go a little. You don’t have any friends, and you won’t even try to make any, but maybe six months alone will convince you that there is more to this life than just sleeping, eating, and dressing in pretty clothes.

I told her that I would go nuts, and it would all be her fault. She looked at me with a serious expression on her face, telling me that she loved me as a BFF but if necessary she would haul my ass into Flagstaff and personally embarrass me at every place of business that she could arrange. I didn’t doubt her since she was a person of her word. I immediately backed down on trying to make her feel guilty. It wasn’t going to work.

On the matter of keeping myself busy, she suggested that I take a lot of my stories and expand on them making them into e-books. You can publish them yourself from here, and she was sure there were a lot of people like me that didn’t have the opportunity or two pushy females to make them face reality. If they gained a little insight or hope from your stories, that might help them live a life that was difficult with a little hope.

We strolled back to the cabin hand in hand, then up to the balcony with the remains of last night’s wine. We sat on the wicker love seat together and watched the goings-on in the nearby forest. Two squirrels were burying nuts, but in between, they managed to entertain us for quite a while. That and maybe finish a little lovemaking of their own that had been left unattended to.

We had missed lunch but decided that it wouldn’t be wise to skip dinner too. I made my way to the refrigerator looking to see what might strike my fancy for a dinner meal. Lots of fixings for a salad were prominent and with a can of chicken breast a decent and healthy meal. Becky watched me as I prepared the salad, cutting up the lettuce, tomato, celery, onions, and sharp cheese to make a bed for the chicken. The chunks of chicken were added then a couple of olives to spice the salad up. Some bottled ranch dressing completed the meal, and I served it to Becky at the kitchen bar. Her snide remark that greeted my sitting down at the counter was that I would make a wonderful wife for some person. In an attempt to turn it around I gave her a passionate kiss on the lips, telling her that I only have love for one.

Well, that brought us both suddenly to this place and time. The kiss was a spur of the moment thing, I didn’t plan it or meant anything by it, but it sure changed my opinion of Becky. Suddenly my BFF Becky was much more, a romantic interest, maybe even more than that. I sensed that Becky was a little stunned at the kiss also. Her only words escaping her lips was wow where did that come from.

The day suddenly changed, a kind of uncertain easiness settled over us as we tried to file the new emotions into the proper file. After dinner, we adjourned to my bedroom and spent some time pursuing the clothing choices for tomorrow. Becky was allowed to wear casual clothes instead of a uniform as she was handling her customers. So her clothing choices were more like normal female clothing.

However, for me, she wanted the most girlish clothing in the closet for my attire. She settled on a micro mini skirt, with a knitted tank top that was anything but the right size for me. It looked like it was poured on me, as it hugged my every curve. All the normal sensual female spots were covered, but boy how the covering accented these areas was almost sinful.

I didn’t argue with her about the clothing choices since I figured that as soon as she left for her appointments, I would simply change them for something more discreet and less flattering. After the try everything on to see how it looks session, we each donned a nightie and settled into the large queen sized bed. The kiss had unnerved me quite a bit, and I was good, really good with only hugging and quite a bit of cuddling until we both slipped into dreamland.

Morning, the worst time of the day, to be subjected to a termination of the night’s sleep, to be ejected into the harsh light of day as it streamed into my bedroom through the windows. I needed to use the bathroom in the worst way, but as I got up, Becky rushed the bathroom and locked the door. That meant that I had to use the bathroom a couple of doors down. I made it, but I was sure that there were little dribbles along the way.

When I sat on the toilet, the feeling of relief was so erotic. I guess that is what happens when you fail to go thru the night because that would mean that you had to leave the comforts of the bed. I wiped in the approved method and made my way back to the bedroom. There was Becky sitting at the vanity brushing her hair, making a remark about the fact that I was not as fast as I used to be.

Becky was soon on her way to her first appointment, a few miles outside of Holbrook. It was a wash and set, a manicure and a cosmetic makeover for a lady that had been confined to her house because of her health. The other two appointments were also in Holbrook, although a few miles apart. One was a permanent, and the other for adding hair extensions for an upcoming wedding.

I decided not to change clothes, since what I had on was comfortable although a little scandalous. I cleaned up the kitchen, then went through the cabin making sure all was neat and tidy. I had some fresh fruit for lunch, then decided to write a little while to occupy my time. One of my stories was quite far along; maybe I could finish it and make an e-book out of it. I wrote for several hours, getting it almost to the conclusion, then decided that I better start to fix dinner.

Becky and I had decided that she would stay with me unless her appointments took her to the other side of Flagstaff, where the distance would be too much to commute every day. I found some hamburger meat and decided to make a meatloaf, and then some baked potatoes to accompany it. I was kind of lost in my actions, wearing a cute apron to keep my outfit clean and neat. I didn’t hear Becky come in until she snuck up behind me and kissed my ear. The fact that the stereo was blasting away with the songs of Olivia Newton-John probably had something to do with the fact that I didn’t hear her come in.

I jumped when she kissed me, then she grabbed me and held me close making sure the kiss that she was now giving was done properly. Since I had a hard time getting my breath back, I think she succeeded. She helped get the food to the kitchen bar and then opened two diet drinks for us. My stool was held for me, and then she scooted her stool closer so that we were almost touching. I asked her about her day; then she proceeded to tell me all about it. She finished earlier than she expected so she made a beeline for the cabin.

We kissed several times during the meal, with Becky always the one to initiate the kiss. I melted into each kiss, the feelings I received when she kissed me making my toes curl. She helped me with the dishes, and then we adjourned to the porch with two fresh drinks. We watched the sunset together, along with the two amorous squirrels. She grabbed my hand and led me into the cabin, then up to our bedroom.

I know two days, and I am calling it our bedroom, but that is how I saw it. She had grabbed one of her cases as we headed upstairs, leading me to the vanity. I was forced to sit, and she opened the case, where everything to do with nails was spread out before me. She sat on a stool on the other side of the vanity and proceeded to work on my nails. She removed the polish that I had put on but had more in mind than just a polish change.

My cuticles needing to be trimmed a fact that I had apparently left for way too long, according to Becky. Then she added some extensions, way too long for my liking, but she assured me that I would soon get the hang of it. A vibrant deep red polish after a clear base coat was applied, and then two more coats to assure they were sufficiently red. A clear top coat, then a stint under a U.V. light to set the polish. She assured me that nail polish remover would not touch it, but since there was not any in the cabin, I would not have to worry about it.

After my nails were sufficiently dry and set, we dressed for bed, and then we set on the upstairs porch for a while to unwind. I ran my fingers over the smooth polished surface of my new nails several times, wondering how it would be to wear polish all the time. Then my mind recovered from the abyss it was in, shouting that stupid you are wearing nail polish now and for the foreseeable future. We cuddled for quite some time, no words needed, then made our way to the bed.

A quick trip to the bathroom and then I slipped under the covers next to my BFF, at least that was what I was telling myself as I got as close as I could to her warm and inviting body. The bathroom experience was not without an incident or two since my new long nails got to my body long before they should have. A small price to be beautiful I guess. We sneaked a kiss or two and then were fast asleep, locked in each other’s embrace.

Another morning, not as bad as some since I woke up next to Becky. She calls the salon every evening to find out about her appointments for the next day so she can make appropriate plans. Her first appointment is never before ten A.M., so she has time for the commute. Today she didn’t have any appointments till three P.M. The trouble with that is the appointment is in Williams Az., on the other side of Flagstaff. Then three appointments the following morning there and in Ashfork, a few miles further west.

With Becky not coming home tonight, she decided that I needed more girly time. She goes out to her van and retrieves another one of her cases that she works from. She sets it up in the bedroom, then has me strip and lay on the bed. I am told to close my eyes and keep them closed as she works her magic. She uses several creams on my chest over the next hour, massaging them in, them after ten to twenty minutes she removes them with a damp rag.

I am now presuming that I am hairless on my upper torso, from the feel as she moves her hands over my nipples. I never had much hair to start with, the small patch in the middle of my chest and a little leg hair all that I managed to grow in my early years. She fiddles with my nipples a little, and when I try to lift my head to see what she is doing, she lays one of the rags over my eyes to block the view. She tells me to lay perfectly still, or she will be required to restrain me that said with a definite giggle.

I feel two cold objects being placed over my nipples, and then a noise as a motor is turned on. The skin of my breast is sucked into the objects and apparently starts to fill the object as I can feel the contact of my skin to the inside of the object. Then the pump goes to a cycling stage where it runs then shuts off, then repeats the practice. Becky again tells me that I need to lay still, or she will tie me down. I don’t doubt that in the least so I try to lay still.

I figure that I will soon be the proud owner of breasts, although what size and for how long an unknown. I trust Becky, but this is more than just dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex. She leans next to my ear and whispers that I will feel a pin prick but do not move, or she will leave me tied to the bed while she is on the other side of the state. I feel a prick in each nipple; apparently, I just received a shot in each nipple.

My anxiety level goes up several notches, as she lays next to me and cuddles me, calming me down with whispers in my ear and touches to my face. It seems like hours before she is done and gets up. The pump is shut off, the noise in the room ceases. She unhooks something from the objects on my chest then removes the rag over my eyes. It takes me a minute to adjust to the light, and then a few seconds to see what is on my chest. Another few seconds to faint, the image of two very significant breasts perched on my chest inside two plastic domes to be etched in my memory forever.

I woke a little later to Becky wiping my forehead with a damp cloth, then a wonderful kiss from her as she plays with my tongue. I raise my head again to see if I had been dreaming, but the breasts are still there, encased in the plastic domes. The breast forms stay, they will eventually dissolve leaving just natural breast tissue. A sexy bra now holds the forms, a bra with breasts overfilling the cups. Becky tells me that some of the volume will go away as the swelling goes down, but the bra will still be full when all is said and done.

I guess Crystal is really going to be around for the next few months. The breasts that Becky has bestowed on me seem to be attached to my body, although I have no idea how. They are not forms that have been glued on; that would be far easier to remove, these are a part of me, they move as I breathe causing me to wonder where this is headed. I suddenly find myself a female, not a male impersonating a female, but a breast wielding member of the gentler sex.

She hands me a negligee to slip over my protuberances; now it seems almost sinful if I am not covered up at least some. An addition of a basic female part and things have changed so much in such a little time span. We adjourn to the kitchen to make a couple of sandwiches before she has to leave to make her appointments. She pays more than a little attention to my breasts, in fact, I suspect the reason I received a negligee.

After a delicious lunch, although I do not remember what exactly I ate, she gathered all her cases and headed to her van. I know it has only been a couple of days, but I am fearful that she is leaving me for a day, although I do receive extra kisses and a big hug as she gets in her van and leaves. I stand and look as the van disappears down the road, then head back inside. Now I have to find something to occupy my time, a task that I can get lost in, to keep my mind off things, especially Becky.

I decide to write for a while, hoping that I can get immersed in it enough to forget what is going on. I pick one of my stories that I had laid out the general outline of and start writing. I use a little of what is happening to me in the story, the hero (heroine) being left with only women’s clothes to wear, and no way to change the status quo for a while. I get into it and by early afternoon, I had written almost four thousand words.

I took a minute, actually several minutes and re-read the part I had written. It flows along in a pleasant manner, the heroine trying to figure a way out of her predicament, no matter what she tries she is stuck in her feminine prison. Then she comes up with the idea to try and find someone to help her out, but who will help and where is she going to find this person. At that point, I had stopped jotting down my ideas.

I decide to research my story a little and venture to the general store a few miles away and see what I can come up with. I slip on some more practical clothes, a longer skirt with a cute sleeveless tank top both in a light tan color. There is nothing but heels to wear, but I found a pair with a blockish heel that might allow me to use the pedals on the bike that we kept around the cabin for this sole purpose. There was no way that I was going to walk the two miles there and back in heels.

It took a couple of spins around the cabin to perfect my cycling, but I did manage to get the gist of things eventually. I meandered along, not needing to be in a hurry to get there, and not wanting to exert myself. A young lady does not do things that result in sweating or perspiring in any shape or form. If you have never tried riding a bike with heels on it is a real trip, if I was careful I managed to keep the flat part of the heel on the pedal thus allowing me to navigate the short distance to the store. Surprisingly I did make it there in one piece, parked the bike in front of the store, and then went inside.

I was more than a little apprehensive about being out dressed as a female but hoped that my new accessories were realistic enough to sway the fence sitters. Walking up the three steps to the porch of the general store was different. I had walked these steps before on many occasions, but the movement of my breasts jiggling in their cups of my bra was more than a little disconcerting. Then to be treated to the door of the store being opened for me, another first, although I am not complaining about the simple act.

I made my way inside, looked around, familiarizing myself with what they carry and made a couple of selections. Upon reaching the counter I saw a familiar face, Mrs. Stapleton was the wife of the owner of this store and had been a fixture for many years. She greeted me asking if there was anything else I needed or couldn’t find. I did think of some ink for my printer since a trip to one of the larger towns was probably out of the question.

For special orders, they made a habit of picking them for you, charging only the cost of the item plus a small fee for transportation. I gave her the numbers of the ink cartridge, then asked if she could put it on our account. Luckily she could do that for me. There was no one else in line, so she chatted with me for several minutes. She wanted to know where I was staying and without thinking, I told her with my parents, the Hamiltons. She gave me a once over inspection and smiled.

Nothing was said further, as several other customers came into the establishment. One of the young girls was a friend of Becky’s, although I had met her before, we had very little interaction with each other since Becky only saw her a couple of times a year when she was at the cabin. Her name was Cynthia James, although Becky always called her C.J., a name that stuck, so everybody now called her C.J. She asked if the bike outside was mine, and I told her it was. She thought it might have been since it was a girl’s model, and I was the only female in the store other than Mrs. Stapleton.

Her quick glance at my heels and I knew what the next question would be about. She offered to take me back to my cabin since she had to go by it to reach hers. We could put the bike in the back of her pickup, and I could ride in style. She had heard me say that I was staying at the Hamilton place, and since most everybody knows where all the non-vacationers lived she knew where the place was. I was told that her friend Becky lived next door, and she couldn’t wait until Becky came up for the season. I told her that Becky was now a stylist and is working for a beauty salon doing beauty treatments over most of northern Arizona.

I thanked Mrs. Stapleton for her help, with her asking me to lunch sometime this week to share a little girl talk. I told her I would call, as soon as I knew my schedule. I loaded the bike into the bed of her pickup, no mere feat for someone in heels and ladies clothes. C.J. talked a mile a minute as she drove to the cabin, with me getting a word in edgewise every now and then. When we reached my cabin, I invited her in for a soda, just trying to be polite. We grabbed two drinks and went to the upstairs balcony to talk.

It was all of the standard female questions, about my family, about where I was going to school, and whether I had a boyfriend or not. I thought I had answered all of the above satisfactorily, but C.J. was more astute than her blond hair implied as she asked me if I enjoyed dressing as a female. I was stunned that I had been found out and wanted to know what had given me away more than answering her question. She told me that my looks and actions were perfectly female, but the portrait in the great room was a dead giveaway. The portrait was of my parents, with their son and daughter done only a year ago.

The reason C.J. put two and two together was that the artist was her mother, and she had made the comment while painting the portrait that the Hamilton’s had only one son and daughter, and I didn’t look anything like my sister. The resemblance between my image in the portrait and me live was too great to be ignored. C.J. took my dressing as a matter of fact thing; she soon changed the topic to what I am doing this summer. I am truthful, no need for an elaborate scheme, just the truth, learning to be a girl.

“Well for that you need a girlfriend, someone to confide in, someone to share your experiences, and someone to teach you girl talk. She just happens to know someone, and feels that we would get along together quite well.” She had dinner with her parents tonight; they were visiting, then they too were going on vacation, Hawaii their choice of destinations. C.J. told me she would see me tomorrow morning, we could talk and find something to occupy our time. I got a hug as she left, as I just stared at her retreating figure. I just made a possible friend, her acceptance of me as a female made me think what is happening here? Most of my life as a loner, ostracized from society, yet two days as a female and I have a lover and a girlfriend. Did I forget to mention that I was eighty percent female in body already, with most of the six month period left.

I made my way to the kitchen, put together a salad for dinner, then made a pitcher of tea, actually green tea, my favorite. I nibbled on the salad as I thought of the day’s activities, from Becky giving me breasts, to meeting C.J. and her discovering the truth about me. It is almost a non-event, going to the store I accepted the breasts as a part of me, never thinking about the fact that I now possessed C cup breasts. Then with C.J. talking and her discovery of the real me, so I had been found out, no big deal.

After cleaning up the dishes and putting everything away, I sat down and wrote some more. Still utilizing what actually is happening to me in the story. I stayed at it through the night, for some reason I didn’t want to go to bed alone, finishing the story as the sun came over the horizon. I decided I needed a bath, so I dragged myself to the bathroom and concocted a bath loaded with bubbles and sweet-smelling salts. I lowered my body into the bubbles and breathed in the scent. It is true heaven on earth. I relaxed and swished the water around some, enjoying the warm water on my breasts. The semi rigid forms had totally dissolved, now just natural breast tissue remaining. My nipples got rather pointy and swollen, I thought about playing with them but knew C.J. would soon be over, so that would have to wait. I washed myself with a perfumed soap; now I am sure I would smell like a female for quite some time. I dried myself and made for my closet to find something to wear.

To no one’s surprise, I found another sundress that called to me. A white lace design with lavender ribbon woven through parts of the lace. Very pretty and feminine, but then looking at the closet of clothes Sis had picked out, not many of them were anything but girly. A pair of four-inch heels and I am ready for whatever. Yes I did succumb to a bra and panties, but drew the line on stockings.

C.J. turned up shortly; I invited her in, and we partook of some diet drinks. She wanted to walk the trails some, so we headed for the door. She made a remark about my heels, but I explained that I had nothing but heels, so they would have to do. I got a funny look, but we set off on the trail leading to the store. We meandered along, she wanted the back story of my dressing, how I was up here alone and without any type of clothing that resembled masculine in shape or form. We sat on one the benches that my father had built along the trails, and I started from scratch and told her everything.

She listened attentively to all that I had said, not making any comment or further question. I presumed from her silence that something about my story had upset her, so I suggested that we return to the cabin. As we were walking back she asked if I would let her read one of my stories, I figured that it wouldn’t make anything worse than it was so I agreed. When we got back to the cabin, I retrieved my completed story and handed it to her. She took it and curled up in one of the wicker chairs on the balcony and started reading. I made us some lunch, just some cute little sandwiches, decorated with olives, pickles, and peppers along the side of the sandwich. A few potato chips on the other side of the sandwich, and I took them out to the balcony. I handed her the sandwich, but she declined it, just a few more pages to read, I sat there on the love seat, watching her read and trying to figure out if she liked the story or not.

She got to the last page, then laid the pages down. She stared off into the distance lost in her thoughts. She sat upright and asked if I had any more stories in progress, I retrieved my laptop and opened up where I kept my stories. She clicked on one of them, then reached for her sandwich. I handed it to her, then leaned back and ate mine. This went on for over three hours, as she read the parts of each story that I had finished, no comment said during all of this time. Finally, she seemed to be finished and came to sit next to me. She wanted to know what I am going to do with the stories. I gave her a puzzled look, I haven’t planned on doing anything with them, they are just something to pass the day with, something to keep me busy and not thinking about myself.

She told me she has a friend who does some publishing of her own fiction, and she has done some editing for her of her stories. She would like her to read the finished story, and see what she thinks. I handed her the story and told her to have at it, I couldn’t see how it would amount to anything, but she is welcome to try.

C.J. looked at me seriously and told me that I needed to finish the other stories, they are too good to be left unfinished. The look I gave her in return made her laugh. They are, you need to stay in the cabin until you finish them. Then she wanted to know if I could write new ones, did I have any ideas for more stories? She seemed very interested, but I think she is just being nice, surely nothing I could write would interest others.

It was two days later when C.J. came bouncing over to the cabin. She had another lady with her, dressed business like and with a briefcase along with her purse. I presumed a lawyer by her looks. C.J. entered the cabin asking if I was decent. I came out of the kitchen where I was making me some lunch and I immediately got hugged. I was not expecting it, I considered her a friend but we had not known each other that long. She introduced her friend and dragged me to the kitchen bar.

The lady was Veronica Stapleton and she had an offer for me. I sat there my mouth wide open in amazement as she offered to buy all of my books as they are completed. The deal gave me fifty-one percent of the sales, plus extra for personal appearances at book signings. I did have to give them an exclusive on any future writings, one that I had mixed emotions about. What if I couldn’t produce any more stories worthy of publication, I was told that was their problem, and for me to just concentrate or writing more stories.

They left about two hours later, leaving me with a signed contract and a check for fifty thousand dollars. I gave her what I had written so far on several stories for her to review and promised that I would have another completed story in a few weeks. I did not notice till later that the check was made out to Crystal. Another problem to deal with.

Becky got in late after spending three days away from me. I was woman-handled at the door, kisses, gropes and hugs given freely. I had dinner ready and she set on my lap to eat, with me giggling at her actions. We adjourned to the sofa where she told me of her customers and her missing me at night. I had mistakenly left out the contract on the coffee table and she spotted it. Zooming in on it she read it thoroughly than hauled off and hit me hard on the shoulder. Again on my lap and her nose right next to mine she demanded all the details or she was going to undress me and throw me outside for nature to deal with me.

I confessed all to her, she was ecstatic but was trying so hard to not let it show. My sister was called and they discussed me in detail along with the deal. I was never given a chance to talk to her, Sis and Becky deciding on what was to be done. Their conversation ended and Becky wanting to see the check.

In the back of my mind I had hoped that doing something with the check would allow me to escape my solitude, but Sis had already taken steps just in case and after Becky told me of their existence I realized that Sis was so much smarter than me. I let out a big sigh, then signed the back of the check after filling out a deposit slip that Becky came up with somehow. The Bank had a branch in Payson and Becky would make the deposit tomorrow morning. I was now rich and somewhat independent but lacked any means to do anything with the money.

I did get to cuddle Becky in bed all night, a most welcome action that I savored. It was several days later when Becky turned up early dressed to the nines. I was told to put on a dress that she was carrying in a garment bag over her shoulder and she would do my hair and makeup. I emerged a little later blushing red all over. The dress was brief, barley covering my panties. The neckline exposed most of my assets and hugged my body hard. My hair was pinned up with curls dangling over my ears and spilling down my back. The makeup was applied heavier than usual, leaving no doubt about the gender of the person underneath it. I was hustled out to her van and she drove off after locking the cabin up.

I tried to get the skirt to cover more of my thighs, but it was useless. It did keep me occupied doing so, not noticing till later we were already on I-40 heading west. I asked a few questions but Becky just had a smirk on her face the whole time, not bothering to answer any with a meaningful response. When we turned north at Kingman I had an idea of where we were headed. I swallowed hard, wondering if what I was thinking was Becky’s plan. Sure enough we pulled into the outskirts of Las Vegas and she stopped at the first wedding chapel on the highway.

She parked in their parking lot and turned and faced me. Since you are not screaming I presume you know what we are here for. I have always loved you from the first day we met all those years ago. Then when Crystal emerged some I was hopelessly enamored with you. Most of this scenario is my idea, to get Crystal out and in charge. Now we are going in there and getting married, then to a hotel where I can screw you all night. I have the only piece of clothing you will need tonight, a skimpy little pink nightie.

I was shocked but also so happy, I started to mention needing a marriage license and me not bringing any identification. Becky’s smirk returned as she waved a handful of papers in her hand. I decided less talk and more action was needed as I launched myself at her from the passenger seat. I grabbed a hold of her kissing and groping anything I could reach. The steering wheel was a problem, but Becky managed to get her door open and dragged me across the seat giggling away. She literally carried me inside as I was lip locked on her mouth. I heard the lady handling the marriages giggle as Becky handed her the documents and used her hands to request a marriage license. It was less than a half hour later when she married us and Becky carried me back to the van.

Once she checked us in at the hotel I was hustled upstairs and into our room. I looked around to see a heart shaped bed then nothing more as my dress was removed and the skimpy nightie was dropped over my head. I don’t remember much after that, just a lot of wonderful feelings coursing through my body for hours. It was heaven on earth, all of my years of suffering and angst now culminating in this wonderful new life for me. I was indeed dropped into the deep end, but I came out just fine.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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