Taylor; A Surprising Reward

I am a systems analyst for a large corporation, been one for fifteen years, anxiously looking forward to retirement in a few years. It is really the only job I have had since College, hired into this company when it first started and have grown with it. I worked my way up the ladder, handling many challenges thru the years. Now, I am head of the department and responsible for all computer maintenance and operations. Just two months ago, we were bought by a larger corporation, their home offices in Europe. They implemented a few changes immediately, but nothing too disruptive to us.

Our company was too well known and doing very good in the marketplace. The buyout had been talked about for years, a company ripe for the pickings, it was just that no one had enough capital to swing the deal in the economy as it is today. The European company, just coming out of their depression over there, was able to meet the challenge. Our CEO had talked with his counterpart over there, but other than that, no meaningful discussions until today’s email.

Of course, the rumors were numerous, from a wholesale firing of all top level positions, to the closing of the U.S. branch of the company. I remained neutral in all discussions of these rumors, knowing that a lot of them were just that, a rumor. Yesterday, I received an email, stating that a D. Sharp will be coming in to Phoenix to talk with me in the next few days about implementation of their systems software and their new approach to Personnel.

I suddenly didn’t feel good, this is what I feared the most, wholesale changes to our computer systems and our basic dealings with our personnel. I always have been a firm believer in the adage that a company is only as good as the people who work for it. In my opinion, our people were some of the best, the majority of them with the company from the start. I made sure all of my systems were fully functional and got ready for my visitor tomorrow. I even made sure all of my personnel files were up to date and all evaluations posted and filed.

I was surprised when I was requested to pick up my visitor tomorrow at the airport. In today’s business environment usually an executive would rent a car and be independent as they made their visit. I arranged to leave early in the morning, getting to Sky Harbor International Airport early so I would not miss the fight. The trek was always a harrowing experience, especially in the early morning hours. I awaited the flight, surprisingly there were quite a few passengers onboard on this early morning flight. I had made a small sign, giving our company name on it and waited at the gate. One of the last passengers to disembark is the most gorgeous female I have ever seen. I am suddenly in love, then in a totally unnerving maneuver, she walks right up to me and introduces herself as D. Sharp.

Quick, make up a new plan, engage mouth and welcome her to the U.S. She could tell that I am flustered, she pulled me away from the line at the departure gate and told me she likes to be called Danielle. Between us, she told me to call her Dani. She asked that we find a place to have some tea, and maybe talk for a while. I mentioned that the airport is too expensive, but there is a place not far from our headquarters that meets that criteria. We picked up her luggage, then made our way to my car. I asked if she wants to check in at the hotel first, but she declined. Forty minutes later, we pulled up to my little piece of heaven.

They listed themselves as a restaurant, but their specialty is beverages. Many different kinds of coffee, tea, some wine, beer, and a full line of ice cream concoctions. They stocked quite a few imported beers, catering to all tastes. They made one of the best chocolate malts I have ever had the privilege of drinking, although it is usually so thick you have to eat it with a spoon. She ordered some black tea and asked if they could add some honey to it. The waitress wanted to know what kind of honey would she like added to the tea. Dani giggled and after listening to the choices, made her selection.

She is easy to talk to, some comments on her flight, and her job back home. She is based out of their Danish headquarters and runs their entire IT program among other things. Those words used seemed a little unusual, but I soon forgot about them. That left my mouth wide open, she leaned over and asked me if that is unusual. I told her yes, for any female that looks so good and to be that smart, is beyond belief. I went instant red in the face, I just commented about her looks, a no-no in today’s business environments.

She asked me to bring her up to date on my background, if I am married, do I have any children, and what I wanted in the future? Boy, talking about being put on the spot, she just performed that with such ease that I never saw it coming. To give myself a little more time to get my thoughts together, I asked her what she already knew about me. I thought that might throw her off a little, giving me a chance to get my shit together. Boy, was I surprised.

She told me that, your name is Taylor Swift, no relation to the singer.” She recited my address perfectly, even correct to the zip code. “You started with the company fifteen years ago as of next week. Hired out of college as an employee for the IT department you have steadily climbed up to your present position. You are not married, have no children, your parents live in Florida, retired and spending your inheritance.

You take considerable pride in your systems, and your personnel departments’ integration with the overall company system. You feel that we are intruding on a smooth running ship, to use a metaphor. You fear widespread restructuring of the company, and are holding your breath that I am not here to accomplish that. You are five foot ten inches in height, weight one hundred thirty pounds, belong to a gym, attending once during the week and another time during the weekend. You love to read, consuming two to three novels a week. You have no one that you are seeing at the moment, mainly because you feel that you have never fit in with others, except in business dealings.

You have saved considerable money over the years, but have nothing to spend it on. You have no hobbies, no special interests other than your systems that have been designed to keep your company running smooth for the last ten years, the time that you have been in control of said systems. I almost forgot, you have a cat, your closest friend and confidant, whose name is Abby, a gray Tiger that is independent and has you twisted around her cute little paws.”

She looked me square in the eyes and asked if she had forgot anything? I didn’t know what to say, Dani is no regular executive, either in looks, or in her actions. She let me think for a couple of minutes while she sipped her tea, then asked if we could get down to business. I nodded my head, as she complimented me on my program that I have written and implemented over the years. They have a couple of modules that need to be worked into it, but other than that, they like what I have achieved.

Where I need to make some changes is in our personnel dealings. Over the years, they have developed a way to reward and encourage their employees by setting guidelines, but allowing the employee to proceed, as fast or slow, as they wanted to progress within the company. It is based on points, each level getting the employees further up the ladder. It has worked well for them, and they wanted it introduced over here. The program is totally computer monitored, the computer assigning the points and setting little rewards at each step.

I told her it sounds good, but right at the moment, I am still trying to figure out how and why you know so much about me. She giggled, telling me that her source did not tell her that I would take some convincing. She suggested that I take her to the office, she would like to see how it is set up and meet some of the employees. Then, maybe over dinner, we can discuss more about the project.

I asked her again, if she needed to check in at her hotel. She blushed a little, but finally stammering out, if she could stay in my guest room? I immediately turned red in the face, she told me that the Europeans are much more forward than the Americans, no implied actions other than her staying with me for the length of her visit. No sharing beds, strictly business, she would like to get to know me better, away from the office and on a more personal level. I told her it is okay with me, but isn’t she concerned about what other people will say?

She replied, “No, I have done my homework; you are interesting and I would like to know what makes you tick. I can’t do that without spending some time with you. I will, of course, compensate you what I would normally spend on a hotel room. I told her on one condition, we share in dinner preparation, in keeping up the house if your stay requires more time and there will be no exchange of funds over the lodging. She promptly agreed and kissed me on the cheek, before I could escalate that to an invitation to take her to bed, she said, “That is the customary greeting, or saying thanks in Europe, not by hand shaking.”

I walked with her through the company headquarters, who she chose to talk to and what is said, very interesting. Dani is very level headed and down to earth. She asked lots of questions, even a few that I had never thought about. Apparently, I answered them correctly because she never asked further questions after my answer. We spent four hours touring and meeting people, never once did she want to meet the CEO or any of the upper level management.

I asked her if she wanted lunch, but she asked if we could keep going and take an early dinner instead. She grew on me, so insightful, so knowledgeable, and so sincere. She can talk about any subject, even some of the computer programming that came up, and she asked how I handled the code to avoid a conflict with the basic underlying program. At five fifteen, we went to dinner, I asked if she wanted to freshen up at my house before we went to dinner, but she told me that just some fresh lipstick would do for her, unless we were going to a fancy restaurant. I told her it was a little Mexican place that served excellent food at bargain prices. I did learn earlier that she loved Mexican food and she hoped we could eat there one night, if there were any good places available. So my favorite south of the border restaurant got added to the fare tonight.

When we got there, she ordered some Mexican beer, my smile at her confirmed my happiness that someone other than me enjoyed their beer. She went off to freshen up and by the time she got back, we had our appetizers and some hot tortilla chips on the table. The dinner is enjoyable, tacos and tamales with a quesadilla as an appetizer. I found out that the new corporate hierarchy did very thorough searches on all of the major players in our company, Dani just being a little more thorough than the others.

I asked her where she got some of the personal info from, her reply, that several of my underlings were convinced to feed the info stream, all in the quest for something better for me, not themselves. They all felt that I was underutilized at this company, a CEO type of person doing department level work. Dani is so easy to talk to, half way through the evening, I probably had answered all the questions she might not have answers to yet. She paid the bill, telling me that she had a larger expense account than I did, and I drove us home. Somehow that sounded good to me.

I carried her luggage in, and quickly apologized for the mess of the room. Instead of making any remarks, she helped me straighten up things and hang up some of the clothes that were on the bed. I showed her where the fresh linens were and she changed the bed. All of this done as if it is a normal daily occurrence. She changed into some sweats and we made some tea in the kitchen together. With our cups in hand, we made our way to the living room and Abbey made her introduction, surprisingly she gave Dani one sniff and curled up on her lap. I got up to remove her, but Dani stopped me, the cat is fine where she is. We talked a little more about her program, something we would work on tomorrow at the office. She brought a copy of the program with her, but instead of just copying it to the drives, she wanted me to insert each portion myself, and then run a test of the software before unleashing it on the company.

She is so different than any computer program people I have worked with in the past. At eleven-thirty, we made it to bed, each of us in our separate beds. I did get a cheek kiss good night, then off she went. The next morning, I was still a little unsure of myself, she knew so much about me, apparently a lot smarter than me, but yet so easy going. It is very unnerving, making me suddenly, lack any confidence in what I am doing. I am usually up at six A.M. and she is dressed and making some tea when I got to the kitchen. A business suit with skirt, her hair in a pixie cut, styled perfectly. Not much makeup, but what she had on made her very attractive in my eyes.

We rode in together, chit chatting about my part of the company. She is interested in any facet of the operations, the day to day just as interesting to her as the big deals pending on the horizon. A lot of my employees are interested in our sudden friendship, but just smiling as Dani and I go about our work. I go over every module she hands me, check out the code and how it relates to other modules. Dani insists that I take no shortcuts, inspecting every line of code for its impact and its relation to the other parts of the program.

The program is well written, but I am not seeing the end result of the program yet. Three days later I am installing the last part and Dani asks me what employees I am going to use for the test part. I tell her that I want to be one of them, I want to see how the computer interprets my actions and what values (points) it assigns to them. Dani suggests some one totally opposite from me, with very different ideas and approaches to situations for the other participant. I tell her that I will probably add one more employee to the mix, but I want that identity kept from everyone till the end of the test. She smiled, knowing that I didn’t still trust her program and wanted a third variation to help make any conclusions from.

She told me that I still had to install rewards to the program, typically, basic gender different ones, that would appeal to a female or male. I asked what she used; for female she used beauty services and clothes, for males, she used sports related gear or tickets to sporting events. The next day, I entered a list of beauty services from a local beauty salon and a list of upcoming sporting events and gear from a sports superstore. Dani told me that all of the rewards would be paid from her corporate account, to see if the rewards spurred additional effort from the employee.

Since Dani knew that I still had many doubts, she told me to go ahead and expand the test to twenty subjects, gender split evenly and from as many different departments as possible. Initially, all details will be withheld from the participants, then after a reward had been earned, all will be explained and how to get their reward. Then, we could more accurately tell if the reward will make for more effort on their part.

One more day in making sure that everything is running smoothly and then I activate the program. Dani tells me that the program monitors activities of employees, all of their work related tasks monitored as to completion date, completeness of work, and original ideas that are utilized in their work. Points are assigned by the computer, then rewards, when necessary, based on the type of work done, whether it is a normally feminine or masculine type of response.

Dani used as an example that a female normally will show caring for other employees, while a male seeks to further himself before seeing to the needs of others. For instance, if a female, in an effort to gain a promotion, stresses her own ability in handling the job, she would get x points on the masculine side. If she stresses that her team is the reason for her success, the program would assign x points on the feminine side. At the end of a period, an employee might have points on both sides of the gender divide, the rewards determined by the majority point total. That way, female employees that act primarily in a way that males usually employ, would receive rewards more suited to her actions. We do not discriminate, we just want the best for the employee, at their desired level of progress. A go getter, although female, can end up CEO of the company if she pushes hard enough, while a male who is content in his present job, can maintain that status if he so desires.

The program just tries to reward good business dealings by employees, while allowing ones that are content in their position to remain where they are at. Dani told me it would take about a week for any definitive data to show up, but wanted me to allow the program about a month to show what it could accomplish.

Dani and I checked the results daily, getting a feel for how the program made its choices. She asked me to not look in on my data until the end of the test period. I agreed, although I am very curious at what it thought of my dealings. She roamed the offices, talking with everyone as I did my daily tune up of our department. I handled lots of different kinds of problems, everything from a computer not working, to loss of a report to the great unknown. In the past I have usually handled some personnel problems, along with my IT work, since we didn’t have a full time Human Resources employee on our payroll.

We did have a part time employee assigned to personnel from time to time, mainly for data entry, new employee entry, change of beneficiary, termination changes and assorted other paperwork the only actual personnel employee. Since most of the employees have been here for years, my part in the scheme of things was mainly handling requests for time off, sickness in the family, or every once in a while, some employee conflict. I also set in on new applicant interviews, one of four who hired all new employees.

Dani was busy, keeping tabs on her program and meeting and talking with more of our employees. She is accepted by all, a genuinely friendly and interested person. I did what I normally do, we had hired some new employees, as a result of some of our present ones leaving due to their husbands being transferred. A couple of disputes among employees, one such confrontation, not the first between these two. I handled it the way I normally do, setting the two down in front of each other and made them solve their own problem. It took a while but things were finally settled between the two, the original problem being what one thought was said about the other.

Along with these situations, were a lot of minor flare ups, usually caused because some work was not completed on time. I simply asked them to stay and work a couple of extra hours, paid of course, and then the problem vanished by itself. Dani watched with interest whenever I am involved with personnel, but never made any comment or suggestion as to how I solved it, or what had transpired.

We got along fine at home, sharing in the household duties, going to a movie from time to time, but remaining just two work colleagues. Dani tried to make sure several times that she is not imposing on my life, offering to find accommodations elsewhere, if she was intruding. I knew I would miss her if she was not there, I already depended on her for some normal day to day interchange, if I didn’t have that, I would feel lost. We ate most of our lunches together, but took turns with preparing the evening meal at home.

During her time here, she never met with our CEO, but now knew almost every one of our employees by name. She felt like I did, the key to a successful company is the employees, not the executives. So she spent time with the employees, learning about them, their interests, and their families.

Her program surprised me, the points assigned were easily justified, but the reason stated by the computer for awarding the points, not the obvious reason seen by others. When you looked more closely to the situation that was evaluated, you can see the accurateness of the computer more clearly. I never saw that reflected in the code when I installed the original program. How it came up with those underlying reasons for rewards, I still have not figured out.

The end of the first test period is coming up and the computer has issued points and in several instances, issued rewards. I printed the results and evaluated the results with what I had seen that employee do. I could find no fault with its decision and conclusions. I called in each of the employees, explained what we had done, how they were evaluated, and how to claim the reward. I received firm handshakes from the males, hugs and a few kisses from the ladies, but everyone was thrilled that what they had done had been noticed and rewarded.

From their enthusiasm when they left my office, I figured that they would continue in their actions, now that someone had acknowledged their efforts. Finally, Dani pulled my evaluation down, let me read it, and then showed me the rewards sheet. I instantly turned bright red, there stated in black ink is my reward, a full day makeover at the Turnabout Gurl Salon. I stammered a little, surely there is a glitch in the program, the reward is all female and I am a male. Smiling, Dani had me read the reasons for the reward and why I was assigned this particular reward.

Of all the employees evaluated in this test, this one individual displays the most caring and feminine actions and reactions to problems and the ways that they are solved. Obviously, this employee needs to be rewarded in a manner that will reinforce future decisions and this makeover should accomplish these goals. I just sat there, numb to the world, trying to think of anything that I could respond with that would be appropriate. It is close to quitting time, so Dani led me out the door and drove us home.

I was quiet, nothing that tried to escape my mind made any sense, so I kept quiet. When we got home she started fixing dinner while I just stared at the walls of the living room, the sofa as far as I had got after entering the house. Dani came and dragged me to the dining room, where she had prepared an elegant meal. I nibbled at the food, it was delicious, but my mind is still on my evaluation and reward. I did help her clean up, but it is body only, my mind not present during any of this.

She went to her room to change clothes, then came back and sat with me. I tried to move away, but she cornered me on the sofa when she moved right next to me; I tried to get up, but she would have nothing to do with that notion. Finally, she broke the eerie silence that had prevailed since we got home.

“I think the computer has stumbled on something lying under the surface, I want you to experience the reward as intended, then work a couple of days as your alternate self. I am aware that it is out of your comfort zone, but your actions have pointed to this part of you, maybe you ought to try it out before you disregard it. I have scheduled the appointment for tomorrow before you can come up with a hundred reasons why you should not experience it. Please, for me, give this a try; the program has worked in Europe for almost ten years now, an unqualified success, so give it a chance to see if the computer might be right.”

I tried to protest, but her kiss and her words to ‘please try it for her’ won out. I nodded my head, then she led me into my bedroom, undressed me, and then scooted me off to the bathroom. When I returned she is gone, my pajamas laying on my bed. I slipped them on and I am soon deep in sleep, well maybe, more like deep in worry. Anyway, I was not coherent, whatever state I was in.

I woke earlier than my alarm, just lying in bed, trying to get enough nerve to go through with this; there has got to be some glitch in the coding, I am a male and not some female employee that would enjoy a makeover! How that stupid program could decide that I would like a makeover as a reward is totally ridiculous. I had almost made up my mind to cancel the appointment, until I walked out to the kitchen and saw Dani. One look and I swallowed my pride and decided to endure the appointment.

I found out she had planned to take me to the salon, then pick me up tonight after my day being pampered. Her words not mine. I am not sure a male could even enjoy being pampered. We made it out the door, not many words being exchanged this morning. The trip to the salon, also in an eerie silence. When she pulled up in front of the salon, she turned to face me. “Please relax and try to enjoy this. If you keep an open mind, I think that a part of you will come forward, something you have worked hard to keep captive inside you. Lots of people have got glimpses of this being, but only glimpses, maybe just for a while, let this person be out front, and do the things that you have forced back to the deepest recesses of your mind. Just for today, please Taylor, be the real you. Then tonight, we can talk about it, maybe change a few things.

I didn’t say anything, although I did nod assent to her pleas. I got out of the car and walked slowly to the front door of the salon, then entered. The imposing female that greeted me, somehow cleared my mind immediately. I had to think real hard to even remember my name. Eventually, I told her I had an appointment this morning for a makeover. I never did get out my name. I am taken to a room in the back of the busy salon, then shown to a sofa. I sat down, trying to relax a little, but in actuality, I was scared stiff. She sat right next to me, but from where I had sat, there was no place for me to move to allow some more space between us.

“Taylor you look nervous. I am going to tell you all that will transpire today, nothing that will be permanent, but I am sure there are a few things that will shake you up. Every once in a while, the human body needs a little change, forcing the mind to adapt to things differently. Hopefully this will happen to you today.

She started explaining. “First they will remove all of your body hair, then some lotion to help keep your body smooth and hair free. Then, a manicure with long elegant nails, of course some nail polish to make them pretty. A complimentary pedicure to make the feet pretty and comfortable. Then an ear piercing, so that you can wear some pretty dangle earrings.

“Next is some extensions for your hair, your hair is long enough to be styled in a feminine manner, but we are trying to get you from masculine to drop dead gorgeous, so the extensions are necessary. A female hairstyle cut into your locks, then a wet set to give it that curly bounce. Sometime spent under a dryer, you know we females must suffer some to look beautiful. Then, on to makeup after they have shaped you eyebrows. While they are doing your makeup, they will instruct you in its proper application and to the basics of skin care.

“Once that is all done, they will comb out your new hairstyle and take a few moments to shape your body appropriately for your new female image. The main thing will be some breasts to help your image, then a corset to trim your waist. The breasts will be glued on, you wouldn’t want to take a chance of losing one if you bent over and one slipped out.” She let a little giggle and continued, “Then dressing from the skin out, undergarments and a frock appropriate for your evening. A pair of heels, and a few moments in instruction, so you can walk properly.

“Then the big unveil, and your date for the evening, Dani will come by and pick you up. Now, I know this sounds worse than it is, so please, just relax and let things happen. I will bet you a hundred dollars, that by this evening you will be hardly touching the ground you are walking on, the feeling of being a female, lifting your spirits. At the unveil, have your wallet ready, I expect to win this bet.”

I never regained consciousness for most of the morning. I sat where they wanted me, laid down for the hair removal, moved from chair to chair, as I was transformed from my male image to something else. I caught glimpses of myself from time to time, shocked by my new appearance. By the time my hair had been removed, and some of the hair extensions added, Taylor the male, had disappeared. I never had tried to portray a female, even at Halloween, I was always a superhero, a male one. As I youngster, I never dressed in my Mom’s clothes, I loved what a female looks like dressed to the hilt, but always from a male’s perspective and viewpoint.

Now in only a few hours, I had been thrust into the female ranks, my male self-absurdness being battered heavily. Half way through, they got me a salad to nibble on while they worked on my toenails. At no time was I afraid, scared yes, but I managed to sit calmly through the different treatments, my male appearance slipping away with each procedure. I could think of no logical reason why I was allowing this to happen to me. Thirty-eight years as a member of the masculine gender, being wiped out dramatically.

Around two in the afternoon, I noticed a difference in how I felt. I relaxed as they shaped my eyebrows, did my makeup, and then pierced my ears. The procedures didn’t seem foreign any more, I knew they were essential for my new look, a look that I was now anxious to embrace.

I couldn’t figure it out, other than some chit-chat, no one talked to me, no words of inspiration were given me, and no one made a fuss over me. To all concerned, I was just another female getting prettied up for a date or evening out. Since that kind of thinking was giving me a headache, I decided to stop it. I hoped Dani would be able to enlighten me some, I am lost in my thoughts, nothing making sense anymore.

When they got around to my body shaping, I paid a lot more attention to what they are doing. The corset was not what I had expected for my first attempt at shaping my body. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous it was, if only it wasn’t going on my body. All lacy, a creamy color, but gripped my body like a vise. It took them over thirty minutes to lace it closed, my fat resisting being moved to a more female type of configuration. There was a panel at the top of the corset that when undone, left access to my breasts if I had any.

When the quivering masses were laid on my chest, I knew that would be soon corrected. Both my chest and the back of the breast form were coated in an adhesive, then let air dry. The two were positioned on my chest and then pressed down hard. When she released the form, they were stuck securely to my body. The panel on the corset was secured again to the corset, the new appendages supported by the underwires of the panel. They were just sitting in the supported area, not really held by any other means.

I could see problems with their movements, and being able to keep them from popping out of my clothes. I was led to another room, the short walk making my titties bounce all around. The fact that I am moving differently because of the corset, not helping matters any. As I entered the room, I am looking at a gorgeous dress hanging in it protective cover on a rack. “Oh my Gawd, am I going to being wearing that?”

I could feel the blood rushing to my head, the bouncing of my breasts, and the different way I am moving because of the corset, was affecting me greatly. I found a seat and parked my body, not that easy to do since I could hardly bend at the waist. I tried to take deep breaths, never letting my eyes leave the dress. Finally, I stood, the thought of me in that dress taking over completely, I had to see what I would look like in this particular epitome of female clothing.

In the back of my mind, a voice was trying to get through, you are a male and males do not wear dresses. Needless to say, the dress was pulled up onto my body, the zipper made it snug from my breasts to my knees. The voice was never heard from again that evening. I was helped into some heels, a dainty pair that looked much higher than I would be able to handle. After the straps were fastened, I made a few tentative steps, watching in the mirror my image as I walked towards it. I shortened my steps, walking in a straight line like they suggested, the feeling of exhilaration sweeping through my body.

I loved this, the look, the clothes and the image reflecting back to me from any mirror! I walked around the salon, looking at what things were being done to others, but very content at what I had been able to experience myself. As I came back up to the front of the salon, Dani is standing there in a similar dress, looking awesome. I approached her, leaned in a little and gave her a cheek kiss, then backed off and let out a girly squeal. She broke out laughing, grabbed my hand, then led me to a waiting limo. I was almost bouncing as I walked to the limo, my breasts mimicking my bounce. The driver held my hand as I slipped into the limo, then helped Dani to follow suit. One of the technicians came running out to the limo, handing me my purse. I blushed red, then quickly took the offered item.

All of this is so unlike me. I never got excited about clothes, especially dresses, unless they were coming off of a well-built lady. The fact that I squealed, showed the extent of my change, from a male to a bubbly female, thrilled with her body and her looks. The limo took us to a restaurant on the other side of town, where we were met by two of our senior executives. We each were led to a corner table partially separated from the rest of the dining room.

The talk is cordial, never was my gender mentioned, we talked a little about the business and how Dani’s program is being integrated into the company. They had a small dance floor, so we each had a short dance with our escorts. The food was great and the service was exceptional. When the check came, Dani signed using the corporate credit card.

Our escorts excused themselves, and we made our way to the limo, then back to the house. I had lots of questions, Dani waited until I had asked them all, before responding to any of them.

The computer suggested a date like situation, so that you might feel what is like to be a female with a male. The two executives I selected to accompany us, have difficulty with different lifestyles, so the date might expose them to some other things that happen daily. They had a good time with two females, one of which had been living as a male for quite a long time. They enjoyed a meal with two lovely ladies and didn’t contract anything or suddenly turn gay. Later, they will work with these ladies in a business situation, now assured that their interaction will be cordial and totally business like.

The real plus tonight is the female Taylor that was unleashed on the world. I doubt she will ever return to her former life, this one much more exciting and appropriate. I got a huge hug as we retired for the evening, though I doubted I would sleep much this evening. After my clothes were slid off my body, I debated getting out of the corset, one look in the mirror and I left it on, what little discomfort it might provide more than made up by the feminine image my body was presently displaying.

I was up early, had fed Abbey and was in the process of fixing breakfast for Dani and I. My makeup was almost done, just some lipstick needed to finish it off. I had picked out one of the outfits they had sent home with me from the salon, a sweater dress that molded to my body. I did the best that I could with my hair, but knew I would need some professional help to look decent. I had already called the salon and arranged an early morning repair job, something that could be handled on the way into work.

We ate the meager things that I had managed to prepare then got ready to head to work. When I told Dani that I had an early morning salon appointment to get my hair looking decent she just giggled. One day and you are already totally immersed in the female you. Remember yesterday when you were fighting this tooth and nail, now all of a sudden it is full steam ahead.

I got my hair worked on, feeling much better at my appearance as we entered the office. I made the rounds like I usually do, checking in with some of the employees I had worked with recently concerning a problem. Especially with the female employees I am greeted with enthusiasm, most pleased with my new appearance, although I noticed a few holding off in their reaction to me. One employee that held back, told me she was jealous, when I confronted her on the subject. You look better than I do and you are a male. I gave her a hug, and whispered in her ear, maybe I am a male underneath all of this but I appreciate beauty in all forms and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Now put a smile on that face and lets figure out how we are going to get you looking as good as me.

I ended up making her an appointment at the salon, paying for it with my own money. Dani had been watching me from a distance so I am sure she had figured out what I was doing. Nothing was said to me though. Dani and I got called into the CEO’s office right before quitting time. Not an unusual occurrence but I wondered why Dani had been asked to accompany me. I was handed an email that would be circulated early the next morning and told to read it. I was totally at a loss for words, the email making me COO of the company. I told her I could not accept the promotion, I am fine and happy where I am and want it to stay that way. Dani leaned closer and told me you will accept the promotion, since it is from the owner of the company in Europe. I looked at her she smiled and asked if I had ever checked her out when she first arrived. To put it more bluntly, the owner of the company is D. Sharp, does that ring a bell with you.

Oh gawd, the owner of the company had been staying in my home, relegated to helping fix meals and clean the house. Dani stepped forward telling me to tell the CEO I accept. I looked at her, that smile again and nodded my head in acceptance. Dani hugged Bev the CEO and dragged me from the office, out of the building and to my car. I was placed in the passenger seat, then she drove us home.

Upon arriving I was led to my bedroom, stripped of my clothes and laid back on my bed. She did the same lying next to me with such a smirk on her face. I started to say something but she placed a finger on my lips and told me to zip it. “You are so adorable when you try and act like a male telling Bev you will not take the promotion. If you had listened instead of fantasizing about things you were not offered the job, the email said you will be taking over the position. I own the company and what I say goes. The position is not just here in the states, you will be COO of the entire company, in simple terms Bev’s boss. I am the CEO and the only one you will answer too. Now about a matter that has come to my attention.”

A certain employee of the company needs new accommodations, since she is being thrown out of the house she is renting at present. I have arranged adequate housing both here and in Europe. It is pet friendly and comes with maid service and cooks. I was trying to follow her, the pet friendly comment throwing me. She reached for her necklace around her neck and removed a ring that was hanging on it. She grabbed my hand and slid the ring on my finger. I stared at the ring finally the light came on upstairs and I dissolved into a puddle of tears. She pulled me close to her and kissed my eyes and ears making little noises as she did so.

“I have bought this house and am throwing you out as of tomorrow morning. My private jet will be here around noon, so Abbey and you need to be ready to accompany me. Your house here in the states is under construction and will be finished in three to four weeks. In the meantime you will live in your new home in Denmark. The company jet will be at your disposal for any trips you deem necessary. The wedding will be in a month, a bridal gown will have to be custom made for you, then of course the necessary bridal lingerie to complete the outfit. We are honeymooning in Alaska, actually a cruise lasting a month touring the Alaskan coast. Expect to be flat on your back for most of that time.

Now are you going to accept or am I going to have to dole out punishment to convince you? I squeaked what type of punishment? She turned me over and swatted my butt hard, I moaned then raised my butt higher so she would not have to strain to reach it. I received three more swats, then was turned back over and we kissed forever. I was indeed flat on my back for the reminder of the night.

It all started with a surprising reward, and ended with a new female, who is loved and cherished by her soulmate.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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