Petra; Ladies Wear Of Course

Jessie and I have been married all of three months, meeting in our first year of college we ended up sharing an off-campus apartment for several years before we decided that marriage was in our future. Jessie had worked her summer between her junior and senior year at a company offering on-the-job training for interested parties, with some college credit for the three-month summer break. Well, they liked her work ethic and offered her full-time employment as soon as she graduated. She had been piling in the courses wherever she could and ended up graduating this last December instead of the following May.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t find any summer employment so took more courses during the summer breaks and ended up graduating a year early from college. Between graduating and my bit of luck there were many job applications filled out, numerous interviews but nothing offered me. My bit of luck, if you can call what happened lucky for me, resulted from a job fair at a local mall where prospective employers were looking for new employees.

A local corporation was looking for new managers for their retail stores and were giving tests to measure the skills and possible decision-making abilities of their candidates. I was not familiar with the company, not having too much to do with retail stores either from a buying perspective or even a cursory examination.

I asked if I could take the test, the lady handling the testing said sure, but I missed the obvious snickers nearby. I set down and completed the test in about forty minutes, then went up to the lady to hand in my material. She roughly glanced at the test especially a couple of the questions and asked me if I could come back for an interview in an hour. Her sidekick glanced at the lady with a quizzical expression but resumed her task of managing the testing. I replied in the affirmative and made my way to the food court.

After finishing a burrito and a Diet Coke, I headed back to the job fair. As I made my way down the mall to my destination, I noticed the name of the corporation on a store across from the food court. I slowed down and checked it out to find it is an upscale woman’s fashion store.

Now I knew why I got a few funny stares when I took the test, also why they were no other males taking the test. I knew there were very few male managers in women’s fashions, partly because any self-respecting male would not be caught dead in a female type of clothing store, especially as an employee.

The second reason is females are usually not comfortable around males when they are partially naked and changing clothes. I figured that I had wasted my time taking the test, but would be courteous to the lady and go back to tell her that I am no longer interested. Before going back to the job fair, I decided to take a brief walk through the upscale fashion store. Back at the food court the lady was waiting for me, introducing herself as Linda Stephens, the human resource director for the corporation. We chit-chatted for a few minutes with me telling her that I was not aware of her fashion stores when I applied, but was sorry for wasting her time. I started to get up, but she asked me to stay for a while.

“It’s true they get very few male candidates, but my test scores were very significant, and the problem-solving portion of the test scored me in the upper ten percentile of prospective employees. I would like to talk to you some more, to find out a little more about you and to see if you might just fit in somehow.”

I replied, “I am really not interested in working in a woman’s fashion store, so I don’t want to waste any more of your time.” She then mentioned a starting salary if I met their requirements and asked if I could get an entry level job at or near that salary.

Well you know that got my attention. Their starting salary was two times what Jesse is making now, even, after all, her raises. Several of my college friends who graduated earlier are nowhere near this level of pay, and this after almost two years on the job. I knew there had to be a catch somewhere that kind of money is not offered these days to just out of college graduates, especially ones with no actual work experience.

I got comfortable in the chair and asked her what she wanted to know about me. I offered to fill out a job application, but she said her company does not use them. That was different, most companies these days use an application if nothing else to have in written format all of the employee’s qualifications and personal details. Linda was all business, covering most of the things found on standard job applications, but also covered a lot of non-standard questions.

She wanted to know about Jessie’s and my marriage, what she did for a living and if we desired kids. Then a question that left me speechless. “What would make you happy in life with emphasis on your relationship, job, and family?” Wow, you don’t get that question often asked if at all these days. Employers these days just don’t care.

I had to think about it real hard. Looking at her, I replied, “I wanted the time to enjoy my wife and family, to have enough money to live comfortably and to do a few special things in life before we get old and gray.” The biggest smile came over her face, apparently an answer that they desired to get from their perspective employees.

Of course, I supplied the standard information. “My name is Peter Thompson, graduated from college in three years, with a bachelor’s degree in management. I am fluent in Spanish and partially fluent in French. The French language is courtesy of a summer after high school, traveling the country of France and seeing the sights. My grades are near the 3.8 mark, but most of my classes are 4.0 except for calculus and chemistry. These classes lowered the grade-point average; I just couldn’t get enthused about them no matter how hard I tried.”

I continued, “My parents are now living in Florida, retired just last year, spending their child’s inheritance and enjoying it way too much. I am fairly tall for a male, just under five foot ten inches in my socks. I enjoy eating, and that shows in my 165 lb. weight. I exercised, mainly running every morning, usually five to six miles every day.”

Linda asked if I had gone to their store here at the mall. I told her I walked through looking to see what they carried and how it was laid out. She asked what I thought of the store; she wanted real answers, not what I thought she wanted me to say.

“The store is laid out well, but there seems to be not much for the husband or male shopping for his wife or girlfriend to entice his attention. I thought the clothes were a little expensive but admitted to knowing absolutely nothing about fashions either male or female. Although the clothes were grouped by kind, I wondered if by color might make it easier for a female to find what she might be interested in. I know my wife Jessie is aware of what colors look good on her and goes to those colors first, if the clothes were separated by color a female might find what she is looking for quicker, and maybe something else that she just has to have.”

“The associates seemed friendly” I said, “with me being approached twice while I walked through the store.” I paused, not knowing what else she was interested in, but she seemed occupied in adding to her notes on her laptop. Then, when I finished, she looked up, asked her next question.

“Had I shopped for my spouse, especially for fashions since I had known her?”

I replied “That I had bought her a negligee once several years ago, but my selection was obviously flawed since she hasn’t worn it since.” Linda chuckled at that but was not surprised.

“Males tend to buy what appeals to them, not what looks good or feels comfortable on their female spouse.”

With that she continued, “Put yourself in my shoes, hiring a male for a manager position that knows nothing about women’s fashions, what would you do to teach him the basics in a way that would stay with him?”

I thought about it for a minute. “The best way is for him to purchase some items, then maybe be evaluated about what is comfortable and what goes together by somebody that knows the ins and outs of fashion.” Her next question was, “Who would this fashion expert be, and how would they evaluate his purchases?” In my case, I suggested my wife, Jessie, since I knew she had some fashion training at a private school during her last year at high school.

Linda then asked if my Jessie used to be Jessica Madison, and the private school was Wimberley School of Feminine Arts. I nodded my head, and Linda asked, “If I had her cell phone number?” I gave it to her, but Linda wanted to know if she called her would her employer be upset. I responded, “No, she is on the phone all day long to friends, business associates, suppliers, and management in her company. One more phone call would not be noticed or objectionable.”

Linda dialed the number, then squealed into the phone when Jessie answered the call. I guess Jessie recognized the squeal since she made a corresponding one in return. Linda told her why she was calling, but Jessie was more concerned why I was applying to her company for a job. Linda explained it to her, then made a few comments about what I had scored on the test and what she had found out in the interview. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but it carried on for quite some time.

Jessie had an incoming call but promised to call back when finished with the call. Linda turned her attention back to me, asking if I was willing to train for the job. I asked what would be involved in the training, Linda telling me that my main shortfall is knowledge about ladies fashions thus that will be the focus of the training. Then, I would spend a week in several of her stores learning the procedures and managerial duties. All in all, she said, “I figure you need about three months to get your head around everything and be ready for your store.”

I was still a little hesitant about taking the job, I felt like I could manage the store, but me a manager of a ladies apparel store, just didn’t seem right somehow. I never did say that I would take the job, but Linda went on like I had accepted the position. By the same token, I had never communicated with her that I didn’t want the manager’s job. The money stuck in my mind, a real plus for just out of college.

I asked if I would be working as an assistant for a while, but Linda told me that they do not do things that way. Once I had my training and knowledge of female fashion, I would be assigned a store to manage. She asked me “Do you have any more questions?” I told her “No.” I actually had lots of them, but way too embarrassed to ask any of them.

She wanted me to come to the corporate offices tomorrow, to fill out forms for social security and to get my company badge. She will give me my assignment for training then and schedule my week internship at each store, six of them in the metro area. I thanked her for her kindness, but she reminded me that I would earn my keep, maybe save the thanks until I had my own store.

I proceeded home and started on dinner, then decided since I was now employed that we would eat out tonight. I dressed in one of my more classy outfits, a tan pair of Dockers and a sweater in a brown and burgundy print. I replied to some emails about jobs that I had applied for but had not received any offers just inquiries. They liked my resume, would keep it on file, but had no vacancies at the moment. In other words, no likely prospects for a job, in the foreseeable future.

Jessie was early tonight; she too had hoped we would eat out, so came home early to change clothes. She informed me that I was lucky to land that job, they are a prestigious company, with excellent management and corporate leadership. The stock options I would receive would be worth the job even if I didn’t receive wages for my effort. She confided in me that Linda had told her that she is now worth a quarter million dollars on her stock alone, after ten years with the company.

She changed her clothes; then we headed to our favorite steak house. She had put on an LBD that was so cute, her words not mine. I, however, did love what she looked like when she wore that dress. She had deepened the color on her lips and added more mascara, then had put her hair up on her head with curly tendrils dangling over her ears.

She looked so good; I was more than pleased that she had chosen me for her husband. I was attracted to her from the first time we met, but she had made the first overture, then prompted me for another date, when I didn’t ask in the desired time. She manipulated me from day one, and I am proud that she had chosen me to be the one for that honor. Even when it came time to think about marriage, Jessie was the one to propose, fancy dinner, even an engagement ring for me. It was several weeks before I was able to get her to the jewelers for her ring.

We did the double-ring exchange with our wedding vows, a wedding ring for each of us to go with the matching engagement rings. Yes, I wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring, highly unusual for a male, but Jessie is far from an average bride. I feel proud that she chose me to be her spouse, and if wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring is part of it, so be it. Every once in a while I get a comment about it, always from a female. Once I state my reason for wearing it that is the end of the discussion, a smile coming to the female’s face.

The steak house was up to its reputation, and the petite sirloins were to die for, a specialty of the restaurant. In particular, I loved the sweet potatoes, seasoned with just the right amount of brown sugar and served without the marshmallows that other establishments usually drowned them in. After we had eaten most of our meal, Jessie asked what I thought of the job since I had a little more time to think about it. I told her the salary was fantastic, although I was worried about learning about fashion since I knew absolutely nothing about it. I pointed out the negligee that I had brought her that she never wore as a prime example.

She giggled but then tried to explain why she didn’t wear it. It was very sexy, almost provocative, but the problem was it emphasized her breasts putting them on display with a shelf-like support. To her, it felt like her breasts were going to tumble out at any time. That was not a comfortable feeling for a woman. Hence, she side stepped wearing it. Because I had bought it for her, she should have worn it more often, but then she would have to change after we had settled into sleep, not a task she looked forward to after getting comfortable in bed.

I mentioned that Linda had smiled when I told her that I had bought the negligee, but that you had never worn it. I presume from her reaction that a lot of husbands make similar mistakes. I mentioned that I liked Linda, she was honest with me but managed to draw out a lot from me without me being aware that she had done so. It seems the whole company is like minded, probably a nice place to work.

Jessie assured me they were, but also highly irregular in their training and management approaches. I began to sense that she was not in favor of my actions, so I tried to get it out in the open. I asked her if she wanted me to turn down the job. “No, it will be good for you to learn about the other side. However, you will have to be prepared to change and acclimate yourself to a totally new way to live life.” I was puzzled by her statement, but she reassured me to wait until tomorrow, listen to what Linda proposes, and then make what you feel is the best decision.

“You will be shocked by her approach, but I love you and how you dress and act will have no bearing on our marriage now or in the future. The job is a great one and not to be dismissed without a lot of real good reasons, perhaps if you stick with it, we could start a family and buy a house soon, since money will no longer be a concern.”

Wow, that made me smile with glee, a fact that Jessie picked up on right away. “Curb the enthusiasm until after Linda tells you what she has in mind for your training. The company does not handle things like other businesses, but their unorthodox methods have been very successful for them. Just be prepared and open minded, I don’t think you have any idea what is in store for you.”

I knew that Jessie knew what it was, but the careful interrogation of her for the next thirty minutes yielded no further info. We drove home talking about what kind of house we would look for; I realized that I was committed to the job, no matter what Linda had come up with for my training. I couldn’t disappoint Jessie by refusing the job and thus killing our chances for a house for quite some time.

That night in bed was fantastic as we were deeply enthralled with each other for the whole night. We explored areas we had never visited and made love in ways we had only read about in books. It was three A.M. before we got to sleep, I did remember to set the alarm for seven since I was supposed to be at the corporate office by nine. I awoke with the alarm, dragging my tired body to the shower to revitalize it.

The shower helped, but I was still lethargic as I dressed and made my way to the kitchen. The coffee pot is automatic, a necessity in our household since neither of us is capable of making it without at least two cups before our mind kicked in. Jessie had already had a cup and was working on some fruit for her, and I headed over to the toaster to put my slice in to get warmed. I did get a grope in my crotch as I passed, and that did manage to get me running on all eight cylinders again.

Jessie picked up her purse, gave me a kiss, I might add a very sensuous one and wished me luck. Then disappeared out the door. I finished the toast and cleaned up the counter like I always did, then checked my appearance and then headed to my car. The drive is boring, but I am looking forward to the meeting in a way. It would be nice to be able to furnish the means so that Jessie and I could buy a house and start a family.

The corporate offices are nothing like I had envisioned. A rather plain three story building situated on a slightly larger piece of land, nestled in among some warehouses. I noticed the corporate logo on the offices and several of the warehouses. I stopped at reception and told them I had an appointment with Linda Stephens at nine o’clock. I was told to go the elevator and get off on the third floor.

When I stepped off the elevator, I was shocked at what I saw, no partitions for offices, just several desks scattered around the floor in small groups. A desk up front seemed to be the receptionist, and I asked for Ms. Stephens. She apparently was expecting me and told me to go all the way back to the far wall near the window; she was waiting for me. I made my way back, feeling like every set of eyes is glued to my presence. I made the observation that there were no males working here, I was indeed in no man’s land.

I noticed her when I made my way to her desk; she had been turned away from me in a phone conversation, which is why I had not seen her when I came in. She smiled and asked me to sit down. She told me that she was glad that I hadn’t chickened out, although she was sure that the thought had crossed my mind. I nodded, and then mentioned that Jesse and I had discussed the matter, but I thought the benefits far outweighed the disadvantages.

She had me fill in the social security form for withholding, then gave me an appointment for a physical, telling me the results of the physical would have no effect on my employment. Their health plan was very extensive and required semi-annual physicals. I would be now covered as of this moment and Jessie too if I wanted to add her to the plan. Before I could ask she told me, “There would be no charge to add Jessie to the plan.”

Another hook to keep me employed, with them, at least, that was my first impression since a lot of corporations used health care as incentives to keep their employees dedicated and unwilling to leave. She asked me, “Do you want Jessie included?” And I told her, “Yes”. So she issued me two insurance cards and added her to the plan. I was given an appointment for her as well for her physical, the same day and time as mine. Linda told me that the doctor was a gynecologist since most of their employees were female, but she would still be able to evaluate me in the proper manner.

Next, she turned her attention to my training and work at each of her local retail outlets. She handed me a schedule covering the next three months, with all my appointments scheduled and also showing when I would be working at each store with the training to be learned at that time. I glanced at the schedule and noticed several appointments for the Turnabout Gurl Salon, several right in the next few days and then one a week for the duration of my training.

Before I could ask about them, Linda started going over my schedule, telling me about each entry. She asked that I withhold comment until she was through, then she would address any concerns I might have. Her next statement brought home the degree that I was to learn about fashion and female clothing in general. Linda told me, “The best way to learn was by doing, so I would be given a credit card good at any of their store to obtain needed items so that I could dress and experience femaleness from the inside out.”

She continued, “What better way to learn about female fashions than to wear the items and experience the feel and look of each item. To keep my exposure to the public palatable, she had arranged for the Turnabout Gurl Salon to transform me into a very realistic looking female so there would be no embarrassing situations due to me being dressed like one.” Since a lot of the preparations were semi-permanent, she suggested that I live the female lifestyle for the next three months continuously. It might give me a more accurate feeling for what a female looks for in clothes and her mindset regarding shopping and interaction with others.

I just sat there, frozen to the spot, and then Linda realized that Jessie had not mentioned any of this to me. So she backed up, asking me to tell her what Jessie and I had talked about last night leaving out what she and I had just discussed. It took me a few minutes to focus on last night forgetting about the disaster that awaited me this morning. I reiterated what Jessie and I had talked about, about being able to buy a house and maybe start a family. Linda listened, then mentioned that the company had a program in place to allow us to purchase a home of our choosing and pay for it without any interest to managers who have their own store.

Another hook, a good deal, but what price would I be paying to take advantage of this perk. She assured me that the corporation had no agenda in having me dress as a female other than learning the things that I needed to know to manage a women’s clothing store in a fashion environment. They were sure of my ability to manage but needed to bring me up to speed about fashions and females to allow me to make a success out of my abilities.

I just sat there stunned that this was happening to me. A female life for three months dressed in all manner of feminine things, but also looking like a woman was just too much. But the hooks were so fantastic, but at what price to me, definitely a conundrum for me. Linda didn’t say anything, just let me think and run things through my mind and, believe me, that was what I was doing. One minute the thought of us being able to buy a house, then the next me walking into a store in my heels dressed to the nines looking for additions to my wardrobe, my female wardrobe.

I looked over to Linda for help, she giggled but told me the decision has to be yours. She had told Jessie everything yesterday, but Jessie had told her that she might not say anything since she did not want to influence me into a decision that I would later regret. I asked Linda if Jessie had indicated that if I went the whole nine yards if she would be receptive. I feared that if I dressed like a female around her, she might leave me since she did not marry a man who dresses as a female. Linda assured me that Jessie loves me, always has and she doubted that the way I dress would change her love for me.

The best way to find out, however, is to invite her to lunch and tell her what you have decided to do. Everything out in the open and no secrets from either of you. Besides, since you are relatively the same size, she would be able to borrow some of your clothes, a plus to any modern female. Linda told me that my first appointment is this afternoon if I decide to join their employment.

I made a decision, I couldn’t bring myself to pass up an opportunity to get some of the things that we wanted in our marriage, so I guess I will accept the job and the training and hope that things work out in the long run. I told Linda that I will accept their employment, I just hope I can live up to their expectations. She smiled, telling me “That I just met their first expectation, so relax and let things fall where they will.” She asked, “If I had a female name that I preferred to use so that my I.D. would match the way that I was dressed?”

For some reason Petra popped into my mind, I have no idea how it got there, not having anybody by that name in my life. Linda was happy, made a call on her phone, and a few minutes later I was handed my I.D. It was on a lanyard so that I could wear it around my neck. The salon would put my picture on it tomorrow after my transformation is complete.

I looked at my schedule, to see the time of my appointment this afternoon, noting that it was at three o’clock. I asked if I could call Jessie and ask her to lunch, Linda smiled and told me that she would be at the T.G.I.Fridays at eleven-thirty waiting for me. Incidentally, the corporation is picking up the tab for lunch so enjoy.

I had thought that when I decided to join their ranks that I was taking the initiative and responsibility for my future. But with Linda’s company, I seemed to be just doing what they anticipated that I would do. I asked Linda if somehow this is all planned out already, and I am just acting like I am in control. She giggled a little but assured me that I still am in control, but that some things are destined to be, no matter what we decide, the end results end up where they should be.

The job fair at the mall, with you stopping to take the test, incidentally you are the only prospective employee that tested in the range we were seeking. Whatever you want to call it, fate, luck, it got you to the place you were supposed to be at the proper time. She glanced at her watch, telling me that I had to get going so that I would be on time for my lunch date.

I left their corporate offices in a daze, I just got a job where I had to dress and act as a female for three months, my new name was going to be Petra and my transformation starts this afternoon. Then add the fact that I am going to lunch with my wife to tell her that I will be living as a woman for next few months, now what is unusual about any of this? With my mind so mushy I am surprised that I found the restaurant, but I managed to pull into their parking lot at eleven-fifteen. I made my way inside, to see my wife waiting for me.

We were shown to a booth in the far corner that was partially secluded. I am sure it is not an accident to be seated here. Jessie is excited, wanting to know about the meeting and what I had decided. I asked her, why didn’t you tell me what they had planned?” Her reply was, “I didn’t want to put any more pressure on your decision, the choice has to be yours and yours alone, or you won’t be able to put up with the transformation. I love you with all my heart, and this is probably going to help our marriage in the long run; but you have no idea what it is like to be female and live the life 24/7. It will change you, more than you can imagine, but I will be by your side whatever you do in life.”

I had a few tears in my eyes, but the waitress wanting to take our orders required me to wipe away my tears. We ordered several of their appetizers, to pig out on, Jessie telling me that my figure will require nothing but salads shortly. We nibbled and talked about a lot of things; something seemed to be different about our relationship than before. There were more give and take between us, more talking to each other as equals than before, but it was a nice feeling, a feeling of love and respect.

I told her that I had accepted the position and my first appointment in the transformation is this afternoon. I watched her face real close to see if I could detect any hesitation or concern over my decision. She smiled at me, informing me that she loves me no matter what, that she will be by my side whatever I do. But she is anxious to see me as a female since she has always liked women, now she has the chance to have a lesbian experience without having to let her husband in on the secret. I glared at her as she giggled uncontrollably, then she held my hands and squeezed, telling me that sex tonight is going to be unbelievable.

I didn’t want to know anymore, I am curious about the changes, but the unknown is scary, and this gender change is the height of horror. I have never bought into the normal male behavior, but still had an unusual fear of losing my male equipment. I have been assured that I will still have my maleness; it just won’t be visible to anyone. It is kind of like being castrated, to a male this is the ultimate horror story. Somehow the losing of one’s male organ makes the individual not worthy anymore, less than they should be.

Jessie had to get back to work, so we finished up, and I signed the bill. I got a super erotic kiss from her, then she grabbed my penis and squeezed hard. I tried to avoid the grope, but she caught me by surprise. She whispered to me that she was saying goodbye for a while, just wanting my penis to know it is loved and will be missed. Now she had me worried about the loss of my organ, more than I had previously been concerned about, maybe they will leave it there and just cover it up.

It was after two, so I decided to go over to the salon, maybe they could take me earlier. I arrived at two-thirty and went to the receptionist. I told her my name; then she responded that they had been waiting for Petra, and she would let my technician know that I am here. I looked around the salon, marveling at the size of the place, that and the obvious femininity that is present everywhere you look. A quite tall blonde came forward to greet me, taking my hand then telling me that she would be handling my transformation today.

“Petra will be receiving the deluxe package and that I would be clothed before I returned home tonight. It will take about six hours to do the initial transformation tonight and another twelve tomorrow to fine-tune the package. All is being paid for by the corporation, with me accompanying you on your first shopping trip tomorrow at the local retail outlet of your employer.”

Now to get started, you need to strip off all your clothes and lay on this table. She worked with some pots of something on the counter and some cloth strips that she was preparing. I was a little reluctant to strip here in the room with her, but she turned and saw that I was hesitant and decided to help. It is explained that most of their clients were males and for anybody reshaping and waxing, it is necessary to be naked. That meant no clothes of any kind, as she pointed out into the large room where a lot of other customers were being worked on. “Most of them are male just like you and will be female in appearance before they leave tonight.”

“So relax and let me get you transformed,” as she slid my shorts down my legs and onto the floor. I was not used to this and was reacting in a positive manner to the sensual touching. That was quickly handled as she held a bag of ice to my male organ, and that was all she wrote. It shriveled up to nothing within seconds.

She did introduce herself as Melanie, a transformation specialist at the salon. As she helped me onto the table, she appraised my hairiness and then started applying the hot wax. The first strip being yanked from my body was painful, but her repeated applications and removal soon became rather tolerable, still painful, but more of an ache instead of a sharp pain.

It took about an hour for her to cover all areas of my body, I required a rag inserted in my mouth when she came to my groin, though. That just plain hurt in more ways than I cared to discuss. I bit down on the rag and a couple of times I thought I would bite clear through it as the pain shot through me. The cream that she rubbed over my body afterward was wonderful, soothing the sting and relaxing my tight muscles. She mentioned that repeated use of the cream would stop any hair regrowth so that the waxing would not be necessary in the future.

That sounded like a winner, until I thought that a hair free body was not the ideal for a male. A decision to be contemplated for later, but I sure didn’t want to experience this waxing again. Next, my feet were put in stirrups at the end of the table, and I am asked to scoot down towards the end of the table. My butt is right at the edge of the table, and she spread the stirrups so she could work on my groin.

I almost pleaded with her to skip this part, but she told me not to worry, the replacement had a lot going for it, and I might like it more. The only way to experience the new equipment was to have it installed, so that is next. Before I could say any more, she sprayed a cool liquid on my groin, and I lost all feeling down there.

She worked down there for almost an hour before she had things the way she wanted. I did feel a cool liquid, or something being pulled, but, for the most part, I felt nothing. She finished and then laid a towel over the area to cover me up. I asked to see, but she said that had to wait until I am complete, at least in the equipment department. You can’t go anywhere without headlights, so that is next.

She moved to my side and started cleaning my chest with alcohol. Then as an afterthought, she placed a moist towel over my face so that I couldn’t see what she was doing. I felt her make marks on my chest and then felt the weight of two objects being placed on my chest. They were removed then a liquid is spread on my chest and then the weight is reapplied and held down. I presume that I now had breasts of my very own. Talk about a different feeling, the slight movement of each as Melanie moved them about, painting something around the edges of the new weights.

I was astounded by the heaviness of the breasts, a new respect for what Jessie carries around every day. Melanie helped me to sit up, and then raised the back of the table for some support. My breast shifted on my chest, and I grabbed for them to steady them. That is a new and very disconcerting feeling and then released them suddenly as I realized I was groping my own breasts. Melanie giggled, but placed my hands back on my breasts, telling me that they were mine and a part of my body, nothing to be ashamed of, but something to treasure. The blush returned in spades.

She fixed the table so that my feet were lying flat, then poked my new slit with her finger. I say poked, but she was gentle as she probed my new orifice asking if I could feel her finger. I responded no until she hit a certain place, and I almost came on the spot. She smiled telling me that her work is successful; I am now an orgasmic female. She started working on my ears, making marks on each ear, and I realized that I was to be pierced for earrings next.

I realized then that this impersonation of a female was not to be a farce. It was well planned and thorough to the nth detail. I had yet to see my image, but I presumed that I was already a female in appearance, the feeling from my various new appliances were flooding my mind with sensations. The numbing in the groin area is wearing off, little tingles as the sensations returned to that area. I wondered what it would feel like now, nothing there hanging, just an inviting slit. Suddenly back to the present as she aimed a gun at my ear lobes.

Three quick flashes of light and she is attaching the earrings to the new holes. Two studs with diamond stones and a hoop with smaller diamond stones encrusted along the front lower part of the hoop. A few minutes later and the other ear sported the same earrings. Another distraction as the hoop swung a little as I moved my head touching my neck and sending little shivers down my spine.

Before I could sneak a peek, she slid a robe over my shoulders and tied the waistband. Then Melanie moved me over to a manicure table and had me sit. She carefully held my hand and started filing my nails. She rounded the ends, then put a liquid around the edge of my nails, then using a stick and scissors she removed any cuticle that would spoil the effect of the manicure. Then she applied a liquid to the top of my nails, telling me to remain perfectly still as the liquid got sticky.

She had previously selected ten nail extensions for my hands, with the glue tacky they were applied to my nails and then my hand is inserted into a box with a purple light. Melanie informed me that the UV light would bond the nail extension to my nail permanently, thus giving me the perfect nails of a glamorous female. At that time, I was not too happy to hear the word permanent when used in conjunction with my new talons that had suddenly sprouted from my fingertips; the word gorgeous also bothered me. Melanie told me that they were unbreakable and were glamour length, a half inch beyond my fingertips.

Next, a base coat and then three coats of dark red polish is applied to each nail. This took a while as each coat had to dry before another coat could be added. The look as the nail polish seemed to get deeper in color and shiny could not be put into words. I was looking at them constantly, the red color and shine making them obvious to all that would look at me. Then Melanie added a top coat to the nails making the shine almost leap off the surface of the nails. I knew it would attract the eye of anyone looking at the nails.

Melanie supplied me with some nourishment, an apple, and a diet drink are quickly consumed by me, it seems that being turned into a woman is a high-stress task. She pivoted my chair around, and I faced another mirror, realizing that I was sitting there stark naked, with only a light robe to cover me partially up, though the gorgeous nails that I now sported did make me feel good. Melanie placed a cape over my shoulders, then started working on my hair. I had let my hair grow the last two years of college, with the ends reaching my shoulders.

I was afraid of what I would look like with a female hairstyle since the changes done to me so far have made me unrecognizable. That is unrecognizable as a male, no doubt about it, the image in the mirror is that of a female. She told me that my hair is long enough for a female hairstyle, but after I completed training, I would receive extensions so that there would be no doubt about my gender. At the time, I missed the significance of that statement completely.

She cut my hair in layers, getting rid of my split ends, then added some hair color to my hair. I was told it is a lightening color rinse, semi-permanent in nature, bringing my hair up from its usual light brunette color to a dark blonde color with highlights.

Then she began to set my hair in curlers, larger ones on top and medium ones around my face and neck. She applied a setting gel as she wound each curler with my hair. This is something I have never had done to my hair, so I was curious. Under a dryer for thirty minutes, the heat of the dryer making me sweat lightly around the face. After the timer had gone off, she checked my hair and pronounced me dry. The curlers are removed, leaving my head full of bouncy curls, at least, two shades lighter in color than before.

Makeup is next, with me getting the works as she selected and used items from her large box of cosmetics. Foundation first, then a minimal eye makeup, some blusher on my cheeks, and dark pink lipstick to finish me off. The image in the mirror is all female, a very attractive one too. I turned a little red; I am attracted to my own reflection, how screwed up does that make me? Melanie returned to my hair brushing out the style and spraying it with hair spray to maintain the style. My face had suddenly been transformed from a male to female, not a sign of Peter left to be seen.

Melanie left me for a few moments returning with her hands full of clothing, apparently for me. She laid the clothes out on the table, handing me the panties first. I reluctantly slipped them up my legs, I knew wearing them was going to be a daily occurrence, but panties just do something to a male that makes him extremely nervous and unsure of himself. After I had them in place they felt fine, maybe if I don’t look at them, I won’t be aware of the fact that I am wearing them. Yeah, right!

The bra is next, Melanie first showing me how to do it the easy way, then making me do it the usual way so that I could decide which I preferred. Melanie told me that my waist had to be altered some to give the illusion of a figure. So she produced a waist cincher and soon I was within its grip, a three inch reduction of my waist if I pulled my stomach in some. Tomorrow they would do something different, but requiring more time and finesse than is available this afternoon.

A camisole came next since the blouse is on the thin side. A pair of pantyhose followed as I am shown how to roll them up to slip my legs into them. I will have to admit the feeling of them on my hairless legs is sensuous. I caught myself several times pausing to let the feeling subside some so that I could continue. Melanie noticed, telling me that I would soon get used to the feel of them, but when I did I could start wearing stockings and a garter belt, that last said with a giggle.

The blouse is next, an almost sheer fabric showing off the lace of the camisole and definitely showing the fact that I now have breasts and am wearing a bra. Then the skirt, a pencil skirt with a lacy ruffle at the hem to match the color of the blouse. She provided a pair of heels, a classic pump with three-inch heels. As I slipped my feet into them, I realized the extent of my transformation. Peter was totally gone, Petra in his place dressed elegantly, ready for whatever the world had to offer her. Melanie wanted me to walk around a little to get used to the heels and the pencil skirt.

The walk around a little lasted for over an hour, but in that short time, I became accustomed to the shoes and skirt. Since my I.D. still showed male, it was suggested that my wife come to pick me up. I tried to avoid this since I was unsure what she would think of me dressed as a woman. But as usual, she had already been called and took that moment to walk in the door. She looked around for me, with me realizing that she did not recognize me. I cleared my throat, she turned my way then attacked me. I was almost knocked off my feet, then hugged, kissed, fondled, and groped. I let out a big sigh, at least, she doesn’t hate me. To me the worst part, was this was right in the middle of the salon, with every eye focused on the affectionate encounter.

She spent, at least, fifteen minutes taking in my appearance, only Melanie handing me a bag of clothes for later, interrupting her close inspection of her new female companion. She thanked Melanie profusely for her efforts and led me out of the salon. Melanie managed to yell out that I needed to be in by nine A.M. for my appointment, but anything else she tried to convey was missed as the door closed behind us.

I am literally dragged to the car; then she held the door for me as I slipped into the seat. Incidentally, the only way to do anything with a pencil skirt is to slip in, your legs are almost fused together, and there is no room for anything else. She even made sure that my seat belt was hooked and tightened properly. I don’t know what possessed Jessie to be so possessive, but the attention is nice. We made it home faster than usual; I am sure that Jessie maintained the legal speed limit and then some for the entire trip.

At the house, we were renting she parked in the drive and is out of her door and around to mine before I could get the seatbelt unfastened. I am helped out of the car and dragged inside the house, in fact, she is so nervous or anxious, it took her three tries to get the key to unlock the door. Once though it is done I am dragged into the living room, laid down on the couch and kissed like there is no tomorrow. I am giggling at her reaction to me, several times I told her she is going to mess up my makeup, but it was like talking to a wall.

Her tongue probed my mouth; the kisses skipped around my face, with my eyes and ears getting their full share. Believe me getting kissed on the ear and having her tongue probe the inner ear, really turns me on. I almost came, and then I remembered that it is hidden away, I wonder if I can come like I used to. Where are the owner’s manuals when you need them?

The foreplay went on for quite some time, several times she seemed to want to take off all my clothes, but then she would take it all in and sigh. I didn’t say much, just content to watch her actions, she was like a kid in a candy store. That phrase sums it up pretty accurately. Eventually, the girl calmed down, sitting on the couch and taking in all of my new looks. Then with a sudden wrench of my stomach, I realized I was the one being appraised, maybe the consideration as to whether she puts up with me or gets rid of the effeminate male.

I was alright when she was enamored with the new me, but now the newness is wearing off, and the male she married is now just as pretty as she is. I buried my head in the pillow on the sofa and burst into tears, three months of this female thing, all for a job, but at what cost. I feel Jessie reach her hands around my body and pull me up and into her arms. She doesn’t say much, just holds me and kisses whatever part of my face she can reach. The kisses are mixed with the tears as I totally lose it.

Eventually, the tears ran their course, and I look up at Jessie, wondering if she is going to kick me out. She helps me straighten up a little, then turns my head towards her, wanting to know what my problem is. I lower my eyes, but she is right there pulling up my chin, making me look into her eyes. “Okay, Petra, you have had your cry, now you need to explain what is going on.” I start out in a low whisper, and then all of a sudden the words come tumbling out, every doubt, concern, and fear that I have spilled forth.

Jessie giggles, then before she can put the words together, the giggles turn into outright laughing. I have that look of panic on my face again, and she places a hand on each side of my face so that I have to look at her. “Petra, you have been a female less than a day and already you have every insecurity a young wife has of her relationship. I am going to tell you this once, are you listening?” I nodded, “Good you are my husband, no make that my wife considering how you look. I love you very much and I always will whether you are dressed as a female or male.

When I first saw you today, a romantic fling I had in college came back to me with a vengeance. It was with a female, one that I thought I truly loved, but alas she had eyes for more than just me. When I saw you, the resemblance was uncanny and for a while, I was back there having a lesbian romance. Then when I got you home, the thoughts of her vanished replaced by your loving face. I love you both ways, but I think Petra has a distinct advantage in the popularity contest.

So whether it is Petra or Peter is of no concern, you will always be in my heart and mind. Now since you have ruined your makeup, and there is nothing for dinner here at the house, you need to scoot your cute butt to the bedroom and repair your face so that we can go out.” A brief panic descended on my face, but Jessie headed it off.

“You are now a female and wife that is what wife’s do; they get themselves ready to go with their husbands and then after a nice dinner, they come home and show their better halves how much they appreciated the meal and time out.”

Surprisingly applying the makeup was not that difficult, after I had cleaned the old makeup off. Then you had to take into consideration that I only applied mascara and lipstick, but the look is sufficient, though not as good as Melanie had done. I did poke myself twice with my new nails, also am caught staring at them as Jessie is trying to get me out the bedroom door.

It took me longer than a housewife should, to get my makeup repaired. I am already thinking of myself as a wife to Jessie, but I guess in a way I am now the wife. I just hope that she doesn’t find someone else to love. I returned to the living room, received a passionate kiss and am led out to her car. She held the door for me, something I always did for her, but tonight it just seemed to be right to let her get my door. She got behind the wheel, another task that I always used to do, with her driving we were at the restaurant in about thirty minutes. She always told me that she wanted to drive in NASCAR, I think she maybe missed her calling.

Jessie is pulling out all the stops tonight, going to one of our favorite places to eat even it is on the other side of town. The valets got our doors, helping us out of the car, and then Jessie joined me leading me into the restaurant. I am trying to act like a female but am super conscious of all of the eyes that seemed to be focused on me.

After we had been seated in a private booth in one of the smaller rooms, Jessie asked “How are you doing?” I told her that it seemed like every eye is on me, both male and female. I asked her if there is something wrong with my clothes or makeup. She giggled, “No, they are just admiring a beautiful woman, the females are checking out the competition and the males are deciding if they have a chance with you.”

I blushed bright red, me a former member of that sex, was being ogled by them, what a turnabout this was. The waiter came to get our drink order and the two times that I looked up his eyes were glued to my breasts. I thought back to when I was male wondering if I was that obvious about my focus. Then my mind replayed my last thought, when I was a male, I guess the mind is the first to go, and mine is already embracing this feminine persona.

The wine is excellent, a white wine, that Jessie told me is more appropriate for my new sex, very appealing to my palette. She ordered for us both, an avocado and mandarin orange salad with broiled chicken on the side. I was surprised at how good it is, thinking I would be still hungry afterward, but in the end, it is all I could eat. I am sure the waist cincher had something to do with my lack of appetite, I was comfortable, but very aware if its presence, just like the bra. We passed on dessert, just enjoying the night out, talking about a little of everything.

We left two hours later, with me leaning in on Jessie’s shoulder. The drive home is uneventful, but I was concentrating on Jessie’s comment before we had left for the restaurant. She was expecting me to be the wife and thank her for a wonderful night out in the appropriate way. I thought back to what Jessie did for me after an evening out, knowing that I would be expected to do the same for her. I didn’t have any trouble with the reward for being taken out, just the thought that I would be passing it out. We made it home, Jessie helping me out of the car and opening the front door for me.

I headed upstairs right away, hoping to avoid the romantic mood the evening was taking, but Jessie was right behind me. I stepped into our bedroom, wondering just what do I do now. Jessie turned me around, kissed me passionately and then she helped remove my clothes. In a matter of minutes, I am down to just underwear, pantyhose, and heels. She had me kick off my heels, but leave everything else on. I am helped to bed, and then Jessie made quick work of herself, after removing her clothes except her underwear. She crawled up the bed as if a lioness stalking her kill. I am kissed in all the appropriate spots and then some.

We cuddled each other with her behind me nestled into my back. Unfortunately, her hands were on my front, the breasts to be exact. She is so turned on, I have never seen her this excited before, I guess lesbian sex is definitely a turn on for her. Finally, I managed to turn on her and started thanking her for a wonderful evening. My first target is her breasts, Once I had her bra off I sucked her nipples until they were rock hard, then twirling my tongue around the hardened nipple to see if I could get them even harder. My hand with the long delicate fingernails is teasing her warm and inviting pussy, her showing several signs of pleasure at what I am doing.

I moved my tongue south, why should the nipples get all the attention. The moment that I eased my tongue into her inviting slit, she shook with the first of several orgasms. I kept up the attention as she tried to get me to withdraw, I had other ideas, after all; she took me out for a lovely dinner. Somewhere in all of this, she managed to grab a hold of one of my nipples, and she pinched hard. I stopped my ministrations for a second, I actually felt the pinch. She took a deep breath, then told me that she was so tender down there; she had to have a minute or two to recover.

She laid there, trying to get her breathing back to a more normal rate, with me staring at her ready to pounce, as soon as she was back to normal. She looked my way, giggled a little, asking me, “What has gotten into you tonight?” I told her, “that I was to thank my loving husband, for the evening out; now, all I had to do is thank him for the dinner.” She backed away from me, till she almost fell off the bed. We both ended up laughing, then she got an evil look, smiled and started making her way back to me.

This time, she didn’t stop or even hesitate, as she attacked my breasts. As soon as she sucked on the first nipple, I nearly lost it. She kept up the attack, sucking on one then the other as I moaned from the feelings that coursed through me. Then she slid a finger into my slit and probed until she found the same spot as Melanie had earlier. I almost left the bed, as she sucked a nipple and probed with her finger. She looked up into my eyes with a smile on her face. “Now you know what it feels like to be at the height of sexual passion, and your lover will not ease up!” Then all of the feelings gathered together like they were each building on another and I came with such force. I tried to roll away from her, but she kept me pinned down and kept the manipulations of my breasts and pussy going forward.

Soon I was on the upside of another orgasm, this time; it was going to be a doozy as my body was shaking with passion and desire. I needed to cum real bad, but all of my senses were already at the max. My nipples were hard as rocks; my clit was again trying to respond, but it was too much too soon. Then an overwhelming feeling flushed over my entire body, and I arched my back in an attempt to come again.

It took forever for the warm feeling to ease up. I now know why Jessie likes to cuddle after we have sex. It prolongs the wonderful feelings pulsing through your body, extends the orgasmic feelings, so they seem to last forever. I remember doing this some with Jessie, but I too am guilty of getting off, then doing nothing for my spouse as she relishes her climax. I, at least, make sure she gets her climax before I withdraw to my own little world.

We held each other for hours that night; I was afraid to let her go, afraid that when she gets a chance to think things through, I will be discarded. Not a virile man, not a real woman, just something in between, surely not what she desired when she married me.

I did get some sleep, but the new chest features did get squished and pinched a couple of times as I tried to get comfortable. Using the bathroom is still an experience, it is so messy for a woman, but then sometimes a male’s bathroom experiences are far from routine. I dress in the clothes that were given me last night before I left the salon, then brushed my hair. The style she had given me is easy to duplicate, although I am sure my rendition would not be considered adequate by any means.

Jessie dropped me off at the salon, and I was immediately snagged at the front door. Taken to a treatment room the inspection started, I did not pass, back to remedial courses for the duration. She removed my makeup and had me start over, with me doing all the work. Three hours later and several makeup applications later I had attained the skills to make myself pretty.

Then we moved on to hair. I didn’t put my hair up last night causing several tangles. When I brushed it this morning I only removed a couple of them, so she had me brush my hair until all the tangles were removed, then put it up in a bun for sleeping. Take it down, brush it into the style for today, then apply hairspray to maintain the look. Three times I had to do the hair bit, I had a feeling I could do it with my eyes closed, but she nixed that idea.

Then we moved on to my clothes. I didn’t change my panties, the new bra I slipped on was not adjusted to fit me properly, and the dress I decided to wear required a slip which I hadn’t put on. Her solution is for me to accompany her to one of the stores I would be working for. Melanie drove us there then she gave me a quick tour of where things are at and what I need to find for myself. She had me get a dressing room, then select an outfit to try on, take it to the dressing room then show her. She would evaluate my choices, and I would do it again till I could pick a coordinated outfit in the proper size and accessorize it appropriately.

Needless to say, it is after lunch before we left the store. The sales associates were very helpful and accommodating having to do all the extra work hanging up all of my wrong choices. It did accomplish something; I left the store with six outfits, which could be interchanged with others to make a multitude of different ensembles to wear.

Tomorrow I would spend my first day at work, learning what is involved. The last hour of the day she worked with my voice a little, showing me how the insertion of a few words could change people’s perception of me. Everybody agreed that my natural voice is feminine enough as long as I keep the volume down and insert the proper enhancements.

Again Jessie picked me up since my car is at home. I received my new altered I.D. today so that I could now drive. I fixed dinner tonight, partly because I wanted to impress Jessie with my skills, and partly because I wanted to stay home and out of the public eye. Jessie was impressed, wanting to know if I am going to be the wife now in our relationship.

“If it means you are keeping me as you spouse then yes I will be the wife.” She could see that I was still worried about being cast aside, so she dragged me to the bedroom. My clothes were removed, and she laid me on the bed. She straddled me with a knee on each side of my body and asked when will I accept that there will be no casting anyone aside now or in the future.

I struggled to get out the words that I love her, and I don’t want to lose her. You married a male, and now you are sharing a bed with another female. She stared at me with both of her hands posed to start tickling me, something I am very susceptible to. “One last time, are you my wife?” as she started tickling. I yelled out “Yes.” “Do you love anyone else?” tickling again and I had to fight to get out the word, “No.” “Then shut up and believe me or I will tickle you the remainder of the night. You have my word on it.”

I did believe her; I had to since I can’t stand to be tickled. Several times she would start to tickle me to get my attention, for my mind had wandered off thinking of something else. She finally threatened to call the salon and have then bleach my hair light blonde since the bimbo in me is trying to come out. She knows I am smart; she knows that I can adapt to any situation, now she needs me to act like the person that I am. That person is a gorgeous female that is having a lesbian tryst with her best friend and wife; a wife who adores her, especially her new persona.

Well, today is the big day, the day I start work as a female. In my limited time on this planet, I never pictured myself as a female much less making my living as a female. Jessie helped me pick the outfit I now wore explaining why it would be a good choice for today. I knew a little more than a few days ago, but I doubted I would be able to learn all that is necessary to become a functioning female. The drive to the store took me about twenty minutes, but the walk from the car to the door seemed to take forever. I am so scared of this, of the impersonation and whether I will be able to do this job.

I swallowed hard, and then entered the store. This store is a stand-alone unit, not a part of a mall. I went to the desk and asked for Samantha, the manager. She was nearby and finished with another sales associate then greeted me. I told her I am Petra, here to learn to manage a store. She dragged me off to her office, told me to have a seat, and then asked what the problem was? I looked at her; she seemed to be able to read my mind, as her eyes bored into my mind.

Since I was at a loss for words, she decided to tell me what my problem is. “You are scared to death of making a fool of yourself; you feel that your looks are going to give you away any minute, and you don’t think you will be able to learn all you need to know. Am I right?”I broke down in tears, all my insecurities coming to the surface. She told me to “Dry up the tears; you are doing just fine for this early in your training, so hush.” I looked at her again, how she would know how I felt, about my ability to cope. She smiled “I know exactly how you feel, I too have sat in that same chair and cried at the frustration of having all of this thrust upon me. I don’t think Linda divulged ‘all’ in your interview; she usually doesn’t. You are in the same situation that half of our managers have been in at the start.”

I looked quizzically at her, half of their managers have broken down in tears their first hour on the job. “Let’s just say that you are not the first male to take on a position with us a manager.” My eyebrows went up with that statement; “There are other like me working here?” Samantha smiled “Yes, you are not the first and most likely will not be the last.” I thought back to Linda’s statement that all of their managers are female during the interview.

Samantha told me to “Dry those tears; you will do just fine just like all the rest of us, and you will likely learn to love the role of a female. We all have and are quite happy in our lives.” My mouth opened in awe; I never realized that what has been done to me, might have been done to others. Samantha was a male too, and is quite happy as a female; maybe there is something more to this for me than what is on the surface.

Samantha allowed me very little time to feel sorry for myself, a lesson on how to run the register my first task. She made a couple of suggestions on my voice; I had already been told them, but as nervous as I was I wasn’t doing anything to correct the problem. I was left on the register all morning, only one or two ladies gave me a second look as I rang them up.

Samantha and I grabbed a bite to eat at a soup and salad restaurant, finding out a little more about each other. She told me some things to expect in the following weeks, the company not one to coddle their employees. “If you had any understanding of what you are learning, they would still push you to the limit.” Samantha told me I would be helping customers in the dressing rooms this afternoon, something that I had to experience so that more mundane tasks could be gotten to.

Samantha led me through the process once and then I am left on my own. Greet the customer, help her pick items to try on, get her a dressing room and the do what necessary so that the customer can make a decision. That can be zipping up a dress, helping a lady with her bra, tightening a corset, or selecting other items for the customer as she tries on her first selections.

The first couple of customers I am embarrassed to the max, and then Samantha suggests that I look at it a little differently. “Your customer has breasts and wears a bra and panties, and so do you. She is a member of the female sex, and so are you. She sits to go to the bathroom, and you now do the same. So no more embarrassment, they are fellow female customers trying to shop for themselves just the same as you will be in the next few days.” I guess when she puts it that way I have to agree.

It did become easier, I still did a few things wrong, for one thing my selections for the customer were horrible, but my eagerness and obvious enthusiasm did sway them eventually. I slowed down, took time to carefully look at my customer to see the impression that I was getting from her. Then I thought of what might look good on her, what might enhance her look, I reminded myself of what Jess often wore, the color combinations she used and picked accordingly. Three long hours later I was doing pretty good, in fact, right now I had three ladies in the dressing rooms trying to find them the clothes they were after.

Samantha watched but never did intercede on my behalf. I was mad at her at first, for leaving me to struggle, but soon found that she was doing me a favor. I had to find the mechanism to help the customer myself and with constant help I would never make the effort. I helped her close the register at the end of the day, finding out that I was the top associate in sales. I smiled, feeling pretty good at my accomplishment.

She did make the remark that I was not a male and never had been. I gave her a quizzical look. “All day, not once did you look at a female dressing or undressing in a typical male manner. There was no staring at their figure, breasts to be specific like many males do, you smiled all day, even when you were having trouble. The best part is how you talked to them, as an equal. Always in an effort to help them not trying to be better than them. Keep it up and you will be a manager sooner than the three months, much sooner.”

I dragged my body out to my car, drove home and immediately started on something to eat. I had found a couple of items, and was prepping them when Jess came in. She took one look at me, then turned off the stove. Instead she handed me a bag of takeout, from the burger joint down the road. The place was not much to look at, but the food was just shy of spectacular. I hugged her, kissing everywhere on her face that I could reach. I wanted to take her to bed, but my hunger won instead.

We ate quietly until we were down to the fries, then picked at them dipping then in mayonnaise one by one. “I got a phone call from Linda today about you. We talked quite some time about you, mainly her telling me how well you were doing. Several of your customers today were corporate employees checking out your effort and skill. All of them were ecstatic about your presentation and effort today. You will get your own store quite soon, and they will probably be changing your training again, to focus on the few things that you are still lacking. My sweet Petra, you wowed them and now I have been given the privilege of giving you your reward.”

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I was undressed and laid on the bed, whenever I tried to help my hands were swatted away. She left me for a minute as she got undressed herself, then methodically worked her kisses up my body starting at my toes. When she got to my thighs, she stopped and started again from my eyebrows and worked her way down. I was twisting, moaning, giggling, and otherwise struggling to keep from a total meltdown. I never realized what was possible without using one’s sex organs, two or three times I just whispered for her to take me and put me out of my misery. But no, she had other more devious methods yet to be deployed.

She had been kissing my lips while rubbing my nipples, then slid down to my neck and ran her tongue from my chest directly to my ear and then penetrated my ear. Well that did it, I screamed and lifted my butt clear off the bed trying to control the feelings that were pulsating through my body then. When she stopped I collapsed back to the bed still trying to come down from the intense feelings that were wracking my body.

Jess slid off of me lying by my side and holding me tightly. Several times my whole body shook, such an intense feeling. It was like I had forgotten to breathe and then all of a sudden breaths came fast and furious, way too fast to handle. I was light headed, giggly, and suddenly extremely peaceful. I turned my head kissing her on the tip of her nose, then slid into slumber land, my body as close as I could get to hers.

The next morning I was rested and comfortable, but she poked me in my side, telling me I had to get ready for work. I looked at the clock and let out a low moan, it was just a little past seven and I wasn’t expected until nine. Then Jess held up a bra and a hair brush, a reminder of everything I now had to do to be presentable. I groaned again but did get out of bed. I received a swat on my butt to get me moving faster, the bathroom my first stop.

I did the best that I could with what I had to work with, I knew I had been taught the way to do my makeup and hair, but with two left hands I was less than happy about the result. Jess to the rescue, not doing it for me, but showing me what I did wrong and making me fix it myself. I made it to the store fifteen minutes late, but Samantha was just smiling when I met her at the register. I instantly started to apologize, her finger to my lip stopping the response. “All new managers are given an hour leeway as they learn to master the new feminine tasks. So you are fine and you look nice.”

“Now for today, I want all the mannequins changed, all new outfits, shoes, even wigs. Take your time, if we get busy you will have to assist customers as well, but I want a totally new look in the store when you finish. Put your purse in my office and get started.” I just stood there, “Where do I begin?” Samantha smiled, then pointed to her office.

When I returned from putting up my purse, with the necessary application of fresh lipstick, I debated where to start. I figured why I was getting into the swing of things I might start in the back, then leave the front displays for last. In the area of each mannequin, I selected an outfit, some shoes to match and then decided to group the clothes in the area by color. The rack closest to the mannequin had the colors used on the display. I found a shelf that fit over the rack, putting some of the shoes I used on it in different sizes.

I thought I was doing pretty well, then we got hit with an influx of customers. I stopped to help them, quite a few gathered around my display that I had just finished. When I had them all rung up, I went back to the display seeing that we had sold most of the color I had used. So I changed the display again, another combination and changed the position of the colors on the rack, followed up by new shoes for the shelf.

Two hours later I had changed six mannequins and was headed to the seventh when Samantha grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front of the store. We stood there looking at the store, but she wanted me to focus on the displays that I had set up. In each instance there were several ladies gathered around them, looking through the racks. I turned back to her to ask what she wanted me to see when it hit me. My displays had performed their task, getting the customers to look at the product on them.

She asked me to lunch, but I wanted to stay and finish my assignment so I declined. I am sure my figure will appreciate the reprieve. I did get most of the mannequins changed, working on the last one as she came back from lunch. I had finished a few minutes ago, but now had five ladies going through the racks of clothes. I still needed to add the shoes to the shelf, but had to wait for them to get finished. A couple of them needed help, so I took care of that then rang them up at the register.

Stephanie took a noon reading from the register, one that she does every day. That and the closing reading goes into her records. When she saw the sales figure, her eyebrows went up, and she looked in my direction. She made her way through the store, looking at all of my accomplishments, then talked with some of the other sales associates on the floor. After that I lost track of her, as I had several more customers come in.

Again, right to one of my displays, checking out the items of clothing offered. I got a couple of them dressing rooms and helped one lady find a jacket to go with what I had on one of the mannequins. I ended up checking them out, both sales over a hundred dollars. I asked and then took a short break to get a diet drink. I was setting in the back, next to where shipments are received drinking my soda, when in walks Linda.

She motions for me to join her in Samantha’s office, then to a love seat to the side of her desk. I straighten my skirt and sit down, holding my drink in the left hand. She sets next to me, than shakes her head at me. I automatically presume the worse, then start to apologize to her. She listens at my vague attempts to console her, since it is evident that I haven’t the slightest idea why she is here. At first it was a smile on her lips, then a bigger smile and finally giggles escaping her mouth and lips.

I finally gave up, kept quiet, waiting to hear if I still had a job. My eyes were locked on my feet, I just couldn’t stand to look into her face and hear her words of dismissal. I had failed, two days into the job and I had already used up all of my chances. I know there were some tears in my eyes, they just hadn’t trickled down my cheek yet. Suddenly, I realized I would have to tell Jess that I had been let go, our plans for our dream house a smoldering pile of rubbish now. A single tear did escape, quickly followed by another. Soon I was bawling like a baby, my whole world shattered and now bleak.

I quit crying after a while, the whole time Linda never said a word, just let me get all out of my system. Then Samantha came in and set at the desk. Linda went over to her, they exchanged a few whispers and then Linda returned to the love seat.

“Petra you need to listen to me carefully, I am not going to repeat what I say. Samantha called me down here to look at what you had done with the mannequins. I saw some nice displays, much better than we thought you were capable of at this stage in your training. Would care to explain to me how you put them together and why you chose the colors you did?”

“I just tried to picture the clothes in the area, what might look good together, and then dressed the mannequin.”

“Then why did you willfully move the clothes around on the racks, a task you were not told to accomplish?”

“In the interview I had mentioned that idea that might make it easier for a lady to find what she is after. You never said no, and it seemed to me a good time to try it out.”

“What about the shoes and the shelf above the clothes rack, did Stephanie tell you to do that?”

“No, she didn’t. I am sorry, I will go and take them down now and put the clothes back where they were.”

“No you stay seated, I am not done with you yet young lady. You purposefully disobeyed a direct request made of you by a superior, then went and instituted your ideas in their place, without permission. You have been here for two days and all of a sudden you think you can do as you wish. I presume you know better than us, even though we have been in the business for years. Now what do you have to say for yourself?”

I just sat there staring at my feet, I didn’t have anything to say to her questions. There was silence for several minutes before I put together a response. Since I was going to get fired anyways I figured I would go out guns a blazing. I wiped a couple of errant tears from my eyes and the stared directly at her face.

“I did what I thought best after evaluating the situation. The choice on the clothes were, I thought, appropriate, the customers reactions and purchases proving this fact. The shelves were in the back room unused and I wanted to have the shoes close at hand if they wanted to purchase a pair. As far as rearranging the clothes in the area by color I take total blame for that action. It was my idea, my time and it worked as far as I am concerned. If that ruffles you feathers that I overstepped my boundaries then we do not need to take this any further. If you will hand me my purse from the lower drawer I will get out of here. Since it has only been two days, you can forget about paying me, it is obvious that employment here would not have worked out, anyway.”

Not a word was said, I asked for my purse again, but Linda made no effort to retrieve it. I started to get up to retrieve it myself, but was told to sit down. Smiles appeared on both of their faces, and then several attempts at stifling some giggling escaped their mouths.

“It took us a little while to get you to stand up for yourself, but it happened and we are quite happy with the results. You will not be getting a store, your actions have led us to believe that you should be elsewhere. Now do you have adequate transportation so that you could get to our other stores?”

“Yes, my car is fairly new and in good shape, but what has that got to do with me. Am I being demoted to a position lower than a store manager, I am really sorry that I upset everybody so much, but I can’t see a relationship between us happening.”

“Petra you need to be quiet for a minute and listen to what I have to say. When I walked into the store, I immediately noticed a difference, the customers were around the new displays and looking for the items used in it. I saw several finding the shoes where they were handy, the clothes separated by colors making it easier for them to find what they were looking for. Samantha asked some of the other associates if there were any comments about the displays, all of them singing your praises. You handled customers between your work, even rang them up after making their selections.”

“Now that is all well and good, but a store manager, I don’t think so.” I started to respond but was told to shut up and listen. We have another position in mind, you will be working out of our home office so that I can keep an eye on you. You will be traveling to all the stores and performing your miracle for them, it is a salaried position, same benefits as the store manager. Now what kind if salary do you want to handle that position for us?” I was flustered, all of this had me confused to such a degree that I didn’t know what to ask for, I am not even sure what the question was originally.

“If I take this position I want twenty thousand more than you offered for the store manager, all of my expenses paid and a share of the company bottom line. Let’s say a half percent the first year. If my efforts do not produce the desired results I will settle for the manager’s salary as adequate payment for my efforts. I think somewhere around sixty to seventy hours a week would be fine for me and adequate for the company.”

“That’s fine, meet me at corporate tomorrow morning to sign the papers and get your first store to work on.”

“No, I still have some time before I am scheduled to leave. I will check the mannequins and update as necessary.” I got up, picked up my soda can and walked back to the front of the store. I had a smile on my face, but inside I was jumping up and down in excitement. I decided as I was changing one of the displays, a little pampering might be in order. I called the salon and asked if I could get in tonight along with Jess. They made the appointments and my feet never touched the ground for the rest of the day. Instead of dinner, a relaxing facial, a new hairstyle, a fresh face and maybe a mani/pedi would be much better.

When I called Jess to get her to meet me at the salon, I tried to sound pathetic. “Jess, you will never believe what just happened, Linda said I was not going to work out, now I have to work out of the corporate office, doing Linda’s bidding. Anyway I feel so bad I am going to treat myself to some pampering at the salon, any chance you can join me there?”

She fell for it, suddenly trying to console me over the phone. Finally we said our goodbyes, agreeing to meet at the salon in an hour. Samantha had listened to part of the conversation since I had used her phone to make the call. She was giggling, trying to maintain her composure and not outright laugh. “Doesn’t Jess and Linda know each other from school? If they do you just might be in for a surprise tonight.”

“Nah, Jess wouldn’t call Linda about this, I will be okay.” Famous last words. I checked my displays one more time, gathered my purse and drove over to the salon. Several of the displays were already skimpy, the items that I had picked out mostly sold off the rack. Maybe if I get a little time tomorrow I will stop back by and change them out. I pulled up in front of the salon, checked my lipstick and mascara, and then went in. Jess was already there, talking to another lady, her back to me. She waved me over and the other lady turned around, there stood Linda.

Before I could say anything a stylist came and got me leading me away, both Linda and Jess with large smiles on their faces. I wonder how much they had been able to discuss before I arrived. I was escorted to one of the reclining chairs by the sinks, given a cape, and then the chair was reclined and my hair was washed and conditioned. Then the stylist approached with a container of something and it was worked into my hair starting at the roots. From the smell I presumed it was hair coloring.

I tried to tell the stylist that I had nor requested my hair to be dyed, but she just smiled at me and continued with the application. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and as soon as she had my hair totally covered in the solution she left coming back with another lady. A bag had been placed over the dye so it could process and a dryer had been set up behind me. I tried to tell the lady that I did not want my hair dyed, but she pointed to a work order that she held in her hand. “You do work for Fashions For Her, well, I have a list of things to be accomplished okayed by your boss? This is one of them so I suggest that you relax as we get this list taken care of.”

End of discussion and she turned on the hair dryer and walked away. Well that didn’t work out the way I envisioned. A couple of times I saw Jess and Linda being worked on, mostly manicures and hair styling so far. They each gave me a bigger than life smile then blew me a kiss. When I had processed enough the dryer was turned off and I was taken back to the sinks and the dye was washed out of my hair. I had thought of protesting even more, but with Linda there, I doubted that would be a wise move.

So tonight I was their Barbie doll to do as they saw fit. I just hoped Jes would still like me however I turned out. After rinsing the dye out I was moved to another station where she put all of my hair up in curlers and then under another dryer. Once she had me baked enough I was taken into one of their private rooms and laid on a table. She moved in a large machine, the bulk of it directly over my chest. She used a solvent and my breast forms were removed, I felt good to get them off, but the sudden loss of the weight on my chest felt funny. Only a day or two had passed, and I had gotten used to the weight from my breast forms.

Dangling from the machine are two hoses with a cup like devices attached to the ends. One is glued over each nipple then some fatty substance is injected in to the cup like form. My nipples and some surrounding tissue were quickly pulled into the cups, the machine pulling with all its might to give me breasts. Then the machine turned off, the suction is still there and the trapped tissue can’t return to its original position on my chest. It started pulsating, sucking then off then sucking again, a steady rhythm for the next four hours.

I knew that my time as a female had just been extended, real looking breasts firmly attached to my body making quite a difference in my future. For some reason that didn’t upset me, Jessie’s acceptance of my female person adding to that general feeling. When I was being hooked up to this boob maker the tech had told me that it was reversible later if I so desired, a consideration but not a reason to stop the procedure.

I was pretty sure that my hair had been dyed a light blonde, my low IQ at figuring the girls would not talk to each other probably the reason for the color change. Then when they came to change my nails again, I knew that I had been classified in the bimbo category. The changes were all alright with me, Jessie more enthralled with me than before, the boobs felt right and the longer nails just added to my attractiveness. I am sure they would require some getting used to, but just a minor inconvenience in the scheme of things.

It was like Peter had quit caring about anything masculine, embraced femininity and now was full speed ahead on the path to being a woman. Four and a half hours later the boob machine was turned off, the cups filled to capacity. She finished off my long elegant nails, a medium pink, a color that would naturally compliment my new light blonde hair. My eyebrows were neatened up some, her words, the truth there was they were almost nonexistent now, a narrow line of one or two hairs wide arched high up over my eyes.

I didn’t think Petra could be made any more feminine before, but this latest immersion into the female lifestyle sure did a job on Peter. It looked like I would be in ladies wear for quite some time, a decision that I welcomed. The Petra that left the salon was the epitome of femininity. The girls had indeed conversed and my penance had been dished out. There was no doubt now about my gender, not a single male feature was left on me. As I drove home I thought of all the things I had been subjected to, they were all welcomed by me, for it only made my decision to live as Petra a more secure and realistic future. I indeed would be Petra, in ladies wear forever, where else.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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