Juliet; Up To My Earrings In Femininity

I was headed to Tucson, a meeting with a lady that might be interested in my experiences and skills. My sister, the master manipulator, had arranged all of this, then filled me in just yesterday. I had a job presently, a part time executive assistant for a CEO of an up and coming electronics company. Yeah after three years of college, the job I got was as a secretary, the politically correct phrase, ‘executive assistant’.

My sister hated my boss, thus her campaign to find me anything else. I admit he was an ass most of the time, his main problem with me was I was not the right gender for an ‘executive assistant’. I am male, not the most masculine type, but male none the less. Thus he kept my hours minimal and my exposure to other co-workers or business contacts non-existent. Seriously, he was most likely embarrassed by my presence, but my skills at doing my job were so over the top, he couldn’t find a reason to let me go. I am sure he was looking for one, just hadn’t found one he could live with. His HR department had hired me, tested my skills and offered me the job. I am sure if he had any input on me being hired it would not have happened.

Sis knew his family and had heard a few comments that he had made to some relatives about me, thus, her extreme hatred of the man. If she managed to get me out of there, I pity his chances of escaping some of her wrath. She was intensely vengeful, his chances of getting out of the situation unscathed was next to nil.

Gail, the name my sister operated under had been working on this particular interview for weeks. According to her, I was imminently qualified for the job skill wise, but some of the other qualifying elements were missing from my application. That was as much as she told me, her handling the whole process from the start. Today, her ten minute speech on where I would be going and who to ask for when I got there was the only info I was given.

As she saw me off this morning, I was told to be confident, not letting anything that I was asked to do bother me. It was repeated, and she made me promise to do as I was told. When those words left her mouth I knew it would be a difficult day. The thing is with Gail, when you promise her something, you do not go back on your promise. I did that once in high school, the memories of my humiliation and embarrassment still rather vivid in my mind. If I was not her brother, I can imagine what might have transpired. As I said before the words vengeful and resourceful not adequate descriptions when talking about Gail.

My appointment was for ten A.M. and it looked like I would be early. That is always a desired trait of a prospective employee in my mind, so a little smile on my part, one thing I have done right today. The address given was to the ladies home, a very imposing structure built into the side of a hill. Since I had to drive a half mile from the main road it was obviously secluded too. The other houses in the area were conventional above the ground structures, lavish and fairly expensive looking on small acreages helping to guarantee some privacy for the owners.

I had no idea how big it was inside since only a part showed jutting out from the land surrounding it. It was very attractive, the native landscape blending in with the architecture of the house, the part that was above ground that is. A few glass windows offered a limited view of the inside, the part I could see was very impressive indeed. I parked next to the other structure jutting from the hill that I presumed to be the garage. I walked up to the house, looking for a doorbell, but instead heard a voice welcoming me, asking me to enter and turn to the right. The door unlocked and I entered, walking down the hall. Mary Jane, the lady I was to meet, would meet me at the greenhouse, the second door to the left as I went down the hall.

I made my way in, my eyes not able to leave all the interesting things that I saw as I made my way down the hall. When I arrived at the second door, it was made of glass the image behind it totally unexpected. A lush oasis was there and I stood and stared. A pleasant feminine voice called out to me and I followed her voice to a small patio with a table and chairs arranged around it on the far side of the greenhouse. The lady pointed to a chair, so I made myself comfortable. I could tell I was being appraised, her eyes not leaving me. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked if I could fill her in on anything that Gail had not mentioned, but she pointed to a large file on the table with my name on it. From the size of the file, I doubted Gail had missed much in her stating of my education and qualifications.

The lady was quite attractive, but what you first sensed in her presence was extreme confidence. Dressed in pants and a blouse, with small kitten heels she was about my height, in fact our bodies were nearly identical in size and girth. The pants were silky, draping on her very feminine body. The blouse was of a matching color, trimmed with contrasting lace at the sleeves and neckline. Her makeup was impeccable, leaving no doubt as to the gender of this lady. Her hair was cut in a bob style with longish bangs swept to one side. Long dangly earrings from her ear lobes and a matching necklace around her neck, the center jewel nestled in her cleavage. Those two items composing her jewelry for the day.

She asked about my trip, then quickly got down to business. “You are qualified for the job, your skills are just what I have been looking for, but there is more to the job then your skills. That is why you are here today, to see if we might find a way for you to be able to handle the rest of the job. Knowing Gail, I presume she has told you nothing other than where to come to today. I nodded my head, a smile crossed her face. You need to listen to all the other requirements of the job, if you don’t run screaming from the house, I want you to experience the other aspects of the job for a few days, maybe a week depending on what we find out. Gail has made excuses at your job and I will pay you for your time if you stay.”

“Now please listen to all that I have to say before you comment, the job was originally listed for a female assistant slash companion. That person will shadow me, in all of my business and personal dealings. No exception, where I go you go. The desired person will live here, do what I do and pretty much run my businesses with the help of my input. Gail had told me a lot about you, about your childhood, your schooling, your life up to now. I think there might be a chance for this to work, but it all rests with you. The question remains, can you adapt to this lifestyle, and do you want to? That is why you are here today.”

I sat there letting all of this run through my mind, I should have realized Gail would jump at something like this for me. I asked Mary Jane if I could have a few moments to consider the proposal. I knew she had not laid it all out yet, but I could piece some of it together already. I hadn’t asked about money yet, but for this type of job, I am sure it would be adequate. My sudden desire for some quiet time surprised her, she scanned my body again looking for telltale signs of what I was thinking. I could see her wanting to mention that I hadn’t heard about the rest of the job. Her mouth open, but no words yet forthcoming.

I told her that I have already figured out a little of what I will be expected to do, I just need a little time to get my head around all of this. We can finish the details when I return. As I got up from the table I could see that I had surprised her, leaving her at a loss for what to say.

She pointed to another door at the side of the greenhouse telling me it led to a lookout near the top of the hill. A beautiful vista was there to take in, a nice place to sit and think. I thanked her and went through the door. A sloping hall went up towards the top of the hill, the door opening to a spectacular view of the surrounding area. There was a couple of rocks, in the right spot for viewing the scene, so I parked myself and concentrated on what I was going to do.

It was slightly overcast, the sun only peeking through every once in a while. The breeze was cool, which made a very comfortable atmosphere for looking over the valley. The view was quite impressive, the whole valley visible and the many homes spotted along the edge of the hills.

I had already made the assumption that dressing as a female was probably an integral part of the job, that fact why Gail had left out that little detail. Mary Jane seemed nice, she leveled with me right away, not trying to deceive me or hide the fact. She did not specifically say I would be dressed as a female, but the phrase ‘No exception, where I go you go. The desired person will live here, do what I do’ implied a gender change. Since she is female, it is easy to make the proper assumptions from that statement. A male and a female living together alone unmarried, the main reason for the female gender. The world is changing, but not to that degree, at least, not yet.

I sat out there for quite some time, I had already decided to try it, but the view had totally consumed me. Mary Jane came to check on me, smiled when she saw me watching a pair of eagles circling the nearby hills, their focus on something they saw in the landscape beneath them, possibly a nice dinner for them. I saw her standing their watching me, I got up and gave her a tender hug.

“Yes, I would like to try it for a few days, I am aware of the dressing as a female that goes with it. Sorry for taking so long, I got lost in the scenery.” She took my hand and we headed down back into the house. Along another hall and then into a large bedroom with a gorgeous bed centered under a skylight. It looked like the bed was glowing as the intermittent sun streamed through the ceiling.

“This is our bedroom where we will sleep, your closet is that one, please find something comfortable to wear and change. A high ponytail will be sufficient and maybe a little lipstick to keep you from standing out. On this afternoon’s schedule is lunch, a couple of business meetings, and a salon appointment for our nails. Later, a nice dinner, then return here to assess how the day went. I will leave you to get dressed, Gail has assured me that you can handle basic female clothing with no problems. I will be waiting in the living room, third right turn after entering the hallway.”

The bed the first thing that my mind focused on, a large queen bed, the fact that there was only one bed meant we would be sleeping together. She walked out the door leaving me to figure out what to do. It looked like we were about the same size, so I opened the closet looking for something I could handle this afternoon. Her clothes were gorgeous, I thought to what she was wearing today, something similar would probably be appropriate. Blouse and skirts or pants were hung together, once I found the blouse she was wearing the matching pants were right there on the next hanger. I looked for some panties, my boxers would not be a good choice for these pants, too bulky and stiff. After opening a couple of drawers I found the panties, taking out a pair that matched the color of the pants.

Slipping them on brought back a lot of memories, before I could lose myself in them I pulled on the pants, then the blouse over them. The blouse laid over the pants, not meant to be tucked in. I looked in the mirror, not bad for my first attempt in years. I scanned the floor looking for a pair of shoes to match Mary Jane, found a similar pair of kitten heels and pulled them out. Now to find a pair of knee highs to wear with them. A couple of more drawers and I had what I needed. After getting the shoes on, I wondered if she and I wore the same size since these shoes fit perfectly. Checked my image again in the free standing mirror, then made my way to the living room.

I passed many rooms and several more halls, wondering just how big this place is. When I entered the living room, Mary Jane scanned me closely, the smile from her face showing me that I did the right thing. I had my wallet and keys in my hand, I found no purses in the closet, maybe she keeps them somewhere else. I held them up, she turned to an end table by the sofa, picked up one of the purses and handed it to me. I opened it, placed my wallet and keys inside and looked to see if they was also a lipstick. Yep, so I took the compact from the purse, opened it up and applied a coat of the burgundy lipstick to my lips, then blotted it. Another coat and I replaced the items in my purse. During all of this she was transfixed on my actions, a smile on her face.

We walked through another set of doors, down a long hall that opened into a garage, she pointed to the Mustang sitting in the middle of the threesome. My head was swiveling back and forth trying to take all of this in. I presumed I had the keys, so I opened my purse finding a keychain with a horse’s head attached. I pressed the remote, the car came to life and the garage door opened. She sat in the front seat right next to me. That surprised me, but not the fact that I had to drive. I settled myself in the driver’s seat, trying to remain as ladylike as possible in my actions.

I adjusted the mirrors, backed out and drove down the same road I had entered a little over an hour ago. She told me to head to Tucson, getting off the interstate at exit twenty-seven. The interstate was a couple of miles, the car aching to get moving. There was a slow rumble coming from the front of the car, as I got to the ramp and hit the accelerator we were doing seventy before we came to the end of the ramp. I backed off a little, the car wanting to be let loose some, I simply wanting to not have to explain to a highway patrolman why my ID says male, but I was not dressed as one.

She asked why I dressed as I did. “I am not familiar with where we are going, so if I dressed similar to you, I thought it would be a safe choice. In case Gail had not told you, I dressed as a female when younger, life and job pretty much ending that soon thereafter. It has been quite a while.” I got a smile in return, but that was all.

The exit came up and I slowed to access the ramp. At the light, she told me to turn right, we drove down a few blocks and then pulled into a quaint Mexican restaurant. I parked and got out of the car, trying to remember the proper way that a lady would do it. I seemed to do alright, Mary Jane stood at the back of the car watching my actions. We entered the restaurant and she let me do the talking. I tried a soft voice, at only partial volume. It seemed to work as we were led to a table with a minimum of stares. Mary Jane apparently testing me thoroughly, told me what she wanted and I had to tell the waitress. The waitress spoke broken English, so I told her the order in Spanish, her smile when I did that making the room light up.

I received the look from Mary Jane, maybe something my manipulating sister missed in her information download. The food was excellent, but quite filling, both of our plates only half finished. Mary Jane told me to get carry out boxes for what was left, a midnight snack for later today. In my purse was a credit card in my name, using only my first and middle initials and my last name. It was a gold card, the expiration date some ten years down the road. That caused a few thoughts to appear in my mind, but not sufficient time to try and figure things out just yet. The implications were clear though.

Back to the car with our snacks in a thermal bag, then to a business located on the far side of Tucson. She gave me directions, about a thirty minute drive. That in itself a miracle for this town, but being the middle of the day there was hardly any traffic. Parked in their parking lot, we used the side door instead of the front door. A secretary was seated at a desk, telling Mary Jane that Steve was expecting her, go right on in. We entered another office and Mary Jane greeted him with a hug. She introduced me as Juliet, her assistant. I wondered where that name came from, it was not a variation of my male name, but did start with a J. We were seated in a cozy setting over in the corner, with a table in the middle of the grouping.

Steve carried a stack of files, which he handed to Mary Jane for her perusal. After she had looked at them she handed them to me. I looked them over carefully, noticing a couple of things I had questions about. I waited, this was Mary Jane’s show, I was here to be seen and learn things not to make ripples. After we had went through all the files, she asked me if I had any questions. I hesitated a little, but decided to ask anyway. “Why did you change the resulting report standards mid-stream? I would also like to see the results all displayed using the same criteria, not altered to make the report look better.”

Steve’s face turned instant red, it took him several clearings of his throat before he could stammer an explanation. Of course, he blamed his secretary, but told us he would have to send us the required data. I got up from my chair and walked out to his secretary asking her for the required info all using the same reporting criteria. Sheila reached into her desk and handed me a sheet of paper.

The fact that she was expecting to be asked for it a sure sign of something more going on here. I noticed the intercom on, she had been listening to what had been said. I gave her a big smile. I took a look at it, then slipped it into my purse. I walked back into Steve’s office empty handed. I suggested that he get busy on the report, I would like to see it before the end of day. I looked over at Mary Jane asking if we could stop back by on the way home to see the proper figures. She smiled nodding her head in the affirmative. I asked her if she was ready to go, we got up and left.

I had scanned my purse earlier seeing a phone I looked for the number and gave it to Sheila, his secretary, as we left. “If there is any problem, I want a phone call from you immediately.” Steve was at his door hearing the exchange between me and the secretary, so no jumping on the secretary for his failings.

When we got to the car I asked her where to next, not looking at her or acknowledging the puzzled look on her face. She let it drop, although I am sure she had a million questions on what I said and did. Another forty minutes we were at the next business.

It was a retail store selling things that were for the home, not furniture but accessories of every kind imaginable. Towels, sheets, bedspreads, drapes, just a few of the types of things they carried. We walked to the back, to an office nestled in the far back corner of the store. A lady greeted us, and I was introduced and given a hug. Some small talk about her employees, then she got out her sales figures for the store. While they were looking at the figures, I walked around the store; you could tell the merchandise that moved as they were clean looking not having the coat of dust that inhabited the other items.

Another couple came in to shop and found what they were looking for quickly and approached the register. I waited for a few minutes to see if Gwen was going to come up and ring them up. I noticed there was not a buzzer or bell to notify her that people were in the store. I approached the register, keyed in the price and the total came up tax included. I took their money and entered it, the register showing me the change needed to complete the sale. I handed them their change, found a bag underneath the register to put their merchandise in and thanked them for shopping here. Still no sight of Gwen. I made my way back to the office, listened to what they were talking about and when Mary Jane asked if I had any observations.

Like before, I again spoke up. “Next week, I am having your office moved to the front of the back room and a window cut in so that the register and sales floor are visible from the office. Also, a bell to announce when customers enter the store. You need to have the register set so that an employee has to enter a code before it will take a sale or open up. The items that are collecting dust in the store need to be marked down, and cleared out this week, no excuses. Use progressive markdowns until they are gone. Order new merchandise, or more of your good sellers. Now, if you have no questions, we have a nail appointment to get to.” At that, I got up and headed to the door. I heard Mary Jane’s heels on the tile floor, as she followed me out giggling almost to the point of outright laughter.

As we got in the Mustang, I asked her where the nail place was, she gave me instructions, and leaned back in her seat and smirked. At the next light, I looked over her way, the smirk was about to totally take over her face. It wasn’t far to the nail salon, the place was much bigger than any nail salon I have ever seen. The sign said ‘Turnabout Nails’, all in pink scroll with stylized polished nails mixed in with the lettering. I presumed I would be getting a set of nails too, so I told the receptionist that Mary Jane and Juliet were here for their appointment. We were shown to a room at the side of the salon, seated in chairs next to each other as two technicians entered and placed our hands in bowls of a liquid and feet in a mini spa type of device, after removing our hose and heels. The water was swirling around our feet, the warm water and the turbulent flow relaxing me instantly.

My mind was trying to figure out how deeply involved I was going to get if this continues as I think it will. So far I like her very much, honest and caring about her businesses and the people that work for her. The big problem for me was that when I first met her none of the things that are happening were expected. I can handle the business dealings easily, but to be deeply immersed in femininity again I am still unsure about. Maybe it will be a dream job, but the stakes are so high. I guess a wait and see approach is necessary, some more info to help make a decision that will impact me greatly.

Jennifer, my tech, pulled one of my hands from the liquid, matching up a glass like extension to each of my nails. The excess cuticle was removed and my nails shaped into ovals. An adhesive was added to the back of the extension and also to my now oval shaped nail. She pressed them together tightly and after attaching all five placed my hand under an U.V. light. As she started working on my other hand, I looked at the new longer nails that I would soon have a full set of. The new nail ended at least a half inch beyond my regular nail. My hands looked much more feminine with the long elegant nails, both my fingers and hands now looked smaller and delicate. I imagined that even if I was rejected for the job, the nails would be with me for quite some time. The polish we received on our toenails and fingernails made them shine, the foot massage and her working on my toenails, I could endure all day long. Having my nails done was always a fond wish but real life kept it from happening. It felt so good now, maybe if I don’t take the job I will keep the nails for a while.

Back to Steve’s. I had a funny feeling when around him, something was not right about the situation. He managed to come up with my request, but it was obvious that his secretary had little to do with it. It was messy and laid out poorly, rather confusing. While he was trying to justify that piece of paper, I was looking at the financials again specifically the bank accounts. I noticed a lot of withdrawals and then two to three weeks later an identical deposit. I asked him about them, he tried to snow me with a lot of buzz words. I scooted closer to the desk, leaned closer tapping my new nails on his desk. I suggest that a letter of resignation might be appropriate now, or would you prefer the police be involved and let them sort it out.

I heard a gasp from Mary Jane, but all of my attention was focused on Steve. He tried to stare me down once, then grabbed a piece of paper and started writing. A few minutes later the paper was pushed in front of me. I picked it up and told him I accepted his resignation. “His final pay will be forthcoming after I look through all of his financial dealings in the last few years.” He gathered up some of his personal effects and left the office hurriedly. I walked out to Sheila, her smile telling me that she had been listening again on the intercom. Smart girl.

She pulled another sheet from her drawer, it showing similar transactions for the last five years. That coincides with the length of time Steve has been in charge. I asked her to calculate the prevailing interest that those funds would have yielded and deduct it from his last check. Also a short note attached that any trouble he has with his final earnings could be taken up with the police if he wished. His choice.

Mary Jane was quiet, her mouth open for quite a while. She had no idea that Steve was moving the money to one of his accounts and getting the interest money it yielded into his bank account. Over five years and with the sums of money he was dealing with he made a considerable amount of money. I asked Sheila to have the locks changed on the office, also any passwords changed today. I was to receive a key to the office and the current passwords after she has set them up.

“Can you run the show if I appoint you to the position?” I asked.

“Yes, I have been doing most of the work for three years; I think I can handle day to day matters quite easily. I must say that I will be thrilled to work with someone so on top of things for a change. He played up to Mary Jane, doing what she wanted as he was filling his own pockets. I tried to email her a time or two, but he caught my emails, threatening me if I tried it again. I needed the job badly so I stupidly obeyed, a poor choice on my part.”

I gave her a hug, “Get busy, we will talk more in the next few days. I will email you all the details and come tomorrow, put you on the company bank accounts.”

“Since we are ahead of schedule time for one more business today,” were Mary Jane’s words as we left the office. The smirk was back, but I could tell she was depressed a little. She had been played, and had no clue as to what was going on. I parked in front of the business, the window display very eye catching. This time the retail store sold ladies lingerie. The window display featuring numerous types of bras and corsets. It was tastefully done, it certainly caught my eye. The manager met us at the front door enveloping Mary Jane immediately with a forceful hug. A moment later, I was enveloped in the same hug. She introduced herself to me, everybody calling her Ginny. Unlike the other businesses, Ginny knew what she was doing. The place was immaculate, the stock levels adequate and all properly signed and priced. Her business records were well laid out, neat and had many checks and balances incorporated right into the papers. This stop only took forty minutes, I had no suggestions for improvement. I was promised a fitting for a corset in the next few days and told what wonders it would do for my figure. I kept quiet, but Mary Jane now had that smirk back.

Dinner was next, this time Italian, a private room towards the back of the restaurant. We had our own waitress seeing to our every need and wish. I presume another one of her businesses. The food was excellent, and the prices were in line with other restaurants. Mary Jane said, “We will have to come back to talk to the manager, he is cooking now, and will not leave the kitchen for any reason.” The meal was very enjoyable, every course better than the last. I paid the bill with my new credit card and left a nice tip for our server. As I left the private room, I walked over to the kitchen door and entered walking up to the chef, addressed him by name to make sure I had the right person. I thanked him in Italian for the excellent food, and then leaned in and gave him a peck on both cheeks. As I left he was rubbing his cheeks and Mary Jane was giggling at the kitchen door.

We headed home, it was all I could do to keep the Mustang from blistering the highway. I thought it would be safer when we returned home, but I was wrong. I had no idea what the relationship between Mary Jane and I would be like at home. After parking the Mustang back in the garage, I was led through the maze of her home to our bedroom. Told to get undressed, it was now bath time. Surely bath time would be somewhat private, but no that is far from what Mary Jane had in mind. My naked body was pulled into the bathroom, a huge tub was already full of swirling water, bubbles almost a foot thick. As I entered the water, she was right behind me, her smile and smirk on display.

She took the bath sponge, lathered it up with a perfumed soap and washed every inch of my body. Yes there to, it was all I could do to think pure thoughts to keep Junior from making a scene. I was then handed the sponge and I returned the action. Her moans and giggling not helping matters any. When I had finished she hit a switch and the jets came on, washing the bubbles and any dirt from our bodies down the drain. Another switch and a very fragrant water was being circulated around us, I am sure I smelled like I had been drenched in perfume. After getting out of the tub, I dried her off first and she then did the same for me.

Of course, a gorgeous nighty was handed to me, so many layers of lace and frills it looked more like an evening gown. As it slid over my body it felt so good, a shiver of delight attacking my whole body as it settled on me. Mary Jane had helped me into the nightie, led me to the bed, then pulled back the covers and assisted me into the bed. The matching robe was laid at the end of the bed, I was to put it on before leaving the bedroom. She fluffed a couple of pillows behind my back, so that I was sitting up some. She walked over to a panel on the wall, pressed a button, the panel opened and she withdrew two mugs of some warm liquid. I was handed one, the hot chocolate in the mug to die for. The perfect topping for what has definitely been an unusual day.

We talked for quite some time, about the day and what I had discovered. Steve stealing from her bothered her quite a bit. We went through each visit, my feelings and what I had discovered. We talked about my new nails, whether I liked them or not. The fact that I kept looking at them, my fingers splayed so that I could view them better, left little doubt as to my attraction to them. I used the bathroom, Mary Jane coming in right behind me. Apparently there will be no secrets between us, our lives just one big shared facet.

Back in the bed, she cuddled me, she scooted right up against me. I could feel her nipples on my back, trying to bore holes in my skin. I managed some sleep, cuddling like we were felt good, real good.

The lady blowing in my ear was a prelude to another day of discovery. A certain bedmate was having too much fun, once my eyes were open, she headed off to get dressed. When I saw Mary Jane in a dress, I knew I was had, if I matched her, I would already be over half way to the female identity that seemed to be my destiny. Then the dress she chose had to be a damn flouncy sundress. With a short flared out skirt, very little of my legs would escape exposure. I never did have much body hair, when Mary Jane told me of the salon appointment first thing I had an idea what little I had was soon to be vanquished.

Before we left the house, I made fresh coffee and a cantaloupe in the refrigerator became a healthy breakfast. We sat and devoured the tasty treat, then made our way to the garage. Today a Beamer was the preferred mode of transportation. Again the keys were in my purse, so I backed it out and headed to the salon.

The salon was around the corner from the nail salon we had visited yesterday. In fact the back of the two establishments butted up to each other. I noticed a large women’s clothing store next to the salon, Francine’s Fashions. As we walked to the salon, I was all eyes at the store window. Much larger than the salon, the store was packed with fashions of almost every description. Mary Jane told me that most of our clothes came from Francine’s Fashions, the remainder came from another of her businesses across town. Mary Jane was greeted warmly up front, maybe a little too warmly for a customer. Both of us led back to a styling room, capes placed over our clothes and then leaned back in our chairs to have our hair washed and conditioned.

I was almost asleep as the tech worked on my brunette tendrils. A thought quickly entered my mind, since Mary Jane is not a brunette, the likelihood of me staying brunette most likely nil. Sure enough when she finished with my hair a smelly hair dye was added to my locks. When I was able to raise my head a little to look over at Mary Jane I saw the same hair dye applied there, so something new was to be in our future for both of us. After processing, the dye was washed out, then both of our locks were cut into a feminine style. Since more of my hair was falling to the floor, I imagine Mary Jane was just getting her split ends cut off, that is if she had any. Both of us received curlers next, I presume an identical style for both of us.

At this point Mary Jane was placed under a dryer, and I was moved to a room in the back of the salon. Laid on a table, a cream was placed all over my body, the little masculine hair I had seemed to have met its match. I had to lay there as the cream did its job, then a towel was used to remove both the cream and my hair. The sensation of no hair on my body was different, a little breeze and my skin reacted quite noticeably. Once the body was clear of all hair, I was moved to a dryer thirty minutes later the curl was set. I had got a chance to peek at Mary Jane’s hairstyle and let out a big sigh. Since her hair was now in the red category, I assumed mine was matching. The color was not brassy, but a subdued shade of red, that suited her perfectly. I just hope it looks that good on me. Once the shock of the color change was handled, I doubted there could be a much more feminine hairstyle than what she sported. Soft luscious curls surrounded her face, the longer hair curled under at the neck and laying on her shoulders.

Apparently that was the end of the ordeal for me today, after my hairstyle brushed out we left the salon. Back in the sundress, everything felt so much different. The air on my exposed skin, the curls of hair on my bare shoulders, almost causing an overload of my sensory circuits. Even though there was no breasts yet on my body, the sundresses puckered bodice gave the illusion of some small swellings on my chest.

The second stop for the day was another of her businesses. So far, I was not made aware of what all she owned, but I have an idea the number is quite large. This one was a deli, done in the old style, a meat counter, a bakery counter, and a produce counter. The selections were numerous, the meat selections alone taking up almost twenty feet. After getting your tray you moved along picking your choices, when all the ingredients were on the tray another counter had a specialist to put it all together for you with the appropriate accouterments. That was done with a dramatic flair, slices of tomato and onion flying through the air. Even spreading the mayonnaise on the roll seemed like an art form. The one that I watched being put together stood five inches tall packed with lots of delicious goodies.

It was after lunch, so the place was not that crowded. An older female, after finishing her customer, came and hugged both of us. She leaned back some appraising me with experienced eyes. She grabbed my hand and we were off, an office in the back, her destination. Mary Jane caught up with us, smiling at my wide eyed look at being dragged to the back. I was shown to a chair, then she set right in front of me. So Juliet, how do you like the female gender so far. She had seen through all the clothing, the cosmetics and the nail polish. I stammered an answer, but she had my hand looking at my palm very carefully. Ah, I see you are destined for the finer gender, so what is happening is just destiny. Manager slash fortune teller, I wonder?

She changed the subject quickly, telling Mary Jane that business is up almost forty percent, the advertising they had run packing the place for lunch. I was still back at my future, a finer gender still stuck in my mind. I heard what she said about the business and the advertisement they had run, it just took second place to my new soon to be gender.

Our next stop surprised me greatly, a doctor’s office. I surmised that it was not one of her businesses, then I saw the doctor’s specialty was gynecology. Like other places, I approached the receptionist telling her that we had appointments. I gave her our names and we were led back to an examination room. Two identical chairs were end to end, apparently our places to be examined. It looked like they had opened two rooms to appear as one. I stripped off my clothes as instructed by the nurse and laid back in the chair. My feet were placed in stirrups at the end of the chair and a strap placed around each ankle keeping them secure in the foot rest. The nurse placed a thin blanket over my body to keep out the chill. Once Mary Jane was similarly secured the nurse left. I tried to strike up a conversation, but had no idea what to talk about. Having your legs splayed wide and held there kind of leaves you sullen and confused. Some twenty minutes later a female doctor, a rather imposing one that stood taller than me came into the room and moved my blanket so she could examine me.

Sorry, but Mary Jane insists that the same things I do to her I have to do to you. Something about you getting to enjoy the finer things in life. I was prodded, poked and otherwise invaded, my appreciation on what a female goes through quite different than before the exam. The doctor did mention that since I did not have a vulva yet, some other arrangements would have to be made until I acquired one. The same with my breasts, but rest assured when you get those additions I will make a special appointment to make sure they are functioning properly. She did probe my anus, a large smile on her face as she did so. My breasts or lack thereof also were palpated, the degree of her inspection quite thorough. After Mary Jane suffered the same treatment we left, I noticed I walked a little funny for a few minutes, the feelings of being checked out still somewhat present. By the time we got to the car, I was a little better.

Another dinner out, the deli sandwich we had partaken of was good, but did not quench our appetite. This time a steak house type of place that featured salads and other light type of meals. I drew no conclusion as to who owned the steak house, even after eating there I had no idea if it was part of her holdings. I knew that if I was kept in the position at least one meal a day would be eaten at home in the future. Eating out is great, but the food is not that healthy for us. I am sure I could produce healthy tasty meals that would satisfy our hunger.

Back home, this time it seemed a little more like home. I parked in the garage then made my way inside. I made only two wrong turns, her house maze still baffling me some. We both ended up in our bedroom, I stripped out of the dress and found a robe to put on. I made my way to the kitchen, at least where I thought the kitchen was. It took me several minutes to actually find it. I browsed the cabinets, to see what she had in food and cooking supplies. Believe me I didn’t find much. I did manage to find an old brownie mix that was not outdated, eggs and oil in the refrigerator.

I got busy, soon I had a batch of brownies, but made them up as cookies, ready to put in the oven. I had to search high and low for a cookie sheet, but finally found one hid in the back of a cabinet. After washing it several times to clean off the accumulated grime, I placed the cookies thereon and opened the oven. Looking inside I was flabbergasted, it had never been used, the instructions and some of the original packing were still inside. I cleaned it all out, inserted the cookie sheet and set the timer for fifteen minutes. Mary Jane just stared, her mouth wide open. Now, I looked to see what was available to drink with the cookies. I knew she had retrieved the hot chocolate last night, also knew that she did not make it. I presumed her housekeeper, since I doubted that Mary Jane could boil water.

The last cabinet that I explored I found the stash of hot chocolate mix, then had to look around for something to heat the water in. Further investigation revealed a tea pot, so that was pressed into service. I pointed to a chair at the kitchen bar, Mary Jane sliding her butt onto it. I saw her sniff the air, the cookies were already smelling up the kitchen. When the buzzer went off I removed the cookie sheet, having to use a towel because she had no pot holders. I placed the cookies in front of her, she looked my way to see what she was supposed to do. I suggested she take one and try it, letting me know if it is any good.

Apparently it was pretty good, before she got the first one all in her mouth she was reaching for the second one. I looked at her, waiting for her evaluation, her mmmph all I received. I poured the hot chocolate, and placed the cup in front of her. After the third cookie she slowed down, wanting to know if I did any other foods besides cookies. I listed a few, she got up from her chair and placed her butt on my lap. “If the other position does not work out, you are hired as my cook, same wages and anything you need so that you can cook all of my meals. But right now it looks like I will get my assistant, and the cook together in one deal.”

“I am not so sure now, Mary Jane. Look at what I have had to submit too, and now you want me to cook on top of all of that! When we get down to discussing whether I will suffice or not, you can count on some tough negotiations on my salary and perks. You have been warned,” as I watched her eating.

She had the nerve to eat four more of my cookies, then it was time for our bath. I was still undecided how I felt about the communal bath. It was fun, washing her intimate parts, a real treat. So far my member has been reluctant to show himself, I really have no idea why.

We cuddled in bed, I did get a hug and kiss, but nothing erotic. I laid there staring at the ceiling, her slow steady breathing telling me that she was already asleep. I guess what has happened so far is okay, I am not sure about the feminization, but also resigned to the fact that it will occur, no matter what my wishes. An hour later, I drifted off, sleeping till I heard the alarm the next morning. Mary Jane was right behind me, her breasts right up against my back and her hand on my chest. The heat from her body keeping me warm and cozy. It seemed obvious she needs company, not wanting to be alone ever. I do like her company, a most unusual female that I would like to learn more about.

I pried myself loose, made my way to the bathroom, sitting to do my business, just like a female. I wiped and then headed to the kitchen. Last night I had seen some oatmeal, so breakfast was next on the agenda. It was a little weird making the oatmeal in the large flowing nightgown with the huge lacy robe over it. I did manage though, hoping I could keep the sleeves out of the oatmeal. I found some tea, so I warmed the water and made two cups. So far I have not seen her drinking any coffee anywhere, so maybe it is not a drink she indulges in.

I wandered back to the bedroom, jerked back the covers and pulled on her arm. I managed to get her off the bed but that was all. Still out like a light, her eyes closed. I grabbed hold under arms and pulled her to her feet. I had to pull her close to me to keep her from drifting right back to the floor. Since she was in a hugging position I pulled her closer giving her a tender hug. I could feel her move some, then her arms came up around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. The little minx was playing with me, she had been awake all the time. I let her go and ran for the kitchen, she dragged her body there eventually, as she had stopped to slip on a robe.

I placed the oatmeal before her and a spoon. I could tell she was not an oatmeal lover immediately, but she did try it. The spoon was back in the bowl and the second spoonful was in her mouth instantly. I had made the oatmeal with a little brown sugar and milk, a much better tasting recipe than just the water. Another mmph was all she said. I added the cup of tea and as soon as she tried it another mmph emerged from her mouth. The tea was a green tea that I had added some honey too. No telling how old the honey was, but since honey never spoils I felt safe using it. I had a small bowl myself, already watching my figure, seemingly a female’s life now in my future. I did the dishes and then we both returned to the bedroom. She dressed in another dress, so I donned a similar frock to hers. The hair kind of fell into place and I applied some lip-gloss. I was sitting at her vanity when I did that, seeing a mascara I grabbed it and applied two coats to my lashes. Still not a full-fledged female in looks, but the male part no longer visible. Maybe an adult tomboy might be a better description.

The car of choice today the Beemer again. Way across town to a small shopping center the small dress shop in the corner of the strip center our destination. As we entered I noticed the distinct difference between here and the other dress shop. All of these clothes more risqué and sexy. The lady was in her late twenties, greeted Mary Jane but her eyes never leaving the careful appraisal of my body. She held out her hand to me, when I took it to shake it I was pulled into a hug. Females do not shake hands, you are definitely female material so enjoy the hug.

As we went to the back of the store her arm was around my waist, with the palm of her hand steering me to her office. The chair I was to be seated in was pulled out for me and I set my tush down on it. I felt a little funny being treated as a natural female, but let it slide. She never did talk to Mary Jane, her conversation aimed at me. I was shown her sales figures, and her recent purchases. I noticed several large invoices far in excess of normal replenishment of stock. Before I could say a word, I was kissed on the cheek and she stated, “It is going to be so fun working with you, brains and beauty all in one package. Have you been vaginaed and breasted yet?” I opened my mouth to respond, then had to think a minute, what did she say?

She continued, “The large invoice is the quarterly costume change for the club. As soon as it is delivered, they will pay me the cost of goods plus twenty percent. We do this often, usually once a quarter, but sometimes an additional time at Christmas. If you haven’t been to the club yet, it is a high class strip club, reservations required to get inside. You would look cute dancing there, I would be more than eager to pay the cover charge to see you perform.”

I was blushing but tried to stay focused. “What happens to the old costumes, are they still usable or only trashed.”

“They are in excellent shape, only on the dancer for a few minutes every night. They are cleaned daily and well maintained. Are you interested in wearing them, you would be so cute in them?”

Another blush, but I rambled on, probably the only one interested in this line of questioning. “Have you ever thought about selling them, used clothing is a proven commodity these days, a stripper’s outfit liable to be quite desired by several types of customers?”

Bambi was quiet, studying me and evaluating what I said. Yes, her name was Bambi, probably got that name at the strip club. I never got a chance to ask her about it. She excused herself for a few minutes and made a couple of calls. It seemed from her conversation she was trying to find a certain person. When she did on the third call, she took the phone and went out into the store. It was fifteen minutes later when she reappeared and told me the old costumes were sold. Her friend ran a couple of clubs in Florida, and she would use them for her hostesses. She got in excess of what the new costumes cost, is that alright?

I was ecstatic, but other than to tell her that was fine, I didn’t know how to show it. She took my face and leaned it towards hers, her lips sealing around mine. I received some tongue, my circuits fried already. I was gasping for breath when she released me, thanking me for the idea, also shoving me out the door. As I was leaving, she told Mary Jane not to send me down here by myself, I wouldn’t last five minutes alone with her. After that kiss, I tended to believe her.

I did drive to the next place, but my mind was not present at all. The kiss was fantastic, I think as she was kissing me, she was also checking out my throat and tonsils. Getting to our next destination, I finally was able to gather my thoughts in a sensible manner. This one was another business office, this time an insurance office. Mary Jane handled the introductions. Gloria was the broker here, her secretary Melanie and her, the only employees. Looking over their paperwork they were quite productive, selling and managing quite a few policies. Mainly they sold life insurance, although she could write any type of insurance policy. They had only national companies doing their underwriting, so no cutting corners here to save a dime. She was very personable, I could see why she had no trouble selling life insurance to the masses.

I asked if she could write business policies, mainly liability and comprehensive. No problem, she just needed the names of the businesses and she would see what they needed and quote a price for their coverage. I looked at Mary Jane, her face blushing a pleasant shade of red. She had never thought to have one of her businesses write the insurance for the others. I told Gloria I would get her the list, but I needed rock bottom prices since they were all owned by Mary Jane. I even got a blush from Gloria, she had never thought to mention that she could write the policies.

From there, we ate out again, this time a burger joint out near the motel strip. It was a drive-in so I parked the Beamer and used the speaker to order our lunches. A young girl on roller skates delivered the food, Mary Jane told me to just sign the ticket. I did but reached in my purse to give her a tip. The burger was delicious, but the chocolate malt was to die for, so thick you had to use a spoon to get it out of the styrofoam cup. We split an order of fries, but by the time we had finished we were stuffed. The gal came to pick up our tray and we made our way back to town. Back to the salon, I had an idea that today would come the real meat of the transformation. Mary Jane had me park away from the salon some, and turn off the engine.

“I think you know what comes next, I am overjoyed at your abilities and how you have blended into my life. Now come the major changes to make us alike in all ways. To me it is important, for a lot of reasons. I prefer to not discuss them right at the moment, maybe a weekend away would be a better place to go into the reasons. You have shown great insight, pretty much figuring out what was coming up and taking it in stride. I want you for the position, but these last few changes have to be in place before we can progress. Surprisingly you have never asked about the money or perks. Do you want to know them know or wait until later?”

“Later will be fine with regards to the money, as for the changes I am ready, whatever reason you have for the changes is fine with me. I do ask you to allow me a few days to get used to them, living the life of a male and then suddenly a female does require a little adaptation. I hope I have showed you my capabilities and would welcome the chance to work alongside you in the future. Do I ask for anybody in particular when I get inside?”

“Yeah, ask for Samantha. She will handle your sex change, after you have listened to the details and approve the procedures. It is a requirement of the salon that you be fully informed and agree to everything that will or could happen. I will be back at six o’clock to pick up Juliet. If there is a change or you wish to stop call me and I will be here in fifteen minutes. Understood?”

I nodded and she drove off. I could see the relief on Mary Jane’s face, she maybe had an inkling that I would proceed with the changes, but there was still doubt, from her look, quite a bit of doubt. I took a deep breath and ventured into the salon. My luck being what it is Samantha was up at reception waiting for me. “Hi, Juliet, welcome to Turnabout Gurl Salon. If you will come with me we will get started.” I never got a chance to say who I was, Samantha either had prior warning or was telepathic.

Back in a treatment room at the back of the salon I was relieved of my clothes as she explained what all was scheduled for today. I would receive a vagina, actually a vulva, and two very realistic breasts that would be a part of me. No adhesive or implants. Everything was explained to me in detail, although I tried to pass on some of the detail. No choice, if I wanted the treatments I had to listen to all of it and then sign my agreement to the procedures.

Up on a table with my feet in stirrups and soon my legs were spread wide so she could tuck my male thing away. Since they had been told that this was most likely long term, Junior was glued to my groin, so that he could not move or expand much. I could still come, but there would be no outward signs other than cum dripping out of me. The realistic vulva they glued over the top looked just like Mary Jane’s even down to having no pubic hair. The soft puffy lips would be very inviting to any male that might catch a glimpse. It was soft and very realistic, I doubt anyone could determine that it was fake.

Then her attention focused on my chest. Two breast like objects were glued to my chest directly above my nipples. They were quite large, at least to me. I hoped they did not exceed the size of Mary Jane’s boobs, those were more than a handful when I washed them the last couple of nights. Hoses attached to the cups and a pump turned on pulling any extra flesh into the cup. Two syringes of a fatty substance were injected into the cups, the heat from the process dissolving the fat and depositing it on my chest helping to fill out the breasts. As the skin is stretched and the fat absorbed into the area a natural looking breast would be the end result.

The breasts developed faster than I thought they would, several hours later I definitely had small boobies. Two hours after that I was well endowed, just like Mary Jane. The hoses were disconnected after five and a half hours, the forms would stay on dissolving three or four days later. I reached my hands up to cradle the new additions to my chest, warm and slightly jiggly even now.

Reluctantly, something that would require some getting used to. They were sticking out from my chest, not shamefully, but proud to be out front and seen. I moved my body some, the resulting movements from my breasts strange and exciting. Yes, an adjustment period definitely called for on this subject. Then I thought of Mary Jane washing them this evening during bath time, my groin ached and I had a release come all over my body. Samantha knew what happened and quietly cleaned me up, my face red and trying desperately to avoid any eye contact with her or anybody else.

Given a bra and panties I felt a little better with then on. A change of clothes starting with a beautiful corset. It looked like it was made out of pink lace, but grabbed me like it was solid metal. Twenty minutes worth of tightening and I had a female figure. Then I was handed a dress, a flouncy number trimmed in burgundy lace. It definitely shouted female as it conformed to my new figure. A corset definitely required to be able to zip the dress up. The skirt flared out to ridiculous proportions, making the dress that much more feminine. My hair and makeup was checked, just in time to see Mary Jane enter the salon. She walked up to me, took me in her arms and leaned me back and kissed me passionately. I was lost now, all of the interaction between us up to know was very anti-romantic, now to be held in her arms as she took my breath away. I loved it, just wasn’t expecting it.

Led from the salon to a waiting Limo, ushered into the back seat and we were off to some place unknown. It was a long drive, I was content to lay my head on her shoulders and cuddle. I was held tenderly, every now and then a kiss on some part of my face. I asked no questions of her, content to be with her my only desire. My mind was active, all of my new attachments overloading my mind with sensations that I have never experienced before.

The void in my groin was not as noticeable, but still registered. I had a feeling that I am complete now, but just in a different way than in my past. The times that I had dressed in the past were pleasant, but nothing like the feelings now.

I have severe doubts that I will ever be able to figure her out. Until I underwent my sex change she seemed not interested in me, now with boobs and a vagina I have been kissed so erotically that I may never recover. I can still close my eyes and feel her lips on mine as she laid me back and stole my heart.

I am still not used to my new additions, but one look at me from her and my nipples get hard as a rock. I swear I get moist down below, I know that should be impossible, but I fear it is true. Being out with her I just can’t stick my hand down there to check if I am wet, the bathroom thing doesn’t count. I had to go so bad that I was moist, but a different kind of liquid. Another reality to face up to, night and day difference from going as a male, messy too.

Over the next few weeks I managed a visit to all of the rest of her properties. In total she had accumulated sixty five businesses spread over several types and categories. Most of them were well run, while none of them were like Steve’s. I made some small changes as we went along, got group rates on advertising that saved quite a bit of money and generally did what I could to improve business.

We remained close almost like lovers, with me watching over her businesses and her concentrating on adding to the list of properties. Mary Jane has scheduled a cruise later in the year to settle the few remaining unknowns that persist between us. I have a pretty good idea what some of her demons are, but with me in female mode all the time they never surface. Once they are discussed, I am sure they will cease to be demons, until then I show her lots of love and look after her the best that I can.

We pulled up in front of a club, the crowd quite large. I immediately began to panic, yes I could adapt to being a female in looks, but to interact with other than Mary Jane a big question mark. I was helped out of the limo and she guided me to the door. A valet got the door and we proceeded inside. The hostess showed us to a table, while a waiter got our chairs. I was instantly aware of being stared at, the waiter’s eye seem riveted to my breasts. He did manage to look elsewhere as he took our drink orders though.

Mary Jane was looking at me watching my eyes and the waiters. After he left, she moved a little closer to be able to talk to me without raising her voice. Tonight you are going to be pursued to the max, the way you look every man here will want you in the worst way. I will show you how to handle yourself to be able to still have some fun and keep the wolves at bay. As a pretty woman it is imperative that you watch and learn, your life may depend on an accurate evaluation of a suitor and the proper way to keep them under control.

Not all males are untrustworthy, but there are enough around to make sure of your actions and behavior. First rule never go out alone, until you have spent quite a bit of time with the gentleman. They are good at sweet talking the female, but a lot are only interested in getting in your panties or getting a blowjob. Remember you have what they want, so you have the upper hand.

When you first meet the man, trust your inner feelings. If he makes you feel uncomfortable then end the conversation right then. Until you get to know him better, always meet him in a place with lots of other people around. If possible maybe a double date with a girlfriend. Your instincts are you best guide if he wants another date, or wants to spend time with you.

Just then two good looking members of that sex walked up to the table. They introduced themselves to us, asking us if they could buy us a drink. I looked over to Mary Jane, not knowing what she wanted to do. She nodded her head yes, so I accepted. Unfortunately she made me do most of the talking. Brad was the more talkative of the two, an investment banker and quite full of himself. Larry was the quiet one, a salesman for a computer company. We drank no alcohol, when they asked, I told then diet cokes and in a bottle preferable. Mary Jane smiled, knowing that I had figured out some of this on my own.

They asked us to dance, Mary Jane touching my thigh with her hand. I interpreted that to mean no, Brad was rather boastful, and I was not really comfortable around him. I thanked them for the drinks, but declined the offer to dance. He seemed annoyed that he had been rebuffed, so made pointed remarks about not knowing what we were missing. I stayed quiet for a minute, then when he started again I let him have it.

“I doubt we could all fit on the dance floor with your big head. I think Mary Jane and I will remain where we are and enjoy the solitude.” Larry smiled and handed me a card with his phone number on it, while Brad stormed off to the other side of the club. Mary Jane laughed at my comments. “I am trying to educate you and you are teaching the teacher.”

We did get up and danced with each other, it was a fast tune so we gyrated on the dance floor somewhat in tune to the music. Back at our table another twosome approached, both smiling and carrying two diet cokes. They offered them to us, and asked if they could sit down for a minute. They introduced themselves, told us a little about each of them and then asked if we might like to dance. I had better feelings for these two so I accepted. Mary Jane got Sam and Les was my partner. It was a slow dance, but they held us appropriately for just being introduced. The next song was another slow one, we stayed on the dance floor with them. I thanked them both, but said we needed to use the ladies room, then probably call it a night. We were handed their phone numbers if we wanted to see them again.

Mary Jane was giggling as we entered the ladies room, I had entered a stall and had done my business before I was really aware of where I was at. At the mirror, I was looking around to see if I had been noticed, finally focused on touching up my lipstick. Mary Jane had already accomplished that task and was watching me. “So I don’t need to be worried about you flirting with all the men we run into. I was worried for a while, you confidence in yourself seemed to cover all areas. At least I know I still have a chance.” We made our way to the limo and headed home, I am not sure what was accomplished tonight, I guess Mary Jane might feel better about my interests in people, at least I hope so.

Bambi did get to see me strip at Mary Jane’s nightclub, resulting from a trick that Mary Jane had played on me. When we had first visited the club Mary Jane had insisted that I try on a costume, so that she could take a picture or two for her scrapbook. I trusted her, so I made my way backstage and one of the strippers helped me change into one of the costumes. Essentially two pasties, and the front half of a G-string. Some pictures were taken and I re-dressed, then we left. It turns out Bambi also manages the strip club, with Mitzi her hands on assistant for daily management.

Nothing more for a few weeks, then a panicky call from Bambi. She needed me to come to the club, having a large sightseeing group tonight in the club and her several short in the help department. The group was not unusual, one of the companies that offered tours of the area during the day also offered a nightclub tour in the evening, strictly for adults. Depending on the group often the club was added to the tour. They would stay a couple of hours, then the bus would take them back to the hotel or motel they were staying at. The club when visited was always last on the tour, usually around one or two in the morning.

I should have suspected something but Bambi seemed really at a loss of what to do. I agreed to come to the club, dressed in my comfortable clothes and headed into town. Mary Jane was with some of her girlfriends, telling me not to wait up for her. When I got to the club it was very busy, the waitresses hustling around trying to keep up with the drink orders. I went backstage to see who was missing from the performers, the girls running around trying to find their costumes, and fix their makeup. Then I heard the bus pull up outside. A couple of the girls who appear on stage and also help with the serving of drinks finished up and headed out to help.

That left three of the girls backstage. All three were eyeing me up, making me feel very uncomfortable. They came over, suggesting that I slip on a costume, and help serving the drinks so that the other girls could come back and do the show. I backed off, but they leaned in gently slipping my clothes off, leaving me just in bra and panties. Of course, their hands were all over my body, yes even there and soon I was bereft of any clothes. I was quickly made ready for my debut, some things glued to my nipples and something shoved up my vagina, with a tiny gold string running around my hips to hold it in. Hair piled up on top of my head and a more dramatic makeup applied to my face. A change of shoes, my comfortable three inch heels replaced with six inch stilettos, a strap around the ankle the only thing keeping them on my feet. The girls all headed out to the stage, with me being dragged along.

Mitzi faced me on the stage, telling me to duplicate her actions. Then the lights came up and I realized too late that I was a part of the show. I tried to mimic her movements, my breasts bouncing all around the place. Then I heard one female in the audience yell my name and shout stick out those boobies and twist that ass. A brief glance in the direction of the voice and I saw Mary Jane smiling and dancing right next to her table. Mitzi cleared her throat, getting me back focused on what she was doing. It was a long ordeal, but finally the music stopped and I turned to face the audience. Mary Jane was already on her way, launching herself in my direction as soon as she got to the edge of the stage. I managed to stay standing, but barely. Our breasts were smashed against each other and she was grinding her groin against mine in a very enthusiastic way.

I was led off stage and back to the dressing room, both fellow performers complimenting me on my performance. Bambi re-appeared with a camera and several discs. “I got it all on film, every bump grind and shocked look on your face. Lots of entertainment for the years to come. Now we still have quite a crowd, want to do one more final farewell performance for them or do you want to become a regular here? I can pay you a significant wage, and of course all your costumes are free.”

I groaned, but luckily for me Mary Jane had other ideas for me at the moment. I was dragged next door to the club’s office and seen to. Two hours later as the club was closing up we left the office, me with smeared makeup and missing one pasty. Oh well, it was enjoyable, very enjoyable.

I was quite successful in my endeavors for Mary Jane, managing to get all her businesses producing significant profits. We did take the cruise together, Mary Jane confessing about some earlier romantic entanglements that had went wrong leaving lasting scars on her psyche. After the revelation they were never talked about again, our love for each other making them seem insignificant now.

I am very happy, a job I love to do, a partner that is every lover’s dream and at last, peace within my body. The inside and the outside finally matching. I am now forever up to my earrings in femininity and enjoying every moment of it.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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