Danielle; Coming Out To Sis

I had finally worked up the courage to submit to one of my fondest fantasies. Now two years out of college, employed as a real estate agent for a local company, I had a little stability in my life. The fantasies I had earlier in life were calling, wanting to be experienced before much longer. The college degree didn’t help much, yeah it looked good on my resume, but that was about it.

The real estate agent job was a bit of luck, a former professor started it two years ago, found the right people to make it viable, and soon quit her job at the university. I was invited to join the group, helping what I could while taking a class to get my real estate license. Six months later I became an agent and started selling properties. I had reasonable success, selling my first property a month later.

Her business has grown exponentially, now the leading real estate broker in town. Since the other agents preferred to not work the weekends, I volunteered to do so leaving me several days during the week to indulge my fantasies. Up to now it was mainly dressing up in my ever expanding wardrobe of feminine clothes and spending some time in my back yard paradise.

I had a sister in town, her job at a beauty salon requiring most of her time. She had quite a following, built up over the years, able to command quite a fee for her services. She often worked weekends, having many special requests for hair and makeup for weddings and special occasions. I envied her in more ways than usual, if only I could take advantage of her services. So close to the help I needed yet so far away. She would never understand my need for the feminine things in life, so our limited interaction as brother sister probably the best I would get in life.

We talked by phone once a week or so, just about what was happening in our lives but nothing more. Maybe once a month one of us would invite the other to a luncheon out on the town, but even that was tending to fall by the wayside. Over the last six months, we had only three luncheons, one or the other of us having something else to do and couldn’t make our schedules cooperate.

I had decided I need help with my hair, it was now to my shoulder blades, always worn in a low ponytail for any dealings with customers of the real estate company I worked for. Most of the time I was accepted as someone to help them, a rare occasion when one of the customers would ask for someone else to represent them. I kept the ponytail tucked in my shirt, so it was never very visible, thus not an issue with most customers.

There had been a new salon opened in town several months ago. The Turnabout Gurl Salon advertised that they performed most any beauty treatment on most anybody. The ads showed various people with cute feminine hairstyles, gorgeous makeup and absolutely perfect bodies. The logo at the top of the ad showed a male walking into a salon, and a female walking out. I guess that could be interpreted several different ways, but I assumed that they were just referring to their skills at what they did.

I wanted to experience a female hairstyle once in my life, figuring that at the worst I could have it cut short again if it was too feminine and or would interfere in my work. Kimberly, the lady I worked for is easy going, since she pays by commission only, if an agent does something to affect their sales, the agency doesn’t suffer, just the agent. I had made two fairly large sales recently, my bank account comfortable, at least, for now. So if it turned out to be a disaster, I could lay low for a while.

I chose the salon because their advertisements touted a computer that would scan you, suggesting styles that would complement your features best. They also offered a hair analysis, what products you should use to keep your hair in tip top shape. When I called to make an appointment I talked with one of their advisors as she answered all my questions and then some. The appointment was for later today, my nerves on edge, something like this way out of my comfort zone.

I did manage the courage to actually go to the salon, enter and wait to meet my advisor. I was taken back to a room in the back, where she told me what they could do for me. Her name was Stephanie, a regional advisor for Turnabout Gurl. “I suggest the full body scan, then the computer can advise on other things besides your hair. There is no charge for the service and you do receive a full color picture of your body as it would be as a female. It takes about twenty minutes to do the scan, then the computer will show you options. After you have decided on your options, the computer will print your picture as a female. Can I do that for you today?”

I nodded my head, since the thought of getting a picture of me as a female was a very enticing treat. Stephanie suggested that I undress and stand in front of the screen to my right. I blushed several shades of red but did do as I was instructed. She told me to relax and the computer would soon have my image in its memory.

She stepped out, the computer came to life and a beam of light moved over my body starting at my toes and ending up at the top of my head. After the computer shut down, Stephanie showed back up handing me a gown to slip over my head. Another blush, but it did make me feel a little better to have some kind of a cover-up on my body. The gown was silky, now I had goosebumps to deal with along with a male organ that was really enjoying the silky gown.

She went through all the options, having me select the one I liked the most. There were about forty options available for me, after a while I kind of lost track of what I was choosing. Then the computer whirred to life and a picture of me as a female appeared on the screen. I instantly had tears appear at the corners of my eyes, a lifelong desire looking back at me from the screen. If only it was the real me. What services do you want today? You were originally scheduled for a deluxe hair styling, is that all you want or would you like to add more to the list?”

I stuttered a while, not really knowing what to say. I was tempted to ask for it all, but that might be more than I could handle mentally. I finally settled just for the hairstyle, then if I liked it and didn’t die in the next day or two I could come back and take advantage of some of their other services. I pictured all of this in my mind, the die part was not that far fetched. With the hairstyle that the computer had shown me I would definitely not be the same person when I left the salon. A radical change indeed.

“A shampoo tech will be in shortly to wash and condition your hair adding the necessary treatments to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Then a stylist will come in and give you the style you picked out. Plan on being here about three hours, the stylist will take your picture, a remembrance of today for you before you leave.”

I enjoyed the shampoo and treatments used on me in the next hour. At least five different conditioners were applied, some were left on for fifteen to twenty minutes to deep soak into the hair. The massage she gave as she worked the treatments into my hair was heavenly. I was almost asleep when the stylist entered the room.

“Danny my name is Gwen and I will be your stylist today.” As she saw who I was, a larger than life smile appeared on her face. I was looking at my sister. Of all the people to do my hair and I ended up with my sister. I started to get up to leave, but she pushed me back down. I knew I would never hear the end of it, so the sooner I got away the easier my life might be.

She leaned forward, looking directly into my eyes. “Sit still, I have a job to do and I will make sure you look as good as your picture. She put a cape around me and started to comb and section my hair. We talked about everything but me, what I was doing in the salon and why I was getting a feminine hair style never was a part of our conversation. The weather was discussed, the latest styles to hit the fashion runways and the price of groceries. She did touch on why she was working here now, their technology and treatments, plus their advertising second to none in the industry.

Once she expressed interest in joining the salon, she was actively recruited. “If I had known that my sis comes to this salon I would have come her sooner.” That statement delivered with no malice and a large smile on her face. Now I was worried this is not the sister that I was raised up with, nope no way. Maybe a clone but my sister has never been nice to me other than for a few seconds in her life. We are talking a major earth shattering event here, stop the presses, and call up the TV stations for a late breaking story.

She cut my hair in the desired manner, then started wrapping the hair on curlers. The style would be layered, keeping all of the available length, but it would frame my face softening my masculine looks. Forty minutes under the dryer, sis checking my hair often to see if it was dry enough. Back to her styling chair, the curlers were removed, as she coated my hair with hairspray. It took her over an hour to get the curls positioned the way she wanted them. Several more applications of hairspray were added, making sure the hairstyle would stay as she wanted. She left for a minute, then returned with a digital camera. Several pictures were taken of me, appearing on one of the screens at the front of the salon.

I had tears leaking from my eyes, a lifelong desire finally realized. Sis leaned in and hugged me, asking me to stay in the front of the salon and wait for her. She had one more customer then she was off. “You are coming to my apartment tonight, we have so much to catch up on.”

I tried to decline, but she would not hear any excuses. She reached into my back pocket, removed my wallet and keys placing them in her jacket pocket. “There, now you have no choice.” I was led to the front of the salon and seated in one of the chairs in the front window. I was facing the salon, but my head was visible to anybody walking by. She giggled as she told me to stay, like you would to a child or dog. I have seldom seen her this happy, so I took a chance and stayed in my seat like a child waiting for my parent.

The next hour passed quickly, as I watched many males transform into gorgeous females. I was brought to my senses as Sis leaned in and applied a coat of lipstick to my lips then led me from the salon. She stopped at a drive thru to pick up something to eat, a Chinese place that we both frequented often. Then on to her apartment, as she was pulling into her parking spot I realized that I had left my car at the salon. Oh well, I can pick it up tomorrow. I carried in the food as she got the mail and her door.

I got some plates and silverware to the kitchen bar, then set out the little cartons of food. Sis returned after changing her clothes, walking right up to me and hugging me tightly. She held the embrace for quite some time, I did not protest, if felt so good. We chatted as we ate the goodies, her wanting to know all about this side of me. I was kind of tight lipped to start with, but soon my tongue loosened up and before I knew it I had told her everything.

No comments from her, which surprised me greatly. “So are you coming in with me tomorrow so we can finish the transformation or are you going back into hiding?” I looked at her, waiting for the normal reaction that I came to expect from her, it never materialized.

I tried to beg off, I did have my job, and doing it with an extremely feminine hairstyle was probably not the smartest idea. She told me then to just do the job as a female. I started to argue the point, but maybe I could. The image I see in the mirror is definitely female, my voice is somewhere in between the two sexes, so theoretically it could be done. But it is a big maybe and I am not a risk taker. A female hairstyle and cut maybe could be dealt with, combing it into a somewhat masculine style, but to appear in female clothes as a woman to work might be beyond my assessment of a reasonable risk.

When I didn’t respond she picked up her cell phone and made a call. Once they answered she went into the kitchen out of my range of hearing. I could hear some talking but not what was being said. Then some silence and another call, although the conversation was much briefer.

When she re-appeared she had a smile on her face. Tomorrow at eight AM Danielle has an appointment, by noon there will be no male image left. At one-thirty you have a luncheon date with your boss as Danielle that is. Daniel is dead as of this moment, while you are at your luncheon appointment I will be at your apartment getting rid of your male clothes. Don’t thank me, just live your life as your true self and forget the rest. Then we can spend the rest of the day shopping for your new wardrobe.

We talked well into the night, finally when I was caught yawning for the tenth time I was dragged to her spare bedroom, undressed and given a nightie to wear. I used her bathroom, brushed my teeth and admired my feminine hairdo. With a big sigh I plodded back to the bed, crawled under the covers and was instantly asleep. I felt someone join me during the night, her warm body cuddled up close to me. It felt so good, a pleasant feeling that sis and I have never shared in our lives.

I got dumped out of bed when the alarm went off, her telling me to get a move on, or she would leave me here. I took a shower, using a shower cap to keep my new hairdo perfect. Sis poked her head in, giving me an appraisal of my body, then handed me a stack of clothes to wear. I almost squealed when I saw the lacy panties and bra, they looked so delicious. With them on the next item was a cute skirt, followed by a sleeveless blouse. Both were aqua in color, a shade that no male would ever wear. Again the lipstick and I was dragged out her door.

No breakfast this morning, she was so anxious to get me to the salon. As soon as I got there she led me to the back and into the same room as yesterday afternoon. Another lady was waiting for me, plastic gloves on her hands and a large jar of cream on the edge of the table. Sis made sure I was naked, my attempts to slow her down were met with determination and resolve. Then when I kept my arms together to keep any more clothes from being removed, my hands were swatted to keep them out of her way.

I was flipped over and she paddled my fanny. She hits hard and soon I was screaming for her to stop. She got in front of me, looked me in the face and I received her message loud and clear. I laid there as my few remaining clothes were removed, then the cream was smoothed all over my front side. It was left on for twenty minutes, then she used a towel to remove the hair from my body. Sis had left me alone for a few minutes, but she did check up on me regularly, poking her head in the room to make sure I was behaving. My butt was still sore from the spanking, so I dutifully behaved myself. I was flipped over, the backside handled the same way.

It felt so different, my skin seemed more sensitive, any air movement felt and reacted to. When the tech rubbed in some cream to moisturize my skin I about lost it. It was all I could do to not explode, my male organ hard as a rock and very obvious. Of course, sis took that moment to appear, a huge smirk appeared on her face as she grabbed a towel and took care of the eruption. I was red in the face as junior quickly deflated, the embarrassment of my sister jerking me off probably affecting me for life.

Nobody else seemed to care, another tech coming in to start working on my nails. I had always dreamed of having long polished nails, now that was happening. I felt my feet being worked on, I guess I will have polish down there too. My nails were filed into ovals, extensions were added and then treated under a UV light. The polish was next, a base coat, two coats of polish and then a clear topcoat that sealed all of that in. Each layer treated with a UV light. Regular polish remover would not work, a special acetone was needed, and the polish had to be soaked off.

They were indeed gorgeous, but also very obvious. I thought of my luncheon date with my boss, fearing that I would soon be unemployed. I can’t see her agreeing to allow me to dress as a female just because I wanted to. I did alright in my job, but was far from a whiz at what I did. I guess that is all a mute subject now, since my hair is already super feminine, I have long elegant nails and not a hair on my body except what is on top of my head.

The time was flying, so once some breast forms were glued to my chest, some basic makeup was applied and I was dressed in lingerie, a sundress and heels I was whisked away to my luncheon date. I was nervous, extremely so as I was dragged into the restaurant. Sis did not think I would follow through, so she delivered me in person. Then she had the nerve to leave me there alone to face my fears and my boss.

I got a hug from Natalie, a surprise big time. I managed to find my chair and sat down. We ordered my voice cracking often as I tried to keep my voice sounding feminine. Finally my voice sounded feminine, and I was able answer her questions. She was polite, but I sensed she was not going to allow me to work in my old job dressed as a female. Our food appeared and we stopped to enjoy our meal. I was so nervous, I only ate part of my meal, fearing if I ate any more it would not stay down.

Our empty plates were removed, and she cleared her throat. “I am afraid we cannot use you in your old position, it just would not work out. There might be another position available, but several concessions would have to be made before I could offer that to you. Are you interested?”

I nodded my head in the affirmative, tears quickly appearing at the corners of my eyes. I am going to be unemployed and probably homeless soon thereafter. Why couldn’t I be normal like everyone else?

You need to present as a female to get this job that means all the time I want to see your cute butt in a dress or short skirt. Makeup a necessity and of course your hair styled appropriate for a female. The position is our loan closer, wrapping up the details for any purchase and handling all of the documents to close the deal. A weekly salary since I am sure you will need a steady income to afford clothes, jewelry and your salon appointments to maintain your looks. If that is alright you start as soon as I get you back to the office. I nodded my head, anything more complicated than that way beyond my ability at the moment. We visited the ladies room, fixed our makeup and I was escorted to her car.

I felt like someone who had been sucked into a tornado, no choice but to go where the storm carried me. Back at the office I was shown to my desk and the office manager showed me the procedures for closing a deal or purchase. I managed a little time to straighten my desk some, then was introduced to my first customers. They had just bought their dream house, both of them excited beyond belief. I walked then through the documents, had them sign their life away and handed them copies of their agreements. I was thanked for my time, the gal hugging me close and whispering thank you over and over.

As I sat back down at my desk Natalie was looking at me from across the room and smiling. She returned to her office and I filed our copies of the papers away, leaving a stack to be recorded and another stack for the loan company. The couple had already been pre-approved for the loan so no concern there. At closing time Natalie appeared before me, asking me if I liked the job. I jumped up and went to hug her, thanking her for allowing me to work as my female self. She was giggling as she returned to her office, well then I will see you in the morning then, wear something cute.

That was three years ago, I am now her office manager, overseeing this branch of her realty business. I make good money, have a huge wardrobe, as befitting a successful business woman. Weekly appointments with Sis to keep my hair looking gorgeous, the length now down to my waist, the other gals in the office quite jealous of its length and beauty. I have upgraded my female secondary characteristics, my breasts now all me and my lower anatomy quite female looking, junior now hid away for the foreseeable future.

I feel privileged now living the life I always dreamed of, am extremely happy and content. All due to my coming out to Sis. Fate maybe, but whatever the reason I am so happy it chose me that day.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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