Constance; The Longest Nail

It was an ad in a local newspaper, what brought my attention to it was the photograph of a female hand located right in the middle of the ad. The hand had beautiful long nails, done in a bright red polish, the rose nail art adding to the elegance of the hand. The ad was announcing a contest for any interested parties. The winner would be the one with the longest, most beautiful nails after six months. The prize mentioned was substantial, ten thousand dollars, with lots of additional prizes for the winner from other sponsors. The Turnabout Gurl Salon was offering the cash prize, additional information could be had by visiting the salon.

Normally a male like myself would not even look at such an advertisement. For some reason the female hand with long elegant nails had a special attraction for me. My girlfriend and I first ran into each other when she was coming out of a nail salon. I was next door at the coffee place, my second love in life. I had almost knocked her down, when I grabbed her arm to steady her the nails caught my eye. She had to get my attention because I was staring at her nails and still holding her hand. Of course, I blushed a brilliant red, a male infatuated with a female’s hands and nails, not the norm. Most males fixate on the breasts, or the legs or tush, not a female’s nails.

I offered her a cup of coffee, to apologize for my rude behavior, thrilled when she accepted. We sat and talked for an hour about each of our lives, with me sneaking glimpses of her nails every chance I got. I am sure she was aware of my glimpses, but she refrained from saying anything. We exchanged phone numbers, the fact that we both loved the theater a common interest between us. It was ten days later when I asked her to a new performance of the local community theater in town. I treated her to dinner before the performance, then we enjoyed the two hour long production. A stop at our coffee shop on the way back to her apartment, then a kiss at her door as I left her.

Since then we have dated many more times, me even taking her to theater productions in the near-by larger town. We have spent some time together in each other’s apartment, but never shared a bed for any romantic interests. I was content for her company, an intelligent woman, who is driven and grounded in life. I wonder what she will think about the contest. It will have to wait, she is on a trip for her business and will not be back until Saturday.

I am semi-retired, making my fortune in a couple of inventions that I had developed at a younger age. I managed to find the right investors, ones that produced the item and still shared a portion of the profits with me. Those shares added up to major money, and three years later I retired from the job market. I still piddle around with some investments, but a monthly check for all of my expenses and more is deposited in my account on the first of every month.

I decided to check the salon for the details of the contest. Ever since childhood my nails have grown at an unnatural rate, quite often making a nuisance of themselves. I cared for them, the basics done to them every week, a habit that my mother had instilled in me. As I remember she had long nails too, I guess I inherited the characteristic from her. I ate out at one of my favorite places, a deli with the best subs in the world, the meal fantastic as usual. They offered a draft root beer that complimented the sandwich perfectly.

I drove to the salon, entered and asked to speak to someone about the nail contest. I had to wait for a few moments, but the vision of femaleness that approached me was well worth the wait. I was taken back to an office in the back of the salon, and shown to a seat. She introduced herself as Erica, one of the nail specialists for the salon chain. She was here to help oversee the contest for the owner.

“Let me give you the highlights of the contest, then I can answer any questions for you. The fee for entering the contest is twenty four weekly appointments for basic nail care. You have to start the contest with nails that are at your fingertips. At every appointment you will receive a basic manicure, and a photograph will be taken of your hands. That is to prevent someone getting extensions or other nail enhancements. You can have clear polish or color that is up to you. The cost of the weekly manicure has been reduced to ten dollars per visit, to make it affordable for all participants. In addition to the cash prize, there is clothing, makeup, and other salon services that we offer included as part of the overall prize.”

I thought about it, maybe I would have a slight edge in this, I am sure I can convince my girlfriend Jan to help figure out a use for the prizes. Erica took a minute to handle a phone call, but had the application on her desk if I decided to enter. I swallowed hard, this was not anything that a male would usually do, but the downside seemed minor and way down the road. I filled out the application, and Erica checked to see when I could get my first manicure. She took me to another room, this one lined with hundreds of bottles of nail polish. I was surprised to be taken so quickly, but no matter.

Cheri Lyn welcomed me, plunging my hands into some bowls of liquid. The liquid was warm, a little oily but comforting. After soaking for a few minutes she worked around the edge of my nail, removing the excess cuticle. No, I did not know what that was at the time. Then she filed them into a slight oval, my nails at the moment barely to the end of my fingers. A base coat was applied to the nails then a clear polish next. I was told that the clear polish gets super hard, preventing any breakage or tampering with the nails. I was asked if I wanted color, but I decided to leave that decision to Jan when she gets back.

A photo of my hands up against my face is taken, that way I can be identified easily. After the nails are good and dry I manage to get my wallet out to pay the fee. I tipped Cheri Lyn five dollars, not sure what the normal tip would be for a manicure. The way I was treated by her worth the amount of the tip alone.

My next appointment is set-up and I am on my way home. I pick up some Mexican takeout, definitely not in the mood to cook tonight. Tacos and a burrito, something to fill the stomach and bring a smile to my face. I did get looked at while I was ordering, the shine of the top coat attracting the attention of the gal that waited on me. On the way home I often caught myself looking at my glossy nails. Once they get longer, I am sure my eyes will be riveted to them.

The thought that everyone else night also be riveted to my nails made an appearance, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I hadn’t thought about that, long elegant nails on a male will attract a lot of attention, not necessarily the kind of attention that I may want. Maybe Jan can help me decide if I have suddenly become mentally unstable, before this goes too far.

I ate the tacos, deep in thought. Since I am not the most masculine male on the planet, this might sway things in the wrong direction. I am not out much in public, so I could probably avoid a lot of this. The few times I am out Jan is usually with me, so she would be affected the most with my less than masculine appearance. Speaking of the devil, my phone rings and Jan asks what I am doing. I hem and haw a bit, not sure how to bring this up in conversation. Recently she has become almost psychic, wanting to know what I have done.

I told her about the contest, my stop at the salon to find out more and my newly polished nails that seem to totally occupy my thought processes. I get a squeal at the other end of the line, than a bevy of questions. What color did you have them put on? Can you take a photograph with your phone and send it to me now? I was silenced with the sudden questions, brought back to the present as she asks me if the photograph is on the way.

I manage to get the phone aimed at my hand, snap a photograph and send it to her. Quiet on her end, maybe I have made a big mistake here. Then some talking in the background, than another bit of silence. “Meet me at the airport tomorrow morning at eight A.M. don’t be late. I love you immensely. Bye” I held the phone to my ear, the dial tone all I am hearing. Well any resolving of this possible problem will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

I set there on the couch for the longest time, trying to see if could make some sense of her words and actions. She was cutting her trip short, no explanation, nothing. Then the cryptic words and a dial tone. Definitely not much to go on, much less to make any conclusions from.

I got up early so that I would be on time to pick her up. Her flight was delayed some, so I had to wait an additional thirty minutes. As she cleared the gate she can running over, her heels making that click clack noise that they do on the terminal floor. I am almost knocked down by her, she had launched herself at me while still three foot away. I am hugged, kissed and then she pushed me back and grabbed my hands so she could take in the appearance. Another tight hug and kisses all over my face, I am beet red from the face down as she woman handled me. I am sure we had an audience, but every time I moved my head to look I was kissed again hard. Finally I managed to get her moving, down to baggage claim and then out to my car.

She was almost setting on my lap in the car, making driving rather frustrating. I took her to her apartment, and carried her luggage in for her. She was looking through her vanity for something, then squealed as she apparently found it. Her and a bottle of nail polish appeared at her kitchen table ready to color my nails. She had one of my hands in a death grip, pulling it closer to her so she could put on the polish. It was a deep red, making my short nails stand out like beacons. I was still in shock, cutting her trip short, eager to see my nails, now adding color to them, what next. That was soon answered as she changed her clothes and told me to take her out to lunch. She had just finished adding polish to my nails and now she wanted to go out.

Her face reflected a smirk, but no backing down. When she picked up her purse I presumed my decision had been made for me about going out to eat. I was afraid of what people would say, but Jan was determined to go out. I usually gave in to what she wanted so we again entered my car and drove to her favorite restaurant. When I parked I got her door for her like I usually do, then held her hand as we walked in. The hostess greeted us and led us to a table. As I was handed a menu she saw my nails and complimented me on them. The waitress was right there wanting to know what we wanted to drink, another compliment on my nails and then she brought us our drinks. The whole afternoon that way, no laughing at me from the many people I came into contact with, at least, that I could detect.

I was dumbfounded, not at all what I was expecting. I kept my guard up, I am sure there was someone lurking that would make a nasty comment about my nails or my sexuality. Surprisingly it never came. Back to her apartment, she opened a bottle of wine and we sipped the selection for almost three hours. It was getting late so I got up to take my glass to the kitchen. Jan was right behind me, as I put the glass in the sink she was suddenly attached to my body. Her arms around my neck and most of her body right up against me. She asked when my next appointment was, insisting that she be taken along. I suggested an appointment for her too, at the same time, a nod that she approved of that quickly given. I did manage to escape, body intact, still clothed. The goodbye at her door was a little hot and heavy though, also lasting quite a bit longer than normal.

I made the drive home, thinking of her actions today. I was thrilled at the enthusiasm, but wondered what it all meant in the long run. I slipped off my clothes and was soon in dreamland. No recollection of what I dreamed about, but I had apparently tossed and turned all night considering how the sheets were wrapped all around me the following morning. I do remember running my fingers over the slick nail polish many times, the feelings that transmitted to my brain after doing this quite pleasant. Life did eventually settle into a routine, but Fridays were always different and exciting.

My appointment was for four o’clock on Fridays, Jan at my house midday so that we could lunch together. She insisted the red polish stay on, so I yielded to the request. After the first appointment I had no choice since the red polish was added before the clear coat. They had to use a special solvent to get the hardened clear coat off, so once the red polish was on I was stuck with it until the next appointment.

I did limit my excursions out, fearing the remarks that might come my way. After the first week Jan came by more often dragging me with her as she did her errands around town. She was an advisor to political candidates, helping them with their presentation and appearance. She also advised on issues, and what groups that would help them the most with their campaign. She worked odd hours, sometimes out all day, another day maybe an evening meal with one of her candidates and spouses. She had phenomenal success in her career, a waiting list for her services and opinions.

Unfortunately, for me I was now included in all of her meetings and dinners. I did get some strange stares from her clients, but nothing was said. As the weeks went by, the nails grew at a fantastic rate. The repercussions of the longer nails is everybody thinking that I am a female. If Jan would tolerate a different nail polish color I might have just got some strange looks, but a variety of bright red colors was all she allowed on my fingernails. To keep me more comfortable in her customer’s presence she started introducing me as her secretary. When she added a blouse and silky pants I received no more strange looks. I kept up the secretary image taking notes as the different meetings progressed.

The weekly appointments were looked forward to, Jan to see me getting manicured and polished, and I getting to see her get the same. I insisted that her nails be left to grow like mine, although she bitched frequently that she couldn’t do as much with the long nails. I just smiled in return. By the sixth week, my nails were looking awesome, even the gals at the salon were envious of their length. From the photographs on the salon wall, my nails were longer than most. After adding the bright red polish they seemed to stand out like a beacon on a fog covered shore.

I guess partly because I was more conscious of my appearance I managed to lose some weight. In fact, over the first eight weeks of the contest I lost thirteen pounds. That helped me in my female presentation. I wasn’t trying to present as a female every day, but the consensus of opinion of most people that saw me was that I was of the female gender. Imagine if I really tried to look the part.

At the next appointment Jan spoke to the technician asking if I could get some additional services on my next appointment. The tech got another lady to talk to Jan, me being left at the manicure table as they were still working on my nails. I never did find out what she had arranged, just that it would require three more hours next week. My nails were looking good, well better than good, from the photographs I was obviously in the lead, concerning nail length. The longer nails along with the reddish polish had turned my nails into something extremely feminine.

Most everybody I met or dealt with considered me a female now, I had long since stopped correcting them, just going along with their assumptions. Jan had picked items of feminine clothing slowly, now my closet was about half full of clothing usually worn by the distaff side. She had not got carried away with underwear yet, but I did have panties instead of boy shorts. I must admit the panties were lots softer and more comfortable.

Jan seemed to be getting busier, now we were out almost every day, dinners at least five nights a week. I tried to miss a few of them, but she had other ideas. On one of the appointments while she was having her nails done I got a pink polish applied to mine. Well that lasted for all of five minutes before she insisted that it all got taken off and my signature red re-applied. By now they were getting very feminine in length, almost a half inch past my fingertips.

Almost everywhere we went that was the first comment out of everybody’s mouth was about my nails that included the male politicians along with their wives. No longer was I thought of as a male, now female was the only gender mentioned in connection with me.

They had finished re-applying my red polish when two more techs entered the room. I suddenly had a bad feeling about the extra services she had arranged for me. When they wheeled in the machine with cups attached hanging down from the hoses, I knew that it wouldn’t be the masculine me that might win the contest, it would be Constance, Jan’s nickname for me that would be vying for the longest nail. Then when they glued the cups to my chest, there was no longer any doubt.

It was more than three extra hours that day, at the six hour mark the machine turned off, my cups runneth over. Since the breast was sucked from my body, I doubted they would suddenly go away or be re-absorbed back into my body. I was told the cups remained on, after three or four days they would dissolve and only leave the new pert breast on my chest. An hour after the machine turned off the cups were already softer and more flexible than before. I was offered a bra, Jan grabbing it and helping me into its embrace. Her smile was bigger as we headed home, looking my way often as she drove.

She had been after me to move in with her, after telling her no for three weeks she finally persuaded me and I moved in the next week. With sizable breasts now, she hired a moving company to move my things to her apartment, the guys who moved me obviously happy as they ogled me every chance they had. That was a very difficult time, getting used to be lusted after quite a change for a former male. I was indeed a former male, with Hooters like these I doubt I would ever be classified as a male again.

It wasn’t all bad, Jan playing with them was quite enjoyable, in fact I learned that I now could orgasm just from her manipulating my nipples. Indeed she did have fun playing with them, now when she was not working with one of her politicians, my breasts seemed to keep her focus. Always a grope, or a tweak of my nipple, then when bedtime arrived a more thorough seeing to was conducted by Jan. Out in public, I was embarrassed when she brushed up against my breasts or pinched a nipple when no one was watching. At home I was putty in her hands, actually looking forward to being groped or caressed.

I tried to reciprocate as often as I could, but Jan being so confident and outgoing, saw to it that I was never long without some attention. It eventually ended up with me having to get a recorder to use to take notes. I could still write, but not as fast as before. The long nails hampered writing and almost any other activity involving the use of my hands.

Then with only five weeks remaining in the contest, another upgrade to my appearance was instituted. My hair and makeup was done for me, a lighter shade of blonde with brunette highlights. As far as makeup goes, after they had shaped my eyebrows, eye makeup, rouge, lipstick became a regular habit with me. I received classes in doing my hair and makeup myself, a weeks’ worth and I was doing it as if I had been doing it my whole life. I thought that maybe when I was totally female in appearance that Jan might lose some fascination with me. Wrong again, even public displays of affection were now indulged in, Jan just smiling as people gawked at our antics, well her antics to be truthful.

The weeks progressed and two weeks from the finish of the contest I and four other contestants were notified that we were the five finalists in the contest. We were invited to the final judging at the salon, where we would be measured and all of our weekly photographs would be examined. Then at the conclusion a winner would be announced. From the photographs I saw at the salon, it was mainly between myself and a female from back east, both of us having similar nail growth.

When Jan and I arrived at the salon I was shown to a booth and the normal weekly manicure was performed. Erica and another lady examined each contestants nails after the polish was removed. A final photograph was taken and then compared to the last weekly photograph. Sylvia the other finalist with nails similar to mine came over and we talked as the judges compared photographs and observations. She was glad the contest was over, the last few weeks she has been unable to do much of anything, her long nails making doing things almost impossible. She worked as a secretary, her boss allowing her to finish the contest, but wanted Sylvia to be able to type again, a task she has been unable to do for seven weeks.

Francine the salon owner announced the winners, I did come in first, a very enthusiastic Jan seeing to my immediate reward. Sylvia was second, Erica announcing that she would get all the extra prizes same as me, while I received the cash prize. Part of the contest requirements were the right of the salon to use my hands in promotional material for the salon nationwide. I imagined just a lot of photographs to use in their advertising, it turns out that I will also being making personal appearances at other salons across the country.

Jan being the takeover type of person she is handling all of the arrangements for my appearances, while my hands were photographed many hundreds of times. I had a week of down time before my first personal appearance. Since Jan had stepped in to handle everything I was not aware that my appearances were to be as Constance, the winner of the contest. The appearances would stretch out over the next six months at least depending on the success of the program that I was advertising. Of course, Jan was ecstatic as I would be in total female mode for the entire time and my nails would only get longer. That pretty much stopped any physical activity for me, the nails were getting so long that almost anything was beyond my capability to perform. I did get nail appointments every few days, to make sure they were always at their best.

So other than make my appearances I was mainly a plaything for Jan. She had quit her job temporarily, more interested in accompanying me and seeing to the fact that I did not get bored on the trips. Believe me I was never bored, as I laid there every evening being ravished by my handler. As we made the circuit, several more steps towards femininity were taken, now both Jan and I were nearly identical in anatomical appearance. I never wore any male clothes, my wardrobe only dresses and skirts. A fact that Jan had insisted on.

I guess after a while the mind gets used to things, I really never thought back to when I was a male, now just content to dress sexily for Jan, do my makeup and hair to please her and then allow her to do with me what she wants. I am happy, very content and to think it all started with a contest for the longest nail.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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