Caroline; A Nine Month Experience

I was home, earlier than usual for the first time in several weeks,. Sally and I had been meeting after school for the last two weeks trying to figure a way out of our predicament. We met at her house, just talking, discussing every possible alternative available and what to do about it. Her mom worked much later, never getting home till six or seven every night giving us the privacy needed to work on our problem. We were a couple, dating now for almost two years. We got along well, shared interests and liked to do the same things. Tonight we had skipped that meeting.

Our doorbell rang, and Mom yelled at me to answer it. I got up from the den where I had been watching TV and went to the door. I opened it, and there was Sally and her Mom. I swallowed hard and invited them in. My Mom showed up and gave Sally’s Mom a hug, then hugged Sally. I suspected we were in trouble, our Moms both very intelligent ladies, no nonsense about them, self-made women in their careers and life. Both now divorced, our fathers thought they found someone else they loved more than our Moms.

Mom got us drinks, then invited everybody to have a seat in the living room. Sally and I started to set apart but were told to sit together on the couch. We exchanged glances, but shrugged our shoulders, neither one of us knowing what this meeting is about, but feared that we might have been found out. My Mom started the discussion. “We have been talking recently about you and have concluded that something is up. In the discussion tonight there will be no lies or half-truths told. This starts now.”

Both of them look our way. “Who wants to go first?” I look at Sally, fearing the worst, and knowing my Mom, decide, to tell the truth immediately. I look over at Sally, mouthing sorry, but she leans into me and hugs me as I start.

“We think Sally is pregnant.” I wait for the shock, but none comes, our moms already suspect. I tell them when we think it happened and that we have thought it through, just have not decided what to do yet.

Barbie, Sally’s mom asked. “Was protection used?” I start to say that Sally is on the pill, but Barb holds her hand up to stop me. She looks directly at Sally and suggests that now might be a good time to tell me. Sally looks at me, tears in her eyes.

“I stopped taking birth control pills four weeks ago.” I am shocked, but before I can say anything Jennifer, my Mom asks me why I didn’t use a condom. I shut up, knowing that Mom had told me thousands of times always to use protection, never count on one type of preventive to handle the possibility of someone getting pregnant.

My Mom is an Ob-Gyn and deals in this all the time, for me to ignore her advice totally unthinkable. Barbie looks at her daughter and tells her to go ahead and tell your boyfriend why you stopped taking birth control. Sally just looks at me, then whispers something. Barbie tells her to speak up, making Sally repeat the response. Sally looks at me. “I thought I was losing you, maybe getting pregnant would prevent that from happening.”

Barbie and my Mom just stare at us. “You are both nineteen, well educated, yet you refused our advice and took things in your own hands, and I think we can agree that you have messed up really bad.”

“Why didn’t you two talk it out, surely you two have some type of respect for each other.” Sally held her head down and tried to keep from looking at me.

I reached over and pulled her chin up, looking into her eyes. “I would never leave you, where did you get such an absurd idea.” She muttered a name, Heather; then it dawned on me.

“You’re jealous of Heather; we are lab partners in Organic Chemistry, and we have been working on our project for the end of term together. I have not kissed her, nor held hands, just studied together to get our project done.”

Sally look dejected, all of this was coming to haunt her. I reached over and gave her a hug, then held her hand. My Mom asked if I had thought to explain to Sally about my time spent with Heather before it became an issue. I lowered my head, I never thought of doing so. “No, I now realize I should have said something.”

Our mothers got up and suggested that we set right here and figure out what we are going to do. “We will be in the kitchen when you have discussed this and come to an agreement come and get us. If it takes all night, you will stay awake and come up with what you are going to do. Then after we hear what you have to say, we will tell you what we have in mind to teach you some empathy and respect for one another.”

They left, and Sally, and I looked at each other. We hugged and told each other how sorry we were for what we did or didn’t do. “I will stop school, get a job and we can get married.” She nodded her head, but then neither of us will get our college degrees. “That will have to be put on hold; I will stick by her and make it up to her somehow.” She broke down in tears, apologizing profusely for doubting me, knowing she had made a big mistake. “That is behind us, several mistakes ago, that we both are guilty of doing. We needed to think of the future and the baby, not of how we both messed up.”

I got up to get our Mothers, and they promptly came back in and set down. I finally started the conversation telling them what I am going to do. They listened with interest; no comments made until I was finished. Barbie looked at Sally asking her if that is what we had decided on. She nodded her head, but Barbie made her say it out loud. She asked what we are going to do about our education, I piped up and told her it would just have to wait until later, after the baby and us get on our feet.

Both Moms looked at each other, then at us. “We agree it is a solution, but not a very good one. What if you despise working a low-level job, because you can’t get any better job? Then at Sally, how are you going to keep house, cook and prepare for the baby. And where do you two think you are going to come up with the money for an apartment or house?”

“We have an alternative for both of you. It is extreme, but maybe something you both need to experience. The superficial thoughts are there between you, but below that level there is nothing. With an entry level job how are going to provide for Sally and the baby, how are you going to be able to buy food, clothes, baby items and keep a roof over your head? Truthfully we are fed up with both of you; we have experienced life, know what it is like and have warned you along the way to avoid stupid mistakes that we have made in our lives. You have ignored us and made them anyway. Now you expect everything to come together magically and keep your heads above water. No higher education, now with a baby, and you expect miracles. It just doesn’t happen in real life.”

“We have hashed this over for several days; we will help, but it will be done our way. It is radical, but knowing what you have done, something like this is needed to teach you some common sense. We are not telling you anything about the plan; you have to agree to it, and it will be implemented. There is no choice in it for you; we will tell you how it is going to be, and you will submit. At the end of two years if you make it we will pay for your college education in full. You will have some place to live and each other although in a different arrangement.”

Your other choice is to refuse, and we will stop all relations between us immediately. It is harsh, but you have not listened to us, and we have limited options that we feel will work out in the long run. Since you don’t seem to care about your future in any responsible way we have decided that it is either our way or you are on your own. We both love you, but you didn’t come to us for help, you tried to hide it from us and handle it yourself. We had to make you tell us, does that show us how much you love us and trust us. Definitely not. You have fifteen minutes to decide, yay or nay.”

“Yes,” we both said before they could leave the room, and then went and hugged our Moms. I whispered in my Mom’s ear that I am truly sorry for not telling her sooner, she pushed me away and told me to wait until I have heard what my penance is going to be before I get too happy. Barbie is telling Sally the same thing. They set us both back down on the sofa and then each mother tells their child how it is going to be.

Barbie starts telling Sally. “As of tomorrow you are out of school. You and your boyfriend will live in the apartment behind Jennifer’s house. As of tomorrow, you are a couple, living together and caring for each other. Cooking and cleaning, doing laundry, shopping for groceries and making the apartment yours. Since you didn’t listen to me about getting pregnant, you will be strapped into a pregnancy simulator for the entire nine months, 24/7 until you start to get big enough that the simulator is not needed. The simulator will not be able to be removed, yours until you get large enough or give birth.”

“As for a job you will work as a model for my clothing company, modeling maternity clothes, that is eight hours a day Monday through Friday. You will pay your own way, in groceries and clothing, and any items needed for the apartment. We will invite you once a week for dinner at one of our houses, and catch up on your lives.”

“Jennifer is going to be your Ob-Gyn, and you will have weekly appointments with her. Jennifer will adjust the bill for you to be able to pay it, but you are not getting a free ride. I do not expect my pregnant daughter to do anything other than to care for her spouse and later the baby. No clubs, no night life, and no enjoyment of anything other than maybe a movie from time to time.”

“The final thing is that you two will marry, within the next few days and stay married until the two years is up, no discussion on this at all. A simple ceremony with just the four of us, and the preacher. You will get the license tomorrow. There will be a contract signed that states the terms of the marriage, no suing for property or possessions, and the baby is to have shared custody between you two until he or she is twenty-one. You go into the deal with nothing and come out of it with nothing other than shared custody of the baby.”

You have no choice in the deal, but I want to know if you will cooperate. Sally looked down for a minute, but then said she will cooperate.

My Mom told me I might dislike my conditions a little more than Sally’s, but there again I don’t have a choice. “As of tomorrow, you are also out of school. Today is the last day for your Carl persona. I looked at her with a questioning stare. You will also be living the life of a pregnant female. The same simulator as Sally and exactly the same treatment. Caroline is you new identity, 24/7 as a female for the next two years. I think you can figure out on your own why, the disrespect you have for a female a little too obvious.”

“For you, the simulator is required since you will not actually be carrying a baby. Your part in the scope of things is that you are going to feed the baby, change it, bath it, and dress it, everything a mother has to do. You will also work as a model for maternity clothes to earn your living. After the baby is born, the baby will come with you and you can take care of it in between photos. That includes waking up at night to feed it and change it since the milk it will receive will come from you.”

I started to say something, but my Mom’s look quickly stopped that thought midstream. “I will make sure that you are thoroughly checked every week in your pregnancy, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to your baby or you. I think you will learn to enjoy breastfeeding the baby, but enjoy it or not it will be your responsibility.”

“The living arrangements will be different than you are expecting, you will be a part of modern society, living as two lesbians in the apartment. I am sure that will cause a few waves, but not anything that you two can’t handle. For the next two years, you will be a female in all ways possible by modern science, your instrument that got you into this mess glued away for the long term. Your transformation happens tomorrow, starting at nine A.M. and you both become pregnant mothers later in the day. How you explain to others your situation is your own concern, but I suggest some truth to keep it from biting you in the butt any more than it has already.”

“Now we suggest that you talk it out right now, then we will get you into bed for the evening. Both of you will be busy tomorrow, so you will need your rest. Tomorrow evening you will be a couple and in the apartment to start living your new life. I strongly suggest that you try and learn something from the experience, not grumble about your situation. You need to depend on each other, for support and love, maybe thinking back, a better way to have handled the situation than what you came up with. Fifteen minutes until bedtime, so don’t waste the time.”

Sally grabbed me. “How are we going to be able to handle all of this, especially you, I didn’t mean for it to go this far, I am so sorry?” I hugged her real tight; “We love each other; it will work out, and we need to support each other. I am scared about what my mother told me, but maybe I will learn something in the deal. I do know that I love you more than anything and whatever is dished out I can handle with a little support from you.” We kissed, and then were led to separate bedrooms. I undressed and was handed a nightie, then tucked into bed. Mom kissed me on the forehead, then arranged the covers around me.

It was only a few moments later that I fell asleep, only to be awakened by Sally sneaking into my bed an hour later. We cuddled together, both of us hugging each other. My Mom woke us the next morning smiling at us in each other’s arms, then told me to get dressed, anything will do, the last chance for you to wear any male clothes. I brushed my teeth, used the potty and left to go downstairs. I am handed a power bar and dragged to the car.

Thirty minutes later I am in a salon, my male facade being erased. They were very efficient, my body hair disappearing within minutes with a cream rubbed into my skin. Next with my feet in stirrups, my male appendage glued to my body and covered with a fake vagina I became a member of the female sex. It is so realistic, looking down I see the same thing as when I see Sally without her panties.

Breasts are next, and a formidable machine with cups hanging down from it is wheeled over the table I am laying on. The cups are sealed to my chest, and the pump starts pulling any extra flesh into the devices. I have only been here less than an hour, and my image is gone. I try to tell someone about slowing down things, but they ignore me. My Mom comes in with another lady, looks down at me and kisses me on the forehead. She tells me it won’t be too much longer than I can be fitted with the simulator. The other lady asks if I am looking forward to this, I just look at her like she is crazy. She leans in and tells me that learning how the other half lives and functions will make me a much better partner, instead of fighting it, think it over and open up your mind a little. She squeezes my hand and then leaves. I lay back, the machine has the cups half full already, and from the size of the cups I will be well endowed. Two hours later the cups are full, and another lady comes in and injects a syringe full of goodies into each breast. The machine is turned off, as she leaves she informs me that I should be lactating within four weeks, and I will need to keep them pumped to be able to feed my baby later.

I lay back and just stare at the ceiling, I try to fight the changes, but eventually I give up. I know with the simulator on I will have no choice in the matter, a pregnant male standing out quite a bit in a crowd. My hair is apparently long enough, so curlers are inserted, and I am put under a dryer. The cups are still on my breasts; I am told they stay on, eventually dissolving by themselves in a couple of days. As I reached up to touch the cup they are now soft to the touch and a little flexible.

I get a manicure, that not too bad in itself, but the extensions applied first, is what is bothering me. My hands and fingers are almost useless, the long nails keeping me from doing much, but the look of the new nails extremely feminine.

As I sit up, the weight from my breasts a new experience I had not counted on. The fact that they are never still very distracting to me. I hold them with my hands to stop some of the movement as she starts on my face. She uses the same cream to remove my eyebrows and what little beard I have, then starts applying makeup. I try to see how she is doing it, the fact that I will have to do it myself in the future not lost in my thoughts.

With my makeup finished, I am given a robe and led to another room. As I made my way into the room, I see Sally there already, her appearance greatly different than before. Her hair has been cut shorter, still feminine, but more of the unisex look. Her makeup subdued some but still that of a female. On the table are two large boxes, and I almost faint. I am soon to become a pregnant female, along with Sally. It might be different being eased into it over the nine months of pregnancy, but to be suddenly full term immediately a real shock to the system.

My Mom is over in a chair on the wall, observing with great enthusiasm the activities. Sally gets to go first as she is helped to get undressed. With all of her clothes removed she is helped up onto the table and the device is placed over her middle section. It runs from just below her breasts to her vagina, as it is positioned they explain to her that her simulator will decrease in size as she grows with her baby, finally, after nine months it will just be a skin covering. It is glued on, impossible to remove until the special solvent is applied. They apply the glue and carefully lower the simulator back in place.

She lays there for a few minutes and then she is helped up. I can see her hunch over some, the weight pulling her forward. They get her into a bra, then some maternity panties that fit and come up somewhat on the simulator. The empire waist maternity dress is lowered over her and buttoned up the back. I can see where we will have to help each other to get out of the dresses, our arms not able to undo the buttons on the back of the dress. Sally is smiling a little but soon reaches back to support her back with her hand. They help her feet into some low heels; she can’t even see her feet much less get them on by herself.

Apparently, I am next, my robe removed and I am helped onto the table. Sally is all eyes as she notices my changes, especially looking at my new vagina. It is apparent to both of us that my penis that caused the problem is now on a two-year or longer exile. The weight of the simulator laid on my torso a lot heavier than I imagined. They positioned it carefully, then lifted it off after making a few marks as to where it should go. The same glue is applied, and soon the item is lowered and secured to me. Mine apparently a different model then Sally’s requiring more time to set. I just lay there nine long months of this and all because I didn’t listen to my Mother’s advice. They made sure that it is well attached and helped me stand up. I almost fell, the weight pulling me forward and the weight shifting around inside the damn thing, just like a baby would.

Then you have my new breasts flopping around on my chest, and you have a slight idea of my feelings. I all of a sudden feel the need to pee, the weight of the simulator pushing against my bladder, My Mom helped me to the bathroom, and I stand in front of the toilet. She giggles but tells me that a female sits to urinate, so I set down on the cold toilet seat. I try to reach my hand down there to aim my organ, remembering that I no longer have anything to point. I have to concentrate for quite a while before I feel the pee dribbling out of my new slit. It seems to spray everywhere, making quite a mess.

My Mom shows me what has to be done to handle the situation, then leaves me to finish up. I pull up my panties, that phrase I never thought I would use in reference to myself, straighten my dress and wash my hands. I go back out to the salon and am led to a styling station. They remove my curlers; suddenly I am covered in large spongy curls bouncing all around my head. She combs and brushes my hair into a style; then she has me try it myself. On the third try, I manage to get it looking respectable, but my arms ached from the effort, since they were above my head for so long.

Finally, we are finished, maybe more than in the way they imagined, both of us quite submissive as we are helped to the car for the ride to our new home. Both Sally and I are quiet, way too many sensations and feelings impacting our bodies. Our Moms have made their point, both of us aware of the other side of the coin. I notice Sally fingering her new short hair, a tear caught in the corner of her eye. I grab her hand and squeeze it, trying to comfort her some.

When we get to my house we are taken back to the apartment, each handed a key and helped inside. Mom told me we had minimal food for a few days. Clothes for a week and basic cleaning supplies and toiletries. There is the makeup that was used on us today and anything else we needed we had to obtain ourselves. You have a joint bank account, with a balance of four thousand dollars. That is a five percent advance on your yearly salary for modeling. We will pay you weekly; you have until Monday to get settled in your apartment. On Monday your new job starts promptly at nine A.M. You both have your first doctor’s appointments tomorrow morning at ten A.M. at my office. Be prompt and dress nicely. She gave us both a kiss and hug; we love you both dearly but the time has come for you to make a life for yourselves. We both hope you take advantage of the chance to do so.

Sally and I make our way to the living room and ease ourselves into some chairs. Sally is crying already, and I am not doing much better. I suggest we get to the love seat somehow, that way we can hold each other. Sally managed to get out of her chair on the second attempt, but I couldn’t get out of mine no matter how I tried. She came over told me to scoot as far forward as possible then slide my feet as far back as possible and raise up. She helped some and I escaped the chair. We held each other, crying on each other’s shoulder for quite some time. We walked together to the love seat and eased our bodies down in the cushions.

She leaned in and laid her head on my shoulder, we just held each other, no words being said. Finally, she told me what her Mother had told her at the salon where she had her hair cut. Once the baby is born she is to be the male in the relationship; she has to provide for the baby and me, making sure we are taken care of. She will be able to dress still as a female, just nothing girly or feminine. The fact that she tried to trap me into a marriage showed everybody what her opinion of a male in a relationship is, a fact that her mother is going to change.

I comforted her the best that I could, knowing that our life is experiencing only the first changes that we are destined for in this new life. I picked up her chin till I was looking into her eyes. “We have to get through this together, and the only support we have is each other. No more hiding of emotions, if you feel like crying that is what you need to do, but share the crying with me, let me hold you, let me tell you how much I love you, we are a couple let’s start acting like one, a loving, romantic, caring couple who can accomplish anything we set our mind to. I will do the same; I just hope you care enough for me to do the same for me.”

She leaned in, holding my face with her hands and gave me a passionate kiss. We fell asleep on the love seat, holding each other and cuddling as close to each other as we could get. I awoke later, hearing a meow in the kitchen. I got up, although it was not a smooth, graceful act and made my way to the kitchen. My Mom had just released a kitten on the floor, and she ran to me bouncing all over the place. Mom pointed to the litter box, the stack of food on the counter and the water dish. I told her thanks and went to hug her. She rubbed my tummy some the sensation spreading through my body. She smiled a little and told me she would see me in the morning for my exam.

The kitten was trying to climb my leg, so I reached down and picked it up then went to show Sally the new addition to the family. I placed the kitten on her swollen tummy and the kitten quickly ran to her face and started licking, Sally’s eyes popped open, a smile on her face immediately. I told her my Mom had gotten us a kitten, complete with a care kit. Sally was holding the kitten; it’s purring so loud I am sure the whole neighborhood could hear. I set down next to her, and we played with the kitten a little then I told Sally we needed to get some things done to the apartment, our new home for our family. I helped her up, and we went to the kitchen, Sally checking the refrigerator for things to eat and me checking the dishes and pans we were left with. Our Mother’s had planned well; we had the essentials to get by.

I briefly cleaned the stove, our kitchen table that we would eat on, then rinsed the dishes necessary for a meal. Sally pulled out some fixings for a salad and a one skillet meal package. I retrieved a skillet and started the preparation of our dinner. The kitten watched a while then found a comfortable spot in the corner and went to sleep. I managed to get the finished meal to look somewhat like the picture on the box, and we set down to our first meal together.

I have never been religious, but I paused and thanked the powers to be for our good luck in having such caring mothers. We talked a little about how we wanted to fix our new home, the kitten coming over later and crawling up on my lap to continue her nap. I started to make a list, both of us deciding that we would venture out tomorrow to obtain some of the items we might need. Both of us scared to do so alone, two pregnant females shopping not the most common occurrence. Sally mentioned to me about the trouble we might have later when our pregnancies last far longer than our condition might indicate.

I simply replied that when the time came, we would handle the situation together. I got a kiss, and the hug she smothered me with lasted for quite a while. The kitten shadowed us for the rest of the evening, she apparently also needed support. Our getting ready for bed turned out to be quite an adventure. We each had to undo the other’s buttons, I guess it might be possible to reach it, but the positions we might have to use to get the feat accomplished seemed monumental.

Then came showers, the apartment had a lovely tub, but how we might get into the tub, and worse get out of the tub seemed almost comical. I kidded Sally that I would have to call the fire department to help get her out, then how would we explain us living together. We laughed quite a bit, a good feeling for once in our recent life experiences. We started out mad at our Mothers, but after a lot of discussions we saw what they had seen in us to warrant the drastic action on their part. I saw a lot of problems ahead, life is not easy at the best of times, pregnant and with not a lot of job prospects much harder.

I have to remember to thank Barbie tomorrow for the jobs, a chance for us to show them that we do love each other and have learned from our mistakes. In bed, with some sexy nighties purchased by our mom’s we broke out in giggles. Both of us dressed for a sex filled night, too large to even get close to each other and both females to boot. I decided I could probably have a little fun with Sally’s breasts and moved in for the attack. Just getting in position to play with her breasts almost wore me out.

I did manage, and the squeals from her a testimony of my ability to please her in some manner even now. My breasts tingled as I licked and played with her nipples, it was like they wanted some of that too. It had been a long and eventful day; we finally found a position we could live with and soon were asleep. Before I dozed off, I saw the kitten sneak up between us and lay down between our extended mounds. Incidentally, the only position we found comfortable enough is on our backs, on our side might be a possibility, but in my case, the breasts were right in the way and even got pinched once as I tried to move around.

As I woke up the following morning the kitten was staring at me; apparently, his supply of food was not adequate in his bowl and shortly after that the phone started ringing. I glanced at the time while I tried to right myself. It was my mom suggesting we get a move on; we had an hour to get ready and get to her office. I thanked her again for the kitten; she thought we might appreciate it.

We managed to get dressed; the kitten got fed, and we made our way to my car outside. It took quite a while to put on underwear, the bra an essential for me, then get into our dresses, and finally our shoes. The drive uneventful other than getting used to having breasts and a large belly. We arrived at Mom’s office, I knew, at least, in my case, she is going to have lots of fun with me. We checked in with the receptionist who took us back to one of the exam rooms. Apparently, I had drawn the short straw and got to go first. Sally helped me to undress, then helped me up on the exam table. The nurse came in putting my feet in the stirrups and attaching straps to my ankles. The smile she gave me convinced me that she knew the score, but she is nice asking me if I am comfortable.

I started to say something; my feet splayed wide not the most comfortable position to be in. Mom came in before I put my foot in my mouth, asking how the young mother is doing today. I smiled and told her just fine; I hope I can have twins, the idea of lots of kids something me and my hubby are really excited about. She smiles and tells me we will see what we can do about that. She lifts the gown that I have been given to wear, putting it to the side as she manipulates my breasts. I notice a drop of liquid on one nipple when she finishes, asking her if it isn’t a little soon for milk. She tells me each female is different, some only lactate after birth, some starting soon after they find they are pregnant.

She looks over at Sally telling her that I need to be sure and get a breast pump, using it at least three to four times a day and keep it up until we have had our babies. We can use the milk if we want, it is safe to use. Then she hands me a list of things I can’t eat or drink, medications that are now forbidden and tells me that it is a must that I adhere to the list faithfully. Sally, in one of her playful moods, leans over and licks the drop-off, a big smile spreading across her face as she does so. She told Jennifer that the milk will be no problem.

Mom moves her attention down to my new vagina, telling the nurse to get the implements from the refrigerator. Sally giggles, I don’t realize the funny part until the nurse returns and Mom shoves a speculum into my vagina and opens me up for inspection. I groan and moan till the instrument warms a little. Mom just smiles, she has had her fun for today I think, at least I hope that is all there is to this. She checks me over thoroughly asking Sally if we intend to continue having sex. I guess Sally is way ahead of me here; she nods in the affirmative, Mom not skipping a beat as she tells her that a regular dildo should work fine, but not to use a vibrating one since that might induce labor prematurely.

I look over at Sally, who is giggling, then at Mom who is close to cracking up, but somehow still managing to keep it together. Mom smiles then tells Sally since I seem to have a little discharge right now that it probably would be better if I wore a tampon now until the babies arrive, just to be safe. I swallow hard; Mom is definitely having too much fun at my expense. Then to my horror Mom peels the wrapper off of one and inserts it into my vagina, the speculum had just been removed, the opening tingling with the attention and now something else is inserted.

Mom says to remove it for sex, then reinsert another one afterward. I look at both of them, but I decide to play along, asking her if I needed just a regular size or do I need a super-size. Mom replied a super plus with leak guard would be perfect. I tried to look down there, but my belly prohibited me seeing anything. The nurse held up a mirror and there in all its glory was the string from the tampon perched between my vaginal lips. I turned bright red; I swear I felt the blush all the way to my toes.

I was allowed up, Sally helping me get dressed, and then it was her turn. Mom treated us identical, and I got to smile when the cold speculum is used on her too. Mom poked around a lot more with Sally than she did with me, whispering with the nurse several times. I asked if everything is all right, Mom just smiled, your remark about the twins just might come true; it will be several weeks before we can do an ultrasound to be sure. I gulped, two babies to feed and change, this is getting out of hand quickly. The nurse used a tampon with Sally too, just to be fair and not play any favorites. I helped her get dressed, something we would be doing with each other for the foreseeable future.

Mom told us we were fine, but then asked how we are doing otherwise. I knew Mom couldn’t keep up the tough guy image. I told we are thankful for the chance to learn, and I for one am looking forward to the next two years. Sally leaned in and laid her head on my shoulder; that goes ditto for me too. Thanks for allowing us to see the errors of our ways with two mothers to watch over us. We both moved over and kissed her cheek, and gave her a hug. She melted into our arms, and we held the position for several minutes. I told her we have things to do, a marriage license is next in line and then the wedding ceremony. I leaned over and asked if she is going to give me away, her only reply never would I trade you for anything, but she would walk me down the aisle later today. She pulled Sally closer to and told her that goes for you too. Caroline is very lucky to have found you.

Mom gave us the address of the church and told us the wedding is set for five P.M. Then she handed me an envelope to give to the clerk when we go the get the license. It states that I am legally a male, just disguised as a genetic female for personal reasons. We all hugged again and set off on our task. The drive there about forty minutes in duration, then we had to wait for fifteen minutes for the people ahead of us to finish. We walked up to the counter, and I told him we needed a marriage license. He rolled his eyes then asked to see our I.D.’s I handed them over, he checked out Sally first, then me. He looked at the license then at me, several times, Sally giggling at the expression on his face.

He told us we couldn’t get married here because the state does not allow same-sex marriages yet. I told him that I understood that, but I am a male and Sally is a female, and that is allowed right now without any new law being passed. He said that the Driver’s License obviously is a fake since I can’t possibly be a male and pregnant. I handed over the letter, and he read it, then reiterated that that might be true, but two pregnant females can’t be married to each other in this state.

Sally is listening to all of this just asked if she could speak with his supervisor. He hesitated, then she repeated right now I need to speak to your supervisor. He shrugged his shoulders and headed to the back, returning with an older female that resembled my mother. Sally explained everything showing her the letter and our ID’s. She looked them over, then turned to me. “Are you related to Jennifer Warren, the doctor?”

“She is my Mother, would you like to speak with her.” I was dialing her number on my cell phone when I asked. Mom answered, and I told her I needed her to clarify a couple of things for the lady at the marriage license department. I handed the phone over, and they talked for quite some time. The lady sent the idiot clerk to help others and asked us to sit in some chairs near the counter. Finally, they completed their discussion, and she called us up. She was writing out our license and then asked me what name I wanted on the license. I started to say Carl but imagined that might cause just as many concerns as using Caroline. She suggested that I use Caroline since that is my name for a while. Then if I needed it changed she would put in my file that I also went aka Carl.

She suggested that I take a few minutes and get my Driver’s License also changed, keeping everything matching my appearance. As I thanked her and paid the bill, she told me that my portrayal of a pregnant female is very believable, thus causing the problem today. She also complimented my desire to learn more about my soon to be wife and females in general. Sally and I both got hugs, and as we left, she was explaining to the clerk our circumstances.

With the license in our hot little hands, we made our way to the mall. We had four hours before the ceremony, so we decided to start accumulating the things we would need for our life together. On the way to the mall, we discussed what we needed first, some more clothes the most important. Sally thought we might get some of the clothes we were modeling, a common occurrence in the industry. That left us with the need for underwear and shoes primarily. We visited several department stores, browsing their maternity departments. We found some panties, also a nursing bra for me. At a maternity shop, we found several matching dresses that we fell in love with. One set with a sailor collar a particular favorite of mine.

When we returned to the mall concourse, I was shedding tears; I was a normal male, now today I am a female in most regards and excited about a particular dress that I just had to have. Sally comforted me, holding me as we sat on one of the benches scattered throughout the mall. She loved that part of Carl the best, his willingness to let go, experience some of her feelings for himself.

The fact that I stayed with her when we found she is pregnant, something that most other males would not do. I asked her if she really thought she had lost me to Heather. She looked down, embarrassed to be asked that question. She mumbled something; I lifted her head so I could see her eyes, her yes a little stronger. I never want to you to doubt my love and devotion for you, unless you send me away, I am yours forever.

We hugged again and then looked up, we had a crowd looking our way, with one lady coming over to us and asking if we are alright. She gave each of us a hug, informing us that is what males do, she is sure everything will work out. I decided to try out Mom’s advice and asked the lady to sit for a minute. I told her the shortened version of our tale, asking her not to judge us harshly. She was quiet for a minute, then handed us her business card. She complimented me on my attitude, and both of us on our willingness to see this through. If we need any help, she would be glad to help any way she can. We both got cheek kisses, and she left.

I looked at the card as she left, her name is Katherine Mullens, a psychology counselor at the local women’s health center. I put the card in my purse; maybe I could use some help to deal with this, as least someone to listen to me. I am sure both of our moms will help us, the tough approach at the first an act, guaranteed to get us into the simulators. They love us; they just wanted to be sure we would do the right thing, not make any more mistakes than we had already made.

We found several more things then decided we had better get to the church. We ended up a half hour early, another couple just finishing up their service. We got several strange looks, but we just stayed to ourselves and waited for our Mothers. They had got caught in some traffic but were glad that we had made it without any delays. The wedding was simple, no elaborate dresses, a bridal dress over a 9-month pregnant belly not the most fashionable attire. The preacher gave us a rather cold stare, but other than that it went off without a hitch. Our Moms did walk us down the aisle, tears flowing for the entire walk. Barbie treated us to dinner at a popular restaurant in town, lots of question on how we were doing. It is apparent that they do care for us quite a bit, just not wanting us to learn to depend on them for a solution to all our problems. Both of our Moms took us home, Barbie wanting to see the kitten and my mom wanting to see what we bought today at the mall.

The kitten was excited to see all of us, the more people, the more he thought he could get to eat. I fed the kitten; I guess it is my job now, caring for our children one of my primary tasks. Since we hadn’t found a breast pump yet, Barbie gave me one as a housewarming present. Sally took one look at it and smiled; I knew what she was thinking of doing as soon as everyone left for the evening.

While they were talking in the front room, I was petting the kitten and thinking of how much my life has changed. I felt I should be upset at what has happened to me, but surprisingly it all makes sense. It is scary, one minute a male and the next a lactating female that is fully pregnant and will be that way for nine more months.

Our Moms had made their point; I might say quite dramatically too. We had already started depending on each other, an easy thing to do, but yet when we needed to we had tried to make our own separate decisions, not as a couple, though. Our Moms left, and Sally came to drag me back to the bedroom. Of course, the kitten accompanied us; we were her providers. Hence, she needed to stay close to us.

We helped each other to get undressed, a daily event for us, at least, for the next nine months. We each performed out nightly bathroom duties, the number of creams and lotions I now had to apply quite staggering. Before I left, I was reminded to change my tampon, the grin on her face as she mentioned that made her quite happy. As I approached the bed, Sally was there patting my side of the bed, holding something in her hands.

I figured it was the breast pump, I swallowed hard but made the walk to the side of the bed. I laid down, and started to lean over to kiss her, but she pushed me back down putting the shroud of the breast pump onto one of my puffy nipples, after lifting my nightie out of the way. She clicked the switch, the pump coming to life, sucking then releasing then sucking again. My nipple was pulled into the end of the cup that cradled my breast, the pump extending it some as it was pulled further into the end. Sally had my other nipple in her mouth, trying to duplicate the action of the pump. Her hand started massaging my breast as she sucked on it and then I felt a release of milk from both nipples. Sally made more noise than the pump, but who is listening, Mom is right I liked breastfeeding a lot, maybe Sally and I needed to plan a larger family in our futures.

The next day being Sunday, we worked around the apartment getting things put away and figuring out what all we still needed to get to make it complete. The kitten wanted attention too, never far away and always eager to jump up and get comfy on one or other of us. Sally really enjoyed using the breast pump on me; I did tell her that when she started lactating, I would indeed return the favor. She briefly thought of that but decided that using it on me is much more fun and exciting. The kitten also enjoyed my milk, slurping up a drop that had fallen quite quickly, then licking his mouth and staring at me.

I don’t know what to think about me producing milk for our baby. As she uses the pump the feeling is pleasant, but my male self actually making milk is a little bothersome to me. I am not sure why, maybe being a male, the fact that I shouldn’t be doing it has something to do with the concern. It is for our baby that makes it seem the right thing to do. I am constantly reminded while nursing of the fact that we tried to handle the problem without telling our Moms. What Sally and I did seems so foolish now, looking back at it, without our Mom’s helping us we would have been in a terrible mess.

Monday it is back to work for both of us, we have managed to get our getting ready in the morning down to a little over an hour. A pregnant belly, not the easiest thing to handle while getting dressed and ready to go to work. We had to do each other’s zippers or buttons, our arms not able to contort to the upper back to reach the zipper or top button.

We got to bed early; tomorrow is our first day at work, both of us looking forward to it, but a little apprehensive about it. We got up early, got dressed and then drove to her Mom’s business. She designed and imported fashions for young females, including a maternity line. The designs are all hers; she has them made to her specifications out of the country and shipped in. Her office and warehouse are here locally, with them shipping the fashions all across the US. She has a showroom, where she has some photographs taken to be used in her various internet sites. The photographer is already there waiting for us, an employee of Barbie’s also here to help us change and retrieve the next outfits.

It turned out to be a long day, the brief lunch a welcome time to sit for a while, but the minuscule amount of food left me hungry. At a quarter to five we finished the day’s activities, her Mother coming in shortly thereafter. Sally ran to her apologizing profusely for taking things for granted and acting the way she did. Barbie just smiled, I am glad you have now seen some of the errors you might have made, but it doesn’t change anything, so get used to your new life, it will be a long two years, make the best of it. Her Mom gave each of us a tender hug and asked if we liked the work. Before Sally could put her foot in her mouth, I told Barbie, that we loved the jobs, but wondered if we might be able to purchase some of the outfits.

I think she saw through me right away but didn’t let on. She told us we could pick up to two outfits a day to take home, no charge as long as we were on time and worked hard in our jobs. I leaned and hugged her, thanking her for her generosity. She whispered in my ear, you are very smart, thinking on your feet all the time, I will have to keep an eye on you. I got a cheek kiss, along with Sally and we left for home.

Of course, we were met at the door, our youngest family member anxious for some companionship. He proudly led us to his food bowl, pointing out the fact that it is currently empty and needed to be refilled. I fed it while Sally started on dinner, finding some individually frozen dishes that could be combined to make a decent meal. We each took turns using the bathroom, while the other one kept watch on the meal cooking.

The extra weight of the simulators really sapped our strength during the day; it is like we were carrying around a twenty-pound bag of rice strapped to our stomachs. Bending over is almost impossible, our knees getting a real work out. By the time the food is cooked it is all we can do to get to the table. We ate in silence, both of us thinking of how our lives have changed so much in the last few days. We know what we are experiencing is going to make us better parents, we just hope that we can endure the changes and problems it creates. Sharing the clean-up is getting to be a pattern for us, just like changing into our nighties, helping each other as we dressed for bed. Sally, however, is getting obsessed with the breast pump. She even used it at work during our lunch time, reminding me that I needed to be pumped several times a day to ensure that I would continue lactating for our babies.

As I laid down she is right there, the shroud slipping over my nipple and the pump sucking the milk from my nipples. She always has to knead my breast a little to get the milk to let down, the feeling as it started to flow quite wonderful. We were saving the milk, keeping it in the refrigerator till we could use it for cereal or in the preparation of meals. Each day it was a little more, my Mom mentioning that if I am feeding twins that I would need quite a bit of milk to keep them satisfied.

Sally and I both noticed after a few days that our sexual desire for each other is fading, the love still there, actually more than in the past, but we just didn’t desire actual physical contact to satisfy our desires. In bed, we are constantly cuddling each other, a feat in itself, the simulators not allowing close contact between two people. We do manage though somehow, kissing much more now than in the past.

Between the jobs and trying to get our home as we wanted, we often found ourselves tired and worn out. Carrying that additional weight all the time does put stress on the body, but all in all, things seemed to be working out. The job is way more than we had envisioned, modeling maternity clothes eight hours a day not the hardest, but definitely left us winded and tired. By carefully selecting some outfits we had amassed quite a wardrobe for us to wear, we always appeared stylish and well dressed.

Being pregnant all the time, nine months pregnant caused a few raised eyebrows, our explanation always well received, especially when we told them how it has helped us getting through this. The females, in particular, thought it was appropriate, especially when they found out I am the husband. We were never laughed at, just gentle smiles that they approved of the method to teach us to appreciate our partner and not take them for granted.

As for our gynecological exams, Mom kept them interesting. For one thing, I single handed, had increased the sales of tampons, wearing one almost all of the time. When she did the ultrasound, it is confirmed that I would be nursing twins, an ample punishment for me, by not taking Mom’s advice. Every week I was checked out just as thoroughly as Sally, told that my pregnancy is coming along fine, my baby healthy and growing. I failed to notice until later that during my checkup additional water is added to my simulator matching what the baby would have gained in weight. The vision around this large belly not very good, unless I could feel it, I had no idea what they were doing down there.

We signed up for some birthing classes, semi-private since I was not really pregnant. The teacher is a friend of my Mom’s, eager to make sure that I learned all about being pregnant and what it entails. We were taught proper breathing, when to push, and how to relax. I knew Sally would benefit from the knowledge, but I wondered on the relevance for me. At the time, I didn’t know what my Mom is cooking up for my giving birth.

We managed to get the things we needed for the baby, spent several long weekends painting the room and hanging drapes. We were ready for the twins; they had a beautiful nursery ready for them when we took them home from the hospital. Of course, we had lots of help at home our little kitten growing along with our babies. She helped us paint the twins room, several paw prints on the tile floor where she decided paint needed to be added.

Every night she would sleep with us, causing us to replace the Queen size bed eventually with a King. We knew the babies would join us from time to time; the kitten had to have some room so she wouldn’t get pushed off. Both of our Mothers shook their heads when we delivered that reason when asked why we needed a bigger bed. The big tough attitude on their part gave way to two caring grandmother’s pretty quickly, but we stayed with the original premise, working our jobs and making our home without their help. When they had us over to eat, we always helped with the meal preparation and the cleanup.

On unexpected visits, I think on purpose to check on us; they always found us cuddling each other and showing loving attention to each other. The smiles on their faces showed us they approved; we were supporting each other, content to be in deep love with each other. We hardly went out to a movie, much happier to be together at home with the kitten and rubbing our bellies, communicating our love to our yet unborn babies.

Sally’s simulator is about half empty, her real baby swelling quickly filling in the empty space. We managed to finish the birthing classes, pronounced well educated and ready to be Mothers. Mom told us that unless Sally had some difficulty late in her pregnancy, she would handle the birth in her clinic. Shortly after they discovered that Sally is pregnant, Mom went ahead with her plans to open a clinic for low-risk mothers, saving them quite a bit of money to have their babies. She has two registered nurses along with herself to handle most problems, should they arise.

On our next weekly exam we were introduced to the birthing room, both of us laying side by side in the new birthing chairs. They were adjustable so that almost any position could be obtained. She suggested to Sally that we try several different positions as the contractions started, settling on the most comfortable for the actual birth. She wanted both of us active and on our feet as the contractions started, then trying some of the positions to find what is most comfortable.

The next two weeks we used the chairs in the different positions available finding out that we both preferred the squatting position. The chair had places for our feet so they were wide apart, our butt and lower back supported so that our vaginas were free and clear to allow the birth. Why I had to endure the same position as Sally for hours is still a mystery, but Mom insisted. We were ready, as two young people could be for the babies to appear, waiting anxiously for the day to come.

As we were returning from grocery shopping and entered the kitchen to put up our purchases, Sally had a sharp intake of air and grabbed her belly. I rushed to her side and supported her asking if the contractions had started. She nodded her head, and I led her over to Mom’s and the birthing clinic. Mom is still there and one of the nurses helped Sally to get in the chair. Mom checks her out, then tells her that she will soon be a Mom herself. The nurse helps me into the other chair, with me trying to figure out what is going on. There is a strap that goes around our bodies just under the breasts to keep us in the squatting position without pressure on our lower backs. Our feet are strapped into the holders for them, and we are ready to give birth.

Several times I looked at Mom, I know she wants me to share in the experience, but I can’t really give birth, so why am in the chair. All of a sudden a tightening in my stomach, the pain starting in my back and coming around to the front. I look at her then over to Sally, did I just have a contraction, surely not, that would be impossible. Before I can focus again on things another contraction goes through me, I am moaning, not from the pain, but because I am scared. I am a male, even though I have had this simulator on me for almost nine months, this shouldn’t be happening to me.

Mom comes over to hold my hand looking directly in my eyes. You are going to experience everything that Sally experiences in the birth of your babies, every pain, every tear, every movement of the babies just as she is experiencing them. You are hooked up together so that you can feel what she is going through, including the moment when the baby leaves its womb. This above all else should make you appreciate her and the joys of being a female. It may be a long ride, so do your breathing and try to relax, I will tell you when I want you to push to get the baby out.

Then all of a sudden I feel something running out of my vagina, from the classes this has to be our water breaking. I look over at Sally her water is still leaking out some from her vagina. I plop my head back against the head rest, such a surreal experience. I am going to give birth just like Sally. Sally reaches over to grab my hand, holding it tightly in her grasp squeezing some when another contraction occurs. The nurse moves a table between us so that we can let our arms rest against the table, I thank the nurse for doing it, and squeeze Sally’s hand to let her know that I am still here.

The twins were in no hurry to emerge, both of us going through the pains of labor for over three hours. I tried to stay strong for Sally, but my tears flowed just as much as and as often as hers. Finally I was told to push hard, the first head emerging from Sally’s birth canal. I felt something down below knowing it was impossible, yet I felt like something was emerging from my body too. I saw the nurse cleaning the first baby, then handing it to me and helping me get the nursing bra open. The baby latched on quickly its little hands feverishly massaging my breasts trying to get more to drink. It wasn’t but a few minutes later and another sharp intake of breath on my part and the remaining twin made his appearance. Once cleaned up she joined the other partaking of a meal courtesy of my breasts.

It had been decided I would do most of the breast feeding, Sally only filling in when there was not enough to go around. Once full the babies were placed in a crib beside me and I squeezed Sally’s hand hard thanking her for the gift of life she had delivered. We both were laid back in our chairs and quickly dozed off. Way too much activity for two young mothers. It didn’t seem like it had been only a few minutes when we were able to drift off, when I had someone at my breast wanting nourishment. Sally helped out this time, the smile on our faces said it all.

We were moved back to the apartment the next day, one of Mom’s nurses checking in on us every couple of hours. The kitten was glad to see us, even though my Mom had seen that it was well fed, watered and his box cleaned when necessary. I for one was glad to be rid of the simulator, although Mom kept mine in her office, a constant reminder to me of times past. Both Sally and I were checked weekly to make sure all was well, what better way for Mom to keep an eye on us. It was three weeks later when Sally returned to work, while I remained behind to take care of the family. Although I seemed to be constantly tired, frequent feeding at all times of the day and night kept me occupied, taking frequent naps whenever I could manage a few minutes. I could just close my eyes and nod off anywhere and anytime.

I actually loved being a mother to the babies, something that had been missing from my life now complete. It was several weeks later when I got used to the routine, and managed to get the apartment cleaned up and meals fixed for my lover. For once in my life I felt proud to be able to handle these tasks, knowing I was fulfilling my part of the marriage to the best of my ability. There were small problems, but our Moms knew what to look for and managed to guide us through them with a minimum of stress and heartache. The best part was the love between Sally and me. We had a family now, and were needed to provide and care for our children. Our little boy and girl and of course our not so little kitten. We did jointly decide that our family was large enough, any future addition to the family to come much later. Our recent stint of nine months helping make that decision for us.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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