Rebecca; Becoming A Sorority Gurl

I was settling into the life of a freshman college student pretty well, at least I thought so. I had a private dorm room, although my parents had to pay through the nose for it. At Southwestern University all freshman had to stay in dorms or if selected a fraternity or sorority. Becky my sister managed the sorority route, although I think they were just desperate for any kind of female that wanted to pledge. Of course, our next door neighbor Jennifer being the sorority president probably helped immensely in that regard. Anyway she was getting used to sorority life and I was trying to get used to living alone.

The dorms were okay, but for some reason all of my neighbors in adjoining rooms were more interested in the females living in the dorm next door. It wasn’t that I had no interest in the females, it seemed ridiculous to spend this kind of money on college, only to date females, a pure waste of money. Sis and I had a lot of friends at home, mainly female ones that hung around sis. I was included most times, being not very macho I fit in with them quite easily. I could talk about the same things they did, and more importantly listen without making judgments.

Becky and I are fraternal twins, her being four minutes older than me. As befits most fraternal twins we were dressed alike for the first six years until school started. Of course, Mom preferred cute little dresses to pants, so my clothes packed in storage to be used as bribes later in life, were all dresses. Dad was around until we entered high school, but seldom interacted with either of his children. That meant he didn’t interact much with Mom either. During our first year of high school he took a job overseas and that is the last we heard from him.

Becky and I were pretty close doing things together quite often. During high school we drifted apart some, she was spending quite a bit of time with a boy, one that did not pass the Mom test. So Becky was away a lot, spending time with him, hopefully keeping Mom in the dark about what she was doing. Mom knew better but let it go, it is her life and she will have to live with the consequences. As Becky was spending most of her time with her boyfriend her female friends also drifted away. I still hung out with the girls, going to the mall with them and once or twice a week going to some drive-in for a late evening snack. Of course, Becky was the subject of much of the conversation during these outings, her former girlfriends couldn’t see what she saw in her latest boyfriend, everything they had heard about him not good at all.

I had a few male friends, but we did not share many interests, them wanting to spend time playing computer games, something that I never got enthused about. The fact that I hung out with the girls also tainted my male image, causing the guys to avoid me if possible. It did not keep them from asking for help getting a date with one of my female friends, but I quickly told them they were on their own in that regard.

So three weeks into the semester Jennifer approached me after my last class. I gave her a hug, something we often did and asked her what I could do for her. “Have you heard from Becky in the last few days? She hasn’t shown up for a week now either at the sorority or her classes.

Oh shit I figured this was coming, so I got out my phone and called her boyfriend’s number. I had sneaked that number earlier in life, figuring that I might need it sometime. Becky answered wanting to know what I wanted. I made it short and simple asking her if she was coming back. Finally a no was squeaked out, I wished her luck and hung up. Obviously she was not going to tell anyone, a bad trait of her recently, like father like daughter came to mind.

I conveyed the answer to Jennifer, it seemed she was expecting that answer no surprise on her face. Then she dragged me to the student union and up onto the top deck. On the way she picked us up something to drink, then we settled onto one of the couches. Jennifer started out. “I need a big favor of you, Becky was the pivotal member, to meet the minimal membership required from the national chapter. Now I am one member short of the requirement. I have checked around and no one wants to join, the few we had interested earlier now begging off since the fees are quite high. Your Mom has already payed Becky’s fees for all four years, hoping that Becky might feel a little guilty and stay in school. Well that didn’t quite work out as planned. So I am down to you. I need you to become Becky, at least for a year until I can find and recruit another member. There is quite a resemblance to Becky, height and weight nearly the same, other than a lack of figure you are perfect.”

“There I have said it, please take time and consider this carefully. You will fit right in, actually a better fit than Becky. Otherwise when the national chapter finds out we are one short they will close down the sorority. I have already asked around to see if they will actually close us down, several other chapters telling me they had already done it to a chapter in Texas so the likelihood of it happening here is pretty good.”

I just stared at her, Jennifer and I always got along, played together when younger but she was pushing the friendship quite a bit with this request. I asked about the rooms, fearing I would have to have a female roommate. Jennifer smiled, you will room with me, I can thereby keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t get entangled with a boy like Becky. That said with a fit of giggling following right after her statement.

Then the difficult question HOW. She has several ideas but has not made any calls yet, so that is still up in the air some. The few questions she has asked of some of her friends all tell her that it is quite doable.

I liked Jennifer, always had but this was way out there on the I need help front. I can see a lot of possible problems, also a big unknown area of problems that I could not fathom yet. Rooming with Jennifer was a big plus, not romantically necessarily but just being with her. In the past we always connected well, sharing in a lot of things, similar interests and eventual goals in life.

I let out a big sigh. “I will give it a try but if I can’t be made to pass close inspection as a female the deal is off. I am not comfortable doing this, and will probably regret it in the long run. I feel guilty that Becky has left you high and dry, maybe I can help, that is a big maybe though.” I got a kiss on the lips and was nearly squeezed to death in a vicious hug. I presume she had been sweating bullets over this. The kiss pretty much leaving my mind in meltdown mode.

I was handed a bag, told to change into these clothes, putting my male clothes back in the bag. I was yanked up and dragged to the ladies rest room. She checked to see if it was unoccupied, then pushed me in and into one of the stalls. A few minutes later I emerged, bright red in the face and shaking like a leaf on a cool fall day. I had removed my scrunchie letting my hair fall loose over my shoulders. She grabbed the bag and as we went down the stairs I saw her drop it in the trash can. Luckily I had my wallet, phone and keys in my hand, fearing just this type of action. When I went by the mirror, I didn’t see a male, I wasn’t an attractive female but a female none the less.

We walked to the sorority and up to her room. The room had two cute canopy beds, a huge walk-in closet for each occupant and a vanity right next to it. A chest of drawers for accessories and underwear. She opened the closet and showed me my clothes. She had Becky’s clothes moved in here, so I was already totally outfitted. Somehow that fitted Becky’s MO leaving everything behind, not caring about anything but her lust. Jennifer left the room for a minute coming back with another girl Sally. I knew Sally from before, a down to earth female wanting to get the most from her studies. I got hugged and she appraised my body. She asked for my phone, quickly dialing a number, then snapping a picture of me and sending it to whoever she was talking to. A few words then I heard this afternoon at three. That was it after she gave them my now Becky name.

I was beginning to hate that name, so I asked the two of them to call me Rebecca instead. Both agreed that it suited me better, so Rebecca it is from now on. It turns out that Jennifer had anticipated my agreeing to a trial, so she sent her boyfriend to the dorm to clear out my stuff. The original idea was to pack it up and put it in storage in the sorority house. Well, we are dealing with a male here, his exuberance to please Jennifer had him deposit all my clothes at a thrift shop, now nothing to wear but Becky’s stuff. I stood there as he told her what he had done, my one possible avenue of escape now out of reach. Jennifer read him the riot act, but he just smiled and kissed her, problem solved at least for him. The kiss was pretty intense, I could have sworn I saw heat rising from the two of them.

I was fed, if you call some fruit food, then escorted to the salon for my transformation. Quickly taken back to a private room, had everything explained to me than a horde of technicians descended on me. Their help are called technicians, I must admit they know what they are doing, as soon as the consent forms were signed I was naked and on a table having my body hair removed. I never had much to start with, now not one single hair follicle remained below my eyebrows. Yes, even my scraggly beard was done away with.

One tech moved between my legs, another glued two cups to my chest while one worked on my nails and the other shampooed and conditioned my hair. I was in a daze with so many things going on at once. I finally relaxed and waited for them to finish. Well it was quite a while before they eased up, my eyebrows thinned out, and some makeup applied before they deemed that particular group of procedures complete. I had lost track of time, when I could think again I discovered it had been six hours since they had started on me.

Now I was all finished except for the cups on my chest and my hair. The pump was still pulling tissue from my chest into those cups, now the cups were a little over three quarters full. I was able to lift my head some, took one look down between my cups at my groin and promptly fainted.

Once I recovered, I felt a cool wet rag had been placed over my eyes, I presume to lessen the shock of suddenly seeing something I was not used to yet. I did feel my hair in something, like it was pulled tight and secured. The answer was curlers, a warm current of air moving over the curlers drying my hair. I heard the breast pump cut off, a welcome relief since the pump had kept me greatly distracted. When I looked inside the cups they were full, no empty space to put any more tissue sucked from my body. Soon the hair dryer was cut off and I was set up in a salon chair. The weight of my breasts pulling on my chest some. Definitely not something I was used to. I raised my hands to support the breasts and saw ten long fingernails painted in a bright red holding the breasts like they were fragile. I could feel every touch of my hands on the new additions, the breasts were warm, like real breasts would be, like my real breasts are now.

My hair was taken out of the curlers and brushed into a feminine style. With all of the curls there, it would be hard to do anything else but something very feminine. I looked at the image in the mirror in front of me and there was no doubt, Rebecca was here now and looking especially female. I was helped up and some clothes of Becky’s were slid onto my body. Talk about drowning in new sensations I was struggling to get any breath at all, it seemed the femininity was trying to swamp me, wave after wave covering me as I tried to get another breath.

The silky feel of the panties as they were slid up my leg the most noticeable. Then combine that with the caress of the bra that was hooked behind me supporting my new breasts in the lacy cups and I was lost in some erotic dream. Then a cami, all lacy and silky followed by a dress. It was one that I don’t remember Becky owning, way too girly for her tastes. Some heels followed, that alone proved that Jennifer was messing with me. Becky never had a pair of heels in her life, either tennis shoes or flats was her only choice of footwear.

I was pronounced done, Jennifer showing up a few minutes later, all smiles and compliments. She took me to the sorority house and right up to our room. As soon as the door was closed I was ambushed, a certain young coed wanting to mess up may hair and lipstick. Mess it up she did, especially my lips. I had an idea now why I was assigned the room with her, but I kept it to myself. Time will tell if I manage to last that long, the current episode leaving me breathless and panting. I was spared classes for several days as I got accustomed to the new assets on my body and the absence of one particular item in my groin. Jennifer’s excuse was that I was having a particularly difficult period, once over I will resume normal relations.

To keep with the difficult period theme I was made to wear pads every day, and take Midol often. I was surprised at how easy I fell into the role, by the time I rejoined society I was behaving like a normal Becky. Yeah, sure I don’t think there has ever been a normal Becky, her sexual escapades coming closest to any normal female behavior and that would be scored a fifty on a scale of ten.

I was not thrilled with the classes Becky had chosen, but until next semester there was no choice. Grin and bear it became the mantra for the days that followed. Jennifer and I got along fine, helping each other with our homework, keeping any romantic interests locked away. Believe me it was hard at times, very hard.

At the semester’s end the grades I received were exceptional, way better than I expected. Of course, some of that was due to the classes Becky had chosen to take. Jennifer had yet to find a replacement for me, so I was drafted to keep up the impersonation for another term. I can’t truthfully say I was disappointed in the decision.

At the semester break I managed to make it home for a visit, Mom was thrilled to see me, knowing full well that I was not the real Becky. It was shared a little after I got there that the real Becky and her boyfriend were arrested for drug trafficking, both of them now a guest of the state out west.

I spent some quality time with Mom, helping her do some things around the house that she had put off. We meshed like never before, getting along and sharing recent events between each other. We went shopping a lot, not buying much, but trying on things and modeling them for each other. I was the daughter Mom never had, and she was enjoying it immensely. We did have some serious talks, Mom wanting me to embrace the gender that I now portrayed, not just in looks but permanently. Maybe find someone to love and get married. I raised an eyebrow at that statement, but a day later I found I had a date with a local young man, who Mom thought would be a nice fit for me.

I did enjoy the date, we exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. Up front I had explained my situation in detail his only remark was so. The semester break ended, Mom and I shedding some tears as I made my way back to school. Jennifer was happy to see me, I received such a kiss as I entered our shared room. Of course, I returned the kiss in kind, it was at least a half hour before any more words were spoken. She showed me her rings, her longtime boyfriend finally proposed. They had already set a date and I had been nominated and seconded to be her Maid Of Honor.

Then the second bombshell was delivered, this was going to be her last semester here, they were moving to California, finishing their schooling at UCLA. The new sorority president has already been elected, prior to my arrival, a unanimous vote incidentally. I looked at her waiting for her to tell me who it was. Her smirk the only thing on her cute angelic face.

I presumed this would end my stay at the sorority, no roommate now since Jennifer was the only one who knew about me. Jennifer was giggling all the time watching me going through all the different scenarios that might affect me. Finally I had it with her, grabbing her arms and sitting her on the edge of the bed. Now tell me the rest of it or I am going to take you over my knee and paddle your fanny till you will not be able to sit. Her statement surprised me. “Do you promise to do that, I am so hot right now, probably dripping all over the bed.”

I sat next to her, out maneuvered and extremely frustrated. I presume she finally took pity on me and started to explain. When she got back a couple of days ago, she told the other girls about her engagement and that this would be her last semester here. She suggested they have an election for sorority president now, that allowing the new president to serve a semester to get used to the job and all that goes with it. Everybody wrote their suggestion down on a piece of paper and they were collected. The votes were tallied and your name was the only name suggested, receiving every vote of the membership. “So Rebecca, what do you say?”

I stuttered a response asking about my special case, she just smiled. Rebecca dear everyone here has known about you from day one, to all concerned you are just one of the girls. There is even a couple who would welcome some attention from you if you are so inclined. Now that we have everything wrapped up, I think we need a girl’s night out to let out hair down, classes don’t start for several days yet so we have time. We did and it was late afternoon before anybody emerged from their rooms the next day.

It was quite a semester, the other girls in the sorority and I got along well, doing lots of good things for our community service projects. We helped each other with our studies, trying to make sure we all had passing grades. We had fun too, playing all kinds of games late into the night if we didn’t have classes the next day. Even Jennifer remarked as she was leaving for her trip out west that I had made the sorority what is was supposed to be, a fellowship of females that would last a lifetime.

I embraced every item of Becky’s closet, seen by most to be the girliest of the members. That is the updated Becky’s closet, my choices in attire definitely girly. I dated a little, always with someone who knew the truth about me. I pretty much decided on remaining female early on, I loved the closeness between the females and eagerly embraced the clothes, makeup, and everything else that went with it. The last year of my schooling I had visited with a female psychology professor, telling all and taking her advice on what my options might be. She too saw the female in me, so I saved my money, watched my expenses and a year after graduation made the trip to the Far East to become Rebecca in as many ways as possible. I have now returned to the sorority as house mother, a position seldom filled in the past, but important to all of the girls. Away from home someone to confide in and help them make decisions when necessary.

I did date a little finding an assistant professor of English that I took a liking too. We dated for almost two years before the sorority lost their house mother, I now had my own house to keep up and a hubby that worshiped me. The feeling is mutual, he pushes every one of my buttons, always has. Every so often I think of Becky, where ever she is I can’t thank her enough. A decision to change gender because of her, a fortunate decision for me that I totally embrace every day.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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