Peaches; Hold That Pose

The ad in the local paper caught my eye. I reread it several times making sure I was understanding exactly what it said.

Local company looking for a live mannequin for their store. Shift is five hours long, Monday thru Saturday. Either male or female can apply, must be slim of build and between five-eight and six foot tall. Must be flexible and willing to model any type of clothes. Pay is ten dollars an hour. We will be hiring three individuals for the position to cover all hours of the store’s operation. Apply in person. T Gurl Fashions, across from the mall.

It sounded too good to be true but I didn’t waste any time in throwing on some clothes and heading over there. It seemed I was not the only one interested in the job judging from the line out the door of the store. As the line made its way inside, I realized that the clothes I would be modeling would most likely be female, since that is all the store sold. In about an hour, I made it to the front of the line and was taken to an office at the back of the store. A taller lady asked me my name, if I worked or if I was a student. I responded no to the working, but a student who is trying to finish my degree, still short about twelve hours to graduate.

I was handed a stretchy white garment resembling a leotard and asked to step into the curtained area and put it on leaving the rest of my clothes in there. It was very tight, with me having to pull and twist to finally get it in place. I had attempted to put it over my shorts, but one look and I realized that will never happen. So off with the white garment, remove my boy shorts and then attempt to get it up and on my body. I ended up having to tuck my penis back between my legs, the garment holding it there snugly. Uncomfortable at first but I hoped to be able to put up with the discomfort until I was finished with the interview.

It felt funny as I emerged from the dressing room, luckily for me my male thingy was too scared to react. I saw myself in the mirror right outside the dressing room, not much masculine about my appearance anymore. The fact there was hardly any body hair only emphasized that fact. I did as instructed, stepping out naked except for the ultra-tight garment I was wearing. Ms. Parker introduced herself, she would be the one to outfit me and oversee my work.

I was shown a pose and told to not move from it. She slid a dress over my shoulders, then slipped my arms into the sleeves then over my shoulders and zipped up in the back. The dress startled me a little, I knew it would be female clothes, but a dress right to start was a surprise. I guess a test to see how I would react. I kept my stance, trying not to move any at all. She adjusted it on my body, pulling it here, tucking it there, and making sure it fit appropriately. Then she unzipped it and removed the dress. Another one was done the same, this one a form fitting dress, molding itself to my body from the shoulders to my thighs.

I have no idea what I thought the mannequin would be wearing but dresses was not one of those considered. The ad did say all types of clothing, my assumption that it would be male apparel obviously very wrong. I know as the first dress settled on my shoulders that my facial coloring had moved into the red spectrum. I just hoped that it was not that noticeable.

Then she had me follow her out to the store, having me pose on a dais near the register. I was now naked except for the basic white stretchy garment standing in a store with customers. I was posed again the same as before, leaving me to get something from the back. She repeated her actions earlier, bringing a dress for me to wear, sliding it on and making adjustments as necessary. This was done for five more dresses, each one very different in style and material. When she removed the last dress she approached with a bra, fastening it around me, then sliding a breast form in each cup. A scarf was fixed around my neck and she let me stand there for quite a bit of time. I wasn’t looking for a clock, just trying to remain still and immobile so I had no idea how much time had expired.

I could feel the band of the bra around my chest, tighter than I presumed a bra would be on my body. I glanced around with my eyes to see if anybody was staring at me. In my limited field of vision no one was even looking at me. Even the line of applicants that was behind me now suddenly disappeared. In just a bra with a scarf around my neck I was amazed, almost naked and no one even cared.

Then she approached and added lipstick to my lips, sliding a wig over my hair. Nothing was said, I just tried to maintain my composure and position as she added these items to my attire. Finally she approached and asked if I could stay relatively motionless for an hour I blinked my eyes and she left. I could taste the lipstick on my lips, the longer hair at the back of the wig caressing my neck sending shivers up and down my spine.

She interviewed some others, but none of them were asked to do what I was doing. Finally she came and got me to return to her office. She reached out her hand, the job was mine I if wanted it. Nobody else was interested after they found out what it entailed, so I could work all the hours I wanted. A rest period every hour and a half, paid, of course, then another stint. It would be similar to what I did today, the clothes would vary, makeup as needed and either a wig or my own hair styled if I had the time. I would be classified as an independent contractor, so there would be no overtime. I would bill the hours weekly minus any time for hair styling or other beauty services, but she would add a cash bonus to compensate for the time necessary to complete those specific services.

I was given a list of times she would prefer to have a mannequin, but would try and be flexible in when I worked. I had one class that interfered, but only had two more weeks of it before the semester break. She looked over the one discrepancy and made an adjustment and we were set. Tomorrow afternoon I would start. She did ask that I shave my body hair, anything below my neck and she would make an appointment for it to be handled by the salon in the future.

I was ecstatic at getting the job, not fully realizing that I would be pretty much naked a lot of the time. That fact sunk in later as I was celebrating my new found job by eating out. I managed the task of shaving my body hair, although it took almost an hour and quite a bit of contortion to finally accomplish that task. For a male to be asked to shave his body, that is an almost impossible task. No prior experience at doing it, and then having to contort my body to reach all the spots that always seemed just a tad beyond reach.

I attended university in the morning and then went to the clothing store. I went into the back and undressed, sliding on the underwear she had furnished. It was a girdle like item that was very tight on me. I was instructed to tuck myself, pushing my balls back inside my body and my penis back between my legs. Once the garment was pulled up everything pretty much stayed in place. The same white stretchy body suit as yesterday was slipped on and I was ready to go to work.

I was told to stand on a dais, with one hand on a pole to steady myself. The dais was wheeled out to the sales floor and my time started. I got another bra, this one a push up bra. Once secured she pulled the extra flesh on my chest up into the bra, providing me with some cleavage. Different dresses were put on me during the first hour and a half stint, sometimes left on for some time as she helped a customer with her selections.

When the time was up I was wheeled back to the back and helped down off the dais. I used the time to stretch and use the bathroom, then sipping a little water getting ready for the next stretch. Before she wheeled me out this time she made up my face with a full complement of cosmetics. The wig was added and I began my next spell as a mannequin. Only five or six changes this time, her store quite busy with customers. Most of them complimented her on the lifelike mannequin, several times buying the outfit I was wearing. It was kind of embarrassing as my clothes were removed so that the lady could try them on for herself.

On more than one occasion I was touched and groped, customers trying to see if I was real or artificial. Ms. Parker said she would see what could be done to prevent the groping, she wanted to maintain the illusion of an artificial mannequin, not some human disguised as one. The next few days were the same, I came to love my time as a mannequin a time to reflect and think of other things. I found out I could zone out, my light breathing the only connection to my physical self. When I came in for my Friday shift, she caught me before I could change and asked if I would allow her to get my hair styled. I didn’t see a problem, like most colleges these days you could find almost any look displayed there for all to see somewhere on the campus.

I was given an address and told they would take care of my hair giving me a feminine hairstyle. Then there would be no need for the wigs. I drive over there and found myself in a feminine paradise. I was taken back promptly, my hair washed and conditioned. Then cut into a feminine style, even still wet the look now definitely female. Set in curlers and placed under a dryer, the gentle heat easing my body into dreamland. After being awoken, I was moved to the styling chair and the curlers were removed. I was watching as she started to style my hair, then looked at my hands. I had long fingernails now, painted a bright pink. I never realized when it was done, but it made such a difference in my appearance. There were quite noticeable, anyone looking at me would first see my hair and long nails.

Ms. Parker had handled the bill already, the store was still open so I went back to let her see what her new mannequin looked like now. As soon as I entered I was taken to the back and told to strip. I was handed a new garment rather stiff, but covered in lace. It pulled on like panties, but confined my male apparatus tightly against my groin.

A bra was added, my extra skin pulled up into the cups of the bra. No white undergarment today, just the panties and bra. On the dais again and moved out to the store proper. There was a lot more attention today, I guess the hairstyle added to the illusion significantly. I was out there for almost two hours, the store packed with customers. Finally she was able to wheel me to the back, grabbing my face and kissing me hard on the lips. She left me to my own devices, since she still had a packed store. I was able to get out of the clothes, but couldn’t find my male clothes. Twenty minutes later she came back to her office and handed me a bag of clothes. Since my hair was now very girly she suggested I wear female clothes, to keep from having issues about my gender.

I nodded my head in agreement, but did have a few serious doubts. In the store was one thing, but out in the real world and having to interact with other people maybe not a good idea. Tonight I had no choice, since my male clothes were missing. I looked in the bag, a blouse and pair of slacks were there along with some clean underwear, presumably for tomorrow. The blouse was neutral, other than some lace around the neck and sleeves and the bust darts. The pants however, were very girly tight fitting in the hips and flaring out to ridiculous proportions. The back zipper didn’t help any, a male at a distinct disadvantage trying to get it up and fastened.

I did make it to my car, and then to my apartment, but was constantly looking over my shoulder to see who was laughing at my appearance. I lived on the second floor, having to climb a set of stairs to get there. There is five other apartments on the second floor, so getting in undetected might be a problem. I was right outside my door, getting my keys out of my purse, another recent addition to my attire before I left the store, when the door across the hall opened and Barb came out staring at the girl going into my apartment. Removing my keys proved to be a difficult task to start with for a male, the long nails only making it harder. I was hoping she would let it drop, maybe ask later about the strange girl.

No luck she followed me into the apartment turning me around so she could get a better look at my face. She let out a squeal that would deafen most eardrums then hugged me tight. I was carefully scrutinized in the next ten minutes then she led me to my couch, set me down and parked herself right next to me. “Okay I need the whole story from the start and do not leave anything out.” She grabbed my hand as she finished that statement, probably to insure I wouldn’t try to make a run for it.

I explained the whole thing about me getting the job, the times I have worked already and the hair style and nails today. She hung on every word, assuring me that she would come to the store tomorrow to see me working. I explained that I didn’t move, just a lowly mannequin displaying clothes for my bosses customers. I tried my best to talk her out if coming to the store, I had an idea that she would interrupt my concentration and I didn’t want to upset Ms. Parker.

She wanted me to tell her everything again, I could tell she was fascinated by my tale. I did repeat the happenings of the last few days, then she suggested some nourishment. I agreed, thinking she would go out and get us some burgers. She did want the burgers, but instead of her going out I was dragged along as we both went to the drive-in four blocks down the street. I felt a little better about going out with her next to me, by the time we got there I had relaxed some. We did get some attention, but just normal male attention to pretty girls. Shit, did I just lump myself in the pretty girl category?

After eating I tried again to convince her not to come to the store. I finally gave up, when she told me that she would meet me at my last class and walk me to the store. The next day’s classes were almost a non-event. I was sure I would get noticed, because of the hair and nails, but one female in my history class the only one to notice anything. She had noticed my hair and complimented me on the style, much better than my ratty ponytail.

Barb did track me down attaching herself to my arm as soon as she was within reach. When we reached the store she looked around why I slipped into my outfit. As I was wheeled out to the front of the store, I heard a giggle. I presume it was her, my lack of clothes causing the giggle. As soon as the dais was wheeled out the store became packed. It was like they were waiting for the mannequin to be displayed. I got changed into the one dress and that was the only one she had a chance to utilize, the register being quite busy from then on. She had even had an additional sales associate to help her, but still could not get loose. It was almost three hours before she could get me moved to the back for a break.

Barb did try and influence me during the rush, feeling my dress and moving my arm up and down. She also made funny faces at me trying to get me to break my concentration. I managed to stay focused, but not sure quite how I was able to accomplish that, some of her faces she made were quite comical.

Ms. Parker did get me out on the floor one more time that afternoon, but cut it short when the store started getting crowded again. The last outfit was a mini skirt with a see through lace blouse, my bra clearly showing through the blouse. I noticed a rack next to where I was displayed with the items on it, by the time I was returned to the stock room the display was nearly empty. Barb waited for me to change, Ms. Parker giving me another outfit to wear home. A summer cotton gingham dress with a full skirt.

We walked home, about a twenty minute walk since it was still daylight and the weather was so nice. I felt the difference wearing a skirt outside, the cool breeze finding its way up my skirt quite often. Not enough to raise the skirt, but enough to allow me to feel every little gust. As we entered the apartment building, several of the guys that are on the first floor greeted Barb, wanting her to introduce me to them. I spoke softly, extremely nervous as I faced these three guys. Barb knew them, and cut the introduction short, introducing me to them as her cousin, who already has a dreamy boyfriend, so you guys are out of luck. Once we got to my apartment I thanked her, she suggested that I get a cheap engagement ring to wear that will help to keep the Lotharios at bay.

Ms. Parker was thrilled at my help in making the store more profitable. My first check was quite substantial, a pleasant surprise for me. The next week went like the first, often once I was out on the floor the store would get so busy that I was out there for four or five hours. I had bathroom problems the first couple of times, then when I saw it was going to be recurring problem I cut down my liquid intake right before lunch. That seemed to solve the problem, so I was able to survive the longer periods on the sales floor. Each day I received a new outfit to wear, having to remove a couple of my male outfits to get them all in my closet. Barb was thrilled with that, since we were almost the same size she would on occasion borrow an outfit for a date or special occasion.

I did receive a couple more salon procedures, one removing my body hair when it started growing back. They used a cream to handle the job, I was told another use of the cream and I would no longer have any body hair. I only had a few facial hairs, so one application of the cream and I was permanently hair free on the face. The second procedure eliminated my almost non-existent eyebrows, they had been shaped before, but now they were totally missing. I just penciled in a high arch every day and I was good to go.

I eventually got used to the looks I received, I even interacted a little with a couple of the males. I much preferred Barb along with me, her support made everything so much easier. She went with me often, practicing her skills at getting me to crack up. Thankfully she did it when there were few customers around. The store was doing real well, I had already received three wage hikes due to the effect my presence was having on sales. Now Ms. Parker wanted me to come see her Saturday morning, wanting to discuss something she wanted to try.

I showed up an hour early, not knowing how long it would take to tell me what she wanted. She pointed to a chair in front of her desk. As I settled into the chair she told me what she would like me to do. The mall was planning some one day special sales where all stores were expected to participate. Each store depending on the size of the store would be allowed mannequins on raised dais spread throughout the mall. The clothes on the mannequin could be changed as often as they like, but the item displayed had to be offered at a sale price. The thinking that the customers would walk back and forth through the mall looking for a sale on the items they might be interested in. Since the mall is open for twelve hours, lots of possibilities for a sale that they might be interested in.

Of course she wanted to use me as the display, but didn’t know if I could hold out for twelve hours. Any clothing changes would have to be done in full view of the customers. not an impossible task to handle. Food and drink would have to be handled some way, but since the first of these special sale days was not for two weeks, maybe I could work out how to handle the possible difficulties. I told her I would do it, I knew it would be quite beneficial for her store, a whole day of special sales would increase her sales figures significantly. Now all I had to do was figure how I could handle it. At least, I hoped I could handle it.

The food and water was the easiest to handle, I would eat the day before, filling myself up but not overdoing things, as of the night before I would withhold any more food and take only small sips of water. When changing my clothes in the middle of the mall my boss could use a squeeze bottle to give me some water in my mouth, on the pretense of washing something off my lips. As far as waste goes, an enema of which I was not fond of before my stint in the mall would handle most problems, and me wearing a diaper under my foundation garments would handle any wetness problems.

As far as support for that long of time her dais had places for supports to be inserted in the base, so we would use some of them. After my outfit was changed my hands would be reattached to those supports to help keep me upright. A more substantial support would run up my back and be hidden under my foundation garment. Once secured I would be unable to move much, that would help me in the later hours to keep from moving as my muscles became stiffer from holding the position for so long.

We decided on a trial run, on the following Saturday. I didn’t eat much Friday, stopping any water intake after midnight. Right before I left for work I gave myself an enema, the act of doing it reinforced my hatred of the task. When I arrived at her shop, she took me back to the room where she usually got me dressed. The dais was there now with larger wheels on the four corners. A rod was in the center sticking up about shoulder high. there were two smaller rods in the corner of the dais, presumably for my hands. I was diapered, her giggling all the time as I was pinned in it. She told me she had added a soaker pad to make sure any liquid would be contained. Then a plastic pair of pants to add an extra layer of protection. Her favorite part was coating that area in baby powder. I am sure I had enough on me for three babies. Most likely she was a frustrated Mother, now I was filling that spot.

Then the body briefer was loosely tied around my body. Some stockings were slid up my legs and attached to the garters hanging down from the brief. A pair of heels in a neutral color that would look appropriate no matter what color clothing I was wearing was added to complete the lower part of my lingerie. Unfortunately they were quite tall changing how I stood. I was moved to the dais, helped up on it and turned so my back was up against the rod in the center of the dais. I was not sure how she was going to connect the rod to me but after a few minutes she had apparently accomplished that part since I couldn’t move away from the rod. My hands were attached to the other rods by sliding them into a mitten, the mitten having a ring at the back of the mitten that slid into a hook on the end of the rod.

I looked at her with a questioning stare, I was immobile and was still half naked. She approached with something in her hand, asked me to open my mouth then shoved the item in it. I was taken aback, not expecting anything like that. It was sticky adhering to the insides of my mouth and my tongue, a few seconds later I couldn’t move my tongue and my mouth was stuck shut. I stared at her, she just smiled, it will keep you quiet and will ooze moisture all day long. Now behave while I get your breasts attached to your chest.

Two quite sizable breast forms were glued to my chest, then slipped into a bra. Since I would be without clothes a lot of the time the bra was lacy and quite pretty. All ready for my debut I was wheeled out to the very front of her store, just inside her front door. I just realized how visible I would be here, no one walking by the store being able to miss seeing me. I did notice that Ms. Parker had hired several more sales associates to ring up customers, allowing her to spend more time to select and dress her mannequin.

The plan was for me to spend eight hours out here, then if it went well a twelve hour stint next Saturday one week before the big mall sale. The first few hours were a little hard, since I had been used to breaks every once in a while. At about the six hour mark I ended up using my diaper, the red in my face a sure sign of me doing the deed. Ms. Parker smiled at me, and I got a pat on my butt as she went to the back again to get more clothes.

There seemed to be a lot of people in the store, but being right out front I could not see how many sales she was getting. I think she changed my outfit twenty-two times, but at the end I was not sure of my count. Barb did make an appearance right near the end of my stint, at least I think it was near the end. With no clocks I had no way of telling time. I did catch her talking with Ms. Parker out of the corner of my eye, wandering what the two of them were cooking up.

Finally I was moved to the back, my eight hours apparently up. I was waiting to be released when Barb came into my field of vision. She walked around me surveying my looks and how I was attached to the dais. She released my one hand and moved it behind my back fastening it to the rod. Then she did the same to my other hand, not much I could do to prevent it since my arms had been immobile for so long they were pretty useless to me. I felt the two hands in the mittens attached to each other and released from the supporting rod. She leaned down and tied a ribbon around each leg at the knees and then together allowing me a short but restrictive stride. The same done to my ankles. She released me from the rod, having to hold me for a moment as all of the weight settled on my feet in the heels. After I moved a little she led me out the back door of the store and into her car. I presume I will be going to her apartment with her.

When we got there she parked in her usual spot and freed me from the seat belt. I was stood outside of her car and a long coat was slid over my shoulders hiding my outfit and my bonds. My ankles were released and I was walked into the building right to her apartment. I tried to head in the direction of my apartment but that was not to be. The gag still in my mouth kept me from voicing any words of protest, so I was soon in her living room in front of her couch. She grasped my head and kissed me, not letting me resist in any way. With my mouth full she was not allowed access, but believe me she is some kisser. I melted into her arms, as she moved her arms lower holding me tight.

Finally my hands were freed from behind my back, but they still were pretty much useless from being secured for so long. The mittens were secured to each other in front of me, a more comfortable way to be trussed up. I was laid down on the sofa, her tying my ankles to the arm of the couch. So much for wandering off and getting away from her. Brief moments of some sanity surfaced every once in a while, wondering why she had kept me tied up when she removed me from the store. I liked her a lot, was comfortable with her but I did wonder why I was still unable to show her how much I wanted to be with her.

She returned a little later with a squirt bottle and flooded my mouth with some liquid. I think it was a juice of some kind, but my taste buds were way off. The blob in my mouth dissolved and the remains of it and the juice slid down my throat. I was released from the couch and taken to her bedroom. Laid on the bed and undressed part way to get to my diaper. I turned red, not liking the idea of her changing my diaper. I tried to tell her no but she told me to be quiet or she would use another of the novel gags on me.

She changed my diaper, with me wondering what she just didn’t take it off. Then the realization she was going to keep me bound and unable to move hence the need for a diaper. I tried again to speak, her holding one of the balls right in front of me convinced me otherwise. I closed my mouth, better to be able to speak.

My dress was pulled back down and I was stood up. She attached my tied hands to the headboard and went to get something from another room. I was looking out the window hoping for some divine intervention when I heard her come back pushing something in front of her.

I rolled my eyes as she entered pushing something just like was at the store. It had three rods instead of the one main one, not as tall as the one at the store. I was quickly helped up on the platform and my butt attached to the back rod. This was done with a strap that went around my waist and through my crotch, the end attached back to the part around my waist. I heard a click and now I couldn’t move from the pole. I was leaned forward and my hands each attached to the poles at the corners of the platform. I can’t say it was comfortable but I guess I could live with it.

Then she unzipped the top part of the dress and slipped it part way down my body until it gathered around my waist. My bra was unfastened and removed then two clips were fastened tightly to my nipples and the cords attached pulled taught to the poles that were holding my hands. Although I had no feeling in the nipples the feeling of my whole breast form being stretched away from my body was there. A hood was slipped over my head and she walked away plunging me into darkness. I was tempted to say something but decided to wait for a while to see if she was coming back. The thought of that blob in my mouth, enough to keep me quiet.

It was easier to take the restriction of not being able to move than at the store, but unable to see anything was certainly a negative. It seemed it took her forever to return, but the hood being removed caused a smile to come to my face. That quickly vanished as I saw what my dinner was going to consist of. I was fed the baby food, almost gagging at the taste of it. Then drank the milk from a sippy cup, not as bad but it also didn’t taste like normal milk. She cleaned me up with a wash rag, then I was kissed passionately.

She explained that I need more practice at being a mannequin, thus I will be spending my nights in training. I groaned out loud causing her to reach for one of the balls. I quickly shut my mouth, hoping the pleading look on my face would stop her from inserting it in my mouth, an action that I could not prevent as tied up as I was. She warned me again that one more sound and she would gag me and leave it in for a week.

So for the next week I spent my time at my classes, then at the store for a six to eight hour shift. Then home to Barb’s apartment. Most nights I was spared the baby food, but as always hand feed every bite of my evening meal.

Always a groping session, where she showed me how much she liked her play toy. I didn’t mind, the amount of kissing, hugging, and body stimulation pretty much made my life quite satisfying. Attached to my home for the night, the hood slid over my head and I was soon asleep.

Several changes due to my attire became apparent over the next few days, wearing heels 24/7 except for when I was bathed caused my tendons to shorten. This made wearing at least a three inch heel a necessity to be able to walk or stand without pain in the calves of my leg. Being in a diaper most of the time and unable to use the restroom like a normal person made me incontinent. That was disturbing to me, but since Barb loved to change my diaper I was not sure how to handle the problem.

The store’s sales continued to climb, most of her business coming when I was on display out front. Ms. Parker told me that quite a few customers would regularly call and ask when the mannequin would be on display, so they could plan their shopping trip to coincide.

It turned out that Ms. Parker hired Barb to handle me, getting me in position and making the clothing changes to me during my time at the store. That freed her up to wait on customers and ring up sales. Prior to our arrival she would pick out the clothes for me to wear, having them on a rack for Barb to use to dress me.

The next Saturday turned out to be a very long day for me. I was staying at Barb’s apartment now, with her taking me to work and back home after my shift. I spent every night on my dais there practicing my craft. That was after a session with my lover where I was shown how much she appreciated me in her life. After removing the hood I was kissed and then an enema nozzle was inserted in my anus. She literally filled me up the warm water doing all kinds of things to my body. I was then somewhat released and allowed to use the toilet. A follow up of some scented liquid, then the toilet again. I now smelled very feminine standing there. Very seldom does she release all of my restraints, her smirk as I plead to be let loose quite irritating to me.

Diapered after being drowned in baby powder and then secured for my trip to the store. Now instead of a long coat she uses a sheath dress that comes to my ankles. My arms are inside of the dress, the sleeves empty and hanging loose. Once at the store I am undressed then positioned on the dais and secured. A corset is slipped over my body and loosely laced up. Through the laces the means for my attachment to my dais pole is fastened. Now she can tighten the corset to its fullest, but I will nor be leaving the dais till the store closes. The corset comes part way down my thighs, since walking is not an option for me. The top of the corset cradles my breasts that just lay in the cups of the corset.

My feet are slid into a higher pair of heels, my toes seemed to be pointed straight down. It did make standing there a little easier until she raised the pole I was attached to a few inches. Now my full weight was on the pole, the toes of the heels barely touching the dais, the heels almost hanging in the air.

She puts a lot more enthusiasm in my change of clothing than Ms. Parker did, slipping each outfit on while adjusting the fit of the item on my body. My nipples are rock hard all the time along with certain other bits of me. Even though no one can see the other hard on, you can take my word for it. I was getting used to the long hours though, my mind other places during my stint as her mannequin.

The first day of the mall promotion came and at the ungodly hour of seven A.M. I was wheeled into position a few stores from the food court. Here I was sure to be seen by everybody that walked the mall. Barb would change my outfit every thirty minutes, wanting to be sure and impress as many shoppers as possible through the day. I am not sure I will ever get comfortable being naked in front of all of those people. Naked except for some panties and a skimpy little bra. The mall had arranged for a roped off area around each mannequin to keep the customers from poking and handling the clothes. In my case to keep them from poking and handling me.

I did manage to make it through the entire day, although when I was taken back to the store and released I was in the bathroom in a nano second and stayed there it seemed like for ever. I was sent home with Barb, Ms. Parker telling me that she had the largest sales in her store’s history, all thanks to me. I did get rewarded by Barb, as she let me sleep in bed with her. As I was lying there I couldn’t get comfortable, tossing and turning but still wide awake. Finally at three AM I woke her and asked her to put me on the dais and slip the hood over my head. She did have quite a smirk on her face, knowing what she had ingrained in me had worked. It seemed only a few minutes after that was accomplished I was asleep, not remembering anything further till late the next day when the hood was removed.

I guess that the life of a mannequin was so comfortable for me that is the only way I can proceed. With a loving handler, and a stern taskmaster combined in one I was sure I will be kept on the right path, a path to happiness and contentment as a mannequin.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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