Katy; Developing A Female Figure

My gorgeous wife came prancing in from a day of shopping, way too many bags in her hands. The charge cards getting hit hard again I am sure. She dropped them on the floor and made a beeline for me. I backed off a step or two, whenever she does this it is not a good sign. Probably wants me to do something for her at least that is her usual reason for buttering me up. I got pushed back into a chair and she plopped her derriere on my lap. Now I was worried, whatever she wants this is major, pulling out all the big guns to make her attack. I leaned as far back in the chair as possible, to keep some distance between us, but she just leaned closer and kissed me on the lips. It was not a casual kiss, I am sure there was smoke coming from me, I know I felt like my whole body was smoldering.

I took a big breath and decided to see if I can put an end to this before this goes on all night. “All right spill the beans what do you want me to do that is totally against anything that I might even consider doing in this century?” I got a big smile from her, she has already got her foot in the door, now she just needs to close the deal.

“I am sure you remember Ronnie, the one with the lingerie store near the mall. Well she needs a favor from you. We have been best friends for years, now she is branching out into a new line of clothing for the male, something sexy and wicked. She has invited some of our friends to a special type of lingerie party, and of course we are invited. Just think you will be among twenty gorgeous females, all in brief and sexy lingerie.” At least, that is the version of the story I was told on this particular evening.

I do remember Ronnie, the most wicked female on this earth. If it involves sex, any type she knows about it or wrote the book about it. Ronnie and my wife are indeed friends, we have exchanged dinner invites over the years, and her presence guarantees a lively, erotic, and interesting get together. If she thinks it, it is soon verbalized, no hesitation whatsoever. What Ronnie wanted me there for worried me, but being around Caroline’s friends was winning the debate at the moment. Without exception there was not a finer looking group of females anywhere. I was forbidden to touch, but my wife did allow me to look. Of course, she was by my side all the time to make sure it was only my eyes involved in this appreciation of her friend’s fantastic figures and unexcelled beauty.

Instead of just flat telling her no, I wavered which she took as total approval of her proposal. I was told the date and time so that I could make sure to be available. It was scheduled for later in the week, at five P.M. I thought that was a little early for a party, most of the ones Caroline has attended in the past were scheduled for seven or eight P.M. Yes, she has been to other lingerie parties, and from what I see afterwards she has had quite a bit of fun. Rowdy but sexy would be a good description of her actions after she returns from one of these parties. Ronnie had been involved in more than one of these parties, so I was wary of her being involved in this one. The things she showed me that she bought guaranteed to liven many a night in our bedroom.

The subject got dropped, I did receive a romantic evening, most of my wishes seen to by my lovely wife. The next couple of days went without anything unusual happening, although the romantic evenings continued. I managed to get most of my work caught up, so that in case things turned out worse than I expected I would have a couple of days to recoup. I did consulting work for small businesses, mostly involving inventory levels and making the proper buying choices. Over the years I have managed to build up the business, now it is my only source of income. My job before starting my business finally done away with, a little over a year ago.

The day of the party, Caroline was extra attentive, making sure anything I desired was given to me. My favorite food for lunch, even a communal shower as we got ready to go to the party. Afterward I actually had to stand under some cold water to get certain things to behave themselves. I dressed in some Dockers, my preferred mode of attire, along with a nice sweater, Caroline vetoed the sweater for some reason, handing me one of my old polo shirts instead.

She drove us to Ronnie’s store, parked around back and knocked on the door. Ronnie let us in, hugging Caroline and appraising my body as she showed us in. It was one of those careful inspections of every inch of my body, even walking behind me to appraise my ass. That unnerved me even more. We sat in her office and chit chatted some, mainly the two girls talking about who was coming to the party. Then Ronnie grabbed my hand and led me to a frame at the back of her store. It was situated at one end of her storeroom, the room now cleared of any merchandise with some chairs stacked against the far wall. She explained she wanted me to grab hold of the top of the frame while she adjusted the frame to size. She cautioned me it was still a little wobbly, so that I needed to steady it as she made the adjustments.

It was wobbly so I held on to it as she made adjustments to the legs and supports. Maybe that was what she wanted me for to help her get everything set up. I closed my eyes for a minute, her outfit that she was wearing very provocative, her breasts were almost to escape her clothing as she had her hands above her head quite often, her nipples trying to peek over the neckline of her dress. Believe me, my eyes were riveted to their possible escape. I tried to think pure thoughts, but I could feel junior twitching a little already. Ronnie stood on a step stool, adjusting the top of the frame, her breasts now eye level or above and only inches away from my face as she leaned closer to reach part of the frame. I squinted hard, trying to keep my eyes closed, this was pure torture. The last peek showed a part of her nipple about to escape her bra, as she was stretching to reach that part of the frame. If it made it that far it would have no problem escaping the neckline of the blouse she wore.

I heard her ask Caroline for something, then her grabbing a hold of my wrists. I thought she was about to fall so I tried to remove my wrists from the bar only to find them firmly attached to said bar. Caroline was suddenly playing with my clothes as they were unbuttoned and slid down my body. The shirt could not be removed since my wrists were secured to the bar, so a pair of scissors were used and it was cut off of me. Now I knew why my sweater was vetoed earlier.

My boxers were next as I started to vocalize my opinion on them being removed. Meanwhile Ronnie had got down from the step ladder, her task accomplished. From behind my head a pair of hands shoved something in my mouth and it was promptly secured behind my head. I whimpered, screamed, anything I could do to make my distaste known of what was happening to me, but only muffled sounds escaped from my mouth. I even tried stomping my feet, similar to what a child would do when they were not getting their way. Needless to say I did not get my way, now naked, gagged and still attached to that damn frame.

Caroline moved in front of me, smiled and started to rub my erection. I instantly turned red, in front of Ronnie this is humiliating but despite the circumstances an instant turn on. Caroline was slow and methodical with her rubbing getting me so hard. This was kept up for quite some time, bringing me right to the edge and then slowly caressed until I was frustrated but not about to come. After the fifth or sixth time Caroline came around to face me and held my head in her hands. She told me to remain quiet, she had some questions to ask me requiring an answer. I nodded my head in agreement and she released the gag, but left it hanging around my neck. I sure it was on purpose, a reminder to behave or have the gag replaced.

“Now what I want is for your approval to have your body hair removed. It is to be done with a cream, and will be permanent.” I started to say something but a finger on my lips reminded me of my predicament. “I love you, always have but the hair on your body I can do without. So I am asking for you to allow me to remove all of it below your eyebrows. What we have in mind tonight will work better with you hairless, but it is and will remain your decision.”

My face scrunched up, gawd can this get any more involved. In a weak moment I nodded my head, telling her to go ahead. She insisted that I verbalize my agreement, that necessary before they would go ahead. “Yes, I want my body hair removed permanently.” I was ready to ask for something more involving my male organ, but a finger once again reminding me that question had not been asked yet.

“Now Ronnie is going to do a little presentation tonight for the other ladies. It involves you and certain pieces of female clothing. I want you to experience it, keeping an open mind. The rewards afterward should be sufficient for you, all administered by me personally. Other than what I have said it will be better if you go into this not knowing exactly what is going to happen. It will help you portray the emotions we would like to have while the presentation is going on. No need for acting, your actions will be real and honest. I need an approval of future actions or I will release you and you can go back home. I love you and want you to experience this, but only if you can trust me?”

I nodded my head again, but like last time I had to say the words to satisfy her. “Yes please use me and abuse me, for I do love you and trust you.” Then in a whisper I think. The use me and abuse me was often said to each other, something that one of us read in some book at one time or the other. My gag was replaced after a toe curling kiss, lots of tongue as she manipulated my rock hard organ to the point of no return. The gag was in place before all of the moaning and screaming occurred. That is my moaning and screaming.

Meanwhile Ronnie was spreading a cream all over my body, everywhere but on my male appendage. That was Caroline’s area of expertise. Needless to say, I lost the battle fairly quickly coming in huge spurts on the towel Caroline held around my organ. After the release I hung my head down, so ashamed of my actions, doubly so being watched by Ronnie as Caroline emptied my male appendage of its sperm.

After fifteen minutes more towels were brought in and the cream was wiped off, leaving my skin smooth and hair free. Then the two set up for the party, leaving me there naked and hair less. Back and forth setting up the goodies and extra chairs so everyone would have a front row seat. A front row seat with me as the main attraction. There wasn’t much I could do, my wrists were firmly attached to the top of the once wobbly frame, now suddenly unmoving and quite rigid.

I felt hands on me as they moved around setting up, a few gropes or squeezes to let me know they were still there and I was their pawn in the upcoming drama soon to unfold. I had no idea why I folded so quickly, none of this was what I had in mind for tonight., especially being hair free now, much less the taking of my sperm in front of Ronnie. She did watch intently as Caroline saw to my milking, a cute little smile plastered on her face.

Then the ladies started to show up. In groups of two or three, pausing as they came in and moving towards me to see the main attraction. Well that and to check out the merchandise. More gropes and rubbing as if my body could stand any more. Even a pinch delivered to my right nipple, I turned to see who did it but all I saw was a group of giggling females. I am sure I was red, bright red and any other flamboyant color as I was checked out by these ladies.

With everybody arriving, I was now surrounded by twenty females fully clothed while I was there naked as the day I was born. Not exactly what I was promised by Caroline when she told me about the party. Ronnie got their attention getting everyone to take a seat.

I meanwhile tried to think what was coming and why I had caved in so easily. I do love Caroline, the years we have spent together each one better than the last. I guess this is a natural progression that Caroline has done recently, massaging me to orgasm in front of Ronnie just the latest in a series of gradually more erotic behavior.

“Ladies tonight we have a special presentation. First we want to thank our volunteer Ken for willingly helping us out. Let’s give him a round of applause.” They all clapped, even a few standing hooting and hollering. Some volunteer, trapped and held against my will. Well up until I was forced to enjoy a moment of sheer bliss, no make that utter humiliation. Okay, both of the above.

“Now ladies this class is how to get your significant other into a corset and under your control. On hearing this I moaned, Caroline walking by and tapping my penis right on the head. That was it for him for a while, he instantly deflated trying to shrink to nothing.

All of the items we are using tonight are available in the proper size to fit any of your male partners. So let’s get started. Of course, hair removal is essential, since they likely will be encased in the corset for quite some time. The cream we offer is permanent, allowing for no hair regrowth in the coming years. It is a product of Turnabout Gurl Salon, a useful resource as you continue with your significant other’s feminization. Whether feminized or just left in a corset you will find them much more receptive to your needs, thus leading to a rewarding and satisfying relationship in the future.”

“Now Ken has already had the hair removal treatment, now permanently hair free. You will find the male whining at this treatment until he has experienced what it is like to feel every touch of her lover’s caress. I am using the feminine pronoun, since a lot of their feelings that they will experience are ones experienced by a normal female. Now the next step is to secure his organ so that he has to sit to urinate. This is done with a special garment with a pocket that holds his penis back between his legs. Thus when he needs to pee, he will have to sit as a female does. Think of all the mess that this will stop, not having to clean the toilet seat daily.”

“The garment is available with hip padding like this one that Ken has chosen for his inaugural trip into the female genital world. It has the normal female slit, of course, hair free as befits a modern woman these days. The two puffy lips invites attention and offers a gateway into something wonderful and moist. The garment is slid up her legs and then her large clit is slid into the pocket as Caroline is showing, a tight fit by the way. A cream will make this job go so much easier, also making the subject excited thus helping to ensure a smooth wrinkle free fit. Then the garment is pulled up to the waist, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. The tube lays between her cheeks pulling her appendage back between her legs tightly. In most cases you will find that the balls end up popped back into their original pockets as the garment is pulled into place. This makes for an even smoother flat front. You will notice that the color is matched to the skin tone, thus giving the impression that the vulva is real. You should start referring to it as a vulva, an important aspect to drive home the nature of their anatomy change.”

As all of this is happening I am frantically trying to get my hands loose. I know Caroline has explained some of this, but what Ronnie is saying is very worrying. Even though Caroline getting my penis into the sleeve almost made me come again, I still am worried about Ronnie’s words. I hang there limp, everything seems unescapable so I succumb to my fate. I am listening to Ronnie’s spiel, wondering if this is all a joke or if she is selling these items to her friends so that they can subjugate their husbands like they are doing to me. It feels real, as if they are actually doing this to me not as a simple demonstration but something that will last far longer than I have in mind.

“Next comes the actual corset. We have selected a pink color for our model, a favorite color of this particular volunteer. The corset fits from the upper thigh to just below the breasts ending in half cups to support the new breasts. This allows for use of the bathroom and the development of a natural looking pair of breasts. The corset hooks in front, once hooked it takes a special tool to undo the stainless steel busk. The one you purchase needs to be just big enough to slip over the waist with the laces undone. If it is tighter like this one was, even better. Once the busk is fastened there is no taking off of the garment unless you desire it to be removed and you possess the special tool.”

“The laces are then snugged in back, making any final adjustments to the position of the corset. Before you start tightening you need to reach into the half cup of the corset and grab hold of any extra skin on the chest and pull up. Tighten the corset some more than pull up the extraneous skin once again. This is the start of her natural looking breasts.”

“The tightening of the corset needs to be done in stages, taking up all the slack then stopping for fifteen to twenty minutes. This allows the person encased in the corset to get used to the constant restriction of the corset. Of course, towards the end it might be necessary to add a foot in the back to make sure the laces are tightened to the max. That is also the reason for the corset frame, although a door frame in the house can be utilized just as well the wrists secured over the top of the door. Just not as pleasingly aesthetic looking as the corset tightening frame. With the body stretched out the corset can be tightened tighter ensuring a more attractive female figure.”

Now we are ready for some accessories to make the person wearing the corset feel more secure and cared for. This particular strap attaches at the front of the corset and is then pulled through the legs and secured to the back bottom edge of the corset. It locks in place, making the wearer ask for permission to use the bathroom for any function. This is particularly useful in making the wearer more aware of your needs, before she can handle her own basic bodily functions. As you have watched Caroline do the activities described she is constantly rubbing the groin, the newly pushed up breasts and the padded behind. All of these areas are especially sensitive now, thus keeping the subject confused and docile.”

I listened to all of this, moaning and groaning as the corset was tightened and the strap was pulled up between my legs and locked. I could hardly breathe, what little breaths I was able to get were shallow and short. I was surprised when my wrists were released, then realized that I could barely stand much less affect anything further that might be done to me. As my weight settled down on to my legs I felt my stretched out tissue trying to find somewhere to go to. Its previous home had been taken away by the corset. I did notice my breasts seemed fuller now, bubbling out of the half cups of the corset. It seemed my bottom also swelled some, but I could not see it due to the unyielding grasp of the corset. It was now almost impossible to even turn my body to see my new hips and ass. I guess with nowhere to go my breasts and butt are the only two places available for the excess tissue.

My gag was removed, but that changed nothing other than allowing me to maybe get a little bigger breath. After some feeling was returning to my arms I ran my hands over the corset marveling at my new changed figure. No longer straight up and down I now had curves, lots of them. Although I had lots to say I didn’t feel like vocalizing anything, my new changed status made me unsure and feeling very insecure. I kept remembering what Caroline told me, but being encased in the corset and the strap covering up everything below cast some doubt on her earlier words.

So I just stood there waiting for whatever came next. Some extra sheer stockings were smoothed up my legs and attached to garters hanging down from the corset. The feelings that they caused as they were pulled up my legs nearly caused another accident. Then I realized that junior could no longer get erect, trapped in the tube and the crotch strap tightly holding down any possible erection. It was so tight down there I doubt if even a twitch could occur. Heels were slid on my feet and the ankle straps secured tightly. I heard clicks, presuming that they were now locked on my feet. Maybe a moot point since I doubt I could lean over far enough to get to the strap in the first place to see to their removal.

Another set of cuffs fastened around my thighs with a short elastic rope connecting the two. That limited my ability to take much of a step, now short steps the only movement possible. One more set of cuffs this time above my elbows with a similar cord hooking the two together this time in front of me. Now my arms were forced in front of my body, any attempt to move an arm behind my back was impossible. I could still do some things, but I had lost full movement of my arms, now only simple tasks directly in front of me were possible. I realized that I was pretty much a captive of my clothing, short steps, limited arm movements, not able to bend over and now having to ask to do normal bodily functions. Yep, whatever anybody requested of me I would have to do, or face the repercussions. I didn’t even want to think of all the things that could go wrong.

That pretty well ended the demonstration to her assembled guests, so everyone enjoyed the treats and refreshments, while I stood there unable to barely move, much less enjoy anything to eat. The corset was so tight that I doubt there was even room for a cracker in my stomach. I didn’t even want to think of drinking anything and having to ask someone to let me use the bathroom. Nope, not ready for that. I held a little hope that maybe when the party is over I will be released, but it was tempered with the thought that my wife and her best friend might have even more nefarious things in store for me.

I got checked out often, so I just made myself available to be prodded, groped and even pinched. My breasts in particular were the targets most often. Since all of these females have a set of their own, I could not fathom why they wanted to play with mine so much.

Ronnie ran up a lot of sales, boxes and boxes of garments and accessories were loaded in their cars. At least I managed to get out of helping, presumably because of how I was dressed. I could see me with a couple of boxes, naked except for the corset helping the ladies get their purchases into their cars, a small consolation of sorts.

Eventually everybody left, leaving my two mistresses and their plaything there alone. For some reason mistress just seemed appropriate as a description for them. I somehow tried to justify things as if I was their plaything, there for their amusement. I was commanded to help them clean-up, the only help I could manage was to pick up cups and plates. Ones on the floor I had to have help with as I could not reach them. We managed to get the place somewhat like it was before the demo. After an hour of work the place looked pretty good, so Ronnie went to add up the things she sold, while Caroline was placed in charge of the plaything, me. I was seated in a chair in the corner and she promptly sat on me guaranteeing that I would not wander off. My back was ramrod straight, the corset making that the only way I could sit. With the heels and the thigh bands I doubted I could have got far or done much if I could get loose.

Several times I debated asking her if I was to be released tonight, but decided that the answer to that question was better not knowing about. We heard Ronnie squeal, I take it her sales were more than she anticipated. Ten minutes later she emerged from her office taking Caroline’s place on my lap. I was deep throated while her hands found my already sore nipples and made them even more tender and sore. Caroline watched from the side, clearing her throat when she thought I was enjoying it more than I should.

Then Ronnie got up and the two of them walked out into the store giggling and whispering back and forth. I groaned, not wanting to know what they were cooking up. They waltzed back with several outfits for me. Dresses maybe, but just not what you would wear in a public setting. I had to try them all on, the sexiest was deemed the appropriate attire for my trip home. That answered my question about if I was to be released soon. I let out a big sigh, my desperate wish not in the cards apparently. I didn’t want to think about anything further, afraid of being severally disappointed.

Caroline did eventually get me home, the dress I was put into more like a fancy nightie. Layers and layers of silky material flowing from my shoulders and ending just above my knees. My elbow cuffs were replaced after the nightie slid over my head making it impossible to remove even if I could get it up over my head.

To make matters worse Caroline parked in the driveway, not the garage making my trip from the car to the house right out where people could see me. I am sure Ms. Kravitz next door was glued to her kitchen window, watching me in the heels and nightie try and get into the house in the least amount of time possible. Once in the house, Caroline led me to the bedroom. She undressed and laid on the bed, her legs spread apart so that her sex was in plain sight. I had a pretty good idea now what she expected of me.

I moved to the bed and awkwardly managed to kneel next to her I leaned over and had to catch myself before I fell right on top of her. My hands were limited in movement but did manage to support myself a little so that I could bring her pleasure. I had the many layers of the nightie to contend with also, not making things any easier. I have seen to her orally several times, just not her usual preference most evenings.

I knew I had to excel, otherwise I might be stuck like this for all eternity. I started off slow running my tongue over her already puffy lips, darting into her slit on occasion. I could hear her moan when I did that, me in a corset and packed away must be turning her on way before she settled onto the bed. I continued this attack for quite some time, Caroline trying to move my head in closer and make me tongue her deeper. She was close, but I wanted some revenge for being locked away and so very uncomfortable. My tongue was getting sore, but I had her writhing and twisting every way she could trying to get me to finish her off. At one point her back was a foot off the bed, trying to get my tongue into her pussy.

Holding myself up trussed up the way I was is very stressful so I gave up my delay tactics, plunged my tongue deep inside her pussy, while using my one free hand to manipulate her right nipple. It worked her juices spraying me in the face as I lost my balance and fell on top of her. I was really tired, worn out, frazzled, and pooped, all of the above and more.

Then the unthinkable happened, I suddenly had to pee. I looked at Caroline she still had that glazed over expression on her face. I quickly pleaded with her, it was like I had to pee right at this moment. I presume the corset was exerting quite a bit of pressure on my kidneys. I tried to get up, finally managing to get on to my feet and heading to the bathroom. I looked back at her telling her that I had to go real bad, please hurry.

She meandered along eventually getting where she could unlock me. Then the bitch had the nerve to ask me if I really had to go that bad. I swore at her, but she just waved the key in front of me and I quickly calmed down. “Let’s see what you can promise me that will encourage me to unlock you sometime this evening.

I was already doing the two step trying desperately to keep it from starting to flow, I knew if a drop escaped it would start a flood. In my weakened state I promised her anything, just unlock me please. Her next sentence surprised me. “Repeat after me. I want you to keep me in chastity and in women’s clothes for the rest of my life that includes makeup and a feminine hairdo. I am to be only released when you want my services and then only for an hour. That will make me so happy to be able to please you for the rest of my life.”

I looked up and she had her phone out and was recording me saying those words. I was repeating her words right as she said them. I so desperately need to use the bathroom I would agree to anything at this stage. I had to bend over slightly as she unlocked the crotch strap and removed it from the corset. I forgot for a minute that I had to sit now, but quickly managed to get myself situated properly. Even though I had to go bad, it took me a few moments to relax my muscle and let the flow come out. It was messy, spraying all over me and the inside of the toilet bowl. Junior was not free, instead in the sleeve making the pee travel that extra distance coming out in a most feminine way, just not what I was used to. I was given some toilet paper and told how to wipe, my blush at having to do something so feminine really affecting me. The strap was promptly replaced and locked, now a captive to her wishes and desires again.

I then realized how vulnerable I was when I had to beg to be unlocked. She controlled all the cards then, and I was subject to every whim and desire she ever had. That night the dynamics in our house changed, I now did as I was told, no more suggesting anything in place of what she wanted. After she slipped off into dreamland I just laid there wandering about the changes and if I could live with them. I was uncomfortable, that was a given. But for some reason it was also a big turn on. Having no control of my life is welcomed in a way, too many years of having to make hard decisions to make ends meet. I had enough money stashed away, that we would not suffer a lowering of our life style. If I was mainly outfitted in a corset, think of all the money I would save in clothes. I ended up getting a headache, way too deep a thought for a weekend evening. Maybe tomorrow more will be revealed.

When my eyes opened the next morning I saw Caroline staring at me, her face only inches from mine. I started to say something, but was soon kissed in a most passionate way. After she eased off, I had no idea what I was going to say. My mind was pure goo, not a thought, or even a word housed therein. I was helped up, then into the bathroom. She bent me over and removed the strap between my legs. I breathed a sigh of relief till I felt something hard at my rear entrance. I feared the worst, but it turned out to be an enema nozzle. Before I could gather my wits she pushed it all the way in and released the valve. I was suddenly filled with a warm fragrant fluid. I do mean filled, the sensation of liquid flowing into me was soon replaced with cramps as the liquid filled every space in my colon and stomach. I tried to twist around to relieve the cramps, but the corset prevented that quite easily. I danced around again trying to escape her grip and get to the toilet. I finally was allowed to sit down and release the fluid, it seemed my whole insides was flowing out my rear end. After everything made its way out she appeared with another bag and had me bend over. I knew better than to resist, maybe this one won’t be so bad. It turned out to be just a rinse, fluid in and then a minute later allowed to escape.

I saw her approaching again with something in her hand, but just closed my eyes, if I can’t see it then it can’t be there. She held something to my sphincter and then pushed it in with one deft push. The enema had loosened up my rear entrance, so it went in easily. The size of the intruder though made quite an impression on me. Way bigger than I was comfortable with. My mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. My sphincter formed back around something smaller, I had a pretty good idea I now had a butt plug placed up my rear. After a few minutes it settled in some, I could feel it but it was not that uncomfortable. I wondered how many more little surprises would appear in the next few days, but also realized that there was nothing I could do about it.

That was all the surprises that morning, the strap between my legs was placed back on and locked again. Now the butt plug was securely in place and would stay there until my wife wanted it removed. In a way I was thankful for the enema, now I only had to beg to be able to pee when the time came. Back in the bedroom as I looked around for some clothes I saw a dress hanging over the back of the chair. I hoped it was not for me, but since Caroline seldom wore dresses the likelihood of it being for her was faint. Sure enough it was for me and after I was doused in a very heavily scented powder it was lowered over my shoulders. The dress had two thin straps over the shoulders, a very fitted bodice and then flared out to a fairly full skirt. Caroline zipped it up and then I was again fitted with my knee strap and the one at my elbows.

I realized I will not be doing much today, trussed up like this I could walk around and maybe prepare lunch but that would probably be my limit. Sure enough that is what she had me doing, practicing in the heels and then standing at the kitchen counter and making us some sandwiches. I decided to see how long my time in corsets might be for, asking the question in as friendly a manner as possible. Now is not the time to aggravate Caroline, since I have managed to keep my situation as least stable since yesterday sans the butt plug. I did not get the answer I expected.

“Well Ronnie wants me to keep you this way for at least a month, but I have a different thought. Last night was really special, I could get used to that very easily. But I want to be fair to you, so I have decided to let you choose your future. Let me warn you though I have some expectations of you and I need to see those reflected in your thoughts for me. So take a few moments and think of everything that has happened since yesterday and then let me know your ideas on what you can do to please me.”

Gee, no pressure here, I am still trussed up if what I suggest does not please her I may never get out of this corset. Or if I do get out of the corset I might be relegated to the guest room for eternity. I didn’t like my choices, but several years serving as a husband I hope I have learned something. The easy way is not always the best way.

Not much thinking was necessary. “I want to be kept in chastity, to be only allowed some pleasure when I have satisfied you appropriately. I love my corset and hope to be afforded new ones as my figure adjusts. If you feel that I would be a better person if I am feminized then so be it. I do love you and hope that you feel the same towards me.”

Now that I had said those fateful words I felt much better. I tried to not think of how what I said would impact me, but the implications were many and the impact would no doubt affect me greatly, maybe not what I was expecting and most likely for longer than I anticipated.

Apparently that was what Caroline wanted to hear, as I was hugged so hard I thought my new breasts were going to pop out of the half cups. During this time her tongue was busy, the insides of my mouth and throat thoroughly cleaned and polished. She did have her phone on and was recording my words, although the camera angle might be off some once she heard my first few words. Surprising to me I did not feel depressed, committing myself to a life in corsets and feminization. A sense of relief, maybe since the decision had been made, I was now committed to this lifestyle for the future. The corset was indeed uncomfortable, but after the night encased in it, the feeling of being gripped, shaped into something more pleasant, did have its merits. I imagine the longer that I am in it, the more comfortable it will become, the body adapting to its new limits.

Caroline made a few phone calls, I know one was to Ronnie, I could hear the squealing on the other side of the room. Then to her salon, when she mentioned Jessica that confirmed my assumption. I had a feeling that my further steps toward femininity were soon at hand. About four in the afternoon Caroline came and dragged me to the front door. I looked at her and then at my body, the corset the only piece of clothing on my body. One jerk and I had my answer, the door locking behind me as she made her way to the car with me in tow.

I was helped into her car and then driven to her salon. There I was taken to a private room in the back, and several technicians came in to see to my treatments. Lots of compliments on my female figure, during the discussion I found out that most everything Ronnie sold was from their boutique, Ronnie just getting a cut because she bought so many items from them at one time.

They decided on a feminine hairdo and semi-permanent makeup until I could learn enough to do my own. I was laid back in the chair and my hair washed and conditioned. Then it was set in curlers, the setting lotion used was long lasting. Under a dryer to cook for a while. Another tech came and worked on my nails, filing them and putting a clear coat of polish on them. Once the hair was dry I was sat in a salon chair and she worked on my makeup. It was applied with precision since it was semi-permanent. According to my tech it would eventually fade after three months, each application after that making it last even longer.

My hair style was brushed out, the image in the mirror quite feminine now. I was helped up, once my figure came into view there was no doubt, Ken had ceased to exist. I just stared at the mirror, mesmerized at my image now. I was waiting for Caroline to reappear, sitting in the salon chair looking at my image in the mirror. I noticed someone standing behind me, a quite attractive and imposing female. She came around to my side and sat in the chair next to mine.

“I am Francine and glad to finally meet you. Have you decided on a female name yet, Ken just doesn’t suit you?” I put out my hand to shake hers, but she side stepped my hand and hugged me tenderly. When she sat back down in her chair a warm smile lit up her face. “So what do I call you?”

I stammered some, the only feminine name I could think of was Kendra, and as soon as it left my mouth she vetoed that possibility. “How about Katy, you look like a Katy and it has a nice ring to it.” I nodded my head and I now had a feminine name.

“Let’s talk about your predicament, I knew about it before it happened, but I want to hear what you think about it now that you have experienced some of it?” My mouth was open, she reached over and pushed it closed and waited for a reply. I looked at her wondering about her interest in me, then happened to look at a picture on the wall behind her, the name Francine at the bottom of said picture, founder of the Turnabout Gurl Salons. I moved my butt a little trying to get more comfortable in the chair. I didn’t accomplish much.

“It all surprised me, even Caroline’s part in it was a little hard to accept. Now that I am in the corset and subject to what others want, I am not as objectionable to what happened as I was at first. I hope I can be what she wants, I do love her immensely, just not sure why I am in this position. I am not complaining much, it has been interesting so far. I can imagine a time a few weeks from now, lots of new experiences and sensations likely to occur in the meantime.

Francine smiled, then offered a possible reason for Caroline’s participation. “Like a lot of females, a married life loses some of its desire as the same things recur day after day. Now change things around, make someone dependent on you for everything and life becomes so much more interesting. Part of it is power, although females have more power than they realize, it is seldom acknowledged by the participants. To be able to control a partner, there every action having to be allowed provides a huge rush of that power.”

“Now in your marriage you have done most everything, made the decisions, earned the income for your family, provided the things that your wife desired. In her eyes you have had the power, now the dynamics have changed. To even go to the bathroom you must ask her permission, maybe even doing something humiliating to gain that approval. She now has the power, and is relishing in this new found control of you. I don’t think the love has changed in regards to you, but now she can show her love for you in other ways. By taking care of you, she is exerting her need for power and also showing her love for you.”

“Life might be a little difficult for you for a couple of months, as you learn to be cared for and she learns how to tone down her control so that both of you are happy in your roles. I am sure it will reach a happy balance, but let’s talk a little more about you. From what I have been told you have done most everything as you provided for your wife in your marriage. Now to be on the receiving end might just show you something you have been missing most of your life. I am sure the corset is pretty much occupying you thoughts, but wait till you get to wear some beautiful clothes, to get pampered several times a week and can relax as Caroline sees to your needs. If you are still unsure wait to see if all of this doesn’t push you over to the female side.”

“Even someone such as Ronnie does care for you, she was the one to come to me asking me to talk to you so that you would feel that it is all not one-sided. She and Caroline planned well, but then doubts popped up as you were so calm as they trussed you up. Yeah they used you some, but they did have good intentions as they tricked you into being their plaything. Like I said power can be so intoxicating to someone not used to wielding it.”

“What you have not discovered yet is the power a beautiful female has over her lovers, dressed to the nines you can make them melt away when they first get a glimpse of you. Even Caroline will turn to goo when you show up in a sexy dress, hair all done up with meticulous makeup and a fabulous smile on your face. Then you can have her doing things for you, out to eat, maybe a movie and then home to be ravished. Not bad for a feminized male huh? Do take the time to explore all of this, if you need to talk to someone call the salon anytime and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Consider what you have experienced a gift, enjoy it and much more will come along with it.”

I got hugged as she left, leaving me to my thoughts and what she had mentioned to me. As I re-hashed what she said it did make sense. I was definitely in the powerless group now, having to beg to even go to the bathroom. Then I thought of what Francine said at the end of our conversation. Maybe that would be a way to get some control of my life back. My mind kicked in, going over ideas and ways to implement those to reverse my position some.

Further planning will have to wait, Caroline is coming in the door to pick me up. Maybe a quick test to see if I do have some possibility of making some changes. I launched myself at her, covering the distance quickly even in my heels. I grabbed her head in my hands and planted a sensuous kiss on her lips making a few inroads with my tongue to soften the defenses. I pressed my body tightly against hers, grinding my groin into hers as hard as I could. I heard Caroline take in a deep breath, and switched my lip attack to her eyes. I rubbed my small breasts against hers, trying to excite her nipples in the process. Another few sharp intakes of breath was proving what Francine told me to be true.

As I was being led from the salon I saw Francine over to the side giving me a thumbs up. A bigger smile has never appeared on my face before, I can have lots of fun, and eventually bring the balance between us back to a level I can live with. Now with a female figure the possibilities are endless.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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