Jackie; It Just Feels Right

It was that time of year again, spring had already sprung here in the Deep South, flowers all in bloom, the weather no longer having that winter chill and the breeze more from the south, warm and inviting. The azaleas and rhododendrons now tapering off, the daffodils and crocus already done for the year, leaving the annuals like stock, snapdragons and petunias to fill the gap.

My wife and I just returning from a planning meeting of the Rancho Verde Country Club. Neither one of us were really the country club type, but both of us joined because of business contacts. Deborah joined because of her client base. She is an attorney mainly handling divorce cases. Surprisingly a lot of her clients were male, although she was not lacking female clients. Her reputation for no non-sense representation of her clients made her popular with either sex. I was a commercial photographer, mainly doing weddings, debutante parties and an occasional private party.

Since most of our business came from this group of people, it was advantageous for us to join. Currently she is representing five of the country club members, three females and two males. Most of these cases came about because of her reputation and the fact that we belonged to the country club. She had some other clients, but the majority at the moment were from the club.

The invitation to join came from one of Deborah’s longtime friends from college, now President of the country club. Her friend made it easy for us, paying our membership fees. We attended a meeting where they asked questions of us and we could ask about the country club. Apparently we passed their scrutiny and we were accepted as members. That was a year ago, our participation in their gatherings was limited at first due to our jobs, then Deborah was asked to head the Mardi Gras Ball committee.

Each year the country club hosted a ball at the same time as Mardi Gras. An excuse for the females to dress up, a diversion for the guys besides golf and sports. In the past at its inception it was popular, but over the years the attendance has steadily declined, just too much for the couples to do these days, something had to be sacrificed so the ball suffered.

She had to appoint other members to the committee, a difficult task since most of the members did not want to serve. I ended up being drafted because she couldn’t find anyone else to serve. She even had to ask her friend to help to finally get enough members for the committee. So, besides Deborah, there were her friend, two ladies from the tennis team and, of course, me. The tennis team members both volunteered for a lot of committees since they were now divorced and had little to do otherwise.

Today was the final committee meeting to decide who, what and when about the ball. It is, of course, a costume ball, being held at Mardi Gras time. This year Mardi Gras was in March, so we scheduled the ball for a Friday the first weekend in March. In the past, it was supported by about half of the members, but the number coming in costumes now was hardly half of that. It was decided that a large prize for best costume, both male and female would maybe get a little more involvement from the country club members. We went back and forth on the prizes, what they were to be and if it would be enough to get the members into costume.

One of the members, a tennis player, owned a travel agency. She said she would contribute a round the world cruise at her cost to the winner. This package for two would normally sell for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, her cut is thirty thousand. Everybody agreed that would be great but still steep for a lot of members. Then our president said she would pay the cruise price herself, that maybe changing it to a really sought after prize that would help with the enthusiasm. She retrieved her purse and wrote out a check for the full amount. I just sat there in awe, I knew she was wealthy, her businesses always doing well. In fact, everything she touched seemed to turn to gold. Deborah and I could have written a check too for that amount to cover the tickets, but it would have put quite a strain on our finances.

We did change it to be the best female costume, figuring the females would appreciate the prize a lot more than the guys. That way she could take her husband if she had one, or a close friend. A lot of the female country club members were single now, wealth and a happy marriage seemed to be exclusive of each other these days. To appease the guys a new set of golf clubs from the pro shop’s signature collection for the best male costume. These were custom made clubs, very few of the members having anything this good. A nice prize although not as expensive as the cruise. The golf clubs selling for around twenty-five grand.

One other change was implemented, a hundred dollar a person cover charge for the ball. They had tried to raise enough money for a restaurant and bar at the club, for some time, the old locker rooms would be an ideal space central to the tennis courts and the golf course. If it could be built the view would overlook the golf course. If they could get enough members to come to the ball, the restaurant could maybe become a reality.

I got nominated to handle the decorations, again nobody wanted the task so my hand got raised. We had a large ball room courtesy of the school we had bought when they built a new one closer to town. All the club had to do after buying the old school was to build the golf course. That in itself was taxing, the entire amount of funds set aside for the country club went to build the golf course. Most of these funds were left to us by a lady, a former member of a country club back home, she wanted one here for her daughters to be a part of.

The existing tennis courts were updated and the track was re-surfaced for the runners in our group. They never got around to building classrooms here, instead using portable classrooms. These were taken to other locations for use in some of the other schools. Maybe not the perfect deal, but it did have a lot going for it. The land that came with the old school, a steal and the gymnasium/auditorium was huge and perfect for our social activities.

Our new president was a smart business woman, quickly renting out space during the week to different groups to raise money for the country club. If we managed to get a restaurant built, that would cease, maybe using it for some fitness classes for the members during the week.

The gymnasium/auditorium was quite large, especially after we had the seats removed. It had high ceilings and brick walls throughout the interior. After the meeting I walked through it again getting some ideas on what I could do to make the ball memorable. Back at our house, I used the internet looking for what is used in New Orleans as decorations for the real Mardi Gras. Several ideas permeated my mind, now to see if any of them are practical. We had several weeks to the ball, everybody seemed excited as the date and prizes were announced.

I kept busy researching what to use and how I would get it put up for the ball. Most of the members had money, but lacked any skills to decorate, paint or put anything together. Beside the lack of skills they were lazy, not wanting to lift a finger other than to eat or indulge in drink. Since most of the members were drinkers a bar in the restaurant would make a ton of money if we could get it built.

So that left me with finding someone to handle these tasks. I found a female run company that did this for corporations, conventions, and other large get-togethers. I managed to get the owner Sheila to come out and look at the building and quote me on decorating it. We talked for a while then walked back to my house a few blocks from the country club, since it was late in the afternoon I offered her a glass of wine. While I was retrieving it she was looking at my photos plastered throughout the house. She wanted to know who took them, I confessed to the crime and she smiled real big.

“How bout we trade some decorations for some photos. I have fifteen events coming up in the next week or two and have no current pictures of what we do. You take some pictures of them for me and I will decorate for your ball.” I instantly agreed, she pulled her laptop out and sent me an email of the events and where they were being held. Attached to the email was one of her company badges, guarantying me entrance to the events. All I had to do was print the badge and insert it in a plastic carrier.

“Sheila that will be fine, after you look at the pictures let me know how much I still owe you and I will write you a check for the balance.” I was to furnish her a sketch of what I might want and she would take it from there. We shook hands and she left. I felt good about the deal, since the pictures she showed me of what they accomplished for other events were fantastic. If I could get half of what she showed me I would be ecstatic.

I didn’t have time to think about a costume in the upcoming days, my already scheduled work and the new work on her events would keep me busy till right before the ball. I did take time to stock up on blank discs, a new lens for my camera that would give me better panoramic views and lots of regular film. My favorite camera to use was digital, but since I had been born and raised on regular film I always took some with both media. The more mature people liked that, the photographs from film when developed properly had a nostalgic look to them that digital couldn’t match without a lot of photo shopping. Most of her events were close, none more than four hours away. In the following few days I saw to getting my car serviced since I would be traveling quite a lot to attend all her events.

Up the next morning and a two hour drive to my first event. I showed my badge and was let in to the convention hall. I was amazed at what her company had accomplished. I felt like I was walking into fantasy land, the décor, the streamers, the lights, everything tied together to make this dreamscape reality. It was still an hour to opening but I wanted pictures without all the crowd. I shot three discs full and three rolls of film before the crowd hit. I managed to get a few pictures as the crowd came in there facial expression changing as they got their first look at the place. After shooting every roll of film and all my disk space I reluctantly left the event. If she does a tenth of this for our event I will be tickled pink.

I hurried back to town, I had a wedding tonight, including pictures at their reception. I changed bags getting more discs and rolls of film. Also an extra camera, one that was equipped with a telephoto lens. Sometimes I had to shoot some of the shots from a greater distance due to the relatives and wedding participants. Doing it with the telephoto lens I didn’t have to fight my way close enough to get the shots.

At a little after eleven I finally made my way home, tired and worn out. Undressed and crawled in next to my wife. She cuddled up closer to me kissing me on the ear, getting my usual grouchy reply. She knows I hate it, but figures that is what wives are for. She did pull me closer and held me tight for the rest of the night.

She was up and kissed me early leaving fresh lipstick marks on my face and lips. As I remember she had court early today, so that was her reason for leaving just barely after the sun came up. She is an excellent lawyer, always prepared and extremely organized. Since she passed the bar she has not lost a case, although she did lose her first two cases in court until they were appealed. After the appeal both were reversed. Part of the reason for her success is that every case is investigated before she takes on the client. If anything is not as she has been told initially the case is refused. Her reputation has spread enough that anyone less than honest, never approaches her.

I had a late start today, a birthday party at a local amusement park where the parents had rented the entire park for their daughter’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party. I did some things around the house, then sent the digital pictures to Sheila. I did receive a text from her later, but I was knee deep in young teens trying to get enough shots to please the parents. Another long night it was almost two AM before I dragged my ass home. She missed the chance to kiss my ear, but I was held in her grip tightly until I had to wake her to let me use the bathroom.

Another event for Sheila today but not until five this afternoon. Deborah and I got a few moments to catch each other up on what is happening in each other’s lives, then she had to go to a client interview. I packaged up the prints that I had made from the film, a friend of mine did custom developing for photographers and I used him exclusively. I sent them out overnight, then decided I had better take time and call Sheila to see what she wanted. When she answered the phone and found out who it was I received a high pitched scream from her.

“I just loved the pictures, now we have a bigger problem deciding what ones to use.” I told her the prints were on their way, she might want to wait until she sees them before she makes any decisions. She was babbling about some of the shots, I interrupted her telling her I needed to head out to be able to cover her next event. She arranged lunch with me for tomorrow, the only free time we both had for several days. I again told her I had to go and then hung up.

I exceeded the speed limit in a couple of places, wanting to get there before the crowds were let in. I did make it barely, having to quickly get around the auditorium to catch the décor before the crowd was allowed in. This event was packed right from the start, wave after wave of customers attending the women’s show. I definitely stood out, not more that maybe ten males in attendance. I spent quite a bit of time getting crowd reaction and shots of the décor with people in the foreground. I usually tried to get shots of their backs, thus if they wanted to use the photos in advertising they would not have to get permission from the people in the picture.

I spent longer than I anticipated, just too many good shots to not take advantage of them. I managed to drag my body back home at few minutes before midnight. I removed my shirt and pants and that is as far as I got. I crawled under the covers and was fast asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was able to drop the film off on the way home, so Jerry could start work on it in the morning. It was ten thirty the next morning before I remembered the lunch meeting, grabbing a quick shower and putting on my clothes as I made it to the garage. I remembered nothing from last night with Deborah, a total blank mind.

I was only a few minutes late, Sheila still waiting to be seated at a table. When she saw me I was attacked, she was hanging on to me with both feet off the ground. I take it she is happy with the pictures. We talked about what I had supplied so far, her telling me that her business is already up, and they have not even been able to utilize the pictures, I thought for a minute then blushed, I regularly post any pictures I take to my website, in this case listing the event and the company that did the decorations. I mentioned that to her, the smile that appeared on her made my face break out in one equally as good. I have never seen a more energetic and enthusiastic person in my life male or female.

She showed me a sketch of what she had envisioned for our little ball. It looked good the detail and the amount of decorations way more than I had hoped for. She had a Mardi Gras float along one wall holding the Queen of Mardi Gras, resplendent in her gown and crown. Streamers leading from there to the opposite walls, twinkling lights along the streamers. All the walls with huge pictures of Mardi Gras festivities and two smaller floats one for the DJ or band and one for refreshments on opposite walls. Right in the center of the ballroom a mockup of a portion of Bourbon Street. It was open and airy adding to the mood of the room but not hindering any dancing.

“Do you have a DJ or were you planning on a small band?” Neither was planned but a DJ would be great. She had someone she would furnish if that was alright with me. Her company needed access four days before the ball, and it would take them two days to knock down afterward. I gave her my key to the auditorium and she was set. They would start the first of next week, either Monday or Tuesday depending on how much they got prefabricated beforehand.

I asked about a firm price, but she told me that we would discuss it afterward. When I had first approached her fifteen thousand had been discussed, but that was before any talk of trading pictures for the décor. I was confident that I could handle any charges, not really sure if the club could handle the extra expense. Since Deborah’s friend had paid for the cruise tickets I figured I could handle the décor if necessary.

The next week was a whirlwind of activity, most days I was gone all day getting in late every evening. I had a few more of Sheila’s events and a large wedding the day before the ball. Luckily for me the ball was in the evening, so I could get some rest. I made the last two events, even got the pictures over nighted to her. I heard from Deborah that the place was fantastic, her and her friend getting a sneak peek of the decor.

My concentration was on the wedding though. It was held in the fanciest church in town and they had rented a coach and four horse team to transport the bride to the church and the couple to the reception later. According to a friend the brides dress was a little over twenty thousand dollars and was hand made. My fee was twelve grand alone, so it was important for me to get it right. That morning I was up early even though I didn’t get home until midnight last might. I made my way to the church looking where I could position myself to get the best shots. I got permission from the pastor to use their choir loft to get some overhead shots and left my camera there with the telephoto lens to get close-ups of the couple saying their vows. I would have to move fast after I got the start of her procession down the aisle to get in place to get the rest of the shots.

Since I was going to be in one spot for a while, I brought my laptop and cable to down load the pictures directly to the laptop, saving time switching discs. At a wedding this size I expected to take at least three thousand shots, then culling from there. Then after the loft pictures back down and to the back of the church to get them leaving the church down the same aisle. Then I had arranged some posed pictures at the room at the back of the church before they headed to the reception.

The shots of the coach and horses were magnificent, I managed a lot of pictures of then entering the coach, the man handling the reins of the horses and some along the side of the coach and horses with the bride peeking out of the coach window. It was truly a magical moment. Then as the coach pulled away, a shot of the coach and horses turning into the setting sun. At times, I love the business I am in, capturing on film the magic that pops up from time to time.

It all went well, I was in the right spot and made the necessary moves without much trouble. As I drove to the reception the last few days were catching up with me, catching myself yawning several times. Another couple hours and I will be able to sleep tonight, more likely just collapsing dead away.

I sure hope Sheila did me a good job, I haven’t even had time to see the place since she started. I have confidence in her, every event I took pictures the décor was out of this world beautiful. The promoters I was able to talk to very happy with her work. Still it would have been nice to see it beforehand.

The reception was a little easier than the wedding, a large auditorium that I found out that Sheila had landed the contract for. It was never mentioned to me since she knew that I was taking pictures for the wedding itself. I finished a little after nine PM made my way back to the church and collected my equipment and made my way home. I made it in the door, dropped my things on the floor and collapsed on an easy chair. That was it for me I was out like a light. Deborah woke me the next morning helping me get the pictures sent to the parent’s computer as instructed and she dropped the film off for me to be developed. I was given a sleeping pill and she laid me down on the couch.

I don’t remember a thing till much later when somebody was adjusting my blindfold. Deborah leaned in whispering to me to do as I am told. They are getting me ready for the ball tonight. I was extremely fuzzy I could hardly put a thought together, much less say anything. For the next couple of hours I was poked, prodded and rubbed all over. I did manage to ask for some water, my mouth was dry, actually parched would be a better word. I do remember the water as it slid down my throat, but after that nothing. I remember something being put around my waist and it being tightened, but then a blank after that. A weight on my chest after a lot of pulling of the skin on my chest, then nothing. This seemed to go on for hours, I had no sense of time. In between I often slipped back asleep, the blindfold keeping out light and I was so tired.

Finally, I was helped up and taken somewhere remembering something soft on my feet as I was led along. A ride in a car, then across another slick floor. A few steps and then told to stand straight and hold on to the pole with both hands. A scarf or something is wrapped around my hands holding them to the pole. My mind is still not functioning as something soft and silky is slid up my legs, it is taken up to my upper legs then fastened somehow to me. I could feel the tension along my legs, a pleasant feeling.

They smoothed my legs the sensations that caused almost sending me over the brink, then each of my feet are raised and a shoe is slipped onto each foot. They feel funny, my heel not able to reach the floor. Then something silky now caressing my legs sending shivers all over my body. My mind is clearing some but the feelings being transmitted back from different parts of my body are so alien. Then a piece of clothing is raised, my hips the first contact with my body proper. On up as my arms are slid into some sleeves, after being released from the pole. The clothing snugged around my waist and chest, then a zipper making everything tighter and erotic. It was like my body was being caressed by a multitude of hands.

I began to hear some noise like from a crowd, a lot of people talking but not real close. Nothing making any sense, though. I try to move my hands and found them back secured to the pole. I feel very weak, my mind is beginning to come around, but only bits of thoughts and feelings are registering. I feel a cool breeze descending over me from above, making me shiver a little bit more. Deborah is next to me now again whispering to me. I hear a louder voice from a PA system come on and he starts introducing members of the ball committee. A little bit about each and then to the next one.

Now we come to the highlight of the evening, the introduction of our Rancho Verde Mardi Gras Queen. She handled the decorating for the ball, what you see here tonight because of her efforts. Deborah leans in closer removes the scarf and puts something in front of my nose. I am instantly awake, the smelling salts bringing me to my senses quickly. Deborah steps away as my blindfold is removed. The thing I am standing on starts to rise, causing me to grab a hold of the pole to steady myself and soon I can see the whole auditorium. It is beautiful, then I hear the applause. I looked around quickly and the place is packed, everybody looking at me.

I remember him saying queen. I look down at my body and see breasts, a gorgeous dress and as my hand reaches in to touch my dress beautiful long red nails. I close my eyes, must be a reflection of someone else standing next to me. As the stage I am on stops moving Deborah and her friend come to get me, each holding one of my hands, my hands with ten long red nails extending from my fingertips. I waver a little, Deborah giving me another sniff of my magic elixir.

I am led out on to the dance floor, the dress I am wearing swirling around my legs. As I look out at the crowd the men bowing to me and the ladies approaching to give me hugs. I am in a dream world, there can’t be any of this real, there just can’t be. I am given a glass of punch, it tastes so good as it slides down my throat. Then over to a raised dais with a throne right in the middle. I am seated in the throne with Deborah on my right and her friend in the left. I am told to wave to my subjects and do so, wondering just what in the hell is going on.

Deborah starts explaining to me in a lower tone so that only the three of us can hear. “As you look around you can see what a fantastic job Sheila did on the decorations, my friend and I confronted her on it, way more than anyone expected from her. The reason it is such a fantastic job is the pictures you took of her work and the referrals she has been getting from your website. She is now booked solid for eight months, including weekends. All because of you and your work.”

“Incidentally the fund for the restaurant here is fifty thousand over the goal. Once the word spread of the decorations every ticket for the ball was sold even if they couldn’t attend. This all came together because of you. The Mardi Gras ball committee and the executive committee have had a little meeting looking for a way to reward you for your effort on behalf of the country club. Sheila needed a Queen for her decorations, thus you were selected to be our first Mardi Gras Queen.”

“Your wife has always wanted a female to love, ever since college. This way you get to be Queen and I get a sexy woman to live with. Francine paid for all your changes and your costume. Her businesses, namely the Turnabout Gurl Salon is responsible for your new look. Since she is president of the country club, it was easy for her to make the necessary arrangements to get you on my committee. Members not able to serve for one reason or another, then in charge of the decorating. A grand plan that came together each of us getting what we wanted out of life. Now that you are in the correct gender, love awaits us.”

“May I have the first dance Jacqueline?” Those words uttered by Deborah as she eyed me up. I was pulled to my feet, the huge skirt of the dress not even letting me get a glance of my feet. Out to the dance floor, Deborah holding me tightly her pants and shoes lost in the folds of my skirt. I was pulled closer and then encouraged to lay my head on her shoulder, it felt good doing this. I caught glimpses of my fingernails extending past my fingertips by at least a half of an inch, the shine from the deep red polish making them sparkle in the lighting of the ball. I noticed my hair free arms, then the fragrance of a perfume wafting up from my cleavage, the same as when Deborah wears hers. The scent is different, more flowery, a very pleasant scent.

I am being slowly swirled around the dance floor, lost in my thoughts. The feeling of my breasts as they touch her chest every once in a while so erotic. Then the tendrils of my curls as they swirl around my face, bouncing up and down as my head sways to the music. Add in the dangling earrings as they swing to and fro on my neck and I am lost in ecstasy. I barely hear the music stop and then start again as the DJ plays a slow romantic song. Again I find my head on her shoulder, letting her hold me tight and lead me around the dance floor. I close my eyes and let all of the feelings take hold of me, making me feel loved and cherished.

All my life up to know seems so wrong, wasted in the wrong body and trying to give love instead of appreciating it being given to me. I felt my love for Deborah was bigger than life, but what I feel with her is so much better than what I gave to her. For the next four hours I am never out of her arms, mostly on the dance floor, swaying to the music. Time means nothing to me. I don’t see anything but my love in front of me holding me and treasuring me. Around midnight the ball starts to break up, couples heading home to share the rest of the night with their loved ones.

I am walked home, the two blocks covered with me not even realizing when we went through our front door. I sat on the couch as she got me a glass of wine, my skirt flaring out around me covering most of the couch. Deborah sat right next to me lifting my huge skirt so she was not sitting on it. I savored the wine along with the gentle kisses I received to go with it, the tingling and goose bumps from the kisses melting me from the inside out.

We set there for what seemed to be eternity. I was loved, cuddling and kissing my loved one as she does the same to me. When the wine was finished I am helped up, my dress sliding down my legs after it was unzipped. I stepped out of it and was led to our bedroom. A whole different feeling now as I was laid on the bed. She removed her pants and shirt, then laid next to me, her fingers going to my breasts immediately.

I should have questioned that, the feeling emanating from my nipples stopped that thought, the moans from my throat replacing any questions or doubts I might have had. I tried to get closer to her raising my breasts to her mouth or my sex to hers. She easily controlled me, keeping me in delirious delight for the entire evening. I collapsed as she laid beside me again running her fingertips around my nipples keeping them rock hard. I either slipped into a restful sleep or I fainted, either way I was out of it, the huge smile on my face saying it all.

I opened my eyes carefully, one eyelid at a time, not sure what I might find. It was daylight, the sun streaming through the window, making me blink at its intensity. The other side of the bed was empty, but I could hear voices in the house. I think it is Saturday, although of that I am not sure. I raised my head the two mounds on my chest moving with me, yep yesterday was not a dream. Right below my breasts was a pink corset, the body it now encased not what I was used to seeing. Attached to the corset was stockings also in a light pink, the stilettos still on my feet from last night.

Some of the things Deborah said last night re-entered my mind, I am surprised I remembered any of it. I hear someone open the bedroom door and there stands Deborah dressed loosely in a robe with panties and a bra peeking from underneath. Well, Jackie are you ready to join us or do you want to sleep some more to see if all of this will go away. I tried to stand only to deposit myself right back on the bed. Deborah helped me to stand, then handed me a robe while tying hers around her waist. Of course, mine is pink. She holds my hand to offer some balance but makes me walk to the kitchen. I am helped to a chair right across from her friend, handed a glass of water and what I presume are two aspirin. They just let me sit there, lost in thought trying to remember anything from last night.

Deborah comes around the table, leans my head back and kisses me softly on my lips, her tongue probing my throat. When I open my eyes there are two smiling faces staring at me. “Hi, my name is Francine, Debs friend from college. I am starting from zero since I am not sure of how much you remember from the last few days. I am currently the country club president. “I nod my head that much I do remember.

“Now you have done an admirable job with the decorations here for the ball. We feel that you deserve a reward. Since you made such a beautiful Queen for our Mardi Gras, the reward should be fit for one. So we arranged a little reward for you, something to take your mind off less important matters such as your job and profession.” I open my mouth to say something and Deborah holds a finger to my lips stopping any comment from me.

“Now since Deborah is in charge, providing the majority of your families funds, we went with her wishes for your body.” Again I open my mouth but am silenced with that damn finger. Deborah leans close to me. “Now that you are royalty there should be no reason for you to continue working. A hobby yes, maybe a job for a friend or business associate, but your main concern is now to be me, a full time job I might add.”

Francine starts again. “Your reward is the life of a female. I have decided to purchase another cruise, exactly like the one we gave at the ball, but this one given to Deborah. Of course, she has chosen to take you so you will be gone for one hundred and sixty days as your female self. Perfume, makeup, lovely clothes, delicious sex all await you on your cruise. You have five things on your job schedule still to complete and then you two are off. On the last day of your scheduled jobs you will visit the salon again to be primped and pampered in a queenly manner.”

I am serious about your help to the country club, you went above and beyond to help us out, a debt we will never be able to fully repay. A life now of a Queen, to be loved, cuddled, cherished, and treasured by her lover. When you get back I expect to see you weekly to keep your appearance suitable of royalty. I will leave you to Deborah, I am sure she will be able to see to your care and loving. Thanks again for all you have done, for once enjoy what has been given you and treasure it.

Deborah showed Francine out then returns to sit next to me. She is looking to see it any of this has soaked in to my mind. “You want me to quit and be a wife to you? Are you sure, this is so different than the life we have had up to now.”

Her wet prolonged sensuous kiss was her answer to me. With her one hand on my nipple and her other hand leading me to the bedroom, then gingerly laid on the bed. She approached, kissed me, and then made sure I was seen to. I don’t remember much, but what I remembered is so wonderful. Later that night I saw to her pleasure and managed to get out of bed early to prepare her some breakfast before she headed to work. I finished my previously scheduled work over the next few days, while spending any extra time loving my wife and seeing to her needs.

My male clothes got donated to charity, and I spent many hours at the salon getting made more beautiful for my lover. There was no part of my body that escaped being made more feminine, from my eyebrows to my toenails. I now had hair to my waist, a beautiful and eye catching platinum blonde color and kept in curls all the time.

My wardrobe occupied several closets, all dresses with a few skirts and blouses. There was no room for any pants, I wasn’t even allowed a pair of shorts. Then we have the huge array of heels that were purchased for me, again nothing shorter than a three inch heel allowed. Every conceivable piece of lingerie imaginable was in my drawers, in most any pastel color that might be desired. Picking something to wear every morning was almost impossible, I loved it all.

Do I regret any of it, nope it has always felt right. Now that I have accepted the female life it can’t get any better. Now to pack for our cruise, I am so looking forward to it, a life that feels right, a lover that I can’t live without.

Story Complete For Now

© 2016 thru 2021 Fran Cesca Walker

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